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Bill Cosby

William Henry Bill Cosby, Jr. (born July 12, 1937) is an American comedian, actor, author, television producer, educator, musician and activist.

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Andrew Young, Bill Cosby. Barack Obama. John Lewis. . I have told you all for YEARS now about not being able to trust t…
A second lawyer for Bill Cosby wants to withdraw from representing him in his criminal case in Pennsylvania
Well since u went all investigator into it i cant deny it now but consideri…
Virginia will henceforth be knows as the "Commonwealth State of Bill Cosby" - ooops wait a minute
2 years ago lol no one can cover Odell 1 on 1 rn. Nobody.
He was target 4 times versus Trufant and caught 0 passes.Obj is goo…
Bill Cosby is still undergoing trial, and you just dodged the question. It's proven he did nothing illegal
You ever have jello shots Bill Cosby style??
Bill Cosby's son was killed by the Russian Mafia, and eve…
Bill Cosby has called Trump to let him know he has run out quaaludes. He is a user, not mass distributor.
Things I would not like to meet: Terrorists, rapists, Bill Cosby, and last but not least, meat.
When prominent Black speakers like Stephen A Smith and Bill Cosby (befor…
On another note, I just went to the corner store and the paper was in there talkin bout he knows Bill Cosby 🤔
Is that what bill cosby used to rape people?
Yes unfortunately and the worst is yet to come The Ford Bronco will pick him up and he's meeting with Bil…
Exactly. The most accurate kicker in college history...surely he has the talent. Hopefully a fresh…
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Bill Cosby smells like baby formula and depend diapers, and is approximately .2 seconds away from death. c…
Bill Cosby loses another defense lawyer as his second trial looms. Bill Cosby, his lawyers Brian McMonagle and…
Another Bill Cosby lawyer wants out of sexual assault case before retrial
2nd defense attorney wants off Bill Cosby's sex assault case before retrial
Dont worry we'll see u in the playoffs so Odell can drop a hundo on Desmond *** lol
"I don't know the key to success, buh the key to famlure ys to try to please everybody."n Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby loses another defense lawyer looking for new second trial looms
But they call Bill Cosby a rapist. Cosby is black. Clinton white. Get it?
Bill Cosby took over Ironman this week.
I highly doubt that considering he had 7 rec for 146 lol
"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.". - Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby was accused of rape and harassment by a women.When trail started, 58 more came up with incidents from 30 years ago
Bill Cosby is a serial rapist. He's sexist & has always had misogynistic views. Also victim blamed rape victims in the pa…
Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby's assault trial from convicting the comedian, report says….
A second lawyer who defended Bill Cosby in his sex assault trial wants off the case before the start of his retrial.
Except he had 0 catches for 0 yards when he lined up vs trufant that game. Lmao
Your point ? Same thing woulda happened if he lined up on Trufant lol
If it's a black hero like Bill Cosby there is prosecution but a white man like Roman Polanski? Shame shame
2nd defense attorney wants off Bill Cosby’s sex assault case
Tf? When he played 1 on 1 vs odell in 2015 he completely shut him down. He wasn't even thrown at the whole game.
Rookie yr but doesnt matter cuz he cant cover Odell or BMarsh. I'll give him a slim chance v Shep
Scott Lively says the assault allegations against Bill Cosby are "directly related" to violence in Charlottesville
watching evan almighty and Morgan freeman showed up and all I can think is when Friday when Chiara asked if it was Bill Cosby in Shaw shank
Campbell did not Jackson play with young boys - do u support pedophiles -- u gonna have a Bill Cosby day next ?
Dude just compared Barry Bonds to Bill Cosby's sexual assault victims. That'll do it for me on the evening.
If a McElroy turns out to be a creep I honestly don’t know what I’ll do. Bill Cosby, Nick Robinson; I’m running out of sources of joy. 💔
That's so much funnier than Bill Cosby or Tiger Woods.
Brian McMonagle, Cosby's lead defense attorney, has asked a judge for permission to withdraw from the Andrea...
Ask 'em to slip some Benadryl in your whiskey & ye'll sleep like a baby. Bill Cosby endorses it so it m…
Cosby’s Head Lawyer Asks to Quit Ahead of Retrial -
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I didn't know Bill Cosby made a drink
But we are paying attention. So roll over & act like you are asleep cause Bill Cosby is looking for you.
I'm trapped in an alternate reality where Donald Trump is president, Bill Cosby is a rapist and Jim Morris…
DA won’t charge Bill Cosby accuser in alleged drug case
Oh okay. It just doesn't look done by that picture. Unless that picture isn't recent.
