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Bikini Contest

A bikini contest is a beauty contest where women compete against each other in bikinis.

Bikini Contest Friday is gonna be awesome! We will start with close to 20 girls and eliminate them till there is...
SUMMER JAM PART 2. $300 cash prize Bikini contest . Host . Rsvp to get on the guest list
Poor Chloe missing out on this *** bikini contest cuz amanda broke her nose and amanda is out here winning the contest!!! Wowww
We r 2 the point of breaking our bffs nose in between bikini contest n sipping our mai tai cause "she deserved it"
Really tryna do the bikini contest in Vegas
love how the Bikini contest was clearly fixed so she would win. this show is all sorts of fake and making my home town look awful
Who had a good time at Chryslers At Carlisle last month?! Highlights from the 2015 bikini contest!...
An exclusively over-55 bikini contest in China. WATCH NOW.
So I turned it on to see a bikini contest- cut to someone being pushed in a wheel chair...uh, what? Lol
punch a girl in the face make her need surgery and.Be in a Bikini contest! OMG! I live here...We are not animals!
LITUATION: . Baddest Bikini Contest . Winner $300 . holding it down for UTA . 9/1…
Actually Trump was there, hilariously for a Bikini contest.
Attention all LADIES!! Baddest Bikini Contest: 09.03.17 😈😎👙. Grand Prize: $300 CASH . If you got what it takes, be…
Don't know how you gonna pay for your access codes?? gotchu! $300 bikini contest with UTAs finest…
With the addition of the Baddest Bikini Contest with a $300 prize and UTA's finest is a certified M…
"We didn't want to offend anyone" - Czech nuclear plant that held a bikini contest for potential interns
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Apologizing for odious bikini contest isn't good enough. Somebody needs to be fired at Czech Rep's Temelín nuclear.
"The purpose of the competition was to promote technical education. If it raised doubts, we are sorry." Umm. . . .
Feminists have nuclear meltdown over Czech power plant's bikini contest to award internship
Temelin 'bikini contest' was PR stunt with professional models and color coordinated beachwear.
Clearly the critics don't understand Czech humor...
Okay, clearly not the most PC idea, but amusing nonetheless.
Nuclear plant's bikini hiring contest goes up in smoke
A Czech nuclear plant held a bikini contest to select its summer intern
A Czech power plant hosted a contest to pick a new intern stating the purpose of the competition was to promot…
Bikini contest hosted by Johnny B Badd... I'm gonna skip this
What could possibly go wrong with holding a bikini contest for potential interns?
Springbreak Hooters Bikini Contest 4X6 Photo Picture 361 - - Add your ads on:…
Today in 2004 ensured Jamie Noble got the best seat in the house for Smackdown Summer Br…
Help me win the bikini contest on IG 👙😝 . IG: yaraskyexo
Hats off to the women's division though. This match is proof women are worth more than just a bikini contest. So so proud.
All purpose parts banner
When your dad listens to your podcast and is horrified by the bikini contest discussion. "shelby, don't cuss or do that again"
So happy to finally have met you last night! Our intro for the last round in the bikini contest definitely spiced things up 😉
Routing for to be the 1st woman to win Whoever wins, it's another reason why women deserve more than bikini contest's
So Dem congresswomen bikini contest is to be expected?
Miss Jackie got wet n wild 13 years ago today winning the Smackdown Summer Breakout Bikini Contest! https…
We're doing something different for the 4th of July at $1000 Bikini Contest Prize. + the NOLA homies
Who’s ready for 2017 Chryslers At Carlisle?! Highlights from the 2015 bikini contest!...
9 years to the day and it's still hard to believe didn't win the Summertime Beach Bikini Contest on
Did a photoshoot this morning, off 2 explore (read: get day drunk) then shooting vids later! Bikini contest tonight! Stay u…
Told my dad I was doing a bikini contest and he was like that's something dads don't won't to hear, but I'm glad you're proud of your body 😊
My Brothers bar downtown is having a bikini contest next Saturday 1st place gets $500 2nd $250 3rd $100 its free lmk if you interested
Bikini contest.I'm too short to see all the *** though ☹️
Yo sirens has officially taken it too far with the pregnant lady bikini contest 😂😂😂
Competed in a bikini contest today! Got 2nd, it was close. Here's to next time 💜💜. . . .…
I don't always get my back washed by a bikini babe but when I do I make sure she was a runner up in a Farrah lookal…
Love Vegas cause they have a bikini contest every day.
