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Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is a television show broadcast in many countries.

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Attention Big Fluffy Fosters and Adopters: We need to have a Canine Biggest Loser Challenge and we're hoping that you can help! Please meet Macon, Marietta, Marlow, Mercer, Marc and Meryl (not pictured) These guys and gals came to us when their elderly owners passed away. They are nice dogs who have lived an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. They get along with everyone and everything. They are wonderful and would like help with one thing: they all, for health's sake, need to lose some weight. Folks, these dogs are what we are politely describing as "on the heavy side." Their owners clearly spoiled them rotten, and by "rotten" we mean they probably fed them everything they weren't supposed to have i.e cheeseburgers, donuts, French fries and also let them spend their days sunning outside and lying on the couch as opposed to running marathons. Some of us can relate to eating things we probably shouldn't, especially with the Holiday season fast approaching, so cut them some slack. The challenge, should you ch ...
By Melissa Siegel Photo: Reuters Jillian Michaels believes producers fired her from Biggest Loser instead of agreeing to her requests. Presumably she wanted
biggest sore loser: CR7, Drogba and Roger de Sa - in that order.
Off the top of your head, how many diet plans can you name... Zone Ketogenic Atkins South Beach Weight Watchers Jenny Craig Nutri System Metabolic Weight Loss HCG DASH Mediterranean Vegetarian Somercize/Food Combining Eat Right for your Blood Type Volumetrics Biggest Loser Flat Belly Paleo Glyemic Index Flexatarian (what?) Macrobiotic Medifast Raw Food Xyng Zeal What do they all have in common? They require self control to be successful. How many have you tried? How many have you failed? Consider the fact that the common denominator may not be you ... it could be your gut! If you have candida (yeast overgrowth) then the deck is solidly stacked against you. The more you try to resist your cravings the stronger they will become. The ONLY way for you to overcome is to address you gut issues with a probiotic regimen, regular bowel movements and getting your blood sugar under control. Plexus has a system to address all of these issues! And who knows, you may be able to ditch all the diets above!!! 60 day money ...
Great day today! Awesome spin this morning along with the new personal training group at 9:45am! Loving every minute of growing the studio and being apart of the wonderful people who come to the Studio! Cant wait to hear more success stories tonight from last weeks Biggest Loser Challenge! So far two people down 10 pounds from eating the 7 day food plan and working out more!
I've lost 45 pounds since January and I won the Biggest Loser Contest at the Edwardsville, Illinois DC
Even Australians, as gullible, simple, dumb, and politically pig-ignorant as the biggest loser.
Man my legs and gluteus Maximus are killing after my workout last night to Biggest Loser cardio DVD.Bob kicked my butt!!
I'm bringing it BACK! "The Biggest Releaser" (formerly the Biggest Loser) Contest is back and of course you know the Grand Prize is $500.00!!! Create the best health and ideal weight you have ever been in AND potentially WIN $$$!!! Starting October 15th and ending December 1st. Inbox me for details, I am accepting 10 contestants ONLY.
Today one member told us she's lost 13lbs since starting the Biggest Loser Contest. Another has lost 12. Wherever you look at Tenacity there's someone who is getting fit, gaining energy and having fun. It's truly an amazing feeling. Keep up the hard work and let's do this together!
So my company supports the Biggest Loser Challenge which is awesome BUT they stock the fridge with pop, drawers with chips, twinkies and donuts. Plus we have a giant popcorn machine that starts popping at 8 am.And everyone complains that the scale keeps going up at weigh in time?
Watching the Biggest Loser USA eating cake... I'll do sit-ups after!
Rob kardashian should go on the biggest loser
3 tips for my biggest loser clients 1. Sleep 8 hrs night Sleep is the foundation of a healthy mind healthy body When we don't get enough sleep it disrupts our blood sugar and releases cortisol which will increase weight gain causing your body to reach for caffeine and sugar and processed carbs 2. Drink 1/2 your body weight on ounces a dehydrated body increases risk for weak immune system , pulled muscles and weight gain Hydrated muscle burn fat more efficiently 3. HIIT mixed with cardio It's calories in vs calories out Create lean muscle Alcohol is empty calories binge drinking ; beware the weekends can literally wash out your hard work find balance
3 Reasons to NOT Step On the Scale Today By Steve on October 7, 2010 79 I bet you weighed yourself this morning. Did you like the number you saw, or were you expecting something lower? Did you get overly excited if it was low or unreasonably depressed if it was too high? We’ve all been there, so don’t beat yourself up too much. Seriously, quit hitting yourself. Whenever somebody tells me that he or she is going to get in shape, it’s always something like: “I’m going to lose 50 pounds,” or “If I can just get down to 200, I’ll be good.” I’m here to tell you that you should reconsider stepping on that scale anytime soon. Why? Because although picking an arbitrary number for weight loss is a decent starting point (and it’s definitely good to set goals), your scale certainly doesn’t tell the whole story and can send you on an unnecessary roller coaster of emotions. Yes I do realize most roller coasters are amazing – the emotional ones kind of suck though. Here’s why. 1) Your we ...
Watching the biggest loser and seeing how much carbs and grams of fat is in one piece of pizza, pasta, etc is really appalling.
You need to go to Allen Branch's Fitness One Training Systems and enroll in the Biggest Loser class.
Turf wars. Small business will be the biggest loser on this one. Economies strangled in red tape just don't grow.
