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Big Nog

Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira (born June 2, 1976) is a Brazilian mixed martial artist known for his technical mastery of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Gutted Sarah - big loss on an otherwise big night
Fedor, Gracie,Big Nog, Spider. With an honorable mention to Wand and Chuck. Tuff one to call
and the big Q. -After all this, how can the Tory party say with any seriousness t…
Quick break from for a big nog of cheese...brb :D xxx
The Russians have been nowhere. May or Corbyn it's win win. Chaos will ensue. The big vote f…
The right wing big boys club casts a big shadow.
I hope so. Corbyn is a Quitter but Labour overall should be…
Which means he'll score big victories in univers…
Trump skimmed a bunch of money from kids with cancer and somehow it's not even a big story. Our piece last night: https…
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Our speaker is this evening. He's a big supporter of NOG, challenging us to ensure we keep an eye on fire reform.
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Congratulations class of 2017, God has big plans for each of your lives
Brexit a big reason May is subservient to Trump, of course. USA is our only remaining trade dea…
9) Not of course by Eurosceptics who had dreams of Empire however the EU was a force projector for UK influence.
8) The UK has always punched above it’s weight. We were considered part of the “big 3 of Europe”, the major paceset…
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Set is now live from our shoot in Paris .
Retiring from CSX, nothing more to add exept a big thank you to all of you.
Somehow we need to give journalists a bit of a nudge.
Yes. Well. Quite. Excellent by We are in the grip of utterly ignorant knaves, fools and big heads - yes,…
- offshore tax-avoiding MSM owners & far-right extremist fantasists sold the Big Li…
Spider, Belfort, Wand, JDS, Big Nog, Lil Nog, Machida, Shogun... José Aldo is the last big Brazilian champion, does he keep the belt today?
Big Nog seen right through that for his 3rd career KO in 46 pro fights 🤣
In the arms of big Nog is the name of my romance novel
Jose Aldo looks like a child in the arms of Big Nog.
My big nog just hit a crazy donger... I guess I gotta make another snd highlights
Our Foreign Secretary saying Trump pulling out of Paris Accord no big deal. Britain’s diplomatic reputation…
We were one of big 3 in EU, that's a fact. We were also the bridge with the US, and othe…
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They thought a 🚃 was a 🐎 and Little Nog tried feeding it a 🥕 while Big Nog was petting it.
had to read a phone book sized textbook on all types of jet/steam turbines. No way th…
Whole Tory message in this election so bizarre. "The risk is just too big!" Yes but who triggered this election? "Oh we did."…
The big question we should be asking ourselves is whose team we want to be on - EU's or Trump's?
But yes the big shock will be if/when the gov walks out of talks. You will se…
Given Theresa now appears to have totally lost the power of speech, is she not going to be at a big disadvantage in the…
Debated leading with this or Cain/Big Nog. Well played. Gif cuts off before the shots though!
Very good thread. What I don't get is why no big politicians are speaking for the 95% who do not want a Hard Brexit. Only…
Imagine telling the heart surgeon "how big will the scar be, because if it's bigger than an inch, I'm getting off t…
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Fedor. Andre Ward. Big Nog. Anderson. GSP. Pacquiao. Jon Jones. So many and it's humbling every time.
If they sneak that thru, great. But it's a big if
We as dutch people will welcome Elon and a Gigafactory with open arms! MAGA i…
Let's colab sometime... my big black nig nog
Talking just mental classics Big Nog vs Bob Sapp
. watch Phil Davis Vs Wagner Prado (anaconda to darce) & Frank Mir vs Big Nog (kimura from top also sweep battle b4 sub is nutty)
How can you not pick Big Nog vs Bob Sapp? Not just my favorite freak show fight, but one of my favorites period. You?
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Edwards and Rex now know what Big Nog and Bob Sapp felt like
not in a big hurry. Looking fur so getting we can use for nog events regularly.
