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Big Labor

Big labor (sometimes capitalized as Big Labor) is a term used to describe large organized labor unions, particularly in the United States.

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The last thing union boss cronies in Congress want is to have Big Labor's forced-dues privileges publicly debated and voted on.
In 21 cases overseeing the National Labor Relations Board, Garland sided with Big Labor.
President Obama has spent the last eight years stacking the National Labor Relations Board with Big Labor hacks and shills.
No big deal. the US has slave labor in its prisons. That's where Apple, etc. will probably make their stuff if Trump wins.
Did you know labor trafficking is a big issue in western New York?! I had no idea... 😔
But the Koch Bros are the problem in politics..
well, certainly a big fat Labor tax wont stop that either
.BTW, needed: "the deficit is about as big as it was under Labor"
All these people making big $ at and no $ to build anything. Whatever will they do?.
From Donnelly, who snuck big tobacco propaganda into schools
The $100 billion chocolate candy industry has a serious problem on its hands
To be fair, walking off the early part of labor really kills the incredible boredom while you wait for the big event
Bitter sweets: Inside big chocolate’s child labor problem
Cruz/Rubio don't have the will to protect our sovereignty! They want to appease Big Business's need for cheap labor
Romney owns a few big Malls some in California he wants to keep his CHEAP labor like the rest of the establishment theyR trashing American's
If it weren’t for those *** Kochs, there wouldn’t be all this money controlling our elections.
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Rhode Island took another big step back from its pre-recession levels of employment and labor force.
Why does he support government mandates that give preference to Big Labor on federal contracts? cc:
Child Labor didn't really start becoming big until the Industrial Revolution.
Labor are the underdogs in the upcoming election. You and I both know that. The fact is also we are the big losers if Liberals get back in
Privatizing Poland: Baby Food, Big Business, and the Remaking of Labor: $199.99End Date: Friday Mar-11-2016 16...
Okay if I don't go into labor by then we will be there, Big pregnant & All 😂
Bernie’s big win: Sanders goes on offense in rowdy New Hampshire victory speech
Dr. Sean Blanchflower on + the optimization of labor via http…
So many people wanna be notified once I go into labor.. But that waiting room isn't that big 🤔
perhaps you can ask Burke how many time have labor allocated spending for the same $ . ATO already taxing Big End that's gone
According to & Howard Dean, when working families band together, right-wing smear of "big labor" is appropriate. Gotcha.
Many of R big choc firms buy cocoa from African sources that depend on child slave labor. What can we do about this?
Big top four reasons in respond up to internet ring off labor of love: mOPoMz
companies for some reason are big on that cheap lower value off shore labor in India. garbage.
Labor markets in 2040: could be a big deal for jobseekers, pros
Unlike most big companies, has never published a sustainability report. It that about to change?
FG & labor are sock puppets for special big interests & the EU. Enda is not fit to shine Gerry Adams' shoes.
- Excellent! Thank you so much to and for starting this up, big thank you!
Fox is proimmigration send jobs to China cheaplabor h1v import labor pro Obamacare for K-STREET lobbyist big money establishment
A BIG thank you to for coming out to speak at today. And thanks to for letting us borrow his talents.
The union bosses and their allies can’t afford to have the consequences of Big Labor’s forced-dues privileges publicly debated.
Congress needs to vote to eliminate Big Labor’s forced-dues privileges once and for all.
Remember when Big Labor was vehemently opposed to 'ILLEGAL' immigration. Those were the days
If you believe the worker can't control 'Big Labor' then forget democracy.
Big Labor doesn't care about you, just like Big Business, they just want the next contract
No problem organizing, Big Labor interests not always consistent with average worker, many times opposed
its a big problem with Apple for instance. they have gotten rich by using slave labor, and foreign tax shelters. that simple.
Labor costs continue to rise... a big challenge to all real estate sectors. via
It's pure faith that new tolls + big debt under control of a labor-union dept. director will somehow be different than the past.
NFL cheerleaders scoring big victories in lawsuits over compensation and benefits.
