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Bill Burr

William Bill Burr (born June 10, 1968) is an American stand-up comedian, radio host and actor.

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Bill Burr = Very Funny: Although, come to think of it, might be a racist pedophile -
Bill Burr's analysis of that situation is pretty *** funny:
: I hope you put my man Aries Spears, Bill Burr & Crazy Katt Williams in it!
Just for Laughs Awards 2: Nathan Felder (Breakout Comedy Star of Year); and as previously announced, Bill Burr (Standup Comedian of Year).
No, I just saw this on Bill Burr's timeline. Might be losing out on donations as you give 0 evidence, yet spam people for money
I'm beginning to learn how to imitate bill burr's weird shouts on his podcasts. that dude is hilarious!
what's the D?!? You cancelled your show in MTL? Now I'm stuck going to see Bill Burr!
Bill Burr’s latest Las Vegas comedy stop is the Mirage
Honored to be a small part of gala at . For tix:
Listener made a song out of my EDM impression:
bill burr chris delia and Hannibal Buress at dte august 29th!!
John C Reilly. Paul Giamatti. Bill Burr. Louis CK. Guys that look like they're right out of 1980s New York. That's my hope.
Bill Burr, Louis ck, John Mulaney, first that come to mind, look it up tho
Less than 4hrs sleep = already in bed with hot water bottle listening to Bill Burr on Call Chelsea Peretti (what a classic)
Bill Burr podcast are the best way to start Monday. Kevin McGowan
YouTube bill burr before you leave the house today.
BIll Burr screaming in my ear means its monday.
Bruh. Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast is gold.
Bill Burr was the entertainment of choice for the trip to Melbourne on the weekend. This bit had us in stitches.
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Bill Burr the funniest comedian alive.
Bill Burr made a short film. I've only just watched it:...
Bill Burr told a heckler "go hug ya dad" onstage and I can't wait to do the same thing in public
I'm messing with u guys about Doughty's name, and I call Frazier...Fraser! My bad! Bill Burr got me into ur show! Go Kings, Go!
Bill Burr is a very funny stand up comedian. Burr's special "Let it Go" was recorded at The Fillmore in San Francisco and premiered on Comedy Central. - Get more at
Because I thought it was relevant and Bill Burr is one of my favorite comics. And maybe itd help you see the other side.
. Sorry the quality is bad, but I felt it was kinda relevant.
my takeaway from the Ray Romano podcast... you do an awful bill burr.
Watching some Bill Burr stand up before I catch some winks. Lovin it!
hysterical clip with Bill Burr on Opie and Anthony.
Sen Hagan & Burr need to attach HR 4261 to the Bill for reform to ensure Gulf War Illness is not ignored
Update your maps at Navteq
One of Bill Burr's stand up routines.
Thankful for Bill Burr. Without him I don't know how I'd make it across Nebraska.
when is Bill Burr getting his own show? DONT THINK I DONT REMEMBER YOUR *** ON CHAPPELLE'S SHOW!
This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Bill Burr (also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http...
I think bill burr is pretty funny. He has stand up on Netflix
Have a listen to Just For Laughs Stand-Up Performer of the Year chat with on You Made It Weird
Tonight on the ''Lots A Laughs'' comedy show in the News segment we will discuss the shake up in late night tv Jimmy Fallon coming David Letterman leaving Arsenio Hall getting the shaft,Steven Colbert and John Stewart,Connan Obrien,Jimmy Kimbal,Seth Myers,Craig Ferguson we got it all! we might even throw in Steve Katsos and RJ Sheedy,and discuss the upcoming show at Joke In The Box comedy club n Hudson NH,In the phone call segment we will make a surprise call to ''Mike'' the second most interesting man in the world! In the Rumble we will put Louie CK and Bill Burr against each other get your opinions ready who the better comic is YOU the listener decides Packed with Comedy and Music its 2 hours of radio you wont want to miss! Tune in on your computer at
Beach burr - Drinking a Crabby Bill's Ale by at —
So far this summer, I have been to Vegas to gamble and caught Bill Burr's comedy show in Atlanta's historic Tabernacle concert hall. All along, I could not shake this thought: Why can't we do things like this in Augusta? We can. We just have to find some sort of identity. Something that we can build on that everyone can take pride in. Vegas and Atlanta do not have supernatural powers. In fact, with a church on nearly every street corner, we should be the ones with supernatural powers, right? The people in these other cities are not that much more talented than we are. I don't feel like anyone is taking this personally. It should offend us that surrounding cities are generating revenue, hosting events, and developing faster than we are. Our response should be, "Wait, we are just as good as they are. Watch this." If we can build something around The Masters, then that is fine. Personally, I think that we should create a week-long festival that begins the day after The Masters. Don't like that? Ok. Perhaps w ...
Bill Burr makes me have a hearty chuckle over and over.
Bill Burr summed up Americas thoughts on soccer
Bill Burr just summed up every American's thoughts on soccer this World Cup
I added a video to a playlist Bill Burr - Why Do I Do This?
come to WV comedy club in UT already *** Even Bill Burr had been here what's ur excuse?!
