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Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is a television show broadcast in many countries.

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40 year old 650lb virgin & Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson. The Biggest Loser show is just a money making event, nothing to do with health or wellness and ...
Good afternoon! Here are some of our latest stories on 1. PNoy lauds Marines guarding disputed Ayungin Shoal - PNoy to Tsinoys: 'Let's fulfill the promise of our country' - Contestant explains cheating in 'Biggest Loser' - Lady Chiefs smother Navs, reach quarters - Napoles concerned about growing medical bills: lawyer - Tacloban official implicated in sale of relief goods -
Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson opens up to Us Weekly about the backlash over her weight, saying she's "grateful for the concern" people had
Photo: Reuters Jillian Michaels is reportedly thinking of quitting the Biggest Loser after one of the most controversial seasons ever. Could the Biggest Loser‘s recent weight-loss controversy cause Jillian Michaels to quit the series? A new report claims the longtime trainer wants to leave the NBC reality show after many accused this season’s winner, Rachel Frederickson, of looking too skinny at the finale. Nothing is official yet, but Jillian has said she wants off TBL," a source told E! News. She wasn’t happy with how last season went. The shocking weight loss of Rachel [Frederickson] doesn’t do the brand any favors and she wants to distance her name from it." RELATED: Biggest Loser Winner No Longer Too Thin After 20 Pound Weight Gain Rachel Frederickson shocked viewers when she lost nearly 60 percent of her original body weight on her way to claiming last season’s Biggest Loser g ...
Could Jillian Michaels really leave Biggest Loser again? The trainer is reportedly thinking of quitting the popular weight-loss series, in part because of the recent too-thin controversy surrounding winner Rachel Frederickson. But will Jillian Michaels’ caffeine pills scandal also impact her decisio...
After the controversy, we see the of the Biggest Loser show at her new, comfortable weight:...
When season 15 Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson stepped out on stage for the final reveal to show that she'd dropped 155 pounds—going from...
Displeased with "Direction" of Wants to Leave: A show about losing weight may be losing one of its stars. According to People sources, Jillian Michaels is "deeply concerned about the direction" of The Biggest Loser and may soon depart the series that made her famous. "She is turned off by the mean-spirited story lines and poor care of the contestants," an anonymous insider tells the magazine. This rumors comes a few months after the show’s most controversial finale to date, as Rachel Frederickson won the latest season, but failed to win over critics. Many believe Frederickson dieted to a dangerously low level, dropping 150 pounds in the process. "Michaels wants to distance herself from the Biggest Loser brand," says the source. "Especially considering what happened with Rachel, her feeling is that there isn't proper attention paid to the contestants' health or wellness." Frederickson has since gained back 20 pounds and now believes she's at the "perfect weight." But Michaels left the show for one season ...
Woman who lost 155 lbs. on Biggest Loser gains 20 lbs., feel “perfect” - Two months after Rachel Frederickson...
Biggest Loser and The Big Bang Theory: annoying people in non-event TV
I heard from my buddy Zachery Yates they're having the Biggest Loser tryouts at the Citadel, I think I should apply... Need to get tough Mudder ready, lol
Weigh in Friday =-O. Started the Biggest Loser with my fellow bus drivers last week. Not sure how it will turn out for me, kinda had a bad 2 weeks. I guess the result will just give me an incentive to do better this next week :-\
"Biggest Loser" champion opens up about her recent weight gain:
To be working for others & getting mad at a Self Business Man/Woman.You the Biggest Loser on the Planet with a HATEFUL SOUL
Biggest Loser 's Rachel is doing just fine!
John Road from the biggest loser was my substitute today😎
The Biggest Loser 's Rachel is doing just fine!
Stillwater's Rachel Frederickson has gained 20 lbs and is now at perfect weight
Kevin is the biggest loser ever and I love him I will fight you all on this ok
'The Biggest Loser' Winner Rachel Frederickson Gained 20 Pounds: "I think I'm at my perfect weight," she gushed.
Rachel Frederickson gains 20 pounds, says she is at 'perfect weight' - Reality TV World via
If someone has ever called you a fool don't hold unto that, its just true that you have ever been a fool, remember when u turned yo shirt outside-in, n that time when u did not zip yo trauser. In life yo always upto a challenge n its tym to show them that consider|ed u the biggest loser that they said all that in ignorance n God is yet to prove their foolishness.
Quite possibly the biggest loser. I love you. Thanks for today. 😳❤️
My biggest issue with is how the British doctor's ONLY purpose is to be an overeating loser. So much I hate about it.
I hate it when I'm feeling cool and sexy and then forget to put my car in park and it starts rolling away. After I chase it down I feel like the biggest loser and want to hide.
I bet I would qualify to be on biggest loser
They just made me get in this Biggest Loser Competition at work. God must has a sense of humor after I talked about things in my body bouncing around, eh?
Geared up with Pink. Yahooo!!! Let's do this Biggest loser challenge begins!…
Controversial champ Rachel Frederickson has gained 20 lbs and is at her "perfect weight!" See her now:
biggest loser challenge going on in our office. one lady has dropped 11 lbs in 3 days. Diet pills and 300 cals a day.. that's
Bob and Jillian's *** FACES when they saw Rachel at Biggest Loser finale.
Final weigh in day for Biggest Loser! But not for the
Special Guest appearance Thursday: Marie Pearl from Season 15 of the Biggest Loser!!
A little late in posting - but can we give a big CONGRATS to our Biggest Loser winner, Sarah Edwards!?!?! She lost 9.88% WOOHOO - Awesome job girl! You worked your tail off and it shows!! You'll be receiving $20 and 3 FREE classes!!! Our 2nd and 3rd place goes to Tammy Armer Punches and Cathy Conlin - also receiving monetary prizes of $10 and $5 and a few FREE classes!!! Way to rock it ladies!!!
I just found out that my partner, Heather Dillion, and I just officially came in second place in our unit's Biggest Loser competition! I'm down about 17 lbs and feeling good! Thanks for being a rock star, Heather!
Final biggest loser weigh-in at work today. Congrats to everyone that participated and lost some weight. It was definitely one fun competition.
After gaining back 20 pounds, Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson tells Us Weekly she's at her perfect weight -- find out more about her life after the show
Just because you're not a contestant on the show doesn't mean you can't win your own weight-loss battle at home. To help you get started, we asked The Biggest Loser nutritionist Cheryl Forberg, RD, to design this easy seven-day meal plan, which is just like the one that helps the competitors slim do...
Starting April 8 at 6pm Pacific, 7 Mountain, 8 Central and 9 Eastern. !2 weeks to a new you. Prizes to the biggest loser. From the comfort of your living room. Message me for details.
Im just going to throw this idea out there. Im thinking of doing a Biggest Loser Contest for our family and maybe really close friends. It will be 20 dollars to enter and there will be a strict weigh in at a undecided location. We will do a percentage of body weight lost for a 90 day period. The person with the most percentage of body weight lost takes all! Let me know if this is a great idea. Everyone should say YES!
I won first place in my employer's Biggest Loser competition! Lost 20# and gained $600. Feeling pretty awesome today.
So what started as a family contest 8 weeks ago and continues for another 6 weeks or so, has really started to impact my life... Todd Van Nostrand thought he could hands down win a cool 100 dollars if we all did the Biggest Loser I joined in, I was determined not to let my kids get the best of as of today I can proudly say, I have reached the 50 pound weight loss mark, with 6 weeks to go, and lots of gym time, Zumba and encouragement from everyone..I am almost halfway to my goal.sorry Todd, but I got this...
