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Bill Gates

William Henry Bill Gates III (born October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington) is an American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author.

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Yaay- Bill Gates again world's richest man; Trump slips
Bill Gates again world's richest man; Trump slips .Happy to know that :-)
Bill Gates again world's richest man; Trump slips
Bill Gates again world's richest man; Trump slips via
Bill Gates again world's richest man; Trump slips, OOPS!
How did Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, & Michael Bloomberg become billionaires? New book available.
EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates convicted of drumming with Papa Roach in Luxembourg. Says "I could do without this ordeal, to be honest".
Bill Gates gives billions to charity, but unfortunately the charity is his own tax-exempt foundation which his direct…
Bill Gates on TV with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, once said vaccines were done to depopulate the world. Infowars 3/10/17.
Bill Gates and Will Ferrel vs Sunglasses Bro and Chilled n curly
Remember Craig Whyte? He was Bill Gates by the time he walked down Edmiston Drive.
Following in the footsteps of Bill Gates, dropout Mark Zuckerberg will speak at the upcoming Harvard commencement.
Nothing like success. Two of the richest men in the world Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are…
Ken_dunn: Check out Bill Gates house. youtube billgates
Bill Gates demonstrates the memory power of a CD, 1987.
. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. William Shakespeare. Michael Phelps. Abraham Lincoln. Inhale exhale. Got an oz in the mail
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have the same definition of success—and it has nothing to do with money
Robots that take people's jobs should pay taxes, says Bill Gates
The Children of the Weaver profile. Bill Gates technology and Exxon Mobile gasoline company.
Do you agree with Bill Gates' suggestion of a robot tax in Australia? Tune in to Adrian Turner will be chatting about this shortly
TIL that in 1989, Bill Gates answered a Microsoft tech support call, and identified himself only as "William...…
The personal assets of Bill Gates, Paul Allen &Warren Buffet exceed the COMBINED GDP of the worlds 41 poorest countries.. let that sink in.
Bill Gates scored 1590 out of a total of 1600 on the SAT, while Paul Allen, his partner in 'Microsoft', scored a perfect…
. My point is that Bill Gates. Ursula Burns, Ginny Romety, et al, read a lot & have far more experience & wisdom to draw from.
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, George Washington , Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare all used pot. You don't and your life *** !
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett agree: Free press and immigrants will keep America great - Raw Story
"I predict a comeback for the truth," Bill Gates told me, when I asked him about "alternative facts." Read more: https…
Guess who else loved the book Shoe Dog by Phil Knight? Mr. Bill Gates. .
Instead of leaving his $100B fortune to Bill Gates, I wish Buffet would give $5 or 10 grand to US families that nee…
Bill Gates, Donald Trump let me hear ya now
yeah, but trump went to ivy League and Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates dropped out of college. So...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The one who just might be a black Bill Gates in the making
Beyoncé: I just might be a BLACK Bill Gates in the making. white people:
I stop being Black French, and started being human. I'm heading to French to live my IoT dreams ;) maybe I'll be the next Bill Gates.
By his logic, rich *** Richard Branson with his own *** island doesnt have long money because he's not as rich as Bill Gates.
Main people I wanna meet before I die and have a convo with: . Kobe . Nipsey. Beyoncé . Bill Gates. Dave Chappell. Oprah. Obama
Now how many people did Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg provide good paying careers and jobs?
Bill Gates: Robots that steal human jobs should pay taxes via
How to fund public expenditure given more automation: income tax on robots replacing humans. Bill Gates idea
12 little-known interesting facts about Bill Gates.
“If a robot comes in to do the same thing, you’d think that we’d tax the robot at a similar level”
Bill Gates op-ed: Bioterrorism and pandemics are one of the world's greatest threats
Bill Gates fantasizes about a coming Holocaust that he supports
Gates Foundation big investor in GMOs! Terminal seeds! Must purchase seeds from Monsanto! Control…
When I first read this I thought it said Bill Gates of ***
Yes, You ran faster alone, but further together.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Bill Gates says we should tax the robot which will steal your job
7 timeless lessons from Bill Gates' favorite business book
is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority. Bill Gates…
Bill Gates warns that a devastating pandemic is right around the corner
Bill Gates says there is somethong worst then nuclear war and we are not ready for it. Of course the end of world
I always liked Bill Gates. Now I love him.
