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Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is a television show broadcast in many countries.

Biggest Loser Challenge Jillian Michaels Alison Sweeney Bob Harper Kim Lyons Ali Vincent

Pretty soon everyone is going to be naked in every show. God forbid they do that to the Biggest Loser. Biggest Naked Loser 😂
If anyone is interested in doing the "Biggest Loser" challenge hmu ASAP I locked in Kil Fit Fitness for the event!
Challenge your friends to see who can be Soulfit's Biggest Loser!. Prizes for 1st and 2nd places!. Only $10 to...
This is where we finished our marathon and first challenge on Biggest Loser season 8!
same... We completely and terribly failed our Biggest Loser Challenge which ended in April lol
My secret weapons to take the cash in our Biggest Loser style challenge. Saving this puppy called the 3 Day...
The Most Humiliated and the Biggest Loser are those who Challenge Allah (SWT).
Breaking News: Norm Coleman is going to challenge this years Biggest Loser results.
watching Biggest Loser in UK and you inspire me to want to get fit and healthy :) Loved Train the Trainers challenge too.
Asalamualayikum. The most humiliated and the Biggest Loser are those who challenge Allah. Proud to be Muslim. ;) — feeling great
Celebrity chefs compete in Biggest Loser-inspired challenge for charity
Celebrity chefs compete in weight loss challenge inspired by the 'Biggest Loser': Celebrity chefs will compete...
It's a good way to start. I've been competing in a Biggest Loser Challenge at work since end of May. I'm just shy of 16lbs lost.
Happy to report that I have lost 91/2 lbs since joining the Biggest Loser at work. Since it's too hot to run outside, I am dancing to the wii online. Aye Goh, hep me!!! I'm sweating so bad after only 15 mins. of dancing my people! I'm here kicking up my legs to One Direction, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Taio Cruz and Katy Perry! Beyoncé, you ain't got nothin on me chie!!! LOL
Michaels and 'Biggest Loser' part ways: POPULAR trainer Jillian Michaels has quit The Biggest Loser in the US ...
The 24-year-old voiceover artist tipped the scales at 260 - Biggest Loser. Found at
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Watching American Idol. I love kris allen :) then watching Biggest Loser finale.
Where is Anna Kournikova?? Well she's signed on for the next season of Biggest Loser in the US. The crap u discover at half time
Watching Idol. I'm calling it. Chris will win. Biggest Loser finale tonight. I will eat cookies and watch you.
watchin American idol, just finished watching the THREE hour Biggest Loser finale. ha come to think of it all show finales should be 3 hrs!
Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels is showing off just how in shape she is. The fitness trainer, 40, stripped down for Shape magazine's July/August issue, and revealed she feels better now about her body than she did 20 years ago.
The results are in and we have another surprise. Instead of having an overall winner for each category, we've decided to have both male and female winners for bother Biggest Loser and Most Fit Challenges. Here are the Winners from the Fitness Challenge Spring 2014: The Biggest Loser Male Winner - Blaine Stewart Female Winner - Jessica Chessin Most Fit Male Winner - Carl Frankenfield Female Winner - Robin Smith Congratulations to all Winners who have just won a 1 Year Free membership to Titus Sports Performance!
This Day In Wrestling History- June 11th Trivia 2003 - Kim Nielsen, wrestling for NWA-TNA as Desire, suffered a suffered a back injury during an Xplosion match at the NWA-TNA pay-per-view and was hospitalized. Nielsen completed the match, but collapsed in the dressing room and was treated on the scene by the TNA trainer. An ambulance was called and she was taken to a local hospital. Nielsen suffered a compression fracture of her L1 vertebrae, an injury that eventually ended her in-ring career. After retiring, Nielsen put on a great amount of weight and later went to the finals of NBC reality series the Biggest Loser during their 2012 season, dropping over 100 lbs Events In 1998, The Ilio DiPaolo Memorial Show was held at the Marine Midland Arena, in Buffalo, New York. The show was promoted by Ilio’s son Dennis in association with WCW. All proceeds from the show were donated to local children’s charities: – Dean Malenko defeated Scotty Riggs to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title – Juventud Guerr .. ...
It was the Biggest Loser & we ran along with the Spartan Beast crowd. Except we only had 4 miles & 12 obstacles 😁
'Biggest Loser' to change rules after backlash against last season's winner -->
Come and join us in our June Fat Buster Challenge and be in for winning one of our fantastic prizes if your one of the four biggest losers. We have different options for different budgets. Please inbox me for details
Today I start a Biggest Loser Challenge with Arbonne's 30 Days to Fit.
Is the Biggest Loser in Bergdahl Affair She has ALWAYS been:PUKES lies to protect Obama
GROUP INCENTIVE: Get a group of 4 people (yourself included) to do a 40 day challenge... (purchase of four 10+30 programs for a total of 40 days) I will reward you with a $100 giftcard either for the biggest loser in the group OR $100 for the group to use to go out to lunch and celebrate together. YOUR CHOICE!!! Have fun supporting each other, motivating each other... Contact me if interested.
How to Lose Weight Fast If you burn 500 more calories than you eat every day for a week, you should lose about 1-2 pounds. Don't get discouraged, ingredients in Thermo-NRG ™ are natural proteins, antioxidants, and super charged energy boosters. The aid Thermo-NRG ™ a healthy diet, and exercise is a sure way to meet and possibly exceed your weight-loss goal. We want to help!!! We are here for helpful tips and to cheer you on! Diets for Fast Weight Loss If you want to lose weight faster, you'll need to eat less and exercise more. For instance, if you take in 1,050 to 1,200 calories a day, and exercise for one hour per day, you could lose 3-5 pounds in the first week, or more if you weigh more than 250 pounds. It's very important not to cut calories any further -- that's dangerous. Limiting salt and starches may also mean losing more weight at first -- but that's mostly fluids, not fat. "When you reduce sodium and cut starches, you reduce fluids and fluid retention, which can result in up to 5 pounds ...
Crawford County Biggest Losers (of weight that is) will start our next Challenge Monday, June 9th. Initial weigh-in will be IN PERSON. Following weigh-ins will be on Mondays and sent to us by pic/text or pic/email (will share these when we begin). The ending weigh-in will also be IN PERSON on Monday, August 9th! Again, our Challenge will run June 9 - August 9 Entry fee is $10 per person which will be used as prize money for the top 3 Losers! Rankings will be determined by percentage lost instead of actual weight so that everyone has a fair chance at winning. Contact Marty Kirk, Kayla Hill or Mandy Kirk Hill to enter!
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The biggest loser is Geoff Shaw. He's lost whatever reputation he ever had. No integrity - greedy & spiteful.
"You should be on the biggest loser show"
A bloke on The Biggest Loser lost 41 lbs in a week. A week.
I'm like... The biggest loser in my school. ._.
Anyway about to do this biggest loser workout ✌️
Lord, we desire people of integrity and with your values in our gov and may all Reap what they Sow!via
Maybe you'd know if you weren't the biggest loser ever...
Something's not right!! I've been eating like a horse to gain atleast 8-10 pounds back on before mon for weigh ins for the Biggest Loser competition. Well I'm going the opposite direction!!! I've lost 3 pounds??!!! I figured gaining and getting weighed would give me more motivation to reach that goal by August!!! Maybe that's a bad idea to do??? Anyone think the same??!! HELP!!!
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Kennett says the biggest loser of the saga is Andrews '(He's) made the mistake of his life.He's threatening to bring down the gov"
As you eat that bowl of ice cream while watching the Biggest Loser and complaining about how you too need to loose weight. Let Plexus help you, take that first step.
Just weighed myself and happy to say I have loss 8 pounds in a week. I love my Biggest Loser Wii game!...
