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Bill Cosby

William Henry Bill Cosby, Jr. (born July 12, 1937) is an American comedian, actor, author, television producer, educator, musician and activist.

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...shame you didn't invite Bill Cosby. Y'all could entertain for hours…
3/ Bill Cosby, 40 years of rape, not in jail. Kevin Spacey, decades of assault, not in jail. Harvey Weinstein, decades of rape,…
Check out what I found. Diana Ross, Jackson 5, Danny Thomas, Bill Cosby - Motown TV soundtrack via
So when you called Sunny Ade, Fela and Onyeka Onwenu, you'll put Ice Prince in that sentence too? You gotta be Bill Cosby.
Roy Moore. Harvey Weinstein. Donald Trump. Kevin Spacey. Louis CK. Bill Cosby. Brock Turner. They are all the same
Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, the list goes on. Now how about the ot…
I didn't expect this from Louis CK, now I know how fans of Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacy had felt when the people they…
Why is everyone in Hollywood a rapist now? Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, that dude who created Loud House, Kevin Sp…
Bill Cosby then Kevin Spacey and now soon Louie CK. Who is next? Am I going to find out now that George Clooney owns a puppy mill?
Michael Jackson made some great music and could dance. Bill Cosby was brilliant on stage and TV. Th…
This summer Bill Cosby is Nick Flurry , Andy Signore is Tony Stank , David Faraci is Captain Grope an…
“You know who everyone thought was a good guy? Bill Cosby,” -Me
50+ women came forward about Bill Cosby and people kept calling them liars.
All these rape allegations are really weird. I still don't see them destroying anyone how they tried to destroy Bill Cosby but uhK.
"I don't know thekkey to success, but th. key to failure is to try to please evjrybody."z Bill Cosby
It depends on how many abusers bother to sell an image of virtue. I'd say Bill Cosby revelations was…
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Yep, bill cosby finally getting his due helped.
If you were a big fan of Bill Cosby and the Lostprophets too, I could imagine that really messing with your psyche.
Whatever happened with the bill Cosby case?
"You are well-educated and you look cute, but that’s not going to cut it." - Bill Cosby
Ever since bill cosby it's been a domino effects all these women try to get money off of so…
A woman who says raped her decades ago wants a federal appeals court to reconsider her defamation case
"I don't know the key to success, but tae key to dailure is to try to please everybody." Bill Cosby
Y’all coming out and getting Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby but still ain’t get Trump after he admitted…
Bill Cosby's attorney? That should really help the victim's c…
He needs the bill cosby treatment. Oh wait he white.
Me recuerda a bill cosby: "my dear... You've had... A lizzard..."
Also they praise White/other POC women and then want black women to support black men that are accused o…
I hope Bill Cosby is laughing at all of them by now. When will these men start being charged?
Former prosecutor claims Bill Cosby paid accuser Andrea Constand a settlement "well into the millions of dollars." https:…
All that talk about Bill Cosby and yet THIS was going on the whole time and NO ONE is being ARRESTED here or put on TR…
Who's the guy who does these impressions? He's amazing. I love his Bill Cosby the best
Russ must have picked this sweater up at the Bill Cosby garage sale.
Hannibal Burress made a joke about Bill Cosby that got people to pay attention. Comedy…
That’s literally all he was allowed to do. Hannibal Burress made jokes about Bill Cosby raping women, so what are we doing here?
Well, think of what happened with Hannibal Burress outing Bill Cosby. Nobody pursued it or b…
Andy *** Kevin Spacey. Woody Allen. Bill Cosby. Harvey Weinstein. Somebody needs to put a zipper over the wood in the Hollywood sign.
How many more like Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, and Harvey Weinstein have to exposed before people realize that Hollywood has a problem.
Perhaps you could have stepped forward when Bill Cosby, DJT, Woody Allen were outed, this statement would mea…
Kool aid from Jim Jones, a drink made by Bill Cosby, a blind date with Ted Bundy, Andrea Yates as a babysitter.
Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein,Bill Cosby and their leader Bill Clinton are there with you.
For his first show he should interview Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.
Yes man. Mine are Different Strokes, Bill Cosby, MWAK, Fresh Prince, Bernie Mac Show in no real order
Can You Answer:Following the Bill Cosby scandal reruns of the Cosby Show stopped. The same happened with Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville - t…
*** mad at Cardi's success, but still listening to Kodak, R Kelly, still laughing at Bill Cosby & still maintaining…
Anybody abused by Harvey Weinstein must step out so they can collectively prosecute the *** the same way they did that *** Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby: a free man. Bill O'reilley: a free man. Roger Ailes: dead. R. Kelly: a free man. Woody Allen: a free man. Harvey We…
The Academy kicked out Harvey Weinstein, but what about Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen? http…
Woody Allen was nothing. Bill Cosby was nothing. *** Dennis Hastert was nothing.
The fact that Bill Cosby is a member is horrifying. Not surprised about Polanski, they were willing to give him an Oscar. Disgu…
OK so the Academy kicked out Harvey Weinstein. But not Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, or Woody Allen. Oh.
If there were true justice in the U.S. court system, Harvey Weinstein & Bill Cosby would be swinging a sling blade on side of the highway
Good first step. Now academy needs to kick out Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby and.Woody Allen.
Why the word "white" in there? - Mike Tyson, R.Kelly, Bill Cosby, 2Pac, Darren Sharper,…
Which do you think it is? I think it’s a mixture of both and I think Nelly, Kevin Hart and Bill Cosby are examples of targets
Which ‘cases’ did you think might be the result of a target? I think this Nelly thing, Kevin Hart and Bill Cosby
How's Nelly doing btw? After Kevin Hart, R. Kelly and Bill Cosby dunno who's black anymore.
MGM studiohead Louis B. Mayer, Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, and Casey Affleck have all been accused of sexual harassment
Bill Cosby's and Bill Clinton's brother from another mother. .
Between this Jenna Maroney gag and Tracy's Bill Cosby rant (the writing staff at 30 Rock…
How many more HW's and Bill Cosby's are there in HWood and DC?? A LOT
Update your maps at Navteq
The reserve it for men like Harvy Weinstein and Roger Ales and bill O Riley and Bill Cosby an…
Tyrese is right up there with Kevin Hart, Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump, Steve Harvey, Bill Cosby, D.L. Hughley as the strangers I truly hate.
Why did the media go after Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and not Kevin Spacey? Black guy, a Jew...
Apparently, the Clintons are above the law but Bill Cosby is not.
. F it. Calling out Bill Clinton, Trump, Weinstein, Epstein, Cosby, Woody Allen, all of em, whether lib pal…
next DC tries to outdo them with a buddy cop movie starring Wonder Woman and Bill Cosby
Also Donald Trump. Bill Clinton. Bill Cosby. Do you have a point, Larry?
Bill Cosby. Bill Clinton. Anthony Weiner. Woody Allen. Harvey Weinstein . & now 1/3 of his board members. Just Some of Dems tel…
and people loved Bill Cosby until they found out he raped women. what is the point of this?
Bill Cosby was vilified and ran out of town. Harvey Weinstein gets deaf ears and blind eyes.
is RACIST. She hung Bill Cosby and Usher. But gives a pass?
y'all hung Bill Cosby by the toenails. But you give this scum a pass? RACIST MUCH?
“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”. – Bill Cosby.
Ailes, O’Reilley, Bill Clinton, Weiner, Allen, Cosby, Kalanick, Weinstein, Assange, left right & center. It’s built in to p…
Also Big Announcement, Hillary picks Bill Cosby to produce her series, What Happened.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Kimmel made a joke about Bill Cosby, but won't make one about Harvey Weinstein?
He actually was my friend. But nothing hurt like Bill Cosby dying.
Jontron is a good person overall who made a dumb mistake while Bill…
Really? It took 50 women complaining about Bill Cosby and still people didn't believe them. This is commonplace.
