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Big Little Lies

Nicole Kidman Reese Witherspoon Laura Dern Liane Moriarty Shailene Woodley Reece Witherspoon Twin Peaks Michael Kiwanuka Robin Weigert Donald Glover Sean Spicer

My sincere hope is that "Big Little Lies" season 2 digs deeper into the alternate California history that put Bixby…
Alex Skarsgard I️ thought this while watching Big Little Lies
I️ would’ve pegged him as a Big Little Lies guy, except he’d def see Alex Skarsgard as the hero...
recently Mindhunter, Big Little Lies, Grey's Anatomy (all time favourite)
Some plz tell me when Big Little Lies gets good because I'm loving the female leads but so far I'm so bored 😭😭 I wanna love it plz help
Well done to everyone part of Big Little Lies. The show just manages to beat out my love of the book.
I really like the cinematography of Big Little Lies although its really not my type of show
Big Little Lies is a perfect adaptation. It takes an incredible novel, follows it almost perfectly and adds new things that makes it better.
Big Little Lies season 2 set to begin production in Spring 2018.
'Cause that truth hurts and those lies heal. And you can't sleep thinking that he lies still. So you cry still, tears…
I'm taking my coffee today from my "stop me before I volunteer again" mug. Gift from a friend. I didn't volu…
Big Little Lies went from messy to very abusive and it’s wild uncomfortable at times
At our next workshop, join roundtable discussions on asking for a raise, requesting flexibility, providing tough…
Smart move by Apple (even though I'm not super excited about their streaming service). Reese Witherspoon and her pr…
5- big little lies, the get down e when we rise (já acabaram todas :()
Just watched big little lies all night and I’m balling
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BIG LITTLE LIES blew everyone away this winter; read it's original story now!
Been wanting to watch Big Little Lies since it first came out. And finally got the chance to watched and finished it today. Yay me
On page 146 of 460 of Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty
They're making a Big Little Lies season 2! YESSS best day ever
Big Little Lies May see a second season! .
Should there be a season 2 of Not unless you want beautiful things to be ruined:…
Don't tell little lies tell big lies doesn't work when the whole world is watching. What playbook are they using?
Jeff, you are a little man with BIG lies. You will be caught again
Agreed. You can't make something this good and then NOT continue to make s…
Does this mean Lianne Moriarty has written No.2 already? Wow!
Big Little Lies season 2 will reportedly start production in spring 2018:
YES! One of the best of this year. Hope you have caught upon Big Little Lies and Handmaid's Tale as well?!
Going to give Big Little Lies a try. Missed it when it was on.
Almost ready to give up on Big Little Lies. Three episodes in and I still don't care about ANY of the characters. Is it worth continuing??
Why is my account showing this when I try to watch Big Little Lies?
More is basically on the way. HBO is eyeing a production start in spring 2018. More details:
Did you catch the reference on this week?
Just binged Big Little Lies - very well written, great cast, perfectly edited, fantastic soundtrack. More of this please!
big little lies??? feud??? asoue??? the night of??? the young pope??? ONE OF MY FAVOURITE HBO SHOW, WESTWORLD???
FLASH: ‘Big Little Lies’ second season could arrive by early 2019: Fans of the Nicole…
"If someone lies little, they lie big."
Late to the party but just finished Big Little Lies. What a perfect ending to a perfect show.
It's on HBO but Big Little Lies is the best thing out there rn besides Stranger Things (which I'm sure…
Here’s more evidence that season two is happening.
‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 may actually be happening, but possibly w/ a new director.
Spent the last 7 hours binging Big Little Lies and wow it was worth it
I binged Big Little Lies on the flight back from Europe and every time the opening titles ran I was happy anew that I don't have a car
Just started Big Little Lies and I don't know who I love more, Reese Witherspoon's character or her 6 year old daughter😂😂
So I got into a conversation with my teacher about Big Little Lies then she says she doesn’t like Nicole Kidman that much ***
do you watch Big Little Lies? There's a guy in it who looks like a hybrid of Derek & Chris Sutton. I wish I could tag him here
There’s so many shows I need to binge and I can’t remember them all. American Vandal and Big Little Lies are the only ones I can think of
Nicole Kidman says she was 'humiliated' by those graphic 'Big Little Lies' sex scenes
Nicole Kidman won for her portrayal of a woman in an abusive marriage in "Big Little Lies." 1 out of 3 women are victims of dom…
Nicole Kidman looking at Reese Witherspoon from the stage when she found out Big Little Lies won the Emmy for Outstandin…
I get why Nicole Kidman won an Emmy for Big Little Lies. I didn't want the show to end.
