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Bill Clinton

William Jefferson Bill Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe III; August 19, 1946) is an American politician who served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. Inaugurated at age 46, he was the third-youngest president.

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he sure didn't show this concern when Lynch and Bill Clinton met. sux
Question: Where is the "evidence" of what Bill Clinton and Lynch discussed on her plane? There is no evidence, and yet we…
“And when he gave his word, that was as good as gold.” Bill Clinton pays tribute to Martin McGuinness |
Bill Clinton pays tribute to Martin McGuinness: "His word was gold".
Bill Clinton and Hillary told Lynch to surveil pass to Obama Offer Lynch job to stay onas AG or SC Jeff S needs to investagate
Seems like we have forgotten while Bill Clinton was president, Hollywood occupied the Lincoln bedroom. That's a dis…
Bill Clinton rented out the Lincoln Bedroom. I bet the drugs made you forget
Bill Clinton looks like the psycho murderer from American horror story freak show
What about the airplane meeting between Lynch & Bill Clinton we hear nothing about that Mr President have them investigate
I forgot that Bill Clinton lived at Trump Tower after he left the presidency to hang with Epstein
JW Sues DOJ for Records Relating To Tarmac Meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton in June 2016
No one on the planet has Arkansas beating North Carolina on his, or her, bracket. Not even Bill Clinton or Mike Anderson.
lol Bill Clinton jazzing up on the Arsenio Hall show
The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Clinton, and more pay tribute to Chuck Berry:
Bill Clinton spoke at $100k per couple dinner at Beverly Hills home of Barry Diller chairman of Expedia Inc.
Bill Clinton, leader of the Clinton Crime Family has to be the 2nd most corrupt politician ever to be elected POTUS…
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Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for Records on Loretta Lynch & Bill Clinton's Tarmac Meeting in June 2016
Bill Clinton was paid $1mil by Qatar for his "birthday". Sounds like Flynn should have asked for more
Lance Alworth, Jerry Jones, and Bill Clinton all went to the University of Arkansas
Checking now to see if the topic of any possible Trump/Russia connection was covered in Bill Clinton's 45 minute $700,…
Hillary and Bill Clinton are crooks. The Clinton Foundation is the largest charity fraud in history. See
Imagine left's reaction today if Pres Trump took Elian Gonzalez from his mom by force like Bill Clinton did & returned h…
Bill Clinton accepted $500,000 speaking fee for event in Moscow from Russian investment bank with ties to Kremlin
And everyone forgets about Janet Reno's Attorney purge under Bill Clinton back in 1993. Millennials are too young, but we remember..
Would you prefer your young niece work for a Bill Clinton or Obama, who supports the real enemies of wo…
Bill Clinton is a rapist and Rapist of young children. .
When I first heard Bill Clinton talking about the information super highway, this is what I imagined. Naïve young p…
Those TOO YOUNG to recall were surprised when Bill Clinton was call rapist... BUT that was TIP of TRUTH... Actually…
lol, I was talking about Hillary enabling Bill Clinton. Face it! Power corr…
Everyone knows Hillary took silverware, but what did Bill Clinton get from the Oval Office? via /r/Jokes
Sammy Hagar is 68 years old. Bill Clinton is 69. Sammy has had over 40 years of sex, alcohol, rock&roll, and drugs. Bill…
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Why are we pretending that Trump replacing US attorneys is something new? Jeff Sessions was canned by Bill Clinton in t…
..and maybe the $500,000 speech Bill Clinton made in Moscow weeks before the uranium deal.
Bill Clinton's AG Reno asked 4 resignations of all 93 US Attorneys including Jeff Sessions. Sorry this i…
What did JFK, Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr and Jr all speak openly about during their presidency? .
when Bill Clinton did the same thing what was he covering up?
1/ Since 1797, 19 federal officials have been impeached, 2 were POTUS; one being Bill Clinton the other Andrew Johnson.
FBI releases documents related to Bill Clinton's controversial pardon of Dem donor
Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz are among the names in his little black book of pedophilia. That might explain deal https:…
Today I learned Bill Clinton, George Bush (jr.), and Donald Trump are all the same age (70 years old)
The Russians must have hacked into Mrs. Bill Clinton's campaign TV ad computer and took out all policy references. https…
ok, but so too has Tony Podesta, John's bro & major contributor, or Lanny Davis,or Bill Clinton who got $500k
sure glad Jimmy Carter was able to cozy up with this madman and then convince Bill Clinton that he wasnt any kind...
