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Big Oil

Supermajor is a name commonly used to describe the world's five (and sometimes six) largest publicly-owned oil and gas companies.

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Lobbyist for Big Oil, American Petroleum Institute, attacks methane rule for oil & gas is "encouraged" by Trump EPA's promi…
LOVE seeing Eln Musk in an advisory position. Should bring a little relief the Big Oil heavy cabinent
House The Open Fuel Standard Act has been blocked by Big Oil & the Car Makers since 1973 (oil crisis) ht…
1/2 it's the opposite Trump. You need to get on board with Rand Paul. Did Big Bank, Big Oil, and Big Pharma get
Wow. The line between Big Oil and State is no longer just blurred in the US - it's one and the same.
The Northern Gateway fight "proved to all of us that it's more than possible to defeat Big Oil." -Grand Chief Stewart Ph…
the corrupt Big Oil lobbyist guy, charged with "protecting" our environment?!? This guy?
In the meantime, Big Oil is in charge of "protecting" our environment. This guy.
In the meantime, Big Oil is now in charge of our environment. This guy.
North Dakota is owned by Big Oil. ND police are owned by Big Oil. ND politicians are owned by Big Oil including
Flashback post on Peter Dale Scott's "The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on...
Donald Trump has the US ruling class divided. Big Oil loves his protectionist and anti Echo stance but the Multi-Nationals hate it.
.nominee Scott Pruitt wouldn't provide his office's records of dealings with Big Oil, so a court ruled he must release…
SHAME He is a climate change denier, in the pocket of Big Oil, who wants to see the Environmental Protection Agency Dismantled!
In a gift to Big Oil, Trump just made it so energy companies don't have to disclose payments to foreign govts:
Pharmaceutical industry is determined to supplant Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Banks as most deservedly loathed.
-never cause Putin/White House/Koch Brothers/Big Oil, and Republican Party are all in cahoots-Leadership of US has been taken over..
POTUS is sucking Big Oil pipe just Like Mary Fallin to destroy homes all across America
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee just voted to make Rex Tillerson — a Putin-loving, Big Oil tycoon — our country'…
In the pockets of Big Oil and Big Coal. A bigger crook than Nixon.
To the chagrin of the Koch brothers and Big Oil. And Sarah Palin. Most of us don't want to "drill, baby, drill".
They want to take it apart and give all the money to Big Oil. Or maybe that's the plot of the next Bond film.
Time is running out for Obama permanently protect Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from Big Oil
governor Brown is also securing waters off California. Glad to see that someone protects US against Big Oil & Republicans
Ecuadorian Natives Detain Govt Troops as State Attempts to Give Their Land Away to Big Oil . via
Thank for permanently protecting America’s Arctic and Atlantic oceans from Big Oil.
1200-1500 years ago Chaco Canyon NP one of North Americas most important First Peoples sites. Big Oil want it
Making a climate-change denier + Big Oil crony like Scott Pruitt head of the EPA is like making Mel Gibson ambassador to Is…
Clean air, clean water, and a livable planet? New EPA head Scott Pruitt, Big Oil hero, will put a stop to all that. htt…
He's a denier who turned Oklahoma from Tornado Alley into Earthquake Alley w fracking. Big Oil couldn't be happier.
The Native Americans can be thankful for a win over Big Oil and greed today. Thank you for making a
Big Oil, little tax: Why didn't the fossil fuel giants complain about the resource tax?
Big Oil, little tax: Why the fossil fuel giants didn't complain about the resource tax
in a world where Big Oil remains powerful enough to drive foreign policy of the U.S. empire,.
Fraud & hypocrite extraordinaire Jill Stein cannot claim to be against Big Pharma, Wall Street and Big Oil, and be investe…
No conflict of interest there? Big Oil, Russia... Any other influencers we should know about before Tuesday???.
I support the brave Native Americans & activists in North Dakota who are standing up to Big Gov't & Big Oil. Stay strong…
We need Green Energy, instead the US is committing violent acts for Big Oil. .
.is a reliable ally of Big Oil and Big Pharma in Washington DC, not of Granite State working families.
ND gov bringing in out-of-state police to deal with peaceful protesters. Nothing must slow Big Oil!
A WAR's going on in Big Oil & Greed vs YOU can STOP it. YOU have 86 days!
Our society is nonexistent without Big Oil. Big Tobacco is an insidious serial killer that should be stopped.
