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Uni of Manchester researchers developed a robot so small it operates on the molecular level. via Big Think...
"Wood Wide Web": Using strands of fungi as a network, trees and plants communicate with one another. | Big Think
Hey Richard, you are mentioned in this Big Think article:
cos I didn't think you looked any better than us on THAT day. Raj, if you beat us at VP, then so what? It's not a big deal.
don't want to use the word masterpiece, that's a big word, but I think I may have to here x
They are 2 much in the hands of big and I don't think they have realized their model has started a
I don't think he has any style yet. too confused perhaps. 3 big personalities to choose from. Bhutto, BB and zardari. so..
Because the big companies don't think you can market toys of female characters to boys.
I just think Thailand might have to look to Taiwan as a big sister for but since the crown prince is just totally off-kilter.
gonna be PIP with . . I think KLove has a big year. Finally comes together for him
What do you think of all this late money coming in on Indians?
I think the big problem is that Bethesda's open-world games are getting antiquated and fast
I think when you're born that big and talented, you kinda are supposed to be there my man...but nice commercial
I eat so much mac n cheese you would think I would be one big macaroni noodle
What do Big 12 coaches think of the Big 12 Preseason Player of the Year Thoughts from five of them: https:…
Meanwhile, in Texas. Don't think your vote doesn't matter this time around. It matters. Big time. Big as Texas...
If you're headed to Malibu, don't even think about PCH. Roll over accident at Big Rock has a parking lot back to Temescal.
Trump seems to think presidents are chosen based on how big of a crowd they draw but if that were true why wasn't Hamilt…
I hate those people who body shame people like who cares. If they want blue hair and think they are beautiful big, thin and or otherwise|
For a city that's been outed for having a big drugs problem you'd think they'd be more on top of cracking down on it
if because of A1 in WAEC, you think you're a big man in uni. i pity you
Frmer Sec of State Colin Powell will vote for Clinton "because I think she’s qualified& the other gentleman is not" https:/…
I think it was important for them to get certain aspects of the movie right. Especially Strange, as he'll be big going fwd.
I don't think I have a super big personality.until I'm comfortable with you. Then I'm Jason.
Big news. But I think Duke is the title favorite even if two stars are out. Blue Devils are loaded.
Very interesting. Many different interests involved in the system. I think core devs & big miners look like fiduciaries.
I think that was one of the big animals. Not sure. All the mods are different now.
Julian should we expect anything big about Clinton, Iraq and Oil truths before the election? Do you think she will win?
In fairness, I don't think anyone would've predicted us being as bad as we were. Big improvements needed.
Everyone is laughing at Trump's botched attack on Ocare. I think I've cracked the code on what he really meant:
I think it was a big brand mistake to let the original guy go.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I think were both taking big L's on this one. Im lost
Yoplait Go Big is perfect for my teen son. We both think the grip and rip pouch is so cool!
People think they so big and bad until it's time to prove themselves πŸ’€
Think the world is a big hot mess? says think again. It's better than we think. He tells us why on…
do you really think Hillary is going to win big like CNN says so?
Does anybody think WikiLeaks will have something big tomorrow, or is this it? Sadly, it does not seem to be hurting Hillary...
I'm not a big fan either, but I'm less of a fan of LNJ. I don't think they'll ever mix up
Why y'all thinking small I'm think big β€” looking for intelligent life
Its a big time to go back in soon I think 1.4 Patch Notes -
I like the starting lineup and I think the biggest concern for me is will Brimah be consistent. He needs to play big against tougher teams
I think she needs to move to the big city.
I think it is time to make a big change in my life just trying to determine the best course to take β€” feeling aggravated
So much of our big-group unwavering solidarity is an act. Alone in the black of night, I think most of us feel like we do…
Totally think need to hit up Europe.and definitely come to the UK
Think I'm going to wear a black wig for my cam show tonight. Either that or my big blonde Afro πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽƒ
Westbrook might average a triple double.. Also I think Portland is one scoring big man from moving into the top 4 in the West...
Think BIG, get cash, make em blink fastπŸ˜‰
Wow! Big plans for Yonge and Gerrard in the works! What do you think of these neighbourhood changes!…
. . Honestly I don't think it's just getting to big...