I cry every single time Biggest Loser is on
Biggest Loser Winner Looks Anorexic. Is the biggest shock that it didn't happen sooner?
Catching up with tv Biggest loser Australia brilliant program channel 222.
Here are some of Midland, Texas' biggest losers.
Weight Challenge starts today at 6pm joining fee $25 and the winner of the biggest Loser gets all the money plus your money back!!! Who's in??!! Challenge yourself to reach the goals you always wanted!! Interested inbox me Event will take place at my nutrition club at 2854 Dewey ave. See you all there!
if EU anything to go by, libdem biggest loser, if that is reflected in GE then a coalition with Ukip is there for DC
Everytime I go to practice I think is it gonna be a biggest loser night or a fun night
Another great weigh in tonight all off the biggest losers lost 2-3lbs, And the challenge was tug of war which Julie's Gems totally won feeling very proud well done guys you really are winning the battle x
The Biggest Loser gets even better with each passing week. Really hope this show gets renewed for 16th season.
those of you who have snuck in here as friends or spies to carry crap back to other people are the biggest losers I have ever seen. You are adults, acting like school kids. There are real people involved here and you are enabling parental alienation, destroying children, and fueling hate. Are you an adult? Seriously??? Have a think about how you met this family and how good we were to you in your time of need. We did not judge you when others did. We helped you, we have always been kind and giving to you and this is how you repay us?? Have the decency to excuse yourself because after today I intend to delete and block you. At least you will know that we see you for who and what you really are.
Hit the 20 lbs mark today. 10 down since the biggest loser weigh in! My friends from work might as well quit!
Ok so I no its been a bit since I posted anything but that doesnt mean I ever stopped Plexus! In fact im taking more of the products than before and couldn't be happier with them all. We al get busy with life specially around March-May with school letting out. Now that summer's here I challenge everyone who reads this thats just been sitting on there butt, to start getting healthy. Now that doesnt mean you have to go start working out at the gym 24/7. Im talking about watch what your putting into your mouth, both food and drink wise. My family and I have started our own Biggest Loser Challenge. Who ever loses the most Body Fat Percentage not only wins by getting healthier but also win $. So maybe you should think about starting it with your family, friends, or co-workers. Seriously if your determined to get healthy than its possible. Since we started the challenge at the beginning of May ive already lost almost 20lbs and 4 inches just by watching what goes in my mouth, drinking my plexus slim drink and p ...
Abbot Amos got the most people to sign up for the biggest loser contest on Monday and won $100 ! Were giving $150 to whoever gets the most people to join the biggest loser contest by This Sunday June 8th who wants to win the $150 cash ?
What what . . .My team for the office Biggest Loser contest won! . . .and to add the cherry on top, I came in 2nd place for individual loss! Victory lunch on Friday is going to taste amazing!
eBay is the Biggest Loser of the Google Panda 4.0 Update |
Jake is the biggest sore loser I have ever met
Susan Is the Biggest Loser in Affair. Why not - Yahoo Finance
Did it look like I need to be on the biggest loser
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Why in the world did I just get an email from the biggest loser
And there goes the under... lol who's the biggest loser of the day? This guy. MLB recovery time tonight
Our "Biggest Loser" was announced today at school and it was me!! $90 and a few prizes for the most weight lost!
At The Biggest Loser Resorts, we're dedicated to helping anyone reach their weight loss goals by offering financing to attend our award-winning...
There are lots of fun runs & adventure races this summer! Warrior Dash, Zombie Run, Old Settlers Day, Glow Run, Biggest Loser and many, many more! Check out our Events Board at the club for dates & registration information. We have found the Couch to 5k to be very helpful! Be sure to share your team pictures with us if you are participating in the events!
'Biggest Loser': It's makeover week, and Gina has an epiphany - Here we thought Gina was just self-absorbed and...
And biggest loser miss that to used to love that
The amount of food I eat should put me on the list of future Biggest Loser contestants
Two missed opportunities got me feeling like the biggest loser today. 😞
Biggest Loser is so inspiring that I want to get fat so that I can get fit again.
I just want to thank you for helping me lose weight. Thanks to you biggest loser weightloss yoga. I love the programs!
Wow. The guy who won Biggest Loser Sweden had lost 50 % of his body weight. . Wat??? 😳
Honestly don't know how I had any friends back in the day.. Creeping myself on fb and I was THE BIGGEST LOSER EVER
I'm watching the biggest loser in my kitchen and it's making me cry... Am I loser?
so this girl on Biggest loser lost 160 pounds ?holy
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So I don't think we're going this weekend uhh she's my biggest confession 😶>>>💥
Me and my dog look like we're on Biggest Loser USA when we jog together
Just saw Alison Sweeney getting interviewd! btw she is the host of the biggest loser
- Maybe it would be wise to do some of your own factcheckin' before you talk?
The real question is: What makes you more of a loser- if you win the biggest loser or if you lose the biggest loser?
may be getting axed by CNN made you a biggest loser. and seems like your life become more pathetic
I'm highly skilled at bragging about how clever and intuitive I am, and then putting all my faith in the biggest loser…
The reason why The Biggest Loser pisses me right off! Rant brought on by catching a glimpse while going for a run.
Susan Rice Is the Biggest Loser in Bergdahl Affair He was not a POW. A traitor is more accurate.
Working out with the biggest loser Wii game. Should be fun. Did yoga for the first time yesterday.
The Amazing Race, Survivor and The Biggest Loser have created more successful couples than The Bachelor/Bachelorette.
Linda Kirby has started our BLT (Biggest Loser Team) 8 weeks ago and this is her story! So proud of her! Join our success, Creating a Healthier You!
Biggest loser of spec ops award goes to me :-(
A little over a month and a half ago I weighed 278lbs. I cut out soda and started to better myself. Last week we started a biggest loser competition at work I weighed in at 267 and I also weighed in yesterday. I am now 259lbs I have a lot more energy and I'm feeling healthier. Thank you to everyone at work and my family that has been cheering me on. Especially my wife Meghan Catherine Olenhaus who has been making sure I stick to the no soda and exercise.
“The biggest losers in a deal are those who are too busy with themselves than with Allah. Rather, the bigger losers are those who are too busy with people than with themselves.” — Ibn al-Qayyim
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We have been asked to let you know the following: We are starting a 12 week Slimathon in aid of Féileacáin on Monday the 16th of June running up until Monday the 8th of September. We will be holding a talk on Monday the 16th @ 7pm in Garrycastle GAA club house. Ciaran O Neill( health and wellness coach) will be there on the Monday night to give each member a personal evaluation (totally confidential) and will be giving a nutritional food plan to promote weight loss. You will be weighed in weekly every Monday evening for the course of the 12 weeks and are in with a great chance to win some amazing prizes for the biggest loser while raising money for a fantastic charity. All members will be given a sponsorship card to collect and get support from family, friends and neighbours over the 12 weeks. If you would like to help but the Slimathon does not appeal to you, you can contact us for a sponsorship card. We are grateful for any support no matter how small. Again this charity is not state funded, it relies ...
We just announced the winners of our 21 Day Fix Biggest Loser group, and all I can say is wow!! Feels good to give away $200 to people for getting healthy and fit! Over 87 lbs lost in this group! So awesome. Sad it's let's do another one!! Proud and excited!
On Monday May 12 we started "The Biggest Loser" at work. My weigh in was 446 and while i knew i was around 450 it was still a shock to see it on the scale. Each Monday we weigh in and yesterday i was at 421. 25 pounds down and many more to go. I also start my budget this month to start paying off my debt. Like i said around my birthday and anniversary. This is my year to change the crap i don't like. Get behind me or get the *** out of the way!
