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Bill Buckner

William Joseph Bill Buckner (born December 14, 1949) is a former Major League Baseball first baseman.

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Alternative Fact - Bill Buckner made the play, and the Boston Red Sox are the 1986 World Series Champs!
Bill Buckner: "I'm not going to own it. The Boston Redsox aren't going to own it. Clearly Mookie Wilson's fault."…
Lots of laughs last night entertaining Bill Buckner and Steve Carlton
Corporate Partners are Big Leaguers for a Day! We are joined by Bill Buckner, & Steve Carlt…
Larry, you the GOAT like Mookie Wilson, Josh Mathews is GOAT like Bill Buckner
There were shades of Bill Buckner at NWF State on Saturday morning. Game story:
as the unofficial spokeswoman for Red Sox Nation - He's worse than Bill Buckner. Dead to us.
Obama hosted the Cubs at the White House today. To commemorate his voters in the Election of 2016, Trump should invite Bill Buckner.
The Foundation will be joined by Bill Buckner and Lee Smith today at the 32nd Annual Cubs Convention!
On this day in 1977, traded Rick Monday and Mike Garman to the Dodgers for Jeff Albert, Ivan DeJesus and Bill Buckner
all I want is a signed ball by bill Buckner my all time favorite player
Bill Buckner will be joining us at the booth today signing in exchange for donations
This is Bill Buckner talking about his 5 favorite ground balls to 1st base
If you don't love me at my Bill Buckner, You don't deserve me at my Carlton Fisk flagging the ball to stay fair.
Ray Knight, Bill Buckner and, Mookie Wilson. The ones who hit it, missed it, and scored it in '86!
Flashback to 1986 WS. Dual signed baseball Bill Buckner (BRS) and Mookie Wilson (NYM).
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Next season the need to welcome Steve Bartman back to Wrigley just like how the Red Sox welcomed back Bill Buckner.
Bill Buckner, Donnie Moore, Don Denkinger, Greg Norman, Zola Budd...There are so many that deserve it!
Bill Buckner's mustache was so incredible, Hall once mistook him for Oates and they performed "Maneater" together at Wr…
. Is that Bill Buckner in the top row, far left? Or maybe Dennis Eckersley?
Great to be seen in an MLB ad with Mookie Wilson & Bill Buckner! He dropped the Mozz!
It was former Cubs first baseman Bill Buckner; the same thing happened with Cubs first baseman Leon Durham two years earlier.
I do, however, blame Leon Durham, who was Bill Buckner was Bill Buckner.
Shout-out to Bill Buckner, one of my favorite Cubs as a kid. Won NL batting title in '80, traded to Boston to make…
Remember when Cubs' Bryant struck out five times with Boise? Bill Buckner does
Bambino, Bill Buckner and the Billy Goat man.curses are real 🙄
Where is the Bill Buckner? Cubbies should offer field box to Steve Bartman & the billy goat.
Once the Billy Goat is broken, I REALLY hope the Curse of Bill Buckner isn't waiting on deck
ouch lmao 😂 glad we're able to laugh about it, except ole Bill Buckner at second 😂
After Marty Barrett singles, Bill Buckner hits into a double play and this place is into it! 0-0, mid-1.
Framed autographed photo of Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner from 1986 World Series. Done for a…
What town are Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner walking through? And why?
I'm glad Bill Buckner can laugh at himself in commercial with Mookie Wilson, truly felt bad his career was defined by one moment
.Saw this posted in another group and cleaned it up a bit. Tommy John post surgery with Bill Buckner.
Crazy Bill Buckner will be coaching me for a tournament this summer ⚾️
Baseball is a game of averages, but over a short period of time, to ha...
Bill Buckner to Make Hadlock Appearance on June 9th via
"Bill Buckner has one of the most consistent gloves in the game." -MT
5/17/79: Phillies pound out a 23-22 win over Cubs. Bill Buckner has 7 RBI & Dave Kingman 6 in the loss.
it's not limited to just Cleveland. Donnie Moore in Anaheim, Bill Buckner in Boston, Kyle Williams in SF, etc...
ISIS has had plenty of Bill Buckner moments, actually.
But for Bill Buckner's error, my father would have remembered he was holding a baby and would not have thrown me in the air in celebration
It was a great year if you are a Mets fan! Make sure you pay homage to Bill Buckner.
Yup and Bill Buckner was 37 and had a bad back...
I feel like I'm walking on eggs and can't take another step.