Big fan of -- LA CO Supervisor, Former Sec. of Labor/Congresswoman. It was great to see her last week! https:…
Don't forget the Murdoch's, Big Coal and Oil, Tobacco and everything else corrupt and damaging to our world.
Big govt can fix all. Unskilled labor will make $100k a year, healthcare will be free. My dog will poop gumdrops.
Wall Street and big $$ donors favor immigration expansion, which reduces labor costs and boosts corporate profits.
Chinese are big on respect Dave. I work in Chinatown in Melbourne. It would be considered most disrespectful 2 gi…
Side note, can we keep Big Labor out please
On a side note, this is not the time to allow Big Labor to hijack the movement
The Rolex Watches given to the Liberal MPs are surely just the tip of the Ice Berg... How big is this hidden corruption!.
Valley Partnership to talk on construction labor | AZ Big Media -
How Many Labor Unions Did Hillary Give Speeches To?. Could they afford to pay her as much as the Wall St. Banks and Big Pharma can?
This is a big, big story. Origin execs knew of leaks into aquifer.
Well the not sleeping big *** stomach back cramps that . And I ain't even in labor yet .
Seeing village girls going to big cities, wearingsame attire, dont sense what art is, saying "labor is equal to capital".Sit there dont work
posturing on child labour with International Labor Organization
NAFTA was negotiated by GOP Admin, by Dem w unprecedented labor & environmental protections. Big difference.
Gee.only 500 more of the really big ones to be warned.with hollow threats
Let every man teach his son, teach his daughter, that labor is honorable. Quote Robert G. Ingersoll parents no longer do this. Big mistake
When the Bushes sold out this country to Big Business for slave labor (Illegals), they can all go back to where they came from.
Self-funded can longer consider themselves they can't keep up with the big donations offered by multinationals.
Big Belly Laugh for this Moron. Who said anything / being FORMER
Rush, Coulter, Ingraham, Breitbart Falls on Ryan Ryan's all over the omnibus, especially the cheap labor increases!
just saying they are for Hillary doesn't make them for her. Labor is big time Bernie for example.
This Is What Hyperbole Looks Like: Walker/Republicans as Hitler theme back in full force among the big labor set.
Big asks for so much emotional labor from Carrie. He's such an *** UGH.
it *** I can't remember which one I really liked bc the only way I can describe it gives away the big twist ending
worth reading for the big Uber lawsuit that could redefine labor in the gig economy
Not sure it's better for student to pay tuition $$$ as free labor for big firm working on for-π biz. That *used* to be paid summer job. 4/4
This girl has been in labor for 2 days bruh, idk why that baby want come out
The Big Picture -- MiB: Harry Shearer, Comedian and Voice Actor: ICYMI, over Labor Day weekend, we sat down with…
you forgot to mention Joe Hill (Joseph Hillström) was also from Gävle. He made a big contribution to labor activism in USA
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
In modern remake Scrooge should be a big political donor favoring imported cheap labor since Bob Cratchit costs too much
So blessed to have made it 20 years in my life big props to my mom for going through 12 hours of labor 20 years ago. Hoping for 20 more.
I thought you were done, either way look at the top donors labor (Bern) vs corporations & big banks(HillBilly)
Sister-in-law in labor and the soon to be big sister is fast asleep! ❤️👶🏽
They were labor camps, not extermination camps. A big difference. Sure many died, but mostly from disease.
Brand X fans be like di big deal tong ST issue. Well imagine urself being one of the staff at iba kumita sa labor mo!!!
Today's labor, beyond cooking n clean up for 2 big meals, Disney on Ice, and opening gifts n building toys...
"MERRY CHRISTMAS" GOLDMAN SACHS -$ Too Big to Fail With a potential President behind you and Cheap labor coming.
Waiting for Anna to go into labor and trump Lady Edith's big day.Abbey
1 big difference between Quebec and Ontario: a lot more labor disputes there than here. In "Comparing Que & Ont."
