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Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to help children reach their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships with mentors that try to have a measurable impact on youth.

Big Brother

a fantastic team event with the medical sisters . Proud of you all ! Big thanks to the Globe at Fr…
no one is providing us jobs sir. I have wrote to all big muslim leaders in world please sir. help ur brothersn sisters
Next week in both Regina stores we are donating $3 from each MVP service to Big Brothers Big Sisters!
Thank you Delhi for coming big numbers. . Salute you guys...and sisters .
Aha! See why big sisters are in our lives 😙😙😙 I hope I'll be back by then
Time to break up the big banks . We need World War 3 brother and sisters . This time after Corporations not Russia or China or Korea ..
Y'all are like role models and big sisters to people now 😄😌 🤘🏽
And this is what happens when my big sisters come to the studio! ✨
Hey my brothers & Sisters, I'm gearing up for a MR. BIG tour in ASIA coming up and looking forward to seeing all... ht…
I just wanna express my unyielding love & admiration for & . They are the big sisters I never had
The sole reason my sisters and I started watching Big Brother in high school 😍😍
Missing my sweet big sisters more than anything right now 💘💘
Happy birthday to my other two big sisters 😍🎉 hope today was great 😋
Great day! 6:30 am Gun Shooting. Great commitment ladies! Player goals. Big & little Lady Z sisters working together!! This is how we do it!
Of AHS , now I need to raise a man to respect all and treat women with respect. With me & 2 big sis…
Big BrotherS with LITTLE SISTERS are the best - Vine compilation
you look so very much like one of my younger sisters☺☺..Big congrats for doing so well on Support😊
A big thank you to Mary and her sisters for a great tour with US in the area!.
We're all in the sala watching Pee-wee's big adventure & my sisters fiancé just walked into the bedroom. I don't think he's right for her...
If you're looking for a great female-driven podcast, I LOVE They're like big sisters that you hang out with every week 💕
The Golf Classic is quickly approaching, but there's still time to register at the link below! 🍊🎾⛳️. INFO // https:…
was a Little brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters? Watch his story im…
That's a wrap, Bella Army. We'll see you next week for more of your favorite twin sisters. 😉
I love this ad, brings a big smile to my dial if I ever feel a little low, my 2 favorite magpie sisters Steph & Al…
Pray for our Lumad brothers and sisters who are being killed for the personal interests of the bureaucrat capitalists and big landlords.
Little sis, wrote a wonderful blog post for the
The big, protective love of two sisters: New post on
Join us for the Forest Park Big Brothers, Big Sisters Information Night on Monday, Sept 25 at 7 pm…
I will be working with Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Central New Mexico as a Creative Consultant. Need Help...…
When an EF2tornado hits your house when your out of town at your big sisters wedding! 😩😭 and u have a newborn!
My big brought the most amazing sisters together to form the baddest fam💙💛
Haven't seen my 2 little sisters in 5 years.. dawg they big af😭
I should probably get in shape for my sisters 15 but I'm over here eating a Big Mac so
I'm going to Southampton for 5 days then going my big sisters for 4 days 😀😀😀😀
"4 Big Oily Boobs from Below" with the lovely Romanian sisters Erin and Helen. Clip coming soon in my studio @
Our thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Centre Wellington for bringing Johnny around today so we could...
What a fun Monday! Big Brothers Big Sisters brought by the Big Flush thanks to Fraberts Fine Food! And we sent it on...
When the big sisters have swim lessons, it wears the baby out 😍…
VOTING has opened 2 la public please take a 8 mins & VOTE for my Big Bear Remix
Thinking about becoming a Big Brother with Big Brothers, Big Sisters 🤔
It was nice but my org sisters family had to do everything and especially her big sis and she was stressing
Kye really has the best big sisters. They want to help with everything 😩
Orwell anticipated Big Brother. What we know now is there is more than one: many Big Brothers and Sister…
Hung out with my " big sisters" yesterday. Wives, moms, career + Christian women. All that I aspire to be. Yesterda…
We all have a beginning to our story and this is ours. In memory of all of our sisters ♥. Standing with sisters, brot…
Are you tested regularly?. That's the BIG question, sisters.
This call for action stands true for BBBS of Orange County NY as well! Need a few good men to mentor the young men…
What kind of little sister would I be if I didn't steal my big sisters clothes 😌
basically he used to get called "froggy" by his sisters bc his big eyes make him look a frog? yeah so after prom everyone was saying that I-
cosplay at event this last weekend. I like little sisters very much, therefore I love this…
Yeah so happy to c all of them doing real thing . Big up brothers n sisters
cause there stupid. I can understand style and name but that's it. one with a bunch of sisters the oth…
Volunteer Recruitment and Training Faciltiator - Employer: Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edm...
