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Bill Cassidy

William Bill Cassidy (born September 28, 1957) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 2009. He is a member of the Republican Party.

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'There's only one way to get there': A top GOP senator opens up on his 'Jimmy Kimmel test' for healthcare reform…
New book: & Coming out Stories by Bill Cassidy of
U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy may soon get a chance to do something productive on health care |
Here's the Graham-Cassidy bill text for those interested
The bizarre ongoing quest of to pass his block-grant health bill after everyone else has moved on.
W Cassidy & Graham meeting w Cruz and Lee abt their bill, pls don't SAY stuff like that. U'll jinx regulard, bipartisan order!
what can we regular people do to keep up the fight/attn? What is the status of graham-Cassi…
Analysis: The Graham-Cassidy bill "does not, in any meaningful sense, let states 'keep Obamacare if they want to'
This is Bill Cassidy showing reporters Kaiser's chart on insurers' profits getting better in ACA. Says a dem showed it…
A Letter to Sen. Cassidy: "You promised not to vote for a bill that reduced coverage for Louisianans, yet you did.".
Bipartisan senators introduce bill to protect special counsel Mueller from being fired by Trump https:…
The last GOP healthcare bill standing - & why it's so dangerous:
"It got kind of weird when Congressman Clay Higgins would show up and just stare at the sucker-sucking research."
Voices: An open letter to Sen. Bill Cassidy via
Anyone else remember or is this an idea for comedy
Graham/Cassidy bill close to what I've been saying-give the $$ to states & let them design for THEIR population. DC ca…
At a moment when he could let the repeal battle die by just proposing nothing, Bill Cassidy proposes a terrible bill
How to earn 'points' to come to the US under Trump's immigration plan
Here's what you need to know about Cassidy-Graham repeal-replace bill. No state would be better off.
I not into to trickle down not even Russian *** Get rid of Tom Cotton, Bill Cassidy and Senator Kennedy, Loser that hate poor Love War!
McConnell plans to pass tax bill with just GOP votes.
President Trump endorses bill aimed at changing immigration policy
...And the Bill of Rights doesn't count because it wasn't part of the ORIGINAL Constitution!
Sen Bill Cassidy: "Consider not only those who are coming, but those who are here. Yes, we've heard this before.
Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy says Trump's remarks on Russia sanctions bill has him "chuckling"
Sen Bill Cassidy just said on MSNBC that Jeff Sessions has expressed support for current levels of legal immigration. An…
Bill Cassidy: Merit-based immigration "is not just about those who are coming, it's also about those who are here"
Graham says he + Cassidy are working w Cruz + Lee on making some changes to Title I provisions in his health care bill, wi…
GE . so, Is this the Bill Cassidy that worked w/ Michael Gardner & others in…
Dr. Bill Cassidy is a Pro-Life Congressman from Louisiana. We need him in the Senate.
We have to get rid of the pandering moderates first. Bob Corker, Rob Portman, Susan Collins, Bill Cassidy ...
Senators like Senator Bob Corker , Senator Ron Johnson, and Bill Cassidy are not helpless! Let them know that we... htt…
People in Louisiana should call Bill Cassidy. He called the house bill 'awful'.
Senators who had serious doubts about Moore Capito, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Cory Gardner /1
I remember when the far left ideological purity police whined about Mark Pryor & Mary Landrieu. That's how we got Tom Cotton & Bill Cassidy.
Since only Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) is having a town hall, go in groups to local offices. Rally outside any public events.…
"Sens. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) are among those who have expressed concerns..."
Cassidy your health plan is Fake plan tha…
... reminder that Sens. Collins and Cassidy introduced a bill that would allow states to decide, including keeping Obamacare ..
Not to brag but my Verizon bill is ready to be paid
Great meeting today with and hearing latest on Cassidy health care bill
Cassidy steps up push for his own health care bill via
US Senator seeks to reduce senior rate nationwide | .
Bill Mumy's He is the rhythm guitar player for Shaun Cassidy's band. Sweet !
insurers must provide. The so-called compromise bill offered by Sens. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Susan Collins of Maine proposes that
In California, a bill would protect all residents going to the doctor or to school from Trump’s deportation force
I’ll eat a $100 bill if the Cavs sign Josh Smith
."Graves said one of his concerns, however, is that Cassidy's bill "effectively leaves Obamacare in…
."Cassidy said the bill aims to give more power to the states."
Could the senator's plan succeed after the House's efforts fell through?
Time to end the one-size-fits-all approach to health care. Lets give states back the power.
Bill Maher: ‘Republicans Need to Learn the Difference Between Being Conservative and Being a *** – WATCH
GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy says Mike Flynn should be given immunity to testify via
Cassidy steps up the push for his own health care bill
My understanding is that people could opt out. It's in bill…
It's in the Cassidy-Collins bill as an option states could take.