Ok juicing fans, I started out with a previous post regarding my new addition to juicers, the Omega 8004 juicer. It's slow, but is guaranteed to extract all that you need in a juice mix. Today's drink started out a supergreen, and miraculously wound up a deep purple colour. Ok, in kidding. So here's what I used for a recipe: 1 Apple 1 Pear 1 Cucumber 4 Stalks of "The Biggest Loser" (yes, named after the tv show - sold at WalMart) Celery. Lol. 1 Squeezed lemon for juice Handful bulk of Red Kale Handful bulk of Cilantro Handful bulk of Dandelion greens Ginger L-Glutamine BCAA (Branched Chained Amino Acids) 1 Whole Beet w/branch stems. Going organic is preferable, so proceed to do so at best. So there you have it folks, all of that juice extracted and squeezed from a powerful masticating juicer. As pictured, it's all good from a very tall glass. Of course, I didn't attempt to drink the whole thing. So the rest will be sunk later. To your health.
Wish I had pics!! Today was swim lesson 4 of 6. It was also the day I was to literally take that leap of faith and jump into the deep end of the pool, trusting that I wouldn't panic, and would bring my head above water, and swim to the shallow water. I almost feel a little silly , but as I shared with some friends, it was like asking me to walk a tight rope with no safety net. I stopped and started several times before I finally, with eyes wide open jumped in, plunging to the bottom of the pool, and then brought my head above water where I swam as quickly as possible to the safest end.:). It was like doing the box jump on biggest loser. But when I finally did it, it really wasn't so bad.:). I have to keep practicing, as I have the triathlon in January. And that will be in open waters. So I had better start thinking about that next.:)
PLEASE TAKE 2 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME TO READ THIS 😊 thank you in advance. So after posting my last status "THE STATE OF OUR CITY" (Check it out on my timeline to know further about it) I basically stated that I think we should spend our money locally to help support local businesses...a local DJ took exception to my comment and took it all personal, ridiculing and criticised my views and stated that my education and 12 years hands on business knowledge of running several local businesses expanding businesses which are in Africa and soon The UAE and I quote he said "you could have a degree from Harvard doesn't mean you know anything about business" well il put it to you "Mr DJ", I do know about business as all my businesses are very successful. Here are just some of the things I have done for our city: 1)I'm an employer creating jobs for people in our beautiful city 2) I do a lot to help promote our city both by word of mouth and in the local press. 3) I also do charitable work and i recently set up a f . ...
Any body know we're I can get a good lawyer to help me take a di..k head to court to get my belongings back he has everything that belong to me had to walk away with the clothes on my back then he wants to take me to court..what a wait of humanity..Whatch out for him ladies..Kevin Burgess stay away from him he is no good for nothing n the biggest loser God ever put breath in.js
Results for the Biggest Loser Race... I was 10th out of 58 in my age group and 78th overall out of 327. Tony was 5th in his age group and 44th overall. Not bad considering all the food we ate on the cruise ;)
Kisiis, Kambas and Luyhias are the biggest political loosers because of Raila As I have always said; Kisiis, Luyhias and Kambas will be the biggest losers in the whole political hemisphere. They have always looked at Raila without seeing who he really is. It is a blind with wide open eyes but whose iris is not functioning. They have always been following plain wind whose direction they can not tell. Kalenjins have reaped big time solidarity from almost all sitting Government. They have the best power brokers. I urge them to stop listening to little brats like Isaac Ruto and Keter who can not even keep peace in a class of nursery school kids. They are trying to bargain for what has been safely secured. Kambas, I am sorry you have been misled to languish in the dens of wild dogs that can not bite. Kalonzo's political willpower furnished when he joined that dying donkey CORD. Muthama with his drag Barron activities is selfishly dragging you into unknown livelihoods. Kisiis the moment you stopped listening to ...
Moments like this are why I ♥ what I do. 8 weeks ago we had a group of people start a Biggest Loser Challenge. No obligation to purchase any products, just a friendly competition to see who could lose the highest % of weight loss. With still 2 weeks remaining, they have already lost a total of 239.8 lbs. How amazing is that??
The Project 10 Challenge is on... and whatever you do don't miss "The Biggest Loser Boot Camp"
Day 2 of my work Biggest Loser competition! Been taking all of the stairs & realizing just how out of shape I am!
Tallying up the results from our 21 Day Fix Biggest Loser Challenge and I am BLOWN AWAY by the results. We are about to give out $200 worth of prize money and $100 of that is going to the Biggest Loser! Wow. So far I have totaled over 87 pounds lost in our 21 day group!! And we are still waiting for a few more people to report in. I'm beyond proud of everyone! Sometimes I can't believe this is my job.
So last night I was thinking.yesterday I walked 1 mile on my lunch in hot and humid conditions (80 degrees with probably 95% humidity). One year ago I would have despised walking from the office door to my car and yet now I am walking a mile...and didn't fall out! LOL It's amazing the life changing journey I have been on for the past 10 months. Weekend after next I will be participating in the Kosse Greyhound 5K and I have already signed up for The Biggest Loser 5K Walk Challenge at Six Flags Arlington in October. I'll also be signing up for The Biggest Loser Off Road Challenge (mud run) in Glen Rose in November and the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in San Antonio in December. I need to find 5 or 10K's to do in July, Aug and Sept! :) I am ready to live again! I have truly been blessed!!!
Thank you ex-contenders for being part of The Biggest Loser - Season One Edition. :) Next round? :)
Today is the day that my life changes! My health is becoming my priority. I don't talk about my disease much but I have pcos and have been diagnosed with it over 10 years ago. I don't have kids not because I didn't want them. I'm not over weight because I haven't tried to change. It is because of this disease and sadly this disease is becoming a growing problem in our country. Just like the many severe food allergies and other auto-immune diseaes on the rise. Research is showing more and more that my generation is now showing the later effects of being the first to be raised on the gradual change of our food supply. Hormones in meat, modified foods, fillers and so on. Never really thought about it before. My generations issues is similiar to so many of our parents and grandparents later became allergic to penicillin later in life because it was a wonder drug back in their day. So I have pcos and my husband is celiac with ulceratice colitis. We are falling apart before the age of 40 and so are many others. ...
Big thanks for all the support in the Biggest Loser Challenge! Weight loss of 14.6 kg in 8 weeks that's 15.74%
Day one of the biggest loser weightloss camp completed! Pretty proud of myself! I actually accomplished more than I thought I could! Day two starting now!
Feeling like I just signed up for the biggest loser! Photo taken and video of me on the scales. Feeling scared!!
Bad move satan! I woke up with pain this morning & knew exactly what to do. Our Heavenly Father inhabits our PRAISES! Psalms 22:3 3 But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. Our Battle is WON in the WORSHIP! I am standing on GOD’s WORD PRAISING HIM for HIS HEALING VIRTUE! The SCUMBAG satan has no authority over me. I am BLOOD BOUGHT! I am REDEEMED by the BLOOD of the LAMB! Filled with the HOLY GHOST & now I am awake to pray in the SPIRIT! I REBUKE the forces of evil & come against them in the AUTHORITY of the NAME OF JESUS! I SING PRAISES to HIS NAME! I PROCLAIM VICTORY over every lie spoken by the deceiver of the Brethren. I SPEAK VICTORY over every situation satan has tried to bring against the BODY OF CHRIST! HALLELUJAH, THANK YOU JESUS! When I Think about the Lord, How He saved me, how He raised me, How He filled me, with the Holy Ghost. How He healed me, to the uttermost. When I Think about the Lord, How He picked me up and turned me around, How He placed my feet on ...
Okay ladies. Nicole Nicholas and I are going to do a Biggest Loser Challenge. $10 to get in on it, and you add a dollar to the pot for every pound you gain when we weigh in every Friday. At the end, whoever has lost the most weight gets ALL of the cash. Let us know if you are in, we are going to start next monday!
