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Bigfoot Silva

Antonio Carlos Silva (born September 14, 1979) is a Brazilian mixed martial artist. He currently competes in the heavyweight division of the UFC.

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Overseem can't talk about not taking a fight seriously, he can ask Bigfoot Silva how that worked out for him
Just watched my recording on MMA fight btwn Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva. WHAT A FIGHT! Unbelievable heart from both fighters. A war!
Andrei Arlovski vs. 'Bigfoot' Silva full fight video from 51 via .
Sharing the latest news in | | Andrei Arlovski vs. 'Bigfoot' Silva full fight...
Shared by | Andrei Arlovski vs. 'Bigfoot' Silva full fight video
Andrei Arlovski vs. 'Bigfoot' Silva full fight video via
Andrei Arlovski vs. 'Bigfoot' Silva full fight video
Wire: Andrei Arlovski vs. 'Bigfoot' Silva full fight video
Andrei Arlovski vs. 'Bigfoot' Silva full fight video -
Bigfoot Silva was KO'd in the FIRST round in 4 of last 5 fights, and 0-1-1 in 2 before w/ a NC because he cheated. How is he still around?
UFC full fight video: Andrei Arlovski vs. Bigfoot Silva
Maybe they think Antonio Silva really is Bigfoot.
..the same Mark Hunt who walk off KO'd Frank Mir, Roy Nelson and smashed Bigfoot Silva.
what about Bigfoot Silva. Brocks probably not as good of a wrestler as him too right?
if you can find it, Hunt vs. Bigfoot Silva 1 is a legendary fight where Hunt gets punched forever.
Lesnar won but Hunt is a tough dude. Remember the fight he had vs Bigfoot Silva
Brock looked like Brock, he should totally try an come back an do the *** thing again fight Bigfoot Silva or Roy Nelson
I remember watching him and Bigfoot Silva fight. That was the best fight I've ever seen.
This is getting me stoked for Bigfoot Silva vs Big Van Vader
A gust of wind and Bigfoot Silva does the chicken dance
I think this fight will be similar to when Cain trounced Bigfoot Silva. Not getting past the first
you low key look like Bigfoot silva
was part of the greatest heavyweight fight ever against Bigfoot silva if you blink on him it's lights out🙈
yeah against gilbert Melendez! Ay have a watch of Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot silva 1... That'll get u hyped for lesnar 👍
that's absurd considering Mark Hunt is known for being in wars just remember his fight with a roided Bigfoot silva
Joacquim Silva opens up the main card with a BIG knockout! That was vicious!
Hunt always gives up height, but not even Bigfoot Silva dwarfed him like Brock does
I feel bad for jon, dc, the ufc everyone, also bigfoot silva aint got a right to criticise someone for peds 325, the winner could fight Bigfoot Silva's head
Barnett & Bigfoot Silva are just as big as Börk and DC handled them both with ease. Im for it
How is Bigfoot Silva going to make a comment about Jon Jones when he got caught in 2013.
Against tiny little dudes like Josh Barnett, Bigfoot Silva and Roy Nelson.
With no injuries, Bigfoot Silva says it will be easier to exploit holes in Struve's game>>> ~ Sport Daddy
the fight with him and Bigfoot Silva was one of the best fights I've ever seen in my life both of these guys are banging
he handled Struve and Bigfoot silva who are both well known grapplers
Just saw bigfoot silva redlining his GTR in south florida!
Bigfoot Silva mad at critics, gives out ATT's address so they can fight him: Antonio Silva has had enoug...
UFC Rotterdam results: Stefan Struve knocks out Bigfoot Silva in 15 seconds - Bloody Elbow
Bigfoot Silva with a steady diet of kids that get lost in the woods and Jack Links beef jerky
In people keep you using Vitor Belfort as the standard for failing drug tests. Barnett, Sonnen, and Bigfoot Silva have failed too.
."BREAKING NEWS: Bigfoot Silva really just a fighter carrying another fighter on his shoulders."
Kiwi-Samoan heavyweight Mark Hunt says his weight goals are on target to avoid another "one-sided *** whopping"...
Bigfoot-Silva, better MMA fight, but the fighters themselves, fans, media all were divided. People were happy Till-Dalby was a draw.
it was *** good, but I say it's still Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva
I got Blocked from Bigfoot Silva. Because I said..Steriods in MMA or Any other sport is WACK..He disagreed lol 💉
Hey fans! What do you think? Antonio Silva vs Mark Hunt its massive odds for BigFoot 2.80! Crazy! Value!!!
Mark Hunt vows to sort his weight out as UFC rematch with Bigfoot Silva looms (Sport)
just watched Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva. If there has ever been an example of PEDs letting dmg happen that shouldn't, this is it.
Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva brings in this top talent for training fight camp
VIDEO: Mark Hunt trains at AKA Thailand ahead of his rematch with “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 193. Watch:...
