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Big Krit

Justin Scott (born August 26, 1986), better known by his stage name Big K.R.I.T (King Remembered In Time), is an American Hip Hop musician and record producer from Meridian, Mississippi. 5.0/5

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I'm not lol that a song Children of the world - Big Krit go listen to it
smh .. why havent I been listenin to Big KRIT?
Big Krit is either my favorite rapper or 2nd favorite
Be justly, justify your actions breathe deep and walk upright lead and never follow love the people be other people humble yourself and pray- Big Krit
I swear people are sleeping on one of my favorite rappers Big KRIT. One of the best since Outkast in my opinion.
Kendrick, Big Krit, and Andre 3000 need to make song together...produced by J.Cole
I dont understand how Big Krit hasn't blown up yet. Even his mixtapes are cd quality material. I haven't heard one song that's trash from him. And he writes and produces all his songs.
Listening to dat boi big krit my sub
Jamin big krit its only right on are way to the sip
Listen to music by Big Krit on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized radio.
whats that *** song with Kendrick Lamar nd Big Krit ??
Them:So you listen to Drake ? Me:nah not really. Them: Why not you hating. Me:Nah it's just not my style I don't listen to Taylor Swift either I ain't no problem wit her. Me:Do you listen to Big Krit ? Them: Who. smh
Big Krit comin to The Ville in novemeber!!! Im more than stoked!
"I always knew that there was something, that God gave me as a gift, the power to make words fit. I look to the sky and dream flying just as high, but as time goes by there's always something, that knocks me off my track. I got to get back, cause time is short." -big krit
Ain't nothing like waking up to Big Krit and Miley Cyrus lol...happy Friday everyone...May all your dreams come true..
Lord I been trying all these years and I ain't never had a thing to say / Did it by myself now my soul here to motivate me / My fam was cool but when times got hard / It was like F this rap ish go get yourself a job / I thank god that when the run ins with the law / While I was riding with my folk and there was dope in the car / Mama forgive me I was in it for a minute / But I was tired of em talking bout my shoes and my fitted / My homie got killed and I shed a couple tears / Trying forget that he gone just remember that he here / Remember that he clear and where he at he good / Yea my *** dead but at least he out the hood / I'd leave if I could that's what I plan to do / These *** talk a lot remind me of high school / But I thank you for the hating / Appreciate the rumors if you think that you're a winner then I'm glad to be a loser / Lord more money more problems that's just how it is / I lost another homeboy that's just how it is / He told me lil cuz don't trip off these *** / I said F that I' ...
The Black Keys, Kendrick and Big KRIT on 2k14 soundtrack. Dope. Macklemore, Coldplay and Robin Thicke. Gross
I pray that you find your way, and all things old, become new. - The Vent, Big KRIT
"Cadillactica" got to be the dopest name for an album ever. Big KRIT is too awesome.
- During the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards, we caught up with Big Krit, Tristan Wilds, and Sage the Gemini, who all spoke on their current a...
This what rap is to me all 4 coners Big Krit da 5th!!!
The BEST Thing in the world happen today and im not lying to you when i say the Rock The Bell Tour and Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes wanted me! ME to come on tour with them and travel with freeway, Dizzy Wright, rich homie, Tech nine, and many known rappers and local rappers from different states! Man its a risky move too cause i have school the whole month! DuDe GOD is good and he keeps answering my prays my Favorite rapper BIG Krit is on that tour and i just have to meet the Dude his a legend already to dope bruh!
Big krit be having the best life quotes
Ferg in November, Big Krit and Talib Qweli in December. Can't complain
Know my fav mc know starting with 5. Big krit he is the future yall 4. Rick ross 3 drake his new album is dope go get it 2 t.i. word play is crazy and his album is always crazy 1 jadakiss yall already know that kid is trouble
Yo... forget Kendrick, Phonte and Big Krit. Maybe even Talib and Yasiin. I wanna be cool confidants, comrades and compatriots with K'naan! :D He's been on my radar a long time, but I'm giving him closer attention these days. I don't have to marry emcees anymore. Being best homies is sweeter and longer-lasting. I still crush a lot though... ;)
J.Cole and Big KRIT need to STOP producing their own tracks!!!
It's the return of forever *** (big krit voice) Texas tomorrow had the greatest week this year so far
Title of big krit on xm is just last week but he is saying jet lat week...that's not the title
Check out the teams latest mixtape featuring new music from Jay-z, Dom Kennedy, Jcole, Big KRIT, Kid Cudi and more
Big Krit - Children of the World > any track you've listened to this year
We need more people like Big Krit in hip-hop, he's humble, grateful, respectful, resourceful and has some great manners during interviews.
Red Eye by Big KRIT is how I be feeling about.metaphorically of course
Do they have eazy e, dr Dre, or at least some big Krit on kidz bop, I need something for when my Godson rides with me instead of silence
I can't understand Big KRIT when he talks regular. He's too country.
