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Big Sean

Sean Michael Anderson (born March 25, 1988), better known by his stage name Big Sean, is an American rapper.

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Listen to on How Many Times by DJ Khaled ft. Big Sean, Chris Brown & Lil Wayne
Jhené Aiko on her relationship with Big Sean in an interview with
Big Sean really quoted my boy Master Oogway on Jhene’s album.
Jhene Aiko trash only bc she is dating Big Sean and I liked Ariana so much better. Also I only like when we were bye jhene.
So who tryna sing the Big Sean parts off twenty88 while I sing Jhené's
Drake, Big Sean, Migos, Asap Rocky, & with that last dollar buy a Thirstbuster
that lauren London & nipsey hussle love, that Jhene Aiko & Big Sean love.. ya know that low key, but hella affectionate lo…
Big Sean, Bounce Back giving me great Monday morning vibes😅 Yey
Big Sean says: "Last night took an L but tonight, I Bounce Back.". What I hear: "weeping may endure for a night but joy com…
me: Big Sean beautiful he is everything to me. sarah: I would do LITERALLY anything for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
Big Sean's last album was the best stuff he's ever made
in Tucson featuring Big Sean, Vince Staples, DJ Jazzy Jeff and More on October 6-7: 
Big Sean hoping he come with Jhene Aiko
I could hear Big Sean and Jhene Aiko collabing on this type of beat. .
If I'm not the one then I'm the best mistake you ever had. -Ariana Grande & Big Sean
What was the breaking point in Big Sean and Ariana Grande’s …
4 years ago today, Big Sean dropped his second album "Hall of Fame."
So Ariana Grande just gone stop performing all the songs she made about Big Sean or lol
I added a video to a playlist Right there Ariana Grande ft Big Sean (with Lyrics)
The 2nd music video for "Feels" by Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell, Katy Perry & Big Sean is out NOW! Watch here:
The news about Big Sean and Arianna Grande is so sad, giving your child up for adoption is such a hard thing to go through…
"I'm not Big Sean's ex. I'm not Niall's possible new girl. I'm Ariana Grande, and if that's not interesting enough, don…
Fam I knew I heard the beat from Ariana Grande's Right There ft Big Sean from SOMEWHEREE 😱
Day 8. A song I know all the words to. Right there - Ariana Grande ft Big Sean. I remember the day this song came out
People I have not already seen and want to see in concert soon: Big Sean, J Cole, Kendrick, Post Malone
so how do y'all feel about Big Sean & Magic Johnson plan to bring a new amusement park to the city??
Big Sean is partnering with Magic Johnson to build a amusement park in Detroit. Sweet.
Give me a concert with this lineup and I'll eat top ramen til kingdom come to buy a ticket:. Big Sean. Chance. Bruno Mars. C…
Big Sean still got the most insane flow. I'll say that forever
Haters also gonna act like I ain't been bout Big Sean since back back in the gap.
Tell me that Big Sean ain't got the nastiest flow in rap when he's doing his thing and you're irrelevant to me.
Calvin Harris feat Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean - Feels. we're on 98.0FM and .
Calvin Harris, Pharrell, Katy Perry and Big Sean's "Feels" is now eligible for Gold in the US.
for your chance to win tickets to the Billboard in New York feat. Big Sean, Gucci Mane, Camila Cabello, DJ Khaled…
The only short men I'd let smash are Algee, Bruno, Larenz Tate and Big Sean
Fun fact: I thought Sean Kingston and Big Sean were the same person till senior year of high school
Big Sean played a new Travis Scott collab at Lollapalooza (produced by Metro Boomin)
Big Sean raps like he's reading a long *** error message on his laptop while he's on the phone with tech support
When I went to the Forest Hill Drive tour my phone died at the beginning of the Big Sean set this time I got plenty…
One time in high school, I almost punched Amber elliot in the face for saying Big Sean was better than Kanye.
'On Everything' by DJ Khaled Featuring Travis Scott, Rick Ross & Big Sean is an amazingly stock-still track
Calvin Harris - Feels ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean is my song choice of the night
Big Sean going crazy on Calvin Harris - Feels 🔥🔥🔥
Big Sean with & his brother backstage at the concert tonight.
MI has Floyd Mayweather. MI has Serena Williams . MI has Eminem . MI has Stevie Wonder. MI has Malcolm X. MI has Big Sean. MI has Tee…
Who went home sooner, Big Sean or Body Bags Nelson?
