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Big Year

A big year is an informal competition among birders to see who can see or hear the largest number of species of birds within a single calendar year and within a specific geographical area.

Started the Big Year today at Salt Creek Woods. 29 species best Red-headed Woodpeckers, Tufted T…
Me & my circle has been making moves. 2016 is a big year for us and it's only the beginning 👭👭
Big shoutout to the players, coaches, fans, and parents for dedicating their time towards the team this year
Each year it gets a little clearer just how big God's grace really is. You are beyond loved!
If you have big dreams for year 2016, then M.M.M Global is your start-ask me how http :// # mmmglobal
this year is a good first year cause it's at the state fairgrounds. Don't wear no nice shoes though, they'll be dead
Big congrats to the PAC-12 Player of the Year Jamie Weisner (
Is a big surprise, looks is the man! Who imagined that one year ago?
Veron is gonna be big time this year
Shoutout big bro on a fiyah season. Gonna miss you next year my dude
If you are 18+, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that Trump does not become president by voting this year.
did you plan to release the single the day before the KCAS since you got signed to big machine the day of…
my finger crossed . Honestly this is going to be a big year from Mr.robot & cast also
how big of a hit is DQ going to take this year since Barr-Reeve is out of sectional 63?
Chase Jeter checks in for Plumlee and receives a loud ovation from the home crowd at Cameron. Big change from earlier in the year.
Imma slide this year and see what its talking bout tho
Buy Miche Bag Online!
BIG: UNC's Marcus Paige named the ACC's top scholar athlete for the second straight year: http…
It's weird how that big group of friends everyone had freshman year is now down to a select few. It's hard to trust people…
[+1,075, -77] Really hard to get triple crown Korean Music Awards but they achieved that on top of winning song of the yea…
Big changes this year, I can't wait 🌟
Big time things from the BIGS. Autumn & Carly: All Conference Team and Courtney: Freshman of the Year
And a big happy 18th bday to someone im going to miss so much next year!! Love you B💙
A big thank you to our wrestling captains this year! Seniors Lucas Womack, Mitchell Kotschevar, and Marcus Mergen!
Congrats Big Skinny on winning Freshman of the Year! So proud of u!
That might be my big scam this year. 🤔
he was a true freshman last year at one point was leading big 10 in rushing before he got hurt. He'll be alright
Big S/O to and the fellas on a great year. Congrats to and his boys on great game
Does anyone know if big al's has their 2.5 deal for great plates this year?
you looked at the big figure. Only 26 mil is gtd. Meaning really on 13mil per year. We saved 7mil with that, FTAG cost $20
Do you think turnout this year will be big?
via US solar energy production is getting a big boost this year - Quartz
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
via Solar will be the country’s fastest-growing source of energy this year in the United States via …
at the Lineman of the Year awards. Congrats and
It’s only a 5-year-old company, but exec. duo has big ambitions!
Were there warning signs besides the fact that he is an aging big that can't shoot? Was solid last year in Dallas, what happened?
big steps head of me but ive never been so ready for something. I knew 2016 was going to be a Very big year for me. For us.
feel like this could be a big year for Louisville. How can they be stopped?
Meet Pablo! This big, four-year-old, marshmallow of sunshine and happiness is waiting at BARCS for a family to... https:…
is 2016 your lucky year ? Try it out on LADBROKES with a Big Bonus
Troy ave big 30 year old man beefing joey badass 21 year old self his career was already down the toilet, guess he wants …
Revenant: BOOK. Room: BOOK. Big Short: BOOK. Danish Girl: BOOK. A great award year for movies based on
3Black women beat a WhiteVet to death w a hammer. Where are the riots?. Where's 0bama outrage?. h…
This is going to be a big year for Messenger. We’re working hard to give you more ways to communicate, and I’m...
can't wait to see what next year has in store for all of us!! It'll be one big fiesta! 🎉
I rather us franchise kirk, see if he proves that he's our quarterback for the future and sign the big contract if he does well next year.
We really need a year long tournament schedule...good and big Tournaments shouldnt have to worry about teams not being able t…
Chicago's murder rate is double what it was last year:
Fun fact: someone from my school typed *** on this in big letters and put 100+ copies around school last year😔
How the Academy Awards Played Out on Social: The Oscars are over for another year, and the big social networks...
