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Bill Bratton

William Joseph Bill Bratton CBE (born October 6, 1947) is an American law enforcement officer who served as the chief of police of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), New York City Police Commissioner, and Boston Police Commissioner.

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Funny lines from considering Council has also canned whistleblowers who tried holding NYPD accountable.…
.following footsteps of who also fired a whistleblower trying to hold NYPD accountable.…
Medical economics is complicated. Insurance and risk pools are complicated. Lies have been told to public for years. GO…
NBC News Sr. Law Enforcement Analyst Bill Bratton says this incident bears the hallmark of "inspired" attacks that we've seen globally.
The reason President Trump is at the Capitol: Republicans are hearing from you about this disastrous health care bill.…
Hey Price, If you're so worried about restoring people's self worth, then don't support a bill that cuts mental…
What about Dictators, what are Bill Bratton Obligations to our Democracy
Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton says we have an obligation to protect the President and his family wherever they are
Bill Bratton on meet the face of stop and frisk and racial profiling in NYC. Get this clown off the air.
Bill Bratton's next job will be at a Hillary Clinton-linked firm
But it's not just Bill and Hillary. Tony Blair works there. Bill Bratton. They hire everyone they can from the r…
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George W Bush, Bill Bratton, Rick Perry, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Bloomberg, I could go on but u get the point right?
Bill Bratton & Ray Kelly together at funeral for John Timoney.
The discussed the impact of Bill Bratton's departure on Bill de Blasio’s administration:
owes Bill Bratton a debt of gratitude for keeping de Blasio from ruining it with his anti-cop worldview.
Former cop and current Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams on Bill Bratton's accomplishments and the job ahead:
Bill Bratton steps down as NYPD commissioner 'with reluctance'
Bill Bratton left because of insane policing regulations: The departure of NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is ...
NYPD chief Bill Bratton resigns after months of tussling with Bill de Blasio
Bill Bratton to announce resignation from the NYPD one day after demanded it:
Who is James O’Neill? Meet the man replacing Bill Bratton as New York's Police Commissioner:
Bill Bratton steps down as New York Police Commissioner
Gotta know when to walk away...⚡ Bill Bratton is resigning as NYPD Police Commissioner.
Bill Bratton is leaving an NYPD under fire:
Bill Bratton will be remembered as a greatest New York Police Commissioner. Good luck with your new endeavors. NY will miss you
interview with Bill Bratton, who will step down as NYC's Police Commissioner:
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⚡️ “Bill Bratton is resigning as NYPD Police Commissioner”.
NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton says 'police lives matter' as he resigns .
⚡ Bill Bratton is resigning as NYPD Police Commissioner.
Here's who will take over as NYPD Police Commissioner when Bill Bratton leaves
Bill Bratton resigning, NYPD Chief James O'Neill will take over
⚡️ "Bill Bratton is resigning as NYPD Police Commissioner".
🙌🙌🙌🙌. ⚡ Bill Bratton is resigning as NYPD Police Commissioner.
I am PRAYING for a Howard Stern interview of Bill Bratton, post-departure
Bill Bratton is stepping down as New York City's Police Commissioner
WOW, NYC activists, this happened! Bill Bratton to Resign as NYPD Commissioner via
Word is NYPD Cmsr. Bill Bratton is quitting. Is it because is too anti-cop, or just plain crooked? . https…
from August 1. Fire Bill Bratton! Reparations for the NYPD's victims&survivors! Defund NYPD! https:…
Watch "Protesters Gather, Call for Removal of Bill Bratton" on YouTube -
rally kickin off demanding Bill Bratton is fired, reparations now &NYPD defunded htt…
Bill Bratton & Ray Kelly, two men who've been on the front lines saving lives from terrorists, blast Muslim ban and embra…
yes Bill Bratton and Mayor NYC murders are down. So are the elderly carry weapons, stay alive!!!
DMC calls for NYPD's Bill Bratton to apologize for blaming concert shooting on "thugs"
Wanna be Police Commissioner named Bill Bratton or whatever his name is..fake cop
If NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton wants to talk about ‘Thugs,’ start with the NYPD.
Bratton says New York gangs are turning to cyber crime: Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said many gangs in N...
loves that NYPD criminals are facing indictments for doing favors, under a mayor that's all about "pay to play". NY!
And in the spirit of you to Bill Bratton, NYCPD Commissioner, a true American
Bill Bratton insists public schools are safe, 'agents and are working together' -
John Miller works for the NYPD now? I'll bet he can speak about Bill Bratton with depth and clarity.
Bill Bratton says high-ranking cops will likely end up in handcuffs for corruption
i do fear we bring someone like Bill Bratton, the architect of stop n frisk, which Oak did after we ousted police chief
Bill Bratton says feds’ ongoing NYPD probe will ‘probably’ bring criminal indictments: Cops embroiled in the ...
.is pretty sure there will be criminal indictments from the NYPD bribe probe
Bill Bratton expects NYPD criminal indictments amid fed probe are you one of them?!