Just cooked this Big KRIT TYPE BEAT - "Never" check it out >>>>.
Big Krit beats always have the soul vibe
Some Big Krit seems nice right about now ..
They Ready ftJ Cole Big KRIT and Kendrick Lamar is a Jam, why had i not listned to this before
Kendrick is a genius, J.Cole got these *** worried, Big Krit is a southern killer & Wale is a visionary
This dude joey badass need to quit spittin on sings before big krit. How many L's he gon take.
The Vent by Big Krit, is just a beautiful song .
I'm usually homeboys with the same *** I'm rhymin ... โ€” And that goes for jermaine cole, big Krit, wale, push...
Big krit is my jam right now. He's just on a whole other level.
Big Krit will forever be true to the underground. A true artist
Big krit albums still ain't played out ova here
I really enjoy listening to Big KRITโ€ฆ More than I thought I wouldโ€ฆ
Big Krit and Big Boi over Little Sean. Tbh tbh tbh tbh tbh tbh.
Finally listened to Insomnia x Big KRIT after always talking about Insomnia x Sammie. I like it but not more than Sammie.
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ lol yeah you seem like a Big Krit kinda person!!
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚but i listened to some big Krit songs... He goes in
I feel as though that one of the only rappers who puts their 100% into their music & doesn't care about fame is Big Krit
*** still be sleeping on Big Krit lyrics? Cmon is 2013
But really why Big Krit and Tracy Morgan the same person?
I think Kendrick Lamar is a highly talented artist but I also think Big Krit is a highly underrated artist. There's something wrong about the balance in the game here to me.
then it's Andre, Ghostface, Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, and then Big Krit. Dre isn't even in my top 10.
Guess yall aint heard of 'cole summer' but now you screaming his name since you seen him on BET awards when he been claiming The Carolinas one of the few that put on 4 South and North Carolina...Just look yall aint listen to K-Dot aka Kendrick Lamar until 'Swimming Pool' guess you never heard of 'compton state of mind and 'B***h I'm in the club' Just like Tity Boi aka 2chain been out since DTP..guess you never heard Of Nipsey Hussle, Immortal Technique, Low Key, Kaanan, Big Paybacc, Big Krit, Trae Da Truth, Lil Boss, P.Rico, Joey Badazz, Stalley, Freddie Gibbs, 211, PNC, Slauson Boyz, Bad Lucc, G-Nut, Lil Sodi, C Hecc, B-Fly, Glasses Malone, Travis Scott, Lil Durk, Lil Mouse, King Samson, Dirt, Chi Da Prince, Roccett,Dead Prez, Damain Marley, Stephen Marley, Tru Life and etc expand your ears behind what is on tv and radio air waves
We up here having a conversation abt music and entertainment. Why do music with substance not get as far as clown music? How do artist like Trinidad James career blow out of nowhere when Big Krit been killing with real music and that's nothing against James. Why all the TV shows that are more appealing have to have drama amd fighting like that's what life is abt. Like Bad Girls Club and Love and Hip Hop. Why is it that sex sell? If u haven't noticed it think abt it. Just the change in time. I'm still keeping Wale, Big Krit, Kendrick Lamar and ect. In my deck though lol
Big K.R.I.T. - King Part 2 [Intro: Big Krit and Big Sant] History remembers kings! God bless you all! I don't mean to burden you. It's just, umm, I had a conversation with a wise man. He asked me a question like, "How could you be in the position to say so much, but say so little," so this is me saying a lot [Verse 1] I was raised from the Bible Belt, I tighten that, I'm Titan's back Same game they claim that they killing, I'm breathing life in that Take heed, the people you lead when you reciting that You will die for what you believe, so where's your rifle at? Never was entertained or influenced by all the drama Hard to bury your partna, but harder to console her mama That only want the best for her child Save a place for his soul Lord, he ain't been to church in a while Said that Jesus can't save him and ain't no church in the wild His anger fueled his ambition, I swear he forgot how to smile "Hustle hard, hustle hard," that's what he said While counting up this bread that he fell for, now he dead And ...
Big Krit put on a good show, but nothing cant top out Sade's final world tour. (" i'd cry if she says yes I D CARE!!")
I have to see Big Krit, Flatbrush, Wu Tang, Danny Brown, Bone Thugs, Too $hort and Dilated Peoples. RTB is goona be dope!
New Music Lineup for tonight! 2 Pistols, B.O.B., 2 Chainz, Big Krit, Rich Gang, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Future, Trey Songz, Dorrough, Juicy J, French Montana, Ludacris, T-Pain, K Stylis, T.I., Cash Out, Chief Keef, Ciara, Sean Kingston, Youn Swift, Akon, Young Scooter, Loverance, Kat Dahlia & Travis Porter! Oh and you know we are gonna do it for the old school tonight! RIP Chris Kelly! 2 Decades of Jump and still strong! We will never let your music die!
