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Bill Burr

William Bill Burr (born June 10, 1968) is an American stand-up comedian, radio host and actor.

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I love doing radio, and I love doing stand-up, obviously.
I added a video to a playlist Bill Burr on UFC 202 Diaz vs Mcgregor and Female Pilot Problems
This is Bill Burr one year ago on Trump.
Bill burr was in it too towards the end 😂
Bill Burr on Colin Kaepernick and national anthem controversy
So funny and so true.. Bill Burr Standup VS a lame crowd of Political Correct Zombies via
I liked a video from Bill Burr's Controversial Thoughts On Muslims
I liked a video from Bill Burr - Texas Man Buys House for 16 Dollars
Bill Burr is hard to have in this day, personal peace of mind or heart.
no it was a bill burr comedy video on YouTube that had a depression med style ad for "moz academy" before it started.
I liked a video Bill Burr takes on Hillary Clinton
Gotta meet some friends in 20 minutes but I can't stop watching YouTube videos of Bill Burr. Life is hard.
"The Trial of Aaron Burr"; 1901 article in McClure's magazine
At this comedy show for work and this bro straight up is ripping off bill burr hard.
Wait, didn't Bill Burr already do that thing where he just rants on how terrible Philly is?
So it's much worse than originally thought? (Bill Burr is cool though!!)
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Bill Burr has never tried to use his comedy as a vehicle for neoliberal activism.
I'm going to at Orpheum Theatre in Omaha, NE - Oct 1
Sitting down with Bill Burr to discuss his role in the comedy world.
Re: Bill Burr gives some great advice to 19 year old balding: Im a Bill Burr fan. Always have been! But after...
Bill Burr the most incredible thing he see in his life In His LIFE
Hey bill_burr it's the theme of F is for Family at my brother's wedding
My bill to lower student loan rates has led to the lowest rates in years.
Bill Burr's comedy really isn't for me
How have I only just realised that Bill Burr is in breaking bad. 🤔
Bill Burr talks about the super cars from Qatar that arrive by plane in London.
Bill burr said women are constantly patting themselves on the back. I never believed him till I started observing thei…
Now I know how all those acts in Edinburgh who had shows at the same time as Louis CK and Bill Burr felt.
I'm not going to lie. I am a psycho. Luckily, I get most of it out on stage.
Going to see Bill Burr live next weekend. Pretty stoked.
Does anyone extra tickets to Bill Burr on the 9th? via /r/Charlotte
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
ICYMI: Burr was 1 of 3 senators who voted against a bill prohibiting congressional insider trading https:/…
I added a video to a playlist Joe Rogan Experience - Bill Burr, Brian Redban
Danny Aiello, Bill Burr, Wood Harris, Mike D and the nephew Duncan but Burr and Aiello are streets ahead.
My top comedian: (not in any order). :Bill Burr. :Demetri Martin. :Anthony Jeselnik. :Jim Gaffigan . Go check them out.
Folks, folks - according to /r/sc, Bill Burr is gonna be on the next Austin podcast
I listen to Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast. Adam Carolla's is rge most listened to, and it's pretty good.
"How many Toyota Camrys so you have to see on the road before you realize not everybody's dreams work out." - Bill Burr, last night at NJPAC
Great stuff opening for Bill Burr tonight at NJPAC.
Bill Burr. were the 25mins worth it? :)
We made the last 25mins of Bill Burr YAY!!!
Bill Burr at the NJPAC in Newark was hilarious, brought tears to the crowd. New stuff and improv all came off.
Clutch move going to the 9:30 Bill Burr show
Doing car bombs before the Bill Burr show
and on our way to New Jersey, Bill Burr's waiting for us
Bill Burr: "Go after a dream. There's a tremendous amount to risk if playing it safe" via
New Bill Burr stand up always welcome on a roady
bill_burr at the NJPAC @ New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC)
Aaron Burr should be on the new three dollar bill.
I liked a video Bill Burr Compilation of Greatness
I liked a video Bill Burr on the illuminati, bilderberg, and trump
The best thing of was the commentator. He was like a Bill Burr connected to a polygraph machine. Good job!
Coming out to the Bill Burr show at Boardwalk Hall tomorrow night? You could be our Lucky Horseshoe winner!
daniel tosh, my homegirl put me on to bill burr. Louis c k funny too
If this bill becomes law this is scary as *** Backdoors in everything. Computer security dead.