I don't believe it's the company. I think market environment has been awful to retail other than Amazon. Big mistake IMO.
You're also very sexy for your age. Although it's a pretty big age gap, I think we may have been able to become lovers... Hee hee hee...
Guys I think we hit a big hurdle. Wait for it. Wait for it. Almost there.just a little more.I have 9 followers
a1. I think in a lot of ways, my passion(s) fuels my purpose and my purpose ignites my passion(s). I am big on styl…
I just voted for Neeley to be evicted from the house! Vote who you think should go now:
Science is One Step Closer to Cloning a Race of Super Humans - Big Think
One Easy Way to Be a Scientist? Look at These Adorable Pics of Baby Penguins - Big Think (blog)
Ppl keep telling me to think like a *** but I can't change my big heart or the fact that I care about ppl a lot more than I should 😒
Things I think I know about NC: Zach Galifianakis got his big break modeling man purses in Durham.
I think I was just pushing too hard to be critical; it was my first big review, and I choked.
Fraser Foerster. Think he's the next big thing
a big up for and - I think the screen message should read "Frack off"
Not a day will go by when we don't think about you homie. Miss you bossman πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜“ rest easy big dawg
exactly. I do t think he would do that though.
I do think its a useless tactic of trying 2 save boundaries when a player is in the nervous 90's let him play the big shots we could get him
"7 kingdoms! Do you think it's honor that's keeping the peace ? It's fear. Fear and blood.". Oh bah tiens, y'a Big Bro dans Game of Thrones !
We think may be a big problem tomorrow!
So Chinese teams just think signing some big names would boost their brand quickly? Guess that league will have plenty to do
I have syrup that says butter on it in big letters, I don't think it's flavored, just has butter added in it
You aren't as scattered today as your coworkers think because ... More for Gemini
I think big bang and super junior are the only groups where guys look manly 😍
Think of your cornerstone page as a big, juicy breadcrumb leading to more great content!
I think a big factor in our watching was seeing S5 then spending a few months watching S1-4 quickly. 1/2
which is EXACTLY why is America's only hope...Think big...Think Bernie for President!
Heaven knows all I want in this life of sin is a big *** kitchen with all the fancy nothings I can think about.
If u don't realize who u are people will make u what they think u should be instead of what you're called to be. Know you…
Carrick: "I think the game vs Chelsea was a big day for us in terms of the league situation."
While i appreciate your honesty, i think you guys are going to have to show something big soon, seems you are losing momentum :X
i heard all the insults basically . They also think " atheist " is a big insult, like dude that's totally an okay thing :p
I think you're right, this together with vaccinations, Codex Alimentarius and whole host of other genocidal plans.
I think this accurately depicts how passionate I am about lipstick but also how much I hate going through big malls for no reason
I don't think y'all realize how big this Kanye album is about to be
Sometimes I think he just has an extra big speed bump on his skull.
I think you got a big booger up there
Stop thinking like a CEO and think like a customer, says
do you ever start typing some big crazy paragraph and delete it all and think "woah I really am a psycho lol"
feel the same lad... Can't lose 3 times in 1 season to West ham. Think we'll do em though. Return of big names
How will a wall stop Big Pharma? If you think heroin is a prob. take a look a the # of deaths caused by oxy
I think's those rockets are too big to be modified S-5 rockets
I like to help small businesses think BIG . For simple affordable SEO, Websites, Marketing & more . .
I think this has to be cutest little girl ever πŸ˜πŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ’• her big brown eyes 😩😭✨
Don't think anyone called it as a big test for indian batters but it sure is now! A great opportunity I dare say for middle order.
U think about that before u get big for ur boots if u are bad and good at it is that fair
I know thunder is a possibility, some big showers now developing, I think probably just a isolated flash.
Fat Tuesday is a big deal in I think I'll have pancakes. I don't like jelly filled donuts.
Sometimes I look at my chihuahua and think 'you must be the Yoda of the dog world'. Itty bitty body, big dark...
Real point is, I think a lot of people just think big yard = good. Cuz some time I might use it.
Think BIG. Believe BIG. Act BIG. And the results will be BIG
We Need to Rewrite the Textbook on How to Teach Teachers | Big Think
O2? Didn't think IAM was so big in England. Enjoy the MIA ;)
My first and last comment on the gun control issue is this Big Think video with Michael Shermer.
