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Bill Cosby

William Henry Bill Cosby, Jr. (born July 12, 1937) is an American comedian, actor, author, television producer, educator, musician and activist.

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In my high school yearbook I answered “who are your comedy heroes?” with Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, and Casey Affleck. Boy do I feel stupid.
Bill Cosby and Lolita Express Jeff Epstein bought & renovated homes together in 1989
Man concocts hilarious revenge plot for woman who says Bill Cosby trial
PA law generally restricts bringing in other accusers, so this is a typical ruling, but helpful to Cosby's defense…
Judge: 1 additional accuser can testify at Bill Cosby trial
Bill Cosby's on trial, J.C. Penney is closing & Donald Trump's president. The 80s didn't turn out at all like we expected
A win for former comedian Bill Cosby. Judge: Only 1 Cosby accuser can testify at sex assault trial via
Second woman allowed to testify against Bill Cosby
Only 1 of 13 additional Bill Cosby accusers can testify at sexual assault trial, judge says
Court lets only one additional alleged victim to testify in Bill Cosby sex-assault case
Judge says just one other accuser can testify at Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial; DA had wanted to call 13 women. https…
Only one additional accuser in trial!
ICYMI earlier — A judge denied 12 witnesses from testifying against Bill Cosby. That's good news for the defense:
The case against Bill Cosby just encountered a major setback:
A judge is allowing one more accuser to testify at Bill Cosby‘s sexual assault trial
Judge orders only one additional accuser will be allowed to testify in Bill Cosby criminal sexual assault trial
Bill Cosby scores big pre-trial win in sex-crime case: No parade of accusers via
A judge will let another accuser testify in the Bill Cosby sex trial
So only you're allowed to treat women like objects to be used for pleasure? Gonna have Bill Cosby assemble a task force?
I dont know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody-Bill Cosby
Cosby trial: Judge allows second accuser to testify
The latest from in Bill alleged sex assault case:
Judge rules only one other accuser who says Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her can testify at his trial
. Here's a list of celebrities who havd come out in support of milo:. 1. Michael Jackson. 2. Bill Cosby. 3. R. Kelly. 4. Woody Allen
Ima just make a few guesses right now if it comes true I'm psychic. . Queen Elizabeth . Bill Cosby . Betty White
should add Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson and R Kelly to diversify the group ..
I trust cocktails with Bill Cosby & night fishing with Scott Peterson more than I trust your administration.
"Years later, she would care very very much whenever Bill Cosby comes anywhere." -
"I oon'tgznow toe key to success, cuw the key to fa:lure isn.o try to please everybody." Bill Cosby
the days of R over & Bill Cosby is serial sexual predator. a drama like has NEVER been on TV & it's about time.
I swear once 12 hit they act like bill Cosby put some in they drink at night
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When ppl ask me how I got the nickname "FiFi" from Tiffany, when Mariah is "MiMi" and William Cosby is "Bill" and R…
But who looks like bill cosby. ..old man
Two phrases I really didn't see coming: Bill Cosby, serial rapist, and Donald Trump, President of the United States. Sad.
Federal judge in Massachusetts rejected defamation case against Bill Cosby,known for "The Cosby Show" by an actress who c…
Massachusetts judge tosses out defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby
I have the same Myers-Briggs as Bill Cosby (ENFP-T). Can I interest you in some Quaaludes?
Defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby dismissed video
Judge tosses out woman's suit charging Bill Cosby raped her in Detroit - Detroit Free Press
I loved a VHS I had of Bill Cosby's stand up as a kid. I feel so uncomfortable about it now.
Things I trust more than Jake Tapper: Mexican Tap Water, Wild Bill from Silence of the Lambs, Bill…
Judge throws out defamation lawsuit against Bill cosby
Civil defamation suit against Bill Cosby thrown out
Federal judge dismisses defamation suit against Bill Cosby, although he still faces criminal charges in Pennsylvania
Bill Cosby beat that civil suit? . During the Thinkpiece Era it would've caused the timeline to be Thai spicy.
I'm not afraid to block you like bill Cosby and Bob Saget did
What if Bill Cosby apear on Comedians In Cars Geting Cofee. They have to change title of show to Jery Seinfeld Driving Ar…
From the way I'm seeing it, if all those women retract their allegations against Bill Cosby, some of u will still say he's guilty.