At the Bill Burr show with kristd23 :)
Bill Burr on The Death Of Muhammad Ali (06/06/2016) great stuff from Bill 👍
He's looks like the darkest timeline version of Bill Burr.
Bill Burr shares memories of Maine on weekly podcast - Bangor Daily News
Stop what you're doing and listen to Bill Burr's newest podcast. I'm crying. Dude is off the rails.
Bill Burr and more announced for the Vodafone Comedy Festival...
😂😂😂 look up "bill burr marriage" on YouTube. It's from a standup comedy act. Not projecting actual views on marriage
TONIGHT! Back by popular demand, is SOLD OUT for his only performance!
Happy Friday everyone! My man and I are on our way to Newark to see Burr . begin. 6/17/16
"Phil Kessell looks like he works with wood" - Bill Burr
Working tonight but going to the 4.30 Bill Burr show at the Vodafone Comedy Festival at the end of July. Joe Derosa is supporting
Bill Burr @ Iveagh gardens - evening show sold - limited tickets left for early show.
My coworkers look like famous white guys. One guy looks like James Wood, one guy looks like Jack Nicholson and one lady looks like Bill Burr
Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Bill Burr, Louis C.K, Russell Peters... those are the ones I can recall right now.
Patrice Oneal on O&A with Jim Norton and Bill Burr via
Jim Jeffries and Bill Burr. They'll help you laugh through woman issues.
Jim Jefferies and Bill Burr in the same year.
Bill Burr is on at the Manchester Apollo on August 4th, Stu.
Super Comedy shows all planned for summer - Jim Jefferies, Louis C.K. and Bill Burr. C'mon July/August!
People who are funnier. •Bill Burr. •Jim Jefferies. •Eddie Murphy. •Chris Rock. Get with it. Y'all are too mainstream
on the topics of stand up comics. Bill Burr or Tom Segura are insanely funny.
I liked a video Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies on Equal Pay and Wage Gap (MUST WATCH)
Is Bret Ernst related to Justin Ernst? Justin Ernst was not funny. Thought he was. Was not. Also, hey, Bill Burr! Cool.
The fact that Bill Burr knows who Stefan Molyneux is unreal to me
Bill Burr always been the best comedian
My other half got me into Bill Burr over a year ago and he is by far my favourite comedian of all time!! I...
Comedian Bill Burr had a great description of Baaston: "It's like a racist San Francisco."
Flaked, Daredevil, Under the Dome, F is for Family (hilarious with Comedian Bill Burr).
the clip of Comedian Bill Burr in the post sums up my view on it
Bill Burr is my favorite stand up comedian I think
Please tell me you know who the Comedian Bill Burr is? He has a HILARIOUSLY accurate bit on this exact thing.
He did it! Lavell Crawford, Bill Burr, and a pile of money. in .
First remember Lavell Crawford from Didn't even know that was Bill Burr too!
Watching a Comedian Bill Burr special has me in tears.
Bill Burr is a really good comedian.
Hannibal Buress and Bill Burr in the same movie! 2 of my fav
'falling in love with a wild animal is like falling in love with a stripper. it doesnt end well.' -Bill Burr
"I wanted to be Bill Hicks meets Bill Burr. I’ve ended up more Les Dawson meets the bloke from the Go Compare ads."
I wish people who like Chris D'Elia would stop doing that and listen to George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, Bill Burr, Robin Williams
"Casino Rama is like an illuminati ski lodge"-Bill Burr *dying*-me
Louie C.K., Bill Burr, Hannibal Buress. George Carlin and Dave Chappelle. Anthony Jeselnik as well. I can't name just one lol
Bill Burr.always looks like he just left a turkish bath house
We can't wait for Bill Burr's "Plowin' Ahead Tour"! As part of LOL Sudbury Comedy Festival, Bill stops in...
want to see Bill Burr and Christopher Titus do a show in Denver together. soldout
I'm officially convinced that Joel McHale and Bill Burr are the same person using a phony accent. I've never seen them together
Not in order (as of now). Patrice O'Neal. Chris Rock. Dave Chappelle. Don Rickles. Bill Burr
try Chris Porter or anything from Bill Burr on Netflix for both
I'll be sticking to Dixon from here on out... Maybe one shot at a Bill Burr call? Right nevermind.
For me the Bill Hicks should be in this list.The Patrice Oneil, Bill Burr, Bernie Mack, Dave Chappelle,Katt Williams...etc
Bill Burr thinks people are easy on Peyton because he's ugly | Steve...