Donald Glover, Jackie Hoffman, "Big Little Lies" and Sean Spicer — highs and lows from this year's Emmys
Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman brought their 'Big Little Lies' Emmy awards to the HBO after party!
Lest we forget, Big Little Lies was considered "chick-lit" - a girl's novel, until it became an HBO miniseries. Then men…
Big Little Lies and The Handmaid's Tail best shows of 2017. Goood job Emmys!
Nicole Kidman WINS Best Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie at the for Big Little Lies.
So glad Big Little Lies and Donald Glover got recognition!
Laura Dern and Nicole Kidman winning for Big Little Lies, it's what they deserve.
The Emmys were a big success for Women. Big Little Lies and Handmaids Tale feature female leads and both won best d…
With "Big Little Lies," Nicole Kidman helped ensure that complicated stories about women reach the screen
Congratulations to Big Little Lies on their big big wins! ✨
"Big Little Lies" is a movie?. I thought it was Elizabeth Warren's Indian name!
I'm just here to see Big Little Lies win everything.
Alexander Skarsgard Wins an Emmy for Big Little Lies — and Nicole Kidman Can’t Hide Her Excitement
You see Sheldon and young Sheldon, we see Sheldon and Ziggy from Big Little Lies.
Australian actress Nicole Kidman has won her first Award for her role in the smash hit Big Little Lies. https:/…
Hey you OK with these results? Def need check out Big Little Lies now !! :)
When they announced Big Little Lies won an Emmy, did Sean Spicer stand up thinking they were talking about him?.
Big Little Lies deserved all the awards!!! 🙌🏼
Emmys 2017: The Handmaid's Tale and Big Little Lies the main winners |
or how girl power is everything. Awards so well deserved for Big Little Lies and The Handmaid's Tale!
The Handmaid's Tale and Big Little Lies were the big winners at the - picking up five prizes each.
Big Little Lies was such a good tv show
Big Little Lies just won for Best Limited Series 🏆. It barely beat the Trump Presidency!.
the Emmys are making me want to watch the Big Little Lies opening credits 27 times in a row
Lesson from Big Little Lies, Atlanta, Master of None at if marginalized people want their stories told, gotta do it th…
Nicole Kidman's performance in Big Little Lies brought us to tears, and her speech was no different:
Skarsgard thanks the women of Big Little Lies: "Thank you for making this boy feel like one of the girls"
Nicole Kidman: 'Big Little Lies' "affected me more than anything I've ever done."
"Hi I'm Laura Dern from Big Little Lies and you're watching Disney Channel"
"This can happen to anyone." Big Little Lies winner Laura Dern, Reese Witherspoon,...
We talked to Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern about what to expect in "Big Little Lies" Season 2:
Laura Dern captures outstanding supporting actress in a limited series/movie for "Big Little Lies", beating Judy Davis
Nicole Kidman is the favourite to win Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress for Big Little Lies
Started watching Big Little Lies and have deduced that Madeline Martha Mackenzie is one of my favorite characters of all time.
The controversy in big little lies is like looking into the future when my friends have kids except way less money but way more sports drama
Also Big Little Lies. It's a witty murder mystery that you give up on figuring out who dies, because…
If Big Little Lies doesn't win all the Emmy Awards it's nominated for, I'm gonna sue.
Nicole Kidman reveals what drew her to her Big Little Lies role
I set today aside to listen to the big little lies theme song.
Big little lies is such a good show! I wish it was a longer season. But *** the ending was so intense
Little Giant Ladders
Melodie: Dont lie about big things but little white lies are okay. Maryalice: This month my period would be due on…
2 episodes in and Big Little Lies is enthralling. Top tier performances, writing, and cinematography blended with an excellent hook.
I don't know, I have found some good TV shows that made me differ:Queen of the South;Queen Sugar;Animal Kin…
Binge watched big little lies and now I need a season 2 😓
Wow. Big Little Lies is hands down one of the best shows l've seen. Also may be my new favorite actress.
