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Vivica Fox Jon Lovitz Happy Birthday

51- A few years later I ran into him on my college campus hanging with Bill Belamy of MTV VJ fame.
One of the actors who played Bill Belamy's friends in "How to be a player" was in the gym today
All the *** *** of this area are gonna be looking like Bill Belamy on "How to be a player" at Good Life.
I couldn't get a job I got Aclass Felonies so I flip yak for da Bill's like Belamy
Watching this movie with Bill Belamy, Vivica and them 2 other women
Check this video out -- me singing bill belamy by lil b via
Is Bill Belamy having a comedy show in Dallas this weekend?
apparently I've been living under a rock.who stars in the movies? Bill Belamy?
Happy Birthday to Bill Belamy. Wish him well here
like it isn't funny. that is the worst comedy show ever. like i hate it more than that wack show with Bill Belamy&Vivica Fox
So I'm sitting on the couch watching tv on a Saturday night, slightly bugged out for two reasons. 10 years ago I'd be just finishing getting ready to head to a bar(s) instead of being ready for bed. & I'm watching the "new" Arsenio Hall late night talk show in which two of his guests are Kareem Abdul Jabber & Bill Belamy. Feel like it should be 1994 right now & Arsenio should be whooping up his fist pump.
II Feel Like Bill Belamy when the zanys kick it
Bill Belamy, in a yellow drop, in a yellow du rag... Smh
Awesome night at the Comedy Club with Bill Belamy ... so funny !!! With friends and future nurses ! so proud
Bro bill belamy is the original player lmao
Bill Belamy or w.e his last name is funny as *** in this movie Ctfuu.
I got 5 felonies call me bill belamy
Bruh Bill Belamy is here in Toledo why didn't we know this...I got 10 felonies bxtxh I'm bill Belamy
Man I wanted to go to see Bill Belamy!!
Apparently these Texas jawns never heard East Coast game before. I feel like Bill Belamy from "How to be a Player" right now!
i kno this lil Bill Belamy how to be a playa looking *** aint tryna jone
This show Mr. Box Office with Bill Belamy is funny.!!
I sitting here thinking why does Bill Belamy's hair look so strange. Lol! I thoughts looks straighted
My sister Debra said there go Chris Tucker *** that's Bill Belamy
Why does Bill Belamy keep smiling like lol
Poor Bill Belamy. He may be THEE corniest man alive
Somebody took a dry erase marker and colored in bill belamy hair
Bill Belamy hair spray painted on or nah?
Does Bill Belamy have one earring in? Who does that anymore? The 90s called and want their fashion back.
Bill Belamy look like he sprayed on his hair lol.
Please tell me Bill Belamy don't have that spray on hair
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I'm watching the awards and the real bill belamy out here lls
Smh bill belamy and his painted line up smh black ppl don't hav hair that *** shiney 😒✌
Bill Belamy... Yes another fine chocolate man
Never seen either of those shows but they look nice. Bill Belamy & Kat Graham.
Bill Belamy has grown into his ears
Bill Belamy ages well he still look like he did in How To Be A Player lol.
Bill Belamy always been fine tho... I still got it for Tank n Idris Elba
I feel like Bill Belamy breathe stinks
Bill Belamy out here looking like he is NOT from Plainfield. LOL he looking mighty nice though
Two of the funniest men in the bizz...then they said, Bill Belamy?? Uh wha??? Since when?? 1980? It's 2012! Smh
I have no idea, but Bill Belamy and Vivica Fox are in one that's just...mmm
LMFAOO Bill Belamy's comedy show is hilarious tho
crazzy sexy dirtyy,,bill belamy on netfLixx :))
Was just told in Walmart that I favor Bill Belamy... That's a first. Usually get the Trey Songz favor.
Damned baby, you look like Bill Belamy!! That's alright!
Did anyone know about this show on the CW airing right now "Mr Box Office" w/ Bill Belamy, Vivica Fox, Jon Lovitz and Tim Meadows? Random!
Hello Everyone Thank you all for the wonderful Happy Birthday shout outs. It was so many of them, that it took me more than one day to read them. Yesterday, I turned 43. I had a great day. Spent the day with friends and family. Started the day with prayer and thanks to God, then on to a great parade, then a great lunch, then free shopping at Columbus GA mall and finally went to the Columbus Civic Center for a comedy show featuring Bill Belamy and Bruce Bruce. What a birthday! LOVE U ALL
Watching Mr. Box Office with Bill Belamy, Jon Levitz, Vivica Fox. Just think, Vivica almost, out of frustration, returned to teaching. Bet she's glad God came on time!
I twisted some arms for another pair of tix!! . "The All Stars of Comedy" at the Arie Crown Theater on Sweetest Day! Hang out with Sheryl Underwood, George Wilborn, Bill Belamy and More! Tune in to the The Tom Joyner Morning Show right now! App... or 106.3FM!! Keep Listening..I gotcha!!
Did you know there's a tv show that stars Bill Belamy, Jon Lovitz and Gary Busey. I'm going to be thinking about this all night.
Delta Sigma Theta WILL wear you out! I am drained; all I want to do is take a nap. Oh wait, maybe I am drained due to Happy Hour and a seeing Bill Belamy at the Improv, then late snack! Was in bed sometime close to 3am. THEN I went to round-up and several other errands. All in 102* heat. ZZZz
I voted! Lls but yea J.Cole/Frank Ocean and DL Hughley/Bill Belamy hands down...go voice your opinion
Happy 31My favorites VJ’s on the 90’s and 80’s was Kennedy, Bill Belamy, Daily Carson and the special VJ Appearence from Howard Stern!
The scenes where Shemar Moore, Morris Chestnut, DL Hugley, and Bill Belamy with their shirts off !
"Derrick Fisher bout to get the last laugh. It's a *** shame!" - Bill Belamy
Vivica A. Fox will join Bill Belamy in a brand new TBS sitcom.
Vivica A. Fox will star in a new TBS sitcom with Bill Belamy.
Bill Belamy, Vivica A Fox, and Rick Fox are Co-Staring on a new show this fall
Something is amiss in dreamworld. I was just balling Daisy Fuentes at the MTV spring break house and Bill Belamy was nowhere to be found.
Tyrese, Morris Chestnut, Blair Underwood, and Bill Belamy are some SEXY men to me whew Lordy featured in NBC s Science of Love
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