I liked a video Bill Burr Epidemic of gold digging *** HD)
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Its okay I'm listening to Bill Burr, regenerating my sense of humor. Also, I have an AIDS joke for Alex.
"I'm not yelling, I'm just passionate about my opinions & I want you to hear them all before you get to talk again!!!"-Bill Burr
Bill Burr's pasty, white self. Camera could barely pick him up! He was hilarious though!
Bill burr always makes me feel better
The wife picked dinner at El San Jose, so I picked the entertainment. Bill Burr's comedy special from 2010 on Netflix. Hilarious!
Bill burr you people are all the same might be the best stand up ever
Bill Burr is a HIGHLY underrated comic.
Bill Burr was outstanding last night. Well worth the money. If you don't know him, catch one of his shows on Netflix or Youtube. Funniest guy in comedy to me.
ALL GREEN LANTERNS!!! I wanna see em all! Nathon Fillion would be great as Hal. Obviously, Michael Jai White as John Stewart. Gimme Bill Burr as Guy Gardner. and some young early twenties *** as Kyle Rayner would get the ladies in the seats. (i love bill burr. i wanna see him kick butt!) Debate me, my brethren! Who would be better for these parts?
ESPN shows reactions at gatherings - not Adam Shefter interviewing Bill Burr at NYC bar about US Soccer. No viewer was interested.
Bryan Cranston and Jonathan Banks have been confirmed, and I'd imagine Bill Burr, Lavell Crawford, and Giancarlo Esposito too!
Bill Burr, Nick Thune, the two escobars, you dont know bo, jack reacher, italian job, cabin in the woods, american psycho
At only 27 years of age, Nick has already headlined comedy clubs all over Australia, sold out numerous solo shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and Brisbane Comedy Festival and has toured the country with some of the biggest names in comedy, such as international superstars Jim Jefferies and Anthony Jeselnik. He was even personally selected by US comedy legend Bill Burr, to support him at the Sydney Opera House, as part of the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival.
that's a bill burr joke. Look it up its hysterical
Senator Burr along with other Senators has proposed a bill that would allow veterans to go to outside doctors.
PODCAST: Why is failure essential for effective leadership? http:/…
This is an excerpt from Comedian Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast from June 2nd 2014. Bill stopped by the garage and KC took him for the ride of his life i...
Bill Burr breaks down on stage talking about his Father:
So, I took comedian and actor Bill Burr for a ride in the Frankenstein Ford the other day. His reenactment of the...
Always been a fan of his stand up, but the Bill Burr podcast is just as awesome
Great Podcast! Them Bill Burr, and joe Rogan sometimes are my favorites
.TBGWT, radiolab, his&hers, the rose report, snap judgment, the read, bill burr, 2guys1show and car talk.
Bill Burr is the funniest stand up comedian
You know that Senator Burr voted AGAINST the VA Funding Bill in Feb, Right? American Legion ...
"Cheese Whiz is the perfect name for that stuff *** it's like cheese took a *** " ~ Bill Burr
Watch or listen to Bill Burr. He makes everything ok.
My life consists of brandon and bill burr and i dont think id want it any other way
Will Sen support Veterans spending bill this time after ignoring vet groups at hearing and demanding Shinseki's ouster?
Bill Burr calls getting married, "Signing up to get half your stuff taken away". Lmao.
The Clippers should be re-named the L.A. Burrito and a Hike. Signed Bill Burr
.+ Flake, Coburn and Burr announcing their VA reform bill. "The American people are demanding we make changes."
I liked a video from Comedian Bill Burr Epidemic of Gold Digging *** Must See
Bill Burr was at Arlington Improv this past weekend and I didn't know
It reminds me of "the most difficult job on the planet" bit by Bill Burr.
only familiar with Combat...listen to mostly comedy. Bill Burr Monday Morning, Joe Rogan, JuanEpstein, and Your Mom's House
The bill burr podcast teaches me lessons I've needed to learn before need them recently and I gotta tell ya, I've been coasting
Comedian Bill Burr stopped by the Red Velvet Cake studio to hand out with the crew and talk his upcoming performance at the Arlington Improv.…
Bill Burr standup on Netlfix is unreal! Cracking up right now!
Bill Burr seems like a nice guy, always helps out people's charities and stuff.
There was Christian Bale's rant on the Terminator set, and now we have Bill Burr's 'Don't text in my peripheral'.
Bill Burr - You People are all the Same Bill Burr You People are all the Same 2012 Stand Up Show Another Great special from Bill Burr. Go support Him here ht...
One of the comments was actually "I cancelled my wedding because of this video thank you bill burr" okay.
Top 5 comedians:. 1.Hannibal Burress . 2.Aziz Ansari. 3.Tom Segura. 4.Bill Burr . 5.Kevin Hart. If 2 out of 5 those are your favorites, marry me.
Tim Tebow and Bill Burr are boxing on HBO right now.
Bill Burr said to his wife " I know all black people don't know each other but can u tell Rihanna to stop drawling in her self " LMAO!
bill burr morning podcasts. You can find some of it on YouTube. Hysterical
Bill Burr's podcast is on point so hard.