I saw a girl & a Great Dane. I asked the dog a question so I could say, "Why the big paws?" & make her laugh but the dog…
it's the UFC Hall of Fame but, for example, Big Nog's achievements in PRIDE obviously taken into consideration
Hello! Welcome to the NoG big happy family!
Somebody on UG compared to Sergei Kharitonov and then someone else compared Werdum to Big Nog (both just evolved)
Fun fact I just looked up: JDS is tied for 3rd for most wins over UFC Heavyweight Champs (Couture/Big Nog then JDS/Rizzo)
Bob Sapp went easy on Big Nog. No worries.
We've got a big evening planned - just us, and one of our Lemon Tarts
Omg als je nog is wat overhoud let me know. Big fan of fries of pizza right here🙋🏽
Congratulations to Big Nog on his induction to the
Big Nog in his prime. No one kills that guy they would die of exhaustion trying.
Dude is so bitter. It was awesome when the legend Big Nog took his *** out.
are you inducting yourself into the hof before or after Big Nog?
Thanks so much for covering our big news
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PJ Lynch is Ireland's new children's laureate: The year of the ‘big picture’: author a...
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira elected to the Hall of Fame.
'Big Nog' going to the UFC Hall of Fame - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Las Vegas Review - ‘Big Nog’ going to the UFC Hall of Fame - Former UFC interim heavyweight champion Antonio Ro...
Yeah sure and that's why everyone always brings her up! Of course she's still a big deal
Minotauro Nogueira was inducted into the UFC hall of fame. Congrats to Big Nog.
Big Nog is announced as the first Hall of Fame inductee for the 2016 class. Enters the Pioneer Wing of the UFC HoF..
with Big Nog getting the nod 4 the UFC H.O.F this yr, do u agree with the choice or would u of gone a different route?
Well deserved entry to the UFC Hall of Fame for Big Nog, not only a legend but an ambassador of the sport
Minotauro Nogueira the first Hall of Fame inductee for 2016. What a legend. Congtrats 'Big Nog'!
Congratulations Big Nog, you're going to be a Hall of Famer! Fight on!
3,5 hours? Our country's nog big enough to drive that long
Bloody Elbow MMA: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira to be inducted into UFC Hall of Fame: Big Nog is the first person ...
Really happy for Big Nog very deserving of a place in the hall of fame.
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Dana: 'Excited to announce Minotauro Nogueira as 1st inductee of the 2016 Hall of Fame'. htt…
Lil Nog and Big Nogs submission ratings are both swapped. They need flipped both offense and defense.
'Big Nog' to be inducted into UFC Hall of Fame
First inductee for 2016 UFC HOF class is Big Nog, they just announced.
Lil Nog gets a big TKO victory over Patrick Cummins, Nog's first win since February of 2013 |
ICYMI: Big Nog is going into the UFC Hall of Fame:
Big Nog hears it from the crowd while cheering on his brother!
Arlovski, Big nog... Big shot or not dudes' chins aren't what they used to be... But you'd figure guys would try NOT to trade
Next UFC Hall of Fame inductee to be Big Nog
Yesterday imagine the joy of Big Nog being a hall of famer and seeing his bro get a round 1 KO.
why not Frank Mir. Future hall of Fame. Fought everyone. Always evolving. Highlight reel broke Tim Sylvia and Big Nog's arm
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jo ALI hiero FEDOR aka 200 and more sofar biggest fight for him was vs Big Nog aka wants !!
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Big Nog Exclusive: “Werdum is currently the most complete Heavyweight in the UFC”
One smart step at a time and before you know it, you are a big success - (manager of…
Fank Mir broke big Nog's arm in half, doesn't mean Big Nog has no BJJ...
Watch molten copper bounce off a Big Mac – the reason isn't what you may think. Bring on the science:.
If he gets any bigger, Big Nog will try to feed him a carrot.
Big nog was way out of his prime in 08 when they fought but a decent win still.
big tim was a monster when Mir beat him. Also beat big nog. Wins over Brock
I'm sure Big Nog wants to return in there and get that 3rd fight asap (I hate this idea)
Props to Mir though, guy is still a legend. Never forget how intense it was when he submitted Big Nog.
