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Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is a television show broadcast in many countries.

Bob Harper Michelle Bridges

You're the biggest loser on Earth please deactivate your account
Brian you are the biggest loser I've ever seen! We are the silent majority growing day by day! With s…
I always compare myself to the biggest loser I know. I never feel down, It's ok he believes in
Biggest loser today: Congress party. For churlishly boycotting the launch of a major reform it helped birth. Shallow. Pett…
No they won't! But your *** certainly will find a way to! Just resign and give up, you are t…
Cuz IS the biggest LOSER!! & He's dragging us down w him. Ahole
Hey Fake President who only got in office because of Russia. You are the world's biggest loser.
Today I learnt that is all talk and the biggest loser I know 🙂
Anyone that watches that drivel is the biggest dbag/loser
dang!!! The impeachment march was even bigger than your inauguration. People really hate you. You are the biggest loser ha
Just catching up on . So Josh is the biggest dbag/loser in BB history, right?
The Biggest Loser trainer reveals best way to burn fat AND build muscle at the same time
I'm such a loser. I'm the biggest loser there ever was. . An autobiography
Kanye West has become the worlds biggest loser.. Music trash. Life trash. Has a kardashian for a wife. Has no money. Suing JayZ ov…
You are the biggest loser in the history of the U.S.A. The worst president ever.
A very big upset went down in this fight tonight and I feel that the sport of boxing was the biggest loser to…
U R the biggest LOSER on the planet. Insane
That's two times Lebron has failed to deliver the Big win since endorsing the Biggest Loser, Hillary to win OHIO!
Biggest Loser! And the winner of the Presidential finale is YOU!
Lions Gate Ordered to Pay $5.8 M to 'Biggest Loser' Star Jillian Michaels for Airing Workout Videos on YouTube
Third event in 2 days I covered in the rain. I feel like a drowned rat. Biggest Loser 5K at the Lake County Fairgro…
Bob Harper, "Biggest Loser" trainer, recovers after heart attack
'Biggest Loser' host Bob Harper 'feeling better' after heart attack
Fitness trainer and host of NBC's 'Biggest Loser' Bob Harper says he is recovering from a serious heart attack:
Jerry remember the guy Bob for The Biggest Loser he had a heart attack tonight like 51 or something like that
The biggest loser of the Oscars was Gary from Chicago getting his viral moment stolen from him
The buff trainer dude from Biggest Loser had a heart attack. At 51. Pass the goddam donuts.
The Biggest Loser trainer had a heart attack, so I don't feel guilty about having that Steak N' Shake cookie dough shake tonight.
If you voted for Trump you voted for the biggest loser in all American Election History.
‘Biggest Loser’ trainer Bob Harper in recovery after serious heart attack
Harper says he was working out in a gym when he collapsed. The heart attack left him unconscious for two days.
One of America’s best-known fitness gurus, Bob Harper, recovering after suffering heart attack while working out. https…
Bob Harper of NBC’s The Biggest Loser recovering from serious heart attack News # pls checkout -…
Let's play The Blame Game™! The one-size-fits-everyone-else game of avoiding responsibility where the winner is actually the biggest loser!
DO NOT be shocked. It can happen to anyone --->Bob Harper, fitness trainer and ‘Biggest Loser’ host, suffers heart attack
host Bob Harper’s heart attack: Why it can happen to anyone—even fit people
Best wishes to The Biggest Loser's as he is recovering after suffering a heart attack:…
Bob Harper suffers major heart attack:
Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser suffers heart attack via
Host of the US suffers massive heart attack at NYC gym:
Fat Tuesday falls on the finale of Fat February so I'm treating tomorrow like a Biggest Loser submission video
Biggest Loser star Bob Harper recovering after suffering heart attack -
Report: 'Biggest Loser' host Bob Harper was rushed to the hospital during a workout
Biggest Loser's Bob Harper recovering after suffering serious heart attack in New York gym
'Biggest Loser' host suffers heart attack at NYC gym .
The host of "The Biggest Loser" was working out in a NYC gym 2 weeks ago when he collapsed
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trainer Bob Harper suffered heart attack:
⚡ Biggest Loser host Bob Harper suffers heart attack.