Bill Burr is such a *** good standup comedian. Very quickly became one of my absolute favourites.
All I needed to do is listen to bill burr and take a knee and run down the clock.
Need a new bill burr stand up special to hit the comedy streets soon
- Volunteer, donate, or see Bill Burr in NYC: To sponsor an hour of the Record Setting Playathon, email givelaughgroove
I've had an amazing time and many learning experiences this past year in San Diego. I've seen some of the best comedy in the world here ranging from stars like Russell Brand, Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, *** san diegos finest local comedians like Eric Knowles, Jeffrey Berner, Micheal Castleberry, Medi Mike, Jesse Egan, Zoltan, Chip Nicholson, Michael Max, Maria Herman, Brigitte Berlin Beedle,Taylor Tomlinson, Jim Hayes, Tommy Lucero, Wes Sample, Dan Bubs, Bijon, etc...I've seen Bashar live and spoke with Daryl Anka afterwards face to face.. And now I'm off up to north Cal about an hour south of San Fran to a place called Esalen in a week on the 6th or 7th and have to find the best way to travel up there in between I'm asking you all for help if you can!! If you can give me a ride because you're going up there for some reason or you just feel like being nice please contact me and I will pay all the gas and food you need. Thank you!
Tonight is Bill Burr night. A ginger comedian with my ginger boyfriend. Delicious.
no good rock shows. : ( Bill Burr is at Arlington Improv, but tix are pricey. $30 - $40
Past guest Bill Burr is at the Arlington Improv today and tomorrow. Can we please get him on the show
Great night with Bill Burr! Number one funniest mofo I have ever seen @ Arlington Improv
I highly recommend seeing Bill Burr while he is at the Arlington Improv tomorrow and Friday. I felt under the...
I just want to see Bill Burr and Louis ck live please, I already saw Jim Jefferies
I need to check out with Jim Jefferies too. If only Bill Burr had a show, my favourite comedians would all be on tv.
Go watch every Jim Jeffries or Bill Burr special that's on Netflix right now
john Caparulo, Bill Burr, Louis CK all white comedians who are better than Cook..Bill burr is funny as ***
Louis CK, Kathleen Madigan, Kevin Hart, Bill Burr, and Tony Roberts my top no particular order
Youtube have some weird way to come up with recommended vids. I've been watching some Louis C K, Jim Jefferies, Bill Burr, Jim Gaffigan stand up shows lately, and the recommended vid section keeps seeing these, and thinking, ok this guy likes stand up, but giving me the worst stand up vids believable. Ellen DeGeneres? Seriously? i know she came from stand up, but, *** John Leguizamo.i didnt even know he was a stand up, i watched about 15 mins, and clearly he's not, but he has a stand up vid! Just, Youtube, stop recommending me pish, these people, are not funny! They cannot be compared to the people i am watching!
Doug Stanhope is bringing his online show, Doug Stanhope's Podcast, to the All Things Comedy podcast network. All Things Comedy was started by Bill Burr and Al Madrigal as a network for comedians, by comedians.
Can somebody make a Game of Thrones parody video with Chappelle as the former king, Louis CK as the king, and Bill Burr as …
Bill Burr is definitely one of my favorite comedians right now.
Bill Burr on motherhood: "The most difficult job on the planet" .
“"If your *** was a 3rd base coach, he would always wave you home." -Bill Burr” God enjoys your humor.
True, I guess this is the country of *** from Aaron Burr to Bill Maher.
when is Bill Burr coming on the show again?
Bill Burr has to be one of the funniest comedians out there right now
Bill Burr conspiracy theories are on point!
I wouldn't be a good mom if I didn't let my little puppy watch Bill Burr before bedtime. (Like I would! I could hear him laughing through the walls and ended that party fast.) To much lol
I send someone a Bill Burr piece shortly after meeting them to see if they can handle being my friend
“Someone give me a funny *** stand up to listen to on this drive home” bill burr epidemic of gold digging ***
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Bill Burr said the real problem is gold digging ***
Monday Morning seems to work for Bill Burr
Being a mom is the toughest job on the planet? Bill Burr has another idea:
Bill Burr on "The most difficult job on the planet"
You know, that's the main focus of the show, his divorce. Lotta C words. Bill Burr I think I sampled once. Sounds terrible.
Weird. I know he had a contentious divorce a while back, but geez. But man, Bill Burr is just a ***
I don't think I've disliked any modern comedian's work more than Bill Burr's standup.