Automatic Body and Kim Lyons, trainer from Biggest Loser, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz revolutionize health and fitness with website and a free smart phone app. Get yours at Enter Promo Code: YOURNUTRIE
As a health professional i see lots of obese patients,but i must say that watching the biggest loser makes me sad.
The Biggest Loser Challenge: The Challenge will be from October 13th-November 5th. Weigh in’s will be every Thursdays at 5:30pm. Get your 24 day challenge now!!!
Crying at biggest loser.. Just gets me every time😭😭
Biggest Loser resorts to jump-start healthy lifestyle choices, for some. Would that work for you?
Congratulations to all the Biggest Loser participants!
Jillian Michaels reveals that she didn't quit "The Biggest Loser"
Zap2it First 'The Biggest Loser' episode 4 sneak peek video: Someone is going home before the weigh-in
Each registered participant and finisher will receive the following: Here is your chance to workout with former Biggest Loser Contestants!
Biggest loser beauval edition starts today!!! Eek!
Charlie Weis was kicked off reality show Biggest Loser for eating the competition.
My fall back games stronger that scales at the biggest loser .
This guy right here is the biggest loser I've ever met.
I saw a Top Chef Masters episode last night (on Hulu) that featured contestants (?) from The Biggest Loser. It's not the same scale, obviously, but I think this would be the appropriately self-eggrandizing forum to announce that, since my knee replacement three months ago, I have dropped my walking weight from 170 pounds to 150 pounds. Yep, I gave up 20 unnecessary pounds in the past three months. I'm kind of a loser, myself...
Join my Biggest Loser Challenge! $10 to enter, whatever the $ Pot is, winner takes all!! Push yourself a little harder this month to get to the goals you want. 30 days of comittment, coaching from me and access to a new you. Don't Delay any longer. Comment here to join, I'll add you!!
So Tavia has started this biggest loser thing at work. Im about to get slim lmao
America's hit television reality series, The Biggest Loser, made its debut in October of 2004 and entered its 16th season in September of 2014. With America's obesity problem seemingly out of control, the show hits home to many people struggling with their weight and has gathered a faithful following of viewers. Young and old alike enjoy following along with the lives of the contestants as they struggle to lose weight and fight for the title of The Biggest Loser and a large cash prize. [ 408 more words. ]
Your country should go on the biggest loser because you lost a country and a heckuva lot of tea
Just laid in bed for an hour watching the Biggest Loser while eating peanut butter out of the jar
Congratulations! Thank you for reading my post! Why are you paying a monthly fee for a weight loss program? I have a promo code for our weight loss program for FREE. Kim Lyons, the former trainer from the Biggest Loser will help you on your way! Hurry! Comment Below! — with Kim Lyons-Schlierkamp.
This Thursday the weight loss challenge starts aka Big Fat Loser. It's 4 weeks with weekly weigh ins. $50 gets you in, $5 a week at weigh ins and $1 for every pound you gain. All of the money goes into a pot to be awarded to the biggest losers. At the end of 4 weeks the percent with the highest % of body weight lost gets 75% of the money and 2nd place gets 25%. So far 1st place would win over $500!!! Message either myself or Karen Shelton Parker if you want in.
I’m starting a fitness challenge, like a “Biggest Loser” type of challenge in October! We’ll workout, eat clean, and keep each other ON TRACK! The biggest loser will receive a gift card to the spa worth 50 bucks from me!!It is not too late to fit into those fall jeans! I’m just going to accept 5-6 people in this group because I want it to be a SMALL focus group! Want more details?? Then click LIKE or comment below!
Getting ready to talk to Bob Harper about the 10th anniversary of The Biggest Loser. Any questions?
Biggest Loser starts again next week! Cool if I bring the team down on Tuesday about 5:30pm?
Jillian Michaels reveals she was SACKED from The Biggest Loser
The new female trainer on the Biggest Loser can get it.
It's over and it's done but I'll live on. My time wasted and my peace of mind shattered. I tried so hard and got nothing in return I now all I can do is move on. They say it's not my loss only yours but I feel like the biggest loser.
Me- Dad look the biggest loser is on. Dad- You're on tv?
An 18 year old is on the biggest loser smh
The Biggest Loser has generated insight into metabolic changes that happen with massive weight loss, despite intensive exercise to preserve muscle mass.
Watching biggest loser with mommy and daddy
If you ever wondered what happened to the Quarterback Scott Mitchell well apparently I am not the fattest one. He was in the NFL for 12 years and is now on the next season of "The Biggest Loser"
Sure, but the big boys are nowhere near the country's biggest employers. It's a loser.
De-industrialised Britain is the biggest loser of open trade
Gawd ol Bert Bielema has gotten big as a house.truly the biggest loser material
So which is worse, eating chocolate watching The Biggest Loser or drinking G&Ts watching When a Man Loves a Woman?
Watching The Biggest Loser makes me want to eat the whole time I watch the show.
“is literally the biggest loser I know. I bet. i bet
The Biggest Loser 2014. Beat was produced by Fatboi. -uploaded in HD at
Me: *wakes up from a nap*. Dad: hey wanna watch the biggest loser with me?. Me: *whispers* I am the biggest loser *goes back to nap*
Roland Martin talks to famed Tennis pro Zina Garrison about her weight loss battle and starring on NBC’s ‘Biggest Loser’. Garrison joined the reality show to get…
you might be the biggest loser I know..