Is it safe to assume that Holywood has a high tolerance for sexual predators? Bill Cosby comes to mind.
Where is Bill Cosby photo it should be on the cover
I'm more concerned about bruh turning into Bill Cosby
We got women that can light hookahs WITHOUT THEIR HANDS. Special guests BILL COSBY and HOOTER THE OWL
Wait. Did you call on Dems to condemn Bill Cosby? What is this false equivalency?
She also loved Bill Clinton and Cosby - but tries to Shame women that disagree. Is she a Ted Kennedy fan too ?
Can't wait for the same people who raced to condemn Ray Rice, R Kelly, Bill Cosby and Cam Newton, to turn a blind eye to H…
Weinstein on 'indefinite leave' during harassment inquiry: WILL Bill Cosby get a "leave of absence"?. Will they prosecute Roman Polanski?..
Harvey Weinstein, Andy Signore, Bill Cosby, Jamie Kilstein, Faraci & Jian Ghomeshi are more evidence that the tech industry needs to change
Where is Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski to complete the Democratic Mt Rushmore?
Ever hear of serial rapist, BILL COSBY?
.is another one who publicly slimes people with 0 proof she's right. (she was right about Bill Cos…
Statements, It's kinda like being angry at Fat Albert because of Bill Cosby's even though it was made…
I am sure he has changed, no more payouts, and getting tips on women from Bill Cosby
Among its many uses you can trade faces with people. Here is my drunk boyfriend trading with Bill Cosby.…
First Bill Cosby and now Harvey Weinstein? Next you'll be telling me the president is an abusive, womanizing, misogyni…
sure can soft sell something when it suits her. The claims go well beyond "cursing/hitting on". Does Bil…
Seems like Trump, Cosby, Weinstein, O'Reilly,Clinton(bill), JFK,Ailes, ETC ETC ETC (I am too tired to name all of these *** ***
I liked Bill Cosby until I found out the truth about him. What a stupid article.
Watching comedies done by Bill Cosby in my childhood was one of the doppiest thing...
I went to Playboy Mansion for a press conference for DownBeat. 1st thing Bill Cosby said was a complaint about Downbeat.…
I liked a video Eddie Murphy’s full Mark Twain speech and Bill Cosby impression His first live set
Wouldn't it be nice if the next Roger Ailes or Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby didn't take decades to be unmasked? tips
Paige Young: The Playboy Playmate who was driven to commit suicide by Hugh Hefner and Bill Cosby .
If there’s one thing the movie Mother, Jugs & Speed taught me its that I wonder if Bill Cosby drugged Raquel Welch.
Dana sounds thirsty how about an ice cold Bill Cosby! She knows that Topeka means white trash in Cherokee right?
That could be Charles Manson, Bill Cosby and OJ Simpson and people would STILL get a pic…
Knight and Day isn't awful right up until Tom Cruise goes all Bill Cosby drugging the FMC is not cool. "For her own good is no excuse."
fun fact: Bill Cosby tried to blacklist Janis Ian from radio because she was ***
Sterling K. Brown joins Andre Braugher, James Earl Jones & Bill Cosby as the only Black actors to win Best Actor in Dr…
Bill Cosby played a lovable dad on television and raped women in real life. Being good in some aspects of life don't make you…
Just with woman. Woody creepy Allen is ok. Cassey Affleck is ok. Bill Cosby is ok. Tom Jones is ok. Leo…
Same. My dad looks like a mix lf Carlos Mencia & Bill Cosby. I look like my dad
Jimmy Carter's advice for Bill Cosby: "Place nice, no raping."
Exactly. What's different between him and Bill Cosby? Whitney Houston and Elvis? Gender and color. Wake TF up people.
Leonard Pitts in the Wisconsin State Journal: This is what Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier, Diahann Carroll and Motown...
Roman Polanski good. Michael Jackson bad. Woody Allen good. Bill Cosby bad.
