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Bill Burr

William Bill Burr (born June 10, 1968) is an American stand-up comedian, radio host and actor.

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LOL at Bill Burr hating these 'no more' commercials because he feels like he's getting yelled at
"The commissioner of the NFL could punt a baby with his wingtips on & I'd still watch on Sundays. This is all I have" -Bill Burr
Netflix announces new comedy specials coming up through December.
Bill Burr on Ministry, Al Jourgensen & going back discovering music you missed:
Listening to Bill Burr radio on pandora, and who comes on? Bill Burr on
Just watched Bill Burr You People Are All the Same! on Funny as *** I'm with you, Buddy. I've had that same fight too.
"Joe Flacco is the Rodney Dangerfield of NFL QBs - he gets no respect." Who is the Bill Burr of NFL QBs?
We are privileged to have Missionary Bill Burr with us this morning for
"Imagine Bill Burr with a kid." - on Pete Holmes's podcast. Swear to God I was just thinking the same thing...
What would you rather be?? 52 and look 52, or 52 and look like a 28-year-old lizard? Bill Burr is a comedy god.
Louis ck and Bill Burr are by far my favorite comedians ever.
For me, is in large group with guys like Louie CK, Brian Regan, and Bill Burr that I feel that way about :)
I liked a video {900+ Subs Special 5 of 6} Bill Burr has a Sparta ChurchRock DrLaSp Remix
Who is that with Bill Burr bookending Zombeavers? I feel like that was a day of riffing.
Bill Burr. Kevin Hart. Idk who else is close
If you think that our tuition bill paid for the football team upgrades you're an *** That is all former students throw…
Bill Burr has a pilot coming to FX, produced by the boys from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, called "Pariah". Can't wait to see this.
Honestly I could just sit at home and watch Bill Burr's comedy specials all day and night 😂😂
I liked a video Bill Burr-Pressure of Buying a Gift for a Woman
I liked a video Bill Burr Let it Go
Bill Burr - John Lennon, Chuck Berry, and Yoko Ono Performance: this always cracks me up lol via
I added a video to a playlist Bill Burr - You People are all the Same 2012 (HD) (Full Stand-Up Show)
In my life I've went from Barry Goldberg to Lance Harbor to Daniel Tosh/Bill Burr and I'm turning into Murray Goldberg
"So what are your favorite comics?". "Jim Jeffries right now. Bill Burr maybe". "Never heard of em"
I hope FX doesn't send Bill Burr's show to FXX and then almost immediately cancel it, or as I like call it "the ol' Jim Jeffries two step"
Jealous women who hate the simple male mind are trying to take over and ruin the NFL according to Bill Burr.
I liked a video Bill Burr speaks on southern people
Is it just me, or is Bill Burr turning into Frank Gorshin? Who's directing the next Batman?
Thank you Conan fir always allowing Bill burr to rant
Bill burr and Kanye west have the most hilarious rants.
Jessie Tyler Ferguson, Lewis Black, Bill Burr, chrissy heim are in Church of Philadelphia
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Bill burr. Feel like I heard his name somewhere recently.
Bill Burr is priceless on Conan tonight.
So Bill Burr was on Conan talking about how woman ruin things men like. He talks about football, but you could ...
Just watched on Awesome as always. Did a "Bill Burr Conan" search and got this tho...
Can't wait to get the new Bill Burr album.
Bill Burr is the funniest comedian behind Kevin Hart .
Watching right now. Wow, Bill Burr is killing it right now! 😂
A few complaints about Bill Burr on Conan tonight, throughout my TL. . Must have been hilarious.
Did anyone see Conan? Bill Burr's sexist humor is still not remotely funny.
Bill Burr is generalizing, but he is a comedian. That's what they do.
"The NFL commissioner could punt a baby across the room, and I'll still watch football." -Bill Burr.
Comedian Bill Burr on Conan tonight was great. Rant about NFL, domestic violence, & how women want to take over football bcause it annoys em
"All next month the NFL is going to dress their players like new born baby girls" Bill Burr
Sad how many people find Bill Burr funny.
On journalists: "It's a bunch of nerds interrupting people who know what they're doing!" Bill Burr
Bill Burr making some good points on Conan 😂
"The commissioner can literally punt a baby across the field and I will still watch football." -Bill Burr
"You know what makes women happy, NOTHING!" - Bill Burr
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't find Bill Burr funny.
did Bill Burr shave his head or is this just time marching onward?
