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Bill Cowher

William Laird Bill Cowher (born May 8, 1957) is a former Head Coach in the NFL. Cowher resigned after 15 seasons as the Steelers' coach on January 5, 2007, 11 months to the day after winning 2005–06's Super Bowl XL.

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Bill Cowher has 161 NFL wins and a Super Bowl ring. Yet he seems to get smaller and smaller with every Time Warner Cable commercial he's in.
Bill Cowher was never the brightest one lol great coach tho
I wish Bill Cowher was still the Steelers coach
If coach Q ever smiles it'll be the first sign of the apocalypse. He must be related to Bill Cowher. 😹
. We need to see more of the great Bill Cowher teams and seasons. Kevin Greene, More Rod Woodson. Even Barry Foster.
Bill Cowher has selected Florida as his national champion, dang, Coach, really going out on a limb there
Who do we have to petition to get Bill Cowher fired as the Head Coach of Time Warner Cable?
Who at Time Warner Cable picked Bill Cowher as company spokesman? Odd choice I think.
I'm only switching to Time Warner Cable/internet if they promise to make Bill Cowher's chin a WiFi hotspot
Bill Cowher turned down the Bills coaching job to do Time Warner Cable commercials... just saying its not that bad for the Sabres lol
*** Bill Cowher doing cable commercials now 😏
so he looks like a young Bill Cowher
If I ever switch to Time Warner, Bill Cowher better show up at my door.
Side note: Just finished Take Your Eye off the Ball. Thank you, Pete Carroll, Bill Cowher, Tim Ryan, etc. for that brilliance
I wonder how much Bill Cowher makes for these Time Warner ads
Coach Bill Cowher represents the bottom of the barrel when it comes to cable TV companies
relationship between Bill Cowher and Tom Donahue was bad. Donahue was a strong presence in Pittsburgh and with the Rooney's.
Because CLEARLY, when I think Time Warner Cable, I think legendary former Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher.
What if he ran Herman Boone's offense? Oh wait, he did that for a few years under Bill Cowher.
Why is Bill Cowher still wearing the headset in the twc commercials?
How the *** did Bill Cowher become the spokesman for
I bet Bill Cowher's cable rates aren't going up.
If you say Time Warner Cable 3 times Bill Cowher magically appears in your home.
Bill Cowher doing an awful cheap advert. My memory of respected NFLers is being tarnished
Send in Bill Cowher to have a few words with whomever wrote that. He might need to bring his clipboard. :)
did not, Dustin. Westgarth is Bill Cowher's son-in-law.
Bill Cowher is now doing commercials for Time Warner. It's only fitting he goes from the worst sports franchise to the worst company
dude I think we should hire Bill cowher as Defensive Coordinator when *** retires so he'll stop doing those commercials lol
TWC question: Bill Cowher's headset now- who the *** is at the other end?
Former Luke Gazdic continues to make a name for himself..just KO'd Bill Cowher's son in law, Kevin Westgarth. Wow
Bill Cowher's son in law just got knocked the f out
Listening to Bill Cowher this morning over a meal.not to shabby.
Bill Cowher shilling internet service seems really off to me.
Bill Cowher does Time Warner Cable commercials now? ugh
Seedorf graduated magna *** laude from Bill Cowher's School of Scowls.
I would love for someone to attempt to convince me that Sgt. Slaughter & Bill Cowher are not blood related.
MT Bill Cowher legend says he picks dependable over talented at lunch.
Bill Cowher legend coach says he picks dependable over talented at lunch.
"Work ethic isn't want you sounded supervision, it's what you do when no one's watching." -Bill Cowher
"Work ethic is what you do when no one else is looking." . Bill Cowher
Highlight of the year: meeting Bill Cowher at and getting my signed.…
...let's not wait around, let's deliver, not accept!---Bill Cowher
Did I just see Bill Cowher in an advert for Time Warner Cable? odd
I think starting tonight, midnight being the latest, I will only text using pictures of bill cowher and Randy Savage this weekend
Is Bill Cowher just making Time Warner commercials until the Steelers job opens back up?
Times must be hard for Bill Cowher if he doin Time-Warner commercials.
Did I just see Bill Cowher in a cheezy commercial?
I saw Shanahan showing Tebow an apartment in Westlake by Bill Cowher's house
it's not about Harbaugh lmao. The GM put a quality team on the field. Bill Cowher would win them a SB
So I just saw Bill Cowher in a Time Warner Cable commercial?
So is having Bill Cowher do commercials? Rate increase is coming folks
Tired of Bill Cowher showing up unannounced in peoples homes and crashimg weddings in these Time Warner commercials
Bill cowher on Time Warner Cable commercials 😂
Time Warner Cable why are you letting Bill Cowher break into people's homes and filming it?
BREAKING- is reporting Bill Cowher is moving to Strongsville.
What is bill cowher doing in my cable internet commercial?
Why is bill Cowher on this internet commercial.. I don't understand
Bill Cowher is really doing cable television commercials now like why
Who made the decision at Time Warner Cable that Bill Cowher was gonna be their ambassador?
I guess I'll be the one to address the issue that Bill Cowher keeps busting in people's houses and tents demanding them to get Time Warner
How does Bill Cowher just get inside people's houses
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I'm old enough to remember when people talked about Bill Cowher the same way they talk about Dan Bylsma.
3 things. 1. Never quit anything you start. 2. Work harder than the other person. 3. Never be intimidated by anyone or anything. -Bill Cowher
Why is bill cowher In all these cable commercials 😂😂
You could always live in Strongsville and live next to Bill Cowher.