Big name site on account of finest discounts-methods toward relate to traverse the undistinguished labor costs: pfZhV
how is replacing American workers with cheap foreign labor "conservative"?
i wonder how feels about his brother Martin becoming a labor traitor now he's in the pocket of Big Business
The right sells Whites out to Big Business that want cheap labor The left sells Whites out to minorities.
lol it only took 2 big pushes I was in labor for 4 hours.
Made me open this big present. This rock was worth the labor.
Who the heck am I that I just had a full on debate with adults at dinner about immigration, politics, and LABOR ECONOMICS. ?!?!?
Labor Dumb Dumbs Christmas challenge!😀. How many lefties does it take to add up the big red bars?🐔.
Happy Labor Day! Do you like my 's big skin, She would love a
that's my big question right now. Would not necessarily short high value labor, but would short avg labor
Paul Ryan thinks there is a labor shortage:
Arthur is big on substances being secreted into commodites by society that carry information on their labor time -- big secretion guy.
The Big Picture -- Labor Market Behavior during and after the Great Recession: Has It Been Unusual?
That includes both Labor and Liberal, they are both as bad as each other. only care about their jobs & own pensions. Sellouts to big donors
Paul Ryan Continues: Taking PAC$ Money, & Collusion Legalizing Illegal ALIENS for Cheap Labor at Expense of CITIZENS
Might be a big shock to some but Greens want to win seats - from Labor! Sold out on refugees so tough.
big strategic mistake to all but confirm he is working with Liberals to shaft Labor
Cancel Membership to Chamber of Commerce! Open borders, cheap labor, great 4 big Corps, not Americans!
Movies like "Little Big League" and "Like Mike" prove that when it comes to sports, child labor laws go out the window.
big companies like Apple are fascist corporate scum bags who use child labor and kick puppies
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Big Surprise! has effective enforcement provisions for pharma and entertainment industry, not on labor&currency https…
Gov assisting in Nafta and China bills - both Dems and Reps- have pocketed big coin in "selling out" US labor
I just don't see safety regulations and labor laws standing up against Big Business lobbying.
TPP Deal Hits 5,544 PAGES --cue Nazi Pelotzi "we have to pass it to find out what's in it" more baffling w/B.S.
Big $ fooled USA n2 thinking it had a jobs crisis in STEM so it could justify cheaper labor.Now doing same in w/ teacher shortage.
likes to cry Repubs take big corporate $$ in politics, but ignore the BIGGER $$ Dems get from labor unions!
Too big to fail? "What that really said was small business owners & working class stiffs...are TOO SMALL TO MATTER." http…
Hillary Clinton has locked down the majority of support from Big Labor
Virginia Taxpayers funneling millions from school budgets to Big Labor for politics, lobbying and organizing
Prepping tracks for this Saturday Masterbeat Hard Labor 2015! Can't wait to share all the new music & new remixes...
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Yes, Women and Minorities Are Making Strides in the Labor Market, But ... And its a Big But.
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Meek mill , big Sean , j cole , jay z gonna be at the Labor Day parade 😭😭😻😢
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Big Labor Extremists bussed in to inflate Barber's protest audience
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Big crowds at expected to break Labor Day weekend record.
'Out of state' Big Labor bussed in to Barber's Protest in Raleigh.
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Big smiles for the long weekend ahead! Have a safe and fun Labor Day!
I just received the news so a BIG THANK YOU to the Greater Hartford Labor Council for their endorsement of me to...
Today in 1928-300 working in Chicago movie houses over impending replacement by talking movies.
You only work for big money donors. 2.4 million personally for you to RAM TPP through for big biz profits cheap foreign labor
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"He's been spotted in more places than Elvis" but is NOT in Springfield big labor vote …
Don't forgot our big Labor Day picnic following this Sunday's service. We are still in need of a kickball and...
The NLRB is giving big labor a boost, but at the expense of economic growth, opportunity and the freedom of contract.
i wish a big movie would take advantage of Labor Day weekend. but alas Robert Redford is walking in the woods instead.