Wow Big Little Lies was fantastic, highly recommended it
People talking about the dragon show being the best on TV. It's not even the best on . That honor goes to Big Little Lies. Astounding!
if only I could look as good in bell bottoms as Laura Dern does in Big Little Lies
Big little lies. If you haven't seen it, go right now. 😱
Little Lies, a must. Shailene Woodley on Her Emmy Nomination and Feminist Evolution
Renata's daughter in big little lies had the. Biggest forehead no wonder she got choked
big little lies truly is just biding my time until a scene with zoë kravitz comes on tbh
Emmy voters! We've got 24 fascinating, in-depth interviews with limited series/TV movie nominees. Watch now!
Big Little Lies: so many little white lies that cover big ones; suspense and drama.
Yo that girl on big little lies was tryna sell her pusyy id pay serious Mula my homies
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I'm in love with the music on Big Little Lies
You need to read more. Put aside your biases for a while. This govt has nothing to do with his bail
I'm watching little big lies and it's so good
Oh I noticed it says the same author as Big Little Lies - I'm going to have to follow your lead.
I need more episode of big little lies
Big little lies, Everyone has secrets and people gets what coming to them.
Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley star in Big Little Lies, now nominated for 16 Emmy® Awards.
Big Little Lies was so *** good! I usually never give in to hype but this was worthy. a good one for you to binge
Big Little Lies - life and death in a beachtown, brilliantly acted by Nicole Kidman
costumes on display at for 11th Outstanding Art of TV Costume Design exhibition along w/ Big Li…
The title sequence to Big Little Lies is so great 😍
TV-DVDs out today for The Secret World of Alex Mack, Big Little Lies, The Carol Burnett Show, Fortitude, and more: https:…
'Big Little Lies on HBO: Season 2 in Development With Reese and Nicole | TVLine - via
Nice, you hit the big three for me: Ballers, Westworld, and Big Little Lies!
We need a good show to get into. We've done Big Little Lies, Twin Peaks, riverdale, glow, handmaids, Defiant Ones. Suggestions??
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If Ed Sheeran is going to show up in Season 7 I fully demand Pitbull in Season 2 of Big Little Lies.
Robin Weigert is like a minor league MVP on Big Little Lies.
Nicole Kidman, and among Emmy nominees for "Big Little Lies":
Bit late to the party.. but big little lies! So so good
I want to sleep but I can't stop watching Big Little Lies
.is nominated as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for her role in "Big Litt…
Go watch little big lies. Great show.
I love getting rewarded for watching Big Little Lies with
I'm watching Big Little Lies and getting rewarded for it!
i literally NEVER say this but the big little lies show was overall better than the book (which i still love)
noms for best limited series: Big Little Lies, Fargo, Feud: Bette and Joan, Genius, The Night Of
Killing abusive men is the wave ladies. 'Big Little Lies' taught me
But then again i want Nicole Kidman to accept hers. The gutsiest turn in Big Little Lies, not to mention she's in t…
Speaking of, I still have to finish Glow and also start Big Little Lies. Also watch a dozen movies suggested to me.
I'm rewatching wanting more seasons
So proud, what is next for the series , please more seasons your show b…
Just right here we need more episodes and more series
Loved loved loved Big Little Lies and will not entertain lukewarm takes. Fave: Chloe's sass and passion for music. 👩🏻‍🎤
Big Little Lies is Pretty Little Liars all grown up
There's an abusive husband on Big Little Lies and I'm getting worked up by the minute. . (Also, no black people on this show. Not even one.)
It's her decision not to do big little lies! In my opinion, I don't think Naomi…
I've just watched episode S01E06 of Big Little Lies!
Putting myself in a smoke coma to the big little lies soundtrack
Big Little Lies: BRILLIANT female-driven mystery novel. "This can happen to anyone" yes, abusive relationships can actually happen to---
I've just watched episode S01E05 of Big Little Lies!
Watched some of:. Big Little Lies because of I don't see. WHY⁇. it got any. excep…
I just added Big Little Lies to my library!
Congratulations to Nicole Kidman on her Emmy nomination for BIG LITTLE LIES! Here's hoping she wins in September.
Called the Big Little Lies finale but it was still so good!