To the wonderful woman who gave birth to me; who willed me to live when I might not. To the lady who smuggles my Xmas tree past Stratta then helps decorate it in METAL theme; who sews punk patches on my vest & comes to shows (Against Me! Gaslight Anthem, DKM). To the mom who got JWYT tattooed on her foot then came to Bill Burr; who keeps my cats alive... ENDLESS THINGS TO SAY ENDLESS THANKS! Happy Moms Day. Love ya!
sorry you didn't enjoy it- check out Amy Schumer or Bill Burr- you might like them... ❤️
Got to chat with Bill Burr today. Talked to me about the pacers, *** comedy club. Real nice guy.
is being a mom the toughest job in the world? I'm with Bill Burr on this one
Bill Burr explains my thoughts on Steve Jobs
[Reddit Vids] Bill Burr explains my thoughts on Steve Jobs
They're all terrible. Louis CK and Bill Burr I could listen to all day. Jerry Seinfield doesn't do it for me either
also, Louis ck and bill burr if your not racist and only like black comedians lol
Jim Jefferies, Bill Burr, Jim Norton, Louis CK, and Tosh are my top 5
Watching Bill Burr this guy is hilarious why am I only just hearing about him.
do you listen to all the podcasts? Jre, family hour, church of what's happening, your moms house, skeptic tank, bill burr?
I don't know who's funnier, Bill Burr or Louis C.K. Who's your favourite comedian ???
Out in downtown to see Bill Burr with the familia
Me Brett and Bill Burr are the same person
For all you Mothers out there. Bill burr - Most difficult job on the planet
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! ♫ Being a Mother – Bill Burr
Bill Burr makes me breathless from laughter. Ha! Happy Saturday to you.
Like Bill Burr said 'Being a mother is the toughest job on the planet'. And he went into great depth from there. My mom is the greatest! Happy Mother's Day!!
One of my favorite rants form the podcast. . bill burr rambles about via
given that I just posted that bill burr clip I think you know what I think.
OK, I stole that joke from Bill Burr...
In honor of Mother's Day, I give you Bill burr who asks, is this really the Most difficult job on the planet
After a long day of drinking and tossing the football im home rewat hing Bill Burr specials thanks to
Bill Burr's take on mothers! The Most difficult job on the planet - His Excellency Bill Burr explains... via
Just gotta say, I love Bill Burr. That is all.
Date Night! Cocktail at Quality Social then watch Comedian Bill Burr at American Comedy Club!!! 😂
In relation to the bill burr video I posted, I'm walking back to work on my break and in my head I'm just thinking "I can go clock back in OR...OR...just jump in front of one these cars passing by at 50mph and just die."Not depression.Just sheer laziness and lack of motivation lol.
I've been listening to hundreds of hours of stand-up lately. Most of it is actually re-listening, but I've made some cool discoveries. Please drop a couple names and I'll check them out... and then I might judge you. ;) - Lately, it's been Louis C.K. (of course); Chris Rock; Ricky Gervais; Dave Chappelle; Anthony Jeselnik is so funny; Kumail Nanjiani; a bit of Pete Holmes; Kevin Hart; Sarah Silverman's recent special was awesome; John Mulaney is hilarious; I want Amy Schumer to be my girlfriend (despite the warts); Kyle Kinane; some Bill Burr; Moshe Kasher; Hannibal Buress can be good; James Adomian; Tig Notaro; Mitch Hedberg; John Candy; Jim Carrey I've been listening to the classics too like; Richard Pryor; George Carlin; Bill Cosby; Eddie Izzard; Steve Martin, and on and on...
I don't even get easily offended, never was by Russell Peters or Bill Burr or...etc. But there's Funny and there's Stupid.
Met bill burr last night. Was a great show :)
There are just some comics who can talk. It's not jokes, it's not a schtick. They just talk about what happened yesterday and it's gold. John Mulaney is there! Bill Burr, Louie C.K., and John Mulaney! Epic night. I love stand-up.
I wish Daniel Tosh, Joe Rogan, Joey Diaz, Jim Jefferies, Bill Burr, Louis CK, or Tom Segura would come to the Embassy
Watching Tosh.O on demand at 8am. I've seen every single episode since it premiered in 2009. Fun Fact about me I regularly watch clips of Larry David, Conan O' Brian and Bill Burr online to clear my mind in between work. Always start/end your day with a good laugh.
Bill Burr, Mark Little and Kumail Nanjiani are all in the promo video, but no shows. Box office cannot confirm. Help ?
Bill Burr is 100% lol "there's an epidemic of gold diggin *** "why tiger woods ex wife get 200Mill?"
If you have Netflix, watch Bill Burr's stand ups. . Jim Jeffries too.
JRE - Bill Burr, Brian Redban: Its an man, is great this is a great one!!!via
I just realized some people went to see Greg Proops but didn't go see Bill Burr and it almost ruined my night
This is who I am. A Patriot, I love Sarah MacLachlan, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Elvis, 38 Special, Hank Jr, Kid Rock, George Jones, Jamey Johnson, Bob Dylan, fresh cut grass (reminds me every time of early morning football practice when I was in high school, the color purple, the colors red and black and gray scale in marketing materials or sales brochures, NFL and SEC football, tomatoes fresh from the garden, dogs, cats, horses, concerts, Hawaii been twice on award trips I won, country drives with the top down and music cranked, sleeping in, Bill Marr, Bill Burr, George Carlin, Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, waterfalls, blackberry or apple pie alamode, family time, okra any way, watching someone play LEAD guitar, the smell of brand new tires and yes it IS crazy, Amstel Light, Corona Light, Shiner Bock, Old Style, Busch Light, Mich Light, Bud Light, whitewater rafting, a good joke, campfires, that moment when you realized you just a big positive change in the life of someone, the ...