Biggest Loser contest started today at work for the month of June. Ladies, (Rachael Quick Danielle Larson Gill Kimmie Harnisch) let's get hot!!
Went to our little store in Dauphin and bought 2 packs of cupcakes problem is that makes 4 total and I have 3 kids... that leaves one cupcake... one mean little tempting chocolate cake with that chocolate icing and cream in the middle... Tastycakes, oh how I hate you because I love you. when Bill gets home he has to eat it immediately... today one trainer said good job while she was attempting to kill me with planks and sandbags (at the same time) and the other said, "oh yeah, she's a powerhouse!" (I would have laughed if I wasn't busy trying to not throw up like they do on the biggest loser) I'm trying to use this as my reason NOT to eat that evil little cupcake.. if I can resist, I can do anything... *** tastycakes!
After 31 days of extreme dieting, I can finally say I lost 11lbs and won the Biggest Loser Contest at work!! I am so proud of everyone that participated and you all were my sanity and thank you Corey Makin, Amanda Marshall, Casey Dougherty, Deshanda Langlois, Jim Dole, and most of all Mark...beating you was the biggest motivator of all!
Had a great day, after 12 weeks lost 23 total of lbs won the biggest loser contest at work, then umpired one game and watched my son Joshie and his team do a good job n their game. We lost but u guys did great. Proud of u Joshie ur defense and and ur hitting was awesome tonight.
It's amazing that I even have to post this status, seeing as how it's no secret that the past few weeks have been insanely stressful. Alas, here we go. There is nothing more offensive to me than unsolicited advice. I will answer a few questions for you, so people can stop asking me these insanely rude and offensive questions. 1. No, I do not watch "The Biggest Loser." That show perpetrates body shaming, and Jillian Micheals is an *** 2. I've never seen "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." Whereas I am yes, overweight, I'm not nearly dead. I'm not even sick. But thanks for assuming that I'm wildly unhealthy and eat awful food all of the time. 3. I'm not interested in whatever program you are trying to sell me, whether it be some pill based weight loss program or some type of workout regime. First of all, shame on you for using our friendship and the fact that I'm bigger than you to make a profit. Secondly, I am not a teenager that doesn't know how to cook and/or workout. I workout harder and eat c ...
I am bursting to proclaim that I am no longer bursting out of my clothes. After 3 months, I have won the Biggest Loser contest held in my community. I beat out younger more athletic contestants. This wasn't just about looking better. This has been a sincere effort to develop healthier habits in dining and exercise, that are literally life changing. Yes, I am kind of proud of myself.
I really don't think the guys in my biggest loser contest know who they are dealing with. 5% down, 15% to go.
Going to the biggest loser camp a.k.a.Pinet's rest house..I did not win the contest but I'm still a winner. Loosing 7.7lbs in a week is really great. I wanna thank my mentor Elena Severino Orosa for everything..Words are not enough how grateful and blessed I am to have u in my life. Love, love, love! Thank u Yally Malicse, our yoga instructor, for the time and effort.U'r the best;) sunday akong pictures nung sunday except my selfies..hehehe
Biggest Loser: Round Here they are getting it in!! 36 super awesome competitors! Join us this Wednesday and get your fit on! Loren Michaels Dream Squad 269.338.4246 We build champions!
Jabs biggest loser starts June 7th at 7am don't miss out!! Learn how to change your life style in 8 weeks crush your personal goals with fun competition! Jabs biggest loser offers a 8 week meal plan with a food prep demonstration and weekly shopping list. Jabs famous last chance workouts and weekly weigh ins along with weekly meetings to discus the essentials for long term weight loss. Each contestant will take before and after photos along with body circumference measurements and body fat analysis. The winner of biggest loser wins a free month of JAB a JAB T-shirt and a smoking body for summer! Don't get left behind!!
Final weigh in was today! Im shocked, I've not been very faithful this last week. Despite myself, I lost a total of 15.5 pounds, 15 inches!!! woot! I may not have won, but I sure feel like the biggest loser!!!
congratulations to Florence Fitzpatrick was the brown derby biggest loser first place winner , also congratulations to Tammy Phillips for second place winner , way to go ladies , we will be having another brown derby Biggest Loser Challenge , we will post went we are having another challenge.
Well..its official. Im signed up for the 10 Week Challenge at Farrell's Kickboxing/Fitness school. Its going to be a lot like The Biggest Loser I guess, if u have ever seen that show. Probably going to be the toughest 10 weeks of my life! But its very much needed. Feeling anxious. Please keep me in prayer. :)
We kicked-off in the heart of Texas and launched Lyft in Austin with a record-breaking weekend! That's right, Austin took the most Lyft rides out of any city EVER to launch! Drivers included the founder of the Biggest Loser Resorts, a tornado chaser, and a hula hoop instructor, and those are just a few of the awesome drivers to hit the streets of Austin. Thanks for your support and keep the fistbumps coming!
went for my second walk in two days.just around the block but it's a start.back in my diet.back with my daily food diary.biggest loser here I come! I did it once, I can do it again!
The DCR Biggest Loser prize went to Demi McLean at 30+ lbs. Trisha Smith came a close second with 29+ lbs. congrats to both. I came in a very happy distant 3rd with 17lbs. Yay me. I celebrated my weight loss with a 4.5 victory lap. On my grind.
Well,I'm not the biggest loser,However,I'm pretty darn happy!!I did wayyy better than I thought and lost a cpl ounces short of 10lbs:):):)So I'm a winner to me lol!!Congrats to everyone on their hard work!
Lincoln Logs with the biggest losers in town!
HALF WAY TOTALS - First time Livfitter Nigel Tyre leads the way after 3 weeks , losing an amazing 8.3kg . In 2nd place muscle mama Alisi is our leading lady with a 7.1kg drop. Mata is looking firm and fit in 3rd place down 7kg but Siana is only 100g behind in 4th place. Leticia averages 2kg per week in 5th place down 6kg and Arthur is heading towards his ultimate goal of bodybuilding in 6th place down 5.4kg. Nice to see our biggest loser contestant Ngapo in the top 10 with a 4.2kg loss in 7th followed by another biggest loser rep Jamie and Lynn both losing 4kg in 8th place. Steve, Susan and Brigid share 9th place all down a very credible 3.9kg . Aleni and current Livfit champion Vaa'iga share 10th place losing 3.2kg and looking mighty fine ! Special mentions to Opeti , Ana Kwok, Vasiti, Malia, Tony , Ofa , Tania, Sera and Marcia YOU GUYS ARE CAPABLE OF MAKING THIS TOP 10 and only a few hundred grams behind, which could be a few hundreds grams less food this week or a few hundred more metres on that tread ...
WHO'S UP FOR A 4 WEEK CHALLENGE! Hi folks Starting this Sunday 8th June 2014 we are hosting a 4 week challenge in. Lorna and I will take ur stats before ur class and after 4 weeks ( wk commencing 7th July) ur stats will be re-tested. At the end of this the biggest loser will collect all the money in the pot from either Bellshill or Airdrie where you have registered. All entries will be £10. Could be a great start to ur summer holidays. What do u have to lose!!!