Big Krit always songs sounds like he bout to break out n gospel hymnsRT Impromptu survey. Big Krit or Pink. Embrace debate.
lol recent studies show that "Big Krit" has the ability to put ppl who are higher then space shuttles to sleep in seconds. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Who is ready for this Sunday! Big Krit , JMSN , Stalley , Phil Ade and many more
something rather cool in DC this sunday. I might go. Big Krit tittsworth spinster tracy phil ade and some other groovy peeps.
I need all my g's and doggs to listen to Big Krit's Banana Clip Theory, lemme know ur thoughts on it
Big Krit is the Kuntry Kendrick Lamar. I'm goin to sleep.
OOMF brought up a good point the other day about Big Krit's 1 train verse ... couple shots at TI in there?
Someone pleassseee slide Brian some Big Krit and Kendrick Lamar. It'll bless his entire soul
This topic is for my Hip-Hop heads with advanced Degrees. IMO in the last year and a half Hip-Hop seems to have turned a corner. There have been some classic albums put out by MC's in their early 20's. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Big Krit, Tito Lopez, Lupe Fiasco, have put out some quality product. Every region is represented except one. Where the *** is NYC at? The area hasn't produced a credible MC in years! Why?
"Put GOD first and free yo soul, cuz even Olympic winners sometimes lose they Gold" - Big Krit
I was choppin it up with my homie Haze and he said he ain't really feelin' the new guys in Hip Hop. He said he miss thr Hip Hop that use to scare white ppl lol. And the thang iz he's white but he just love that pure raw hardcore Hip Hop that attacks political, social, and racial issues. I couldn't knock him but i couldn't fully agree either becuz i luv guys like J. Cole, Asap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Wale, Joey Bad A$$, Meek Mill, Big Krit, ect. I think Hip Hop is in a way better state than it was about 7 years ago when every song was a trend or dance. But i do miss the glory days of Hip Hop in the late 80's to the early 2000's they need to bring back shows like yo mtv raps, rap city, and the box datz when Hip Hop was at it's finest!!!
So there is a girl in mine and Kylie's gym class who doesn't know Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, MGK, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Tyga, New Boyz, Big Krit, Kiko Bang, 50 cent, JuycyJ, MackleMore, Waka Flaka, B.O.B, Eminem, Chief Keef, Ludachris, Bruno Mars and more.. But she does know Snoop Dogg. ***
i think that I could seriously make some beats for Big Krit
a cypher type setting like that song. That still doesnt qualify any of them except krit and Kendrick though.
"Load I ant your best son, I ant been to church in awhile! But on that liquor I confess some" *Big Krit*
Watch Music Clip Jet Life Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Wiz Khalifa of Curren$y in video on Jukebox !
Ah listening to Big KRIT riding around Denver !! Bout to get silly ;)
I'm listening to Children Of The World by Big Krit on Pandora
If you dont like Big KRIT, you are just stupid.
So I heard big Krit "wake up" for the first time today.. And yea.
S/o to playing my joint They Ready by J.Cole Big KRIT & Kendrick Lamar
Who tf is big krit never heard of him
I will never get tired of Rotation or Temptation by Big KRIT.
No offence to asap yelawolf kendrick but Joey bada$$ Action Bronson Danny Brown and big krit killed it on 1train
So u let her dowwwn now a real. Man has brought her happiness AW
Who's the REAL King of the South to you? Scarface, Andre 3K, UGK (Bun B, Pimp C), T.I ... or ?
Big KRIT is one the most underrated artists in hip-hop.
honorable mention:ski beatz, clark kent, harry fraud, ant, benzilla, big krit, sledgren, cardo + more I'm too high to remember at the moment
Big KRIT need to drop a mixtape soon
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Good time at Mitchell & Ness got to kick it with some cool people! Big KRIT DJ Omega and @ Power Hour Muzik
Just got home to Louisville. Was bumpin' my Outkast/UGK/Big Krit/Killer Mike playlist all of the way. Looking...
Krit and Big Boi killed their last projects.
i love listening to Big Krit he that ***
It's probably best I didn't have any money to be up in Mitchell & Ness with Big KRIT. I woulda walked out with the store messin wit him.
yeah but Big Krit did it alone! Cole came up with the help of Hova but imo Big Krit is a little more G
BIG KRIT went the hardest then Joey Badass
Big KRIT is the man, he truly deserves to be on top. The dude makes his own beats and writes his own lyrics. Respect!
If you don't listen to Big KRIT but you do listen to Future. Your input doesn't matter
Big krit need to drop another mixtape or album been a minute..
I'm listening to No Wheaties by Big Krit on Pandora
Big KRIT is my type all the way around lol. He could get it ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘
this guy kind of sounds like Big KRIT. Kind of.