Guns & freedom. A few of my thoughts for Big Think videos
I think it's looking that way Chris. He's gone way too far now . Don't forget we'll meet at the front !
Don't think my legs are that big until I sit down and then I just feel like a whale
A new for of spyware. I'M HERE. I think someone invented BIG BROTHER before? πŸ‘€
But I think I'll survive no big deal πŸ’πŸΌ
I think the next death ray the Empire, I mean First Order, designs should not be big enough to fly an X-Wing into.
These Boys dey do Pappy Kojo dressing them think dem be big boys .. smh
if you think managing big teams/star players r easy, look at real madrid. Pep made his own team. Dnt tell me what I know!
I think I'm fine w/Scrubs leaving. I don't need more people pretending that what happened is no big deal. Just disappointing.
I'm just saying, I think I'm better looking than a boy who's big toe is busting out his shoes but I guess I'm sleep πŸ™ƒπŸ’€
better today though. Think Big Vic was promised a big fry up if he tried
"Sometimes it takes a big, self-inflicted disaster to occur before we can admit that the ego was calling the shots."
I think my big complaint about Snapchat is that its UX *** Which is another way to say I guess I'm old.
As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big. β€”Donald Trump
lol, she was "with the big dogs" on GH. I think she felt she outgrew that story & time. Just my opinion though.
we've got some big 12 seater vehicle I think.
I think your work in this project is awesome and I hope you will have a big hit!
I got a browser ad regarding e-cigs and now I'm annoyed they think I'm that big of a ***
If it's coming out of my pocket. I'd have to say none. I think I'd have 2B paid to go into a crowd that big😁
Do you think you will actually be able to do YouTube without taking big breaks like last time?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Think the biggest issue isn't the manager nor the players! Its the board, not acting like a board of a big club!
I think there's a big difference between portraying something awful to allow for subtext and portraying it for gonzo shock value.
u r so amazing.I think u r the nicest person ever.U r powerfull woman with big heart
Hey smart guest I think she's right on Big Blue
They say i dream too big, i say they think too small.
Another hour! It's December 28, 2015 at 10:00PM Only the very big *** can think that gov's info are on a "web". Plaese ! Study the secre…
Fat *** always think they can fight cuz they big πŸ˜‚
It's so windy in Marion. I think my car is about to get blasted into Kansas by a big ole 'nado
Trump supporters think his rallies are big deal. What's really a big deal is those millions at home quietly despising
lol u think Chelsea will be a big club when abramovich leaves πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ how's the weather down there
I'm not a huge Manziel fan but I think people are making a big deal out of nothing.
I think his prognosis is a little dire, but I agree with his general assessment. The big two are in a weak cycle.
I think they look cute as *** . What a stupid white big forward *** :)
I think a big aw is needed for this picture
I'm weird πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ idek why but I think it's cute when a handsome guy has big ears. Like Will Smith ears. 😍
I think the big goal to get done by 2020 is putting the RR/X and Merc. Library back online. Those blocks are brutal now.
I think it's a horrible tragedy. My own BLACK sons were always big for their ages. Don't tell me how I feel
I feel big dumb 😭 I looked at the date and tired to think to myself what it was suppose to mean
Those dumb teenagers that think they can be a dropout and still be successful just cause a couple dropouts made it big... Lm…
When you think you're big but you're really just a little scaredy cat 😽
She probably think this still lil coop *** nawww this lil Coop but big coop at the same time! *
Katie to Brooke: "I think about you in that big house all by yourself." I'm here shaking my head "No" over and over.
It's that time of year when stupid people without 4wd think they can get up the big hill.
My Son says he is looking for big booty. I think its cute how he still pretends to be a pirate!!
I think I might go to the tattoo shop and talk about my lyric tribute to Jimmy that's an add on to my other tat or my big thigh A7x piece.
Big *** kid. Suckin on his momma nipples. Alright. I think I just about seen everything.
I think Jimmy is not a big fan of yours dicky dear . Especially on a return to the smoke after another defeat
Terry Fields Bill Nye The Science Guy is wow smart... Good theory one would think... Perhaps a Big Think...