Bratton expects criminal charges against NYPD officers as result of Federal probe:
Teflon Bill Rudin fixing and favors from Ray Kelly to Bill Bratton? Rudin has retired NYPD CO on payroll
.and disagree on how effective it is to monitor Muslim communities. Listen:
CATSRoundtable Local Ed PODCAST Apr 3rd►Interview with knew more about Brussel's than...|
Commissioner Bill Bratton on proposed cuts to terror funds: “That’s Washington. That’s the foolishness that goes on down there.”
If I'm elected president, America will have a Commander in Chief committed to defeating radical Islamic terrorism
Despite what NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton says in public, his officers violate the rights of unsheltered New...
Bill Bratton: Ted Cruz should ‘shut up’ about terrorism: The city’s top cop said the Republican White Hou...
Ray Kelly Bill Bratton Cy Flash Boys Vance answer questions under oath one day including my case
NYPD commish has harsh words over mailman's arrest. Sad when can't do or be who you are.
Bratton is wrong, and let's hope his position doesn't cost New Yorker lives
Police Commissioner Bill Bratton disputed that 23 cops were under investigation for bribery.
NYPD commish has harsh words over mailman's arrest
NYPD commish has harsh words over mailman's arrest - CBS News
NYC's "very concerned" about mailman's arrest that was caught on tape
RINO Kasich loves NYPD commish Bill Bratton (the shill of Mayor de Blasio) . Bratton =downgrade from the awesome Raymond Kelly.
One morning last October, Bill Bratton, the commissioner of the New York Police Department, bumped into a young...
Bill Bratton to crack down on Liberty Island and Staten Island Ferry counterfeit tickets
Ray Kelly and Bill Bratton locking horns on crime stats is both ludicrous the NYPD fix crime like a Las Vegas Casino
LAPD chief Charlie Beck lashes out at Bill Bratton for 'over-reaction' comments. {dailymail}
Congrats to COFFEED Founder/CEO Frank "Turtle" Raffaele on being named (along with Danny Meyer, Bill Bratton, and...
Community groups call for firing of Daniel Pantaleo & resignation of Bill Bratton!.
Joint statement from anti-groups calling for the firing of Daniel Pantaleo & Bill Bratton!
NYPD’s Bill Bratton says security for Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade will be increased this year:
Looking forward to hearing from my brother-in-law attorney Bill Bratton at mcle lunch today.
Bill Bratton says New Yorkers are 'free to give' to homeless: The city...
And Mayor DeBlasio hired that radical leftist Bill Bratton as Police Commissioner! LOL!
NYPD Commissioner, Bill Bratton, says about 30 protesters have been arrested for threats to kill officer Darren Wilson -
Bill Bratton defends NYPD after Scott Stringer\'s remarks
The New Yorker has an interesting look Bill Bratton, NYC's Police Commissioner.
Bill Bratton Police Commissioner phenomenal series of explosions   10% Off
What Bill Bratton Has Taught American Police: If Bill Bratton were to depart as Commissioner of the Ne... -
Bill Bratton has always been a great leader. NYC Police Commissioner Bratton is in strong position with City Hall
Co-wrote a piece about recent statements from former NY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and current one Bill Bratton:
I co-wrote a piece on Ray Kelly and Bill Bratton's recent comments.
Very generous of Police Commissioner/Mayor Bill Bratton to allow mayor number 2 to disagree with him publicly
Why I love Cos he wrote a story about Bill Bratton's affection for DP Moynihan's 50-year-old racial theories.
NYC is lucky to have a man like Bill Bratton as their Police Commissioner.
In this week's issue, Ken Auletta examines the work and legacy of New York City’s Police Commissioner Bill Bratton:
Bill Bratton and former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly spar over stop-and-frisk - New York Daily News
Bill Bratton goes to bat for de Blasio: Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has nothing but warm word...
This never would have happened if Bill Bratton was the Police Commissioner of Indianapolis:.
Next case: open container of alcohol. Major collar for and Bill Bratton
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Almost there! Just need 175 more people to sign our petition for plazas to take it to the Mayor.
I support Bill Bratton & get rid of plaza, no more malls in NYC open up Bway
Bill Bratton cleaned up NYC with broken windows theory. Now Ferguson judge throws it out. Crime rate ^
Bill Bratton, the father of broken windows policing, swears by it
The dumbest idea of the week goes to Bill de Blasio and Bill Bratton. Congrats!
Sign this petition to help save our Broadway plazas!
Sign the petition to Save our Broadway Plazas!
Sign the petition to help save this awesome arts program at Times Square!
Collaborate or Perish, by Bill Bratton and Zachary Tumin. A must read to conquer Terrorism.
put Bway back as vital street in NYC ditch mall plaza in Times Sq: go Bill Bratton
Do you believe in public space? Then join the fight for plazas by signing our petition today!
and Chief Bratton want to make "resisting arrest" a felony. Stop this draconian dystopian attempt:
Help preserve usable people-friendly public space y'all. Do it.