This might be an interesting re-read right now. Martyn Brown: Christy Clark's boon to Big Oil (LNG).
Trump and the Republican Party are doing Big Oil's bidding | Dana Nuccitelli
Why is an arrest warrant out for me and instead of Big Oil and the state of North Dakota?
This is so foul. Docs show Big Oil demanded, and got, 'fast-track' review of Dakota pipeline by Obama admin https…
Clyde River Inuit fight to protect territory and livelihoods from Big Oil
Politicians in Louisiana are taking Big Oil to court to hold them responsible for coastal ruin in the Gulf South
Alberta's Public Relation firms are world leaders in sucking up fat contracts from Big Oil
You cannot get a man to understand something when he is being paid (by Big Oil) not to understand it. h/t Upton Sinclair.
Here we go again. US Big Green makes big money opposing Big Oil in Canada. Tanker ban for only oil…
💚 Big Oil is planning to move millions of gallons of dirty tar sands oil using..
The Future of Big Oil? At Shell, It Is Not Oil: TerraForm Global and SunEdison are in talks regarding “...
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has been a "pipe" dream for decades for the Big Oil companies. Remind...
Bad news for Big Oil: the US Dept. of Justice referred their case to the FBI's criminal division.
Big week ahead, some news from continue their run.
Power play: Big oil should stop fossil investments and focus on dividends or convert into
Hillary is pro fracking & takes money from big oil. She's as good on environmental issues as Lets ask Al Gore.
united globally keep big oil out. Vote out BP out of the bight Join hands with 🌏🌎🌍☠
in Burnin that midnight oil on these features and talkin big business...
Mond-blowing! Hope this guy can keep his work going without big oil interference.
Forget about buying oil, says UBS. Buy the biggest companies that are producing it instead
Ever wondered why oil price moves can have such a big impact on gas prices? explains in this video
Comment | The long twilight of the big oil companies | Editorial
What&Big Oil Paying For?: If there is one clear message of the 2016 elections to date, it is… |
I liked a video Bill McKibben and Bernie Sanders Blow the Whistle on Big Oil
Check out BiG Al's May 2016 Chart on Beatport including the Robot Needs Oil Instrumental Mix of "What I Need" by...
Round 4 of the rock oil xc championship. Big thanks to everyone that supports me! https:…
There's a big reason why God hid oil under Turkana Soil. It's to give the marginalised the power to bargain for their right. Build that road
Big companies cautious of prices won't boost production or spending yet
World’s Fourth-Biggest Oil Company Vows to Go Big on Green Power via
Big thanks to for picking Corridor, 40x30cms, Oil on panel, 2015 for the upcoming great looking shows
Have a friend that gets women by saying he works at mobil. U know our women love oil big boys or the illusion of a big boy
.Energy Source on the long twilight of the big companies who can't face/embrace action openly.
UBS is picking ‘big oil’ stocks over crude, sees prices back at $40 a barrel
Coconut oil may cause big problems for patients with ulcerative
"The long twilight of the big companies": producers of face a "slow and steady decline" warns
Women’s skincare is big business. The companies that women know and trust, like Oil of Olay
Here's the big reason why the Middle East needs crude oil prices to go higher again: $UWTI $USO $C…
Big is heading 4 extinction, warns FT & it could happen faster than many predict.
The long twilight of the big oil companies - via
Original Oil painting with a big tree, landscape, nature - oil on … list
It disgusts me that no one is there to represent Big Oil
How data science can help us understanding economic & political issues like oil prices - by
Saudi Arabia got rich selling oil. Australia could do the same with panels
Green really is the new black as Big Oil gets a taste for renewables
Big Oil doesn't want us to point fingers after Fort Mac fire bc it knows where they'd point, says
Big Oil, Orin Hatch persuading BLM to EBay-type auction of public lands?
Man has played with Mother Earth like a cheap Friday night Bingo game. Big Oil has won. She is now dying fast. https:/…
Big Oil took its playbook from Big Tobacco. It’s time to hold companies that mislead us accountable
Big Tobacco said cigarettes aren’t bad for people. Big Oil says fossil fuels aren’t bad for the planet https…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Letter: North Dakota's good ol' boys sell out to Big Oil once again.
Gordon Laxer literally wrote the book on Canadian petro-politics. Here he talks Big Oil, Alberta and
you are part of the problem. You take money from the fossil fuel industry. You are beholden to Big Oil corporations.