I just liked this song "Feels" by Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean
Feels (feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean) by (with Tya) —
Trying to go to Music Midtown but I don't wanna go both days. I only wanna see Bruno Mars, Future, Wiz, and Big Sean.
Mac Miller or Big Sean if we're talking headline names
Big Sean and Earlly Mac a couple days ago.
*** Travis Scott, Rick Ross, and Big Sean all on one song. the goat. .
Big Sean put a twist on Bounce Back at the BET Awards 🔥
Calvin Harris posted these photos on Instagram rumored to be for the music video for his Pharrell, Katy Perry & Big Sean coll…
Big Sean brought out Jhene Aiko last night.
Big Sean and Jhene Aiko are the cutest couple and no one can tell me otherwise
Big Sean still hasn't put out a project as good as FF. This newest was closest tho.
I might go to at Adado Riverfront Park in Lansing, MI - Jul 9
took an L? you could "Bounce Back" with Big Sean. Try another emoji for more music.
London bridge by big Sean and jhene is truly a beautiful song.
Big Sean said it best "Seem like nowadays everybody breaking up"
Probley because he wanted to talk to the big boys who will ask.ligit ? &tell the truth not the little…
Big Sean would make a great therapy dog great companion for anybody so much more protector best buds uncon…
Since believe big Sean in Justin's albums so I guess we'll get another feature
Deaf Rescue needed for Big Sean. Thanks to an astute volunteer we know this. Please Big Sean could be therapy dog to de…
It is bro real Kanye fans know this he's on every Kanye and big Sean project
Big sean has something to do with this😂
Idk Big Sal 25 5 and 6 is pretty good and at that point we can start blaming teammates
Lmao e roc think he got the moves no big Sean
Big Sean looking at Rihanna the way we all look at her. Jhene would understand.
CFL wants Toronto to succeed, they need a team in Toronto. I am just not sure it will ever have a big fan base.
😂😂👌 well bih figure it out and lmk. I already know I wanna see big Sean, future, and migos
Marshall had 14 TD in 2015; Sanu has 15 TD in his entire career (5Y). Shepard (R) had 8 TD in 2016; Gabriel has 7 in his ent…
I actually bought this issue...Cole and Big Sean shine the most...but give credit to XXL for putting OJ DA JUICEMAN…
Big sean X drake X desiigner type beat | "i get all that" | Tony beats via
Same Time, Pt. 1 by Big Sean and Higher by Rihanna, also
I could seriously listen to Big Sean on repeat nonstop
Yo Big Sean's verse on feels by Calvin Harris goes so hard
Lol anything Big Sean tbh. I think that's his lane. 😂
A big THANK YOU to Bear Lake Ace Hardware for sending Dennis to unload the sleds !!! 🏈🏈 Sean Adams and crew always helping out 🏈🏈
Big Sean, Pharrell & Katy Perry connect on Calvin Harris' new single, "Feels." Listen:
Calvin Harris just announced his new song 'Feels' which features Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean!
Calvin Harris ft. Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams and Big Sean on "FEELS", coming soon.
Bali's premium beachside summer festival is back on 11 & 12 August featuring Phoenix, Big Sean, Jonas Blue…
Mac Miller a better lyricist than Big Sean? We must not be listening to the same artists
Kendrick and Big Sean's rivalry is nothing compared to how Ice Cube felt when he left NWA. Just sayin'.
As long as you love me. We could be starving. We could be homeless. We could be broke. -As long as you love me,Justin Bieber, Big Sean. (Believe)
Quavo is a Aries. Big Sean is a Aries. Chance the Rapper is a Aries. Kyrie Irving is a Aries. Pharrell is a Aries. Mariah C…
I meant to look up Big Sean but accidentally typed in "bean" and then laughed about it for 5 minutes.. this is my life
.is partnering with to make donuts called the "Berry Gordy," "Big Sean" & "Hill Harper"
Big Sean dropped possibly his best verse in years on Holy Key for Kendrick to hit him a 99 hit combo.
Every *** in the world know what Big Sean thinking right here.
