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Big Sam

Sammie Big Sam Williams is a trombonist and band leader from New Orleans, Louisiana. He has been a member of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and currently leads Big Sam's Funky Nation.

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We're looking forward to Big Sam helping start the National Games torch run on Thursday!…
Over 28 but I'd still have Joe Ledley. I really liked Kirchoff at Sunderland under Big Sam. I like what I've seen of Mattias Johansson.
Hah I don't think he was aiming for the right tag, Sam Allardyce's nickname is 'Big Sam'
ICYMI: Listen back to Big Sam's special guest appearance on the show in full here
best stat- Big Sam got Bradley Walsh and Paddy Mcguiness in to boost morale within eng team, imagine that?
Can't get over Big Sam walking away from football. Going have a pint of Blue Nun, then leave the loo in a dreadful steaming state in honour.
Big Sam retires just in time for Ibiza season...
Big Sam has quit Crystal Palace. Just in time for the Barcelona job?🤔🤔
Big Sam quits Coaching at Crystal Palace - - The Lens
Saddened to hear that Big Sam has left Family must come first though. Feel for for the owners. Start all over ag…
Sam Allardyce saved Paul Clement and sent Marco Silva down. Big Sam all the way! 🦅
no Big Sam? He took over a squad that had been well and truly Pardewed and had an awful run in, deserves to be in there IMO
My first tattoo. RIP to my big bruhs Keith Bell and Big Sam. Gone but never forgotten.
From where I'm standing at Jazz Fest I can hear Soul Rebels in one ear and Big Sam in the other
Big Sam there or as I prefer to call him Big Ben, on account of him being a massive bell.
Last min freebie to the Etihad. Pep v Big Sam sitting in the Colin Bell End.
Me and Tweasel are starting a band with Big Sam on backing vocals and accordion
He's done well. But time to go. Big Sam alladyce it is.
I wonder if Big Sam is gonna give Jonny Williams a go next season... the lad deserves a run in the Premier League 🤔
PL form table since February 23rd. Big Sam has worked his magic. We should be on for a *** tonight at Selhurst Park! https:/…
You can clearly see the change @ since Big Sam & Sammy Lee have been at the club. . Zaha, Punch, Townsend & Tekke…
'Return ahead for Dylan’s ex-wife Sam as part of a big storyline'. Source: Metro.
Need a win today and a Big Sam masterclass tomorrow to end this league once and for all
I'm not a big fan of shows like The Voice but *** the vocals/pipes on .- seriously. Check her out.
Stephanie Davis is worried how she looks outside Celebrity Big Brother after
Massive massive match tonight. Win today & Spurs will be under pressure tomorrow. And then Big Sam madness tomorrow
Cannot wait to meet Big Sam and Dave O'Flanagan
04-25 RTE 'in talks with makers of Big Brother to air reality show'
*Sam gives them a little wave from where he was. He wished he could be out playing with them but the b…
Get your hands on Samanta Lily's big boobs! ;) .
Daniella Westbrook and Stephanie Davis 'at WAR ahead of Celebrity Big Brother #
When you're done with Big Sam's pre-game press conference, give this a read by
I trust my boys will have all that's needed to win tonight. Big final 👏🏽
Just when Sam was getting some confidence big Tone goes and destroys him
🎧 NEW PODCAST! 🎧. We talk the genius of Big Sam, the failure of Pep and the magic of Messi! . iTunes ▶️…
Pep likes the taste of sour grapes and Big Sam's Ego is rampant | | Enjoy Today's Tales!.
return ahead for Dylan's ex-wife Sam as part of a big storyline
Me personally have no problem with an player that switches club to celebrate, it would be to PC to stop…
With Big Sam in charge? Easy! Master at what he does, proved it last season with us & is proving it with Palace
[NEXT] We are live in-studio with the Kings of the Weekend & they have a BIG announcement to mak…
Not a big country music fan, but I'm not gonna lie, when Sam Hunt comes on I can't help but dance.
Current mood after watching big Sam's Palace beat today...
gOD dANGGIT everytime i drink sprite i get reminded of that scene in pulp fiction,the one where sam jackson eats big kahuna burger
How bout instead of paying Chuck & Sam, big $ for BS propaganda spending some of that $ & improving muc…
Months ago I got a Big Mac with Sam. I took a bite and pulled out a huge plastic wrapper and never did anything about it. I ate it too.