Marv Albert announcing a 3 pointer in the 1st quarter with the intensity of Bill Buckner letting another baseball go through his legs.
"having a perfect mothers day wpuld be the most sexual being caught stealing a free live show for children at the Bill Buckner
On the day before Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, Boz wrote how Bill Buckner's broken body might cost his team the next night
Bill Buckner doesn't compare to either of them
Dong Thomas claims to be the Bill Buckner of catching STDs
Bill Buckner says today's players think differently than in his day. He says they had more respect for their opponents back then.
Bill Buckner says Odor's punch to was the best punch he's seen in a baseball game.
Baseball great Bill Buckner joins us to talk Odor-Bautista fight and more MLB things!
It's funny how one moment in your life can obershadow all of your achievements. Ask Bill Buckner.
Today in 1979, Bill Buckner's mustache pinch-hits for Rick Reuschel and hits a 2-run double.
If the do win the World Series this year wonder if Bartman will turn up at Wrigley afterwards as Bill Buckner did at Fenway?
Hey why doesnt Tony Fernandez get consistently shamed for his 1997 playoff error like Bill Buckner?
Bill Buckner is out at second moments before he and Phil Garner realize they were separated at birth.
You make Craig Ehlo out to be the Bill Buckner of Basketball.
Nick Anderson, almost Brandon Bostick, Bill Buckner. 0-4 free throws last 9 seconds. At home. Game one. Up 3.ouch.
Dusty Baker on returning to Atlanta, where his MLB career began. Plus, how he used to hate Bill Buckner
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Happy birthday Bruce Hurst...If it weren't for Bill Buckner you would have been World Series MVP
Today, Adrian Beltre is exactly as old as Bill Buckner was the day Mookie Wilson hit that grounder: 13,464 days.
Sam Shields just did his best Bill Buckner impersonation
Dad met Fergie Jenkins, mom met bill Buckner and I'm still figuring out how to kill the spider that showed up
He was a relief pitcher with SF they were on the same team. He caught it bare handed and Bill Buckner begged for the ball.
Just met Bill Buckner at He is remembered for his gaffe with the Red Sox. But what a nice and funny guy.
Remember, Scott Norwood was a great guy. So was Bill Buckner.
Eck and Spitz are good choices, but I'm going with a young Bill Buckner.
Really enjoyed chatting with Bill Buckner tonight at Very down to earth
Ice girl does her bill Buckner impression during kids intermission game
Bill Buckner saving the baby and then the swastika loving kid episodes back2back. This final season was heat
Got to meet and talk to Rollie fingers, lee smith and Fergie Jenkins and got photo bombed by Bill Buckner!
This is newest legislator, Janet Buckner. Read more about her
people still nag Bill Buckner to this day. Biking couldn't move the ball. Seahawks got lucky..
I'm the Bill Buckner of playing fetch.
Former Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner should take over the role of Jar Jar Binks in the new Star Wars films.
If I were Bill Buckner I'd have ran for State Auditor in 1986 with the slogan, "Nothing gets by this guy".
Did Chris Webber get "It'll be okay" letters from school kids when he called the timeout? I bet Bill Buckner still gets letters every day.
Here's some good info from Neil Lanctot essay:
It was rare, but certainly a long-standing tradition for abt 3 decades (1900s-1930s). W-Sox trainer Bill Buckner was beloved
Hillary's about to Bill Buckner Iowa and lose a battle she's been winning for a year and a half.
And, bless his heart, Buckner went on to play for espec. in 1986. Thanks, Bill.
Paul Ryan announcing Barack Obama as president is like that time Bill Buckner emceed the Mets' 1986 World Series championship parade.
Ending our afternoon with a Producers Panel. Bill Buckner will speak tonight to wrap up Day 1 of
thanks BILL BUCKNER, BILL BATES, BILL GATES, and the biggest BILLY in the world!!
45-40. :12sec left. I can safely say that the game is over unless Bill Buckner is on that hands team.
that's what is beautiful about Curb. Even had Bill Buckner making fun of himself. Great show.
I put it on in error. I felt like Bill Buckner for a second
"Just be glad you don't play in Boston.". --Bill Buckner to Blair Walsh
I'm the Bill Buckner of baseball puns
Blair Walsh to Vikings, Bill Buckner to Redshox. Life is going to suck for a while.
