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Bill De Blasio

Bill de Blasio (born Warren Wilhelm, Jr.; May 8, 1961) is the Mayor-elect of New York City, currently holding the citywide office of New York City Public Advocate, which serves as an ombudsman between the electorate and the city government.

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Three books *** the mayoralties of Bill de Blasio and Michael Bloomberg. via…
Check out this Amazon deal: The Pragmatist: Bill de Blasio's Quest to Sav... by Joseph P. Viteritti
Nicole Malliotakis raised more money than Bill de Blasio in late Sept., but the mayor still has far more overall.
Members of the Black Eyed Peas joined Mayor Bill de Blasio to help those struggling in Puerto Rico.…
Bill de Blasio: Make it mandatory for NYCACC to initiate contact to New Hope Rescues for At Risk Anim...
Looking forward to Bill de Blasio’s “Fix Upstate New York” panel, stocked with his political allies and only one woman https…
Bill de Blasio Mayor of New York City and his Wife Talk at Event in NYC.: via
Remember when Bill de Blasio made the CPT joke? . Remember when Bill Clinton tried to justify the 1994 crime bill to BLM pr…
That should not be taken for granted. God bless Mayor Bill de Blasio
Thank you Mayor Bill de Blasio for your outstanding leadership for all humanity that should be taken for…
I was shocked to learn that Jacob Schwartz was employed by Bill DeBlasio. h…
David and Khari came to Jamaica to make some calls for Bill de Blasio!!
Top story: Bill de Blasio: "We’re in the Bronx at EMS Station 26 with the … see more
This cop needs to be relieved of his duties! Full stop! Mayor Bill de Blasio
Mayor deBlasio not invited to Bronx Columbus Day Parade. Phony who fakes liking Italians. Likes ANTIFA more.
Bill De Blasio stand for Riots,Flag Burning,Illegal Aliens,Before he would stand up and fight fo…
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New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio interrupts protest schedule in Germany to read news concerning subway accident in distant…
Bill De Blasio is a total *** and everyone knows it. Yep, he delivered money to the protesters in Hamburg.
Bill De Blasio, billdeblasio is now trending in United Kingdom.
Bill De Blasio, is now trending in United Kingdom.
How LOW Can She Go!? Fake Victim 👉.has the Cop-Hating Commie👉 Bill De Blasio on her show JUST to attack Trump!
ICYMI: Bill De Blasio and the Presidential Election That Didn’t Happen via
Andrew Cuomo is the governor of New York State, not NYC. Bill De Blasio is NYC's mayor.
new regime will be worse, ...think Bill De Blasio, bad for law enforcement & Counter terrorism
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has overwhelming support from black voters via
on deBlasio:. “We would have to see a reason to leave him. He hasn’t in many ways left us.”
He kept his word on stop-and-frisk, on pre-K. He’s fighting the fights we want fought.".
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has committed $853m to a city-wide mental health programme
Thanks to Bill de Blasio, Crackheads, bums and hookers have taken over Washington Square Park via
“It’s because he was honest about his son...he has the gumption to be married to a black woman.”
Here and Now: Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in New York City with no public schedule. Ditto, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. At 8…
Get the message, Bill? 'Agents of the city' emails must go public: Mayor de Blasio can call…
The rapid pace of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's mental health programme is impressive – can the UK learn?
Worth another look. Parents’ and kids’ messages to NY Mayor Bill de Blasio re testing and learning.
Bill de Blasio should make David Brown, the Chief of Dallas's Police Department, the NYPD's new commissioner.
Does anyone remember this one of need to
owes Bill Bratton a debt of gratitude for keeping de Blasio from ruining it with his anti-cop worldview.
A new group is mobilizing, determined to keep Mayor Bill de Blasio from winning a second term:
BREAKING: The father of racist broken windows policing just resigned!
New York elected John Lindsey, Bill De Blasio, Hillary Clinton and Robert Kennedy. No, no clue what "New York values" are.
NEW YORK (AP) — Mayor Bill de Blasio attended a memorial service on Thursday to mark the 14th anniversary of the crash of an airliner into
Bill de Blasio serenades Kansas City to honor his bet with KC Mayor.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio sings in music video to settle World Series bet - YES Network
Marchers Warn of Safety Crisis Amid Spate of Pedestrian Deaths in New York: There, Mayor Bill de Blasio, elect...
Mayor Bill de Blasio says NYC on alert after Paris attack
"Every time we see an attack like this, it is a reminder to be prepared, to be vigilant,” - Bill de Blasio
Two days in, how do you think Bill de Blasio and Will Smith are doing as Mayor of New York and King of Bel Air?
"New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is coming around to hosting Panda guests." -- I wish I didn't just write that
Paris attacks: New York beefs up security amid fears of another 9/11 after French blasts
Bill De Blasio is a Red Sox fan and got elected mayor to NYC? How does that happen?
Screw this nonsense, let's walk to Manhattan.
DeBlasio's political org to host presidential forum on inequality (h/t
Sign the petition to build a pedestrian bridge between Jersey City and Manhattan: via
Walking from Manhattan to Jersey City: what are your thoughts on the Liberty Bridge?
The question is, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, where was Bill de Blasio in 1986?