West tigers adding to their big 4 congrats big Uce
Having spent so long at the foot of the table I can't get my head around being 12th. If Big Sam doesn't win Manager of the Mont…
Big Sam saying he's going to make changes? Hopefully that means Benteke, Zaha and Townsend not in the squad
Christian Benteke + Sam Allardyce = A perfect match?. Danny Murphy says Big Sam has got the best out of the Belgian striker. h…
Palace W = tattoo of Big Sam laughing at Chico Flores on my foot
📸 Big Sam had some fun with Swansea's Chico Flores in October 2013.
He collects their *** and watches them sleep. Big Sam got sacked for much less.
He is. Wasn't good at hibs or hearts though. Big Sam for Scotland! What's George Graham doing now? Stuart Baxter? Fergie?
You couldn't tell me that PT, Lil Bo + Big Sam, Lil Jon and Archie were not superstars circa 2000-2003. I just...
Grab a taste of NOLA in Boca Raton, Florida TONIGHT! Big Sam's Funky Nation will hit the The Funky Biscuit stage...
Mamadou Sakho - from holding a lion to playing like one. Benteke, Big Sam & Hennessey on how he'll help
Big Sam is a clueless manager, PvA can't defend to save his life. We will batter Palace today, Defoe will run riot. Palace 0…
Id love a player to come out and say they were embarrassed by that performance. Actually feel for Big Sam. You could see that hurt.
think he's already doing that Chris, no flies on Big Sam lol
I like Big Sam, a win for Crystal Palace will be a massive boost to their confidence.
wasn't Big Sam and Peter Reid doing a diary in that World Cup? I liked that.
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Conte is a better coach than Jose, Big Sam is better than any coach he has replaced, look up Del Bosque too. You're sick.
Really pleased to see Wilfred Zaha playing for CIV at this tournament. Big Sam has probably let out a few curses at the sc…
Aries - With the descending Moon is a difficult time, will you turn to Big Sam or Tony Pulis? caution as Pardew lurks!
Big Sam brings in little Sam with a little help from Uncle Sam
Good man. I meant to put Big Sam whinging but had just read the United match report from yesterday.
Anyone know why Big Sam is wearing his hat like Brian Harvey from East 17?
Just commented on Big Sam says he rejected big-money offer from China -
This by on charisma/respect for managers is excellent but doubt Big Sam was conceding 3 goals/game
By Why Bob Bradley never stood a chance at despite similar record to Big Sam
Big Sam takes aim at mascot on Premier League return! Seriously!
I'd pay in blood to see Harry the Hornet and Big Sam go at it.
Watford mascot was 'out of order' for mocking Zaha, says Allardyce. Big Sam puts boot into Harry the Hornet
Big Sam shouldn't mess with Harry the Hornet. The last thing he needs is to be involved in another sting
Big Sam:. ✅ Undefeated as England manager. ✅ Undefeated as Crystal Palace manager. 😎
Did you chuckle at behaviour of or did you agree with Big Sam?.
My match report as Big Sam is frustrated by Troy Deeney's 100th Watford goal on his return to management
Happy with Big Sam? I think he has some dodgy business ethics, but don't think he is a bad manager?
Have always been a Big Sam admirer. He is going to set things straight at Selhurst
Big Sam's a lucky man to be getting another job so soon after England debacle - but he's also just what Crystal Palace nee…
No Sam, China now has a very big middle class and they are fully self sufficient whilst US imports everything and in huge debt
The true freshman Sam Letton comes up big with a first down reception. Offsides on the next play makes it first and give.
In his own words, Sam Philippi shares his story of donating bone marrow through . h…
Big Sam is looking to "bring some joy" to in the New Year. Watch his first interview as manager at
Yeah kind of. Signing with Cleveland is a big mistake. They had a 1 year run but that's a terrible city lol
Big game by Sam Miller with 15 to lead the Dayton Flyers over VMI.
Big Sam Allardyce gives first interview as Crystal Palace manager (Video).
Poor Big Sam. He always dreamt that headline would be about a knighthood after winning the World Cup
I had a big ol head too ngl so it's sall good
Call me fickle if you want, (because I am) but if we get a clean sheet and a win at Watford I'll be fully converted to Big Sam's…
Neutrals are baffled at me being happy with Big Sam. . I want my team to be solid again, that's all. We've been a defensive sham…
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My guess is it's gonna be SAM or Dancer. Dancer is a big IF, but people misinterpreted the girl Monk in the trailer.
Aaron Howard used to be a "backup" @ Hamilton... now he's playing on ESPN and making BIG plays 🐸☕️
10p, 3r for JV early... Gotta feed the big fella.