This season of the Biggest Loser is gonna be great featured in NBC s Science of Love
I swear the new trainers of the Biggest Loser are just look alikes of Bob & Jillian.
"Tim, step on the scale.". Ok I live with my mom, my best friend is a rabbit named Reggie, I'm unemployed-. "Not how Bigges…
No doubt, but most Americans are totally clueless..too busy watching Biggest Loser, etc.
is the biggest loser I have ever met
is the biggest sore loser I've ever met.. When she said she doesn't like losing.. She means it😳
The lady featured in our picture is Aimie Stafford from Grimsby, and she was last months biggest Loser. In just 5 weeks she lost a total of 2.1Stone. You can easily lose 2 stone in just 4 weeks using this fantastic new fat burner. Take the trial for just 4.99 before Saturday to try it for yourself. Click the pic below to learn more x
hjdgjdks OnoD being the biggest fking loser all episode i love this
I'm literally the biggest loser out there
Does anyone else have an enormous crush on Jen from The Biggest Loser?
Cuddling with the only one that loves me my remi boy and watching biggest loser
biggest loser on the planet. Don't give this fraud a cent.
Biggest Tax Loser: Misguided Gifts of R. Estate. What grand(parents) need to know
How the body compensates with massive weight loss. Research comparing Biggest Loser Contestants with Gastric ByPass
Made Biggest Loser work for their win. We'll get em next time.
instead I stan the biggest loser in kpop history that no one knows
Someone just walked in on me crying while watching The Biggest Loser.
Biggest Loser Vanessa Hayden wants a big wedding now has lost weight: Before Vanessa Hayden was the biggest lo...
:Biggest Loser meets Sex in the City. It's called Lumps in Pumps.
you should win the award for biggest loser. You see what I did there. Seriously though what did you win? Lol
I know. I'm the biggest loser in midway.
"It's biggest loser time, it's biggest loser time, it's daddy's favourite show, it's daddy's favourite show!" 😂😂😂
Watching the Biggest Loser while eating a cheeseburger I love America
I became the biggest loser the day my mom tld me we were moving
Hey guys! I am SO EXCITED. I am helping launch a brand new health and fitness program from former "Biggest Loser" trainer Kim Lyons and they gave me 10 programs to give away absolutely FREE. The only condition is you can't be on the program already! Message me back and I will send you a promo code. Remember, first 10 only, so message me now!
This is really awesome!! I just received a Promo Code that allows people to access the Automatic Body Program for FREE. It's a 2.7 million dollar program that was co-built by former 'Biggest Loser' trainer Kim Lyons and Nutrie. You get a meal and snack guide, a website and a phone app. It slowly changes your diet and habits over a 24 week program by having you do just one small change per week. Kim explains in a video what the one small change is, and then the app reminds you each day of what to do and when. It's like having Kim Lyons in your back pocket telling you exactly what to do. Here's how to get it: Go to Click the green "Promo Code" button in the top right corner Enter the code: FIT4LIFE Fill out the form and enroll That's it! NO PURCHASE REQUIRED! NO CREDIT CARD INFORMATION REQUESTED! Join absolutely FREE!!
Walked about 1/2 hour ( to chilly to do more) cleared my head a for my Thursday night shows Biggest Loser, Big Bang Theory and Big just realized its a "BIG" night!
CHILD EDUCATION PROBLEMS- REASONS = I know they think Brian’s problems are my fault. When I said that I thought he needed more individual help from the LD teacher, they shook their heads. They only "do collaborative" now. They told me I shouldn’t use the word "dyslexia" because it sounds so hopeless. Then they asked how my husband and I wre getting along! (Denise, mother of a boy diagnosed with emotional problems, later found to have severe dyslexia.) Parents of special ed kids often say that they are intimidated, patronized and made to feel guilty and inadequate by staff at their children’s school. These parents feel helpless, frustrated, and defensive. Not surprisingly, parents behave exactly like other human beings when they are blamed or attacked. Feeling threatened and uncomfortable, most parents try to explain and justify their position, in hopes that they will be understood. A few go on the offense, firing volleys of blame back. Many parents find these experiences exquisitely painful and humi ...
Caleb is the biggest tool I ever got to witness live. He's blowing himself tonight to no end. Now he's a country singer?? Loser.
'The Biggest Loser' Season 16 clip: A preview of the season
Interviews with Biggest Loser's season 16 trainers, Dolvett, Jessie and Jennifer!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
is the biggest loser on tv . This guy has a show where he talks trash about people that are actually relevant .
Just got a calendar notification that The Biggest Loser starts tonight. This is my life.
My football coach is on The Biggest Loser tonight! If he gets out the first round, I'm gonna be so bummed.
The biggest winners in the debate are the guys that unscrew and screw in brass plaques. Integrity of the media is the biggest loser
If I don't get nominated for The Biggest Loser mid-bagel, then there isn't enough cream cheese on it.
