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Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is a television show broadcast in many countries.

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"The Chinese food spot up the street doubles as a laxative," he said, fully aware that the Biggest Loser weigh-in is tomorrow morning.
My weightloss story made it to the dailystar 😊
Just did this with my son! The Biggest Loser Exercises: Power Walk 1: via
Interested in Biggest Loser? Stop by the Kelly Commons Fitness Center today 4-6:30 PM or Locke's (by expo) Thursday 11-2 PM!
Some ideas we got for collab : Jack Johnson, Steven Marley, and - we also got Coach Moe from Biggest Loser?
Jay Jacobs from NBC's Biggest Loser likes our buffalo sausage!. Thanks for the great review and spreading the word...
What thy don't tell you on The Biggest Loser is that all of those fat people are also only 5 feet tall.
awesome transformation on the Biggest Loser! You rock👍💪
If any of you watched The Biggest Loser...apparently there was some discussion about how many calories a woman...
"..who would rather lounge on the sofa watching another episode of The Biggest Loser than go for a daily 30-minute walk..
Our Season 16 contestants made incredible transformations! Check out the Before and After gallery now:
I will never understand how people on the biggest loser lose over 30 pounds in a week
The Biggest Loser: "'NBC never does a reunion,' she says. 'Why? Because we’re all fat again!'" :(.
Seriously looked amazing at the Biggest Loser finale! She was always my favorite and she looks beyond gorgeous in and out!
support from cfib biggest beneficiaries r your pals @ mcdonalds. Sm family burger store was the loser, naturally.
I want to be in the biggest loser so I can meet and train with
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You're honestly the biggest loser if you have nothing better to do than pick on someone in highschool when you're graduated.
Carson, u can watch Shark Tank & the Biggest Loser Finale w/me on trainer. cmon, I KNOW u want to ;)
How is Zane the biggest loser nerd yet the ASAIC of the Baltimore branch… my babby
"Tell your MIND to get out of your bodies way!". -My favorite quote from biggest loser 󾌵 󾮗󾭞
Up cooking at 12:00am for work at 8:00am in the morning while watching last night's episode of The Biggest Loser.
The Biggest Loser finale was disappointing. One woman lost only about 30 pounds. You can lose that much from a freaking juice cleanse
“Logan is the biggest butthurt baby when it comes to FIFA. Cry some more. Loser.”
on who my mans Urkel and his *** from the final 4 of the biggest loser weren't Boutta catch the hands Bruh!
I liked a video from DISTASTEFUL Weight Loss Surgery Doctor comment on Biggest Loser
My boyfriend is the worlds biggest cheater/sore loser
Distasteful Weight Loss Surgery comment on Biggest Loser | Not comparing your Bariatric Journey: via
Just watched the biggest loser finale and Toma won BY A POUND
I feel like the biggest loser when Netflix asks, "Are you still watching?" Mind your own business Netflix and do your job 📺
:) “of judging by Biggest Loser. Started listening to her podcasts & love her!L…
I will never stop loving The Biggest Loser
feel like the biggest loser staying home on a Friday night
"Hey Alexis! I like your glasses!" said Jessie Pavelka from The Biggest Loser as we FaceTime.☺️ thanks…
Surrey’s Biggest Loser wins $100,000: Planning ahead to avoid the lure of fast food helped Jorda...
Probably watching The Biggest Loser, and thinking they owe him money.
Missed out simple fact, biggest loser is Cong. Environment just hype built up by rats on a sinking ship
The biggest loser from is the environment being held hostage to politics
Here's my response to the two new negative articles from former Biggest Loser contestants: Both contestants were on early seasons, which I bring up because, while I don't disbelieve them, I can say unequivocally that my experience was different. On season (and from what I witnessed on the ranch in subsequent seasons), the PRIMARY focus was education about nutrition, exercise and healthy living. I and my season 4 counterparts were constantly under a doctor and trainer's supervision, and while we were pushed to work out for most of the day, my trainer Jillian always worked around my injuries and never pushed me harder than I was willing to push myself. Have many of us gained weight... have I gained weight ? Yup, but not because of anything that the people on the show did or didn't do to me or for me. We're all adults, and if we choose to go back to our old ways and habits of over-eating and a sedimentary lifestyle, that is on us and nobody else. What is important to remember is that while many of us gai ...
I speak ONLY for myself. I've had a bunch of questions recently and I have NO idea of percentage of folks that gain weight after Biggest Loser (or weight loss in general for that matter) but I DO know that if you do what you know to do day in and day out ( track calories, keep a food log, drink lots of water, eat real whole foods, stay out of the drive thru and exercise) you can continue your journey to health. There is NO short cut that works...sorry. Bottom line, whatever you are doing to lose weight, KEEP DOING IT! Weight loss and your journey to health does NOT have a finish line. 100% of people that return to their old lifestyle and eating habits will gain their weight back. Guaranteed every single time. Biggest Loser or not. There comes a time that each and everyone of us ( Biggest Loser or not) HAVE to take personal responsibility for where we are. Just my opinion...