Wishing a speedy recovery! His experience is another reminder of why everyone should know CPR:
"Biggest Loser" host and fitness trainer Bob Harper has suffered a serious heart attack
TRAINER PRAYERS...'Biggest Loser' host Bob Harper reveals he had a heart attack
"Biggest Loser" host Bob Harper suffered a heart attack while he was working out at a NYC gym https…
"Biggest Loser" fitness trainer Bob Harper recovers from heart attack he suffered while working out.
'Biggest Loser' host Bob Harper recovering after heart attack
'Biggest Loser' host Bob Harper suffers heart attack
I was recently asked about the business side of 'Biggest Loser,' b...
Lisa Baker, Counselor at Eugene Field, is getting ready for the Biggest Loser contest at EF
A Biggest Loser winner opens up about regaining 112 pounds
Workout with Biggest Workout with Biggest Loser's Bob Harper! He'll whip you into shape w…
Could 'Biggest Loser' in the USA take on LCHF for their next program?. Bob Harper is the host and was responding... https:/…
CNN are just loser *** Blitzer and Tapper are two of the biggest frauds in media.
You right. Im kidding myself with this wack *** garbage called music. Im a loser and the biggest joke on SoundCloud. Thank U
'The biggest COWARD or a LOSER is a boy who awakens a Girl's LOVE with no intention of Loving her'.
Here's a picture of the biggest loser.
Our biggest loser lost 13.5 lbs last week. Lose weight in luxury this summer at
I'm not a big streamer but that doesn't make me the biggest loser or I suck at games. I'm no trials carrier, I don't charge people (1/2)
I'm probably the biggest loser in the world. I'm 26, I dropped out of college 4 years ago and since then I've jus…
The Biggest Loser has nothing on Abbey Miller – my kickass heroine from Makeover Miracle >
My girl told me Ima lose her, laugh in her face. I'll be the biggest loser, movin all this weight 😷😷
I'll be the next character on the biggest loser
What is that show Over The Horse? Or does it stand for the Biggest Loser?
If you're always needing to say how lit you are and what you have and do everyday...I'll tend to believe in reality you'…
Backwoods fatter than the first week of biggest loser.
Need The Biggest Loser Australia to come back to TV, so I sit and eat chocolate while watching it!!!
The biggest loser. We're all owned.
Imagine canceling your biggest derby. Even if it's preseason, that's a loser mentality. Manchester been gassed up all summer. Fraud clubs.
Pocahontas is by far the biggest loser and most hypocritical member of the senate
My ex is such a loser that if there was a competition for the world's biggest loser, he'd still only win 2nd place.
Heelys- shoutout to my dad for not letting me get them and making me the biggest loser in third grade. appreciate it http…
Who's the biggest loser so far in the 2016 Presidential cycle?.
I'm the biggest sore loser in 2k which makes no sense because I'm trash
Happy 1️⃣6️⃣th Birthday to the biggest loser but also my bestfriend! Love ya!!😎💙
says he does everything "big." So, let's make him lose...big. The biggest loser of all time.
Biggest Loser Competition Winner! Super proud of Maria for loosing 20 pounds 💪🏽
My toddler is a picky eater. My child, my fridge, my wallet--empty. But my dog could be on Biggest Loser.
U shd have thought of that before u nominated The Biggest Loser/Devil. means NEVER.Not our fault.U were warned.
NBC is warning viewers today not get confused during the DNC convention, it is not a repeat episode of "The Biggest Loser"
But you is the biggest fraud of all partnering w to smear primary rivals. Loser!
31 killed in the line of duty in 2016! Fact! Obama is the biggest loser!
93 under Obama he wins for the biggest loser ever
Spark is easily the biggest loser out of the three but I made my bed and now I have to lay in it
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I try to be cool but I'm not, I'm the biggest loser I know
Had an amazing time tonight with Sonya Jones and Dolvett Quince from Biggest Loser.
Have you been following the Biggest Loser controversy? Great perspective from who lost 80lbs
Steve 'Commando' Willis and new son Axel sing Biggest Loser's Michelle Bridges a happy mother's day song
Biggest Loser's Michelle Bridges' Woolworths 'stalker' Liam Mendes arrives in Sydney court
Biggest Loser's Michelle Bridges takes baby Axel for a stroll in Sydney ahead of AVO case
Read that NYT piece re. Biggest Loser study? Read this by for crucial context: https…
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