Senator Bill Cassidy. LAR(202) 224-5824 - Up for re-election in 2020. No stand against Vote him out.
They could look at alternative means of income. Like the Cassidy-Stearns bill to…
I liked a video from Asch and Associates - "Bill Cassidy Commercial Demo Reel" (1975?)
How many people does Cassidy's bill take healthcare away from?
With health bill stalled in the House, Senator Cassidy says he’s been having positive talks on both sides of aisle on his alternative bill.
I can see why you would think that's good way to go. I liked the Cassidy Collins repeal bill. Made sense
.A message to Bill Cassidy from a constituent.
Bill Cassidy: vote for nuclear option felt "icky" but blames "left-wing" polarization
You should back the Cassidy-Stearns bill to tax and legalize cannabis. You want money? Plenty t…
Yes, that was basically Sen. Bill Cassidy's answer
TODAY! Congressional Stakeout in is 7:30am-5:30pm today @ Bill Cassidy's 5 Hilton Ave office.
They are Bob Corker of TN, Rob Portman of OH, Susan Collins of ME, Bill Cassidy of LA and Lisa Murkowski of AK (2/2)
Does Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Bill Cassidy among others really believe that?
The case for Obamacare repeal delay - Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana) presen...
Sen. Bill Cassidy removed from Approps committee. John Kennedy and Marco Rubio added.
Mary Landrieu received 25,000 more votes losing to Bill Cassidy than John Kennedy received in winning against Foster Campbell
That seat was held by David Vitter, the seat Bill Cassidy, was held by Landrieu.
Bill Cassidy, who has endorsed Trump, talks disaster legislation and working w Clinton.
Bill Cassidy, Pete Sessions tout Obamacare opt out plan - - Finally the GOP gets it right
Oh, and also say hi to David Vitter and Bill Cassidy.
Should they take Andrew Jackson off the 20$ bill and put Harriet Tubman on it?
Danielle Berthelot brings a message from Senator Bill Cassidy to LHIMA members.
Sens. and introduce bill to involve states in restriction mgmt this week:
Bet his donors are eye doctors that sell contacts! Waste of time bill! Cassidy wasting tax payers money!
People are literally boycotting the new 20 dollar bill omfg
Harriet Tubman to be on the $20, three charged in Flint water crisis, and more top news
"Been in the game awhile but still come with the new skill, $20 can you get a tub man, like the new bill" - Cassidy
Fabolous and Cassidy are probably losing their mind crafting a Harriet/bill punchline as i type this.
If we can have Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill why can't we have 50 Cent on the 50 cent coin?
Taking all Bets,. Who drops a Harriet $20 Bill punchline first, Fabolous or Cassidy ?
Cassidy bill seeks to keep open federal tidal water
Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and his wife, truly wants to see kids with dyslexia achieve greatness. My friend https:/…
Congressman Steve Scalise, Bill Cassidy, and Charles Boustany Jr are fighting for Louisana's seniors
Joni Ernst in IA, Pat Roberts in KS, Mitch McConnell in KY, Bill Cassidy in LA, Chris McDaniel in MS, Steve Daines in MT...
"Charitable giving by billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates comes at a cost to taxpayers, and gives...
Uhlman will talk about Turnbull, Cassidy will talk about Turnbull..they ❤️ him.. and I guess Bill will try not to talk about polls
.Cassidy Stand strong for small businesses who need to to maintain a LEGAL workforce.
Bill Clinton secretly thought Rick Santorum was lying about how his son died. We got the audio.
ALFORD: Louisiana’s Long Beltway Careers Being Shortened: It appears as if U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy will become…
Jokingly tells the waiter to give the bill to his kids
Me and cassidy asked joe for money to get food and he hands us a $100 bill lmao 😂💀
I heard Bellichick was coming to Baton Rouge and Gruden would be his OC. And Bill Cowher was running the defense.
was free money. Bill is a savage against bad Kansas teams.
Bill Cassidy used to be mad for a bit of carol singing.
any update to when we will get signal in the NR29 3 area? 36+ hours of no service now. Love paying my bill for no service.
he&Gov.B.Rauner refuse2act-House Bill218- M.Noland introduced bill to Senate&K.Cassidy in the House.
Sen. Bill Cassidy engaging with poli-sci students.
Vitter's share of the vote will likely be closer to David Duke in 91 than Bill Cassidy in 2014. That is...not good...
Mary Landrieu. Used to be in Bill Cassidy's senate seat.
Bill Cassidy and David Prentice: Planned Parenthood's "treat and cure" defense is nonsense.
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“'Wear the Rose' incredible lineup ! The lads topping the bill . Who's coming ?x saving the best till last 💞💞💞💞
Bill is way, way too smart to prefer Voyager over Deep Space Nine. Gundy strikes me as a Voyager guy, though.