It’s Going to Be a Big Year for Small Business via
BIG movements this year for all our team. Join us now
Miss my big pal, can't believe it's 1 year ago u left. Still hurts 💔
Big shoutout to all the 1998 wains who finally turn 18 this year wohooo
2016 = The year 'The Pointless Gang' raise a ridiculous amount of money for charity and make a big difference to thousan…
My last year of being in my 20s, bring on the Dirty Thirty aka The Big Dirty! . Lets go Boys! .
GRIND !!! He's only a Junior big year coming up !!!
Recharged and ready to attack the year of work ahead tomorrow. Going to be a big one.
Kahlil, so fun to watch you get after it! Let's win the big one next year!
Rick had a fantastic sermon today. This year is my chance to make big changes.
Thank you for all your support in 2015 . Here's the Review of the year
We shoulda just went to church with my big sister 😂😂🙄 I'm NOT Finna get treated like a 6 year old
Get your iPhone insurance today!
New Year resolution: Suck more black big ***
New Year honours: women in business and economics the big winners - RT
Ryan budget will admit more Muslim migrants this year than Iowa Repub voters
Shoutout to the homie do big things in 2016 it's your year!
New music from my big brother out now! Pay close attention this year. • 🌐
ScottyT in big brother house this year 😁😁
This week looks ahead to 2016 park happenings. It's a big year for the Join us on Wednesday…
Quick thank you to all our former PLAYERS, COACHES, Administrators, Donors & Fans. This has been a 9 Year process. Dream …
e say big thanks to God for successfully bringing...
Big stars, new talent, sad farewells and chart changes. It's our 2015 blast from the past: http…
It's that time of the week again! First Sunday of the year and it's down to be a big one!!
Ringing in the New Year with a small part of my Big Fat Italian Family. ❤️
As 1 chapter ends, a new 1 begins! Stay focused on positivity as U set new goals & dream big i…
Insane in the membrane -No words for the flow delivered by in last night's 2016 B…
For many it’s the big return to work tomorrow, have you considered completing a vocational qualification this year?
Happy New Year - 2016 will be a big year for elections! Make sure you can have your say in May - register to vote
it's been seven year since your gods "plan" was to take them. If that truly was his plan then I refuse to support him
It's a big day for the DeBosiers. Happy birthday to Steven and happy nine-year firm anniversary to Valerie DeBosier!
There was no shortage of big, controversial ideas from Bill in 2015. Here are the year’s five most popular issues:
2016 is gonna be a big year. Make sure that you always follow your heart and make a positive change to your lives!
are you on Celebrity Big Brother this year???💕
Last year was big. Read how it went down in the words of the bands who ruled it:
Happy New Year! Wishing you and your family a lot of health, happiness, prosperity and success in 2016. Big hugs :-)
Done sculpting!! Now to dry... I'm very excited to make 2016 a big year for experimenting on…
Hi Baby Reece wants to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!! he even showed off those big blue eyes & dimples😘😘
Q. Why is my husband's medication $1000 here versus $56 in Canada? A: Last year big pharma employed 1400+ lobbyist… http…
Happy New Year! Thank you for a great 2015 and looking forward to some BIG THINGS in 2016!!
Big Year for Johnny Jones. If he plays his cards right wtih this Ben Simmons led Tigers team. LSU could be rolling for years to come.
And the big one, the Player of the Year 2015, goes to A real clean-sweep for the play-maker
Turn into white and will make big money in interest next 10 year what a thief for security on Pakistan money
Hamilton Collection
In fairness, Brandon Weeden is averaging 9.2 yards per pass attempt. 3rd in NFL this year behind Big Ben and Dalton. https:/…
I have some big decisions to make before the end of the year..
Thanks, Big shout-out to who employed one of our students for co-op this year!
Smack talk is cheap: *** domains are going for 99 cents a year: We've all heard the stories about big... (WPS)
☑ out the BIG news we're celebrating at Swank: | Want to celebrate with us? Attend on 10/10:
Parenting Pro Tip: anything that your five year old describes as "Big honking" should get immediate attention
he's been out all year with no rehab. Don't see him as a big factor
Big THX 2 4 supporting our relaunch after a 3-year strategic planning process:
Thought occurred this morning: at $390M valuation is almost as big as was last year at $475M
Starting the season without aches and pains is a beautiful thing. Here's to the start of a big year!
Excited to attend Rock Health Summit this year! Nw Patil White House Chief Data Scientist. Ask: Are we dreaming big enough?
If Wenger is going to be at Arsenal next year then he has to prove it. Beat Manchester United and the other big clubs, win the title.
.School District has big schedule changes in store for next year; why the change up? I'll tell u on http…
Each of those tiny year-by-year advantages for Wilson compounds over time into a big edge in expected career left.