Wishing my big sisters a happy birthday!! Love and miss you!
Last week, we gathered some teams and bowled for a good cause with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks Bowl for…
Theon's a guy that can't get no love from me Jumping off the side of his boat, uncles knife on his sisters throat a…
All my life I've wanted an older brother. Now I'm the big sister w/ two little sisters, and I act like an older brother
The sisters were too cocky tbh. True but it's so problematic for khalesi cause they're a big part of her…
Big thank you to Jade Barr and her mama for spending their morning with my Soul Sisters Sarnia summer girls...
Yeah I'm taking my sisters to get pedicures and yes I will be getting one too. A big bro has to do what a big bro has to do.
Pennsylvania nuns (Sisters, Adorers of the Blood of Christ) fighting Fracking and Big Oil:
I started out with one little sister, then I turned 8 and gained 4 big sisters, then I met logan and I gained another sister, then Noah met
As a Big Brother in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lorain County I would give it to my Little Brother since…
Me too she going to kindergarten smh like when i saw your sisters they are so big I'm like why are y'all taller than me?
Every $1 invested in Big Brothers Big Sisters yields an $18 return into the community. Support at the Golf Classic…
Get involved in ACN's BIG Summer Get Together and come together for our brothers and sisters in Christ >…
Women in Leadership took a trip to to share what they learned at the conference with the Big Sisters.
for me bro i feel that the jewish people are my Big BrotherS & SISTERS…
Love my little sisters... . Gave me a big hug...then this happened...
I love my black sisters 😍😋yall so fye ☺️smart,thick,skinny,slim, light dark,brown,big,small just keep being you
Join the 2nd Annual Bigs Golf Scramble to help support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan!.
Craig Hartsburg to co-host inaugural charity golf tournament: Big Brothers Big Sisters is committed to the healthy……
I love my big sisters And my Daddy with all my heart 💕💖💖
Get Into the Team Spirit with this Great Cause - DABR & Big Brothers Big Sisters present "Bowl for Kids' Sake",…
This is Tayla, she's tiny as heck and is here to help. She has to have eye medicine because her eyes are too big & her…
The finale to this year's Big Brothers, Big Sisters program
And at Big Brothers, Big Sisters in Berks Co, we're supporting the SMART program (Students and Mentors Achieving Re…
KS Big Brothers, Big Sisters matching funds for all donations received today
We our proud to help Big Brothers and Big Sisters and very happy tg o have Vista Reality heloing us out.
On Monday April 10th, Liaison College Kitchener was happy to take part in the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of...
Big Brothers-Big Sisters were the big winners at beautiful Chapel Spring Farm this morning! Jacoby and Booth were t…
Antonio Brown's cleats on Sunday will be in support of Big Brothers/Big Sisters and their youth mentoring program.
PCMS is hosting a craft and vendor show this Saturday to benefit Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Gibson County. See…
Bonding on the field with our Big Sisters from Sacred Hearts.
I have a big *** bruise on my leg from my sisters drunk ***
Go driving with your little brother they said.. It'll be fun they said.. . & this big sisters terrified!
Murray and Williams sisters among big guns in action on Day 8 Follow it live here:.
I slap mamas and lil sisters , big sisters , brothers and more .
I wanna go for a bike ride. But my fat *** might be too big to get on my sisters bike 😴
Working on my big sisters birthday present a month early ;^3 rebel mood
Nina's gotten lots of big sisters now~♪
All purpose parts banner
Little sister teaching big sister how to climb back down a big rock!
I wish I talked to certain females like big sisters more often
Wow my sisters old sister but I still love my big sister
BIG CONGRATS to on going Chi O!!! So happy I'll be able to call y'all sisters ❤️💛
it's pretty awesome how both of our big sisters got married on Labor Day Weekend 😱❤️😁
I'm about to cry Duckie got casted fr fr I love when my sisters/brothers from home are doing it big !!!
In 2017, we should help more sisters to reduce this gap. The ratio is too big. If only women could help their own!
Make the time to make a difference. Become a Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor.
I'm hanging out with my friend and someone asked her if she was doing Big Brothers/Big Sisters and idk how to feel about my life right now.
Big Brothers Big Sisters Month is a BIG DEAL for us and the children and youth in Peel. The perfect time to become a mentor!
After a looong day sealing a fresh new deal, I got to give big hugs & kisses to my sisters…
Want to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson and be a part of SigEp Regatta 2016? Help us out on Tilt!.
June and Elise are the big sisters I never had and they don't know how much that means to me 💛💛
I sure hope so cuz I'm a big fan n my brothers n sisters as well n it would b very disappointing if there wouldn't b
Take it to big three sisters and brothers!
