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Bill Cowher

William Laird Bill Cowher (born May 8, 1957) is a former head coach in the NFL. Cowher resigned after 15 seasons as the Steelers' coach on January 5, 2007, 11 months to the day after winning 2005–06's Super Bowl XL.

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Thinking Jay Cutler needs to be a Buffalo Bill next year under Bill Cowher!
Bill Cowher going against the grain with his Sunday night pick
Bill Cowher is still salty about being humiliated by the Patriots
The fact that Bill Cowher just called the rams the St Louis Cardinals is a perfect representation for why that city will lose that franchise
Bill Cowher would look great in the blue and orange
fascinating, Bill Cowher speaks truth: the Broncos CAN win on the road, today is one of those days you'll see that
Bill Cowher is so putrid looking even make up can't do him any good
Bill Cowher just said the Cowboys have been having troubles on the road.. aren't they undefeated on the road??
What is Bill Cowher smoking? He just said have problems on the road. Cowboys are 4-0 on the road. Only tm w/o road L
Bill Cowher says on in week 17 will be "a play in" game for wildcard
Nope, BILL COWHER to Florida with GRUDEN as head coach?? I'm sure we'll hear that one also
I mean, Bill Cowher still has a house he built in Jacksonville for the job so Cowher to
Maybe Florida can relocate to North Carolina so Bill Cowher can coach them. No road games though.
I heard that Bill Cowher just bought a house in Waldo.
The Bills not playing today keeps reminding me that we r basically out of the playoffs. Please Mr. Pegula, pay Bill Cowher to come here.
Labriola on letdowns, inheritance: Bill Cowher was the beneficiary of talented players left over from the Chuc...
Mean Joe Greene, Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher would of never let Justin Bieber hang out with the
Bill Cowher, Jimmy Johnson, Sean Payton are all above 55%. And that's the whole list for coaches with at least 100 games & a 55%+ ATS win%
Bill Cowher on Jay Cutler: “He’s a good quarterback but a poor leader. Sometimes when the bullets start flying, he’s not at…
CBS' Bill Cowher "Jay Cutler is a good quarterback. He's not a good leader. It's not one of his strong suits."
Would you take Andy Reid over Bronco? Guys like Jerry Rice, Mike Holmgren, Bill Cowher. Big names.
I don't think Mark can be that guy to bring that back either. If this fails we need a "Bears" type coach. Bill Cowher maybe?
I can only hope once the Trestman era is over in another year or two we can make a move for Bill Cowher. We need a proven coach.
not me. It will NEVER happen with TC at helm! BILL COWHER please!
Bill Cowher deserves an award for acting in commercials, if they give those out. So natural.
Bill Cowher, first coach for the Los Angeles Knights. The LA KNIGHTS, the NFL's newest football team franchise
I don't have a good idea of what method acting is, but it's probably the opposite of everything in the Bill Cowher-Bobby Flay commercial
Snapshot in time: Comparing Cowher, Tomlin drafts: Bill Cowher is in his eighth season of sitting on the CBS s...
fire entire coaching staff and GM. Need to hire Bill Cowher and some coordinators that know how to coach.
Who's the worst homer on the air..Tony Dungy or Bill Cowher?
we as in the Cowboys??? Im pretty sure Big Ben, Bill Cowher & the Steel curtain won it in 09..
Bobby Flay/Bill Cowher Time Warner commercial gives me such *** chills I have to hide my face when its on.
Once Tom Coughlin is gone we will be good again he's lost it. Hire Bill Cowher
I been saying that and bring Bill Cowher out of retirement
if it ends with Coughlin "retiring", Reese getting fired, and Bill Cowher getting total control, I can live with it.
Our team will command alot of coaches wanting to coach in NY. Let's get Bill Cowher and Bill Parcells the Tuna.
I wish Jeff Fisher coached the Bengals!/...or Jon Gruden...or Bill Cowher.
Reminds me that Willie Parker owners must've hated Bill Cowher and Jerome Bettis in '04 and '05.
Is it still necessary for CBS NFL Today to call Bill Cowher "Coach"?
I think the Bears need to make a call to Bill Cowher. He will make sure everyone is held accountable and re-establish the Bears D.