Fitclub in Waterfall transformation challenge starts on 29 Sept!! Its R350 for 8 weeks... U get an assessment which gives us your bodyfat, visceral fat, metabolic age, bone mass, weight and more. We personalise your eating plan and coach and monitor you weekly... we workout at Fitclub Mon wed anf Fri 8am, 5pm and 6pm... Bonus workouts on Tues, Wed and Thurs We offer small weekly prizes for the biggest losers and a grand prize for the overall winner Its high fun and OUTSTANDING results! I have 12 so far! If you are keen, contact Anthonie Hlife, . they are our new wellness coaches and will be assisting you along with us Looking forward to helping you all become fit, slimmer and healthy
Whose the biggest losers in all these? Obviously the very kids that these imbecile adults were supposedly trying to help, by giving them the leaked questions and told them to memorise all answer scripts in toto. Shame on you! By the way, where is NUTP during all these fiascos ? Are they still breathing? Haven't heard from them for a very long time!
Watching a fitness guru Kim Lyons from biggest loser and listen to what she said when asked about water
TV tonight: 'Quest,' 'Biggest Loser,' 'Bones': What's worth watching, and what might not be, in prime time on ...
In all seriousness though, I missed the Biggest Loser show.
Biggest Loser was on every news channel MT What's on TV tonight? 'The Biggest Loser,' Quest
he is the biggest loser I've ever met. He's embarrassing.
Shawn Windsor: Scott Mitchell gets new beginning on 'Biggest Loser' - Scott Mitchell was an easy target when he...
I always tend to watch biggest loser when im eating. oh well
Happy birthday to the biggest loser I know, have a good day man miss and love you lots x
So Amanda Tyson from the biggest loser responded to my email I sent her yesterday ..nbd 😎
or maybe I'm just the biggest loser at Duke. lmao
i have no work tomorrow AND it's the biggest loser premiere sooo basically i'm happy as a clam :o)
Remembering that the Biggest Loser starts tomorrow night 👏😭🙌🙌
Literally is it april 1st because you must be joking im literally the biggest loser on the planet IM L A M E
Local track coach vying to be 'Biggest Loser': At 283 pounds, Jones decided she not only needed to lose weight...
How would you feel if you were a former athlete and was on The Biggest Loser? I'd feel pretty bad.
Too hype about the biggest loser season premier tomorrow..
Uhuru is the biggest loser in governor of Lamu's case
Stoked for the Biggest Loser to start
if you're a loser then I'm the biggest loser in the world
only a few of 696 pictures we have but happy birthday to the biggest loser I know, love you ugly❤️👳
Season premier of the Biggest Loser tomorrow night... WO🏃💪
After watching biggest loser i feel skinny for once lol!
Both gov campaigns declare themselves the debate winner, but winning line went to promo for season premiere of "Biggest Los…
iHome Gossip: A former Biggest Loser Contestant gets an emotional surprise on Say Yes to the…
The biggest loser is making me sob... I love this stuff
correct. I lose the most. I'm the biggest loser. Wait...
or Bachelor + Masterchef + Biggest Loser mashup where girls vying for Bachie deep fry competitors out of the game
I am guilty of feeling jealous when I watch weight loss shows like the Biggest Loser. I start to feel a little defensive and edgy as they boast their 10 lb per week weight loss. This angry little tape plays in my head: “Sure, weight loss can’t be all that hard when you have a kitchen stocked with he…
I was discussing Biggest Loser program with the uni's physiotherapist earlier today;. Refreshing vibes for an upcoming event🙏
Starting PE weight loss challenge today. 12 weeks. I'm in to be the Biggest Loser! Let's go!
Why is Biggest Loser always on at the gym?
Gaga getting that promo on Biggest Loser with the Edge of Glory playing. 👏
Just finished the biggest loser run/walk a.k.a the most exercise i did all summer
if you wasn't the biggest loser of a Liverpool fan I probably wouldn't mind them
8/31/14 And now for the Announcements. Bring your bucket and donation to help Pastor Kathy with the ALS ice water challenge after worship today. Today, all committees should have their budget requests in to Ann Edwards. Monday: Scouts 7pm Wednesday: Biggest Loser 5:45 pm and Choir 6:30 pm Thursday: F-Troop at King's Chicken and Fish 11:30 am Mark your Calender: Next Sunday: Perfect Attendance will be celebrated during Worship. Sunday School promotion (change of classes) IMPORTANT!: Thursday, 9/11 at 7 pm. NOW Ministries will meet. Absolutely everyone needs to be present. They are Judy Payseur (chair), Jim Eurey, Cynthia Keener, Christa Edwards, Debra Hissom, Dana Ross, Ann Edwards, Vickie Hoke, Cecilia Harkey, Sharon Roberts, Janie Hastings, Tangie Lule', Anna McAbee, and Harlie Roberts. Sunday, 9/14 at 5pm, Administrative Council. CHARGE CONFERENCE is Sunday, October 5th at 4:30 at 1st UMC-Lincolnton. All reports are due by SEPTEMBER 25TH. Committees need to meet as soon as possible. Pastor ...
Rachel Frederickson is crowned The Biggest Loser after shrinking to a tiny 105 lbs I was shocked: Rachel Frederi
So I set up my DVR to record the biggest loser... But it keeps recording all of the Clemson game. 😂😂
Biggest Loser 5K Run/Walk! Goal was to beat 45 minutes. I just ran 3.03 mi @ a 14'38"/mi pace with Nike+.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
So, today is the last day of August. I already have my focus for September. Do you? I am thinking about a Biggest Loser Contest here. Who wants to join? Would a diet bet be better? MSG me, or leave a comment if you want to join me. I will have prizes for the top winners, which will be a point based system.