Walk off KO like it was nothing. is my favorite heavyweight. Other than Big Nog.
Mir is the kind of guy who will go out & blow out somebody like Big Nog, then get merked by somebody like Barnett, u never know
Every time they show the time Mir broke Big Nog's arm, I remember watching at my friend's place and all of us yelling and cringing.
Snap big nog nasty i remmeber that now wow
Both *** Cannae go Mir though.Breaking Big Nog's arm was the final straw for me.Despised him since.
As good as big nog was his ability to absorb punishment and work out of bad spots as a result allowed him opp to sweep/to finish
Tomorrow is the big day for the The nOg Run Club! Get up early and run!!!
Main event for . Hard to imagine Mir hasn't won by submission since snapping Big Nog's arm in 2011
specifically put that Mir yanking Big Nog's shoulder in packs 😎 I like it !
WATCH: Does boxing star George Groves hit as hard as middleweight champ Luke Rockhold?
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You know you watch too much when you read "Egg Nog" as "Big Nog"
Got my passport in the mail. I'm finally feeling not sick. Egg nog is finally in season. And "Big Red…
A big glass of egg nog and some peach cobbler sound good
I don't think drinking 3 big cups of egg nog was a good idea 🙃
Tyson just made a big batch of homemade Egg Nog. 🎉🎉🎉 I am excited to…
Bob Sapp with the tombstone on Big Nog. Sapp still went on to lose. .
"She got a big booty so i call her big booty" . -2 chainz
Han Solo and Chewbacca dies the nig nog gets his arm cut off and the big bad is a snake monster
Anderson was great with his hands but his bjj was what made him beat a lot of wrestlers he is a black belt under big nog
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Tribute to CC, Fedor, Big Nog - featuring Hener and ye olde time Helio:
Peyton's NFL's Big Nog, right? Maybe late-career Liddell. Or late-career Penn. Gimme the best answer.
PRIDE 15 apart. Minotauro Nogueira/Goodridge - Big Nog is just better, Gary has also stood still. Jackson/Sakuraba - Sakuraba expected to
My mom's treat to me ❤️ Not a big nog drinker, but this stuff just FEELS like the holidays…
Struve is never exciting. Him and Big Nog put me to sleep. I can't see Rousey not coming back from this though.
In MMA (Pride) I believe Sokoudjou over Big Nog was biggest dog to hit. Roughly +1400.
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We'll see. Jon Jones and Big Nog have fought more recently than Aldo.
big Nog did retire. Not sure about little
he fought the same as he did in his fight with Big Nog, except in the third against nog he threw some punches!
Absolutely. Freezes on fight night. I blamed the layoff and saw some big shots versus Nog, but tonight worried me.
not even that, the strive that put big nog away would've done the same. Just wasn't the same Struve
I can't take any joy from this because the fight was awful...old school big nog would have eaten struve alive
I'm just wondering why this fight is on the main card. Not sure if 1 meh win in the last 3 years over Big Nog deserves such a spot.
Rogan tried to sell Struve as a world beater cos he looked "particularly impressive" vs Big Nog.
This fight is proof at how completely DONE Big Nog was
He was Impressive in his last fight? What are you smoking Rogan Struve couldn't even put away a washed up Big Nog
at least we know what job they gave Big Nog after he retired.
Don't forget me. I am a big egg nog fan.
against the walking corpse known as Big Nog
They need to rewatch the Big Nog fight, he did not look good even with getting the win
So if I drink this whole thing of Egg Nog itll be 1600 calories...its big boy season
I love being excluded cuz of my big *** head. We gonna hit a Christmas party or two? Spiked nog???
hey big brother. Bring my babies over so I can feed them chocolate and egg nog please 🙃
I don't even think Struve looked that good against Big Nog. Give me Jared Rosholt 30 x 27
Egg nog in fridge downstairs. Two hours ago I was strong enough. Now... I got a big glass of egg nog. I'm so weak.