DA won't charge Bill Cosby accuser Chloe Goins in alleged drug case
The roof is done, just it's had some problems opening.
Asking Ray Lewis for PR advice is like hiring Bill Cosby to bartend at your wedding.
Mmmm I need to fire up Gaiden again, I got stuck at the giant floating Bill Cosby head
Imagine you being so woke that you don't know bill Cosby was a *** 😂😂😂
If Bill Cosby joined PTI no woman would be able to file a suit against him unless it was the very same day as the harass…
Explode if you go too deep from the pressure.
Fr, and anyone who picks breathing in the sea is retarded. That doesn't stop your *** from getting…
Time travel is killing two birds with one stone tbh, can get all that money by going back and seein…
Bill Cosby’s defense attorney wants off the sex assault case before retrial.
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At least he was kind enough to ask first instead of going all Bill Cosby on you.
Bill Cosby Arrested for Slipping a Mickey to a Girl in a Minnie.
Bill Cosby's defense lawyer quits, won't be at second trial
Bill Cosby's reportedly wants out ahead of retrial
High School: Bill Cosby. College: Bill Cosby. I don't like this game anymore.
Bill Cosby's defence lawyer wants to be taken off the case before November retrial
Someone had the complexion for the protection-- Bill Cosby accuser arrested on drug charge will not face prosecution http…
One of Bill Cosby's defense attorneys asks to withdraw from sex assault case
Sounds like Bill Cosby is upping his game, and is now slipping women Chevy Volts.
"Fish stink from the head down". Bannon self fellates. Mimics Trump. Quotes Bill Cosby. Finally an intellectual in the W.H.
It's just a custom model for Bill Cosby, calm down.
Should we ever quote Bill Cosby again??
I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone. Bill Cosby
is probably next on AKA Chloe Gains Coins hit list ! wait for it ! he made…
Do you wanna predict is gonna blame a black guy Jammin'J for heroin
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Tiffany Haddish would like to clear the air on her bad Bill Cosby joke: "Sometimes you are going to make bad jokes."
Tiffany Haddish clarifies her controversial Bill Cosby comment
Tiffany Haddish claims she was joking about Bill Cosby comments
Tell Bill Cosby. He keeps telling himself this too!
Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, and OJ walk into a bar. Bartender says, how am I the only one spending time behind bars?
. Quoting Paterno is pretty stupid . Who's next , Lance Armstrong on competition or Bill Cosby on family values ?
supporting agenda is up there w/Lance Armstrong, OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, Oscar Pistorius, & MLB steroids
Eddie Murphy in “Raw” talking about Bill Cosby criticizing him for not being family-friendly is ridiculously ironic these days.
Didn't Whoopi Goldberg also defend Bill Cosby after his rape allegations..
Lol Philadelphia will always have Bill Cosby, Meek and Will Smith to hang they hats on ! Right fella…
Bill Cosby had the flyest Howard sweatshirts on in the Cosby Show
R Kelly, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski all loaded up into a secluded cabin in Mordor and no visitors ever
I'm so proud of Diana Moskovitz for making this list. Diana reported on NO MORE, Jameis Winston, and Bill Cosby...
Cliff Huxtable is NOT Bill Cosby and R. Kelly is NOT your uncle...move tf on with these lame excuses!
OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby are perfect examples of role models for young black men.
Yeah I was being raped by Simon, but I woke up and it turned out to just be Bill Cosby
Yeah I ain't wanna go there. They don't know about all that😂 Jasmine Sullivan, Bill Cosby, Lira Galore, Dion Waiters too
After defending O'Reilly, what will Trump do next for Sexual Assault Awareness Month? Give Bill Cosby the Presidential Med…
about Bill Cosby,really knocked me out.
The media love to try and bring down successful black men , I mean look at R Kelly, Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson all not…
Ladies, who u feel more comfortable in a room with O.J Simpson or Bill Cosby ??
Or Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder or Helen Keller or Bill Cosby or Aaron Hernandez or OJ Simpso…
Then again, most of those folks think O.J. Simpson and Bill Cosby are innocent.
Bill Cosby & OJ Simpson planning tour to warn young people about sexual assault & murder allegations. 😝.
You can be perceived as a role model and a deviant...Bill Cosby, OJ Simpson
Bill Cosby is een Julien Blanc avant la lettre.
Is Chris Brown, OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby an example of why you shouldn't date black men!