I just walked past Bill Cowher, that's was random
Headliner here: Shocker with NFL Today Talking heads: Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe out and Tony Gonzalez in as well as yet unannounced newbie along with holdovers James Brown, Bill Cowher and Boomer Esiason...
Don't ever tell me a quote "players coach can't get it done." You don't have to be a Nick Saban, Bear Bryant, Bill Cowher to be successful
Super Bowl weekend continues at Johnny Utahs tonight. Deion Sanders, Bill Cowher, and Reggie Robby were in the building last night, who knows who's gonna show up tonight. Come find out for yourself with me and Cory P!!
So Bill Cowher comes in your house while you are getting dressed and you don't yell?
2 things; why is Bill Cowher doing Time Warner adds, and 2 is this possesion in Indiana for real?
PS I'm already working on my woody harrelson face... It's like a handsome bill cowher except infinity times more intimidating
love the fact he is engaged to Bill Cowher's daughter!
Seeing Bill Cowher shill for Time Warner shows you how bad a job the Head Coach for the Browns really is.
Bill cowher, Alyssa Milano, magic Johnson and Sam champion all in one day? Thanks !!!
funny Bill Cowher said everybody was filming just we got caught!
Guys. The referee tonight sounds just like Bill Cowher.
Cowher on Bettis: 'He was special': Former Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher, a studio analyst on The NFL Today ...
Former Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher did a commercial for Time Warner Cable... it's official, TWC is the cable company of Lucifer.
The closest thing God has created to a real life Ron Swanson is Jerry Sloan. Other coaches for my teams will have a hard time meeting expectations thanks to Sloan, Lavell, and Bill Cowher.
Does a Super Bowl winning coach like Bill Cowher ever miss being on the field? (VIDEO)
Can't help but ask this ,"will the NFL control the outcome of Sundays game just like they did in SB 40 ?" The game hasn't been played yet so i can't be labeled as a disgruntled fan. I enjoy watching football games but there is something about game rigging that just feels wrong with me. Like for example SB 40 featured the retirement of Jerome Bettis (the Bus) aka via Bill Cowher "the closer". We all remember that game, but will Sunday feature new participants like Peyton Mannings' SB gold ring retirement ceremony. Also if the League got out of the business of controlling the outcome of games, what do you suppose that might do with the betting aka gambling ? It would be nice to see a game that was decided by the players for once and let the chips fall where they may.
i had no idea Bill Cowher does Time Warner Cable commercials here in NYC...interesting
Jon with Bill Cowher at the Ron Jaworski cigar party - 30th January 2014
Sources: Beyoncé and Bill Cowher have bought Urban Meyer's land in State College.
When Seth tried to pick up Paris Hilton in a bar as the Pittsburgh guy doing his Bill Cowher impression.
Bill Cowher and the psychic guy commercial. Maybe the most annoying commercial of all time. I see ad. Thank goodness for remotes.
/Still Bitter you lost that one, huh Marshall? Bill Cowher said "everybody was taping signals"
how bout that fact that, per Bill Cowher, that everyone was cheating back then anyway, including probably the Rams.
Let's say the hired Bill Cowher would he coach cc:
Bill Cowher in the house for Lakers-Knicks. His daughter is engaged to PF Ryan Kelly
It’s like Bill Cowher on your wedding day / Time Warner sends you a bill that you just paid
Wow Bill Cowher has his own commercial now
Would some NFL team please hire Bill Cowher so he can stop doing those pitiful Time Warner commercials.
I had more respect for Bill Cowher; these cable commercials are pathetic
"I think he's been taking acting lessons from Bill Cowher."
Don't any of these families mind that Bill Cowher walks into their homes and tells them what kind of cable to buy?
I don't think Bill Cowher is gonna return to coaching. If he did, I'm sure as *** the refs will be in for a good time.
I think Bill Cowher needs to be in more commercials.
XL last appearance in the big game defeated by Bill Cowher's Steelers 21-10
champion talked his winning pick and if he misses coaching (VIDEO)
Our Super Bowl coverage continues with NFL Today Co-Host and Super Bowl winning coach of the 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers, Bill Cowher...
The coverage rolls on as former coach & analyst Bill Cower joins
Pretty awesome talking w/ one of the NFL's best all time coaches Bill Cowher!
Coach Cowher likes NYC. Find out what other city he thinks will be happy Sunday via dailymotion
By JOHN ZAKOUR Bill Cowher — former Super Bowl winner as the coach of the Steelers — once said, “I’d like to have 75 degrees and sunny everyday,...
Nazareth should aim high on their next head football coach...lets contact Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher and Nick Saban
right but Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher, as recently as last week said that they also filmed signals.
On the next N if L: What if Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher's lovechild coached the 1997 Steelers to a Super Bowl?
Bill Cowher talking with the DFW Sportsbeat at Super Bowl in NY
Interesting . “From tomorrow's how would Bill Cowher coach
Met the legendary SuperBowl winning Steelers coach Bill Cowher
From tomorrow's how would Bill Cowher coach This fan had to know.
OK so is that Bill Cowher in the Time Warner Cable commercials?
NFL Today analyst Bill Cowher joins Jim Rome in New York to discuss if you need a Super Bowl ring to be considered one of the best players ever, how Pete Carroll has progressed as a coach, and much more.
