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Big Krit

Justin Scott (born August 26, 1986), better known by his stage name Big K.R.I.T (King Remembered In Time), is an American hip hop musician and record producer from Meridian, Mississippi.

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if it don't touch my soul I don't wanna listen to it. -Big KRIT
I'm always in the mood for some Big Krit ... always
I have three favorite songs of all time: . Kendrick Lamar - Opposites Attract. Big Krit- Red Eye. J. Cole- Stay
34. Big KRIT. The soul brother of southern hip hop. He has such a nice mix of bops and conscious rap. Li…
Rappers who are amazing that you probably don't listen to. Pat B. King Los. Dave East. Lil Dicky. Joyner Lucas. Loaded Lux. Cyhi. Big Krit. Euro
Really depends who's doing it. There is Big Krit, who feeds us constantly and puts out quality stuff.
The Life of Kings by Phonte , Big KRIT. ...on days like these, I count my blessings and say my dreams. ♫
KRIT just gotta switch it up my guy. Enough with the Big Sant, Wiz, DZA and Spitta. I'd be down to just hear KRIT on a project by himself.
I need some accurate news this Big Krit, Andre 3000, and Kendrick album supposedly coming out
Now playing Neva go back by Big Krit
Big KRIT posted a snippet of a new song he's working on to instagram. I am now happy. KRIT season is upon us
Daily reminder that big krit snapped on mt olympus
I think ppl sleep on Big KRIT to much, hungry artist from Mississippi
Why the heck is Cha Cha x Dram on my BIG KRIT station? 🙄
I got all of big KRIT music u should've said some
wait until they move a team to London and no HC can get a UK visa. As long as it's in next 7 years, *Big KRIT voice* I got this
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u know these people only want to hear beats but that *** BIG Krit real life sleep on 💯
these *** don't know bout that Big Krit and 3 Stacks big bro 💯
Man that big Krit 12 for 12 slept on he killed every beat better than the original in my opinion
I want to bump Big KRIT/ Curren$y in my own car this year...i can do it..🤔😤🙏
When Big Krit said "sprinkling game everywhere that I go"
Big Krit could definitely shoot the club up
I'm gonna listen to big Krit all day
Listen to Big Krit's Return of 4eva mixtape next time you smoke and thank me later.
Hatin ain't good for your blood pressure ~ Big KRIT
Kendrick, Big Krit,Lupe fiasco , jay electrónica, Mos Def.. there's plenty more, Cole just has the most commercial success 😴
they thru Big Krit and Lecrae in there just for affirmative action
Big Krit - Mt Olympus is one of the most underrated songs ever . dude went ham on that track
Big Krit the only country I fuk wit
I said Big Krit and Bun B in San Antonio a couple years back. My brother-in-law grew up with Big Sant and Big Krit
Production/Putting together a song, Travis Scott, Mac Miller and Big Krit my favorite rappers in the game.
The world may never know why Big KRIT is so under appreciated & slept on.
All in your ear drums. hosted by Sicc & Taylor . Every Tues from 6-9pm . : Mo better cool by Big Krit
Put your faith in God and this Uzi - Big Krit
Big krit mt.olympus is straight fire
Search Results for big krit purpose
Pimp C, TI, Andre, Big Boi, Krit, Bun B, Ceelo, Lil Wayne, Cole ...south ran hip hop for a while and still running it.
If she like big krit and comic books wife her
Y'all don't even know how much y'all are sleeping on Big Krit smh
Joey Badass, drake, big krit, the game, etc..Anthony Hamilton lmao
The most underrated rappers right now (no order):. YG. Big KRIT. Big sean. Fabolous. Lito
Nas . Hova. Lupe Fiascoe . Mac Miller . Big Krit . Kanye . Just a few off the top of my dome
Lac by big Krit keeps playing in my head
Big KRIT, Freddie Gibbs, Travis Scott and the lead rappers from The 1975 & Arctic Monkeys
Bigger Picture Music Video Directed by Marc Ecko Song by Big KRIT real good track!
Big Krit, Mac Miller, Chance the rapper, Vince staples, Tyler the creator, 8 ball and mjg, the Internet
Meanwhile J Cole vs Big Krit is bein settled in Fayetteville Municipal Court
Big Krit sent shots at drake in Mt Olympus and nobody said nada
there's absolutely nothing good out this day and age. Maybe some Big Krit. Kendrick Lamar maybe.
Big Krit is a Triple threat to this industry. He's phenomenal
lol u only come around to talk abt balling, slandering big krit and GTA snowballs! Lmdao.
Read "The Big KRITique from Cadillactica" and make sure you feed your soul today.
Don't be fooled, Big K.R.I.T.'s "new" album is actually old and isn't being supported by K.R.I.T. himself.
Big Krit Live in Concert at Hal and Mal's - Dec 05. ► Find Tickets:
*** man my cousin gone from here all I can do is cry and think about big krit .
The closest thing to country music I listen to is king of the south by big krit
Lemme give this big krit album a listen n stay in bed
Finally home from the Big Krit concert
Got 2 big Krit ticket for dec 18 for sale
Review: Big KRIT follows up his sophomore album with a solid ...
