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Big Mac

The Big Mac (introduced in Pennsylvania in 1967 and nationwide in 1968) is a hamburger sold by McDonald's, an international fast food restaurant chain.

Burger King Big MacS Taco Bell Chuck Norris

Joe Miller is suing Burger King because he said he invented the Big Mac first.
Welcome back, Randal Grichuk. He finds Big Mac land with the 478-foot blast. Exit velocity of 109.3 mph.
The special DVD version will have extras like Chris Arnade talking about how to ward off Big Mac induced diarrhea
Maybe it's Alex Salmonds half eaten Big Mac. The one he left before he went into h…
What's really scary about the Big Mac is: when it 1st came out I was nearly fully grown (class of '70). A BIG Mac, fries & a Coke FILLED me.
lol. Yep. Great "stuff". ;^D. (Big Mac was introduced in what was my 'junior' year in High School.) ;^O
Seriously, why are we so far behind Poland? A Big Mac with bacon and a Lion bar Mcflurry? Please take…
However, I DO like how Feather Bangs' over the top acts of love, give good reason for Big Mac to try the CMC's ideas.
another Phillies. Randy Wolf used to have the Wolfpack and Big Mac land for Cardinals/McGwire
He's thinking, hmm should I have a Big Mac or Taco Bell later?
Enjoy yr taco bowl and/ or Big Mac? That's what he calls his junk not the sandwich?
It's like comparing filet mignon to a Big Mac.
Islanders News: Thank you for a wonderful time George, I haven't had a Big Mac in a long time
Nothin like a Big Mac and a Bloody Mary to start off the day
That explains why Trump buried that Big Mac on the WH south lawn.
why is there still a baseball in the "M" of the Big Mac land sign??
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
A heart is like a big mac. It just sits.
The Big 12 had as many first-round picks, one, as the AAC and MAC.
I added a video to a playlist Taco Bell MAKES US A BIG MAC w/ Christian and Tag
Unsanitary conditions, tents on fire, luggage stolen and moved in crates at night, all inbound & outbound flights cancelled…
SEC had most 1st-round picks, with 12. Big Ten had 7, Pac-12 had 6, ACC had 4 and AAC, Big 12 and MAC had 1 each. https:/…
I ate a Big Mac in under 60 seconds today lol and I wonder why I'm gaining weight
Just learned about aka Ja Rule's Concentration Camp for instragram models and rich white kids
A big mac right now would hit the spot maybe some nuggets too 😩😩
Millenials: Nobody can pull off a con like Donald Trump!. Ja Rule: Hold my beer. .
These are the secure lockers at Fyre Fest. They forgot to tell us we needed locks.
I'm so tired of my car always smelling like a Big Mac meal with a medium Dr. Pepper, a chocolate chip cookie, and medium…
Mac books r seriously big retarded iPhones like...🙄
OKAY!!! Put a sub note for the MCSWT too for me
Want to get a burger? Here's a detailed price comparison of the Big Mac in ASEAN countries:
Id smooth write on there where is the FWT DVD
After I sneak a picture and card lol
It's the whole Big Mac fries and Coke combo what u mean 😆😁😁😫
Thousands of abuelitas and moms didn't burn themselves while frying these for you to not call them by their name. They are ca…
Walk into the restaurant like you work there and hand her something that says that
20 mins into my 4 hour car trip. I have dropped my Big Mac in my lap.
I could see you doing this honestly
McDonald-s will satisfy your Big Mac craving with UberEats delivery via
Hive needs to slip her advice like this.
While you're at it kick the McNuggets and the Big Mac too I guess
The cashier at McDonalds was beyond rude to me... but man she sure made a mean Big Mac🔥🔥🔥
SZA had me until the end of the video
If you can't get the players up for such a big game, you should look at yourself Jimmy Mac.
*** I'd change my mind about ordering a Big Mac from that guy.
In the trap wit a big ole mac prolly countin up a big ole sack
New video by Rappler: How much does a Big Mac cost in ASEAN countries?
Big UX step forward: starting in Chrome 59, web notifications will be shown directly as Mac OS X notifications.
Big Mac no onion with a small fry and a sprite 😘😘
McNuggets and Big Mac tomorrow sounds good.
I read this as BIG MAC lab. Like Burger King. Imma ***
Truck you, Australia Felix. Truck you, the sheep's back. Truck you, Tasmania. Truck you, Big Mac.