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We are as pleased as punch (or should it be as excited as egg nog) to be on opening today! Bless you, you big fat thing, you!
Until he breaks Big Nog and Tim Sylvia's arms then I won't believe it. That's Frank Mir's title lol
Frank Mir needs to lose weight, *** looks so lazy and slow. Far from the Mir I saw against Big Nog
that is very true. I would love to see Big Nog have 1 more fight and make it Vs Cro Cop in Japan!
GTFOH!!! Big Nog and Cro Cop are legends. Go home, you're drunk.
Rogan is praising Big Nog for beating Bob Sapp. The fight was crazy, but that's not much of an accomplishment.
start with Fedor vs Cro Cop maybe Big Nog then Mir, Arlovski and other heavyweights at the end maybe
Whoever comes up with the best Big Nog joke gets an autographed Nate Diaz pic courtesy of
Duffee's best win in his career is Anthony Hamilton. Mir, meanwhile, has beaten Nelson, Big Nog, Brock, etc but I'm still picking Duffee tmr
Stefan Struve vs. Big Nog is such a terrible fight. Neither guy should be fighting anymore
Fabricio Werdum is the great submission fighter in heavyweight history. He's submitted Fedor, Cain, Big Nog. Spectacular.…
When Shogun Rua and both Big and Little Nog call u their idol in the sport. I mean thats like Peyton and Tom callin Rogers their idol...
I remember those days when Big Nog had an iron chin and was never stopped by strikes.
*** And he's only actually been KO'd once! Imagine guys like Big Nog.
A big thank you to all Ariosh Ocean Installer visitors at the just concluded NOG 2015.
Scratch that, Taker vs Big Nog, loser is whoever turns to dust first
Another BIG victory for Nog just a win, he dominated Ironman South Africa!
You big nog you didn't reply to me. Also SUNY Albany or SUNY IT
that's a definite deal breaker! But Lauren isn't a big sports fan so maybe not!
Hey, Seth. You are a champ & we love you! The Nog sends you a big HELLO from MA USA.
To be clear, did Big Nog want revenge over Mir for knocking him retarded, or shattering his arm? I'd like clarification.
We have "Big Nog/Little Nog" at HW/LHW... if you were Big Brown at HW, does that make you Lil' Brown now?
Badr Hari training at my gym today. I'm 6ft 2 so now you realise how big this guy is lol
I played rumble vs nog parlayed with Robbie vs brown really big, that was prob the squarest play ever at -200
Big Nog hopes to get another crack at Mir.
Big Nog hints return at UFC 190, wants Frank Mir before year-end
Minotauro ‘Big Nog’ undergoes stem cell treatment and wants to fight at UFC Rio 7
That combination against Big Nog was one of the best in History.
Chris Weidman battles Anderson, Vitor, Machida & Big Nog all at once in a Star Wars Lightsaber Duel
Today read in a hospital... The psychiatrist may nog be disturbed?
Wjat's the best part about living in Switzerland? Nog sure, but the flag is a big plus.
are you gonna fight one more time in the ufc? induct Big Nog in the hall of fame!!!
Who's Charles? Big A reveal letter keure we weten nog nie wie het nu is :( of is Andrew A?? So much questions!!
Just had some lovely veggie pie for lunch. Big yum!
he beat Phil Davis and everybody was like thats good but it's Phil Davis then he beat big Nog ppl was like so he's old then he wanted Gus
Oh wow, when's the big day? We don't mean to make it any harder but have you thought of this:
Big Nog and couture going toe 2 toe
you better not ya big nog or you're gonna get it x3. Srsly tho, gnight. And feel better pls. I don't like it when you're sick c;
I agree, I don't really like the JDS matchup as much, but a fight w/ Werdum would be awesome, stylistically. Or maybe Big Nog.
'It is nog about one big epic tv commercial anymore -> it is about continuing dialogue'
Rafael Dos Anjos looks like Big Nog and Alexis Sanchez's love-child.