Chuck Grassley: Where were the calls for a special counsel after Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac? https:/…
Pres. Bill Clinton & President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin at Springwood, the Home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in N…
It was not exploitation! Bill Clinton displayed James Brady to encourage gun control during his SOTU speech.
The androgynous American cheerleader played video games with Bill Clinton
a woman but will happily ignore the worst facts about a man. Much like Bill Clinton pointed out, James Comey cost Hillary th…
If you had one word to describe each president, what would that be? Me:. Bill Clinton: slick. Bush: dumb. Obama: classy. Tr…
Kelly Anne on the White House couch taking pictures compared to Bill Clinton getting a *** in the White House- no comparison.
Kelly Ann wasn't nearly as "disrespectful" of the White House as Bill Clinton.
Bhat about Bill Clinton committing perjury in a sexual harassme…
Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, David Boies and Brian Williams/MSNBC...Broadcasting all over me..HIGH TREASON!
Forty million Americans smoked marijuana; the only ones who didn't like it were Judge Ginsberg, Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton. Jay
"One time on LimeWire, I was downloading an Alien Ant Farm song and it was just Bill Clinton's speech."
Scottie just realized that Hillary & Bill Clinton are married. "i thought they were cousins or something"
AND THERE'S CHUCK SCHUMER AGAIN! ... 2013 event co-hosted by Bill Clinton and the Russian Ambassador.
George Soros, Bill Clinton and Obama could have adjoining Prison cells!
Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Donald Trump were all born within a few months of each other. June, July, and Augus…
That is dishonest blackmail network of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton & George Bush. Those three are the favorites of the yiddish Feminists.
BOOM! SENATOR TIM SCOTT DEFENDS Kellyanne Conway: ‘Y’all remember Bill Clinton? Much worse done on...
Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Donald Trump go for a walk in the woods... via /r/Jokes
Her e - mails, lock her up by Mike Flynn, Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch. Which of these are Trump & team…
Where was the call for Loretta Lynch's resignation or an investigation by GOP when she secretly met with Bill Clinton on…
And how long was Larry King on CNN and was caught hooking up Bill Clinton to Ted Turner?
Remember when the GOP lost their minds when Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton?
Send him the video of Larry telling a young Bill Clinton he'll put him in touch with Ted Turner to help him get elected
Obama's attorney general met secretly on a plane with Bill Clinton but Jeff is a secret Russian agent who took…
How about what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office allowing Monica to put her knees on the carpet.
What then-Sen. Jeff Sessions said in 1999 after voting to remove Bill Clinton from office for perjury: h…
Jeff Sessions in 1999 speaking on the importance of prosecuting Bill Clinton over perjury allegations
Bill Clinton resigned for cheating on Hillary and exposing himself to Paul Jones I'm the WH!
Kelly Ann acused of disrespecting the Oval Office! Give me a break# what did Bill Clinton do?
Everyone's so angry that Kelly Anne Conway had shoes on a couch. Wonder what Bill Clinton did on Oval Office furniture.
Bill Clinton ejaculated on someone's dress in that very office That's nothing compared to Kelly sitting down
So Kelly Anne Conway can't put her feet up on the White House couch but Bill Clinton can get oral sex in the office while talking politics?
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unless you complained about Bill Clinton's sexcapades in the Oval Office or Obama putting his feet on his desk, leave Kelly alone
CNN other wise known as the Clinton News Network is still talking about Kelly Ann feet on the couch. What did Bill Clinton leave behind?
Yes, Bill Clinton was still revising on drive to Capitol, but he at least had decided whether he wanted taxes to go up or do…
So Kelly can't put her knees on a couch? The real misogynist Bill Clinton kept Monica on her knees all the time…
Seriously? Bill Clinton smokes cigars & gets *** in Oval Office, and media make about Ke…
Go talk to Bill Clinton & Monica about disrespecting the Oval Office, NOT Kelly Anne for having her feet up!…
OMG Kelly Ann's feet where on the couch in the Oval Office,Give me. Break! I wonder what Bill Clinton left behind in his Oval Office?