Months ago I got a Big Mac with Sam. I took a bite and pulled out a huge plastic wrapper and never did anything about it. I ate it too.
There's a woman talking to her Big Mac in this Mc Donald's ...
I just had a Big Mac and a Shamrock shake from McDonalds and I swear I can feel my arteries hardening as I'm typing
Things that keep me up from the 90's: who won that Big Mac. Was it Larry Bird or Michael Jordan. we need a resolution!
Mom: Brian what do you want from Burger King?. Me: I want a Big Mac.
(1) Chuck Norris ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.
He says "you wouldn't ask for a Big Mac at Burger King"
Using TV ads to trigger more ads from Siri, Alexa, and other "personal assistants," Big Mac becomes Big Brother:
>> Burger King edited Wiki's article about the Big Mac, they actually made the first passage *more* accurately descriptive & informative
McDonald's hamburgers are the worst. They are worse than Burger King. A Big Mac has 26 grams of fat. A Quar…
Aug. 2015: Donald Trump: No state dinner -- only Big Mac -- for China's president
Gave old boy the DIRT😂 he said I don't want no kids meal baby, give me a Big Mac meal with some nuggets on the side.
Girls just got on the train and sat practically on me with a full Big Mac meal and large shake 😷 She's wearing a Fitbit..
Justin and I shared 20 nuggets, a Big Mac, 2 medium fries, and a supreme burrito from Taco Bell. I love this boi.
You'd have more luck getting a Big Mac at KFC than getting mammogram at Planned Parenthood, but MSM doesn't know it!. h…
bring back the days of Big Mac, Juan Gonzalez, canseco, Pete incaviglia!
Peter New, the VA for Big Macintosh, with his collection of Big Mac merch … xD Awesome! . Image Source:…
Quarter pounder refers to the type of patty so yes if you order the grand Big Mac not the regular or mini.
when u finish a box of nuggets, Big Mac, large fries , sundae and soda by yourself
yep. Uncle Bobby probably needs to hit the gym and layoff the double Big Mac lunches though...
As was Carp, Big Mac, Ozzie, Willie, Lou and Gibby, time to pass the torch to Tsunami
when u interview at U dont tell them that you hate the whopper and love the Big Mac..Doesn't work
read this this morning: "Yo mama so dumb, she went to the Apple Store to get a Big Mac."
A Whopper or a Big Mac? The US political divide on the Mideast - Al Arabiya . . https…
the only thing Dan will kill is a Big Mac combo from McDonald's. Sit TF down, Daniel.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Just saw eat a egg mcmuffin w hash brown/ Mcdouble/ jr chicken/ and 10pc nugs. Btw bk big king is way better then the Big Mac.
The chicken Big Mac isn't too bad tbh
I really feel like a fat *** for sitting here and eating a Big Mac and 10 piece chicken nuggets
If you see me at work introduce yourself otherwise I might call you Big Mac or Crispy buttermilk chicken sandwich by accident pls and thank
Reached a new level of trash. Ordered a Big Mac with no meat, came home and put fake chicken patties on it. Bury me now please.
I just want a Big Mac from McDonald's. I wished they delivered.
Optimism is high in 🇵🇪Peru, who are up to their highest placing 🔝. Could they make it to the 👉http…
After fasting all this time ... Big Mac combo is calling my name!
Many "healthy" gourmet burgers have more fat, salt, kJ than a Big Mac, finds
but everyone with a mac always has trouble loading big data sets, especially in R and it's not very suitable for programming so idk
Producers in the drive club who use mac we making some big updates for yall
Weaver can't see the winner 5mins after the winning line. bet he could tell the difference of a big Mac &a chicken nugget
Big Mac contains 47 ingredients, only 2 of which are real foods. We can thank the Internet for knowing what we eat.
you couldn't score 6 more points last night to make it 100??? I wanted a free Big Mac
There's no better time than now to test it out, Maggie. There's a Big Mac waiting here for you!
I'm not sure you understand BIG EGO not always a bad thing ▶B…
The Big Mac is the worst burger ever created
Nick just saved the last bite of his Big Mac for Chance 🙃🐶
Loaded with big flavor, the smoked beef brisket skillet mac and cheese made with horseradish cheddar
Been brilliant whenever he has wore the shirt. Congrats on the new deal
Big Cdn mining companies promise more CSR reporting on security & human rights. So will MAC now support a human rights
Full Movie: Big *** Abigail Mac gets plowed deep an... 👻Add me on snapchat: cuteamie18 👻
But will they be able to keep the fries from getting cold: Soon a Big Mac delivered to your door.