This is gold - Comedian Bill Burr narrating a video of John Lennon playing with Chuck Berry:
Bill Burr is coming to Windsor, I'm ecstatic
ICYMI: Audio of Norman/Sherman trash talking and Bill Burr talking Pats and Colts. .
Insult comics like Don Rickles always have. Bill Burr is great with it and so is Steve Hofstetter.
the funniest people on the Internet are Angela Johnson, Rex Navarrete, Trevor Noah & Bill Burr (Whatever happened to Dane Coo...
comedy is at an all-time high right now. Bill Burr, John Mulaney, Doug Stanhope, Louis CK... we're living in a Golden Age
is a great series that my kids all say is pretty much a reflection of me. Check it out, Bill Burr...
Bill Burr, Jim Jeffries and Dennis Leary is a classic
I remember where I heard this. It was Bill Burr speaking to Pete Holmes in reference to comedy but the principle holds up across all fields.
Bill Burr teaches Elijah Wood how to kill
Bill Burr is one of the funniest comics on the planet IMHO. his cartoon, F Is For Family, is now on Netflix.
F is for Family on Netflix is a lot like The Kennedys. Except it's about Bill Burr's 70s childhood instead of Emma Kennedy's.
really good. 3hrs. Shane Smith, Randall Carlson, Grahame Hancock, Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope. The new one with Lance Armstrong was..
have you ever played Richmond VA? I've seen Bill Burr and Jim Jeffries in a theatre here and they did really well, you would too.
Bill Burr is up there with Patrice O'Neal for best comedian.
I like listening to old uploads of Opie and Anthony on YouTube - episodes with Louis C.K., Bill Burr, and Patrice O'Neal are great.
My husband tells me he thinks Jim Jeffries is offensive, then unpauses his Bill Burr podcast.
so im saying Patrice, John Witherspoon, Paul Mooney, Louie CK, Chappelle, and then you and Bill Burr gotta duke it out
no i just googled who Bill Burr was
She said you look like an uglier Bill Burr
After so much grief connected to the word "Muslims", it's a joy to see that Bill Burr has a piece with that title.
I think Bill Burr was the first to call Draft Kings and FanDuel gambling.
RILEY: Netflix gave Bill Burr a cartoon and it could be my favourite animated thing since Bojack Horseman.
Bill Burr and Lavell Crawford were in Bad and I didn't even notice😱When the drama *** you in!!
Great seats Bill Burr is so awesome tonight. @ Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University ICI Center
Bill Burr is pretty good these days, along with Doug Stanhope, Jim Jeffries, Hannibal Burres and Louis CK, at least IMO
Fun fact...My favorite comedians are all red heads: Bill Burr, Louie C.K., and Brian Regan
I liked a video Epic! Bill Burr on Church, Religion and God
Pretty dope day yesterday. Lions game and then Bill Burr with
"New phone can't fit the old charger, this is your hero?" Bill Burr love
Bill Burr destroys Monsanto in profanity-laced video
Need to find someone to go see Bill Burr with me !
Did you know that was selected by Bill Burr to support him at the Sydney Opera House?
How the *** did Bill Burr just have a show here and I didn't know?! Soo mad I missed it. Favorite. Comedian. Ever.
Met one of my heroes Bill Burr this morning on the way to work after seeing his show last night. Holy…
off-topic, but I saw ya at the Bill Burr show last week. Got any time to talk CFB or NFL, as we get to mid-season?
When local comedy gets to the level of Bill Burr, Louis CK etc, then perhaps I'd pay for a show. Not the current prosaic recycled jokes.
I liked a video Bill Burr Wants Charities Out Of Sports - CONAN on TBS
I liked a video Bill Burr On Caitlyn & Bruce Jenner - CONAN on TBS
I liked a video Bill Burr On Donald Trump’s Appeal - CONAN on TBS
Comedians that need to be president of the US. 1.Dave Chappelle. 2.Bill burr. 3.louie Ck
another reason why Bill Burr should run against Obama
Eating rice at 2:30AM and watching Bill Burr and no one can stop me.
Kicking myself in the nuts for not going to see Bill Burr
Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr. Yes, it's Tuesday evening. I work too much.
get me that podcast and my day is made... Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast. HEY!
Heading out to Taft Theater to see Comedian Bill Burr. So excited about our pit tickets!!!
Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast is up. Funny stuff. Catch him on tour!.
