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Big Labor

Big labor (sometimes capitalized as Big Labor) is a term used to describe large organized labor unions, particularly in the United States.

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Yeah, people like Wall Street, Big Labor, trial lawyers, Green Energy, etc. The downtrodden cry out for justice!
Thugs are thugs whether they're black rioters, white ecoterrorists, Big Labor goons, or Big Govt bullies. Quit whining …
EU News: A Big Chill for French Cuisine - A steady increase in labor costs and food prices in France has fueled an... h…
ForeignWrks, are NOT going to be "cheap labor" IF amnestied, more visas. It's a Fool's Plan if they do
A Big Chill for French Cuisine. Labor costs in Paris are killing the restaurant business, switching to frozen food.
Demand for on-demand services + supply of cheap, flexible labor force + big cities = Uber etc. Read: via
Bell: Adrian Peterson's lawsuit illuminates NFLPA's big mistake with lengthy labor deal
wordle & paragraph due. To make the most imp factor big in the wordle type it multiple times. For ex if your is labor write it 6x
Professor John Logan writes about new rules issued by the National Labor Relations Board to modernize and...
Labor is sellout to its original social justice movement beginnings, now serves Big Business interests, no diff to Libs
Being the inlet port to the biggest river on the continent mean there will always be both big money people and high paying labor jobs.
Firms like Uber need (a) markets big enough to scale; & (b) a labor pool that will work for peanuts. (via
When Big Business. When big labor . When big lobbyist . When big special interest groups . Controls President http…
MYEFO & Tony & Joe's favourite lie. that the Labor Party left a dirty big black hole excerpt
Check out what Inslee did to stop free trade deals, to the benefit of big labor & at the expense of Washingtonians.
Our pleasure - just spreading news on big cost & labor savings to be had by using our filtration systems on industrial engines
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Chair of Labor & Employment Studies John Logan writes about new rules issued by National Labor Relations Bd
Charity got a big *** sign by the door that say if u in labor, leave 😂😂😂
McGurik must be a fan of Big Business & slave labor in & w/t the conservative base the "Jebster" will lose. Cruz is 4 us
Deal telephone booth labor of love quartermaster: the perfectly double-barreled picture respecting high big-laden…
Contract/Travel Labor and Delivery RN needed near SHERIDAN, WY big money at Voyage Solutions…
Putin is responsible for big layoffs in my mill. It affects us. Their devalued labor is killing our market.
.designed to raise wages were also big winners." Tighter labor market also raises wages.
The NLRB approves rule to speed up the time frame of union elections.
because the people are clamoring for it? Oh wait, because big donors know he will flood the labor market to suppress wages
Today in 1902-NYC's Majestic Theater becomes first in the US to employ women ushers
Must read blog! This is end results of an controlled by individuals w/big labor ties
R's sellout America for cheap labor, D's sell out America for cheap votes..
Republicans did not "cave to Democrats" on immigration. They caved to big corporations that want cheap labor.
Big Business cries wolf over NLRB election rules
big corporation? Can a small labor union compel the large employer to grant its demands? The capitalist class is organized in its
Little Giant Ladders
"Abbott & Hockey keep telling their favorite lie: that Labor left a dirty big black hole in Australia's finances."
Big ears is Daniel Andrews Victorian labor premier or mr potato head take your pick .
"Pressure from big U.S. retailers and the Mexican government has driven child labor out of these operations over the last decade."
Those b8 Liberals spending up big when Labor was in till they realized they had gone broke.
Why this big boom in Sugar Cane (at the expense of beets)? It has to do with geopolitics. 1. Labor in the lower latitudes is cheaper. +
what happened to the labor? sorry im just a big fresh ave fan and I need to hear it...
In a major victory for Big Labor, the National Labor Relations Board ruled against McDonald's Corp. in a class action suit brought by union activists. The decision is also a potentially major rewrite of federal law regarding business franchising. The case involved whether the corporation was actuall…
So “moved” to a week ago? Labor always make where you live a big issue - when it’s the other side. Hypocrites.
big words from another illiterate leftie - back to your bong big fella - we are sick of Labor corruption!
Queendom 2014 is coming!!! Labor Day weekend. Just had a power combo wit the big homie we working!!
Labor will have a big job fixing Abbotts mess. via
Sizzle still in hard labor Vet said it could take Days she is having hard time foal is big Sizzle a Pony Pray!
Big plans for Labor Day weekend turning 18 and going to Dallas to reunite with my brother I haven't seen in 5 years 🙌
the 4 big CSG projects in Qld were approved by Labor state and fed govts. Is this why you want a Royal Commision?
This week was a big week of picking up labor endorsements. We are now endorsed by IUPAT District 6, AFSCME Ohio...
This is a big F you to the people for the money they had to spend on carbon and mining taxes. Labor needs to hit them so hard...
The big boy pants are definitely on this summer balancing 14 hour Labor Days, banal and a social life. I need to hibernate!
LNP to collapse in Vic, SA - lib allows labor to stay, Newman in trouble in Qld, NSW - big parties corrupt, Fed Govt only 1 termer.
Big Business will avoid more tax than budget cuts will save: right wing hypocrisy via
Why Thank you! :) it is life changing and an amazing feeling to have our mija in our arms :) but the labor *** a** big time! Lol
RIP Bobby Womack. We were big fans of your music in this household and were planning to see you perform at Bumbershoot over Labor Day.
Labor's assistant treasury spokesman Andrew Leigh has criticised the Abbott government for rolling back...
Big tobacco profits from child labor in US tobacco fields. Take action now:
The 1% think their group is too big so they support to get cheap slave labor from ALL of us
Yes she mostcertainly getting bad advice at times. Led by focus groups? Labor often seem to try to please not lead. Big mistake
Big tobacco profits from child labor on US farms. Take action now:
Please stand up for middleclass jobs and close the border.Big Biz wants open borders to have slave labor.Its a winning issue
Allowing illegal labor in is for big biz and cronyism tied to congress. It lowers pay for the bottom half of economy. Disgusting!
For workers in search of justice, SCOTUS' decision yesterday means a lot of headaches:
It seems that Royal Commissions into anything Labor or Unions is acceptable but anything to do with Big Business is not.
Big Labor could get bruised as SCOTUS rules in key union case...
Per Fed. Reserve Dallas, US labor now polarized between low and high skill jobs with big loss of medium level skills which rises inequality.
Big day at the Court for Labor and Employment
Labor is taking care it self my 1/2 days 1/2 weeks so the Prodject .. a hastle big time . putting it together nickles amd dimes with favores
"Illegals bankrupting towns in border states. too busy securing cheap labor 4 Big Business to secure border
So it looks like my sister is going into labor!!!
will likely rule on big labor case Harris v. Quinn Monday. Prepare yourself with this handy backgrounder
There is no labor shortage. There is no job Americans won't do. Control the border and let wages rise on their own.
Big news: Springfield institution Student Prince bought by Picknelly. Re-opens after Labor Day. So awesome.
Walking around this big *** outlet .IMA b dun went into preterm labor. Lol
.previews SCOTUS final day from labor/employment POV; Predicts Court grants cert in EEOC case
BIG THANKS to GOD! Finally reaping the fruits of my Labor RN NA AKO !
Did you know? 46% of Michaud's PAC contributions came from biz PACs similar to those of the Koch brothers. 41% from Big Labor.
Workers who just want to keep their tips are up against "the daunting Goliath of big labor" via
Big questions facing labor board after ruling
You are correct. Big Business is taking advantage of cheap labor. I think that is wrong.
9 months of being fat, big *** nose huge *** aerolas and 15days of labor to push out a little creature 🙈 I would die slowly
Big Monday coming up at the Court for Labor & Employment Law:
Same same when it comes to organized labor, Big Business. U name it. BOTH parties.
Click the link in our bio & enter our BIG Labor Day Giveaway for a chance to win 5lbs of Organic Handmade Soap!
"launches 'day of action' for amnesty...DIDNT VOTE FOR U CHEAP LABOR ***
Will German Workers Declare Independence? labor rights - a big reason (of many) how germany always come up on top.
Wondering a bit more about what is behind the VA's ability to be successful? Sounds a little bit like the 'education' problem. Unions and government are not independent. POTOMAC WATCH Big Labor's VA Choke Hold How Democrats put their union allies before the well-being of veterans. By KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL May 29, 2014 7:08 p.m. ET We know with certainty that there is at least one person the Department of Veterans Affairs is serving well. That would be the president of local lodge 1798 of the National Federation of Federal Employees. The Federal Labor Relations Authority, the agency that mediates federal labor disputes, earlier this month ruled in favor of this union president, in a dispute over whether she need bother to show up at her workplace—the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Martinsburg, W.Va. According to FLRA documents, this particular VA employee is 100% "official time"—D.C. parlance for federal employees who work every hour of every work day for their union, at the taxpayer's expense. In ...
These are OUR OPPONENTS in the FIGHT AGAINST AMNESTY: The Koch Brothers, Big Business, Big Labor, Organized Religion, Elite Media, and every Republican politician with a "For Sale" sign around his John Boehner, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham and Eric Cantor. The "Bad Guys" are NOT JUST Obama &'s ALL of the above.