MT Blair Walsh. Don't worry, there have been bigger foul ups in sports. Signed: Bill Buckner (Barry)
1/11/77: trade OF Rick Monday to as part of swap for 1B Bill Buckner,SS Ivan DeJesus. https…
Now can we stop talking to no about Bill Buckner?
Today in 1977, traded Rick Monday to for Bill Buckner.
Is there a support group for guys like Blair Walsh? Headed by Bill Buckner, also featuring Chetan Sharma.
Crawford was moving like Bill Buckner on that goal...slow
My uncle has a signed Bill Buckner photo in his manroom
Bill Buckner ... I have his signature on a ball.
guy will be the Steve Bartman/Bill Buckner of Clemson. I feel for him.
Roger Clemens was on the Bill Buckner team!?!?
Len Cariou as Cardinal Law. Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger. I need Michael Cerveris as Bill Buckner for a trend.
Bill Buckner is guest speaker at University of Illinois Springfield baseball team's First Pitch Banquet Feb. 12 at Piper Glen Golf Course.
Well looks like Harvey is this years winner of the Bill Buckner award for excellence
Hey David Wright : What's it like to be Bill Buckner.?
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David Wright has the potential to be the Mets' Bill Buckner with that back back of his.
How many Taco Bell crunch wraps do we get when Bill Buckner inhabits the body of Eric Hosmer?
Guest professors will include Bill Buckner, Scott Norwood, Steve Smith and Pete Carroll.
The Rangers defense in that inning make Bill Buckner look like Ozzie Smith
Let's win tonight for the Late Bobby Murcer and Bill Buckner
Climate change caused Bill Buckner to miss a routine ground ball against the Mets in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.
Paul Godfrey: "I don't want my career to end...being the Bill Buckner of the (newspaper) industry"
Paul Godfrey doesn't want to be Bill Buckner of newspapers. Buckner had good career. Godfrey is the Jeffrey Loria of newspapers.
Free pack of baseball cards at contained Mike Scott, Ron Darling and Bill Buckner. Very Mets-centric.
In which Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey says he doesn't want to go out as "the Bill Buckner of the industry"
If the Red Sox don't get Dave Henderson, Wally Joyner bobbles Mookie Wilson's grounder & Bill Buckner remembered as great hitter.
Former Red Sox star Bill Buckner stops by tonights game. Get a Buckner trading card and don't forget it's Wet Nose Wed!
The play would also turn out to be very similar, in style and effect, to Bill Buckner's much-discussed error in the 1986 World Series.
I have a Bill Buckner baseball card on my desk to remind me that everyone has a bad day once in a while.
Incredible from - Bill Buckner played 22 seasons and NEVER struck out three or more times in a game.
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That 30 for 30 on Steve Bartman rips me up. Catching *** Poor Bill Buckner too. He a good man
Watched "Catching *** tonight. I remember how emotional Bill Buckner's first pitch was in 08. I hope Steve Bartman gets to do that one day
I should come to Werner Park on July 23 and razz Bill Buckner.
Watching "Catching *** and Bill Buckner's return to Fenway. Feeling verklempt.
Watching Bill Buckner tear up as he's cheered at Fenway 20 yrs after his gaffe makes me teary, too. Jeez.
As much as I hate the Red Sox you can't hate Bill Buckner. The Catching *** movie has me in tears.
To fans: have you forgiven Bill yet?
You are not a real baseball player unless you know who Bill Buckner is
lol your team cursed the Sox with Bill Buckner you deserve it
Somebody find me a Bill Buckner Cubs baseball card.
Watching espn the Bill Buckner error for the 1000th he unliked in MA?
PLOT TWIST: What if Bill Buckner fields that ball but the Pitcher isn't there to cover first base?
Bill Buckner. Curse of the Billy Goat. And Bartman. I love ESPN. Poor Boston & Chicago ❤️😘
Bill Buckner saying before the 1986 WS that the nightmare ending would be the ball going through his legs to lose the game is just crazy
Bill Buckner had some hair.and eye brows.and mustache
Justin Smoak does the Bill Buckner for the error at first
Wasn't a clip of Bill Buckner. Not the worst ever.
View this image ›. Janice Dickinson in February 2015 in Los Angeles. Michael Buckner / Getty Images. Janice Dickin…
Bill Buckner is smiling Ya it happens, but not mentioned by . were two hard hits that JR missed,
New op-ed by our Co-Chair Jim Moseley and Bill Buckner Seeking solutions to agriculture's problems:
Bill Buckner predicted his own error. So says
I hate the Red Sox never will like them but put your two feet in bill Buckner's shoes
I feel like Bill Buckner after game 6 of the 1986 World Series
First problem with season 2 of is why would you cast Bill Buckner as a cop?