Behold, our future as a species: The Potential of Ultimate Biology | Big Think
'I don't have talent, I have persistence.' Henry Rollins. Inspiring. Big Think.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Stephen Fry: The Importance of Unbelief: Don’t miss new Big Think videos! Subscribe by clicking here: http:... β†’
Every thought about big events in the UK but never got round to it .think again ...check out the site for...
. He did land some brutal leg kicks. But same style as Omari I think. Hunches over and throws big hooks.
Ah I bet you'd enjoy it. Big readers usually make better writers than they think. :)
I think JP was PG-13. Was a big deal to go see it in the theater. Didn't sleep for a week.
The one with cole wiz and big Sean .. Think that was 2010
Man u give everton players en everton gives man u en they think they can be better than liverpool! U will never b big like us
Must be a couple hundred people in the room, too. Big session on DM drugs and CVD outcomes. Kind of a conflict, don't you think?
Think big, dream big, believe big...and the results will be big!
Big daddy jok', I think you do need Stars on Kim Hollywood, Visit My Bio Profile to get 8500 Stars
Woot woot her inbox is going to be in twatter overload from past week. I think you could all do with a big pic-n-mix each now.
think I've turned my parents into big fans of The Gorgeous Chans
πŸŽ“πŸ‘πŸ’°πŸ’‘ I had all this before 21 so just think where my mind going next (BIG) 🏁
I think Luke tonight wore the same t-shirt he had at Big Weekend. I really love it. And Luke obviouslyπŸ˜‚.
Know tht i think of it BC place's new roof was a big waste of money. City spent 360 million
Big shout out to You can't teach an old dog new tricks! 20 years of "smoke" and people think there's no fire?
When I get sad I think about a big *** robot picking up a battleship to smash it into a sea alien's face. god I love paci…
I think hit some kinda animal. Big splatter all over the roof cam.
If you aren't aspiring to earn a 6 digit salary, then what are you doing with your life. Think big.
I think the part with Donald Pleasance and the robots is the worst part (even though the whole move is one big worst part).
Why do so many girls think they have a "big" butt all of a sudden.
Big thanks to for rounding up videos of the most moving routines.
[loudly so the girl sat on the next table can hear]. OH GOSH MY *** IS SO BIG I DON'T THINK I CAN WRITE ANYMORE POETRY PO…
Big publishers think that is their audience, and so major titles are pushed to adhere to that demographic's perceived tastes and standards.
I'm not as big all over (esp bust) as plus sizes think, carry too much weight around the middle for for straight
McFaul, I think your American Police need to come to Canada and see how we police. You guys bit trigger happy big time
I think it's some big picnic or something, think I saw a flyer for it
yeah. I think they just need to change everything up big time. It's so monotonous since they do this every year
There may be something going on in your life right now, that seems like a giant, so big that you think it's impossible to conquer
I think I may have underestimated the old goat ***
Hamilton Collection
Earth is about as big as a spec of dust if you think about it
The Rainmaker: I think his mom, put him in that
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ whoa big I think there's something wrong with your face.its all blocked out!.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ
you can cover the back in paper. Don't mind if it's not a sticker. Gotta THINK BIG, Wei.
I don't think it is any secret that I am a big Meek fan (wait until he turns up in Hookland).
"Don't you think Kim Kardashian looks awful with that big *** and puffed up lips" -Baba πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"I think there is a correlation between big bootys and being able to rap" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I wish Carrie Bradshaw was a real person so I could ask her what made her think Big would show up to that wedding.
I think I always have headaches bc my head is really big and I think it gets tired of being held up so it just gives up an…
Isn't it a fact that Mikoyan has passed the "use by" date? For India it should be "think beyond" MiG. Think Big.
I think this is how I hug you after one full summer!!! ❀❀
seen the last 2 in cinemas, they are films I like to think visually need the big screen helps hide some of the flaws.
if it's actually a sticker my car probably doesn't THINK BIG enough to fit it without messing it up
Just when I think it's gonna be a good ride bc I dodged the rush hour traffic on the T& had my Charlie card.. Some lady steps on my big toe
Here's a rundown of the 30 (yes, 30!) economic indicators released this week: $SPY $$
too small - gotta THINK BIG. The one in the office is like 48x60.