Rafael Dos Anjos looks like Big Nog and Kenny Florian had a love child...
Just realizing that Dollaway was also on that card. So was Frank Mir, Big Nog, Rampage, Wandy, FoGriff, Hamill, Pat Barry, Kongo...
Hamilton Collection
Every time Bruce Buffer screams "Aantonio", the 1st thing comes to my mind is Big Nog
I just don't get it. You'd think he was Cain by hearing him talk and not having KO losses to Nelson, Rothwell & Big Nog
Barnett: When it's my time to go, I'll know Josh Barnett, 36, appeared recently on The MMA Hour, and was asked how many fights he has left. "I can't put a real number on it, because I won't know until that time comes," said Barnett as transcribed by Dave Doyle for MMAFighting. "But I know that when it does, that's it, I'll have used up every aspect I have in terms of my athletic window. I can act, I can do other things, but once your athletic window is done there's no returning to fighting." "Big Nog and me are two different types of fighters. Nogueira lived by his chin, he wasn't afraid to take a lot of punishment in order to dish out a whole lot of punishment. Personally, I know I can take a really big shot. I'd rather not. ... Nogueira is still a fantastic grappler and a good athlete, I know he's got decent boxing skills, but he hasn't necessarily been good about making the transition to not taking it on the chin. Chuck was known for taking one, taking two, three, four to give one, and eventually that ...
Roy Nelson broke his hand against Big Nog at UFC Fight Night 39 in Abu Dhabi. He will be having…
Daniel Bryan wins the Wrestlemania main event, Eric Young wins the TNA Title and now Roy Nelson beats Big Nog.
UFC: desert dust-up confirms Big Nog fall in Abu Dhabi with KO triumph Telegraph report: …
The desert dust-up confirmed Big Nog fall Abu Dhabi with KO triumph report
Dang UFC fight night came on this morning? WTH! I missed Big Country knockout Big Nog too!
I finished 2-2 in main card. My wrong picks were the ones I thought were going to definitely win, Big Nog and Howard.
UFC Fight Night: Abu Dhabi post-fight bonuses go to Guida / Kawajiri for FOTN, performance bonuses for Nelson + Nijem. Nelson said during the presser that he may have broken his hand, and Big Nog has gone to the hospital. What did you guys think of the show? How did you feel about the main event?
Big Country just knocked out Big Nog in the first round with a looping overhand right. And Clay Guida won against Tatsuya Kawajiri, which probably won fight of the night. Awesome card. Lots of great fights.
Remember both Nelson and Big Nog have finished 1 of the the best HW's in the world in Dave Herman
FB fight fans Big Country takes on Big Nog today on UFC Fight Pass & if you haven't signed up yet you get a free month, don't wait the prelims start at noon & the main card goes LIVE at 2pm only @ UFC.TV Fight Pass. Plus its the only place to watch the Sonnen/Wanderlie season of TUF already on episode 5.
Building the stadium in Abu Dhabi for Big Nog vs Big Country this FRIDAY on Fight Pass!!!
Bloody Elbow - Roy Nelson: 'I've been wanting to fight Big Nog since he beat Randy': Roy Nelson...
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Some people may not know-Roy Nelson beat Frank Mir in straight Jits match, and Mir tore up Big Nog's arm. Those saying Nog wa…
Fedor has a heck of a resume, Big Nog, Shogun, have a great resume. Anderson, GSP and Jon Jones have a great resume. Equal to Hendo?
Roy Nelson vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira possible for UFC return to Abu Dhabi in May "Big Country" vs. "Big Nog." Roy Nelson is looking to bounce back from two consecutive decision losses and will reportedly do so against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at a yet-to-be announced Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event when the promotion returns to Abu Dhabi this May. During Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight, reports surfaced that UFC officials are currently working toward setting up a fight between "Big Country" and "Big Nog' in the United Arab Emirates this May, although nothing is yet finalized. This would be a homecoming of sorts for the mixed martial arts (MMA) side of ZUFFA, as it hasn't been back in Abu Dhabi since 2010. Most saw the return coming when UFC officials announced a new three-year broadcast deal with local media. The proposed heavyweight bout would serve as a return fight for Nogueira, as well. "Minotauro" hasn't fought since UFC on FUEL TV 10, when he had his arm twisted by division number o ...
