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Bill Cunningham Show

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I've seen every episode of the Bill Cunningham show
Made an appearance on The Bill Cunningham Show today. On today's show, a woman said "I'm dating a…
Thanks for your help at The Bill Cunningham Show today Catch you next time.
This angelina girl from Jersey Shore has herself and her sister on the Bill Cunningham show πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
What the *** is a Bill Cunningham Show? And why are these people SCREAMING?!?
Worst show currently on TV? ... GO! Trick question. The Bill Cunningham Show is the answer.
Bill Cunningham show is real af right now πŸ‘πŸ‘
girl.the Bill Cunningham show is a joke lol ..idk what she expects to get out of this
Update on Angelina from Jersey Shore. She currently is on the Bill Cunningham Show screaming at her drug addict sister
Don't tell me Angelina from Jersey Shore on The Bill Cunningham show 😳
the Bill Cunningham show before the show starts people get to dance on the stage lmao
The Bill Cunningham show is pretty insane... its like a cleaner Jerry Springer... he just gets in there face too much.
I'll be making an appearance on the Bill Cunningham Show again today! Time to
Who DOESN'T want unlimited vacation? Jim Mullaney of Edoc talks abt new trend 12:30 today WLW with Bill Cunningham.
Bill Cunningham, Boehner still your buddy, good friend, great guy..huh? How possible? You shld have exposed your friend on your Sun show!
Bill Cunningham is a poor mans Maury. His show is still nice tho lol.
AND IT'S A W(RAP)! Thank you to everyone at the Bill Cunningham Show for making this opportunity…
Kickin it after the show with the man himself, the big homie Bill Cunningham
the Bill Cunningham show be do live bruh πŸ˜‚
The Bill Cunningham show way better than Maury
It's nauseating than an entire show is based on DNA tests to find out who fathered all the babies of these fat *** s. ~ Bill Cunningham Show
Yammering mud ducks--my internal thoughts as I watch the Bill Cunningham Show.
Lol I think these ppl on Bill Cunningham show from DC...tlkn bout "real live"
Why was last week the first time I ever saw the Bill Cunningham show, apparently it has been on for some time.
Lls the ppl on Bill Cunningham show from DC I can tell
The Bill Cunningham show has me rolling lmfao
Coming up at 3p, on The Bill Cunningham Show:
Having a blast backstage at the Bill Cunningham Show!!
Bill Cunningham show is a circus. Swear he cant neva control his guests
They be cutting up on The Bill Cunningham Show. πŸ’€πŸ’€
Bill Cunningham Show is on the come up. This guy will be on TV for a long time.
Guys are so stupid just because the baby is not your skin complexion don't mean it isn't your baby . Via Bill Cunningham show
The Bill Cunningham Show might be my new twist
"The best show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be." β€”Bill Cunningham
Some fun before the pre-employment drug screen at the Bill Cunningham Show
This Bill Cunningham show is funny AF
And congrats to the brothaa who's gonna be performing on the Bill Cunningham show!! DMT's makin moves baby!
The Bill Cunningham show has been and always will be stupid ratchet lmao
Bill Cunningham is a show i can watch all day it be so funny "put the cheese on the *** "
My pops love the Bill Cunningham show. Such a ***
Tired of seeing people of my color embarrassing themselves on Maury or the Bill Cunningham show, I don't like that
This Bill Cunningham show is a *** trip. First segment: Dudes girl smashed not 1 but 2 of his homies. Next is a mom sexin her son friends
"The Bill Cunningham show " is the worst of all the talk shows smh
the Bill Cunningham show a little to ghetto rn
Today's unofficial word of the day is brought to you by the Bill Cunningham Show πŸ˜‚
This big ole monster on Bill Cunningham Show worried y her man aint sexed her for 2 months
Hey Blacks & Hispanics stop airing out your personal laundry on the Bill Cunningham Show. Yall the second reason why Isis hates us.
Very cool bc I'm at the Bill Cunningham Show on 103rd and Park that day. What fun for meπŸ’ƒ
I am playing SHINee songs over the Bill Cunningham Show and it's kinda really funny
That moment when your old pastor's son is on the Bill Cunningham Show 😳
If it’s Thursday, it’s DNA Day on the Bill Cunningham Show. Let’s start this chat!
watch my friend video performed on Bill Cunningham Show
"Hoodrats wearing leather always stroll together"...Getting my pedi at a nice new spot & two nasties walk in! They're in the eyelash room, otherwise I'd post pics. Not a hater, if you look good in it, I'll give props, but these two look like something straight out of the "Bill Cunningham Show"
Bill Cunningham show is poor mans ratchet Maury
"The Bill Cunningham Show" is what you get when Charlie Brown takes over Lucy's psychiatry practice. And he's 50.