"I can't keep worrying bout the things in my life I can't change, dear lord give me the strength to fight the evil in this game.." - Big Krit
And Nic kno I'm bout to cook his big KRIT lookin *** lol u fried me on the low lls
Bruh, on "1 Train" they had some nasty verses.. Big Krit's was nice though. Then Yelawolf had some nasty lines.
Is there anybody else that thinks Big Krit will be the next Big Selling Artist besides me?!?!
Can anyone name some recent commercial Hip Hop songs that have no references to substance abuse (alcohol, weed, mollies)?
What is it with rappers now a days? When you say "Yo your music *** homie do something different." they respond "You just hating cause I'm getting this money!" you pause and respond "No *** you really are garbage..." The reason they say rap is easy is cause these *** ain't even trying to be different or innovative... Let alone being real with they *** selfs... "Give the people what they want and they will buy it. Show the world your just like them and they will love you." *Little known fact on average a music artist in the hip-hop industry makes between 40-80k a year unless he or she has side hustles (i.e. real-estate, clothing, under-cutting for shows, movies, TV.)98% of them can't even buy themselves out of their own contracts. I just watched this interview with a rapper named Meek Mills (Who's signed to another *** who's signed to another *** who's signed to a 3rd party label, that's under a bigger label, that's under a distributer, that's under a corporation.)first time I heard his music ...
Big Krit music speak to your heart man especially if you southern
will do, gonna get Big krit and smoke dza's stuff while im there aha. Naa yelawolf annoys dafuq outa me!
What are your guys' thoughts on signing over tracks to a pop/rap stars for radio releases? I'm just curious.
What's the best concert you've ever been to and what made it so special/memorable?
I know after today im gonna be stuck on big krit for a long time
Happy day. I get to inform everyone. MICHAEL AND SARAH ARE EXPECTING. Due august the 23rd. Grandbabie # 11.
Don't really listen to Asap Rocky like that but imma give his album a listen.
I've been slacking in Hip Hop lately. John Jefferson Jonathan Bryant Throw me some knowledge on who and what to get my hands on.
Wuts y'all favorite station to listen to on pandora
Big krit, ace hood, ludacris, &jadakiss n ma mentor, are all underated rappers
Its a Big Krit - The Vent. type of day. Frustrations only anchor you, faith n patience delivers you. Keep trustin god n you'll be fine no matter what the storm looks like
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"If it don't pay whatchu asking, then you wasting yo time..." (c) Big Krit
"That's it's all on your shoulders and everything will seam clear if you stay sober"Big Krit
WAKE UP! I know today is gonna be the best day of my life. (in my big krit voice).
Jumu'ah Mubaraka to you all.. Don't forget Surat Al-Kahf :)
Big krit, "if I fall" smh gives me more reason to live my life to the fullest.
Met a broad wit an *** out her concern was the earn like *** what yo cash bout.
I miss the days when an m.c. said a dope verse and it had u rewinding that verse over and over again.
It's a big krit kinda night...Gnite
I've never seen stars on a red rug, if I want to see stars I just look above... To the heavens
Blowing with sis trippin and jaming Big Krit - Sky Club
A what if i move to Indiana and me and my bay bay wanna stay out dea i know its what you was thinkin mama
Songs on the iPhone big krit, j. Cole and drake!!!
Not to diminish what he manages to accomplish on his own, but on his next album, Asap Rocky should stay away from collaborations with Big K.R.I.T. That guy somehow managed to outshine not only Rocky, but both Yelawolf and Kendrick Lamar in the same song.
He said he wanted something off the dollar menu, I know the rock was what he's really into. I gave him a dollar anyway. Cause times is hard. -Big Krit
So big krit getting in the studio with future hopefully all future does is the hook cuz he'll get murdered on a verse but he straight
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sometimes I wish I was a kid again, Running with my friends and them, up and down the street Waiting on the bell to ring, riding on the school bus, drawing on the seats On the phone all night with the girl I like and she claims she's a freak It's straight I would neva go back, I could neva go back, but it would be cool to see. "Big Krit"
IMO BIG KRIT has tge best verse on A$AP Rocky's 'Train' track.
Sometimes u gotta let the losers win order for you to win greater
Only difference between a Winner and Loser is that a Winner keeps playing till he wins- Big Krit
Please say prayers for our Grandson Rocco- he is in Abington Hosp. with the flu. And also for his loving parents- Kristen was a real trooper today, I am so proud of her and for Drew who is under the weather himself.
White woman lock her car door when I pass by. *** somedays I'm a ***
"The only difference between a winner and loser is that a winner plays until he win"~Big Krit
Everytime i rotate my tires i have to listen to big krit- rotation...
I'm fighting demons like the Constantine, Constantly trying to take back what belong to me -Big KRIT
Kendrick Lamar=GOOD KID M.A.A.D CITY=TRACK 3. Mm dope dope dope" all ma life i want maney and power"
The justin bieber smoking weed thing is just a publicity stunt to see what kind of reaction it will have on his career, to see what steps they can take to make it last further into a justin timberlake type of career. Justin Bieber and Lil Twist have been friends and hanging out for 2 plus years. Justin Bieber's manager is the same as Asher Roth(big pothead) and Asher Roth is like his older brother and has been bringing him around rappers for years and other rappers just gravitate towards him in general, obviously he's been smoking weed. Its not like he's been hanging with the rappers that don't smoke weed, like Kendrick Lamar, big krit, or yelawolf.