UFC wants Werdum to fight Browne vs. Barnett winner In October UFC heavyweight Fabricio Werdum reached every fighter's goal. Unbeaten since returning to the UFC in 2012, with wins over Roy Nelson, Mike Russow and Big Nog, Werdum earned a shot a title. Then things happened. Cain Velasquez is out until late in 2014 with shoulder surgery, and the UFC wants Werdum to fight. So does he sit out the surgery, collecting no fight money in the meantime, but with the promise of a PPV payday at the end? Or does he fight? And if he fights, who? Here are the UFC Top-10 Heavyweights: Champion: Cain Velasquez 1. Junior Dos Santos 2. Fabricio Werdum 3. Daniel Cormier* 4. Antonio Silva 5. Travis Browne 6. Josh Barnett 7. Alistair Overeem 8. Mark Hunt 9. Frank Mir 10. Stipe Miocic *Dropping to Light heavyweight According to Ariel Helwani, UFC president Dana White and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta want Werdum to fight the winner of Travis Browne vs. Josh Barnett at UFC 168 on Dec. 18. What do you think he is going to do?
Name me some examples of MMA fights that were universally considered upsets at the time they happened but later on proved to not be ones (due to fighter development etc). And no, Gus Johnson screaming at the top of his lungs that Seth Petruzelli beating Kimbo Slice was the "biggest upset in MMA history" doesn't count as universal. Examples to get you started: Johny Hendricks over Amir Sadollah, Fedor over Big Nog and Joe Lauzon over Jens Pulver were all considered upsets at the time but no-one would consider any of the three upsets now.
Source: looks like Roy Nelson vs Big Nog is next. Date TBA. ... just repeating from Nov 13th. Seems to be making news today
Big Nog wants a fight with Roy Nelson. Big Country wins by KO via devastating right hand, Round 1.
I'm a Big Nog fan,but calling out Roy Nelson is bad move when U don't move your head, don't wrestle well, have lost your speed & chin ??'s
I think Big Nog will get KO'd by Roy Nelson . Roy only has problems with good athletes that use a lot of movement..Big nog doesn't do that
***BREAKING*** Big Nog calls out Roy Nelson and pulls out of the fight in the same sentence!
People need to remind themselves of how Mir defeated Cro Cop, Cheick Kongo and definitely how he took Big Nog's arm home
For those keeping up with my UFC Expo posts, I'm pretty sure I saw Renzo Gracie at the weigh-ins, and Big Nog was definitely with Anderson Silva. Also, Mark Munoz looks REALLY pumped and absolutely ripped. Warning to the next nine friends: today was day one. There's another day tomorrow. I don't get all geeky about many things, but this is my second-favorite sport, and dammit, I live in Vegas. Let me have this. You can scroll past just as easily as you can unfriend, and if you would rather unfriend, well, we were never friends anyway.
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Jurkjes gepast met Margit Oortman for the big wedding. Vrouw zijn is echt topsport pff. en dan nog keuzes maken...
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Fantasy WarFare time and its wwe Edition! Dont worry just match types not people. And here we go! Match4 tag team match Diaz Bros vr The miller Bros match3 a triple threat hw submission match! Big Nog vs Frank Mir vs Fabrico Werdum match2 A fatal 4 way ladder match between Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar vs Gilbert Melendez vs Benson henderson and match1 A last man standing hiaC match between Anderson Silva vs Lyoto Machida! who wins an how! joemama
"Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new." Og Mandino
If you want my future, forget my past...