Allardyce appointed Crystal Palace manager after signing two-and-a-half-year deal, Big Sam is back again
Come on David Moyes,. Play like Big Sam's Boys,. We'll go wild wild wild,. We'll go wild wild wild...
This week, my column looks at The Big Sam Factor, and Zlatan
Merry Christmas from the big ol' ball of love himself🐱
Sam Hinkie is watching this game on triple speed and smiling triple big.
Big fan of Texas history, want to read a good in depth bio on Sam Houston.
Can we not pass the Pulis debt on to big Sam as I'm sure he knows people who can get it back quickly
Sam Faiers spends quality time with her mum and baby Paul in Essex before her big US move
BBC Sport - Sam Allardyce: Why Big Sam is right for Crystal Palace
Big Sam at Palace actually breaks my heart
Just saw Big Sam is the new Crystal Palace manager!. They've gone from having a fraud as their gaffer to a different kin…
Why Franco will never be redeemed. Why is disgusting. Liz smirks and sees no big deal what Franco did to Sam/
Big Sam would do a much better job for the UK!
under pressure everybody forgot bout big Sam
Big Sam to Palace, taking Yann M'Vila with him, and guiding them to a comfortable mid-table finish. All because Roy couldn…
Big Sam relegation saving merchant. Good that he went to Palace, now will confirm West Ham relegation since Big sam going back to West Ham
fans actually believing people like Pardew an Big Sam would even consider Norwich, let alone consider moving down a league. Foolish
Managed more games than Big Sam I meant !! Oh and never been relegated from Premier League. Not a Palace fan but go…
In Big Sam, Crystal Palace recognise they are getting some pedigree, who achieved a 100% win rate in his last manageria…
Would love for Big Sam to turn Palace into like his Bolton side in 2004. Signing those quality European players like Djorkaeff, Okocha..
Big Sam back in football at Palace - pleased to see that. A lot dodgier people in football & sport - FIFA, Lance Armstrong, athletes etc etc
Please Not Big Sam to replace Alan Pardew as Crystal Palace manager we want to move forward as a club.
great to see Big Sam back in EPL.He always brings smthing extra
Big New Year drama as Jack and Ronnie's EastEnders wedding changes lives forever
Palace vs West Brom. Pulis vs Big Sam. Pulis ball vs long ball. Rondon vs Benteke. Tears in my eyes this is futbol.
If it's Big Sam at Palace they've chosen well. My money says they'll finish in the top half. As for the 'Palace' way. Wh…
Here's why Big Sam is the perfect fit for Crystal Palace
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How is Big Sam allowed to manage in the Premier League soon after what he did? Surely he should have to serve a domestic ban???
I missed Big Sam in the Premier League but now I'm gonna miss Pardew. Both banter kings.
Outside of The Emperor and Christopher Lloyd in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 'Big Sam' is the worst human in the history of the species.
Would be okay with Big Sam but my personal choice would be Roberto Mancini
. Wenger or Allardyce?. No competition! Big Sam said he'd never had the resources. Pull the other one!
Crystal Palace going backwards if they look to take Allardyce. Need something fresh and can't see the players at club responding to Big Sam
Big Sam really is the Teflon manager. He could find work in Victoria Beckhams body looking for talent
Hope Crystal Palace go for Big Sam.. he is the best available option for me.. man is a real winner...
Big Sam hears that Crystal Palace have sacked Alan Pardew. 🎉.
Big Sam mentioned more than Bielsa in football world But that doesn't make El Loco any less genius.
Wayne Rooney subbed off after a great performance. Pour that man a pint of wine, Big Sam style. Get it down ye, boy.
Seriously? Southgate as manager? Grow some balls and reinstate Big Sam! Totally spineless decision to sack him!
Scenes when we get Big Sam. We love bods tainted by scandal - Tony Pulis, Iain Moody, very nearly Malky Mackay.
deals don't guarantee caps. Just ask carragher and Carrick. Sammy Lee is lucky ain't he. Big Sam gave him a job at England.
Nicely done. More Grease to your Elbow boss the only Big Sam hart Aka the Lion lol
Big Sam is not part of bribery enquiry, police confirm
I can't see that happening tbh. Reminds me of a Dean Saunders type of appointment. Mark Warburton, Big Sam, Pearson for me
Big Sam aside who would you take Russ?.
Just met Big Sam, asked if he is coming back to Sunderland and he replied "you never know"
Ok, maybe Ricketts or Mike Whitlow? I hear Big Sam is looking for work.
