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Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is a television show broadcast in many countries.

Bob Harper Michelle Bridges

"Biggest Loser" host and fitness trainer Bob Harper has suffered a serious heart attack
TRAINER PRAYERS...'Biggest Loser' host Bob Harper reveals he had a heart attack
"Biggest Loser" host Bob Harper suffered a heart attack while he was working out at a NYC gym https…
"Biggest Loser" fitness trainer Bob Harper recovers from heart attack he suffered while working out.
'Biggest Loser' host Bob Harper suffers heart attack while working out in a gym.
'Biggest Loser' host Bob Harper recovering after heart attack
"NBC's "Biggest Loser" Bob Harper says he is recovering from a serious heart attack that left him unconscious for two days."
'Biggest Loser' host Bob Harper suffers heart attack
I was recently asked about the business side of 'Biggest Loser,' b...
Lisa Baker, Counselor at Eugene Field, is getting ready for the Biggest Loser contest at EF
A Biggest Loser winner opens up about regaining 112 pounds
Workout with Biggest Workout with Biggest Loser's Bob Harper! He'll whip you into shape w…
Could 'Biggest Loser' in the USA take on LCHF for their next program?. Bob Harper is the host and was responding... https:/…
CNN are just loser *** Blitzer and Tapper are two of the biggest frauds in media.
You right. Im kidding myself with this wack *** garbage called music. Im a loser and the biggest joke on SoundCloud. Thank U
'The biggest COWARD or a LOSER is a boy who awakens a Girl's LOVE with no intention of Loving her'.
Here's a picture of the biggest loser.
Our biggest loser lost 13.5 lbs last week. Lose weight in luxury this summer at
I'm not a big streamer but that doesn't make me the biggest loser or I suck at games. I'm no trials carrier, I don't charge people (1/2)
I'm probably the biggest loser in the world. I'm 26, I dropped out of college 4 years ago and since then I've jus…
The Biggest Loser has nothing on Abbey Miller – my kickass heroine from Makeover Miracle >
My girl told me Ima lose her, laugh in her face. I'll be the biggest loser, movin all this weight 😷😷
I'll be the next character on the biggest loser
What is that show Over The Horse? Or does it stand for the Biggest Loser?
If you're always needing to say how lit you are and what you have and do everyday...I'll tend to believe in reality you'…
Backwoods fatter than the first week of biggest loser.
Need The Biggest Loser Australia to come back to TV, so I sit and eat chocolate while watching it!!!
The biggest loser. We're all owned.
Imagine canceling your biggest derby. Even if it's preseason, that's a loser mentality. Manchester been gassed up all summer. Fraud clubs.
Pocahontas is by far the biggest loser and most hypocritical member of the senate
My ex is such a loser that if there was a competition for the world's biggest loser, he'd still only win 2nd place.
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Heelys- shoutout to my dad for not letting me get them and making me the biggest loser in third grade. appreciate it http…
Who's the biggest loser so far in the 2016 Presidential cycle?.
I'm the biggest sore loser in 2k which makes no sense because I'm trash
Happy 1️⃣6️⃣th Birthday to the biggest loser but also my bestfriend! Love ya!!😎💙
says he does everything "big." So, let's make him lose...big. The biggest loser of all time.
Biggest Loser Competition Winner! Super proud of Maria for loosing 20 pounds 💪🏽
My toddler is a picky eater. My child, my fridge, my wallet--empty. But my dog could be on Biggest Loser.
U shd have thought of that before u nominated The Biggest Loser/Devil. means NEVER.Not our fault.U were warned.
NBC is warning viewers today not get confused during the DNC convention, it is not a repeat episode of "The Biggest Loser"
But you is the biggest fraud of all partnering w to smear primary rivals. Loser!
31 killed in the line of duty in 2016! Fact! Obama is the biggest loser!
93 under Obama he wins for the biggest loser ever
Spark is easily the biggest loser out of the three but I made my bed and now I have to lay in it
I try to be cool but I'm not, I'm the biggest loser I know
Had an amazing time tonight with Sonya Jones and Dolvett Quince from Biggest Loser.
Have you been following the Biggest Loser controversy? Great perspective from who lost 80lbs
Steve 'Commando' Willis and new son Axel sing Biggest Loser's Michelle Bridges a happy mother's day song
Biggest Loser's Michelle Bridges' Woolworths 'stalker' Liam Mendes arrives in Sydney court
Biggest Loser's Michelle Bridges takes baby Axel for a stroll in Sydney ahead of AVO case
Read that NYT piece re. Biggest Loser study? Read this by for crucial context: https…
Wilkinson: With voters gloomy, optimism the biggest loser. (Sent from Boston Herald)
DT calls people "losers." The TV show, The Biggest Loser, is about losing the undesirable. I hope the GOP can lose Trump!
The Biggest Loser host Fiona Falkiner and new restaurateur beau wear matching white -
$VRX $SUNE may not be biggest loser today. $TITN pre announced 28% sakes decline, miss EPS est by 20X more than est
Stayed up late watching the Biggest Loser season finale. Overdosed on confidence. Set your sights elsewhere for obvious reasons.
benedict looks like the biggest loser ever in black mass. I love him,
The National gov will be the biggest loser if devolution succeeds,reasons why they are channelling all efforts to make it seem unworkable.
😉😉😉; lolz i actually hate u? u mean a lot to me tho, idk how bc ur the biggest loser on earth. oh & ill probs end up annoying u to death :D
Good job Biggest Loser is over as Hajni from Sweet Design Wedding and Custom Cakes Mallorca is in the...