NYPD's top cop is committed to cleaning Times Square. "We'll get it resolved."
Fight to preserve plazas. Please sign our petition & share w/ friends
NYPD Commish Bill Bratton committed to changing Times Square -
1,200 new NYPD recruits gather at Queens College, where PC Bill Bratton is about to swear them in.
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NYPD's Bill Bratton predicts boost in hiring of black cops
NYPD has tough time hiring black cops: Bill Bratton - NY Daily News
Bill Bratton heckled at City Council budget hearing
Bill Bratton has class. Loretta Lynch has none. DOJ should stay out of it. So should bobblehead. 30,000 at funeral for Brian Moore.
Bill Bratton confirms new unit to investigate shootings AUDIO–
GanjapreneurCom: Commissioner Bratton acknowledges deadly effects of - …
GanjapreneurCom: Commissioner Bratton acknowledges deadly effects of -
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton once saved New York from criminals. Now can he save it from the police?
Commissioner Bratton acknowledges deadly effects of -
T' new stop-an'-frisk directif' Commissyun'r Bill Bratton rollet out thishere week is…
What's going on? Harry Siegel: Bill Bratton's reefer madness - New York Daily… Get found ->
"Have you hugged your marijuana dealer today?". Spot-on on Bratton's reefer madness:
"Bratton’s age, disposition and experience .. make him constitutionally averse to people getting high."
says Bratton has gone one toke over the line
Bratton's reefer madness:. He says pot is worse for NYC than crack was in the 80s. So wrong. . My latest .
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Harry Siegel: Bill Bratton’s reefer madness: Have you hugged your marijuana dealer today? Do it now, before so...
Bill Bratton shows why he should not be a toilet cleaner let alone a Police Commissioner
Colorado marijuana to blame for rise in New York shootings. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bill Bratton.
NYC Bratton - is OUT OF TOUCH!. Reality check: is weed sending New York City back to 1990s record crime rates?
NYPD's Bill Bratton was eighteen years old when pot became illegal in 1937. He's a bit out of touch with reality - so don't buy his crap.
"Chief Says Spike In Homicides Caused By Worth repeating that is delusional!
Bill Bratton sure has a crazy imagination. .
Has it occurred to Bill Bratton that legalizing the drug trade would take it out of the hands of violent criminals?
Bill Bratton makes fool of himself, says blatantly false things about marijuana and murder rate
“Anyone else see this? Here Bill Bratton this is actually what happens due to our legal weed
.A butterfly flapped its wings in Colorado and Bill Bratton's brain fell out.
Bill Bratton is the dictionary definition of a bully.
commissioner Bill Bratton blames legal marijuana in Colorado for increase in New York shootings. SMDH, this... h…
Bill Bratton implies that legal pot is somehow responsible for an uptick in homicides in New York.
Once more I read of Bill Bratton being courted for his view of a British policing issue. Why? Different social milieu & political setting
Bill Bratton's a big fan of A Man For All Seasons: I'm all about Wolf Hall. They have opposite heroes and villains.
EYE OPENER: France terror suspect in Syria? Also, NYPD head Bill Bratton, and Sen. Marco Rubio in our studios
Commissioner Bill Bratton should be Demoting Deputy Inspectors and Captains over this Disgrace /Disrespect!
Modal Trigger View Thumbnails Mayor de Blasio is seen through the window of a black SUV Tuesday afternoon. Ellis Kaplan Mayor de Blasio arrived seven minutes early to the meeting to smooth tensions with the NYPD. Matthew McDermott Police Commissioner Bill Bratton arrives for the meeting at the Polic…
Illustration: Gérard DuBois WHEN Rudy Giuliani RAN FOR MAYOR of New York City in 1993, he campaigned on a platform of bringing down crime and making the city safe again. It was a comfortable position for a former federal prosecutor with a tough-guy image, but it was more than mere posturing. Since 1960, rape rates had nearly quadrupled, murder had quintupled, and robbery had grown fourteenfold. New Yorkers felt like they lived in a city under siege. Is There Lead In Your House? An Interview With Pioneering Toxicologist Howard Mielke How Dangerous Is the Lead in Bullets? Does Lead Paint Produce More Crime Too? How Your Water Company May Be Poisoning Your Kids More MoJo coverage of the dangers of lead. Throughout the campaign, Giuliani embraced a theory of crime fighting called "broken windows," popularized a decade earlier by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling in an influential article in The Atlantic. "If a window in a building is broken and is left unrepaired," they observed, "all the rest of the win ...
I'm outraged Bill Bratton uses terms like "assassinated" to describe these killings when he knows full well the context. That term is loaded
After the killings, Bill de Blasio and Bill Bratton now have the most critical relationship in New York:
In watching Bill Bratton talk about Wenjian Liu today, I noticed he said Liu & Ramos were "killed for their color, because they were blue."
