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Bill Ayres

Bill Ayres is a talk radio host and Executive Director and co-founder of World Hunger Year.

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What's next? Maybe they can have Bill Ayres stand on the American Flag during the halftime show
My new piece: If the U.S. Adopts the G.O.P.’s Health-Care Bill, It Would Be an Act of Mass Suicide
Bill Nye just walked into our elevator while I was snap chatting..
Obama is one psycho, ego maniac, narcissist, POS who found communism & Islam with domestic terrori…
Better a felon than a unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayres.
I was working in the Pentagon the day Obama…
We tried to tell everyone this junior senator from corrupt Chicago-Bill Ayres friend…
Bill Ayres, one of Obama's mentors and a professor teaching college students.
Bill Ayres should have gone to PRISON FOR LIFE...! I was at the Pentagon when he planted a bomb there.
How are all these anti Americans permitted to teach in r schools? B…
Info from illegal wire taps are inadmissible. Ask Bill Ayres.
Too bad, he is just one of many with those sentiments. He, as well as many more, shouldn't be allowed on c…
There's been a lot of horse-race coverage of the Graham-Cassidy bill. Here's what it will actually do.
Fake News: claim that House Democrats introduced a bill to remove citizenship requirement for U.S. presidency
Kind of like when Obama's friend Bill Ayres threatened to murder 25 million Americans.
Remember Bill Ayres walks free because of an illegal FBI wire tap.
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Bill Ayres, former terrorist & Obama's mentor supports the domestic Terrorist group Antifa . Of course he does 🙄
As opposed to serial rapist Billy Clinton and Killary's mysterious list of dead ***
Will they dare to lock up convicted Bob Creamer, Bill Ayres, George Soro$?
How to End Hunger in America: Feeding People Is Only the First Step via
And Trump repealed a bill which mean mentally ill people can now…
you need to read something about Jesus that WASN'T written by Bill Ayres, Dan Brown, or Friedrich Nietzsc…
Blessed with another great day for fall practice with emphasis on pitching with our pitching coach Bill Ayres.
Unfortunately this professor represents the vast majority of "educators" in today's colleges. Just ask Bill Ayres…
Bill Ayres a Weather Underground activist taught in Chicago & look at the kids today! Let Harvard d…
That bill should be sent to Ayres, Soros, and Obama. They are paying these clowns to act like fools. "A…
What happened to Megyn Kelly? from her peak, interview with Bill Ayres to Jerry Springer style "journalism"?
Bill Ayres talks to Rob MacKay Director of Public Relations, Marketing & Tourism for the Queens Economic Development Corporation at 1:30am
Obama in Chicago will be among his old friends.. Bill Ayres, and Angela Davis, maybe Soros w…
Alinsky and Obama friensd terrorist Bill Ayres and terrorist wife Bernardine Dohrn tactics.
beats eight years of Barry and Bill Ayres!
Hamilton Collection
Obama got political career boost in home of Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayres. Now THAT was a true scandal.
. With Bill Ayres and Reverend Wright at his side?
Bill Ayres claims to be the original author.
Oh good grief. Please get a grip. Was Obama treasonous with Iran? Cuba? Egypt? Rev Wright? Bill Ayres?
So he's meeting with Don King? You never said a word Obama being with Sharpton! Bill Ayres! Such a Hypocrite!
Great! He didn't know what he was doing anyway without Bill Ayres and Al Sharpton telling him what to do! He fell hard! On own
The day that Obama told us that Bill Ayres was not only his friend but one of his Heroes
. Barry will never go back to the city he and his friend Bill Ayres destroyed. Frankly Chicago is better off.
Obama went to regular I Love Palestinians meetings at Bill Ayres' house then denied knowing him. Chicago.
The only truth was there in Obama's relationships with Bill Ayres, Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright. If people chose t…
. To be perfectly clear, I think it more correct to say that Obama will let Bill Ayres write another book for him!
True. But it was there somewhere. I read about it. Farrakhan is a rabid anti-Semite, Bill Ayres a domestic terroris…
Why did anyone vote for him? His relationship with Bill Ayres, Farrakhan and Wright should have been a warning.
The scandal of Domestic bomber Bill Ayres boosting Obamas political career should've been enough to stop his run!
