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Bill Burr

William Bill Burr (born June 10, 1968) is an American stand-up comedian, radio host and actor.

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Bill Burr Wants Charities Out Of Sports - CONAN on TBS. Bill gets it absolutely right again. Goes double for FSU.
I am a Brit and have just recently discovered the genius that is Bill Burr. Like most Brits I think that British comedy is superior to any other. We have the likes of Billy Connelly. Python. Rowan Atkinson , Only fools and horses etc. But the US gives us Carlin, Williams, Chris Rock and now Bill Burr. I search daily on Youtube for more of his outpourings with gleeful anticipation.
I wanna pull a Bill Burr and choke slam you so you could answer my texts
Comedian/actor/writer Bill Burr to make Savannah debut at Johnny Mercer Theatre
I really want to pull a Bill Burr and choke slam my way up that corporate ladder and get to the President of YMCMB and release Carter V
wish I had a female friend who liked & bill burr as much as me
every time I type like that I hear Bill Burr's voice.
the very first one with Bill Burr was so painful I was surprised they did it again
hey when are you going to have a all ginger episode with Bill burr Louis CK & Christopher Titus
The hitman in Ep 3 of looks like Bill Burr
those have a purpose. The only person with any business just rambling about nothing into a mic is Bill Burr on his podcast
I've really come around on Bill Burr and this might be one of my favorite things ever. Boos turn to laughs
Bill Burr is the voice in my head and if you don't know who that is watch one of his specials and you'll understand me even deeper
.Every article on women's issues should be mandated by law to have a Bill Burr clip embedded into the page:
"Ya know what's funny is that there's actually people out there that think that a woman being president is a good idea."- Bill Burr
Im sure youve already seen this but here, the podcast today reminded me of this - Bill Burr Philly rant
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I'm in! Bill Burr is one of my favorite comedians!
I'm excited. First Bill Burr on Saturday, Alex Thomas yesterday, and now...
Comedian Bill Burr is a week away and close to selling out.. Don't wait to buy these tickets. GET THEM HERE:...
Is Bill Burr appearing any time soon?
I don't even care what the content is, I'm down for a Bill Burr cast. You know just how angry at nothing I can get.
If you're looking to add some flair to your Monday morning commute check out Bill Burr's podcast. Hilarious way to start the week
Let it Go always kills me. Bill burr has yet to top that special
.interviewed one of my fav comedians Bill Burr, who's coming to Jackson April 27:
Bill Burr Live in Concert at Wilbur Theatre - MA - May 11. ► Tickets:
haven't watched it but what's the problem with it? Wondering as he was on the Bill Burr podcast last week talking about it
.billburr takes comedy too far, and it's great. SBComedyFest
Who else wants to go see Bill Burr in Jackson? I need a comedy frand to go with.
I liked a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Bill Burr
can't watch Louis CK, Bill Burr, Robert Kelly, Sherrod Small, Patrice O'Neal, Haniball Burress, Jim Norton etc and still see K Hart as funny
Past special guests have been Bill Burr, Whitney Cummings & Dave Chappelle who's it gonna be tonight
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Then when you try to re-sign Barnes long term, you bring Bill Burr & Louis CK into the negotiations. Barnes might stay for free
Someone just put Frank Turner and Bill Burr together, would you please?
Yotubazos:"Bill Burr, Terry Crews and Pete Holmes answer "Can Women be funny?""->:
i like all Dave C, Bill Burr and the dreaded Lee Evans lol. Kevlars Madison Sq was nice tho. I liked Jerrods... tho only me lol.
Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Louis CK, Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr --watch their acts and tell me Kevin Hart is still funny..
If you missed your chance to win Bill Burr tix on air, you can register to win a pair here:
Joe rogan, Bill Burr, Joey coco Diaz, now U, the west side is Ruff, come out swingin
you need to watch the new Bill Burr!
Bill Burr Live - Spell Check: Even before he was big the man was hilarious!