I stopped watching YouTube because of the ads for dingbat Bill Cassidy when the Senate race was going on. UGH!
Yes Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan ran Project Camelot. After they split up, Bill Ryan ran its later twin Project Avalon.
Cassidy is cheering & my dad is standing in the bleachers copying her moves. Oh Bill.
Senator Cassidy Bill shouldn't be elected again! you are selling the US sovereignty in signing up the Iran are a RINO!!
Senator Bill Cassidy and his wife has a school in Baton Rouge LA. For dyslexic kids. And it's full of black kids. He's a republican. Love
Folks been ambushing kkkops since Bill Cassidy and Bonnie&Clyde... And they got movies and museums so 🐸☕️
bit of u check out my followers Cassidy Bill Gates Romeo Ben Vereen and many super stars following me
IL Rep. Cassidy: Voting against the childcare reversal bill is the most "penny wise, pound foolish" decision the state can make.
Humbly serving District 11 n the State of Louisiana as Senator Bill Cassidy gives an update on the Washington...
Just how bad is China's economic slowdown? examines it in
at risk because of yellow belly. Republicans Kelly Ayotte NH and Bill Cassidy LA are Undeclared on Obama's
A Town Hall Meeting with U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy was held this morning at the Ruston Civic Center. Mayor...
Sen. holding town hall meeting in Ruston; talked current events this morning -
I'll be in Ruston tomorrow, hope you see you there
Stephanie Sievers and Whitney Loe attended Sen. Bill Cassidy's opening of his regional office in Shreveport last Wed.
The last refuge against unemployment is law school. Jokingly by La. Sen. Bill Cassidy, but some truth rings.
have a busy morning ahead of them. Joining them today is Sen. Bill Cassidy, Maxine Crump on race...
can't wait for Barrie Cassidy to be gobsmacked by Heydon's non email use.just like Lefty Bill Clinton .
Ah I think trish and bill put her in her place 👌🏽
Since all serial criminals are always known by 3 names, I say we call him Bill Wayne Cosby. Let's get it started, people:
U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy spoke in Leesville this afternoon:
Where is Bill, has Bill done a door stop! where is Dave Oliver, Ged Kearney, Bilious Cassidy. Are they having tea with Gillard,s Tim?. M I A
On the boat tour of the River Bluff subdivision with Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington and Sen. Bill Cassidy
VIDEO: Sen. Bill Cassidy wants more resources for serious mental health victims
Sen. Bill Cassidy has endorsed his colleague David Vitter for Vitter helped Cassidy out big time for
“Bill Cassidy says rolling back Obama’s healthcare law will be one of his top priorities in the Senate
accuses Bill Cassidy (R) defeats Sen. Mary Landrieu in Guerrero in (the accuser) was held by U.S. has battered Philippines for ac...
Bill Cassidy voted for the omnibus bill. What a weenie, spineless, sellout. It's time to start supporting efforts to upgrade and replace the pseudo-conservatives we just elected. I am glad Mary is gone but I had no illusions about Bill Cassidy when I held my nose and voted for him. Humph!
We voted for you, Kim Cooper Jones, and Bill Cassidy both times. It's a new congress, we need new, real leaders, not Boehner!
“Press:Bill Cassidy has defeated Mary Landrieu in the Senate race. :))
The Associated Press is calling the Senate race. Bill Cassidy has defeated incumbent Mary Landrieu for U.S. Senator.\ Republican Bill Cassidy easily ousted Louisiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu in Saturday's runoff election, padding the GOP's new majority in the Senate next year. The Associated Press called the race with Cassidy leading Landrieu, 65 percent to 35 percent, with just a handful of precincts reporting. Landrieu had edged Cassidy in the November primary but fell well short of winning the majority of the vote necessary to avoid the runoff. With Cassidy's victory, the GOP will hold 54 seats in the Senate when the 114th Congress convenes next month - a net gain of nine seats.
“GOP adds to majority as Mary Landrieu loses to Bill Cassidy in Louisiana Senate race. NB Dems. u must run with pty & ppl.
Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu lost to The Tea Party Republican congressman Bill Cassidy in the Louisiana Senate runoff election on Saturday, completing the GOP’s dominance of the Deep South in the upper chamber. The Associated Press called the race not long after polls closed. The three-term incumbent, who chairs the influential Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, worked hard in the last days of the campaign to bring African American voters to the polls. She also tried, but failed, to convince enough fellow Democrats in voting to approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Cassidy’s election is noteworthy in one respect — the state of Louisiana has not been represented by two Republican senators concurrently since 1876. His victory brings the total number of Republicans in the Senate up to 54.
Democratic Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu defeated by GOP's Bill Cassidy in last midterm race
With 100% of the votes counted in the Louisiana Senate runoff, Bill Cassidy (R) won by 56%, Mary Landrieu (D) got 44%.