Lmao. One month from today winner takes the cash biggest loser style. These guys on a diet can't wait to see it!!! Good luck fellas
Ok, so I just did my 1st class for the 20 pound challenge and my body must not be use to working out that hard since I pulled a biggest loser move and got sick in the bathroom! Gross and if anyone knows how Iam about that you will laugh :) it's only up hill from here :) after went back out and continues the wrk out :) I'm determined :)
Hi everyone, glad to be part of this group. Let me tell you all about my Leo. Leo is four years old, Leo was surrendered to Bright Eyes Dog Rescue one and a half years ago, he came to us with undiagnosed bilateral hind limb ataxia and urinary incontinence. The day I met leo as his foster mom he was wearing a diaper and seemed to be very sad about having left the only family he ever knew.. Leo and I bonded instantly and after only fostering Leo for a couple of weeks I ended up adopting him. I took Leo to the vet and he was diagnosed as having a very bad urinary tract infection so we started antibiotics and he was placed on a special diet, the antibiotics cleared up his incontinence within a week and he was kept on the special diet, after one week of antibiotics Leo's incontinence improved and he has never been incontitent since. Leo requires ramps as he is not able to go up stairs but he can manage going down slowly.Over the past year and a half and because of the diet he was prescribed Leo has ended up pu ...
I just came in 1st runner up in the body fat loss percentage category in the biggest loser contest at Bryan University!!! WHOO HOO ! I did not even think I would place. I am so excited.
Instead of relying on changing your will-power or motivation, I suggest you change your environment. Do you think that thin people of the 1940's and 1950's had truck loads more will-power than us? or was it just that their environment was completely different to ours? Extreme examples of changing your environment are * moving into the biggest loser house * being a contestant on Survivor * going to rehab - More manageable examples of changing your environment * get the junk food out of your house * put your alarm clock on the other side of your bedroom, so that you have to get up and out of bed to turn it off * Enlist the help of a buddy or personal trainer who will hold you accountable Can you think of any other ways to change your environment?
1 whole month Tyandra Holley has to do WHATEVER I want him to do. Yes he lost the "biggest loser" contest lol. so sad. Not! Yall already know im goung to make this a real good month. I hope he ready to WORK LOL
Lost 10 lbs and placed 2nd (since March) doing the "Biggest Loser" with the rehab team at work! Congrats on your weight loss girls! I love ya 😘.
Since I'm getting a bunch of PM's and text messages about how I achieved my weight loss, I thought I would post in on here to make it easier. I'm an open book. Feel free to ask my anything. :) I started in December, by journaling everything in my day that revolved around my weight. Food, back pain, acid-reflux, sleep apnea, being a "spectator Mom" rather than an "interactive Mom"...anything. My life literally revolved around my weight. My friend Kristina, mentioned a movie she watched on Netflix called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". I watched it on New Year's Eve. It totally spoke to me. I started by solely juicing for 2 weeks straight. I was craving physical food, so I started adding raw fruits and vegetables to my diet. Then adding cooked vegetables and 3 ounces of grilled chicken a day while still juicing 2-3 times a day. Basically 5-6 meals a day with 200-300 calories a meal. I also used the Advocare 10-Day Herbal Cleanse to detox and "reset" my system. It was amazing! It made me feel ligh ...
What a wonderful 44th birthday! Thank you so much for all the sweet birthday wishes, cards and gifts. The best birthday present I received this year, was the gift of health. My final weigh-in for my Biggest Loser Challenge is today, but I got on the scale yesterday to see if I met my mini-goal for my birthday which was a 100 pound weight loss...and in fact, I did. I'm officially down 101 pounds since January 6th of this year. Yahoo!!!
10 weeks ago, myself and 6 ladies in my neighborhood started our own "Biggest Loser" contest. Even though I was not the "Biggest Loser", I can say I am still a "Loser" as I lost 27 pounds! So proud of myself and all the ladies, we lost over 135 pounds total!! Thank You Ladies!
Before & After Photos of the WINNER of our Biggest Loser
Morning people ☺DDay has finally arrived. This competition started January 27th and I was given only 4 & a half months, 18weeks or 126 days (what ever way you look at it) to not only try and lose as much lose weight but to also change my life in the process. I have came along way from when I left school to the start of this program but this has change me in more ways I could of ever thought. Anyway have a good day I'm off the gym ahead of my final weigh in with the Rennie Grove Biggest Loser crew. Wish me luck and sponsor if you like
Summer is almost here! 100 delicious new recipes from Bob Harper (star of Biggest Loser) ALL UNDER 330 CALORIES!
With my friend Kim Lyons, the top personal trainer in the country and "the Biggest Loser" TV show. For…
Anna Kournikova is a trainer on America's Biggest Loser? This just made day time t.v a whole lot better!
Ok this summers Biggest Loser Challenge weigh ins will be: Fri., May 23 at the Menominee Rec YOU CAN ONLY WEIGH IN FROM 3pm-5pm on the rec center scale with me, see you then! (A few reminders: * $20 due at weigh in * Competition is 12 weeks-final weigh in will be Aug. 22/3pm-5pm ONLY * Male and females are welcome and will be in same weigh ins * 1st & 2nd places awarded (3rd if enough join) * Method of measure will be total fat mass lost * Only 1st and last weigh in will be done by me, your responsible for monitoring your own levels during competition if you choose to do so. * because of an unfair advantage it may cause, please no persons with any type of advantage (such as surgery). ) * Absolutely no refunds after the competition begins.
Just got to meet at the Biggest Loser 5K packet pick up! The family is ready to run the 5K tomorrow!
Yay at least you're not 19 almost 20 ;-; I'm the biggest loser ever wa
I'm glad this grad gown doesn't make me look like the biggest loser in the world
AUTOMATIC BODY WITH Kim Lyons! Tonight, Wednesday May 14, at 9:00pm ET, 8:00pm CT, 7:00pm MT, 6:00pm PT hear celebrity fitness trainer Kim Lyons who hosted the hit TV show, "The Biggest Loser", and was featured on the "Dr. Oz Show" and "Dr, Phil's Weight Loss Challenge" explain the Nutrié Automatic Body Program. In addition, she will be interviewing the top three finalists who WON MONEY for their weight loss transformation using the amazing Automatic Body Program. The health and fitness market is a $60 Billion Industry and you can learn how Nutrié offers a simple, modern and effective way to lose weight without spending money on expensive weight loss programs. Join me and many others on this call. Private Message me and I will send you the details to register for the call.
NJ Online 888 biggest loser in another poor showing for NJ online poker
"They hid real relationships if the fat people were deemed 'too fat'." And other confessions from "The Biggest Loser" http:…
So many of us focus on "loosing weight" vs. becoming healthier. In this article that I shared from Kathryn...
Cracked talked to 'The Biggest Loser' Season 3 runner-up Kai Hibbard, who told us that behind the hasty weight loss, trumped-up drama, and dramatic music, there lurked a dark side.
Met Chris Powell from biggest loser. LA man
"The biggest reason for defeat is not the strength of a victor but the complacency of a loser."~ MJA
Mom + dad asking me if I've lost weight is like Gillian Michaels and the other highly motivated fitness dude from Biggest Loser asking that
This is why obesity exist. This is why there is weight watchers and The biggest loser
Also come and try the new Galvanic Body Spa as seen and used on the Biggest Loser. Great specials this week.
Just going to get my beard trimmed which is being paid by the biggest loser in the world.
Our Biggest Loser Contest is BACK! This is our most popular contest to help people get in shape, and it's back...
Final talk tonight for the Biggest Loser group. Looking forward to hearing how they've done.
The man behind the destruction of Bhockey in Ont.Former Pres of ISBHF&CBHA DiGironimo.Biggest Loser
you're the biggest loser I've ever seen
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CYNTHIA IS THE BIGGEST LOSER EVER !! YOU ARE NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE !!! lmao you cant sit with me and she called me just to tell me that she is going to beat me up ! good day sir Cynthia Izenwata
congratulations on being today's Biggest Loser. What a sad inconsequential existence you have. Waste of life
"The Biggest Loser" has faced a fair share of controversy for promoting what critics consider unhealthy and extreme weight loss. Now, a former contestant is spea...