This guy on the Bill Cunningham show has 10 kids
The Bill Cunningham Show is prime example of why I make sure I don't fit into the stereotypes, too many black females acting out of order.
This lady on the Bill Cunningham show got a lazy eye lika *** Her false eyelash fallin'.
Is there anybody else looking at this foolishness on The Bill Cunningham show?
I do not care for the Bill Cunningham show. He is a nosey instigator lol. And why is he always crawling on the floor
makes watching The Bill Cunningham Show more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
The Bill Cunningham show πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ be cracking me up . These girls so ghetto lol
Bill Cunningham show is soo overrated.
Bruh, what is this Bill Cunningham show?! Who is he?!
Have you ever wondered what happened to a former Bill Cunningham Show guests.
The Bill Cunningham show is so fake
Bill Cunningham's first selfie. "You know how hard it was to show him where the button was"
Fiery family feuds! Guests come to The Bill Cunningham Show for help with major family issues. Will all be forgiving, or will these relationships crumble?
Idk why my grandma loves the Bill Cunningham show lmaao
How in the *** did my TV end up on The Bill Cunningham show ?
Bill Cunningham show is crazy what the ***
I didn't think there was a show lower than Bill Cunningham! is definitely a grain lower (if that's even possible)!
I don't see how my grandma watches Bill Cunningham this show annoying
Boy big bobby cutting up on Bill Cunningham show πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I think the Bill Cunningham show just tries to make fun of minorities for real. I think he racists.
I'm The Bill Cunningham Show. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Its always black people on the Bill Cunningham show
Boredom led me to watching the Bill Cunningham Show πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
These New Orleans fools on the Bill Cunningham show... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Bill Cunningham is the go to show for people from New Orleans to go on and embarrass themselves
Bill Cunningham has no order , this show gives me a headache
the Bill Cunningham show, jerry, & the Steve Wilkos show in the morning >>>>
My dad is messing up my daily routine of Jerry Springer , Maury , and The Bill Cunningham Show . πŸ˜’
Bill Cunningham said "the show has always been on the street." Our take: via
shout to my girl Roshanne on the Bill Cunningham Show! Lol get April Griffin
On my Bill Cunningham Show flow right now lol
Why I'm flipping thru channels and I stop on tha Bill Cunningham Show and I see Jaw and her son on there... *** !! She F**kin her folks husband and he f**kin his aunt
Gotta stop watching Maury, Steve Wilkos, Jerry Springer and Bill Cunningham show the adverts are stuck in head.
MR. Bill I really like you a lot and your need more control from your guest panel.that would put the cheese on the ***
Kanika Grant...have fun on the Bill Cunningham &my sister Shanita Baker went bck n October of 2012 & it took 4 months 2 aire...! U r only there fa like a day becuz right after the shoot...u r headed RIGHT bck yo da airport 2 *** do al the sight seeing u can do... They only gon give u $25 when u first get there & the nxt morning b4 u leave da hotel 2 do the show.! But make da best of yo time in Da Big Apple cuz we did...! Hammond Supah Starz...kml...!
I just finished watching the Will Bill Cunningham Show I started thinking to myself why is it that men love women who treat them wrong and vise adviser goes for women something is wrong with this picture they will throw away a good relationship and keep the one that's not good for them..all I can say is wow...I want the best I'm not looking for less treat me like a queen and I shall treat you like a king!!
Bill Cunningham show always has the crazy people on it lol
Church consists of the Bill Cunningham show and a subway sandwhich.
The Bill Cunningham show is funny as *** .
Bill Cunningham gets no respect on his show πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŽπŸ’―
I can't stand the Bill Cunningham show it gives me a bad headache!!--He has no control over his guest!!smdh
The Bill Cunningham show is sooo funny man
This thing on the Bill Cunningham show is ugly
Psychotherapists on the Bill Cunningham show act like they are giving licensed advice but it's always just common sense πŸ˜‘
Currently now watching the "Bill Cunningham Show".how in the world can you say you love this person, but you cheat, and could possibly be pregnant by your fiance's cousin?...but you love him? If you loved him you wouldn't cheat! I don't understand.