Senate race comes to an end with Bill Cassidy set to replace Mary Landrieu: Louisiana voters cast their votes ...
Everything fell apart in a matter of ours tonight tho😭 Chris Brown & Larrueche, Bill Cassidy elected & my residents said our floor flooded
I get on here to see y'all cutting up, tonight: Bill Cassidy & Stacey Dash. Chris & Karreuche. Can't. Even.
Bill Cassidy beat Mary Landrieu & Chris Brown & Karreuche broke's going up on a Saturday 😂❗️
first Chris Brown & Karrueche, now Bill Cassidy over Mary Landrieu 😪 WORST. DAY. EVER.
We talking bout Chris & Karate Chop meanwhile Bill Cassidy is about to have us slaving for minimum wage..😒
| Will Mary Landrieu now say she has heard the 2/3 of voters who didn't vote? Congrats to Bill Cassidy. Great job, Louisiana.
Senator-elect Bill Cassidy preparing to speak. Watch him live here:.
Bill Cassidy won we chap it's ova for us
Its been a good run, Mary Landrieu. No it hasn't. Congratulations Senator elect Bill Cassidy.
ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Good riddance to Mary Landrieu who goes down to defeat in the Louisiana runoff
Im not defending Bill Cassidy, but it's our OWN states fault for not protecting Higher Education & Healthcare. There is no…
“bill Cassidy is against black people !!”
Mary Landrieu clears final hurdle to becoming full-time lobbyist for the most destructive industry on Earth
Looking forward to the rest of the country discovering how creepy and weird Bill Cassidy is!
.has the story: Bill Cassidy trounces Mary Landrieu in Louisiana Senate runoff.
All the mfs that were screaming "my vote won't make a difference" are the reason Bill Cassidy won.. Cause numbers don't lie..
Ok no, Bill Cassidy is NOT gonna keep you from achieving goals. However there is greater potential that it will be more di…
So very happy to see Bill Cassidy win the Senate seat in Louisiana! Cajuns slapped upside the head in Acadiana...
Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana loses reelection bid to Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy
“pray to the lord that bill Cassidy don't fover blacks..”He is!!
Bill Cassidy in the the great words from Thugnificent off boondocks, "EAT A *** OLD *** !
Little Giant Ladders
& Bill Cassidy won senate of Louisiana psh..
This was Bill Cassidy's election to win. Mary had no chance in the run-off.
Bill Cassidy co-sponsored the "Abstinence Only" Legislation then announced his unwed, teen daughter was pregnant.
Editor's note: Along with 246 House seats, Republicans will have 54 Senate seats next year, with Bill Cassidy's ...
Mary Landrieu Falls to Bill Cassidy in Louisiana Runoff: Landrieu's loss means…
Exactly what is Bill Cassidy trying to do?
Bill Cassidy's entire campaign was based on hating Obama. He hardly talked about anything else. It's a shame racism is so powerful.
Mary Landrieu falls to Bill Cassidy in Louisiana runoff
If bill cassidy wins that's just the end of life itself
Welcome to the wave, Bill Cassidy. Now remind your fellow republicans that y'all were elected to STOP Obama, not work …
Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu , burdened by ties to an unpopular president, lost her bid for a fourth term on Saturday to Republican Bill Cassidy. With less t…
BATON ROUGE — Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy has defeated Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu, denying her a fourth term and extending the GOP's domination of the 2014 midterm elections that put Republican...
Too much going on: Chris and Karruche, Bill Cassidy, Southern lost.
Senate Republicans expanded their majority in the upcoming Congress on Saturday when Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy defeated Democratic Sen. Mary...
While yall worried about Chris Brown and his ole lady, Louisiana just took a turn in the wrong direction with Bill Cassidy being senator
In case anyone is interested, Bill Cassidy defeated Mary Landrieu in the Louisiana Senate seat run off race giving Republicans 54 seats in the Senate.
Although he looks a little creepy..Bill Cassidy just beat Mary Landrieu like a tied up mule! Most importantly, all of us in East Texas can watch TV without seeing either one of them on every commercial!!
SMH,REALLY BRUH⁉️they done mess up now.. Bill cassidy in office‼️
Non-shocker: Sen. Mary Landrieu loses big to Bill Cassidy in Louisiana run-off via
Chris made y'all forget about Bill Cassidy winning that fast😞
Incumbent Mary Landrieu waged a fight against GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy to hold onto Democrats' last U.S. Senate seat in the Deep South
Politics in the news : AP: Bill Cassidy, GOP, elected U.S. Senate, Louisiana
Bill Cassidy won for reals. Oh Louisiana youse in trouble. *** On the brighter I saved money by switching my insurance to Geico
I really cannot believe yall went & let Bill Cassidy steal this election from Mary Landrieu. Bill Cassidy ran his entire election on bashing & trying to discredit the freaking PRESIDENT, who by the way isn't even going anywhere for the next 2 years. I really just can't deal w/ Louisiana right now.