Start your morning with some Bill Burr :)
If you have and haven't seen the Bill Burr standup, "you're all the same" you NEED to watch it. HILARIOUS!
Bill Burr, Chris D'Elia, Aries Spears, Christopher Titus, Tom Papa, Owen Benjamin and more for only…
If Bill Cosby, Louis CK and Bill Burr ever did a comedy show.I'd go
So this one time, this one summer Margot, Anne, Nikolas and I went to the Oddball fest and saw Marc Maron, Bill Burr, Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Anzari, Louis C.K. AND Dave Chappelle. So amazing!
Had an amazing time with some awesome folks at the Oddball Comedy Fest last night. Marc Maron, Bill Burr, Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, Louis CK and Dave Chappelle were all fantastic. I was also blown away by my first exposure to Ron Funches. $20...groupon...RTR.
Mmmm Comedy Vinyl...I want! releasing Live at Andrew’s House, will chronicle his Carnegie Hall performance
Saw Louis CK, Bill Burr, Jim Gaffigan, and Dave Chapelle among others last night at
Ok 24 Hours, I got to see Chris Hardwick, Jeffery Ross, Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Ansari, Marc Maron, Sarah Silverman, Chris D'Elia, Hannibal Burress, Dimitri Martin, Brody Stephens, Bill Burr and Louis CK, in the first row. This has a comedy nerd's Woodstock. Nearly everyone was at the top of their game. It's been fantastic. Worth all the effort to be here. I'm lucky to have been able to see most of these performers in their own individual shows before this but seeing them together has been epic.
Last night at the Oddball Comedy Festival, we saw Marc Maron, Jeff Ross, Bill Burr, Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, and Louis CK (among other up and comers)...then Dave Chappelle surprised everyone and came out at the end! He had no material but just heard about the show and flew out to be apart of it. It was awesome beyond belief, even though it was miserably hot outside. I think we've officially seen everyone on our comedian bucket list!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
great line up. I like Maron and Louis CK the most on there. Bill Burr and Aziz are both very fun as well. Never watched Brody
The Oddball Festival was awesome. Bill Burr made me laugh the most, but the surprise Chappelle set reminded me of the value of a good encore
Then you've never bee a guest in Bill Burr's house...
Sorry stockard but, bill burr, Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Ansari, Louis CK, and Dave Chapelle kept me up late and I'll be sleeping through class
Bill Burr had his own "Kanye like" awkward/hilarious moment when he doesn't believe a member in the crowd is blind.
I wonder why Bill Burr hasn't been on in a long time...
Bill Burr - Bacon and cheese has been stuffed into a crust
Bill Burr is releasing a vinyl on ThirdManRecords tommorow and I want it so bad. :'(
The guy on the US $10 bill - Alexander Hamilton, a war hero - was shot dead by Vice President Aaron Burr in a gun duel in 1804
My comedy hero's are as followed:. 3. Mitch Hedberg. 2. Bill Burr . 1. Whoever named the kumquat
Best part about Monday is Bill Burr's podcast
Bill Burr is going to be at West Palm Beach Improv Nov.14th we should get him since he'll already be in state!
Had to bust out the carhart this morning... Burr
This is why Bill Burr is one of the greatest under-appreciated comedians of our generation 12 minutes of just...
Also I still don't really care for Bill Burr. Marc Maron should've had his time slot! Or Chris Delia. That dude killed it
I mean Bill Burr might be a huge wrestling fan, I have no idea. Might make it more awesome if he isn't?
Bill Burr, you mean Bill Boring.. Sexism could be funny if you knew how to do it right.
I liked a video Bill Burr at the Patrice O'Neal Roast
Best fiancé ever, got me tickets to see Louis CK, Bill Burr, Jim Gaffigan, and special appearance by…
was amazing! Bill Burr and Louis CK were hysterical!
Oddball Fest was dope. Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr, Aziz and Chris D'elia killed it 👍👍
Bill Burr is the funniest man alive .. Besides me
Oct 11th I will be featuring for the the 1 and only in Palm Springs get tix ASAP
Bill Burr must be the most sexist comedian working today.