They straight going ham on Bill Cunningham show
The Bill Cunningham show be funny then a mf !
Bill Cunningham Thats a messy *** deserves to know everything.there is tell him the
I am sitting here watching the Bill Cunningham show and I thanks God that my two daughter and I have the relationship that I AM MOTHER FIRST and I AM FRIEND SECOND.
watching the "Bill Cunningham show" this guy be encouraging ratchetness I swear lol
Hey!!! Mic check. Why is everybody on the Bill Cunningham Show yelling at the top of their lungs???
I have never seen a white person on the Bill Cunningham show other than Bill Cunningham.
Ctfu the Bill Cunningham show is so ghetto
Watchin the Bill Cunningham show. Lmao This *** is hilarious. If u ever want a good laugh watch this show.
Watchin the Bill Cunningham show lmfao
It's like they find the most ratchet black people in the world for the Bill Cunningham Show. ugh it's DISGUSTING
I can't wait for Bill Cunningham show
Speaking as a human being, I'm embarrassed that The Bill Cunningham Show is watched by other human beings.
& the Bill Cunningham show just followed me lmao
Watching the Bill Cunningham show .. Can't wait to be in his audience next Thursday πŸ˜€ I'm hyped he's a mess πŸ˜‚
Somebody please turn to the Bill Cunningham show!!! "Ok lil girl"
Bill Cunningham is such an instigator I hate him so much phony *** Maury show.
Lady on the Bill Cunningham show name is FiancΓ©.
The Bill Cunningham show is a bootleg Maury
They going love me on the Bill Cunningham show just being honest!
I come home everyday and watch the Bill Cunningham show
About to watch the Bill Cunningham show as I get ready for class, lol. That *** stay gassing !
but imagine a Bill Cunningham show. Just imagine it.
ok that is creepy ( also the Bill Cunningham show is something completely different and not OUR Bill )
Got a call from the Bill Cunningham show still debating should I do it or not because I'm over the situation
Cheering me up x1000: new Bill Cunningham show in NYC: Façades
Its a guy on the Bill Cunningham show that look just like the *** from Belly with the perm πŸ˜‚
The Bill Cunningham show is hilarious lmao bootleg Maury
The Bill Cunningham show so ratchet i swear lmao
Bill Cunningham show has to be fake cause this buck toof *** can't be foreal with this perm
Virgil Leonard y im lookin at u now on the Bill Cunningham show LOL! is u tha dad
Lol watching the Bill Cunningham show, todays episode "dna for a deadbeat" .
My sister going on the Bill Cunningham show
Bill Cunningham show was a fool 2day !!
Sitting here watching the Bill Cunningham Show. The Man like Maury and Geraldo is a disgrace to The Black Community. The Blacks that are chosen for the maury and Cunningham shows do not represent the Black Community. The blatant Explortation and the Smug attempts by cunningham to use terms like BABY MAMA Shows the racist agenda of these shows to focus on various negative aspects of Indivuals lives as if its the norm.
Today on Bill Cunningham show deadbeat dads wow
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Is it me or is Bill Cunningham always on his freaking knees!!?? I wonder if that how he got that ridiculous show!!
This fool on Bill Cunningham show looking like a *** male ladybug !! CTHU
These chicks on the Bill Cunningham show are stupid !
This Bill Cunningham show ghetto asf lol
A black girl said on The Bill Cunningham Show "it is what it is" if that is not the dumbest shiever or is it where you stay both on the same level of omg you didn't say that lol
Taiwan Lester on the Bill Cunningham show
The loud mother & daughter on the Bill Cunningham show are no better than the father. Place blame on both parents & STFU & LISTEN. ***
Wait. The Bill Cunningham Show is literally the funniest thing I've ever seen.
Why is the Bill Cunningham show so ratchet?
This Bill Cunningham show is making me mad~That man gonna have a heart attack..
can't stop watching the Bill Cunningham show until we figure out who the "baby's daddy" is
The Bill Cunningham show can be so corny.
The guy on the Bill Cunningham show right now tho. Smh n lol. Please turn to the WWMB Channel.