Big Oil failed 3 ways to roll back clean air protection. Big Oil, it’s time to pack up and go home! via
Fact checking the Clinton-Sanders spat over Big Oil contributions
What happens when the Washington Post "Fact-Checker" doesn't interpret the facts right? Fact checking Big Oil money.
Hillary Clinton said Bernie Sanders lied about her Big Oil donors - fact-checked and picked a winner
3 Pinocchios on the Sanders claims on Big Oil! False Claims!
The US military industrial complex, Wall Street and Big Oil are vying to buy the presidency | Nafeez Ahmed 
Lauderdale: Fight against Big Oil nothing new for Hilton Head Island Gullah
Expanding the Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline would fail climate test. should say NO to Big Oil's dirty pipeline plan
Q8: Big Oil, Big Tobacco and Big Pharma all have lobbyists. How can be heard when we don't have equal access?
…United Fruit Company. 'Big Copper in Chile' . 'Big Oil in Iraq'. …all the while taking this sort of watery Marxist, anti-imperialist line
I had no idea Big Oil and the Kochs were so bothered by fuel emission standards that they would finance this junk
Folks from the Gulf taking over the Dept of Interior sale of our oceans to Big Oil
UW scientists team up with Big Oil to develop renewable jet fuel - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Milwaukee Journ...
And Hillary supports Big Oil and Big Coal. Might as well be poison
Big Oil wants to turn WA into a giant export terminal. We won't let them. Join us:
VIDEO: probes Big Oil and other climate change "deniers"; my story for https:…
SFU students aim to bring green technology to Big Oil - Surrey Leader: SFU students aim to bring ...
WikiLeaks exposed how way back in 2009 Big Oil was active in Brazil, trying to modify a law proposed by Lula
Owned by 8 PACS, Big Oil, Self-Serving Corp DONORS w/ZERO interest in saving AMERICA- TRUMP is a better Choice for the USA
Stand against Big Oil in polar bear denning grounds!
Rick Mercer is a shill for Big Oil now. Very sad.
Fox News brings up IA's governor's slam on Sen. Cruz: "He’s heavily financed by Big Oil."
moving the center of gravity from Big Oil to Big Green is the plan for liberals. Hence why you have to make up a science 😬
Read about her Global Shale Gas Initiative.Hillary & Big Oil forced Fracking on countries amid protests …
Big Oil donors in Texas stressing Cruz on Ethanol subsidy vote in Senate. Iowa uses much corn to make ethanol.
I strongly recommend the doc about the Congolese national park & gorillas threatened by Big Oil. Fantastic film o…
Cruz isn't for Iowa or any of America. He's for Big Oil, Goldman Sachs, Club for Growth and others.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Big Oil braced for global warming while it fought regulations
Big Oil and Gas Emissions out West – New Report Sizes Up Methane Problem on Federal and Tribal Lands
A must read analysis by Ryan Lizza: How Big Oil and Nancy Pelosi Defeated the House Freedom Caucus via
Download Big Easy to Big Empty to find out about another egregious example of Big Oil's chilling effect on academia: https…
What a hoot! Governor "Big Oil" Moonbeam on his way to the Climate Change Conference.
Big Tobacco, Big Oil, and Greenpeace. All Merchants of Doubt That Harm People and the Planet.
The $6 million man: Tom Donohue of Big Oil isn't so big: API's Jack Gerard only makes $4.8 million. (H/T Politico Influence)
BS after construction - about 50 . Greatest payoff to Big Oil & corrupt
Big Oil, Big Tobacco and now Big Pot. And Willie ain’t having any of it.
Big Oil and Bobby Jindal are attached at the hip...
Big Ag is starting to get the Big Oil treatment.
So grateful to Carlo as a Community Supported Organizer, standing up against Big Oil and Coal fir us
Is Exxon about to Wall Street+Big Oil are starting 2 worry we might disrupt their profits . htt…
Exactly! agree. Check out our op-ed on how Big Oil mimics Big Tobacco
Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Lies: Why the fossil-fuel industry has no place in climate policymaking
Meet Black Singles 300x250
You passed H.R.156 for Big Oil monopoly Amend "Open Fuel Standard Act" Amend US Code 49, Chapter 329 for the people.
Make no mistake: the TPP is pure Film-Flam and a Charade to further empower Big Pharm, Big Tobacco and Big Oil.