.Tx for Mayor Bill de Blasio Signs Legislation on AC Regulation via
"A Well-Deserved Honor for Mayor David Dinkins," Prof. writes of his colleague at Columbia:
From Saturday, an open letter to Bill de Blasio on how he can save his mayoralty, via
From Sunday, my column on the possible calculus behind Bill de Blasio’s puzzling non-endorsement of Hillary Clinton:
Cannot believe this is happening in the US. Jews, Israelis under bias arrack in New York City Where is Bill de Blasio
Bill de Blasio and NYC politicians expected to march in St. Patrick's Day 2016 parade
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
CHANGE REALLY IS HAPPENING AT CITY LEVEL ... and New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio is at the forefront. . As well...
Bill de Blasio: Stop NYC Animal Control Centers from killing animals - Sign the Petition!
At BDB forum, candidates will appear on stage one at a time to answer Q's by panel of professors, experts & journos http…
Mets fans proudly voted for Bill de Blasio.
The political organization founded by Mayor Bill de Blasio sets a date for its bipartisan presidential forum in Iowa:
Bill de Blasio is inviting five Republican presidential candidates to Iowa. Let's see if they accept.
Getting to the heart of the Andrew Cuomo-Bill de Blasio dispute over transit ...
Bill De Blasio Group to Hold Presidential Forum in Iowa in December via
NYC mayor and former Clinton campaign manager Bill De Blasio met with Sanders:
Bill De Blasio secretly meets with Bernie Sanders. (Sent from NYCnow)
Bill De Blasio is a good mayor for New York City.
Public/private development model is the answer-See Bill de Blasio admits the failure of public housing via
Mayor Bill De E Blasio Delivers remarks at CUNY celebracion for Herman Badillo
"This is, at this moment, the worst financial crisis in the history of NYCHA.” - Bill DeBlasio.
Bill de Blasio Argued With a Staten Islander about speed cameras today.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Karen Hinton will be the new Press Secretary to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio
Bill de Blasio campaigned to be the "People's Mayor," but since taking office, h...
Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has been criticized for scarcely visiting the Republican stronghold of Staten Island...
Mayor Bill de Blasio assisted a street-paving crew on Staten Island dressed like a road repair worker, and got an...
10th Av moves "beautifully" (for cars) bc its overbuilt. Could be lots better 4 majority of us who walk
Oh thank god I can sleep soundly tonight knowing bill de blasio is hard at work fixing potholes.
Bill de Blasio on being Red Sox fan in N.Y.C.
Communist Bill De Blasio spotted actually working in NYC for Propaganda photo-op via
Bill de Blasio makes rare visit to Staten Island and gets ripped by angry resident
Mayor Bill de Blasio is having a press conference, Boardwalk and Beach 94th Street, Rockaway Beach, Far Rockaway at 2:30pm.
I'm not a bad highway, just misunderstood "Bill de Blasio Hates the Cross Bronx Expressway, Too
Bill de Blasio finally gets some GOP support in state Senate to renew mayoral control of New...
Bill de Blasio needs to get off the road and back on the job
Exclusive: Bill De Blasio plans 'Contract with America' for left - Mike Allen - POLITICO - .
she was part of anti Israel groups that payed terrorists to speak at Harvard, Community Reinvestment Act, Bill De Blasio
Bill De Blasio refuses to march in St. Pat's Day parade over anti-LGBT controversy
The administration of New York City and Mayor Bill De Blasio announced a ban on single-use styrofoam products...
Warren Wilhelm Jr is Bill De Blasio and Barry Soetoro is Barack Obama. Isn't it disconcerting to have leaders who need aliases?
Bill De Blasio kind of looks like an actor playing the mayor of a city under siege in a 1980's renegade cop movie.
New York Mayor, Bill De Blasio can literally jack off in public since all the cops just turn there back on him.
If I was to go strictly based on my FB feed from the last 48 hours - Thanks to the influence of the recent 'N-lovin scumbag' protesters, Bill De Blasio gave the gun to Eric Holder, who in turn shot and killed NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in a cold blooded premeditated attack; which conversely is just a planned false flag attack anyway. So its no wonder that Bill Bratton, Pat Lynch and Rudy Giuliani are upset! I'm not really sure what role this Ismaaiyl Brinsley plays into the killing, but apparently he's a Muslim and part of a gang no one has ever heard of that has vowed to kill white police officers. Seriously; never underestimate the combined hysteria of dumb people in large groups.
who said they were racially profiling? fkng Bill De Blasio?
NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio says quarantined nurse Kaci Hickox has been mistreated by New Jersey. "What happened to her was ina…
French arming Kurds reminds me of this piece, "Hollande's France: Bill De Blasio at Home, Bill Kristol Abroad"
The mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio and his family.
Federica Mogherini, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Italy, meets Mayor Bill De Blasio at City Hall. The New York mayor clearly proclaims his Italian-ness in a...
So who is the bigger *** Rahm Emanuel or Bill De Blasio? It's amazing that people this extreme can get elected to run the two largest cities in the US . . . run them into the ground most likely.
Bill De Blasio is impressive as a fart in church and why Elzabeth Warren for president is a not so good idea
Newt Gingrich gives Newsmax the adverse effects of the previously declared "War on Poverty" and why New York Mayor,Bill De Blasio, is causing a detriment to ...
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon series page at Hulu.comJimmy talks to Liam about Central Park horses, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio and his upcoming film, Non-Stop.
Bill De Blasio is a very capable Mayor and a welcome change.