Big shout out to all members who joined our sisters & brothers across the province to celebrate Labour Day!
Thank you for choosing for your big day 👊👊👊👊 we are highly humbled sisters and we…
Btw Big Four and Williams Sisters, it's tough to sneak in on US TV. But sometimes his neglect is just really appalling.
See what inspired one of most terrifying enemies, Big Sisters
Amen Bros & Sisters. Sorry two Senator can't get Vets Dir Healthcare-Ask Big Daddy first
It's Hat Day today! Wear your hat and bring in a toonie or loonie to support Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
plays this Saturday at 3p! Tix are just a minimum $2 donation to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Athens
Calling all potential Big Brothers/Big Sisters: Are you interested in learning about what it takes to become a...
The Little Big Run 2016 raises money for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Guelph Tie u…
Big Sisters hard at work here at Ijeshatedo Senior Secondary School. We see you
hey ppl who drive go to Mikes Car Wash and donate to Big Brothers and Big Sisters 😋😋 thx
Time is running down to donate to Big Brothers/Big us meet our goal again. Thanks!. via
Come find us tonight at Taste of Martin County in Flagler Park to benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters
During April donations to help Big Brothers and Big Sisters are being collected at Chuck E. Cheese
I am helping to raise money for Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Peel in the 2016 Tim Hortons Bowl for Kids Sake on...
"Greetings to the Big Sisters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority inc."Go watch the lovely ladies of theht…
It is our pleasure to host Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Steven Souza Jr of tonight at Midtown!
We are proud supporters of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization in the Cowichan Valley. Thank you for...
Had a great time at with legend Tom Chambers & GO - $10,000 to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of AZ! https:…
Pi Phi, Phi Tau, Skulls, Phi Kappa Psi- theme: Back to the future; charity: Big Brother and Big Sisters of Michigan http…
Chapter Spotlight: Theta Eta at Brock University hosts haunted house for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Check it out:
Big Brothers/Big Sisters benefit coming to on 10.17.A little something for everyone: http:…
Can always appreciate Big Sisters and. Brothers, if you're lucky to have either.
Today for we are helping with Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Macomb
Today is the Golf Fore Kids event which benefits Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Collier County!
Big Brothers and Big Sisters fundraiser for October. Will you help by printing, and purchasing your favorite...
Needed ...Big Brothers and Big Sisters in FM area! **1 hour per week (during school lunch) **During weeks that...
JOB ALERT: Big Sisters go BC Lower Mainland is searching for an Events Manager
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Macon County holds back to school bash...
★In honor of Breastfeeding week!★Mothers and Big Sisters love the ease of Bows by Blondie no-crease hair...
Marcus Allen, CEO of Big Brothers, Big Sisters of SE PA, says "this is not a bipartisan issue"
It'll be Youth Soccer & Big Brothers, Big Sisters night on Thursday. FREE admission for youth soccer players and Big Brothers/Sisters pairs.
Charity BBQ time at Soo Mill! Support the Sault Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the Elliot Lake North Shore...
PGH-area Big Brothers/Big Sisters gets big award: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh received the ...
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Allegheny awarded at national conference: Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Gre...
I like my Spelman big sister and all the others big sisters I made
Wasn't a comparison bro. I said "at first." When I saw the pic and the word sisters, I thought they were the Kardashians. Chill.
My big sisters be Comin down to la and NEVER COME GET ME
We all Indians are so proud of you. Big thanks for saving our brothers and sisters.
* Gina rocks her humming softly* Shhh mommy has you. You were in your big sisters room.
Dont see why my sisters birthday is such a big deal but alright
God knew what he was doing when he chose Daniela and Crystal to be my big sisters. 😭❤️
thank y'all for everything you do for me. I couldn't ask for better role models as my big sisters.
It's my baby sisters birthday today, lord help me she's getting too big 😓
Bear Bear is tired! Not easy being a Big Brother to 8 brothers and sisters! Big job keeping faces clean!
My step sisters, my step mom, and my dad. What. Look at Big H. What.
. . .uhh pause ✋🏾, milyn does NOT have any younger siblings 🙅🏾. She has 2 big sisters, fqk yu thought ??
Well two of my big sisters turn 20 today... Where has time gone? They're my best friends, my ride or…
Help us reach our $2000 goal for Big Brothers & Big sisters organization. You can help impact a young child's life!
Welcome to Jimbo's World Blog: A sister's love for her Big Brother .
. A budday illustration for my big sister. Huppy Budday ^_^
I'm often asked, "How close are you with your sisters?" Big Brother loves you so much sister and…
My sister is so cute when I have to help with music but that's what big sisters are for
i admit my heart is very big but that's so I can take on your problems aswell as my own. What are sisters for 💞💞💞💞
After my sisters wedding in 2 weeks, my main priority is finding a big girl job
Big Rob his sisters Stephanie & Carolyn Brunt are uptight since my paternity test read negative wrong family can't they just uderstand
Hey my sisters friend is a BIG fan of yours!! She's excited to see u in pitch perfect 2!