A former "The Biggest Loser" contestant tells secrets of the weight-loss reality show.
My family was watching the biggest loser + a girl talked about how shes had anxiety since she was 11 + they looked at me the whole time okay
Problems on The Biggest Loser. Liss has the scoop next in the Celebrity Feed!
5 INGREDIENT FAT FLUSH WATER. This water was featured on the Biggest Loser. There are many variations of it all...
Minions Biggest loser with Jillian Michaels.LOL too funny,Gotta watch! Like Minions? come check out our page! we have funny minions galore,plus minions do enjoy the dark side so we have plenty of minions uncensored :) We do not claim copyright to any videos:)
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Foreword by Jillian Michaels One of the most successful contestants on NBC’s The Biggest Loser shares his time-tested fitness program, which has helped hundreds of his students lose weight . . . and keep it off. Pete Thomas weighed more than 400 pounds when he landed on the NBC hit reality ...
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How is everyone finding the Biggest Loser?? some great weight losses after week 1, keep up the good work! Biggest Loser a 'fat-shaming disaster' Kai (bottom right) with her red team teammates - she was in the show during its third season. It's now at season 16. You'd have to be thick-skinned to go on a show like 'The Biggest Loser' in the first place, but for one former…
Found my bucket list vacation for next year. LIVE IN FITNESS in Las Vegas Nevada 6 week live in fitness camp. 3200 acre ranch you workout 7-8 hrs a day 7 days a week customized meal plans just for you. The same thing as Biggest Loser. Whose down???
The "biggest loser" and NO!, that has NOTHING to do with his weight!
Every day we read more and more about why The Biggest Loser, the competition which starves and humiliates useless fatties into the people they DESERVE to be is an awful and unhealthy mess. The finale airs on the 29th and one former contestant has chosen to peak up to tell the truth about what's real…
Former 'The Biggest Loser' contestant Kai Hibbard is speaking out about what goes on behind the scenes of the weight loss reality show. Josh takes a look at Hibbard's allegations and the greater impact of reality TV on American society.
So week one of the Spire Biggest Loser has been completed, with 8 out of the nine contestants still in the running (one person actually put on weight)! Leading the charge we have a man that's lost 17lbs in one week, closely followed by another who lost a stone! Excellent results, let's see what happens as we go into week two! More results as they happen.
If you have ever seen the show The Biggest Loser, then you know that those on the show are very large people. Anybody who is this large should be looking for commercial strength equipment to help th
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what can i do ! My real life act with me such a biggest loser
Inaugural weigh-in for Biggest Loser competition in the books. Starting at 243 lbs. Yikes
Next week marks the start of our Biggest Loser competition! Join us for your chance to win great fitness gifts to start your year off right!
Biggest Loser is back! Starting February 11, 2015 at 6:00 P.M. participants will be embarking in a competition to...
WOW, WOW & just WOW, Our telly is a bit behind the American telly, so I have just watched the Biggest Loser, No...
Office weight loss competition is ON! Sorry, and ...I will be the Biggest Loser!
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Winning this Biggest Loser competition with a lunch made for champions.
New Year's Resolution time & I decided to get in a "Biggest Loser" competition at work... ...hope they don't expect me to drop weight too!
Well, next 90 days shall be fun. Jumped in on our work Biggest Loser competition. $100 to jump in, $800 top prize, Eye of the Tiger time!
He's a newbie to the JoCoAuto Biggest Loser competition, but obviously no beginner at the buffet line, Kevin...
My biggest dream is to train with Dolvett Quince from Biggest Loser to help me lose 50 lbs!!!
Happy New Year! We're starting a "Biggest Loser" competition after all of the terrible eating we've been doing. Do you have any resolutions?
Having a Biggest Loser competition at work for the next 3 months. I'm ready 💪
Hey Nation, anyone want to do a Biggest Loser competition with me in the New Year?
So far I have 8 ($25 to enter) people participating in my "Biggest Loser" competition... Which means the pot is...
Anyone want to get into my "Biggest Loser" competition? $25 a person... Start weight b4 the New Year then do a...
Hey I just heard mayor Giuliani for Matt Maher on a conference on the shooting of these two police officers the tragic shooting of these two police officers and he expresses the idea that website has seen his a constitutional right the preaching of hatred is not right again I say to all the protesters out there that you need to protest peacefully and never use violence against any organization especially police officers I also have a message to Al Sharpton who I consider the Biggest Loser on this planet you are so so tempted and so greatly amplified to condemn way to end my police office is from killing Black or African Americans as we say it but yet it is Afrin Afro Americans or blacks on blacks to the killing each other these two innocent police officers on duty with that to protect all people but especially the crime in that Brooklyn area with 90% of the crime is black on black Latino on Latino so my message to mr. Out shopping is you're so willing to protest against police offices and yet why don't yo ...
Biggest Loser of 2014:. Doug Ford's failed run for mayor. .