I added a video to a playlist Big Sean - Jump Out The Window
Calvin Harris' new album will ft.Travis Scott, Future, Big Sean, Frank Ocean, ScHoolBoyQ, Thugger, Snoop Dogg & more
Travis Scott, ScHoolboy Q, Big Sean and PND are just some of the features on the new Calvin Harris album h…
Jhene Aiko and Big Sean were couple goals at the MTV Movie & TV Awards
(Example: they've had guest vocalists from Brendan Urie to Debbie Harry to Big Sean to Elvis Costell…
Big Sean and Jhené Aiko attend the 2017 MTV Movie And TV Awards on May 7, 2017 in Los Angeles
I'm tryna have that Big Sean and Jhené Aiko type love
Corbin Anthony and I snuck into the pit and were literally 10 feet from Big Sean 😍😍
Ppl who think punchlines are the only aspect of lyricism are the worst, they all like Elzhi, Lock & !Big Sean over Kendrick
Big Sean had Inspire Me off of I Decided. I'd lump Sunday Candy in there too, since it's about Chance's grandmother.
I mean you could just listen to Big Sean or Royce da 5'9
Not at all. Out of younger generation he's not better than Kendrick, Cole, Meek, Wale, King Los, Big Sean, Drake
23. All Me ft. Big Sean | most memorable verse on the song by the one and only Sean Anderson🐐
Big Sean and The Sean Anderson Foundation bring edutainment to Atlanta youth via
OK, Big Sean! Listen to his remix of Marian Hill 'Down'.
10) Big Sean is one of the best male rappers of the decade. He has a great personality, excellent discography and alwa…
freshman year of high school I was obsessed with Chiddy Bang, Kid Cudi, Kanye, Big Sean, etc.
Music to appreciate your girl:. 1. Love x Kendrick. 2. Livin Single x Big Sean. 3. Too good to be true x Lauryn Hill. 4. All of me x John Legend
Anthony Anderson, Usher, Toni Braxton, PHARRELL, Kevin Hart, and Big Sean all cut checks to the UNCF. YES BLACK CELEBS! YES!
Why does Big Sean goes by "Sean Don" when his actual name is Sean Micheal Leonard Anderson... ?
More geniuses include and are not limited to Sampha, BANKS, NAO, They., Vince Staples, Big Sean, noname, Anderson P…
Can't wait! Just want to clarify that Migos, Future, Willie Nelson, Big Sean all require separate tix…
I like Big Sean. This album was weak compared to Dark Sky Paradise which was super slept on. I don't like this one.
Really thought Big Sean turned the corner with Dark Sky Paradise... But I decided is not good, like at all
Big Sean, Drake and J. Cole drop albums that are solid. So Kendrick drops one album that is STRAIGHT FLAME and rumors a second one
Chicken tenders & fries. Chicken nuggets &BBQ. Big Sean & that Asian girl . Tyler perry & Oprah, they not together but they rich asf . SMFHH😒
Anyone else ready for Kendrick to end Big Sean's career?
I want a Big Sean and Jhene type relationship 😍
Big Sean received the key to the city of Detroit 👏💯
Lost $100 In minutes on the blackjack table. Ima hold this L for now but I'm bouncing back like Big Sean tomorrow.
*Big Sean looks at a picture of David Spade making out with Naya Rivera*
Every time I see Naya Rivera I just think about the time Big Sean went back to sleep after she told him Cory died
Big Sean the black version of Eminem
I was worried Big Sean was gonna get too serious & boring to stop dropping atrocious lines, but I'm glad Kodak Black grabbed the torch
throwing more shots at Big Sean on Humble.. Dude ain't going at drake directly any time soon
I dint how people sleep in Big Sean that man can really rap!
Did Charlamagne just call Big Sean an "upper echelon" rapper? . I need to sleep. More like upper average.
Ppl sleep on Big Sean skills, I believe he would take the L but he definitely not gettin washed. If…
Kendrick dissed tf outta Big Sean lol but Big Sean can come back tho don't sleep him on him
That's a great song you have there Big Sean. it would be a shame if somebody. were to put Kendrick on it.
Kendrick finished the Pokedex and beat the Elite Four before Big Sean could even turn on his game-boy
When you realize what Big Sean was sayin when he said "If I lose one I Bounce Back like two three did with four five h…
Ludacris didn't age well. Do you also suppose that will happen to Big Sean?
Whenever you album comes people are gonna realize there's competition for Kendrick and it's you not Drake or Big Sean even J Cole!
Jeremih, Chris Brown, and Big Sean shoot a video for "I Think of You"
Kendrick might not want free smoke with Big Sean
Got 1 VIP ticket for Big Sean tomorrow if anyone back at home is interested 🤙🏼 oh and it's VIP 🤘🏼
Big Sean really don't play about Jhene.