Hundreds of policemen turn backs on New York City mayor at slain officer Wenjian Liu's funeral: New York City police turned out in their thousands on Sunday for the funeral of the second of two officers murdered last month, but in a sign of persistent tensions with Mayor Bill de Blasio, hundreds turned their backs when he delivered his eulogy. Politicians, police leaders and other mourners joined family members inside a Brooklyn funeral home to honor Wenjian Liu, who was killed in an ambush that led to accusations the mayor had contributed to an anti-police climate. Outside, the throng of officers gathered to pay their respects to Liu stretched for nearly a mile along an avenue in the borough's Bensonhurst neighborhood. When de Blasio began his speech, hundreds of them turned their backs to screens showing his image, despite earlier entreaties by City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton to mourners to show restraint. The back-turning gesture has become symbolic of the anger many officers feel for de Blasio o ...
Even Bill Bratton has this scary edge to him.
So once again New York City police officers by the thousands turned their backs on Mayor Bill DeBlasio after being directed not to do such a thing by their boss Commissioner Bill Bratton. It was a disrespect to the widow of officer Liu and shows you just how out of control NYPD is at this time.. A few things to keep in mind.. First and foremost the rationale for them turning their backs is that a criminal who shot his girlfriend decided to ambush two NYPD officers and said it was in revenge for the non indictments of officers who killed Eric Garner and Mike Brown.. As journalist and as police officers who do investigation, one is charged with the duty of finding out what sort of direct connection the assailant had with protests. We are charged with finding out if the assailant listened to a speech or read something by Mayor Bill deBlasio and decided to act upon it in such an egregious manner... and even if he did, should the person who voiced a concern or opinion about the behavior of public servants b .. ...
Bill de Blasio, Bill Bratton, the Romas family & the Liu family have brought dignity & nobility to this tragedy.
Commissioner Bill Bratton told officers they should not turn their backs on the mayor during the funeral for slain NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu.
but you say nothing when DiBlasio puts Al Sharpton at same table as Bill Bratton? Or hires his flack? These are related.
I support Mayor de Blasio and regret that he chose Bill Bratton as Police Commissioner. BB condones insu…
Or w/ Al Sharpton to vouch for Bill Bratton.
'A hero's funeral is about grieving, not grievance': Commish tells cops to grow up and feel some empathy.
New York Post - Bratton agonistes - We don’t envy Bill Bratton. Notwithstanding the direct appeal he made to his p...
Bratton Responds to NYPD Critics in Eulogy for Murdered Cop: Bill Bratton disputed accusations that the NYPD is…
First of all Bill Bratton is not some liberal figure, quite the opposite. Secondly, de Blasio is no communist.
Would you believe I actually had that discussion once with Bill Bratton himself?
Bill Bratton appears to have "lost" the NYPD. Some had him down for Met Commissioner once
'Why do we always lose the good ones?' Bill Bratton eulogizes slain officer Wenjian Liu ( transcript) via
"A hero's funeral is about grieving, not grievance," NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said in a memo read to all...
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton at Wenjian Liu funeral: 'We believe in the possibility…
"All of them are good ones; a few of them are not." - Bill Bratton, Comissioner of Mixed Messages, on the NYPD
Wrong team, Bill. Btw, did Bratton take the photograph?
"A hero's funeral is about grieving, not grievance," NYC Commissioner Bill Bratton addresses his Police Force
This is another reason that "Bill Bratton" must resign, because he has no control over the police department. He...
Police Commissioner Bill Bratton warns NYPD not to turn backs on mayor at cop’s funeral
Police ignore Bratton & demonstrate disgust for Bill de Blasio yet again - via
Wow. A very powerful and stern statement by regarding the officers who turned their backs
Here's the full transcript of NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton's eulogy for slain NYPD cop Wenjian Liu
On Friday, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton appealed to the "tradition, honor, and decency"...
Bill Bratton: "We believe in the possibility of a city free from fear."
Cops Turn Their Backs on de Blasio at Second NYPD Officer's Funeral: Despite Bill Bratton's request that they...
NYC Wine Guy NEWS Despite Bill Bratton's request that they behave respectfully, hundreds of cops...
Dear Bill de Blasio. You're still an *** They were saluting Bratton.
Bill Bratton can't even control his own officers.
NYPD commish Bill Bratton says NYPD needs to weed out bad cops
Read this important piece on how Bill Bratton - and gentrification - brought an end to LA gang culture.
In an interview with Chuck Todd NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said cops across the country perceive they are under attack from the federal government.
NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says sitting with the Rev. Al Sharpton was a bad idea.
Thousands of officers gathered outside Christ Tabernacle Church in Queens for the funeral of slain Police Office, where speakers included vice-president Joe Biden, New York governor Andrew Cuomo and NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton.
I've held out hope that Bill Bratton would lead the NYPD through this. But his unwavering support of deBlasio is chipping…
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If I was to go strictly based on my FB feed from the last 48 hours - Thanks to the influence of the recent 'N-lovin scumbag' protesters, Bill De Blasio gave the gun to Eric Holder, who in turn shot and killed NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in a cold blooded premeditated attack; which conversely is just a planned false flag attack anyway. So its no wonder that Bill Bratton, Pat Lynch and Rudy Giuliani are upset! I'm not really sure what role this Ismaaiyl Brinsley plays into the killing, but apparently he's a Muslim and part of a gang no one has ever heard of that has vowed to kill white police officers. Seriously; never underestimate the combined hysteria of dumb people in large groups.