“I don't think it's healthy to eat Taco Bell at 10PM, while watching the Biggest Loser, but ya know Imma do me” …
Midterm election's biggest loser the planet
Chef Ramsay should be a coach on the biggest loser.
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I wanna see fat person survivor... A bunch of 500lb people who think they're going on biggest loser..
You changed the Biggest Loser to the metric system an now it seem like there not losing enough 😂😂😂
Victoria Counter-Abray if we eat enough of these maybe just then we can start our own biggest loser :)
bump exams I'll just get really fat and become famous in the biggest loser
Next season of Biggest Loser is only giving them a half cup of rice a day. Even tho is doesnt seem to b affecting the cast weight
Allie from biggest loser can't even get a front row seat to survivor final? Lol
Allison Sweeney from The Biggest Loser is in the audience. She obviously knows the superior reality show.
It's like Survivor with the Ghost of Biggest Loser behind it!
I set my DVR for The Biggest Loser and it keeps recording Habs games.
Jumpity is the biggest loser, host and uses stim OKAY
That's when you know I'm the biggest loser at work, and you know what I am completely okay with that.
Combine Biggest Loser and Survivor. That would be wild
I'm probably the biggest sore loser in trivia crack😅
Real friends doesn't announce if they are doing good for their friend. Upen, the biggest loser in the house!
[FYI] Gavin DeGraw will perform "Fire" on the Jan. 8th episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC
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Venezuela is the biggest looser of the USA Cuba deal! via
MSU is the biggest loser in all this..if we get Harbaugh
Get information on the 2015 Biggest Loser RunWalk Half Marathon and 5k happening in Seattle!
The biggest loser in USA - Cuba accord is Putin's Russia. Good news. The biggest winners, long term, will be Cubans in Cuba.
Like if this is funny I keep setting my dvr to record the biggest loser but it keeps recording the Dallas cowboys Jackson Trump
Never go dress shopping w/ it'll make you feel like a biggest loser contestant.
I cheer for the woman with the biggest boobs.unless its the biggest loser.
THE BEARS BENCH JAY CUTLER!!( And they were waiting for what?)PMSL , Cutler is the biggest loser in the NFL , if not for his charming smile( has cutler EVER smiled???) the most interceptions , or his all around team leadership ( did you ever notice he is ALWAYS BY HIMSELF on the sidelines? , So why are they benching CUTLER???LMFAO!
Anyone looking to join a 6 - week Biggest Loser Challenge after the New Year to get rid of holiday pounds and jump start fitness/healthy eating goals. Inbox me for details.
In Zap2it's exclusive sneak peek from Thursday's (Dec. 18) episode of 'The Biggest Loser: Glory Days,' for the first time in quite a long while, a trainer is forced to face one of their fears.
Literally feel like the biggest loser at home. Nobody texts me, like the only texts I've received today were from my mom and sister :/
Did 'The Biggest Loser' winner lose too much weight?
she can do anything.. She thinks she is going to be the winner .. Biggest Loser
'Biggest Loser' Stavanger winner speaks out on weight loss controversy
Only a couple more days before the next BIGGEST LOSER Episode airs! Are you ready?!
The hunger games: biggest loser edition
MarketsChina stocks volatile after the Shanghai scare: Today's biggest loser is the financial sector, down 1.7...
Dude Bill Simmons looks like the biggest loser on earth right now
You are the biggest loser I have ever seen 😂👌
I might not be able to be on the VS fashion show but I can get on worlds biggest loser :-)
Jen the new trainer on Biggest Loser is GOALS 🙌💪
This country is Venezuela's biggest loser
Biggest loser Charlie ate his chocolate factory edition.
How you feel while watching the VS Fashion show is how I feel when I watch the finale of Biggest Loser when they strut their new skinny bods
You're so wise Jean! Why're you wasting your time in medicine, you should be a life coach on the biggest loser!
At this site is without question a bit of great material relating to: the biggest loser diet
60 stocks saw market capitalisation erosion by more than Rs 1,000 crore each. TCS was the biggest loser, that...
Always wanted to be a VS model but Id never starve myself to get that skinny. I'll just eat cake and shoot for something like biggest loser
I'm the biggest loser of them all tho
"You're so wise. Why are you wasting time in medicine? You should be a life coach on The Biggest Loser." - Mindy Lahiri
When I lose our biggest loser contest🙈
Okay girls we get it watch something else like the biggest loser if you wanna feel better about yourself
The biggest loser of tonight's UofL/IU game are the people that actually cheer on those two teams.
therefore, I find it to be the biggest waste of time, you loser
Happy birthday to the biggest loser out there 😉🎉🎉hope it was great😊
Tita Malou for being the loser. She 3lbs. Me How
Don't know which is worse-stuffing my face while watching the Biggest Loser, or during the Victoria's Secret fashion show.
