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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush (abbreviated BTR) is an American television series created by Scott Fellows about the Hollywood misadventures of four hockey players from Minnesota—Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan, after they are selected to form a boy band.

Kendall Schmidt James Maslow Carlos Pena Spy Kids Alexa Vega Hot Chelle Rae Logan Henderson

Pls help settle debate: cutest in Big Time Rush
"Big Time Rush is like Nsync, except they were never popular so you can't justify knowing their songs by heart."
Also shoutout to everyone who told me I was crazy for saying that two of the big time rush guys were stoners because it's been confirmed bye
Big Time Rush had bops and should've deserved to prosper: A thread.
hello yes I would like to request a box set of every Big Time Rush episode ever aired on television
Big Time Rush fans were super worried about one of the guys during the London terrorist attacks😩💔-->
17. Halfway there - Big Time Rush. Fun fact my older brother was tight with Carlos Pena's cousin.
Big Time Rush - Boyfriend! James was the cutest don't try and argue!
good news we got this year:. There are three good news: . 1)Camp Rock 3. . 2)High School Musical. 3)Maybe the Big Time Rush . 4…
Snoop Dogg? You mean that guy that did a song with Big Time Rush? 😂😂😂 Irrelevant ***
I miss . iCarly, Drake and Josh, Victorious, Sam and Cat and Big Time Rush.
Andrew Garfield from Step by Step stars in Big Time Rush about an unimaginative Bus driver named Drenda
Just found out Alexa Vega is married to, and has a child with Carlos from Big Time Rush ... MIND. BLOWN.
at first i thought it was Big Time Rush and Liam was James lmao
On a level from Hot Chelle Rae to Big Time Rush, how forgotten do you feel?
"Mom why is my cousin called James?". "Because your aunt loves Big Time Rush". "What about me?". "Enough questions Perfect M…
Heffron Drive Feat. Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush is on tour in Mexico!. Jan. 13, 2017: Mexico City: Teatro...
I read James and was looking for James from Big Time Rush. I'm disappointed and upset.
Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush posted this pic of a jersey signed by the boys when they were BTR's opening act https…
Jo Bros were cool and all but Big Time Rush deserve the well earned title
One direction watching Big Time Rush rise and rightfully reclaim its throne as the best boy band
Currently listening to Big Time Rush and I realized how much I miss their music
3. Big Time Rush's best song??? The B-b-b-b-b-boy-boyfriend part was so catchy and the video was corny but cute. https:…
On the real tho... You know you watched big time rush back in the day, show was a masterpiece
Watching big time rush videos as it rains
If you ever feel bad about yourself just remember Big Time Rush's career was about to take off then One Direction came nd r…
Listening to big time rush rn makes me laugh and cry... All the memories 😭😂😭
I don't know what I'm doing with my life but tonight I'm listening to Big Time Rush.
I also got Oscar Isaac (the guy that played Po in the Force Awakens) and Carlos from Big Time Rush 😂
when big time rush still ain't back together (Vine by
I've been watching Big Time Rush all night and my Kendall Schmidt feels are back. I want him 😩
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I saw big time rush once and I paid for my ticket and it was great and I'm not sorry either
I was making a vine but then the big time rush theme song came on shuffle
Big time rush, Bowling for Soup, evanescence and Hot Chelle Rae.
k i'm going to bed now. this is the first time I've won anything besides that one time I won big time rush tickets lmao
honestly I think Ronnie is just either tone deaf or liked big time rush better
Big Time Rush's James Maslow graduates from 'pretty boy' roles as Watson in stage version of 'Sherlock Holmes' -…
I have no idea why a bunch of Big Time Rush fans follow my Sam Hunt account?!?
Trade for now! Let's go!!! Big time help on defense and pass rush! One of the best ends in the game!
i love big time rush much I love you james
If y'all see a white Evo bumping big time rush and one direction, that's me because of my little sister 😩😒
Who was your favorite big time rush character
if you would be extremely happy and excited if Big Time Rush makes new music as a band again! FAV if you hope so! ht…
" Hope it is necessary to last minute. But at the last minute you can and stop." Big Time Rush
Big time rush was the greatest show. And band. Screw u haterz.