I made my lips really big by sucking on a shot glass and these were my sisters reactions 😂
Connect with the BIG Business Challenge via Wealthy Sisters. Be 1 of 30 women to exit your J.O.B. within the next...
My sisters butt is really too big bruh 😒
Big week, sisters birthday on Tuesday. Regionals Thursday- Saturday, and me and Ericka's anniversary on Saturday
Love and miss these two so much! Can't wait to give them Both a big hug ❤️
Fiddle my posterior while I nan-shank your sisters really big nipples (Vine by young ***
Happy Birthday to one of my fave big sisters Enjoy your day satchii stay blooming hehe, love you 👯😚😚
I'm such a good big sister I do my little sisters ixl & reading plus😊
me too! And good, how is your mom and sisters? And crystal's baby I bet she's so big now!
My sisters so pretty now, legit gotta step my Big Brother game up
“Anti-poverty fund may offer respite for shelter. But there's a hitch, a big one:
We gone catch up with them *** . my yougins gone smash them . I want the big sisters , mamas , and aunt t's
I liked a video from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ocean County Annual Gala 2015
has one of the coolest big sisters. Like when her friends meet me they know who the cool one is right away.
My sisters are watching big hero 6 while I cry watching Mockingjay for the second time
Looks like Ryann is the first one to fill a square on her Bingo card… Yoga s…
Had the best time with my sisters up in big bear this weekend getting ready for camp titan⛺️ ht…
Give mom a makeover that will make people swear you are sisters for Mother's Day and win big:
followers is big Sis. She left 2 baby sisters with no parents & help Stole from us & lied. This the evil one in my book
Fun in the sun with my big sisters...
Everything Ik about my big sister I find out online. Cool. Are we even sisters? Have we ever been?
Next Sunday -- NHS will be bowling at PINZ from 1-3pm. We are supporting Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Please work on getting pledges.
HELP A CHILD HAVE A BETTER WORLD...than what we currently have!. Big Brothers/Big Sisters |Podcasts
So I really want to tag each and everyone of my Sorors and write something nice about you all. However, that will take me all year and I don't have time for that. So what I'm going to do is shout out group and y'all pretend I said your name. LOL I have y'all spoiled and someone will say EMAC you didn't tag me. So here we go. The Founders, The Beta Gamma, New Orleans AC, North Dallas Suburban AC, the DFW METROPLEX SORORS, Sigma Mu/UT Dallas Deltas ,Texas Deltas, Texas 1913, my Throwback friends from the 80's, my girls from the 7th grade, and high school. Boot Made Sorors, my BG Big Sisters ( yes I know who you are), my church crew, track crew, my 14 to this 12 I'm the oldest Delta but Yep you're the oldest (insider), my roommate, yo highness, all my DU crew that crossed after we graduated, The Original Internet Friends, all Sorors celebrating their 1st Founders Day, my sister in law, my cousins, all the 24's, all the Erika's, Erica's, & Ericka's, the July Deltas, Leo Deltas, my Twin and her sister, my Delt ...
Thanks to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cook County please say hello to my little friend. .
FREE GIANT BLUEFIN TRIPS - FOR ANY AND ALL MILITARY VETERANS Capt. Deane Lambros has the 48' Canyon Runner down in Morehead City and looking at a bunch of nice weather days ahead of him. While we are not chartering down there - we are strictly commercial fishing - we would love to get some Veterans out with us and hopefully we are lucky enough to snag a couple fish and have you take a couple cranks on them! Each year we run 2-4 free trips for Veterans and another 2-4 free trips that we donate to various worthy causes (RFA, IGFA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Dottie's House, Hope for Children's Foundation - to name just a few) and by far these are some of our favorite trips of the year for what they really mean to those we are trying to support. And as part of our continuing goal to give back to those that give the most - once again any Military Veteran that wants to ride along with us and take a crank on the rod can ride along for FREE while we are Giant Tuna Fishing this winter in North Carolina! Just shoot ...
please follow me, my dad John knows your mum pam and all your sisters! Such a talented family! Im a big fan too😭💖x
In less than 6months I'll have a teenager. Both his lil sisters are crazy bout they big bro. Walked in…
ALEX UPDATE!! Alex has received 288 cards from 44 states! Alex has received cards from TWELVE countries (USA, Canada, England, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain) and possibly one other world (Alpha Centauri B) WOW! The original FB post has been shared 1,668 times! This has gone so far beyond my expectations, really it has. It has turned into so much more than a card shower… all the other kids at school, well they think this is totally COOL and tell Alex so. That makes him feel like a million bucks. You did that. Thanks! And WCAX….last I knew, they are scheduled to visit Alex tomorrow….I have not heard otherwise and will keep you posted! If you happen to know anyone in Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming (ONLY 6 LEFT), Alex would LOVE to get a card from these states as they are the only states he has not received a card from! Alex LeFevre 16 Howe Street Williamstown, VT 05679 And of course, we are still updating so everyone can joi ...