Which corp do U want to be owned by thru Hillary then?. Private prisons? . WAR Indus? . Big Pharm? . Monsanto? . Big Oil? …
She calls me Big Oil because when I take her out on my boat she knows there will be offshore drilling.
Jeb Bush's energy plan wouldn't do much for gas prices, but it would help out Big Oil:
Watching BBC explain how factored into Shell’s decision 2 stop drilling in the Arctic. 1st biotech stocks, now big oil. BOSS
READER'S CORNER: Shell's offshore drilling a threat to environment: We are stronger than Big Oil thinks we are...
Big oil defeated. They had a budget of billions against a movement of millions. The people won
Why don't Progressives criticize high prices at Big Education like they do Big Pharma or Big Oil? .
Dinner tonight - a big plate of veggies, with an olive oil/balsamic vinegar drizzle.
“Big oil has sustained an unmitigated defeat.". quotes on retreat from the
"Big oil has sustained an unmitigated defeat."!
Uh oh. Big oil fields in rock springs.
Shell abandons Alaska, big day for and .
This Is how big oil is torturing whales via
That moment when you run out of linseed oil while painting a big commission. :\
SUNFLOWER SEEDS. Stripe big size about 1000 mt at 460 usd per mt FOB Odessa, UA. Black for oil about 3000 mt at 420 usd
Big news for the Arctic: After $7 billion and a summer of exploratory drilling, Shell is abandoning Alaska.
Cost will be a big issue in that region and elsewhere, as long at oil prices remain relatively low.
"Big has sustained an unmitigated defeat. They had a budget of billions" says
news: Why an oil guy believes solar has a big future - Fortune
Wow - Shell pulls out of the Arctic after disappointing results. Big news! -
. . . lots of opportunities for them in the Falklands. . . big oil strike there imminent!
Updated story: Shell will abandon its efforts to drill for oil in offshore
Shell announces it will stop drilling for oil in the Arctic. Big news.
BIG NEWS: Shell scraps and gas exploration off coast of Alaska
Screencap of Harlow's big boobs from our oil video coming Friday.
BREAKING: This is big!... Shell halts Arctic oil drilling after exploratory well disappoints
Here is the statement: The company had spent $7bn so far in the big write-down…
It's all about profit: oil giant goes big on solar, - FierceEnergy:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Smoked Sardines in olive oil Olmeda Orígenes. Our smoked sardines in olive oil are loins from big P
Oil and big *** impugned by Alexa is a perfect combination
Too costly, too much opposition, too low oil price. Shell takes a big hit on
Shell's gamble illustrates the big risks in offshore exploration. The industry still d…
Check out blog on the Big Oil propaganda for carbon pricing that we were discussing:
Lastly, longform award went to team for Big Oil, Bad Air on fracking impact in Texas:
You trust Big Oil? New report: oil companies export gasoline while gouging us at home
From Big Pharma to Big Oil, well-heeled industry top cats are taking advantage of our unchecked money-based politics!
Unsurprisingly, "Outer Continental Shelf Governors Coalition" is a front for Big Oil money
If you still don't think is real, you're either delusional or a shill for Big Oil. That includes you too Peter Thiel.
Big Oil is keeping their payments secret & communities in the dark. act now for
There's a book by Bern McClelland who is a Texan lawyer for Big Oil. Gotta read that. Amazing detail on the kind of thug that
Big Oil, in the lab, with the hockey stick
It's time to stop drilling in the Arctic. Join Robert Redford and ask to stop Big Oil.
Big Oil takes on King Coal: the climate fight shifts gears via
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Another similarity between Big Oil and Big Tobacco? Targeting developing countries for profits.
There are leaders who stand on principles and those who stand with their Bay Street & Big Oil minders.
TAKE ACTION NOW! Tell President Obama and the EPA to Stand Up to Big Oil: Instead of implementing the po...
UN climate chief calls on Big Oil to play active role in curbing emissions
Stop the Big Oil giveaway fueling our enemies- preserve a strong Renewable Fuel Standard,
So Rex Murphy lobbying for Big Oil companies at conference is NOT violating code of conduct ?
Stand up to Big Oil and stand up for farmers by joining us hearing on
Pope Francis on the Way to Paris: Revoking King Coal & Big Oil's License to Pollute via
"War is Good for Business”: Big Oil, Wall Street and the Pentagon
Big Oil: Masters of Deception and Inhumanity. Last week, the American Petroleum Institute -- the primary lobbying...