When you listen to music from One Direction si your friend listen to music from Big Time Rush.
I wish could get 21K views in one day!
Finished all the BIG TIME RUSH episodes now on too.
Thread of (why I love) those 4 dorks who will always be in my heart, this amazing band named Big Time Rush.❤
Kendall has no idea of how much I love him. He is my everything 💙 (Vine by Big Time Rush Edits) https:/…
Just Getting Started by Big Time Rush is a bigger bop than all of FOUR
Tonight's menu: Mayday Parade, Robbie Williams, Backstreet Boys, some Big Time Rush etc.. Let out all the sad songs.. 😭
No matter how long I go without listening to Big Time Rush, whenever I do listen to them, they never fail to make me happy.
Was anyone else aware that Alexa Vega from Spy Kids and Carlos Pena from Big Time Rush are married?
Carlos from Big Time Rush and Alexa Vega from Spy Kids are such a cute coupleee
maybe the concert with Big Time Rush on 2013 in Summer Break Tour Milwaukee?
dopeandepressed said: Could you do an imagine or au meme with gifs where Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush...
There is a VERY good chance I just passed Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush getting out of his car..
Michelle Trachtenberg from Tetro stars in Big Time Rush about an energetic Ophthalmologist named Graylon
Do you miss Big Time Rush? Do you miss James,Logan and Carlos?
Big Time Rush don't even compare to the multi platinum Grammy winners, The Fresh Beat Band
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held tonight at most pure music listening best quality like Austin Mahone and Big Time Rush
Big Time Rush is an American music group that consists of Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, and Carlos Pena, Jr. they were fo-
Seriously, Big Time Rush will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart.
For the series, their debut single, "Big Time Rush", was released on November 29, 2009 (IT'S LIT)
The bop of all bops. Big Time Rush - Worldwide.
i went to Big Time Rush's first ever tour show and when they sang cover girl they came into the crowd and I held hands with Carlos
I spent so much money on big time rush omg
Big Time Rush feels are rushing back
they say that January 10, 2016 will be a season 5 of big time rush
Big time rush never treated me this way. .
I'm joining the big time rush fandom
why is big time rush EVERYWHERE and WHY didn't this happen sooner I miss them TBH
I've been stanning Big Time Rush before it was trending, bye
Honestly though if Big Time Rush made a comeback I would be 300% supportive of that.
I feel so emotional rn. Big time rush everywhere.
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I love how Big Time Rush is suddenly trending at 2:30 in the morning 👌🏽
Can we get at least one more Big Time Rush tour in 2016 please 😩
I have season one of big time rush on dvd
When someone gives you a reason to cry, say you have big time rush to smile -
Big Time Rush are a 4 pieced group from Los Angeles, California, United States.
Seeing big time rush trending brings back my childhood memories
It's 3 am and Big Time Rush is trending what on earth is going on here 😂
I'm having reruns on Big Time Rush (on nikolodeon) lolololol. I'm so alive
Tomorrow Im going to jam out to Big Time Rush while getting ready cause seeing their videos on my TL is taking me back to the good ol days 🙃
Big Time Rush, Rushers we never had dramas
Remember when big time rush dedicated worldwide to Jane
i still remembered i was screaming so hard when i watch Big Time Rush on tv. Mom said i need go to mental hospital. lol
since big time rush is trending i feel compelled to say: . ONE OF THE BEST NICKELODEON SHOWS OF AL TIME WAS BTR DONT FIGH…
omg Big Time Rush had so many bops 😩 I miss them
one direction: *go on break*. 5sos: *become problematic*. me: I wonder how big time rush are doing let me take a peek at thei…
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Big Time Rush actually had some pretty good songs if you think about it
Big Time Rush introduced me to the fangirl life.
"I'm Logan. I'm Kendall. Im James. I'm Carlos and we're big time rush"
Big Time Rush Is still an amazing and talented boyband. PASS IT ON
Seeing all of this stuff of Big Time Rush is making me emotional. They were the first fandom i was a part of.