OJ Simpson, Calvin Brodus, Bill Cosby and almost all the white police
Dont knw its name it was a Bill Cosby Show with kids amazing show
Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Cosby is the Steph curry of rape😂.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Our government is Bill Cosby. Our Media is the Cosby Show. And we, the people, are the ones getting drugged and raped…
Bill Cosby starred in the Cosby Show, but the family's last name on the show was Huxtable.
"Bill Cosby is the Steph Curry of rapes" - David Chappelle
I liked a video Bill Cosby's Mistrial and the Fame-to-Blame Ratio - The Jim Jefferies Show
It really pisses me off that Bill Cosby ruined my ability to watch reruns of The Cosby Show. Now it makes me feel dirty.
Homer Simpson and Bill Cosby having an argument
I respect Boyce's message as far as entrepreneurship goes, but his opinions on pop culture are flawe…
Tyga is stupid and A$AP is an all lives matter headass who says Bill Cosby is innocent, God knows they werent go…
Bill Cosby is a black revolutionary because he told black men to pull their pants up and told us to stop n…
Y'all done turned JAY Z into the pull your pants up Bill Cosby guy. Relax guys.
One time I did a project on Bill Cosby for class and everyone was hyped until they heard actual quotes from him.
He has Bill Cosby, a known and admitted rapist, as a Black revolutionary. The same Cosby who preaches respectability politics..,
Bill Cosby said the reason black men are murdered is because sagging pants and their mothers being *** But yeah praise him.
still makes me sick that bill cosby admitted it and STILL got off... off topic but it totally pisses me off
Throwback: One of Cosby's false rape accusers was a criminal with a history of fraud.
Wouldn't have happened if bill Cosby got the chance to buy NBC
Neither Umar Johnson or Bill Cosby are revolutionaries. One is a scam artist, another is a serial rapist.
"Bill Cosby is a black revolutionary and black people are tearing him down!". *** he's an unapologetic rapist.
Bill Cosby is an admitted rapist. Umar Johnson, st best, is a well spoken anti-LGBT 'advocate' with a s…
Bill Cosby busts/murals were removed in no time. Good. In 200+ yrs white America can't confront, or even just SAY, "Jeffers…
It is and always has been possible to admire Clif and hate Bill Cosby.
I liked a video Bill Cosby to Teach Others How to Avoid Sexual Charges?! ft. Peter Sudarso &
how did Bill Cosby sneak onto the black revolutionary list? 🤔
I will refrain from a Bill Cosby rendition, because decency. But scuminess aside, that was probably some of his best work.
"Chocolate Cake for breakfast" was one of Bill Cosby's funniest bits. Now I can never have chocolate cake for breakfast.
To give a rather recent example, you can argue that authorities were only willing to go after Bill Cosby because he is black and they...
Bill "Quaaludes" Cosby was just dubbed a "revolutionary". yeah. Nah. Y'all need to not speak on Black Liberation ever again.
Lmfao y’all really putting Umar and Bill Cosby on the same pedestal as MLK, Malcolm X, etc. are y’all okay?
How do you think Bill Cosby will be Remember
His name is Jermaine Shoemaker, he said he didn't renew his PhD. He's a fraud. Bill Cosby is AT BEST a serial adult…
Umar Johnson is a fraud. •Bill Cosby admitted it. •Nate Parker alluded to his guilt in a BET interview. •OJ wrote a b…
Because Reid is playing Bill Cosby in his next project!
"Al Sharpton in mirror taking selfies. How are him and Bill Cosby supposed to help me?" Jay-Z "Family Feud"
*more than 50 women accused Bill Cosby of rape*. Y'all: Nah. Bill Cosby: I didn't do it. Jury: You'…
Bill Cosby's "How to Get Away with Rape Tour": A guide to frat life and sports teams.
*** The cop who we SAW murder Philando Castile gets off and Bill Cosby, who drugged and raped for years, does too.
2017. I was told by Fredrick Douglas to deliver this FU to Bill Cosby an-nem.
Bill Cosby reportedly wants to go on a Town Hall tour to restore his image
Bill Cosby is kind of a *** Maybe him owning NBC was not a good idea after all
It's better to be like Patrick Swayze, Michael Keaton, or Bruce Willis instead of Bill Cosby.
Op-ed: has no sympathy for Bill Cosby as he plans his lecture tour
Chris Brown needs to fix his life. It's dilapidated. I didn't want to mention him because Bill Cosby blocked me
Advocacy groups slam 'outrageous' tour on law
In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. ~Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby educates about sexual assault, Texas lady get surgery to look like Melania Trump WATCH: http…
In an about face Bill Cosby's PR team says he will not give advice on how to avoid sexual assault claims.