Liam Neeson uses his 'particular set of skills' to take on Bill De Blasio's horse-drawn carriage ban
In 2016 we have a Major problem, 'Jeb Bush' Former Governor of Florida brother Of George W. Bush & Son of George H. W. Bush is running for President against 'Hilary Clinton' if you think Mitt Romney was a big deal, this is even bigger. & His Wife Columba Bush is Latino, Latinos make up 16% of votes, Major issue because all she has to do is start talking Spanish in a commercial, similar to what Bill De Blasio did with his family and the New York Election lol, If you didn't know 10% of Obama Votes came from the Latino Population, Basically the Bush family isn't finished. If you never voted before 2016 is the perfect time too,
Long gone are the days of be the best you can be While this might be a good idea , it would be a greater idea to provide young people with the opportunity to obtain a college degree at $ 5000 a year . I know many hard working young people that would like to go to school and can't afford it . I know people like myself who would like to get their Doctorates and can't afford it and several of us had worked off our loans or are still doing so. This is what enrages the average Joe in America. It's not helping di per se . It's just that some are deemed more worthy than others and generally that worth is obtained by being the worse you can be ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) – Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing to provide college classes in New York prisons, saying a college degree will reduce the likelihood an inmate will return to a life of crime when released. The program will offer associate and bachelor degree education at 10 prisons, one in each region of the state. Cuomo announced the program at a church servic ...
My money’s on Al- Bill De Blasio vs. Two to face off on ‘Today’ show to settle their feud .
Bill comes due: Debbie Egan-Chin/Daily News De Blasio and Mark-Viverito should agree to disagree on member ite...
New York St Patrick's Day parade organisers 'hurt' over boycott. Organisers of the New York St Patrick's Day parade have said they feel hurt and disappointed by the decisions of Mayor Bill de Blasio and Minister Joan Burton to boycott this year's parade. Both politicians have said they will not march in the parade because members of the *** community are not permitted to march with banners identifying themselves as such. However, the parade organisers insist they will not be changing the rules.
Lorraine Graziano Crimando shared Urgent Part 2 - Urgent Death Row Dogs's photo. THIS IS YET ANOTHER PM TO Mayor Bill DE BLASIO. THIS ONE IS LESS CONCILIATORY THAN MY OTHERS. ALL OF THE PMs I'VE SENT TO MAYOR DE BLASIO ARE NOW A RECORD. HE CANNOT LATER SAY HE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE NYC AC&C OR HOW FURIOUS PEOPLE ARE WITH HIS INACTIOM. ".Good day, Mr. Mayor. For the past week, I've been writing to you on the subject of the NYC AC&C. I do this not because I just love straining my tired old eyes or need something to do. I do this because I care about animals. I am a member of a very large, invisible army of people that share my penchant for animals. They also share my outrage at how homeless animals are being treated in NYC. We are all fully familiar with the fact that Scott Stringer has already outlined what many of the AC&C's failures are in his scathing shelter expose, "Led Astray." We also know that your promise to make NYC a more humane city is largely based on that. and we have all read the report too. ...
On February 4, 2014, the Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism (CODZ) sent New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio the letter reproduced below. In it we invited the city's new "progressive" mayor to ...
Bill De Blasio vs. Al Roker: Two to face off on 'Today' show to settle their feud
Big and Tall .talk with .promising to build big.
De Blasio boosts state's 'Dream Act': Albany Supporters of a bill that would give New York students in the U.S.
Commie Mayor Bill de Blasio was caught jaywalking just days after he proposed new traffic safety rules including lowering the speed limit. The jaywalking com...
.and will hash out their differences over snowstorms, school closures on Monday's
Bill de Blasio and Carmen Farina: Prioritize children's safety in school closure and tardies policies via
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
For the record: Bill de Blasio is not the yellow king
here's to Bill de Blasio crossing the street with his eyes closed.
Mayor De Blasio storms out of press conference to dodge questions on his speeding.
Bill de Blasio has a press availability on Staten Island tomorrow afternoon. Should be interesting.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday that the city would give undocumented immigrants identity papers to allow them to live more normal lives.
CNN projects Bill de Blasio will be elected mayor of NYC. First Democrat in more than 2 decades.
Bill de Blasio I would rather put you on a plantation and show you what inequality is or a Indian reservation. Don't try to escape might
Bill de Blasio, Al Roker to hash out spat on 'Today'
The Sandinistas were fascistic sexual abusers but this *** still likes them...
TMZ is by far the most accurate gossip site. Bill de Blasio knows quality when he sees it.
Alec Baldwin: "Bill de Blasio, who apparently gets his news from TMZ, too, distanced himself from me."
Breaking: Bill de Blasio Crosses Street - SThe New York Post has quite the...
Bill de Blasio cracks down on Jaywalking, then Jaywalks
Can we get a little leadership, please? It's time for to step up his game
NYC (and NYC-bound) fans: It's a big day outside Studio 1A tomorrow. Join us to welcome the TODAY anchors back from Sochi, and watch as NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio cuts the ribbon on the new and improved TODAY plaza. (He and Al Roker will also speak about their recent weather-related disagreement.) RSVP at this link to tell us you’ll be there — featured in NBC s Science of Love
Bill DeBlasio is not going to be pleased with this at all:
Things haven't been going well for Bill de Blasio. His time as Mayor has been kind of a mess.