Weigh ins for the Biggest Loser Contest contest are today and tomorrow. TOMORROW WILL BE THE FINAL DAY. No weigh ins following that will be included in the contest. So WHO WILL THE WINNERS BE?!? 1st place: 1yr free membership and $200 gym store credit 2nd place: 6 months free gym membership 3rd place: 3 months free gym membership
So April first I started a Biggest Loser challenge w my mom. First time for lil man in a nursery social environment. He was awesome...didn't want to leave. Today he is venturing out with the neighborhood kids (& their Mom) on a walk to McDonalds for a lunch date. He's growing up so fast !!!
So I've been seeing a bunch of different posts lately about summer coming up and people wanting to lose weight and get in shape.I'm right there with ya! We still have a couple months before summer hits to try and meet our goals! I've been doing the Advocare 24 day challenge and love it! Me and some friends have done it together and started a support group to help us! There is strength in an accountability group ladies! One of my best friends lost 13lbs on her 24 day challenge. I have noticed a big change and I just feel so much better! If anyone wants to join you are welcome to!! We will all support each other! We are gonna have a Biggest Loser Contest to help us out! Were gonna have cash prizes and products given away! We want 7 brave people to join us!! Yay so excited! Message me if you wanna join!
This story hit home for me... As the host of my own Biggest Loser competition, I know first hand people's stories, vision and drive when it comes to a weightloss competition. I host each program nonjudgmental, open-minded and hopefully, with a positive influence, as my primary objective is to live healthy active lifestyles, not to obtain a certain physique. This BL Winner is now living a healthy-fit life. To me, Mission Accomplished and good for her, for finding a healthier weight. ♡ Stay Healthy.
We are having The Biggest Loser challenger at work and everybody's, calling me the weakest link but I will lose 20 pounds by the end of the month now what!
Just joined the Body Transformation Challenge!! Enough is enough. Time to get rid of this post-baby body. Also coaching if anyone else is interested. The biggest loser gets a big payout!!
When you view the whole of life as some kind of race or competition to win you miss out on the joy of life. I've been teaching my kids that when we compete against one another at life then we miss out on the true joy of life. Life is about connection and sharing and we feel much more alive and good when we are connected not just winning. I tell my children that as a family we are a team and if we compete against each other we will be broken by the competition. In the end, whoever wins will cross the finish line alone and most likely be the biggest loser. I feel that this idea could be extrapolated out and applied to our family as humans. What if we just stopped competing and racing against one another and actually tried cooperation instead? What would that look like? What would it feel like? Would you be willing to try it?
Im glad I decided to look at the Biggest Loser application site again. Apparently the tryout in Boston, MA is an Open Call. So now that my pre-application is in all I have to do is show up, wait in line and talk to some people. Then if they like me I will get a call back for a one on one interview and then who knows. So my next step is Boston MA and the Open casting call. Fun :) So if people see me Sunday at church feel free to take pics (no not because I may become famous lol j/k) but because they need 3-5 shots of me and I want them to be natural and not staged which I have a tendency to do.
I'm probably going to embarrass him a little, but Anthony Brigantic has made some BIG changes in the last few years and it shows, inside and out. The pictures on the left...not even his heaviest. Eating, drinking and balancing beers on his belly as a party trick! The ones on the How? Pills? Lipo? Biggest Loser-style workouts for 8hrs a day? Nope. A steady mix of BodyPump, Body Combat, and T25. Shakeology daily. CleanER eating. No secrets. You think Beachbody and Les Mills have only changed MY life? Think again!
Happy Thursday! Deidre Hall from Days of our Lives & Hallmark Channel USA Original Movie "Lucky In Love!" is back with us today and she also joins me in the kitchen to make Le Cirque Restaurant's Pasta Primavera & Personal Trainer Dolvett Quince from The Biggest Loser shares tips from his book! The Deidre Hall Fan Page Mark Steines Cristina Ferrare
"SING FOR YOUR SUPPER" - New reality show idea I just had ... it's a combination of The Voice, Biggest Loser, and Survivor.
I must say I am very proud of my mom, Nicole Gignac, for winning the biggest loser at her work! Even through all the harassment she endured from me and me making her make country fried steak for my birthday... She still did it! Congratulations mommy!
Another great testimony from my Biggest Loser Challenge!! Message me if you want to join us next week! I just want to say that The 30 Day Challenge was such a wonderful experience for me! I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful group, that has come together for the same be a better you! I followed the "rules" of the challenge very closely. I lost (by my scale) 14 lbs. I have some issues with pre-menopause that have greatly diminished, in just 4 weeks. I plan to take what I have learned and continue on this path of health and fitness. I need to "tweak" the plan for me, as I move forward. I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of doing. Thanks to Kelly for being a great coach! Thanks to all of you for posting sweet comments, sharing recipes, and giving encouragement! I hope that we can continue to encourage each other! Blessings to all! ~S
I think my PVR is broken, it was set to record the Biggest Loser, but all it records are Leaf games. . .
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So funny! Principally, AAP is against Modi. But on ground it is helping Modi by taking away more and more votes from Congress but not gaining seats for itself. In that sense Gujarat is the biggest loser. W/o AAP, Congress wins at least half-a-dozen seats. But if AAP comes in it divides anti Modi votes gaining nothing. So BJP sweeps all 26 seats in Gujarat. (Cong. & AAP both NIL OR 1/2 may be) In our complex electoral system, elections are won not by winning votes but by winning seats.
When I started playing today I had 1,210,000. To me that's not peanuts! We'll I played a couple of my favorites and I lost every chip. I may have hit ten times out of that. They weren't big cause I'm careful and try not to lose it all. If I didn't know better id say these slots were fixed,either that or I'm the biggest loser of them all. Thanks I just had to vent as I feel violated. ;(
hittin tge wieghts hard in the morning after work. then come home an do T25 workout= This fat *** sweating like a Biggest Loser Contestant. if this dont work then im was never ment to have a shredded body.
Contestants have been chosen from every running organization in the area with a chance for a free entry to The Biggest Loser Run Half Marathon in Beaumont May 3rd. Winner's race will be filmed and posted on Youtube. Photo with most likes will win the free entry. Find out why they want to run the Biggest Loser Half and vote for who you want to see Filmed. Not too late to join the Biggest Loser Half/5k. Join Team Golden Triangle Strutters and use Coupon Code GTSTRUTTERS upon registration for an additional 25% off.
Meryenda while watching biggest loser...
First day of office Biggest Loser and I'm starting it off with a vanilla (kale) smoothie.
I took this picture with my cellphone, not my camera, of Lynn, Dora, and some Biggest Loser celebrities.
Woo hoo, just found out I won the biggest loser competition In our office, yay me!!!
I want to congratulate my husband for being the winner of the 90 day biggest loser challenge they had at work. All your hard work and dedication has paid off in more ways than one! I'm so proud of you!! I love you so much!
Anyone who knows me, knows our story. For years my daughter, Shannen, has been battling life and death. Lupus was destroying her body, her immune deficiency was causing uncontrollable infections. The medicine (Sometimes 12 types a day), was destroying her memory and focus. She was exhausted. Shannen was sleeping sometimes 16-18 hours a day. I wanted so much to have my girl back, and felt helpless. Then I found Plexus...oh, what a LIFE CHANGER!! I'm so happy to say that after a month and a half on Plexus Shannen is only taking about 2 hour naps a day. She gets up at 7, cleans the house for me, goes outside and is focused about her online courses. Shannen is riding a bike and going for regular walks. She is in my living room every night working out with Jillian(Biggest Loser trainer). I can only say that this works. It is giving me Shannen back. She has also lost weight and inches!Try for yourself...there won't be any regrets. Message me and we can determine what YOU need to do to start feeling better, havi ...