Why a Bill Cosby juror eventually thought he was guilty - During 52 hours of grueling jury deliberations, Bobby...
How does one avoid a sexual assault charge? Not raping someone would be our first thought.
Another juror in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial came forward Monday — the first to go on camera — and said the...
I don't want to see JP talk about Bill Cosby at all when she does storylines like Melle and Friz. She clearly loves some sexual assault
And those volley ball players, put down those bath salts, or you're gonna get raped by Bill Cosby!
Bill Cosby will hold town halls on the “judicial system” per his publicists:
Sad. Bill Cosby set up by Liberals. Not even remotely close to being the a-hole Clinton was to women.
Heard your Dad and Bill Cosby were hanging out
Part of the reason he voted to acquit was because he felt Andrea Constand should have "dressed properly"
Bill Cosby juror speaks on camera: 'Not enough evidence' led to mistrial
I wonder if Bill Cosby did pizzagate. The plot thickens
“The town hall meeting are not about sexual assault." Bill Cosby’s publicist blames media for misunderstanding.
All they did was sentence Bill Cosby to another long expensive drawn out trial.. smh!
Hey Cosby's lawyer, maybe don't say "Bill Cosby's power is back" after he beat a rape case ya know? Say literally... anythi…
A good way to describe time spent with Bill Cosby is 'dreamy.'
Rapist Bill Cosby to hold town hall on how to not be accused of sexual assault. Wonder if Bill Clinton will join him. http…
My whole body felt like Bill Cosby did in a jello commerical
Top 3 ways to be funny. . 1. Mad Hatter voice. 2. Bill Cosby impression but modified so he's talking about rape. 3. Eminem - My Salsa
A good way to describe Bill Cosby is 'dreamy.'
Bill Cosby's publicist says the entertainer’s town hall meetings will be about his legacy, not sexual assault
Bill Cosby's reps now say town halls won't be about sexual assault
WATCH: News Exclusive: Bill Cosby juror speaks out on mistrial; new details from inside the deliberations:
Bill Cosby's PR team backtracks on town halls, says topic will be "legacy restoration" and not sexual assault
A Cosby juror doubted the accuser because her stomach was showing. Tell me again how there's no rape culture
Bill Cosby should do a town hall on Spanish Fly:.
Spanish Fly also came up recently in historic allegations against Bill Cosby. More reason it's surreal…
Taking a class on "sexual assault prevention" from Bill Cosby is like taking a class on dating from Charles Manson.
Y'all got *** like Kevin Hart and Steve Harvey and Bill Cosby and Kanye West cooning for white attention...but say the ga…
"Bill Cosby" . of attorney emails to reveal entire 2.0 defense strategy. http…
Names of jurors in Bill Cosby sexual assault case released
Sixers announce Bill Cosby will ring the bell before a game this year. Do you think this is a good idea?
Ten of twelve jurors in the serial rapist Bill Cosby trial wanted to convict. We're making progress ladies..Don't ever give up.
Ugh. The Cosby jury only had 2 not guilty votes. The other 10 members voted guilty.
Bill Cosby's face on famous D.C. mural replaced with 15 black stars
Critics say this reboot was so on point, they thought it was Bill Cosby's recreation.
The Democrats have done all kind of EVIL to blacks and some blacks still support them. Bill Cosby accused and some blacks turn against him
It may be that Mizzou has lots more important things to think about than Bill Cosby's honorary degree.
*** , Bill Cosby really got away with it 😬
"A juror punching a wall" is a man who is clueless that women R attacked by a trusted one
What's funny is bill Cosby used to look down on the black community but y'all quick to run to his Rescue 😂
Y'all really trying to defend Bill Cosby despite him drugging & raping women, shaming poor Black ppl & denying racism. Y'…
Los Angeles News Search LA (Names of jurors in Bill Cosby case are released) 1 Los Angeles -
Mfs keep talking about Bill Cosby and NBC but have no evidence or sources to back it up. Like goodbye
Wait a second, am I hearing correctly that Bill Cosby got off? And no pills were involved this time? Not even any toe licking…
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ABC News sez two jurors held out on convicting Bill Cosby on two of three counts against him.
Ohhh I forgot Bill Cosby was they friend
Ten of 12 jurors thought Bill Cosby was GUILTY
I can't believe that at one point Ariana was right below Bill Cosby as one of the most hated celebrities. Thank god that's ove…
Bill Cosby got off, now all they gotta do is free my *** OJ and order will be restored.