A federal judge in Massachusetts has dismissed a defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby
Judge tosses out defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby …
Defamation case against Bill Cosby dismissed via
Judge tosses out defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby
idolize Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby. What I'm saying is don't have role models, kids.
So in today 1) Captain America about to get a boyfriend and their mad. 2) Bill Cosby on trial and their ma…
Corey Holcomb the funniest comedian right now, son will make that George Lopez video look like a Bill Cosby video
When you're at a stand up (Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Original Kings of Comedy, Eddie Murphy etc.), being politically corr…
Melody brother my *** and I don't even know him. Dude been funny since that Bill Cosby video
I added a video to a playlist Bill Cosby | Beverly Johnson is a Liar and Has a Washed Up Career
I said is the king of R&B and this nut is disputing his & bill Cosby criminal case. You're too pressed sis lol 😭😭😭
he done turned the opposite way in bed... I'm bout to Bill Cosby his *** in a minute.. not bout to play with him tonight.
Bill Cosby is probably a huge Trump supporter considering that a different sexual predator is now dominating the press.
Hamilton Collection
Bill Cosby show can't even play on tv anymore and he got stripped of many awards for those same accusations. just like RKelly he admitted
Well why did those same accusations cost Bill Cosby everything and he got discredited?
I feel like Bill Cosby.. pourin in the pudding.
I don't explain anything, but thanks! That's not a photo of Bill Cosby.. Right?
would be to have Bill Cosby party with the ladies of the .
is becoming the Bill Cosby of countries. At first I was I was hopeful but things are getting unforgivably ugly.
True now and forever more. Tell it like it is bill Cosby
*takes off gas mask to reveal bill cosby* Oh! I'm going, zip zop zoobity bop!
Should have him doing a Bill Cosby impression instead?.
so you can bash Trump every night, but not one joke about your buddy Bill Cosby?
The iconic mural outside of Ben's Chili Bowl is gone! Clean slate. It featured Bill Cosby and Godfather of go…
The mural on the side of that featured Obama & Bill Cosby has been removed. Suggest it's replacement: http…
I hope Bill Cosby block you for this
Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. -Bill Cosby.
Ben's Chili Bowl has wiped its mural of both Barack Obama and Bill Cosby, calling for a "new year, new mural."
D.C. eatery paints over mural featuring Bill Cosby, Obama via the App
Donald Trump naming his inauguration day "National Day of Patriotic Devotion" is like Bill Cosby naming his birthday "…
The comedians I liked were Bill Cosby and Steven Wright, like jus...
Does Whoopie Goldberg still think Bill Cosby is innocent?
When you realize you were following Bill Cosby and didn't know it! Fastest unfollow ever!
Bill Cosby will forever be roasted by memes lmao
I kind of want to make a Bill Cosby reference to this... too soon?
I feel like people who laugh about how they're "going to *** forget that Bill Cosby is gonna be there too...
Bloodhound Gang knew Bill Cosby drugged woman like 20 years before.
When I was a kid I went and saw Bill Cosby with my dad, and I remem...
the proof is in how the first response to media attacking rapists like Bill Cosby & Nate Parker among others is to defen…
Bill Cosby is the OJ of our generation. How does that make you feel?
he's a big fan of Bill Cosby. Can you bring Leonard Part 6?
"It gets boring just looking/ Did like Bill Cosby, pouring in the pudding". Cam'ron was truly ahead of his time
Prosecutors will use 13 women to try and show Bill Cosby had a pattern
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What do you trust more than trump? Bill Cosby serving me a drink. Joe Paterno with a 10 year old boy.
. You're not suggesting that Bill Cosby is invited too, are you?
This Hendricks character is a combination of Bill Cosby &the Puppet that shall remain nameless. Both are disgusting
Bad idea: Having Bill Cosby make your mixed drink. Worst idea: Closing Indian Point
Inviting Bill Cosby on stage at the Inagural Ball for "Hot or Not?" with the waitstaff. That'll show the haters and loosers.
The past is a ghost, the future a dream and all we ever have is now. – Bill Cosby. . ♨
Kept hearing that Ellen was tied for most People's Choice Awards, but no one said who she tied with. Looked it up. Oh. It was Bill Cosby. 😬
Bill Cosby is going to die this year
but i wish she dsnt wanna go into a Trumps locker room or for a quick drink with Bill Cosby :(
I'm guessing Bill Cosby is his Dad Figure too !