Tucker starts the ninth by hitting a grounder to 2B...goes right through his legs. That's not Bill Buckner.
Who taught Joey Votto how to field, Bill Buckner?
seen Bill Buckner between the legs more times than I ever wanted already. Although still haven't seen Aaron Boone's game 7 HR.
Bill Buckner (!) led the 1985 Red Sox with 18 stolen bases. Vince Coleman, card in our pack, once stole 18 in one game.
Mookie Wilson has no regrets hitting baseball that caused Bill Buckner to be shunned throughout New. England.
Today, BJ Upton is exactly as old as Mookie Wilson was the day he hit that grounder to Bill Buckner: 11,216 days.
just like Bill Buckner thinks he's gonna squeeze Mookie Wilson's dribbler!
The Clippers have lost games like both Scott Norwood and Bill Buckner in this series
best # 22 since Prior? Bill Buckner? Certainly better than Carlos Pena, Matt Garza,Felix Doubront, Logan Watkins, Mike Harkey
Mookie Wilson talks about his friendship with Bill Buckner - The Mets Hall of Famer tells Daybreak, how the ball h...
2 plays to change Bill Buckner & Magic's baby hook in 87. Saw Trigger Hippy at the Belly Up & that show on TV too. Chet in SD
Sorry, just look at how Bill Buckner and Jackie Smith are remembered.
Steve Bartman, Bill Buckner, Jean Van de Velde and Chris Webber are all laughing at the sheer idiocy of Pete Carroll.
Raines to me is like Bruce Sutter, Goose Gossage, Jim Rice and Bill Buckner - great careers, but not HOF worthy.
Quinn Buckner is the worst broadcaster in the NBA. I'd rather listen to a combo of Dr Quinn medicine woman & Bill Buckner
Matt Adams is going to remember this in years when they play it on the same highlight video as the Bill Buckner play
Bill Buckner missed a ground ball in the World Series.
Let the record show that Doug Fister was one Bill Buckner away from being a true leadoff hitter.
'The Red Sox Odyssey'... Getting the timing and order of things right is the single most important ongoing factor to finally getting an inspired pursuit right. Bill Buckner knows I'm right. He was just too good not to get that simple play right in The 1986 World Series. Forget about 'the curse of the Bambino'... Red Sox Destiny got in Bill Buckner's way, the night the ball rolled slowly by first base. Seven years ago (from 2011 when this thread of thought began)... The Boston Red Sox did something that no other American Major League Baseball Team had ever been done before, they overcame a three games to none deficit to defeat The New York Yankees in the Best-of-Seven League Championship Series and then went on to win The 2004 World Series... for the first time in 86 years. But that was then and this is today... the day The 2011 Red Sox season came to an end completing, as The Boston Globe phrased it, "The greatest collapse in baseball history." Why does all this matter? It matters because 'Metaphors' matt ...
this might help your migraine go away. Bill Buckner 1986 World Series Game 6 "Between th…:
Brazil's goalie... Bill Buckner is that you?
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The first team I loved as a kids were the Cubs. Andre Dawson, Keith Moreland, Ryne Sandberg, Bill Buckner (before he was a Red Sox guy)
Wondolowski will become the Bill Buckner of the United States Soccer Team
Except that Geoff Cameron is way more Leon Durham or Bill Buckner than Dennis Eckersley
Rob Green, Bill Buckner, Jackie Smith etc. etc. Not a list you ever want to be on.
22 and neither Jim Palmer's nor Bill Buckner's numbers or the year Betty White or Shirley Temple were born.
Is that bill Buckner at 3rd? No it's just Riley Barron .. Right between the legs
Bill Buckner misses a routine ground ball that led to the Mets winning Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.
there's a guy in a Bill Buckner Cubs jersey at the game
Is that wearing Bill Buckner shirt at game?
Some dude is wearing a vintage Bill Buckner Cubs jersey at the Phillies Reds game
This is a 1968 shot of Ogden Dodgers' (Rookie ball- Pioneer League, now known as the Raptors) manager Tommy Lasorda with Bill Buckner, Steve Garvey, and Bobby Valentine before they made their mark in the show during the 70s.
