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Bill Ayres

Bill Ayres is a talk radio host and Executive Director and co-founder of World Hunger Year.

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Bill Ayres. I know, he don't count.
Sorry Barack, I'm not on the same team as Bill Ayres, Rev Wright, & Valerie Jarrett.
Bill Ayres was an *** in the '60's and remains unchanged today. Put this turd back in prison.
George . Soros & Bill Ayres support an Article V. They are pouring $ into it.
or how thoseguns got to Mexico, or if he ever met Lois Lerner,or John Corzine,or Gruber, or ?Bill Ayres, or.
Like Bill Ayres? "In fact, 4 of the 9 notable alumni are terrorists."
Today the Minister for Police & Emergency Services, the Hon. Stuart Ayres, along with NSW SES Acting...
If Bill Ayres doesnt have the most punchable face in history, who does? I mean beside Seth MacFarlane of course.
Didn't Bill Frindall refuse to use the term ODI preferring Limited Overs Internationals because some went to a second day?
Rocket Racoon/Groot Ultimate Collection, containing the complete Bill Mantlo Rocket Raccon for just £2.49!
Bill Ayres approved teachers coming to Nampa.
you should have been gassed along with Bill Ayres!
Clemency? Who does she think she is, Bill Ayres!
I was in the 60's. Didn't work, did it? Those 60's protestors include Barack 0bama, Bill Ayres- Alinksy- "Rules for Radicals"
Torture reports to be released tomorrow so soon after Bill Ayres tells the Muslim world the USA = Terrorist War-Mongers.
. Ayres is out of retirement, compliments of US taxpayers > .
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. Why is Bill Ayres walking around free?
He says that about everybody, like Reverend Wright and Bill Ayres.
obama lied from the get go from birth certificate, Bill Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, his votes at State Senate, college records.
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Alger Hiss, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayres, Barack Obama -> Am I the only one who sees the problem here?
yes Soros is puppet master,funds flotilla to Gaza along with Bill Ayres (Weather Underground)and Bernadette Dorn
Watched the Bill Ayres interview and I was amazed. So this is what ascertained from what he says...he is not proud to be an American (US citizen) because we have committed so many sins against humanity. Really? This is a man and many of our current politicians think the same way that they are so intellectual and so moral above any other man that they see only the bad and never the good of their own country. Therefore they have got to "save" us from ourselves. He bombed government buildings to protest the Vietnam war and respects the likes of Castro, Stalin, and others with the same ambitions. This man was Barrack Obama's political ally who helped him set off his political career. No wonder he leads from behind, he detests the US too for it's offenses. People like this don't see the good or promise of tomorrow offered to us by our own acceptance of the power of a Supreme being guiding our country throughout history. We made mistakes of course, no one and no country is perfect but we have the clo ...
Megyn Kelly sits down with Bill Ayres – justifying not only his actions but the fatal actions of Bernardine Dohrn...
Yes, a rock star with an enlarged prostate is almost as pathetic as a geriatric revolutionary like Bill Ayres.
Obama says he knows bill ayres casually,A LIE
I wonder if will pander to the terrorist bill ayres, or call a spade a spade. the guy murdered cops. and she should call him out
Obama could care less about America..And he may not bomb a police station but he is as trustworthy as Bill Ayres ISN'T a terrorist
interviewing the wise and witty Bill Ayres Monday night. Must see TV.
I don't like RWNJ nor do I like left wing radicals like Bill Ayres, Ed Schultz, or Al Sharpton. However, I listen to everyone.
has no problem with Obama's friend Bill Ayres an his wife Dorm but he is incensed by Muslims! What a HYPOCRITE!!
Bill Ayres reputed to be ghostwriter for Obama's book "Dreams of my father"!
defends Bill Ayres bombings in the 60's as protests so I guess 911 could be excused using his logic
Smarmy Contest: The contenders are in this corner, John Koskinen, and in the other, Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayres. Who's worse?
Decades of corrupting secular liberalism undermining American values. We need more John Wayne & no more Bill Ayres.
Sorry you're interview with domestic terrorist/bomber Bill Ayres is a show that won't be on in any of our restaurants
Bill Ayres is a close ideological friend of Barack Obama's. Here is one of his quotes. Scary and telling!
will be interviewing domestic terrorist Bill Ayres next Monday. He and wife should be in prison, not on TV IMO,
Imagine had Bill Ayres been Romney's best friend..?
That little terrorist *** Bill Ayres is despised by Americans who know what he did. He has no remorse for the bombings.
Domestic terrorist Bill ayres arrest his a$$ for suspicion and insanity
Front man. Bill Ayres calls Valerie Jarrett, who conveys the daily instructions.
"It is a historical fact that revolutionaries are never absorbed into the academic class." Uh, Bill Ayres.
Radical Bill Ayres starts petition to replace Arne Duncan with Common Core educrat and friend Linda...
He's a libertarian like Bill Ayres is an anarchist.
did you go and meet chippo and bill? I went out Friday mate
If you want peace in the area, you must top Bernadine Dorhn and Bill Ayres from running weapons into the area via food ship.
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Its Sunday its Springpatch and Bernies column is back tarring Fritz Pfister praising leftist Jim Leach and Pat Quinn Quinn is so smart because he wants to keep the 5% income tax. Rauner presented a budget plan which Leach says is no plan at all but it is a great first step to change Illinois to less taxes and regulations and make it job friendly again. Bernies column makes it seem GOP started the KKK not true the KKK were all a product of the Democrat Party. Bernie is so PC he wants Fritz not to have Republican guests because Bernie says Fritz is radical. Really I'll tell you Obama is Saul Alinsky Radical George Soros Radical that's radical. Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn Radical. Bruce Rauner has a vision for Illinois to become great again Thanks Fritz for having him on your show rather than Pat Quinn malaise,Dump Quinn Elect Bruce Rauner Governor.
An Article V 'Convention of States' will NOT stop the Progressive attack on our Constitutional Republic-- it will give Bill Ayres and George Soros precisely the opportunity they are hoping for to destroy America completely. Stop allowing yourselves to be duped.