All I want right now is a Big Mac and to be cuddled up to my boyfriend.
The food delivery market may be booming, but questions the economics of delivery in the US.
translation: you couldn't think of a better response 😬😪 for future reference I don't like onions on my Big Mac
Literally just said this. I feel like when I put in "Big Mac" it wants to respond with, "Why are we even doing this…
Word Sir BIG Mac "If you are wearing panties, you are overdressed" Lol!
WTH?? This is like McDonald's getting rid of the Big Mac.. or Taco Bell making employees wash their hands.
I needed tissues and a straw so I asked a guy if he could look after my meal quickly..ask me if my Big Mac is still here..
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Major McDonald’s loophole means you can get a Big Mac meal for £1.99
Reduced to McDonald's at Northside Hospital during my wife's surgery, I tried a Big Mac for the first time in...
"If the people won't go to McDonald's, then the Big MacS must go to them"
Big news! McDonald's is finally marketing sorority girls! Now there is a Big Mac for your whole fam!
Secret trick that lets you get a McDonald's Big Mac meal for £1.99
so pleased we will be seeing you playing for Crawley for another 2 years ⚽️
The officials for the game tonight included stars from the MAC, OVC, and Big 10. Officiating not…
Just what Appis Claudius Caecus envisaged, Plebs eating Big Mac's and fries on his roads 😂
Why don't you go to Saudi Arabia and tell them taking pictures of a Big Mac is racially insensitive.
is Officer Big Mac made out of pork by any chance?
Annoying how a perfectly good Big Mac burger 🍔 can deconstruct itself as you eat it!
"Feel free to dig in, next time you see a Big Mac." 😳🤢
There's a secret trick to get a Big Mac and fries for just £1.99...
Despite the fact they'll preach stentorian to anyone in earshot about how *** great it is, then go shame-eat a Big Mac.
true story she woke up to day covered in Big Mac sauce. I just had to torment her. it was so yummy.
A bullish Big MAC (Bullish) has occurred at 11:00 AM Mar 03 at $7.75 on Goldfield Corp (GV) $GV Get Report
Momma is gonna bring big poppa home. and the Big Mac
I don't see anything wrong with those Big Mac commercials with the dudes eating on the court. Eddy Curry was a Knick yakno?
Some days u wanna eat a kale salad, other says you want to house down a bacon Big Mac and 20 chicken McNuggets it's called ba…
yes that's seriously terrible as if the regular Big Mac wasn't bad enough
Charles Oakley once ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and they got him one.
a Big Mac is like 500 calories so I doubt a burrito has 1500 more calories
Alex Jones: I'm ready to die for America & Trump! Trump IS America!. Me: Trump isn't America. And the only thing you'd die for is a Big Mac.
We tried McDonald's new Mac Jr. and Grand Mac to see how they stack up to the classic Big Mac
and all us MSU fans are thinking: dang, big 2 little 12 again
I just wish I had a bowl of Mac n Cheese right now
*Big Mac...meh. He just seems mediocre without Diligent. *Wow, I like Plaid Stripes' effect a lot. Never thought I'd like her somehow!
what the difference between a Big Mac and a baconator
New post on my blog: Why McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Tastes Like Ketchup
I wish Liv looked at me the same way she just did that Big Mac🙄😂
My girl thinks I'm a perfectionist just because I just want our relationship to be like the one between a fat kid and the Big…
Eastern has a Big Mac promotion if the team hits 10 3s in a game. Mountaineers have 10 in the first half
A Big Mac sounds bomb asf right now
McDonald's Big Mac Sauce bottles selling for up to $50K on eBay
$100,000 for Big Mac sauce? Limited edition bottles hit eBay. only making 10k bottles of sauce.
Big Mac Special Sauce going for up to $100,000 on
I was talking about the Big Mac I had yesterday but you too man
A Big Mac ATM is coming to McDonald’s, and this is obviously the best idea ever 😀🍔🍟
Im craving a big mac or chicken
Says the *** who made a "name" for himself by having a giant mouth and absolutely nothing worthwhile to say. .