Maddies feeling pretty bad post VS fashion show and is now watching the biggest loser to make herself feel better
Currently applying for the biggest loser
.Rachel Frederickson remembers the 'hurtful' comments about her weight loss http:/…
I could get 4 lap bands, be the winner of Biggest Loser, and never down a vodka parm again and I still wouldn't have the VS angels bodies
Welp. Biggest Loser comes on Thursday night so that's good news for my confidence level.
This fashion show is severely overrated. Have you seen biggest loser?
The Biggest Loser due to Obama Care is the American Small Business Owner. Absolutely screwed.
Why watch the Biggest Loser on tv when I'm right here?
This is like watching a show of those who won the grand prize of the genetic lottery walking passed the biggest loser
Seen on FB: your husband will always be your biggest & oldest child that requires the most supervision. THEN HE IS A LOSER. DO NOT MARRY HIM
how can I get involved in the 1000 biggest loser competition!! inspired keep inspiring.
watching season 14 biggest loser I love
I just had the best loser call ever with my minute man! My god he is the biggest loser with a huge *** that walks this earth!
If we tried to get Lady Di on Biggest Loser, she'd be dead in the opening credits.
what a two faced loser you are, biggest tool in the RV goes to you😂👋
Last day of biggest loser actually feel physically sick with my nerves ;(
The Biggest Loser's Damien Gargantious Dead at 38 cause of death: OD'ed on cornbread
The fitness pass out :biggest loser
Former "The Biggest Loser" contestant Damien Gurganious has died at the age of 38, reports Us Weekly. Gurganious, who appeared on Season 7 of the...
Thx to 4 r Loser pic! Buy this week's copy & read about our Jan weight loss challenge.
Tragic news has struck The Biggest Loser family. Damien Gurganious, who competed on the popular r...
Paul Gallen the TKO winner against Anthony Watts but boxing the biggest loser * Paul Gallen
A Brooklyn man who competed on “The Biggest Loser: Couples” has passed away from a rare autoimmune disorder.
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Yero's photographer will be the biggest loser in all this
Welcome to Diongalaxy Blog: Biggest Loser star Damien Gurganious dies of a sudden brain...
‘Biggest Loser’ alum Damien Gurganious dies at 38; NBC to air in memoriam Biggest Loser al
I know I'm not the biggest loser in the world when I listen to 2 grown men on xbox live promise each other to get hammered tomorrow
Season 7 Biggest Loser alum Damien Gurganious died at the age of 38 on Monday, Nov. 24 -- read his family's exclusive statement to Us Weekly
Biggest Loser Fans Register to Attend FREE Las Vegas Weight Loss Retreat ,,, They have arranged for over forty
My New Years Challenge for all of you and me included.Order a C9 now and the biggest loser will win...wait for it.£50 worth of products or a Body Toning fab is that? I will also throw in a free product with every order... :)
For sale: Wii console and Wii Fit board comes complete with all cords and a remote. Also included are 5 games: -Wii sports -Table tennis -Wii Fit Plus -Biggest Loser -Dora saves the Snow Princess Excellent condition. $150
Horrible pritam ! Biggest loser ! Lost all respect or this bumbling fool
Biggest Losr alum Damien Gurganious dies at 38 2 air in memoriam didnt you record The Biggest Loser?
This Biggest Loser reveals how she lost over 100 pounds
Former Biggest Loser contestant turned hottie Sam Rouen is gearing up for his toughest challenge yet.
I'm actually the biggest loser ever.
Little Giant Ladders
R.I.P. Biggest Loser star dies from bleeding in his brain. We're heartbroken for his family and send our deepest condolences.
DYK: Lori Harrigan, a contestant on this season of The Biggest Loser, was inducted into the National Softball Hall of Fame in 2011? Watch her acceptance speech online at
Damien Gurganious, who competed on Season 7 of The Biggest Loser, died Nov. 24, Us Weekly reports. He was 38.
Damien Gurganious has died. The Biggest Loser star was just 38 years old. Read on for the tragic details of his passing, and a life lost far too soon.
My mentor when I was in college has past away. I met Damien while working at 24Hour fitness in NYC. He gave me...
Happy 18th b day to the biggest loser
Sad news: alum Damien Gurganious has died at age 38.
Check this out THE BIGGEST LOSER's Damien Gurganious Dies at 38 - Broadway World: Entertainment...
'What a babe!': Biggest Loser fireman Sam, who went from 154kg to 83kg, voted as new favourite to pose as a…
While I would stop short of saying the FCC should force them to air this address. I do think it's a very unfortunate decision that the major networks will not be airing the President's address tonight. I think it's sad because we should have an informed population and this is more important than "Biggest Loser" or whatever. But if you have cable then you can watch on MSNBC, Fox News, CNN or Al Jazeera. Also, I'm sure it'll be on the internet by 9pm ET tonight, so you can watch it there too. Stay informed whether you agree or disagree with the decisions being made, you should know what they are.