"Did everyone grab their copy of I love my sisters big *** If you haven't you better ;)
So my step daughters go for a ride with their dad and Zaivieyen comes in the room after they leave and says where is Dina & Yadi lol my papa loves his big sisters 😍😘
that's right. Always need the big sisters approval. I gotta take over for dad right?
My sisters use to make fun of me when I was younger cuz I had big lips and it use to really bother me and now Im happy I do😌
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As many bad memories I have from hs bball I also have so many good ones, I love watching my sister bust her *** just like her big Sisters🏀
Watching Forrest Gump: Patrick: Haley there used to be place where girls took their clothes off for money. Haley: Oh, you mean strippers? Patrick: Yes, and I don't want to know why you know that. Haley: Alex... Patrick: Of course I guess that is what big sisters are for...
Big Game coming tomorrow and my beautiful friend-->along with her sisters are ready! You go girls!!
My Cayleigh Rose went through big sisters closet and felt like dressing up. Daddy's girl growing up.
Had fun on the tour of homes with Big Brothers big sisters. Counting shows and Taylor telling Googs "TALK...OMG it is you! "
If my little girl can walk in her big sisters shoes then I should definitely be able to walk in stilettos
Well we had a fun time at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Ice Skating event today.
Saw some pretty sisters on the big screen today!😏🌙
In essence, your Big Brothers & sisters are MESSENGERS of the WILL of your MAMA giving you a chance to redeem yourself before punishment
Your Big Brothers and sisters are supposed to check you when you're acting up to give you a chance to get right before MAMA comes home
Who needs enemies when you have big sisters, y'know?
I wanna thank everybody that took the the out their schedule to either come help in celebrating the birth of my baby or dropped off a gift!! I appreciate yu very much!!! To those who couldn't come and sent a text out, I appreciate yu also... Special thanks to my big sisters and aunt on getting it toether and maling it a fun and eventful day!! Not gone speak on the rest but thanks anyway... 😘😘😘
Regretting not buying those big sis little sis necklaces for my sisters & i
are everything: role models, inspirations, big sisters, fashion gurus, beauty gurus... The list is infinite! Little Mix
Happy I got to send my two hawt little (big) sisters off to the AHS dance💃💃
aye ano I even get a small tree I'm mine and my sisters room and a big tree of course
Congratulations to my big sisters Kimberly Madore and Kristina Miner, along with the rest of the 1999-2000 Suffield High Schools girls indoor track team on their induction to the Suffield Athletics Hall of Fame
Do your holiday shopping and support your local Big Brothers Big Sisters this holiday season! Shop online at and a...
Out supporting my buddy Brett Daly and helping to raise some funds for one of my favorite organizations, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Regina!
Help us support the Big Brothers Big Sisters Central California chapter this month! By "Liking" our page we will...
The birthday boy and one of his big sisters! They ready to turn up! Lol
Cause we are sisters we stick together we make up one big happy family 😍😍😘😘 beautiful_cp_ geriwallace
She does that for me and all my sisters... No matter how big or little. When we need some comfort.. She is there.
Tip No 9 - don't let big sisters off on their own in the supermarket - they are hard to find when nearly everyone is wearing a red coat too!
Love my big sisters I swear, they do everything for me
Bout to go to the store, get a big bag of chips and just have a brothers and sisters marathon
Marraige is such a big deal .I would rather have me and my sisters together for life watching TV & laughing at stuff onli…
Big boys playing the sisters of the poor this weekend.
Tierney Wiebe. 1 year ago I got matched with the most amazing little sister through Big sisters. She has made me...
Love this photo! Captures just how special it is 4 our boys 2 b growing up in the Mitre family, + 80 fab big sisters!
Love being the youngest and having two amazing big sisters 😻
My big sis rena_barlow baby shower with my sis and our cousins shower
big sisters only gone and got engaged! Congratulations & John x 😊👍
A GREAT and very educational Chamber After Hours was held this past Wednesday at Ripley Crossing in Milan! Thank you Big Brothers/Big Sisters, The YES Home and Ripley Crossing for having us!
Precisely why mentoring has ALWAYS been a form of service near & dear to me. ACTIVE member of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta.