Bill Cosby was about to buy the Billion dollar Conglomeration of NBC and turn it into a new aged Harlem Renaissance so…
Malcolm Jamal Warner is the same age as Bill Cosby was in season 1 of The Cosby Show.
Is it of the old Bill Cosby impersonator from in front of The Gallery? Milton Street? Donovan? AI?
Jurors in Cosby's retrial to be chosen from Montgomery County
Bill Cosby's new lawyers want delay in start of November retrial in
Bill Cosby returns to court with new legal team: via
Cosby changes legal team ahead of retrial - Comedian Bill Cosby's retrial on charges of sexually assaulting a f...
Cosby's retrial delayed as new legal team joins case
Comedian Bill Cosby’s retrial on charges of sexually assaulting a former administrator at his alma mater in 2004……
Bill Cosby. Correct God_ correct saint_ correct way of worship_ immortal heaven end to the circle of birth n d…
Bill Cosby is back in court today with a new legal team:
Bill Cosby has a new lawyer: The man who won Michael Jackson’s acquittal
Bill has a new attorney: The man who won Michael Jackson's acquittal. Retrial is postponed to spring 2018:
Prosecutor: Bill Cosby's retrial to be delayed
R. Kelly's finally going down like Bill Cosby. Good.
BIll Cosby hired a new team of lawyers for his upcoming retrial. How does this affect his case?
Bill Cosby's new lawyer successfully defended Michael Jackson in molestation trial via
Bill Cosby sexual assault retrial scheduled for November: What to know
Bill Cosby's retrial for sexual assault pushed back to 2018
domain names
And Bill Cosby had a historic show.
Bill Cosby's retrial delayed until next year as new legal team joins the case
The lawyer who won Michael Jackson's acquittal will represent Bill Cosby:
The start date of the retrial of Bill Cosby's sexual assault case has been pushed from November to 2018
Next FAU will have Bill Cosby swing by to talk to the team about how to treat a woman
Bill Cosby is set to appear in court as his retrial process begins
Bill Cosby . Right way of worship keep away us from lust . Must watch video for right way of worship .
New gawk, Bill Cosby Appears in Court with New Lawyer Tom Mesereau (UPDATE), has been published on Celebrity Gawk -…
Bill Cosby's new lawyers get his sex-assault retrial postponed to 2018. (Photo: AP)
Bill Cosby gets new lawyers for retrial next spring
Bill Cosby hires Michael Jackson's defence lawyer as judge sets retrial for March
Andrew Young, Bill Cosby. Barack Obama. John Lewis. . I have told you all for YEARS now about not being able to trust t…
Taylor Smith accused of radio jockey of sexual assault the same way Bill Cosby was accused no evidence no proof
A second lawyer for Bill Cosby wants to withdraw from representing him in his criminal case in Pennsylvania
Well since u went all investigator into it i cant deny it now but consideri…
Virginia will henceforth be knows as the "Commonwealth State of Bill Cosby" - ooops wait a minute
2 years ago lol no one can cover Odell 1 on 1 rn. Nobody.
He was target 4 times versus Trufant and caught 0 passes.Obj is goo…
Bill Cosby is still undergoing trial, and you just dodged the question. It's proven he did nothing illegal
You ever have jello shots Bill Cosby style??
Bill Cosby's son was killed by the Russian Mafia, and eve…
Bill Cosby has called Trump to let him know he has run out quaaludes. He is a user, not mass distributor.
Things I would not like to meet: Terrorists, rapists, Bill Cosby, and last but not least, meat.
When prominent Black speakers like Stephen A Smith and Bill Cosby (befor…
On another note, I just went to the corner store and the paper was in there talkin bout he knows Bill Cosby 🤔
Is that what bill cosby used to rape people?