Republican Bill Cassidy has defeated Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu, giving the GOP another victory in the final election of the 2014 midterms.
Bill Cassidy. .smmfh at the non voters.yall wil see what all the noise was about
The race for U.S. Senator has been called by the Associated Press and Republican Representative Bill Cassidy beat out Senator Mary Landrieu who has been in office for three terms.
National media outlets have started calling the Louisiana Senate race for Baton Rouge Rep. Bill Cassidy. It was expected that the Republican would beat incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu in Saturday's runoff.  The following organizations have already declared Cassidy the victor: The...
How much can we take smdh Mike Brown Eric Garner now Bill Cassidy!!
Bill Cassidy won so basically we screwed!
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Bill Cassidy won the election on the repetition of one catch-phrase: "Mary Landrieu is friends with [President] Obama." Sigh.
Great News! Bill Cassidy is our new Senator for Louisiana!! Mary Landrieu can start packing her bags!!!
C-SPAN airs coverage of results and speeches in the runoff election between Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Representative Bill Cassidy (R-LA) for Louisiana's Senate seat.
BREAKING: Bill Cassidy is projected to beat Mary Landrieu and become the next Senator from the great state of Louisiana!
People never fail forget the important things. As many people as it is in Louisiana, majority of them didn't get up and vote today. I bet if it was a new drink coming out everybody would've rushed to that, but y'all couldn't get up for a minutes today and go push a few buttons? Bill Cassidy is beating Mary Landrieu because no one voted like they should have. That's really sad,everybody is gonna be complaining about how they can't find a job, or how they can't get government assistance, but you didn't do anything about it so your words are empty. Do better. This was a chance to make changes happen for the better.
Well we all know bill Cassidy finna close nuvvo down better enjoy y'all selves toma night lol!!!
If federal dollars could buy a Senate seat, Louisiana's Mary Landrieu would have been celebrating re-election rather than conceding defeat Saturday night. Much has been written about the national Democratic Party's decision to abandon Landrieu in her runoff against Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy. Ther…
This is just sad. Bill Cassidy truly ran on a platform of "A vote for me is a vote against Obama" and it worked. Smh
In the Senate race, with 1694 of 4018 precincts reporting: Bill Cassidy 59% Mary Landrieu 41%. So far, only 28 of 366 Orleans Parish precincts are reporting, with 21675 votes for Landrieu and 3496 for Cassidy. Still no precincts reporting from Jefferson Parish.
With less than 1% of precincts reporting, AP calls the Louisiana Senate runoff race for Republican Bill Cassidy over 3 term Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu, by a whopping 65% to 35%! Cassidy supports an anti-amnesty rider that blocks spending on Obama's amnesty. I think voters are sending the strongest message they can. Will DC listen??
Now he is called Senator Bill Cassidy! Do I hear an Amen? Yeah! GOP
Bill Cassidy gonna get a projected 65%. Thank you JESUS!!! THIS IS A GREAT DAY. Jackson can now grow up in a Louisiana that resembles a republic.
Bye bye Mary congrats to Bill Cassidy as La's new senator.
Smh.I can't believe Bill Cassidy won over Mary Landrieu oh well me n mine always depended on God from the start n we gon keep it that way!!! I hope y'all doing the same cuz if u think it's bad now it's bout to get worst!! Pray up if u ain't prayed up!
I am very grateful that Garrett Graves and Bill Cassidy won their elections tonight but I am more grateful that the political calls will now stop. featured in NBC s Science of Love
In the final insult of a devastating 2014 election for Democrats, Sen. Mary Landrieu, the party’s last remaining statewide officeholder from the Deep South, was trounced Saturday in the head-to-head Louisiana Senate runoff election. Republican Bill Cassidy’s resounding victory is the nin…
BATON ROUGE -- Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy seemed poised to win the nation's final Senate race on Saturday, with a substantial over edge Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu as voters cast ballots in the hotly contested runoff race.
NRSC Chairman Jerry Moran notes that Bill Cassidy will be one of a dozen new Republican senators to take office next month.
Welp Landrieu lost to Bill Cassidy, so thanks to all you dummies tht didnt get out & vote.
Though Oppressors continue their attempts to Oppress me I REFUSE TO BE OPPRESSED! "No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper" All my LIFE I HAD TO FIGHT! Slavery, Jim Crow, Bull Conner, Lynchings, Church Bombings, Car Bombings, Dogs, Hose Pipes, Cross Burnings, Rape, Unfair Housing and Job Policies, Racial Profiling, Police Brutality, Looting, Poor Education.YET I RISE! "Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I AM THE DREAM AND THE HOPE OF THE SLAVE" I'm not afraid of Bill Cassidy or Garrett Graves nor of the conservative ideologies they represent! I RISE! Those filled with blind superiority complexes that fail to accept the fact that they are in the populous that these conservatives are trying to hurt, those that fail to realize that POVERTY knows no race! Those so engulfed with hatred toward mankind yet proclaim to be Christian, those that rely on governmental aid but think they are somehow entitled while others are not worthy! Oh VIPERS, you shall REAP just what you SOW! Congratulations on your ...