Week 12 and 28 pounds gone...didnt win biggest loser but gave good effort
She's going to kill me for this but let's give Anna Slone a big high five for being the winner of the Biggest Loser this year at SuperDollar way to go Anna keep it up
If you know me then you know I am a BIG fan of the the Biggest Loser show. Such inspiring stories of people changing their lives. Well last season I was really worried about Rachel and how much weight that she lost..(too much if you ask me)... I mean she was in it to win it and I can't blame her; she was super competitive. Well it looks like others thought the same and it's good to see that she gained a healthy 20lbs and looks FAB-U-LOUS! Whew glad she also saw that what she lost was not healthy either.
Last weigh-in of the Biggest Loser Challenge. Down 30 pounds from where I was 6 months ago. Woot woot! (But I'm at a good stopping point now.)
I won the Biggest Loser Contest at Ecm Majestic! So happy!
Breakfast time with the worlds biggest loser 😝😊
Snaxx say I'm so focus right now to make it to the biggest loser final cuts I can almost taste it April 19 I will b reppin the lou for a spot on the show everybody pray for me I am here to inspire
Week - 42 pounds down and into my size 6 jeans! One more week to go on biggest loser. And 2 1/2 months to race season... Mud Hero, Prison Break and Police Chase. It's on!
The Biggest Loser Casting Call is coming to Charlotte! This could be your chance to be a contestant on the hit NBC reality show. Casting directors are looking for upbeat, outgoing personalities who are ready to work hard to change their lives for the better, especially individuals, families, and for...
In another damning sign of troubled waters at the embattled Ten Network, the weight-loss reality series The Biggest Loser has been ejected from next week's schedule.
Results of the biggest loser competition at my work are in. The Phat Cats took first place! That includes me! Out of 40 people at my work i came in tied for 6th. But I let the other guy have it so i could be the sevenkeeper! :-)
Im probably the biggest loser I know !!!
Today starts The Biggest Loser challenge at Dauphin County. I am grateful for our Wellness Program. Go team Aging! Ok we need a better name
Looking for some cardio buddies. The biggest loser challenge is going to be so fun but I need some help motivating myself to do anything besides yoga (I just love it so much). Let me know!
So who's our biggest loser going to be? Prize giving tomorrow morning at 5am followed by a little run/walk to the beach
You don't need fancy gyms. You don't need biggest loser style programmes. You don't need anything from anybody but yourself. Anyone can use google these days. EAT CLEAN & TRAIN LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. Cos for to many people these days their life actually does depend on it.
I Just won 3rd spot in the Discovery BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE after I lost 9kilos in 8 weeks
Thursday morning speech - Biggest Loser East Lothian starts Monday. My previous bootcamps have proved that YOU WILL CHANGE SHAPE AND YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR ALL ROUND FITNESS AND ABILITY LEVELS. I GUARANTEE this!!! Get involved and finally commit to what you keep putting off.
This weeks biggest loser winner is. Me loosing 1.1 kilos. We have completed our 12 week challenge now which we started on 7th January. I still need to weigh a few more ladies to confirm who our 2014 challenge winner is...
I have opening slots for the JELLYROLL "THE BIGGEST LOSER TOUR" LIVE IN LOUISVILLE APRIL 26TH concert! 300$ for 10 mins and you get 400$ back in tickets! Shop wit me!!
Brilliant workout at circuits. All the norm plus the prowler and battle ropes (biggest loser style!) - hard work cos I was the only one there at 7am but good fun
oh ha 2006, the zombie apocalypse, dark times baby, dark times, 180 plus lbs, not good enough for biggest loser yet. they said, this is the worst that it gets. IT IS I'm sure!
I set my DVR to record the Biggest Loser and it recorded the Laker game instead
When I win this money from the biggest loser competition, FYI I will be purchasing myself something really special!!! Jordan's Xl and Xll!!! Yep I'm blowing it all on myself!!! Lol goodnight
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So here's a question : whilst listening to Pandora at the gym (online radio station- not in Australia ) an ad comes on for Australia's Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges weight loss plan . Saying millions of Aussies can't be wrong!! A. How the *** do they know I'm Australian when charles has never heard that ad???
Tomorrow is my last weigh in for my school's "Biggest Loser"challenge. We will see how well I did. I have honestly been working hard these last 8 weeks or so.
I won $85.00 today at work for being the biggest loser.17.5 pounds and still going down! Thank you Monica Mais and Herman N Kelly Albers for helping me with this last leg of my journey :)
I've planned to loose weight my whole life. Ha ... Stress, anxiety, the love for food, and well laziness didn't help me! I found Jennifer this past year and found some strength I didn't know I had. I even considered weightloss surgery. I wanted to attend the biggest loser show on TV too lol! It's taken way too long to loose the first 54lbs. Started May 2012, I've plateaued and am dying to figure out how to get the other 45 gone! I eat fairly well, but about to kick that into over drive. I've cranked up the cardio to 6 classes a week plus time on treadmill running and elliptical! I've added weights to tone my bat wings lol! My knee hurts, my shoulder hurts. But I've got this ISH! All without any drugs or diet pills. There's no turning back now! Im a certified MixxedFit Instructor with stage fright! Lol I'll get over it soon I hope! But dear lord if there is one thing I WON'T DO AND THATS GIVE UP ON MYSELF! Anyone of you who reads this, you're going to break, loose control, get mad, loose a fight with pepp ...
Biggest Loser challenge starts Friday at work. Most weight lost in 8 weeks wins the pot and a sexy new *** I've got a little over a month before my first race of the year...bring it. Time to git to gittin!
Came in third in the biggest loser with 37 lbs
If you want to be in the Biggest Loser Contest! (for fun) group just let me know and i will add you into it! :p The group is going great! Thank you to all those who are participating in it. :D
I completely and totally get that this makes me a total *** (this post and the pictures), but I promise, you won't have to endure much more. This Biggest Loser adventure at work ends this week and I can truly say, wow, what a great motivation it's been! I weighed today (after being on the treadmill for 7 miles) and I have went from over 190lbs down to 153.7lbs for a total of about 37lbs (in a 3 month period)! It's been a lot of work for sure, but luckily, My David has been through it all with me. What a great support to have... he has lost an amazing ... 48lbs!! Go David Parsley!! Very proud of you and what you've been doing! Again, it's been a ton of work, eating healthier, avoiding social activity (like eating lunch or dinner with friends), drinking less adult beverages and visiting that crazy gym 5 times a week... Not easy at all, but I can say with my head held high, I am very proud of myself, and My David. I had told people in the beginning I'd do a before and after, so here I go with my ...
Getting ready to get this last cardio in before tomorrow's biggest loser final weigh in at work!! I already have my prize though lol but I will continue to do my best. Countdown to DR - *** Canta trip has begun! Sweat fest is in session!!
Today at work, I won " The Biggest Loser " I lost a total of 17 pounds, and $130.00 Dollars, woohoo. Tomorrow, start toning up, I'm going to try Zuma Exercise. wish me luck.:)
Well my Justin came in 2nd place in "The Biggest Loser" at work. He has lost 33 LBS ( he got beat by 3). I'm very proud of you Justin Kyle Carden!! You are to me 😘
Today was the first hot day training outdoors. Throw a little running, squatting, burpees in and you've got the perfect storm of yuck! As usual, thanks to Erin Erin Douglas Proctor who provided the Huggies sound system!! And CONGRATULATIONS to Ralph Atnas Stanley and Pam Davis Stanley for winning the "FAITH" Biggest Loser Contest!