Yes unfortunately and the worst is yet to come The Ford Bronco will pick him up and he's meeting with Bil…
Exactly. The most accurate kicker in college history...surely he has the talent. Hopefully a fresh…
Bill Cosby smells like baby formula and depend diapers, and is approximately .2 seconds away from death. c…
Bill Cosby loses another defense lawyer as his second trial looms. Bill Cosby, his lawyers Brian McMonagle and…
Another Bill Cosby lawyer wants out of sexual assault case before retrial
2nd defense attorney wants off Bill Cosby's sex assault case before retrial
Dont worry we'll see u in the playoffs so Odell can drop a hundo on Desmond *** lol
Bill Cosby loses another defense lawyer looking for new second trial looms
But they call Bill Cosby a rapist. Cosby is black. Clinton white. Get it?
Bill Cosby took over Ironman this week.
I highly doubt that considering he had 7 rec for 146 lol
"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.". - Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby was accused of rape and harassment by a women.When trail started, 58 more came up with incidents from 30 years ago
Bill Cosby is a serial rapist. He's sexist & has always had misogynistic views. Also victim blamed rape victims in the pa…
Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby's assault trial from convicting the comedian, report says….
A second lawyer who defended Bill Cosby in his sex assault trial wants off the case before the start of his retrial.
Except he had 0 catches for 0 yards when he lined up vs trufant that game. Lmao
Your point ? Same thing woulda happened if he lined up on Trufant lol
If it's a black hero like Bill Cosby there is prosecution but a white man like Roman Polanski? Shame shame
2nd defense attorney wants off Bill Cosby’s sex assault case
Tf? When he played 1 on 1 vs odell in 2015 he completely shut him down. He wasn't even thrown at the whole game.
Rookie yr but doesnt matter cuz he cant cover Odell or BMarsh. I'll give him a slim chance v Shep
Scott Lively says the assault allegations against Bill Cosby are "directly related" to violence in Charlottesville
watching evan almighty and Morgan freeman showed up and all I can think is when Friday when Chiara asked if it was Bill Cosby in Shaw shank
Campbell did not Jackson play with young boys - do u support pedophiles -- u gonna have a Bill Cosby day next ?
Dude just compared Barry Bonds to Bill Cosby's sexual assault victims. That'll do it for me on the evening.
If a McElroy turns out to be a creep I honestly don’t know what I’ll do. Bill Cosby, Nick Robinson; I’m running out of sources of joy. 💔
That's so much funnier than Bill Cosby or Tiger Woods.
Brian McMonagle, Cosby's lead defense attorney, has asked a judge for permission to withdraw from the Andrea...
Ask 'em to slip some Benadryl in your whiskey & ye'll sleep like a baby. Bill Cosby endorses it so it m…
Cosby’s Head Lawyer Asks to Quit Ahead of Retrial -
I didn't know Bill Cosby made a drink
But we are paying attention. So roll over & act like you are asleep cause Bill Cosby is looking for you.
I'm trapped in an alternate reality where Donald Trump is president, Bill Cosby is a rapist and Jim Morris…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
DA won’t charge Bill Cosby accuser in alleged drug case
Oh okay. It just doesn't look done by that picture. Unless that picture isn't recent.
DA won't charge Bill Cosby accuser Chloe Goins in alleged drug case
The roof is done, just it's had some problems opening.
Asking Ray Lewis for PR advice is like hiring Bill Cosby to bartend at your wedding.
Mmmm I need to fire up Gaiden again, I got stuck at the giant floating Bill Cosby head
Imagine you being so woke that you don't know bill Cosby was a *** 😂😂😂
If Bill Cosby joined PTI no woman would be able to file a suit against him unless it was the very same day as the harass…
Explode if you go too deep from the pressure.
Fr, and anyone who picks breathing in the sea is retarded. That doesn't stop your *** from getting…
Time travel is killing two birds with one stone tbh, can get all that money by going back and seein…
Bill Cosby’s defense attorney wants off the sex assault case before retrial.
At least he was kind enough to ask first instead of going all Bill Cosby on you.
Bill Cosby Arrested for Slipping a Mickey to a Girl in a Minnie.