Bill Burr has got me dying of laughter. Holy ***
Bill Burr is one of the funniest humans alive
"The Most Difficult Job On The Planet" Video has gone viral the last few days. This is what Bill Burr has to say...
"There are no feminists in a house fire" -Bill Burr
Favorite standup of all time, Richard Pryor. Favorite right now, Bill Burr. Favorite standup I know(and I know a lot of standups), Louis Ramey. So if you're looking for something to do this week. Come to Kephart's Comedy Stop in the Quarter @ Tropicana in Atlantic City. Louis and Gary DeLena will have you ctfu, Lmmfao, rotflmao, and possibly pimplaik. If there's a week to check a show out in AC this is the one. It's one of those things that you and whoever you come with will be referencing and laughing about for weeks. That's $25 well spent in my humble opinion. In fact, I guarantee you'll have fun! If you don't have a blast, you can kick me in the junk on the way out! Or my name's not Dan Borowski!
Bill Burr's comedy bit, "Most difficult job on the planet..." Here's to
Bill Burr is easily in my top 3 for funniest stand-up comedians.
Idc what anyone has to say bill burr is the best stand up comedian
aside from any Jon Stites comedy special, Bill Burr "let it go" has to be one of the best made in my's on Netflix watch it!!!
YouTube is a wonderful weird place. From Sean Paul to Bill Burr.
Bill burr is the best comedian in comedy ! Guy is ridiculous
Bill Burr has the best stand-up I swear it kills me every time I see one of his specials
Yeah I started checking out Comedy again recently. Bill Burr and Nick Kroll are also great
Opie and anthony ft patrice and bill burr
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I can only hope theres at least one confused musical theater/frozen nerd who accidentally bought Bill Burr's "Let It Go"
"woman are just constantly patting themselves on the back...". Bill Burr - Most difficult job on the planet (3mins).
Bill Burr is definitely my favorite comedian now
World's Toughest Job Ad. Counter:. Bill burr - Most difficult job on the planet.
I liked a video from Bill Burr On Martina Navritalova & Bible Sins(TJDS)
Hannibal Buress and Bill Burr are both in upcoming movies
Bill burr never ceases to make me laugh so hard that it hurts.
Glad so many people are responding to the ridiculous viral ad about "director of operations" with the bill burr bit
Bill Burr is right. Men die earlier because you can't do anything to take care of your health without your friends calling you a *** lol
I could listen to Bill Burr just rant about things all day. He articulates the mild annoyances of life so *** well.
First come first serve. I will be unable to use my 2 tickets to see Bill Burr on 4/25 at the Flynn. $110 for the 2 tickets, will not be sold separately. I will be posting on craigslist later tonight, just to give my friends first chance!
[Reddit Vids] In light of the recent viral ad: Bill Burr describes "The Most Difficult Job on the Planet"
"Any job that you can do in your pajamas is not a difficult job. " -Bill Burr
Bill burr was always good just not as funny as Louie. Just as good not as funny.
Yoko. the beatles. bill burr. made me laugh.
all that said, i DO think bill burr is funny at times
It is impossible to watch just one Bill Burr clip on YouTube. He is like the Pringles of comedians.
Bill Burr speaking truth on The Green Room: via
Bill Burr is amazing. Look up his Lady Gaga story if you have a chance. It's long but brilliant.
Comedians is Bill burr the best stand up ever??
Bill Burr will be at the State Theater in Portland on April 26th. How am I now just finding this out? I guess, if you can't make it to the Nike store or a hair-weave, liquor store in the Lou, THIS is a very suitable substiture
Bill burr "let it go" watch it. Funniest mf on the block! Lol
I only paid 40 bucks to see Bill Burr in Moncton and Jeff Dunham tickets are starting at 90 and high as 140! Is he splitting it with the puppets?
I need to laugh.Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr or Louis CK??? Jim Gaffigan wins. I'll start there!
I've never heard of the movie "The Heat" but It was hilarious! Melissa McCarthy is great! Bill Burr, Kaitlyn Olsen, Michael Rappaport, I really loved the cast.
I would love to see Jim Jeffries, Bill Burr, and Brian Regan
Turnin up on a Saturday means watching Bill Burr, Bo Burnham & George Carlin videos with Gavin. -
Bill Burr is so funny cause he's just so genuine... God what a comedian
Bill Burr is the funniest comedian working right now, hands down. Louis C.K. is 2nd and Hannibal Burress is 3rd
Bill Burr is the most relatable comedian. He shares life opinions so well.
Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, Louis CK, George Carlin, Mitch Hedberg, and Norm MacDonald would be on my list. Im sure Im forgetting others.
Today the role of Nate Schierholtz is being played by standup Comedian Bill Burr.