Tomorrow...tomorrow...first weight in is tomorrow!! St Johns Weight loss challengers..WHO will be our biggest loser??? WHO is going to join in the competition tomorrow night? It's not too late to get started Slimming down for summer!! $35 gets you started, with accountability, support and FUN TIMES! Come on join in the fun! Weight in begins at 6, class is at 6:15..Cardio Drumming is at 6:45... inside K-13 Physical Therapy in St Johns.
Looking forward to the day that I can watch biggest loser, eat dinner, and go to bed at night without feeling guilty that I didn't ride my exercise bike. :-)
Are you freaking kidding me?!? So I'm doing this biggest loser thing for work for 6 weeks right and I've been doing good I've lost 2 and 1/2 pounds in 2 weeks not bad right. Tonight lance makes cheesy potatoes with bacon and Reese's pie for dessert ugh I think he wants me to lose -.-
Calling all chubbies! We all need a little incentives to lose weight...CASH! So this spring my husband n I are setting up the Biggest Loser Contest. Whose in?
Thinking about trying out for Biggest Loser thus year.
I did it! I was in my bootcamp the Biggest Loser Contest :)
Going tomorrow to sign up for tech!!! Also next Saturday I am going to North Carolina for open castings for the biggest loser!!! This is would be a life changing experience and I could really use some prayers!!!
Thats messed up my wife Melinda Contreras is at work and still hogging the *** TV. American Idol recording on one channel and then The Biggest Loser or something recording on another channel so I can't even watch TV that's some BS
Listen to what Big Vinnie (Runner up in Season 12 Biggest Loser) had to say at Austin Run/Walk Event about Kangen Water:
Had a great workout today!! I also received some great news that I won the Biggest Loser challenge and the cash prize at work today!! I lost a total of 6.90% body fat and 22 lbs!!! I'm so proud of myself because I didn't think I would make it this far!! Thank you Jesus for determination and will!! I have so much more weight to lose but this was a wonderful start!!
Wow! I got my pic in the newspaper for being a Biggest Loser winner tying with Ace Reames! It is a great, rewarding experience!
The Biggest loser has warped GenY MARK II and Gen Z's understanding of Fitness, health and nutrition & Don't get me started on the globo gyms' "Challenges" !!!
U doin it big?well of course cuzz ur the biggest loser..i was inn the hood looking for the biggest users and the biggest connections to make it all happen..classic rich the factor..
Congratulations to our Biggest Loser 12-week Employee Weight Loss Challange Winners - Jessica Rouse came in at 3rd place losing 32 lbs (down 13.56%) 2nd place going to Kevin Kautzmann losing 40 lbs (down 15.81%) and our overall winner in percentage and pounds lost, Shannon Kost losing an astonishing 57 pounds for a total of 20.44% lost! Each of our winners received cash prizes and are on the path of living a healthier lifestyle! As a group, over 30 participants dropped over 350 pounds! Help us in congratulating our BIGGEST LOSERS in their weight loss journey!
In a little over a week I will be heading to Birmingham, Alabama to audition for the Biggest Loser which comes on NBC! Praying for God's will to be done but I must admit that it sure would be nice to be on the Biggest Loser!
Didn't reach first place but I cant complain about coming in 4th out of 30+ for the Biggest Loser at work. 8 weeks down, just smidge shy of 15 pounds lighter and feeling better. Have a ways to go but its a start. Ready to bring my A game for the next cycle in a couple weeks.
Guess who won the "Biggest Loser" weight loss contest in my office? Me! I lost 18 pounds since mid January. But I am not done losing the pounds yet. More to come! Feels good to finally win something! Now, if I can only gain back the last 18 years of my life that I lost! LOL
I will start another 90 Day Biggest Loser Competition as of Today Tuesday 4/1/14 and will End Monday 6/30/14!!! Great for accountability and motivation!!! Winner wins either a Free bottle of Skinny Fiber or $50 m/c or visa gift card. Those who want to enter the competition, please message me your Full Body picture along with scale pictures showing your weight in a private message ASAP!! Then a weekly scale picture is due every Monday, must have a scale to participate. Not to worry pictures will not be posted on my page, these are just for my record. Click here to join then comment on my Pinned Post: STARTED ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS, YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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The awkward moment when you serve a regular customer in drive thru who you recognise from the 2012 season of biggest loser...
The weather is getting nicer, we strarted the biggest loser at work so time to get walking 2/3 hours a day with the dog to get us back in shape for the summer.
Let's see what my followers, friends, teammates and most importantly, my coach, think of me. I leave for Mexico on Sunday and I have, lovely, windgate sprints on the agenda for this evenings workout. On a scale from 1-10, 1 = im already on vacation and 10 = The tv reality show, Biggest Loser, last chance workout; how hard will I go?
Let the games begin. The biggest loser begins tomorrow at work and I plan to be in shape by the time summer begins!
Today was weigh in for our Biggest Loser at work. Today I weigh 235 pounds. We shall see what happens that the end of April. Meanwhile, I need to stop eating all these sweets. HELP!
So I had a LARGE 4-way Skyline Chili for dinner expecting to weigh in for April's biggest loser only to find out they are not doing it this month. I feel bad for whoever is next to me while I am working out.
Biggest loser weigh in done, and momma has some work to do! Let's get this done!
Week 4 Biggest Loser Contest at work: lost 2 more lbs. Total lost : 13 :)
So excited to start this challenge of biggest loser with my friends and some family ! Since my surgery I have lost 55 pounds but going slow I'm ready to kick start it and win !! Lol !
NBC's The Biggest Loser is hosting an open casting call at Planet Fitness in Revere, Massachusetts on Saturday, April 12th between 10 a.m - 6 p.m. The show is heading into their 16th season and they are hoping to meet potential contestants. They are seeking families of 4 or more (18+) as well as ind...
Weight loss magic soup, biggest loser recipe, 10lbs it's on!!
When Rachel Frederickson won The Biggest Loser last season, her dramatic loss of 155 pounds (over half her starting weight) raised concerns that she was too skinny. That she might have some problems to work through. That a televised weight-loss competition maybe isn't the healthiest way to get in sh...
The Maury Povich set must be either a) on the ground floor or b) on reinforced earthquake-proofed beams. I say this based on the sheer tonnage per capita of guests in any given episode. Sweet Lord, this show could only be more "this is why the terrorists hate us" if it involved the gross wasting of food (ala Biggest Loser) and literal burning of cash and international flags. And yet... Why can't I turn away?!?!
I believe we would see more women eating like athletes in the fitness industry, and less women eating like they are on The Biggest Loser, if we see more of the following. ...Stop following old school coaches who do not know nearly as much as they want women to believe. Some of these coaches / teams have a 100+ marks. I mean clients. ...Do not compete early on, take a few years to build a foundation (no dieting). Even in bikini women look better on stage with a few years of strength training behind them. ...Stop competing every other month, adding muscle and building a metabolism takes time. Google "reverse dieting", read all the articles, watch all the videos. .Long breaks have done many people good. ...Finally do not make competing and looking fit, your entire identity. .How about using what you have built in the gym, to hike Superior Trail, MN, go climbing for a week in the Sierra Nevada, CA, or go kayaking in Glacier Bay, Alaska. .My point is, you are so much more than competing and looking fit, belie ...
Going Going, Back Back to Cali Cali :) Camping with my Pops, David Montanbeau Sr. in Nor Cal for a few days, then drum roll please. I'm going to The "Biggest Loser" Resort in Malibu with my dear friend Suzanne McKenna! Then it's some business meetings and then April 13th it will be the Par-Tay of the year I'm throwing in Hollywood!