Most feedback from last year's was that it was really poor compared to previous. Big questions over site. Public money wasted
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I could already see that this year's Lakers group is a lot more cohesive than the last year's. That’s a positive. Big positive!
Big rig driver discovers body of 19-year-old along roadside in Rosenberg
Vinyl records are still riding that big comeback wave, sales up 38% in a...
big NUFCMan resorting to physically assaulting a 16 year old ffs😅😅😅
Special announcement! Meet our newest addition: Kelvin Pasquier, SGA Parliamentarian! We're ready for a big year!
just wait until I get set up for my Halloween party this year. Unfortunately I can't go as big as the last one
Both The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family have started well this year. Had lost hope on both.
I pull up on Big Tex this year to see how my *** doing
There was a 2 year old girl at the nail salon with her big sister. She wanted black nails and her sister said no little girls wear pink...😐
But errrh, I guess will have a crazy season this year...the big ears trophy
We are SO EXCITED to be heading back to the Big E this year! See you tomorrow!
Happy birthday to the best dad ever. one more year till the big 5-0 😉 love ya chubs ❤️🎉🍻 still mad I…
The "Big Bang Theory" star married the tennis player on New Year's Eve in 2013.
GE Predicts Predix Platform Will Generate $6B In Revenue This Year: Like many big companies, GE has been in th...
PointlessBlog: Big love to two of my managers domsmales & MaddieChester for all the support over the last few year…
Website Builder 728x90
Next year Norah will be big enough for those little catty's you attach to your bike for children. So lit lmao
people for get about the big catches last year? It was one bad game.
Buehrle goes home to St. Louis next year for swan song and big-time hometown discount. And gets to see his pet pit bulls.
Big thank you to the for making my first NHL camp so special ! Could'nt ask for a better place to be ! See y…
A big congratulations to Aaron Ollett for winning the Community Clubman of the Year award. Great work off the field. htt…
WHITE OUT this Friday 💭🐾 we have to show up big, its the biggest game of the year so go get yourself some baby powder a…
in all honesty we don't really have much behind them either. This is going to be a big problem next year IMO
Hockey in Vegas will be BIG. I don't gamble but I'll take a trip every year to see the Bruins. An escape from Boston Winter.
lets get it Zay, this your year big bro!
Juniors: This is a big year! Boost your college chances by doing research and taking challenging classes.
Cannot believe next year I'll be racing the west coast with the big dogs of racing 😍
When did eyebrows begin to become such a big deal? Never before last year did I ever hear about girls praising someone's eyebrows
Here's earlier piece on this year's book:
DID YOU KNOW?. Convocation Hall is 100 this year, and the turns 50!. Join the celebrations!.
Oh boy, oh boy. It's a big year for space discoveries!
Our Review is up! Big topics this year included supplier consolidation, 4K and front-end. Check it out! …
Aegrus' "Devotion for the Devil" just popped up on my end of year radar in a big way.
It’s a big day for starting a new three year charity partnership with Yay!!! Xo
Oh, for leverage jobs I have a BIG actual crowbar. 5' long. I need it twice a year, but when I need it, I NEED it.
100,000 kids are sold for sex every year. Sign the petition today to help make it 0!
My World 2.0 is such a big part of who I was as an 11 year old
Time for the two big ones, Players' Player of the Year and Player of the Year ...
so the big question is why ? Why is it getting worse each and every year. The defence, if you can call it that just gets worse
these refs cost BU a win over WVU last year as well. Big 12 teams should stand up before it happens again
Great straight-sets win for v Muguruza..incredible maturity from the 18 year old, expect big things
St. Francis football braces for big challenge from loaded Calabasas: What a difference a year makes. Last seas...
BIG thanks to For making this possable. Good year guys ht…
Will be a very interesting year,young cyclists,big riders have changed teams.I'm curious what will do&how will look some teams
Retest lows and rally big into year end?
I want to end this year good! Like I wanna be able to say I did things I've never done or I've changed in a big way.
Only the last year where he really started making big mistakes.
If people only knew the way I was my freshman year maaan , I did a big *** change, you can ask the athletic Dir @ county , he was my dean 😂
That's a big endorsement. Thank U so much 🙌🏾RT by and indeed my song of the year
Big ships in Venice means pollution, hard for monuments, hard for lung. 2,000 passes per year at St. Mark's Square.
First day of my senior year with my practically "big" brother.