Today I have a heavy heavy heart. Two fine men were executed because they wore a blue uniform and tried to help a neighborhood that had seen too much crime. I am the mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and aunt of police officers. Today I can begin to worry about them all. They are put out there all alone with no backing from a city that they were sworn to protect. Would I like to have my daughter stay home today with her baby? *** right I would. I think of the families of these two officers, sitting in a hospital, waiting to be told that their husband and father did not survive an attack on them while sitting in a patrol car eating lunch. My God people, this is heart-wrenching. The mayor of NYC does not really care as he dislikes all police. The only hope the police have is Bill Bratton. Hopefully yesterday opens a lot of eyes to see what the mayor and his cronies (including Al Sharpton) are doing to the Police Department of New York City. Worried, yes people. Did not get much sleep last night. My daug ...
It was said before and ill say it again.Russell Simmons do not speak for me. He is a friend to the mayor and Bill Bratton.
Bill Bratton treated for dehydration before Garner decision: NYPD Comm...
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton was taken to a hospital for dehydration on Wednesday, prior to the release of the Garner decision.
JUST IN: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner Bratton will make an announcement about police training. -
Bill Bratton will be appearing on NY1 tonight. Or, as his media advisory says, "Make sure to tune in to Peter Pan or maybe a nap or a book."
Pantaleo in the death of 43-year-old Eric Garner. Pantaleo is white; Garner is black. That one fact meant that the President of the United States and the Mayor of New York City took to the microphones to denounce American racism. President Obama talked about the “concern on the part of too many minority communities that law enforcement is not working with them and dealing with them in a fair way.” De Blasio went further, of course, calling for “action” and suggesting that the incident represented the culmination of “centuries of racism.” Unlike the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Missouri, there is excellent cause for concern here. But that concern does not mean that facts of the case ought to become irrelevant. The Case. The incident was caught on tape by a friend of Garner’s, and shows Garner, who weighed some 400 lbs., being confronted by police over distributing unlicensed cigarettes (colloquially called “loosies”). The video shows Garner resisting arrest, although not violently s ...
LIVE presser about to get underway with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton now on CH 1. Source is CNN.
Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has declared war on dirty cops.
Police Commissioner Bill Bratton sent New Yorkers an important message Tuesday in the wake of Eric Garner’s death, allegedly by police chokehold: There is no constitutional right to resist arrest. ...
Y'all can keep praising Deblasio’s speech last and ignore the fact that he supports broken windows policing & hired Bill Br…
.Bill Bratton needs to be fired. He's one of the chief architects of Broken Window policing now run amok. .
Bill Bratton treated for dehydration before Garner decision
Bill Bratton doesn't think it's right for people to criticize grand jury
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Bill Bratton treated for dehyrdration before Garner decision
NYPD boss Bratton: "there is a civic responsibility of citizens...when an officer is making an arrest, not to resist"
“The place to argue your case is in the court, not in the street.” -Bill Bratton
NYPD was hospitalized for dehydration before the Eric Garner decision -
Both and I have been struck by the same thought.
Bill Bratton reacts to Eric Garner case - New York News
"We really shouldn't be criticizing the system or the jurors"--Bill Bratton on the radio
Police sources say NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton was hospitalized for dehydration just before Wednesday's Eric ... http:…
was hospitalized for dehyrdration just before Wednesday's EricGarner decision.
JUST IN: was hospitalized for dehyrdration just before Wednesday's Eric Garner decision.
The saint who splashed broken windows architect/ police chief Bill Bratton with red paint has his bail set at 30k
Wait, the protester who threw fake blood on NY police chief Bill Bratton is in jail on a $30,000 bail bond and Darren Wilson walks free HOWW
Bill Bratton gets even with DeBlasio over mayor's asinine police policy?
NYPD's Bill Bratton awarded for fighting animal abuse
Ed Mullins argued Bill de Blasio and Bill Bratton's new policy on low-level marijuana offenders means signing off on nonwhites using weed.
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NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has vowed to push for legislation against the two tech giants after they announced...
Bill Bloomdeblasio mikelite guess folks who will contribute to campaign involved? 1 termbill fire Bratton taleof lies
What Does the Recent Spate of Lone Wolf Terrorist Attacks Mean?: NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton has described ...
The de Blasio way: How Bill leads: Move forward, but don't hold Bratton back. By picking Bill Bratton to run t...
Sunset Park confronts NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton after beating of pregnant woman by
Unstable former Navy enlistee non-fatally attacks some cops and Bill Bratton declares it "terrorism." What a farce.