Why was Bill Cassidy elected, almost all of his campaign (as well as that other guy) was "Landrieu *** vote for me". As a black man in a red state under a conservative regime, I'm expected to go to jail for being broke because everything is too expensive...simply because I'm not white and can't get a better job. It's been real, go ahead and arrest my brokeass now, right wing leader.
Y'all just don't no black r white bill cassidy finna make it hard for us just watch and see
Bill Cassidy claimed a ninth Senate seat in a dominant midterm election for Republicans.
AP calls Senate race for Republican Bill Cassidy; Mary Landrieu unseated after 18 years
The fools in this state just elected a fool to the senate. When will the politicians stop playing these stupid games. I don't care if you're republican or democrat, just do your job and represent the citizens who elected you. Bill Cassidy has absolutely no respect for President Obama (the same can be said for most of his colleagues). If you don't respect the man respect the office. How could the people in this state elect him to the senate running on the platform "I'll vote to stop Obama?" I just have to shake my head at this one.
There's a new US Senator and he is Republican Bill Cassidy. Congratulations!
The are calling Cassidy the winner. Ready to hear her concession speech. Wonder what she will do with her home in D.C. now? Bet she becomes a high paid lobbyist. Louisiana U. S. Senator 942 of 4018 Precincts Reporting Bill Cassidy 247,425 58% W Mary Landrieu 179,672 42%
Congratulations Louisiana. You are now just as stupid as Mississippi. And congratulations, Bill Cassidy.
WHAT HAS LOUISIANA COME TO? Bill Cassidy, David Vitter & Bobby Jindal will now be leading our state.right down the drain. 😔
Governor Jindal issued the following statement on the results of Louisiana's runoff election. Governor Jindal said, "Congratulations to Bill Cassidy, Garret Graves, and Ralph Abraham. Tonight, Louisianians rejected the rigid liberal ideology of President Obama and Mary Landrieu. Mary Landrieu and the President were both elected on the same day six years ago to bring hope and change to Washington. Instead, they brought the most liberal approach to governing this country has ever seen – from the government takeover of health care, to a nearly $18 trillion national debt, to a weakening of American power and prestige internationally. The President was right, his policies were on the ballot this year, and Mary Landrieu is those policies' latest victim."
Bill Cassidy won so all of you who don't want to work better get it in your system to start
Mary Landrieu seems to be chipping away at Bill Cassidy's lead. With 763 of 4018 precincts reporting, Cassidy 57% Landrieu 43% This is relevant: None of the reporting precincts are in the NOLA area.
Well there you have it. We sent Bill Cassidy to the Senate, because we as a people didn't go out and vote.
I am so on top of the world Bill Cassidy won!!
Associated Press calls the winners as Bill Cassidy winning over Mary Landrieu and Garrett Graves winning over Edwin Edwards
Congrats to Bill Cassidy on his victory tonight in the Louisiana Senate race. That makes 54!
A slight change in the Senate race. With 527 of 4018 precincts reporting, Bill Cassidy 58% Mary Landrieu 42%
Smh Bill Cassidy has won. Yes I voted so I can complain
In the Senate race, with 353 of 4018 precincts reporting: Bill Cassidy 61% Mary Landrieu 39% In the 6th Congressional race, with 48 of 575 precincts reporting: Edwin Edwards 34% Garret Graves 66%
Mission Accomplished: Mary Landrieu is gone. We have a new Senate leader in Louisiana and that is Republican Bill Cassidy. Now we can start fixing this state and start getting rid of Obama and his cronies.
Does anyone know if Bill Cassidy is in the Lead?
Bill Cassidy at the crown plaza in BR I'm bout to go up there and flash out who down lol
Hot dog! Bill Cassidy has defeated democrat Senator Mary Landrieu in the Louisiana Senate race. Another demoncrat bites the dust.
Lesser of two evils if I do say so myself of Bill Cassidy winning this election.
Bill Cassidy said there will be no more pig feet and tripe boils on Saturdays lol it's prohibited
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GRAND SLAM! After 18 years mary lou andrew just lost election in louisiana to Bill Cassidy a republican!! Ye haw. said they were fed up with Obama and libs agenda!!
Louisiana I hope yall didnt mess around and let Bill Cassidy slip in. Shame on you if you a Louisiana resident and you didn't vote! Quietly un friend yourself!
Bill Cassidy said we should close some of the HBCU and build PRISONS in their spot.. WOW.
In other news Bill Cassidy is currently leading! Get out and vote people!!!