I just love to watch stand-up comedians. Steven wright and Bill Burr are hilarious! 😂👌
"It's so hot in here, I'm starting to understand where all the racism comes from" - Bill Burr 😂😂😂
Bill burr talking about dubai on his podcast "its like they let the kardashians and snooki design a city" very accurate assessment.
The bill burr version of this would be liam neeson as a cigar
"Beautiful women are only around when you have stuff" -Bill Burr
Bill Burr dropping in feels like when you don't know what to do with the rest of your night and then you get a text from a booty call.
Bill burr i'm sorry you feel that way,stand up comedy 2015
I just discovered Bill Burr. The man's a genius.
Bill Burr on the NDAA and Politics: Black Comics Gone Wild reports Bill Burr on the NDAA and…
Bill Burr comes on TV and both my kids yell, "Bill Burr"! Now my wife is mad at me.
Some guy interviews Bill Burr for the second time and knows nothing about him: submitted by wobinidan [li...
That's why bill burr is so INCREDIBLE! He can perform in front of Blk crowds n his material sells it! He don't pander 2blks by actin Blk
When are you guys releasing the podcast you recorded with Bill Burr?
How the heck am I just now hearing about Bill Burr?! Dying laughing watching all his specials on Netflix! 😂
I love bill burr but why is his latest special shot in black and white? I'm an artsy dude but even I don't get it
Bill Burr told a similar joke about being a white guy in Harlem.
Guess it's Benn with the burr under his saddle tonight. Takes swipe at Zetterberg at 3:30 of the second period.
Heard Bill Burr's name in a commercial. Gotta listen to his cover of Uptown Funk now
Comedian Bill Burr does a hilarious take on the Florida State Tomahawk Chop ((via r/CFB)
This Wednesday is gonna be fire redban marcmaron Bill Burr Pete Holmes joerogan
Son bill burr is my new favorite comedian
Housecleaning w/ Bill Burr and Coliseum: Complete. Next up? Bikebikebike + evening riffage:
I get all my stuff out & start writing, 1hr later I'm cracking up at Bill Burr and thinking *** these books and papers are in my way'. 🙇🙎
Hey I put you singing Uptown Funk on the podcast to music!
Rap games Bill Burr. Except I'm the version when he's being serious and not his normal funny self.
Dave Chappell, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Bill Burr & Louis C.K. (and that's only men) Somore, Big…
Taking Comedy Abroad Can Be A Challenge: NPR's Arun Rath speaks with Comedian Bill Burr — just back from a tri...
Bill Burr visited India and then did a podcast about it
forgot chappelle show was full of amazing comic secondary characters like Christian finnegan and Bill Burr.
Bill Burr talks about the AIB Roast on his podcast :
Bill Burr talks about AIB on his podcast. Also says it's time comedians stop apologizing :)
Monday Morning Podcast - Bill Burr: Bill Burr rants about relationship advice, sports and t...
I can't wait to see how Saul Goodman convinces Bill Burr to give up comedy for a life of crime.
10 years with my ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥. Going to see Bill Burr tonite! cant wait to hear about his trip to Bombay
Bill Burr challenges marriage laws in his monday morning podcast,
Bill Burr had probably passed Jim Jeffries for the top spot on my favorite comedians list. His Netflix specials are crazy funny.
Bill Burr talks about Mumbai and the AIB Roast on this week's podcast.
HHR midnight post Bill Burr & the panel discusses everything from 75% in favor in to
Bill Burr would be more famous in India if he added "ay" at the end.
Louis CK, Bill Burr, and Jim Jeffries are the best comedians out there.
I watched my first Bill Burr special on Netflix last night. Man he's funny!
Bill Burr is like a demonic Brian Regan
I liked a video Bill Burr and Jim Norton Discuss Traffic
To me he's just a nutcase. I thought the comments from Bret Stephens and Bill Burr were spot on.
(2/3) Bill Burr, Robin Williams, Jim Jefferies, Jim Gaffigan, just to name a few.. My all time favorite, and biggest comedic influence would
what happens when you try and voice translate "Bill Burr, Patrice O'neal, Opie and..."