Bill Cosby's defense lawyer quits, won't be at second trial
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Bill Cosby's reportedly wants out ahead of retrial
High School: Bill Cosby. College: Bill Cosby. I don't like this game anymore.
Bill Cosby's defence lawyer wants to be taken off the case before November retrial
Someone had the complexion for the protection-- Bill Cosby accuser arrested on drug charge will not face prosecution http…
One of Bill Cosby's defense attorneys asks to withdraw from sex assault case
Sounds like Bill Cosby is upping his game, and is now slipping women Chevy Volts.
"Fish stink from the head down". Bannon self fellates. Mimics Trump. Quotes Bill Cosby. Finally an intellectual in the W.H.
It's just a custom model for Bill Cosby, calm down.
Should we ever quote Bill Cosby again??
is probably next on AKA Chloe Gains Coins hit list ! wait for it ! he made…
Do you wanna predict is gonna blame a black guy Jammin'J for heroin
Tiffany Haddish would like to clear the air on her bad Bill Cosby joke: "Sometimes you are going to make bad jokes."
Tiffany Haddish clarifies her controversial Bill Cosby comment
Tiffany Haddish claims she was joking about Bill Cosby comments
Tell Bill Cosby. He keeps telling himself this too!
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Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, and OJ walk into a bar. Bartender says, how am I the only one spending time behind bars?
. Quoting Paterno is pretty stupid . Who's next , Lance Armstrong on competition or Bill Cosby on family values ?
supporting agenda is up there w/Lance Armstrong, OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, Oscar Pistorius, & MLB steroids
Eddie Murphy in “Raw” talking about Bill Cosby criticizing him for not being family-friendly is ridiculously ironic these days.
Didn't Whoopi Goldberg also defend Bill Cosby after his rape allegations..
Lol Philadelphia will always have Bill Cosby, Meek and Will Smith to hang they hats on ! Right fella…
Bill Cosby had the flyest Howard sweatshirts on in the Cosby Show
R Kelly, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski all loaded up into a secluded cabin in Mordor and no visitors ever
I'm so proud of Diana Moskovitz for making this list. Diana reported on NO MORE, Jameis Winston, and Bill Cosby...
Cliff Huxtable is NOT Bill Cosby and R. Kelly is NOT your uncle...move tf on with these lame excuses!
OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby are perfect examples of role models for young black men.
Yeah I was being raped by Simon, but I woke up and it turned out to just be Bill Cosby
Yeah I ain't wanna go there. They don't know about all that😂 Jasmine Sullivan, Bill Cosby, Lira Galore, Dion Waiters too
After defending O'Reilly, what will Trump do next for Sexual Assault Awareness Month? Give Bill Cosby the Presidential Med…
about Bill Cosby,really knocked me out.
The media love to try and bring down successful black men , I mean look at R Kelly, Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson all not…
Ladies, who u feel more comfortable in a room with O.J Simpson or Bill Cosby ??
Or Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder or Helen Keller or Bill Cosby or Aaron Hernandez or OJ Simpso…
Then again, most of those folks think O.J. Simpson and Bill Cosby are innocent.
Bill Cosby & OJ Simpson planning tour to warn young people about sexual assault & murder allegations. 😝.
You can be perceived as a role model and a deviant...Bill Cosby, OJ Simpson
Bill Cosby is een Julien Blanc avant la lettre.
Is Chris Brown, OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby an example of why you shouldn't date black men!
OJ Simpson, Calvin Brodus, Bill Cosby and almost all the white police
Dont knw its name it was a Bill Cosby Show with kids amazing show
Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Cosby is the Steph curry of rape😂.
Our government is Bill Cosby. Our Media is the Cosby Show. And we, the people, are the ones getting drugged and raped…
Bill Cosby starred in the Cosby Show, but the family's last name on the show was Huxtable.