I'm in Bali..staying at the Jaykata with Wayne & Jane Biggs and their Friends Katy & Pete..Using the Business Centre Internet (coz it saves money lol) Having an awesome time cruising with Kuto's on Mopeheads..drinking Bingtangs (which means Star in english Language) Learned to surf with Shannon from Biggest Loser at Ozzies Bar on the Beach Lol.. just had a 1 hour massage by the the pool drinking magaritas and sex on the beach...and had a neckless made with the tree of life engraved with Aaron, Joshua & Cody! That about sums it up in a nutshell... life is good - the Future's so bright I gotta wear shades...Luv u long time - Peace... AS KATY PERRY WOULD SAY - "THIS IS HOW WE DO IT"
Holley Mangold from the Biggest Loser @ Endeavor: Krav Maga and Crossfit for the meet,
'Biggest Loser' diet experts unveil best weight loss tips -
Anna Kournikova: The new trainer on The Biggest Loser Pacificwaters: The Biggest Loser - one of NBC’s t…
My office is doing a Biggest Loser Challenge! Don't really care if I win. Just wanna hit my goal.
Lots of shows to watch this year. Utopia, Scorpion, Gotham, The Dome, Sleepy Hollow, Flash, Once upon a time, Biggest Loser.
I'm super excited to share this next challenge with you - our first ever Biggest Loser competition!. In...
Hey friends! I'm starting a fitness challenge, kind of like "Biggest Loser" on October 20th! We'll work out, eat...
My dear Bob Harper, you make my soul smile. I adore your sincerity on Biggest Loser and your love for humanity.
Is there a Biggest Loser bar at the ranch?? I would need a "pint" or two after that challenge!!! :-) :-)
Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners on C4 has to be my favourite show of all time apart from the Biggest Loser. I dont...
Are you watching "The Biggest Loser" this season? What do you like best about the show? Ever wish that you could have that kind of motivation and get results? NOW is your chance! Join us on October 27th for a 21 Day Biggest Loser Challenge. Compete with and support others while working toward winning prizes. Are you ready to be our "biggest loser"? Comment below or ask your coach for the details and get started with us on the 27th!
You're so up yourself from getting all this fake attention yet you were the biggest loser in high school
Physical therapy makes me feel like I'm on the biggest loser I hate being injured
News From The World of TOPS and KOPS: We had a really BUSY meeting today..lots of awards and winners...Our "Biggest Loser" this week is Cathy Peck and Patsy Banco is runner-up...Congratulations to both of you! Our "Biggest Loser" for the month of September is Brenda Hartszog and Judy Catts and I tied for the September KOPS winner...KOPS News: We have 5 KOPS people and all are in their leeway...Yeah for all of us...I gained ANOTHER half pound! (What can I say--I love bagels w/cream cheese!)
  As I sat down to watch the latest episode of Biggest Loser on dvr the other night, I looked around the house and realized that I really have a
Hey guys! I am SO EXCITED. I am helping launch a brand new health and fitness program by former "Biggest Loser" trainer Kim Lyons and they gave me 10 programs to give away absolutely FREE. You only have to make one small change a week and it has everything from sample recipes to a mobile app that reminds you what to do. The only condition is you can't be on the program already! Message me back and I will send you a promo code. Remember, first 10 only, so message me now!
Hey friends!! I’m starting a fitness challenge, like a “Biggest Loser” type of challenge on October 27th! We’ll workout, eat clean, and keep each other ON TRACK for 30 days!! Let’s get "Tummified" together! I’m just going to accept 5-6 people in this group because I want it to be a SMALL focus group! Want more details?? Send me a friend request!
Trainer Bob Harper discusses his favorite moments from the last 10 years. » Subscribe now to The Biggest Loser: » Watch The...
I hope this is ok to post - I can now offer our Automatic Body program for free. It's a 2.7 million dollar program that was co-built by former 'Biggest Loser' trainer Kim Lyons and Nutrie. You get a meal and snack guide, a website and a phone app. It slowly changes your diet and habits over a 24-week program by having you do just one small change per week. Kim explains in a video what the one small change is, and then the App reminds you each day of what to do and when. It's like having a personal trainer in your back pocket telling you what to do every day. I have 8 to give away to the first who comment “ME”.
Vou sempre ter uma enorme crush pelo Bob do the biggest loser tbh
Roy Keane admits to being the biggest loser from Saipan fall-out as well as Man United exit. http:…
Be sure to check out Addison native Toma Dobrosavljevic on “The Biggest Loser: Glory Days" at 7 p.m. Thursday on NBC.
Dolvett, Jen and Jessie talk their go-to healthy snacks. » Subscribe now to The Biggest Loser: » Watch The Biggest Loser Thursdays 8/7c...
I should win the biggest loser I got them pounds off me
Eating healthy with friends and family can make it easier and more fun
Product review time! Need 3 people to do a weight loss review on our FAT FIGHTERS! (Cost: only $23/mth) All orders placed today at RoxyWraps .com qualify. BIGGEST LOSER gets a prize! Fat fighters block carbs and fat from the food you eat!! Amazing stuff!!!