So, Monica can drop her panties and blow Bill Clinton but Kelly can't put her feet on the couch?
Oh but what about Bill Clinton in the Oval with Monica.. I think I can give Kelly Ann a pass...Woul…
Are Dems seriously mad that Kelly Ann Conway was barefoot on the same couch Bill Clinton got a *** on?
Seems that Bill Clinton did a little more than put his feet on the couch in the White House. 🤔
Libs are OUTRAGED at Kellyanne Conway sitting on the Oval Office couch but SILENT while Bill Clinton got a BJ in the oval offic…
Kellyanne Conway nor even Obama himself is anywhere near as bad as what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office.…
The worst Presidents in Modern History:. 🚫George W Bush. 🚫Barack Obama. 🚫Bill Clinton. Oh yeah, but we should totally ta…
Oh look, isn't he Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton's buddy who rode Epstein's plane to the sex slave island a time or…
A 16-year-old Bill Clinton visits the White House and meets President John F. Kennedy in the Rose Garden, 1963.
Proof from a congressman from the Bill Clinton era that the Clintons are guilty of what they are accusing Trump...
I will as soon as Democratic Senator Charlie Rangel pays his taxes & Bill Clinton stops raping women.
I wonder if Cuomo and Weiner hang out with Bill Clinton and Jeff Epstein on Orgy Island with 16 yo girls?
Bill Clinton runs into Loretta Lynch on a plane & the GOP screams corruption. Reince Priebus asks Comey to help Trump & th…
The Priebus-FBI contact is 1000x worse than Bill Clinton stopping by Lynch's plane. Sessions must recuse himself from the…
Bill Clinton was the first black president! He said so himself!
And don't forget the Ken Starr hearings re: Lewinsky & Bill Clinton. Gabillions wasted!
Bill Clinton blamed the Oklahoma City bombing on Rush Limbaugh and talk radio. Save me your tears.
Only if THEY plan to charge G. Bush jr, Obama, Bill Clinton and countless others who have done same!
Did people call Bill Clinton and Obama racist when they called for tougher immigration laws? No.
Well, since you asked, Here's my definition of horrifying, sick & awful. Answer: Your father, Bill Clinton
in case anyone as wondering 287(g) was passed by Bill Clinton used by Bush and considered under Obama.
I'm still finding Bill Clinton's used condoms underneath the furniture in the Oval Office. Gross!
where was the outrage when Loretta Lynn met with Bill Clinton as the DOJ was invstgtng HRC?
Why does Bill Clinton look like darth sidious?
Did the fake news media call Bill Clinton and Obama racists when they called for enforcing our immigration laws? No.
This must be the "white privilege" that Mrs. Bill Clinton kept referring to during her failed campaign for POTUS. https:…
It's funny how is so hung up on Russia, yet she didn't have a problem when a Russian bank paid Bill Clinton $50…
GW came in and spent the money Bill Clinton had in the bank, through out Clinton's budget and had massive new debt.
Bill Clinton even had a budget that would have paid off entirely the national debt by now.
Bill Clinton. . LeBron James, Jack Nicholson, Tiger Woods, and Alexander Ovechkin would round out top 5.
Jack Kennedy. *** Nixon . Bill Clinton . All US Presidents who went by their nicknames
The last AG recused herself because of a single conversation with Bill Clinton. Step aside, Jeff.
Where wereYOU when Bill Clinton was raping women n the White House Hillery's confidential e-mails on her private cell
Bill Clinton settled a sexual assault case with Paula Jones for $850,000. Silence from the left.
Impeachment doesn't mean you leave office. Bill Clinton was impeached. Do your homework.
Did Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Barry Obama, Hillary Clinton??? Yes they all did. Silence from ABC.
the Hillary Crotch Licker Line w/ Bill Clinton sex tapes # soon to be showing in theaters everywhere
Bill Clinton is, or owns, a network? You don't sound very bright. Try harder!
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Check out the facts dear, You'll find he did. Bill Clinton did also. +Pres. Chester A. ARTHUR was the first to do it
That was Bill Clinton, you know Hillary's husband. Stupid!