Pic from the pool yesterday! I didn't end up doing bikini contest last night, I was still shaken from earlier and went to b…
Getting ready for some good times at the dirty bike contest and bikini bike wash
Babe wants me to enter into a prego bikini contest 😭 I love how he still thinks I'm beautiful enough to do something like that ❤️
Layla showed off them fine English muffins 9 years ago today at the Summertime Beach Bikini Contest on https…
An unforgettable performance from left hearts racing at the Summertime Beach Bikini Contest 9 year…
Forak Fysique bikini athlete Megan is celebrating 1 week out from her first bikini contest.…
I'm proud to announce that I was picked to represent my store of North Irving in the National Twin Peaks Bikini Contest 2017.…
Just saw this on Amazon: Men's Bikini Contest Judge XL Red by i-Create for $12.99 via
My Instagram looks like a bikini contest right now
Shoulda came to the bikini contest lastnight😇
So that was you doing splits during Spinnakers bikini contest. Sigh.
On this day 2008 of professional wrestling reigned supreme in the Summertime Beach…
Let me know when U are coming back and we will arrange for you to be a judge for our Bikini Contest on…
Dominican bikini contest at hotel new garden
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Yes! Big props to for winning "Most Rockin' Knockers" at the Augusta Hooters Bikini Contest!!!
We had a blast at the Hooters Bikini Contest with Bud Light!
$500 CASH and more Prizes. Miss Suck Bang Blow Bikini Contest sponsored by Tito's Handmade Vodka is Thurs May...
Beautiful bikini girls on stage in a beauty contest.
Bikini contest May 31st, I'll be in it 🌸
Some contestants for the Hooters Bikini contest at CDEC this Thursday as they compete to go to Vegas!…
I just entered a contest: ROMWE Triangle Bikini
I just entered a contest: Coffee Strap Triangle Bikini
Sexy Girl in a Blue Bikini Contest Posing for JM Magazine Photo Shoot: via
25. Agbani Darego was the only one to wear a maillot as opposed to a bikini during the Miss Universe contest in 2001. 👏👏👏
4th century mosaic from Villa del Casale, Sicily, showing "bikini girls" in an athletic contest...
Hey and if you guys need a consigliere while judging the bikini contest, I'll be arriving around 7:30am...
Finally got my bikini together after my internet shopping failure, can't wait for the bikini contest tomorrow morning! 💕
Yesterday was amazeballs !! Took first place in the bikini contest & now I'm the 2017 Miss Buddy Stubbs Harley Davi…
There's something about John Daly singing at a Hooters bikini contest in shorts and Nike slide sandals.
Watch *** movie: Wet Tshirt contest turns to orgy
Life is a better in bikini. Today don’t miss our College Bikini Contest. Party starts at 11am. For more info:
- Our Top 5 from our TBA Bikini Models Contest at Clarion in Brandon. See more at...
November 18th is an ADULTS ONLY Fully Loaded Wrestling show, which will include.A HOMEMADE BIKINI CONTEST AT INT
At the Hooters bikini contest and one contestant "wants to meet Barack Obama" and everyone booed and I cheered really loud😂😂😂
Did I tell ya about the night I helped Chicago Bears Judge a Bikini Contest at a nightclub in Chicago?
Our Bikini Contest and Prize Auction benefiting the Crestview Fire Department starts in about 20 minutes! Be here...
I liked a video from The Clevelander | Bikini Contest | Round 1 |
Last years Winners of the Bikini contest at WCF Imports vs Domestic at Maryland international raceway...
My girl's first bikini contest. I convinced her to wear the little lace bottom.
Don't forget, our Bikini Contest benefiting the Crestview Fire Department is tonight at 6pm! These are just some...
My grandma decided to be a part of the bikini contest in *** Cana. Don't say anything just rt.
Throwin it back today! Were exactly one week away from our Pink Bikini Contest! Starts @ 6:30…
Big Show has turned face after winning a bikini contest against The XFL
Watch *** movie: Wet Tshirt contest turns to Orgy. Good butts!