And who picked out Bill Cowher's tie?
I think Bill Cowher is probably much worse at cooking than Bobby Flay and I will not rest until my voice is heard
First time I played racquetball with Bobby Flay & Bill Cowher I said, "You two will be in a Time Warner Cable ad together in 2 years, tops."
Like if we’re being 100 here Bobby Flay would whoop Bill Cowher’s *** in a cooking competition
Why does Bill Cowher think he can outcook Bobby Flay because he watched a cooking show hosted by Bobby Flay
Almost as tiresome as Bill Cowher for TimeWC !
These twc commercials with bill cowher give me aids.
& today's goes to Bill Cowher The textiles, patterns & tailoring definitely steals…
Bill Cowher is a class act. Nice words about the and Gus Bradley on post-game show.
Bill Cowher's commercial about his late wife obliterated the little sliver of thug that I had left. 🎀🎀
Can someone from the Bears front office start reaching out to Bill Cowher??
I vote Bill Cowher coming outta retirement as HC and Ken Wisenhunt gets fired from Tennessee and comes back as our offensive coordinator 👌
Bill Cowher is such an *** Major attitude which makes him say stuff that makes him sound stupid. Horrible commentator!
Bill Cowher is just mad that the Steelers suck
Bill Cowher on defending a crappy call that screws the Call me surprised.
"You can't get it right if you're wrong" -bill cowher
Bill Cowher is the only person here speaking with any amount of common sense. The NFL is upset that their precious new fad is bad again.
Bill Cowher, who once stuffed a Polaroid in a referee's pants, is on TV defending the officiating crew in the game.
Bill Cowher should've slapped TF outta that guy lol
I’d pay a million dollars to see Bill Cowher punch Phil Simms in the face.
Bill Cowher is the only analyst worth listening to on CBS
Bill Cowher getting gangbanged on CBS right now
I would love it if Bill Cowher got up and punched Boomer Esiason sometime in the next 30 seconds.
"You cant get it right, if you are wrong". Coach Bill Cowher
"You can't get it right if you're wrong" wise words Bill Cowher...
*** we have went thru a tough time with everybody at the helm. I say we bring in Bill Polian and Bill Cowher.
Remember that time Bill Cowher said Kirk Cousins was the future of Washington? I do, oh man
I'd like to see Bill Cowher come in and whoop some *** Young team needs tough veteran coaches
this is ok. Bill Cowher possibly. Brian Billick.
Didn't Bill Cowher say Kirk Cousins was the future of this franchise like a couple weeks ago?
I just hope Bill Cowher is a fan of Vic Beasley.
bill polian won't come back to NFL bill cowher won't come to buffalo either will marty they said Mike holmgren to oversee
well it better involve bill polian and bill cowher, or Marty schottenhiemer
Idk why but I love Bill Cowher's voice
As long as he keeps doing Time Warner Cable commercials, Bill Cowher will have 0 football credibility
Can the bears get Bill Cowher as head coach, bring back tough defense and running football?!
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Bill Cowher is touching himself on live television?
Bill Cowher says the Chiefs pull off the upset against the Chargers. Rest of the CBS Sports crew picks San Diego.
Bill Cowher has no voice. At least Shannon Sharpe had a voice.
Terry Pegula needs to drop Marrone and hire Bill Cowher asap
Bill Cowher, Derek Carrier, dan Fouts, boomer Essiason, tony Gonzales, Bart Scott are in Church of Philadelphia
Bill Cowher may be the dumbest guy on TV besides Phil Simms right now.
wanted to look at Bill Cowher wasn't interested, Steve Spags took job, and Rex Ryan was like I'll come along.
I'm all for the firing but, only if they have a POSITIVE REPLACEMENT. Hue Jackson, Romo, Bill Cowher, Jimmy Johnson!