Robert Byrd was elected multiple times as their leader by Senate Democrats until he died in 2010--& both Bill Clinton & O…
if you mean Bill Clinton who started serial rapist career in 1969 when he was expelled from Oxford Univ 4rape of Eileen Wellstone
Rahm's idea of "moderate":. "Emanuel pushed Bill Clinton to 'achieve record deportations of criminal aliens'"…
Obama and Bill Clinton were never in the military and yet you liberals made them Commander in Chief! Hypocrites!!
. Bill Clinton never went to Pedophile Island? . Weiner was Kosher? . Mrs. Bush isn't daughter of most evil man?
Chelsea Clinton's mom's, votes dropped faster than Bill Clinton pants in a girl scout camp. Get over it. Hillary Clinton lost, again.
Brady now ranks up there with the greatest cheaters of all-time: Bill Clinton, Bernie Madoff, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Milli Vanilli.
In 1995 Bill Clinton got a standing ovation - for immigration reform. Media has distorted truth.
urban Democrats see everyone as "extremist" because they drifted from centrist 1990s Bill Clinton to far-…
for all of you who love the Clintons just rember Bill Clinton was prez during the Rwandan genocide and did nothing to stop it
so was your older sister Maryanne Trump Barry, appointed to federal bench by Bill Clinton, also a "so-called judge?"
Did we know that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz served under Bill Clinton in his administration? No conflict of inte…
Bill Clinton & Barry O'muslim... There's nothing to recover. It's over for the propoganda left media.
MailOnline :: Mitt Romney slams Bill Clinton for 'embarrassing the nation' with Lewinskygate while discussing Hillar
Dear Libs,. Please name a Trump immigration or security policy that Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama did not say…
...than I've ever worked in my life to meet that goal. But I can't." 2/2. -Bill Clinton, Feb 15, 1993
Funny thing is I see a lot of women wanting to go meet Bill Clinton. Remember what he did? Does not look like you do.
Some folks say Bill Clinton was America's first black president, some folks say Abraham Lincoln.
What? Flynn was paid for giving a speech in Moscow. Why not discuss Bill Clinton getting paid $500K for same?
Don't tell Dem voters about this. They'll be furious to learn of Mexican-hating Bill Clinton and Barack Obama's positio…
Bill Clinton never won the popular vote. Received under 50% twice. Paul Begala should know better.
Andrew Johnson's and Bill Clinton's portraits are begging someone to
We have impeached Andrew Johnson & Bill Clinton. Neither was convicted/removed.
Nixon was not impeached. Only Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were.
Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton are d only two presidents to have been impeached, two others came very close.
As long as you ignore Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton then yes, we've never impeached a president
Remember when Bill Clinton fired all 93 U.S. attorneys when Janet Reno became attorney general in March 1993?
Bill Clinton - Monica L - bad - Trump Boy talk - so one gets clapped and cheered and the other slaughtered for boy talk - hmmm media bias?
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😚 Trump wanted to put Bill Clinton's accusers in his family box. Debate ... ♥♥♥
Bill Clinton had a close friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein via
Bill Clinton has his own anti-obesity initiative through his foundation. He has done work with Rachel Ray on the issue.
you will join the ranks of Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Or you also may resign as Richard Nixon did and save face now.
Democrats certainly know what perverts look like. Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards ...
Bernie Sanders: fighting hard to protect health care. Bill Clinton: calling friends to complain about James Comey & Russi…
Political Seesaw: Reagan implemented in 1984. Bill Clinton repealed it. GW Bush reinstated it. Obama immediately repealed it!
If it was a mistake for Lynch to meet with Bill Clinton, what is it when Comey regularly meets with a president he's in…
Remember when Republicans called for Loretta Lynch to step down b/c she talked to Bill Clinton during HRC email probe? Where a…
I just want someone who looks at me the same way Bill Clinton looks at women who aren't his wife
Trump should give blackballed Obama membership in Trump National Golf Club just like Trump gave Bill Clinton one wh…
didn't Bill Clinton and John McCain and John Kerry all hang out in Russia?
So you not have liked Bill Clinton either?
That is as bad as Bill Clinton's crocodile tears after he sent Ron Brown's plane into the mountains.
Bill Clinton risked war by sending the 7th fleet to defend the Taiwan Strait during the 3rd Taiwan Strait Crisis
Bill Clinton's 'top shelf' antics in the Oval Office didn't seem to put Tony Blair off one bit...
the couple is Sen Bob Dole and wife. He was Republican's presidential candidate who lost to Bill Clinton.