Bill burr is the funniest comedian ever.
Bill Burr is not funny. How does it feel to be stuck in the 50s ***
Bill Burr makes fun of blind guy faking it, and finds out he is actually blind
Just saw Ron Funches, Marc Maron and Chris D'elia. Next up is Bill Burr, Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Ansari then Louis CK. All in one night. Jesus...
Bill Burr always kill it with his stand up routine.
Bummed I don't get to see Bill Burr but so excited to see Hannibal Buress and Louis CK
Think the only comedian I've seen do a DV bit is Bill Burr and I stopped watching it after.
Ive searched extensively and the only white comedian thats funny is Bill Burr.
Almost time for what Comedian Bill Burr calls the "nerd concert".
“Bill Burr is the funniest comedian period” Dave Chappelle
Bill Burr is an amazing comedian I daresay he's in the same vein as George Carlin. And carlin stands alone. But this guy... ***
Bill Burr's take on Steve Jobs. Haven't agreed more with a comedian ever
Comedian Bill Burr destroys the Banksters. Language warning!. Awake, genius Comedian Bill Burr focuses his ire on...
Am I ready for some football?!? I'm being a total *** to one of my idols (Bill Burr)..yeah, I'm jacked up and not being a positive person.
Bill Cosby (Far from Finished) & Bill Burr (You People are all the Same) are two comedians who have made me laugh a lot this morning..
I know them ripping Burr's grandma, Ant vs Bill on racism and global warming, Taradise clips and Grizzly Man are "classic"
I haven't listened to a lot of the Bill Burr episodes I've been uploading. I don't have the time.
Hey, you know how Louis has Lizard, Paul O's movie, Bill O'Donahue.. Patrice - Illuminati, Dr Z, Golf etc.. Which are Bill Burr's?
I added a video to a playlist KPCS: Bill Burr
When your roommate swears he paid the light bill
I hear myself in so many comedians. Last night it was neal brenna and joe rogan. Its usually louis ck and bill burr. These are my heroes.
"There are sad clowns everywhere" Probably the most poignant interview ending ever. Of course it features
bill burr is in Toronto??? swing by my place for beers after.
Jim Jefferies bare, bill burr you people are all the same, breaking bad, it's always sunny & raging bull
Bill Burr, Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, Dave Chapelle, and uhh.. I can't think of a fifth.
smitty any news on Bill Burr coming on the rundown?
*Bill Burr voice* Looking like a bunch of amateurs ova herrre
Got to see Dustin Hoffman, Salma Hayek, Bill Burr and kevin costner in Toronto today.
Watch this sketch, very funny after watching show Bill Burr Dogs, Kids & A Prius:
longtime opener & protégé 4 talks about what it takes 4 Bill Burr to bring you under his wing:
"Bill, make it look like you want kids from this pic I took." - Nia Burr
as Bill Burr said, if you don't learn to fight you're just gathering supplies for the toughest guy on the block :D
I liked a video bill burr not trust womens tears
Bill Burr is so underrated. Check him out man, he has two specials on Netflix.
You should check out his tv show too, its pretty good. He is by far my favourite Stand up comedian along Bill Burr.
mmp? Bill Burr has a joke where if you do anything remotely feminine you having that nagging "what are you a *** !" In yo mind
dude anything aziz is killer and Bill Burr is funny
Bill Burr is the funniest comedian 😂😂😂
If you thought mousasi's entrance song was creepy, go take a look at the video for it. It's by Gessafelstein...Oh geeezus (bill burr voice)
I may buy my buddies ticket. I didn't buy one because Bill burr wasn't on the list. You'll love red rocks.
Bill Burr did this when they started that nonsense .
Got to see Bill Burr, Hannibal Buress, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Chris Hardwick, Jim Jefferies, and Michael Che yesterday!
.. drinking some chai tea & watching some Bill Burr stand up. Hope wins ALL THE THINGS at the tonight ! :D
No. Bill Burr has something good on this. "Oh you saw a ghost? Let me guess. You were alone and it was dark, right?"
I liked a video from Bill Burr on the Edward Snowden Situation
I liked a video Bill Burr⎢Five year olds have no excuse for being fat!⎢Shaq's Five Minute
Bill Burr standup on the way to work
Just saw Dane cook.. and Bill Burr at Hollywood improv.