Comrade Bill De Blasio is also a jaywalker
Press confused. Here's how it works. He doesn't answer, you get mad, he says "looking into it", ...
Then you ask again; he calls it a phones scandal and you forget it. Please press corps don act surprised!
Bill De Blasio and Al Roker hash out differences on "Today"
This one, he can't try to blame on his driver. Now, I'm not saying he tried to blame his driver for the traffic...
I am cracking down on here in By that I mean you can't do it, but I can.
It’s hard to find anyone getting off to a more brutal start to any job than New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has in the first seven weeks of his term.
Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose caravan was caught speeding by a local news crew, is only the latest in a long line of New York officials who have been caught flat-footed by a transportation faux pas.
Bill de Blasio has named real estate lobbyist and long time man-about-government Carl Weisbrod chair of the City Planning Commission, where he will oversee all major land use decisions in New York City. Weisbrod's most recent job was as a partner at HR&A Advisors, a firm that has lobbied on behalf of clients with business before that same Commission: Trinity Real Estate, which succesfully sought the rezoning of Hudson Square and tangled with Occupy Wall Street over Duarte Square; and the Howard Hughes Corporation, which wants to redevelop the South Street Seaport. HR&A has also advised Major League Soccer in its failed effort to build a soccer arena in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Before working at HR&A, he worked in-house running Trinity's real estate division. Weisbrod, who co-chaired de Blasio's mayoral transition, has deep experience in planning and real estate issues. Under Ed Koch, he headed up 42nd Street Development Project. "Lo and behold, go to 42nd Street today and see what Carl Weisbrod's vis ...
suggests that if anyone is interested in 21st-century London as a tale of two cities (thanks Bill de Blasio), she or he take a stroll through the Ridley Road and Broadway Market on a Saturday. It's all there before your eyes
NEW YORK — The results of an auction just might put a fork in the mini-flap over New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's decision to use cutlery to eat pizza at a Staten Island restaurant. A charity auction website shows the fork that he used sold for $2,500 to an anonymous bidder. The item fetche...
Gov. Pat Quinn hired Bill Hyers, the man who managed New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s come-from-behind, populist everyday people campaign to be the chief strategist of his re-election bid. Quinn views his 2014 run as a “battle for the soul of Illinois.”
Bill de Blasio is catching some heat after his motorcade was caught speeding and running stop signs.
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Mayor Bill de Blasio calls for New Yorkers to drive responsibly, then his detail runs stop signs and breaks the speed limit. He demands fair treatment for all, but calls NYPD brass to ensure that a minister friend doesn’t have to spend a night behind bars. Is Mayor Bill de Blasio giving us two versions of himself? LIKE if that's not a fair judgment. SHARE if you agree de Blasio is being inconsistent. CHECK OUT James Ford's story to help make up your mind.
Bill de Blasio, who has promised to curb massive inequality, infuriated journalists when he blocked questions about the incident
Vermin, violence, mold and sexual predators are among the reasons why 400 kids are being removed from two homeless shelters, according to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Mayor Bill de Blasio will announce on Friday that his administration is removing hundreds of children from two shelters that inspectors have repeatedly cited for deplorable conditions, officials said.
The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court for review of its challenge to the exorbitant gun permit fees charged by the City of New York. The case is Kwong v. de Blasio. SAF is joined in the lawsuit – which was filed in 2011 against former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has been replaced by current Mayor Bill de Blasio – by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association and seven private citizens. They are represented by New York attorney David Jensen. The lawsuit challenges New York City’s $340 fee for a three-year handgun license, which is the highest such fee imposed for a gun possession license anywhere in the United States. SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb noted that the fee anywhere else in the entire state of New York is $10, but the city is exempted from that law, The city’s higher fee, he said, “discourages city residents from exercising their civil rights while violating the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendm ...
Bill de Blasio gave an impassioned presentation about traffic safety on Tuesday. On Thursday he was caught barreling down the highway over the speed limit.
Just days after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gave a speech about increased driving safety and harsher restrictions for reckless drivers, his SUV was recorded breaking several traffic laws. 
Bill de Blasio's caravan should have gotten a speeding ticket yesterday, according to the mayor's new plan to cut down on pedestrian deaths.
A vehicle carrying Mayor Bill de Blasio was allegedly caught speeding and breaking other traffic laws just days after he unveiled his plan to prevent reckless driving.
New York gets $8 billion Medicaid waiver New York will keep $8 billion saved by state Medicaid reforms under a tentative deal with federal health officials, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said late Thursday. The amount is less than the $10 billion New York sought in its original Medicaid waiver request, which has been a source of intense public interest in New York City's borough of Brooklyn. State officials have said the federal funds are critical to assist distressed Brooklyn hospitals. Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio publicly lobbied federal officials to approve the waiver in recent months as one distressed Brooklyn safety net hospital prepared to shut its doors. In statement announcing the deal, the governor praised the agreement in principal and thanked federal officials. New York's Medicaid overhaul is expected to save the program $17 billion by the end of 2015, according to state estimates. The waiver sought to allow the state to keep $10 billion to spend on the efforts. “While the state will be ...
The city has filled more than 100,000 potholes so far this year - and Department of Transportation crews got some help from Mayor Bill de Blasio himself Thursday in advance of a "pothole blitz" slated for all five boroughs.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio delivered his preliminary budget plan on Feb. 12, lambasting his predecessor for leaving more than 150 outstanding labor contracts.