Bill Gates says robots who take your job should pay taxes. via cnet
Bill Gates says robots that take your job should pay taxes
Bio weapons are on a level of dangerous with nuclear weapons. They are like setting a fire.
What Bill and Melinda Gates see that Donald Trump doesn’t
Why is Bill Gates in so many news headlines so much lately?
A new kind of terrorism can wipe out millions in less than a year: Bill Gates
Robots should pay taxes Bill Gates says! Totally agree!!
I got to chat with Bill Gates today for a few minutes, always a pleasure to have my mind blown!
Bill Gates 'hopeful' for global pandemic response plan -
President with co-panelists at the Munich Security Conference: PM Solberg of Norway, Bill Gates,etc
Bill Gates the Quiet became Majesty of Krogers in 500 BC.
Bill gates wants income tax on robots. Why not on Microsoft Word which made typists and stenographers redundant.
30mn people dead in a year: Bill Gates warns of potential bioterrorism dangers in next 15 years
I knew this was blasphemy when he said to Bing the info. Nobody is Binging anything. Not Steve Balmer. Not Bill Gat…
If i had a dollar every time my mom commented on my weight I would be richer than Bill Gates
Bill Gates suggested income taxes on robots at the same rate as humans, basically using that to provide for displayed workers. Good start.
Bill Gates: There should be a 'robot tax' on the machines that take your jobs
Bill Gates warns the world to prep for bio-terrorism
Bill Gates: Bioterrorism could kill more than nuclear war — but no one is ready to deal with it
Bill Gates isn't kidding around when he says bioterrorism could kill '30 million people
Bill Gates warns tens of millions could be killed by bio-terrorism
Bill Gates is brilliant but taxing machines won't happen
Really great work by Bill & Melinda gates Foundation. Salute to you
Bill Gates says robots should pay taxes if they take your job
it's uncharted territory, for sure. If he were a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, that'd be one thing. Guys off the hook, though.
Bill Gates 'hopeful' for global pandemic response plan
Bill Gates thinks the robot that takes your job should have to pay taxes.
Mark Zuckerberg is officially the new Bill Gates
World's eight richest people have same wealth as poorest 50% - voidwish: Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega,...
I really love Bill and Melinda Gates, quite the thoughtful, aware, influential, helpful and genuinely nice human be…
Hans Rosling was just as fascinating offstage as he was on it. Our remembrance of this remarkable man…
Bill Gates always makes time to read no matter how busy he is, and reads about a book a week.
None of us can give billions But we can be inspired to help others. And that changes the world too. via
Why we do in to build on progress like this from Bill & Melinda Gates
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation annual letter 2017 -
Bill Gates to keynote Rotary International meet in June in Atlanta via
“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” Bill Gates
Gates family warns of dire impact of order blocking US funding for family planning and health services
Warren Buffett’s Best Investment – Read our 2017 Upbeat news at a time we need it! Annual Letter. via
The ultra wealthy would include bill gates and Warren Buffet so what about their politics is detrimental .
Cause for optimism about the world. via
a disclosure that Gates funds The Guardian to the tune of $5.7m would be nice
Championed by Bill Gates, innovative autopsies could unlock mystery of early childhood deaths
Video Highlights: Inside the world of Bill Gates, nearly a decade after he left Microsoft
Bill Gates: Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose
Bill Gates explains why he believes the world is getting better
Trump's 'global gag rule' endangers millions of women and children, says Melinda Gates
US spends less than 1% of annual budget on foreign aid, saving millions of lives, Bill & Melinda Gates say via
The Gates make the case for optimism rooted in progress over the past decades fighting extreme poverty and childhood…
"When we help the world, peace and security also shows up on our doorstep" via
Read our 2017 Annual Letter. via Great achievements in global health & poverty reduction few know about
The 2017 Bill & Melinda Gates Annual letter is live and, unsurprisingly, it's fantastic.