James Thompson is the biggest loser, lying, cheating, POS.. don't worry baby.. It will be just fine..Washtenaw county jail ain't so bad
If you don't Like and Share this then you have no heart (just kidding...I hate it when people do that on a post...) Anyway, my Big Results Project challenge just ended. 100% free, no purchases, no Beachbody accounts, no selling, no hype...just a straight up "Biggest Loser" style weight loss challenge in honor of my friend Adriel who died way too early and got serious about health and fitness just a little too late. The stats: 403.2 total pounds lost in the group since Jan 1. Winner: 15.2% of body weight lost 2nd place: 13.5% 3rd place: 11.68% The winner got a free copy of Focus T25 (yes, the entire program...brand new worth $120), the 2nd and 3rd place got gift cards (all going in the mail today). Why is it all free? Because this is about something greater than a business and greater than products and greater than money. It's about paying it forward. Another one starts on April 14th. ANYONE can be in it.
BIGGEST LOSER UPDATE! We had the pleasure of meeting Michael and Cheryl Scott yesterday. Cheryl nominated her husband last week for a shot at our free entry into our Biggest Loser Contest. What an amazing story she shared with us! We would also like to thank everyone for liking and sharing their stories as well. We are so excited that we're just days away from making some big lifestyle changes in some amazing people's life! Congratulations Michael and Cheryl!
So who wins Biggest Loser at school, winning 120.00? This girl
Well surgery next week but found out today that I will be on a liquid diet for 2 to 3 weeks afterwards then a soft diet for 2 weeks then normal food... Weight loss coming yeah and today my BFFF Kara Beth asked if I wanted to do a Biggest Loser Contest with her cause she needs competition to loss weight... Lol are u ready Kara?
That's It I'm doing it!!! I'm going to audition to be on The Biggest Loser!! SO EXCITE!
Biggest loser half way weigh in today...didn't get the cash price but even second place is winning when your down 24.2lbs! Proof that bridging the gap between the fruits/vegetables we should eat and do eat helps you crave healthier unprocessed crap! I've taken my life back, one day at a time, one meal at a time! Thank you Juice Plus+!
I love this story. This is Jill, she auditioned to be on the show "The biggest loser" and almost made it. Before that her friend had been trying for awhile to get her to try the nutritional system I LOVE so much, to which Jill said.. "Tell you what, if I don't make it on to the show, I'll try your program"... so Jill made it to the final cut, but didn't get on. LUCKY FOR HER!!! Jill got on the all natural nutritional system and dropped MORE WEIGHT than the contestants on the show The Biggest Loser!! Before starting this program, Jill had 20 BEFORE PICTURES... Guess what she finally has?! . You got it! Her after picture.
Congratulations to the following people. They have been selected to receive front line passes for this years NBC Biggest Loser OKC Open Casting.. Now What I would really like is to put together a support group to go with them when they audition!! We need to influence these casting people so our contestants are given every consideration. I don't have a time yet but when I get one I'll let you know it will be on April 19th. I would like a big group wearing our BlChickasha T-Shirts to be there when our selected people are there to be auditions. Please let me know if you want to be a part of something MUCH bigger than ourselves that could really be an opportunity of a life time for our contestants. :) Good luck guys and gals!!! 1. Joel Schroeder 2. Ken Davis (Tuffy) 3. Kyle Farley 4. Kekula Hussay 5. Michelle Holding 6. Misty Shelton 7. Joshua Esquenazi 8. Crystal Smith
This may not work for going on a biggest Loser kick. But I bet it taste good. Lol
Woohoo! Just found out I'm in the top 5 for the biggest loser. 1 week left.
So I just entered a Biggest Loser Contest at work
The BIGGEST LOSER 16 CASTING TOUR JUMPS OFF THIS WEEKEND IN LOS ANGELES on Saturday, April 5th from 10am-6pm! This season we are looking for individuals, former athletes and families of four (18+) who have 100+ lbs. to lose! Tell someone you love and be sure to pre-register if you can attend the casting call at the official Biggest Loser Casting Website!
J-L 12 WEEK BIGGEST LOSER RESULTS: 1st Place goes to Clint Hunold with a total of 12.52% loss, wins $216 2nd Place goes to Josh Gosnell with a total of 12.51% loss, wins $108 3rd Place goes to Tiffany Smith with a total of 9.76% loss, wins $36 4th Place goes to Scott Fedler with a total of 8.36% loss, wins a free drink. I have pictures of everyone but they are on my computer that crashed, I am taking it in to get fixed (I HOPE IT'S FIXABLE, IT HAS ALL MY BAR STUFF ON IT), as soon as I hear something from them, I will let you know. SORRY!!! GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE THAT STUCK WITH IT AND LOST WEIGHT!!!
Pirates is the biggest loser I'm no longer a fan
We've got so much to celebrate, we're going to do it all week!! Congratulations to our second place winner of the Biggest Loser Challenge 4: Dayna DY Carlton! ★
I reached my 1st goal is winning the Biggest Loser Challenge at work in 12 weeks I lost 29.4 pounds and I have about 18 more pounds to go. My 2nd goal is to lose 35 pounds by next week since I turn 35 years old. I couldn't do all this weight loss with out my partner in crime my best friend My wifey and to my gym !
1st weigh a month into the biggest loser challenge at Atomic gym. Down from 208 to 191 and 25% bmi to 20!! Nicole True Armstrong Darin Bubica Ashley Paige Jabuka
Final Weigh In for Biggest Loser competition at work. I hit the weight loss cap that they put on the contest!!! In 9 weeks I am down 15 lbs, 3% body fat and a total of 10 inches. Largest loss in my waist (2.75 inches), hips (2 inches) and legs (2.5 inches). This gets me a little closer to my ultimate goal!!!
Well I'll be... Biggest loser this week! This month's choices are next month's body! WORK IT!
I was shocked when i discovered who the biggest loser is in the bible,some of you are thinking that its Judas no it aint, how about the devil, well...yeah but not the biggest. The biggest loser in the bible is G-d HE lost HIS top ranking angel, the first man HE ever created and woman,the whole earth and its fullness,a third of the angels(at least) thats a big loss brother just down the drain ~KENNETH COPELAND
I started my journey with Vi, 3 years ago called Transformation Takeover. I have personally trained with 8 clients from a reality show called Biggest Loser. I started with season 6 training a couple that was Voted off and I had 4 months to take the wife from 190lbs to 1...
Big Gav from Batemans Bay. Or is it Commando Steve from Biggest Loser? He rides a WR250F. And likes mini golf.
* PEOPLE ASK ME HOW MY PROGRAM IS NOT ANOTHER DIET? THIS STORY SIMPLY EXPLAINS HOW WE TAKE YOU FROM THE WEIGHT LOSS MINDSET TO CREATING OPTIMAL HEALTH! Jennifer's story from the NBC's Biggest Loser * Meet Jennifer - she was a contestant on the popular weight loss show NBC'S BIGGEST LOSER & NOW PART OF OUR TEAM OF HEALTH COACHES HELPING OTHERS OBTAIN THE BALANCED LIFESTYLE. Here is her "Life after Loser" story: "For 2 stressful years after losing 114lbs on NBC’s Biggest Loser, I struggled with balance in my life. Working out vigorously 6 days a week and consuming an “immaculate” diet was the only way I thought I’d see the results to reach my goal weight once and for all, but I couldn't seem to take off more than 10 pounds. After Biggest Loser, my overall health goals were to create a balanced lifestyle but clearly I wasn't living it. Frantic to keep hold of my success on the scale, I was consumed with planning my workouts, shopping for food and prepping meals on my days off, obsessed with what I wa ...