Kelly Ayotte: 'I wouldn't want my daughter in the room' with Trump or Bill Clinton
Funny, I don't see any signs protesting Bill Clinton or Teddy Kennedy.
I would gladly march in the if they marched against rape of children and women by Bill Clinton and Podesta…
"The sheer joy of doing what you believe is right is inexpressible," Bill Clinton to George W Bush v…
Bill Clinton was ogling hot chicks at the inauguration today. What's the over under on Hillary divorcing him now?
George W. Bush and Laura, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton waiting to walk in together
I'm in tears! Hillary Clinton catches Bill Clinton staring at Ivanka Trump. .
It's great how Obama, Hillary, Bill Clinton, & the rest of the political class had to watch Trump today while he literally ri…
Bill Clinton looking at Ivanka and getting caught by Hillary is the best 👀😂
Hillary Clinton catching Bill Clinton checking out Ivanka Trump is the most Bill Clinton thing ever.
I'll take things even liberals wouldn't want to see from first man Bill Clinton for $100 Alex
y'all. why is Bill Clinton peepin Michelle out ready to risk it all 😐 LMAO
Bill Clinton gives no f's. Look at him admiring Ivanka & getting caught by Hillary. Shoot your shot. 😂 https:/…
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Hillary and Bill Clinton arrive at Capitol Hill for the inauguration
U.S. National Archives also just released the note Bill Clinton wrote to George W. Bush on Jan. 20, 2001. "Godspeed." https…
Donald Trump Inauguration: Hillary Clintion, Bill Clinton and George Bush present for the Inauguration Ceremony
Hillary and Bill Clinton were welcomed w/cheers from the crowd the moment they arrived to the ceremony.
why does everyone - Michelle, Bill Clinton, Laura, Jimmy Carter - look so sad lol
Tell me about it. Richard Nixon is condemned for the Watergate scandal, while Bill Clinton is let off the hook for raping.
Bill Clinton is one of the international faces of "Men Are Trash. He's just Washington Elite trash, while we are household trash.
we didn't agree on anything, but at least we didn't worry about you doing the things Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office
Bill Clinton is a sexual predator and he served 8 years. The brother of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers endorsed Trump
8 more days and the worst Presidency of my lifetime will be over Jimmy Carter is 2. Lyndon Johnson @ 3. Bill Clinton @ 4.…
Bill Clinton praises late Dermot Gallagher form Leitrim as "precious" asset in peace process.
Lest we forget: the real Russian connection: a Russian investment bank paid money to Bill Clinton persona...
'He was a precious asset for a better future' - Bill Clinton pays tribute to former diplomat Dermot Gallagher.
Bill Clinton describes late Dermot Gallagher from Leitrim as "precious" asset in peace process.
1998 Kenneth Starr and Bill Clinton for fighting a high-level battle of values…
Get ready for R's to tolerate all of DJT's sexual harassment (see Summer Zervos) after decades of chiding Bill Clinton.
Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of 16 members of the FALN. And now Obama has commuted the sentence of the repulsive Osc…
Allowing Paula Jones to sue Bill Clinton set the precident so the suit can't be thrown out.
Kelly Conway's husband did this very thing against Bill Clinton re: Paula Jone…
This is allowed thanks to...Paula Jones suing Bill Clinton. . Oh sweet, sweet irony.
Rewind the Clock folks! This is what Started the impeachment Process on Bill Clinton in the late 1990's,Paula Jones harassm…
The irony of this can not be ignored. Kellyanne Conway husband represented Paula Jones against Bill Clinton, now will use l…
Reagan to Bill Clinton- You're no Thomas Jefferson. Trump to Hillary- You're no Abraham Lincoln. America to John Lewis- You're no MLK..
to be fair, Bush also lost the popular vote to someone with close Bill Clinton ties. Mr Lewis appears to be consistent here
Rep. John Lewis, Ava DuVernay, Bill Clinton and more honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Did U hear Obama try to wriggle out of His Syrian Red Line w Steve Kroft? Sounded like Bill Clinton's Definition of what meaning of Is, Is
Ethics committee should retrospectively investigate Bill Clinton & the Kenyan muslim qu…
Are you referring to Bill Clinton or Thomas Jefferson?