I still think like a lawyer sometimes, so when Nerium International asked us to participate in their ongoing efforts to raise money for Big Brother, Big Sisters through Lemonade for Littles, I temporarily put my lawyer hat on. Lemonade Stands in most major cities are regulated by municipal Health Departments. I remembered reading something about that in the past, so Michael D. Carter and I checked with the City of Albuquerque and they asked us a few simple questions, gave us some simple instructions and almost immediately emailed us a Lemonade Stand Food Permit. It's worth the extra step wherever you are to check and get the little piece of paper (dial 311 in most cities for more information). This program is about the kids and making sure this little step is taken care of might avoid some possible disappointment ahead of time.
This weekend is Kamp Keystone with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Elkhart County. Watch this video and you will see why we feel this is one of the most memorable camping weekends we will enjoy. Learn more at:
Dear Sto:lo people and other indigenous guests here in the Fraser Valley: Sto:lo Nation has piloted a new volunteer mentorship program similar to "Big Brothers / Big Sisters". So far we have managed to recruit 3 wonderful ladies for young female participants, and although this is fantastic, it is our young men that are more vulnerable to venturing off the beaten track towards a successful adulthood. This "work for the spirit" can serve as required practicum hours if you are in a youth centres program, also, ancestors will send you charmic kudos :) In box me if you wish to know more. It's for youth between 8-16. Kwas H'oy!
Just a reminder that tonight we'll be hosting a charity event for the Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Frederick County. JoJo's will be donating a percentage of the entire days sales and tonight we'll have live music by Love for Hire ($3 cover/donation at the door, 100% to BBBS), a silent auction with lots of great merchandise donated by local businesses as well as sports memorabilia from Great Moments Sports Memorabilia here in Frederick, draft specials and a 50/50 raffle. Come on out and show support for this very worthwhile event!
News for the Roseville Fiestaval - We wanted to share the note below from the event organizers regarding the rescheduling of this weekend's show in Roseville. Due to circumstances beyond our control the Roseville Fiestaval and Family Fun Day has been POSTPONED until September 21, 2014. The tickets you have purchased will be honored on the new date, and to thank you for your support current ticket holders will be given an incentive to hold on to their tickets. Additional details, including the procedure for obtaining a refund, will be sent directly to you next week. We hope that you will be able to rejoin us in September to help support UC Davis Children’s Miracle Network, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and Blue Heart International, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience
A video slideshow of photos from the Big Sisters of The Bridge of Columbia County's First Annual Golf Outing, which was held on May 12 at the Berwick Golf Club.
It's that time of year again .the RE/MAX Chay Annual Charity Golf Tournament!! This year our proceeds will be donated to Big Brother and Big Sisters! We are looking for donations from local businesses for our prize table ... It's great exposure for your business! Please message me here or send me an email at nrosebrughfor more information!
Tomorrow: Saturday 4/26 - Volunteer Fair! 11:AM - 5:PM Have you been looking for a way to 'give back' and do some good in your community, but you don't know what's out there, or you find it hard to put forth cash? We have your solution - the community really needs those who can give of their time and talents. No money required. Come check us out and find the perfect fit for you! You'll find that the more you give of yourself and your time, the happier you become. It's a win-win! Some of the organizations present will be: - Alzheimer's Association of Greater Cincinnati - Angel's Rest Animal Sanctuary - Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati - Boys Hope Girls Hope - Cincinnati Red Cross - Circle Tails, Inc. - Envision - Freestore Foodbank - Girls on the Run, Inc. - Girl Scouts of Western Ohio - Helping Young Mothers Mentor, Inc. - Kenzie's Closet - Life Center - Muscular Dystrophy Association - Queen City Hospice & Pallative Care - Pink Ribbon Girls - Save the Animals Foundation - Summerfair Cincinn ...
Come out and support Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Knoxville this Saturday at their annual rummage sale at 120 N. Seven Oaks Drive!!! Enchanted Princess Parties will be there to kick off this royal event in style!!!
Just interviewed with KEVN Black Hills Fox McKenzie Nelson about Allied Arts Funds great new Share-a-Seat, which is bringing 52 General Beadle students, 10 WAVI kids, and 10 Big Brothers/Big Sisters kids to tomorrow's BHSO Elements concert. The story will air tonight on KEVN 6 and at 9 news. Black Hills Power made it possible for the kids to attend. They will be thrilled to hear and see Jumuna Buchanan, the Young Artist winner play.
