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Exclusive: Roger Ailes-Megyn Kelly harassment film in the works from 'Big Short' writer
When I see the Office all I can think about Steve Carell's role in the Big Short.
New Zealand waiting for that miscued big shot to get the wicket. This is a short ground though... when it does come... well.
Hi I have hemi cp. Feldenkrais has been a big part of improving my movement, so big I made a short film:
My short got selected for the Short Spooky Movie Festival. Big thanks to my team for making th…
Red dead trailer was ok. Way too short though. Seemed a bit anti climactic having a big announcement paired with such a short trailer
why do boys not have shirts that are big enough like UR SHIRT IS TOO SHORT
Big Star, my short will screen in on night.
I think this short story could really hit the big time. Maybe mom will put all 8 pages on the fridge.
Wel, given the relatively short lifetime of cows, dental decay must not be that big an issue for you.
A 10-minute walk right after you eat can make a big difference in your blood glucose levels
City fans, result due to 10 men. It was only 11v10 for a short time was 10v10 for a big part. Barca got better with 10
How to Invest in Water Like Dr. Michael Burry from the Big Short – Vintage Value Investing
I agree it has but I really prefer short game! Big kick gone due to blanket defences
$RTM.v $RTMFF 685,100 shares/5% of the float sold short in the last 30 days.These results come in positive we will…
Jermaine was watching a video & said "look momma!" I looked & he said "big booty!" It was a girl with a big butt dressed in short shorts. 😂😵
Click here to watch the movie: Redhead MILF Veronica Avluv with Short Hair Wearing Pink L…
The Big Short makes me lose faith in humanity
Christian Bale in the Big Short is my ideal man
Come on Bob! They make the denominator smaller to get big numbers & count short term jobs.
"The Big Short is what is happening in the advertising industry. We need transparency"
Think big and don't listen to people who tell you it can't be done. Life is too short to think small 🚀
Short time, BIG difference!! Come hold a sign tomorrow in front of Arcadia 7:15-7:45am, YES YES on the SUSD Bond &…
"As for The rest of you, remember this: YOU ARE WANTED. Big, small, tall, short, pretty, plain,…
Got 27th place in Event 2 of the High Five series on WPN, *** to run deep in a big field to come up short :(
Silently freaking out at work because in five short days I get to hear "AW MINNEAPOLIS!" from Big E and the New Day.
Click here to watch the movie: Francesca Le - Short Shorts Photoshoot x93 61
Excited to be going to awards tonight as finalists after our short film 'Courage' made a big impact!
its just short of time after MD we have kaabil and we r celebrating it big time :).
Toronto has had two big chances with all that talent and have come up short. They are the new Texas Rangers.
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine. Add it to your collection!
I feel like The Big Short is a movie everyone should see. Incredibly informative and wildly entertaining
I feel like it's just a short girl thing most short girls have big *** and bob *** Bc there not tall soo sum gotta be big 😂
Right, and I’ll bet that the big-screen experience will lack in the long run. (Maybe the short run too)
3 of my chickens died😭 RIP nugget, omelette, &Big Mac.. short life but loved them❤️ http…
I've been kind of baffled that people don't get that he's saying "big league" - which, on its own, is ridiculous enough.
Its over Mr. Trump. Time to go back to your Casinos. You blew it, and big time. Anyone could've beaten crooked Clinton, but…
Laura Ingalls, nasty woman. Such a little house. My house is very big. I will make winter short. I'd date the blind one.
Big life changes in such a short space of time (one very unexpected). Feel overwhelmed. Gotta ride this wave, I hope. :/
you democrats have a short memory. We already know you're stupid but now you can claim senility
Watch *** movie: Short teen Natasha White taking a big ***
Tuesday: First big woodland walk at country park, managed one of the short loops! 🐾🐶 that log was alrea…
Whats up? Remember me? How's everything? Stuff happened here big stuff. In short- New Life waits ahead. 😊
why do none of these horror movie listicles include "The Big Short" ???
love it. Marisa Tomei in the Big Short gave some solid phone too
Draamakomedia asekauppiaista.Tositarina. Just been out to a late night movies. – the Iraq war's Big Short
from the MTV show The Hills. One of the friends on the Big Short was watching the Hills in one scene
rewatches Big Short, Tigers lose to Indians again, and Mark Lowe gives up another long home run
or, alternately, Freddy Got Fingered? The Big Short was my favorite "comedy" (and movie) last year, but it's far from "pure."
. Think Wolf of Wall Street/Big Short footage turned into a music video...'cuz we're too broke to do anything but sample others.