Bill de Blasio says the city has a “tremendous ability” to get the telecom giant to deliver high-speed Internet service to New Yorkers who can't afford $75 a month.
Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to lower the speed limit on city streets to 25
December 16, 2013 - Two weeks before a new administration takes power in City Hall for the the first time in 12 years, Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) released a report on how Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio can fulfill his campaign promise to change the direction of public safety policy in Ne...
Mayor Bill de Blasio released his administration's plan to lower speed limits, re-engineer the city streets to better protect pedestrians from traffic deaths.
The spanking that Al Roker gave Bill De Blasio is more than just funny; it illustrates an ongoing problem in politics. The people who win and hold office are super competent at recruiting financial backers (by promising to use their influence for them) and then winning popularity contests. These str...
ID CARDS - A pledge by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to provide ID cards to undocumented workers has inspired a French left-wing candidate running for Paris mayor to make the policy a part of her manifesto.
Did Jon Stewart really teach Bill De Blasio how to eat pizza correctly? 😂 love that man.
US Hindus feel abandoned over no Diwali holiday ! Join in Forum for Hindu Awakening New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio not declaring Diwali as a school holiday despite all out efforts ... As the largest system of public schools denies celebrating a 1 day festival with family,Hindus will need to intensify efforts ! Read more at:
Bill de Blasio makes an argument for progressive government in New York City.
There has been a big change that will affect police tactics in New York City. Then again, given the history of Bill De Blasio, this is probably to be expected. After all, the newly elected liberal ...
The Daily Show's Jon Stewart teaches NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio how to eat pizza with his hands.
Bill de Blasio describes what happened when Staten Island Chuck squirmed away from him -- and takes a shot at Peyton Manning. Here's the full au...
Tune in alert - I'll be speaking with Mayor Bill de Blasio at 11am today live on WNYC.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped Staten Island Chuck Sunday after the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had a run-in with a disgruntled New Yorker who couldn't wait to get away from him -- weather-predicting groundhog Staten Island Chuck.
New York City's Mayor - Bill De Blasio - fumbles the groundhog. Staten Island Chuck was not injured after he was dropped by the mayor. However, an instant replay shows that Staten Island Chuck actually leaped from the mayor's arm. There was a similar incident several years ago when the groundhog bit Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Apparently, Staten Island Chuck doesn't like liberals -- or communists.
While it seems most of New Yorkers are rooting for the broncos, our mayor, Bill De Blasio, is rooting for the I like you sir.
Bill De Blasio, Andrew Cuomo and Barack Obama. The trifecta of misery that governs me. If this threesome does not represent the coming of the Anti-Christ, I don't know what else will.
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Bill De Blasio is a nutcase. He may screw up so bad NYC may start asking for a recall election.
Twenty one days into his administration New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio, is already making Mike Bloomberg look good. And, let’s face it, when…
Eric Holder and Bill De Blasio met on Wednesday to discuss new guidelines against racial profiling.
In their first meeting since Bill De Blasio became Mayor of New York City, Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Mayor De Blasio expressed a shared desire-- to bring Pope Francis to New York City. ABC Local reports that De Blasio expressed his "fervent hope" that New York City would be included in any future t...
Pizzagate, or Pizzaghazi, if you prefer, has been roiling for four days and shows no sign of abating. On Friday, Jan. 10, new New York Mayor Bill De Blasio was filmed and photographed eating pizza with a knife and fork. Left-leaning New Yorkers immediately began calling the board of elections...
Bill De Blasio son needs to do something about that afro lol
Bill De with with an to the against the Ed Pilkington New York The Observer, Saturday 4 January 2014 12.36 GMT Jump to comments (0) Bill de Blasio and family Bill de Blasio, his wife Chirlane McCray, second right, and children Chiara and Dante wave to crowd after his inauguration. Photograph: Seth Wenig/AP Seven inches of snow dumped over New York on his second day in office is not the only blizzard Bill De Blasio, the newly instated mayor, is having to negotiate. He is also heading into a over his plans to by taxes on the very rich. The 109th mayor used his inaugural speech on 1 January to issue a liberal clarion call of the type not heard in New York – or arguably anywhere else in the US – for at least 20 years. As the first Democratic mayor to take office in the city since 1994, he vowed to take on what he has dubbed "the Tale of Two Cities" – the vast income gap that sets a sparkling and buoyant Manhattan apart from the grinding poverty found in the outer boroughs. The pledge pits De Blasio, a t ...
At the end of this short piece I have included a link to the full hour-long video of the ceremonial inauguration of Bill De Blasio as the 109th mayor of New York City -- a position older than this republic, as Bill Clinton noted while swearing De Blasio in, on a bible that was said to have been used by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in his time a governor of New York State. The ceremonies took place in the morning of a frigid January 1, 2014, by the steps of City Hall in Manhattan. The official inauguration had taken place earlier, at midnight, near the De Blasios' residence in Brooklyn. Among those who spoke were Harry Belafonte and four religious appointees drawn from the city's services -- a Protestant pastor, a Muslim imam, a Jewish rabbi and a Catholic priest. The first reverend referred, notably, to "the plantation that is New York City". Among other things, the re-assertion of power, however hesitantly, of African Americans, who are a major part of this city's electorate, was in evidence after a long . ...