Why do they make Bill Cowher wear a Head Coaching headset during Time Warner commercials, one he hasn't coached a game in about 5 years and two if you don't know who Bill Cowher is, does a headset really make any sense, also, who's he talking to?
u see then Asians got that money got that power, respect, when a *** gettin money the boys all on his neck, cause first u get the money, then u get the power, with the power u a coach in the game, Bill cowher, or Mike Tom, them folk be steel strong, cause families been suffering for real long, weight of white America crush a *** like a python, but I'm Venom we too strong thats outer space, heathen, Martian, Spartan, *** born on krypton
As Pittsburgh deals with extraordinary bitter-cold temperatures and snow, I can remember a warm day from 18 years ago. It was the final Sunday of January in 1996. It was Super Bowl Sunday, always an unofficial holiday, but especially that year, because it marked the return of the Steelers to the Super Bowl after 16 years. It was the day “Steelers Nation” had waited for. The game was played on a gorgeous afternoon and evening at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona, and featured the third Super Bowl matchup between the Steelers and Cowboys. Vanessa Williams sang the National Anthem, western Pennsylvania native Joe Montana represented all Super Bowl MVPs at the coin toss, and Diana Ross performed at halftime. It was also a great game. The Steelers rallied with 10 points in the 4th quarter and had the ball with a chance to take the lead, until Neil O'Donnell threw the most infamous interception in Steelers history. Larry Brown picked off O'Donnell and returned it 33 yards to set up the game's final touchd ...
Bill Cowher is a creep! Poppin everywhere uninvited talking about cable... Smh go coach the Cowboys already!
I seem to recall that Bill Cowher won the "coach I'd most like to play for poll" on a regular basis. Pete Carroll voted most popular
Finally got around to watching "Sound FX- Best of the Super Bowl" Ya know, I could be 112 years old in a rocking chair and have no idea who anyone who anyone around me is, and Desmond Howard returning that kick will still put a smile on my face. Also, I forgot about the Bill Cowher moments. After Super Bowl XXX one of the great images was his young daughter hugging him after the game and him telling her: "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose"... and then they showed after Super Bowl XL, when he finally won, the same daughter giving him the congratulatory hug. Kind of one of those: "Oh... so that's what this whole football thing is all about" moments.
Bill Cowher is inexplicably the new spokesperson for Time Warner Cable so I guess I have to get it now.
Bill Cowher won't take another Head Coaching in the NFL, but he'll go door to door installing Time Warner Cable ?
Bill Cowher is featured in the first of a two-part, one-on-one interview on The Seth Davis Show today on The second part of the interview airs this Friday, January 31, 1:30 p.m. ET.
I swear I just saw coach Bill Cowher doing a TWC commercial. Just a little role, and they didn't even identify him.
These days, Bill Cowher is the one usually sitting down with players and current coaches asking the questions. However, on Monday, Cowher will be under the interrogation light as a guest on The Seth Davis show. Retiring after the 2006 …… [ 197 more words. ]
Just saw a commercial for Time Warner Cable with Bill Cowher as the cable guy. Amazing what being a Head Coach in the NFL can land you.
If John Gruden or Bill Cowher want to coach the 49ers, will York dump Harbaugh?
- big names that have rejected working for the - Scott Pioloi, Bill Cowher, John Gruden, Gary Kubiak, Tony Dungy.
Hey Browns, just a thought from the cheap seats in MD. Can you possibly look at someone who has been a Head Coach before on the collegiate or NFL level with some past success? Or do you like this search every year or 2? Bill Cowher could bring in the Steeler way which has been highly successful for over a half century. John Gruden, Ohio kid who grew up a Browns fan...won a Super Bowl by the way. Jim Tressel...I think he won a few titles along the way. Those are just a few names of many to provide stability...and winning! Why does history keep repeating itself, coordinators interviewed, rookie coach hired...then fired and then Browns fans are asked to stay patient? That virtue has to be over doesn't it?
How soon till Bill Cowher takes Phil Sims out back for CBS and end the misery.
AFC Championship on CBS Sunday January 19th CBS Sports Network 9am-Noon: TOPS: That Other Pregame Show Host: Adam Schein Analysts: Bart Scott, Amy Trask and Brandon Tierney Reporter: Allie LaForce CBS Sports 2pm: NFL Today Host: James Brown Analysts: Dan Marino, Bill Cowher, Shannon Sharpe and Boomer Esiason NFL Insider: Jason La Canfora Reporter: Lesley Visser Following are excerpts from THE NFL ON CBS AFC Championship Conference Call on January 14. (On Brady-Manning rivalry) NANTZ: I think it transcends the NFL…This is something everyone wants to see. This is tantamount to Ali?Frazier one more time. This is Palmer?Nicklaus. This is Bird?Magic. I’m not trying to create some sort of synthetic drama here, but this is what it is. This is as big as it gets. We’re going to savor it because you don’t know how many more times we’ll get it again…You say Brady-Manning, I defy anyone to say there is anything that has been bigger in this league. SIMMS: The word legacy, all these things who they are, I h ...
It's Nicole O'neal Watts's birthday as I have mentioned. It's also Jennifer Kline Epp's birthday. Jennifer - Rose Bushes. Back to the Future "Calvin Klein" was the alias taken by Marty McFly after Lorraine Baines noticed the name on his purple underwear. She assumed it to be Marty's name, but it was actually that of the manufacturer and person who founded the company. Memory Lane. Dana's brother Chris Lane disagreed with me. Am I the only one that think Omar Epps looks kindave like Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers? - Mike Tomlin Football Head Coach Michael Tomlin is the current Head Coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the American Football Conference, succeeding Bill Cowher. Tomlin is the third youngest Head Coach in any of the four major North American professional sports. Born: March 15, 1972 (age 41), Hampton, VA Spouse: Kiya Winston (m. 1996) Team: Pittsburgh Steelers Children: Harlyn Quinn Tomlin, Michael Dean Tomlin, Mason Tomlin Education: Denbigh High School, College of William and Mary ...
anyone else think HC Ken Whisenhunt looks like a cross between Woody Harrelson & Bill Cowher? (the chin) love it!