I miss Big Sam, M'vila, Kaboul and Johnson. Why did our best player love digitally penetrating 15 year olds 😞😂
after seeing that Cordner try, think will be targeting Johnson with Big Sam !!
Big Sam's agent reveals all after devastating newspaper sting
Sam Allardyce is 100% innocent - interview with Scott McGarvey, agent tricked into introducing Big Sam to undercover Telegrap…
Not as silly as someone calling Stevenage FC recently asking for Teddy Sheringham's view on Big Sam & - 9 months after Ted had left
Before he was sacked, Big Sam changed the WiFi password in the England manager's office to this... 😂😂😂
Big Sam dropping Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain gave the player a "kick up the backside". Do you think he should be in the England squad?
if you're running it, you can make sure it's indoors anyways. Or have Big Sam tactics meetings over winter 😂
Gareth Southgate picking Glen Johnson is more of a sackable offence than what Big Sam did 👀
Fair play ; Southgate could have just put his name to Big Sam's squad selection.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I just hope we get right this time, Chris Hughton for me or Big Sam ...
Stan Collymore claims football will 'never be the same' after Big Sam is brought down
When Mark Hughes gets sacked at Stoke the stars align so Big Sam can bring football home before he tragically dies on the touch line
My brother and I have been expecting this every night since Big Sam.
No, no, Big Sam. You went about it all wrong, son!: More than once I’ve wondered whether Foghorn Leghorn was ...
Big Sam still great record at England manager, best nation manager since Alf Ramsey and Bobby Robson??
ICYMI: Looking at the footage again, it’s weird Big Sam didn’t suspect anything…
Big Sam in charge of England = 67 days . Chilean Miners trapped underground = 69 days
First Andy Hessenthaler, then Big Sam, now Warren Feeney has been axed by Newport County ⛏
Sir Alf Ramsey had a 61% win rate - Big Sam's was 100%. Stats don't lie. Big mistake from FA.
From now on, every time Big Sam sees a Daily Telegraph newspaper or any paper with Telegraph on it
If only Big Sam had Bovver as his right hand man, that man knew how to spot an undercover journo
Big Sam leaves the England job with the best win ratio of any manager. Who's laughing now? Probably him now we have Gareth Southgate
Steve Bruce after hearing the news about Big Sam & Nigel Pearson.
Gareth Southgate to manage England's next three World Cup qualifiers after Big Sam exit
a man called Big Sam being a bit of a wheeler-dealer is as surprising as a man called Paul Hollywood chasing that sweet pay…
Big Sam was a sham! Bring back Terry Venables Beckham, Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Peter Beardsley as coaches?
Big Sam, Andy Carroll and other West Ham players 'duped by Christmas hamper conman'
I know it's all about Big Sam tonight but here's Big Slim's goal for
When you see Big Sam at the job centre.
I've photographed England playing under the 15 managers since Alf Ramsey but didn't get to Slovakia to witness the reign of Big Sam.
Whatever your opinion on the Big Sam thing is, you have to admit the Telegraph are absolute grasses
what are the odds on Big Sam presenting The Great British Bake Off with Paul Hollywood?
Where would Big Sam's England tenure land him on the all-time TFC list, longevity speaking?
Big Sam sacked, and the FA have already made the call for the next England manager. Not all heroes wear capes.
Plenty of beach time for Big Sam now...
Big Sam hired Purple Aki for muscle training.
It's been a tough day for Big Sam, so let him have his moment here
I don't know who Big Sam is but I assume he is an East Texan oil baron who wants to shut down a local pet orphanage so he can buy the land.
Remember when Big Sam mocked Chico Flores back in 2013? Well, he's just FINALLY got his revenge...😂 ht…
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BREAKING: Paul Gascoigne has arrived at the scene saying he is a friend of Big Sam.
So Big Sam's advice to bypass third-party regs was "buy the player outright". Why pay £400k to someone for stating the…
In England they love to punish one for past sins. That said, Big Sam caught in a funny one here.
Any thoughts on the Big Sam news, Rafa?
Why do so many England managers become embroiled in scandals? Maybe the only surprise about Big Sam Gate is how little time it took...
If y'all go to VAAS make sure to vote for VP!!! She won't let you down really she got a super creative min…
what you make of big sam acting the maggot gazza. Think you may have got a mention
Big Sam gets his dream job & the English press try to bring him down within 2 months.
Big Sam sweetens bond swap terms after market skepticism
Big Sam could volley a child and he'd still be a hero in my eyes.