Remember Bill Ayres, the head of the Communist Terrorist group "The Weather Underground" that bombed Federal Buildings, Judge's homes, and killed at least one police officer during the VietNam war in the 1960's? Bill Ayres is one of the Communists behind Common Core. Common Core was an offshoot of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge project invented by Bill Ayres and headed by Obama. Common Core is a blueprint for the Communist brainwashing of our nation's young people. Most people do no realize that Ayres, for years, worked behind the scenes in forming many of the nation's Federal education policies for the Federal Department Of Education. Obama and Ayres worked hand in hand on the Chicago Annenburg Challenge. Both are radical Communists. Obama was trained in Stalinist Communism by Frank Marshall Davis the man Obama called his "mentor" in Obama's autobiography. Davis was known by the FBI to be an agent of the Communist Soviet Union and a radical Stalinist Communist. Later, Obama was started out in politics i ...
*THINKING OUT LOUD: WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAVE BEEN THE OUTCOME OF THE 2008 ELECTION IF OBAMA BEEN COMPLETELY HONEST? If he had said: Hello my name is Barry Soetoro, I am a communist, a Muslim and a Kenyan. I was raised Indonesia by my communist mother and grandparents and my mentor (and probable biological father) was the notorious Frank Marshall Davis who occupied a top spot on The FBIs most wanted list. I hang around with self avowed domestic terrorists like Bill Ayres and I did nothing as a senator but vote "present" and my only other work experience has been as a "community organizer" WHICH MEANS MY JOB WAS TO SOW DISCONTENT AND DIVISION in the most disorganized community an America. I believe America is too big for her britches and if you elect me I will do everything in my power to tear her down. I believe that all of you live way too well and that America should be bankrupted so that your lifestyles will be equal to people living in the third world. If you elect me I plan to push through, by wha ...
Barry once said to judge him by those that surround him. Ok. His parents and grandparents were communists, as was his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Rev. Wright is a Marxist, as is 99% of his administration. Moochelle is a communist. Her college years show that! Barry said he hung out with Marxists and radicals. Don't forget Bill Ayres, Cass Sunstein, and his pal, Van Jones!
Apparently a very good friend of Obama. Check it out!!
. Bill Ayres is an Obama friend & good people like Ted Cruz & Tea Party are the terrorists in the Obama White House?
When Bill Ayres asks for forgiveness let me know. Until then he is a jerk. He should pay for the terror he inflicted.
I have watched Bill for many years. First time being outraged. How dare you advertise Bill Ayres book on .
Bill Ayres coming up on missed killing me by 5 minutes in 1970.
WTH does Bill Ayres know about being a good citizen and/or moral?
Racial division & class warfare is straight out of the Bill Ayres 60's Wet Dream Playbook. And, you know it.
bill Ayres doesn't know morality. He a thug and a criminal
bill ayres group caught in 60s saying 25 million would have to be killed. They just wouldn't listen. The list being made!
still nothing about domestic terrorist Bill Ayres?
what's the chances you'll cover hosting Bill Ayres for book fair? Madison has enough bombing history.
sorry moron. Bill Ayres never attempted to devalue my home and 401K!
Bill Ayres are you FN kidding me that guy should be on the capture and kill list terrorist trader
I see Dems standing behind Roman Polanski; Woody Allen and Bill Ayres. What's your point?
Hope all you fans enjoy terrorist and criminal Bill Ayres. Of course u Obama supporters are used to criminals.
Oh dear, MSNBC is crossing the Rubicon. First, The Full Vitter™. Now, Bill Ayres.
OH Dear is calling GOP radical dear Nancy look at BIll Ayres if you want to talk radical or Rev Wright go get more botox
.hates Ted Cruz but loves domestic terrorist Bill Ayres.
.u mention Frank Davis. he had deep ties 2 Chicago & knew Bill Ayres' dad. Obama random picks Chicago as his home after Harvard?
Obama's America - Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, & Gov Palin can be called ''domestic terrorists'' but Bill Ayres is honored on college campuses.
Of course MSNBC would have him! Loser Liberal news! Bill Ayres was a domestic terrorist
The same people praise Bill Ayres, Che, and Arafat who really are terrorists and actually killed people!
So Bill Ayres and the Weathermen who commited violent acts VS the Gov't R to be clebrated BUT are terrorist? Crazy!
Bill Ayres should be in prison but he's being treated like royalty on by top Obama propagandist
Only CNBC would put Bill Ayres on the air. No regrets from a terrorist.
Hey vets MSNBC is in there glory they have Bill Ayres on.
Bill Ayres! You are giving voice to a terrorist whose Weatherman set out to bomb and kill innocent…
-Bill Ayres will fit right in with this crew maybe they will practice spitting on the troops.
Protests against Gen. Petreus are organized by university professor, but none against professor Bill Ayres, domestic terrorist of sixties.
This guy is so far left he makes Bill Ayres look moderate. He's real bad news. NY will become Dinkins town again.
Bill Ayres job looks easier than he thought he said round up 25 mil who oppose the revolution.We cant get 2 million
Whose Children are they anyway ? The government with the help of known terrorist Bill Ayres wrote a new...
The Professors teaching our kids.! and Bill Ayres, Angela Davis, and other extreme radicals.
*** that was in the works from his speech at the '04 Dem Convention, or maybe Bill Ayres's living room.
.Progressivism! Relativism and the destroying of the church! Liberal colleges run by the likes of Bill Ayres.
too. Remember when O & Bill Ayres plot in group underground to bomb one of the federal buildings as young punks?
Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’ via Pure Marxist Doctrine Bill Ayres inspired
Have to repeal RFS-more ethanol in gas to mess up engines. Tired of O throwing every regulation (law) in his Bill Ayres book at us.
hung around bill ayres? Remember when Matthews said "obama's never done anything illegal/wrong" so you must be mistaken!
had his foregin student status,driving a new mustang and was getting $ fr Bill Ayres old man. Was he using the rests for MJ?
What can the Food Movement learn from The Civil Rights Movement: 50 Years Later
Or maybe Bill Ayres. When I left VN, we were winning. Leave it to the Dems to *** defeat from the jaws of victory
What about Alinsky Rules are you missing? Maybe the Bill ayres bombings?
BHO has been on the wrong side of every issue since he announced. his candidacy in Bill Ayres living room. 140 characters just ain't enough.
A man lauded for the literary brilliance of two memoirs, both of which were ghostwritten by domestic terrorist Bill Ayres.
Oh right. Sorry. He and Bill Ayres set up the punch bowl together
his memoir was ghostwritten by terrorist friend Bill Ayres
launched his career in the living room of domestic terrorist Bill Ayres Bernadene Dhorn to carry out their plan
he exited Bill Ayres; the terrorist and murderer of the group Weather Underground, living room!
they threw Bill Ayres' old, irrelevant *** in there too -_-
a mentor it would look like Bill Ayres!