Thinking this must be how my CrossFit coach decides our WOD:
Sanchez's comments are like me going on The Biggest Loser and talking smack about how thin I am. I ain't thin and Sanchez ain't good.
asks - Who will be the biggest losers from latest sanctions by both the West and Russia? 17% - Average Russians 36% - Average US and EU citizens 31% - Both Russia and the West will suffer equally 16% - The effect will be fleeting, countries adapt quickly
Alarm is set for 5:45am. must be starting the Biggest Loser Challenge again tomorrow!
Ahh I see tryna be on your biggest loser status
The biggest loser of an extra constitutional measure will be Imran Khan. PML-N will get another lease of life. Remember that.
Obviously people of Pakistan will also be the loser. The biggest loser. no question on that
Nothing says healthy like eating chocolate while watching the Biggest Loser
Cheering on daughter thru biggest loser half marathon thru downtown up delaware and back to Canal side finish
It's a go for the Biggest Loser Half Marathon!!!
"We talk a lot on 'Biggest Loser' about how fitness is a n..".
I watched the 3 hr Celebrity Apprentice finale and the 3 hr Biggest Loser finale back to back last wonder I have a headache today
is watching the Biggest Loser. I love this show!
Watching the finale of the Biggest Loser. GO JERRY! He's leading for the $100,000 prize amp; he's 64!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Hey girl, I hope you like reality TV because I'm the Biggest Loser
Watching the Biggest Loser finale, just in awe.
The way I eat on this schedule will either put me on the show My 600 Pound Life or make the Biggest Loser winner look bad.
Got the little one down for a nap...watching the Biggest Loser finale from last night!!!
A warm welcome to the 24 challengers enrolled for Bikram's Biggest Loser! Showing up to class is the…
'Biggest Loser' finalist bikes across country with message: Ostaszewski says the greatest benefit that has com...
Watching the Biggest Loser. Mike is a stud muffin. Little worried about the extra skin under that shirt though.
Changes since the start Biggest Loser competition in March till now
is watching Biggest Loser with Amy. This is the only reality competition I will watch.
Cracking episode with and Dave Anthony on Never watched Ajay on Biggest Loser, but she's a…
Former NFL QB Scott Mitchell will be on next season's "Biggest Loser" to drop from his current weight of 366 lbs. http:…
HuffPost Live: "Biggest Loser" host Alison Sweeney says you can't be truly healthy...
Grizzly volleyball working out at Red Rocks with Biggest Loser trainer Chris Powell
How about Jenna Wolfe taking over for Jillian Michaels next season on Biggest Loser?
Feeling like the biggest loser ever😔
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I was 21 years old when I was a contestant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser in 2007. Cast as one of the “outlaws” on Jillian Michaels’ team, I found myself on a scale, in front of millions of people each
"I think I'm gonna be On the biggest loser when I'm older" -Erin Gleason
Got us eating dam baked chicken in the caf like we on the biggest loser or somethin.
I honestly don't know why people think I'm cool because I'm honestly the biggest loser lol
Such bs that Jill isn't coming back to biggest loser.
Texting someone something and they don't reply aka feeling like the biggest loser on the face of the earth.
Haters, lairs, bigots, racist, they should all be deported, because their what's wrong with this country. Our president and his family have had to endure some of the most despicable horrifying assaults from the biggest losers of all time, the backward, narrow-minded, unclean, uneducated field mice, tea party. They are truly the worst of the human race, and worst than any terrorist.
Jillian Michaels wanted to be transparent about one thing after she recently announced she’d be withdrawal “The Biggest Loser.” “I don’t wish fans to consider we feel like I’m too large for a uncover or that I’m seeking greener pastures. I’m so beholden to a uncover and so unhappy to leave,” she...
So I just heard the news today that Jillian Michaels is not returning to The Biggest Loser (I know... where have I been??). As I have always been Team Jillian... my first thought is that she should start her own competition show. I would call it "Losing It" (or maybe "Let it Go") and center it around the holistic approach that Jillian takes to shed the extra weight from body, mind and soul. I have some more ideas... but not gonna share without some rights to creative direction, right?
It’s easy to point out who was the biggest loser was in this year’s free agent bonanza. Lance Stephenson, by listening to the wrong people, overvalued his worth, and in the end he lost out on $17 million by signing a three-year, $27 million deal with the .
Congratulations Annette Lucas. You are one of our 3 winners in the 2013 "Biggest Loser" Skinny Body Care 90 Day...
This would be a good time to read a book if I bought it to school and didn't look like the biggest loser reading a book in sport😂😂
Drake is hosting the espy's, nick cannon will host the oscars, and Ryan Seacrest will host the Biggest Loser, for obvious reasons.
33- You're Gorgeous! 😍😍😍😍 and you're so funny, but you're the biggest loser ever! 😘😂😏
you're on a lot of sports teams and you're one of the biggest druggies in the school. Loser👌
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Alright day 3 of the Biggest Loser Contest and I was only 13 calories over my budget today and walked with Duke for 2 hours and 45 mins! YAY ME! :)
Seth telling me I'm not fat.."You know who's fat?! The person who lost the Biggest Loser Contest! All he does is eat!"
Jillian Michaels says she didn't like how she was being portrayed on The Biggest Loser. Jillian Michaels shocked The Biggest Loser fans in June when she announced that she's leaving the hit NBC show for the second time, after returning in 2013 for season 14. Though Michaels, 40, stresses in a new in…
Crying and clapping in bed like the biggest loser ever
please tell me I'm not the only one who watches biggest loser while eating ice cream
The perfect date with U would be going to America's Biggest Loser and watch U win cuz you're the biggest loser ever!