Ken Whisenhunt said he learned a lot from Joe Gibbs and Bill Cowher.
Jim Caldwell to the Lions.because we couldn't get Tony Dungy, John Gruden, Bill Cowher, or Ken Whisenhunt. :-/ Don't think he's the disciplinarian this team needs, but hopefully he'll prove me wrong!
Im devastated right now. Jim Caldwell? Why couldn't we do something different and go after a coach who is a proven winner. John Gruden, Tony Dungy, Bill Cowher. Or even Mike Shanahan. Why do I feel like we always go get somebody coordinator. Only time will tell if this is a good move but I don't like it.
NO LIONS NO. Not Jim Caldwell. I feel like i've been punched in the a Browns fan. Ugh. Another former failed Head Coach. Don't we have money? Can't we pay a proven superbowl winner - John Gruden? Jimmy Johnson? Bill Cowher? Lord oh Lord I'd take Jim Tressel over this guy. For the record I did not want Wisenhunt either.
If Jimmy Haslam and Bill Cowher had a love child, he would be Ken Whisenhunt. Thats one sexy hybrid.
Why the excitement over Ken Whisenhunt? Like it's the return of Jeff Fisher...or Bill Cowher? No Kurt Warner/Big Ben(Nor a Phillip Rivers) in TN.No Fitzgerald or Gates... The winning tradition of the Titans are far deep rooted than a simple coaching change...Titans could have done a lil' worse.but ALOT better!
Ken Whisenhunt is the next titans coach... those u don't know who he is, he coached Kurt Warner in 2008 when the cardinals went to the Super Bowl, he was roethlisberger's offensive coordinator when Bill Cowher was coach... great hire!
That's the REAL Bill Belichick in that interview with Bill Cowher because He is at ease with a coach he respects
New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick talks to THE NFL TODAY's Bill Cowher about his relationship with Brady, Andrew Luck's future, Belichick's legacy as an NFL coach and more.
The Lawrence Welk Show is on and is more entertaining than Bill Cowher interviewing Belicheck. PLEASE start the game.
Bill Belichick just hugged Bill Cowher. Either the zombie apocalypse has descended upon us, or world peace is truly within our grasp.
Tonight's Colts-Pats game is Dan Dierdorf's last game announcing. Who would be a good replacement with Greg Gumbel on CBS's team? For me either Bill Cowher or Boomer Esiason? Any thoughts?
Dan Snyder + the Washington Redskins...finally did it. I'm proud of them. They hired someone without making a big off-season splash. Jay Gruden. I dig it. I seriously thought they were going to lure Bill Cowher out of retirement... Shaun Craig
Don't you think that if Jimmy Haslam paid Chudzinski 10 Million, not to be Head Coach of the Browns next year...That he would be willing to open up the pocket book to get the guy that he has his sights set on?? I mean, it's only logic...Do you really think he's interested in bringing in someone who has only been an OC in the NFL or even a College level HC?? Chudzinski fits the same qualifications that those above 2 options have, so would he actually pay 10 million plus a new binding deal to someone just to do a repeat of 2013?? I tell you right now, everything fits for the Browns HC to be Ken Whisenhunt...I liked him as a choice last year, but I really like him as the guy for this year even more...Because I believe the QB will be Brian Hoyer, who came from Arizona playing under Whisenhunt, I also think Whisenhunt will be able to pick which of the Top 5 QB's in this year's draft that he wants to develop under Hoyer and I also think that Haslam coming over from Pittsburgh and Whisenhunt being a Bill Cowher ...
John Madden told me this morning you'll never see Jon Gruden, Steve Mariucci or Bill Cowher coach again. The reason why may surprise you. Take a listen. (Posted by Stan Bunger)
Haslam should throw in a few truck stops on top of salary to lure a big time coach. "Bill Cowher's Pilot/Flying J of NE Ohio"
This one is also worth RSVPing, you won't regret it: Food Network and Showtime Networks’s Ultimate Tailgate Experience featuring Bill Cowher and Victor Cruz --
Reuters AP- The University of Texas has reported that it decided not to go with John Gruden, Bill Cowher, Jim Harbaugh, Tom Landry, or Nick Saban because, "Charlie Strong is a better fit for us at this time." The other coaches have not given any comments as they are probably too broken-hearted at being passed over.
So I think texas hired Charlie string because A&M hired an African American coach first, but how in the world can Red McCombs be upset by the hire? Guess they should hold out for John Gruden or Bill Cowher. I bet I really spelled those names wrong
The Bucs landed Lovie Smith as their Head Coach, but Jason La Canfora reports the team was hot for Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden as well.
Ken Whisenhunt to come to Detroit to interview but can't accept the job until San Diego is eliminated is great Whisenhunt comes from the Bill Cowher coaching tree he helped in the progress of Big Ben, Philip Rivers and prolonged Kurt Warner's career he will bring discipline he is the perfect fit for the Lions.
I want to see Mike Ditka and Bill Cowher fight to the death.
Dan Marino calls out Bill Cowher for his heap shot on Palmer live on-air! Love it!
Bill Cowher joined Adam Schein and Amy Trask to discuss if anything will be done to change officiating in the NFL, and what needs to be fixed. What do YOU think?
I stand by my report on Bill Cowher.
According to the Glazers tried to go real big after firing Schiano. Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher were contacted!!
The Bucs reportedly tried to get Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher beforing hiring Lovie Smith.