Random stat: Bill Cowher & Mike Tomlin had IDENTICAL regular-season records in their first 7 seasons: 71-41
Ray Lewis weighing on Ray Rice's behavior is like Don Shula weighing in on Bill Cowher's jaw.
just like tiki barber, bill cowher, tony hawk. All too soon
Bill Cowher and Bobby Flay in that TWC commercial may be the pinnacle of bad commercial acting
.the Perpetual Disgust on Harbaugh's face reminds of Bill "the Chin" Cowher in his prime.
needs more flags like Bill Cowher needs to be in more Time Warner commercials
The Oakland raiders would like to announce Bill Cowher is their next head coach
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I want Bill Cowher to coach this team so that we finally have a coach with some emotion.
I don't see it happening. I would love Bill Cowher, but he's not leaving the desk for this mess.
That was a very manly face you just RT'd, yo. Very strong jawline, like Bill Cowher's nh
Mini Me: "Bill Cowher looks like This kid is killing me!
Bill Cowher doesn't even have Time Warner, he's more of a reader.
Did Bill Cowher just come from a Civil War re-enactment? Is that what that hair cut is all about?
Can they stop calling Bill Cowher "Coach?" When was the last time he actually coached something?
CBS keeps talking about TB-ATL halftime preview. It's 5 seconds of Bill Cowher turning to Tony Gonzalez, Tony saying "it'll be high-scoring"
if y'all could pull Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden outta retirement that be clutch especially Gruden bringing him back would be crazy
I'm calling Bill Cowher's haircut the Cowmbovher. And I'm copyrighting it.
The Bill Cowher combover is not fooling anyone
Bill Cowher starting to have Donald Trump HAIR..somebody tell him. Coach we like you like this..take that rug off!
Why does Bill Cowher always have peanut butter in his mouth when he talks?
And Bill Cowher should just throw in the towel on the whole hair thing. It’s over, man. Over.
Lol, poor Bill Cowher. That combover is something special.
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Big day for the Redskins' defense today, as pointed out by Bill Cowher. Against the vaunted Jaguars offense led by Chad Henne.
Bill cowher please sign my cable bill
CBS post game team > FOX crew, except Bill Cowher is terrible, and Phil Simms is intolerable in the booth
I don't trust Bill Cowher in that outfit and haircut.
Bill Cowher headin to Staples tonight for that gold leaf résumé paper. Wants it lookin dope when he hands it to John Mara in Jan.
Hope Bill Cowher is still interested in coaching the Giants.
If at season's end, the Giants don't fire Reese, and after Coughlin "retires", don't give total control to Bill Cowher, then I quit life.
new Bill Cowher-ism: "the quickest distance between 2 lines is the straight one. " he said that
if Tom Coughlin dies on the sidelines can we hire Bill Cowher mid game???
Bill Cowher: "The quickest difference between two lines is a straight one." What? No.
Bill Cowher: "The quickest distance between two lines is a straight one."
Bill Cowher is terrible at doing these highlight breaks.
Bill Cowher should've thrown him some tablets and laptops
Bill Cowher's comment this AM have extremelt butt hurt. LOL!
Bill Cowher: Romo is "very careless with the ball. I get worried about his health...I think its going to be a struggle to…
"Bill Cowher is on the Kirk Cousins train. Bill Cower is not only a wise man but a football genius.
Ah Bill Cowher with the wisdom that the Skins shouldn't automatically go back to RG3 and bench Cousins after this game.
Bill Cowher is on the Kirk Cousins train.
Bill Cowher on QB situation: if Cousins wins it's his job.
Bill Cowher: Top 5 worst combovers in history.
Little known fact: Time Warner Cable great, Bill Cowher, actually dabbled in football for a time.
The Dungeon has officially decided to get a Bill Cowher fathead
Bill Cowher always looks like he's about to spit.
Bill Cowher persevering with the combover until the bitter end...
Bill Cowher advises the Vikings to stick to the run game while down 17. If their 2.7 ypc holds, they'd never register a first down.
CBS sports cast former players no SB except Bill Cowher and Fox sports cast former players and coach with SB.
A team could be losing by 50 with 2 minutes left in the game, and Bill Cowher will still say to just stick with the running game!
When can we stop calling Bill Cowher "coach?"
Why is Bill Cowher still doing commentary rather than coaching?