Hatchet attack on NYPD officers called "terrorist act" by Commissioner Bill Bratton
… "Dismantling the Myth of Bill is still essential reading on policing's improved PR:
Racist Policing in the De Blasio Era: Bill Bratton's Crusade to Save a Dying Brand ▶️Dismantle the fear factor
Would it be "terrorist act", if the perpetrator would be a white guy from Mid West?
Maniac's hatchet attack on NYPD cops was act of terrorism, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says   FINALLY!!!
Bill Bratton tells brass that NYPD needs to regain public’s trust
Too many agendas for the NYPD - Every Police Commissioner serves at the pleasure of the mayor. Bill Bratton knows...
NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton: ISIS threatens NY. . FBI: "There is no current, specific, or credible threat to NY" .
Protesters call for Bill Bratton's resignation over Staten Island death
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I demand the immediate removal of Police Chief Bill Bratton and your assurance that receives justice.
Love the way Bill Bratton throws his officers under the bus, before there is a proper investigation.
I want to send special prayers to the family of Eric Garner. A life lost that can't be replaced. My God! Today, I joined clergy members and the Staten Island community with my colleague Debi Rose in the midst of such an unspeakable tragedy. I can't begin to describe my feelings but share all of the concerns expressed. I thank our Mayor Bill deBlasio and Commissioner Bill Bratton for immediately calling an investigation into this. Mr. Garner easily could have been my own relative and constituent and I'm truly saddened by this and full of emotions. No one should have to bury a loved one whose life is cut short in this way. Thank You to all the city officials for your presence and support. I pray that God will provide all the answers needed and bring comfort to the Garner family. 🙏🙏.
is this serious?? “Loss of life is always a tragedy,” said Police Commissioner Bill Bratton
Bill Bratton under Giuliani was 1st Police Commissioner to implement controversial theory
Commissioner Bill Bratton says the two officers involved Eric Garner's death have been reassigned to desk duty
Bill Bratton cannot clean up the Ray Kelly/Bernie Kerik mess at the fast enough.
Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton are holding a press conference on the death of at 3pm in City Hall.
Bratton Looks to Regulate Times Square Characters: NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton met with local leaders to di...
Terrific luncheon with Bill Bratton and Kudos, Cristyne! http:…
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has eye on Spidey, Woody during Times Square tour -
2000 yrs ago ‘all roads lead to Rome' in 2014 in terrorism unfortunately all roads lead to New York City - NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton
.(Analyst & wife of Police Commish Bill Bratton) is our Awards Tea Keynote Speaker!
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton advocates for security cameras to be added to all city subway cars
Bill Bratton's relentless war on dance moves from subway cars to platforms. Streets next?
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--- I heard that name before--- NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton recently...
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton's new mentorship program was exactly what he talked about in his address to Police Academy grads 2 weeks ago
ICYMI "Bratton joined ShotSpotter's board earlier this year, after Motorola Solutions invested $12MM in the company." h…
Interesting article on Bill Bratton & research on stop & frisk in New York City via
(nypd police commish Bill Bratton sat on ShotSpotter board before his city position...fancy that!)
Commissioner Bill Bratton on disaster: I kind of welcome the attention - New York Daily News
Nice addition to my baseball collection. An baseball signed by Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.…
Academics criticize Bill Bratton for exploring possible link between drop in stop-and-frisks & spike in shootings:
Where does the Met ban on outsiders leave Bill Bratton?
Bill Bratton,who runs NY, sending faux mayor 2 italy for 2 weeks along with aide Phil Walz-hack!
Noted that American (Bill Bratton) considered for sorting out post-riots London. Bet no American outsider consider for
NYPD's Bill Bratton just said he will end raids on Freedom House but his local commander suggests otherwise: 6/13 - By Jimmy Vielkind in Albany, Azi Paybarah in Manhattan, and Mike Allen in Washington Good morning, and happy Friday the 13th. DEMS HOPE FOR CANTOR EFFECT IN N.Y. -- Capital’s Reid Pillifant: Democrats are hoping Rep. Eric Cantor's surprise loss in Virginia this week will push New York Republicans further to the right in congressional districts with contested G.O.P. primaries. "If you're a moderate Republican, you're now a panicking moderate Republican," said Rep. Steve Israel, who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, on a conference call with reporters on Thursday. Israel ran through a handful of contested congressional races in New York, including the 1st Congressional District on Long Island, where Cantor immediately became an issue in a close Republican primary. QUINNIPIAC POLL: New Yorkers want more cops, Bill Bratton approval remains steady. BUT … Public approval for the NYPD has dipped from 68 percent in March to 59 percent among registered voters in ...
Goldfeder Demands More Cops Summer is here, more police presence needed for Rockaway Beaches Goldfeder urges NYPD Commissioner to provide additional officers and resources to 100th and 101st Precincts Rockaway, Queens –With summer season now here, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway) has requested NYPD Commissioner, Bill Bratton provide the 100th and 110st Precinct with additional officers to handle the overcrowded and busy beaches during peak season and supply them with the tools necessary to keep out streets safe. “Our local precincts do an outstanding job with the very limited resources that they are given,” said Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder. “But we must provide our officers the tools they need to protect our families and ensure another successful and safe beach season.” In his letter to Commissioner Bratton Goldfeder noted that despite Sandy, Rockaway has seen a large construction boom and influx in population and visitors over the last several years, which puts a heavy demand on the local ...