I'm going to Bill Burr at Embassy Theatre on Oct 18, 2015!
Bill Burr on one of the most overrated people in history, Steve Jobs
I liked a video Bill Burr destroyed Steve Jobs
for Bill Burr in for wednesday oct 28 are still available
Love Louis CK; along with Bill Burr he's my favourite comedian. The one comedian I truly can't stand is Bill Maher. Fraud.
Hung out with Tom Papa, David Koechner and Bill Burr tonight. Nbd tho
After listening to a lot of Patrice O'Neal and seeing Bill Burr live, I'm definitely starting to elevate my standards of that I like
Dean Ambrose looks like Bill Burr, Xavier looks like Eddie Winslow.
Bill Burr has a very short bit on white baseball before Jackie Robinson in that special of his on (I think) netflix
This is a show I'd like to see: A Tribute to Lost Laughs starring Bill Burr, Tom Papa and others tix are overpriced
Bill Burr is an international hero 😂 Oprah / Lance Armstrong Interview... via
These days, I basically know not to listen to anything a person says if they start quoting Jim Jeffries or Bill Burr.
AWESOME. I'd much rather hear jokes about trans people from pros like South Park, Bill Burr, and The Carmichael...
I get all my current events through Bill Burr's podcast. Learning about atrocities from a comedians perspective is top shelf
I'm going to Bill Burr on the 27th! I was wondering if you'd see Rhys Darby and/or Brent Morin with me! (24th and 26th) 😁
There are people in this world that think Kevin Hart is a better stand up comedian than Bill Burr or Dave Chappelle.😐😮😶
Louis CK & Bill Burr randomly dropped in at the Comedy Store last night,and that was free admission. One can dream lol!
Just saw Bill Burr and Louie CK do stand up. No cover charge. The Comedy Store is legendary!
"Donald Trump makes Pat Buchanan look like John Denver" - Bill Burr is filled with awesome!
Two best comedians right now: Bill Burr and Jim Jeffries
Looks like Bill Burr broke the internet for his upcoming 11/14 MSG show in NYC. Got my tickets already.
Dave Chappell, Bill Burr, Eddie Murphy in his prime, Chris Rock, Louis C.K and the list goes on
Bill Burr calls out for being conference member on Conan -
Bill Burr to be Ronald McDonald. Jim Gaffigan to be Jack. Brian Regan to be Burger King. Louis C. K. to be Wendy.
Like the Lakers are gonna allow Jack Nicholson to play point guard or Bill Burr to quarterback the Patriots...
Checking out Comedian Bill Burr on Netflix. Let's see how this guy is.
This week for "The Question from *** (every morning at 6:20), win tickets to see Comedian Bill Burr if you get...
Bill Burr is the realest comedian ever
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Thanks for coming to Brisbane! Brisbane City Hall is a tough comedy venue though. Ask your buddy, Bill Burr.
my favorite comedians are George carlin, Louis C.K., Bill Burr and Joe Rogan, my childhood dream was to be a stand up comedian
Bill Burr might be the funniest comedian alive
Bill Burr might be my favorite comedian
Or how he and Bill Burr literally cackle at a young up-and-coming comedian over cigars that probably cost more than my car?
Well him and Bill Burr and also Christopher Titus
I mean Bill Burr, Gary Owen, Corey Holcomb, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams.they great too but they recent no offense to them or any other
Bill Burr, John Mayer and nudity. I'm on board.
don't know if you've heard dis but it's well lol. Recommend the Bill Burr on Adam Smith one
That said, some of my favorites are: Bill Burr, Jim Norton, Aziz Ansari, Marc Maron, Maria Bamford, and Eugene Mirman
Lewis Black: Old Yeller. Bill Burr: Sorry you feel that way. Ron White: A little unprofessional . Gold. Pure comedy gold from start to finish
Got tickets to watch the mighty Bill Burr at the Montreal Comedy Festival... back of the Net!
Comedians who wouldn't do the in 2015: Louie CK, Bill Burr, Jim Jeffries
I don't you think guys understand how much Bill Burr is my spirit animal.
Listen to this til the end. Dj is inspiring. And we already know that, right Bill Burr - DJ Ashba Advice
So excited for Can't wait to see Bill Burr, Hannibal Burress, Craig Burrguson, John Burrlaney and Burrton Burrswalt!