The Bill Cunningham show is thee dumbest ratchetest show I've ever witnessed in my life
This *** on Bill Cunningham show is a CLOWN and so are the females smh
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Omg Im watching Bill Cunningham show its this dude about to come out he look like a skinny Trinidad James lol channel 11
Bill Cunningham is a nationally recognized broadcaster, veteran attorney, and a business entrepreneur. The 3rd Season on his daily national television program, β€œThe Bill Cunningham Show,” will premiere in cities across the U.S. on September 16, 2013. For more than 25 years, he has been a prominent...
The Bill Cunningham show be having some ratchet *** people on there!
Is there anyone else watching the Bill Cunningham show right now? The Dad on there keeps clapping his hands when he talks & making all of us look bad lol
The Bill Cunningham show is made Wack . Like . Please get off TV .
This dude on The Bill Cunningham Show is such a *** omg smh
This chick on the Bill Cunningham show isn't 14...the devil is a lie!
well its 3:00 and its time for the Bill Cunningham SHOW
Watching the Bill Cunningham show gotta be at work in an hour... so
Dude on Bill Cunningham show looks like Trinidad James when he has his hair flat ironed and relaxed
Anybody watching Bill Cunningham show . With this "a pimp named slick back" looking dude ? Lmfao
Our very own Tom Nerl is going to be on the Bill Cunningham Show today some time between 1-2pm to talk about the Sports Stag, slated for February 3. Click on the link to stream the show live and listen to the world's greatest athletic director shoot the breeze on 700WLW.
Finding my grandma watching the Bill Cunningham show. LOL
I am watching Bill Cunningham show and this lady is talking about her daughter whose name is Laquanta, *** Laquanta, that's a messed up name.
Sitting here watching Bill Cunningham show
Sharon Jones and Rickquan Jones I swear Bill Cunningham show today sounds so familiar! "Malchiel is six." Sharon's quick response, "He's seven!" It's funny now but it is sad!
For all of u deadbeats mothers or fathers The Bill Cunningham Show is showing wat those children u walked out of lives look like as ADULTS!!! If ur a deadbeat &; ur kids r still u I would advice u 2 get rite asap bc this is so so sad & da hate is sooo real!
Just cleaned My babies up now fina clean myself up den we fina lay down & watch Maury & da Bill Cunningham show !!
Waiting for the ratchet Bill Cunningham show to come on
Sit here watch the Bill Cunningham show
Bill Cunningham Show Dead Beat Dad's ok I feel those kids pain (they lie)they claim ppl kids that's not theirs& dont claim their own why a shame!!It is very painful
Ima take my mom on the Bill Cunningham show I'm sick of her ***
Ok seriously watching Bill Cunningham show I don't even what its about because the people are yelling over each other blah blah blah blah yelling and yelling how to people watch this stuff
A look behind the scenes atThe Bill Cunningham Show.
Been lounging all day it feel so good but waiting on my honey so we can put her dresser n get her room set up I'm so ready for this little lady! But for now ima finish my Bill Cunningham show laughing my *** off!
That dam Bill Cunningham Show Is cutting the *** up
My mother is tripping after she watched the Bill Cunningham show
The Bill Cunningham show just taught me a lesson to stay single cause u will get caught when u cheat!
Every time I get to see Bill Cunningham show, I think of Valerie Cromer! Lol
Fsee the Bill Cunningham show be cracking
Just called the Bill Cunningham show lol I'm taking tre on there for a lie detector test spencer
watchn da Bill Cunningham show..this girl looks like a *** fool..she cracked all her bf password on b instagram etc..waits till he goes to sleep to record herself goin through his *** ?..inspector gadget..if u gotta do all of dat u dont need to be with the *** .find somebody else that u can trust cause nobody has any obligation to you..nor you to them..
Well. On the Bill Cunningham show they said that it's suspicious if ya man hiding his phone. He's sleeping on top of It. Lol
Lol dude on da Bill Cunningham show got me rollin
Watching the Bill Cunningham show Lmfaooo I'm Cryin πŸ˜‚ The lies *** tell like they didn't just read the lie detector test but yet you still Lien !? Smh it's just in y'all Blood isn't it !? Lol they look so stupid
How was the Bill Cunningham show just on Channel 13 but now The Young & The Restless that's supposed 2 b on Channel 6 is on that same channel? I was watching that
So guess what I have been up to. I watch Steve Wilkos and the Bill Cunningham show AND eating milkduds - boring I know
I think that Bill Cunningham show is so fake and ratchet lol i can't front I'll watch it to get a laugh or two .