I know their so surprised that he hates cops well did you know that he hung out with Bill Ayres ***
The day after Christmas and it's bill and I working together in the morning 😅
"The Stolen Supreme Court Seat" Who the *** would that monkey have nominated, Bill Ayres? Maxine Waters? He's done enough damage.
It's time for the Futurama double bill!. First up: Xmas Story
who is the company Obama keeps, Rev Wright, George Soto, Bill Ayres
who's side is Ovama on?This, giving Iran nukes,refusing 2call terrorism terrorism,Bill Ayres,Rev.Wright
"You need to learn to live your life that doesn't make a mockery of your values." - Bill Ayres on Caravan to Midnight with
A man is like the company he keeps Obama aligns with Sharpton Reverend Wright, Bill Ayres and many more
you'll find that he probably authored numrous papers on comunist and radical ideologies. Cospnsored by Bill Ayres /saul alinsky
I guess you don't remember the job the GOP did on Obama re Jeremiah Wright & Bill Ayres & how it didn't matter
NEWSFLASH: Obama in 2008 was trashed by GOP ads with Jeremiah Wright & Bill Ayres for "anti-Americanism"
will you cover this like Rev Wright & Bill Ayres in '08 . via
Bill Ayres who should've spent the rest of his life in prison for being a terrorist thinks Donald Trump is un-American.
I was at dem conv 68 when riot broke out. Bill Ayres and his commi buddies carrying north vietnamese flag.
After Chicago Cruz would do better with Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn's endorsement.
The communist party of Bill Ayres Liberal America have suspend the rights of free speech and right to assemble peacefully.
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Anytime Bill Ayres shows up tp protest a candidate they are doing something right. GOP & their circular firing squad to defeat.
Anyone who is truly TEA PARTY would not support Cruz siding with Moveon & Bill Ayres PERIOD. TY Debbie Dooley!
.Love the appeal to Tyranny wherever u think u can get away with it! But Trump wasn't on Bill Ayres priv property.
It's not over tell Michelle sings, what will happen next with bho, Bill Ayres and SOROS at the helm, ANARCHIE?
👉 Bill Ayres lead and organized the protests in Chicago trying to incite a riot. The same tactics he used in the 60s.👉
👉FOR Be leaving and following Bill Ayres. He turned Americans against Americans and us Vietnam vets paid a *** of a price.👉
when Bill Ayres is supporting someone like Bernie- America should be VERY VERY AFRAID of that! Save America! VOTE TRUMP!!
Bill Ayres protesting n Chicago should tell you who Leftwing Libs afraid of
And Bill Ayres was there ta oversee tha mission.
.This is not on Bill Ayres own property. The Right extends far beyond Fed Govt action.
Bill Ayres got away with terrorism when bombing what he didn't like, so now he re-emerges with Terrorism2.0
It's never too late to charge a Terrorist like Bill Ayres!
WTH - protesters bussed in to disrupt his rally and it's rumps fault? Oh and Bill Ayres . Go Cruz
Patriots only in obamas america can convicted terrorists bill ayres be allowed to incite riots while still free. What a disgrace!
Is the the Bill Ayres who is a self proclaimed communist, huge supporter of Obama?
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Bill Ayres was among those "protesters" in Chicago. I'm pretty sure he wasn't radicalized by Trump, nor were others
The recent comments by on Chicago, just proves they can and will be bought! Just Ask George Soros & Bill Ayres!!!
Bill Ayres BOMBED Federal Buildings! A Terrorist allowed to live free in Chicago with other Terrorists to the USA
Dupes for bill ayres should be jailed
Bernie is a bill ayres wanna be. Behaves and BSts to contend with the most crooked of politician and party ever.
mr. Trump why don't you mention that Bill Ayres and George Soros are behind the protesters. Don't stop don't let them win
getting lectured by a communist terrorist like Bill ayres is lol .
Of course a few White Communists were there. Bill Ayres was there.
A thought to ponder? When Obama said a few days ago that Trump Will not be President. Did he talk to his friend Bill Ayres in Chicago?😱
Killary, Sanders, Rubio, Crud and Kaisch all said Trump caused the ISIS lover to attack him.Bill Ayres & Clack Lives Matter call for more.
. Glenn ..where is your outrage about move on .org and Bill Ayres now. Cruz,Rubio and Beck hypocrites.
Bill ayres says 1/4 of US population would have to be executed for not accepting communism, does berni agree?