Obama’s confessed “rage at the white world that needs no object”. Throughout Obama’s entire life, he has socialized, befriended and been a companion of people that hate America. (Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn, Frank Marshall Davis) Obama feels that Black rage against whites is justifiable. This is a consistent pattern in Obama’s life. Obama constantly associates with and is in the company of anti-white racists.
Paula Deen says the N word 30 years ago and is totally destroyed; meanwhile, Obama is friends with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres and American hating Rev. Wright and becomes President. The American media is pathetic.
That's bad when Bill Ayres thinks you're a traitor...BILL AYERS: Obama should be tried for 'war crimes'...
Inside the Spring issue of Finding Solutions This issue is dedicated to the newly formed Finding Solutions to Poverty & Inequality Alliance (FSPSI). FSPI consists of some of the foremost organizations involved in doing something about the scourge of hunger, poverty and inequality in our world. The members go beyond just reacting to natural disasters and are seeking ways to end hunger, poverty & inequality. All of them “think outside the box” and have formulated projects that will help students take constructive steps in becoming part of the solution. In addition to KIDS (a program of iEARN), the founding members of FSPI are Food Tank, Heifer International, Oxfam International, Results Educational Fund, Why Hunger and World Savvy. These various groups are dedicated to taking action rather than simply reacting. KIDS will help students understand that as individuals can make a difference in their community and world. Bill Ayres sets the tone of this issue with an article noting that a way to fix poverty ...
Will Nancy Pelosi and Alice Germond be asked why they signed 2 different Certifications of Nomination on Aug. 25th-28th, and had them both notarized by Shalifa Williamson at the Democratic Convention in 2008??? One document included "and that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution"!!! The 2nd one completely left that whole phrase out. This was the only vetting done for all 50 states I believe. My understanding if I can remember, is that the one with whole phrase was sent to Hawaii..??? At any way you look at this, we know these women knew then he was not eligible. That would go for Joe Bidden, Harry Reid, David Axelrod, Rahm Emmuel, Jay Carney, Eric Holder, (Bill and Hillary already knew when she was running and threatened to tell) don't leave out the murder that took place at that time.Of course, there is Valarie Jarrett, other secretaries, czars, Michelle, Bill Ayres, his univers ...
So what Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn endorsed Barack Obama. So did every *** in Chicago.
According 2 MSM, any college kid cant really B a terrorist or B involved in terror..just like Bill Ayres or Angela Davis...
What does Obama,Bill Ayres,The Blind Sheik,Osama Bin Laden,AL-CI-AIDA & Boston Bombers have in common? A Belief America is world wrongdoer.
Tsarnaev is young enough to end up with tenure at some US University like Bill Ayres and Bernadette Dorn.
Come to America ... Freedom , safety and a chance to live! Then listen to Jeremiah Wright , Bill Ayres , ,& Obama..boom
oh like that great professor Bill Ayres? No doubt many could have made those bombs .
A member of the intrepid media needs to interview Bill Ayres to get his take on the Boston bombings.
Someone please tell me the difference between Dzhokhar & Bill Ayres. I'm listening.
Wonder who Bill Ayres is rooting for?
Chris, JoAnn the lib has a point, look what blowing stuff up, and killing people did for lily white Bill Ayres' career
Brenadine Dorn would have been proud along with Bill Ayres our Presidents Buddy
Terrorists identified. Islamist brothers from Chechnya. Bill Ayres cleared , this time.
Terrorists identified! Chechnyan Islamists. Bill Ayres cleared for this one.
Bill ayres & brno Dorn can tell you about how Torrorist work they spent half their life doing it who do u think schols Obama
In other news, Bill Ayres confessed a bit about his relationship with POTUS recently. (I'd imagine both guys are sleeping.)
There have been recent visits to MIT area by 1960's terror bomber Bill Ayres. Is Ayres teaching a class there?
I've seen the photos; one of them looks just like a young Bill Ayres! He Might as well have been; they're both guilty of MURDER! find trial
Why doesn't the government arrest Bill Ayres? Oh wait. He was just a guy in the neighborhood, Never mind.
really? I was thinking they look like young social democrats...maybe students of Bill Ayres,)
what did Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn use for their bombs!? Some of our local terrorists.
Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrne are the president's pals, and they killed people. Try some real reporting for once.
How can Obama claim he opposes terrorism when he has worked with and attended meetings with his associate Bill Ayres? Hypocrisy
No Bill Ayres tactician should have the gall to speak after your Epic Fail at over-reach.
i knew it what a white punk anarchist probably inspired by Bill Ayres
oh no a teacher one like Bill Ayres? and a teen follower like. ...?
Bill Ayres more progressive and democratic than the whole bunch of nitwits in DC.
The whole "McVeigh is the same as Bill Ayres" argument breaks down when you remember only the former, ya know, killed/injured lots of people
Ya, I'm sure you really cared about Bill Ayres whereabouts before Obama. I'm sure you were obsessed!
I mean, here's the thing: if you invoke Bill Ayres in an argument, what youre saying is "I have no argument because I'm stupid & pathetic."
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Telling that no conservative gave a crap abt Bill Ayres until Obama ran for prez. So it's not a principled obsession - its a partisan one.
We just don't like terrorists, even if they're white. MT Conservatives' deranged obession w/ Bill Ayres is breathtaking.
Your dismissal is telling. MT Conservatives' deranged obession with Bill Ayres is breathtaking. Really? Bill Ayres?
Conservatives' deranged obession with Bill Ayres is nothing short of breathtaking. Really? Bill Ayres? Breathtaking.
Because Bill Ayres is a known 'living' domestic Correct?
I despise Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn. The are on the side of the bombers!!!
I will say it ..I want my weapons to protect me against Obama supporting mobs ,radicals ,Rev Wright race gangs and Bill Ayres bombers.
CNN: Pressure Cooker Bomb 'Right-Wing' Signature via bet Bill Ayres has this recipe in his cookbook!
It wouldn't surprise me if the suspect(s) is another think-alike...
Obama: We need to keep dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands, now if you'll excuse me, Im late to dinner at Bill Ayres house.
didn't your buddy bill ayres bomb the pentagon or a police station ? Or was it his wife? I forget lets refresh America's memory
O will get the bad guys too (unless they're Muslim, black panthers, or Bill Ayres & his thugs) Ft Hood killer tried yet?