At home with Amber Drew watching the Bill Cunningham Show I swear this have to be the most ratchetest show ever
O shoot they finna turnup on the Bill Cunningham show
The Bill Cunningham show ALWAYS AWAYS ALWAYS has a black panel!!! I love this show.
So im watching The Bill Cunningham show and he has a 32y.o Thot... It has occurred to me that there are parents and then there are "parents". Some women are just adults with children. These fucn kids are doomed
I wanna go on the Bill Cunningham Show I can have a 2 day Episode.
What the heck I'm trying to watch the Bill Cunningham show not this *** speeding thru Watts and Compton in a charger
*** Bill Cunningham show a lol bit to much for me now *** it gets real.
*** breaking news!!! I was watching the Bill Cunningham show!!!
I just caught a portion of the Bill Cunningham show, *** Jerry Springer wannabe's. If anyone has an arguement against abortion, or contraception, they haven't seen the "CW" line up in the afternoon. Thank god kids are in school. These are parents!? If you have 3 guys tested for DNA, and NONE of them are the Dad, sorry, 'baby daddy' you have a serious problem. Nor do I do not think that you can be more confused than a *** full out transsexual. (Had! the sex change op.) Miah Akston; help me out here.. I am not putting YOU with this group, I respect your lifestyle, and choices, but, am I missing something?
Any ghetto/ratchet girl on the Maury and Bill Cunningham show should get an M16 shot to the back of the head, seeming how they are never valuable assets to society.
"When ppl feel like they don't deserve love, they create chaos." -Counselor from the Bill Cunningham Show
The Bill Cunningham Show is the DUMBEST show ever!
I refuse to watch the Bill Cunningham show! *** shame
Watching the Bill Cunningham show this shyt funny
Yo I just saw Bianca Coleman on the Bill Cunningham show' Caron Martin Clovie Loraine Rosa Swagga Trey Sammy-joe J. Hernandez Maria Lopez lmao she was cheating on her girl
This chic looks like Strawberry Shortcake on Bill Cunningham Show...all the way down to her boots...I cant
Laundry at the laundromat...terrible Afternoon television - specifically the Bill Cunningham Show. Not as blissful as my morning but...enlightening. I don't think this couple who has been on for the last 15 minutes accusing each other of infidelity has stopped screaming. I feel like I'm watching a pair if hyenas on National Geographic...
Mark your calendars Feb. 3RD, 2014 My Crazy Family will be on the Bill Cunningham SHOW. Make sure you have your popcorn because your not gonna wanna miss this. I was crying and laughing at the same time. My mama COOKIe is gonna show you just how country she is. Can't wait
Today on the Bill Cunningham Show--Sibling Showdown! Bill invites sisters to the show who can't stand each other and fight over everything from attention to ...
Laughing at my kinfolk and auntie on the Bill Cunningham Show
Is sitting up here watching my friend Toya Stockard on the Bill Cunningham show. I was looking at my tv like i know this lady. Lhh
I was watching t.v...and i think i was watching The Bill Cunningham show.and this chick said "i only gave oral sex 2 times and im still a virgin".. *** does being a virgin make your mouth any less dicky?
- Luh Bruh & his BM was straight on the Bill Cunningham show . Lbs
Lol... Watching Bill Cunningham Show on TV and this fool standing on the dang chair like tom cruise yelling at a group of black people "are you the baby daddy?!" o.O His favorite two words are BABY DADDY. He never says "father". Worst show ever. Someone help this guy... Get him Maury.
Do anybody Mckenzie that's on Bill Cunningham show right now Kause they fooling lol they from Dallas
Bill Cunningham Show iz exploiting da sh** outta my race. Everytyme I'm n da break room itz mainly uz on tv yappin bout bs to get tv fame and a check. Handle that sh** at home. -Dee3-
I see why ppl watch the Bill Cunningham show its funny
Watchin the Bill Cunningham show laughin hard asf lol im all up in this tv
anybody else watching the Bill Cunningham show ... Such a disgrace ! Smh πŸ˜’
The Bill Cunningham show is so horrible LOL
Lmmfao watching the Bill Cunningham show & dude just told this chick yu only trying to put me on child support so yu can get government assistance. Lmmfao she betta go get a job & take care of what's hers. Yu can't wait/depend on nobody to do anything for yours nit even the FATHER!!