Agreed, but Joe Silva probably hated the way he just folded against Bigfoot. That was really bad to watch.
Bigfoot Silva not wanting Mitrione. Says he wants a top 10 guy. Silva just got a reprieve for the chopping block. Take the fight Silva.
Morning Report: Mir says he'd 'crush' Brock Lesnar standing just like he did Bigfoot
Frank Mir on switching stances to KO Bigfoot Silva
Madonna falling harder than Bigfoot silva
Bigfoot Silva landed one strike against Frank Mir before being knocked out. This is the man who defeated Fedor in Strikeforce.
UFC Fight Night 61 results – 02/22/15 – (Frank Mir flattens “Bigfoot” Silva in first round on a night of upsets!)
gets all-time Fight Night viewership numbers.
Frank Mir KOs a TRT-less BIGFOOT SILVA ! Is Frank back ? This topic and more on this episode of ILLEGAL ELBOW !.
Bigfoot silva vs Frank Mir knockout: bigfoot got wrecked
Mir vs. Silva ends up No. 5 on all-time FS 1 Fight Night viewership numbers |
Roy Nelson & Bigfoot Silva are in I officially don't care anymore
and winner over top heavys like Roy Nelson, Josh Barnett, Bigfoot Silva, and beat HOF Dan Henderson
BIGFOOT SILVA!!! From a black & white series of portraits I shot 3 years ago for my book, 'Into The…
"Living Moai statue" is probably the most appropriate way to describe Bigfoot silva, and the most humorous.
Roy Nelson,Royce Gracie & Bigfoot Silva . on the set of The Scorpion King📷
They got nick diaz lookin like mini bigfoot silva in this ufc game
i remember Bigfoot Silva saying "i'm the best in striking, Jiu Jitsu, wrestling you know, i beleive in myself" just before Cain wrecked him.
Actual just seen a lassie in Killie that looked like Bigfoot Silva😂
The EPIC battle between Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva, this is a must watch. LIKE Greatest Sporting Moments
The UFC fight between Mark Hunt and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva was so intense 👏
Wow! great fight Mark Hunt vs bigfoot silva.
Watching re-run of "bigfoot" Silva vs Hunt while enjoying the session!!
Whooow! What a fight by hunt vs bigfoot silva
UFC on Fox: BigFoot Silva Vs Mark Hunt. one shot big shot ^^v
This beating Cain Velasquez put on bigfoot Silva. ..😳 Exactly why Cain is the baddest man on the planet
my mans Travis Browne will be victorious! He needs to KO Bigfoot silva
Cyborg failed one drug test. So did Bigfoot Silva. Mir and Belfort have TRT exemptions. His point?
as soon as it i'm going to find a glitch so I can fight you with Bigfoot Silva...
Someone made the point that a few years ago an inxperienced wrestler was matched with Bigfoot Silva and beat him. Why not Cummins?
And you should also consider on putting Brock Lesnar and Antonio Bigfoot Silva in the game
The Russians were practically crying in the crowd, but I was happy as I had Bigfoot Silva +300
riddle did, I'm pretty sure a diaz bro did too. Plus think of the trt guys.. Bigfoot silva!
"Look at Bigfoot Silva. Look what we did to him." bought him an island and extended his contract?
New post: Travis Browne says Bigfoot Silva didn't really beat him, he beat himself
I'm pretty sure MMA and the UFC has bigger drug issues to contend with, am I right Vitor? Overeem? Bigfoot Silva?Anyone?...Is this thing on?
First MMA article I ever wrote said Fedor would lose to Bigfoot Silva. You can imagine how that went in the comments heh.
Don't think that was a big zombie in the diner...fairly certain it was Bigfoot Silva
FYI UFC fight pass is free till Feb. 28 I just watched one of the best fights ive seen in a long time Mark Hunt v Bigfoot Silva especially round 4 and 5 awesome fighting spirit.
its not coincidence that Overeem, Belfort, Bigfoot, Silva came from a camp and are suspected of cheats.. Overeem charged with
I liked a video from Brock Lesnar vs Antonio Bigfoot Silva - The Return!
I liked a video from Alistair Overeem versus Antonio Bigfoot Silva 2
The fight of Cain Velazquez Vs. BigFoot Silva 2 is about to start
Just watched; Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva again, all i can say is wow! Won't be many fights as good as that!
C'MONN MANN: George Zimmerman expected to fight DMX in a Celebrity Boxing match. why are we even calling George Zimmerman a "celebrity"? why not put him in a cage with an MMA fighter like Cain Velasquez, Jon Jones, Rampage Jackson? Or even a non-American fighter who has no emotional connection to his case, someone like Bigfoot Silva? Or Junior Dos Santos maybe?