Bill Burr is going to speak at commencement. Its not confirmed whatsoever, but because I double as Nancy Drew, this seems likely.
If ur gonna pick a beer to start the day with, im telling you right now, miller high life, ugh...n u gotta get it in the bottle. . -Bill Burr
I’ve just been rewatching Bill Burr, Jim Jefferies, Louis CK, Patton Oswald, and Jim Norton...
Bill Burr we're currently playin pond hockey at Charter Oak Park in Manchester come down!
Love Pats fans favoriting Bill Burr's joke about the Raiders. Biggest bandwagon fans in football. Watch that wagon empty when Brady retires.
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watch Richard Pryor or Bill Burr. Russell Peters is funny . Or watch Boyz in da Hood
joe how do you do a podcast with Michael c ruppert and get into 9/11 but when Bill Burr says there's no way it was a conspiracy,
podcast leapfrogs over Mark Maron, Bill Burr & Joe Rogan by hitting the dizzy heights of
You askin about podcasts I like? Bill Burr, Norm MacDonald, Marcon, Nerdist, Simmons...I'm sure there's more
I performed last Saturday on the same show as Bill Burr. He's far and away my top comedian. That's gonna keep my sails filled for a while.
George Carlin, Bill Burr, John Mulaney, Dylan Moran and probably a few more I can't recall right now
Bill Burr. Chris Rock. Jim Jefferies; Top three, dead or alive.
I'm have no doubt! Bill Burr is hilarious. Haley's casting is inspired! I'm sure glad I have netflix. :)
Bill Burr & Al Madrigal bring you All Things Comedy, the great podcast, LIVE!
All Things Comedy with Bill Burr and Al Madrigal will change your life.
“One of the ways to get a crowd to listen is they think they’re about ready to see a train wreck, and at the last second you turn away.” Simon Mercep meets American Comedian Bill Burr, who visits New Zealand for the first time this summer -
What comedians do you like? — Patrice Oneal, Carlin, Bill Burr, Lavell Crawford... Robin Harris was dope.
Had an amazing show last night at The Comedy Store! Thanks to everyone who came!. Bill Burr even performed in the...
Great shows on Opie & Jim this week. Did you ever get a chance to play the Bill Burr clip?
"We like our beer like we like our violence" -Bill Burr
Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies have new standup specials on Netflix. Both very funny
If you don't understand how you can love someone's work while disliking them as a person, watch Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies do standup.
I'm like a mix between Jim Jefferies and Bill Burr when I'm a complete *** I'm fine with that.
Bill Burr is my new comic obsession. This Steve Jobs bit is true no matter how much you don't want it to be:.
has good taste in comedy...first he mentions Bill Burr on the podcast...and now he mentions the legend Patrice O'neal
Lee Evans best comedian in the world? GTFO. TOP 5 - Patrice O'Neal, Louis CK, Stewart Lee, Tom Segura, Bill Burr
Jerry Seinfeld and his special guest Bill Burr cruise around L.A. in a 1970 Ford Mustang like a couple of bosses out on the town in the middle of the day.
Just watched this Bill Burr and Tom Segura stand up, pretty *** funny
"You're fat." Bill Burr, the new Richard Simmons...Sweating to the Honesty.
Louis CK the Dad, George Carlin and Richard Pryor the Grandpas and Bill Burr is that crazy Uncle.
Can't believe I missed Jim Gaffigan and Bill Burr in Boston last night. 😫
Youtube Comics - Comics Come Home XX - Bill Burr (11/8/14 at the TD Garden in Bos... Deals:
A day of watching Bill Burr and Eddie Murphy will sort me out
Watching bill burr on Netflix so funny!
Listening to Bill Burr explain lotion to other white people is hilarious.
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What does Bill Burr say when its cold?. "Ooh im freezing out here"
Seeing Dennis Leary, Jimmy Fallon, Bill Burr, and Lenny Clarke in the same night I can die in peace
Bill Burr's rant is everything you need to know about Philly.