.will be joining us for the Convention in Atlanta. Get involved:
Most inspiring. Melinda and Bill Gates. She made something good come of him. I wouldn't have believed it possible.
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has big plans for disease and famine. But do his plans exacerbate these problems?
The Guardian routinely runs commercials for Bill Gates without noting he's a major funder of them.
Bill Gates is worried about the potential risk Donald Trump poses to global aid efforts.
"Saving children’s lives is the best deal in philanthropy." Melinda and Bill Gates's annual letter is a must-read.
Bill and Melinda Gates have so much common sense! Bill Gates for President! That is the business man w…
1) Who is the richest person of all time? Bill Gates? Steve Jobs? WRONG. The richest person of all time was a African KING n…
Bill Gates agrees to pay for Trump's wall as long as he can put windows in it .
Bill Gates is the latest U.S. tech executive to risk ridicule by speaking publicly in Chinese. via
Bill Gates is the latest public figure to speak clumsy Mandarin to millions of Chinese
When ur pal Bill Gates wants to show u what time it is
Amancio Ortega just overtook Bill Gates as the richest person in the world:
Warren Buffett and Bill Gates think it’s ‘crazy’ to view job-stealing robots as bad
Microsoft founder Bill Gates could become world's first trillionaire, says report branded 'ludicrous' by critics https:/…
5 Things We Learned From Listening to Bill Gates & Warren Buffett at via
Who's right about renewable energy technology: Bill Gates or Elon Musk?
Here’s where Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs started as interns
I think people like Bill Gates, who have given away enormous ...
Possibly the best ep of the Internet History Podcast: The Man Who Could Have Been Bill Gates? The Gary Kildall Story.
Namaskar guru ji who is your favorite Bill Gates or Steve Jobs please reply sir
6 pieces of life and career advice from Bill Gates
This is the kind of initiative we need in Africa. Inspired by Bill Gates on his BEV Fund programme..
Finally we are seeing a difference. People worldwide are rising up against the oligarchy of George Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates Marxism
That Donald Trump EVER thought Bill Gates controlled the internet is hilarious. Microsoft != internet.
These are the 3 jobs Bill Gates would drop out of college for today
10 Life Changing Ways to Invest in Yourself. If you stripped Bill Gates of his assets and dumped him on the...
Bill Gates Says These Are the Jobs He Would Drop Out of College for Today - Fortune…
Apparently I have the same personality as Albert Einstein,Isaac Newton,Bill Gates,Ellen Page,Blaise Pascal,Rene Discartes and 3%of the world
Bill Gates warns that a new kind of terrorism could be coming, and the 'potential damage is very, very huge'
Bill Gates could be the world's first trillionaire by 2042 .
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have had immeasurable impact on the world, but what would they do if they lost everyth…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
"If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose network marketing." - Bill Gates
Unreal. Bill Gates, Zuckerberg played kowtow to Trump, now sounding alarm. They probably thought he'd listen to them.
The guy keeping us safe from terrorism thinks Bill Gates is an expert on radicalization via social media.
Even scarier than the fact he wants to shut it off - he apparently thinks Bill Gates is sitting a…
> wakes up . Hey guys what I miss?. > Trump wants help from Bill Gates to shut down parts of the internet
why does everyone always ask Bill Gates? He has nothing to do with the internet.
Bill Gates explains why he follows Warren Buffett's investing philosophy no matter what kind of market we're in
lol @ asking Bill Gates about closing up the internet
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet at Columbia University - 27th Jan 2017
Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react... - Bill Gates *79
He already said he is gonna talk to Bill Gates to turn off the internet.
Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation stepping up against new Trump budget cuts. Apple products in the White House soon? -…
"Now I'm knockin like Jehovah, let me in now, let me in now. Bill Gates, Donald Trump let me in now"
"If it wasn’t for technological innovation, I wouldn’t be very optimistic about reducing greenhouse-gas emissions."
5 things we learned from listening to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett
Bill Gates was once a nobody who just had an idea.