Reminder: Bill Cosby has more knowledge of education policy than Betsy DeVos (he has a PhD).
Bill Cosby. This man told black people that racism doesn't exist any more. That we need to pull up our pants and be more…
"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure" -Bill Cosby
Funny how people were so quick to accept the sexual assault accusations against Bill Cosby but not 🤔
Bill Cosby right before he finishes making the drinks
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
You still think bill Cosby was buying a network for him to be slipping yes its yo ***
Opra it must be hard to watch Harvey step into a crap pile,white America's *** AKA Bill Cosby get used for photo opt by trump
When is ever going to cover Bill Cosby?
I said the bill cosby memes are not funny...that was the point...but of course make excuses and beat around the bush of the initial point
That's what bill Cosby did and that's what your saying was okay 🤔 make it make sense
no im sayin they was partyin in hollywood wit bill cosby . Bill forcing them huh???
. Then you had Bill Cosby who went at Eddie through the 80s. AA Comedy tree has two huge branches, man.
Bill Cosby should make his triumphant return as a spokesperson for ZzzQuil
This is their 2nd Bill Cosby "ripped from the headlines" b.s. Get your own material. I miss that.
Remember y'all said Bill Cosby a rapist & anyone who wants evidence is a rapist, then to this date he's hasn't been found g…
(Come back to my moms from my dads). Mom: I made you guys a special drink!. Sister: Sounds like something Bill Cosby would've said. . 😂
it really is my most reliably contrarian stance, which used to be my hatred of The Cosby Show (looong before Bill was exposed 😂)
The character is a mix of Bill Cosby and the Orange One, *pretends to be shocked*
Stop creating these Bill Cosby memes regarding him slipping pills in women's drinks.
Rep. Lewis owes Republicans a thank you like women owe Bill Cosby an advocacy award.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I think a lot of modern white dudes imagine MLK as Bill Cosby circa 1984, only less funny
Probably a fatter, white version of Bill Cosby.
I remember when Jill Scott had to backtrack on her support of Bill Cosby because the same feminist/LGBT cabal attacked her.
I'll be glad when Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, Stephen Collins and all other rapists/pedophiles burn right next to Eddie Long & David Bowie
Tim Minchin (THE best), Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Stephen Wright. So I guess more than three.
Bill Cosby was right about the advice he gave to Keenan Thompson.
Since today's about ersatz PhD theses, let's recall that once upon a time Bill Cosby got into trouble for one, too.
This year its going to be Bill Cosby, Bob Barker, Hugh Hefner, clint eastwood and at least one member each of...
Siri. How many women did Bill Cosby rape on the set of 'Ghost Dad'?
Here's the front page Bill Cosby's lawyers are citing to try and change his trial venue
Flipping channels & caught a Johnny Carson clip. "If you got an ugly sweater send it to NBC & Bill Cosby will wear it on his show"
2016-y'all could have taken Woody Allen, Donald Trump, Mel Gibson or Bill Cosby and you choose to threaten us with the life of Carrie Fisher
George Carl with his version of Bill Cosby's pound cake speech smh
I'm sleepier than a sloth drinking warm milk served by Bill Cosby at a Dom Kennedy concert
Bill Cosby posing in front of Mister Kelly's with the "Mayor of Rush St" and Mister Kelly's owner George Marienthal…
Topic - Bill Cosby. "Of course, you know we're in the same business. . COMEDY". Jim Jefferies cc
I've had dudes purposefully bring up Bill Cosby or Brock Turner in unrelated conversations just to prove they're on the "right" side.
"I hear Bing Crosby, but I see Bill Cosby" on Baby It's Cold Outside
David Bowie and Bing Crosby, or as Aaron calls them, Davey Bowie and Bill Cosby
I mentioned Bill Cosby as well. I mentioned Kodak. I mentioned Brock Turner. The topic was about RAPE
Toby Turner, Micheal Jackson, Brian Banks, Bill Cosby, Duke Lacross team, Jesse Friedman, but it's kinda worse for non-celebs
He also thought Bing Crosby and Bill Cosby were the same person
Bing Crosby is too busy administer roofie to young victim of moles… Oh sorry, that is Bill Cosby. Never mind.
I thought it was Bill Cosby singing all of these Christmas songs but I guess it's a different guy & his name is Bing Crosby...oh
"If you could sing like one person, who would it be?". "Bill Cosby.". "...Do you mean Bing Crosby?". "Yes..."