Walking down Melrose and passed Bill Burr leaving the Improv. Love watching his city tours on YouTube.
I have definitely watched all of bill burr's stand up shows
These dumb people are too stupid to even find good comedy. Bo Burnham, Louie CK, Bill Burr, Hannibal Buress, et al... go over their heads.
Bill Burr starts to break down talking about Patrice O'Neal - Conan: via
Robin Bill and the profound impact of insightful comedy in a world steeped in insanity.
I liked a video Bill Burr vs his Wife Nia full version - mgtow
I liked a video bill burr vs scarlett o hara (gone with the wind)
I liked a video bill burr quote, women are like adult children
Robin Williams, Bill Burr, and the profound impact of. insight
This is what would happen if Bill Burr was a dad
Golf is only exciting when Aaerios broadcasts it and when Bill Burr rants about it
Bill Burr's 12 minute rant on the people of Philadelphia is down right hilarious
Bill Burr just told a story of a benefit he did with Bob Saget where Bob wished the disease they were trying to cure on the club owner. 😂
Watch Bill Burr be very funny on Conan as he discusses Paula Deen:
"God's everywhere but I still have to go to church to see him?". -Bill Burr.
Bill Burr on the ice bucket challenge:
Dude bill burr is coming to pittsburgh!!!
Bill Burr on Stefan Molyneux: I thought you might want to hear about a "celeb" who doesn't buy it.   10% Off
The next Bill Burr on O&A upload is 3 hours and features Joe Rogan. I'm rendering that one now. I should have it up later today.
I hope that Gucci Mane is a fan of Bill Burr.
yeah, and Bill Burr, but Tosh and Jeselnik are my top two.
Bill Burr Zombies, Shotties & Good Spread (enjoy) One of my favorite comediens : via
Hopefully my buddy bill burr can cheer me up
I just started watching your silent hill play through, and the way you talk reminds me a lot of Bill Burr. Just wanted to say hi
Louis CK is really good but his last special was very average. Im a huge Bill Burr & Carlin fan.
There is an epidemic of gold digging *** in this country -Bill Burr
If I had one wish I would wish for Bill Burr and Russell Brand to be my best friends. 😂
I need to get some comedy. DVDs. Loyiso Gola and Bill Burr.
Jones beach theater show with Dave Attell, Louis C.K, Chris Hardwick, and Bill Burr??? I'll take a lesson from comedy gods.and Hardwick
not even Bill Burr could reckon with the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto. Hope you have an off fest show at a certain TO room
when a woman asked Bill Burr why is it that a man gets paid more money to do the same job than she does his reply was because whenever there is a boat sinking or a house on fire or a plane that needs evacuated. then men are always told to stay behind and the women and children go first..what about me!! Im not fire proof.!!! That sh!@ will hurt me too.
And Louis CK, Bill Burr and Conan were gingers so that goes without saying. They managed to turn bad experiences into something good.
NOVA Deal:Amy Schumer, Bill Burr, Dave Attell, Hannibal Burress, and More on August 21 at 5 p.m. (Up to 44% Off)...
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look up bill burr Arnold Schwarzenegger on YouTube
80/20 Burger Bar on They have a bill burr burger! Any idea why it's named after him?
Bill O'Brien just texted - asking for tips on how to get his players arrested. Gave him directions to the Rosenberg Ko…
so did you ever tell why Bill Burr didn't get along with Bonnie?
Bill Burr is a stand up comic and he is just as funny as Kevin Hart and he's on Netflix you guys should watch😂
Every funny thing you say reminds me of this guy: Bill Burr 5 Minute stand-up.:
Bill Burr in BB was the biggest surprise
solid list, dont know Gotti though. Bill Burr i've been told to listen to his podcasts.
Has anyone ever told you that you sound a bit like the Comedian Bill Burr?
Overheard: The Conversation - So I think I've been inspired by Eddie Huang, Moshe Kasher, & Bill Burr...
Up early and getting Bill Burr yelling into my morning!
I will finally get to see Louis CK thank you sweet baby J. Oh and bill burr too ye ye
Weird Al does the Bill Burr "lady!" yell in his Polka cover of Gangnam Style.