Jillian Michaels Left 'The Biggest Loser' Because of 'Negative Perception' of Her: . Citing 'fundamental differences' [with the show's...
Bunco night. I won for biggest LOSER.
Personal trainer Jillian Michaels, who gave no explanation last month when NBC announced she was leaving “The Biggest Loser,” says now that the weight-loss competition has been misrepresenting her training style.
So... i did eat hamburger meat today, but i been working out for my lunch hour everyday and tomorrow i weigh in for the biggest loser (: im really excited about this. I will take a picture every month.
Jillian Michaels opens up abt Y she left Biggest Losr
I need work to do a revolving Biggest Loser Contest every couple of months
I always get a 'hunger games'-esque vibe from The Biggest Loser, like it's something that exists in a 1980s dystopic future fantasy
Hi I'm sue I want to say that Allison Sweeney is my most favorite I wish her all the best and I love the biggest loser and the trainers they are awesome from sue
My girl isn't going to be on Biggest Loser anymore :(
Biggest loser in NFL postseason history!
Watching biggest loser on DVR Thad Beaty giving 70.3 ironman techniques. Hm just say No to 2015 registration! Tempting to continue to try to get better.
is going rogue? Trying his rambo gumbah style? BIGGEST loser. Condescending gumbah.
80's CARTOONS Thought we needed this. A master list of the cartoons many of us are here to remember. There could be more! ALF: The Animated Tales Cashing in on the popularity of the live action sitcom, the ALF cartoon was all about his life on planet Melmac before he came to Earth. Alvin and the Chipmunks Three young boys, who happen to be anthro chipmunks, who also happen to be famous singers. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Based on the movie of the same name, a teenage boy had to protect his town from the evil mutant tomatoes the evil scientist was always turning loose on it. Accompanied, of course, by the screw up experimental tomoato that turned into a pretty girl in skimpy clothes. Just like the movie! Bananaman The british boy who gains super powers whenever he eats a banana. Battle of the Planets/G-Force Group of 5 teenagers that put on bird-like costumes and fight space invaders in their vehicles that merge together to form a fighter ship that turns into a phoenix. Bionic Six A multi-racial family ...
After struggling with her weight her entire life and auditioning for The Biggest Loser and not making the cut, Jessica C. took her health...
Am I the biggest loser on the beach? 😕
Girls with bible verses in their Bios be the biggest *** on the face of the Earth
"Hes a bigger loser than all the biggest loser champions combined."
Rewatching Biggest Loser S7 with my fave ever contestant so hope he's still doing well
Jillian Michaels admits she was 'ashamed' of 'Biggest Loser' Rachel Frederickson's extreme weight loss
Jillian Michaels reveals why she left 'The Biggest Loser'
I'm actually the biggest loser at school... Got no friends and no future :((
anyone that thinks I'm cool is automatically my best friend because I'm the biggest loser in all of history 😂
Jillian Michaels explains why she really left 'Biggest Loser'
Jillian Michaels claims Biggest Loser made her look "harsh" - See on - "FOLLIEWOOD" After leaving...
Lol I just won the biggest loser at bingo 💰
Pretty soon everyone is going to be naked in every show. God forbid they do that to the Biggest Loser. Biggest Naked Loser 😂
If anyone is interested in doing the "Biggest Loser" challenge hmu ASAP I locked in Kil Fit Fitness for the event!
Challenge your friends to see who can be Soulfit's Biggest Loser!. Prizes for 1st and 2nd places!. Only $10 to...
This is where we finished our marathon and first challenge on Biggest Loser season 8!
same... We completely and terribly failed our Biggest Loser Challenge which ended in April lol
My secret weapons to take the cash in our Biggest Loser style challenge. Saving this puppy called the 3 Day...
The Most Humiliated and the Biggest Loser are those who Challenge Allah (SWT).
Breaking News: Norm Coleman is going to challenge this years Biggest Loser results.
watching Biggest Loser in UK and you inspire me to want to get fit and healthy :) Loved Train the Trainers challenge too.
Asalamualayikum. The most humiliated and the Biggest Loser are those who challenge Allah. Proud to be Muslim. ;) — feeling great
Celebrity chefs compete in Biggest Loser-inspired challenge for charity
Celebrity chefs compete in weight loss challenge inspired by the 'Biggest Loser': Celebrity chefs will compete...
It's a good way to start. I've been competing in a Biggest Loser Challenge at work since end of May. I'm just shy of 16lbs lost.
Happy to report that I have lost 91/2 lbs since joining the Biggest Loser at work. Since it's too hot to run outside, I am dancing to the wii online. Aye Goh, hep me!!! I'm sweating so bad after only 15 mins. of dancing my people! I'm here kicking up my legs to One Direction, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Taio Cruz and Katy Perry! Beyoncé, you ain't got nothin on me chie!!! LOL
Michaels and 'Biggest Loser' part ways: POPULAR trainer Jillian Michaels has quit The Biggest Loser in the US ...
The 24-year-old voiceover artist tipped the scales at 260 - Biggest Loser. Found at
Watching American Idol. I love kris allen :) then watching Biggest Loser finale.