I should have given up at "BILL COSBY INNOCENT". why did I remain hopeful after that
my first flip-top record player came with Carpenter's Greatest Hits, Bill Cosby A Very Funny Fellow and Led Zep IV
Bill Cosby deserves an apology from the entire nation
Is Bill Cosby a pathological abuser or a target of opportunists? Lawyers battle
good point. Article does reference Nate Parker’s 1999 rape acquittal, and Bill Cosby has been held (somewhat) accountable.
Bill Cosby showed 'lifetime of sexual assault,' DA says
Bill Cosby smiles and quips 'don't Tase me bro' during rape trial
Bill Cosby’s lawyer is about to go through a PowerPoint presentation of every one of his 13 accusers and aim to debunk their account.
Prosecution wants Bill Cosby accusers to testify: via
Despite how you feel about Bill Cosby accusations, The Cosby Show is one of the most iconic images of the African Am…
In the 2nd day of a pretrial hearing for Bill Cosby, the prosecution is arguing to let 13 of his accusers testify:.
Cosby prosecutor: 'Lifetime of sexual assault' - Thirteen women who have made accusations against Bill Cosby sh...
Santa knows when you're sleeping and he knows when you're awake. Same with Bill Cosby.
Bill Cosby has shown a lifetime of sexual assault, says prosecutor
Defense: 'Bandwagon' of Cosby accusers want to pursue claims
Being lectured by Hillary Clinton about fake news is like being lectured by Bill Cosby about not raping women.
"Bill Cosby is a Rapist and Bruce Jenner is a Chick...we're in an episode of LOST." - "Triggered" -
Bill Cosby has shown a 'lifetime' of sexual assault, prosecutor argues
Why is Bill Cosby still in the TU HOF, has a scholarship, HONORary degree and still giving commencement in 2014? 51 vics
Y'know, I probably shouldn't poke fun of you --- When I was a kid, I used to get Bill Cosby and Bing Crosby confused. o_O;
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Remember when was moral support for Kirk Cameron when he accused Bill Cosby of Rape🤔 .
You know I'm the Bill Cosby of my line lol so these young pups don't know bout dat lol
I think of Bill Cosby instead of Bing Crosby when I hear 'Baby it's cold outside'?
If Women's Sexual Safety & Integrity was a US Cabinet post we know wld have Bill Cosby salivating up Trump Tower for it
Bill Cosby reportedly seeking plea deal to avoid trial in sexual assault case.
I interviewed creator Carl Reiner at Kennedy Center when Bill Cosby got Mark Twain Prize
[SilverBells playing on TV]. Austin (12y son): Bing Crosby? I thought it was Bill Crosby!. Me: You're thinking of Bill Cosby, dude.
Stuff Nathan says " Wait there's a difference between Bing Crosby and Bill Cosby? I thought he was in jail"
Declaring my mistaken admiration for Bill Cosby instead of Bing Crosby proved more detrimental than expected. Classic mix up 😅
I’m watching Holiday Inn, as recommended by earlier this week. I may now stop mixing up Bing Crosby and Bill Cosby.
Doug Crosby is almost worse than Bill Cosby. But not that bad.
Listen, it's perfectly reasonable for a 12-year old to get Bing Crosby and Bill Cosby mixed up. (This wasn't me, it was a hypothetical 12-y
Temple should gift Bill Cosby to Baylor with Matt Rhule?! Give em the good with the bad. Cosby fits the character of Baylor better, anyways.
Prosecutors can use Bill Cosby's 2006 deposition in sexual-assault trial
Nothing I've ever done has given me more joys and rewards than being a father to my children. Bill Cosby Edge Consultants
Website Builder 728x90
We all just got a new reason to hate Bill Cosby on an all-new
Bill Cosby’s damning testimony will be allowed in his sexual-assault trial
The Bill Cosby scandal has died down.because the media is no longer forcing it down our throats
Prosecutors can use Bill Cosby's deposition from Canadian sex assault accuser's suit
When you hit her with that Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby deposition admitting giving women drugs can be used in court:
Judge deals a blow to Bill Cosby ahead of sex assault trial
Damning confession that Bill Cosby gave girls drugs before sex will be heard in trial, judge rules via
Bill Cosby's stunning deposition can be used at trial, judge rules
Prosecutors can use Bill Cosby drugs and alcohol evidence in sex assault trial
Bill Cosby's Deposition Can Be Used at Trial, Judge Says - Damaging testimony that Bill Cosby gave in an accuse...