Congratulations to this weeks competition winners: Charo, Sam, Sexy Sweetness & Wicked French…
The judges on Trump's Supreme Court list are still talking about the bikini contest from their last appointment.
and a bikini contest Sunday ay the day club
Hey you need to model. Like get in a bikini contest. We need more girls who do that and like to fart.
Watch *** movie: College contest turns to orgy
Arsine got ripped in 8 weeks and went on to get second in her first bikini show! contest …
I liked a video from 2013 Leesburg Bikefest , Harley Davidson Bikini Contest
. See hundreds of galleries bikini contest!!
Lots of hot snaps of my & on my free today for the Best Legs contest! Add me to see vo…
Please find me a 14/15 year old teenage boy growing up then who didn't enjoy that bikini contest or the gratuitous t & a.
Rosa Mendes has never been shy in her days! Here she is way back in a bikini contest! Reach 100 likes to see how…
There is a generation though where the Sable vs. Jacqueline bikini contest is Flair/Steamboat and Misawa/Kawada combined
When I was in the depths of my bikini contest prep or in my phases of restricted/disordered…
There was also a beautiful bikini model shopping in preparation for her first contest.
Laura is our comp winner! She had take her WW's for a test drive as soon as they arrived!!…
Congratulations to Leea for winning our contest this week! Stunning gallery as always! ~
1st runner up in a bikini contest. What!!!
Omela is one of our comp winners this week! She loves the beaches & wearing bikinis ~ http…
Congratulations to Sue-Ellen for winning the Competition this week! https:/…
now that's a bikini contest I would love to judge
$800 in CASH Prizes to the winners of the Bikini Contest at midnight at our Meetup Friday night!…
Scores Presents Bad Romeo Bikini Bash Contest!. Bad Romeo Kicks off the Show at 7 gates at 6 for Final Bikini...
as POTUS I mean..not a bikini contest 😂
it's not classic Trump until he has underage girls doing a bikini contest
Must be open mike night at the I've seen more excitement at a senior citizen bikini contest.
Guys can we just take a moment to appreciate Ms. Arizona. She just won the bikini contest for her show 😍
Spending my morning shopping for makeup and flavored egg whites. I'm in full bikini contest mode.
Brooke is a goddess... Even before wrestling I saw her on a bikini contest of E! Wild on and I went wow!!
All month long enjoy our night parties, bikini contest, Live Dj's and more. Don't stop the party!
~ Monday Vibes ~. 🌴☀️TODAY is the last day to enter our bikini giveaway contest! BE SURE TO ENTER…
comp winner Sara said a touch of WW makes everything more beautiful!
Seriously sexy Bikini Competition winner Comena loves wearing her WW bikinis to the beach!! https…
Weekly comp winner Aanika looks like a goddess wearing our Spirit lace bikini! ~
Comp winner Sandee is a delight in her tropical paradise gallery ~
Anaheim Convention Center on Of course what's a car show without a bikini contest lol
GET SPONSORED- 12 Week Mental Training Contest Prep for figure, fitness, bikini, or physique.
I wanna go down Thursday after work an float Friday and Saturday. But ya, bikini contest is a must.
It is indeed bikini week but I'll still hold a contest for fav outfit. Stay tuned for the pics and place your vote 😘
Cast your vote for my Summer Bikini Blowbang Contest - Live on cam Poll closing May 14th! -> http…
comp winner K-Bass said you can't help but feel sexy in Bikinis!
Hot and sexy Comena in the Dubio Darling Bikini. https…
Congrats to this week's Comp winners: Ai lena, k-bass, Sara and Justi! http…
Thursday's at Electric Cowboy KENNESAW is College Night! Join us every Thursday for our $500 Bikini Contest! $2...
I added a video to a playlist Bourbon Street Bikini Contest
Tips for 1st time bikini competitors before committing to ... -
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Same rules as last time . Contest theme is bikini selfies. Favorites = 1 vote each. RTs = 2 votes each. Winner gets my…
I used to eat at the Hooters by my job all the time and now my co-workers tell me whenever they have bikini contest LOL
For those of u judging the Hollywood bikini contest tonight at 9pm. Yeah...u read that right.
May the 4th be with you. Shooting tonight at the Hooters of Hollywood bikini contest. Here are…
I guess the Hooters bikini contest is the move for tn 🤔👌🏽
Went you want to enter the hot mom bikini contest AND you get to show off you pink wig and pot leaf bikini.