Just entered a Biggest Loser Challenge with a twist here at work! You pay to enter and pay each week if you show no weight loss! Fun fun!
Can shows like The Biggest Loser provide healthy motivation?
no I'm the biggest loser on the beach
Okay, im like the biggest loser alive lol, forgot what the major league for baseball is :P it's MLB for anyone who wants to know
This Biggest Loser thing at work is too easy man. My coworkers aren't even trying!
Interesting read on the dangers of fast weight loss,unethical practices, & the power of editing
This is, well, I'll just say it's quite a read.
Am I the biggest loser on the beach
1 Detail they missed: You do not have to go on the show.
Some of the biggest loser stocks in the market dented by the recent rotation into value stocks.
If you collect every prize of the dunya but miss out on the prize of the akhira, then you are the biggest loser of them…
I misread it as parakeets so you're quite the biggest loser..
It's only day 3 of Biggest Loser Camp and I'm already down 10 pounds!!! Just another over 1000 calorie…
So you're telling me "you would be great on The Biggest Loser" is not a compliment? Well that explains the whole no friends …
He thinks he's won until he reads the paper and realises he's the loser. The BIGGEST loser of all.
Kids probably the biggest loser considering he beats his girlfriend
Ladies-our 3rd annual Biggest Loser Challenge is starting May 20th..any one that has entered please come in this...
5 Details They Cut from My Season of 'The Biggest Loser'. This show is the worst
Very true. I would like to collect the heads of all those imbeciles. Starting with Hayward. The biggest loser of all.
Losing five pounds in five days was actually pretty dangerous on its own, but the audience didn't care. The show...
Sad Batman is also known as Fat Batman. He was on The Biggest Loser. He lost. So sad.
Finished up the 6 weeks Biggest Loser Competition. The WINNER is Walter D !! Woot woot. He loss 10.7% of his BW and won some cold cash! ..Becca S came in a close second at 9.49 %..GREAT JOB guys!! It was alot of fun.;)
Dow Transports become the biggest loser among major averages after leading the market to record highs. Via
Former runner-up speaks out about the disturbing behind-the-scenes of "The Biggest Loser" -- via
This Must be My Last Status Update... "I know imma Piece of S:/ I Don't Deserve to Live... I Suck... N i'm the Biggest Loser on Earth... Yea...imma stupid loose bad loathsome n all the Negative things on Earth. Hate my Classmates, Roommates, Hostel, so-called Friends, Parents n Everyone Around Me n Myself too! :'( Seriously i Don't wanna Live Anymore.I'm the Greatest Failure in Life... I Just Need a Place to Weep my Soul Out... 'GOD is DEAD!' :(
2 years on from The Biggest Loser UK, I share my story of my live now! From finishing my 90 Day Challenge to heading to Prague for a full abdomniplasty with ...
Biggest Loser starts TOMORROW! The players are ready to get this party started! If you'd like to join us, you have until 11:59pm EST to join! Hope to see you there! This is going to be an awesome 10 weeks!
Go behind the scenes as Ali Vincent gets on the scale for the first time since winning The Biggest Loser.
So since there is a show called "The Biggest Loser" why can't there be a show called "The Biggest Winner"? Where skinny people stuff their face and see who can get the fattest the fastest? I want to be on that show. 😄😄
Yea for ME! I officially finished The Salvation Army "Biggest Loser" Challenge and I finished strong, my most weight loss ever completely on my own! Paleo Food Plan, walking/Cross Fit Cardio & lots of water-But I'm most proud of completing a 1 mile slow jog, "very slow", LoL without stopping..proud of my 50 plus self! Thank you family for your support!
I'm fiercely a nice way. I wish I could join a local "biggest loser" program...I know it would keep me super-motivated.
Mornin All! It is not to late to join the "Biggest Loser" Competition. It's 12 weeks and you work on ur own level to achieve your weight loss goals for a chance to win $2000 CASH. You will have the opportunity to work with some great Personal Trainers, Nutritionist and Motivated individuals to help you reach ur goal. All FREE of charge. We pushed the last day to join to Saturday, 17th. InBox Me for more info.
Some South Jersey women got some big help from the Biggest Loser.Dolvett Quince, from NBC's
Biggest loser at work update, So far I have lost 25.25 lbs in 12 weeks. One week left before final weigh in. Come one need to lose 4.75 lbs this week.
What does it take to stop missing your moment? See here in a blog by Pastor Jan while at the Biggest Loser Resort -
This is why the biggest loser makes me angry and I cannot support it. Love yourself enough to take care of your body and your mind.
Still room for our BIGGEST LOSER SUMMER SHRED!!! Starts tomorrow! 5/15 Chehalem Valley Chamber office 6:30pm! $25 in the pot- chance to win up to $750 so far. Who's in? PM me.
Die mumbai are the biggest loser team ever...
As an overweight person, I fell in love with the Biggest Loser. It gave me inspiration, hope, if they could do it; I could too. That would be short lived though. It was followed by discouragement as I wasn't dropping nearly as fast as the contestants. This was a real eye opener. If you're looking to lose weight, whether it's a few pounds or a hundred, I can help you do it the healthy way. Just message me :)
EtherSpeak, Inc.: We are 21 minutes from the EtherSpeak "Biggest Loser" weigh-in! EtherSpeak's Staff are smart, creative and caring - but we are a sedentary group - some of us (especially yours-truly) are a "bunch-of-fatties". We talk on the phone, type into computers and tend to eat very cruddy stuff. So, all staff have been invited to compete for the title of "EtherSpeak's Biggest Loser" - and have an opportunity to learn to eat healthier foods; track intake on apps with company provided smart phone, and win a chance for a company sponsored trip for four to Nat's Stadium in early September. In addition to individual awards - there will also be awards by department. Today is (confidential) weigh in day, then load up the apps and "Let the competition BEGIN!" We hope you follow our progress and cheer us on. Thanks!
Congratulations Ate Mary Grace Mallare for losing 2.8 lbs in 1 week! Biggest loser for the week! Make your weight loss journey fun, simole and magical! Ask me how 0906.353.6162
So we started the biggest loser at work 73 days ago. I have 37 more days to go. When I started I was 386.6 pounds. As of this morning I'm 347.4 pounds. I was happy when I hit 350 now I'm not satisfied. I wanna lose about 20 more pounds before this contest is over. I've also decided that once this is over I'm going to keep going till I hit 250. Wish me luck guys your support really helps. P.S. Listen to more Bob Marley he's a mood changer! ONE LOVE!
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The Biggest Loser Challenge at Kaboom starts today! So excited to see how everyone does with their fitness test... Don't forget your $10 for the winner! Come prepared to give it your all :)
We are SUPER EXCITED to announce that Ali Vincent will be joining us for the Divas 5K in San Francisco Bay on June 1st! Ali, best known as the Season 5 winner of The Biggest Loser and host of her very own TV show Live Big with Ali Vincent on the Live Well Network, ran many of our Divas Half Marathons last year and accomplished her goal of running 13 half marathons in 2013! In addition to participating in the 5K, Ali will be on-site at the Health & Fitness Boutique on Friday, 5/30, and Saturday, 5/31. Make sure to stop by her booth and say Hi!
Good morning feeling great we did are own biggest loser . I lost 15 . 5 lbs in 3 months . I didn't win the biggest loser but l lost that much I feel like I still win . I'm ready to again who's in June 2nd for 3 months going try to get bigger group this time
Woohoo! I won the Biggest Loser contest. As far as the prize it's a trophy but the warm feeling along with it is priceless. Sn: everyone dropped out of the contest but me. Lol.