UFC Bantamweight Championship Renan Barrao © vs Urijah Faber- For the second time win injury to Dominick Cruz has set the stage for this match. The first time it was UFC 149 Faber was set to challenge Cruz for the title. Cruz tore his ACL that led to an interim title fight between Faber and Barrao. Barrao had been that guy tearing it up for years but not that well known. He destroyed Faber in that fight. Urijah broke a rib and his legs were kicked to pieces. Barrao got the title and the fame finally. Since that win Barrao has defend his title twice he submitted Michael McDonald and than knocking out Eddie Wineland meaning he beat a young guy with tons of potential and a former WEC champion. But a strange thing is for Faber losing that fight may have been the best thing possible for him. He had fallen into a pattern of lose title fight win one non title fight get title shot repeat. Now he's won four in a row three via submission and he's looked great in every fight. Also since that last fight Duane "Bang" ...
Bigfoot Silva is currently serving a 12-month suspension for having elevated testosterone levels in his last fight against Mark Hunt.
I, man, I just don’t know. This is a story about a MMA fighter and the excuses as to why he needs to take shots of testosterone, as apparently Bigfoot Silva will turn into a woman if he doesn’t have his shots of sweet, sweet Vitor Belfort career-prolonging TRT. According to an interview with Bigfoot...
It *** that Bigfoot Silva tested for high levels of testosterone. That was such a great fight. WAR Mark Hunt!
I'd have to say toss up between Diego Sanchez vs Gilbert Melendez or Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva
I added a video to a playlist Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva Tribute/Highlight - UFC Heavyweight
Fight Night 33 was awesome. Bigfoot Silva vs. Mark Hunt may have been the best fight I ever witnessed. Both men are BEASTS.
Josh Barnett focused on Browne, despite being called out by multiple fighters:
Fell asleep last time 😳now I'm finally catching up on the so called 'best hw UFC fight and FOTY candidate' between Hunt and Bigfoot Silva
bigfoot Silva and Mark Hunt. Fight of the year in my book.
I say should at least get a shot at Bigfoot Silva or maybe Nelson! get your people talking to their people! Ha!
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Re-watching Mark Hunt/Bigfoot Silva for the first time and yeah it's still an all-time great. Definitely the best HW fight ever.
Mark Hunter vs Bigfoot Silva is the best fight I have ever seen!
‘Bigfoot’ Antonio Silva going to Disneyland, wants to fight asap after grueling war with Mark Hunt via
*** Mark Hunt vs bigfoot silva. its being called one of the best fights ever so I'm excited to watch it right now tonight.
Watching the Mark Hunt-Bigfoot Silva fight. Mark Hunt can take a beating.
Colby and Bigfoot Silva getting physical therapy at the same time and at the same Medi Center
did u miss the fight of the year last weekend. Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva? it repeats tomorrow on Fox sports 2
I know I'm a little late but...Bigfoot Silva and Mark Hunt are my two favorite people this week. Sweeties.
I don't think I'm out of line in being completely surprised "Bigfoot" Silva even has a cellphone. How does he use it with those huge hands?
Silva vs. Hunt ended up in a draw, but that dosen't mean they need a rematch soon. What do you think UFC fans?
Breaking News: Bigfoot Silva has switched camps and now is a member of Team Alpha Male.
Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva not interested in Mark Hunt rematch, eyes Josh Barnett or Travis Browne after UFC 168
sitting right next to Antonio Bigfoot Silva in my physical therapy waiting room ...
Woah Did you see the Bigfoot Silva v Mark Hunt fight??! What an epic battle!!
focused on Browne, even as JDS and Silva call him out -
Bigfoot Silva moves on following 'war' with Mark Hunt, would rather fight someone else (
Kiwi Mark Hunt took on Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva recently. The fight was an absolute barnstormer and arguably the...
"Drawing A Winner" by WHAT did YOU guys THINK of the Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva …
Josh Barnett focused on Browne, even as Junior Dos Santos and ‘Bigfoot’... |
Time to finally catchup on the 'best HW fight' between Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva
UFC President Dana White says Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva will not have an immediate rematch following their UFC Fight Night 33 bloodbath last weekend in Australia, because the "Super Samoan" will be sidelined for months with a broken hand.
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva was the greatest fight I've ever seen
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot silva! Best heavy weight fight in some time!!
Just watched the Bigfoot silva v hunt fight from Brisbane. Wowee. That was stunning!
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva watch it on YouTube the most ridiculous heavyweight fight in UFC
just watched the Mark Hunt Bigfoot Silva fight.WOW!
Holy crap. Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva = UFC fight of the year. Unbelievable
Mark Hunt v Antonio Bigfoot Silva... One of the Craziest heavyweight show down.. Gladiators
What a fight!! Bigfoot Silva vs Mark Hunt..CLASSIC UFC!! One of the BEST!!!