Big Oil, you've polluted our air, our ground water, the Gulf of Mexico, coast of Alaska and rivers everywhere. Please spare the Arctic.
Ben Carson: Let's slash Big Oil to pay for ethanol ~via Hot Air
Ben Carson: Let’s slash Big Oil to pay for ethanol - Hot Air
Investigate Tom Ridge and Santorum along with Big Oil paying for drone weapons aimed at alternative energy
Economy is the answer for Big Oil's losses & if the process is used it will be CO2 free & CLEAN.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Public Domain taken hostage by States with Ex-Bush and Big Oil lobby firms like Tom Ridge in Pennsylvania colluding to lay pipe lines.
Is Church getting to close to Big Oil, creating an illusion of dramatic AGM breakthroughs on climate change?
Tell Sec of State John Kerry the Arctic Ocean is one of the best places on Earth to start saying no to Big Oil.
The time for "neutrality" has passed. Science museums should call out climate deniers + Big Oil in their exhibitions:
Interesting look at the effect of today's cuts on future production: Big Oil's Latest Fear: A Price Shock After $114 Billion of Cuts:...
Good luck to the Greens in their "progressive" alliance with the Big Oil backed SNP
Join the fight to stop Big Oil's tar sands assault. Sign the petition to now:
since u forgot, read about your shameful honoring of Big Oil giant Chevron here:
Reducing extremely complex issues to terms like Big Ag, Big Oil, Big Pharma etc is good for propaganda sharing, bad for issue comprehension
Corporate Media services the wealthy who are their sponsors. That means the WAR/MIC, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Oil.
Don't let Big Oil plunder the fragile Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Help stop this political raid on the Arctic!
The new rule reminds us that 36 million acres of are leased to Big Oil. http:/…
I hate Big Oil for facilitating the imperialist monopoly on natural resources.
"The scientific community was uneducated & naive about what we are up against" Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Food
Shame on you for signing onto the Senate letter to Iran. You're only concerned with what would hurt your Big Oil owners!
The plot to destroy the Arctic: George W. Bush, Big Oil and the “Sixth Extinction”
Who's paying Rep. Candice Miller to be a climate change denier?Well Kira,I'm betting on Koch+Big Oil! How about u?
Climate Deniers work at Heartland Institute - paid for by Big Oil and Big Energy.
Avoid Big Oil: Exxon, Chevron, Conoco and Royal Dutch: Be careful about Big Oil. Most of the major energy stoc...
right on-Big Oil and Gas Divest now to Alternative ,Renewable Energy !! Methane won't wait..
Live in Ohio. Governor John Kasich is killing us with fossil fuel. Being re-elected by Big Oil is more important than our heath.
Tell Harper: don't bail out giant oil companies. We need a new plan
We might be oil and water, this could be a big mistake, we might burn like gasoline and fire,. It's a chance we'll have to take.
All sides of my bedroom,, yeaayy once more big thanks to oil, ebe, Bima, nova, and nay 😘😘😘
Whales dolphins show higher intelligence than fossil-fuel execs, so why is Obama admin letting Big Oil blast them
WTI crude oil is at a new low today under $44. The pennant I'm warning about is breaking down: …
Was Shell the First Big Oil Company to Publicly Accept the Science of Climate Change and its Consequences?
U simpleton? Steyer is spending to fight Koch big-oil money for Republican Koch-suckers..
Senate takes historic step towards getting big government out of the oil portraiture business.
CPI likens the governors' coalition to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a controversial group...
Markets bracing for Big Oil profit plunge -
Governors' Big Oil-Assisted Lobbying Pays Off in Obama's Atlantic Drilling Plan - OK here you go!
‼️even people on fixed incomes save for a two or three months emergency. Not apply to Alberta & big Oil?.
I just asked to invest in a a clean energy economy via
Kill unions and you kill workers rights. Don't let Big Oil & Gas lobby West Virginians out of the only new jobs in the state.
COOP for oil and gas industries and big companies to make big bucks in mec
“Aaron Vincent Elkaim’s photographs document a community trading its way of life to Big Oil” —
tell PM Steven Harper not to bail out big oil in the next budget, leave the dinosaurs where they belong
Big oil spill is latest involving company
Got to work to find my bike pissing out oil! Left it at work & had to get the last train home. What a night shift!