Leftist magazine The Nation recently reported that Big Labor's high command is "very, very nervous" about the possible outcome in Harris v. Quinn, the case National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys argued at the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year. The class-action lawsuit challenges a scheme enacted by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and his disgraced predecessor, Rod Blagojevich, aimed at forcing homecare providers into union ranks by pretending they are state employees. Lead plaintiff Pam Harris, who turned to the Foundation for free legal aid, talked about the case last week on On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News. To watch the interview, click here or on the image below. Thank you for helping us fight for Pam Harris and other homecare providers challenging this corrupt forced-unionism scheme. By taking their fight all the way to the highest court in the land, we could set another groundbreaking precedent protecting workers from coast to coast. Sincerely,
Are you tired of special interest money? My campaign has been accused of taking said money, but check out the reports. We need your help! This year's campaign finance reports (2014) were recently posted and you can guess what they showed. The Bassler campaign received our donations from real people living in the district as well as business-oriented groups in Indianapolis. My opponent received most of his donations from organized labor which included the SEIU in Chicago ($6500), the Senate Majority Campaign Committee ($17,602), and active politicians in Indianapolis ($15,150), and $5000 from Trial Lawyers PAC. His report is here for you to trust and verify. Mine is here: Waterman took approximately $45,000, or 80% from these groups in 2014. An additional $5000 comes from other PACs and industries in Indianapolis. In total, 90% of Sen. Waterman's 2014 campaign contributions are from Big Labor, Politicians or Campaign PACs. Special Interest money wants to buy this election. Help me stop them! Tell your fami ...
if you won’t forget that this weekend chose to side w/ Big Labor over Conservatives
No Scholarship Student Should Be Forced Into a Union March 28, 2014 – Wheaton, Illinois - Recently, National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a ruling that granted Northwestern football players the right to unionize. The decision is a bomb to the heart of college football's amateurism rules, and could lead to significant change to college athletics in general. Northwestern University and the NCAA have strongly opposed the concept of a players' union, arguing that college football players are primarily students, not employees. Despite the ruling, athletes face a long appeals process. And, once that’s done, they still have to deal with the challenges of building an organization out of members who by definition turn over heavily every year. Big Labor sees the key to making student-athlete unions viable is to expand membership beyond Northwestern by mounting successful organizing campaigns at other schools. In response to questions by Rep. Ives during a hearing of the Illinois K-12 Appropriations Comm ...
Dear Ed, Barack Obama's radical National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is at it again. You may remember that in 2011, after Big Labor's Card Check Forced Unionism Bill stalled in Congress, the NLRB proposed a "card check lite" scheme -- also known as ambush elections -- to grease the skids to force workers under union-boss control. When the NLRB solicited comments about the proposed rule from the public, I sounded the alarm to Right to Work supporters like you. Over 65,000 comments poured in -- the vast majority against the proposed scheme. In fact, after only 17,000 comments had been filed, one former Board member told the press that he hasn't seen the public turn up the heat on the NLRB like that in almost 40 years. But despite the firestorm of protest, the Obama Labor Board went ahead with the scheme anyway. The two former union lawyers who then composed a majority of the Board were so desperate to ram through the rule, they didn't even bother to let the dissenting Board Member vote, so the radical rule ...
Democrats attack each other in Silicon Valley. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Obama operatives fight Big Labor and Big...
U have 2 read Big Labor's candidate questionnaires to believe them. Here is the Sacramento Central Labor Council's:
Add the evil George Soros factor along with Big Labor
“Why did President Obama and the Democrats in Congress fight us tooth and nail, and eventually shut down the government last October?” asked Jenny Beth Martin, Co-founder of Tea Party Patriots. “Last fall, Tea Party Patriots fought tirelessly to Exempt America and to let Congress know that if the law wasn’t good enough for Big Business, Big Labor, and Big Congress, then it certainly wasn’t good enough for the American people. “We knew the law would cost millions of Americans their health insurance, yet the president disagreed, and even guaranteed that Americans could keep their health care plan if they wanted. As a result, Washington shut down, costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars, leaving Veterans unable to pay their respects to their fallen brothers, and tourists locked out of the monuments that celebrate America’s greatness. And for what? Political points? The entire shutdown could have been completely avoided had the President considered any opposing viewpoints. “Now, ...
White House, Big Labor: The CBO has no idea what it’s talking about on minimum wage « Hot Air via
Recently, the Obama Administration quietly ordered the IRS to silence its opponents by imposing new regulations on Christian and conservative non-profit groups. These rules forbid conservative groups like Faith & Freedom Coalition from distributing voter guides, Congressional Scorecards, legislative alerts, and even registering voters. And, of course, Obama's favorite Big Labor unions are all exempted from following the rules. We must stop this war on our freedom of speech! That's why we have launched to defeat these proposed regulations to silence conservative, Christian, and Tea Party Americans. If we're going to keep our voice in November, we need as many Christians and conservatives to make their voice heard now, by signing our petition to Congress and the Obama Administration. Please sign the petition right away, to make sure we stop this unprecedented, un-American ban on conservative speech. These new regulations are so crushing that, for months before an election, conservative an ...
Meet the New Kochs: They beat Big Labor in its own backyard. Next up: your state?
Big Labor didn't build the middle class
An olive branch to Big Labor? Rep. Esty invites a top Connecticut union official to the state of the union address:
"Arguably the most important thing in the debate about the minimum wage is that hardly anyone makes it. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics less than 3 percent of all workers take home $7.25 or less an hour and half who do are 24 years old or younger. And the vast majority — 77 percent — of minimum wage earners belong to households that are above the poverty line. So when Fast Food Forward declares, 'We can't survive on $7.25!', the good news is that very few people have to (and to the extent that they do, their income is supplemented by anti-poverty programs such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, food stamps, and housing subsidies). Staying at the minimum wage is also usually mercifully short-lived. For instance, between 1977 and 1997, two-thirds of full-time workers had moved on to higher pay within a year." — Nick Gillespie, "Big Labor's Big Mac Attack," The Daily Beast, Dec. 4th, 2013.
NRTWC VP Greg Mourad and BlazeTV's Andrew Wilkow - Big Labor's Use of Forced-Dues for Politics
Congratulations Virginia, you just elected a total slime-ball POS as your governor. Good luck with that for the next 4 years as he repays the deep pockets that funded his campaign such as George Soros, California environmentalist groups, Michael Bloomberg, Big Labor and so on. I'm sure he is already taking reservations for donors to spend a couple nights at Monticello.
As Senate leaders hammer out a deal to end the partial government shutdown and lift the nation's debt ceiling, sources on Capitol Hill tell Breitbart News that labor unions are poised to win a significant delay in an ObamaCare tax. The delay in the tax, which has long been a goal of Big Labor, is ex...
The past is repeating itself... The Return of the 19th Century by gjohnsit Sep 30, 2013 4:32pm PDT A friend once told me that the wealthy elite didn't want to just "roll back" the New Deal, they wanted to roll back the entire 20th Century. His point was that all the social gains of the 20th Century were granted to us in order to combat global communism, and that with the collapse of communism the wealthy elite are going it take it all back. I didn't fully appreciate his sentiments until recently. The recent upsurge in global piracy seems strange and exotic in today's world, but in fact it is rather appropriate in the full context of national events. Below is a list of trends which show the 21st Century is going to look a lot more like the 19th Century than the 20th Century. Big Labor Can we finally stop saying "Big Labor"? Last year labor union membership had shrunk to 11.8% of the total workforce and only 6.6% of the private sector. You have to go all the way back to 1900 to find such a small union footp ...
Only when it benefits you Do ppl know about your loyalty to Big Labor & Gov Healthcare?
Watching Senator Ted Cruz on Hannity and they are right, mark their words, Big Labor will get an exemption for the ACA and the Poster Child for Birth Control in the Oval Office will keep his voter base. Well tell me this, how is it that the law has been and can be changed without going back though the legislative process? How does this MF'er get to unilaterally decide who this law applies to and who it doesn't?
Michelle Malkin: No Obamacare exemptions for Big Labor? We’ll see . via
No Obamacare exemptions for Big Labor? We'll see ~via Michelle Malkin
Tamron Hall can't possibly fathom Big Labor sending protestors who never worked at to protest outside Walmart.
Great news! Big labor scared Appeals rules Michigan right-to-work law applies to state workers:
ObamaCare pushing Americans into part-time work, critics say: The warnings about ObamaCare from Big Labor and ...
Big labor losers took it in the shorts today in Michigan. Right-To-Work To Cover State Employees
Big Labor Day boat ride comin up in Charleston. Is it ok to wear white on the day of Labor Day?!
Governor Kasich: No Right to Work for Ohio: Ohio Governor Kasich has caved to Big Labor…
Desperate for new life, Big Labor to admit non-members into unions: . Sean Higgins. AFL-CIO President Richard...
Union Gangsters: Craig Becker - Big Labor's consigliere now wields the force
Harry The Bulldog Reid should disclose his receipts from the Big labor Bosses. How much income is he concealing..He speaks out to avoid att
A bit sad has joined the big Labor liars...Wong, Burke, Clare ,Plibersek, Bradbury, O'Connor, Shorten
Getting way to nerdy excited for fantasy football this year. Spring St throwing down a big Labor Day draft party/cookout
Norquist: Obamacare Advocates Hurl Hail Mary: A big labor front group is delivering "thousands" of petit...
Be prepared for a big labor union blitz because of this:
Good thing made nice with Big Labor by working to squelch a workplace freedom campaign! via
Agree about Obamacare, but you should be defunded, too, Vestyboy! You're Specter clone & big labor fraud! Peeps in PA know!