Man, I love good comedy. Bill Burr was great on the opie and anthony show when patrice oneal was on too. LOL. Thanks man
Best known for his work on television and stand-up specials featuring comedians Bill Burr, Bob Saget and Tom...
Bill Burr - Cast of Lion King and Aladdin at Airport
Russel Peters at the Pala & Bill Burr at San Manuel, ughhh I want to see both!
My best friend from middle school now looks like Bill Burr had a baby with Glenn Howerton (Dennis of "It's Always Sunny").
tell him have Bill Burr cook for him!
Anyone that works at Applebees hasn't progressed past the seventh grade- Bill Burr
I might go to Bill Burr at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, OR - Jun 18
it's so sad though because they'll probably never relax enough to get to enjoy Bill Burr, Louis CK, or even Ji…
Bill Burr | Thursday, June 18 | Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall | Tickets go on sale Friday, May 8 at 10am |
Oh my god this guy Owen Benjamin ripping off Bill Burr so bad
Kev made me listen to them all the time. Bill Burr, Bill Simmons.. Lots of Bills.
If ya see Bill Burr, gimme a shout. I'm just not down for a comic safari tonite. I prefer a canned hunt
Hey Your video is airing on Bill Burr, Chris D'Elia, Nick Thune and More at 5:00pmPT on
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
If she can sit through a stand up of Anthony Jeselnik, Ricky Gervais & Bill Burr & doesn't get offended, she's a keeper. So, keep her.
Bill Burr and Jeff Garlin, hilarious combo via
Bill Burr is a hilarious human being
I am a Brit and have just recently discovered the genius that is Bill Burr. Like most Brits I think that British comedy is superior to any other. We have the likes of Billy Connelly. Python. Rowan Atkinson , Only fools and horses etc. But the US gives us Carlin, Williams, Chris Rock and now Bill Burr. I search daily on Youtube for more of his outpourings with gleeful anticipation.
I wanna pull a Bill Burr and choke slam you so you could answer my texts
Comedian/actor/writer Bill Burr to make Savannah debut at Johnny Mercer Theatre
I really want to pull a Bill Burr and choke slam my way up that corporate ladder and get to the President of YMCMB and release Carter V
wish I had a female friend who liked & bill burr as much as me
every time I type like that I hear Bill Burr's voice.
the very first one with Bill Burr was so painful I was surprised they did it again
hey when are you going to have a all ginger episode with Bill burr Louis CK & Christopher Titus
The hitman in Ep 3 of looks like Bill Burr
those have a purpose. The only person with any business just rambling about nothing into a mic is Bill Burr on his podcast
I've really come around on Bill Burr and this might be one of my favorite things ever. Boos turn to laughs
Bill Burr is the voice in my head and if you don't know who that is watch one of his specials and you'll understand me even deeper
Buy Miche Bag Online!
.Every article on women's issues should be mandated by law to have a Bill Burr clip embedded into the page:
"Ya know what's funny is that there's actually people out there that think that a woman being president is a good idea."- Bill Burr
Im sure youve already seen this but here, the podcast today reminded me of this - Bill Burr Philly rant
I'm in! Bill Burr is one of my favorite comedians!
I'm excited. First Bill Burr on Saturday, Alex Thomas yesterday, and now...
Comedian Bill Burr is a week away and close to selling out.. Don't wait to buy these tickets. GET THEM HERE:...
Is Bill Burr appearing any time soon?
I don't even care what the content is, I'm down for a Bill Burr cast. You know just how angry at nothing I can get.
If you're looking to add some flair to your Monday morning commute check out Bill Burr's podcast. Hilarious way to start the week
Let it Go always kills me. Bill burr has yet to top that special
.interviewed one of my fav comedians Bill Burr, who's coming to Jackson April 27:
Bill Burr Live in Concert at Wilbur Theatre - MA - May 11. ► Tickets:
haven't watched it but what's the problem with it? Wondering as he was on the Bill Burr podcast last week talking about it
.billburr takes comedy too far, and it's great. SBComedyFest
Who else wants to go see Bill Burr in Jackson? I need a comedy frand to go with.
I added a video to a playlist Opie & Anthony: Bill Burr and Maria Menounos (05/29/13)
I liked a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Bill Burr
can't watch Louis CK, Bill Burr, Robert Kelly, Sherrod Small, Patrice O'Neal, Haniball Burress, Jim Norton etc and still see K Hart as funny
Past special guests have been Bill Burr, Whitney Cummings & Dave Chappelle who's it gonna be tonight
Then when you try to re-sign Barnes long term, you bring Bill Burr & Louis CK into the negotiations. Barnes might stay for free
Someone just put Frank Turner and Bill Burr together, would you please?