Wouldn't it be awesome to have Rob Ford on Celeb Rehab and then have him and his brother Doug on the Biggest Loser.
Biggest Loser Contest (sponsored by elite nutrition) $20 entry fee. All money is paid to winners. Contact me to enter!
Ok friends, here's the question you can answer to WIN Cher/Pat Benatar tickets on March 26, 2014 at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Tx. This is Jeremy "Beavis" Hamilton who is one of our contestants in our Biggest Loser Contest... How much did Beavis weigh in this photo? Submit your answer in the comments below and the first to guess correctly wins.if nobody guesses the exact weight by 4pm today, then the person who gets the closest to the correct weight wins... In this last scenario, if there are multiple people in the closest guess, I will submit a tie breaker question and the first to answer it correctly will win. So be watching at 4pm and be ready to answer if we don't have a correct guess winner by then! Bonham Chrysler employees not eligible to win...
Guess who's in the lead for the Biggest Loser Contest @ work? Yep! ME! :) I told olé boy not to challenge me. Lol. sn: I still have no idea what the prize is. Lol
TV Weight Loss & are they entertaining, inspiring, infuriating Reality shows about weight loss dominate television. Why have they become so popular? And are they entertaining, inspiring, infuriating —or all of the above? with former Biggest Loser Contestant Ken Canion While the shows' focus on...
I don't watch the Bachelor but from what you all are saying sounds like the girl that gets Juan Pablo also automatically wins the "Biggest Loser".
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The end of this Biggest Loser Contest can't get here soon enough!. I've got NomNomNoms on reserve, spilling out the container...
Dolvett Quince from the Biggest Loser. Handsome fellow with a big heart
I'm in a "Biggest Loser" contest at work which I thought I was sure to win until they mentioned it has something to do with weight loss.
Let's give a big round of applause to Arrow!!! Arrow is in our Biggest Loser Contest and has already lost 3 lbs!
How are you doing so far in our Biggest Loser Contest?!
Thank you! We are doing it as part of my gym's Biggest Loser Contest. Should be fun. :)
last season's Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson lost 105 pounds during the contest, which is almost 60% of...
Follow Jaguar Land Rover of the Gulf Coast's Biggest Loser Contest here!
Thanx Not likely that Christie will escape but if he does and nominates him, he's sure to be th…
Hugh well done to our first BOLTONS BIGGEST LOSER winner Martin, who lost 2st 1lb in the 6 week challenge!
Clearly I don't wanna talk to you anymore you must be the biggest loser if you wanna talk to me. Move on 😂✋
I love watching the Biggest Loser, it makes me realise I have it easy!!!
after evaluation, have to say the biggest loser in the STL-BUF deal was SJ losing out on Ott. Coulda really used a center to backup Thornton
I would like to say congratulation to Florence Fitzpatrick for first place winner and Bernard Curnew for second place in our last Biggest Loser Contest ,hats of to them both ,
Biggest Loser does not work long term
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I'm literally the biggest loser I know. Got Mrs. Norbury for the Mean Girls quiz and now Neville Longbottom for the HP quiz.
I just pumped out a workout with Biggest Loser Club!
The Biggest Loser Club is an online weight loss system which empowers you to change your life in the comfort of your own environment.
Experiencing God with Ken Andrews of Biggest Loser season 11 at Sweet Life NCN Women's Conference Modesto, CA
Fun free group fit camps Lose weight fast Gain more lean muscle Biggest loser challenge And more. Get in the best shape of your life in a fun group environment. Get the knowledge and learn the skills you need to lose the weight and keep it off.
Great Saturday morning class today! If you are participating in Warrior Dash, MOAB's Biggest Loser or just looking to get into shape, this is a great class for you. Remember, next Saturday, March 8th, class will be held at Northgate High school stadium. See you there at 9:45 AM!
Oscars 2014: 10 things you didn't know about the awards Written by: Deepu Madhavan | Updated: March 01, 2014 10:43 IST Every Oscar statuette has a unique serial number engraved in its base New Delhi: Oscar day is almost here and this is your time to rise and shine among your friends with a display of some impeccable 'Oscar IQ'. While almost all your fellow Oscar-philes will know that the Academy Awards got their 'Oscar' branding from the remark by the Academy's executive secretary that the statue looked like her "Uncle Oscar", not everyone will know that this name wasn't used till 1939, a decade after the first awards were handed out. Check out some more interesting facts about the Oscars. 1. The first Academy Awards ceremony, which was held in a banquet room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in 1929, was also the shortest in history. It only lasted a meagre 15 minutes as all the winners had been notified beforehand. The longest Oscar ceremony was that of 2002, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, which ran for 4 h ...
Biggest Loser hits a new low. Kara Mantle Coleman just tried to run me down in the Freddie's parking lot. I had a chicken sandwich and ice tea!!!
It's no secret that "The Biggest Loser" is unhealthy. Outlets like The New York Times itemized the hazardous medical implications of such extreme and rapid weight loss as early as 2010. Yet, the "Biggest Loser" is flawed beyond t...
I am the worlds biggest loser and my sister Crystal, is the most beautiful sister in the entire universe. Also, Elizabeth Grace is the most beautiful little girl in the entire universe. .Hacked by your loving sister, Crystal. XOXO
of course you're gonna love it bc it'll be one of a kind. and nope you are the biggest loser I know
Rampage has the cardio AND body of a Biggest Loser Contestant that took a last place finish.
My dad has been doing the biggest loser challenge at the Apple and I couldn't be prouder but now he thinks he can wear all my clothes
disagree. Mo will be be sleeping by round 2. He has the cardio of a Biggest Loser Contestant.
Okay...cats kinda outta the bag.trying out for Q99- Grande Prairie's Biggest Loser again! Had try outs this morning at CrossFit VO2 Max ...and more tomorrow! Please please please!!! If begging's not beneath me. Absolutely ANYway, shape, OR form. Was great for a full year after my adventure and then got sick for about 6 weeks and went completely off the rails during that time.and never got that wagon back on the tracks after that. I am hoping that this is my chance to do just that!! I have NEVER loved working out UNTIL VO2 came into my life.I want you back VO2...we took a break...I left you.that separation didn't work out...I didn't enjoy it.come back to me...we can work this out...I know it!
Happy Birthday to the biggest loser I know 😊🎉🎊
after 6 weeks + over 95lost, this Biggest Loser team is SMOKIN' HOT! Ya'll make me so proud.
Morgan was home watching his favourite TV show - The Biggest Loser! “Ko pane ambovaonawo here?
So excited biggest loser has started back at Goshin Dojo! Had a kick butt workout this morning! Ate a healthy lunch and now helping dad move a stack of fresh cut wood! Woohoo burning those calories! Going mad hard for this competition since I have a wedding to prepare for! :)
lol greatest gym leader?! More like biggest loser. Can't even get Nurse Joy and she's a ***
We had such a big success with our first Biggest Loser Contest that we have decided to have a second one!! Starting March 3, 2014 @ 6pm, we will have our first meeting. Anyone wanting to join can do so then!! Lets make this one an even bigger success!!! Join us on Ma...