vows on to 'of strikes resolutely at In pictures: De Blasio in twice • New Yorkers share their for city led by de Blasio Ed Pilkington in New York The Guardian, Thursday 2 January 2014 Jump to comments (35) bill de blasio sworn in Bill de Blasio stands with his daughter Chiara, son Dante and wife Chirlane McCray after becoming New York City's 109th mayor. Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images New York City reclaimed its title as the progressive of on Wednesday when it inaugurated its new mayor, Bill De Blasio, as its and avowedly mayor in two decades. America’s most populous city ushered in its new administration in a celebrity-studded ceremony on the steps of City Hall. The historic nature of the event was underlined by the presence on stage of David Dinkins, New York’s last Democratic mayor, who left office on 31 December 1993. The change of direction from the business-friendly stewardship of billionaire Michael Bloomberg to the unashamed emphasis on equality and social justice of the incoming ma ...
Capital New York’s Azi Paybarah and the New York Times’ Katie Taylor take a look at the big changes to come as Bill De Blasio is sworn in as New York City’s...
Former President Bill Clinton will swear in Bill De Blasio as the next mayor of New York with a B...
Bill De Blasio sworn in as New York mayor: Michael Bloomberg era ends after 12 years, with a Democrat presidin...
NYC'S NEXT FIRST FAMILY: Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio and his family prepare for Inauguration ceremony ..
Case in point: City Council gets to decide! NOT Mayor and his supe…
Bill de Blasio blows off appoints criminal Brezenoff to post, and is close to hater Levenson
Suggested reading for Bill de Blasio via
De Blasio Draws All Liberal Eyes to New York City: Liberals across the country are looking to Bill de Blasio, ...
In response to the announcement that Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio has selected former United States Attorney Zachary...
Bill de Blasio will be sworn at 12:01AM outside of his Park Slope home. NY1 is taking it live. Stay tuned.
Happy New Year New York!. Win for the horses and win for animal rights everywhere. This is his first "to do"...
Bill de Blasio's campaign never addressed serious issues about his sketchy, flimflam AIDS platform.
Only an hour and a half longer until Bill de Blasio becomes Mayor of NYC and all the rich people have to give away their money.
New York's homeless wait for Bill de Blasio to puts words into action | World news |
Make NYC Ungovernable: Lessons From the Anti-Struggle in the Age of
"To old friends and new, a new year, and to bill de Blasio" Russian toasts are wonderful.
Whenever I hear the name Bill de Blasio, I think Warren Wilhelm. And franks & beans, but that's from There's Something About Mary.
De Blasio to his city: Screw you and the horse-drawn carriage you rode in on.
The AP wants in on the Bill de Blasio private swearing-in ceremony tonight (it will be live streamed)
Make NYC ungovernable. Lessons from anti-apartheid struggle in age of Bill de Blasio. .
AP asks for, receives access to Communist Bill de Blasio swearing-in
"If de Blasio won't commit to even an $11.50 an hour minimum wage, how will he address inequality?"
nydailynews: Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio says team is ready for impending snowstorm
Duke is winning a bowl game and Bill de Blasio is about to turn NYC into a giant commune. Is there even still gravity?
*As Chiara de Blasio‘s dad, NYC Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, gets sworn into office by former President Bill Clinton on January 1, the 19-year-old college sophomore can give herself a hearty pat on the back. [ 132 more words. ]
Bless the Mayor Elect of NYC, Bill de Blasio, for outlawing inhumane horse-drawn carriages in the New Year! :)
New York Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio made it clear Monday that outlawing horse-drawn carriages is at the top of his to-do list.
Sound checking for The Inauguration Ceremony for Mayor Bill De Blasio. I'm honored to be the first deejay ever to perform. I love my city
With less than 12 hours to go before he's sworn in as mayor, Bill de Blasio dramatically picked up his pace this afternoon, appointing five top staffers, including new leaders for the Department of Transportation and the Department of Homeless Services. Gilbert Taylor, who currently serves as the ex...
Here's a cool tidbit that you can use to impress your friends -- The Harlem Dinosaur Bar-B-Que was chosen as one of the caterers to tomorrow's inauguration of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. If you happen to be a ticket holder to the inauguration, tomorrow suddenly got more delicious.
Mayor-in-10-hours Bill de Blasio announced that he is replacing Janette Sadik-Khan with Polly Trottenberg, the current Under Secretary for Policy at the U.S. Department of Transportation.
NEW YORK (AP) — The Associated Press is asking Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio's transition team to open his swearing-in ceremony to the news media. De Blasio is to be sworn in by State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman at 12:01 a.m.
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and his wife say they’re proud of their marriage — and of her past as an outspoken ***
Here's something to celebrate about 2014. Thanks to Stopping NYC Horse Abuse for the email this morning containing this delightful quote: “We’re going to get rid of the horse carriages. Period. It’s over." -- Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, 12/30/13
NYC mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, proving he's got his finger on the pulse of the city, announces that one of his first initiatives will be to ban horse-drawn carriages. Up next: outlawing buggy whips, regulating monocles, new standards for inkwells
New York's new Mayor Bill de Blasio, who will be sworn in tonight by Bill Clinton, is eyeing a woman to lead the NY Fire Department. Amazing.
Little Giant Ladders
Bill de Blasio is the nation's It progressive, and Hillary wants in.
Horse-drawn carriages could soon be a thing of the past in New York City's Central Park after Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio announced plans to outlaw...