I just finished Big Little Lies. Logged on and this whole app is looking like Lipstick Alley. I need to go to bed.
Watching Big Little Lies. These women are winding me up. Trying to watch stuff that doesn't wind me up...cos 2017
Big Little Lies has such a great soundtrack. Literally every song is amazing
naomi watts did GYPSY instead of big little lies keep her in your prayers
Big Little Lies changed my life. Thank you and goodnight.
Just finished Big Little Lies, and it's got me feeling like...
“Four Books from ‘Big Little Lies’ Author Liane Moriarty Headed to the Screen” by
Also congrats Reese!! Everyone involved in Big Little Lies was amazing!! For once something as good as the book!!
bout to pull an all nighter with big little lies HOLY SHIAT
Definitely just rewatched all of Big Little Lies again
We're still not over Nicole Kidman's performance in Big Little Lies, which earned her an nom:
Staying at Nicole Kidman's house in Big Little Lies this weekend with a little dude that's hellbent on running train tracks thr…
Big Little Lies is one of my favorite things I've ever watched on TV, but I just read the book, and the adage holds up—it wa…
Big Little Lies is my new addiction. I can't stop but I want to read the book first. 😩
The best thing about Big Little Lies is how they tell Nicole Kidman how pretty she is every episode
Three episodes into Big Little Lies... Boyfriend: "this is like a horror film!"
My life is LITERALLY an episode of Big Little Lies right now. No joke.
Late on this, and I know Big Little Lies got plenty of noms, but was hoping Robin Weigert would get a no…
I would like to salute the amazing performance of Robin Weigert in 's Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies is BIG entertainment Thank you and the talented author, too Liane Moriarty.
Jean Marc-Vallée directed Witherspoon and Laura Dern to Oscar noms for "Wild" and Emmy noms for "Big Little Lies"
Fans of "Big Little Lies" are losing it over the show's Emmy nominations
Also Atlanta, Baskets, Master of None, ALL of the Big Little Lies cast (specifically rooting for Nicole), Samantha Bee
Animated version of our Big Little Lies- Liane Moriarty piece .
Just borrowed Big Little Lies thanks to Looking forward to reading it; I always enjoy a Liane Moriarty book.
Yup. I think it was regarding Big Little Lies.
Just finished watching Big Little Lies. OMG, this show is so intense and full of suspense. Alexander Skarsgaard's character was a monster!
ok well it's a good one! Big Little Lies and Black Mirror are two of my all time faves if you are looking for new shows
Princess of Winterfell just watched You Get What You Need (S01E07) of Big Little Lies
Princess of Winterfell just watched Burning Love (S01E06) of Big Little Lies
Princess of Winterfell just watched Once Bitten (S01E05) of Big Little Lies
Hamilton Collection
Princess of Winterfell just watched Push Comes to Shove (S01E04) of Big Little Lies
Princess of Winterfell just watched Living the Dream (S01E03) of Big Little Lies
Princess of Winterfell just watched Serious Mothering (S01E02) of Big Little Lies
Princess of Winterfell just watched Somebody's Dead (S01E01) of Big Little Lies
The biggest mystery in Big Little Lies to me isn't 'who killed who' it's how does a 1st grader have amazing taste in music?
Big Little Lies on HBO is such a good show!!
Readers, help me out: In between books & want to read something suspenseful but witty, kind of like Big Little Lies. Any recommendations?
I just started watching Big Little Lies finally, and it's aces.
Great insights about the power of active listening, esp w/r/t Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies has the best television show soundtrack I've ever experienced, fight me on that
Nicole Kidman says her 'Big Little Lies' domestic abuse scenes left her 'angry inside.'
In other news finally got to see Big Little Lies and loved the *** out of it. The Sade/Adele line is the best thing written for TV ever.
"Twin Peaks." "Star Wars." "Big Little Lies." 2017 is the year of Laura Dern, and she knows how to keep a secret:
Big Little Lies opening credits are a masterpiece.
I've just watched episode S01E03 of Big Little Lies!
Just finished Big Little Lies and Zoey Kravitz is a goddess omg
I watched all of Big Little Lies today I think it's time for bed now
For what it's worth, I was cry-running to Martha Wainwright a DECADE before they did it in Big Little Lies.