Today on the Bill Cunningham Show- Sex, Secrets and Scandals. When rumors of infidelity get the best of a relationship, couples come to the Bill Cunningham ...
Who is watchin the Bill Cunningham Show. I'm too WEAK!
FYI... Your Lover's a Loser! Today on the Bill Cunningham Show, guests say they have met their perfect match, but their loved ones say they couldn't be more ...
For fans of the Bill Cunningham Show...white, black, poor whoever
Couples come to the Bill Cunningham Show to put the rumors of cheating to rest and find out the truth!
Save the drama for your mama? Mothers face off with their daughters' deadbeat baby daddies on this episode of the Bill Cunningham Show!
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Lmao I won two VIP tickets to the Bill Cunningham show 😭
i got confirmed for 5 people to go to the Bill Cunningham Show
Sorry to have missed the speech by on Bill Cunningham's show, but whenever I chance upon that broadcast, I change the channel.
This dude on Bill Cunningham show came to expose his baby mama for being bad parent and they fliped it on his *** lol now they talking about the back child support he owes.
So here was my whirlwind week. Photos to come this week or the PR ladies are going to flood my feed with selfies. Sunday, amazing pizza, walking around the city, doing my wish for 2014 on the confetti that will be dropped on New Years, quick show by some street dancers, pretzel from street vendor, watching ice skating at Winter Village, dinner at Del Fresco, topped off by watching the end of the Giants game at a NY bar. Monday - FAO Schwartz and dancing on the BIG movie piano, carriage ride through Central Park and getting the the Friends fountain, Macy's windows and Santaland, drinks at Lounge 48 with Ian Kerner (sex counselor and author), dinner at Bar Americain (Bobby Flay's restaurant) then dehydration hit and I couldn't go out :-( to the *** bar - probably a good thing in the long run. Tuesday - Today Show where I got to shake hands with Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Willie Geist, Tamron Hall and saw Kelly Rowland and Mark Wahlberg and the cast of his new movie, and Susan Boyle, then on to taping of a se ...
Bill Cunningham show is fake!!! Lol I'm convinced. After watching this episode. Lmao smh
Watching the Bill Cunningham show and it's about sibling rivalry .Wow!!! I'm glad that I got a chance to repair what was repairable with my sister's. It's not perfect but it is surely worth it. We may not agree on things, or even see each other often but I love them all very much. If you have siblings and you can relate to this post be the better person and fix what's broke. Life is to short , don't wait until it's too late and have to cry, break down and express what you could've said in person at a funeral. These are my true feelings...
The best fashion show is on the street... - Bill Cunningham…
finna watch the Bill Cunningham show 😎
Bill Cunningham seems like a good person. Not like Jerry Springer and Maury where they sacrificed the integrity of their show for ratings/$.
Just left the Bill Cunningham show.and sittin down eating curry chicken and rice
I have been in the audience of the Bill Cunningham show several times and have not once checked tv to see myself on there
βœ‹ The Bill Cunningham show has to be the messiest show on air today. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Watching The Bill Cunningham Show and I'm stressed out from all the arguing...
I remember when I was on the Bill Cunningham show dead arguing with the cast !
This girl on the Bill Cunningham show needs something on her edges
The Bill Cunningham show is a hot mess just that simple!! Lol
This girl on the Bill Cunningham show ain't got no edges πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ her box braids start 3 inches back from her original hairline
This Bill Cunningham show is worthy of a double flush!
I been hurt a lot in my past. And I mean A LOT. U don't see me runnin 'round treatin females wrong just cuz they wasn't doin me right. Here's why... 1: They ALL realized wat they lost out on 2: Da next girl had nothin 2 do wit my ex. Why she gotta pay for my ex mistakes? 2: Da gentleman in me won't let me be a jerk lol But hey, who am I? [β€’]-[β€’]: The Bill Cunningham Show
I can not watch the Bill Cunningham Show! it's too unorganized all every guest do is scream at each other it gives me a headache watching it
OMG: so I'm watching this Bill Cunningham show n its goin down... but I wanted to say Babysitting and Raised is two different things I'm jus saying! Lmao Lol llamf...
I'm not the one to judge all the time but I need to know a Question I'm watching the Bill Cunningham show on the CW , now there are some big girls on there the question is why are the so dark and dingy under the neck discoloration.. Yuck.. It's looks nasty just a sweating lawd let me get them a wet towel with some soap don't judge me.. HA
I hate the Bill Cunningham show and Maury as well. Shut up, please.