At least once a week I stop and think about how mad I am at Bill Cosby.
Judge rules that Bill Cosby’s incriminating, decade-old deposition can be used against him
Why is Coolee arguing with that transgender *** Son look like a sharp chin Bill Cosby wearing lipstick.
Bill Cosby's lawyers have failed to get his admission of drug use excluded as evidence in his upcoming sexual...
Bill Cosby is set to go to trial in June 2017 on sexual assault charges.
You know the only people who are always sure about the proper way to raise children? Those who've never had any. Bill Cosby
Lawyer: Mr. Cosby, will you tell the court what you said that night?. Bill: *lips on mic* Baby, it's cold outside. *audibl…
Bill Cosby’s deposition on sex, drugs OK for criminal case, judge says
Bill Cosby buying drinks for Martin Shkreli and setting him up with Charlie Sheen
Looking back now, Bernie Madoff, Bill Cosby, or David Dukes could . have easily been elected President.
All the kids are wearing Tommy Hill, Carhart and Bill Cosby jumpers at this gig - free market research right there for ya.
This can only be answered case by case. For Casey Affleck I think so, for Chris Brown not so much and Bill Cosby *** no.
Feminista Jones and 'crunk feminist' Brittney Cooper on Bill Cosby and hip-hop misogyny
All these folks making excuses for Kanye West like he didn't side with Bill Cosby and demean Amber Rose w/ that 30 showers…
I added a video to a playlist Is this Rape? Nate Parker, Bill Cosby, R.Kelly, Kobe Bryant
caller today didn't mention best part of South Park: Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby's Gentlemen's Club.
I would drink at Bill Cosby's bar with Flint Michigan ice cubes & take an elevator ride with Ray Rice before I vote for Donald Trump
Bill Cosby is a famous black guy who has a bully pulpit the size o...
They aren't hideous...they're a cross between cute, ugly, and Bill Cosby (his sweaters, not his behavior).
you are disgusted by Carlos Danger but you're going to worship James Franco in his new movie because hes lovable on screen like Bill Cosby
Chapman out here thanking everybody that gets a hit for saving his butt
Cosby hearing adjourned with no hearings Come on Bill be a man. A real man.
Bill Cosby lawyer: "My client is not a meme. He's a human being" -
Bill Cosby wins in Pennsylvania court; defamation lawsuit dismissed
Just pointing out my questionnaire reveals that people would rather be trapped in a lift with Charles Manson over D…
Cubs/Indians WS. Trump running for office. Bill Cosby is a rapist. Bruce Jenner a woman. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to The Twilight Zone
Bill Cosby better avoid this. Destroys his whole defense. We should do as dems would. Pay for his surgery out of pitty🙂.
I found this 'UPDATE: Bill Cosby is blind an...' in the RedFlag ⚑ App
going to a bar with Bill Cosby as a bartender
bill Cosby got a criminal suit, why are they pursuing a civil suit not criminal?
really not one or two victims 12 Bill Cosby like dont be delusional hes a sexual predator
Bill Cosby's eyesight is too poor to identify accusers, defense lawyers say
Bill Cosby too blind to defend himself, lawyers say via
Bill Cosby is too blind to defend himself, defence argues: The comedian's eyesight has deteriorated to where he…
Bill Cosby says he’s too blind to recognize his accusers
Bill Cosby is ‘legally blind,’ can no longer defend himself, say lawyers via
Louie "Bill Cosby waiting to happen" CK's endorsement of Hillary Clinton is just as sexist and tone deaf as I would have expected.
Bill Cosby sexual assault defense: Challenging the memory of witnesses?
Bill Cosby and my little chains want the chicagocubss to win! @ Texarkana Regional Airport
The defense is trying to get a sex abuse case against the comedian tossed.
The last time the Cubs won the world series Bill Cosby. actually I'm not gonna do this one
USA: Bill Cosby arrives in court for day II of sexual assault case pre-trial
UPDATE: Bill Cosby is blind and now can't receive a fair trial, his attorney tells court...