Bill Ayres & Bernadine Dohrn threw a 3 day party celebrating the Manson murders & laughed at the torture of Sharon Tate who was pregnant
let them have Bill Ayres, I'm sure they would think Ayres was more along their lines of thinking.
talks poverty, power and food justice on w & Cornel West:
Look at bill ayres elvis calls him captain nazi hes a terrorist a murderer and he is in the (
into EU meant that conditions were irrelevant ... or pie crust promises: easily made, easily broken--Mary Poppins, Bill Ayres and Me 2/3
Common Core and CScope are Bill Ayres,Obama indoctrination of children,If you have children beware of this
Sean Hannity is on Fox right now complaining about Obama's ties to Bill Ayres. I love when Sean performs his hits.
bill i used to come to your nans and jump washing lines; YOU WILL BE OKAY AS LONG AS YO... — Milpig!:D Xx
I'm sorry but seeing Bill get hit in the face with that ball was one of the funniest things ever!! Omgg x
Did anyone ever think they could, after the Bill Ayres/MB/Alinsky connections were revealed??
Bill Ayres & Bernadine Dorn gave order to make bomb and placed it that murdered police with shrapnel that went through eyes into brain.
Bill Ayres says he Wakes up every day wishing for the destruction of capitalism. And there's no doubt in my mind Obama wants the same thing.
If you don't like America get the *** out Bill Ayres Barack Hussein Obama. Here's a nice spot in the north.
If you put DLP on the shoulders of each other they would still only be half the height of bill Ayres
Obama worked with Bill Ayres, now cuddles up with Zelaya & goes against democratic institutions
Apparently they don't use theirs at U Of M "Moorhead"! Bill Ayres, that's the best u can do 4 a "visiting scholar"?
Stephen Colbert is a piece of Sh*# and a great example of Stupid People who still support Obama's ludicrous anti-american actions. He's racist in the fact he keeps calling people who don't like Obama racist. Below is a part of his so called funny show pertaining to gun-rights. It's like... the Second Amendment is like the ultimate veto. It's almost like a Constitutional pre-nup. ("To Have And To Holster") That's why I and my friends at Fox News have always stood with those who arm themselves against government tyranny. Patriots like Bill Ayres and the Weather Underground. (Can't Spell "Patriot" Without "Riot") Now, don't get me wrong. The Founders didn't want us to engage in armed insurrection at the drop of a hat. (Unless Government Was Coming For Your Hat) No. They knew it should be only if something unimaginable happened. (Like Electing A Black Guy) When the Second Amendment was written, we didn't have a standing army. And the most powerful weapon in America's arsenal was the horse-drawn sma ...
Kopya ko lang po ito galing sa isa sa FB friend ko, sapagkat maganda po ang mga isinasaad; A man not only needs to know how to fish, he needs to have the freedom to do it and a place to do it. That's where community comes in. We have to help each other, and we feel government has a very important role therein. -- Bill Ayres
.And he stands proudly with Bill Ayres.
Professors Bill Ayres and his wife Bernadine Dorn. Close friends of the Obama's and members or the domestic terror group "Weathermen Underground". Despite conducting bombings on American soil, they have never served a day in prison.
It is very OBVIOUS to me that from time-to-time -- there may be someone who bumps into a posting of mine -- and they just don't "get me"
Texas Student Punished for Refusing to Swear Allegiance to MexicoMcAllen Independent School District in McAllen, Texas lies along the US-Mexico international border across from Reynosa, Mexico. The school district has a policy that excuses a student from reading certain parts of the US Declaration…
Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn convicted domestic terrorists of the 60's, and Obama's best friends.
John Hofmeister, Former CEO of Shell Oil gave a warning to then Senator Barack Obama when he was campaigning in 2007 in St. Louis, Missouri, that he had "read his campaign materials and you (Obama) had nothing in there with respect to the future of drilling for oil and natural gas in this country and I'm here to tell you, if you don't have an aggressive program to drill for more oil and gas, and if and when you win the election, you will sit on top of of the highest prices for gasoline this country has ever experienced. We have to get on with producing more supplies because we are in a tight oil age." Obama said "Were going to do biofuels." Hofmeister said, "Yes, we can do biofuels, but we also need more natural gas and more oil." Obama said, "You're not listening to me, we're doing biofuels!" and then chose to walk away. This, my friends, is why we're paying more for fuel now. The oil cartels are holding us hostage to their prices.
Is Barack Obama the Vladimir Lenin of American Presidents? No, Lenin was competent in an evil sort of way. Obama is more like Leonid Brezhnev: an ultra left-wing, belligerent doofus who isn't laughed at by the general population primarily because the mainstream media liberals say nice things about…
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30 NIV) Thankful for provisions, and that we're not given more than we can handle... My mom's dad, my grandfather left us to take his rightful place early this morning. He was a man of integrity, family, teaching, and love. While he had been struggling physically and mentally, his character never wavered. May he rest comfortably and be at final peace. Love you Bill Ayres, Sr.
Cynta E Washington He had no intentions of working with the republicans.his way or no way.What can you expect from a former “neighborhood organizer” with zero business experience, trained by Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayres and an entire cadre of old or dead Anti-American Left Wingers who hated this country and our Capitalistic economy and wanted to see it overthrown ! Obama was a truly horrible selection that was made to be our president – and he is doing all he can to facilitate our upcoming Economic DISASTER !
I'm posting an excellent article by Robert Fritz, musician, painter and filmmaker on creating and youthfulness. Robert created an organization called Technologies for Creating and has written a book on that technology to teach the creative process. It's called "The Path of Least Resistance". Creators aren't just artists. We can live our lives like works of art; we can make ourselves into masterpieces and stay young in body and spirit. I'm into making up my life, just as artists make up their creations. There is no fate, but what we make it. Life as a Creator—The Fountain of Youth Robert Fritz If you consider how professional creators live their lives in relationship to most other people, one difference stands out: the youthfulness of most creators, no matter how old they are. They have more energy, more expression of their dynamic urge, a greater capacity for life, for truth, or irony, for failure and success. The idea that somehow, by creating, you enter into a new type of life can seem rather far-fet ...
If you protect Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayres and hate our and
Social media marketing: Bill DeRosa of appears on Fox TV
Great day at the Arnold. Saw lots of people I knew. Now back in the room answering those emails for members and potential members. Waiting on 7pm to get here because we are going to kill some workouts at Metro Fitness.