I've had takeaways every single day this week im so unhealthy sign me up for biggest loser
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Are you looking for a way to connect with people and get a work out in?? Our biggest loser team meets Saturday...
Biggest Loser pres should hide in shame instead of interfere, his thumb sucking whining is sickening. Maladjuste…
"Turkey is arguably the biggest loser in Syria, (not seeing) the difference between getting tough and being smart."
happy birthday to the biggest loser I know💗
8th BIGGEST LOSER EXTENDED!! Due to high demand we have extended the Biggest Loser Joining date to 18 April 2016.
And the biggest loser on National TV has to be Alfred! 👏👏
Sports Relief is here @ Compass Gym. Last night during our Biggest Loser 3 session we went for a mile run in aid...
When the biggest loser on earth sends u a fb request
It's time for "The Biggest Loser" to release a soundtrack album. The songs are nothing short of thinspirational
Happy 17th birthday to the biggest loser (who I love v much) 💘🎈🤑
lol that kid looks like the A1 biggest loser on this planet lmao kill yourself
I feel like the biggest loser for not being able to play any sport this year 😞
The Biggest Loser host Fiona Falkiner steps out with her new beau for the first time
Lifescript's own biggest loser gets diet secrets from the host of ... uh ... yes, you guessed it: "The Biggest...
wow. Hsha graham. The biggest loser what a treat.
happy birthday to the biggest loser I know 😎💗
I waited 18 years to be able to vote & its the biggest joke of an election
Coach Miller looks like a Biggest Loser contestant their first day working out at the ranch.
By his own logic, who gleefully blocks anyone who disagrees, is the biggest loser of all.
This is my favorite vine of him purely because he looks like the biggest loser ever I'm lauhsjajw
Matt Barnes is the biggest loser ever.
How to lose up to 10 pounds the healthy way in a week:
MCR are up for voting for the biggest band in rock currently. If you want to vote, that would be very nice of you - http:/…
I just signed up for Truppr Biggest Loser. join me via
I just signed up for Truppr Biggest Loser. why not join me
I wished I was on the Biggest Loser so I could have made some money losing over 125 pounds
Why is it that I always get the most cravings while watching the biggest loser ugh
Happy Birthday to the biggest loser I know!🎉❤️
My gym is a weird combination of NFL training camp and Biggest Loser rejects.
Group photo from the first fitness class of the "Biggest Loser" challenge. 2/19/16.
Sleep Stay Giveaway -Enter for the chance to WIN our bed with SleepI; trip 4 2 to a Biggest Loser Resort!
I've seen better cardio on the biggest loser
I've seen better cardio on the biggest loser!
Will prospect be biggest loser of Randy Gregory suspension?take:
btw what were you running for? Biggest Loser? Or were you one of those pity participants on American Idol?
It's like a loser's convention of the biggest Tory *** Duncan smith, Gove, Grayling, Patil. Each one a complete git in their own way
NRM is the biggest loser. The country will not trust anyone run Ingrid in that ticket nxt time. And there will be a nxt time
South Jersey couple makes it to 'Biggest Loser' finale
A new "County's Biggest Loser" group is starting up at Fitness Powers.
Fitness Powers is looking for some more "Losers" for our County's Biggest Loser group. Learn how to lose some of...
Naye this election has been confusing, big loser KB, bigger loser JPAM, biggest losers millennials came out in droves to vote
Keeping your New Year�s fitness resolution has never b ... -
I liked a video from MSNBC Nevada Democratic Town Hall: Biggest Winner / Biggest Loser
The biggest key to winning is to never be a sore loser!
Smeltz dead ringer for Shannon off biggest loser
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SPOILER ALERT: Sneak Peeks at and my New looks from at
Makeover week is almost here! Catch a glimpse at amazing transformation: https…
Join our 8th BIGGEST LOSER Challenge from 7 March to 29 April 2016! BIG BIG Prizes to be won! The winner GET N$25...
The Biggest Loser stars Michelle Bridges, 45, and partner Steve 'Commando' Willis, 39, shared a cute moment on Friday as they posed for a
contradict nothing...Kevin is the biggest loser in history
Peter is 1/12 apostles.He is a bum..The Pope is a loser without the biggest wall casting the first stone.He is a loser
Why do I feel like a Demi concert would be like a live screening of The Biggest Loser
Yeah, the biggest two faced liar, other than Ted Cruz there is! He posted that on MY TIMELINE! POS loser!
im organizing a "biggest loser" type of wellness event in the office and i called it. "Drag Me To Health ©". (All Right…
Some pics from the event last Saturday where we launched our " Biggest Loser " contest and celebrated our new associate Dr. Low.
My gym is having a Biggest Loser contest. If you aren't a member, you can still join and your fee includes...
Snapchatting my way through winning my job's Biggest Loser contest using my own version:
Biggest Loser contest started today, what a difference in the shopping cart with a little planning
It's almost February 1st!! The beginning of the Biggest Loser contest at Sky Zone Raleigh!! Get Zoned In at Sky...
I know I am probably doing this wrong, but I am spending the next week gaining wait before the start of my office Biggest Loser contest.
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There's still time to sign up and weigh-in for the Biggest Loser contest! 3 ways to win! Info:
This guy is running the Biggest Loser contest where I work.
There's only a few days left to sign up for the Biggest Loser contest and win free membership for 1 year! Register:
Effingham Chamber to offer 'Biggest Loser' contest - Journal Gazette and Times
I won the first 2 weeks of Biggest Loser at work 224 lbs to 214 lbs in 2 weeks Contest Ends in…
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