Yotubazos:"Bill Burr, Terry Crews and Pete Holmes answer "Can Women be funny?""->:
i like all Dave C, Bill Burr and the dreaded Lee Evans lol. Kevlars Madison Sq was nice tho. I liked Jerrods... tho only me lol.
Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Louis CK, Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr --watch their acts and tell me Kevin Hart is still funny..
If you missed your chance to win Bill Burr tix on air, you can register to win a pair here:
Joe rogan, Bill Burr, Joey coco Diaz, now U, the west side is Ruff, come out swingin
you need to watch the new Bill Burr!
Bill Burr Live - Spell Check: Even before he was big the man was hilarious!
I just love to watch stand-up comedians. Steven wright and Bill Burr are hilarious! 😂👌
"It's so hot in here, I'm starting to understand where all the racism comes from" - Bill Burr 😂😂😂
Bill burr talking about dubai on his podcast "its like they let the kardashians and snooki design a city" very accurate assessment.
The bill burr version of this would be liam neeson as a cigar
"Beautiful women are only around when you have stuff" -Bill Burr
Bill Burr dropping in feels like when you don't know what to do with the rest of your night and then you get a text from a booty call.
Bill burr i'm sorry you feel that way,stand up comedy 2015
I just discovered Bill Burr. The man's a genius.
Bill Burr on the NDAA and Politics: Black Comics Gone Wild reports Bill Burr on the NDAA and…
Bill Burr comes on TV and both my kids yell, "Bill Burr"! Now my wife is mad at me.
Some guy interviews Bill Burr for the second time and knows nothing about him: submitted by wobinidan [li...
That's why bill burr is so INCREDIBLE! He can perform in front of Blk crowds n his material sells it! He don't pander 2blks by actin Blk
When are you guys releasing the podcast you recorded with Bill Burr?
How the heck am I just now hearing about Bill Burr?! Dying laughing watching all his specials on Netflix! 😂
I love bill burr but why is his latest special shot in black and white? I'm an artsy dude but even I don't get it
Bill Burr told a similar joke about being a white guy in Harlem.
Guess it's Benn with the burr under his saddle tonight. Takes swipe at Zetterberg at 3:30 of the second period.
Heard Bill Burr's name in a commercial. Gotta listen to his cover of Uptown Funk now
Comedian Bill Burr does a hilarious take on the Florida State Tomahawk Chop ((via r/CFB)
This Wednesday is gonna be fire redban marcmaron Bill Burr Pete Holmes joerogan
Son bill burr is my new favorite comedian
Housecleaning w/ Bill Burr and Coliseum: Complete. Next up? Bikebikebike + evening riffage:
I get all my stuff out & start writing, 1hr later I'm cracking up at Bill Burr and thinking *** these books and papers are in my way'. 🙇🙎
Hey I put you singing Uptown Funk on the podcast to music!
Rap games Bill Burr. Except I'm the version when he's being serious and not his normal funny self.
Dave Chappell, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Bill Burr & Louis C.K. (and that's only men) Somore, Big…
Taking Comedy Abroad Can Be A Challenge: NPR's Arun Rath speaks with Comedian Bill Burr — just back from a tri...
Bill Burr visited India and then did a podcast about it
forgot chappelle show was full of amazing comic secondary characters like Christian finnegan and Bill Burr.
Bill Burr talks about the AIB Roast on his podcast :
Bill Burr talks about AIB on his podcast. Also says it's time comedians stop apologizing :)
Monday Morning Podcast - Bill Burr: Bill Burr rants about relationship advice, sports and t...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I can't wait to see how Saul Goodman convinces Bill Burr to give up comedy for a life of crime.
10 years with my ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥. Going to see Bill Burr tonite! cant wait to hear about his trip to Bombay
Bill Burr challenges marriage laws in his Monday Morning Podcast,
Bill Burr had probably passed Jim Jeffries for the top spot on my favorite comedians list. His Netflix specials are crazy funny.
Bill Burr talks about Mumbai and the AIB Roast on this week's podcast.
HHR midnight post Bill Burr & the panel discusses everything from 75% in favor in to
Bill Burr would be more famous in India if he added "ay" at the end.
Louis CK, Bill Burr, and Jim Jeffries are the best comedians out there.
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