I turn into a big ball of anxiety and stress during the school year
Son will be a great buy for Spurs. Was superb against us last year in the Champions League, had a big part in why they went through group.
Chaos, shower queues and free babysitting: what's it like living in a big family?
Congrats on brilliant show & big thks 4 breakg abc voodoo imposd by TA.. Sad lst show nxt wk for year but know you'll be back:)
would love to see an update of that WSJ piece from earlier this year on big brokers pushing stock loans to wealthy clients.
I think it’s already in danger of getting too big too quickly. Was creaking at the seams last year...
Big Mo Diame did more in 14 minutes today than Huddlestone has done in the last year.
Big increase in college numbers in Tennessee for first year of "free tuition" Tennessee Promise.
Former Medgar Evers star Patterson prepping for big year: Get our stories ...
I saw this kid first day of school last year in first period and then never again..
Hey Sophomores - it's a big decision making year. Maybe this will help:
Fml not even tired and I've been up all night playing bo3, cod has a big year to come this game is so smooth, feels just like bops2
To be fair there's probs thousands of girls at 17 sleeping with +20 year olds but just cos they're famous it has to be a big thing
One year they should have no qualification stages and put the big teams in from the start. How good would that be.
Dylan Thomas biopic bags most nominations at this year's Awards
Twhittaker's...A big rugby year just got bigger with our special edition All Blacks Packs. Kicking off in store soon. htt…
The trillions that were suppose to go for jobs.. >>> didn't.
Look at Garcia Lopez's JLA style guide. This really makes me want to do a big DC thing a year or two down the line:. https…
The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons leads the pack of highest-paid TV actors, raking in a cool $29 million this year.
He likes money, earns about €5m per year, but wanted more. It's big money in Russian football but, honestly, he doesn't deserve it
Not as big loser as the one who cannot even spell loser correctly.
Big MOAC game for the Barons tomorrow @ Home against Fairbanks @ 5. Come support as the Barons do battle w/ the Panthers…
A big thanks to all the parents who helped with camp meals this year. Our staff and players very appreciate all of your hard work.
1.3 billion tons of U.S food supply is wasted each year! is a big impact in reducing that:
Tonight I want to give a big shout out to two amazing girls, Emelia and Cloe. Both are doing their HSC this year...
My scene of the year for watch here 👉🏼with shot by http:…
Hey surely Manly need the Big Willie next  year.  Is Bozo not a fan is these games haggling about the amount?
hope boxnation land the some of the big fights towards end of the year. Think they deserved the rights for mayweather in may and missed out
I can't believe it's already been a year since u first appeared on Oaks You've got such a big impact on my life Im so proud of u
Good morning Who's ready to DREAM BIG and have an amazing school year? Also looks like great weather for a great First Day!😎
Check out my page now live! Thoughts and feelings about my 5 year-old starting kindergarten!
The big challenge is still ham inventories which were 39% higher than both last year & five-year average on July 31.
ENDEARING! Sometimes big miracles have small beginnings. Centers around an 8-year-old boy, name…
We waited 3 years for MADE so we could still wait cause Big Bang released 8 singles this year and a full album so yolo papa YG
House of Fraser discount code deals: How to save BIG at the department store year round
First day of senior year ft. my little/big bro that thinks he's my bodyguard lol 🎓😂
A big THANK YOU to our sponsor Autotrader for their support a second year in a row!
This 19-year-old Swedish model SLAMS the fashion industry after being called "too big":
New Team, Big Year?: from Scott Lewis of Sportsnet, Here are four players who could enjoy productive seasons in…
shes British too LOL also in A Big Year with Owen Wilson, Jack Black
Previews of coming attractions: 2016 Expected to be a Big Year at the Utah Shakespeare Festival
It’s a Big Year for 3 Exciting Trends to Look for in 2015 via
This year i got something big coming April believe that
21 year old Shreya Singal's PIL plays the biggest role in striking out the draconian section of the IT act by SC ! Big cheer to
This was a year ago when I kick started my Mr South Africa run to the finals. This is a big shoutout…
One of our most popular blogs last year and its a must read for all check it out here
"Jibo the Family Robot" is the Creepiest Product of the Year (video) -
big up 4 ur post A Year of Dolls 2015! Odds & Evens. 23. Tablet.
And your dreams are coming true with each step (even if that big step is a year away). I'm so happy for you, Mya!