So this is why my electricity bill is always so high
If Bill Burr doesn't have his own show, he should.
i need someone to directly tell Bill Burr that his beard is killer. Please do me the favor Jim.
I added a video to a playlist Bill Burr- Women Are ***
TD Garden tonight; Denis Leary, Lenny Clarke, Bill Burr, Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson, Jim Gaffigan, more. Tonight is about to be amazing.
As Bill Burr once said: "You NEVER, EVER hit a woman. But don't tell me you never have a reason to do it"
I've seen Bill Burr live. He's the best comedian out there in my opinion. Would love to see him again!!
Saturday in Boston, going to see Denis Leary, Bill Burr, Jimmy Fallon do some stand up! You?
Marc Maron, bill burr, and Jim Gaffigan are performing in boston tonight and I am so glad I cannot go
When you need money to pay your phone bill...
Jim Jefferies new special out on Netflix...Eagerly awaiting Bill Burr's new special dropping early Dec.
Off to Boston to see Comics Come Home XX featuring Dennis Leary, Bill Burr, Marc Maron, Jim Gaffigan, Jimmy Fallon and more! Can't wait!
It's official, Bill Burr in as new AC/DC drummer
So, Nia Burr's 'Massa' is her husband, comedian, Bill Burr and she's a sellout? You're a special kinda of RACIST!
If you're a ginger there's a good chance you're gonna be a funny comedian: Bill Burr, Conan O'Brien, Louis C.K.
Patrice O'Neal, Kevin Hart, Bill Burr, Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, Opie & Anthony etc.. seems like it was the funniest pack of friends ever.
True! Bill Burr is one of the most genius stand up artists working now and I like. Louis CK is another of my favs.
Original, Animated Series From Bill Burr Coming Exclusively to Netflix: … , is coming exclusively...
Watch out for Bill Burr over here everybody
One of best comics in the world Bill Burr 100% right on why kids are fat & weak today:...
"I'm listening to bill burr right now and to be quite frank, I'll tell you exactly what you can do on my bed eating pudding."
Listening to Bill Burr's rant on Philly, IN Philly, will never not be hilarious.
I liked a video from Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast (10-27-2014)
I liked a video Bill Burr discusses Writing
Bill Burr on men, sensitivity, and emotions:
Who is your favourite comedian other than Bill Burr???
If Bill Burr isn't my spirit animal then I don't know who is.
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Sometimes I wish Bill Burr was my dad
"Don't you realize that after your third loser kid, you don't have the DNA to make somebody special?" -Bill Burr on having too many kids
bill burr talking about cubs & white sox fans in his latest podcast. Must listen for you 2 gentlemen.
Dope Robin Williams stand up comes on my Bill Burr station...
i was joking but Bill Burr had that bit where he said that To Catch a Predator was HORRIBLE PR for white people
Just realized I haven't posted that Bill Burr Philadelphia smackdown in awhile. I'll fix that.
the G.O.A.T...If you can watch Bill Burr, dude is the white Chappelle
"If you're a tourist and go to Chicago and see a person who loves and has passion for what they do is a Sox fan." Bill Burr
Al Madrigal & Bill Burr break it down with All Things Comedy, tomorrow night.
"Everyone's a feminist until the Titanic starts to sink." - Bill Burr
Bill Burr gets animated, new series for Netflix...
Thanks for the compliment! I agree, Bill Burr is one funny mother*!
I died laughing at the Bill Burr rant. It summed up my feelings completely.
On a related note, Bill Burr went in on the Cubs' Yup-Nation. I have enough sense to not touch that. Wrigleyville and Fenway Park are scary.
I can't tell if that's the Mr. Burns "excellent" or if I need to join you in a Bill & Ted's "Excellent!"