I think Devin Gilpin is goin to be getting his first podium finish with the big guys here soon.
We rated your submissions for new twists with and .
I think McNeill gets a look too. Big body to replace Bicks?
Think I'm the only person I know who still watches Big Brother tho πŸ˜”
not I'm watching Big Brother (I know) with my wife and think some of them look as old as my boy that's old😱
How can that big fat *** think he's a hero for what he's done. Get me a gun so I can even up the score.
I'm so upset that Elienn is gone she was fav hm, don't think I'm going to watch big brother anymore
5:40 segment. My brother in law streams MLB tv to his big screen TV. Some people just think phones/tablets.
Our numbers as are massive. I don't think we even realize how big we are. KiA *alone* is 36K+. FBI is 35K-.
oh aye, I'll be shouting for Juve. Just downloaded but think they have enough. Chiellini a big miss.
I'm so happy nd proud of the lads but its so weird that they're so big like *** I keep forgetting that, I'm still think about the uan crowds
Think you can't afford a big Check us out
I honestly just want to be single I didn't think it was a big deal
When you're in remission during the SVU hiatus and you think about doing something stupid because new SVU isn't on
All purpose parts banner
If he's big and can skate I like the player, so id like Erikkson. Id have to think the Leafs would push for him to play in the AHL
I think my siblings and I were just disinvited to a family Vegas trip. I bought a bath bomb for a big tub for nothing
The market is on the verge of another record this month: $SPY $$
We think Lauren requires a can of Mitchum so she can cool it...sweating it BIG TIME over Spencer going on this holiday, eek!
If you think 1inch is big, then yes.
Sorry Mr John Henry, I think his time is up
But I think this Klein guy might give up some big flies as well.
Affected by P-RNAV (PBM)? No nimbies, no expansion anywhere. Think together, they want to divide us. ONE BIG CON
Martina. makes me think of martini heheh. average height, black hair, big pretty maybe green eyes, fair skinned, sweet and caring
oo Yes for spanish players is big problem sometimes but Inaki Astiz before play in Osasuna i think so is similar
I'm a very fun gal I know there's so many people in this big world this should be a interesting fun summer for me I think lol
change comes dropping slow! I think this is a big problem. I still come across issues with setting up e-mails etc.
don't think days like The "Big Red Machine" will ever be again! Sparkey Anderson is looking down shaking his head.
lol I wouldn't trip but I don't think there gonna be extra food. Maybe one day if I have a big cookout or sumn.
You know deep down Drake wants to sing "big as A$AP" cuz I think the whole world knows he ain't into M & Ri. He ain't into women.
lmaaoo bruuh I wish she wouldn't let me. Her and her security was in a big rush I think. All I got was a flipping waveπŸ˜”
well news flash it is a big deal now I have to take all this into my own hands, because you guys didn't think
my face and I liked it? some people make such a big think about short hair not suiting some people but I'm sure it'd would look
I think their games are just way too big, and way too easy to snowball
I think a big problem is a lot of lecturers are primarily researchers, not teachers. Many do not have t…
Hi Martin you are so funny in Blue Streak and Big Momma I think that the 3rd big mamma was hilarious you were a lady.Bye
Pac Sun has angered Americans over Tshirt w/ US flag upside down. What do u think: No big deal or blatant disrespect?
Really? I think offered big money for this.
it was supposed to be a joke I didn't think it would have been such a big deal for you
People think it's easy to live in the purpose they ask God for when praying that He uses them. As big…
Hmmm...tough choice but I think I'll go with (1.) Shaun of the Dead, (2.) Fight Club and (3.) The Big Lebowski…
I don't never have and never will think Kevin love is a big time player.
This Memorial Day, as every, I think of my friend Chris. The world would have been better with him in it.
Liz took that well!! I think you get numb to these things with experience! Bless her! Big hug!