Bill Ayres/Weather Underground strategy of taking the revolution to schoolchildren fails without teachers' union monopoly.
No, I did not, you despicable jackwagon. I knew you were going to be a total screwup from Day 1.
Someone just told me that they must have misunderstood what the sequester means, how could such a fuss and threats that teachers, fireman, police and border patrol will cease and aircraft carriers will be sent to home port, how can that be true if the cuts are only 2%??? Here was my answer: No, you didn't read it wrong. $85 billion is 2.237% of $3.8 billion in spending. I have even heard that it is more like 1% because the sequester appies to only six months (I don't get that). So let's go with the 2.2%. It is NOTHING! And, spending for 2013 will CONTINUE TO RISE because the sequester will only cut the increases. As an example, if you are budgeted to spend $100 in 2012, baseline budgeting gives you 110% for 2013, or $110. The sequester cuts 2.2%, or $2.42, so you still go from $100 in 2012 to $107.58 for 2013. Baseline budgeting may vary from dept. to dept., I only used 10% because it is mathematically convenient.
Nah. Bill Ayres just has to ghostwrite another $book$.
Bob Woodward agreed w/ Hannity we don't know enuf re Obama & Bill Ayres. How about why Ben Bradlee thought W was fibbing about Deep Throat?
Any one know Richard Branson I need sponsorship. Iv spent every day for the last 10 days in one of his Virgin Active gyms. Been hitting with my new trainer David
My fellow patriots and all Americans. Don't you wonder about where America is being steered, and who's at the wheel? Why do they place such emphasis on attempting to keep America divided? Do you know that Barak Obama is the only elected president that was never vetted? We don't know who he really is. Actually, we do know, which is beyond comprehension. His college transcripts have yet to be published, his birthplace yet to be verified and on and on. How can someone so faceless lead this great nation? Someone spent millions to keep his transcripts from being disclosed. And Bill Ayres, the Marxist terrorist, is his known mentor? Really?? I ask that all of you step up and let Washington know that you're not going to take it anymore. The Senate and Congress no longer represent the American public. Follow the money.
Frustrated and angry. We need "meaningful" cuts in this country and to evaluate STRATEGICALLY where there is true wasteful spending in this government. I have to take a 2.4% hit so why can't our government get it straight and also find 2.4% to eliminate in spending? Huh? The Sequestration is happening tomorrow yet our President is using fear tactic discussion to scare us about the job loss that will occur yet not taking responsibility that it was actually his idea.
Autism and four other psychiatric disorders have similar genetic features, scientists discovered for the first time, opening up a potential new approach to drug treatment for these diseases.
Decisions, decisions. But I would replace Justin for one who isn't pictured here.
ADOPT HOLLAND! saved from NY kill shelter needs forever home- ISN'T HE THE CUTEST? PLEASE ADOPT -APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE- got questions, pm me...thanks
IF YOU DONT RECOGNIZE THIS BISH,she is the "she devil" that is the brain behind the puppet and pulls allot of the strings .SHE is a EVIL ,EVIL COMMUNIST ,The decendant of generations of Commies just like her so called boss,and all their friends like Bill Ayres,the list of people in the whitehouse looks like a family reunion for families that are known to have been working for the party for generations.
Texas Public School Students don burqas & learn Muslim terrorists are 'Freedom Fighters'. In reference to Islam, the teacher said " I am supposed to teach you that we are not to call these people terrorists anymore, but freedom fighters.” Melissa Melton hosts Tune in: 7pmCT
new cabinet --> Lew, Hagel, Lurch Kerry...What the *** Jane Fonda & Bill Ayres not available?
Bill Ayres and his late intellectual if not real father Frank Marshall Davis must be proud of Barack.
I read the recent long article in Esquire magazine about the actual Navy seal who took out Bin Ladin. He decided to get out after 16 years, his wife and family gets zero money or benefits because he did not have 20 years. Fifty % of Navy Seals are killed in action; the divorce rate is 90%, they are on missions 300 days a year. What a Black Eye for America, to not take care of these heroes! By the way Seals retirement is the same as the guys in the Navy choir. If the Seal survives he usually, has lifetime injuries to nurse with no health insurance. Congress you can do better than that.from The Shooter by Phil Bronstein, Esquire magazine, March 2013
Obama and Bill Ayres go way back to college days! Ayres father gave Obama job at foundation...domestic terrorists dad helped Obama along why
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Oh yea da bar with my girl Marquita Thomas! The only missing one person Anita Ayres!
William Ayers, the co-founder of the violent 1960s-era Weather Underground and who later befriended Barack Obama at the University of Chicago, has been named a visiting scholar at the University of Minnesota, continuing his transformation from radical activist to establishment leader. Once the head…
: Lots of really bad language mixed with incredibly clever language...and yet so very appropriate right now. Thank You, Thom Ayres ...
Join in on a discussion about the realities of working as an actor in the anime industry. From Auditions to recording, come learn what it's really like to ma...
TheBlaze TV's S.E. Cupp on Tuesday announced she is pulling out of CPAC until the annual conservative gathering welcomes GOP groups that support *** marriage and give them a spot at the table. Two prominent groups representing *** Republicans, GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans, will reportedly n...
I have been trying to find a copy of President Obama's book about the people that raised him and made sure he had all the tools to become President. Dreams of my Grand Parents. I can't find it. Please help. I don' think Bill Ayres wrote this one.
The terrorist Bill Ayres and God hating Rev. Wright formed my political outlooks.
Yesterday, an MSUM Provost told us Bill Ayers politics don't matter because he's coming to speak about education not politics. Agree? Should his admitted criminal past planning bombings of US government buildings matter when deciding whether to have him speak on a campus no matter the topic?
"Bill Ayres did a *** fine job penning both of my books."
The clock just chimed midnight and I'm working on the business of the Monteferro Press. So don't tell me I didn't build this, Barack f'ing Hussein Obama.
I wanna make a horror movie thats totally serious all the way through, and then right at the end Bill Murray busts in and *** the ghost up
June 10, 2005 "Separate, Unequal: How Civil Unions Fall Short Of Marriage"--An Op-Ed by Ian Ayres This op-ed originally appeared in The Hartford Courant on June 10, 2005. A lot of people think that the civil union statute confers all state marriage rights on same-sex couples who register in Connecticut. But this is not true. There are five classes of substantive rights that may still be denied same-sex couples under the civil union statute (when it takes effect on Oct. 1). Those rights would not be denied if the lawsuit on behalf of seven *** and *** couples succeeds in striking down the marriage exclusion. You might have thought that Connecticut had created a separate-but-equal regime of civil union and marriage. Let's be clear. Civil union is a true advance. Being able to ride in the back of the bus is a lot better than not being able to ride at all. But the civil union statute is better characterized as separate but substantively unequal. Here are the top five reasons that Connecticut civil union r ...