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you gotta watch the bill burr stand up on netflix. Freakin hilarious lol
the Bill Burr Pandora station is my life
Watching Bill Burr. Lol it may be to early for this
F is for Family, serie original animada de Bill Burr en exclusiva para Netflix
So and are doing something that sounds awesome
Animated series based on the 1970s-era childhood of Comedian Bill Burr headed to w/ Laura Dern in voice cast
'F is for Family' Original Animated Series Coming Exclusively to Netflix: Bill Burr, Laura Dern and…
Radio people are the worst! Just watch Bill Burr in this cringe worthy video -
Louis CK stand up - phenomenal. Bill Burr stand up - amazing. Aziz Ansari - mostly cringeworthy. Except his newest one.
every time a comedian starts a joke with "my wife" I die a bit. But Mulaney is a bit too nice, I'm talking Bill Burr
LOL at Bill Burr hating these 'no more' commercials because he feels like he's getting yelled at
"The commissioner of the NFL could punt a baby with his wingtips on & I'd still watch on Sundays. This is all I have" -Bill Burr
Netflix announces new comedy specials coming up through December.
Bill Burr on Ministry, Al Jourgensen & going back discovering music you missed:
Listening to Bill Burr radio on pandora, and who comes on? Bill Burr on
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Just watched Bill Burr You People Are All the Same! on Funny as *** I'm with you, Buddy. I've had that same fight too.
"Joe Flacco is the Rodney Dangerfield of NFL QBs - he gets no respect." Who is the Bill Burr of NFL QBs?
We are privileged to have Missionary Bill Burr with us this morning for
"Imagine Bill Burr with a kid." - on Pete Holmes's podcast. Swear to God I was just thinking the same thing...
What would you rather be?? 52 and look 52, or 52 and look like a 28-year-old lizard? Bill Burr is a comedy god.
Louis ck and Bill Burr are by far my favorite comedians ever.
For me, is in large group with guys like Louie CK, Brian Regan, and Bill Burr that I feel that way about :)
I liked a video {900+ Subs Special 5 of 6} Bill Burr has a Sparta ChurchRock DrLaSp Remix
Who is that with Bill Burr bookending Zombeavers? I feel like that was a day of riffing.
Bill Burr. Kevin Hart. Idk who else is close
If you think that our tuition bill paid for the football team upgrades you're an *** That is all former students throw…
Bill Burr has a pilot coming to FX, produced by the boys from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, called "Pariah". Can't wait to see this.
Honestly I could just sit at home and watch Bill Burr's comedy specials all day and night 😂😂
I liked a video Bill Burr-Pressure of Buying a Gift for a Woman
I liked a video Bill Burr Let it Go
Bill Burr - John Lennon, Chuck Berry, and Yoko Ono Performance: this always cracks me up lol via
In my life I've went from Barry Goldberg to Lance Harbor to Daniel Tosh/Bill Burr and I'm turning into Murray Goldberg
"So what are your favorite comics?". "Jim Jeffries right now. Bill Burr maybe". "Never heard of em"
I hope FX doesn't send Bill Burr's show to FXX and then almost immediately cancel it, or as I like call it "the ol' Jim Jeffries two step"
Jealous women who hate the simple male mind are trying to take over and ruin the NFL according to Bill Burr.
I liked a video Bill Burr speaks on southern people
Is it just me, or is Bill Burr turning into Frank Gorshin? Who's directing the next Batman?
Thank you Conan fir always allowing Bill burr to rant
Bill burr and Kanye west have the most hilarious rants.
Jessie Tyler Ferguson, Lewis Black, Bill Burr, chrissy heim are in Church of Philadelphia
Bill burr. Feel like I heard his name somewhere recently.
Bill Burr is priceless on Conan tonight.
So Bill Burr was on Conan talking about how woman ruin things men like. He talks about football, but you could ...
Just watched on Awesome as always. Did a "Bill Burr Conan" search and got this tho...
Can't wait to get the new Bill Burr album.
Bill Burr is the funniest comedian behind Kevin Hart .
Watching right now. Wow, Bill Burr is killing it right now! 😂
A few complaints about Bill Burr on Conan tonight, throughout my TL. . Must have been hilarious.
Did anyone see Conan? Bill Burr's sexist humor is still not remotely funny.