Okay. Ever read about John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton and their sexual adventures inside the White House?
Obama bringing rappers to the White House is a more subtle version of Bill Clinton playing the saxophone
domain names
Yes that's why Bill Clinton won't be in the White House again 🤗
Here's Bill Clinton using a Swat team on a child.
Sure, before he leaves the on Friday Ptavic furniture will be in the White House as Bill Clinton did.
Where were they when Bill Clinton was getting *** in the White House?
Jail him. In the cell next to serial rapist Bill Clinton in the Ted Kennedy Memorial ward for Sexual Predators.
Redbird Arena ready to explode. ISU up 67-55, 153 left. ISU not been in first place in Valley since Bill Clinton was preside…
Why wasn't Loretto Lynch and Bill Clinton's Rendezvous on the tarmac investigated? We the people demand an investigation!
Does Obama, Hillary, John Podesta, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein all have a good moral compass?
Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his relationship with Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and...
Forever my President. I didn't think anyone could match John Kennedy & Bill Clinton in my heart; you surpassed them both. We love you
Bill Clinton was just out done by Obama. Clinton did this (Remember Elian Gonzalez ) & Obama gets…
I don't care what Trump does in the privacy of his hotel room. Wait till he does it in the White House like Bill Clinton then him.
It was bad enough when Bill Clinton left the White House but this is heartbreaking and the crumbling sense of loss is palpable.
The inspector General was appointed be Obama, and worked in Bill Clinton's White House.
Asked whose bust he'd like to see in the White House, Bill Clinton said, "Anyone but Hillary's"
Bill Clinton's speaking fees explode to nuclear proportion while Hillary is US Secretary of State but Donald Trump.
First he is not a pervert. Bill Clinton is the very definition. Hillary is a *** Trumps are 100 times better
Barack Obama speaking on "Rule of Law" is like Bill Clinton speaking on marital fidelity.
Bill Clinton has consensual affairs with adult women, republicans be like "RAPIST". Trump rapes a kid, republicans be like "FAKE NEWS"
.told that *** Morris said before Bill Clinton ran for Prez he had the bomb to stop him. Joined up with him instead
How did Bill Clinton loot us in the 90s? Seems to me he balanced the budget + created jobs.
Three sustained rounds of applause as Hillary and Bill Clinton walk into audience of last performance of Color Purple just n…
Bill Clinton's accusers have stuck to their stories. Paula Jones was paid 850K. Bill lost Law license. Where are Trump's accu…
Man claiming to be Bill Clinton's son shares photos of his children
Lorettya Lynch on the fallout over her meeting with Bill Clinton: "It was painful for me"
Geraldo Rivera doesn't like Julian Assange because he's an accused rapist... He doesn't have the same problem with his buddy Bill Clinton.
in 1996 Bill Clinton passed the Helms-Burton law, with implied that the U.S would only return the land if Havana met a regime change
.I miss the days when Bill Clinton's finger wagging lie about Lewinsky was the pinnacle of presidential embarrassment
Isnt Holder the one Bill Clinton sent into Waco to burn down the Branch Davidian compound?
Clinton: Hillary and Bill Clinton to attend Donald Trump's inauguration
Hamilton Collection
Hillary and Bill Clinton plan to attend the Jan. 20 presidential inauguration, their respective aides say.
Falling in line with tradition, Bill and Hillary Clinton plan to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration.
Started listening when Bill Clinton was president. He's is party over country
Trump's effect 😂😂 everyone is obeying him now 😎😎. Hillary and Bill Clinton WILL go to Trump's inauguration
Music nowadays, even "edgy" rap, is so tame. That's why I decided to make a real rap song. Bill Clinton Is A Rapist:
Politics: Enemies within the gate - George & Laura Bush, Bill & Hillary Clinton are planning to show up to Donald Trump's Inauguration.