Transformation Tuesday! Week one of the Kamloops Biggest Loser Contest. Currently, I am in fifth place in the Kamloops Fit Centre contest. I am finding my weightloss is starting to slow down the leaner I get. I still would like to lose another 40 pounds, gain more lean muscle mass and decrease in sizes. Photo on the left was taken April 2013 and photo on the right was taken in February 2014. Visual transformation.
My work is doing a Biggest Loser Challenge ... And of course I accepted the challenge :)) it started Monday and I have already lost 3 lbs:)
Do you remember Gerard on Biggest Loser, well check him out now,
Woke up at 4 this morning to bust out my workout for the biggest loser contest and I must say I feel great!! The only thing I've been totally meditating on is how well the good Lord has and is continuing to bless me! I have the most amazing husband he would do anything for me, 4 amazing and talented kids, my mom is always around when I need her, a quite a few friends and family!! So while most people is praying to lose the weight for the money i have totally realized i have all I'll ever need right here and I'm doing this for me so i can be healthier for these important people in my life.
Yep it is officially cold. I actually have my original Biggest Loser jumper on and wow I think someone use to like abit of cake :-p
Well done to members of the Round Table Board and Regional Reps. Their "Biggest Loser" challenge raised a fantastic £163 for RTCW!!
If anyone talks you out of your mission, you will be the biggest loser when the chips are down. If you abandon your life’s assignment because of mere words, then maybe you were never passionate about it. If you stop doing what is right because someone said a word to you, just have a rethink; people might be waiting to take your place. Let men keep speaking while you stick to your assignment. Enjoy ur day
Is Nitish Kumar going to be biggest loser in LS 2014 election?
Glenys is 1.5 kgs lighter this week and the biggest loser in Healesville.
Yea... I would lose da fight V.s a girl... But da biggest loser in this story would be da 'man' who hits a lady, yea 'man' i said but we all know theres no real ballz under da belt!! Maybe theres scars on ma fist... Da guy will never retry. :3
Woo Hoo I was the biggest loser in Bunko tonight... Great time and great gifts Debra Penney.
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Margarita Villa,got a question for you. When I was the biggest loser, why did you have me come from Billings back to Casper to pick you and Aaliyah up and bring yous back to sleep and live in a truck?
Okay FB Friends will see who reads my stuff or just hits buttons. Conducting a Challenge: A Biggest LOSER!!! challenge but more healthy. My room mate Heather Purvis and I have challenged each other and are wanting more people to join and become healthy and AWESOME looking with us. We are doing this starting Sunday 18 May. Let me or Heather know if you are interested for more details. THANKS FOR READING :)
Amazing class tonight at Michelle Ferraro's Dance in Coram. Biggest Loser Challenge in full swing. Tonight's team spirit award goes to the dreamers. Your shirts rocked! Veronica's bootcamp! I love it. Keep pushing each other we can do this.
The Biggest Loser has amassed millions of fans by forcing a bunch of very very overweight people to exercise until they puke, weighing them in front of everyone, and then repackaging their suffering as inspiration for a nation of other, similar very very overweight people. But it doesn't take many hours of Biggest Loser viewing for an observer to realize that the string pullers behind show doesn't really seem to like its contestants at all.
More than the contestants are getting a makeover on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. After a controversial finale last February when season 15 winner Rachel Frederickson lost 155 pounds in seven months, the
Was the 2nd biggest loser...down 7.6lbs, lost 8inches, down 3% body fat and up 1.3% muscle in 6 weeks!!
Biggest Loser going on at NMS! If this doesn't kill me I am going to look good come the end of June! Just got through an intermittent run with Scott. What a sport he is to run at my speed!
Biggest loser update: I am still in first place. I lost 4.6 lbs. A total of 19.4 total. Friday morning is the final weigh in.
Finished second round of Biggest Loser neighborhood challenge. Didn't win any money but celebrating that since January, I have lost 15 lbs. and 18.75 inches total. Thanks Jim Rawlings & Shari Rawlings & Herbalife for helping me get back on track.
We wanted to congratulate all of our Biggest Loser participants for doing an incredible job and making huge changes to be healthier! Here are the final results so please help us congratulate them: Overall Winner: Vallenthia Johnson with 26 pounds lost and 15.3% body weight lost Runner-up: Brooke Fuller FitzSimmons with 23 pounds lost and 13.2% body weight lost 3rd place: Lona 'Duce' Garrett 4th place: Monique Newman 5ht place: Kalani Blas If you see them around, give them a high five and tell them nice work! We are so proud of them!
Big up to our team, for winning the biggest loser contest,and to myself for winning in the women weight lost contest 30lbs, feeling great and of course, looking fabulous.
Tomorrow will officially be my last day of running a minimum of 5 miles which will end my streak at 2,883 consecutive days. I want to keep going but do to my double hernia I have had for months and bilateral hernia surgery tomorrow afternoon I think I will need to concede the streak. The streak started when I was on biggest loser season 3 almost 8 years ago. I will say this though if there is anyway possible I can get out and at least walk the five miles on Thursday I am doing it. Just don't tell my wife😜😜😜
I need a workout/diet buddy! We can go to the gym at my apartments and I also have workout videos and The Biggest Loser books. Any takers?
Audio Testimonial. Learn why 4 of NBC's Biggest Losers love the company Zija. Pam Smith, Season 3, speaks of about her daily struggle keeping weight off and ...
Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney on how she lost 30lbs, kept it off via
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Won our Biggest Loser contest at work! Lost 22 lbs in 10 weeks!
So, the biggest loser in AP is Congress in all elections. Although some relief in telangana region, technically they are dead in residuary state. Naidu looks he all set back to bang.10years of exile is almost on verge completion. No big deal, exit polls predicted 100- 115 Mla seats to this former CEO of andhra pradesh team. so he will be now CM of residuary andhra pradesh. All respects to this man (cant say old man) for doing everything in last 5 yrs to reach to this position back. The above lines are written with neutrality .
Are you looking to spring into summer with a fitter, healthier physique? MINT DC will help organize a "biggest loser" competition at your company!
The next Biggest Loser Challenge starts this Monday, May 19th! Call today to sign up! (714) 524-9900
Week ONE of Biggest Loser is underway!! Come join us on Thursday at 9:15am for LaTeasha's Body Tone BONUS CLASS. Our BINGO game has also started - don't forget to check your bingo card when you come in to work out. The daily number is posted on the front counter.
Down 7.5 lbs in week 8 of my company's Biggest Loser Challenge. Total of 48.5 in 8 weeks. 4 weeks to go!
Post-poll survey: Congress may be the biggest loser in U.PLeave a replyThe Bharatiya Janata Party seems headed towards a landslide win in Uttar Pradesh, considered politically the most crucial State in the formation of the Government at the Centre, if the projections made in the exit polls are to be…
WHO IS THE BIGGEST LOSER? This is a question which you will find a lot of people giving different answers to. Scholars say that the hardest punishment of Allah’s torment upon an individual is when Allah doesn’t help him to do good deeds! Alhasan Albasri said: A man is prevented from waking up for night prayers due to a sin he committed. If such a sin prevents us from voluntary acts, what prevents us then from Fajr prayer in the masjid or performing Hajj? Why are some of us so unfortunate that they can’t have peace with their parents, respect them or obey them? We all seem to think that Allah’s wrath and torment are only manifested over people in poverty, illness and natural disasters. We fail to see that being unable to do good deeds and to enjoy it is one of the greatest punishments from Allah, if only we can feel. So, once again: who is the biggest loser? Allah says: "And march forth to forgiveness from your Lord, and for Paradise as wide as are the heavens and the earth" The biggest loser is th ...