NYPD's Bill Bratton spent the weekend in Israel w/ his counter-terrorism chief, who met w/ Israeli intel officials
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Ray Kelly mingles at bash while Bill Bratton is a no-show
Mayor de Blasio backs up Bill Bratton's slam of Ray Kelly on police morale
Ray Kelly was only good for Ray Kelly . Bill Bratton stands his ground on Ray Kelly criticism via
PLEASE KNOW THAT SHARPTON'S USE OF NAN TO PROMOTE OBAMA'S NEO-LIBERAL/NEO-CON AGENDA SHOULD FRIGHTEN ALL. WE NEED JUSTICE LEADERS THAT ARE ACTUALLY SHOUTING AGAINST THE INJUSTICE OF TPP AND RE-WRITING THE US CONSTITUTION TAKING OUT WE THE PEOPLE AND BILL OF RIGHTS! THIS IS WHAT OBAMA IS DOING. THIS IS GOOD FOR NO ONE BUT ESPECIALLY BAD FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR! Saturday, February 22, 2014 [Time] 10:00am Chance of Rain 48°F / 39°F [Description] To All Freedom Fighters all over the world we need to expose Al Sellout Sharpton contradictions and we need to give him no peace of mind. I am calling for comrades all over the world to protest All of the NAN's offices and together we could get rid of this sellout Al Sharpton. Stop Stop and Frisk Freedom Fighters with other comrades are going to National Action Network to do outreach and call Al Sharpton out on his decision to support Bill Bratton who has blood of innocent people in his hands. For Al Sellout Sharpton to use the death of Mandela as a platform to gain .. ...
Bill Bratton begins shakeup of NYPD top brass, including Detective Chief and Internal Affairs boss.
I will be writing Eric Holder, gov Cuomo, AG, Bill Bratton and Cy Vance - Vance in my opinion corrupt .
"STOP & FRISK" FINALLY COMES TO AN END! Mayor de Blasio and P.C. Bill Bratton just made the announcement few minutes ago. The controversial "Stop & Frisk" practice was the most unconstitutional and blatantly racist policing tactic in our lifetime. Good riddance!!
New York Post - NYC sees 33 percent spike in murders - As his first month as Police Commissioner under Mayor de Blasio winds down, Bill Bratton is already facing some sobering news at least a 33 percent spike in murders...
The controversial NYPD program was the Democrat's biggest campaign issue and helped propel him to the top of the pack during the primary. De Blasio pushed for more community policing and tapped Bill Bratton to lead the NYPD.
From an article I read in Blackstar News: Clergy and community leaders gathered January 1st at Freedom Hall Church of God, in Brooklyn, NY at 5:00 p.m. in a special inauguration prayer service for Mayor Bill de Blasio to raise concerns about the Mayor’s exclusion of Blacks from key leadership roles and the appointment of Bill Bratton as Police Commissioner. The group, organized by community activist and publisher Rev. Dennis Dillon, raised concerns that of the 12 most senior appointees in the Mayor’s inner circle, only 1 of them is Black (8%) – despite the fact that Blacks delivered over 47% of the votes, and issued the following Open Letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio: We are making no broad claims to represent the totality of the Black community, but we must cry foul on our community’s behalf. The transition is obviously not going well, and we are gravely concerned that our community is not being properly represented and our interests are overlooked. We are not sure if this is a slap in the face or ...
The struggle to keep the pressure on De Blasio and Bill Bratton continues. Sunday, January 5 at 5:00 PM a group of us is going to meet across from Gracie Mansion to do outreach, protest, hold signs and continue to let De Blasio know that we are not going anywhere until he meets our demands. 1. Removes Bill Bratton 2. Convenes a committee made up of community leaders, policing activists, families of victims of police abuse and brutality, and legal experts to find a suitable replacement. 3. End Stop and Frisk. Join us!
Bratton: CBS News Correspondent John Miller to be NYPD’s Counter-Terrorism Chief New York Daily News (01/03/14) Straw, Joseph; Tracy, Thomas; McShane, Larry The New York Police Department's (NYPD) newly selected commissioner, Bill Bratton, announced Jan. 2 that the force's new counterterrorism chief will be CBS News correspondent John Miller. Miller has also worked for ABC News, for the NYPD, the FBI, and as the top counterterrorism official in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). While Miller's predecessor had 40 years of intelligence experience, his work at the LAPD lasted only from 2003 to 2005. Some critics say Bratton should have picked someone with a greater depth of counterterrorism experience, as opposed to someone who has spent much of his career as a news reporter. Bratton responded to the criticism, saying “John’s been in the inner sanctums of government on issues of gathering intelligence analysis." Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) also said he supported Miller. "John is qualified," King sa ...