DJ Jordan! The mix maker! Perfect music to motivate you to start your BIGGEST LOSER GOAL! Come to push…
Another reason why I could not start the Biggest Loser till Monday. Ironton=Nan's cooking. You're…
Today makes 3 months with the biggest loser I know.☺️
The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition: Doubles is an upcoming Philippine reality television that will be aired on ABS-CBN. The show will be the second season of The Biggest Loser Pinoy …
Day one of biggest loser! Hoping to be down 7 pounds by April 1
Thinkin bout the biggest loser coz im so ashamed of myself
Forreal look like the biggest loser sittin in lagerheads by myself for 10 minutes cuz can't be on time for lunch
Em back Upload ako ng 3 epi ng Pure Love taz biggest loser taz movie time(and i love u so) then Pure Love ulet ok? Nag dinner na kau?hihi -Hanna♥
Think biggest loser kicked my *** .woke up & my legs are sore lol well just laying here watching Tia & Tamera & I thought it was so cute she told her sister that she can't live without her...I miss my sister soo muchh :(
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Happy 18th to the biggest loser i know! dicksonracer1
Lmao sounds like the Biggest Loser Contest at work lol
'Biggest Loser' judge shocked by winner's appearance: Jillian Michaels admits she was just as...
The surprising truth about life after 'The Biggest Loser'
Episode avail. now! Webmaster Malcolm joins to discuss road courtesy, viral marketing, The Biggest Loser, + more! …
My job is doing the biggest loser Challenge. I need to get down to 117 by dec and I will win 200 bucks.
I added a video to a playlist THE BIGGEST LOSER March 3, 2014 Teaser
Morning everyone - I am about to head out and thought I would check in.How is everyone's day? Race? How did you do? Training? What's on tap? It is going to 80 degrees today and tomorrow the high will be 45. I see my long run on the treadmill tomorrow. I hope to get in 7 miles ramping up for my HM at the end of the month The Biggest Loser RunWalk Race Series
Ok so the fun begins today was the first weigh in day for the Biggest Loser Contest at work wish me luck
If you looked at my bookshelf you'd think I was the biggest loser nerd dork in the entire world
Celebrating today!! The hardest thing I have ever done in my life..The Biggest Loser at Core Club...but the best thing!!!Lost 20.6 lbs in 8 weeks..Thank you to my daughter Lindsay Gorman who encouraged me to do this and who made dinners and kept the house clean and going while I was at the gym every night!love her..thank you to Janice my trainer ..for pushing me and challenging me to be my personal best..finally fit and fifty something!Just joined the maintenance to keep it was too *** hard to loose it!
What a great first week of biggest loser . Thanks to all my AMAZING teammates . Love y'all Faith Quibodeaux Beckwith, Lindsey Girouard, Suzette Benoit Leonards and Jade Blakely Guidry !! Thanks for the motivation and support ladies.
One more week and I have completed 4 week plan on biggest loser! I'm so proud of my self cause I usual quite after the second week and I went all the way.then to start the 8week plan. I guess when someone said I was 400lbs that made me prove them wrong.Thanks ashley underwood for your ignorance it was my motivation.
Ladies...I am so proud of you all! Don't forget the Squat challenge. Tracy...I heard you loud and clear.I'll have just what you want...Soon! Lol!!! 2 more weeks before the conclusion of the Biggest Loser Challenge. Who's gonna win?!?! Congratulations to Gloria James...she's our big winner today! SEE YOU GUYS NEXT WEEK!!!
Check out this sweet EXTREME poster of my winning biggest loser team. Poster done by
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Today's Biggest Loser challenge will involve a bullwhip, a cattle prod, and three disgruntled nuns.
Won the Biggest Loser weight loss competition at work two months in a row. Down 32 lbs since Jan. 6th, and $110 richer. Pretty stoked and feeling great.
Biggest Loser Week Eight results are in- This weeks biggest loser is ME ! I did not lose the most weight but we do %'s so I won by a nose --- everyone is still at it and no one gained --- slow but steady --- Vegas, we are getting ready! Have to be honest here and give a shout out to Veneta, she is determined and doing amazing, has lost over 12% of her weight in just 8 short weeks - whereas I am just under 10% - she is looking great and I am so proud of her --- of all of us! Next week I am voting for Team Adam who was upset he didn't lose what he wanted to lose this week so I am sure will be more determined next week to kick some A$$ - of course a vote against Veneta or Emma will only serve to inspire them so stay tuned for week nine, this should be a fun one !
So, CLIENTS, make sure Mike Burgess gets your measurements asap to stay in the competition. He's got my book in the drawer. We still need to find our biggest loser for February! Also, who can't wait till I can come back?
Hello Friends! We have a unique opportunity to show the First Lady and the world that Bodies of ALL SIZES can move beautifully. Today is the last day of the First Lady's hashtag campaign to celebrate her Let's Move program. Many of you know that this program has had its problems including its focus on weight loss and the First Lady's appearance on the Biggest Loser shows. What you may not know is that there is a group of people (called WSSG) in the eating disorders and body acceptance community including Deb Burgard, Chevese Turner and Lizabeth Wesely-Casella. They have been actively meeting with the First Lady's staff in Washington D.C. to help make "Let's Move" more body positive. This is where you come in. Michelle Obama's group is celebrating Let's Move this week by asking Americans to "show us how you move" by posting photos with the hashtag . The special group working on weight stigma issues with Michelle's campaign is posting photos of people of all different sizes with the hashtag . And th ...
★HЙ★ Armed&Dangerous was just iced by Mickel, which brings the body count to 147,873 rivals. Mickel just brought the body count to 147,872 by icing ☠xNBKx☠ Biggest Loser {Cabal}.
☠xNBKx☠ Biggest Loser {Cabal} was just iced by Dijana, which brings the body count to 215,045 rivals.
Bangladesher cricket team is the biggest loser in the world
Congratulations biggest loser this week for Dionne. Just shy of 2kgs from Mondays weigh in.
New post (Jillian Michaels on Rachel Frederickson's 'The Biggest Loser' weight ...) has been published on Get Fit Bookmark
Jillian Michaels was just as shocked. The Biggest Loser trainer finally opened up about Season 15 winner Rachel Frederickson's dramatic weight loss, noting that she had no idea that the former high school swimmer had dropped a staggering 155 pounds by the show's series finale."Nobody told me like, '
You're the biggest loser I know but you're mahh nigguh (; Don't leave your phone laying around fool(: ~Kailee Rena(:
Biggest loser Cardio Max kicked my butt. Going to be sore later. But I plan on doing it again tomorrow.
TODAY IS MEASUREMENT DAY! Come in from 10-4 today and get your measurements done for the Biggest Loser Contest! So excited to see everyone's numbers! The person with the most overall inches lost will win 3 months free AND will be entered into a contest across Canada to win a VT-15A machine worth $2099!
Bootcamp 8am Saturday...starting March without skipping a beat.a lot of great measurements yesterday...keep it up.biggest loser folks also killed it.PRs are going out the roof with remarkable improvement...lets get it started!!!
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We're starting a Biggest Loser-like friendly weight loss competition at work on Monday. As a start to see where I'm standing I jumped on the scale this morning, and I'm down 4 pounds from where I was when I agreed to participate. Hrmm... thinking I'll wear heavy jeans and a sweater for the first weigh in to make up for this unintended (but wholy welcome) deficit. Wish me and money on the line!
2. Losing Weight Is A Lifestyle, Not A Diet Here in America we unfortunately have what I call the "Biggest Loser mentality," which is what we see on weight-loss shows or diet infomercials that show us ways to lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible. This mindset is why we go on all these starvation or deprivation "diets." With a mentality that extreme, it's tough to make it a lifestyle.