"Robert, uh, Matt ... Kirk Cousins comes in . " - Bill Cowher, trying to use words
domain names
Some get Bill Cowher a translator or someone to read his stuff for him
My mom hates Bill Cowher with a fiery passion STRICTLY because of the TWC commercials
Bill Cowher: "I just can't get a pulse of this Miami Dolphins team" AINT THAT THE TRUTH
Yes Bill Cowher. We're trash today. Your bumass was suppose to be our coach but NO, you wanted to be a gawd *** announcer smh
Bill Cowher, correct. "Can't find a pulse for the Dolphins".
Bill Cowher reads his lines in the ads like there's a gun pointed at him off camera.
Get Coach Bill COWHER out of your TWC Commercials. I'm sick of his Domestic Violence Preaching on CBS Sports.
Whoa BILL Cowher does football analysis too?
Stop criticizing Ray Rice. His wife has forgiven him so stay out of THEIR *** BUSINESS. Bill COWHER.
Bill Cowher doing a segment on fantasy football feels like a tipping point. The world is over.
Bill Cowher said he never had a QB until Ben Roethlisberger came along. Kordell Stewart took him to 2 AFC Championship ga…
Hurry up, game time. I can't stand much more of this. Bill Cowher is an *** ..I agree with Tony Gonzales and Charles Barkley. If your kid's biggest role-model is an athlete, THAT'S the problem And Gonzales nailed it when he mentioned that THEY never air stories about the really good things that NFL players do off-the-field. THEY stick their noses in everybody's private affairs, when THEY find something, THEY make it the biggest issue on the planet...and then they never let up.until the NEXT thing THEY can find on somebody...and then, they'll put the prior issue back on the shelf, to pull out a few weeks later when there is a shortage of filth to report A lot of these problems would not be "role-model issues" if the "sports media" focused on SPORTS. I don't care how hard Gronk parties I don't care how much weed Josh Gordon smokes in the off-season I don't have to know that Ray Rice decked his wife for spitting in his face. It's not my business that Adrian Peterson whipped his kid with a switch I didn't n . ...
I forgot Bill Cowher used to be a coach because when I see him on tv he's doing these god awful time warner commercials
Bill Cowher should be on the sidelines coaching, instead of doing those nit-wit Time Warner Cable commercials.
My mother-in-law just said, I hate that they keep calling Bill Cowher, Coach Cowher. It's not like he's a coach anymore, he's the Time Warner guy. They should call him "Time Warner Cowher". LMAO!!
Silas Young is doing well, on Thursday Night Football.oh wait.that's Bill Cowher. Nevermind. :)
Joey Porter stops by the CBS set that's on the sideline at M&T Bank Stadium for tonight's game. Gets a big hug from Bill Cowher.
Hey Bill Cowher, how much money to coach the Cowboys?
Bill Cowher doesn't play defense... Also took you 3-4 years to realize he's average?
I was there when they won 4 Super Bowls -- though I wasn't that into the games at the time. I was there when The Chief died... and when Noll refused -- rightly -- to shake Jerry Glanville's hand. I was there when Chuck Noll said good-bye and we welcomed a new coach in Bill Cowher. I was there for the playoff run of the 90s that ended in an O'Donnell pick in Super Bowl 30. I was there in the dark days of the late 90s. I was there when 3 Rivers went down and The House That Kordell built -- was open. I've been there to watch a guy name Roethlisberger run the offense -- and grow up at the same time. I saw Bill Cowher say good-bye and Mike Tomlin say hello. I was there when they got the one for the thumb and then started on the other hand. And I was there today when they almost blew a huge lead but pulled it out with a last second field goal. Always behind ya Steelers. Have a great season.
I was hoping Garrett would be able to turn it around, but it's not happening. They need to hire Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher.
Football has been part of Bill Cowher’s life as far back as he can remember. Growing up in Crafton, Pa., a westside suburb of Pittsburgh, many would argue he was born into the sport.
Fire Garrett and hire bill cowher...
. I grew up with the KC Chiefs. Started watching Steelers again with head coach was Bill Cowher.
I hope we suck *** this year. Get a high pick and Bill Cowher as our coach. He'll change Dallas a complete 180
Jerry Jones should be on the phone with Bill Cowher. Now.
Calling bill cowher the job is urs if yu want it
Do the Bill Cowher Time Warner Cable commercials annoy anyone else as much as they do me?