[Canadian Biz] Oil jumps 7 per cent on signs US oil companies curtail production following big rout in price
The lighting & depth were both really weird. Reliant is so big that all of Lucas Oil Stadium can fit inside it. Also very flat.
I can't prove but I'm sure it's payback for Big Oil Companies.
"I am confident the President will stand tall for America & veto the Keystone Pipeline, which is a big kiss to foreign oil in…
And on the 8th day, God got Big Oil under control.
Daily update for Monday's trade emailed out to subscribers. Big week for the markets coming up.
Billionaire Koch brothers are big oil players in Alberta (via
Candles lit, eucalyptus oil doing its thing, Hozier on Spotify and all kinds of big dreams dancing around tonight.
The answer is Obvious unless your Election Campaign was Funded by Big Oil.
I just called on Stephen Harper to invest in a clean energy economy
more info. They're taking the pipe down to the gulf so they can ship to China & big oi…
Big Oil needs to go on a diet now that the $100 a barrel party is over
Going to be interesting to see how economy shakes out with big retail sales while the oil industry lays off employees.
MT farmer: Anti-ethanol ads only support Big Oil, come at expense of farmers, workers, environment & public health.
The key news from today's vote?. Big Oil doesn't have the votes to overturn Pres. Obama's veto their Keystone XL bill.
The Senate just passed the bill, a gift for Big Oil. I'm glad already said he'll veto
In other words, Big Oil got what it wanted & Obama got what HE wanted: a press release. 6/6
| Republicans the CIA and Big Oil, who controls Ottawa and the new Conservative party?.
Shareholder engagement of Big Oil to make them good citizens? Really, Harvard?
Texas Oil and Gas mobilizing for College Station City Council Meeting. We may be a small community by Big Oil sending attack dogs
The revelation late last week that global average temperatures set a new record in 2014 seemed to underscore a political and cultural shift on climate change that, by many accounts, was already well underway. From the stock markets and Wall Street to the boardrooms of Big Oil — and even the [...]
Despite President Obama’s intention to veto, the Republican House passed a bill on January 9th to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. 28 House Democrats voted with them. On January 12th, the Republican Senate followed suit—and 10 Democrats (plus independent Angus King) sided with Big Oil. The legislat…
O's crony "Buffett Cashing in on ALL Facets of Big Oil" [Stake in pipeline day his BNSF oil train exploded]
Shame on Nebraska for not acting to protect itself, but not surprising w/ tea party governor & tea party senators supported Big Oil
Big Oil is shrinking. Exxon Mobil, the largest public energy company in the world, has seen its market cap plunge by…
GREENWORLDONE NEWS: PROS AND CONS: Just so you know I am someone that has actually worked in the oilfield for more than one company, worked on an oil rig and has worked in more than one capacity for Big Oil...I have also lived and traveled out west near drought areas and the areas that most of the fracking is happening for over 40 years currently living just miles from the *** Chaney Ranch(Ex Vice President-Halliburton Oil Executive) with a son that is currently working in the oilfield...I have personally talked to the people most effected by fracking in those small towns with a much littler voice than Big I am posting no articles to read, no links to follow at this time...I am sending you personal experience, research and knowledge that is first hand... Fracking has it pros and cons...firstly it does create less CO2 pollution than other fossil fuels such as coal and oil, but it does create a higher amount of other Greenhouse gases, such as Methane(up to around 10x), depending on how it is frack ...
Big Oil. Big Pharma, Insurance Companies, and the Defense Industry have a lot invested in electing a Republican North America.
and the problem with Big Oil: they "want to burn it all"
DeSmogBlog recently revealed how Big Oil's lobbyists snuck expedited permitting for hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) on public lands into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2015, which passed in the U.S. House and Senate and now awaits President Barack Obama's signature.
WHALES NEED OUR HELP! Please watch our powerful 25-second video about Big Oil's plans to explore for oil and gas along the East Coast using deafening seismic airguns- with tragic consequences for thousands of whales and other marine mammals. Please help stop this disastrous scheme by taking action at Can you imagine- the sound of dynamite going off in your neighborhood for every 10 seconds for days, weeks, months on end? It makes me heartsick to think about- I’m sure you agree. If you've already signed (thank you!) please share- we need as many of us as possible to make our voices heard on behalf of whales. Claire
.Didn't know this. But I did know that in general in todays world, the powerful economic actors call the shots. e.g.Big Oil
experts from the American Lung Association endorse Big Oil does not.