Read of Michael Lewis' The Big Short and then actually apply to a CDN (as a CDN) bank for a mortgage
Greek American Jim Chanos is without doubt, "Emperor of the Big Short"!
pls comment on 's claim that the events of the Big Short happened under Glass Steagall?
I find the killer is dilution, shorts and electronic bot trading. At the end of the Big Short, it was clear nothing changed.
Steve Carrell deserved at least an Oscar nomination for the Big Short.
Suicide Squad will seem so much more layered if you assume it’s a sequel to Seven Pounds and Big Short.
watching the Big Short, nice monologue steal on Michael C. Ruppert from Collapse.
Come down to the Rialto Theatre for an exclusive screening of the Big Short, admission by donation to our Foundation
Revenant: BOOK. Room: BOOK. Big Short: BOOK. Danish Girl: BOOK. A great award year for movies based on
I've heard it's great, same with Big Short.
Mortgage broker body the hits back 'serious allegations' in Big Short article in
"You see The Big Shirt yet". 'U mean Big Short?'. "Nah, Big Shirt..w/ John Goodman, its like sisterhood of the traveling pants for fat guys"
Oscar nominated director of 'Big Short' Adam McKay reveals his big discovery & evolving his style always a must -->
SPOTTED just now in the WH briefing room: "Big Short" author Michael Lewis, greeted by
My brother is furious that Swift won best album over Kendrick & I'm like, don't worry, I'll be the same when Big Short wins Oscar over MM:FR
'Spotlight' and 'Big Short' Win Big at 2016 WGA Awards: . The movie about The Boston Globe's team and the feature film about the finan...
'Spotlight,' 'Big Short' win Writers Guild of America awards
'Spotlight,' 'Big Short' take top honors at Writers Guild Awards: Al Franken attends the 68th Annual Writers G...
Poor guy better not read Michael Lewis' book the Big Short
You're right. But you don't think, say, 'Big Short' would've made more $/noise been had it not been released 2 days prior to SW?
What a pleasure to be interviewed by Adam McKay: The Big Short - The Treatment on KCRW
nice! Big Short for me - it was v good but now I need some comedy to lighten the mood. :-)
Dada, may I ask what is ur next project. I saw Big Short last week. We should make something on Harshad Mehta case on same.
I need Brooklyn, Big Short, Room, Spotlight, Mad Max and Revenant. Maybe I can do room 1st & we can do Day 2 movies 2,3,&4?
Only actually seen 2 of the "Best Picture" nominees thus far (Mad Max & Big Short). Would like to see Room, and Spotlight.
read this as GREED is good and thought u were giving the Gordon Gekko rebuttal to the Big Short.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
It frustrates me when a movie like the Big Short comes out & the message is drowned out by ***
"Life is too short, the world is too big, and God's love is too great to be anything but ordinary.
When the cute guy in Halloweentown 3 stars in the Big Short and it makes you love the movie even more 👏🏼
Got a plan for my Golden Globe watchlist. Since I've watched 3 of the comedies, I'm Gnna do the comedy lost first. Time for 'The Big Short'
Literally just got back from The Big Short. Politically/financially, it's pretty one-sided. But, it's *funny* (1/2)
Just finished The Big Short, and I am turnt for banking right now.
Told my friend to wait to see Big Short w/me but then I watched it randomly. Now I have to pretend I didn't see it yet hehe
Just watched "The Big Short." Fantastic movie based on excellent book. Read it then go see the movie.
The Big Short was smart and funny movie. If you're a fan of history or finance, you would enjoy it
I thought The Big Short was great & very clear, just one lingering question, what is a bank
After watching Big Short, I'm pretty sure the only honest businesspeople are adult film actors/actresses.
Paramount has released THE BIG SHORT script! Get it and SPOTLIGHT which went public, too! 43 other 2015 scripts! https:…
I don't know whether to be terrified or delighted that I'm the only person seeing The Big Short at 10:50pm on a Friday night
Dude, you can't really make this list until after you've seen Sicario, Room, Spotlight and The Big Short. Love ur vids btw!
Big shout out to the cheering section tonight. You guys were great!! What a great atmosphere tonight - boys battled hard just came up short.
domain names
.The Big Short is outstanding, one of my favorites of the year. Incredibly important. A definite must-see!
Apparently last night's Big Bang Theory was only 18m34s long. Early reports say it was cut short because the laugh track batteries ran out.
Hate to say it but between "the big short" and this Netflix documentary, once Americans understand how corrupt the system is . Chaos
Jesus Christ. I just finished the Big Short. I'm donating $50 to Bernie. Join me!