I had no idea Bill Burr was a comedian! He's so talented
is the best stand up comedian out there right now. Bill Burr is fantastic. Kyle Kinane is hilarious. Lot of great comedians
Bill Burr is so freaking hilarious. He's my favorite comedian for sure
I think Bill Burr is the best comedian ever.
I love Bill Burr he is such a good comedian if you watch his stand up then you know what I think all the time!
Anyone who liked the comedian Bill Hicks, should checkout Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope and Jim Jeffries.
Bill Burr has moment when talking about the late great Patrice Oneal.
The second season of Maron—Marc Maron’s quite autobiographical half-hour comedy—will debut on IFC on May 8, and the comedian/podcaster has assembled an impressive slate of guest stars to join him over the course of 13 episodes. Hang on, this list is not short: David Cross, Bill Burr, Wyatt Cenac, Pa
You may think you're pretty awesome because you're out doing jager bombs on a Saturday night. But last night I got to see Bill Burr from the front row and hang out with Paul Virzi backstage for half an hour after the show and talk comedy.
I like BS Report and Bill Burr. Yahoo has one I want to try with Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde. The Pat Boyle one looks good too.
And that guy's a K-state fan!!! "You gotta hang your hat on something when you have zero championships." -Bill Burr
All the best comedians die too young. RIP TIM Wilson, along with Mitch Hedberg, Greg Giraldo, Robert Shimmel. That being said, God, please watch over Bill Burr, Brian Regan, Kevin Hart, Nick Swardson and Kathleen Madigan to name a few. The world needs laughter!
Ok, I knew Bill Burr was coming to Higherground. However.I was definitely unaware that Hannibal Burress AND Anthony Jeselnik are gonna be here as well. Awesome :)
Update your maps at Navteq
Lot's happening on the bricks tonight--Stop in before AND after Bill Burr at The Paramount, Delta Rae at The Jefferson, or KOB and Dopapod at The Southern! Tomorrow, we have Frank Rivera DJing Late Night and Next week we're celebrating with an oldie but goodie guest bartender - Josh Tracy! Mark those calendars!
Mayor R. Keith Summey interviewed by ABC News 4's Bill Burr on the growing craft beer scene in the greater North Charleston area. The interview occurred outs...
Just spent 20 minutes on the phone with Bill Burr and half of that time was devoted to talking about Breaking Bad. Awesome.
Just got back from the Patrice O neal benefit show. I was able to see Nick DiPaolo, Bonnie McFarlane, Big Jay Oakerson, Harris Stanton, Talent, Dane Cook, Dave Attell, Robert Kelly, Jim Norton, Rich Vos, Colin Quinn, Keith Robinson, and Bill Burr destroy down at the New York city center. Dope.
Two packed shows and performances by Janeane Garofalo, Bill Burr, Dave Attell, Damon Wayans, and more great talent tonight! Thanks NYC!
So to wrap up Big Rich's week: Tuesday, hosting the BRFJ Open Mic in West Orange Wednesday, Station Bar in Garwood Thursday, GSC presents Jersey All-Stars at Crossroads Comedy Friday, boozing Saturday, DiSara Restaurant in Staten Island Sunday, part of the Bill Burr show at NJPAC (hiding in audience laughing).
One of my Instagram followers said I'm the funniest *** in the world. Do I agree?? Hel naw. I can name a good 20 top tier people easily. I think I'm funny but when I think of greatest in the world.I'm thinkin of names like Eddie Murphy, Bill Burr, Chappelle, Chris Rock, Corey Holcomb, even a Russell Peters.but not Mike Epps. I think I can take him. 😕
Design Matters is good for art. For humor: Bill Burr, Adam Carolla, JRE. All good podcasts. But my absolute fav is Norm MacDonald.
If she tolerates sports and LOVES Bill Burr then she's top shelf ;-)
If she tolerates sports and Bill Burr she's wonderful
If my life was made into a sitcom, here's my Cast of Characters (Doesn't include me): Betty White, Sofia Vargara, John Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Margaret Cho, Bill Burr, Katt Williams, Jerry Stiller, Mo'Nique, Steve Carrell, Charlie Murphy, AJ Lee & Tiffany Hines. By the way, these are just the ones who are easy to cast, but anyways, would you watch it?
Added another show to my list… Going see Bill Burr at Burton Cummings Theatre on March 13!
Live in Ukiah next saturday!! "Kabir "Kabeezy" Singh is one of the fastest rising Stand-Up Comedians in the USA headlining nights at some of the most famous clubs in California including the Hollywood Improv, Hollywood Laugh Factory, Long Beach Laugh Factory, SF Punchline, SF Cobbs, and selling out many other clubs all over America. Kabir has also opened and shared the stage with some of the biggest Stand-Up Comedians in the world including Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Bill Burr, Russell Peters and has also been seen touring on the "BFF" Tour with Jo Koy and Anjelah Johnson."
Are you as huge a fan of the Comedy Central roasts as me? Who should they roast next? My dream roast would be Lindsay Lohan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kanye, Ozzy Osbourne, or Oprah. Guests could include veterans Gilbert Gottfried, Jeff Ross, Lisa Lampanelli, Seth MacFarlane, Anthony Jesselnik, Nick Kroll, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Nick DiPaolo, and Jimmy Kimmel. I'd also really love to see some new faces who've never roasted like Joe DeRosa, John Mulaney, Mitch Fatel, Doug Benson, Louis CK, Bill Burr, or Kurt Metzger - all nasty and hilarious in their own right.