I want to congratulate the winners of the 1st Biggest Loser Challenge 2014! Ciera Miller is in 1st place with a total of 12.61% loss Jacob Rahrig in 2nd place with 8.61% loss & Reid Menken in 3rd with 8.56% loss
DRUM ROLL PLEASE: The Winner of YoGo Express Biggest Loser 1 is Brandon Barton. He lose 51.4# or 16% of his body weight. 2nd place Tonya Cain and 3rd place Lisa Cain. Congratulations to all who participated and a BIG Congrats to Brandon Barton. We will be posting 3 short videos of the winners in the next few days to hear their thoughts. Biggest Loser 2 will be starting soon...
Black women are like the biggest loser of life period!
Does anyone know about the biggest loser thing in Marshall? I heard sign up is tonight.
HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE WEEK OF MAY 12 - 20 Monday School-wide run Last Ladies Fitness Class for the year (it's getting too nice outside to be inside!). All ladies are welcome to join us tonight as we work out to the "Biggest Loser" video. 7 p.m. in the gym Tuesday Hot Lunch Rehearsal for Confirmation 6:45 p.m. Wednesday Grade 6/7 to Playland at PNE Cross-country meet at Cultus Lake (after school) Thursday Attendance report sent to auditors. Friday School Walkathon and 12:30 p.m. dismissal (busses will run as normal) We'll have an assembly in the gym at 9:00 am. and then the students will be bussed to our walkathon starting point (at the end of Lickman Road - Peach Creek Trail) Students will be bussed back to the school following the walk and will be treated to a hot dog and juice box. Parents/siblings who accompany us on the walk are invited to come back to the school for a hot dog as well. Monday - May 19th - Victoria Day - NO SCHOOL Tuesday - May 20th - School Feast Day - NO SCHOOL
Just a quick reminder that Winda-Mara's Biggest Loser program starts again tonight at 5:15pm at the Heywood Stadium. You can just turn up and train without registering for the program but if you wanna chance to win one of the 3 major prizes ($300 Harvey Norman voucher, $300 Port Fairy Day Spa voucher, $300 Sportspower voucher), registration and measurements is a must. Mondays - 5:15 to 6:15 Wednesdays - 6:00 to 7:00 Fridays - 6:00 to 7:00 For more details contact Leigh Malseed on 55270.
See which foods are Biggest Loser host favorites:
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Weigh ins at work for the Biggest Loser Challenge!!! Happy to report. Down 2 pounds!!! Four days into my workout program and I'm feeling fantastic!!! Heading into the weekend though and that's a tough time for me. Staying strong !!!
Okay Here is an update regarding Class. Thursdays Classes will be suspended Until further notice. Class will be on Monday and Wednesday Only. * If you want to join the Biggest Loser Challenge , stay after Class Wednesday for Measurements and Before and After pics. $20.00 goes in the Pot per person, Biggest Loser takes All !! More info to come. Stay tuned.
Don't forget yo weigh in tonight for the Biggest Loser Challenge! It's at 122 Michener this time and we're waiting for YOU!
Last day of the Biggest Loser Challenge! Come weigh in and be proud that you stuck with it. Never give up! We'll announce who is going to Vegas next week and CONGRATS to all of you!
Good luck to all our participants in our Biggest Loser Challenge
I think they need a Biggest Loser Challenge. Make something amazing with 500 calories or less!!
Biggest Loser Challenge is real!!! On my tip toes walking today for awhile... Sit down time is crucial!!
It's cold today, but warmer weather is coming! To help you get ready, we are offering a summer shape up challenge. If you are just finishing our Biggest Loser Challenge and want to keep a good thing going or if you just want clean up and tone up in prep for shorts and tank tops, this six week challenge is just what you need. Nutritional guidance, workouts, and motivation provided! Call, stop in, or message for more details. We love to help you reach your goals!
Yesterday, our 'Biggest Loser' challenge came to an end. Gene whopped Jose's rear-end and lost a grand total of...
Come out May 17-18 Off-Road Challenge & work out with former Biggest Loser contestants!
A huge Congratulations to my client, and winner of this years Biggest Loser Challenge, thru CCI!
My las syift ever in KMC !!! Wit craziest people on earth , Piqa n Fuzz-ella !! Bole play treasure hunt time keje lg...n of coz Piqa is d Biggest Loser !!
Time is running out to register for our Biggest Loser Challenge If you are not in you cant lose...
Congrats to our Estimator, Hossein, for winning our Biggest Loser Challenge! He won $500 & a pizza party for the team
Only a few places left in our Biggest Loser Challenge which starts on Monday 5th May. Register now
Only a few more places left in our Biggest Loser Challenge Have you registered yet?
I wanna be in Biggest Loser or Survivor Philippines :|
Mo Ayala is the grand prize winner of the Biggest Loser contest here at our station! 40+ lbs down!!! Here is his victory speech!
It's a chance to change your life. This weekend, Utahns are getting an opportunity to audition for the 16th season of "The Biggest Loser." We've got a casting director for the show on KSL AM in 30 minutes. Watch to see what they're looking for and how you can get a FAST PASS to the front of the audition line. Comment below and tell us why YOU deserve to be the next Biggest Loser.
Robi Domingo gives advice to Sam Concepcion: 'Biggest Loser' host Robi Domingo has an advice for his friend Sa...
We are at the NEO Health Clinic for Hulbert's Biggest Loser's final weigh-in! Don't forgot to stop in and weigh, even if you don't think you have won. You may end up being surprised!
Have to say i should have NOT gone go the high school volunteer appreciation dinner tonight! They had amazing food - chicken&waffles, crab dip, deep fried Oreos, beer, wine - and I'm trying to be good until the April 21 Boston Marathon so it was like being on the show the Biggest Loser and having all the temptation - and I gave in!!! Well 11 more days to be good!!
Advance notice: the Jackson County Health Department and Jackson County Library are partnering for a 3 month "Biggest Loser" competition. Kickoff dates are at the library on Thursday, April 24 (Ravenswood) and Tuesday, April 29 (Ripley). Please share!
Hi everyone! I have two front of the line passes to any open casting calls for the Biggest Loser Season 16. Message me today and tell me why you want to be on the Biggest Loser. Good luck :)
Fans of The Biggest Loser won't want to miss Jillian Michaels live at Blumenthal Performing Arts on Sunday at 3...
People who cant practise silence are the biggest loser.
Update on one of our "Biggest Loser" is the Handsome Newfoundland "Finn". On 3/6/14 he weighed...
I've decided on my first two tattoos and one will be super cool and the other will make me look like the biggest loser ever
Jillian Michaels wants to quit 'Biggest Loser': 'She's sick of being painted as the bad guy' via
“You know who is THE BIGGEST loser of all time and doesn't know how to pick up a phone? :)” 😊😊😊
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Update: Operation Walk the Walk - 9lbs lost- one bad day spoiled progress for a few days. You can't out train a bad diet. 1lb or less until my first goal- cruiser weight limit or as Biggest Loser fans my refer to it - "One"derland.
Shes best known for her appearance on the NBC "The Biggest Loser."
Michael and I were up at 6am this morning. running & sweating like two fat kids from The Biggest Loser. I swear I wanted to cry.
Stephanie Barnett is the overall Biggest Loser winner! She lost 13.4 lbs & 8.8% of her body weight in 6 wks!
Day 9: warrior III / balance stick. After a great biggest loser work out, this was refreshing
Happy birthday to the biggest moron I know🎉🎁🍼
Someone signed me up 4 Biggest Loser and they keep sending me emails on how to be healthy but idc bc I love getting emails I feel like Oprah
Heartbreaking ang episode ng biggest loser tonight 😭😭😭 il try to be more sensitive sa mga horizontally challenged people out there
How they having a biggest loser competition at work and everyone keeps gaining weight!? Lls
Emotional Biggest Loser ep.Touching words of wisdom from mommy Osie.I was rooting for the duo brothers, but they got bu…
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