I'm at for The Big Short in Zacatecas, ZAC w/
"The Big Short" and why your success in investing could chalk down to... -via
Omaha falls short in the Siouxland. Metros win by a big margin 6-3 the final!
"The Big Short" really was one of the most ambitious, well made, chance-taking movies I've seen in a while. Top 5 best this year for sure.
If you understand money go see The Big Short now
.reporter in The Big Short is named Casey, wondered if it was a reference to you?
Leo DiCaprio as well as the actors of "Big Short" should be thankful "Free State Of Jones" doesn't fall into this Oscar SZN.
Glad I got to shoot the big guy today. Yeah.. He's tall. I'm short. We get it.
The Big Short. *** of a film. Go see it. On a side note, a significant portion of my paycheck seems to go to the Alamo Drafthouse lately.
The Revenant was amazing. I need more time to think if it dethrones The Big Short.
"lex, kilo, Alexious ; chubby checks .. baby face, she gotta big butt , light skin , big for head, kinda short"
If only all movies comprised of 99.5% white men were as good as "The Big Short"
Glad you found my BIG SHORT review at Love the editorializing?
Give yourself a gift. See THE BIG SHORT. Should be mandatory viewing. I would watch a presidential debate of candidates watc…
See the movie, The Big Short, you will learn how the 2008 was created and who the key inside players were. A must...
Have you seen the Big Short yet tho. Just saying
The Big Short 😳 amazing cast and incredibly eye opening rendition of the economic crash circa
Congrats to Joe McKeehen,who just fell short of another big title at 2016 PCA, finishing in 2nd. Well played!
Barry Ritholtz: The 'Big Short' gets the financial crisis right via
met on set of Big Short. She has 29m followers, me 35k. Any intersection? and Not…
Seeing the 'Big Short'. Low turnout to early matinee's today. (@ Cinemark 16 - Gahanna) on
"Ryan Gosling is not here tonight and I think as an ensemble we can all agree we hate Ryan Gosling." -Steve Carell at Big Short
You asked for it. So... . FAN CAST: Finn Wittrock (The Big Short) for Jason Todd.
regards "the Big Short" the best film about finance to date
Michael Lewis is surprised 'Big Short's good via
Lunch with Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling at The Four Seasons: The Big Short: If you are going to celebrate a mov...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
How 'Big Short' Director Adam McKay Landed A-list actors for his film
Have you seen this trailer of the Big Short ?. Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell!
See author Michael Lewis mention Beyonce maybe being in a movie Big Short.
to play John Paulson in the movie adaptation of "Big Short" ?.
Brad Pitt to star in Big Short: Report: Actors Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale have signed on to pl...
I've nearly finished Michael Lewis' The Big Short on the guys who shorted subprime mortgages. Lewis describes them all as 'odd' in some way.
Oxbridge Capital: Author Michael Lewis prevails in Big Short libel appeal: ...smiles during an interview at Re...
Looking for a solid book to read about investing, hoping someone could recommend one for me. I've read a few Michael Lewis books (Liar's Poker, Big Short) but was looking for something more technical about actually investing (not so much about the daily lives or occurrences of investors). Was thinking about picking up "Stocks for the Long Run - Jeremy Siegel" but any suggestions would be appreciated.
Highly recommend reading Michael Lewis' The Big Short if you want to learn about some of the reasons for the stock market crash of 2008...
I am reading "the Big Short" by Michael Lewis. an excellent read, important for understanding what happened to our financial system in the last 30 years. here's a couple of quotes: "Even so, just weeks after receiving its first $25 billion taxpayer investment, Citigroup returned to the Treasury to confess that - lo! - the markets still didn't trust Citigroup to survive. In response, on November 24, the Treasury granted another $20 billion from TARP and simply guaranteed $306 billion of Citigroup's assets. . . . . . . The $306 billion guarantee-- nearly 2 percent of U.S. gross domestic product, and roughly the combined budgets of the departments of Agriculture, Education, Energy, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, and Transportation -- was presented undistinguished, as a gift." "By early 2009 the risks and losses associated with more than a trillion dollars' worth of bad investments were transferred from big Wall Street to the U.S. taxpayers."
Since 'Liar's Poker', which was good, Michael Lewis' titles have become almost predictable; 'Big Short' and now 'Boomerang'...sigh!
Moneyball author Michael Lewis fighting libel suit from bond manager criticized in book Big Short. Art Howe never sued.
Not most inspiring commencement speech ever but hard truths from Michael Burry (1 of the heroes of Lewis' Big Short)
What's the Coggan book? Big Short is good, also More Money Than God is a great read.
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