Fast food workers can have whatever they want because they bring the Big Mac to us and that's the most important job in th…
This is like when you order a Big Mac because of the photo but you get somethi…
Big Mac strikes again!! Solid effort by entire TEAM!!No looking back.Shuffled up the lines.
Mac said he likes bald women because of my big *** forehead. 🙃😅
[MBB] wins big on the road to improve to 23-0 and 4-0 in Region16 MACmbball
I used to think it was chips and cheese but aye a big Mac meal after a night out is grand :)
A little disappointed McDonald's didn't name one of the new Big MacS the Mac Daddy
Let it be known: I have a table at and I'm about to eat their crazy new Big Mac burger thingy. Will report back with updates!
As Luis is done eating his 7th Big Mac, he begins to feel a pain in his heart area, but the McDonald's employees already know…
it should be a wake up call to Democrats to obstruct cabinet nominees by any means. They have…
This is the signal? We head to the hills now? Alright. One more Big Mac and some fries and I'll b up. Wolverines!
I lost Big Mac today, I'm devistated and emotionally broken.
Does big Conor Mac wanna try my masterchef apron on?
didn't even know about that. Looks like it is a double big Mac though
you know, muslims think they are guided by their god, too. Funny how that works, isn't it?
When A+ girls are sad over C- guys like nonono bbygirl pick ur head up he's a mcrib thts kicked off the menu & u r a Big…
Or the i think,its valled a,california burger kinda lile a big mac but oh so better
Tried the Grand Mac tonight. It's definitely a bigger Big Mac! Tastes great and there's more to love!
Deadass think im the only one on this planet that doesnt like big mac sauce 😷
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
McDonald's is having Big Mac Special Sauce giveaway at select locations on Thursday. Click link for locations:
If a big Mac w bacon isn't a big Mac... is mcdavid a gretz w bacon?
Tough game on Monday against St. Mary's but came back strong with a big win vs Miles Mac 5-0!! We'll be back at it after…
Y'all, this whole eating healthy thing has me craving a Big Mac.
I wish u looked at me the way you look at a Big Mac
WE'RE LOVING IT...McDonald's is finally giving out its famous Big Mac sauce!
Me and Charlotte fully had to pretend to be *** in McDonald's just for a £1.99 Big Mac x
McDonald's to give away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac special sauce
meet the Big Mac ATM that will replace all your $15 per hour Fast Food Workers
Come down and have a Big Mac or just say "Helo". All the info is right there and…
Other than that I like to call it the Original Big Mac CAUSE I SWEAR THAT USE TO BE ITS NORMAL SIZE
Apparently is giving away bottles of the Big Mac going to need an IV drip of it directly into my bloodstream
8NEWS: McDonald’s to give away 10k bottles of Big Mac ‘special sauce’
Why is it every time I get a Big Mac i receive 95% lettuce and 5% hamburger? Why?
Are Big Mac Chicken, Chicken Big Mac, and Chicken Mac the same thing with different names around the world?…
the Big Mac will never be as big as it was so ill keep trying the whopper.
Get a FREE large side (cole slaw, mac & cheese, or potato salad) when you order 30 wings or more for the Big Game. https:…
A BIG headliner in Tamworth has arrived. Catch the Down Under Big Big Mac this
She ain't put no bread up for this McDonald's like how you expect to eat 😂😂😂😂 SMH SHE MAD GREEDY FOR EATING MY GRAND BIG MA…
The MOST rap I can do is big Sean and Mac miller and that's not even rap
Dear I expect my personalized bottle in the mail tomorrow. Thanks. They're giving bottles away tomorrow!. ht…
not really understanding big mac thing. Who do I text 2morrow "There's a Big Mac for that"
For the first time ever, McDonald's is giving away bottles of its Big Mac special sauce:
Hey what's inside your guys Big Mac? 😂
.is giving away bottles of its famous Big Mac sauce — here's how you can make it yourself
Real talk: The iconic Big Mac in 3 sizes. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Speaking of sound…😏🎶
Woke up to a bottle of Limited Edition Big Mac sauce in the mail. 1 of 10,000 made. Viva la McVida
McDonald's is giving away 10,000 bottles of their big mac sauce.