If Michigan comes away from SLC with a win, Labor Day weekend will suck big time! Go Utes! Let's show them SLC Pride with a win today!
Thinking bout throwing some flip flops on for Labor Day Weekend! 😅
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Everybody asking me to do a big bar b que for Labor Day!
You trust Big Oil? New report: oil companies export gasoline while gouging us at home
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In time for big Labor Day travel weekend, Skyway toll collectors ratify contract, avoid strike
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12 companies put the most people to work: Companies with big head counts have been surprising winners with inv...
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Yeah, people like Wall Street, Big Labor, trial lawyers, Green Energy, etc. The downtrodden cry out for justice!
Thugs are thugs whether they're black rioters, white ecoterrorists, Big Labor goons, or Big Govt bullies. Quit whining …
EU News: A Big Chill for French Cuisine - A steady increase in labor costs and food prices in France has fueled an... h…
ForeignWrks, are NOT going to be "cheap labor" IF amnestied, more visas. It's a Fool's Plan if they do
A Big Chill for French Cuisine. Labor costs in Paris are killing the restaurant business, switching to frozen food.
Demand for on-demand services + supply of cheap, flexible labor force + big cities = Uber etc. Read: via
Bell: Adrian Peterson's lawsuit illuminates NFLPA's big mistake with lengthy labor deal
wordle & paragraph due. To make the most imp factor big in the wordle type it multiple times. For ex if your is labor write it 6x
Professor John Logan writes about new rules issued by the National Labor Relations Board to modernize and...
Labor is sellout to its original social justice movement beginnings, now serves Big Business interests, no diff to Libs
Being the inlet port to the biggest river on the continent mean there will always be both big money people and high paying labor jobs.
Firms like Uber need (a) markets big enough to scale; & (b) a labor pool that will work for peanuts. (via
When Big Business. When big labor . When big lobbyist . When big special interest groups . Controls President http…
MYEFO & Tony & Joe's favourite lie. that the Labor Party left a dirty big black hole excerpt
Check out what Inslee did to stop free trade deals, to the benefit of big labor & at the expense of Washingtonians.
Our pleasure - just spreading news on big cost & labor savings to be had by using our filtration systems on industrial engines
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Chair of Labor & Employment Studies John Logan writes about new rules issued by National Labor Relations Bd
Charity got a big *** sign by the door that say if u in labor, leave 😂😂😂
McGurik must be a fan of Big Business & slave labor in & w/t the conservative base the "Jebster" will lose. Cruz is 4 us
Deal telephone booth labor of love quartermaster: the perfectly double-barreled picture respecting high big-laden…
Contract/Travel Labor and Delivery RN needed near SHERIDAN, WY big money at Voyage Solutions…
Putin is responsible for big layoffs in my mill. It affects us. Their devalued labor is killing our market.
.designed to raise wages were also big winners." Tighter labor market also raises wages.
The NLRB approves rule to speed up the time frame of union elections.
because the people are clamoring for it? Oh wait, because big donors know he will flood the labor market to suppress wages
Today in 1902-NYC's Majestic Theater becomes first in the US to employ women ushers
Must read blog! This is end results of an controlled by individuals w/big labor ties
R's sellout America for cheap labor, D's sell out America for cheap votes..
Republicans did not "cave to Democrats" on immigration. They caved to big corporations that want cheap labor.
Big Business cries wolf over NLRB election rules
big corporation? Can a small labor union compel the large employer to grant its demands? The capitalist class is organized in its
"Abbott & Hockey keep telling their favorite lie: that Labor left a dirty big black hole in Australia's finances."
Big ears is Daniel Andrews Victorian labor premier or mr potato head take your pick .
"Pressure from big U.S. retailers and the Mexican government has driven child labor out of these operations over the last decade."
Those b8 Liberals spending up big when Labor was in till they realized they had gone broke.
Why this big boom in Sugar Cane (at the expense of beets)? It has to do with geopolitics. 1. Labor in the lower latitudes is cheaper. +
what happened to the labor? sorry im just a big fresh ave fan and I need to hear it...