Did you know that Bill Cassidy wants to CLOSE SOUTHERN AND GRAMBLING?! He states that these aren't "quality schools"HAVE YO…
Bill Cassidy is a 99.8% favorite over Mary Landrieu in the Louisiana runoff.
Sen. Mary Landrieu is relying on a close group of staunch Democratic supporters as she makes a final push to save her Senate seat from Republican challenger Rep. Bill Cassidy ahead of a Dec. 6 Louisiana runoff election.
Mary Landrieu, Bill Cassidy faceoff in final debate: Down in the polls and with no easy path to victory in sig...
In a conference call today, President Barack Obama endorsed Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) in her bid to win her Senate seat, which she has held for more than a decade, against Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA).
Mary Landrieu, Bill Cassidy go on the attack in final Senate debate
Republican voters in Louisiana are apparently all-in for the upcoming Dec. 6 Senate runoff race featuring Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu and GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy – and that could mean trouble for the incumbent.
Mary Landrieu, Bill Cassidy faceoff in final debate
So... Watching this debate... Bill Cassidy just mite be an *** ..
Do NOT let Bill Cassidy get in office !!
The Kern County Young Republicans are on their way to Louisiana elect Dr. Bill Cassidy to U.S. Senate.
Bill Cassidy's part-time job at LSU Health Sciences Center draws scrutiny via
Excited to see leaders like Texas Governor Rick Perry join us in our efforts to send Dr. Bill Cassidy to the...
Bill Cassidy looks like Sam the Eagle from the muppets.
Rubio to rally with Senate candidate Bill Cassidy - Lexington Herald Leader
Bill Cassidy resembles an Angry Bird almost as much as Chris Dodd resembled Sam the Eagle
Here are a few programs you may have missed on C-SPAN this week: Wednesday: Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) speaks several times on the floor of the U.S. Senate on the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Senate will vote on the pipeline Tuesday. Thursday: Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) speaks on the KeystoneXL Pipeline legislation he sponsored. The House approved the pipeline on Friday, 252-161. Wednesday: Newly elected members of the Senate have a photo op with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell Don Norcross (D-NJ), Dave Brat and Alma Adams are sworn into Congress. Tuesday: Vice President Biden places a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Veterans Day. Friday: Defense Secretary Hagel and other military officials announce a series of reforms to U.S. nuclear forces. For more archived video of C-SPAN coverage:
Strange cell phone video from Tom Cotton supporting Bill Cassidy:
Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy, locked in a competitive Louisiana runoff, look to take advantage of the pipeline's home state popularity.
"It’s time to retire Mary Landrieu and elect a true leader in Bill Cassidy.”
House Rules Committee meeting this evening on "emergency measure" to approve Keystone XL pipeline - a Bill Cassidy bill
Bill Cassidy, R for Senate from LA, looks like a young Billy Graham.
"Friends, With your help we had a very successful election day. Now with another Senate seat up for grabs in December, we are activating our resources one more time to defeat a liberal Senator, Mary Landrieu, who voted with Obama 97% of the time. Bill Cassidy is the conservative candidate that forced this election into a runoff because no candidate reached 50% of the vote. Mary Landrieu has won two previous runoff elections in Louisiana and is experienced in trashing the conservative candidate to win as many votes as she needs. She downplays her liberal views in the runoff and steals many votes from moderates and independents that she lost in the general election when she championed her liberal views."
Powerful new ad from Bill Cassidy hits Mary Landrieu "not helping blacks" .
Now the biggie will be that Mary has to make up for the 202,000 ppl that voted for Rob Maness that will now support Bill Cassidy
Republicans unseated Democratic incumbents in Senate races in Arkansas, North Carolina, and Colorado, and were leading in Alaska early Wednesday. They easily held onto GOP-controlled seats in Georgia, Kansas, and Kentucky. In New Hampshire, Democrat Jeanne Shaheen barely held on against Republican Scott Brown. In one of the night's biggest surprises, Virginia Senator Mark Warner, who was thought to be safe, was up only half a point over his Republican challenger early Wednesday. The Louisiana election, in which Democrat Mary Landrieu finished slightly ahead of her Republican challenger, Bill Cassidy, was set to go to a December runoff, which Cassidy is favored to win.
1) Not only did the GOP Republicans take the Senate last night, but they did it in a spectacular fashion. They needed 6 seats to get to 51 and they won 8, while they’re very likely to pick up another seat in Louisiana because Bill Cassidy will be an overwhelming favorite to defeat Mary Landrieu in the run-off. 083012-poitics-tim-scott 2) In the House, the GOP has won 246 seats. That’s the largest majority the Republican Party has had in the House since WWII. 3) The GOP had a 29-21 lead in governorships going into the election and was expected to lose a few. Instead, the GOP came up big in competitive race after competitive race. Scott Walker won in Wisconsin. Rick Scott beat turncoat Charlie Crist. Conservative Governor Sam Brownback managed to beat back a RINO rebellion in Kansas to pull out a win. We also went on the offensive in some deep blue states. Larry Hogan won in Maryland, Bruce Rauner won in Illinois and Charlie Baker pulled off a victory in Massachusetts. 4) The GOP also won some surprise ...