Come to Hooters to watch our Bikini Contest @ 8 (:
Giveaway time Enter for your chance to win a "Naughty Granny" bikini 👙
When you basically decide the vote of a bikini contest
These women right Getting started with their contest prep for their bikini competition last year.
is my hottie patottie cousin, Lacey Tyson. Please take a min and go vote for her please! Thank you! ;)
Taylor's next up in our bikini contest!
COMING THIS SATURDAY!!! Come out to our Hot Winter Nights party!!! Live music, bikini contest, food, cash bar,...
New blog up of that time i entered a bikini contest. Link in the bio.
New blog up. Reminiscing about the time I entered a bikini contest. link in my bio.…
I liked a video from Miss Florida Full Throttle 2016 - Bikini Contest
bikini contest female falls off the stage
I want 2 post this pic in my bikini, I will submit the full set to their bikini contest page. Its ok? https…
For being entered in a bikini contest in 2 weeks I sure do eat like I'm entering a hot dog eating contest lol
to musclecontest IFBB Pro Bikini contest with Poppa Kimbo! He's got jokes for days...and so…
"Avalanche Sharks tells the story of a bikini contest that turns into a horrifying affair when it is hit by a shark avalanche."
host a Hawaiian Tropic bikini contest in your local bar.
Bout to go down SB16 Bikini contest hosted by Broadway Jake! It's not to late,, get over here!
I think this MILF won the local bikini contest by wearing that tiny
Similar to THE MISS HAWAIIN TROPIC CONTEST there will be a Miss Havana Sun Bikini pageant in Daytona March 15th...
I lost grant today and he came back saying he entered a bikini contest and he needs my vote #
S/O to all the girls from the bikini contest at The Boardwalk Beach Resort.
Guess I should start getting in shape today for the bikini contest. Lol.🙄
Saturday's bikini contest at is going to be LEGENDARY!
I liked a video from BIKINI CONTEST | Sakura Swim Club - Ep 9
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Did you miss our inaugural bikini contest? Check it out!
Big pop on the Wayback Playback when Pat introduced the bikini contest at Rumble 2000 with Slaughter judging and you said Yo Joe!
Learn what is takes to compete in NPC Bikini with ... - https…
Bikini Girl Christie 2: Another Christie girl from the California Bikini Contest 1985-1990. Watch more: Bikini...
Was this before or after the bikini contest?
Would you ever want to be in a bikini contest? — No. lol
the Amp 16 bikini contest will be emceed by the poorman ! be here!
the poorman will be conducting the Amp bikini contest 04/23! video
Trump the dad to take you to a bikini contest on ur 10th bday, spend the whole time on the phone but let's u sip his beer to m…
I've got to find a qualified judge for a huge annual Bike Week Bikini contest tomorrow during the show. Anyone...
It is Spring Break which means it is time for a bikini contest 󾓚! With $750 in CASH & prizes, it is safe to say...
I added a video to a playlist Bikini Contest - Vera's Beach Club 2015
For a glowing and healthy look, use Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer in shade Bikini Contest over your f
Hustler Girls. A bikini contest at Hustler Casino, Los Angeles warms up.
I won the bikini contest! How exciting can't wait to get my prize. 💗💗💗
Watching some old wrestling. Sable and Jaqueline are settling their vicious feud in a bikini contest.
We want vs bikini contest at WrestleMania, Make it happen Vince.
I think JoJo won the bikini contest
Fantasies really needs to take over Red Eye's bikini contest 😑
Toning the legs and butt for the bikini contest for Hoots I'm sore af 😩 💪
Ladies don't forget bout the $500 bikini contest after the big game plus fellas the halftime…
Join our February Bikini Giveaway Contest! The winner may select a bikini of choice from our…
The welsh front row have a good shape, and would look good in a bikini contest. Back to the action.
also better... We're having a wet bikini contest, and you just won
I LOVED that segment when you and Molly Holly had a bikini contest, was it as fun for you as it was to watch?
Dude. This sad unpaid bikini contest winner news story previewed on 13 is the most Inside Vegas thing I have seen on the news yet.
📷 That one time I lost another bikini contest but still had a great time!!🙈😁 Maybe my suit wasn’t flashy...