Lauren B. Davis :the narwhal, and the people of Nunavut from Big Oil htt...
There r fewer than 500 North Atlantic right whales left. Save Endangered Whales from Big Oil: h…
Worth another share -> on is good comic relief from Big Oil's efforts to wreck the climate:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
SHOCKER: Chris Stewart (R-UT), who sponsored a bill to ban scientists from advising the EPA, is funded by Big Oil.
Big Oil can't wait for the new Republican majority in Congress.
Governor Jerry Brown is apparently doing very well for Big Oil in California, but sadly lost interest in caring for aver
Funny animation of influence of Big Oil lobbyists over Hillary Clinton & State Dept re KXL Tar Sands pipeline proposal h…
The Quebec National Assembly just UNANIMOUSLY stood up to Big Oil and insisted on a full review of Energy East,...
In an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal today, the Republicans list their priorities for the next Congress. 1. Tax Code 2. Terrorism 3. School Choice 4. Government Regulations 5. The National Debt Translation: 1. More tax cuts for corporations and the 1%. 2. Boots on the ground! (Our kids, not theirs.) 3. Science vs. The Bible 4. Gut the EPA so Big Oil can pollute with impunity. 5. We will waste millions continuing to try and repeal the ACA. We will waste millions trying to impeach the President. We will gut funding for social programs. We will continue to feed the military industrial complex. Yeah, the next two years are going to be a real picnic. {R}
The End of the Big Oil and Gas Game Has Come: Co-authored with Grant Cooke. Sheikh Ahmed-Zaki Yamani said ...
Oregon senate gets bluer. Sen. Betsy Johnson "D" - Big Oil just lost all of her pro-corporate clout.
Has nothing to do with Islam. The military industrial complex, Big Oil are the problem.
INSIDE CLIMATE NEWS - "Big Oil + Bad Air," by reporters Lisa Song and David Hasemyer of ICN and Jim Morris of...
=> Secretly recorded Big Oil & Gas Meeting: OMG, they really are evil. How they play dirty to win:
America bows down to Big Oil and the God Almighty buck! Those *** walk away scott free pisses you off
Scary,Governor Jerry Brown,accepts $2 milllion from Big Oil to allow fracking,& $22 million more from other elites wanting payback as well !
I hope I made you proud at tonight's debate. But there’s no time to look back – these last 12 days of the campaign are critical in a race this close. Scott Brown’s recruited Big Oil, big corporations, Karl Rove, and the Koch brothers to invest millions in attacking me, my record, and my family. We’re facing record spending and attacks this week, and it’s getting worse every single day. To win in 12 days, we absolutely have to hit our $50,000 goal by midnight. It’s the only way we can expand our ad buy, fund field teams across the state, and stop Brown’s dirty attacks from costing us the Democratic Senate. I need your help now – more than ever. Please, give now so we can raise $50,000 by midnight to defeat Scott Brown and save our Democratic Senate majority. I am so grateful to have your support through the finish. I have no doubt that if we raise the funds to do everything we need to – this grassroots team will win. Thank you, Jeanne Paid for by Shaheen for Senate
You mean the Republican Party shills who Dropkicked their supposed embrace of the underprivileged, the poor, the average person, women and working classes by backing Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, to jump ship to back and host fundraisers for Charlie Baker (Mass. Republican gubernatorial candidate, facing Democrat Martha Coakley) and his party of big business, CEO bonuses, Big Oil, tax breaks for the wealthy, offshoring, environmental abuse and ignorance, jobs over the health of the planet, opportunity only for the rich by backing Charlie Baker? You mean that Dropkick Murphys? The one I will never have any use for again and I would encourage anyone else who feels for the underdogs in society to do the same? How dare they call theirselves punk? They are certainly not in the genre of true punk rock Irish band legends like Stiff Little Fingers, the Undertones, The Pogues, Flogging Molly, and even U2 - those who care about and sing about the poor and underprivileged in society, who would never embrace sleazy, par ...
Are you surprised? New study shows Big Oil's solution to climate change -- drilling for gas -- won't work.
If it was fund liquidation in oils you should see large push upward today...IF they're done! Big IF. Watch oil price, holding well so far.
State: ISIL is suffering a big oil hit via
Not unlike logging, big oil has gone to wanting to ship raw product to Asian countries for processing.
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