Never collide with other players that play the game dont be eager to run with crowds stay in your lane pass the knowledge on to your team but carry the flame cuz its yours and yours alone to brighten your way Big Krit - Boobie Miles
Have anyone heard that new Juelz Santana yet? If so, how is it?
This ain't just a car this my time machine Krit
BIG K.R.I.T. - Krit Wuz Here Hosted by DJ STUPAC - Free Mixtape Download or Stream it presents the biggest Hip Hop event to come to San Marcos in years!! Big K.R.I.T. live in concert at Texas Music Theater Saturday February 23rd, 2013. Texas State University has been waiting patiently for Hip Hop to hit The Square and its goin down on Feb. 23rd at TMT! This event will se...
What would be you favorite rap calabo?
21 Jumpstreet by Snoop Dogg and Tray Dee, gotta be a hiphop classic just gotta be!!!
Playlist Takeover coming up. Send us 3 of your favourite tracks right now and take control of the playlist.
What u mean you aint nasty.lmao Big Krit
What are some bad *** songs to jamm to when your getting hih? COMMENT !
The music video 'All Day' for the North Carolina hip-hop group Kooley High.
Somedayz I'm a healer, Somedayz I'm a dealer, Somedayz I'm a killer, White woman lock her doors when I pass by, *** Somedayz i'm a *** Somedayz you my homie, Somedayz you seem phony, Somedayz you don't know me, claim you down for the cause and you ride for ya dogs, Somedayz you don't show. Somedayz I'm broke, Somedayz I have hope, Somedayz I can't cope, When the stress come around, I pour up some brown, Somedayz it's just smoke. Somedayz I ain't safe, Somedayz I'm gonna pay, Somedayz I just pray, Will I go to heaven or *** only god knows, Somedayz I can't say. Somedayz I might lie, Somedayz I don't try, Somedayz I might cry, When I'm on my sick bed and my dayz drawin short, *** Someday I'm gonna die. Somedayz...
I had a rich dad .. poor dad. Big KRIT
they say yu dnt act lyke othr rappers ISAY kuz igo harder thn "rappers" they say where yo chains and big booty *** ISAY fake jewelry make my nekk itch and i lyke bigbootys but witout tha *** attachment they say where yo maibach an swimmin pool fulla liquor ISAY its still at tha store they jiz holdin it fa me til iget tha money its only half full they say no bands no dance ISAY yu accept ebt? wrapd in a rubbr band they say who r yu ISAY the question iz wat am i bekomming..
Just got home from friscoo . . . I seen this guy that looked like Biggie & some other guy that looked like Big Krit & a lady that looked like Lil Wayne x'D lmao I rolled my *** out of target. . . . it was chill af thooo(': aha
"Im not the man yu want me to be.i guess thats wat been bothering me" -Big Krit
I want to rap again... (been listening to a lot Andre 3k and Big KRIT)
Question: Who is your favorite rapper out right now?? I need to try to listen to some of these new cats... Maybe I will like their music. Long shot.
Don't be worried bout me and don't worry bout mine playa/ worry bout u (Big Krit)
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ws hospitalised in Mexico had a pain that ws just unbearable'thanx to the Dr nd nurses here they a just amaizing,nw in a hotel recovering nd waiting for the ship to come back on sat .above all god is great.
Going on a music downloading spree any suggestions anyone?
A few weeks back, Big K.R.I.T. returned to Houston, one of his country homes away from home to deliver to the masses more of that King Remembered In Time underground funk that has kept him a fan fa...
Dude do you really need THAT many TVs in your car that looks like its on its last leg :full of kids
What are some of yalls favorite workout songs?? Looking to update my playlist!
as many of you know iv suffered with lupus since i was 16. slept a good chunk of my life away and still have chronic fatigue to the point were I call in sick because I cant even wake up some days. On January 2nd I started my advocare challenge. Iv lost 8 pounds so far. But the most important thing is I havnt called in once. I wake up smiling and not crying. I have natural energy. This amazes me because for so long iv felt nothing but upset, disappointment and failure. I FINALLY have my life back and non of it would be possible with out advocare products and the support I receive. My mom is starting the challenge. Who wants to be apart of my team. I promise you you wont fail. I will be there for you every step of the way. Commit and Change with me.
A$AP Rocky is expected to have a strong debut on the charts.
Man Big Krit always speaks to me. Nobody appreciates poetry in music anymore.
Man big krit got me cool'n right now
Time to b the devil lol Rebecca White said all the south got is beats n no good artist besides the origionals bun b n all them wat the fudge???