John Gruden, Mike Ditcka, Mike Tomlin, or Bill Cowher. I'd settle for any of these coaches. They know how to win.
my wish list for a coach is Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher, Mike Zimmer, Dan Quinn, and David Cutcliffe
The rumors of a Robert Griffin III-Art Briles reunion with the Redskins can officially be squashed along with the notion a Bill Cowher era would soon be dawning in Ashburn.
Days after Jon Gruden pulled his name out of the NFL's coaching carousel, Bill Cowher is doing the same -- for now. "I've never closed the door," Cowher told "CBS This Morning" on Friday, per Pro Football Talk. "But it's highly unlikely any time in the near future you'll see me coach."
Baylor Head Coach Art Briles and retired coach Bill Cowher said they are not int
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Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden are not interested in coaching. Art Briles removed his name from the Texas search. Who is left as possible options?
Quick Takes: Coaching search: . I’ve been told several times that Bill Cowher is not returning to co...
Updated NFC East news: General Manager Bruce Allen has said that the team has not reached out to former Head Coach Bill Cowher regarding their Head Coaching vacancy. They are however, still interested in Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell among others.
Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher on CBS this morning says rumors not true he's been approached to coach Washington Redskins.
When did Bill Cowher go from being a Super Bowl-winning coach to working behind the counter at Time Warner Cable?
NFC East News: ESPN Radio 980 is reporting that the have met with Bill Cowher about their vacant Head Coaching position. DC Perry Fewell is also scheduled to interview.
I'm afraid to say this but the Skins need an established coach who will tell Snyder that HE runs the club and not the other way round.New coach (coordinator will not have that confidence to go against the owner).Bill Cowher would be my choice. If we do hire an assistant then I would pull for Russ Grimm.
Could Bill Cowher be lured back into coaching be the Detroit Lions? With the talent currently on the Detroit Lions roster, Cowher might consider a return to the coaching with the Lions. The perception among media seems to be that the Detroit Lions are a franchise that is ready to win now with the ri...
What is Sequestration The 15 best branded Vines of 2013, Bill Cowher . Watch Hot Girls at
u guys only want Briles because of Rg3 we need Bill Cowher
This dude in the TWC commercial who can read Bill Cowher's mind is hands down the worst person on Earth.
B Mitch on possibility of Cowher "I'm sick and tired of the re-treads". Mentioned Bill O'Brien or Russ Grimm
How about they sign Plax on the outside, then bring in Bill Cowher as an Assistant HC? I'll hang up and listen
Cowher rumors: Cowher to Lions The interest be there - Jan 1 @ 9:47 PM ET
If the Lions want discipline go after Bill Cowher
😰 I'm stress out. Only coach worth having now is Stanford HC or OC Chargers ken w. .. Jon Gruden says no..bill cowher too
Need to hire guy w/ so much clout that he's invincible to the Same Old Lions schtick. Bill Cowher brings that
Bill Cowher rumors are all the rage right now. Well how about this one – Bill Cowher to Detroit in 2014? Rumors are flying around that Washington owner Daniel S
The only way Bill Cowher walks through the doors in Berea: If he is selling Time Warner Cable.
Lovie Smith is off the board, there is always Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden for the
The Detroit Lions need a proven hard nose coach. The only one that stands out is Bill Cohwer. Stop taken chances on your hopefuls lions, and grab Cohwer. At least take a shot at him. We need someone of his pedigree.
Bill Cowher rumors: Cowher to Lions? The interest may be there
I hope Redskins do get Bill Cowher so we can keep Sean McDermott as our DC
Bill Cowher for the Redskins in the works?
In my opinion Perry and Gilbride will be fired, Bill Cowher is hired as DC, the current QB coach is promoted, Nicks Snee, Diehl, are my top three choices to be cut, then trade out of the first round, for a deep package of picks, line up Cruz, Randle, bring back Barden, and Boss.
bill cowher, mike singletary or Gregg list so far
dear : will the Bill Cowher Time Warner commercials be done airing anytime soon?
If the owners of the buc's had any brains they would pay Bill cowher whatever he wants.
Bill Cowher should become the next coach.
Those Skins fans without a clue just wanted Snyder to go out and throw money at Bill O Brien, Bill Cowher, Art Briles, or Jon Gruden.
Radio conversation regarding the next Vikings Head Coach: "Minnesota will never get a guy like John Gruden or Bill Cowher because they would want complete control, to be the coach and GM. Right now rick spielman holds that position so I just don't see it happening." Here's my nickels worth of free advice… SPIELMAN HASN'T GOTTEN IT DONE YET! YOU NEED TO FIRE HIS *** I'M ON STRIKE UNTIL WE GET GRUDEN…
Yardbarker: Redskins are trying to make a Power Move for Bill Cowher via
You disgrace the Steelers, Bill Cowher and yourself with your comments - but probably you're just too ignorant to realize it.
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I have heard that Vikes are going to interview Bill Cowher and has accepted the interview. Any truth to that?
These bill cowher commercials make me hate Time Warner even more. I did not think that was possible
Bill Cowher perfect fit!! Fits the blue collar fans and city!
Yeah Lovie Smith has a great record as a Head Coach. GET BILL COWHER !
Just read we've been talking to bill cowher about coaching very unlikely to happen but hey 🙌
Don't expect to see Bill Cowher coaching on the Redskins' sideline.
Bill Cowher rumors: Cowher to Redskins, Lovie Smith rumors to Lions surface
Right now, my preferred candidates for Head Coach are: 1) Jay Gruden 2) Art Briles 3) Anybody who isn't Bill Cowher
Ain't no way Bill Cowher coaches another team
-- what are possibilities of Bill Cowher coming to Tampa?