Trump calls off rally in Chicago because of left wing radical thugs led by Bill Ayres
Chicago ... the home of Domestic Terrorists "like Bill Ayres of the Weather Underground that bombed Americans https:/…
Saul Alynski, Bill Ayres, terrorist tactics will only make US stronger, American's won't be silenced. https:…
Hi, Jim. Bunch of soulless Brown Shirts. Just found out who promoted Bill Ayres, and Van Jones. Now it's clear.
Since there is no chance of Hillary winning against Trump,Bill Ayres sends out paid protesters to shut down trump's rights to fr…
Bill Ayres paid protesters, attach Trump Supporters, Trump supporters defend themselves and are accused of violence and hate speech
Soros and Bill Ayres behind this violence against Trump
Disgusted by Trump's footsie w/race-baiters, just as have been by Obama's friendship w/Rev. Wright, Bill Ayres:
its almost as bad as ACTUALLY being buds with Rev Wright & Bill Ayres. Not.
As Eric Holder in armed takeover of ROTC, or Bill Ayres Weathermen type of domestic terrorism.
let's not forget Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, the darlings of the left.
Getting preached at from Admitted Drug User with ties to Terrorist (Bill Ayres) Who Couldnt Pass a Background Check
oh yeah a fascist would totally be friends with Bill Ayres.
really u aware obama friend bill Ayres planted bombs at the capital building,look that up
Mysterious man with ties to terrorists like Bill Ayres..the same mysterious man who paid millions to seal his records, DEMANDS your records.
They did a documentary on the 60s. Called the underground weatherman (Bill Ayres) pranksters
Kerry through the metals away when he was marching with Jane Fonda and Bill Ayres denouncing Vietnam
Yet leftists worship violent terrorists such as Bill Ayres. To them, it's fine to murder, as long as you're on the left.
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Good grief is such a sad little man. You know who's a terrorist? BHO's pal Bill Ayers.
Well I did see the one featuring Obama and Bill Clinton "the fornicator"
What do you think about Bill Ayres? He didn't take fed buildings over he blew them up.
Ah Bill Ayres 101,the FBI reports said they(Weather Underground) would eradicate 50M Amer…
. Any1 remember Bill Ayres? He bombed the Pentagon and now he writes the text books for your children.
Obama started his political so call career in who's basement oh that would Bill Ayres
start with Holder, Bill Ayres and look who is in obamas pockets lol
Another Q (esp. for from IL) : Will Mr. Bundy become an "esteemed educator" like terrorist Bill Ayres when this ends?
Bill ayres is an anti american Weather Underground killer n a total scumbag on same level with kerry
What's "weak," are your amateurish and painfully obvious Bill Ayres-style Rules for Radicals techniques.
Unlike Obama..Hillary couldn't care less about Ayres or Soros: she & Bill owe Big-Time favors to Foundation-Donners
no not an obsession but I know one when I see one. Bill ayres wasn't a commie? Obama's dad too.
Levin is the republican version of Bill Ayres...burn it all down & Rep voters (collateral damage) be damned
Section XI all the plan is here !! Obama's mentor Bill Ayres wrote this
Who would better know "American values" than a *** guy raised by commie Muslims in Indonesia, nurtured by Frank Marshall Davis & Bill Ayres?
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and when you kill them it sends the message don't drive trucks or work for Isis didn't Bill Ayres teac…
True. Weather Underground leaders like Bill Ayres still around, now in suits in power at highest levels.
Obama denies any relationship with Bill Ayres beyond living in the same neighborhood. Record says otherwise.
Perhaps he'll run into his old friend, Bill Ayres.
Yep, still want upper house, w changes similar to 2012 Reform Bill. No bishops though.
Labour has tabled amendments to the Finance Bill to exempt women’s sanitary protection products from VAT.
Bill Bien of details the commercial viability of solar lighting.
Credentials of Bill Ayres, is this the example of what you want for our kids?
You're forgetting about Clinton, Obama's friend Bill Ayres & so many more Dems. .
"Maybe, the next one will go off unexpectedly (like Bill Ayres buddies) and take some "cool clock…" — wvcoalman
Oh look, Bill Ayres and that turd monkey O’bumma back when they young marxists working against the white man-Chicago
And both Hillary Clinton & Bill Ayres are still guilty as sin and free as birds!