Who would you guys wanna see come to Mobile to preform mardi Gras???
The more you walk with God the harder it is to scrape your knee. -Big Krit
3 years ago.. God gave me something so precious and incharged me w/ the responsibilty of being a father.. I would like to wish my son, my pride and joy, my lil solider, my only child, DeMarcus Terrell Edwards Jr. a happy 3rd birthday.. I speak the favor of God and his Glory over my boy.. I love him w/ every fiber of my being.. Let's get it son.. This is just the beginning. And I thank God for yu..
Watch the music video for The Vent by Big K.R.I.T. and more new Rap/Hip-Hop videos on VEVO.
Finna listen to live from the underground big krit the best artist out
A$AP Rocky's beat selection is out of this world!
Shout out to Big KRIT for providing the music for the workout just now. "It's the Return of 4Eva, h*e..." Now, 'bout to throw down on these pancakes, make like Pinky & The Brain and try to conquer the world today.
Life is just a raffle, mostly pain & some laughter. That's why I drink & smoke away my pain @ most nights. RNS
I see a lot of folk talking lately about best albums, but you can't say best if you haven't heard all. Give the following alums a listen. Swoope's "Wake Up", Japhia Life's " Westside Pharmacy", Big KRIT "Live from the Underground" and Lecrae's "Gravity". SOLID!! Oh and I'm sure Sho Baraka's new album is dope on level with some Lupe...
Freddie Gibbs , Ab soul , Earl the Sweatshirt , Skyzoo, Action Bronson , Slaughterhouse , Kendrick Lamar ,Big Krit. Hip Hop is good rght now
lil B and Mac Miller can't get a deal but Big Krit and Trinidad James can tho
Asap Rocky,Kendrick Lamar,Drake,Tyga,Big Sean,Wiz khalifa,Big Krit,Mac Miller,Earl Sweatshirt, and Meek Mills best young rappers 26 and under i know alot people agree with this
Shout Out to the CokeBoys! Droop Pop ft Big Krit - Got it Goin On on
So A$AP got a song with Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action and Big Krit ! OH HEL NAH!
- 1Train ft. Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big Krit gon be the coldest on LiveLoveAsap
Asap Rocky got a song with Kendrick, Big Krit, Yelawolf, Danny Brown and Action Bronson on ONE song? WOW
Just listened to one of the the realist song I heard in minute "Just Another *** -Big Krit
My top 5 albums of the year & why are as follows: 5. Big Krit -Lice from the Underground(Not as good as his mixtapes but still a solid debut.) 4.MMG-Self Made Vol. 2(Hot singles, Wale, Meek stepped up.) 3. Ricky Rozay-GOD forgives, I don't. (It was but the replay value wasn't as good as some of his old albums.) 2. Nas-Life is Good (Nas still got it!!! & he actually picked some fire beats to match his lyrics.) 1. Kendrick Lamar-Good kid, M.A.A.D. City. (I haven't stopped listening to it after a week str8, & honestly don't want 2.)
That song "Boobie Miles" by Big Krit. just goes hard!!! Youtube the video! If you haven't. That song is my anthem!
I can't slip a date rape drug in Big Krit's drink, take him back to the hotel, seduce him and get pregnant by him. Our babies would be ugly
Big Krit sang in the funeral in Beverly Hills Cop 3?
this is when I listen to Rockie Fresh, The Weeknd, Macklemore, Big Krit, Miguel & Ab-Soul.
Someone who is into Hip-Hop please explain something to me. How are rappers like Lil' Wayne, Whiz Khalia, Big Krit, Drake, Jay Cole getting all this press, but guys with actual talent like Jay Electronica, Kendrick Lamar & Immortal Technique get no play? I'd argue, other than Nas, Immortal has the best lyrics in the game. Jay's Exhibit A, B & C is one of the best things out in the last few years and Kendrick is like no other rapper out there. Any thoughts? And why is Rakim not getting any love for The Seventh Seal? Holy Are U is better than anything other than Nas' Nasty to come out in about three years. See I can rant about stuff that isn't political
Has it already been said that Big Krit and Tracy Morgan look like they're half brothers?They got the same mother diff fathers resemblance
My man DJ Mo Beatz took some great video of me doin an opening set the Rolling Papers Tour "Extra Wide" show. The show feaured me, Chevy Woods, Big Krit, Cur...
Like an autumn breeze, knocking all the pecans out the trees Baking your fruitcakes for Christmas Eve The smell of sweet potato pie make it hard to leave Sit and reminisce, out the grab bag, everybody got a gift Just be thankful for the the thought, don't be giving lip We laugh and cry "Big Krit"
Big Krit looks like he could be Tracy Morgan's brother or son
Guys, pour some henn in her apple juice. Turn on big krit's "twerk a lil somethin". Thank me later.
Watch the music video premiere of Big K.R.I.T.'s single What U Mean [Explicit] featuring Ludacris and more new music videos on Slack-Time.