Today, Sunday's bikini contest on in Play from 4pm till 6
・・・. Today, Sunday's bikini contest on in
Sunday's bikini contest on in Play @ 4-6pm, Jomtien soi Paradise Condo.
Update your maps at Navteq
Remember the R-rated days of wrestling with this sexy bikini contest between Sable and Torrie Wilson
congrats to the winner of the contest & an epic photo of Hive's flowerbomb blue bikini !!
Megan blown kisses in appreciation of the love she received at the Off Road Expo bikini contest…
Yes, those were the Good Ole Days. Wow, they get really close in the end!
I'm gonna enter that wet t-shirt contest, I'm gonna wear a bikini,I'm gonna go all out at JOIN ME
bikini contest in Miss Universe 2015 - Sexy girl - hot
does anyone save Pia's bikini contest picture and Liu wen's victoria bikini picture? can compare it... who sexier~
Even on camera I did not see the Miss Universe on T.V to busy watching football but if there was a zoom in during the bikini contest at one
Go vote for lexii for the bikini contest!
Since the south is having a heat wave this Christmas all ugly sweater contest are cancelled. Instead we will have an ugly bikini contest.
Actually I lied, the highlight is definitely going to be judging the bikini contest tonight. In Vegas. At midnight.
It's a booby contest, not the Nobel Prize. If strutting around in high heels and a bikini is her 'dream' she needs higher goals
It would've been hard for any man to choose a winner after judging a bikini contest.
lol.. next election let's make Obama and Romney walk in a bikini contest.. that'll make the election fun... lol
Show off that Bikini Bod at our Tuesday's Bikini Beauty Contest to win up to $1000! Get the full details at
. I know, right?. we don't need a contest. all women look GREAT in a bikini.
Missuniverse is Bikini Contest and its against indian tradation and culture.Girls should remains away from it
only watched the miss universe pageant through the bikini contest but it looks like I should have watched until the
Yes indeed. And why not win a at that!! 👙🙌🏼 Enter our contest or…
interested in a contest held for ppl who can go the longest w/o blinking. Not who looks best in a bikini
.I made the same mistake @ a bikini contest! I gave the crown to the chick who showed her beaver but she wa…
Omg!! Forced myself to not watch any spoilers. Philippines was my since the bikini contest! -S.L.
Ppl think Steve Harvey was absurd part of & not that in 2015 there's a televised contest to judge how women look…
Had a great time with these beautiful ladies. My first bikini contest 😻…
The types of guys waiting for the bikini contest at hotshots to start 😆
Know you girls will rock the bikini contest 💕💕❤️ wish I was there
It's all good. As long as it's a little progress. Not like I'm competing to be Mr Olympia or a bikini contest.
It's crazy thinking two years ago I was getting ready to be in the hooters bikini contest, but then ya know, I got hit by a car lol
Join Moon & Burton TONIGHT at Wentzville for a Friday night full of wings, beer & a bikini contest!
I made my wife's 91 bikini contest pic my desktop my son walked by and said "Who's the hot babe" I replied you Mom!   10% Off
Squeezing in a lil TBA Bikini Models contest on May 5th! Thanks to JAM Photography for the great shot!...
Come to Hooters on Kingston Pike and see the 26 beautiful ladies competing in the bikini contest! . Purchase a...
I just got a free ticket from one of the hooters waitresses to tomorrow nights hooters' annual charity bikini contest 😍😍😍😍
Cowboys bikini contest is tonight be there 🙃
he doesn't nor should he be concerned about being progressive. But hes a bikini contest judging, *** joke making dude
I don't care if it's winter were still having our bikini contest tonight!! 1k in cash and prizes for…
2nd place overall winner at the first Body By Maria Bikini Contest 👙
Don't miss a Guys Night Out TOMORROW at in Wentzville! Details:
SASQUATCH only contestant that needs to shave hairy legs ! ME LOVE BIKINI CONTEST TOO BIG GUY !
Girls wait before a bikini contest in Daytona Beach, 1982
The Miss Main Street Station Bikini a Contest is underway! It just started so there's still time to make it out!...
Burns working hard at the Main Street Station bikini contest! Starting soon so come out and let's ting 'em
watching LIVE on Bikini Contest at Señor Frogs Vegas!!!