Bill Cowher will become their next coach as the recruiting starts now.
Jason Garrett needta go back to QB Coach . Get me Tony Dungy or Bill Cowher as my head coach 😴
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WOW. Boomer Esiason, Bart Scott, and Bill Cowher all predicted the Pats to win the Super Bowl. I am shocked by this.
Bill Cowher, get over here and make out with me. I'm in Plum!!
Bill Cowher your hair Sir is ridiculous.
Underscore Bill Cowher's favorite word in this conversation. Word to watch for on NFL Today I'm saying it now.
It's not football until Bill Cowher's combover.
For anyone who's already watching cbs, the coach Bill Cowher who's on this panel is my cousin. Lol
I wish Bill Cowher would get back into coaching so he will stop doing TWC commercials.
I remember Bill Cowher would always talk about playing full for 60 minutes. I guess this year's team didn't quite get the memo.
Can bill cowher come back and coach pleaaase
Where's Bill Cowher when ya need em?
Am I the only Steelers fan who would welcome Bill Cowher back with open arms? No? Thought so.
He hasn't done anything since Bill Cowher left
is Bill cowher our new offensive coordinator?
A Bill Cowher gamble if ever there was one. Oh yea Tomlin seen on cell phone.
Steelers, this Browns comeback is what happens when the wrath of Bill Cowher isn't waiting for you on the sidelines.
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Every time Bill Cowher speaks, I feel like I'm being sold some completely unnecessary car repair service.
Forever wishing steelers would just bring back Bill Cowher
Looks like a Bill Cowher type team right now. Big lead going into half time. Go into sleeper mode in 2nd half
So ironic the Steelers are trying to pay tribute to Chuck Knoll but the initials are CHN, which reminds everyone of Bill Cowher The CHiN.
"You don't develop a Player ahead of developing a Team." - Bill Cowher
hot off the press! Bill Cowher just cancelled his house purchase in Ponte Vedra
Bill Cowher rocking the Coach Noll pin is awesome
When is Bill Cowher going to get his jaw rewired?
Bill Cowher's combover is looking pretty solid this early in the season.
All the other commentators have American flag pins on, Bill Cowher has a Chuck Noll pin.
Hearing Jimmy Haslam is Skyping w/Bill Cowher during commercial breaks. Formal meeting being setup at Cowhers home in Strongville.
Looks like Bill Cowher being using endless rogaine this past offseason
Bill Cowher sporting a Chuck Noll pin under that big old chin of his. Swoon.
*** straight spitty lip Bill Cowher. What about me?
They Bill Cowher on the halftime report ✊
Bill Cowher with the Chuck Noll pin. Always a Steeler!
Who is a bigger mush mouth, Bill Cowher or Andrew Luck?
If you had "Week 1, Halftime" on you "When Do We Hear 'It's Johnny Manziel Time?' Out of Bill Cowher?" pool, claim your prize
Bill Cowher just brought it up during their halftime show. I think he's about to go in. And will get crushed too.
And Bill Cowher breaks the seal on the Jonathan Football nonsense.
Two of the most overrated Steelers of the modern era are Bill Cowher and Jerome Bettis. Two most underrated are Mike Tomlin & Heath Miller.
Love that Bill Cowher is talking surrounded by Verizon logos.
Bill Cowher probably shot him a text before the game
Bill Cowher should be coaching, not pushing Time Warner Cable
Bill Cowher's combover is almost ruining football. C'mon football, you can beat this.
Why is Bill Cowher on the halftime show? Shouldn't he be somewhere filming a Time Warner Cable commercial?
Bill Cowher should be the new head coach at the University of Michigan!
Bill Cowher's combover has reached Giuliani proportions of sad.
Falcons still have a crappy Defense... Calls Bill Cowher
I thought the were honoring Bill Cowher w/ that "CHN" helmet decal.