Bill Burr is generalizing, but he is a comedian. That's what they do.
"The NFL commissioner could punt a baby across the room, and I'll still watch football." -Bill Burr.
Comedian Bill Burr on Conan tonight was great. Rant about NFL, domestic violence, & how women want to take over football bcause it annoys em
"All next month the NFL is going to dress their players like new born baby girls" Bill Burr
Sad how many people find Bill Burr funny.
On journalists: "It's a bunch of nerds interrupting people who know what they're doing!" Bill Burr
Bill Burr making some good points on Conan 😂
"The commissioner can literally punt a baby across the field and I will still watch football." -Bill Burr
"You know what makes women happy, NOTHING!" - Bill Burr
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't find Bill Burr funny.
did Bill Burr shave his head or is this just time marching onward?
Start your morning with some Bill Burr :)
If you have and haven't seen the Bill Burr standup, "you're all the same" you NEED to watch it. HILARIOUS!
Bill Burr, Chris D'Elia, Aries Spears, Christopher Titus, Tom Papa, Owen Benjamin and more for only…
If Bill Cosby, Louis CK and Bill Burr ever did a comedy show.I'd go
So this one time, this one summer Margot, Anne, Nikolas and I went to the Oddball fest and saw Marc Maron, Bill Burr, Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Anzari, Louis C.K. AND Dave Chappelle. So amazing!
Had an amazing time with some awesome folks at the Oddball Comedy Fest last night. Marc Maron, Bill Burr, Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, Louis CK and Dave Chappelle were all fantastic. I was also blown away by my first exposure to Ron Funches. $20...groupon...RTR.
Mmmm Comedy Vinyl...I want! releasing Live at Andrew’s House, will chronicle his Carnegie Hall performance
Saw Louis CK, Bill Burr, Jim Gaffigan, and Dave Chapelle among others last night at
Ok 24 Hours, I got to see Chris Hardwick, Jeffery Ross, Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Ansari, Marc Maron, Sarah Silverman, Chris D'Elia, Hannibal Burress, Dimitri Martin, Brody Stephens, Bill Burr and Louis CK, in the first row. This has a comedy nerd's Woodstock. Nearly everyone was at the top of their game. It's been fantastic. Worth all the effort to be here. I'm lucky to have been able to see most of these performers in their own individual shows before this but seeing them together has been epic.
Last night at the Oddball Comedy Festival, we saw Marc Maron, Jeff Ross, Bill Burr, Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, and Louis CK (among other up and comers)...then Dave Chappelle surprised everyone and came out at the end! He had no material but just heard about the show and flew out to be apart of it. It was awesome beyond belief, even though it was miserably hot outside. I think we've officially seen everyone on our comedian bucket list!
great line up. I like Maron and Louis CK the most on there. Bill Burr and Aziz are both very fun as well. Never watched Brody
The Oddball Festival was awesome. Bill Burr made me laugh the most, but the surprise Chappelle set reminded me of the value of a good encore
Then you've never bee a guest in Bill Burr's house...
Sorry stockard but, bill burr, Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Ansari, Louis CK, and Dave Chapelle kept me up late and I'll be sleeping through class
Bill Burr had his own "Kanye like" awkward/hilarious moment when he doesn't believe a member in the crowd is blind.
I wonder why Bill Burr hasn't been on in a long time...
Bill Burr - Bacon and cheese has been stuffed into a crust
Bill Burr is releasing a vinyl on ThirdManRecords tommorow and I want it so bad. :'(
The guy on the US $10 bill - Alexander Hamilton, a war hero - was shot dead by Vice President Aaron Burr in a gun duel in 1804
My comedy hero's are as followed:. 3. Mitch Hedberg. 2. Bill Burr . 1. Whoever named the kumquat
Best part about Monday is Bill Burr's podcast
Bill Burr is going to be at West Palm Beach Improv Nov.14th we should get him since he'll already be in state!
Had to bust out the carhart this morning... Burr
This is why Bill Burr is one of the greatest under-appreciated comedians of our generation 12 minutes of just...