Of course there's a Bill Burr show the weekend I'll be out of town.
dude don't forget Mr. Bill Burr. Want to go to this super bad but I would want close up seats, not lawn. Close up seats are absurdly pricey
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Bill burr and Chris porter are 2 of my favorite comedians! 😊😊
What do you think? Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, Aziz Ansari, Bill Burr, Jim Gaffigan, & More on September 13
That e-bill I just received almost put me in a coma.
She act like she never seen a ten dollar bill before. Call me Aaron Burr by the way I'm dropping Hamiltons.
Wo going to Oddball comedy fest on the 22nd with Louis CK, Bill Burr, and others
Bill Burr is the funniest man alive lol
You will not regret it and if you do. Watch Bill Burr. That guy is a beast!
Amy Schumer, Bill Burr, Sarah Silverman, Hannibal Buress, and More on August 31 at 5 p.m. (Up ...
Everything reminds me of a Bill Burr joke.
I'm reminded of a Bill Burr joke now
I liked a video from Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast with Jim Norton (07-21-2014)
if you love Bill Burr, you have to see this! I died laughing. tour of Hampton Beach, New H…:
Lmao bill burr is slandering fat kid
you really need to watch Bill Burr's special "You People Are All The Same." It's on Netflix.
Just realized how close Bill Burr's women hitting bit is to Chris Rock's in Bring The Pain... bit only 2 sentences but...
its not for me to "approve" and never was really...he does a better job than bill burr does at comedy! That's fair.
I'm sad that I caught up to Bill Burr podcasts.
Congress - It was Sen Richard Burr, R-NC & GOP who voted against bill to fund VA reforms, not Kay Hagan .
just listened to latest podcast, great, bill burr in Montreal still best. Rename podcast to The Clam Show eh?
In my ears? on Generous and entertaining. I love when laughs.
The Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr is comedy gold. Entertaining as ***
I swear Bill Burr is the most slept on comedian 😂😂😂
Bill burr on Netflix is better than lolla 😋😎
Today, President Obama signed the cellphone unlocking bill into law in the Oval Office:
Bill Burr makes the point I made in my CNN article, but better:
I have to say Bill Burr and Louie CK are my favorite comedians ✌️
I liked a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Bill Burr, Brian Redban
"Gold diggers are the woman beaters for men" lol bill burr
good to hear bill burr destroy you on the podcast u should pick your battles better First dice then desrosa. Now burr
you gotta hear this kids reaction to your interview! Bill Burr Interview Going Viral on Reddit
Man I love Bill Burr. We angry white guys have gotta stick together.
Who wants to see Bill Burr in Tinley Park August 31st? I would really want to, if anyone else would like to let me know.
I'm watching Bill Burr - Why Do I Do This and I'm asking myself.. Why do I do this?? Gosh this guy is phenomenal
Oh my god...this is the most awkward podcast I've ever heard. Bill Burr and Bonnie McFarlane really have it out...
"Why would I want to go into the ocean? That's where ALL the sharks live." —Bill Burr
I was gonna go to that one but something came up. Bill burr isn't in all the shows :/ you gotta go dude! It will be sweet!
"You can only ask questions about what the guy did, you can never ask about the women, why is that?" Bill Burr
I could make the trip to montreal to listen to the podcast but i don't think bill burr would want to join me
Watched Bill Burr's Let It Go stand-up on Netflix last night. Hilarious! He's one funny dude.
Bill Burr on fighting with women...
Listened to the Bill Burr Montreal MWHM podcast today, uncomfortable, yet funniest and best ever !!
watch bill burr's take on domestic violence. I couldn't stop laughing.
have you never heard the Bill Burr routine about hitting girls? You should listen to it first
I'm at the Laugh Factory to see Bob Saget, Bill Burr, and Dane Cook.
Is it fair to say that bill burr is a one-dimensional hack when it comes to women and relationships?
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I liked a video Bill Burr on Motherhood
would probably trade Lewis Black for Louie CK and bump him up just behind Carlin. Might also swap Bill Burr for Chris Rock.
Hilarious. Senator Corker on the Senate floor blasting the cost of the bill. Senator Burr is sitting next to him shaking his head no.
Sen. Corker on the floor blasting bill cost. Sen. Burr sitting right next to him, shaking his head 'no'.