Our June cover star, Nicole Kidman may have let it slip about 'Big Little Lies' season 2!
Naming a show Big Little Lies but not including this song is like calling frolf disc golf. What do you, hate fun?
We're loving the soundtrack to Big Little Lies! Catch music from & Naomi Shelton on the show!
You said Big Little Lies was too slow, Twin Peaks is like a crawl... Backwards... Throu…
Big Little Lies on HBO soundtrack: River by Leon Bridges, Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Me: I ghostwrote (ghostpicked?) this
can you just have all the women from big little lies be nominated on a single ticket come Emmy time?
im on the last episode of Big Little Lies and im so nervous i am Shooking in My Boots !
is terrific, just finished the last episode. Excellent cast & writing, Monterey also a great setting
My favorite thing so far today: Nicole Kidman talking about giving Colin Farrell a sponge bath in The Beguiled.
I was reading Swing Time, but my hold on Big Little Lies finally came in, so I just switched.
I just started Big Little Lies and I'm hoked.
I hear about Big Little Lies. Went to go record it cause it sounded interesting... OF COURSE IT HAS TO BE ON HBO -_-
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Alexander Skarsgard has his own idea of how the story should continue for season two!
I'm kinda late but Big Little Lies is a great show 👍🏼
Scripted TV might or might not be "the new movies," but it's sure stealing & rethinking lots of literary devices. http…
I just wanna say that Big Little Lies had a very satisfying ending.
Long live books: over at on how TV's best shows are taking their cues from literature.
Michael Kiwanuka's "Cold Little Heart" as heard on HBO’s Big Little Lies. Hear the album performed live on tour now https:/…
Reese Witherspoon & Nicole Kidman have been talking with Liane Moriarty about a possible season 2 of
Watch: opens up about a possible season two.
You've seen right?. talks about the possibility of a Season 2 today on
I've just watched episode S01E04 of Big Little Lies!
Big Little Lies. No contest. Writing, acting, music, production, and I loved the scenery.
Here's your first look at 'Big Little Lies' star Iain Armitage as young Sheldon Cooper in
Just finished 'Feud.' Between that and 'Big Little Lies,' it's like I didn't care about any TV dramas that featured a ch…
Reese Witherspoon wants more 'Big Little Lies' as much as you do
Just shamelessly binge watched Big Little Lies. Great reminder that moms are the saviors of this planet.
Nicole hints at HBO Big Little Lies ... - -…
Nicole Kidman needs an award for Big Little Lies stat
Oh my gosh I'm sorry for the spam, but I just HAD to share some great TV shows, "Arrested Development", "The Office", & "Big Little Lies".
Carol and I binged watched Big Little Lies this week and the theme song has been stuck in my head. Had to google...
Big Little Lies and Dear White People both used Michael Kiwanuka. As a Kiwanuka early adopter, this pleases me.
I quite fancy that - a friend said as I loved Revenge, I'll love Big Little Lies - is it like it ?
From Handmaid's Tale to Big Little Lies, TV goes by the book - top new shows based on . via
Goal to have a friendship like Reece Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies
The Pitchfork reviewer masquerading as Reece Witherspoon's six-year-old daughter almost ruins Big Little Lies for me.
The only thing I like about Big Little Lies is the soundtrack and Reece Witherspoon's acting, who btw is actually v underrated
Reece Witherspoon in Big Little Lies is my spirit animal.
"Big Little Lies." "Top of the Lake." "Beguiled." "Killing of a Sacred Dear." The year of Nicole Kidman is upon us:
I didn't read the book but enjoyed Big Little Lies. Just found out Bonnie's (only black character) back story was cut from show
Michelle Pfeiffer is married to David E Kelley & now I'm imaging her as Renata on Big Little Lies. Like, I wouldn't trade her for Dern, but
Best season finale from a show is Big Little Lies. it was incredible and amazing and I'm really sad that it's finished😭💜
The finale of Big Little Lies was very satisfying. I think they left Reese Witherspoon's character's storyline open for a possible Season 2.
I’ve liked a bunch of his shows a lot but Big Little Lies is the best thing with David E. Kelley’s name on it.
If your response to Big Little Lies was "wow, who knew Nicole Kidman was that good?" this piece is for you:
the finale for Big Little Lies had me SHOOKED!