Bill de Blasio is eying three women to run the New York City Fire Department.
NY Mayor elect Bill de Blasio On Horse-Drawn Carriage Industry: "It's Over" Laura Ingraham: If De Blasio wanted to cut down on horse manure in Manhattan, he shd have tendered immediate resignation, not banned the carriages.
Bill de Blasio announced Sunday that former U.S. Attorney Zachary Carter will be the city's new corporation counsel.
Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio will be sworn into office by none other than former US President Bill Clinton.
The Bible says in the book of Amos, "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" So it follows that Bill and Hillary Clinton would be in agreement with New York City mayor-elect Warren Wilhelm, Jr., aka Bill de Blasio. 
Ok Bill De Blasio is going to ban horse-drawn carriages! I think that's right to do. I never felt good about people riding in horse-drawn carriages. Why should animals suffer for our pleasure? We are not reliant on them anymore!
Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio will appoint former top schools official Carmen Farina as the city’s next chancellor on Monday, a source told the Post on Sunday. De Blasio will make…
Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio on Dec. 30 tapped Carmen Fariña, an accomplished educator and administrator with deep roots in the city’s school system, to be the next chancellor.
NEW SCHOOLS CHANCELLOR: Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio has chosen former teacher and principal Carmen Farina as the next NYC Schools Leader.
Is there anything Bill de Blasio can do to make the city affordable again?
Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio and his family have ties to smaller museums, and Mr. de Blasio’s abrupt rise has set off anxious speculation about what kind of artistic patron he might be as mayor.
Bill de Blasio (born Warren Wilhelm, Jr.;[2] May 8, 1961) is the Mayor-elect of New York City. Since 2010, he has held the citywide office of New York City Public Advocate, which serves as an ombudsman between the electorate and the city government and is first in line to succeed the mayor. He forme...
New NYC Mayor, Bill De Blasio Spanish got my approval...muy muy Bueno. Now Bloombito got the rest of his life to try to learn it. Ha! Good luck!
Hamilton Collection
Mayor Bill de Blasio names the next new NYC School Chancellor.
Bill de Blasio to embark on battle against inequality...
Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio will appoint Carmen Fariña, a former deputy in the Education Department, as the next schools chancellor, a person with knowledge of the decision said.
Good morning, New York! Bundle up today, it will be partly sunny and breezy with temps dropping into the mid 30s. Tonight will be freezing with a low of 23. On Brian Lehrer today, hear about the newest New Yorkers and other immigration trends. On Leonard Lopate, director Alex Gibney talks about his latest documentary, THE ARMSTRONG LIE. Gibney set out to chronicle Lance Armstrong’s return to cycling but as the doping scandal erupted, the film became something far different. Morning headline: Bill de Blasio is expected to name his schools chancellor today. According to the NYT and WSJ, he has selected a 40-year veteran of the city schools, former deputy chancellor Carmen Farina.
Will Bill de Blasio tackle New Yorkers' real problems or undo the achievements of his predecessors?
I hope with appointment by Bill de Blasio of Zachary Carter to head the Cooperation Counsel the Central Park five can some justice!
Bill de Blasio, the Arvind Kejriwal of New York City: There are many odd similarities between Arvind Kejriwal, the new CM of New Delhi, and Bill de Blasio, mayor-elect of New York.
This blog is right on point and is well worth the time to read. If America is ever to return the great country it was this seems to be the route to take. Give a read and let me know what you think. December 23, 2013 Robert Borosage The Beltway crowd has discovered populism. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s surging popularity from her aggressive defense of Social Security and demand for Wall Street accountability has triggered talk of a populist challenge to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Bill De Blasio indicted New York’s gilded age inequality in his stunning victory in the New York Mayoral race. This month, President Obama returned to his campaign themes, delivering a speech calling inequality “the defining challenge of our time.” Republicans, preoccupied with their Tea Party zealots, mostly have avoided joining the debate, but the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party raised the alarm. In an incoherent article appropriately placed in the Wall Street Journal, the New Democrats at the Third Way scorned War ...
In an unusual and moving Christmas Eve video, the college-age daughter of New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio is revealing for the first time her struggle with alcohol, drugs and depression — and is urging others in need to get help. “I’ve had depression, clinical depression,…
Bill De Blasio is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.
Bill De Blasio, the New York City Mayor. He is going to be a good Mayor for this city !! I like him already ...
MIke Duggan takes office on January 1. So does the new liberal Mayor of New York Bill De Blasio. Their prospects are very different. Duggan and De Blasio – Intrepid Urban Warriors On January 1, two of America's most observed and dissected cities, New York and Detroit, will have new Mayors who will be totally different than their recent predecessors. Bill De Blasio will be New York's first Democratic mayor in 20 years and first ever Mayor who is part of a bi-racial family with a 16 year old son who sports a much publicized Afro haircut. De Blasio, a man who lives in a unassuming house in a classic Brooklyn middle class neighborhood, follows one of the richest men in the world, Michael Bloomberg, who has personally put over $320 million of his own dollars into hiring city personnel and supporting projects he favors. De Blasio will not have a personal fortune to help him and will be immediately confronted by over 150 municipal unions including the United Federation of Teachers that have not had a new ...
Fact: Bill De Blasio is a communist!!! Come back Mayor Mike Bloomberg, pretty please!!!