A radical anarchist is protesting to do a Bill Ayres take over of our government. Protesting cops in NYC when policeman killed. Marxist
Sidney B is to Hillary C as Bill Ayres is to Barry O...
Bill Ayres'Weather Underground 101...Create havoc...step in and be the hero to fix everything.
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"Spring" as in Arab Spring is also Bill Ayres. BO went to meetings at Bills house re Palestinians. The two of them
Don't be surprised if Bill Ayres,Rev. Wright,Al Sharpton,Anita Dunn,Acorn,Planned Parenthood are invited!😩
Put me down with ALL the issues with Rev Wright and Louis Farakan and Bill Ayres all Radicals and OBAMAS pal
Obama's assault on American exceptionalism got its start here, w/Bill Ayres "Prairie Fire."...
Yea y'all ain't going to arrest bill ayres nazi bezzlebubs on the March we the people we want all them *** out of our country NOW
We the people shouldn't be the ones changing America the police need to start making arrest and first start with bill ayres
. A $63 Million gift from DOJ to terrorist & mentor Bill Ayres for “Restorative Justice".
Indie ran up to me, turned around, farted, then ran away laughing saying she's like Bill now. what have you done 😠
This as much civil rights issue as Bill Ayres Weather Underground was govt protest. It's anarchy. No good outcomes
Bill Ayres: Free as a bird & guilty as sin!. : Still unindicted!. In jail for religious crimes against the State!
The admin and DOJ agree with him. BHO was friends with Bill (weatherman) Ayres.
I can hear Bill: "Say you didn't inhale. They won't call you liar after what I did."
What should we expect from a good buddy of Bill Ayres.I'd bet anything he's getting advice from that *** daily!
BTW, we had a mutual school friend - Mr. Bill Ayres. So I know you were brought up with quality music input
Time to change names: Obama is now Bill Ayres. Democrat Party of terrorism will simply be banned. Via
.Remember Obama was friends w Bill Ayres who bombed police cars. Where are his loyalties,
When you have a Pres. mentored by Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayres you get and another dead Cop. Fox Lake
Mr. Senator this has to end! This is not the 60's. Bill Ayres has to go to prison and Soros need to go to JAIL!
At least Joe Biden would never be best buds with the likes of Bill Ayres, Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton.
now who is friends with America hating Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres, and Al Sharpton? Yea, that's what I thought.
I'm not best buds with Reverend Wright, Bill Ayres, Farrakhan and Sharpton, Obama is.
I voted against the guy who wasn't a radical Marxist and best friends w Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Wright and Bill Ayres.
It was created by one of his goons from his buddy's like Bill Ayres & Frank Marshall !!
Obama and his buddy's from the past made the pin like that !! Bill Ayres & Frank Marshall !
Now those like Bill Ayres et al are in suits and in power - but same destructive views
I thought his father was Jeremiah Wright and his mother was Bill Ayres?
No one else paid any attention.Shawn Hannity tried but the Liberal media ruled. Just close to Bill Ayres should have done it.
It has been such a lazy day at the ranch. The girls are out doing some shopping. Raphe and I have been with the dogs. I considered teaching him my grandfathers trick of opening presents but I thought better of it. :) I have only checked the news once since I got up here. I am glad I haven't. What is happening to us? People marching in the streets screaming for the blood of police and then when police are executed the media doesn't seem to really care. Imagine if someone on the right would have said anything like this! It was a lefty crazy person who shot Gabby Giffords and they almost burned Sarah Palin in the streets. How does Al Sharpton sleep at night? We are not a nation of Weather Underground and Bill Ayres. We just don't have any real leadership now who is preaching peace, love and reconciliation. Someone must stand in this gap or we will tear each other apart. I will continue to pray for guidance in my own life. I will remain here in the glow of the fire, a lucky man, able to share truth ...
Bill Ayres. I know, he don't count.
Sorry Barack, I'm not on the same team as Bill Ayres, Rev Wright, & Valerie Jarrett.
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Bill Ayres was an *** in the '60's and remains unchanged today. Put this turd back in prison.
George . Soros & Bill Ayres support an Article V. They are pouring $ into it.
or how thoseguns got to Mexico, or if he ever met Lois Lerner,or John Corzine,or Gruber, or ?Bill Ayres, or.
Like Bill Ayres? "In fact, 4 of the 9 notable alumni are terrorists."