Wow! Summer is flying by! Only a few weeks until my big Labor Day Weekend show at Captain Nick's!
semi -skilled, not unskilled. Africa has a big labor force that is untapped.
In true Big Labor boss style, vote early & vote often for 'Union Boss of the Year'
If Obamacare is not ready for Congress, Big Business, or Big Labor, it’s not ready for the American people.
Is going to list a return address for their petition to the No physical address on their website. Big Labor front group.
I like to say, "If it's not good enough for Big Government or Big Labor, it's not good 4 the Main St. American"
Harold Meyerson w a bit of history and analysis abt UFCW's return to the AFL-CIO via &
Rastech...inna di building..we tun up on Sept 1. Big Labor Day bash yu dnt want to miss
Second Opinions: Big Labor Blackballs One of its Own: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is a simple enough...
But how will partnering with NAACP & Sierra Club save big Labor in America? AFL-CIO - AFL-CIO tries to regroup as...
Big Labor Day Weekend.AdvoCare is becoming a house hold name.Now is the time to be part of a team PM me
And my column in yesterday's Prospect on the UFCW's return to the AFLCIO:
Dear Robert, President Obama and his union boss cronies are trying to set our country on a path of no return. From day one of his Presidency, Obama has been packing the National Labor Relations Board with union militants, who have been aggressively rewriting American labor law to give Big Labor more power, more forced dues and more political clout. I've fought them every step of the way. But now Harry Reid is planning to fight tooth and nail to force the Senate to rubber-stamp Obama's bogus non-recess "appointees" this month. Reid and Obama will be arguing that if the Senate doesn't give Obama what he wants, the NLRB will have to shut down. And he'll do his best to make that sound as if it were a bad thing. But you and I know better. We've seen the legal chaos these unscrupulous Big Labor shills have created through their illegal takeover of the NLRB. There's no doubt the country and its workforce will be far better off with the Board shut down. And it really could happen. You see, even with Obama's non-r ...
FROM DEMOCRACY TO THEOCRACY FIRST LESSON: MATTHEW 8:8The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof: but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed. SECOND LESSON: MATTHEW 12:37For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. GOLDEN TEXT: MATTHEW 11:28Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Change of Baton One Leader, Government and Currency One Belief and One Kingdom No more war and No more coup in Nigeria FAITH CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS The above text, form the summary of our lesson in this gospel. They also form the glad tidings of great joy for the whole world. This call has been extended to the poor, the hungry, the faithless, the unbelievers, the weak and the hopeless for salvation. Equally covered in this same salvation are the wicked, idolaters, revilers, the oppressed and those who have lost every hope. Whatever the nature of your problems, once you receive this gospel and b ...
Day One of Afterwards: Ervinell Walters 6100 NW Loop 410 # 215 San Antonio, TX 78238 Ewalters1Word Count: 78,000 AFTERWARDS All glory and honor to God Almighty. Submitted for your pleasure and edification by the Author’s assistant, Ervinell Walters in the year of our Lord, 2009. Simon Peter said to Him, “Lord, where are You going?” Jesus answered him, “Where I am going you cannot follow Me now, but you shall follow Me afterwards.” John 13:36 Foreword Several years ago a friend, Gloria Jones Brothers, told me I should write a book. We used to talk on the telephone and she loved to hear my Army stories of Okinawa, like learning to drive a stick shift during a typhoon. Or, my childhood shenanigans, like the time Dee and I flooded Mr. Frank’s house when we built a dam that actually worked; or, my stories about Hallettsville, TX, where I spent so many happy summers. Her favorite stories were the escapades of my dog Tinker. Tinker was a character and was always getting into something. In August ...
Mara Diehl's husband deserves huge thank you's for building shelving inside Susquehanna Valley Preschool's nice, big, new storage shed. He is quite the talented woodworker and I highly recommend we all solicit his talents for all our carpentry-related home projects now...ha! ha! .we're installing oak stairs in our house soon, so I'll be contacting him :) Just kidding! Thank you very much, Steve Diehl!!! Very nice work, not to mention all the time and sweat labor you put into those shelves!
So, this morning, got some breakfast at McDonalds. Got to work, and my Boss lady says "WHAT RU DOIN HERE?" Duhh...?? "GET LOST, you not workin today." So I lite out of there with a Great big YAAA *** ! Yaee, PLAYTIME!! What to do? I went to one of the houses I take care of and cleaned up the yard. Lately physical labor has been more enjoyable. My new job does require a little brain work. HAPPY SATURDAY!!!
My grandson is finally here. Rebekah was in labor and not making much progress. The baby ended up being taken c-section. Mommy and baby are doing well.
Get ready --- for something --- but we aren't sure what will happen. because -- anything ca happen on June 30 at 8P/7c (BET AWARDS) ... ANYTHING! http:/be...
When you were 18, how "grown up" were you? Over 30,000 teenagers are aged out of the U.S. foster care systems, in which many were placed as younger children, many through no fault of their own. With no support, many of these kids live on the streets, turn to drugs and much worse. We complain about "no help" for the homeless, yet we contribute 30,000 people a year to a situation, already at epidemic proportions. These kids are victims of their own society and it breaks my heart. Delaware is making major changes. (read article below) As a nation, if we Headlines Delaware’s children: On their own after foster care The News Journal By Mike Chalmers One day when Lorri Moxey was 13, her mother told her she needed a yearlong break from her kids. “When I walked into the house, all my stuff was packed and there was a van parked outside,” said Moxey, now 20. “I didn’t know what foster care was,” she said. “I didn’t know where I was going. By the age of 14, I knew she wasn’t coming back. She doesn ...
The Navy and Huntington Ingalls Industries came to terms on a contract for the inactivation of the USS Enterprise. The cost-plus-incentive fee contract allows for the ultimate price tag to be adjusted based on a formula under which the Navy and the shipbuilder would both share some of the burden of ...
I feel like my Nephew was just born!! Omg, I remember when we first found out he was on the way! Riley was snuggling with his NiNi Melanie Close while she was in labor, taking care of his auntie, and that night we were blessed with that beautiful face! Wishing the HAPPIEST HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO MY NEPHEW DINO FRANCIS!! What a beautiful incredible little boy that I am blessed to call my nephew!!
FQ Please post: so starting about 3 weeks ago, at night when I'm sleeping I wake up to move to my other side an whichever side I'm on my hips hurt like bad. I feel like they're goin I pop out of place when I stretch.. Any other ftm's have experienced the same thing. I'm 37 weeks and not sure if my pelvis area is getting ready to push him through. Thanks. rp by Jennifer {9}
An Indian airline has hit on possibly the worthiest excuse yet for hiring slim women as cabin crew -- it saves fuel and therefore money.
SAN FRANCISCO – A threshold of 6-cm cervical dilation is more accurate than the conventional 4 cm to determine when a woman enters the active phase of labor, a reevaluation of evidence suggests. The historical evidence behind the commonly used assumption that 4-cm dilation signals the start of activ...
7 year ago at 8:30 pm The doc came in and told me that the baby heart rate kept dropping and they were concerned so they were gonna do and emergency C section. After about 24 hrs of Labor I was very dissapointed because I wanted the reward of pushing after all that labor and I was also scared to have a C section. But thanks to great friends there to support me 15 min later in the operating room I had my only Son. He came out and let his voice be heard from the beginning. Cyan has been a ball of energy every since and I thank God for him every day. Happy birthday Cyan Mommy Loves you so much.
Do terrorists get more annoyed than other passengers by flight delays? Imagine: "I swear by Allah never to fly United Airlines again! I don't have time for this! And they tell me bomb in my bag is too big for to carry-on. How much time I must to spend in airport gift shop? I don't care airline labor union pilot strike. This last time I take redeye from Denver to Chicago"!
On Monday, the interest rate on newly originated federal Stafford student loans is set to double from 3.4 to 6.8 percent. A month ago, I introduced a bill that would give students the same good deal we give the big banks. This proposal seems like commonsense to me, but, in this Congress, I knew it would be a long and tough battle. I am in total disbelief, though, that the Republicans made clear this week they won’t even allow a vote to keep the rate at 3.4 percent. Instead, they are pushing a plan to make more money off students. The government is already profiting $51 billion off its student loan program this year alone, and the Republicans want a deal that would increase those profits even more. The Republicans have made clear their philosophy: “I’ve got mine, the rest of you are on your own.” And so we need to keep fighting. That is why our team is still working harder than ever to organize students, get our message out, and fight for real investments in our future. Can you make a donation by o ...
God answered my prayer to be able to feel my water breaking by itself!! That was kind of neat!!
June 29 What is to be a 7-day streetcar strike begins in Chicago after several workers are unfairly fired. Wrote the police chief at the time, describing the strikers’ response to scabs: "One of my men said he was at the corner of Halsted and Madison Streets, and although he could see fifty stones in the air, he couldn't tell where they were coming from." The strike was settled to the workers’ satisfaction - 1885 An executive order signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt establishes the National Labor Relations Board. A predecessor organization, the National Labor Board, established by the Depression-era National Industrial Recovery Act in 1933, had been struck down by the Supreme Court - 1934 IWW strikes Weyerhauser and other Idaho lumber camps - 1936 Jesus Pallares, founder of the 8,000-member coal miners union, Liga Obrera de Habla Espanola, is deported as an "undesirable alien." The union operated in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado - 1936 The Boilermaker and Blacksmith unions merge to ...
One year ago today was the big storm in Fort Wayne when thousands lost power for up to one week. How did you cope with it?