"Street Legends" powered by BizSpeed Net at Palm Beach International Raceway! (Bikini Contest) Featuring the...
I actually just placed in a bikini contest.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I liked a video from SundayWaffles: Eenie Weenie Bikini Contest
(Come through big momma ... Oh big momma 😈) Waiting on Foam Party / Bikini Contest
Lmfao omg so I just found out they had a Bikini body lifter contest at south broward over summer *** I can't 😂😂😂
Question (use the hashtag)- Who won the Miss Rumble 2000 bikini contest?
The Miss Hooters Bikini Contest aired at the same time and ironically had less boobs on stage than the debate.
Video created for Round 1 Results of the MS Corner Tavern 2015 Bikini Contest
BIKINI GIVEAWAY. Enter our contest to win a FREE bikini of your choice! . To Enter:. 1) Fo…
Join us this Saturday at 3pm for our monthly Bikini Contest! We only have a couple left this season so don't miss out on the fun!
Photo: Tribal swimwear (by Antigoni Makri) win this double sided bikini through the contest on my...
Don't miss out...still time to enter August's Bikini Photo Contest! -
Follow Versakini & SwimwearBlogger on Instagram for your chance to win! xx💋
Cogans North Girl, Jackie, is competing in Greenies Beach Bar & Grille Bikini Contest this Sunday. . Head out to...
Cogans Girl Jackie is competing this Sunday at the Greenies Beach Bar Ocean View Bikini Contest. . Come cheer on...
Bikini champion luisa.heeg contest prep at the studio today with
I guess it's a compliment that people think of me when theirs a bikini contest at the casinos.
you better win the Gails Harley Davidson bikini contest. Aka sexiest female in KC 😘😍😁
We are having a breast cancer event bikini contest on OCT 2nd need girls for event Interested?
Lana vs Summer Rae in a Bikini Contest or Pudding match
Next time you enter a bikini contest make sure you have an *** and a new pair of twins pls.
you and Brooklyn should have some kind of contest that involves wearing a bikini
Bikini Contest Photofan, winner of this week is: LISE. Gallery:Bikini 2015...
said she wanna see some big booties and nice *** . So we doing a BIKINI CONTEST AND A…
LIVE on Bikini contest live at a foam party in Cancun
There is a lot of talk that Pancrase because of all his ankle problems from the bikini contest, nothing was bad.
//if you and Hidan entered a bikini contest, you'd win with no contest
HANG ON! Don’t cast your vote for the Bikini Contest yet! - -
Great call going to the bikini contest
hooters is having a bikini contest aug 29 (my 21st) should I skip out on Nola and go to hooters or na
Tonight, Summertime,Excellent! 9pm we hit the stage! Bikini contest. First prize, a date with the Disowned drummer!
・・・. 🔊Come check out the annual streetoutlawz Bikini Contest Live at…
.should have won this bikini contest - smoking hot @ Fully Loaded 98
Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini Contest Prep - 3 Biggest Mistakes. - enough time to cut, lean out. 16-21 weeks,...
I'll always remember the famous Sable vs. Torrie bikini contest! 😏
I just wanna be watching the bikini contest on Saturday already😍😋
Ok outer banks it's that time tomorrow night at Kelly's bikini bikini bikini contest with yours truly...
What could you possibly be doing tonight that's better than seeing your favorite people at for the bik…
I sent this to my friend the other do you like my new contest bikini? too flashy? too much…
Me and my boy Mase at the Car & Bike Show in White Plains, NY after I won the bikini contest.
heybabysocal: How about this first video from the Hey Baby Bikini Contest Angels Stadium 2015!
Nicole Bass won in all of her matches in WWE. She only lost in. a bikini contest.
Come cheer for me at the corona bikini contest at bike fest tomorrow starts around 5 pm either in the mansion. Or out on the street :) 💋🌼🌞👙
Friday July 3rd it's the Battle of the Beauties! vs in a Bikini contest…
July 3rd it's going down the turn up is real Bikini contest
Added a new video: "Bikini Contest Curtis Mayfield Performance ft Chemical Warefare Street I..."
Bikini Contest Tomorrow at Xtreme Cruise & Concert! Gates open at 8am
22 years old and this is the 2nd bikini contest I've ever been to. I'm disappointed
Homemade Bikini contest at work last night.
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