Check out this podcast! '130 - Live from Montreal with Bill Burr' - Vos and Bonnie: My Wife Hates Me
Bill Burr is one of the greatest comics living too.
If youre mad about what Screamin A Smith said look up what Bill Burr said
Sports journalism to Stephen A Smith is taking the jokes out of a Bill Burr bit and applying it to an actual woman's pain.
In studio today! Jim Jefferies, Bill Burr, Nick DiPaolo, Bob Kelly, Marc Maron, and one more I forgot about! Amazing!!
I dont want to be the next Bill Burr or Gabriel Iglesias, i just wanna be Nate Smith.
just inspiring EDM tracks left and right.
Listen here: Someone Turned Bill Burr’s Anti-EDM Rant Into an EDM Song On a recent Monday Morning Podcast, Bill Burr went off on “EDM” and “DJ Music” stating that DJs can turn something into a hit song from just “wah wah wah.” How does the internet respond? In the best possible way of course. Here R…
Bill Burr on mothers who think they have the most difficult job on the planet. This is hilarious. ( BTW I am not...
Nothing like listening to Bill Burr rant while finishing work :)
I was just listening to bill burr's podcast and laughed so hard I farted. I thought wow how old am I ? Because thats an old man thing to do. Might as well put my slippers on and sign up for a caretaker.
Bill Burr's bit about Arnold Schwarzenegger is a pretty good encapsulation of our culture. Don't let it go over your head.
Thanks to everyone who made our 3rd Annv Show AWESOME! Especially Bill Burr! Bryan Callen! theo von! Geno...
and we can thank Bill Burr for this exploration
Bill Burr, Nathan Fielder and more win 2014 Just For Laughs Awards via
I felt like a jerk typing "Bill Burr Cracka", then *** auto-completes. Clearly not the 1st to search for the clip.
I will never not want to see bill burr
Can't keep myself away from the Bill Burr podcast.
So Bill Burr’s anti EDM rant has been converted to an EDM song & it's bumping. LMAO.
Bill Burr = Very Funny: Although, come to think of it, might be a racist pedophile -
Bill Burr's analysis of that situation is pretty *** funny:
: I hope you put my man Aries Spears, Bill Burr & Crazy Katt Williams in it!
Just for Laughs Awards 2: Nathan Felder (Breakout Comedy Star of Year); and as previously announced, Bill Burr (Standup Comedian of Year).
No, I just saw this on Bill Burr's timeline. Might be losing out on donations as you give 0 evidence, yet spam people for money
I'm beginning to learn how to imitate bill burr's weird shouts on his podcasts. that dude is hilarious!
what's the D?!? You cancelled your show in MTL? Now I'm stuck going to see Bill Burr!
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Bill Burr’s latest Las Vegas comedy stop is the Mirage
Honored to be a small part of gala at . For tix:
Listener made a song out of my EDM impression:
bill burr chris delia and Hannibal Buress at dte august 29th!!
John C Reilly. Paul Giamatti. Bill Burr. Louis CK. Guys that look like they're right out of 1980s New York. That's my hope.
Bill Burr, Louis ck, John mulaney, first that come to mind, look it up tho
Less than 4hrs sleep = already in bed with hot water bottle listening to Bill Burr on Call Chelsea Peretti (what a classic)
Bill Burr podcast are the best way to start Monday. Kevin McGowan
YouTube bill burr before you leave the house today.
BIll Burr screaming in my ear means its monday.
Bruh. Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast is gold.
Bill Burr was the entertainment of choice for the trip to Melbourne on the weekend. This bit had us in stitches.
bill burr,bill burr conan,bill burr stand up,bill burr podcast,bill burr philadelphia,bill burr you people are all the same,bill burr let it go,bill burr why do i do this,bill ... - Get more at
Bill Burr the funniest comedian alive.
Bill Burr made a short film. I've only just watched it:...
Bill Burr told a heckler "go hug ya dad" onstage and I can't wait to do the same thing in public
I'm messing with u guys about Doughty's name, and I call Frazier...Fraser! My bad! Bill Burr got me into ur show! Go Kings, Go!
Bill Burr is a very funny stand up comedian. Burr's special "Let it Go" was recorded at The Fillmore in San Francisco and premiered on Comedy Central. - Get more at
Because I thought it was relevant and Bill Burr is one of my favorite comics. And maybe itd help you see the other side.