Crushing vodka wedges at an alarming rate in anticipation of and the Ginger Bill Buckner's arrival
What was Bill Buckner's most embarrassing moment in 1986?
if the Rangers lose the series is Girardi the new Bill Buckner ?
My fav memory was the 1986 WS Gm 6 Mookie Wilson grounder, Bill Buckner couldn't field it, and Ray Knight scores.
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Baseball fans old enough to remember the '86 Mets-Red Sox World Series, I found this quote ... VERY CREEPY: "The dreams are that you're gonna have a great series and win. The nightmares are that you're gonna let the winning run score on a ground ball through your legs. Those things happen, you know. I think a lot of it is just fate." --Bill Buckner in an October 6, 1986 interview on Boston's WBZ-TV, nineteen days before Game Six.
Random thought/fact; Game 6 86' was not Bill Buckners' fault, Bob Stanely threw 2 wild pitches to tie the game (one was ruled a passed ball, nope, & I hate Gedman)... I have trouble letting things go...
woke up feeling like '85 Bill Buckner
Don't forget the old man sneakers & don't do a Bill Buckner or else there'll be a riot
LBJ needs a legit championship. OKC is fatally flawed. The SA is treated Bill Buckner-style as the Spurs losing and not Heat winning.
the Daily News today used Bill Buckner in an article about Girardi. Get off his back and let him play.
Ink my whole body One moment can define an athlete’s entire career. Just ask Bill Buckner. Sometimes it’s not an infamous gaffe, but ...
Jon Jay is about as clutch as Bill Buckner!
Sports Ill He was 18. I saw the bruises.
I see you have the Bill Buckner accordion album as your photo
Don, we hate it also when people define our entire careers from one bad moment. /s/ Bill Buckner and Scott Norwood. RIPZimmer
That’s gotta be the equivalent to a Bill Buckner moment for Girardi. Absolutely awful.
He's been fine in the reg. season, helped us get here but who knew he'd play like Bill Buckner in the playoffs.
May I quote your blog in our story about Tait? (FYI, I loved Bill Buckner too. What a blessing to have had him as a mentor.)
In chronological order for me: Bill Buckner, Ellis Burks, Mo Vaughn, Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz
Peter Veczey and Bill Walton both picked the Knicks in the 1993 Eastern CF against Jordan. Quinn Buckner picked the Bulls.
On a scale of 1-Bill Buckner.. You are Bill Buckner. ihateyou.
The scene with Bill releasing Takahashi is us seeing Bill return to being a decent, kind man. "The Bill we love is back!" -Buckner & Barnow
"Turns out the two great love stories of are Bill & Sookie and Pam & Eric." "Yeah." Kate Barnow & Brian Buckner in commentary. :D
Who knew bill buckner played for bama softball.
going to auburn would be like bill Buckner going to play for the mets in 1987
Buster Posey just went Bill Buckner on us.
Punk took his ball, gave it to Bill Buckner but he couldnt bend over to pick it up
That was a real bill Buckner moment for Tyrion.
a very interesting assortment of hitting coaches here in the Northwest League, including Down, Mark Grace and Bill Buckner
Now to write a thesis on Oberyn Martell as Bill Buckner.
Watching Appalachian state block the game winning Fg at Michigan is my Bill Buckner Boston Red Sox moment. Ugh 😳
Reminiscent of the ball flying through Bill Buckner's legs.
Patrick Sharp on that one, Quick looked like Bill Buckner letting it go through his legs.
Even when you have a bad day, think how Bill Buckner felt at this moment.
Tonight I threw a pitch while Bill Buckner stood in the box. WUT.
That's basically the NBA verison of Bill Buckner letting the ball roll between his legs against the Mets when they won
Follow the amazing Hinds CC baseball story here. Bill Buckner would be mighty proud of these guys….
Bill freakin' Buckner just cut a check AND signed up to be a Big Brother right before my eyes. Amazing.
Durant just pulled his best Bill Buckner impersonation before that OT
Durant might have just had his Bill Buckner Moment! lets go spurs
Bill Buckner had to suffer from 1986 - 2004 (when they finally won) for his error that led to the Mets winning the series.
“I'm still mad at Breezy's Bill Buckner impersonation.” Cost us two runs.
I'm still mad at Breezy's Bill Buckner impersonation.