Do you think Bigfoot Silva Vs. Mark Hunt was the best heavyweight fight ever? featured in NBC s Science of Love
The Mark Hunt vs bigfoot silva could be heavyweight fight of the week.
Did anyone watch the Bigfoot Silva vs Mark Hunt fight Saturday night? Omg
Mark Hunt vs bigfoot silva best ufc fight ive seen for ages.
Mark Hunt vs Antonio Bigfoot Silva best mma match of the year definitely!
Bigfoot Silva and Mark Hunt I totally agree it was one of the best fights in UFC history! :-D Loved the respect they showed each other and heart!
Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva Bravo gentlemen! One of the best fights ever in the UFC.
Mark Hunt & Bigfoot Silva, what a pair of beasts!! Heavy hands and heavy hearts.
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva is one of the most entertaining fights I have ever seen
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva = one of the best fights I've seen. Warriors!
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva best heavy weight fight I have ever seen in UFC.
Bigfoot Silva vs Mark Hunt was one of the best fights of the year easily. Free on fox sports one.
Oh na did da bigfoot silva loose to Mark Hunt if so chea.
Bigfoot Silva vs Mark Hunt can only be described as either think you get the idea!
Bigfoot silva verse Mark Hunt was probably the best fight i have ever seen in my life like if you agree
The Mark Hunt vs bigfoot silva fight is literally why i love mma!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva fight prob one of the best heavy weight fights iv ever seen
Wow... Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva may be the fight of the year.
Bigfoot Silva vs. Mark Hunt One of the best fight we've seen this year! And It's a draw! -with Daddy Francis
Mark Hunt against Bigfoot Silva on fox sports 1 one of the best fights ever
Bigfoot Silva and Mark Hunt on UFC on Fox Sports 1. Most brutal fight I've ever seen on UFC. Unreal. Both of these guys are bloody from head to toe. Wow
Watching UFC Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva great fight so far
Mark Hunt is clownin on bigfoot silva!
Mark Hunt vs. Bigfoot Silva may have been the greatest UFC fight I've ever seen.
Mark Hunt n Antonio Bigfoot Silva, meanest bloodiest fight, too bad they drawed
Mark Hunt v BigFoot Silva all i can say is WOW
The Fight between Bigfoot Silva and Mark Hunt was enough to kill ten men.
Mark Hunt and Bigfoot silva put on one *** of a fight. Wow
Mark Hunt vs. Bigfoot Silva was the MMA equivalent of King Kong vs. Godzilla.
Mark Hunt v Bigfoot silva fight was a mess... Watch it!!!
Just now watching the Bigfoot Silva/Mark Hunt fight! HOLY CRAP ITS GOOD!!!
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UFC Fight Night 33 results: Mark Hunt vs. Bigfoot Silva Fight Metric report tells the tale on an absolutely bonkers heavyweight main event bout last night (Fri., Dec. 6, 2013) at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, Australia. See it here.
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva. fight of the year and top 5 all time no questions asked
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva, one of, if not the best heavyweight fight ive ever seen. Awesome!!
Awesome fight Bigfoot Silva and Mark Hunt hats off to you both fight of the year for me!
That Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva was the best HW fight i'v ever seen!!
The Main Event. Antonio Bigfoot Silva. Mark Hunt. This is going to be a BATTLE. Who you got??
hunt vs bigfoot silva wow epic battle best heavy weight fight I remember every watching.. they got their $$$
These highlights don't do this fight justice, but if you missed it, check it out --Mark Hunt vs. Bigfoot Silva
Hunt v Bigfoot Silva was one of the best heavyweight fights in a very long long time. Just what the division needed.
The mixed martial arts community reacts to Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva's ridiculous instant classic, Shogun Rua's thunderous statement, and plenty more from UFC Fight Night 33.
Antonio Bigfoot Silva vs Mark Super Samoan Hunt!! The result of the fight is Draw! Nice fight better wait for rematch!
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva.. OMG, possibly the best ufc fight ever!!
BigFoot Silva vs Mark Hunt wat a dam right badass fight that's gotta be in the top 3 ever.
Just watched Mark Hunt Bigfoot silva what a fight up there with Griffen bonhar
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva what a slug match lol XD
Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva have one of the greatest fights ever
Mark Hunt v Bigfoot silva in UFC last night! My word wat a fight!!!
Mark Hunt Vs BigFoot Silva one of the Best Heavyweight Fights ive seen in the UFC
Mark Hunt vs bigfoot silva is fight of the year material!
UFC Fight Night 33: Watch the YouTube video of Mark Hunt breaking Stefan Struve's jaw at UFC on FUEL TV 8 last March in Japan. Can the "Super Samoan" do likewise when he battles Bigfoot Silva this Friday night (Dec. 6, 2013) in Australia?