Biggest loser competition at work for an iPad, what more motivation could I need
afraid you're the biggest loser I know 😝
Great night with winners of the first Plymouth Biggest Loser 9 competitors 8 weeks 326 Ibs lost (23 sto…
---Worst Than Ebola--- The Centre For Disease Control has announced the outbreak of a disease more deadly than Ebola. The disease is said to have started from Uganda. Some of these could be sisngs of the end. And another 2000 years after Christ, we are told the planet would experience another form of big ban. Not Noah's Ark this time. And African leaders are going to be the biggest losers because they have the continent's 50% wealth in banks in Eroasia and North America. Whatever happens men are going to die without a cent buried with them. TB Joshua's building was 'gear two' after Ebola. Glue your eyes on your TVs for gear three. Do not sleep today especially if you are in Uganda. Maybe the bloods of Idi Amins's victims are crying for revenge. America must be under alert too because the bloods of our slave ancestors might be attacking them anytime soon. No place to hide.
Ur the biggest loser I know and I don't like u at all
You might not be out of shape but you da biggest LOSER
It's Loser Laura "U re the biggest looser here. Shame on U. U failed with ur paper, failed with ur blog. No wonder!"
As for the people constantly posting pics of themselves smoking weed, popping pills, or selling dope on FB. YOU ARE THE BIGGEST LOSER! *** You deserve to get caught with all this evidence your posting. Its not cool. It doesnt make you "Scarface" either. Press on with that nonsense!
Graeme Swann is the biggest loser in life. He quits when team is losing. Piers is right to criticise him
snickers or any kind of chocolate at 2 am. When's skatings over you'll see me on "the biggest loser"
WEIGHT LOSS REVIEW TIME! Need 3 people to use Fat Fighters for 3 months and give me your results each month! Fat Fighters bind to fat and carbs that you eat so they are not absorbed by the body! WOW!! Biggest Loser gets a prize! ($23/mth) message me ASAP. RoxyWraps .com All loyal customer orders placed today qualify.
Matty P's Radio Happy Hour returns witha trio of Bob's! As the main coach for 16 seasons on NBC's "The Biggest Loser," this man has been a true inspiration and helped millions of people win the battle of weight loss. We bring you a true American Hero, Bob Harper! He was Andy Kaufman's best friend an…
Pris: there's always space [for food]. Me: that's like the motto for people on The Biggest Loser. Pris: no! it's The Biggest Enjoyers of Life
Happy birthday to the biggest loser in the entire world.
i never seen like you biggest loser player in WTA :) dont hope your future, really, please stop playing.
But a popular one! The biggest, gayest loser! ... That sounds like a reality show.
Beginners workout program! I LOST 36 pounds doing this last year during our Biggest Loser contest at work!
Just watched all 4 of the biggest loser season 16 episodes today and it makes me angry that Jillians is not in it and Bob is rearly in it 😫
We look forward to attending the The Biggest Loser RunWalk Race Series in Everett, Washington this weekend! If...
Looks like he went on BOTH “The Biggest Loser” and “Extreme Makeover” all in one year. Jodi may want to date him!
I haven't been on the bus in years and I feel like the biggest loser ever
Data and Devices in the Workplace: Who's the Biggest Loser? | Chief Mobility Officer.
I totally wanna have a biggest loser contest. Everyone chips in like 10-20 bucks & whoever wins gets the cash!
With the price of oil plummeting, the biggest loser is...When oil falls below ~$100 /barrel, Russia's economy is in big trouble.
The Biggest Loser keeps getting better with each passing week. I really hope this show is getting renewed for a 17th season.
$CAT was the biggest loser on the Dow today, down 3.4%. $KO is the only gainer, up 0.7%.
Started a Biggest Loser Challenge at work this week. Here's to hoping for dedication from myself.
This just in. U.S. intelligence spotted Noth Korea's leader Kim Jong Un on the set of the Biggest Loser.
We got to speak with recently eliminated contestant, Emmy, from last week’s Biggest Loser…
h16bd to the biggest loser i know. 🌀 wow, it's been 8 years.. time flies when you're as dumb as us. 😋😉 LUV U LOTS. 💜💜
nash is the biggest loser ever but I love him for it
I'm SOO excited! Our Biggest Loser Contest is BACK and better than ever! This contest happens twice a year. We...
Why does Biggest Loser make me cry every episode?
Where in the world is Kim Jong Un? U.S. intelligence sources say he signed up as a contestant on the Biggest Loser.
We're lacing up for the Biggest Loser RunWalk near Seattle, 10/12/14. Are you in?
Karishma's ur calling Gautam a loser...Lets just clarify that your the biggest loser alive
Watching the biggest loser and I'm just so disappointed is on it this season 😭😭
go get a life loser.. I think you are the biggest loser of this season.. Here is a 'L' tag for you.. Stick it ..
Down another pound and a half at biggest loser weigh in today !!