Rankings of am angry woman.All these businesses that are cutting ties with Paula Deen shows just how hypocritical they are. WalMart continues to sell merchandise that is made using child labor sweatshops in foreign lands. They say they sell Made in the USA products but haven't seen a whole lot of stuff that's made here in their store! I spend about $500 a month there but am pulling my business! I'm done shopping at WalMart, Target, Penney's, Sears, KMart, Walgreen's and Random House Books. There are other stores to shop in! Don't tell me who I should support when you are worse than Paula Deen ever thought of being! Oh - and Smithfield was recently purchased by a Chinese company so I was done buying their products anyway! Love you Paula!
For another dosage of reassurance and therapy for Eric not to fear Yafes’s threats of witchcraft /voodoo “negendereza oyinza okusangamu obuzibu” which implied that Yafes was going to employ the mysteries of witchcraft against the plot, house and Eric himself, I gave Eric Kakule one more example about Yafes’s father Gawedekumpagala Tridinyi’s true story to show him that it is all a mind game. History repeated itself once again when Tridinyi got rich but would not pay his commodity suppliers among which were fruit suppliers, farmers and manufacturer for example Uganda Dairy, Coca Cola, Uganda Millers, etc who were a lifeline for the continuation of business! We would for example sell fruit juice together with burns, which made Talanta Business a hot stop for the city workers but he would refuse to pay the flour and fruit suppliers. It was as though Tridinyi had turned a pathological deadbeat as regards to paying what he owed others. Yet we would use sacks and sacks of fruits to make juice and bake ...
Randy Rivard Student Achievement and Parental Involvement Amy Colline, Derek Bergeron, Marlene Williams College of the Canyons Psychology 103 Abstract Studies have found student achievement is positively influenced by parental involvement at both home and school. When parents talk to their children about school, expect them to do well, and make sure that out-of-school activities are constructive; their children do better in school. In addition, when schools encourage families to cooperate in meeting the child’s educational needs, students make greater gains. Families of all income levels, education levels, and all ethnic and cultural groups support their children’s learning at home. However, there is greater school involvement by white, middle-class families, as achievement tests confirm. While supporting more school involvement from all parents is an important strategy, implementing government and community-based programs may reduce the achievement gap. The goal of this research is to predict that th ...
10:15a and it's ALREADY 108 outside... Today could be the all-time record breaker (123).
I think my driveway is turning into a big truck graveyard!! ❤ My husband
Question of the day: replace the coils to my 30+ year old A/C unit for $400 or place the whole unit all together with a new energy efficient unit for $1500??
On Thursday, police in Statesville arrested Jose Miguel Flores-Lizcano, 40, after he reportedly raped a woman in at a home on Forest Hollow Drive. The victim, w
As I am here remembering the day I had my sister Maritza came to visit me with her big belly as well.there were like 6 of us inspecting lol. As she left to go home I here that she was in labor as well that is when she had my desirous niece. Betsy.yea tomorrow is her birthday 33 as well. That is why I say life is crazy and great as well
Regardless of education level, immigrants have a positive effect on the American economy. Research shows that immigrants increase the standard for all U.S.-born workers by increasing wages and lowering prices.
Filipinos comprise a third of global mariners Filipino seafarers were honored in this week’s celebration of the 3rd Seafarers Day. Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) Regional Director Nanette Villamor-Dinopol said that the Filipino seafarers, especially those working for international shipping lines contribute much to the economy. Dinopol said that one out of three seafarers in the world is a Filipino. “If there would be no Filipino seafarers, the international maritime industry would be in a critical condition,” she said. Commodore William M. Melad, chief of the Philippine Coast Guard in the Central Visayas said that seafarers are true modern day heroes. Melad applauded the dedication and commitment of the seafarers who bring in goods in the country safely as well as deliver Filipino products throughout the world. Not only are the Filipino seafarers contributing to the economy, but they are playing a big role in the global economy, said Melad. As the role of the Filipino seafarers become relevant ...
As long as the Dream is still alive in me.. It is never too late. Never Ever too Late !! A simple dream will make a man into who he will become. Personality, traits, mind setting and toughness. Dreams make the whole of us whole and worth while. I dream to become successful. Right now, it's still a dream.. But a bit closer than yesterday. It may be a small step, yet again, it is still a step forward.  Many of what we have right now are based on dreams. Inventors realized to make something based on what they have dreamed of. Ideas are based on dreams. Technology was based on dreams nonetheless. Past civilization dreamed of doing less  labor. That is why technology existed because of that dream. It does make sense does it, Don? Most  of us are dreaming of becoming somebody someday. I wanted to be Great. Someday, I will... There are those who wanted to sing, draw, play, invent, write, famous, and so on and so forth. Everybody are dreaming of success. Do you agree, Don? If not, then what are you doing right ...
Since returning to the Senate in January, I am more committed than ever to serve as an independent voice for the people of Illinois. I recently sat down with National Journal to discuss my work in the Senate and a vision for improving our nation’s economy. I encourage you to read the article and sha...
Immigration is a fact of life - I keep reading all the hate against immigrants. Well, look, I'm an immigrant. I left my country partly for love, but also because I couldn't get a job, which makes me an economic immigrant. (The type who leaves their country to "find a better life".) both the US and UK have been immigration countries from their very inception. The US was settled visa Bering Strait, the UK from the European mainland. Look at how much the immigrants contributed - how many war heroes, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs are/were first, second and third generation immigrants. Check your own family trees. Chances are, you're one too. Considering the TRILLIONS of dollars/pounds/euros we've thrown at the BANKS to save RICH PEOPLE's FORTUNES, the couple dollars/pound/euros spend on HUMAN BEINGS getting settled among us really isn't a big amount of money. I'd call that a bloody good investment, actually. Rant out. Feel free to unfollow me. Troll comments will be deleted.
I was mocking an American tendency 2 call anything we disapprove of BIG—the right does it w/ Big Labor & such as well
Hey former staffers PAX is just two months away and I will need extra help. I have a Big Fish on the line that wants to do a buyout for the WHOLE WEEK! $ Who wants to play in the GW sandbox? August 27-September 2.
A doctor just walked into the room and asked where the baby was. I said, still in the oven sir. He said umm yeah, wrong room. See you guys tonight. Uh i freakin hope not joker!
My hubby bday is July 28th I wanted to do something but thiers a lil prob my due date is July 27th lol so we Cant plan nun just in the fact I can go into labor anytime !!! Or we maybe already in hospital lol
Along with not being able to BART to work come Monday, you also won't get your street swept or sewer-line...
How can Republicans win in Democrat-friendly area's in 2014 Minnesota House races?
Did any of you have a rough pregnancy? I am with this one. I have sporiac bleeding. It scares me. Going through an episode today. Pray for us please. *Ash*
Looking around downtown, there is no denying that the 150th is upon us! Our question is, are you coming for the celebration or avoiding the big crowds?
I had sum REALLLY bad pains last nite .didn't get very much sleep at all! They weren't all that close together tho and I did manage to sleep thru sum of them .I just got up an hour ago and have had a couple since I been up! Idk if its labor tho so I'm gonna wait and see .will keep y'all posted!
UF: Floridians’ confidence keeps growing GAINESVILLE, Fla. – June 26, 2013 – Florida’s consumer confidence keeps inching higher, according to a University of Florida monthly survey. In June, state consumer confidence rose one point from May to 82 this month – another post-recession high. June is the fourth consecutive month to show a rise in the sentiment of Floridians. Four of the five components measured in the survey went up, while one remained the same. Respondents’ overall opinion that they’re better off financially now than a year ago rose three points to 70, while their belief that their personal finances will improve a year from now remained at 82. Their outlook for U.S. economic conditions over the coming year rose two points to 83. The survey-takers’ long-term view for the nation’s economic health over the next five years rose one point to 83. Finally, the survey shows that consensus of whether now is a good time to buy a big-ticket item such as a television went up two points ...
USDA approves horse slaughterhouse to produce meat for human consumption
I'm 25 weeks along an I have placenta previa an I went to my doc to tell her my private bones seem to b hurting an also my inner thigh like I have been riding a horse bare back for a long time. They seem to think it should all b ok an wants me to keep working but my job doesn't think I should. Has anyone else felt this pain? I can barly seem to walk it hurts so much. Reposted by Kay
yeah - have a Praise Report - EVERYTHING went GREAT with the Kingdom Kidz .. Summer Lock-in! Good reports coming in and so glad that everyone had such a good time - a BIG BIG === THANK YOU - TO Evelyn Miller, and Mark Borden and Karen Borden - you guys *ROCK* . "Your work and labor of love is not in vain in the Lord"
A plan for 700 more miles of fencing along the southwest U.S. border — part of a immigration-bill deal forged in the Senate this week — would come with a mammoth and unpredictable price tag, judging by past efforts. The original legislation crafted by the bipartisan …
Senator Mitch McConnell spoke on the Senate floor regarding the need for the President to focus on common-sense policies to make energy cleaner and more affordable, not a national energy tax and a 'war on coal' that would hinder economic growth. MITCH MCCONNELL: âDeclaring a âWar on Coalâ is tant...
Headed to the dealership today. Gas has gotten to pricey for me to justify owning the FJ. While I love it terribly, I need something more sensible. Thinking a Subaru for a commuter car - maybe an outback? Thoughts?
Found out yesterday we are going to be grandma and grandpa to a baby girl in November. Let's see, she is due "around Thanksgiving" which is the 28th. My birthday is on the 26th. If I recall the story correctly, my mom had a big Thanksgiving dinner and went into labor. So Lorae Markley Farmer history may repeat.