Mark Hunt agrees to December bout with Bigfoot Silva
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva targeted for Dec. Had a dream about this fight...woke up with a broken jaw HUNTO!!!
That picture of Bigfoot Silva with Lou Ferrigno is just outstanding.
UFC Best of 2013 First Half Edition These are my favorite UFC moments of 2013 from January through June of this year. Crazy how fast the first half of the year has just flown by. There's been no shortage of action to boot. Without further ado, here's my top 6 favorite moments of the half year! •January: Anthony Pettis silences Donald Cerrone with a liver kick at UFC on FOX 6 •February: Bigfoot Silva beats some respect into Alistair Overeem at UFC 156 •March: Wanderlei Silva summons the ghosts of PRIDE to defeat Brian Stann at UFC on FUEL TV 8 •April: Cat Zingano TKO's Miesha Tate with a wild comeback to steal the show at The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale •May: Junior Dos Santos KO's Mark Hunt with a spinning wheel kick after a war of attrition at UFC 160 •June: Fabricio Werdum forces Minotauro Nogueira to say uncle at UFC on FUEL TV 10 Anything I miss? These are MY favorite moments. Feel free to share your own! -THE CAPTAIN
Why was Travis Browne given top billing over Bigfoot Silva at that FX show last October?
Bigfoot Silva's ears flapped so much when Cain Velasquez popped him I thought he was gonna fly away. Velasquez is a beast. I can't wait for the rubber match between him and Dos Santos
Hi fight fans, wish you all a brilliant start to the month and just to update you on a few bits and pieces. First off I ll be filming Episode 8 a lot sooner then I expected, it will the breakdown of Rashad Evans vs Dan Henderson. Second of all during July I wont be doing any Episodes due to the fact its my birthday and I want to party. Lastly the results of UFC 160 the event I broke down in Episode 6, Cain Velasquez knocked out Bigfoot Silva in 1:30 of Round 1 which makes me 5-1 on my predictions. See you soon
I don't know if many if you keep up with the world of Boxing & UFC, but for those that do: What do y'all think about the Mexico born European-descending ginger Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez V.S. the United States born Africa-descending Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight? And did y'all see the United States born European-descending Chael Sonnen get his *** handed to him by that amazing United States born African-descending Jon Jones? Plus did y'all see the Brazil born European-descending Junior Dos Santos beat that United States born New Zealand native Mark Hunt? Harsh! My favorite though was seeing that Native-American brother Cain Velasquez beat that Brazilian-native Bigfoot Silva for the 2nd time, which will result in Velasquez V.S. Dos Santos 3. Exciting! I want to see that Ginger Canelo V.S. Money! Anyway, leave your comments about the fight & your assumptions/predictions. Gnite!
Did anyone else see those pics Bigfoot Silva posted of his big? Thoughts?
Short work for Cain Velasquez! Cain finishing the show with a vicious right hand to Bigfoot Silva's face. Cain Velasquez is still MMA's undisputed heavyweight champion. Now lets get ready for Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez 3!
UFC 160 results: Cain Velasquez defends the title against Bigfoot Silva. TKO, rd 1. Dos Santos knocks out Hunt in rd 3. TJ Grant defeats Gray Maynard, TKO in rd 1 to possibly become the next challenger for Benson Henderson. Also, Cowboy Cerrone dominated his fight. Won by decision.
Watch UFC 160 post-fight press conference live online video stream from MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring Cain Velasquez, Bigfoot Silva, Junior Dos Santos, Mark Hunt and more, with fight night bonus-bearing UFC President Dana White.
Someone please find a way to get Bigfoot Silva to mate with Sarah Jessica Parker.
That's 1 for Cain Velasquez, 2 for Bigfoot Silva. Only joking, there is no 2.
I just read "ROUNDTABLE: Predictions for Cain Velasquez-Bigfoot Silva rematch ..." on all for Cain
Cain Velasquez will retain the heavyweight championship belt he will beat Bigfoot Silva
2nite: Cain Velasquez vs Bigfoot Silva. If it's like their last match, there will be (large amounts of) Bigfoot's blood
UFC Cain Velasquez vs. Bigfoot Silva starts at my house soon! Prelims start at 5, Pay per view starts at 7! We will be grilling up carne asada, chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs! What's that? You have your kids? Perfect.we got the jumper in the backyard and the PS3 set up inside for them ;) No excuses peoples! Grab your friends and your favorite beverage and come watch the fights in HD on the 70" inch with the booming surround sound ;) 473 wamblee ln san jacinto 92582 call or text me @ (951) 545-0603 if you need directions
Cain Velasquez looks to beat Bigfoot Silva again to keep his title, but Silva says he is more than ready to become the new champion at UFC 160.
Gee-I'm still scratching my head as to why Velasquez is fighting Bigfoot Silva tonight. We saw what happened last time. It's been less than a year since. The results will be no different. The should have waited it out and put him against Cormier. Who I don't think he can beat.