LOOL Crimewatch got extra funding this year Big Sam is a victim .
gourmet: A connoisseur of good food; a person with a discerning palate. Big Sam. Howard Stern. Sasha ***
Sam check your beard, you've got a big, big piece of chicken in there
Big believer in people coming into your life for a reason👌🏽
After Big Sam let us all hope no other manager past or present has been involved in such skullduggery
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sitting back and watching Big Sam clear his desk?
In before West Ham re-appoint Big Sam in order to save us from relegation after he's sacked by England for his dodgy deals!
FA never should have appointed Big Sam anyway. Out of his depth in a playground puddle. .
Could Big Sam be the first ever England football manager to be fired with a 100% record? They are mostly all rotten to the core
Sportsmail answers the key questions surrounding the Big Sam furore via
Big Sam has been exposed while drinking a pint of wine and calling Prince Harry a very naughty boy. Hodgson could never pr…
Undercover journalism is supposed to actually uncover something. I'm no Big Sam fan, but that was an utter stitch up from…
Lol, Big Sam sacking himself one game in..
MATT LAWTON COMMENT: Big Sam's England reign could be in tatters via
Big Sam when he reads the morning papers!
' Thye're a big supporter of Sam Childers and we've got reason to believe that some deuszus were in Nigeria and Sudan. ' ~ redneck
so what do you think about Big Sam comment Gary?
is Big Sam getting jogged on or what though Gaz?
Why this *** mad I asked sam to hoco instead of her 💀Like big you graduated gtfoh 😂
"Hillary won big time. It was a shut out." --
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honestly they should either be going for Harry or LvG none of the PL managers are qualified, it was bad enough they got Big Sam
We may lose the small battles but win the big war💗
Enjoy that Big Sam went rogue to make some dodgy money even before his first match.
If Big Sam weren't in football he'd be on Rogue Traders getting chased across a car park in Bolton by Dom Littlewood for a dodgy…
"Gary Neville was a bad influence & should have been told to sit down & shut up" Big Sam. Ten times the man you are y…
Big Sam 😂 he was correct to mock Hodgson and Neville none of the two of them have not and will any accomplishments as a manager
Next month is going to be an interesting one in the football world. Sunderland will sack Moyes and bring back newly-unemployed Big Sam.
Speak frankly and carry a big beer. 🍺
Just read the Big Sam news. Unreal. Here it is for those that haven't read yet -
The Telegraph Reporters tomorrow when Big Sam gets sacked by the FA 🙄🙄🤔
Has Big Sam played his last set piece?
Big Sam just gave Bradley Wiggins his get out the news free card.
Alan Pardew has just heard about Big Sam...
Big Sam:. Win your first game to guarantee a 100% win ratio. Have a pint of wine & then get sacked. Genius! 🙌.
Sam Brownback's 'sunshine' on tax cuts vanishes behind a big, dark cloud
Paul Gascoigne has just arrived at FA HQ with two fishing rods and a loaf of bread stating he is a friend of Big Sam
TIMES 'Roy Hodgson is loving hearing about Big Sam... '
Roy Hodgson is loving hearing about Big Sam...
Big Sam mocks Roy Hodgson and Gary Neville and talks how to evade FA rules on transfers to undercover journos! Good…
Big Sam "Roy should have told Gary Neville to sit down and shut up" ahh you've won me over sammy💕💕
Big Sam done a couple of Soccer Aid's. Christ, imagine how much he's creamed off UNICEF just for Ben Shepherd to foul Nicky from Westlife.
Looks like Big Sam will be gone before England play next! 🙈
Could have been Carroll to Nolan. Great to see Pep learning from Big Sam as he promised he would.
Pretty sure I heard Koeman call Allardyce 'the Big Sam', there. Brilliant.
Slovakia 0-1 England:. 3 winners and 3 losers as Big Sam wins his first game in charge -
Rooney. "Boss do you want me up front or on the right wing or the left wing or down centre?". Big Sam. "Wayne, just get on…
Big Sam watch: Allardyce was astute, flexible and lucky via
Big Sam gets lucky but says Lallana gave his side 'deserved win' via
Big Sam's England take the first step towards Russia 2018 with World Cup Qualifier game away …
Liberal Senator, including the PM, want Sam Dastyari gone via That's Big, coming from a Corporate ***
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Big Sam off to winning start but Rooney role continues to be a BIG problem for
Huh? Browns could have won this trade . -Adrian
Nebraska lined up with no punter to remember Sam Foltz who died over the summer. Fresno State declined the penalty. https:…
Lupe tries to say that's my song and jam so she said OMG that's my Sam lmfao
RIP Sam!Cap, he ain't dead, the MCU are just too white to bring him onto the big screen
Big *** spider jumps on driver, setting off chain reaction of awful: Arachnophobes, this is your ...