I love it how morons still think John Gruden or Bill Cowher will come to Cleveland. Yeah let me leave my kush 1 - 2mill a year no stress job to be under scrutiny 24/7, work 12 hour days, and have no family life for the same pay
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Bill Cowher rumored to be next Redskins coach via
you think they would have any interest in bill cowher? Thought I heard he would like to coach again. .
The next head cocah of the Washington Redskins wil be Bill Cowher and next Head oach at Penn State will be Mike Munchak... u heard it hear first
Bill Cowher's CBS colleagues discuss the possibility of a job in Washington.
Bill Cowher would be a good fit too.
Im hearing bill cowher to Pennsylvania state university but maybe not as a Head Coach.
If the Redskins got Bill Cowher that would be interesting.. They would for sure be better
gwt rid of philbin and ireland and get bill cowher or Jon Gruden. They will turn our beloved dolphins around
If you have Bill Cowher's fax machine number - please send it to so he can send over a lifetime contract. Thanks!
Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden's name come up every year there's a vacancy. Do u see either of those two taking a job anywhere?
My only wish for 2014 is that Jerry fires the entire cowboys coaching staff and hires Bill Cowher and the cowboys get back to the playoffs.
Bucs Fantasy: Hand over the keys to the whole operation to Bill Cowher. Sign Jay Cutler for two years to mentor Glennon and if need be put Jerry Angelo in the front office...
Bill Cowher is once again surrounded by rumors that he will be leaving the comfort of the broadcast booth to return to the NFL sidelines. The former Pittsburgh Steelers coach, who led his team to a Super Bowl title before retiring, has been rumored as a ca
Bill Cowher killed Kordell Stewart ability tried making him a pocket quarterback with he wasn't
Hey Jay Burbee How does this headline look? Bill Cowher: The Next Coach for the Redskins?
Some comments about Coaching changes••• 1. Texas is using an Executive Search Consultant (headhunter) from one of the major search firms to assist in finding a coach. An athletic director needs a headhunter to help find a coach the way a fish needs a bicycle. Except as a CYA device. 2. The names being bandied about for NFL vacancies seem to indicated that some of these teams are not paying much attention to the Rooney Rule. In case you are among the uninitiated, the Rooney Rule requires coaches to interview at least one minority candidate for each Head Coaching job. It is named for The Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney, who actually proposed it and then followed it when Bill Cowher left the team. What did Mr. Rooney get because he took time to follow the rule? The best young coach in football, Mike Tomlin. (pictured on left) 3. The Cleveland Browns dropped the hammer on their coach after exactly one season. Surely, even Art Schlichter would turn that job down, even if meant he could leav ...
Redskins looking to get Head Coach .either Jon Gruden,Bill cowher,Lovie Smith.who do u think
What is it going to take to get bill cowher on the browns sideline next year?
By NESN Staff Bill Cowher hasn’t been on the sidelines since 2006, but that might not stop the Redskins from inking the former Steelers coach to take over as Head Coach in Washington. With Mike Shanahan out, Zac Boyer of the Washington Times put together an interesting list of potential Skins Head Coach candidates — a list that includes Cowher, who is currently a studio analyst for CBS’s The NFL Today, as well as former Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt and Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden. Boyer notes that the position is attractive ”for a variety of reasons,” including “the opportunity to work with quarterback Robert Griffin III” and alongside an owner “who will be active in free agency.” Cowher, who played in the NFL for the Eagles and Browns from the late-1970s to mid-1980s, was the Steelers Head Coach from 1992-2006. It was his only Head Coaching job in the NFL, as ...
Im hearing that the Redskins might be getting Bill Cowher for a coach that would be the best thing that could of happened to the skins team in decades! Hope this is true!
If Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher took the vacant Lions Head Coaching job, I'd actually be pumped about the Lions for the 1st time in many years
I think it's funny the skins are meeting with bill cowher . I'm pretty sure I said they should hv got him after Gibbs! Fingers crossed he will be relocating the the DMV to coach the skins!
Question fans. Of the list of reoccurring names we hear rumored: Baylor HC Art Briles, Texas A&M HC Kevin Sumlin, Stanford HC David Shaw, Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell, Bengals OC Jay Gruden, Broncos OC Adam Gase, Russ Grimm, John Gruden, Bill Cowher, Lovie Smith, and Steelers ST/C Danny Smith. Who do you believe is the best man for the job?
After or Before Redskins fire HC Mike Shanahan: Team has reportedly met with Bill Cowher 'at least twice'
Seems like overkill to get a psychic to figure out what Bill Cowher is thinking in a Time Warner commercial...
Great!!.the Redskins are a blink away from signing Bill Cowher as Head Coach.jerry are an ***
New years wish: Dan Snyder be smart and hire Bill Cowher or Ken Wisenhunt as the Head Coach of the Redskins.both would make our team tolerable to watch
I would like to see either Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher go coach the Lions. It has to be someone who will enforce discipline.
At this point, can we stop pretending Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher or Brian Billick even WANT to be Head Coaches again? They don't. Just watch.
Is it true? Did the Steelers former Head Coach Bill Cowher just become the coach for the Vikings?
Detroit Lions please make Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher a offer they can't refuse
Where do I place my vote to get Bill Cowher to coach my Redskins???
Bill Cowher won't come out of retirement for a Washington team that went 3 and 13...Art Briles RGIII college coach may not be a bad choice could make Robert's head bigger than it is now! Don't be surprised if you don't see Luvie Smith in Chocolate City!