Check out the UFC 160 weigh-ins for the main event, featuring Cain Velasquez and Bigfoot Silva, on Friday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.
Big weekend ahead as several teams look to punch their ticket to the conference finals, while four fighters look to leave their mark tonight! The Bruins aim to close out their series with the Rangers as does the Red Wings who are looking like last year's Kings. And tonight, Cain Velasquez defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Bigfoot Silva, and former champ Junior Dos Santos faces Mark Hunt with the winner earning a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship! Plus, The Kings look to polish off the Sharks! Are you ready for a good time?
Who are your picks for tomorrow's UFC 160? Cain Velasquez or Bigfoot Silva? Mark Hunt or JDS? Glover Teixeira or James Te Huna? Maynard or TJ Grant? 'Cowboy' Cerrone or K.J. Noons?
At UFC 160, history will be made. For the first time in 16 years, the UFC Heavyweight title will be unified with the one and only Lineal Heavyweight Title, currently sitting around the waist of Bigfoot Silva. Confused? Fraser Coffeen lays it all out.
Bigfoot Silva earned Saturday's title match, but to the public, is it enough?
I can not wait for UFC 160 Saturday night! Gonna be a great night of fights! The Heavyweight championship is on the line and I may be one of the only people picking the major underdog in Bigfoot Silva to to shock the world! But I am most pumped for Junior Dos Santos vs Mark Hunt! That has all the makings to be "Fight of the year" two of the best strikers in the UFC and in all of MMA will go to war!
Im not all that excited about the Bigfoot Silva vs Cain Velasquez fight thats 4 the heavyweight title.
Top 10 UFC list of upsetbvictories of 2013 to date includes Bigfoot Silva knockout of Alistair Overeem, as well as Kelvin Gastelum over Uriah Hall, Cat Zingano over Miesha Tate, Josh Thomson over Nate Diaz, Wanderlei Silva over Brian Stann and more.
I liked a video from Alistair Overeem and Antonio "BigFoot" Silva
'Bigfoot': "I believe [Glover Teixeira] will be the UFC light heavyweight champion.”
Did I tell you guys about the time Bigfoot Silva came to Vegas? He broke a slot machine trying to get to the cherries! He was hungry!
Bigfoot Silva staying with ATT for entire Cain camp
~ my bad, I meant Cain Velasquez v Antonio "bigfoot" Silva...don't know JDS yet, still discovering the fighters...
Check out this Video I've made for Antônio BigFoot Silva AKA Pesao
The fact that he's fighting Bigfoot Silva again is a letdown.
UFC Heavyweight Champion promo for his title fight with Bigfoot Silva.
That's pretty much in the same bracket as Bigfoot silva vs Cain Velasquez part 2
Who do? you think would win between Antonio Bigfoot" Silva vs Abdullah the Butcher?
Much respect Struve but you got that Bigfoot Silva chin right now. Hope all is well
"Jetlag *** " So does gettin ko'd by bigfoot silva. But I wouldn't know anything bout dat. ;)
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Only two guys really should have it: Bigfoot Silva and Dennis Hallman.
Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva feeling "very, very confident" into rematch with UFC Champion Cain Velasquez
UFC 160 PROMO Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva vía we'll be there :)
This song reminds me of Alistair Overeem when he fought Bigfoot Silva. But then he got knocked out... :( :( :(
BREAKING NEWS: Glover Texiera vs Ryan Bader and Donald "Cowboy" Ceronne vs KJ Noons added to UFC 160! Going along with Cain Velasquez vs Bigfoot Silva and Junior Dos Santos vs Alistair Overeem, UFC 160 has Card of the Year written all over it!
Hey John Britton did you see Bigfoot Silva knock out Alister Overeem?
How much does one sponsor love Bigfoot Silva? How about a worth?:
Bigfoot Silva is "highly interested" in fighting Cain Velasquez. If not, he is asking for the "best opponents". -Gary
Overeem lost... Barnett lost... JDS lost... Mir lost... Bigfoot Silva was butchered less than a year ago... Cormier is his bum chum... Just who the *** should get the next shot at Velasquez???
Just posted: "Bas Rutten believes Alistair Overeem lost to Bigfoot Silva because he left Golden Glory" ( )
UFC 156: Bas Rutten breaks down why Alistair Overeem was KO'd by Bigfoot Silva
Then it can be JDS vs Bigfoot Silva??!! Or Bigfoot Silva vs Josh Barnett?!?