Prosecutor says Bill Cosby's lawyers are trying to intimidate 13 women who want to testify against him
*trying to prove to my roommate that a guy isn't so bad*. Me: "Yeah but he is so funny". "so is Bill Cosby and he…
On Friday with a *** in you knee and a bill Cosby sweater on a mouse with big ears like a cantaloupe
Cosby hearing adjourned with no hearings
i'm sorry but this whole bill Cosby thing is just too sad all things people are taking away from him,
Bill Cosby's lawyers say comedian is too blind to defend himself
The reckoning of Bill Cosby: A comprehensive timeline
Bill Cosby's lawyers say he's too blind to defend himself
I added a video to a playlist Damon Wayans Jr. Weighs in on Bill Cosby, Donald Trump and His New TV
2 decades later, Josuke's distruct of Bill Cosby would be vindicated in a truly demoralizing way
Bill Cosby made the fatal error of telling people to take responsibility for their lives.
Though, at the same time, I don't think Bill Cosby ever officially confessed either. And he was definitely guilty.
But if somebody wanna invite me to some bs party ill gladly come if ain't t too much a bill Cosby costume
I loved Bill Cosby, but when you have so many coming forward and he's said it over and over.
ha, funny, you ever heard of this guy Bill Cosby?
‘How’s this different from Bill Cosby?’: Past of Bill Clinton discussed in Podesta emails https:…
Sexual predator Bill Cosby claims to be blind as a can expect to see Bill C with a seeing eye dog & dark glasses.
Bill Cosby is legally blind, according to defense attorneys
Clinton camp worried about Clinton-Cosby Comparisons: “How is what Bill Clinton did different from what Bill Cosby did?”.
Bill Cosby’s attorneys say he is legally blind and has officially registered with a state commission for the blind.
Trump is not fit for public office. He should be investigated for sex crimes like Bill Cosby. Stars are not above the law.
'How's this different from Bill Cosby?': Past of Hillary's husband discussed in Podesta emails —…
I liked a video from Bill Cosby Did WHAT?! (Cards Against Humanity)
Hillary getting into office while under investigation would be akin to Bill Cosby winning an oscar
Bill Cosby says he can't identify his accusers because he's blind now
Bill Cosby doesn't need his eyesight, he needs his memory. You don't need sight to remember drugging and raping.
Bill Cosby claims he's too blind to identify accusers
Bill Cosby's legacy was destroyed over allegations of sexual abuse...but bc it's Trump it's hearsay OK! Investigate BOTH
same goes for Donald Trump aka Bill Cosby
What's the real difference between Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby? The media is starting to ask.
Bill Cosby’s lawyers say he is registered as legally blind and unable to recognize his accusers
Bill Cosby claims to be too blind to identify accusers: Bill Cosby is now declaring himself “legally blind” and…
Drinks from Bill Cosby, Ian Watkins as my babysitter, Abu Hamsa as my prostate examiner, Stvie Wonder as my pilot
"No one loves women more than me. Not Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Cosby, or even Ted Bundy!" - Donald Trump
Bill Cosby was kicked off the Harlem Globetrotters after six Washington Generals blacked out during the 4th quarter of…
The only person with more respect for women than Donald Trump is Bill Cosby.
The reckoning of Bill Cosby: A comprehensive timeline via
No way does Kevin Hart have the same level of competition Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Dice Clay…
idk if you guys noticed this but in deadpool they have Bill Cosby, Charlie Sheen, Kanye West, Vladimir Putin, Ryan…
Reportedly said: “We’re going to turn Bill Clinton into Bill Cosby,” I say, "If you have to turn him means h…
y'all completely wrote off Bill Cosby because of sexual abuse accusations but we still letting Donald Trump run for Preside…
These comparisons of Bill Cosby and need to stop. There are countless factual and legal differences b…
Bill Cosby used pills to control women.Donald Trump used his Power & Tic Tacs to take advantage of innocent women.This is WR…
It's amazing how Donald Trump is staying afloat after these allegations... Poor Bill Cosby didn't stand a chance from the jump
And some were liars. Others were not. No doubt Cosby is a pig but some jumped in solely for the $$$. Bill is right
After all is said & done, we can all hopefully take comfort knowing Donald Trump & Bill Cosby might share a jail cell
Would you vote for Bill Cosby for President?
get rid of the slogan "lock her up"- ur now the Bill Cosby of politicians
Says you and Bill Cosby ... and no one else. Bye. Bye.
Republicans thought they nominated a brash billionaire. Turns out they nominated Bill Cosby.
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