"Bill Cosby is the Steph Curry of rapes" - David Chappelle
I liked a video Bill Cosby's Mistrial and the Fame-to-Blame Ratio - The Jim Jefferies Show
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It really pisses me off that Bill Cosby ruined my ability to watch reruns of The Cosby Show. Now it makes me feel dirty.
Homer Simpson and Bill Cosby having an argument
I respect Boyce's message as far as entrepreneurship goes, but his opinions on pop culture are flawe…
Tyga is stupid and A$AP is an all lives matter headass who says Bill Cosby is innocent, God knows they werent go…
Bill Cosby is a black revolutionary because he told black men to pull their pants up and told us to stop n…
Y'all done turned JAY Z into the pull your pants up Bill Cosby guy. Relax guys.
One time I did a project on Bill Cosby for class and everyone was hyped until they heard actual quotes from him.
He has Bill Cosby, a known and admitted rapist, as a Black revolutionary. The same Cosby who preaches respectability politics..,
Bill Cosby said the reason black men are murdered is because sagging pants and their mothers being *** But yeah praise him.
still makes me sick that bill cosby admitted it and STILL got off... off topic but it totally pisses me off
Throwback: One of Cosby's false rape accusers was a criminal with a history of fraud.
Wouldn't have happened if bill Cosby got the chance to buy NBC
Neither Umar Johnson or Bill Cosby are revolutionaries. One is a scam artist, another is a serial rapist.
"Bill Cosby is a black revolutionary and black people are tearing him down!". *** he's an unapologetic rapist.
Bill Cosby is an admitted rapist. Umar Johnson, st best, is a well spoken anti-LGBT 'advocate' with a s…
Bill Cosby busts/murals were removed in no time. Good. In 200+ yrs white America can't confront, or even just SAY, "Jeffers…
It is and always has been possible to admire Clif and hate Bill Cosby.
I liked a video Bill Cosby to Teach Others How to Avoid Sexual Charges?! ft. Peter Sudarso &
how did Bill Cosby sneak onto the black revolutionary list? 🤔
I will refrain from a Bill Cosby rendition, because decency. But scuminess aside, that was probably some of his best work.
"Chocolate Cake for breakfast" was one of Bill Cosby's funniest bits. Now I can never have chocolate cake for breakfast.
To give a rather recent example, you can argue that authorities were only willing to go after Bill Cosby because he is black and they...
Bill "Quaaludes" Cosby was just dubbed a "revolutionary". yeah. Nah. Y'all need to not speak on Black Liberation ever again.
Lmfao y’all really putting Umar and Bill Cosby on the same pedestal as MLK, Malcolm X, etc. are y’all okay?
How do you think Bill Cosby will be Remember
His name is Jermaine Shoemaker, he said he didn't renew his PhD. He's a fraud. Bill Cosby is AT BEST a serial adult…
Umar Johnson is a fraud. •Bill Cosby admitted it. •Nate Parker alluded to his guilt in a BET interview. •OJ wrote a b…
Because Reid is playing Bill Cosby in his next project!
"Al Sharpton in mirror taking selfies. How are him and Bill Cosby supposed to help me?" Jay-Z "Family Feud"
*more than 50 women accused Bill Cosby of rape*. Y'all: Nah. Bill Cosby: I didn't do it. Jury: You'…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Bill Cosby's "How to Get Away with Rape Tour": A guide to frat life and sports teams.
*** The cop who we SAW murder Philando Castile gets off and Bill Cosby, who drugged and raped for years, does too.
2017. I was told by Fredrick Douglas to deliver this FU to Bill Cosby an-nem.
Bill Cosby reportedly wants to go on a Town Hall tour to restore his image
Bill Cosby is kind of a *** Maybe him owning NBC was not a good idea after all
It's better to be like Patrick Swayze, Michael Keaton, or Bruce Willis instead of Bill Cosby.
Op-ed: has no sympathy for Bill Cosby as he plans his lecture tour
Chris Brown needs to fix his life. It's dilapidated. I didn't want to mention him because Bill Cosby blocked me
Advocacy groups slam 'outrageous' tour on law
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