Bill Bratton begins to explain how his crime-fighting strategy differs from Ray Kelly's
Ex-NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly brought the city’s murder rate to a record low last year — but he’s also handing new top cop Bill Bratton a list of nearly 9,000…
Front row -- on the dais, not audience -- of swearing-in of Bill Bratton: NYC First Lady McCray.
Hamilton Collection
Why is Bill Deblasio appointing Bill Bratton as NYC police chief? Deblasio just won by claiming he'd reign in stop & frisk. But Bratton expanded stop & frisk as Giuliani's top cop and here's what he was up to in LA, according to The Guardian: "a 49% spike in stops of pedestrians and motorists from 2002 to 2008, according to a Harvard Kennedy School report. Blacks comprised 9% of the city's population but accounted for 23% of all those stopped." Here's what CBS had to say about the job Bratton did in NYC under Giuliani: The October 22nd Coalition against police misconduct accused Bratton of creating a hostile environment between police officers and communities. We can look to the bone-chilling reality of Bratton’s New York, when he was NYPD Commissioner between 1994 and 1996,” the group said in a news release. “Allegations of mistreatment, police brutality, deaths in custody and unjustified shootings became so serious during Bratton’s tenure that Amnesty International – which usually investigates ...
Mayor Bill DeBlasio's inauguration was a fabulous way to start 2014 off. All New Yorkers can rejoice in having a mayor who cares about everyone and believes in fairness, equality, justice and a GREAT NYC EDUCATION SYSTEM. He picked a great chancellor for the schools and I think we will see great improvements and changes. He picked a great commissioner in Bill Bratton who I think will keep the city safe without abusing stop and frisk. But the truth is all progressives around the country should be rejoicing because we finally have a great progressive who is going to show the country how to make a great city even greater. Once he shows how successful the city will be when you govern fairly for everyone it will spread. I have great hope that the 2014 elections will continue the progressive movement that is marching forward! If you didn't see the inauguration you should try to get it online. It was awesome and had some fabulous speeches! Happy New Year!
At today's party to say good riddance to Ray Kelly, their was a few comrades that had sings that made sense and they was not there to party, but to remind the people that De Blasio appointment of Bill Bratton is nothing to party about.
Bill Bratton to be sworn in at 12:01 am in the Police Commissioner's office. Public ceremony on Thursday at noon in poli…
We here in NY city say goodbye to our mayor, Mike Bloomberg, and goodbye to the best Police Commissioner this city has ever seen, Ray Kelly. In the 12 years he's been on the job there have been 16 credible threats against the city, many other implied ones, none have ever come to fruition. He and the men and women of the best Police force in the world have made NY the safest big city in the world. He's an ex marine who knows how to get the job done, we all thank him for his efforts, we all feel just a little safer. His replacement, Bill Bratton, should do a fine job, he's got big shoes to fill. God help us with the new Mayor that's about to take office. I wish I could say I felt wonderful, but I can't, so I'll just say I wish all my family and wonderful friends on here, all the brave men and women in uniform who fight for us everyday, and every human being or animal who is suffering or struggling to survive. A Very Happy and Healthy New Year!! My love to all of you!! xoxo
A "sellout" is a person or group claiming to adhere to a one ideology, only to follow these claims up with actions contradicting them, such as a revolutionary group claiming to fight for a particular cause, but failing to continue this upon obtaining power. When the Community Safety Act was Veto and Judge Shira Scheindlin verdict was appeal by Bloomberg we had all these organization and politicians speaking against Bloomberg and Ray Kelly. My question is why they are being silence about Bill Bratton? Does their silence means they support Bill Bratton! Have they been offer a deal, that they could not refuse? Sooner or Later they will have to answer these questions! Jumaane D. Williams , Melissa Mark-Viverito , Ydanis Rodriguez , Bill Thompson and Al Sellout Sharpton had no problem in announcing that they support Bill Bratton. We the people are never going to let them forget. Bill Bratton is the architect of racial profiling and when he resign in 1996 from the office of NYPD commissioner, Bratton left the t ...
Ray Kelly had nice words for Bill Bratton on - calls him "most experienced police executive"
Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio was looking for someone to work with communities and the courts to bring an end to discriminatory policing in NYC. He tapped Bill Bratton. Peter Bibring of the ACLU of Southern California explains why if Bratton is to succeed he must leave the LAPD's stop model behind:
Two key players in the future of New York's stop-and-frisk policy have met face-to-face. The Rev. Al Sharpton and soon-to-be Police Commissioner Bill Bratton joined mayor-elect Bill de Blasio Saturday at a ceremony for Nelson Mandela in Harlem.  While Sharpton used to be vocal in his rejection…
There is a Town Hall meeting on Thursday, Dec 18 where there will be talks about Bill Bratton. Does any know where it is taking place at.
You don't need to believe me or any of your constituents, Bill Bratton explains it HIMSELF what Police Control is
The New York Post reports that incoming New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will name Bill Bratton as the next NYPD commissioner. Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio on Thursday named former NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton to replace Ray Kelly as the city’s top cop.
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