Al Sharpton hosts Bill Bratton and Bill De Blasio at Mandela rally at National Action Network headquarters:
Bill De Blasio has already managed to lose my respect before he even stepped foot in the mayors office. His campaign was based on ousting Ray Kelly and getting rid of stop and frisk etc... , then he chooses Bill Bratton as his replacement. In case you don't remember Bratton was the one who ,under Gulliani, helped to institute the prejudicial policies which De Blasio was supposedly campaigning against.
Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio garnered honors at a fundraiser for New York Communities for Change (NYCC) where calls for "revolution" and declarations of a “progressive moment” abounded.
Okay, Bill De Blasio is white, his wife is black and they have bi-racial kids - great! Now, after a number of weeks can we start the conversation about what kind of mayor he will be running this vast city?
So today I went to the National Action Network House of Justice just to talk about my mentoring program, but I somehow ended up meeting NYC Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio. He kissed me on the cheek and said congrats on Barnard. woot!
Mayor elect Bill De Blasio was at the Nation Action Network this morning to thank the people for their support. Rev Sharpton introduced him as; Chirlane's husband... and to continue to support him as mayor. Comment below: Buggs
Bill De Blasio heading for a much needed vacation to Puerto Rico with his family.
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly may may leave his current post before Bill De Blasio is sworn in
Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio: an NYT video account of Bill de Blasio's rise to become the next mayor of New York City. http…
Meet the De Blasios, New York City's new first family:
Fresh off a commanding victory in the mayoral race, Bill de Blasio met with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and declared that he will place a “clear emphasis on progressive values.”
Bill De Blasio, Mayor Bloomberg is just not that into you
Congrats to Bill de Blasio for winning at the polls! Say hello to New York City's new Mayor!.
Brooklyn takes Manhattan: a fine piece from on the Bill de Blasio win
A piece on the dual rises of and Brooklyn:
Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio: With his mantra "A Tale of Two Cities," Bill de Blasio captured voters' concerns about inequality in New ...
.on victory party and how the city’s political geography has shifted toward Brooklyn:
Don't know what to think of Bill de Blasio yet...
Video: Mayor Bill de Blasio takes the reins at NYC's City Hall
Bill de Blasio wins mayor’s race in New York, ushering in new...
A look at the policy changes Bill de Blasio pledged during his campaign that are geared toward small-business...
Web preview: on Virginia election: Home state of NRA stood up and said, 'Enough'
Politically speaking, Bill de Blasio is the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. He will inherit a thriving, dynamic, creative city that is the envy of its competitors. His two most recent predecessors were not so fortunate when they took the oath of office for the first time—Rudy Giuliani was beq...
The new mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio, and his family! Thanks to the sender.
Congratulations Mayor Bill De Blasio. The first Democrat mayor of New York City in 20 years. I will miss Mike Bloomberg. From the bottom of my heart. History. Best wishes and let's keep making history. America will always amaze me. Congratulations to Governor Christie for the second term in New Jersey. I always believed that a 2nd term is needed and is a charm to fully *** the leader legacy. That is the way I think and feel and can't help being attached and feeling concerned and wish we can do more...
So NYC got a elected new Mayor Bill De Blasio, even though he'll be sworn in next year January...
Voters elected Bill de Blasio New York’s 109th mayor Tuesday in one of the most sweeping victories in history — returning City Hall to Democratic control for the first time…
Mayoral front-runner Bill de Blasio has answered many a question in recent weeks, touching on everything from his favorite pizzeria to what he did on his Cuban honeymoon.But this morning, during an appearance on W Radio, host Julio Sanchez Cristo asked Mr. de Blasio something new: whether he remembe...
Bill de Blasio New Yorkers? Lol good luck with that one. Probably the next Detroit.
did anyone vote for Bill de Blasio other than the fact that his wife and kids are black?
Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio's father committed suicide in 1979, shooting himself while suffering incurable cancer, the New York Post revealed Monday. For the first time in nearly 35 years, de Blasio discussed the event publicly with WNYC's Anna Sale. "We knew his life was going to come to an en...
McAuliffe defeated Cuccinelli, 48-45% in the race to become Virginia's next governor, having spent $15 million more than his opponent. Kind of reminds me of Joe Kennedy's famous advice to JFK: "Don't buy a single vote more than necessary. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a landslide." But the thing that is really amazing to me is that McAulliffe beat the snot out of Cuccinelli among the 20% of voters who considered abortion to be their most important issue. He won 59% of these votes. Am I wrong, or is the first time that a Democrat ever won with these voters? Liberals are winning the social issues debate like no time in the last 30 or more years. Minimum wage referenda are successful in N.J. and the town of Sea-Tac, Washington. Majority favor legalization of pot. Huge majorities in favor of anti-discrimination laws to protect LBGTQ fellow-citizens. And there was in election in the Big Apple in which Bill de Blasio -- a self-avowed liberal -- won by a 50 point margin.
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Bill de blasio think he so hip... Lol
Fresh off his landslide victory last night, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio is meeting today with his soon-to-be predecessor as the Bloomberg administration prepares to makes its exit at the end of the year.
Confession. I haven't been following the recent state elections (I'm a DC resident). But when my coworker told me that NYC's new democratic mayor, Bill de Blasio, is married to an African American women I rushed to Google to see what she looked like. When I saw her image, I silently said to myself, "Oh...he really married a 'sistah'."
Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio of Brooklyn NY kisses his Wife During Rally.
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