While I was a bit surprised that Gunther wasn't among the fired, one of the things I was looking forward to was the death of the Wide 9. So, I got to looking at how the defense converts. On the surface, it doesn't. But with a few position switches, and the addition of one or two players, the defense is convertible for virtually any incoming Defensive Coordinator. Here's how: 3-4 (todd Bowles, David Shaw, Bill O'Brien, Bill Cowher, Ken Whisenhunt, possibly Shannahan): this is the defense ran by most of the most talked about candidates. On first glance, it's a bad fit. Neither Suh or Fairley are big enough to play the nose, and their pass rush skills would be wasted. (See Haynesworth at the nose in Washington). The ends are too small. Neither Levy or Palmer are pass rushers. So, instead, Suh and Fairley, at a little over 300 lbs., slide out to the ends. The quartet of defensive ends move to the rush linebacker spots. (Willie Young is made for this.) Levy moves next to Tulloch, his more natural position. Now ...
Funny montage comparing Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden to the Grinch. From a Monday Night Football game between the Steelers and Bucs in 2002.
Good riddence shanihans . Id like to see Bill Cowher as coach . Someone with some grit .
Rumor has it the redskins are in talks with bill cowher ? Great like we gotta see him and his stupid jaw again. Man i'd like to just give that a kick with my logger boots !
Please tell me how good the Bucs would be if they spent the money to go out and get Big Ben, and reeled in Bill Cowher to coach. Let Mike Glennon sit behind Ben and learn more. Mike Williams comes back, Doug Martin, get an offensive weapon along the lines of Cordelle Patterson and a premiere pass rusher in the draft. That'd be one scary *** team. They have everything in position to be a GREAT team. Not just mediocre.
As the Browns look for a new coach, please 3 Stooges don't screw this up! You should look at Bill Cowher and what about Tony Dungy. No more college coaches or anyone WHO HAS NOT COACHED IN NFL. THE 3 STOOGES MUST GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME!
Ken Whisenhunt, offensive coordinator, San Diego Chargers Whisenhunt, 51, spent time under Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher, first as a tight ends coach, then as the team's offensive coordinator. He knows what it takes to be a consistent winner from his time in that organization. Following the Steelers Super Bowl win in 2006, Whisenhunt took over as Head Coach at Arizona and lead them to the Super Bowl in 2008. Whisenhunt currently serves as the offensive coordinator in San Diego, where he’s had a hand is resurging quarterback Philip River’s career and helping make the Chargers one of the more explosive offenses in the league
Well, I'm certainly glad that Schwartz got fired as coach of the Lions. The 64 million dollar question is who will get hired as the new coach. I've said before that I would certainly like Dungy or Gruden or maybe Bill Cowher, but all those guys are probably pretty comfortable being in a nice T-V studio on Sunday's and getting their fill of game highlights to pontificate on. Would any of them be willing to accept an offer from the Ford family? It's hard to say I think, but only if management granted them full control as far as picking players. Maybe that would mean getting rid of Mayhew somehow. We'll see what happens over the coming weeks.
I think if I was texas's AD I'd probably be on the phone with Bill Cowher or a Rob Ryan to see if we could dry up this wet paper sack of a defense.
Redskins owner has met with Bill Cowher twice already
I would love to see my Lions land Bill Cowher as the next Head Coach. I know that probably won't happen. But I think the Lions have the best shot at getting him, with all of our talent. We just need somebody to instill some discipline.
Chris Russell says Dan Snyder has already met with Bill Cowher at least twice featured in NBC s Science of Love
Report: Dan Snyder has met with Bill Cowher twice already
Big question for big Redskins fans only: bill cowher as the Head Coach. Art Briles as offensive coordinator. Gregg Williams and Danny Smith come back. Is this possible? Do you think this would be good if it was/is possible?
And FINALLY the Shanny regime is done!!! Thank God...Bring on Bill Cowher!!
I wish there was as way we could get Bill Cowher.
You know what I want for a late Christmas present? Bill Cowher as The Redskins' next coach.
I would be ecstatic if the Lions picked up Bill Cowher.
I can't even believe the short list of coaches I just saw for Shanahan's replacement. So funny. Bill Cowher is never going to come here. He coached in Pittsburgh - our players are not Pittsburgh players. Pittsburgh players are tough, have pride and show up for preseason and are part of their community. In recent years, ours are overpaid people that don't care. As coaches they have their own reputations to think about now. It's not just about the money to elite coaches anymore. I'm shocked that Shanahan ever came here. No one like that will come here.they're not risking their reputations as good coaches to do this. It's why Joe Gibbs gave it a shot again and then got the *** out. My guess is Baylor's Head Coach will be here very soon, because that's the road they've decided to go down. RGIII will be a better player because he'll get to be with someone he already knows and not have to learn anything new. And it will be disastrous. Psychic Cleo, out.
Bill Cowher has already spoken with Dan Snyder.
Now let's be real everyone. Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher aren't leaving their broadcast positions to come coach the Lions. I would like to see them go after Gary Kubiak. He was a former QB coach so he can fix Stafford and he knows offense something the Lions have a lot of.
Laughing at the people who say that the game has passed certain NFL coaches like Bill Cowher and Tony Dungy because theyre no longer coaching. When you are a great coach and win titles the game never passes you - *** Vermeil in NFL, Phil Jackson In the NBA, Jim Leyand in MLB are just a few examples of that...
Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden spotted at Metro airport this afternoon, Bill Cowher was spotted an hour ago.
Hire Mack Brown, Bill Cowher, Lovie Smith, David Shaw, Tony Dungy... Somebody good! And get rid of Musgrave!
Can we as a city, collectively forget about these 3 names being the next lions Head Coach: Jon Trident, Tony Dungy and Bill Cowher. They are not coming here, and even if you could, you Don't want someone who hasn't coached in 5 years. Plenty of good choices out there!