. Sorry the quality is bad, but I felt it was kinda relevant.
my takeaway from the Ray Romano podcast... you do an awful bill burr.
Watching some Bill Burr stand up before I catch some winks. Lovin it!
hysterical clip with Bill Burr on Opie and Anthony.
Sen Hagan & Burr need to attach HR 4261 to the Bill for reform to ensure Gulf War Illness is not ignored
One of Bill Burr's stand up routines.
Thankful for Bill Burr. Without him I don't know how I'd make it across Nebraska.
when is Bill Burr getting his own show? DONT THINK I DONT REMEMBER YOUR *** ON CHAPPELLE'S SHOW!
This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Bill Burr (also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http...
I think bill burr is pretty funny. He has stand up on Netflix
Have a listen to Just For Laughs Stand-Up Performer of the Year chat with on You Made It Weird
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Tonight on the ''Lots A Laughs'' comedy show in the News segment we will discuss the shake up in late night tv Jimmy Fallon coming David Letterman leaving Arsenio Hall getting the shaft,Steven Colbert and John Stewart,Connan Obrien,Jimmy Kimbal,Seth Myers,Craig Ferguson we got it all! we might even throw in Steve Katsos and RJ Sheedy,and discuss the upcoming show at Joke In The Box comedy club n Hudson NH,In the phone call segment we will make a surprise call to ''Mike'' the second most interesting man in the world! In the Rumble we will put Louie CK and Bill Burr against each other get your opinions ready who the better comic is YOU the listener decides Packed with Comedy and Music its 2 hours of radio you wont want to miss! Tune in on your computer at
Beach burr - Drinking a Crabby Bill's Ale by at —
So far this summer, I have been to Vegas to gamble and caught Bill Burr's comedy show in Atlanta's historic Tabernacle concert hall. All along, I could not shake this thought: Why can't we do things like this in Augusta? We can. We just have to find some sort of identity. Something that we can build on that everyone can take pride in. Vegas and Atlanta do not have supernatural powers. In fact, with a church on nearly every street corner, we should be the ones with supernatural powers, right? The people in these other cities are not that much more talented than we are. I don't feel like anyone is taking this personally. It should offend us that surrounding cities are generating revenue, hosting events, and developing faster than we are. Our response should be, "Wait, we are just as good as they are. Watch this." If we can build something around The Masters, then that is fine. Personally, I think that we should create a week-long festival that begins the day after The Masters. Don't like that? Ok. Perhaps w ...
Bill Burr makes me have a hearty chuckle over and over.
Bill Burr summed up Americas thoughts on soccer
Bill Burr just summed up every American's thoughts on soccer this World Cup
Brad Pitt West Africa Islamic State Hannah Graham Pope Francis South Korea President Obama American Idol Hong Kong Ched Evans Premier League Oscar Pistorius Star Wars White House David Cameron Princeton University Serena Williams Steven Caulker Manchester United Sierra Leone Boko Haram Toni Morrison United Nations Middle East New Hampshire Notre Dame Nicholas Brendon Gone Girl Internet Explorer 8 Matthew Morrison Harry Redknapp Nobel Prize Pulitzer Prize Sixpence None The Richer New Zealand Easy Rider Mutual Fund President Barack Obama Dallas Cowboys Old Trafford Daily News Hillary Clinton Foo Fighters Tennis Association Catholic Church Christopher Walken Brandon Marshall Vampire Diaries Wall Street Tim Wonnacott Percy Harvin Super Bowl Seattle Seahawks Shrien Dewani South African Bill Oddie Kim Kardashian Kelsey Smith Democratic Republic James Foley John Oliver Joss Whedon David Fincher Social Security Stuart Lancaster Second City Soldier Field Best Day Ever Kiss Me Blake Lively South Africa Adel Taarabt Thomas Eric Duncan Peyton Manning Amber Vinson Cutty Sark Victor Moses Long Island Captain America Darren Wilson European Commission Loftus Road Downton Abbey Lady Gaga Michael Brown Man City World Tour Finals Garry Monk North Korea Los Angeles Brendan Rodgers European Union Siding Spring Russell Brand Ariana Grande North Korean Internet Explorer Robbie Collin South Pacific Ken Burns

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