There is a screeching noise that is used on Kitchen Nightmares, Ink Master and Biggest Loser AND I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS CALLED.
Happy Birthday loser. You're the biggest fool I've had the unfortunate privilege of knowing. From…
Enter for a chance to win a trip to The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, CA for two!
Study: the Biggest Loser increases weight bias
sometimes the biggest loser makes me cry 😑 I can't help it, IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!
Attention Big Fluffy Fosters and Adopters: We need to have a Canine Biggest Loser Challenge and we're hoping that you can help! Please meet Macon, Marietta, Marlow, Mercer, Marc and Meryl (not pictured) These guys and gals came to us when their elderly owners passed away. They are nice dogs who have lived an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. They get along with everyone and everything. They are wonderful and would like help with one thing: they all, for health's sake, need to lose some weight. Folks, these dogs are what we are politely describing as "on the heavy side." Their owners clearly spoiled them rotten, and by "rotten" we mean they probably fed them everything they weren't supposed to have i.e cheeseburgers, donuts, French fries and also let them spend their days sunning outside and lying on the couch as opposed to running marathons. Some of us can relate to eating things we probably shouldn't, especially with the Holiday season fast approaching, so cut them some slack. The challenge, should you ch ...
By Melissa Siegel Photo: Reuters Jillian Michaels believes producers fired her from Biggest Loser instead of agreeing to her requests. Presumably she wanted
biggest sore loser: CR7, Drogba and Roger de Sa - in that order.
Off the top of your head, how many diet plans can you name... Zone Ketogenic Atkins South Beach Weight Watchers Jenny Craig Nutri System Metabolic Weight Loss HCG DASH Mediterranean Vegetarian Somercize/Food Combining Eat Right for your Blood Type Volumetrics Biggest Loser Flat Belly Paleo Glyemic Index Flexatarian (what?) Macrobiotic Medifast Raw Food Xyng Zeal What do they all have in common? They require self control to be successful. How many have you tried? How many have you failed? Consider the fact that the common denominator may not be you ... it could be your gut! If you have candida (yeast overgrowth) then the deck is solidly stacked against you. The more you try to resist your cravings the stronger they will become. The ONLY way for you to overcome is to address you gut issues with a probiotic regimen, regular bowel movements and getting your blood sugar under control. Plexus has a system to address all of these issues! And who knows, you may be able to ditch all the diets above!!! 60 day money ...
Great day today! Awesome spin this morning along with the new personal training group at 9:45am! Loving every minute of growing the studio and being apart of the wonderful people who come to the Studio! Cant wait to hear more success stories tonight from last weeks Biggest Loser Challenge! So far two people down 10 pounds from eating the 7 day food plan and working out more!
I've lost 45 pounds since January and I won the Biggest Loser contest at the Edwardsville, Illinois DC
Even Australians, as gullible, simple, dumb, and politically pig-ignorant as the biggest loser.
Man my legs and gluteus Maximus are killing after my workout last night to Biggest Loser cardio DVD.Bob kicked my butt!!
I'm bringing it BACK! "The Biggest Releaser" (formerly the Biggest Loser) Contest is back and of course you know the Grand Prize is $500.00!!! Create the best health and ideal weight you have ever been in AND potentially WIN $$$!!! Starting October 15th and ending December 1st. Inbox me for details, I am accepting 10 contestants ONLY.
Today one member told us she's lost 13lbs since starting the Biggest Loser Contest. Another has lost 12. Wherever you look at Tenacity there's someone who is getting fit, gaining energy and having fun. It's truly an amazing feeling. Keep up the hard work and let's do this together!
So my company supports the Biggest Loser Challenge which is awesome BUT they stock the fridge with pop, drawers with chips, twinkies and donuts. Plus we have a giant popcorn machine that starts popping at 8 am.And everyone complains that the scale keeps going up at weigh in time?
Watching the Biggest Loser USA eating cake... I'll do sit-ups after!
Rob kardashian should go on the biggest loser
3 tips for my biggest loser clients 1. Sleep 8 hrs night Sleep is the foundation of a healthy mind healthy body When we don't get enough sleep it disrupts our blood sugar and releases cortisol which will increase weight gain causing your body to reach for caffeine and sugar and processed carbs 2. Drink 1/2 your body weight on ounces a dehydrated body increases risk for weak immune system , pulled muscles and weight gain Hydrated muscle burn fat more efficiently 3. HIIT mixed with cardio It's calories in vs calories out Create lean muscle Alcohol is empty calories binge drinking ; beware the weekends can literally wash out your hard work find balance
3 Reasons to NOT Step On the Scale Today By Steve on October 7, 2010 79 I bet you weighed yourself this morning. Did you like the number you saw, or were you expecting something lower? Did you get overly excited if it was low or unreasonably depressed if it was too high? We’ve all been there, so don’t beat yourself up too much. Seriously, quit hitting yourself. Whenever somebody tells me that he or she is going to get in shape, it’s always something like: “I’m going to lose 50 pounds,” or “If I can just get down to 200, I’ll be good.” I’m here to tell you that you should reconsider stepping on that scale anytime soon. Why? Because although picking an arbitrary number for weight loss is a decent starting point (and it’s definitely good to set goals), your scale certainly doesn’t tell the whole story and can send you on an unnecessary roller coaster of emotions. Yes I do realize most roller coasters are amazing – the emotional ones kind of suck though. Here’s why. 1) Your we ...