Today the Minister for Police & Emergency Services, the Hon. Stuart Ayres, along with NSW SES Acting...
If Bill Ayres doesnt have the most punchable face in history, who does? I mean beside Seth MacFarlane of course.
Didn't Bill Frindall refuse to use the term ODI preferring Limited Overs Internationals because some went to a second day?
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Bill Ayres approved teachers coming to Nampa.
you should have been gassed along with Bill Ayres!
Clemency? Who does she think she is, Bill Ayres!
I was in the 60's. Didn't work, did it? Those 60's protestors include Barack 0bama, Bill Ayres- Alinksy- "Rules for Radicals"
Torture reports to be released tomorrow so soon after Bill Ayres tells the Muslim world the USA = Terrorist War-Mongers.
. Ayres is out of retirement, compliments of US taxpayers > .
. Why is Bill Ayres walking around free?
He says that about everybody, like Reverend Wright and Bill Ayres.
obama lied from the get go from birth certificate, Bill Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, his votes at State Senate, college records.
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Alger Hiss, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayres, Barack Obama -> Am I the only one who sees the problem here?
yes Soros is puppet master,funds flotilla to Gaza along with Bill Ayres (Weather Underground)and Bernadette Dorn
Watched the Bill Ayres interview and I was amazed. So this is what ascertained from what he says...he is not proud to be an American (US citizen) because we have committed so many sins against humanity. Really? This is a man and many of our current politicians think the same way that they are so intellectual and so moral above any other man that they see only the bad and never the good of their own country. Therefore they have got to "save" us from ourselves. He bombed government buildings to protest the Vietnam war and respects the likes of Castro, Stalin, and others with the same ambitions. This man was Barrack Obama's political ally who helped him set off his political career. No wonder he leads from behind, he detests the US too for it's offenses. People like this don't see the good or promise of tomorrow offered to us by our own acceptance of the power of a Supreme being guiding our country throughout history. We made mistakes of course, no one and no country is perfect but we have the clo ...
Megyn Kelly sits down with Bill Ayres – justifying not only his actions but the fatal actions of Bernardine Dohrn...
Yes, a rock star with an enlarged prostate is almost as pathetic as a geriatric revolutionary like Bill Ayres.
Obama says he knows bill ayres casually,A LIE
I wonder if will pander to the terrorist bill ayres, or call a spade a spade. the guy murdered cops. and she should call him out
Obama could care less about America..And he may not bomb a police station but he is as trustworthy as Bill Ayres ISN'T a terrorist
interviewing the wise and witty Bill Ayres Monday night. Must see TV.
I don't like RWNJ nor do I like left wing radicals like Bill Ayres, Ed Schultz, or Al Sharpton. However, I listen to everyone.
has no problem with Obama's friend Bill Ayres an his wife Dorm but he is incensed by Muslims! What a HYPOCRITE!!
Bill Ayres reputed to be ghostwriter for Obama's book "Dreams of my father"!
defends Bill Ayres bombings in the 60's as protests so I guess 911 could be excused using his logic
Smarmy Contest: The contenders are in this corner, John Koskinen, and in the other, Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayres. Who's worse?
Decades of corrupting secular liberalism undermining American values. We need more John Wayne & no more Bill Ayres.
Sorry you're interview with domestic terrorist/bomber Bill Ayres is a show that won't be on in any of our restaurants
will be interviewing domestic terrorist Bill Ayres next Monday. He and wife should be in prison, not on TV IMO,
Imagine had Bill Ayres been Romney's best friend..?
That little terrorist *** Bill Ayres is despised by Americans who know what he did. He has no remorse for the bombings.
Domestic terrorist Bill ayres arrest his a$$ for suspicion and insanity
Front man. Bill Ayres calls Valerie Jarrett, who conveys the daily instructions.
"It is a historical fact that revolutionaries are never absorbed into the academic class." Uh, Bill Ayres.
Radical Bill Ayres starts petition to replace Arne Duncan with Common Core educrat and friend Linda...
He's a libertarian like Bill Ayres is an anarchist.
did you go and meet chippo and bill? I went out Friday mate
If you want peace in the area, you must top Bernadine Dorhn and Bill Ayres from running weapons into the area via food ship.