In a major victory for Big Labor, the National Labor Relations Board ruled against McDonald's Corp. in a class action suit brought by union activists. The decision is also a potentially major rewrite of federal law regarding business franchising. The case involved whether the corporation was actuall…
So “moved” to a week ago? Labor always make where you live a big issue - when it’s the other side. Hypocrites.
big words from another illiterate leftie - back to your bong big fella - we are sick of Labor corruption!
Queendom 2014 is coming!!! Labor Day weekend. Just had a power combo wit the big homie we working!!
Labor will have a big job fixing Abbotts mess. via
Sizzle still in hard labor Vet said it could take Days she is having hard time foal is big Sizzle a Pony Pray!
Big plans for Labor Day weekend turning 18 and going to Dallas to reunite with my brother I haven't seen in 5 years 🙌
the 4 big CSG projects in Qld were approved by Labor state and fed govts. Is this why you want a Royal Commision?
This week was a big week of picking up labor endorsements. We are now endorsed by IUPAT District 6, AFSCME Ohio...
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This is a big F you to the people for the money they had to spend on carbon and mining taxes. Labor needs to hit them so hard...
The big boy pants are definitely on this summer balancing 14 hour Labor Days, banal and a social life. I need to hibernate!
LNP to collapse in Vic, SA - lib allows labor to stay, Newman in trouble in Qld, NSW - big parties corrupt, Fed Govt only 1 termer.
Big Business will avoid more tax than budget cuts will save: right wing hypocrisy via
Why Thank you! :) it is life changing and an amazing feeling to have our mija in our arms :) but the labor *** a** big time! Lol
RIP Bobby Womack. We were big fans of your music in this household and were planning to see you perform at Bumbershoot over Labor Day.
Labor's assistant treasury spokesman Andrew Leigh has criticised the Abbott government for rolling back...
Big tobacco profits from child labor in US tobacco fields. Take action now:
The 1% think their group is too big so they support to get cheap slave labor from ALL of us
Yes she mostcertainly getting bad advice at times. Led by focus groups? Labor often seem to try to please not lead. Big mistake
Big tobacco profits from child labor on US farms. Take action now:
Please stand up for middleclass jobs and close the border.Big Biz wants open borders to have slave labor.Its a winning issue
Allowing illegal labor in is for big biz and cronyism tied to congress. It lowers pay for the bottom half of economy. Disgusting!
For workers in search of justice, SCOTUS' decision yesterday means a lot of headaches:
It seems that Royal Commissions into anything Labor or Unions is acceptable but anything to do with Big Business is not.
Big Labor could get bruised as SCOTUS rules in key union case...
Per Fed. Reserve Dallas, US labor now polarized between low and high skill jobs with big loss of medium level skills which rises inequality.
Big day at the Court for Labor and Employment
Labor is taking care it self my 1/2 days 1/2 weeks so the Prodject .. a hastle big time . putting it together nickles amd dimes with favores
"Illegals bankrupting towns in border states. too busy securing cheap labor 4 Big Business to secure border
So it looks like my sister is going into labor!!!
will likely rule on big labor case Harris v. Quinn Monday. Prepare yourself with this handy backgrounder
There is no labor shortage. There is no job Americans won't do. Control the border and let wages rise on their own.
Big news: Springfield institution Student Prince bought by Picknelly. Re-opens after Labor Day. So awesome.
Walking around this big *** outlet .IMA b dun went into preterm labor. Lol
.previews SCOTUS final day from labor/employment POV; Predicts Court grants cert in EEOC case
BIG THANKS to GOD! Finally reaping the fruits of my Labor RN NA AKO !
Did you know? 46% of Michaud's PAC contributions came from biz PACs similar to those of the Koch brothers. 41% from Big Labor.
Workers who just want to keep their tips are up against "the daunting Goliath of big labor" via
Big questions facing labor board after ruling
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You are correct. Big Business is taking advantage of cheap labor. I think that is wrong.