A year ago today my son was born. After 15 long drawn hours of labor Zeadyn was finally born. It took mommies doctor 14 hours top believe I was even believe you were coming that night. Not even an hour after they finally admitted me the doctor woke me up from a nap shocked that you were ready to meet us. You came out so perfect and healthy mommy and Aunt Julie Heatwole were so proud. You had a big smile on your face and I knew from the moment I saw you I was blessed! This has been one of the best years of my life. Watching you grow and learn with the help of your big sister holding your hand all way. I love you zeadyn and I hope continue to grow and learn to be the best man I know you can be! I was lost and didn't know what life had to bring until I met you. Now I know what my purpose in life is. You and kaydance are my world and I wouldn't have it any other way! Happy birthday Zeadyn James. Mommies little big man. I'll always love you to the moon and back!
I believe ppl can change if they have Faith in Him and not Man. Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 17 Plus
"Its okay to preach peace, love and prosperity, sure while your robbing the poor, rebuking them from your churches, hanging out with those who support your causes. Its okay to wonder with no windows, where you can hide out, the secret pillows, in which we lay our heads when the sap returns to the earth, all the healing agents return to the earth, why do you think in darkness, its so quiet? Ah, the sun the energy one big atom bomb we are surrounded by potential fire bombs one beneath us one in front of us. With millions of projectiles just waiting to hit us, yet we are still here? How can this be so I asked God, once in my stewing, my innermost thinking, induced by curiosity, that is why I love God, He makes me think, He challenges, my inner most wisdom, ports which have never been touched before. This is why a child spake as a child, however out of the mouths of babes shall they speak. Innocence, is being unaware, I will return one day as a youth, having the mind of a child, for I cannot enter into that g ...
Worst pain of my life... And no, it's not labor!!! Can I go back to the second trimester?!
Since everybody has severe short term memory, I'll say it first so that later down the line, when I'm correct as usual, I will bring this up to all the bleeding heart idealists who shout "racist" and other things at people like me. It is now coming out that illegal immigrants don't want citizenship. Why? It's because of massive taxation AND the knowledge that if they become citizens, more illegals will come in, causing a wage war and they could lose their jobs. I'm not joking. Also, buried in the news: polygamist sects are vying for marriage equality rights. It is a bigger movement than you would think because, like I said, it's buried in the news. While I really couldn't care less if a guy wants 3 wives (isn't one enough??!), I did read a thread (I'll find and post a link here in a bit) where people, even *** people, were saying, basically, "now, that's just wrong." What's that? *** forcing their morals down somebody's throats? Children, the word of the day is hypocrisy. Can you say hypocrisy? ...
You know what's interesting about the number seventy-five? It's the number of slaves owned by Patrick "Give me liberty or give me death" Henry.
Woke up to a ton of pressure on the hip I wasnt sleeping on.
A big THANK YOU to all of our VBS volunteers and workers who made Kingdom Rock VBS a huge success. We ministered to an average of 130 children each day throughout the week. Without you, it would have not been possible. Thank you for your labor of love!
Doc said yesterday that I can have this baby vaginal or a can have a section so now I'm trying to decide since my husband has seen a birth vaginal I kinda want to so that but then I just don't know!
A Hectic but Productive Week at Valhalla Temperatures finally hit the three-digit level Thursday with a slight drop on Friday. At about 0400 on Friday we were wakened by Joker the cat, who had decided to spend the night out, pounding on our bedroom sliding glass door. Of course, opening the door got Valkeri the pup stirring, so she had to be walked. An amazing series of almost constant flashes to the southeast - there was a big storm over the horizon - added to the drama of the moment. Even at pre-dawn the air was hot, very muggy, and quite still. Was that storm coming our way? Turned out, no. On morning rounds, about 0730, we discovered a new-born kid in the goat pen. A twin we found later under straw. Both from Iris, our oldest and most experienced mother. The dead kid had been stepped on during the night and killed with a broken neck. The survivor was premature and befuddled. Too weak to nurse and hadn't developed a sucking reflex yet. Iris is terrified of lightning and we figure that a combination of ...
The only way to get foxes (politicians) to put a lock on the henhouse (campaign money) is to change the political environment, and force politicians in the only place that works: the ballot box. And to do that, we must break with old habits, and forge a new strategy that: 1) Enlists grassroots conservatives and moderates into a movement historically associated with the left. Albany was no exception, yet polls show Americans of all ideologies support reform, and we now see that progressives cannot do it alone. 2) Builds a grassroots movement that is far bigger than the issue has ever seen. That means using more aggressive marketing and organizing tactics, and winning the active support of myriad issue advocates who are continually losing to moneyed interests. We must give them attractive and accessible entry points to the movement, and show them a path to victory. 3) Moves away from incremental policy proposals. We need big, visionary demands that can both inspire a movement and credibly claim to end quid ...
Alan's Upper Room We were the only family with children in the restaurant. I sat Erik in a high chair and noticed everyone was quietly sitting and talking. Suddenly, Erik squealed with glee and said, 'Hi.' He pounded his fat baby hands on the high chair tray. His eyes were crinkled in laughter and his mouth was bared in a toothless grin, as he wriggled and giggled with merriment. I looked around and saw the source of his merriment. It was a man whose pants were baggy with a zipper at half-mast and his toes poked out of would-be shoes. His shirt was dirty and his hair was uncombed and unwashed. His whiskers were too short to be called a beard and his nose was so varicose it looked like a road map. We were too far from him to smell, but I was sure he smelled. His hands waved and flapped on loose wrists. 'Hi there, baby; hi there, big boy. I see ya, buster,' the man said to Erik. My husband and I exchanged looks, 'What do we do?' Erik continued to laugh and answer, 'Hi.' Everyone in the restaurant noticed an ...
1.You buy your girlfriend a cellphone & another man buys her airtime. Its called division of labor. 2.You buy your girlfriend underwear & another man removes it. Its called separation of power. 3.You pay school fees for your girlfriend & another man pays rent. Its called Combined business. 4.She tells you that she is not ready for sex while another man sleeps with her everyday & at anytime. This is called_?
I'm feeling a full on 'nesting' session coming on. So much I want to do around here and I can't get to it fast enough for my likings!!
Very Bad News for Europe’s Young PeoplePosted on June 29, 2013 by admin“Big Business, big labor, and Big Government are getting together and considering a €100 billion slush fund that will line their pockets.  They want us to believe this will lead to more jobs for young people, but they overlook (a...
Free to be molested by the TSA at the airport? Free to play a game of poker online? Free to marry a member of the same sex? Free to have privacy invaded without a valid warrant? Free to be targeted and harassed by the IRS? Free to use alternative currencies? Free to blow the whistle on unconstitutional government actions? Free to keep the fruits of your labor? Free to be deemed an “enemy combatant” and killed without due process via drone? Free to drink raw milk? Free to grow and use natural herbs? Free to have a mother decide whether to bear a child? Free to bailout “too big to fail” banks and corporations? Free to award illegal aliens with amnesty and welfare? Free to have the Internet remain unregulated? Free to openly carry a firearm? Free to travel without checkpoints? Free to have wealth stolen through a printing press? Free to run a business as you see fit? Free to buy compulsory government-run health insurance? Free to be subject to a secret kill list? Free to pay interest on a debt that c ...
Time to hit this shower box and beat the *** outa this bar of soap get g d up from the feet up then who know gonna go sit and wifi looking at prices for round trip tickets to Florida ready to bounce for a vaca why not right not to much stopping my !
Don't wear white after Labor Day. Jealousy looks ugly all year. Don't let haters keep you down!
Cannot believe today we celebrate my oldest, Tanner Dylan Stone's 18th birthday! It really does seem like yesterday that I was in labor with this child.ALL day long!! This child's birth was my most difficult one out of the three and so far he has been the most challenging one. Being 9 lbs. 3 oz. at birth I was scared to death.that he would be HUGE as a child/adult...he is has only grown to be right around 6.2, thus far, and weighs as light as a feather.the only HUGE about him is his great personality and his sensitive/emotional side...not sure where he got that from.but I will take it! Tanner, I love you son!! I am very proud of you and thankful I have you in my life! You are a great big brother to Tristan and Trey.they look up to you and think you are King s*&$! My prayer for you is that you always do the right thing and think of others first. Some may not agree with that last part, but I feel that if you think of yourself first that makes you a selfish individual. I also ask that you love the city and s ...
11 Years ago today I was in labor, becoming a mom for the first time by the evening. Its been a wonderful 11 years, I wouldnt trade my Aubrey man for the world! Happy Birthday to my big boy! Aubrey Redding
The Fairplay General Store, just north of Rutledge is having a big to-do today. Join them for their "grand opening event" celebrating the addition of a BBQ pit and Bait House under its new ownership. They're offering BBQ plates, chips, slaw & drinks for $7.00 which will benefit Camp Twin Lakes. There's also a raffle - $5 tickets or 3 for $10 - Prizes for six winners are Glamor Girl Bike, Ladies Gift Basket, 1-month lawn care by BJ, $100 gas card, Zebco 33 with a tackle box, and a shotgun. Hurry on out. BBQ served from 11am to 2pm.
Home from the hospital once again lol I really thought it was baby time this time those contractions were intense but he's still hanging in there . I'm only a fingertip dilated so these contractions aren't really doing anything , but I did find out I'm gonna have one big little boy lol he already weighs 6lb 6oz... That's bigger then Isaac when he was born lol wish me luck for when I actually do go into labor , I'm gonna need it lol !