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Joey Porter doing his best Bill Cowher right there
Jeff Fisher, Tom Coughlin, John Harbaugh, Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher now are en route to visit our troops in Iraq. Safe t…
James Brown, Bill Cowher & Deion Sanders will be inside stadium for show at 7:30p ET
I hated Bill Cowher when he coached pissburgh squealers. I think I hate him more as Time Warner prostitute
I get what you're saying - But what's with coach Bill Cowher just busting in without knocking?
are you retarded? Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher have said all teams recorded signals
Do u suppose when somebody asked Bill Cowher if he saw anybody famous today, he said "yup, Len Kasper"?
I think it’d be p cool if Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden took the Cowboys job next year after Garrett gets fired.
Very quickly getting sick of the guys in the Time Warner Cable ad with Bill Cowher
STUPID first off all he asked me what current NFL coach not former (Bill Cowher) so who's really stupid
stupid choice bro tomlin??? Bill cowher or chucky John grude n they've been waiting
He has been on vacation and hasn't seen the news.Bill Cowher.. a little help here with TWC,
.here's a thought, reinvest some of those Bill Cowher buck$ into getting your services to work.
Is Bill Cowher just waiting for the Bengals job?
The commercials with Bill Cowher and a fake headset are stale and most definitely annoying.
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they're hoping for Bill Cowher like luck for 1 ring
Bill Cowher the coaching version of Brett Favre
Super to 2006 when I met the man, the myth, the legend.. Bill Cowher!!
I just saw a Time Warner Cable commercial with and Bill Cowher. Morning made.
no, 6 physical letters a month, atleast Bill Cowher hasn't barged into my apartment uninvited yet, so I've got that going for me
Aaron Smith And James Harrison are at The gym right now. Only thing that would make it better is if Bill Cowher was too
Bill Cowher tells me I shouldn't have to pay for things I don't need as the rep explains it's cheaper if I bundle with extra channels
Bill Cowher has taken over 1st place in my "Reasons to throw a brick at the tv" ads list. Wendy's girl, and Progressive Flo tied for 2nd.
as also has a more masculine jawline than Bill Cowher
Every time I see the Time Warner Cable commercial with Bill Cowher, Harvey Specter, and Mike Ross.. I fantasize about being Bill Cowher.
Is money so tight for Bill Cowher that he really needs to do these horrible Time Warner commercials?
whenever bill cowher starts talking in the Time Warner Cable commercials I j wanna punch myself repeatedly in the face
Is there a Bill Cowher billboard you could direct the prankster towards?
Bill Cowher is in the stands during the Bourbon Bowl!
The sad thing is Bill Cowher is gonna be remembered as the time warner guy instead of the *** bag coach of the steelers
I love mike but I still wish bill cowher was the head man in Pittsburgh
couple of pics of coach remind me of Bill Cowher with his frown and chin stickin out.. Hope Pet is as successful!
I have more of a problem with Bill Cowher walking into random people's living rooms.
Any commercial with Bill Cowher only SEEMS to be the most run commercial in the history of television.
if you hate Bill Cowher because of Time Warner Cable commercials
Bill Cowher wouldn't have the Steelers like this
Bill Cowher is an awful actor. Good thing he can coach.
I'd rather see Bill Cowher on than on a commercial.
Why the *** is Bill Cowher wearing his coaches headset in these commercials
I’m beginning to remember Bill Cowher more for his ridiculous cable TV commercials than for being a coach for the
Had a hot date with Bill Cowher's adorable dogs on the beach today!
If Garrett gets fired - he won't - who is one coach you'd crawl on broken glass to hire? Bill Cowher
The new Penn State AD is definitely going to be Tony Dungy. Unless it's Bill Cowher. Or John Gruden. Or Mark Richt. Or Nick Saban.
The world would be better if Time Warner Cable ceased to exist (bill cowher is welcome to stay - he seems like a nice gentleman)
Imagine Bill Cowher as the NC State coach. We would be back to the days of Chuck Amato with 9 and 10 win seasons and a badass defense
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If she hadnt pushed Bill Cowher so hard to go public and make an early announcement on accepting the job, he would be our coach right now
even the great Bill Cowher can wear...
I wonder how many breaking and entering charges Bill Cowher has
I've seen the Birdcage about 400 times and I never noticed until right now how much Robin Williams looks like Bill Cowher
Why the *** is Bill Cowher in every other commercial i see on TV? I just dont get the appeal!