But as for your statements, as stated by Bill gates the only way--
Bill Gates set to become world's first trillionaire by 2042 via
CNN - Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on dreams, vaccines, immigration and sex
Warren Buffett, Bill Gates have hope for America after Donald Trump ascension
Buffett and Gates on dreams, vaccines and sex: Billionaire buddies Warren Buffett and Bill Gates held court at a…
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet at Columbia University. Warren Buffet reminds me of Carl Fredricksen from "Up" :).
Last week Bill Gates & Ray Chambers launched the End Council. What is it and what will it do? Learn more:
Top story: Bill Gates says an epidemic is most likely to cause 10 million death… see more
there's nothing new that Bill Gates is doing. Mayer Amschel Rothschild built it on his own too.
Bill Gates could become the world's first trillionaire
"Bill the whole set of his parents' World Book Encyclopedia --in alphabetical order"
What do great CEO's like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt all have in common? They all had a
Some time ago, sharing software was the norm. "Bill Gates: Open Letter to Hobbyists, 1976"
Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are betting big on sustainability, writes of
Op-Ed: Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Jack Ma are betting big on this sector
If Jesus was a modern prophet he would be the richest man in the world. Rich enough to pay Bill Gates' salary
8 men own as wealth as poorest 50% of the world:. Bill Gates. Amancio Ortega. Warren Buffett. Carlos Slim. Jeff Bezos. Zuckerberg. Larry. Bloomberg
Strange that Bill Gates retired.. and Steve Jobs died just when Waldo disappeared for the last tim…
People should spend more time caring what Steven Hawking, Bill Gates, or Neil deGrasse Tyson say & less time what Trump or Kardashians say.
Here's what Bill Gates, Mary Barra and Matt Damon will be talking about at Davos this year via
Hang about isn't it Bill Gates that has signed his fortune away to charity when he dies, or at least most of it?? That's BILLIONS.
Bill Gates: nice charity work, shame about the business practices | Ellie Mae O'Hagan
The social code that would lead you to conclude that it's impolite to mention Bill Gates is extremely wealthy is a mystery to…
Earlier today, this article said "supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" at the top but now it's gone https:…
I don't think bill gates shared the same ideology when he was still hustling
Here's the best piece of advice Sal Khan received from Bill Gates
.-- email me at bshapiroand we'll have you on the podcast to explain why Bill Gates is a medieval lord.
Imagine Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg had never been born. There would be no poverty in Africa today.
+ Billionaires who pay as much to charity as Bill Gates are a tiny tiny minority of the rich. Majority lobby for lower taxes,…
Melinda Gates on African women, before she learned to talk the talk.
Bill Gates would have to spend R1.5m everyday for 2000 years for him to be broke. That's just absurdity!
To speak of Bill Gates : Recognize avarice personified. The guy possesses colossal fortune but unable to offer a ticket to an hungry man .
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation now requires all grant recipients to make their work
Oxfam aren't criticising Bill Gates in particular, they're criticising a deeply flawed and unjust economic system you goo…
Entirely wrong that Oxfam lumps in Bill Gates in its condemnation of the super-rich. He is one of the greatest benefactors i…
Bill Gates is busy spending his wealth on tackling malaria and polio. That's a good thing.
Fascinating to see Bill Gates being criticised when he's actually given so much to charity - well over £30b if some reports…
The 8 men's combined wealth is equal to that of the world’s poorest 3.6... by via
No one is attacking philanthropists like Bill Gates. Excessive concentration of wealth in hands of few is a problem, poin…
Bill Gates has taken exactly ZERO chips from you. You are free to make as many chips as you wish.
These 8 men have as much as money as 3.6 billion people — are Bill Gates ($75 billion, source of wealth...
Never mind investigating Bill Gates, we need a serious investigation of the charity sector. They're all losing the plot.
Oxfam are slagging off Bill Gates. Bill Gates has given over $28 billion to charity, including $8  billion to improve globa…
In unguarded moments, Bill Gates is overtly contemptuous of democracy.