That face you make when you watch your opponent sworn in as POTUS at Inauguration. Bill and Hillary Clinton
news. news it's bill clinton sandwich :P
Hillary and Bill Clinton will attend Donald Trump's inauguration - Los Angeles Times
Hillary Clinton will have a near-front row seat to see Donald Trump sworn in as president of the United States
Also just learned that Apprentice contestant Omarosa worked under Al Gore during Bill Clinton's administration. She got fire…
What do Bill Mitchell and Hillary Clinton have in common?. (Besides being power hungry). They have a public position and pri…
Why Hillary Clinton's a LOSER.. Bill Clinton sold out the World.. Signing of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act via
Donald Trump inauguration: Bill and Hillary Clinton to attend
Bill Clinton stated that I called him after point.
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Amazing after Trump accused of conspiring w/Russia Hacking DNC & Podesta emails, Bill and Hillary Clinton attending his…
Nothing will *** the dems and libs off worse than Bill and Hillary Clinton attending Trumps innaguration. I personall…
Maybe Hillary should bring all the women who have accused Trump of sexual assault. Oh wait, she actually has class. ht…
Hillary and Bill Clinton will attend U.S. Bank Stadium's inauguration
How many times has Bill Clinton paid out victims? How many victims did Hilla…
Bill, Hillary Clinton and George, Laura Bush to attend Trump inauguration -…
Bill and Hillary Clinton to attend Trump inauguration
Then she chopped her hair off, defended women hoaxing sexual abuse, and demeaned women who were actually raped by Bill…
in other news, Bill Clinton chides the Trunp campaign for employing all those attractive women...
Bill may end up the headliner on the saxophone as talent declines. via USA Press News ( )
are u talking about Bill Clinton..I heard he raped 18 ladies
Is the Pope Catholic, is Paris in France, is the sky blue, is Bill Clinton a philanderer? YES!!!
I'll bet they are the same ones that ignored the meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac...
No Dem "offenders" ever, right?. like Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Bill Clinton.
Can someone explain to me why would Hillary and Bill Clinton attend?? Is it protocol.?
JUST IN: Hillary and Bill Clinton to attend Trump inauguration - CNN
JUST IN: Pres. Bill Clinton and Sec. Hillary Clinton will both attend the inauguration of Pres.-elect Donald Trump,
Hillary and Bill Clinton to attend Trump inauguration.
JUST IN: Hillary Clinton and Pres. Bill Clinton will attend the Inauguration of Pres.-elect Trump, Clinton aides say -
Hillary & Bill Clinton will attend the inauguration of Donald Trump, along with former presidents George W. Bush & Jimmy Carter
You are aware that no President did more to erase FDR than Bill Clinton w interstate banking, Glass-Steagall repeal…
Bill Clinton called it crazy. He's not trustworthy. He's insane. Hilliary would have made it worst. All those 2 do is lie.
No I think Bill Clinton called YOU 'CRAZY'! Not the health care plan
George Conway was part of the team who represented Paula Jones in her sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton http…
Bill Clinton was not there to offer his Mouth for Golden Shower Now trump is getting Sue |
Hatiest hater who ever hated an Obama. Ok Curly Joe. We get it. Go back to playing with your new Bill Clinton dartboard.
overlooking Bill Clinton's resemblance to Pepe le Pew
Trumps Wife Melanie is sooo much better to look at as First Lady than Bill Clinton.. Another good reason For Trump Winning..
Remember when Bill Clinton wouldn't shake hands with Gennifer Flowers?
David Beckham joins Will Smith, Bill Clinton, Lennox Lewis and more at Muhammad Ali's funeral -…
The stock market has risen higher than Bill Clinton's Weiner watching Boogie Nights. (Lord I apologize.)
Obama connects to Bill Clinton via David Axelrod and Vernon Jordan, etc (
Great! Nor did Bill Clinton we can assume!
Trump is a blue dog democrat just like Bill Clinton. I think a large majority of us are blue dogs...
Elizabeth Warren was a Republican through the Reagan years, Poppy Bush, and first 2 years of Bill Clinton. And she's a progressive leader?!
Look at Bill Clinton as Rabbi Lerner talks about Palestinians deserving equal rights
Bill Clinton wants 2 rebuild for Syrian refugees. Now do you see why we need Trump?
35. Trump wrote “Bill Clinton was great president,” denied it under oath then said wrote it be4 knowing of Lewinsky sca…
To bring more impoverishment to Utah, Obama pulls a Bill Clinton.
Trusting Barack Obama on Israel is like trusting Bill Clinton on marriage counse…
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