Where is Anna Kournikova?? Well she's signed on for the next season of Biggest Loser in the US. The crap u discover at half time
Watching Idol. I'm calling it. Chris will win. Biggest Loser finale tonight. I will eat cookies and watch you.
watchin American idol, just finished watching the THREE hour Biggest Loser finale. ha come to think of it all show finales should be 3 hrs!
Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels is showing off just how in shape she is. The fitness trainer, 40, stripped down for Shape magazine's July/August issue, and revealed she feels better now about her body than she did 20 years ago.
The results are in and we have another surprise. Instead of having an overall winner for each category, we've decided to have both male and female winners for bother Biggest Loser and Most Fit Challenges. Here are the Winners from the Fitness Challenge Spring 2014: The Biggest Loser Male Winner - Blaine Stewart Female Winner - Jessica Chessin Most Fit Male Winner - Carl Frankenfield Female Winner - Robin Smith Congratulations to all Winners who have just won a 1 Year Free membership to Titus Sports Performance!
This Day In Wrestling History- June 11th Trivia 2003 - Kim Nielsen, wrestling for NWA-TNA as Desire, suffered a suffered a back injury during an Xplosion match at the NWA-TNA pay-per-view and was hospitalized. Nielsen completed the match, but collapsed in the dressing room and was treated on the scene by the TNA trainer. An ambulance was called and she was taken to a local hospital. Nielsen suffered a compression fracture of her L1 vertebrae, an injury that eventually ended her in-ring career. After retiring, Nielsen put on a great amount of weight and later went to the finals of NBC reality series the Biggest Loser during their 2012 season, dropping over 100 lbs Events In 1998, The Ilio DiPaolo Memorial Show was held at the Marine Midland Arena, in Buffalo, New York. The show was promoted by Ilio’s son Dennis in association with WCW. All proceeds from the show were donated to local children’s charities: – Dean Malenko defeated Scotty Riggs to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title – Juventud Guerr .. ...
It was the Biggest Loser & we ran along with the Spartan Beast crowd. Except we only had 4 miles & 12 obstacles 😁
'Biggest Loser' to change rules after backlash against last season's winner -->
Come and join us in our June Fat Buster Challenge and be in for winning one of our fantastic prizes if your one of the four biggest losers. We have different options for different budgets. Please inbox me for details
Today I start a Biggest Loser Challenge with Arbonne's 30 Days to Fit.
Is the Biggest Loser in Bergdahl Affair She has ALWAYS been:PUKES lies to protect Obama
GROUP INCENTIVE: Get a group of 4 people (yourself included) to do a 40 day challenge... (purchase of four 10+30 programs for a total of 40 days) I will reward you with a $100 giftcard either for the biggest loser in the group OR $100 for the group to use to go out to lunch and celebrate together. YOUR CHOICE!!! Have fun supporting each other, motivating each other... Contact me if interested.
How to Lose Weight Fast If you burn 500 more calories than you eat every day for a week, you should lose about 1-2 pounds. Don't get discouraged, ingredients in Thermo-NRG ™ are natural proteins, antioxidants, and super charged energy boosters. The aid Thermo-NRG ™ a healthy diet, and exercise is a sure way to meet and possibly exceed your weight-loss goal. We want to help!!! We are here for helpful tips and to cheer you on! Diets for Fast Weight Loss If you want to lose weight faster, you'll need to eat less and exercise more. For instance, if you take in 1,050 to 1,200 calories a day, and exercise for one hour per day, you could lose 3-5 pounds in the first week, or more if you weigh more than 250 pounds. It's very important not to cut calories any further -- that's dangerous. Limiting salt and starches may also mean losing more weight at first -- but that's mostly fluids, not fat. "When you reduce sodium and cut starches, you reduce fluids and fluid retention, which can result in up to 5 pounds ...
Crawford County Biggest Losers (of weight that is) will start our next Challenge Monday, June 9th. Initial weigh-in will be IN PERSON. Following weigh-ins will be on Mondays and sent to us by pic/text or pic/email (will share these when we begin). The ending weigh-in will also be IN PERSON on Monday, August 9th! Again, our Challenge will run June 9 - August 9 Entry fee is $10 per person which will be used as prize money for the top 3 Losers! Rankings will be determined by percentage lost instead of actual weight so that everyone has a fair chance at winning. Contact Marty Kirk, Kayla Hill or Mandy Kirk Hill to enter!
The biggest loser is Geoff Shaw. He's lost whatever reputation he ever had. No integrity - greedy & spiteful.
"You should be on the biggest loser show"
A bloke on The Biggest Loser lost 41 lbs in a week. A week.
I'm like... The biggest loser in my school. ._.
Anyway about to do this biggest loser workout ✌️
Lord, we desire people of integrity and with your values in our gov and may all Reap what they Sow!via
Maybe you'd know if you weren't the biggest loser ever...
Something's not right!! I've been eating like a horse to gain atleast 8-10 pounds back on before mon for weigh ins for the Biggest Loser competition. Well I'm going the opposite direction!!! I've lost 3 pounds??!!! I figured gaining and getting weighed would give me more motivation to reach that goal by August!!! Maybe that's a bad idea to do??? Anyone think the same??!! HELP!!!
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Kennett says the biggest loser of the saga is Andrews '(He's) made the mistake of his life.He's threatening to bring down the gov"
As you eat that bowl of ice cream while watching the Biggest Loser and complaining about how you too need to loose weight. Let Plexus help you, take that first step.