9 months of being fat, big *** nose huge *** aerolas and 15days of labor to push out a little creature 🙈 I would die slowly
Big Monday coming up at the Court for Labor & Employment Law:
Same same when it comes to organized labor, Big Business. U name it. BOTH parties.
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"launches 'day of action' for amnesty...DIDNT VOTE FOR U CHEAP LABOR ***
Will German Workers Declare Independence? labor rights - a big reason (of many) how germany always come up on top.
Wondering a bit more about what is behind the VA's ability to be successful? Sounds a little bit like the 'education' problem. Unions and government are not independent. POTOMAC WATCH Big Labor's VA Choke Hold How Democrats put their union allies before the well-being of veterans. By KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL May 29, 2014 7:08 p.m. ET We know with certainty that there is at least one person the Department of Veterans Affairs is serving well. That would be the president of local lodge 1798 of the National Federation of Federal Employees. The Federal Labor Relations Authority, the agency that mediates federal labor disputes, earlier this month ruled in favor of this union president, in a dispute over whether she need bother to show up at her workplace—the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Martinsburg, W.Va. According to FLRA documents, this particular VA employee is 100% "official time"—D.C. parlance for federal employees who work every hour of every work day for their union, at the taxpayer's expense. In ...
These are OUR OPPONENTS in the FIGHT AGAINST AMNESTY: The Koch Brothers, Big Business, Big Labor, Organized Religion, Elite Media, and every Republican politician with a "For Sale" sign around his John Boehner, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham and Eric Cantor. The "Bad Guys" are NOT JUST Obama &'s ALL of the above.
Leftist magazine The Nation recently reported that Big Labor's high command is "very, very nervous" about the possible outcome in Harris v. Quinn, the case National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys argued at the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year. The class-action lawsuit challenges a scheme enacted by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and his disgraced predecessor, Rod Blagojevich, aimed at forcing homecare providers into union ranks by pretending they are state employees. Lead plaintiff Pam Harris, who turned to the Foundation for free legal aid, talked about the case last week on On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News. To watch the interview, click here or on the image below. Thank you for helping us fight for Pam Harris and other homecare providers challenging this corrupt forced-unionism scheme. By taking their fight all the way to the highest court in the land, we could set another groundbreaking precedent protecting workers from coast to coast. Sincerely,
Are you tired of special interest money? My campaign has been accused of taking said money, but check out the reports. We need your help! This year's campaign finance reports (2014) were recently posted and you can guess what they showed. The Bassler campaign received our donations from real people living in the district as well as business-oriented groups in Indianapolis. My opponent received most of his donations from organized labor which included the SEIU in Chicago ($6500), the Senate Majority Campaign Committee ($17,602), and active politicians in Indianapolis ($15,150), and $5000 from Trial Lawyers PAC. His report is here for you to trust and verify. Mine is here: Waterman took approximately $45,000, or 80% from these groups in 2014. An additional $5000 comes from other PACs and industries in Indianapolis. In total, 90% of Sen. Waterman's 2014 campaign contributions are from Big Labor, Politicians or Campaign PACs. Special Interest money wants to buy this election. Help me stop them! Tell your fami ...
if you won’t forget that this weekend chose to side w/ Big Labor over Conservatives
No Scholarship Student Should Be Forced Into a Union March 28, 2014 – Wheaton, Illinois - Recently, National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a ruling that granted Northwestern football players the right to unionize. The decision is a bomb to the heart of college football's amateurism rules, and could lead to significant change to college athletics in general. Northwestern University and the NCAA have strongly opposed the concept of a players' union, arguing that college football players are primarily students, not employees. Despite the ruling, athletes face a long appeals process. And, once that’s done, they still have to deal with the challenges of building an organization out of members who by definition turn over heavily every year. Big Labor sees the key to making student-athlete unions viable is to expand membership beyond Northwestern by mounting successful organizing campaigns at other schools. In response to questions by Rep. Ives during a hearing of the Illinois K-12 Appropriations Comm ...