This from is timely and insightful (look at the links too)| Why the Dastyari cash affair is so serious h…
Beware when the big end of town that owns all media comes for you. Sam foolish but must stay.
Just before Dean goes to *** Sam is drinking alone & Jensen is bartender who looks like his big brother he can't have or save?
old Sam Huff was the first of the big time middle linebackers but I have to say Butkus this was a step better
Big Sam started his reign with a win. It wasn't amazing, but a win is a win. 👑 (via
Big Sam will deliver glory for England it will take time calma, don't doubt the fat Simeone
Delighted for Big Sam ! Solid start and a good win away from home ! ⚽️
Great piece by on foreign donations to Aust politicians. Killer sentence:
Sam Dastyari's South China Sea support is a big deal and a timely warning, writes
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Big Sam doesn't even bother microwaving his Rustlers.
Big Sam rubbing his hands like it was all part of the plan.
I actually thought that Big Sam wouldn't *** Rooney like the other England managers, he's a fraud.
Big Sam starts England reign with victory thanks to Lallana
I think he said 4th row. He said he was right at bottom of the big Sam foltz banner
Sam Allardyce has won his first international match as England manager. Big sigh of relief.
Tears in my eyes big Sam is the man glad I backed him
Just in: Adam Lallana helps Big Sam and England *** victory in Slovakia with final kick of the game https:/…
How long until Big Sam realises Sunderland are actually better at playing football than England?
My big sister just asked me what yeet means lol
When you score a stunner but then realise Big Sam is the England Manager 😷
European WCQ wrap: A win first up for Big Sam while Germany start strongly: Late drama in Romania saw Stevan ...
Key article on the vulnerability of Australian democracy to foreign influence in a contested Asia:
Big Sam Allardyce, Wayne Rooney and the England team on ITV Football: TV review of the new era
I just CAN'T call him Sam or Big Sam cos that would be terms of affection and I honestly have NO love or like for that 'man' at all!! ✊✊✊
The start of Big Sam's reign was slow and predictable but a win is a win. 3 pts in the bag
Just listened to Mal talking about Sam and in the process digging himself into a big hole. Glass houses and stones Mal.think about it.
Great on why China cash affair is so serious. https…
Why foreign political cash is bad for Australian credibility, security and independence
It showed how much it meant for Big Sam from his celebration
Big thanks to for their class last night in helping us honor Sam. More than a game. .
Adam Lallana’s last-gasp goal gave England victory over a 10-man Slovakia to begin Big Sam's reign as manager.
Big Sam going to help get England out of relegation😂
Big Sam wants Bradley Walsh and Paddy McGuiness involved in England set up. Have a laugh and gee team up. Sod that - get 'em both up front
To help the boys relax at full time Big Sam is gonna put on his "Best of Jethro" DVD & pass a bowl of Bombay mix around t…
Big Sam on the touchline dishing out sports bottles full of piping hot gravy to keep the lads refreshed
This could well be the most important halftime team-talk of Big Sam's international managerial career so far.
Big Sam should have got the chuckle brothers involved rather than paddy mcguiness and Bradley Walsh
Can't see Big Sam to take England to the next stage... Just the best of a bad bunch
England star Jamie Vardy has revealed that Big Sam tried to sign him from Fleetwood for West Ham back in 2012.
Undeniable proof here that Big Sam is the lad in the Whatsapp group that sends all the dodgy videos.
The importance of John Stones to Big Sam and England by via
Big Sam watches County starlet in action
Big Sam sat on him so poor Joe Hart can get a game.
Big Sam takes charge of England's World Cup 2018 Qualifier on Sunday at 5pm and you can enjoy the game LIVE HERE!
Depressing that Big Sam plan is to ‘get a few ringers in’. via
Big Sam has retained Wayne Rooney as England captain, is that a good move? Will he be around next World Cup? http…
Still trying to figure out why Big Sam didn't include Ross Barkley in the latest squad.
Big Sam set to make a big announcement (or just keep Rooney) .
There's absolutely nothing new about this squad. Big Sam will have them playing ugly football (but probably scoring)
Michail Antonio in for England as Big Sam axes Wilshere and Barkley via
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