Its Sunday its Springpatch and Bernies column is back tarring Fritz Pfister praising leftist Jim Leach and Pat Quinn Quinn is so smart because he wants to keep the 5% income tax. Rauner presented a budget plan which Leach says is no plan at all but it is a great first step to change Illinois to less taxes and regulations and make it job friendly again. Bernies column makes it seem GOP started the KKK not true the KKK were all a product of the Democrat Party. Bernie is so PC he wants Fritz not to have Republican guests because Bernie says Fritz is radical. Really I'll tell you Obama is Saul Alinsky Radical George Soros Radical that's radical. Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn Radical. Bruce Rauner has a vision for Illinois to become great again Thanks Fritz for having him on your show rather than Pat Quinn malaise,Dump Quinn Elect Bruce Rauner Governor.
An Article V 'Convention of States' will NOT stop the Progressive attack on our Constitutional Republic-- it will give Bill Ayres and George Soros precisely the opportunity they are hoping for to destroy America completely. Stop allowing yourselves to be duped.
Remember Bill Ayres, the head of the Communist Terrorist group "The Weather Underground" that bombed Federal Buildings, Judge's homes, and killed at least one police officer during the VietNam war in the 1960's? Bill Ayres is one of the Communists behind Common Core. Common Core was an offshoot of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge project invented by Bill Ayres and headed by Obama. Common Core is a blueprint for the Communist brainwashing of our nation's young people. Most people do no realize that Ayres, for years, worked behind the scenes in forming many of the nation's Federal education policies for the Federal Department Of Education. Obama and Ayres worked hand in hand on the Chicago Annenburg Challenge. Both are radical Communists. Obama was trained in Stalinist Communism by Frank Marshall Davis the man Obama called his "mentor" in Obama's autobiography. Davis was known by the FBI to be an agent of the Communist Soviet Union and a radical Stalinist Communist. Later, Obama was started out in politics i ...
*THINKING OUT LOUD: WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAVE BEEN THE OUTCOME OF THE 2008 ELECTION IF OBAMA BEEN COMPLETELY HONEST? If he had said: Hello my name is Barry Soetoro, I am a communist, a Muslim and a Kenyan. I was raised Indonesia by my communist mother and grandparents and my mentor (and probable biological father) was the notorious Frank Marshall Davis who occupied a top spot on The FBIs most wanted list. I hang around with self avowed domestic terrorists like Bill Ayres and I did nothing as a senator but vote "present" and my only other work experience has been as a "community organizer" WHICH MEANS MY JOB WAS TO SOW DISCONTENT AND DIVISION in the most disorganized community an America. I believe America is too big for her britches and if you elect me I will do everything in my power to tear her down. I believe that all of you live way too well and that America should be bankrupted so that your lifestyles will be equal to people living in the third world. If you elect me I plan to push through, by wha ...
Barry once said to judge him by those that surround him. Ok. His parents and grandparents were communists, as was his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Rev. Wright is a Marxist, as is 99% of his administration. Moochelle is a communist. Her college years show that! Barry said he hung out with Marxists and radicals. Don't forget Bill Ayres, Cass Sunstein, and his pal, Van Jones!
Apparently a very good friend of Obama. Check it out!!
. Bill Ayres is an Obama friend & good people like Ted Cruz & Tea Party are the terrorists in the Obama White House?
When Bill Ayres asks for forgiveness let me know. Until then he is a jerk. He should pay for the terror he inflicted.
I have watched Bill for many years. First time being outraged. How dare you advertise Bill Ayres book on .
Bill Ayres coming up on missed killing me by 5 minutes in 1970.
WTH does Bill Ayres know about being a good citizen and/or moral?
Racial division & class warfare is straight out of the Bill Ayres 60's Wet Dream Playbook. And, you know it.
bill Ayres doesn't know morality. He a thug and a criminal
bill ayres group caught in 60s saying 25 million would have to be killed. They just wouldn't listen. The list being made!
still nothing about domestic terrorist Bill Ayres?
what's the chances you'll cover hosting Bill Ayres for book fair? Madison has enough bombing history.
sorry moron. Bill Ayres never attempted to devalue my home and 401K!
Bill Ayres are you FN kidding me that guy should be on the capture and kill list terrorist trader
I see Dems standing behind Roman Polanski; Woody Allen and Bill Ayres. What's your point?
Hope all you fans enjoy terrorist and criminal Bill Ayres. Of course u Obama supporters are used to criminals.