There's been controversy surrounding 'Man of Steel's' climatic fight between Superman and General Zod - but based on the history of the character, is that uproar even valid?
dirtypeanut: “ Nate (Lara Croft Genderbend) by *Ulysses0302 ” “Lawrence Croft” in fuller glory than the original post
We have reached 900 likes on this page, thx Herculeans, that's pretty awesome.
I'm not a big pop tart fan especially hot pop tarts, but the fruit ones are banging lol they are so good warmed up lol
Salamat guyz 3 days to go passing of collection reports na hopefully makuha natin ang quota at 70% percent na hinihingi ng big BOSS natin ! :-O Kip up the gud work guys ! stressed nanaman feelin tired!
Is the money supply system compatible with sustainability? No, because it requires the value of production to rise constantly if the ratio of debt to output is not to build up and create loan-servicing difficulties that might possibly tip the economy into depression. Only economic growth can maintain the debt-to-output ratio on a permanent basis, while simultaneously allowing investment to continue, and thus avoid the crisis that would follow if investment stopped. However, as we discussed, continuous growth is incompatible with a sustainable world. A second reason for regarding the current money supply system as a barrier to sustainability is that, as it is an inadequate unit of account, it is difficult, if not impossible, for the economic system to allocate resources properly between present and future uses. Click to read BOX 2: Why does our present money system lead to a long-term misuse of resources? The problems with the present system of money creation can be summarised as follows: The system create ...
Pinata's groot of klein??? Je kan ze bij mij in allerlei soorten en maten bestellen voor een thema feestje, voor je verjaardag of die van je kind. Misschien heb je binnenkort een leuk bedrijfsfeestje of een familiedag! Grijp je kans om elk feestje nog gezelliger te maken met een leuke pinata! Minimaal een week vantevoren voor de grote pinata's en voor de kleintjes minimaal twee dagen. Meer info? inbox please! Pinatas big or small??? I can make them in every size or kind you like for a theme party, your birthday or one of your kids. Maybe even for a corporate party or a nice familyday! Make every party more fun with a great pinata! Order at least one week in advance for the bigger ones or at least two days in advance for the smaller ones. More info?? inbox please!
There were rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note III will feature a 5.9-inch display, but the latest word is that it will only have a 5.7-incher. which isn't really surprising since the original N
If BWR were to do a string of shows on the East Coast where should they play? What's the "spot" to hit in your town?
What's the hardest subject to talk with your kids about? Drugs? Sex? Any tips?
Both my kids received good report cards today...All honour and glory to God... It could have been so different...
Hallo iedereen, t is niet Kathleen maar Bart die jarig is vandage... Zij is nog een stuk jonger en is pas einde november jarig :-)
Last time I checked i was the only Sybil Louw on fb,nu is da nog ane 2 mense wat Sybil Louw is. Change sommer nu my naam.
DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko's mother says she is proud of her daughter, and worries about the attacks on her integrity.
S shockd bout news,tata Madiba died-cn't blv it jor!!!
Deciding wether to buy a couple of small terras or build a rack for leopardgecko hatchlings...
My little princess her first word: Pappa. Proud Dad :)
he is if he has the mentality. Erm, I have a few Big nog, BJ Penn, Hendricks and Pierce. What about you?
vanavond naar de premiere van 'The Miracle of Life' ,mezelf eens op't witte doek zien ,benieuwd... met ervoor nog een acte de présence van Rob Raw tonight the premiere of 'The Miracle of Life' ,seeing myself on the big screen,curious...making an acte de présence as Rob Raw before the movie
Morning!! 4 yrs since MJ's death, should we do an MJ diva's today? And which numbers?
2007. Cancer is finally cured in Canada but Big Pharma has no interest. The fact that the international drug & medical industry have no interest is because the cure is really cheaper than a chocolate bar and it won't get them to gain any profits at all. Besides, if people had the cure so easily, how will these medical companies make money out of that?
Woont er nog iemand in een slechte buurt ? :-)
there are ups and downs about being a pro but "pros" like Rob Dyrdek is tuning/turned skateboarding into a business. Sad but true...