All i want for the holidays is John Gruden or Bill Cowher to coach the Lions
Or… Or… Or… Hire both in one shot. Bill Cowher.
Why do I keep hearing all these names of old, retread coaches as possible replacements for Shenanigans. Have they not learned anything? Washington has to stop being a retirement home for coaches. Bill Cowher??? Man hasn't coaches in ages. Part of his strength was the fact that the Steelers had good draft depth something Washington has never had. Who's to say it would be the same now in Washington. Kill all that old coach noise and go get someone young with fresh ideas.
Dan Snyder has already spoken with Bill Cowher? Interesting. I would much prefer someone who is up and coming, like Mike Zimmer,Bevell,etc but if we are going the route of proven coaches, I would be happy with either Lovie Smith or Cowher. I'm getting tired of having a new *** coach every couple of years!
Bring in Ken Whisenhunt..wishful thinking would be bill cowher or Jon Gruden..but id be happy with whisenhunt
Jon Gruden should not be the Lions coach. Neither should Bill Cowher so please stop asking Lions fans.
Rumors are going around that the redskins are getting Bill Cowher hope this is true!
Please, God, let one of the 47 NFL teams that fired their coaches today hire Bill Cowher so he won't make any more Time-Warner Cable commercials.
Of course my ideal choice for new coach would be the chin bill cowher, but that's highly unlikely, so my vote goes to Lovie Smith from bears and hire really great oc or the name nobody thinks about steve marriucci from 49ers and hire a great dc... both have built great teams from scratch and taken them to playoffs(both), nfc championship games(both) and a superbowl for lovie
Jay Gruden? Bill Cowher? Russ Grimm? Who do you want to see the hire as the team's next Head Coach? VOTE:
Here is a thought, how about Tony Dungy or Bill Cowher to the Dallas Cowboys? Maybe one of them could actual put together a team that could win?
Daniel Snyder: If you are going to insist on being the owner of the Redskins can you please make a better short list of coaches. Bill Cowher? Really? Can we get someone that has been on the sidelines in the last few years. I was thinking Lovie Smith with Leslie Frazier as Offensive Coordinator. Or Bill O'Brien, or even Baylor's coach.
Bye Schwartz... Asta la bye bye... Two words n they rhyme with Bill Cowher... Just sayin... Restore the roar in two thousand n one-four... Go Lions!!
Lions are cleaning house today. Bring me bill cowher !
What a shame that Cleveland didn't give their coach a longer time to prove himself. On the other hand, my daughter,Beth, called to infom me that the Vikings fired their coach this morning - and that is a smart move. Poor Vikings just can't seem to get it right when picking coaches - visions of Bud Grant dance in their heads. I am waiting for Bill Cowher to reappear.
Rumor has it that the Lions might go after a veteran coach, and if that's the case then Bill Cowher better be on speed dial followed by Jon Gruden and Brian Billick...
Washington Redskins reporter Chris Russell commented that Daniel Snyder has met with Bill Cowher more than one time. Next coach for the skins? Who knows.
Little Giant Ladders
The Washington Redskins need a defense. The Washington Redskins need a Head Coach. No secret Bill Cowher wants back into coaching. Could be a good fit now that the Redskins have plenty of free agent money to spend.
Contrast in stability. Since the 1970/71 season the Pittsburgh Steelers (My favorite team) have had 3 Head Coaches (Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin), the Detroit Lions (My home team) have had 14 (Joe Schmidt, Don McCafferty, Rick Forzano, Tommy Hudspeth, Monte Clark, Darryl Rogers, Wayne Fontes, Bobby Ross, Gary Moeller, Marty Mornhinweg, Steve Mariucci, *** Jauron, Rod Marinelli and Jim Schwartz). Now the Lions are in the hunt for another Head Coach and so many Lion fans are ecstatic. Sorry, don't you guys get it. Look at that list, are you saying none of these guys are/were good coaches? Get used to it, no matter whose coaching the Lions they will continue to wallow in mediocrity. It's the Lions people, it's what they do. I'm sticking to what I came to realize right after Barry Sanders got fed-up with the organization and retired. I will never see the Lions in the Super Bowl. I'd like to see them even as a contender for about 5 years consistently. They can't even do that.
See ya later swartz!!! Im casting my vote for bill cowher or Jon Gruden. Good ridance to bad rubbish.
Bucs fire Schiano. Who's going to be the next coach? Bill Cowher?!? doubt it...
So...Should Jim Fassel, Dan Reeves and Bill Cowher be by their phones right now? Dennis Green?
Like my status if you think that the Lions should go for Bill Cowher, John Gruden or Tony Dungy for their next Head Coach...great coach plus the talent they have could mean an actual shot at a Super Bowl.
Black monday.Do research and hire someone with a backbone, not a yes man. Bill cowher, Lovie Smith, etc, Are new season starts today .HTTR...
So, I read on that Adam Schefter says the people on the Skins radar for Head Coaching job include, Jay Gruden, Lovie Smith, Mike Zimmer and David Shaw. I like the idea of possibly bringing in Zimmer, who is the Defensive Coordinator of the Bengals. I also possibly like the idea of bringing in Shaw, who is the Head Coach of the Stanford Cardinals(NCAA). But seriously? Not even mentioning Bill Cowher? I just hope whoever our next coach is, they will steer this team in the right direction. On a side note, I guess I'm pleased with the Eagles winning the division instead of the Cowturds. Buttt, like I keep on telling everybody. Whoever wins the NFC East and goes to the playoffs, it's very unlikely that either team will win a single playoff game. I think they will choke in the Wild Card this Saturday. That's my prediction.
ugggh...the skins have already met with Bill Cowher at least twice :(
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