*** Shooting for Dummies Author BHO really written by Bill (bombed Pentagon & NYC police station) Ayres
On Feb. 15 - 19, 2013, the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) held their annual conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in At...
~ Bill Ayres will be removed from the Lincoln Bedroom to rent it out to raise money.. He will be given a sleeping bag.
Here is the proof that Boehner & others in the Congress are lying about the president not having a plan. Now it is time for them to accept it and move forward for the sake of our economy or risk being voted out of office in 2014 when the OFA has a massive get out the vote.
One elementary school teacher’s attempt to combine history and math has gone terribly wrong. Jane Youn, a teacher at Midtown Manhattan’s PS 59 is in hot water after she assigned slavery-themed math problems to her 9-year-old students.
.From Bill Ayres Small Schools Workshop SSW, expect more of same from Ayres/Duncan/Obama Common Core EDUCATION studies
There's an esteem and profile to being the 1st lady of our country Mrs Obama. Learn how to present yourself with class and dignity rather than a low class hooker. Might want to study Barbara Bush or Nancy Reagan for some lessons on being Presidential. You're a frikken embarrassment.
Just picked up The Longest Race by Ed Ayres. I know I've picked up a new favorite book when the endorsements come from Bill Rodgers, Marianne Williamson, and Thom Hartmann.
wow! What a difference the bug fixes to page insights has made already... One of my clients experienced a 50% drop in reach, and I was really struggling to make up for it (buying promoted posts, etc). One new update last night - and the reach metrics are right back where they used to be! PHEW! I seriously thought I had lost my touch!
(on what media has covered up) "Fast & Furious, unemployment, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, etc"
Or Bill Ayres, or Jeremiah Wright, or ask for his sealed records (college transcripts, passport, his Connecticut-issued Social Security Number, his drug days ...)
Shared a beautiful evening of adoration and taize prayer at OLL with fellow parishioners and Michael J Ayres and niki and father Karl. We stayed two hours but the really dedicated ones like our priest and Grace Karina DeRosa and Elizabeth Beers are not only fasting 24 hours but are at the church all night. God bless them. Maybe we will do it next year. Our church does this every year during lent in honor of those who truly have no food and go hungry and when we give up something the money that would have been spent goes in a box to feed the poor
If only your mother had aborted your sorry terrorist ***
RIP Kevin Ayres, the Soft Machine psychedelician. He was part of the Syd Barret Jimi Hendrix Robert Wyatt (&Richard Branson) era. He will be missed.
Barak's daddy ought to have taught him how to properly use a Jembe...if you don't know what that means you weren't a missionary kid.
Google’s recently released Google Glass video makes the new product look very exciting.
If anyone thinks zenit sent tickets back cos there might be a backlash think again will yous
Larry Grathwohl who knew Bill Ayres. Bill Ayres the mentor of Obama.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I think we meet this person Bill Ayres
I just think it's beyond 'cool' that Obama got his head handed to him... by a brain surgeon.
Re-printed/copied . I remember when the Leftist Winter Storm beset the Nation. Do you? It was 1968. They conquered the liberal party and took it over. There had been anti-Communist Democrats once. Never again. The Great March thru the Institutions began that year of Tet and MLK and Abbie Hoffman and Bobby and Bill Ayres. This is what the Storm has taken away: Our Politics. Well, we are all political junkies or we wouldn’t be reading NRO. The Leftist Storm has blanketed politics with a rank pall of endless attack and recrimination. This BO fellow is the Apex pol of the genre – and his numbers for SOTU this week proves it. We all used to watch the SOTU with gusto, even in Opposition. I don’t foresee a time when I’ll ever watch again. Do you? Our Media. It’s just sickening and it’s not OUR media. It’s the Government’s Media at present. It’s a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. It must be discounted entirely in every word it publishes and broadcasts. And, it must be countered, one way or ...
Hey folks I've been asked if I know any male singers with some acting ability. This is for regular paid work over the summer as part of a trio. Let me know if you either fit the bill or know someone who does. Cheers lovers.
The 47% statement has been tossed around so much and twisted to make it sound like Mitt doesn't care for same 47% which is NOT true at all ... I would even suggest he CARES MORE for those 47% than obama and his gang ... Mitt would help them to the point they can better themselves and become independently self sufficient vs obama wants them "dependent" and being able to "manipulate" them into believing "Government" is the answer to everything ... you can't do anything on your own etc... and what Mitt was saying is that those people MIGHT be more inclined to vote for a "government" giveaway guy rather than someone who actually would make them "somebody" instead of being a "nobody" which is what obama and his party of progressives (I call them Regressives) do by calling their voters (their words not mine) USEFUL *** . Mitt would NEVER downgrade someone like that ... he is a person that actually cares about others and family values ... his kids are well grounded ppl vs check all of obama's neighbors in Ch ...
A memorial will be held for my precious dad, Ben Carmack, Monday, 2/18. Come and visit with us from 5-7. The service will start around 7. The service will be held at Southern Oaks Funeral Home. Thank you to so many who prayed for him and us during this last month and a half.
Congrats to my baby sister Tina Ayres and Bill Ayres on the birth of their baby boy
Received this Email from a friend.Very interesting. "Why is it that none of the disturbed and evil men who take guns and go kill movie-goers and children in school has ever been identified as a Conservative NRA member? Nidal Malik Hasan ~ Ft Hood ~ Registered Democrat ~ Muslim Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold ~ Columbine shooters ~ Too young to vote; both families were registered Democrats and Progressive Liberals. Seung-Hui Cho ~ Virginia Tech shooter ~ wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff ~ registered Democrat Jared Loughner ~ Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ shooter ~ Leftist, registered Democrat. Left-Leaning Lamestream media actually blamed Sarah Palin’s campaign material for influencing this maniac. Jared Loughner was a graduate of a William Ayers designed, small school in Tucson. A “small school” is an alternative school which is based on political organizing and emphasizing political involvement over test scores. The schools were designed by Bill Ayres and tested in Chicago by Arni ...