Ben’s Chili Bowl says goodbye to Bill Cosby and welcomes Prince, Wale, Muhammad Ali to its mural htt…
Juror: 2 holdouts blocked conviction in Bill Cosby trial.
Trial after trial of only bill Cosby would own up to his demons and say he is a rapist. His lies are only keepi…
Allegheny Co. president judge met Bill Cosby jurors' bus Saturday: “They all indicated they didn’t want to talk. Th…
Judge in Bill Cosby trial decides to release names of jurors, who were selected from Allegheny Co. --
LATEST: Judge considers making names of Bill Cosby jury, picked from Allegheny Co., public. Decision on Wednesday --
Judge to rule Wednesday if Bill Cosby mistrial jurors' names should be made public; Allegheny Co. Taxpayers will……
Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle and other pitchmen gone bad
Bill Cosby admitted it. The president bragged about it. Yet here we are. This is why women hesitate to come forward abou…
To all the women who say Bill Cosby drugged, raped or assaulted you:. I BELIEVE YOU.
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60 women: Bill Cosby raped/sexually assaulted me. People: You're all liars. Cosby: I did it. People: OK BUT I HAVE THIS THEOR…
"For starters, Mr. Simpson, why don't you take this complimentary copy of Fatherhood by Bill Cosby?"
... the jury chose to believe Bill Cosby over the collective voice of 60 women. . SIXTY. WOMEN. .
Why women don't report: 60 women give the same account of Bill Cosby and a jury still can't agree that he raped anyone.
On the other hand OJ Simpson did OK and Bill Cosby being given a fair go !
LEFT. Bill Cosby did NOT drug girls. OJ Simpson did NOT kill ex. Bill Clinton did NOT rape girls. But Donald Trump totall…
Jeronimo Yanez was found not guilty, and Bill Cosby's case went to mistrial this week. Wow.
Bill Cosby accuser Heidi Thomas gave CNN the following statement following the declared mistrial:
35 women speak about being assaulted by Bill Cosby, and the culture that wouldn't listen:
I feel the same way about Bill Cosby that I felt about Michael Jackson and R Kelly. Money paid for their freedom. Them *** was guilty.
Bill Cosby has no power, no Picture Pages and no pudding pops. His representitive needs to go sit down.
Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby sexual-assault case via
Spokeswoman reads statement from Camille Cosby after mistrial is declared for Bill Cosby:
Camille Cosby releases statement in response to Bill Cosby mistrial
Camille Cosby, wife of Bill Cosby, releases a written statement in response to mistrial in sexual assault case:
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Bill Cosby's wife has released a statement after his case ended in a mistrial
Bill Cosby has cataracts, but Camille is the one who's blind,deaf and dumb.. Or just protecting her $ she gets knowing he's gonna croak
Bill Cosby, center, gestures as he exits the courthouse after a mistrial was declared today in his sexual assault t…
They tried to lynch Bill Cosby and now they are getting the rope and the stool again...this's a politically…
Bill Cosby case ends in mistrial as jury fails to agree on sexual assault verdict
Bill Cosby's sexual assault court case declared a mistrial after jury deadlocks
Bill Cosby joins OJ Simpson in the "everyone knows you did it" hall of fame.
In an attempt to act like this Bill Cosby trial wasn't racial,they had one of the accusers who could pass for white, wear…
The Bill Cosby jury is still deadlocked after five days of deliberation
We discuss a case involving texts between two teens, now heading toward a verdict, and the deadlocked Cosby trial
"Have you seen those women? I don't think so." The Hubs take on the Bill Cosby Trial.
Jury heads into sixth day of deliberation...
Cosby judge denies another mistrial request: Bill Cosby's defense team is asking again for…
MSM lines up to destroy Bill Cosby, silent about Bill Clinton
Still deadlocked. God this is troubling. Jury rules must be so restrictive. What's going on,
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The President is so bad that a jury is deciding if Bill Cosby raped a woman and that's not the biggest story in America.
Bill Cosby jury deadlocked; ordered to keep deliberating by judge
The jury in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial has deliberated for more than 48 hours without a verdict. Read more:
Alright, you see how they did Bill Cosby, he talked crazy too.
Personally I couldn't care less what you think! Don't get it twisted Bill Cosby is a hypocrite, adulte…
Bill Cosby got one Black woman and one Black man in the jury? the rest white so *** predictable AmeriKKKA (Sigh)
I don't give a rip about Bill Cosby telling all fathers a happy father's day,when he's possibly raped daughters of those fathers.