Drinking this Captain Morgan listening to Big Sean album feeling good lol
I normally don't care about celebrity relationships but highkey I'm here for Big Sean & Jhené Aiko
Jhené Aiko and Big Sean outside the Hollywood Reporter and Jimmy Choo Power Stylists Dinner in West Hollywood
Jhené Aiko, Justin Timberlake and Big Sean at the Power Stylists Dinner, hosted by The Hollywood Reporter and Jimmy Cho…
Big Sean took his niece to the Kids Choice Awards so she could finally meet her idol Zendaya
Big Sean. got that juicy tight looking booty!!! The best
Life should come with a sign saying results may vary- Big Sean
RocNation artists and Puma.first Rihanna, now Big Sean
Big Sean has been named Creative Collaborator and Global Ambassador for PUMA. His first collection is due in Spring 2018. 🔥…
Big Sean opens up about Jay Z, his Puma deal, and how to look fly in a suit via
Miley and Noah with Big Sean! The Cyrus sisters are all so pretty! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Papoose said Big Sean looks like Ralph Tresvant from New Edition LMFAOO.
lmao I'm dead! But Ima see Taylor Bennett, Big Sean, Chance The Rapper, Vince Staples, and I'm going to JMBLYA
I just want someone to be the Big Sean to my Jhené Aiko.the Jay Z to my Beyonce.the Barack to my that too much to ask?
Papoose will go at anybody. He went at Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Big Sean, Trinidad James, Fat Joe, Kanye West, and even shaded Jay Z lol.
Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are probably my favourite celeb couple right now, second to Jhene Aiko and Big Sean
Big Sean, Travis Scott, Stormzy, PND and Migos all have new projects out but wireless are wasting their budget on Yungen an…
Chance the Rapper, Big Sean, J Cole, Chris Brown, Future, Migos, Torey Lanez and The Weeknd all going on tour😩
100. Wardrobe for the killers, we pose for the pictures – Big Sean, Platinum & Wood. KCAPatrol ForNadine.
Future, Migos, Tory Lanez , Kodak Black, J.Cole and Big Sean all going on tour
Big Sean - Logic - Kendrick Lamar . No order but the best lyricist in the game (without writing) . We can argue but I'm stating facts
Big Sean and Travis Porter bring back so many memories
Katy Perry honored, Niall Horan and Big Sean among performers at Universal artist showcase
Roberto Clemente boomin at the Big Sean pop up today 🔥🔊. Make sure to download
Chance, Joey, Isaiah Rashad, CJ Fly, No Name, Big Sean, Dyemond Lewis, DymeaDuzin, they are also hip hop and apart of rap culture
I don't have an order but Big L is # 1. Banks, Fab, Redman, Wayne, Pusha T, Joell Ortiz, Big Sean, Em
Envy the security guard at my work for meeting Chris Brown, trey songz & Big Sean 😍😩
Who is your favorite artist? — Drake,Kendrick Lamar, Wiz, Big Sean, Kanye
Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean's best work are in mixtapes
this dude had no radio plays he was against Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and others who had big radio hits and…
Son. Go listen to Big Sean's freestyle on Funk Master Flex.
Joe Walsh was like josh really think Big Sean really leads to
Big Sean officially mediocre now. Joining them Wiz Khalifa ranks now.
Big Sean was first Lil Uzi was second and last bit not least was dog
Big Sean that *** for coming up during wiz's era but not falling way off like Wiz. 🏁
Eminem ruined that Big Sean song like the vibe was smooth as *** and then you got this off beat school shooter yelling about raping ppl smh
Laura Marling, Big Sean, and Jax Jones alternately excited and bored us. Newest single reviewed
Syd, Big Sean and The Gwinnett County All-Stars are getting all my spins right now.
Pete Tong, The Heritage Orchestra & Jules Buckley knocks Big Sean off the top of the Australian Album Chart
Folks worried about all the Super Bowl festivities while I'm just happy Big Sean dropped this dope *** album-
Kristen Stewart Plays Facebreakers Game with Big Sean on 'Fallon' - Watch Now! via
Eminem so foolish on that new Big Sean 🚨🚨
I'm loving how big Sean & Kehlani's albums have things about serious issues in them. I hope the next albums from other artists are like that
How epic would a Big Sean, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande song be 😂
Not that I'm not already hungry for more. Big Sean's album just fueled that even more for me 🔥🔥🔥
Drake stans saying Big Sean's punchlines can be corny as if Drake actually wrote his own lyrics. Lmfaaao.