The devil will fight you tooth & nail,he would try to destroy your reputation, he will send your best friend to betray you when it matters Most,your beloved ones will hurts you real hard,your punch line will become an easy target for him,he won't rest nor sleep ESPECIALLY when he discovered that the Host of Heaven have BOOKMARK you for Supernatural ATTENTION,take it with strides on your knees, that moment you NOTICED this above's going to be TEMPORAL bcos you have been EARMARKED for BLESSINGS,FAVOR, FRUITFULNESS and Last but not the least your DELIVERANCE is standing behind you to lift you up,to wipe away your Tears,to turn your mourning into dancing,to wrap his arms of comfort around you,to give you that which you have been moaning to achieve since all this while..Jump up and SHUT the Devil up because his Nickname is the BIGGEST LOSER of all Ages... Can I have A witness to this words from the Throne of GRACE..."You can't be A Target to the Devil without A cogent Reason of your awaiting Ble ...
I want to be in the biggest inspired! Sana meron sa ust. Sasali ako...
Watching Biggest Loser Doubles makes us miss how Coach Jim & Coach Toni pushed us! Awwe ;))
..still watching the biggest loser... nila:) lng ng go fRAncis
Day 1 of our Biggest Loser Challenge is underway! What do you think? Comment below.
You have until tonight to sign up for the Biggest Loser Contest! Go to now!
It is time for a challenge here at StayFIT We will be starting March 21st with a kick-off party at 6:30pm The contest is 6 weeks this year so it will finish on May 2nd with a party on the 3rd Prizes for weight loss/body fat loss/inches loss/overall biggest loser/Fitness Challenge Improvement Price is $149 for non-members $49 for members
Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge/Challenge Update: So...I'm beat! Last time I went to the Resort, I participated, but didn't push myself to the limit. I wasn't really there for me, per se. This time, WOW.I have been pushing so so hard! Made my calorie burn goal of 3,000 a day every day so far...even when sneaking away to do KCAL 9 yesterday for a couple of hours. I've also had work to do in between and did a cooking demo there today. I'm now home...just long enough to do Good Day L.A. in the morning (around 9:30 or 9:45 am). Then I'm going straight back through Saturday! I was bummed yesterday because my knee started bugging me since I was literally running large portions of the hikes (yes...if you know me, you know I NEVER EVER workout this hard! But fortunately, the on-staff "Miracle Worker", Ray DiBartolomeo fixed me up last night. And I ran today pain free -- faster than Jillian Michaels makes contestants run on treadmills when she's screaming at them. Ironically Ramon Medeiros (former ...
Via Zumba Fitness tonight 7:15 learn more about the Biggest Loser Contest we will be having in March. Get ready for Summer now.! Woop woop !!!
The delights of ongoing misery MARK LATHAM A few years ago, I described the ABC’s Q and A program as a self-flagellation hour for political tragics. I was fascinated by the way in which conservative commentators complained about it, Araldited to their chairs every Monday night, watching something that made them as miserable as a Biggest Loser Contestant in a fruit market. Call me hedonistic if you will, but I always thought the purpose of life was to enjoy oneself, not to argue incessantly with a television screen. Now my self-flagellation theory has been confirmed by the deputy leader of the National Party, Barnaby Joyce. Recently, he told the Sydney Morning Herald he was “an avid listener” of ABC radio. “It’s a staple, as is the fury of the morning ritual where you turn on the morning news,” he said, providing an insight into the Joyce household. “You spend the whole time screaming at the bias you are listening to, but never wanting to change the channel.” One can imagine the scene in Ba ...
Can we put Kim Jong Un on the Biggest Loser?
Nice work free to air tv, lets not put the Winter Olympics on, lets put a stupid reality tv show like biggest loser on. So glad I've got foxtel.
ANDREW 'Cosi' Costello was a contestant on the Biggest Loser in 2008. As controversy rages over the dramatic weight loss of US contestant Rachel Frederickson, Cosi reveals his experience on the show.
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.5 events on live. Tough choice with only 2 channels. However, biggest loser and figure skating replays are the worst options
I dont know who is the biggest loser, the singletons looking for love on this morning or me pissing myself at them.
SURVEY Predicts 200+ SEATS 4 BJP, 227 SEATS 4 BJP LED NDA IN 2014 LS POLLS; 89 FOR CONGRESS !! Support Modi as next PM - To build a vibrant India Donate to Bharatiya Janata Party. Bharatiya Janata Party will emerge as the front-runner in the upcoming general election, according to the Times NOW-C Voter national poll projection unveiled on Thursday. The latest pre-poll survey predicts a big surge for BJP from the last election, taking the seat count for the National Democratic Alliance that it leads to 227, just 55 short of a simple majority. That compares with 159 Lok Sabha seats for NDA in 2009. The findings are in line with those of recent opinion polls. The poll projection gives Aam Aadmi Party three out of seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi and one each in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Haryana and a Union Territory, making up a total seven for the debutant political party. The biggest loser, according to the survey, will be the ruling Congress party. The Grand Old Party is expected to win just 89 se ...
the only show I watch on tv is The Biggest Loser xD
Happy Valentine's day to the biggest loser around x
Watching the biggest loser and thinking god I'm glad I don't get yelled out when trying to my best even tho it's words of encouragement for them
Me: "have you seen that lady on the biggest loser with the red face?" Yana: "is she the fat one?"
Pretty sure the Winter Olympics is more important then the biggest loser
We should have biggest loser come to Cully
I've realise that Natalie is actually such a loser. She's the biggest loser I know. My loser
Moral of 'The biggest loser'. Work hard and don't inject players with unapproved supplements and you won't be exiled for 12 months
Biggest screwed up day major loser right now jesus help me 😭
Watching Biggest Loser - Makes me proud of these contenders who go in here to change their life, especially when they win something even they didn't realise they could win. Best Part - THE COMMANDO omfg that man can get it with his fine *** ! Yes yes I have my selfish reasons TO WATCH IT lmfao! :P
Publicity stunt. Trainer on biggest loser making the contestants break wood with their fist, they all got it in one go.. If I tried
What do you think of the Biggest loser?   10% Off
If the biggest loser doesn't end with a battle royale pitting Ararat against Stawell the show has done nothing good.
Man I don't think the biggest loser will be happy til they kill someone. I mean what a stupid challenge to set up.
they moral of The Biggest Loser: dont work hard and lose weight or you will get voted out by weak people
So much drama on the biggest loser. I hope Kev is ok though
Now 2lbs off losing 3 stone since christmas, who needs the biggest loser USA! 12st 2lbs!
Question. Just turned on channel 10 waiting for Olympics. If these people on biggest loser can't keep up.
Biggest Loser's Rachel Frederickson may have been 'too enthusiastic' about ...
Reliance is holding arnab's balls mate. if he barks, ambani will squeeze his balls. arnab-=biggest loser.
THE BIGGEST LOSER: There's a scuba diver in the pool waiting for them to fall in the water.
The Biggest Loser is ma faaave show.
So There the Winter Olympics on Biggest Loser on and Glee on Right Now.
Happy birthday to the biggest loser I know. I swear you get gayer and gayer each year but you are my…
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Watching Biggest Loser big Kev just went in the drink wat pressure
Channel 10 are showing The Biggest Loser. Personally I would rather watch more professional athletes at the Winter Olympics... Then fat people trying to workout.
I don't envy the contestants on the biggest loser at all.
Just flicked past Biggest Loser. Reminiscent of movie They Shoot Horses Don't They.
Watching the biggest loser.. Quote dad "do you wanna see the fat person fall in the water honey ?"
Saw myself suddenly on Biggest Loser 😱 Catch that episode tomorrow where Coach Rio and I will be guest trainers :)
Oh! Biggest Loser with treadmills hanging over a pool! Shame they're so fat they'll float and not drown.
Love what Hayley is wearing on biggest loser tonight 👍
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