Oh dear, MSNBC is crossing the Rubicon. First, The Full Vitter™. Now, Bill Ayres.
OH Dear is calling GOP radical dear Nancy look at BIll Ayres if you want to talk radical or Rev Wright go get more botox
.hates Ted Cruz but loves domestic terrorist Bill Ayres.
.u mention Frank Davis. he had deep ties 2 Chicago & knew Bill Ayres' dad. Obama random picks Chicago as his home after Harvard?
Obama's America - Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, & Gov Palin can be called ''domestic terrorists'' but Bill Ayres is honored on college campuses.
Of course MSNBC would have him! Loser Liberal news! Bill Ayres was a domestic terrorist
The same people praise Bill Ayres, Che, and Arafat who really are terrorists and actually killed people!
So Bill Ayres and the Weathermen who commited violent acts VS the Gov't R to be clebrated BUT are terrorist? Crazy!
Bill Ayres should be in prison but he's being treated like royalty on by top Obama propagandist
Only CNBC would put Bill Ayres on the air. No regrets from a terrorist.
Hey vets MSNBC is in there glory they have Bill Ayres on.
Bill Ayres! You are giving voice to a terrorist whose Weatherman set out to bomb and kill innocent…
-Bill Ayres will fit right in with this crew maybe they will practice spitting on the troops.
Protests against Gen. Petreus are organized by university professor, but none against professor Bill Ayres, domestic terrorist of sixties.
This guy is so far left he makes Bill Ayres look moderate. He's real bad news. NY will become Dinkins town again.
Bill Ayres job looks easier than he thought he said round up 25 mil who oppose the revolution.We cant get 2 million
Whose Children are they anyway ? The government with the help of known terrorist Bill Ayres wrote a new...
The Professors teaching our kids.! and Bill Ayres, Angela Davis, and other extreme radicals.
*** that was in the works from his speech at the '04 Dem Convention, or maybe Bill Ayres's living room.
.Progressivism! Relativism and the destroying of the church! Liberal colleges run by the likes of Bill Ayres.
too. Remember when O & Bill Ayres plot in group underground to bomb one of the federal buildings as young punks?
Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’ via Pure Marxist Doctrine Bill Ayres inspired
Have to repeal RFS-more ethanol in gas to mess up engines. Tired of O throwing every regulation (law) in his Bill Ayres book at us.
hung around bill ayres? Remember when Matthews said "obama's never done anything illegal/wrong" so you must be mistaken!
had his foregin student status,driving a new mustang and was getting $ fr Bill Ayres old man. Was he using the rests for MJ?
What can the Food Movement learn from The Civil Rights Movement: 50 Years Later
Or maybe Bill Ayres. When I left VN, we were winning. Leave it to the Dems to *** defeat from the jaws of victory
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What about Alinsky Rules are you missing? Maybe the Bill ayres bombings?
BHO has been on the wrong side of every issue since he announced. his candidacy in Bill Ayres living room. 140 characters just ain't enough.
A man lauded for the literary brilliance of two memoirs, both of which were ghostwritten by domestic terrorist Bill Ayres.
Oh right. Sorry. He and Bill Ayres set up the punch bowl together
his memoir was ghostwritten by terrorist friend Bill Ayres
launched his career in the living room of domestic terrorist Bill Ayres Bernadene Dhorn to carry out their plan
he exited Bill Ayres; the terrorist and murderer of the group Weather Underground, living room!
they threw Bill Ayres' old, irrelevant *** in there too -_-
a mentor it would look like Bill Ayres!
Obama’s confessed “rage at the white world that needs no object”. Throughout Obama’s entire life, he has socialized, befriended and been a companion of people that hate America. (Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn, Frank Marshall Davis) Obama feels that Black rage against whites is justifiable. This is a consistent pattern in Obama’s life. Obama constantly associates with and is in the company of anti-white racists.
Paula Deen says the N word 30 years ago and is totally destroyed; meanwhile, Obama is friends with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres and American hating Rev. Wright and becomes President. The American media is pathetic.
That's bad when Bill Ayres thinks you're a traitor...BILL AYERS: Obama should be tried for 'war crimes'...