Most likely. I'm sure it would cause a big backlash and I think they know that. Lol.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I think the people in matching kits waving two big trophies around won something but it's just a wild guess.
found pics. Not thunderbirds its captain scarlet. Don't think big Con is going to be happy
I think I finally see what all the guys on big brother see in Jade! Oh
It's just dark outside I don't think it's gonna rain today
And I think someone somewhere must be tolling a bell
squeal piggy? *** that mean? Think you need to take a big step back into 1956 if you use those come backs xoxo 😝✌🏻️
I think they have to start buying content and enterprise now. Too big. Still opp for sub swaps.
Because think about it, my body is not very big. Why am I wasting time?
Don't think is a big fan of beer though! & I haven't got that far in my planning yet but I'll take a look thanks
Riahs dad said " trace I think you only like getting a big plate of food so you can take a picture of it cause you don't finish it " lmfaoπŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
I think it might be an eaton double! I think brianne is gonna make a big break through score she's in form
Why do you think there was such a big hullabaloo over people wanting it to be rated R? They want it violent & gory & insane
It's a pretty nifty start to world peace, I think. What do you think?
The big question is, if both Ronaldo & Bale will be there next season. Think at least 1 of them will go!!
But bailey did think she was real enough to go into the big pool by herself. And threw a fit because I wouldn't let her get down.
To help New York schools, Andrew Cuomo needs to think big
I think it's because other than maybe Love (an undersized PF) which big would you LA is the favorite to get?
you think De Jong would stay if Milan had no plans? think again. . Something big is happening.
5 arrests? Sorry... The NFL doesn't think it's a big deal.
didn't think it would fit the Hoover!
"You think Elvis would have been a big Golden Girls fan if he lived?" - BLB
"Why do black women think they copy right big *** and lips?" Because Africa is the birth of humankind. h…
Ere's another, an you think the smash yur window squad ain't about!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’¨
what?! 😳 I didn't think they got that big! I was convinced it was a dinosaur.
Uno them big bums that you think are soft, then when your touching it's like your knocking on someon…
I get that. I think with the big clear out and the right players in. Passion probably not the problem. For me... Big Sam
As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big -
i got tickets to the Red Sox series before we got him back - added bonus! I think he takes 0 today and is big tomorrow
Think popping balloon dog will go thru its broken a WR hard not too,big welsh choir & young wigan boy with a crush as he seems to be popular
I think the media made a big deal about it tbh
"Think big of yourself. But stay humble."
Are you writing about PHX's big year? 09/10 I think. That's the biggest 1yr improvement. I would've thought LA or CHI.
Neighbor has new boyfriend with big *** truck with pig blood all over it. Dogs think it's greatest thing ever. πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
*** yes. Meditation is awesome. How Science Sold Me on Meditation, with Dan Harris | Big Think
oh I don't know, I think we will have one big veto if it comes to it, and he knows it.
Don't really think losing Sterling for Β£30m is a big blow. Bye Bye lad !!!
New Big Think writer examines how humans respond to near misses.
anyhow- Wilson does not deserve Aaron $$, deserves more than Tannehill...the $88M New $$ for Big Ben I think more than fair.
Pretty big statement coming from the guy who said DVD's would never topple VHS but, I really don't think Tidal will make any moves in music.
"Huge transfer news" lol the way they made liverpool fans think they were signing someone big
I swear average players think they are gods gift to cod. Egos way to big
Sterling doesn't feel let down, he is merely using this as an excuse to engineer a big money move. Don't think he has proved himself yet.
personally I think Josh is a big drip! Stephanie needs to wake up!! # team Watson 😊
u kno if s wife came to ? Would think if she has a big say in decision she would have came right!?
check out our product at tell us what you think? Thanks for the follow
Congrats Strick!! Can't think of a more deserving dude. You're gonna go on and do big things⚾️
Proud to be in cool things are happening!
Definitely a bit big for his boots but I don't think any of the top English teams would turn him down
lol I think we might get tevez big rumours flying about πŸ‘€
I think last night was one big blackout
Don't think it effects it. We should know tomorrow if Babcock stays/goes. My guess is Sabres made big offer
I'm not trying to show how smart I am, I'm asking if anyone can think of a big money free agency expenditure that worked
me and i think falk and someone else were preparing to fight a big boss monster and then i drew a card called Foreshadowing
I just don't like how every season is one big windup to one massive episode. It's good but I think they could make it better
Really makes me mad that u dont think its a big deal.
Dream big, think big, but start small.
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