Gilmore Girls, Parks and Rec, Shameless, Big Little Lies (only halfway through but its good!)
Shailene Woodley was the best actor in Big Little Lies, which is really saying a lot.
I'm still shook with how Big Little Lies ended.
Big Little Lies is by far one of my favorite shows and the soundtrack is everything 💕
that big little lies finale KO'd me, i will definitely be rewatching it!!! SO GOOD Y'ALL, idk what to do with myself
Big Little Lies was great and the performances (especially Witherspoon) were top notch
After a long day of watching Wrestlemania. Taker ends his career. Watched the finale of Big Little Lies and now I d…
I know it's based on a wonderful book, but I'm going to need more in my life.
Can you stare at the ocean like it's your lover? Well then welcome to the cast of Big Little Lies.
big little lies has really filled the OC-shaped hole in my heart, such excellent beachside caucasian drama
😮 Totally called the finale of Big Little Lies!
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All of the dads at the Big Little Lies school are such good singers.
*** campo de minas intentar evitar los 'let's "Talk about the ending of Big Little Lies".
I've just watched episode S01E07 of Big Little Lies!
If you haven't seen Big Little Lies yet, watch it asap!
Did anyone else cry at the finale of Big Little Lies? Lol
Recipe for never sleeping again? Listen to 2 hours of S-Town, watch the finale of Big Little Lies & 2 episodes of Making A Murderer.
We finally found out who died and whodunnit in the finale, and it's kind of perfect: h…
BIG LITTLE LIES was capital T terrific, all the way around.
Finally saw the Big Little Lies premiere and I guess I finally really like something that Jean Marc Vallée directed.
Even if you see a lot of it coming, Big Little Lies comes to a very satisfying conclusion.
Having to choose between the season finale of The Walking Dead and Big Little Lies. 😳
The finale provided an excuse for characters to play some very expensive dress-up
Big Little Lies is that one perfect summer love. 7 weeks long and full of feeling you can't shake.
Big little lies! Thank you so much to all involved. The entire ride was edge of your seat brilliance. Watch it if you…
Gee, didn't any of these people read the book?. Big LittleLies: the Long-Awaited Answer to the Mystery via
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star Alexander Skarsgard on why he may never get another job:
Slides into DMs... to inquire about reading material, and discuss the Big Little Lies finale
OMG OMG the finale of big little lies was perfection. ❤❤❤❤❤
so what I'm gathering from the TL is that I should watch BIG LITTLE LIES?
Big Little Lies finale has me so shook rn. I can't even deal 🙃🙃🙃
I'm 15 min into stown, 1 ep into legion, 4 ep into big little lies, and my quilt is halfway done at mos…
If Big Little Lies is somehow spoiled for me between now and when I get home imma lose it.
Big Little Lies is over and so am I.
I haven't even begun to look at big little lies I'm so proud of you guys for not spoiling it. I've chosen some honorable people to follow
The soundtrack is one of the best things you could possibly stream this week
Congrats to the cast and crew of Big Little Lies 👏🏻. Who knew Tris and Christina could be so cold blooded
My chat with director Jean-Marc Vallee: "That's all he deserved, this mother f—er!"
I demand that somebody make another television show as good as & with the general vibe of & kitchen islands of BIG LITTL…
"Big Little Lies" finale AKA a family can be just five women and their children
Big Little Lies was very great and wonderful. Tackled tricky subject matter with grace and ease. Can't praise those women enough
What male critics' dismissal of Big Little Lies says about women's stories
OMG the women of Big Little Lies. Wow. Everyone gets an Emmy.
the Big Little Lies finale is so expertly acted and crafted, but sure call it "trashy" because it's about women
Big Little Lies was tremendous. Storytelling at its best. The complexity of strong women on full display. More la…
INT. HOLLYWOOD OFFICE. "Can we remake Big Little Lies with white women?". "They're already white.". "Okay, what if they're in high…
Big Little Lies - wow! What an incredible example of the power of women to stand together and overcome. I'm sad it's over.
Big Little Lies shows that it's important to help and protect women around you and female friendships are the best
Ok, now that I have watched the final episode of Big Little Lies, I am officially ready to go into labor.
I've never paid too much attention to Nicole Kidman but her work in Big Little Lies is incredible
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