"And I might just kill ISIS with the same icepick/That I murder Donald Trump in the same night with"—Big Sean
Big Sean did his thing on this album. Very impressed
Big Sean sound like he want the crown on this "I Decided" album .
In eighth grade, Big Sean starred in a Shakespeare play. Now rare footage of the play has surfaced https:/…
Big Sean's new album 'I Decided' feat Eminem, Jhene Aiko, Migos, & more is dropping in a few hours!!
Big Sean is one of those artists that I know are great but I won't go out of my way to listen to them
If big Sean say I look up.. he's about to say something over your head
Big Sean's music ain't for me, so I don't critique it. It's for *** that wear jeans with the kneecaps exposed.
wooaaahhh Owe Me by Big Sean go hhhaaarrrd
Haven't listened to big Sean's album all the way through yet
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When Big Sean said "You give the best advice to your friends & not take it for yourself"
Big Sean and Common Kings dropped an album today? It's a great day 🙌🏽
Stream new album 'I Decided.' featuring and more
"I don't care about Big Sean, more like Big Loser" 😂😂😂😂
Big Sean def held his own wit Em , but outbarred him? Reachin fool
I'm really digging this new Big Sean right now.
Big Sean album a cool 7/10 on the first listen including all the singles.
Big Sean shows off his Rocafella chain that Jay Z gave him 👀
.went OFF over a couple classic beats for this new freestyle
If Bounce Back by big sean isn't your theme song right now well then good for you
Eminem dropped a feature with big Sean just to prove he still has the crown on these fools
Eminem had to remind us that he still the rap god with his verse on Big Sean's "No Favors".
Big Sean bodied that funk flex freestyle tho
After hearing Eminem verse on Big Sean album .
Big Sean gets very spiritual in this album. And thats my favorite type of rap.
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Big Sean's mindset he explains at the end of his album is a trip
Big Sean was already 🔥 WAY before this album lol, where y'all been?
Wonder where big Sean dad from in Louisiana
• 2nd day of black history month and we have new Big Sean, Vince, Sampha & Syd.
Big Sean's new album 'I Decided' drops at midnight!
4 more days until Big Sean drops his new album 'I Decided'
How excited are you for Big Sean's new album? Peep his jacket with his lyrics on it 👀
X's style? Don't sound like X at all. This sound been around lmao. Acting like future, Big Sean etc. and everyone e…
Who is ready for Big Sean's new album ???
Quote with your favorite Big Sean lyric
Big Sean is so underrated, I really wanna see him shine this year
Big Sean's album "I decided" is 4th on Apple Music top albums for all genres... it has not yet been released 😳
Big Sean is set to appear on Jimmy Fallon on February 2nd.
Big Sean is so underrated, I really want to see him shine in 2017
Big Sean was the worst musical guest on SNL since Ashlee Simpson.
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Big Sean posted up, many people call Big Sean underrated, you agree?
Big Sean, The Weeknd, PND, Future, Quentin Miller, and idk who he stole this reggae style from, but it definitely wasnt on TML
Fat Joe and Remy Ma album boutta be fuego, Big Sean album too
Who says Big Sean's underrated ?👀 he definitely top 5 in the game rn
Big Sean is top 5 rappers no debate 🤗
Anytime something good happens to me I can help but think of Big Sean's song Bounce Back.
Big show tomorrow: + Sean McDonough on the NFL plus GM Ross Atkins at 8:…
🔌 Eminem will be featured on Big Sean's upcoming album!
Big Sean been shining for years yall mfs jus dont pay attention. Undoubtedly the most slept on rapper in the game.
Big Sean gets deep on 'I Decided' album
Big Sean is dropping a new song jsjsjsjsb yesss
Big Sean has a song with Eminem on his new album
Drake and J Cole need to collab. Kanye and Travis Scott need to. . Kendrick and Big Sean. Chance the Rapper and Post Malone.
"I'm gonna keep proving myself as one of the greatest of this generation." - Big Sean
This why you got guys like KRIT, Freddie Gibbs, Big Sean, Ferg, Rocky, Travis Scott, Young Thug(sometimes)
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Hoping for some good hiphop releases this year with Drake, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Jay-Z, Kanye, Lupe & Migos coming out with new material.
Big Sean talks to Zane Lowe about new 'I Decided.' album. Listen here:
Big Sean & Jhené Aiko gotta stay together forever. The music they make with each other is some of both their best work.