Found this on Broadway! The infamous World Series over the Sox when Bill Buckner let the ball go…
Such a bill Buckner play over at 1st today
thanks to Bill Buckner goat playing 3rd.. Bama now leads 3-0
Bill Buckner plays 3rd base for FSU?
she's babe Ruth and I'm bill Buckner
Chris Young is now among such luminaries as Luis Castillo & Bill Buckner. Fans forgive slumps but they never forgive game-losing errors
30 years ago today: traded Dennis Eckersley and Mike Brumley to the for Bill Buckner 😷
- 1984 - trade pitcher Dennis Eckersley to for Bill Buckner.
On this day in 1984, traded Bill Buckner to the Red Sox for Mike Brumley and Dennis Eckersley
5/25/84 The 5th-place shake things up by trading SP Dennis Eckersley & minor league IF Mike Brumley to the Cubs for 1B Bill Buckner.
30 years ago today, the Red Sox traded Dennis Eckersley to the Cubs for Bill Buckner.
Today in 1984 - Red Sox trade pitcher Dennis to Cubs for Bill Buckner
Tuesday visitation for Bill Buckner has been moved to First Baptist Church from 5 to 8 pm.
Wish I was in Washington to meet Bill Buckner. I'd ask more questions about Curb Your Enthusiasm than baseball
Please be in prayer for the MS FCA family and the family of state director Bill Buckner who went home to be with The Lord this…
Please pray for Bill Buckner who is the FCA director for the state of Mississippi. He's not doing well in hospital. Such a l…
It's 28 years later, and Bill Buckner still can't catch a break... .but, if he had to botch the most infamous...
Join with us at 9 pm tonight as we stand together in prayer for Bill Buckner's healing.
Keith and Wendy, Asa and Ana Sewell need our prayers, she sent me this text about her dad! "All pray at 9pm for my dad Bill buckner. Please join us. He has to fight . Aspergillis in his lungs. Spread the word. All pray at 9 pm tonight." Remember to keep her Dad in your prayers! JD
That was some Bill Buckner type of play!
I cry whenever I see highlights of the ball going thru my legs. Signed Bill Buckner.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
On this date...1979 — Dave Kingman of the Cubs hit three home runs and Mike Schmidt of the Phillies hit two, and Philadelphia beat Chicago 23-22 in 10 innings at Wrigley Field. Bill Buckner had a grand slam and seven RBIs for Chicago. The game included 11 home runs and 50 hits.
Mets and Bills. We love punishment. Love Bill Buckner though. Choke.
Assuming I can get this mic to work, I'm going to TRY to record some vocals tonight, This could either go great, or... end up like Bill Buckner in '86.
Ouch. A Bill Buckner moment at first base gives Capital the lead, 9-8. Runners at first and second with one out.
P.S. Mookie & Bill Buckner remain good friends. They, like, hang out & stuff. Add that to your reality.
Born on November 12th, 1868, the story of Jack Ryan’s baseball career is one of the oldest in Haverhill sports history. He was a catcher and first baseman for Haverhill High School, before reaching the Major League. Before reaching the big leagues, Ryan was a standout player in Massachusetts. He was a member of the Haverhill New England League, who he would help win the state championship in Auburn, New York, then joined the Louisville, Kentucky American League. He would play for Louisville from 1889-1891 before becoming injured in an accident. After a three year recovery period, Ryan would make his way back to baseball. He won a spot playing for the Boston Beaneaters from 1894-1896. Although his time playing in Boston was short lived, having the opportunity to play for his home state was surely an incredible honor. He would then take another two years off before joining the Brooklyn Bridegrooms in 1898, then the Baltimore Orioles in 1899. Ryan continued to bounce from team to team at the turn of the ce ...
Don't forget Bill Buckner, too. Made his life miserable after that.
So are Bartkowski and Bill Buckner related? Similar approaches to playing defense.
character has his Bill Buckner moment.
Tukka Rask with the Bill Buckner play. Chara and those size 16's cost the Bruins a date with the Rangers.
Johnny Boychuk with a possible Bill Buckner move. Will he be the scapegoat?
“Imagine if Bill Buckner never made that error”I wouldn't have been born
Imagine if Bill Buckner never made that error
The PCPO has gone from being The Party of Bill Davis to The Party of Bill Buckner. They *will* find a way to lose.
On David Ortiz, hits, errors, and MLB willfully ignoring its own rules:
We already knew FCC rules and unwritten homer trot rules don't apply to David Ortiz. Now real MLB rules don't either.
. You mean like Bill Buckner in the 1986 World Series?