For my last post of the day: For now, I have survived the initial barrage of prying questions regarding my past that I was more than happy to answer. Today, I have my initial interview for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program to see if I pass the litmus test, and can help some young buck-like myself- without any male role models, figure it out and make a go of things. I like the idea of passing along Music, art, books and a gazillion life lessons learned the hard way that have sprouted into simple wisdom and common sense, that someone might be better equipped to survive in this world. Lesson Young Jeezy isn't music. Lesson hockey is one of the only things worth paying attention to, so pay attention. Lesson fracking is probably a bad thing; if ever given a chance to vote, vote against it. Lesson Read Watership Down no less than six times, and you'll understand that some animals are psychic, while others are clearly evil. These are things I know to be true.
On this day 16 years ago on the campus of University of Florida...The Six Best Kept Secrets..Spring 1998...crossed into ZETA Land.shout out to my sister(my biological one) and her line sisters, for being my inspiration for Zeta and truly being Big Sisters to me!!! Happy ZETAversary Ladies!!!
Big Brothers & Big Sisters of North Durham are holding their Bowl for Kids Sake this Saturday
Tampa Bay Rays star and Cy Young Award winner, David Price, took his bulldog, Astro, for some time out on the lanes at the third annual Bowl for Kids' Sake event benefiting Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Tampa Bay. Dog's got some game!
My brother & I are like sisters, We get I'm scraps & a big chirp fest then the next hour were bestfriends telling each other everything hah😂
had a wonderful day with my big sisters Cary Miguel & rosy & my nieces & nephews today glad i got to spend time with. Now it time for me to go home and hope ill go see the movie tonight :) Oh care bear me and rosy was thinking you should come over again next week if u get a day off and we cook and have lunch and if u could bring Maria Francisco too.?
Tim Hollibaugh, shauna, willie, janae, Ben Rosenberger, Frank J Rosenberger III and melyah I love you all no matter how much of a pain you all are you're my little and big sisters an brothers
I used to listen to Spurs on big sisters tranny radio under bed clothes.Greaves was good but Jones best
It's just mom & the boys home tonight. They get plenty of princess movie watching done with big sisters! What's a good boy show? They are 3 & 1.
We would also like to acknowledge for their sponsorship of our Big Sisters Spring Lunch! Thank you!
Really hated having all of my aunts and big sisters on whatsapp. But I think it's starting to have advantages; never running outta airtime.
What a better item to buy when its for such a good cause. Start Something Rhinestone Bracelet reg. $20.00 Product Number 437103 Imagine if making a difference in the world were as easy as wearing a bracelet. It is. When you purchase a Start SomethingTM USB Key Bracelet, you help raise awareness and empower young women to speak out against bullying and domestic violence. 1 GB USB key enclosed in a rhinestone casing on a silicone strap with a buckle closure. Taxes included. 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of each bracelet will benefit equally the Canadian Women's Foundation and Big Sisters mentoring programs across Canada.
My big sisters are so good to me. I seriously WISH I had a little sister.
I hear ya….most things I try on I look like I am wearing my big sisters clothes….I love Mango though…they have small sizes
“As a Mousalertsi, I feel for my Kessabtsi brothers and sisters. Spread awareness
So thrilled that our littles found a new home with their big sisters!
Check out: Little boy melts down when he discovers he's getting another sister./ Your sisters will NEED a Big Brother! I never had one!
Shout out to the Sig Sig Rho sisters. Chillest girls Ive ever met who know how to have a good time. And to my big for the…
My big's care package😍 missing my sisters so much right now
Thank you every one for all the bday wishes!! Today has been great thus far. Spent the day with my amazing babies!!! Couldn't be any happier! Headed to my doll face big sisters house ... See u soon Nikky Steele.
Can't wait to go to formal tonight with my sisters and see all of my big's hard work pay off! 💋💎👯 Love youuu
Another one of my big sisters aha can't see her properly but trust me she's her too much never acc say that as much but I do 😘❤💘💋
Even 8 over 23, we're still major. Missing my 7 pretty, cute yet annoying sisters. *please be proud, your big sister miss you all this much*
I'm not from Kessab but I'm with my brothers and sisters in Syria
Our Big Brothers Big Sisters donation barrels are overflowing!
We have a bowling team for Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids on tonight. Always a great event to attend!
The first bit Defo applies to both big sisters !! Xx ♡ Nicola Nicky Noo Payne Claire Payne
Big Brothers Big Sisters is hosting our 1st Moms Weekend bowling fundraiser! Please help share the news!
I love me some Brittany & Tootie. I swea , they be keeping me in check. That's big sisters fa you tho .
Thank you for your generous support of Big Brothers Big Sisters! Your support means so much to us and the families we serve!!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Heading to interstate lanes tonight at 5 to help out Big Brother big sisters bowling event. Come check it out.
Getting a pedicure with my sisters. Gona be one big laugh fest.