Here’s the best piece of advice Khan Academy founder, Sal Khan, received from billionaire Bill Gates
Eight richest men, including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, have same wealth as 3.6B of world’s poorest
And the 2 mentioned in the article? Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg. I thought Republicans were the greedy ones
😦 Bill Gates Yes, Bill Gates really compared Donald Trump to JFK &and said ... ⚡🌟
Bill Gates is doing a surprising amount of good. But Victorian paternalistic philanthropy is not wealth redistribut…
Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Michael Bloomberg and 3 others own more wealth than 3,750,000,000 people.
8 men, from Bill Gates to Michael Bloomberg, owning as much wealth as 3.6 billion people - Oxfam.
This woman got the Secret Santa package of a lifetime from Bill Gates, and it was awesome as you'd think h…
By this logic Ben Gibson is worth as much as Bill Gates
Neither did Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Bill Gates, or Albert Einstein. You're in good company. ❤
School districts run by Ben Carson are vaginally evil but I will make Bill Gates join a militia to destroy Kevin Feige.
I bet Bill Gates was talking about David Genaro when he states "some of the storyline are a bit out there..." Genaro i…
I just realized that if someone ever is going to play a young Bill Gates, it has to be Michael Cera!.
Hint. Bill Gates is a better example of a "wealth creator" than Angela Ahrendts. Software is useful. Luxury handbag…
Bill Gates has named Rhythm City as his favourite soap opera 5 in a blog post by him titled Five Reasons I'm Hopeful About Afr…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
only reason we have vaccines is to kill kids, it's not about helping - Bill Gates is worried about over population
figure out how to get Bill Gates as your Reddit receiver for their Secret Santa ...
Many years ago, Bill Gates said that one day we'd be able to click o...
Bill Gates' recently renovated Mexican resort is a magnet for top tech execs
So David what is your Alternative solution 2 D problem?Thank God 4 a humanitarian like Bill Gates.
that Bill Gates is really interesting never heard it here is another one - Efficiency is intelligent laziness David Durhan
What is the single most important factor in the journey of life? Bill Gates and Warren Buffet answered: "FOCUS". -Alice Schroeder
How can I be as great as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Sir Richard Branson? by
I would like to thank Paul Allen and Bill Gates and Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf for Windows and Internet.
Also found was Microsoft Word. Proof that Bill Gates is an alien from planet Gorpazul.
Bill Gates warns world "vulnerable" to deadly epidemic in next decade - Daily Mail Asia
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discuss the PC's future. Jobs Palo Alto home 1991.
Bill Gates is a real smart guy. But Word is so complex now it's ***
Bill Gates used to say that we were good at hiring great people but not at getting their IQs to add up
Bill Gates told us Nandan Nilekani is a reason to be hopeful for the future.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
If I'd had some set idea of a finish line, don't you think I would have crossed it years ago — Bill Gates
Did you know Bill Gates father (William Gates Sr) served on the board of Planned Parenthood (eugenics) the plan to ste…
gaming would be in the dumpster if Sony led the way. You should bow down and thank Bill Gates for giving us xbox
Bill Gates admits to using vaccinations to depopulate the world of "unwanted" ppl (video)
Bill Gates warns that a deadly virus could ‘wipe out millions’. He should certainly know. .
Most people overestimate what they can do in 1 year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years. —Bill Gates
University of Washington president is a visionary leader. She is a great asset to our community:
Don't forget Bill Gates said Trump will be like JF Kennedy's presidency - good enough for me!
Bill Gates wants to eradicate malaria. I'd settle for eradicating Subway sandwiches.