Dear Ed, Barack Obama's radical National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is at it again. You may remember that in 2011, after Big Labor's Card Check Forced Unionism Bill stalled in Congress, the NLRB proposed a "card check lite" scheme -- also known as ambush elections -- to grease the skids to force workers under union-boss control. When the NLRB solicited comments about the proposed rule from the public, I sounded the alarm to Right to Work supporters like you. Over 65,000 comments poured in -- the vast majority against the proposed scheme. In fact, after only 17,000 comments had been filed, one former Board member told the press that he hasn't seen the public turn up the heat on the NLRB like that in almost 40 years. But despite the firestorm of protest, the Obama Labor Board went ahead with the scheme anyway. The two former union lawyers who then composed a majority of the Board were so desperate to ram through the rule, they didn't even bother to let the dissenting Board Member vote, so the radical rule ...
Democrats attack each other in Silicon Valley. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Obama operatives fight Big Labor and Big...
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U have 2 read Big Labor's candidate questionnaires to believe them. Here is the Sacramento Central Labor Council's:
Add the evil George Soros factor along with Big Labor
“Why did President Obama and the Democrats in Congress fight us tooth and nail, and eventually shut down the government last October?” asked Jenny Beth Martin, Co-founder of Tea Party Patriots. “Last fall, Tea Party Patriots fought tirelessly to Exempt America and to let Congress know that if the law wasn’t good enough for Big Business, Big Labor, and Big Congress, then it certainly wasn’t good enough for the American people. “We knew the law would cost millions of Americans their health insurance, yet the president disagreed, and even guaranteed that Americans could keep their health care plan if they wanted. As a result, Washington shut down, costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars, leaving Veterans unable to pay their respects to their fallen brothers, and tourists locked out of the monuments that celebrate America’s greatness. And for what? Political points? The entire shutdown could have been completely avoided had the President considered any opposing viewpoints. “Now, ...
White House, Big Labor: The CBO has no idea what it’s talking about on minimum wage « Hot Air via
Recently, the Obama administration quietly ordered the IRS to silence its opponents by imposing new regulations on Christian and conservative non-profit groups. These rules forbid conservative groups like Faith & Freedom Coalition from distributing voter guides, Congressional Scorecards, legislative alerts, and even registering voters. And, of course, Obama's favorite Big Labor unions are all exempted from following the rules. We must stop this war on our freedom of speech! That's why we have launched to defeat these proposed regulations to silence conservative, Christian, and Tea Party Americans. If we're going to keep our voice in November, we need as many Christians and conservatives to make their voice heard now, by signing our petition to Congress and the Obama Administration. Please sign the petition right away, to make sure we stop this unprecedented, un-American ban on conservative speech. These new regulations are so crushing that, for months before an election, conservative an ...
Meet the New Kochs: They beat Big Labor in its own backyard. Next up: your state?
Big Labor didn't build the middle class
An olive branch to Big Labor? Rep. Esty invites a top Connecticut union official to the state of the union address:
"Arguably the most important thing in the debate about the minimum wage is that hardly anyone makes it. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics less than 3 percent of all workers take home $7.25 or less an hour and half who do are 24 years old or younger. And the vast majority — 77 percent — of minimum wage earners belong to households that are above the poverty line. So when Fast Food Forward declares, 'We can't survive on $7.25!', the good news is that very few people have to (and to the extent that they do, their income is supplemented by anti-poverty programs such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, food stamps, and housing subsidies). Staying at the minimum wage is also usually mercifully short-lived. For instance, between 1977 and 1997, two-thirds of full-time workers had moved on to higher pay within a year." — Nick Gillespie, "Big Labor's Big Mac Attack," The Daily Beast, Dec. 4th, 2013.
NRTWC VP Greg Mourad and BlazeTV's Andrew Wilkow - Big Labor's Use of Forced-Dues for Politics
Congratulations Virginia, you just elected a total slime-ball POS as your governor. Good luck with that for the next 4 years as he repays the deep pockets that funded his campaign such as George Soros, California environmentalist groups, Michael Bloomberg, Big Labor and so on. I'm sure he is already taking reservations for donors to spend a couple nights at Monticello.