As long as Bill Cassidy wins, even though I voted for Rob Maness!
Mary Landrieu has already read Bill Cassidy his rights ..and listening to him talk one thing is clear...he has NO platform whatsoever... Vote smart on December 6 Not to mention the fact that "Congressman" Cassidy has said or referenced President Barack Obama's name 10 times during that baseless boring speech.
Bill Cassidy (Who's probably going to win the runoff), and Rob Maness.
Bill Cassidy you clearly don't realize that you ran against Mary Landrieu and not President Barack Obama...sit yo *** down.
Landrieu gives "word of thanks" for Tea Party GOP candidate Rob Maness, challenges Bill Cassidy to 6 debates
Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu and her Republican challenger Bill Cassidy have advanced to a Dec. 6 runoff in the Louisiana Se…
So.what did you think about Senator Mary Landrieu, Bill Cassidy and Col. Rob Maness (ret.) for US Senate?...
GeauxLibertarian : Ballot Access Should Equal Debate-Access Libertarians may not get their voice heard inside the “The Final Debate” between three of the candidates vying for U.S. Senate in Louisiana, but the libertarians are planning to make sure they are heard outside the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication building on the campus of LSU Wednesday night. While Democratic incumbent Mary Landreau, Republican challenger and congressional representative Dr. Bill Cassidy, along with Tea Party favorite Colonel Rob Maness will have a seat at the table, Libertarian candidate Brannon McMorris has been locked out the Holliday Forum room of the Journalism Building. In a year, where LSU has lauded its efforts in both diversity and minority enrollment on the Baton Rouge campus, the Libertarians find it amusing that a diverse opinion from a minority party is not ‘allowed in.’ “We feel like we as Libertarians fought hard to get ‘ballot access’ in the state of Louisiana, so now we’re fighting to ge ...
Mary Landrieu, Bill Cassidy and Rob Maness to participate in final Senate debate tonight at LSU
Senate candidate Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-La., speaks with volunteers at the health fair at the Mary Queen of Vietnam...
Louisiana Senate race expected to go to December runoff between incumbent Sen. Landrieu (D) and Rep. Bill Cassidy (R)
As Mary Landrieu continues to flail in search of something to revive her stalled campaign for re-election, she has started attacking Dr. Bill Cassidy for something she once supported – ensuring Social Security’s long-term viability by gradually phasing in reforms without affecting those on or about…
.voted YES to renew the Violence Against Women Act that now includes violence in same-sex couples. Bill Cassidy voted NO.
The only way I'm voting for Bill Cassidy is if he was running against David Vitter.
Rep. Bill Cassidy, who is the regular Republican running against Sen. Mary Landrieu (they're joined by tea party...
Landrieu: "The Koch Brothers and Bill Cassidy." We'll hear that again tonight.
Well considering this is a Senate race in LOUISIANA. Why does it feel like President Barack Obama is running? Bill Cassidy is attacking the President, because he has nothing on Mary Landrieu. SMH
Haven't you all promised to get rid of Mary?. Mary Landrieu (D) $14,046,143 . Bill Cassidy (R) $8,628,332 . Rob Maness (R) $1,…
Bill Cassidy + Harry Reid + plantation +Donald Sterling = just another Tuesday in election season. via
US Rep. Bill Cassidy advocates for Louisiana energy workers.
Not only is Col. Rob Maness surging in the polls, he also polls better than Bill Cassidy in a head-to-head contest with Mary Landrieu.
Louisiana GOP Senate candidate Rep. Bill Cassidy outraised Senator Mary Landrieu in the last quarter.
GOP BATTLE: Conservative vs. RINO Mississippi - And Help Conservative Republican Rob Maness prevail over GOP'er who trashed Reagan. One of the last high-profile Republican primaries for U.S. Senate is set to take place in Louisiana - and we have some work to do to help a great Conservative Republican candidate. There are two Republicans running. Col. Rob Maness {USAF RET} is the Conservative Republican choice - a United States Air Force veteran, Maness is a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal and is a businessman who has received the enthusiastic backing of many conservatives from across the country. The other candidate is liberal Rep. Bill Cassidy {R-LA}, who trashed Ronald Reagan - saying the country was worse off because of his presidency - and then went on to campaign for Democrat Michael Dukakis and a series of other Democrat candidates including, most incredulously, Mary Landrieu. Isn't that absurd? Bill Cassidy is asking for the Republican nomination to run against the very same Democrat he gave ...
Looks like we'll replace Mary with Bill Cassidy. Rob Maness is not ready for prime time.
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