- I like that you're following 22 people while 22 people follow you. . Making the version of Bill Buckner very proud.
I'm sure the are just getting their paperwork together on Bill Buckner's E3 since he never touched the ball.
This 30 for 30 special just shows how great of a person Bill Buckner is
MLB decides to change history, thumb nose at own rulebook, just to make David Ortiz happy
Congratulations, Bill Buckner! You apparently didn't commit an error after all - MLB says it must touch the glove!.
More pathetic than Bill Buckner trying to field a ground ball
Mookie Wilson's hit down the first base line going through Bill Buckner's legs
Just how important are things to you in this world? Just got done watching a segment on Steve Bartman and Bill Buckner, two people who endured the scorn of sports fans for years. As the NBA finals are getting into full swing, remember it's just a game. But at the same time, how focused are you on God? Are you listening with bated breath to a sermon preached from his word? Do you keep up with his teachings, and teach your children about him, the same way you rear your kids in love for your favorite team? Where does your focus lay? Going back to Bartman and Buckner, are we guilty of hanging our heads, becoming emotional, placing those around us as scapegoats to our team losing? No matter how exciting it is, it is just a game.
Don Larsen, Bill Buckner, Kirby Puckett, Aaron Boone. Need I say more?? Its gotta be the MLB playoffs
Ha. I beleive the pitcher was Al Downing and the outfielder was, in a cruel irony to this Red Sox fan, Bill Buckner
Had another epic Lunch with my Buddy Phil. We always have a great time. Topics discussed. The god status of Derek Jeter. The Best Actor tournament. The upcoming Best Kick *** fictional character tournament. Bill Buckner. What would happen if Don Mattingly went to Rafael Santana's home? Yankees, Mets, Steelers, El Rey cable channel, My attending the Latina bars, Serenity & Firefly. Barry Bonds, Gary Carter & Mike Piazza. The validation of a WWE Hall of Fame. Why are all the best Mets in history also Yankees? Scarlett Johannsen. Jessica Alba. Famous people you wouldn't know were Latino. The AJ Duhe TV show idea. I'm sure I'm forgetting something in our 4 hours of catching up. Still totally EPIC!
I sit & watch the Red Sox game alone downstairs at my parents house!!! They win ---witch is no big deal--so early in the season-- AS I sit I relise the history in this room alone has!! I see exactly were I sat when Bucky Dent hit his history making home run!! 1975--I was with Jeff Bergeron-I see the closet that I kicked in when the sox lost game against the METS---Bill Buckner (with my wife to be) I see where I invited people to come back too the house & party at 2 AM-in the morning!!---I see where I sat (on a coffee table) thru the whole season when my NY Giants won the SUPER BOWL in 1986 ( never moving off that table --for bad luck)..I see last year jumping up & down as the SOX won another World Series!!! THEN I GO back to when I was 12 years old when my dear friends Pam Cunningam & Kim Vichi putting on my boxing gloves & KIM gave Pam a black eye!!! I see Christmas Eve partys with 200 people in the house-- MOST OF THEM YoU GUYS---THen I flash forward to CHRISTMAS EVE partys-So many awesome people walkin ...
Hiding out tonight after a long week at work. Kudos to the suits at ESPN, great 30 for 30 re-runs this week. I caught Survive and Advance the other night (Jimmy V and the 83 Wolfpack) and right now, Catching *** (Steve Bartman and Bill Buckner). Such great, great films.
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As we inch closer to April 6 and WrestleMania XXX, my next viewing is WrestleMania XIV in Boston in 1998. That was a special year as the Cubs made the playoffs as the wild card and Pete Rose returned to Boston as a special guest announcer for the match with Undertaker vs. Kane. His intro was hilarious, "Last time I was in Boston, we kicked your *** I left tickets for Bill Buckner but he couldn't bend over to pick them up." At least he made one Hall of Fame, the WWE Hall of Fame. The return to tradition for WrestleMania with celebrities running wild ("Iron" Mike Tyson, Gennifer Flowers, Pete Rose) and the excitement of what WrestleMania should be was felt with this one as it also began the Attitude Era and the beginning of the white sketching of the WWF logo which has been blurred out or modified to WWE. Well, that's annoying.