As Senate leaders hammer out a deal to end the partial government shutdown and lift the nation's debt ceiling, sources on Capitol Hill tell Breitbart News that labor unions are poised to win a significant delay in an ObamaCare tax. The delay in the tax, which has long been a goal of Big Labor, is ex...
The past is repeating itself... The Return of the 19th Century by gjohnsit Sep 30, 2013 4:32pm PDT A friend once told me that the wealthy elite didn't want to just "roll back" the New Deal, they wanted to roll back the entire 20th Century. His point was that all the social gains of the 20th Century were granted to us in order to combat global communism, and that with the collapse of communism the wealthy elite are going it take it all back. I didn't fully appreciate his sentiments until recently. The recent upsurge in global piracy seems strange and exotic in today's world, but in fact it is rather appropriate in the full context of national events. Below is a list of trends which show the 21st Century is going to look a lot more like the 19th Century than the 20th Century. Big Labor Can we finally stop saying "Big Labor"? Last year labor union membership had shrunk to 11.8% of the total workforce and only 6.6% of the private sector. You have to go all the way back to 1900 to find such a small union footp ...
Only when it benefits you Do ppl know about your loyalty to Big Labor & Gov Healthcare?
Watching Senator Ted Cruz on Hannity and they are right, mark their words, Big Labor will get an exemption for the ACA and the Poster Child for Birth Control in the Oval Office will keep his voter base. Well tell me this, how is it that the law has been and can be changed without going back though the legislative process? How does this MF'er get to unilaterally decide who this law applies to and who it doesn't?
Update your maps at Navteq
Michelle Malkin: No Obamacare exemptions for Big Labor? We’ll see . via
No Obamacare exemptions for Big Labor? We'll see ~via Michelle Malkin
Tamron Hall can't possibly fathom Big Labor sending protestors who never worked at to protest outside Walmart.
Great news! Big labor scared Appeals rules Michigan right-to-work law applies to state workers:
ObamaCare pushing Americans into part-time work, critics say: The warnings about ObamaCare from Big Labor and ...
Big labor losers took it in the shorts today in Michigan. Right-To-Work To Cover State Employees
Big Labor Day boat ride comin up in Charleston. Is it ok to wear white on the day of Labor Day?!
Governor Kasich: No Right to Work for Ohio: Ohio Governor Kasich has caved to Big Labor…
Desperate for new life, Big Labor to admit non-members into unions: . Sean Higgins. AFL-CIO President Richard...
Union Gangsters: Craig Becker - Big Labor's consigliere now wields the force
Harry The Bulldog Reid should disclose his receipts from the Big labor Bosses. How much income is he concealing..He speaks out to avoid att
A bit sad has joined the big Labor liars...Wong, Burke, Clare ,Plibersek, Bradbury, O'Connor, Shorten
Getting way to nerdy excited for fantasy football this year. Spring St throwing down a big Labor Day draft party/cookout
Norquist: Obamacare Advocates Hurl Hail Mary: A big labor front group is delivering "thousands" of petit...
Be prepared for a big labor union blitz because of this:
Good thing made nice with Big Labor by working to squelch a workplace freedom campaign! via
Agree about Obamacare, but you should be defunded, too, Vestyboy! You're Specter clone & big labor fraud! Peeps in PA know!
Wow! Summer is flying by! Only a few weeks until my big Labor Day Weekend show at Captain Nick's!
semi -skilled, not unskilled. Africa has a big labor force that is untapped.
In true Big Labor boss style, vote early & vote often for 'Union Boss of the Year'
If Obamacare is not ready for Congress, Big Business, or Big Labor, it’s not ready for the American people.
Is going to list a return address for their petition to the No physical address on their website. Big Labor front group.
I like to say, "If it's not good enough for Big Government or Big Labor, it's not good 4 the Main St. American"
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