Watching the Bill Cunningham Show They could've brushed that girl edges...
Watching the Bill Cunningham show cx
Oh no... I cant with Ashley and these hungry hungry hippos on The Bill Cunningham show.
There is a woman on the Bill Cunningham show that looks like Jabba the Hut! For real. Just looks like a big vat of pudding. God, I need to get a job!
This lady is big AF on the Bill Cunningham Show
Yo my mom's stepkids is on the Bill Cunningham Show. Lmfaooo
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Watching the Bill Cunningham show...wars!
this lady on Bill Cunningham show today looks just like you! Long lost twin?😊
The Bill Cunningham show is pure comedy b
I have gotten into the habit of watching Steve Wilkos, Maury, and Bill Cunningham show every single day.
Pure laughs at the Bill Cunningham show lol im dead
The ratchetness Bill Cunningham have on his show..
Bill Cunningham show is annoying, nothing but ratchets arguing back and forth πŸ˜‚
Lmfao how every time I see the Bill Cunningham show... He only got fat fat fat fat fat fat black people!?. Lmfao! This one talking about "u stole our food stamps and sold them!" Girl! I know U making money to eat! If u was livin off of food stamps ud be 600 ponds lighter!
Swear I felt like I was front row at the Bill Cunningham show
Ladypt Dupri. I see you on the Bill Cunningham show... that man wanted you didn't u
Just won 4 tickets to be on the Bill Cunningham show taping is next Friday 245 pm in NYC .who's wants to go?
At home enjoying seeing PT on Bill Cunningham show.
watching pt in the Bill Cunningham show?
I don't know if he's a racist or not The Bill Cunningham show but he'll play the race card for Green dollar bills
I see yo mama on Bill Cunningham show Destiny Bolden
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These Drag Queens are tripping on the Bill Cunningham show this morning y'all ***
Ooooh Cross dressers in the Bill Cunningham show.What the H E double hockey sticks
The Bill Cunningham show white trash power
I once called in to Bill Cunningham's radio show and gave a speech that related the ability to drive in snow to the founding of our nation.
Thank you for having Bill Cunningham! Please keep having him. I watch his show and he is very compassionate.
Is there a resolution in the building? Families struggling with grief and heartache, come to the Bill Cunningham Show to find a solution before their relatio...
Bill Cunningham on Hannity is really annoying. Why does Hannity usually book yellers on his show? Makes me not like his show.
Had a most Amazing time with my daughter's today! First, we attended the Bill Cunningham show, then dinner! Laughing all the way there and all the way back! Much do these things more often! with Shanobia and Kiante!
When someone shows you who they are, you need to believe it! - Bill Cunningham Show
Hey' Hey" look am at the Bill Cunningham show' and got a Bill Cunningham tee and stand up comedy Admit for two and Beverages' The Broadway Comedy Club' www.Broadway Comedy Club. Com www.New York Comedy Club. Com 12/5/13
I'm watching The Bill Cunningham Show and earning great rewards from
Every time I come in my granny be watching Bill Cunningham show I be like granny why you watching this ratchet show? Lol
I tuned into the Bill Cunningham Show for 30 seconds literally .. & I'm bout to change the show lol I can't deal
Lmao my cousin really on the Bill Cunningham show bruh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Fell asleep to Maury and The Bill Cunningham Show WOW I watch quality television.
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Never watched the Bill Cunningham Show until now but it is by far the worst "Trashy Baby Daddy Finding Talk Shows" I've ever seen.
This Bill Cunningham show got me so weak right now !
For my friends to be on the Bill Cunningham show cutting up.. Lmao. I can't deal!
Watching the Bill Cunningham Show which is about "Double Lives and DNA Drama." Just so happen there's a couple from Louisiana (New Orleans & Baton Rouge) that appeared as a guest. When I tell you it's EMBARRASSING, please believe me. Wish I could send all 3 a dictionary. OMG!!
Is anybody else watching the Bill Cunningham show??? This fool is crazy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
β€œDo you see this on Bill Cunningham show ?”| Girl YESSS! Smh
This Bill Cunningham Show episode is too crazy today..
man Bill Cunningham be havin Nun bt clowns on his show & he so *** messy πŸ˜‚
Do you see this on Bill Cunningham show ?
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