Wishing the baby of the family, my sweet little Faithie, a happy 8th birthday today. She's always been the sweetest, most polite and respectful, and best behaved child I've ever been around. Even though she's the biggest goody-two-shoes I've ever seen, you will never hear me complain about that, especially when she gets older, and especially after the way she came into this world. 3 1/2 months early, and less than 3 hours after I went into labor, with no time for any medication whatsoever, I was blessed with yet another precious angel to add to our big, beautiful family. She made us complete :-)
Blah that's all I can say right now I just experienced something I thought I never would depressed right now
Today is the 30-year anniversary of the worst day of my life. On June 28, 1983 my dad, Bob Johns, succumbed to the complications of cancer. He had been sick for 3 months. One might think that that day would have been the worst. No. That day is pretty blurry. There was panic, an ambulance screaming up the driveway, friends gathering, the minister at the dining room table, more friends, more panic, more talk, more tears, and over all a sense of unreality and disorientation. No, the worst was the next morning. That was when I woke up to the knowledge that my dad was dead, that I would never see him again. Ever. Everything that I had always assumed about the future was no longer going to happen. My dad would not be there to help me make good choices. He would never meet the man I would fall in love with and choose to spend my life with. He would not be there to walk me down the aisle in my wedding dress. He would not be there to meet his grandchildren, to love them, to give them the benefit of hi ...
Can American citizens hire kick *** lawyers to file class action law suits against the banks who never returned our bailout money, the credit rating companies who are in bed with the banks, the corporations who are destroying our labor force, and the every freaking member of our government for failing to govern for the good of the people, rather than themselves and the 'people' they actually work for? Just curious.
My buddy Ed has some crazy dreams and its always entertaining when he shares them with us. I occasionally have dreams but don't remember them like he does. Last night was an exception. In one dream, Ed and I were carrying this cleanly sawed log about 12' long on our shoulders. We were walking through thick woods and some guy was following us yelling at us. We put the log down and Ed walked up to the loud guy and said, 'Look Jack, I'm a lover not a fighter', then punched the dude in the face and knocked him out. End of dream. Next, I was fishing on Lady Evelyn Lake in northern Ontario with my brother, Steve, and we were fishing an area I'm very familiar with. I got a good fish on and I was telling Steve, 'this is a hog and when I get it to the boat, we'll get one chance to net it, be ready.' It took a while, but when it surfaced by the boat, Steve got it in the net first try and said, 'that's a f* awesome fish!' It was a 34.5" walleye. Then I woke up, fell back to sleep, and we were back on the lake again. ...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Off to shop for a new Kitchen floor.. The tile downstairs is no longer made so it is time to find something to work with what is existing along with an interesting border.. I will be SO happy when this is all done...
Picture this: Gary broke down yesterday in the hybrid next to a fire station. I drive there to help him out. As we wait for the tow, three firemen and my husband stand there scratching their heads as I start looking under the hood at all the electrical components of the car. After about 30 min of troubleshooting, I realize it needs a new cooling pump for the electrical/battery system. We get the car towed home, Gary does the test on the pump, and I was right. Now, how funny of a pic is that: 4 men baffled as I'm crawling all over the engine and I find the problem? I should become a mechanic. :-D.
On extreme bed rest, and have to drink even more water since I keep getting dehydrated somehow, I'll do anything to keep these contractions from coming back when they will just stop them and send me home :-( so exhausted , so frustrated and my poor hubby is wore the *** out too
The Little Darling of Diadem, Ellie, is going to be a big sister, Lord willing, in February! G-Pop and Mimi VanDerwerker are ecstatic!!!
Yard sale or donate?? We seem to have a nice collection of, printer, accordian, boppy, baby tub, baby gym, baby clothes etc. Is it worth it to have a sale? Opinions please. :)
A big thank you also to Brother Rob Day for buying slave labor for a day Chris day..Chris Cam and Regan,and Keith Stone
I want to say Ƌ big fenk U̶̲̥̅̊ to all music ministers wu ministerd @ d 2013 yut congres..I love U̶̲̥̅̊ all! GOD bles U̶̲̥̅̊ all! Ʊя labor in GOD's vineyard wil never b in vain..D nxt rehaza date in resp of d upcmin progrm in dec wud b 4wrdd 2 U̶̲̥̅̊ all.LOVE U̶̲̥̅̊ AL!
Ah just hit me about my epidural at birth and how it took them 8 trys to get it in for Niyah and oh I hope it does not take that many this time around :( now that actually is on my mind and has me a lil scared lol
Is it ever summer! So HOT. I have no desire to do anything but recline beside large bodies - of water (you thought I was going to end that sentence differently, didn't you?) drinking gallons of mimosas. With ice. Instead I am slogging through five pages a day, minimum. It is a good bloody thing that I love these characters, because they're asking a lot...
26 years old, war vet, and a senior in college, and I still cant do better than minimum wage in buffalo. please start voting smarter guys
Yep! Still pregnant! I promise I will let everyone know when she comes!
Possible Theft occurring... 300 Block of Washington Ave ( in an alley) two black males attempting to steal an air conditioning unit, may have left the location now, officers checking area.
I get upset because alot of my songs almost get no where. but all these other producers get recognized. im just gonna start keeping my stuff to myself. im putting out 3 more tracks then im done sharing.
Welcome Sanai Gabrielle 5lbs 15oz at 9:34am thank God for a heathy speedy delivery. I was in labor 3 hours 37 minutes
Thank you ssso much for all the birthday wishes so far! You guys are the BEST! I'm so BLESSED to have made it this far! OAN: At this time 26 ago my mom was in labor with me on HER GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! SCREAMING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD! She sacrificed her birthday to have me as a gift! I LOVE YOU MOM! More then you know! Best mom and friend a girl could ask for! And shout out to my Big Brother Jim Jim Schulz... Happy birthday bro! And to my birthday twin Shiree LaValle! I LOVE YOU'S! ❤❤❤
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
DC Folks! On Saturday, June 29th TODAY , students, consumers, workers, and community members will come together in cities across the world to demand that Gap and Walmart put an end to deathtrap factories in their supply chains. Real action from Gap and Walmart on fire and building safety is long overdue. In April, over 1,100 garment workers perished in the the Rana Plaza collapse, marking the deadliest industrial disaster in a manufacturing facility in recorded history. Since 2005, more than 1,800 garment workers have died in preventable factory fires and building collapses in Bangladesh alone. In response to these catastrophes, activists across the world joined with unions to demand that apparel companies sign the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. This unprecedented, legally-binding agreement will require independent inspections by trained fire safety experts, mandatory repairs and renovations financed by the brands, and a central role for workers and their unions. 43 brands and retailers ...
After 29 long hours of labor one of the most perfect beings came into my life. I couldn't of asked for more. He is the most perfect baby in the world. And all the pain and long waiting was well worth it. I love him more then life its self and I cant wait to start our life together with the love of my life. At 12 27 am Levi Allen szabo was born. Weighing in at 6 lbs 3 oz and 19 inches long :)
So many changes coming my way in the next few weeks. Jordan Vanden Bussche will be heading to Grand Valley in mid August for school then Alicia Beth leaves for California over Labor Day weekend. With Jake Van living in Lansing, that leaves just myself, Josh and Jonah in this big old house! Sitting here with my coffee this morning reality crept in and hit hard. I know we raise our kids with the hopes that they will soar and be successful, but how? How did my house filled with Fisher Price and Matchbox cars get to where it is today? Packing boxes and empty rooms. OMG. I'm having a moment!
Wished Rue a happy one week birthday & was rewarded with a big old gummy grin! She melts me.
Unemployment in NIGERIA .by PGL Despite the Nigerian economy is growing, the problem of the unemployment is still actual for this country. The statistics shows that practically 24 percent of youth is not able to find a job in comparison with the European countries, where the rate of unemployment is almost 2 times lower. Figures are impressive – more than 42 million people are unemployed. Nigeria's population is constantly increasing and the government is less able to create new vacancies. In a recent interview the President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan announced that he and his team are doing everything possible to reduce the percentage of unemployed persons and increase the motivation to find a job. The President said that the country is preparing to launch new enterprise that could provide with job young university graduates. What are the causes of problem of unemployment? Is it solvable? Still there is no effective plan for how to revive the labor market. The first and the main reason is mismanagemen ...
TRUTHgasm Question: What department of government would you eliminate right now if you were had the power to, and WHY? Emphasis on WHY. -Mannie
If you are in a hurry, I'm giving away the audio interview plus PDF transcript, sharing how I built a database of well over 1 million subscribers.     To get this for free I request that you Like and or Share this page, AND that you also subscribe to my ezine.     EVERY issue of my ezine has a convenient unsubscribe linkat the bottom, where all you need to do is click and you are unsubscribed. However, since I share a lot of goodies like this with my subscribers, I doubt that you'll want to unsubscribe any time soon!     Anyway, here's what the interview covers!     Imagine For A Minute Having An Email List Of 1 Million...     * You can instantly send traffic to any website just by sending an email     * You generate hundreds of sales for the right offer with just one brief email     * All of the top dogs want to partner or JV with you treating you as an equal or even kissing up to you     * Numerous millionaires whom you've never heard of reach out to you wanting to brainstorm the pos ...