Just watching Lennon live in NY reminded me of this... Bill Burr - Lennon, Chuck Berry, & Yoko Ono:
Music... Shinedown (3X), Cheap Trick (3X), Bob Seger, Joe Walsh, REO Speedwagon (3X), Styx (3X), Ted Nugent (2X), Aaron Lewis, Candlebox, MIGGS, Bush, Head East (2X), Papa Roach, Skillet, In This Moment, .38 Special, Foreigner, Fitz & The Tantrums, Capital Cities, Richard Marx, Survivor... Comedy... Brian Regan, Bill Burr, Bob Zany, Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, John Hodgman, Larry the Cable Guy, Jim Gaffigan... Highlights... Hosted the one hour "Sunday Night Star" show on my favorite Chicago radio station, 97.1 The Drive Took my son to see Cheap Trick twice "Caring Rocks", "W STRONG", "Rock To The Rescue" fund raising campaigns Getting to see our home building project get started and work with my brother, Keith 2013 was a very fun and busy year. I got to meet people and do things that I never dreamed would ever happen. I re-made connections with long lost friends. I got to hang out and experience so many cool things with the greatest "partner in crime" ever, Anne Williams! I hope 2014 brings us all g .. ...
Time for some good old stand up comedy performed by George Carlin,Bill Hicks,Lewis Black,Bill Burr,Cedric the entertainer,Bernie Mac,Eddie Griffin...and many others. I'ma laugh my *** off :)))
Would like to thank "Joe Rogan Experience", "Mohr Stories", "Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr", and "The Black Phillip Show" for being consistently awesome in 2013.
Ok, Jim Jefferies is my new favorite funny man. Bill Burr is a close second.
Had an incredible time last night. I got to share the stage with so many great comics: Whitney Cummings, Sarah Silverman, Jeff Garlin, and my stand up idol Bill Burr just to name a few. Shout out to Nick Youssef for getting me on the bill. Thanks to everyone who showed up and actually stayed until I went up. Long road still ahead, but this was a good stepping stone in the direction I want to go.
Marc Maron, Jeff Garlin, Sarah Silverman, Brody Stevens, Kirk Fox, Bill Burr, are you kidding me
Most of the films are dire, get the Chrome plugin to watch USA content and watch some Bill Burr or Jim Jefferies
you've maybe seen all these? but if not... see John Mulaney, Russell Peters, Ralphie May(just correct), & especially Bill Burr
Louis CK, Bill Burr and Gary Owen are my favorite in America though...
Hailing from Virgina now residing in Los Angeles we are excited to have Greg Edwards perform at Some People Like Us! Greg Edwards is a very smiley comedian from the great state of Virginia. actor-turned comic. Greg moved to the bay area in 2001 and slowly became a fixture on the comedy scene with his one liners, awkward views and social commentary. Greg was a new face at the 2005 Jamie Foxx''s Laffapollozza and greg also received the prestigious Dan Crawford Award from the San Francisco Punchine in 2009 . Greg has opened for Dave Chappelle, Paul Mooney, Damon Wayans, Bill Burr, Maria bamford, Jim Jeffries, harland williams, bill bellamy, deon cole , w. kamau bell and many more established comedians.Greg is currently living in Los Angeles running 2 free comedy shows, "Street cred" in Downtown LA at the lexington on thursdays and the workout room in Ktown at d3 on Wednesdays.
The hilarious David James headlines "Two Laugh Minimum" tomorrow night at 8PM, along with Mary Radzinski and host Steve Swan! David is a winner of Helium Comedy Club's "Philly's Phunniest Competition" and opened for the likes of Jeff Ross, Bill Burr and more! Shout out to Two Laugh Minimum media partner
Just got off of that freezing rooftop and didn't realize I laughed my way through 5hrs of serious work. Guess being in good company makes time fly.Patrice Oneal, Joe Rogan, Greg Giraldo, Jim Norton, Louis CK and Bill Burr.
Going to the 2nd annual Patrice O'Neal benefit will Bill Burr, Dave Attell and more!
So, in the last week I've walked past Colin Firth, Jude Law came into the bar and saw Bill Burr live. Some would say I've had a good week. Others would say it's been average. Those others would be people who know how star studded yet smelly and gross London is.
Someone get me Michael Bay. Idea for a live-action Jetsons movie. Cast: George (Bill Burr), Jane (Anna Gunn or Jodie Foster), Judy (Dakota Fanning), Elroy (Dakota Goyo), Rosie (Sigourney Weaver), Mr. Spacely (Jonathan Banks). You can have Astro but he can't talk. Plot: Jetsons living cushy sky life come crashing back to "primitive" earth. I'm talking 2013 primitive. They have to deal with violent bottom dwellers and get back to the sky. Cast might suck but *** I nailed that blockbuster plot.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Are there any good comics out there besides Louie C.K? So far on Netflix, I've tried Bill Burr, Marc Maron, and Jim Norton. I laughed more during a prostate exam.