Just weighed myself and happy to say I have loss 8 pounds in a week. I love my Biggest Loser Wii game!...
I cry every single time Biggest Loser is on
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Biggest Loser Winner Looks Anorexic. Is the biggest shock that it didn't happen sooner?
Catching up with tv Biggest loser Australia brilliant program channel 222.
Here are some of Midland, Texas' biggest losers.
Weight Challenge starts today at 6pm joining fee $25 and the winner of the biggest Loser gets all the money plus your money back!!! Who's in??!! Challenge yourself to reach the goals you always wanted!! Interested inbox me Event will take place at my nutrition club at 2854 Dewey ave. See you all there!
if EU anything to go by, libdem biggest loser, if that is reflected in GE then a coalition with Ukip is there for DC
Everytime I go to practice I think is it gonna be a biggest loser night or a fun night
Another great weigh in tonight all off the biggest losers lost 2-3lbs, And the challenge was tug of war which Julie's Gems totally won feeling very proud well done guys you really are winning the battle x
The Biggest Loser gets even better with each passing week. Really hope this show gets renewed for 16th season.
those of you who have snuck in here as friends or spies to carry crap back to other people are the biggest losers I have ever seen. You are adults, acting like school kids. There are real people involved here and you are enabling parental alienation, destroying children, and fueling hate. Are you an adult? Seriously??? Have a think about how you met this family and how good we were to you in your time of need. We did not judge you when others did. We helped you, we have always been kind and giving to you and this is how you repay us?? Have the decency to excuse yourself because after today I intend to delete and block you. At least you will know that we see you for who and what you really are.
Hit the 20 lbs mark today. 10 down since the biggest loser weigh in! My friends from work might as well quit!
Ok so I no its been a bit since I posted anything but that doesnt mean I ever stopped Plexus! In fact im taking more of the products than before and couldn't be happier with them all. We al get busy with life specially around March-May with school letting out. Now that summer's here I challenge everyone who reads this thats just been sitting on there butt, to start getting healthy. Now that doesnt mean you have to go start working out at the gym 24/7. Im talking about watch what your putting into your mouth, both food and drink wise. My family and I have started our own Biggest Loser Challenge. Who ever loses the most Body Fat Percentage not only wins by getting healthier but also win $. So maybe you should think about starting it with your family, friends, or co-workers. Seriously if your determined to get healthy than its possible. Since we started the challenge at the beginning of May ive already lost almost 20lbs and 4 inches just by watching what goes in my mouth, drinking my plexus slim drink and p ...
Abbot Amos got the most people to sign up for the Biggest Loser Contest on Monday and won $100 ! Were giving $150 to whoever gets the most people to join the Biggest Loser Contest by This Sunday June 8th who wants to win the $150 cash ?
What what . . .My team for the office Biggest Loser Contest won! . . .and to add the cherry on top, I came in 2nd place for individual loss! Victory lunch on Friday is going to taste amazing!
eBay is the Biggest Loser of the Google Panda 4.0 Update |
Jake is the biggest sore loser I have ever met
Susan Is the Biggest Loser in Affair. Why not - Yahoo Finance
Did it look like I need to be on the biggest loser
Why in the world did I just get an email from the biggest loser
And there goes the under... lol who's the biggest loser of the day? This guy. MLB recovery time tonight
Our "Biggest Loser" was announced today at school and it was me!! $90 and a few prizes for the most weight lost!
At The Biggest Loser Resorts, we're dedicated to helping anyone reach their weight loss goals by offering financing to attend our award-winning...
There are lots of fun runs & adventure races this summer! Warrior Dash, Zombie Run, Old Settlers Day, Glow Run, Biggest Loser and many, many more! Check out our Events Board at the club for dates & registration information. We have found the Couch to 5k to be very helpful! Be sure to share your team pictures with us if you are participating in the events!
'Biggest Loser': It's makeover week, and Gina has an epiphany - Here we thought Gina was just self-absorbed and...
And biggest loser miss that to used to love that
The amount of food I eat should put me on the list of future Biggest Loser Contestants
Two missed opportunities got me feeling like the biggest loser today. 😞
Biggest Loser is so inspiring that I want to get fat so that I can get fit again.
I just want to thank you for helping me lose weight. Thanks to you biggest loser weightloss yoga. I love the programs!
Wow. The guy who won Biggest Loser Sweden had lost 50 % of his body weight. . Wat??? 😳
Honestly don't know how I had any friends back in the day.. Creeping myself on fb and I was THE BIGGEST LOSER EVER
I'm watching the biggest loser in my kitchen and it's making me cry... Am I loser?
so this girl on Biggest loser lost 160 pounds ?holy
So I don't think we're going this weekend uhh she's my biggest confession 😶>>>💥
Me and my dog look like we're on Biggest Loser USA when we jog together
Just saw Alison Sweeney getting interviewd! btw she is the host of the biggest loser
- Maybe it would be wise to do some of your own factcheckin' before you talk?
The real question is: What makes you more of a loser- if you win the biggest loser or if you lose the biggest loser?
may be getting axed by CNN made you a biggest loser. and seems like your life become more pathetic
I'm highly skilled at bragging about how clever and intuitive I am, and then putting all my faith in the biggest loser…
The reason why The Biggest Loser pisses me right off! Rant brought on by catching a glimpse while going for a run.
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