LULUBOYS vs SCHOTSDENE friday nite in Kraaifontein and then Wednesday nite COLLEGIANS on gustrouw and then agen Saturday RANGERS on gustrouw, lets step up boys,lulurugby
Ryan Bader vs Glover Teixeira in UFC on Fox Sports 1 main event. Does this fight make sense for Glover? - steve
Happy birthday Keanon.. Mommy loves you and have a wonderfull day today.. God bless u on ur 14th birthday!!!
Ladies die ding ruk hie by Hessie in 27 waar is julle, dis birthday vandag,
Ken Mekaar: What would immediately put you off during a date?
why the big fuss,over barak obama,stop waisting money on his welcome parties,spend the money on the communities that needs it,of koop hoenders . Zirre! R.i.p icheal Jackson,hee he!
I've taken road trips before to see Wilco. But I'll admit that the trip from NYC to Northeast Massachusetts there-and-back in one day was quite a lar...
A very big Happy 30th Anniversary to the best man ever! Gosh love, how time has gone hey! Here's a thumbs up to the next 30 years! Love you with all my heart - Porky
Happy b'day to mijn big bro god bless en nog vele jaren Rayshal Berginia ❤󾔗
Well, where do I begin? I almost wrote that I'm lost for words, but it's the exact opposite; there are too many of them, and they all want the same time...all the feelings, situations, "what-ifs" & "what-nots"...I could probably write a whole freaking novel only about the last game, but I'm going to try not to...;). I think "WOW!!!" is a fitting start, though, followed by a sincere "THANK YOU!!!" both teams (I'm really sorry I won't be writing so much about Boston, or it would be even longer...congratulations to a great season and a marvelous Playoff, and a ton of respect for this unforgettable Stanley Cup Finals, though). These two teams have been fighting for every puck, every square inch of that rink, and barely nothing seperates them, creating excitement out of this world in almost every shift...this could easily have gone either way and with just a few different bounces or calls on the ice, Boston could have been the ones lifting that trophy...but then again, it could also have ended 4- ...
It's my birthday en om my way to Huizen again! This birthday started without the tradition song and presents in bed. Although I understand, to early and I prefer to let them sleep, I realise how beautifull this family tradition is, and I miss it today. Lesson learned .
Is Robert Pattinson still in the running to play Christian? Sure looks like it!!
Guess who's the BIG 40 today?! A very Happy B'day to my hubby Noel who has stood by me thru the worst of times...en wat so geduldig is met al my nukke en grille! (:-)
Tomorrow is the big day everyone. I hope you are ready for the very best half-holiday event of the year... Half-Christmas! :D
Vandaag me laatste stage dag om kwart voor 11 ook me eindgesprek de officiële beslissing geslaagd of niet spannend nu work today xxx
A big "thank you" to all my family and friends for the wonderful Birthday wishes! Xoxo
anything you can report about your next fight? Big Nog?
Manager: Big Nog out at least 3 months.
vs big nog epic kimura. Real mma moment. Now beat that. OR DIE!!!
Full ep of Best of PRIDE every week on - this one features Big Nog, Cro Cop, Baroni & more
guy who lost to jimmo, big nog before Mir, te-Huna is on same course as mills
Mir and Big Nog may just be forced to "retire" - Kos has a fight coming up.
Almost doing a Frank Mir on Big Nog... just needs a bit more twisting lol
Doesn't Glover know that Bader was on team Big Nog on TUF. He CAN'T fight him!!
Despite their war of words, vs not happening any time soon.
And Werdum just submitted Big Nog... But anyways, you get the point.
MMA Convert - Ed Soares says Big Nog out at least three months
When Frank Mir broke Big Nog's arm I bet he felt so cool after
Big Nog brought me back to this classic . (
Bcuz Big Nog & Little Nog was too confusing? Oh, u mean the people who insist on saying their full names everytime, anyway.
Can't wait to see you scrap it out with big Nog! Going to be a war!
The big Nog in Australia... Absolutely a true gentleman.
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