Doing daddy duties in this big *** hair store with my 17 year old daughter and her 2 Lil sisters... htt…
My babies are big sisters today their baby sister is here Frankie Leann Henriksen! Love u girls! Congratulations Brooklin, Kendall, Chris Henriksen and Megan Crane
your welcome beautiful omg your sisters so big and looks just like you your both so beautiful! Love and miss you so much!
Just saw my sisters scar for the first time since her surgery and I am absolutely heartbroken its so big :-( :-( :-(
Rachel where are you? Reunion with my big sisters for life.
Yay, bath time! I LOVE bath time, in part because it's warm and splashy, but mainly because I get to wee on people. My big sisters HATE being weed on! BRING IT ON!!!
My monster.she tries sooo hard to be like her big sisters, she even carries the stool to the sink to brush her big girl
Astons shoe collection is starting to look like his big sisters bow collection lol
Wishing all my family/friends from Cincinnati Ballet a very Happy 50th Anniversary! 30 years ago I could never have imagined that I’d be sitting on a computer connecting back to all of you. After having watched two seasons of Breaking Pointe it made me think about how lucky I was to be in a company where we were really family. Jane E Green, Karen Travis, Barbara Stephanie Rand (Steffi), Claudia Rudolph, Linda Garner Miller – were the best “big sisters” always looking out for us young ones and also were awesome role models. The two Davids, Jimmy and Oleg – I loved as much as my own parents as they really helped to shape who I am today. My soul sisters – Alyce, Kathy Turner and Debbie Wilson will always have my endless love and gratitude. My real sister, Debby Lin – how awesome was it to have my best friend share this incredible experience. My best friends and tour roommates – Paula Davis, Carol Krajacic Erkes, Sheila McAulay Mello, Pam Harrison, Karen Karibo Hochwalt, Diane Edwards G ...
Think I'm gone go to Memphis this weekend missing my best friends and big sisters Telisha Ewing and Bernard Bernard
Me; "What story would you like tonight Roars?" Rory (singing); "the story of my life." Then we giggled!! Big Sisters One D influence?!
Surprise number 1 for the mother hen. Big sisters home😍😍 let mothers day weekend begin ☺☺
Good morning world. God spoke to my spirit this morning through my big sisters Mary Mary. Either you're going to complain, watch others do what you want to do & make excuses why you can't or you're going to go out there & get your blessing because you've worked hard for it regardless of your so called status. I choose to go get it, trust God and stay on the Who's with me hit the like button?
A happy birthday dance to the birthdaygirl ! I hope I can make you laugh and make your day better by dancing on my own like weirdo (i guess thats what big sisters are for) love you chicken! dancing like a chicken X
Hangin out with my mommy and big sisters and nieces for a couple days
My little sister sent me a text yesterday and said "Sis you got baby mamas in Japan looking you up" I laughed. I am still in shock at how fast God is moving. I prayed for a day on a team. The very next day God put these two women in front of me. I knew it was nothing but God b/c when I text and emailed these women they were on it. I feel so honored that God saw fit for my messed up self to be a voice to shut the enemies mouth. I will never ever call these women my team b/c God gets all the glory. Danielle GlamNurse Nichole Kelley Bell I am so grateful to have my big sisters with me. Lets invade the devils territory and *** our women out of his hands.
As I'm laying here on the couch feeling like crap feeling our little boy move and kick around in my belly. I realise how bitter-sweet this pregnancy is. That being said, only because this is my last baby, my last pregnancy, I won't be able to feel another person inside of me again. Wont be able to feel kicks, flutters, hiccups, or any movement in my belly after this. But yet I think of how this little miracle, our little boy will make our life complete! I can't wait to hold him and love him and watch him grow with his big sisters! I can't wait to just cherish and love all of my kids unconditionally. I can't wait for our family to be complete and to move forward in our lives.. I love my family with all my heart!! Now hurry up and get here may!!! As for now I'm going to lay here in this quiet house and play with kaleb until he stops and hopefully get some sleep myself!! Matthew Norton
House all cleaned for the ladies coming tmz night, now to prep for the big sisters graduation party :-)
Ok... The cats out of the bag!! Maddy and Mikaela are very thrilled to announce that they will be big sisters!! That's right we are expecting!!
At this party tonight with My bestfriends and wife n big sisters ( vontae.moni.miaa.myra.cheanl.)
Looking forward to a night out with the girls for my big sisters birthday. Look out Wycombe tomorrow night ,
Look at Isabella's little hand half way up, trying to be like her big sisters! My lil baby is growing so quickly!!!
So my brother and I have a joke about my footsie because if he takes shot gun I take my shoe off in the back seat of the car and he gets a close up! I know weird, but that's what big sisters are for. Look what my mom found in the attic while packing to move to CO!!! So random! Love it.
Lil sis showing her support for her big sisters presentation today... And being a goofball lol
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