GM..The Lord lifted me up this morning with so much Joy and happiness...Today I will be walking into another territory with God...I completed my studies in some ministry classes and I labor and committed and stayed faithful to the course through all the distractions I push my way through so today I Graduate, so today I say again Thank You Jesus...
On my own today who wants to keep me entertained
Jade asks, "My daughter is 27 months old and struggles to sleep. Sleep has been an ongoing challenge. She slept on top of me for the first 8 months of her life, she becomes over stimulated very easily and then can't calm enough for sleep. Lately if I include going to bed in the night time routine she becomes hysterical, if her dad tries to step in she loses her mind. She still breast feeds to sleep, but is struggling to relax enough to get to sleep at the moment. This means that she can be up till10-11. She doesn't cope we'll when she's overtired and hits, kicks, lashes out and refuses to be held or cuddled. Once she does go to sleep she still wakes 4+ times a night, so we co sleep. I'm drained, my boobs are sore and tired, and my resources are low. Some nights she wants to feed for hours on end, when I take the milkies away she loses it. I have no idea how to help her, I asked the gp to refer her for allergy/intolerance testing and they refused. I have no family support and dh works away from home for 4 ...
~Fan Question~ I'm 38 weeks preg n my babies breech from 2 days ago.. I havta have the ecv procedure done on monday.. I was just wondering if mums could share their experiences of this? Good and bad i need to hear both.. Also this is my 4th baby and the dr told me i could deliver him naturally breech? I was wanting to hear mums stories on breech deliveries? Good and bad as well so i can make up my mind 100% please and thanks xxx ~RP By GayLynn~
Simply put, the opinion is a disaster for workers whose bosses cite religious justifications for ignoring their employees’ legal rights.
Well 1 day before my big day and I am ok with it but I would like a big shout out 2 the most understand woman in the word 2 put up with my crazy *** for the last 32 years and be in labor with me on her b-day So yeah HAPPY B-day mom your a saint!
What are the 'biggest' issues Americans face today? What are the concerns of the people, not the twisted media. I came up with this list based off of mainstream media popularity. Do you have anything to add/edit? I don't think GMO is a huge concern to 300+ million Americans, nor False Flags, but I threw them in there because it should be. Our Right being stripped away falls under Police State, Surveillance, Gun Rights, etc. IRS and the Economy falls under Monetary etc. I may drop False Flags and input it into Even though the question I posted last night didn't gain as much popularity as I hoped, I experienced a wake-up call that made me think I should go forth with my 'big' idea. 1) Obamacare 2) Gun Rights 3) GMO 4) Surveillance 5) Police State 6) Monetary 7) Elites/Corruption 8) Whistleblowers 9) False Flags 10) Marijuana
Like Obummer care most likely read it after you pass it Nancy the communist following Pelosi.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
On this day 17 years ago, I gave birth to a handsome baby boy!!! I was at home cleaning and changing around the living room. When I felt this warm sensation down my leg. What at the time I thought was pee. So I go to the bathroom like omg I just went on myself, but it kept coming. So your grandmother said that ur in labor. So with that being said your great Aunt Linda Ann rushed us to Betsy Jhonson Memorial hospital, in the process of going we were stop by the police! Remind u I was in no pain, so Aunt Linda Ann said scream baby like u in pain!!! Lol I did, so the officer escorted us all the way there. I went up stairs and 4 hrs later I had a. Handsome baby boy, that a friend of mine (Tracy Jones) name you Darius D. McNeill, you have grown into a very handsome young man! Just think about it one more year and you will be out on your own!!! I love you with all my heart! I hope that you enjoy your big day!!! I wouldn't trade u for the world!!!
Rachel fought her way into this world 19 years ago today at 7:34 pm. It was a long labor, and Rachel wasn't crying, she was taking shallow but labored breaths. I remember the nurse saying,"it's as if she is hyperventilating." They weren't sure what exactly was wrong, so they had to run some tests. Rachel was put on antibiotics and oxygen in case it was infection or swallowed merconium, either scenario was treatable. Because of the complications, I couldn't hold you. I cried so long and so hard, my arms ached. I stood at the nursery window, but to make me go back to my room they moved you so that you couldn't be seen from the window, and my imagination was worse than the truth. Silly mom, you thought that was hard. Happy birthday, I hope you are shopping, eating chocolate cake, and smiling on your family as we gather today to remember the good times. The silly times. To hear stories never told. I'm frozen, paralyzed by the fact that I can't hold you today. Keep the piece of me you took with you close, and ...
Okay friends, we are buying a house with a big yard and need to get it fenced in... any recommendations on who we should use, or who has the best prices?
If the jail/prison hosted a Daddy Daughter Dance and your daughter's father was incarcerated would you let your daughter participate?
one year ago today I drove my self to the Dr office not thinking much about it. And started Labor .MY Cameron will Be the big one year old tomorrow.
Rappoport Connects the Dots re: Congress the Military Industrial Complex, NSA, Endless War and of course what Fuels the Whole Stinkin Mess: BLACKMAIL: June 28, 2013 I'm in the car on an right hour drive to the Grand Canyon (in the passenger seat) and just read this bombshell. Had to post so using my Blogger app to get this up. I had some previous awareness and understanding of how the system to wage wars worked prior to reading this.. Yet John connected some dots here for me that really helps out the pieces together. Enjoy. ~ BK We are in the end-times. The dark curtain has been pulled away. And there sits the NSA Wizard of Oz, Master of War, Inc. blinking in the light while robotically pulling the levers of blackmail to foment endless war. His hand shakes. He tries not to notice. It doesn’t work. Not even the “wizard” can go back to sleep. I told you to go to Rappoport’s blog, but I couldn’t help but repost just one more essay from this master writer and investigator of our current cultural con ...
Question to FB... My car key wouldn't go in because I moved the tilt control while cleaning the car at the laundromat (washing sleeping bags). I walk across the street to the service station to ask if they thought that was the reason - guy says nope, then walks across street and says $50 to fix. I say no, he wiggles wheel and keys fits. He says pay $25 at office when done. What do you think?
Anyone looking to make some money In WestBloomfield. I'm working on a house that we demolished and there is still clean up and other odd jobs. Let me know.
NP's nurse practioners can provide basic healthcare.Many such as CRNA's (nurse anesthetists are already permitted to provide anesthesia care for many people in the middle of nowhere and on the battlefield. The gov't allows states to opt out of MDA supervision and has already done so in about 17 states. Other NP's have already been providing care to those who would get NO care but MD's sign their orders and don't really do anything else. Allow these NP's to help millions and practice to the full extent of their training which has expanded exponentially in recent years. NP's are now getting doctoral degrees in Nursing practice. After 30 yrs since I started training I have got my doctoral degree in nurse anesthesia. Before that I worked alone when necessary in labor and delivery suites to save the lives of mother and child at 3am and also when receiving casualties in enduring freedom. Support your NP's, observe that advanced education and training has changed the big picture of what we can do and do on a dai ...
The immigration bill passed by the Senate Thursday afternoon would give some employers a financial incentive to employ 'registered provisional immigrants' (illegal immigrants granted legal status) instead of U.S. citizens.
Question: "I just had my first baby on June 3rd (she is 20 days old). I had a normal, healthy pregnancy, and a super fast 5 hour natural labor and delivery. I am surprised at how great I feel; I am healing VERY well! I don't want to rush things, but I am wondering when and how I can start trying to shed this baby flab. I am wondering when it is safe to start some (light) exercise and if anyone knows any specific moves that will target the areas I need to focus on. I have already lost about 75% of the pregnancy WEIGHT (because I had edema really bad), but the flabbiness is going to be alot harder to get rid of! How long does complete uterine involution take? (I still have a tiny little baby bump.) I'm also exclusively breastfeeding so that seems to be helping with the weight loss too! Thanks in advance. "
This baby is definately getting to big for my stomach!!! Every little movement or bend I do it aches my whole stomach area and back like ive pulled a muscle or something.. So not the bizz! She needs to come already I dont even think my due date is the 14th anymore. I say what the 3D ultrasound technician said which is the 5th! So I think she will come by next weekend ;) HOPEFULLY! Ive read and seen videos that pasta with some type of Italian parmesan sauce makes women have their babies a day or two after and for some reason I believe this fairytale lol so im definately going to eat at an Italian restaurant today! 38 WEEKS PREGNANT!! And just a week or so till my parents get here! Cant wait!! So Adriana you better make ur grand entrance by next weekend!
38 weeks today beyond ready for miss Hayden to come!! Off to the Dr. we go!!!
HOW TO BE A BLESSING TO YOUR PASTOR Eph 4:11-16 (NKJV) "And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, (12) for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, (13) till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ; A Pastor is one of Christ's five office gifts to the Church. Yes, pastoring is a gift... and a pastor happens to be a GIFT that God gives to a church. The term pastor comes from "shepherd," one who guides and cares for a flock. Serving as a pastor is a remarkable and awesome blessing and privilege, but sometimes pastors can be the most misunderstood people in the church. Often their hours are long, the pay minimal, the criticism considerable and constant. Despite the joys of serving God, feelings of disappointment and discouragement can plague the best of them. However, here are 14 ways ...