People crazy for callin big krit trash
So Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, and Joey badass had a show tonight as well. This is going to be a *** of a month.
mane don't make me start on yo Big Krit lookin *** tonite
Big Krit and Kendrick need to make a song
That Concert was So fun, So live, TOO TURNT UP!!! Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA, Joey Bada$$, Pro Era, Fat Trel, Cashius Green, Chance the Rapper and Mookie Jones! S/o to my bro Darius for inviting me! gnight now ;)
Honestly I think AK47 Reloaded is tied with that Big KRIT tape for mixtape of the year Runner ups looking like 1999, Allerdice, Dreamchasers 2, and customized greatly 3 Bout to download Cabin Fever 2, hoping wiz came correct.
"It's cold out here, you gotta hold your own. I never knew what pain was until I was grown, never missed my home boy until he was gone but life goes on." Big K.R.I.T
Big krit is da hottest rapper i promise you dat!
Big krit. But he's not really that big
Rockin a big krit nd kendrick banga shout out my young boy for puttin me on.
When people i kno say that like a big Krit song it makes me feel good knowin I was da 1 bumpin him b4 hand when folk was like *** is a Krit
"remember I told you, slow down control your speed, the more you walk with GOD the harder it is to scrape yo knee" - Big Krit
"lead by example, don't get caught In the rapture! Life is just a raffle, mostly pain but some laughter" - BIG KRIT
"I can't be what you want me to be. I guess that's what's been bothering me." - Big Krit
Temptation by Big Krit still get me hype lowkey .
Did you know big name artists like Jay Z, Big K.R.I.T. and others use Soundcloud and Youtube to leak their mixtapes and cd's? We can help you get thousands of views starting at $20 today!
How dare you speak on where I'm from if u ain't never been - Big Krit
Mann Big Krit music make you feel some kinda way
Big Krit spinning swag into the air
I make love to Michelle bumping big krit All the republicans can burn in *** along with Mitt
Big Krit will forever have my musical heart!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Dream big, work hard, and stay humble during the process.
event at SOB's featuring & Big Krit is lucky I didn't assault him. So fresh.
Lol @ a Big Krit sookie now reference on
[T.I.] Yeah, it's the King, cuh You know my demo, Maybach, no limo, homes I'm sacked up, too I don't know what them folk doin' I'm flexin', tho', patna There...
My music went from Big Krit to some sad country song ๐Ÿ˜“
Cine: Big Krit spinning swag into the air
Aye hope all is well fam I wanted to give you my new single feat Mb&Big Krit produced by big Krit
It was a disappointment like that song he was in with J.Cole and Big KRIT
18th track from Big K.R.I.T. 's new album Return Of 4Eva! This album is available for free download here :
Today we bring you The Daily Loud exclusive interview with Big K.R.I.T. During the interview Big K.R.I.T. talks about his debut album โ€œLive From The Undergroundโ€, Being on Tour, His upc...
Go ahead and get it in without your boy tonight. I gotta work in the am. Shout out to Mike G appreciate the love my dude. Tell Flocka said BOW BOW he'll now what it means. YOLO
That Mayday track by Lecrae and Big KRIT is nice.
Just met Big Krit. Been rockin with him since KRIT WUZ HERE
Picked up the new Lupe Fiasco. Regardless of your opinion of him, the CD is kinda nice. And the production is definitely fresh. Between him Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T. & Curren$ey, I think hip-hop might have a bright future. Notice I said "might" have...
Big K.R.I.T in my headphones. Not G music but L.I.F.E music.
domain names
Some ppl change its a part of life like seasons- Big Krit
Cinematic Music Group in conjunction with Creative Control bring you Big K.R.I.T's "King" video. Hailing from meridian Mississippi. This is the first of many...
Nas"Life Is Good",Killer Mike"RAP Music",Big Krit"Live From The Underground"and Kendrick Lamar"Good Kidd,Madd City" are the best Hip-Hop Albums of the year. All these albums are in repeat in my mp3,Hip-Hop isn't dead,she was on vacation for a few years,lol.
Who wants to go to Dagger Entertainment's event Fright Night feat. Big KRIT, Blue Scholars, Timeflies, 9th Wonder, and Rapsody with some very cool people FOR FREE? If so please go check out those pages and Creatures of the Park will announce a winner tomorrow!
How can i lose when all my siblings looking up to me, I tried lord but i can not love my enemies - Big Krit
Growing up i was a huge fan of 8ball & MJG it was an honor to work with them on Money On The Floor & from there we just started building, This record is comi...
Download this song, along with thousands of others for FREE, at - YG - In Tha Morning (Feat. Big K.R.I.T., Big Sean & TY$) [DO...
Smoke DZA kicks it into overdrive and proves once again that he can't be grounded with the release of his forthcoming album, "Rolling Stoned." Since the succ...