Ok .riddle me this, how does Bill Cowher get into these people's houses
Bill Cowher, you are ruining how I think about you with these Time Warner Cable commercials
"You play smart. You stay focused, and above it all You play physical"- Bill Cowher
Bill Cowher never saw Joey Porter as a future coach
I think the real question is how Bill Cowher keeps getting into people's houses to lecture them about cable
Drake hosting the ESPYs is as uncomfortable as Bill Cowher selling to us in Time Warner Cable commercials.
Just once I want someone on these Time Warner commercials to ask Bill Cowher "who let you in here?"
Bill Cowher is gonna walk in the wrong house one of theses days talking bout cable!!!
That Time Warner Cable commercial with bill cowher is embarrassing.
oh in that case may the odds be forever in your favor . *Bill Cowher whistles mockingjay call*
Today's guest co-host on FMS: Bill Cowher at 8:20, David DeCastro at 9
Can you make an advertisement where Bill Cowher gets punched in the neck?
I haven't gone on a "rant" in a while, but here are some things that *** me off. -It was bad enough when Bill Cowher put on a tunic and knee-high lace sandals to play a Slave Guard in his "Goth" g/f's music video. Now he's pimping for Time-Warner Cable commercials down here. OK, make a buck, I get that. What pisses me off is the "type" of commercials. It's the old "man does something stupid and all-knowing wife corrects her dummy boob of a husband" stuff. This is very common when it comes to commercials for household products, but SINCE WHEN does the WIFE decide which cable company to use, and how fast the internet speed should be? While the lame *** *** is home baking cookies, it's the HUSBAND who goes to work each day, on his computer, to pay the bills. -Obama's arrogance makes me want to spit! Rick Perry asked Obama to actually COME to the border to personally witness the illegals crossing over. No, Obama refuses and makes Perry come to Washington, where the Nubian Emperor can "hold court." Then, whi ...
Seriously though, swing Bill Cowher as a TWC tv rep saddens me. Think about how much better of a football coach he would be.
Bill Cowher still waiting on that Giants job to open up.
the ad with Bill Cowher wearing his headset is ridiculous--a headset--Really? Does that prove he was once a coach or what?
I would take bill cowher over flo from progressive any day. She makes me want to rip my ears off
bold call, you can't tell me you enjoy the lady who is Wendy or Bill Cowher in those commercials. They're both duds!!
yeah right next to bill cowher in Strongsville.
bill cowher and herm edwards are the free agents for the NFL coaching jobs for 2015 and Nick saben
Oh hey Bill Cowher, nice to see you on the Time Warner Cable commercials.
I'm sick of seeing bill cowher on these *** commercials
Cable companies are EVIL. Bill Cowher sold his soul to the devil. . Extreme?. Listen to this phone call to Comcast:.
Listen. Everyone knows about my longstanding rivalry with Bill Cowher. Im not saying he has a milk fetish, but he DOES own a dairy
Dear Time Warner,. If Bill Cowher ever shows up unannounced in my apartment, I will be canceling my service.
So glad I get to hear Bill Cowher every morning on advertisements - it's like waking up to the sounds of Pittsburgh
I think it's high time Bill Cowher realizes that a whole new group of people hate him because of Time Warner Cable.
When is someone going to call the cops on Bill Cowher for walking into their houses uninvited? I do not care about your internet offer!
I never disliked Bill Cowher when he was coach of the Steelers, but I dislike him now that he's coach of Time Warner Cable
Bill Cowher's pronunciation of the word "contract" makes me want to gouge my eardrums out with a grapefruit spoon.
Best coach by far. Miss you Bill Cowher! 😁
FACT 7: all of you are to blame and your Bill Cowher commercials SUCK!!!
Rumor has it that Tebow bought Bill Cowher's house.
I remember when I was afraid of Bill Cowher. Now he just smiles and tries to sell me cable.
If Bill Cowher ever just walked into my house to explain Time Warner Cable to me--I'd punch him
is that you in that commercial with Bill Cowher?
anything besides Total Waste of Cash, not to mention those retarded commercials they have with Bill Cowher
Time Warner Cable went black during Super Bowl and now mine is out for World Cup. Where's Bill Cowher to fix my cable?
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