Obama & Jerr Wright, Michelle,Bill Ayres,Valerie Jarret did nothing 2 stop violence they used it as a tool 2 leverage white hate
Fun Fact: Chicago 7 included Bobby Seale who was a Black Panther Also in the Anti-War Movement was Bill Ayres
Bill Ayres and his Weather Underground along with Frances Cloward Piven schemed that they would have to exterminate 25 million Americans in order to force their Communist agenda on the American people and make them accept it. They had no problem with it and determined it to be collateral damage. The gun control executive orders are just the beginning of the end of freedom for the United States. Remember Hitler did not take Austria and Germany by force.
~ Tying King Barry to Bill Ayres, then pointing out that the Weather Underground tried to blow up the Pentagon
u mean you don't know of one Austin? For real? All I know is Bill Ayres and the 1960's
Fellow Americans To all concerned Americans and friends (but mostly our Washington representatives) Please tell me how we can have a President seated in our White House, and elected for four more years. This man has four or five Social Security Numbers and sealed records that keep his complete history / a mystery and more than that he has foreign student status. He has run with thugs and terrorist types. He hates our American Friends and loves America’s enemies. Our President has evidenced his disdain for our country and chums with Mr. George Soros who spends great amounts of money to ruin this Capitalistic Nation. His Guiding lights seem to be a terrorist like Mr. Bill Ayres and another jewel just mentioned namely George Soros, We can round out his fine cadre’ of this countries haters with a few more of his liberal left friends and we can see without any problem where we (America) are headed. So why is this treasonous THING allowed to happen in this beautiful nation? Why are so many people in Washi . ...
Did you ever want to contact someone from your past??? A old friend male/female just to see *** life had been to them.of so and you did . What happen ???
That wonderful Gas bill has arrived to Cheer me up. Doh! So I've treated myself & I've managed to get the last ticket for Roy Ayres at the Jazz Cafe :). Well Happy!!! He always brings a Smile to my face when he performs "Everyone Loves the Sunshine" "Poo Poo La La" "Running Away" Roll on next week :)
As crazy as it sounds, I'm heading back to College. I'll start the spring semester January 22nd at Cecil College with studies in Video Film Production / Photography. Using my GI Bill for the last time. I guess I'll be the OG on campus. (Old Guy), Looking forward to it!
Obama's very good friend Bill Ayres is a Cop killer and he has many tax cheats , known Communist Jew haters on his cabinet
"See My Cucumber, Touch my Cucumber," said Bill Ayres to Bernadine as he gave her 100% of his Revolutionary Spirit..
BILL AYRES,OBAMA,FARRACHON are extremists Im patriotic rightwinger and DHLS sees me as a threat to the GOV.
Senate approves agreement to avoid fiscal cliff; House must now consider the bill.
Sounds like they're disciples of Bill Ayres.
see for yourself just how far the faculty lounge lizards have take this nation Bill Ayres is happy
And he ill,he real,he might gotta deal. He pop bottles and he got the right kind of bill. He cold, he dope, he might sell coke. +
What's next? Bill Ayres teaching kids how to make bombs at home when Mommy & Daddy don't comply with Obama??
They used the public schools to accomplish it.. It was a dream of Bill Ayres..
Oabam's always had a soft spot for terrorists (Bill Ayres, Bernardine Dohrn) all members of Marxist revolt
Barack is a red diaper baby. A communist who was in the Weather Underground and friend of Bill Ayres.
was going to speak on new findings re BO and Bill Ayres, etc at CPAC the following day..had a heart attack on the st outside a bar
This Coward is the type of Human Filth Obama, Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, Bill Ayres and Geroge Soros (Human Filth in their own right) are turning People into. Not Americans, not Patriots. Selfish, Lazy Lying Cowards.
Bill ayres is just a guy on my block.
What about Bill Ayres? Its about time he was secretary of Education.
We're leading nonprofits toward a new era of fundraising that is fun, socially relevant and collaborative.
whyhunger founder Bill Ayres doing an interview for launch event.
Obama wants to persecute Christians BIG TIME ! WONDER WHY he hates Christians and Jews ? His closest advisor, Bill Ayres' wife.Samantha Powers...hates Israel and was set to plan a flotilla last year to attack obvious that Obama was in agreement with it...
Thanks for the great interview a week ago w/Bill Ayres from
Did any one out there get to read the Sunday Oakland Press ? There was a pice about the Fish Hatchery Park in Waterford that is on the side of my sub .It tells about the history of the rail road and the area .As many know the Grandtrunk Rail Road was in the family as grandpa Ernie Ayres ,Alfred Ayres and Gary Ayres all worked for the rail road and retired from there .It also talks about the area of dixie highway .The area where that Ayres family grew up . The history of the caboose and the depot ,That was called Drayton Plains .A lot of you are to young to remember history of the Ayres family growing up on dixie h,w,y .Like uncle Dell aunt Helen Terry .Aunt Ella ,Alfred Ayres ,Bill Ayres .If any one wants a copy of this let me know and i will copy it and send it to you .Sandy i will mail you a copy as you being a little bit older .You will enjoy this .
Who cares if Obama nominates Susan Rice for Sec of State...let him nominate Bill Ayres if he wants...let him own it...
Ever wonder where all the hippies went from the 60s, remember them? Remember how they all were for free this and that and hated the American way of life and wanted to change it. Guys like Ira Ienhorn , Jerry Rubin, Bill Ayres. Bobby Seals.Well I found where some of them are , at least one is in the Whitehouse.
So Richard Trumpka says that there is no fiscal cliff, it is a manufactured crisis, that we need to just keep spending, and tax more..I'm on board..wonder if he is friends with George Soros, and Valerie Jarrett's family, and Bill Ayres??? I have to say I agree, and then maybe I will stop working and start collecting my much easier and less stressful...
We are coming after you, Bill Ayres, Jerimiah Wright, George Soros and the rest.
Frank Marshall Davis, and Bill Ayres think he's been great.