And they always will be Big Time Rush
ok but 2016 is the year for Big Time Rush, the Jonas Brothers, and Allstar Weekend to make a comeback
Trying not to cry because Big Time a Rush is trending right now after so long 😩
Logan Henderson, and Carlos Pena, Jr. The group starred in Nickelodeon's television series Big Time Rush and signed to
Working on this week's on hope you enjoy "All I Want For Christmas" by Big Time Rush,
I found my iPod shuffle and Boyfriend by Big Time Rush was the first song that came on. I've never been so happy in my life
Yo that Parking Lot James from Big Time Rush don't give a *** about my heterosexuality!
My brother's watching Big Time Rush, I'I'm tired and I want to sleep but I'm proud of my fanboy, he likes 5SOS and R5 too
can we take a minute silence for the fact One Direction was the opening act for Big Time Rush?
3 CDs, 4 guys who stole our hearts, lots os Amazing songs and only 1 band named Big Time Rush!b
I think the ultimate boy band would be: Big Time Rush, louis walsh, jason derulo, ben haenow and tinie tempah
I hope that Big Time Rush coming soon to Latin America. The Rushers are waiting! I Love You so much James! X…
I got Big Time Rush songs stuck in my head all day ...!! 💖💟💛
I met big time rush 5 years ago today 😭😭😭
when you're dating Kendall from big time rush😕😕😕
When Matt Bowen walks up to you and puts an earbud in your ear and he's bumping to big time rush >>>>>>
Yes I still listen to big time you are not allowed to judge me.
Conservatives "lost big because of the rush of new voters this time"
I did not know that Carlos from Big Time Rush and the girl from Spy Kids were married?? Thats so cute??
I have the big time rush theme song stuck in my head
Do you miss playing on Big Time Rush???
I still jam to Worldwide by Big Time Rush 😂
Big Time Rush was my favorite white boy band
I can't even handle my love for Big Time Rush I have such a big time crush
Big time rush was the dumbest show why they even make it?
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Big Time Rush gave us real bops harmonies and all I just can't
I miss Big Time Rush so much they gave me so many bops 😭
Yo that's all I was singing in Nashville that, welcome to the Tipton, big time rush and Charlie puth's chandelier cover 😂 good times
:(. Next time. I don't get into London until 7 that day so it would be a big rush to get there on time x
I miss victorious and icarly and big time rush
-THIS IS A BIG TIME RUSH THREAD- . Big time rush is a 4 member group that debuted in 2009 under nickelodeon tis lit🔥
Listen to Big Time Rush - Shot In The Dark by ionut mirica on
The update on Path theme is lovely ♫ We Can Work It Out by Big Time Rush —
"Often we just rush from thing to thing but having a little ritual you always do before a big (or little) moment...
Isnt that the guy from the tv show big time rush? 😂
I finished 3 seasons of big time rush in 3 days wow I'm good at this
Michael Ian Black from Big Time Rush stars in Beverly Hills 90210 about a deferential Copywriter named Tenley
After listening to my favorite screamo band, Big Time Rush, I fell asleep like an angel 😇😇😇
Richard Schiff from Melrose Place stars in Big Time Rush about a sad Bar attendant named Rebecca
Photoset: aphroditedallas: 2 years since the last Big Time Rush episode Big Time Dreams...
I read he is in Big Time Rush with James Maslow.
Carmen Cortez from Spy Kids married Carlos from Big Time Rush & they are both on Dancing with the Stars this season excuse me WHAT
This is the first One Direction tour I've missed since they opened for Big Time Rush. Summer didn't seem right without seeing them. 😥
I like rock and sometimes pop and my fav is wether Demi lovato,Katy perry or David archuleta :3 and Big Time Rush is good too
Go vote for Big Time Rush's Windows Down music video.
Lizzy Caplan from Big Time Rush stars in Big Day about a hearty Electrical engineer named Dionna
I liked a video Jeffrey Ross and Larry (played by Stephen Kramer Glickman from Big Time Rush)
Five years ago today I met Brandon Inge, four I saw Big Time Rush, three years ago we did the Olympics and this year am doing gishwhes.
There's one song I'm in love with from Big Time Rush. ;~; And still am. . Big Time Rush Feat Jordan Sparks - Count on You.
Can't believe I almost forgot about 'boyfriend' by Big Time Rush.
when u kill ur father in front of Big Time Rush
i.e. Killing your father in front of Big Time Rush
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