Also I still don't really care for Bill Burr. Marc Maron should've had his time slot! Or Chris Delia. That dude killed it
I mean Bill Burr might be a huge wrestling fan, I have no idea. Might make it more awesome if he isn't?
Bill Burr, you mean Bill Boring.. Sexism could be funny if you knew how to do it right.
I liked a video Bill Burr at the Patrice O'Neal Roast
Best fiancé ever, got me tickets to see Louis CK, Bill Burr, Jim Gaffigan, and special appearance by…
was amazing! Bill Burr and Louis CK were hysterical!
Oddball Fest was dope. Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr, Aziz and Chris D'elia killed it 👍👍
Bill Burr is the funniest man alive .. Besides me
Oct 11th I will be featuring for the the 1 and only in Palm Springs get tix ASAP
Bill Burr must be the most sexist comedian working today.
Bill burr is the funniest comedian ever.
Bill Burr is not funny. How does it feel to be stuck in the 50s ***
Bill Burr makes fun of blind guy faking it, and finds out he is actually blind
Just saw Ron Funches, Marc Maron and Chris D'elia. Next up is Bill Burr, Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Ansari then Louis CK. All in one night. Jesus...
Bill Burr always kill it with his stand up routine.
Bummed I don't get to see Bill Burr but so excited to see Hannibal Buress and Louis CK
Think the only comedian I've seen do a DV bit is Bill Burr and I stopped watching it after.
Ive searched extensively and the only white comedian thats funny is Bill Burr.
Almost time for what Comedian Bill Burr calls the "nerd concert".
“Bill Burr is the funniest comedian period” Dave Chappelle
Bill Burr is an amazing comedian I daresay he's in the same vein as George Carlin. And carlin stands alone. But this guy... ***
Bill Burr's take on Steve Jobs. Haven't agreed more with a comedian ever
Comedian Bill Burr destroys the Banksters. Language warning!. Awake, genius Comedian Bill Burr focuses his ire on...
Am I ready for some football?!? I'm being a total *** to one of my idols (Bill Burr)..yeah, I'm jacked up and not being a positive person.
Bill Cosby (Far from Finished) & Bill Burr (You People are all the Same) are two comedians who have made me laugh a lot this morning..
I know them ripping Burr's grandma, Ant vs Bill on racism and global warming, Taradise clips and Grizzly Man are "classic"
I haven't listened to a lot of the Bill Burr episodes I've been uploading. I don't have the time.
Hey, you know how Louis has Lizard, Paul O's movie, Bill O'Donahue.. Patrice - Illuminati, Dr Z, Golf etc.. Which are Bill Burr's?
I added a video to a playlist KPCS: Bill Burr
When your roommate swears he paid the light bill
I hear myself in so many comedians. Last night it was neal brenna and joe rogan. Its usually louis ck and bill burr. These are my heroes.
"There are sad clowns everywhere" Probably the most poignant interview ending ever. Of course it features
bill burr is in Toronto??? swing by my place for beers after.
Jim Jefferies bare, bill burr you people are all the same, breaking bad, it's always sunny & raging bull
Bill Burr, Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, Dave Chapelle, and uhh.. I can't think of a fifth.
smitty any news on Bill Burr coming on the rundown?
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*Bill Burr voice* Looking like a bunch of amateurs ova herrre
Got to see Dustin Hoffman, Salma Hayek, Bill Burr and kevin costner in Toronto today.
Watch this sketch, very funny after watching show Bill Burr Dogs, Kids & A Prius:
longtime opener & protégé 4 talks about what it takes 4 Bill Burr to bring you under his wing:
"Bill, make it look like you want kids from this pic I took." - Nia Burr
as Bill Burr said, if you don't learn to fight you're just gathering supplies for the toughest guy on the block :D
I liked a video bill burr not trust womens tears
Bill Burr is so underrated. Check him out man, he has two specials on Netflix.
You should check out his tv show too, its pretty good. He is by far my favourite Stand up comedian along Bill Burr.
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