...a baby is thrown out of a burning building, bounces high off the firemen's net, and. ah! the episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Bill Buckner catches the baby! :)
. I know man! The field I pulled a Bill F&$king Buckner and on the field with the crew
You know Chunk has spilled his guts about everything, even distracting Bill Buckner at the 1985 World Series
Angela Corey is the Bill Buckner of prosecutors
Great day of volleyball at the highschool. Sheila and I ran into old friends (VHHS Class of 82) Bill Buckner, Joe Saia and Scotty East who was in town from Georgia for the tournament. Great to see dear friends!
The thing about sports is the endurance of the moment, good or bad, almost to the exclusion of everything else. Jim Fregosi, who by all lights, had a solid major league career, both as a player and a manager, is best known as the guy the Mets got in exchange for Nolan Ryan. Being the lesser subject of the Worst Trade Ever is a crummy payoff. It wasn’t even the result of anything he did on the field, but a stupid front office decision. So it’s probably better than Bill Buckner, whose near Hall of Fame career boiled down to booting Mookie Wilson’s grounder in Game Six. Or Ralph Branca, who at least turned his gopher ball to Bobby Thompson (“The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!”) into a Buddy Act for the rest of their lives.
I would have bet the Russians. USA skip Shuster makes Bill Buckner seem clutch
Former baseball player Jim Fregosi just passed away. He was a heck of a ballplayer but will always be remembered for one thing: Having the 'luck' to be traded to the Mets for Nolan Ryan. It turned out to be one of the worst trades in Baseball history. Kinda like Bill Buckner. The guy's a borderline Hall of famer but all everybody remembers there is a ball rolling through the poor crippled guy's legs when he should've been replaced for defensive reasons at that point in the game like in every other game by his manager. It's odd how a lifetime of success can be overshadowed by one failure. Thankfully, God sees us just the opposite: A lifetime of failure is wiped out by one success: The Cross.
Just re-watched the whole KUvsMICH sweet 16 game from last year on youtube. I feel like Jimmy Fallon watching Bill Buckner on "Fever Pitch"
True. My heart goes out to those who basically dedicate their lives to U.S. curling. Today has to feel like Bill Buckner to them.
Bill Buckner got defined by one play! It happens! Good or bad
Outfielder Mookie Wilson played 12 seasons mainly with the Mets except for his last 2 plus years with the Blue Jays. He was a switch hitter with excellent speed as he accumulated 327 stolen bases in his career. He finished with a lifetime batting avg of .274. He helped the Mets win a World Series in 1986 when he hit the ball that Bill Buckner missed in Game 6 of the World Series. He later went on to become a coach for the Mets. Here is his '87 Donruss card.
California bill seeks warnings on sugary drinks: California would become the first state to require warning la...
Throwback Thursday - an old baseball picture has resurfaced from 1992. My summer team played the "Grey Sox," a team of retired MLB players including George Foster, Bernie Carbo, Bill Lee, Bill Buckner, Fergie Jenkins, Bob Stanley, Pedro Bourbon, etc.
It's sad that Bill Buckner's major league highlight is that play. He won a batting title, great hitter.
What if there wasn't a wild pitch the batter before Bill Buckner's error that tied the game?
A few Cubs quotes. "If I managed the Cubs, I'd be an alcoholic."--Whitey Herzog "There's nothing wrong with this team that more pitching, more fielding and more hitting couldn't help."--Bill Buckner "You get tired of looking at garbage in your own backyard."--Cubs manager Lee Elia in 1983 about why the Cubs got rid of so many players. Elia was fired later that same season. "The Cubs were taking batting practice, and the pitching machine threw a no-hitter."--Radio deejay "The only bad thing about being released by the Cubs is that they made me keep my season tickets."--Ken Rietz, ex-Cub third baseman "Would the lady who left her nine kids at Wrigley Field please pick them up immediately? They are beating the Cubs 4-0 in the 7th inning."--Radio deejay "One thing you learn as a Cubs fan: When you bought your ticket, you could bank on seeing the bottom of the ninth."--Joe Garagiola
Carol Anne Costa: I Heart My Farmera And So Does the Farm Bill: In the political chattering class, much of the...
you're at The Nation Review? Can you get me Bill Buckner's autograph?
4/8/08: Bill Buckner throws out the ceremonial first pitch to Dwight Evans in front of a standing ovation at Fenway Park Check out for m...
"Top 5 reasons you can't blame Bill Buckner for losing the 1986 World Series" 😏✊
My Mets have not been good for a long time. So I must relive the past. Thanks again Bill Buckner.
This would be Mt rushmore Piazza, Bill Buckner, Jose Reyes, and Dillon Gee
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