3 months into the year & Kendrick, Drake, Earl Sweatshirt, Big Sean, Joey Badass, Action Bronson & Lupe Fiasco have all d…
This weekend is BIG 25th anniversary celebration party.. we're so excited to be a sponsor this year
Hope you're all enjoying the live album!! It makes me super excited to tour next year! Big love :) x
i didn't see it... most likely will be Tues 26th of May. I have other things planned for Melbourne later this year, big things!
Awesome day of Claymation movie-making with Year 3 students today. Big thanks to for the day.
In 2014, Hollywood failed the Bechdel Test in a big way:
Conference will be a big draw this year - great programme + highly subsidised price for …
Award-winning filmmaker Ernest Nkosi is planning to shoot his second film at the end of this year:
Freedom, we have some news.. And it's BIG NEWS!!! This year we are having a LADIES MAN COMPETITION!! More info ⬇️
Little Ike people, don't worry, freshman year is *** af with the rules. But TRUST ME Big Ike is waaay better about them…
This year, my kids are big enough to help with cleaning cabinet shelves & closets.
I spent this year as a ghost and I'm not sure where home is anymore
SXSW's big stars this year came from hip hop. Listen to our SXSW soundtrack here:
A year after annexation of Crimea, still clear to me that China is big winner. Chinese international standing grows as Russia's…
A beloved professional naturalist, Mary Warren, caps off her Big Year of birding in Erie County, Ohio: "Sparking...
2015 will be a Big Year for David Lemieux & andresogward. look out for these making a…
Yes! Keen to get 2015's Big Year of underway - & not because of northern hemisphere weather!
Paul: “️Gorgeous & Unique with Sunset light at Pacific Ocean in Malibu! 2015 will be a very Big Year(..)”
A Romantic Yearning for Our Eucharistic Lord; For Pope Francis, 2015 Will be a Big Year and Mo...
Briah Lehrer Show with Father James Martin (seen on Stephen Colbert's showAnother Big Year for Pope Francis via
Remember, New Year's Eve is the other big engagement day
We’re closed until New Year’s Eve… make sure you join us then for a big party til 3am!
May I wish you all a somewhat belated merry Christmas. I planned an end of year round up blog post but the dreaded bug has been working its way mercilessly through our family. We've had a nice time regardless. Hope you've all enjoyed a break and some quality time with your loved ones. 2015 will be a big year for me, as I'm finally going full time with DSP, lots of plans taking shape so watch this space :) Donna x
Joyful bewilderment at appearing in Wales online quiz of the year. Has the blow-in arrived?Diolch!
The big question: do I stay in Mansfield or do I move to Notts in the new year?
Hackers are good for business, if you're selling cyberinsurance.
Briton of the Year ❤ Experts doubt North Korea was behind the big Sony hack - CNN
Big year for Navy ship retirements via
Now this is neat. Watch the end as 5 big machines push and drag the tree to its new home.
Women business owners ... get inspired, think big and focus on long-term goals. How To Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet
I'm on C4's Big Fat Quiz of the Year @ 9 w/
New post: Time to end the year on a funny note. Catch Kenneth, Mikhail and Neville at Big
The Content Standard by Skyword This year, these three brands have knocked it out of the park. Big data is a tem...
I love these New Year outfits could be perfect for the big night
Mel B is desperately unfunny on Big Fat Quiz of the Year.
What a great St Stevens day in West Cork, bit of a sore head on me, time to plan for next year now. Big year for Scratch My Pork.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
no reviews of the year, but a big Thank you.
Big thanks for u're suport on this year.
Are you ready for a Bob Dylan album (of Sinatra covers)?: Music: after a quiet year from the superstars, big n... http:/…
Thanks. She is a big softie. Never had so much as a growl out of her. Best breed of dog and so much fun. Loves my 3 year old!
Why was Mel B on Big Fat Quiz of the Year? She contributed absolutely nothing.
Big mug o' coffee & then off to Turner Prize. Lots of video this year so it'll take most of the day.
"Snowboard by the Matterhorn: ✅". Finally made this dream happen :) . Here's to 2015 being a year of big…
..Last of the Year.. '' Big wishes os freedom.'' . http…
Happy Birthday SK..have a fantastic year ahead..big bday hug..
It's been an extraordinary year. Some huge highs, and some sorrow. A big move for us to Florida and the start of...
big fat quiz as a whole was painful to watch - I usually watch every year but turned off this year after half an hour
With Chandler Parsons added, will Big D make noise this year? Read our Offseason Report Card:
A chilly last Saturday of 2014! Little warmer Sunday before big changes to end the year.