Inside the Spring issue of Finding Solutions This issue is dedicated to the newly formed Finding Solutions to Poverty & Inequality Alliance (FSPSI). FSPI consists of some of the foremost organizations involved in doing something about the scourge of hunger, poverty and inequality in our world. The members go beyond just reacting to natural disasters and are seeking ways to end hunger, poverty & inequality. All of them “think outside the box” and have formulated projects that will help students take constructive steps in becoming part of the solution. In addition to KIDS (a program of iEARN), the founding members of FSPI are Food Tank, Heifer International, Oxfam International, Results Educational Fund, Why Hunger and World Savvy. These various groups are dedicated to taking action rather than simply reacting. KIDS will help students understand that as individuals can make a difference in their community and world. Bill Ayres sets the tone of this issue with an article noting that a way to fix poverty ...
Will Nancy Pelosi and Alice Germond be asked why they signed 2 different Certifications of Nomination on Aug. 25th-28th, and had them both notarized by Shalifa Williamson at the Democratic Convention in 2008??? One document included "and that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution"!!! The 2nd one completely left that whole phrase out. This was the only vetting done for all 50 states I believe. My understanding if I can remember, is that the one with whole phrase was sent to Hawaii..??? At any way you look at this, we know these women knew then he was not eligible. That would go for Joe Bidden, Harry Reid, David Axelrod, Rahm Emmuel, Jay Carney, Eric Holder, (Bill and Hillary already knew when she was running and threatened to tell) don't leave out the murder that took place at that time.Of course, there is Valarie Jarrett, other secretaries, czars, Michelle, Bill Ayres, his univers ...
So what Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn endorsed Barack Obama. So did every *** in Chicago.
According 2 MSM, any college kid cant really B a terrorist or B involved in terror..just like Bill Ayres or Angela Davis...
What does Obama,Bill Ayres,The Blind Sheik,Osama Bin Laden,AL-CI-AIDA & Boston Bombers have in common? A Belief America is world wrongdoer.
Tsarnaev is young enough to end up with tenure at some US University like Bill Ayres and Bernadette Dorn.
Come to America ... Freedom , safety and a chance to live! Then listen to Jeremiah Wright , Bill Ayres , ,& Obama..boom
oh like that great professor Bill Ayres? No doubt many could have made those bombs .
A member of the intrepid media needs to interview Bill Ayres to get his take on the Boston bombings.
Someone please tell me the difference between Dzhokhar & Bill Ayres. I'm listening.
Wonder who Bill Ayres is rooting for?
Chris, JoAnn the lib has a point, look what blowing stuff up, and killing people did for lily white Bill Ayres' career
Brenadine Dorn would have been proud along with Bill Ayres our Presidents Buddy
Terrorists identified. Islamist brothers from Chechnya. Bill Ayres cleared , this time.
Terrorists identified! Chechnyan Islamists. Bill Ayres cleared for this one.
Bill ayres & brno Dorn can tell you about how Torrorist work they spent half their life doing it who do u think schols Obama
In other news, Bill Ayres confessed a bit about his relationship with POTUS recently. (I'd imagine both guys are sleeping.)
There have been recent visits to MIT area by 1960's terror bomber Bill Ayres. Is Ayres teaching a class there?
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I've seen the photos; one of them looks just like a young Bill Ayres! He Might as well have been; they're both guilty of MURDER! find trial
Why doesn't the government arrest Bill Ayres? Oh wait. He was just a guy in the neighborhood, Never mind.
really? I was thinking they look like young social democrats...maybe students of Bill Ayres,)
what did Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn use for their bombs!? Some of our local terrorists.
Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrne are the president's pals, and they killed people. Try some real reporting for once.
How can Obama claim he opposes terrorism when he has worked with and attended meetings with his associate Bill Ayres? Hypocrisy
No Bill Ayres tactician should have the gall to speak after your Epic Fail at over-reach.
i knew it what a white punk anarchist probably inspired by Bill Ayres
oh no a teacher one like Bill Ayres? and a teen follower like. ...?
Bill Ayres more progressive and democratic than the whole bunch of nitwits in DC.
The whole "McVeigh is the same as Bill Ayres" argument breaks down when you remember only the former, ya know, killed/injured lots of people
Ya, I'm sure you really cared about Bill Ayres whereabouts before Obama. I'm sure you were obsessed!
I mean, here's the thing: if you invoke Bill Ayres in an argument, what youre saying is "I have no argument because I'm stupid & pathetic."
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