Watching the biggest loser and seeing how much carbs and grams of fat is in one piece of pizza, pasta, etc is really appalling.
You need to go to Allen Branch's Fitness One Training Systems and enroll in the Biggest Loser class.
Turf wars. Small business will be the biggest loser on this one. Economies strangled in red tape just don't grow.
Automatic Body and Kim Lyons, trainer from Biggest Loser, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz revolutionize health and fitness with website and a free smart phone app. Get yours at Enter Promo Code: YOURNUTRIE
As a health professional i see lots of obese patients,but i must say that watching the biggest loser makes me sad.
The Biggest Loser Challenge: The Challenge will be from October 13th-November 5th. Weigh in’s will be every Thursdays at 5:30pm. Get your 24 day challenge now!!!
Crying at biggest loser.. Just gets me every time😭😭
Biggest Loser resorts to jump-start healthy lifestyle choices, for some. Would that work for you?
Congratulations to all the Biggest Loser participants!
Jillian Michaels reveals that she didn't quit "The Biggest Loser"
Zap2it First 'The Biggest Loser' episode 4 sneak peek video: Someone is going home before the weigh-in
Each registered participant and finisher will receive the following: Here is your chance to workout with former Biggest Loser contestants!
Biggest loser beauval edition starts today!!! Eek!
Charlie Weis was kicked off reality show Biggest Loser for eating the competition.
My fall back games stronger that scales at the biggest loser .
This guy right here is the biggest loser I've ever met.
I saw a Top Chef Masters episode last night (on Hulu) that featured contestants (?) from The Biggest Loser. It's not the same scale, obviously, but I think this would be the appropriately self-eggrandizing forum to announce that, since my knee replacement three months ago, I have dropped my walking weight from 170 pounds to 150 pounds. Yep, I gave up 20 unnecessary pounds in the past three months. I'm kind of a loser, myself...
Join my Biggest Loser Challenge! $10 to enter, whatever the $ Pot is, winner takes all!! Push yourself a little harder this month to get to the goals you want. 30 days of comittment, coaching from me and access to a new you. Don't Delay any longer. Comment here to join, I'll add you!!
So Tavia has started this biggest loser thing at work. Im about to get slim lmao
America's hit television reality series, The Biggest Loser, made its debut in October of 2004 and entered its 16th season in September of 2014. With America's obesity problem seemingly out of control, the show hits home to many people struggling with their weight and has gathered a faithful following of viewers. Young and old alike enjoy following along with the lives of the contestants as they struggle to lose weight and fight for the title of The Biggest Loser and a large cash prize. [ 408 more words. ]
Your country should go on the biggest loser because you lost a country and a heckuva lot of tea
Just laid in bed for an hour watching the Biggest Loser while eating peanut butter out of the jar
Congratulations! Thank you for reading my post! Why are you paying a monthly fee for a weight loss program? I have a promo code for our weight loss program for FREE. Kim Lyons, the former trainer from the Biggest Loser will help you on your way! Hurry! Comment Below! — with Kim Lyons-Schlierkamp.
This Thursday the weight loss challenge starts aka Big Fat Loser. It's 4 weeks with weekly weigh ins. $50 gets you in, $5 a week at weigh ins and $1 for every pound you gain. All of the money goes into a pot to be awarded to the biggest losers. At the end of 4 weeks the percent with the highest % of body weight lost gets 75% of the money and 2nd place gets 25%. So far 1st place would win over $500!!! Message either myself or Karen Shelton Parker if you want in.
Getting ready to talk to Bob Harper about the 10th anniversary of The Biggest Loser. Any questions?
Biggest Loser starts again next week! Cool if I bring the team down on Tuesday about 5:30pm?
Jillian Michaels reveals she was SACKED from The Biggest Loser
The new female trainer on the Biggest Loser can get it.
It's over and it's done but I'll live on. My time wasted and my peace of mind shattered. I tried so hard and got nothing in return I now all I can do is move on. They say it's not my loss only yours but I feel like the biggest loser.
Me- Dad look the biggest loser is on. Dad- You're on tv?
An 18 year old is on the biggest loser smh
The Biggest Loser has generated insight into metabolic changes that happen with massive weight loss, despite intensive exercise to preserve muscle mass.
Watching biggest loser with mommy and daddy
If you ever wondered what happened to the Quarterback Scott Mitchell well apparently I am not the fattest one. He was in the NFL for 12 years and is now on the next season of "The Biggest Loser"
Sure, but the big boys are nowhere near the country's biggest employers. It's a loser.
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