Cardale Jones looks like Ugly God. Chris Bosh looks like Snoop Dogg. And Desean Jackson looks like Big Sean.
Kevin Gates, Lil Wayne, J Cole, Big Sean, Chris Brown and Chance The Rapper are all people i need to see in concert.
Kehlani, Ariana Grande & Big Sean are all having concerts in April 🙃🙃
Am I the only one that thinks Big Sean cramps mad words into a verse like he forcing it sometimes?
Big Sean got a concert on my birthday. Way in North Carolina😭💔
Chance, Big Sean, Ye, and my favorite song, Danke Schoen
Just announced: Big Sean at the Fillmore Silver Spring on April 8. MadeInTYO will also perform. Tickets go on sale 10 a.m. Friday.
Yung Berg produced that new Big Sean. That's a fact.
Luis and Victor think Lil Duval and Big Sean look alike... SMH
Speaking of which... my playlist today is sick as *** Carnifex, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Saves The Day, Alkaline Trio, Touché Amoré
I thought this was Big Sean and Ariana Grande
Last night took a L but tonight I Bounce Back (Big Sean voice) lol
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I wonder if Big Sean get tired of Jhene Aiko
Big Sean has revealed his fourth album "I Decided," and unleashed new "Moves"
Ariana harmonising during Big Sean's rap on the cloud @ the HMT is fu*king EVERYTHING!
Why & how is everyone just discovering Living Single by Big Sean, Chance, & Jeremih? That's been my hidden soundcloud gem for months now.
Dom don't sleep on Big Sean he's nice!
All time favorite tracks and albums. All figured out Big Sean. Purpose Justin Bieber . Vanessa Calton liberman. King of the fall Weekend
i am really crying yall⚡️ “Big Sean gets fans ready for his new album 🔥”.
Justine Skye, Tyga & now Big Sean all in one night, ohhh it's cram time getting this last bit of 2016 music out.
Big Sean new song "Living Single" out now featuring Chance the Rapper and Jeremih 🔥
Nicki, Kanye, Jeezy, Future, Fetty, Big Sean, Kevin Gates just to name a few...
Kanye, Quavo, 2 Chainz and Big Sean feature on Yo Gotti's brand new song "Castro"
Yo Gotti connects with Kanye West, Big Sean, Quavo & 2 Chainz on new single "Castro." Listen: htt…
NEW: by Yo Gotti (feat. Kanye West, Big Sean, Quavo & 2 Chainz) - no Ye verse, but he's featured throughout. ht…
VIDEO: Big Sean's new music video has us feeling some type of way: There's nothing like a tall drink of Big Sean in…
Big Sean - My Last ft. Chris Brown If Fischer coached like this he might be employed
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
High // Big Sean ft. Wiz Khalifa & Chiddy Bang . If you don't like this song, wyd?
4. Big Sean's album Dark Sky Paradise is in the Top 10 albums of all time
I added a video to a playlist Logic ft. Big Sean - Alright (Studio Instrumental)
I am not a rap fanatic but Beware by Big Sean & Lil Wayne & Jhene Aiko will always be one of my favourites ❤
Jay Z sending J Cole to antagonise Kanye 😂😂😂. Drake, Wayne and (i think) Big Sean caught in the cross fire.
Yall Remember how J Cole murdered Big Sean and Wale on their own albums??
Chance, Big Sean, J. Cole, and Kendrick can replace Wayne and possibly Kanye. As long as I can keep Hov and Pac. Don't @ me either
Big Sean and DeJ Loaf handing out turkeys for Thanksgiving 🦃
I actually wanted Trumaine Johnson, but Big Sean is playing better than him too. Folks don't realize Smith has 4.47 speed
"Naya Rivera just married Ryan Dorsey as a rebound from Big Sean. *** for the kid though."
"Big Sean is *** because he likes petite women." - woman with Rick James Halloween wig on
"Big Sean has very odd taste in women. Skinny and pubescent. Such a closeted homosexual."
2016 is officially a competition for how many people you can fit on one song!. Champions by Kanye West, Big Sean,...
It's impossible for me to give a top five best rappers but my five favorite right now are. A$AP Rocky. Travis Scott . J Cole . Big Sean. 3000
Big Sean, Chris Brown, and Travis Scott turning up at the club with Madeintyo playing in the background
Big Sean's verse was really sub-par IMHO but one of the craziest Kendrick (or rap) verses I've heard
"Once you go black you never go back". but Ariana went from Big Sean to Mac..🤔
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