Big Mac lovers rejoice!! is giving away 10,000 bottles of it's special sauce and that's not all... just…
My next big purchase will be a mac desktop.. im on one now and all it is making me want to do is just create
Website Builder 728x90
The new Big Mac family members only serve to EXACERBATE math Now also:
McDonald's is giving away a limited supply of Big Mac sauce! Or, you could just go to any grocery store in America and buy Thousand Island.
You can get bottled Big Mac sauce at these McDonald's locations in Michigan
Three new ways to love Big MacS, and a free special sauce giveaway in the
service to Country is a tradition to the history of this country. Don't see alot wi…
It's almost time! ⏰ We're Mac'n it happen tomorrow! First come, first served for Big Mac Sauce at 301 University Blvd.…
Make sure you scoop that special sauce before it's gone!
*** yes, I do. I firmly believe we need a strong military presence, regardless of politics.
Thanks for bringing lunch today AND for some of the new Big Mac Sauce! come get some at the
NEPA Big Mac sauce giveaways on 1/26 in Dunmore, Stroudsburg, Lewisburg & Pottsville! Hope to see you at one of th…
Congrats to the boys basketball team for big win against Warren Central! RISE!!
You need a plan of action, Indy. This is NOT Greek yogurt, right
well at least you're reasonable. I appreciate you acknowledging it.
it could be many things, a double whopper maybe a Big Mac.
Get your very own bottle of Big Mac Special Sauce TOMORROW! We’re giving away bottles at four McD's restaurants thr…
Here's how to get your free bottle of Big Mac sauce
I need a bottle of Big Mac sauce so bad I could cry.
Making a big dinner tomorrow after I move in lol hopefully I don't forget anything for the baked mac and cheese
I am eating a Mac Jr. Verdict: good, not as messy as Big Mac, still messy
It's brilliant, there's not another soul in the whole row. Just me, this guy and his Big Mac. Do I ask him to move it? What's the etiquette?
by Mac you mean Big Mac burger or Mac & cheese ?
McDonald's tries promoting Australia Day with an upside down big mac. Really?
Make it happen! Come on in and get yourself that Big Mac, pal!
Living w/ is challenge enough. Myths & stereotypes like those perpetuated by “Big Mac” comment mul…
Congratulations! We have a Mac for that! Big Mac Selfie station at William&Deborah Holder restaurants for all 1st timers to…
it's not "then what" it's part of an overall strategy. You thinki…
I guess a picture of Kanye eating a Big Mac is better publicity than a disabled war vet eating the same thing.
Ah big Mac value meals - the perfect way to measure oppression
.the real conspiracy is whether Officer Big Mac got his job because he is related to Mayor McCheese. Coul…
I just need a big bowl of Mac and cheese and my day will be complete
.well MAYOR McCheese is the mayor not a police officer 😂 you're thinking of Officer Big Mac
tell me how to make a McDonald's Big Mac
New sized Big Mac's.. . Allowing the consumer the ability to make the choice to develop heart disease in either double or…
10,000 Free Bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce Giveaway on 1/26 - more @
Guys,is giving away special sauce and I NEEED IT! Especially after someone messed up my Big Mac. WHO GET…
Thanks to our great partners & McLeod for the Big Mac Goal, you can get a FREE Big Mac today! Got ours, what a…
I will definitely agree with you there.
McDonald's is giving away Big Mac Sauce -
obama: can i get a big mac. McMcdonald: here u go. trump: can i please have a big mac . mcMcdonalds: big mac machine broke
Having a solo watch of and booked a seat. There's a man sat in the seat next to mine. There's a Big Mac in my seat. Awkward.
i had no idea a big mac had 2 patties ?¿
they did come out with a smaller Big Mac but Big MacS aren't that big
Only 1 in 5 millennials have ever tried a Big Mac! Luckily eats enough Big MacS for everyone. What f…
Will building a better Big Mac bring new fans to McDonald's?
add it to a double quarter pounder to get essentially a bigger Big Mac. McD's pro tip, free of charge.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
so what is the hangover cure for the kids today if not a Big Mac?
Is getting an unsweet tea with a Caniac the same thing as getting a Diet Coke with a Big Mac? Asking for a friend.
a free app that kills time. In due time though, you'll understand the importance of time big fella.