New Jcole ,big krit Kendrick Lamar they ready
Young G opens for Big K.R.I.T at the House of Blues when he made his stop in Houston Texas on the Live from the underground tour! Special thanks to Scoremore...
by Bill Pearis Main Attrakionz at BV-SXSW 2012 (more by Amanda Hatfield) Earlier this month, we mentioned that iPhone/Android app Mobli was throwing a CMJ party with Heems, Sasha Go Hard, Kitty Pryde, Weekend Money, SAFE, The Underachievers, and Party...
"Thank God for everything I could've died like yesterday make room for me incase the this plane just aint meant to fly I hope he there if I fall from the sky hollin out don't let me down" K.R.I.T
or Big Krit both of them are the next generation of Hip Hop/rap
*** I thought for a second Big Krit was Tracey Morgan lol
I must say The Varsity was packed supporting underground Hip Hop and the sad part it was way more whites than blacks for $20 Slim Thug & Big Krit did they thang
Im at work listening to this Big Krit mixtape, he just sound to much like da pimp to me so i could really neva pay attention to him like alot of yall. But at least dawg talking bout somethin.IJS
Check it out! I completed checkpoint 1 of the Big K.R.I.T "I Got This" Video Quest at Big Krit
Did Tracy Morgan stop doing comedy to Rap as Big Krit?
Big Krit's verse on Glasshouse will remain legendary.
Guess ill be a bopper for 2 weeks .. I have to see Kendrick Lamar .. Then I won Big Krit tickets.. Hey it is what it is then ๐Ÿ˜‚
Childish Gambino, The Black Keys, Florence & The Machine, The Weeknd, Big Krit, Alabama Shakes. Are all going to be at Austin City Limits Festival!
Yo you see the breakfast club talking with Big Krit interview?
For tickets to see Big Krit and Slim Thug live in concert October 6th contact me at 832.372.3281
If you cop tix to the Big Krit & Slim Thug show on Oct.6 you'll get a FREE hardcopy of my Mixtape " Houston's Most Wanted" at the show BEFORE IT OFFICIALLY DROPS! (LIMITED AMOUNT)
Big Krit & Slim Thug at the Howard Theatre tomorrow
Oh, yeah! Big Krit gotta show tomorrow night up at the Howard Theater! I'm in there like swim wear!
Kendrick Lamar last night, Big Krit next week..
Wonder if knows that Big Krit will be at The Howard Theatre on September 18.
Big Krit does look like Tracey Morgan lol
โ€œBig Krit and Morgan Freeman didn't survive slavery for us to be slandering each otherโ€ LMFAO
"Martin Luther King had a dream, we was right there, wonder what he saw when up and had nightmares?" - Big Krit
Everybody thats been successful moved tha fu*k up outta here.. Elvis, Soulja boy, Oprah, David Banner, Morgan freeman, Big Krit and so on.. Time speaks its on language.. Everything else is jus a memory
5 mixtapes in my rotation right now 1. BYOB Meachy 2. ASAP LIVELONGASAP 3. Kendrick Lamar Rising star 4. The Weeknd house of balloons 5. Big Krit return of forever
Travel with Tito Lopez on the Live From The Undergroud Tour w/ Big Krit & Casey Veggies. In this...
Oh man..J Cole, Big Krit and Kendrick Lamar on the same track...niceee
please vote for Brittany Bosco to open up for Santogold, Big Krit, Slick Rick and many more... ARTIST COME SUPPORT, A TRUE ARTIST One Music Fest Search for The One YOU CAN VOTE UP TO 5 TIMES A DAY.
- Rapper David Banner has a good time backstage at the Red Bull EmSee event while joking with Mississippi rap artist Big Krit over the food...
aye yall vote for the homie for a chance to rock along side the likes of Big Krit, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane and more in September. twould be greatly appreciated
J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Big Krit all together on 1 song.. Smh. That's gon be the best track on DJ Khaled album
Who knows where I can go listen to "They Ready" by DJ Khaled ft. J.Cole, Big Krit, and Kendrick Lamar?
I'm laughing at ...she be jamming Big Krit hard!
Big Krit on friday.Fiona Apple & Die Antwoord in October. Danny Brown in november.
Back stage at Big Krit concert.!!! My baby just cut his hair. looking clean!!
Big Krit coming October 3rd to Plush I will be in the building
+ in Birmingham,AL opening for Starlito & Big Krit. check out the vlog. BMB workin.
Did you hear about Big Krit last week?
Big Krit Has Gotta be one of the Koldest *** around
*Big Krit voice* Yeah, I'm tryna turn this into something, turn this into something.
Tito Lopez, Kendrick Lamar, Azad Right and Big KRIT. The real is back.
Elviz you don't understand if ya don't listen to Big Krit lol
Get money, don't be no lame benchwarmers never ride foreign so play the game never drop the ball, never accept a lost, get back up when you fall, and when your numbers called you better give your all. # BIG KRIT
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