Hello there every one I hope you all had a great Christmas and will have a brilliant year for 2015 Big Kiss Elle X
Mel B was painful to watch on Big Fat Quiz as it's claimed she's 'addicted' to hubby
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Big up Gully Bop, I'm so happy for him. He needs to become a Sting resident. Just pop out once a year
Everybody's in favor for a New Year's spree but I mean this time you gotta make it big. Lol. C'mon
You're right David, a big build up, the crescendo that is Christmas itself, then the lull before New Year.
The are back on ice! Practice today, host tomorrow. Tuesday, New Year's Eve. Big…
[NEWS] SE7EN will be discharged from his 2-year mandatory military service tomorrow on the 28th. http:/…
currently watching big fat quiz of the year; I was happier than mel b coming out of my soil exam.
Will Justice Roberts ignore politics on *** marriage and Obamacare?:
is it just me or does it feel like something BIG is gonna happen involving phan this coming year
It’s the time of year we celebrate the birth of a beautiful man with long flowing hair and big ideas. Happy birthday
Heyo dude, what's up dude? Got any big plans for New Year's Eve?
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year is everything I need this morning
I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who's spread the word & helped get Phoenix into the world this year. You are…
Missed big fat quiz of the year last night, absolute disaster
A year in fashion: the big stories of 2014
It's well worth noting that next year isn't just a big year politically. It's a big year historically too:
Next big thing is New Year and i'm so excited 💃💃💃🎉
Four more days. Expect a BIG offense against before the year ends, and lots of breakdowns.
Must be the end of year awards night/party Quoc Nguyen Looking forward to another big year in 2015:) party on.
Just a remider, all aspects of DGC will resume operation on the 5th January. So all that remains for me to say is a massive THANK YOU for all the support you have shown through 2014, and I have some big plans for DGC in 2015 including:- Weekly Podcasts Videos Product reviews More Doctor Who and Super Hero merchandise will be coming into store next year, and more of the Retro themed gifts that you have come to appreciate and love - and lets not forget Game of Thrones which is returning to our screens next year also. Big year coming up for DGC - so please stay tuned. I would like to wish you all a Happy and safe New Year - See you all in 2015! :D
I think i should get a DIARY Book for 2015 and document all the sh!t cos its gonna be a BIG YEAR with lots of projects. I expect to get a Land Title, Commercial Farming. and if all goes well, KUKYAALA... not the Introduction but KUKYAALA.
Some interesting participants in Sundays GS Race. If I didn't know better I'd say Kjetil Jansrud is doing A Big Year. :)
Look Back at Prince George's Big Year: Prince George may only be a little more than a year old, but he's accom...
MISS CURVY'S BIG BROTHER: The Boot Camp of this year's Miss Curvy Zimbabwe will be recorded warts and all.Merc...
big step! Our eldest starts Uni this year, middle one just had End of school Prom & youngest starting yr 10 in September!
"TVXQ, Super Junior, Big Bang, Girls' Generation, and 2PM rank in the Top 50 on Oricon's Half-Year Chart". legends indeed!
Unpredictable summer of sport. Like the has seen some BIG casualties: Murray, Nadal, Sharapova. Year of the underdog?
MoFA of Kuteesa: Every time we meet we come with more hope & expectations. Yes indeed,big progress have bee…
wow even after a year since last time I visited music korea, infinite MIL is still there really big and glorious
Yeah I know. I'll still leave all the prep till last minute though, don't want to get too organised. 2018 is the big year!
I don't know whether to have a big birthday party this year or do nothing
Hi Adrien! I am indeed a big fan of Sung Si Kyung who sang many OSTs. Is he going to release an album this year.More powers!
Matty James has vowed to play a big part in a bright future for Leicester City.The 22-year-old midfielder, who...
The heat are in big trouble Chris bosh wants 5 year 90 million WAY to much the heat may not have the star center next year
A very happy birthday to the next big thing in Fashion! Much love for you girl! Fab year ahead! Going higher!
1013 so pumped you came to our school! You are gonna do big things this year at corner 😆
Can someone please find me the dates for VidCon 2015? I'm trying to plan something big for next year. Hopefully there's no conflict...
like he literally had such a negative attitude. He was a different person to me freshman year
As we start a new Lionistic year i cannot but pay a big tribute to our DG Wajih Akkari for his trust and...
The 19-year-old cheerleader provoking worldwide fury over her passion for big game hunting
Save the date I'll be doing it big at Azul Ultralounge this year...! Who's coming to celebrate with me?...
not as often as we used to do after the big bust earlier this year things with my sister are fine now. She makes an effort to ask
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