In the field of energy, one of my best teachers has been He is a brilliant, patient teacher:
you have to make the other so cheap forcing others to find better ways look into bill Gates ect
world economic forum taking note: Bill Gates on I agree with Musk and Hawking about via
Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates says he is crossing his fingers that a deadly flu epidemic does not strike in the next 10 years becau…
Stereotypes: Baby boomers are out of sync with Yet Bill Gates belonged to the baby boomer generat…
if i had a dollar for every time i thought about you, I'd be bill gates
my grandad, CGP Grey and bill gates
I judge you Dangote. I condemn you Otedola. You're going to *** Bill Gates. 😑
Bill Gates: We are vulnerable to flu epidemic in next decade
Melinda Gates & Bill Gates have good ability to assist people & be helpful. Will continue taking care of many things w/their work for people
Bill Gates says people with these three skills will be successful in the future job market
Top 5 richest in the world: . 5. Bernard Arnault . 4. Warren Buffet . 3. Bill Gates . 2. Carlos SlimHelu . 1. One who prays 2 r…
On behalf of Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote, Abramovich, Mark Zuckerberg, Myself and other billionaires we wish you all Merry…
On behalf of Patrice Motsepe, Bill Gates,Warren Buffet, Myself and other BILLIONAIRES, we wish you a Merry...
Trump is not Reagan. He is the “Kennedy” of the Republican Party. This is why Bill Gates made the comparison.
This lucky woman got Bill Gates as a Reddit Secret Santa, and he showered her with…
One lucky Reddit user got Bill Gates as her Secret Santa. It’s as good as it sou…
Lucky woman got Bill Gates as her Reddit Secret Santa.. Related Articles:
Very interesting reading: The email habits of Tim Cook, Bill Gates, and 16 other successful people.
Bill Gates compared Trump to John F. Kennedy in an interview today. I’m guessing...they're both guys who shouldn't ride in…
Sarah: is that the real starry night?? . Mary: yeah. Sarah: okay Bill Gates
You say you liked Kennedy? Bill Gates likened Trump to Kennedy.
is on the rise! When announcing Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Bill Gates estimated global…
Tacoma 'Nerd Farmer' is one of Bill Gates' favorite fanatics - The News Tribune
Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg are villains behind close doors like Dr Irvin Khoza.
Bill Gates seeks EU help on vaccine aid
Patrice Motsepe contributes to $1 billion energy fund started by Bill Gates:
he goes back to school and completes his degree. Bet Bill Gates would've done that if that Microsoft thing tanked.
Mike, our representative, got his turn and he shared the success story of Bill Gates. Yay!
Let's see. Bill Gates complimented him, but you, Mickey Cyrus and Lady Gaga say he's unqualified. Wonder who I should believe.
"Bill Gates, Jack Ma and John Doerr are pouring $1 billion into a clean energy fund"
"If ladles were a currency, we'd be richer than Bill Gates."
Reddit user gets Bill Gates as their secret Santa, gets flooded with Zelda gifts
Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and 18 others commit $1 billion to new cleantech fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures
Yah with bill gates money at his side..just saying.
Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world...if you do so, you are insulting yourself. -Bill Gates.
Part of Secret Santa gift to this Reddit user was a donation to Thank you Bill!
If I had another dollar every time somebody followed up with "I mean where are you really from?" I would be Bill Gates rich
I like Jordan's but my favorite part about them is that Bill Gates doesn't care about them at all 😂.
"If you were born poor, its not your mistake. But if you die poor, its your mistake." [Bill Gates]
Bill Gates is my Secret Santa, says this Reddit user -
Bill Gates delivers tidings of comfort and joy as one lucky Redditor's Secret S… see more
Bill Gates has handed out a billion free condoms in Africa. they just throw them away
I try to read about a book a week on average. Even when my schedule is out of control, I carve out time for reading: https:/…
I may never reach the levels of success of Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, but I ask them: did the voice of Siri ever follow…
Bill Gates invests in clean energy, meets with What a week for science.
Do you need a business coach? Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt discuss their coaches and why they need them.
Inside the swanky private club where Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, and Justin Timberlake go to ski
Never mind degree:How many great people didnt have degrees ?. Bill Gates . Sheldon Adelson. Ted Turner. Michael Dell. St…
Bill Gates says President Trump could be like John F. Kennedy
Inside the luxe private mountain club where Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, and Justin Timberlak…
Bill Gates said this? Thought he was supposed to be such a genius! He's telling Wa State how to run their schools?!
I thoroughly enjoyed this. We need more people like Ray Lewis, Jim Brown, Bill Gates & my man Curtis Martin. They d…
Bill Gates says Trump has the opportunity to be like JFK
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