McDonald's is reporting that only 20% of millennials have ever tried a Big Mac. We just found out what's wrong with America!
boss keeps saying he has a sandwich that anyone can eat. it's a Grand Mac. not even a Big. a G R A N D. im tempted but i just ate
One of my guilty pleasures is a Big Mac
I've waited this long Big Mac so a few more weeks ain't going to hurt to much 😉
Normally when you dont have McDonalds for a year and you eat it you flex on twit and say it *** but nah that Big Mac just rocked my world
I could go for a big bowl of creamy mac & cheese!! 😋
Trump's decision to give the go-ahead for the Dakota Access Pipeline is a slap in the face to Native Americans.
You can never have too much bacon!. McDonald's Introduces New Big Mac Bacon in Canada | Brand Eating via
I don't know what alternative facts are where's buzzfeeds' top 100 Big Mac Facts
hmm don't they have a bacon Big Mac now too?
Or, you know, all day on Sunday, because we're adults.
exactly a majority of teams just don't want to get rid of their solid big Mac right now but Lopez is a realistic target.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Sentence her to 6 years, back-breaking labor. An eye for an eye...
Dear God, please don't let Big Ben retire... I'd never ask you for anything again...
I made a Big Mac in a bowl slimming world recipe (yes- there is such a thing😂) and it is UNREAL
"An internal company memo revealed that only 20% of millennials had even tried a Big Mac."
McDonald's Big Mac lovers will soon be able to take home the special sauce
Want a FREE bottle of Big Mac Sauce? Tomorrow find out when/where you might get one in Central Ohio on 1/26!…
Hey if you apologize for the big mac comment I'll forgive you.
The team and are lovin' their Big Mac sauce! 🍔 Tune in tomorrow to find out when/where yo…
Me and my friends are always texting about how much we wish there were different size options for the Big Mac. Fina…
I would but at this tme im currently demolishing a big mac
[JonTron voice] MLK could not buy a big Mac. Today everyone can buy a big mac. See how far we've come?
Now, this year dollar shouldn't pressurise our Rupee.
I love you guys & appreciate the Big Mac special sauce & personalized note. I appreciate our 40 year relationship…
what should I do get a baconator a big mac or a whopper roast me please
Yup, McDonald's is giving away big bottles of Big Mac sauce
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
As I look back in life I have 1 big life sorrow. That is we never had the chance to finish the B&N2 album. But then Flee…
OPPRESSION TEST: Can you drive to McDonalds not in hijab and get biggest Big Mac value meal? If yes: Not oppressed
You can now get a Jr. Big Mac at , I would call that a win;)
basically if you like Big MacS it's more. Don't overlook the Mac jr. They're good too and you can get a bunch and eat them
McDonald's has made 10,000 limited edition bottles of Big Mac sauce that it will give away this week. Is it just Thousand…
Hold onto your Big Mac , the special sauce is comin' home.
I tried a Big Mac without the sauce once and it was definitely worse. I switched to the double quarter pounder and never looked back
My youngest brother wants a Big Mac with nothing on it 😐 *** that means
Messed around An ate my daddy double quarter pounder instead of my Big Mac 😂😂 *** I was sooo *** hungry thought I had the right burger 🍔
Harry Potter and the Order of the Big Mac, Fries, and a Coke
crunch wrap, Big Mac. Gives you an excuse to eat it afterwards.
should I get a mic rib or a Big Mac
."We got a little misunderstanding. They got the Big Mac, I got the Big Mic... they use a sesame seed bun, my buns have no seeds."
they have the Big Mac, we have the Big Mic!!!
They've got the 'Big Mac'. We've got the, 'Big Mic'!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
They got the Big Mac, we got the Big Mic
"McDonald's has the Big Mac, we have the Big Mic"
Happy 79th Birthday to former first baseman/left fielder and Hall of Famer, Willie McCovey aka Big Mac!…
Jack Morris & Big Mac from the veterans committee as well should get in.
We've beaten jetlag, it only took six pints of Guinness and a two hour nap and a Big Mac and a human sacrifice...
Imagine trapping ur finger in the till at work n slamming it shut 🤗 serving Big Mac meals crying me eyes out no biggie tho x
Things more likely than Lunch w/ a Sasquatch. Phone call from Jimmy Hoffa. The truth from HRC. A low calorie Big Mac
I'm not saying she's a *** but she blew both Grimace and Ronald McDonald for extra special sauce on her Big Mac.
*McD drive-thru*. Hot guy: Here's your Big Mac. Bye! Have a nice day! . Me: Bye! I love you!. *drives away*
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