I've got a spare ticket to see American Comedian Bill Burr on Saturday night at the Kentish Town Forum at 7:00. Let me know if you're interested!
A lot of people like ignorant comedians. Y'all need informed. Watch Louis c.k., Bill Burr, George Carlin, etc.
Bill Burr on Pete Holmes Show, mini doc version of How To Sharpen Pencils with David Rees, Comedy Crawl updated for next week, and more.
Bill Burr is almost as funny as Dane Cook
Bill Burr on Pete Holmes show = hysterical. This dude is easily in my Top 5 favorite comedians. He is so solid with his conversational riffing. He should be more famous.
Bill Burr was a guest on our pilot and told us he'd be our Burt Reynolds. I really hope that happens.
Louis CK, Bill Burr, Mike Birbiglia, and Demetri Martin all need to come to Chattanooga. I need their live standup in my life.
Bill Burr is hilarious! Definitely the best stand-up I've found since Doug Stanhope and Bill Hicks! Legend!
10 things you fine folks might not know about me: I'm not a fan of shaving with a razor.I'd rather grow a beard...obviously.It's been over 5 years since I've shaved my face down to my bare skin. I waited until I was 18 to get my license and I didn't pass the first time around. I didn't graduate on time with the rest of my class. I transferred to Independence High to do independent home school and transferred into the school with close to an F average, yet graduated with a B. I still have my first car and am only really interested in owning manual transmission cars because of how much fun and useful learning to drive a stick was to me. I have seen comedians Daniel Tosh and Dave Chappelle live, but Bill Burr is my favorite and seeing him live is definitely on my bucket list. As much as i feel my 'favorite movie' constantly changes, I always end up realizing it's Dumb and Dumber. When I was in either 7th or 8th grade I broke my thumb trying to breakdance outside of my friend's house. I love to sing. Everyone ...
Someone sent big-time Comedian Bill Burr a Stefan Molyneux video... and he discussed it in his podcast this week! That's pretty flippin' huge.
Bill Burr, Louis CK, Jim Jeffries, Jim Breurer, Jim Florentine, and Lazlow are the best regulars
Comedy Show - TONIGHT! November 5th - doors open at 5:30pm - dinner is at 6pm - Dinner buffet - Salad, Rolls, Chicken Marsala, Potato, Vegetable & Whiskey Bread Pudding - Show 7pm. Come on down after you VOTE for a wonderful dinner and show! Tickets AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR ONLY $29 FOR DINNER & SHOW ! Dan Smith - is our HEADLINER he has performed on Drew Carey, Talk Soup and has toured with George Lopez, Bob Sagat, Bill Burr and Rob Schneider.
Jim Jeffries and Bill Burr and great comics in the Green room @ Flapperscomedy tonight laughs never ending
Tickets purchased to see Jim Jeffries, Bill Burr, and Marc Maron at Laugh Factory. This is going to be amazing.
I watch it all the time! I'll post another great one. Comedian named Bill Burr.
watching Louis CK and Bill Burr on Netflix thanks for the recommendation in PKA
I've been listening to Bill Burr on pandora, that dude cracks me up
Bill Burr doesn't like getting stuck in Shelby's fur either.
no, but I'm obsessed with Bill Burr!
Fav. Bill Burr quote of the day: "It's Halloween everybody, awww the little *** are comin'!"
This is the same night I'm seeing Bill Burr. *** you, missed it when you did the hour at UCB too.
Bill Burr also has a great podcast.
Bill burr at the laugh factory on Wednesday- thats world series to me!
ON SALE FRIDAY, NOV 1st! comes to NJPAC Jan 26 at 8pm. NewarkNJ
we listen weekly at our poker game in Australia. More barry katz/david lee roth/bill burr PLEASE !!
Bill Burr is looks like an old Joel McHale
Hey Bill Burr fans! The time is drawing near - don't forget to get your tickets to Comedian Bill Burr, who will...
LOL I don't have any kids but Bill Burr you are hilarious :P.
. So... Was I the first to call you Bill Burr-trand Russell?
I love this article and I'm very happy for her. Bill Burr is hilarious and I hope that marriage rocks.
Cinammon rolls, Bill Burr and my boyfriend
I just love how I saw a commercial for your new show and u used the same advise bill burr gave you about being a comedian...😏
Bill Burr's scream was the only thing good in that movie
Bill burr making a guest appearance in that movie
Watched a bill burr show or listened to a podcast every single day this week!!
Bill Burr on plastic surgery; "Would you rather be 52 and look 52, or be 52 and look like a 28 year old lizard?" He makes a valid point.
Makes me REALLY want to hear a Marc Maron interview with Bill Burr. Hmm, episode 37. Need to get the archive.
Watching Bill Burr continually flirt with losing his audience in his standup special.
Old picture of me and Bill Burr I never posted. @ Zanies Comedy Club
5 am and I'm listening to bill burr. get off me
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