“I go into the area that is somewhere between permission and rejection. I am not stopped.” - Bill Cosby, on drugging and to…
Bill Cosby Thanks the Jury and His Supporters as His Sex Assault Trial Remains Deadlocked -
At Bill Cosby tests of judge, defense
12 jurors. 10 white. 2 black. Bill Cosby trial. I know this will be interesting. The Cos was loved by all. WAS
i'm getting mad talking about Bill Cosby
Please "NOT GUILTY" for Bill Cosby, it's obviously reasonable doubt..too many why's...
I'm confused as to why under Bill Cosby's name CNN put "comedian" and not "rapist"
What a wonderful human being Bill Cosby is. Your true colors are showing by you not condemning him for his appalling actions. POS
Why is this Bill Cosby case so hard to get a verdict? Like. really?
It's like they want to convict Bill Cosby but feel sorry for Dr Huxtable
I think that Bill Cosby will get off. . .
Man they need to leave Bill Cosby alone
This special on OWN about Bill Cosby. wow.
BREAKING: Jurors deadlocked after 30 hours of deliberations in Bill Cosby sex assault trial; judge tells them to keep trying.
But they won't stop until Bill Cosby dies in jail for nothing.
Criminal Justice defined:. Cop shoots an unarmed black man - not guilty. 17 year old texts - guilty of manslaughter . Bill Co…
Bill Cosby jury to deliberate Saturday cc:
New post (Jurors conclude a fifth day of deliberation in Bill Cosby's trial) has been published on News Live Today…
Jury fails to reach verdict in Cosby trial and will resume deliberations Saturday
nytimesarts: The jury in the Bill Cosby trial goes a fifth day without a verdict. Jurors will return to the cou…
WATCH: Bill Cosby stopped to thank supporters tonight as the trial heads into another day of deliberations:
What happens if you take the pills Bill Cosby described as 'friends to help you relax' https:/…
And they also reheard Andrea Constand's testimony regarding her phone calls to Bill Cosby from her Temple phone.
Bill Cosby jurors just heard testimony from Andrea Constand about her phone records and testimony from her mom.
I looked up Bill Cosby's Accuser today and it was the same woman from my dream a couple nights ago... Andrea Constand is a lying ***
Bill Cosby was out here raping Pee Wee Kirkland
Bill Cosby verdict at a deadlock...prolly cuz outta the 12 judging, 2 of them black. Same 2 prolly sayin not guilty. Sound like a Martin ep
Tensions rise as Bill Cosby jury struggles to reach verdict . (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)
Boy old Bill Cosby isn't looking as frail as his lawyers used to make him out to be, maybe Jimmy Swaggart laid...
As we near 10 hour mark of Bill Cosby jury deliberations, another question from the jury. Headed back into courtroom
Bill Cosby’s defense rests its case after just 6 minutes
Bill Cosby declined to take the stand in his rape trial and his defense rested after just 3 minutes.
Bill Cosby trial shocker: Defense rests after 6 minutes
Cosby's defense rested after only 6 minutes and 1 witness. Guess they should have expected that after letting Bill Cosby…
Would you stand by your partner if they are on trial? Bill Cosby wife supports him in court. ht…
JUST IN: Bill Cosby declined to testify at his trial as defense rested after one witness
Cosby is guilty until proven innocent. Bill Clinton was guilty and proven guilty and remained USA President afterwards.
Los Angeles News Search LA (Defense rests, Bill Cosby does not testify at sex assault trial) 1 Los Angeles -
Update your maps at Navteq
BREAKING: Defense rests in Bill Cosby trial after just SIX MINUTES!.
(Winnipeg Free Press):defence rests without calling the comedian to testify : NORRISTOWN, Pa. - Bill..
Bill Cosby’s defense rests without calling him to the stand -
Melania moves into the White House as Camille Cosby joins Bill in the courtroom. A tired Stand By Your Man trope persis…
“This case is over,” Brian McMonagle told jurors today in closing arguments at criminal trial
"Innocent" of 2004 rape, defense lawyer tells jury
Whatta day in and it's only 1 pm. Cosby lawyer practically gives up during closing arguments
McCain sounds like Bill Cosby saying "you put the pudding in the jello" .
Camille Cosby walking in court with her husband Bill Cosby is the real example of the marriage's foundation "For better and…
"Bill Cosby's defense rests without hearing from comedian"
Bill Cosby all of a sudden looks like the old man he is now.
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