Little Known Fact- Antonio "BigFoot" Silva is the Lineal UFC, Pridefc, Elitexc, Strikeforce and Dream Heavyweight Champ. Lineal Championship is the "who beat who" Championship often used in boxing. Any loss by a champion at his weight class represents a loss to the title lineage. Randy Couture lost outside the UFC in his first title reign and the Lineal title did not return to the UFC until Overeem debuted at 141. Bigfoot Silva isn't even a top 3 heavyweight, but he is the Undisputed Lineal Heavyweight Champ of mma. Eric
So I enjoyed UFC 156, but I still don't know why Anthony Pettis would ask Dana White for a shot at Jose Aldo's title, especially when the whole world knows Pettis gets the winner of UFC on Fox 7's Benson Henderson-Gilbert Melendez title bout. Also, Overeem losing to Bigfoot Silva simply means Overeem vs. Dos Santos can happen sooner than later. And finally, I still like the flyweights. To each their own on that subject. On a non-MMA-related note...still don't care who wins the Super Bowl. Gimme a good game and please do not ask me about the Halftime Show. Nothing about it stands out to me when the focus is supposed to be on the game itself.
Super fight I want to see is Demetrius Johnson vs Bigfoot Silva . A true old school ufc David vs Goliath matchup
When asked how close he was to giving Tyron Woodley the KOTN bonus, Dana White responds: Bigfoot Silva f!^ked Tyron Woodley out of his bonus.
With Overeem losing tonight, its now time to make Bigfoot Silva vs Josh Barnett fight, in order to find the real Strikeforce Heavyweight GP winner.
Huge Congrats to Bigfoot Silva! just didn't pull the trigger.
Bigfoot Silva knocks out Overeem!!! There goes that Cain v. Overeem fight. Is there any interest in Cain v. Bigfoot II, after Cain killed him dead in their first fight?
Bigfoot Silva: Guinness book of world records for worlds largest head. Congrats.
Awesome tattoo of Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman on the right arm of fighter Bigfoot Silva.
Bigfoot Silva is giving Jay Leno chin envy.
Bigfoot Silva has a bigger chin than Jay Leno
Bigfoot Silva reminds me of Mongo from Blazing Saddles.
Alistair Overeem vs. Bigfoot Silva - who ya got?
Exciting weekend in sports. Looking forward to UM basketball vs Indiana tonight and then UFC 156. Super Sunday should be a hard fought battle. Predictions: Michigan offense squeaks by the Hosiers in effort to take control of Big Ten. Huge game for Burke, possible triple-double. Overeem takes out Bigfoot Silva in 2nd round via TKO. Rashid vs. Lil Nog (who cares?) and I think Jose Aldo will catch Frankie Edgar with a flying knee. It is going to be one *** of a fight despite the outcome. Should be best SuperBowl in ages. I am going with Joe Namath and picking the 49ners in this one. Anyhow, the games will be enjoyed with plenty beer in chicken wings. Just wondering if anyone else plays ESPN streak for the cash. Very fun and engaging. Not good at picking the winners best is only 4 in a row. Hopefully this weekend I will fare better.
Alistair Overeem plans to "destroy" Bigfoot Silva at UFC 156, wants bouts with Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos
Bigfoot Silva will battle Overeem, who is a Strikeforce and DREAM world champ, in a title eliminator for the UFC heavyweight championship.
Bigfoot Silva really looked great getting his *** whipped by Cain Velasquez.
Overeem licensed, to face Bigfoot Silva on 2/2: The Nevada State Athletic Commission today voted...
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Arlovski suffered vicious defeats to the likes of Sergei Kharitonov, Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva and Fedor Emelianenko.
Sonnen, Nick Diaz, Frankie Edgar. All of them are coming off losses, and all of them are fighting for a title. Does this compromise the legitimacy of the UFC, and the entire concept of a contender spot, in your opinion? -Rob
Travis Browne but only because Bigfoot Silva already has a 'date' with the Reem.
he will have a tuff fight on his hands 'Bigfoot Silva'
Bigfoot Silva and Gleison Tibau seminar. Then hittin sum weights and cardio.
He is suspended man. He fights Bigfoot Silva in Feb 2013.
I liked a video from BLOODBATH Cain Velasquez Smashes Bigfoot Silva FULL Fight after
u didnt miss much. the dec 29 ppv gonna be sick. JDS vs Cain HW title and Alistair Overeem is back vs Bigfoot Silva
Did you mean Bigfoot as in Silva or Bigfoot as in the forest creature. Either would be interesting.
Who's next for the big buddha man big country?
The Velasquez vs Bigfoot Silva highlights they show seem much different than the fight I remember.
Barry vs Del Rosario is up. I feel like something is going to get broken in this one. (strange feeling that Barry may get a sub)
First he's gonna beat Nelson then he's gonna murder Bigfoot Silva after captain horsemeat has his way with him.
No one should ever say Bigfoot Silva has a "good" chin. He may be able to take a punch but that head's hideous.
U fighting Bigfoot is a joke ur going to literally cripple Bigfoot its like watching Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar
"Bigfoot silva febr 2nd, and gentlemen, I can't wait :)" GO THE REEM!!!