A New Kind of Freedom, Bill Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, Valerie Jarrett, Slothful masses now control America through an Orwellian czar whose mentor was a rabid communist apparatchik in the 1970s, and whose close advisors are radical leftists
(Borrowed) AN EXCELLENT WRITE-UP... PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS BEFORE THE ELECTION: In the last days it's time to reflect on exactly what some of you are doing. First Barack Obama, Barry Soetoro-- yes he has two names. Second, Barack has tight ties to various Communist parties in this country. Obama Sr wrote of Communism in a sympathetic way, and his wife, Ann Dunham was a definite Communist sympathizer. A major influence of Obama from the age of 10 till he left for college was confirmed Communist Frank Marshall Davis, and there are photo comparisons that suggest that Davis may actually be Obama Jr's father. "Roy" Abongo Obama, Barack's brother is a known Marxist. His political life began under the tutelage of Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorhn. A husband/wife team, "formerly" of the Weather Underground. A domestic terrorist organization in the US in the 60's. Also Ayres was a frequent visitor to the Obama White House in the first year, until too many people began noticing. So, a man with no actual g ...
We are Four (4) Days away from UnCrowning The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayres!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Chris Mathews "In sixties we called them PIGS!" So did the Black Panthers and Bill Ayres. Hey, NBC! The Police are not PIGS!
and as for company one keeps ? Lets see? Rev Jeremiah Wright ? Bill Ayres the terrorist ? Other assorted Chicago fraudsters ?
I just finished watching the obama2016 movie. Brenda's description was pretty dead on. I forgot about Obama's communist ties. Frank Marshall Davis his mentor. Lets not forget about Bill Ayres. I hope God thinks America is worth saving. I want to see a miracle. God change all the voter fraud votes to their proper places. Show the cheaters they cant win. You are in control.
Oops!! Seems as though something slipped by Snopes since it is owned by one of Obama's biggest financiers and supporters, Bill Ayres!!
2016 OBAMA's America - The Movie Just finished watching the movie ... slow @ the beginning but quite revealing about what makes obama tick ... his father he barely knew but models, a communist, step father that became too americanised so mother Ann divorced him, the grand parents who introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis a well-known Communist, his associations with Bill Ayres, his anti-American Pastor Wright, his Columbia University Professor an ex-PLO Sympathizer & Israel hater (which PROVES the point I made obama being anti Israel + Pro Palestinian + Pro-Muslim) . then the REMAKE of America he said it but most who voted for him in 2008 didn't hear it ... reduce our Arsenal + future output from 3000 not to 1500 (like Russia has) but down to 300 so we won't be able to defend ourselves ... economically his goal is TOTAL COLLAPSE of our financial SYSTEM thru massive debt (end of his 2nd term we would have 20+ Trillions of debt so that America becomes like ALL worldwide INCLUDING the 3rd world countries ...
- Add Rev Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres, Tony Rezko to that list
i have always said that the trouble with any republican, is their leftist leanings and Mit has his ... BUT he has nothing that compares to ACORN, Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn, Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Black Liberation Theology ... if you think you know Baraq Obama but you don't know any or all of these people or organizations . you need to do some research ... and this is just the tip of the ice burg
Whew I had a dream it was 2012 and the Orioles lost in the playoffs and then I turned on WCBM and some woman was talking about Reverend Wright and Bill Ayres.
For starters, it might serve to be reminded that our present White House oval office resident really doesn’t like the fact that Second Amendment protections are extended to private citizens, and he has actively worked to eliminate them in the past. From 1994 until 2002 he served along with Bill Ayres and his current senior advisor Valery Jarrett on the 10-member board of the radically anti-gun Joyce Foundation in Chicago. Between 1998 and 2001 the organization contributed $18,326,183 in grants to anti-Second Amendment causes. Later as an Illinois state senator, Barack Obama was an aggressive advocate for expanding gun control laws. He even voted four times against legislation giving gun owners an affirmative defense when they use firearms to defend themselves and their families against home invaders and burglars. More recently in a move unprecedented in American history, President Obama quietly banned re-importation and sale of 850,000 collectible antique U.S.-manufactured M1 Garand and Carbine rifles t ...
If you take all emotion out of this election; race, religion, abortion, *** rights, etc and simply look at track record of the two individuals, how is there even a choice? Say what you want about Mr. Mitt, but when Obama was busy doing coke and getting high, Mr. Mitt was creating businesses that highered people, paid taxes and fed local and national economies. When was the last salary he took? How much has he given of his wealth versus Barry? And so important, who has he surrounded himself with? Barry has, Bill Ayres, Tony Rezko, Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, Jeremiah Wright and on and on. Criminals, Communists and a Terrorist. Sorry, but $10 Trillion in debt under Bush was completely unacceptable, so how is it that 3 years later $16 Trillion is ok?
And he was a Democrat...the party that has been hijacked by agitators, abortionists and every other "alternative lifestyle" you could name. Listen...I get it...everybody is not the same...the USA is a melting pot in that regards..but *** does everything have to be thrown in our faces as if forced to agree with SOME of the perverts, liars and crooks that populate the fringes of the Democratic Party...Give me a break!!! Sandra Fluke as a featured speaker at the DNC Convention.why not Lady Gaga or Bill Ayres...pathetic..
Much more dangerous!! Bill Ayres, Van Jones, and many more of Obama's friends we don't know the names of.
bad as O is on econ, domestic &foreign policy, greatest problem is embracing radicals from Angela Davis & Bill Ayres to Muslim Brotherhood.
Ayres doesn't lecture him like "Bibi" does. Besides, Bill is more fun at parties.
don't think I would share my table with anyone who dines with Bill Ayres. Good call there.
has Bill Ayres on speed dial but somehow deleted Netanyahu's number.
in her (and bill ayres) living room is where Obama launched his political career. Kind of obvious which way he leans.
because BHO lives by J Wrights remark; "GOD *** AMERICA" admires Bill Ayres and is destroying the USA vote
Bankruptcy is his goal for our country. If he is in office when he makes it happen he just may become dictator for life... unless he gives it over to Bill Ayres or George Soros. Regardless, if bankruptcy happens our government could collapse and we may have to kiss our Constitution goodbye.
Ha! let's talk about Rev Jeremiah Wright again off your Bill Ayres stuff
According to most polls, Obama always seems to be preferred among younger voters. Most pundits would have you believe that it is because Obama is considered a “rock star,” or at least the political equal… and thus “most in touch” with the younger generations. While this may explain the rock and roll phenomenon, it is actually quite chilling to realize that it is so much more. The older generations are not only separated by age but also by education and by history. There is so much criticism of the sad state of education in this nation, that no can deny that that older generations were better educated than today’s graduates. Having taught at the university level for 22 years, I can readily attest that many of today’s college students should never have been passed on by their high schools. But simply accepting that the American society has been “dumbed down” is not enough. How and why it happened are so much more important. For decades, American society tacitly ceded control of public ...
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