As much as I try to be non-partisan, it is really difficult aat times. The Republican response to marriage equality has been vastly anti *** As a party, Republicans advocate repeatedly for policies that are anti *** and rarely do any of them promote humane policies towards *** Immigrants: though somewhat less draconian, republicans as a party have held up immigration reform. Repeatedly. It is difficult to not view a party that gets 7% of the black vote, 30% of the Hispanic vote, 9% of the Asian vote as having an underlying foundation of racism. And the poor and near poor. It is the Republican Party that consistently opposes any measure of improving their lot, always advancing measures to help the rich get richer, cutting food stamps and medical care for the poor. These issues seem to be foundational to the Party. I do not understand how good, caring people in conscience support Republicanism as it has become.
Let the Paula Deen thing go !!! People say stuff everyday ... It happens both ways ... Would like to watch news and see something educational for once .
Ok fb, I need some expert advice. My dog is very pregnant and her belly is starting to hang pretty low. How can I tell if she is going to give birth soon? She keeps going under the house and I don't want her to have them under there
According to statistics, the number of women in the construction trades is expanding. The National Association of Women in Construction reports that in 1993, 617,000 women were working in the industry. By last year, the figure had jumped to 886,000. But Elizabeth Skidmore, a local carpenter who has worked in the industry for more than a decade, said more men also have entered the field. Overall, the numbers might be rising, but the percentage of women has plateaued, she said. Sally Addison accepted a construction job with the Big Dig to support herself and her son. - Staff photo by Nancy Lane Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that women comprise about 10 percent of the construction work force today, Skidmore cautions that the number of skilled tradeswomen in construction is significantly lower. "When you exclude secretaries, surveyors and the like, it's more like 2 to 3 percent,'' she said.
It's looking less and less like we'll be having a June baby. I'd like to request prayer though, because my doctor said that, on Monday, we are going to talk about how long they'll *let* me be pregnant before inducing me.and as much as I'm ready for Baby to come, I reeealyyy do NOT want to deal with being induced, if possible. So prayers for a natural delivery on the SOON side are appreciated!
Big Labor v Immigration Reform: The best way to create new jobs is by educating and retaining talent in the US!
But of course these Democrats would allow big labor unions to keep their ability to engage in political speech, right?
WHY the ALP can't look after veterans the aged or anybody in OZ read & weep.
Trade Unions?!? None of us work for EPI and we're publishing with Cato Institute soon too. Are they Big Labor?!?
By in Big Labor and a handful of academics choke off the ability of Silicon Valley to create jobs
The senate passed S 744, the Illegal alien 1,200-page albatross pushed by Schumer and Rubio. Besides citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants, the bill promises a secure border and is filled with reward pork. This bill was passed by offering pork to the players it needed. Here are several examples of the pork: Nevada's two senators, Harry Reid and Republican and Sen. Dean Heller, received funding for a tourist promotion program for Nevada's casinos. (Do we need our taxes going to help rich casinos?) Nevada was also designated a "border state" (Border state? Get real.) despite sharing no boundary with Mexico. Being a “border state” gives Nevada the border security pork. Special treatment was also given to Alaskan seafood plants, Maine's designation for immigration-enforcement funding and most absurd of all is the $1.5 billion youth employment program demanded by Sen. Bernie Sanders from VT. S 744 was drafted behind closed doors in cooperation with Big Labor and Big Business lobbyists. They made s ...
The Little Book of Big Labor . Waste gives just 60 examples . of the billions of dollars Labor . has wasted .
Truckers face big labor shortage via Time to evaluate Mobile, Temporary Water storage solutions from CST.
From Big Business to Big Labor: Senate Immigration Bill Wins With Support from a Broad Range of Industries
Conservative groups telling union members how to quit Big Labor
radicalization essentially stopped due to communists moderating stance-emp on standard labor practice-big labor collaborating w/FDR
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Big Labor's Anti-Immigration Rumor Machine - Editor’s note: Vivek Wadhwa is a fellow at Stanford Law School, Director of Research at Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University, and VP of Innovation and Research at Singularity University. The passage of immigration reform by the Senate was a big step forward. The bill is far from perfect, but goes a long way towards solving Silicon Valley’s talent shortage -- and America’s immigrant exodus. But big hurdles lie ahead...
Wadhwa shows that the left can also be anti-immigrant “Big Labor's Anti-Immigration Rumor Machine
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker polls near the bottom of would-be presidential contenders. Unlike potential rivals, you won't find him on the cover of Time magazine or slow-jamming the news with comedian Jimmy Fallon. But he's a conservative Republican who won election in a blue state, survived a brutal recall campaign, and now posts approval ratings over 50 percent. A budget-slashing chief executive and son of a Baptist minister who straddles the fiscal and social conservative camps. A proven fundraiser who has put his thumb in the eye of President Obama and Big Labor. He's poised to be the sleeper Republican presidential candidate of 2016...
The Senate Republicans are trying hard to pass their immigration bill. If you are a Republican or Democrat, you may want to call your senator and/or representative to stop this. Tell them, it is still your country, even though they don't think so. What this is really about is turning the country into one big labor sweat box. The idea is to flood the country with foreigners, drive down wages, and create a new slave class. This benefits Big Business, Big Labor and Big Government. The only losers are Americans. This, of course, is suicide for the clueless Republicans. The Great Hispanic migration is over, it is now the Great Asian flood over the northern border. The Republican plan is to make Hispanics like them and run a Jeb Bush (who should be in prison for the S&L fraud in the 80s) for president. Forget that life long Republicans, like me, will never vote for them again. I will vote for representatives that uphold my values, just not these pathetic presidential candidates (ie Dole, McCain, Bushe ...
While Obama's out-of-control, unconstitutional National Labor Relations Board has earned the bulk of the headlines, Obama's Labor Department has quietly done Big Labor's bidding since Day One. And now, eager to pay back his union-boss benefactors who unleashed another billion-dollar political spending blitz in 2012, Obama has nominated another anti-worker, pro-Big Labor ideologue to be Labor Secretary. And I need your help to kill the nomination. You see, we're entering the most dangerous phase of the battle to stop the confirmation of Barack Obama's union-label Labor Secretary nominee, Thomas Perez.
Here's a petition I received and signed. Perhaps you'd like to sign it, too. Donation at your own choice, of course, but it's a good petition. Inbox x Mark Mix via 7:09 PM (1 hour ago) to me Images are not displayed. Display images below - Always display images from mark.mix Dear JAG: Could the Obama presidency -- embroiled in scandal after scandal -- be crumbling before our eyes? Today, Congress is going back into session after a one-week recess, and I can promise you the union bosses aren’t waiting around to find out. After spending hundreds of millions of forced-dues dollars to install and reinstall President Obama in the White House, Big Labor is DEMANDING payback NOW on their entire radical agenda (while they believe they can still get it). And as for President Obama, you and I both know desperate men do desperate things. So JAG, as you’ll see, I’ve created a special NO BIG LABOR BAILOUT petition to your U.S. representative and senators that is absolutely critical you sign IMME . ...
This week, the House passed H.R. 3, the Northern Route Approval Act, which will clear the way for the Keystone XL pipeline. This is part of our all-of-the-above approach to North American energy security. The pipeline will also create thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly, which is why it has been emphatically endorsed by the AFL-CIO and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. It is not every day that you see the entire Republican Party and Big Labor on the same page, but it just shows the strength of the case for building Keystone XL. The pipeline has been subjected to 5 years and 15,000 pages of environmental review. A State Department report ordered by the President found Keystone XL would have “no significant impacts” on the environment along the proposed route. It also stated the impact on global warming would be negligible because the Canadians are going to develop their resources “with or without the proposed project.” In other words, the oil is coming out of the ground; the on ...
NEW OBAMA and OSHA policy - check this CRAP out! - You see, when the DOL's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conducts workplace inspections, workers may select one of their own to observe. Now, for the first time ever, Obama's OSHA has advised union bosses that they too can observe these inspections, even in nonunion workplaces. Union operatives would get automatic access to company property and an opportunity to browbeat workers with union-boss propaganda. Once the Obama Administration has let Big Labor in the door, union bosses could make frivolous accusations of safety violations to try to get the company to sell out its workers with a "card check" agreement. Over the last four years, the Obama Administration has implemented one behind-the-scenes sweetheart deal after another to make it easier for union bosses to ensnare workers into forced-dues-paying ranks. That's why if you haven't already, please watch and share the National Right to Work Committee's urgent video alert exposing P ...
John Faulkner and rest of the old guys are the big reasons why Labor are behind and they can not understand they think it is other people
Big S/O to all of you who made to the Iron man 3 premier at Cineplex oasis mall. Keep drinking Redd's Vodka Lemon. and enjoy the Labor Day
Playing for the Labor Day Party tonight FOX pres. Son Of A Beach. You ready for this? Droppin' a lot of big tunes! See y'all!
Beltway folks and those in Big Labor & Big Business miss how irrelevant those institutions are to a huge part of 21st Century America
Julia's coming back for another big event in Western Sydney. You'd think the Labor Party would send someone more popular.
Labor Day in Brazil is always a big holiday in SP. The 2 biggest workers' unions gather 100s of 1000s in huge events.
Labor values: $3 bn for drones but even greater poverty for single parents and big cuts for Universities
As is the case with the Steelworkers union at Caterpillar, big labor screws over lower level workers in the name of solidarity.
Big Labor Day rally @ Mendiola. Here at McDonalds waiting for
along a Quezon City highway with Big Daddy and Oh, Brother in a quirky celebration that may also be fittingly called Labor Day.
Hats off to all workers out there! May it be a CEO or a mother at home, you all deserve a big hand. Happy Labor Day!
New South Carolina scandal -- GOP wants to give big labor a big win, - Sent via the FOX News Android App.
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