So vs Bigfoot Silva. Dang I feel sorry for bigfoot. Overeem is going to win with a KO!
Jon Anik shares updates for the UFC 156 fight card
I think Antonio Bigfoot Silva is prob the most handsome fighter. HahHa
is a beast! One of my top 5 favorite athletes! He's gonna do work on Bigfoot Silva!
bigfoot vs reem is a joke.. Matchmakers must really hate Silva to put em against , call it a warm-up for the title fight
You know you're not an MMA fan if you think "Bigfoot" Silva is roaming the countryside.
Why does have a picture of Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva on his shirt?
so i just saw reem vs lesnar and bigfoot vs browne, NOBODY is giving him a shot but in the end if Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva ends up beating Alistair Overeem do you feel he should instantly get a shot at the winner of jds-cain? cuz tbh he was destroyed by cain and i kno cannot stand with jds -andrew
UFC heavyweight contender Fabricio Werdum has lashed out at former two-time opponent Alistair Overeem concerning PED use and his strength of character. Get all the details inside.
Original article: Fabricio Werdum talks TUF Brazil II, Minotauro fight, heavyweight landscape, as well as cheating in th...
Fabricio Werdum wants 'friend' Bigfoot Silva to beat 'chicken heart' Alistair Overeem Werdum: "Bigfoot Silva is my friend. I want him to win. I think Bigfoot puts Overeem on the ground. Overeem has good stand up. I think [Alistair] is scared when he gets to the ground. 100 percent I think Bigfoot wins the fight." He also said that it was obvious that Overeem was on the "special juice" for their 2006 fight in Pride: "For sure, the time in 2006, when I fought with him. For sure he was on the juice again. The special juice. All the time he's on the special juice. I don't know. In Japan it's not like here in the U.S.A. There's a lot of control, I like that, but in 2006 in Japan, in Pride there was control, but not 100 percent. They had tests but don't find the drugs." Werdum also took the time to get in another shot at Overeem when discussing a potential Junior Dos Santos/Overeem fight: "Yes, maybe Dos Santos knocks down [Overeem]. I think this because Dos Santos has good boxing, he's a smart guy, very confid ...
Former Strikeforce and DREAM Heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem has been in the news almost non-stop... - is your destination for the latest MMA updates and stories from around the world.
Back Bigfoot: "Overeem won't be clean for our fight" December 3rd 2012 The loss suffered in his UFC debut against Cain Velasquez didn’t put any extra pressure on the shoulders of Antonio Silva’s shoulder, who went on to defeat Travis Browne by knockout in his following fight.Now the giant from Paraí...
The Ultimate Fighting Championship on Monday confirmed UFC 156, although one of its major fights, Alistair Overeem vs. Bigfoot Silva, comes with a...
Alistair Overeem vs. Bigfoot Silva confirmed for UFC 156, pending licensure; tickets on sale this week
Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva are a little beneath Overeem, when he returns from suspension he should fight Junior Dos Santos for the title. I know he got popped for t/e levels etc but I really don't care. That is an awesome fight
Jon Jones responds to the question about how his wrestling matches up to that of former Olympian and Strikeforce heavyweight Daniel Cormier.
For my MMA loving friends; Dana says Jones/Silva "Absolutely will happen", Jones is moving to HVY in 2013 though; Meanwhile Silva officially retired Stephan Bonnar to no one's surprise, and Aldo/Edgar is FINALLY on for Superbowl weekend where Koschek is also trying to put together a match with Nick Diaz. I would also assume Eddie Alvarez will sign with UFC. My favorite news? Alistair Overeem has chimed in on Jones' plan to move by saying "I can't wait to face him." So assuming Overeem can beat his next opponent, aledgedly Bigfoot Silva, and then topple the winner of Dos Santos/Velasquez II to take the title...we could very well see Overeem/Jones for the HVY belt. Plans in MMA are as far from concrete as you can get. But here's hoping. It looks like 2013 could be an amazing year for MMA.
watch Daniel Cormier vs. Bigfoot Silva..Cormier is the new edition to the UFC he's an animal
Bigfoot Silva said he'd accept to replace Frank Mir, return to Strikeforce and try to avenge his loss to Daniel Cormier
Dana White on Jeremy Stephens arrest , BigFoot Silva win: mma news
If it was possible, I'd love to see a match up between Nick "Afrozilla" Gaston and Antonio Bigfoot" Silva.
What? Tracks Browne is 3 inches taller than Bigfoot Silva? What?
'Bigfoot' Silva KOs Travis Browne in the 1st round
Antonio Bigfoot Silva looks like an exact replica of the stone heads of Easter Island
Jon Anik and Kenny Florian recap night of great action and amazing finishes at UFC on FX 5.
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