So i went to the Big Krit concert tonight and i was so live this guy gave me a VIP pass. Woow
Big congrats to my G for performing at the KRIT show last night at Warehouse. Wish I could'a been there. . Houston George™
When I was walking back to my car I saw Big Krit walk out the back door and I was so excited i told him bye like a loser 😂😭🔫
Big Krit concert was dope af but I just realized there's sooo many bangers he didn't perform last night :/
get your for Big Krit in on friday, dec 18
fam you gotta get on that lupe fiasco, kendrick, j cole, big krit, chance the rapper, Saba, King Los, *** Jenkins flow bruh
I swear people can't read.. I ONLY have Dom Kennedy, big krit, and gates tickets
Big krit rocking the stage. I hope to be there one day
Big KRIT and Pharrell. They go good with cooking and loud people.
Also it's not November/ thanksgiving without Big Krit! Cant believe I missed him tonight :/
Home alone... BIG Krit blasting on the surround sound... Bout to be a good night !! 👌🏾
Big KRIT is the non metamorphosis of Anthony Hamilton
Listen to 03 - Young Thug - Rarri Ft. Young Ralph by Big KRIT - IBTW on
I have never missed a big Krit concert... Until tonight . Low key wana cry
Big KRIT always does his best shows in ATL!!
This Thursday we got a crazy show in store! Opening for Big Krit and Bj the Chicago Kid at Saloon!…
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Just found out Big Krit and BJ the Chicago Kid are going to be at Iron City in December! I'm in there!
Big Krit music make you want hot water cornbread and a faygo
Big Krit tomorrow at the grog shop. . Come by and get your tickets .
Outside of Jay Electronica only rapper today that I stan for is Big Krit. . I seriously believe he needs to leave Def Jam.
Its gonna have to be Curren$y, Travis Scott, Dom Kennedy, Big Krit then J Cole.
T.prince opening up for Big Krit... Live at the old Jupiter(Druid city music hall) ! December 2nd , go get ya...
Vanilla Sky x Big Krit is so good man.
Needs to be a Raury x Big KRIT album
It's funny how I know Big Krit's voice and flow, but I don't really listen to him like that. He's on the list tho.
My 1st single off "GREENLIGHT" THE ALBUM will feat. Big Krit. 1st single off "* RAP" is out now
.told us during the BET Hip-Hop Awards red carpet that a new project is otw.
Big K.R.I.T. is working on a new project for the fans.
Big K.R.I.T. teases that a new project is dropping shortly.
Big K.R.I.T will be blessing us with a new project, very soon 🙏🙏 .
If you need tickets to Dom Kennedy x Casey Veggies, Big Krit or Mac Miller hit my line
PSA: If you Love Music and want to see him and Big KRIT on the same stage again Repost…
Big K.R.I.T. is bringing to a city near you with his
I'm happy because she's happy 😁😁 Like I haven't seen her smile like this since she took that picture with Big Krit lol. How r u
The Internet is coming to DC in September and Big Krit in October? MANNN
Whenever I meet a guy my first question is always "do you like Big KRIT?" If he says no, I end the convo 😂
I liked a video Big KRIT: I Spent Most of the Money From My Deal to Tour w/ Wiz
lol we will man soon I just need to request some days off! Big Krit is gonna be there soon man we need to go!
Wale and Big Krit are so slept on, I don't understand.
Big K.R.I.T. Announces the "Kritically Acclaimed" Tour: Big K.R.I.T.'s heading out on tour this Fall. It'...
Big Krit one of my favorite rappers in case yall don't know but y'all sleep though
BIG KRIT instrumentals give me this musical high
Yall stay leaving lupe out and Big KRIT
.will hit the road for the Kritically Acclaimed tour this fall
the fact that Big Krit, Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf, asap Rocky, and Joey Badass were all on 1 track.
Kendrick, J. Cole, Notorious, Nas, Big Krit, Earl Sweatshirt, , Drake, all come before fut…
I'm not hella amazed by the one music fest like every one else's gonna be cool to see Lauryn Hill & Big Krit on the same stage tho
i got a couple J. Cole , Big Krit , and Dizzy Wright , because they tell a story
I liked a video A$AP Rocky 1 Train (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, Yelawolf, Big Krit and more)
Big KRIT is performing at Raurfest on June 26th. Went to his last show alone guess I'll be at this one alone. Either way IM UP THRU DERE!
Cam opening up for Big Krit, Snootie Wild, and Level
Nice. That's two new ones for me... Never been a Big Krit fan, but I'll give it a spin. Not sure I've heard Isaiah Rashad...
my top favorite artists are Pac, Big, Scarface, Curren$y, Gucci, Big Krit Do or Die, Twista, Freddie Gibbs, Lil Boosie, Mac, n Rozay.
E-40 killed that song mind control with wiz and Big Krit
Big KRIT still underrated and Imma never know why.
I gotta put my Big Krit album back on my phone, I miss that album.
Fab and big KRIT will forever be in my top 5
I added a video to a playlist Free Big KRIT Type Beat - Southern Comfort (Prod. by mjNichols)
😂 *** Jay-z, J.Cole, Nas, Curren$y, & Big KRIT are all way better than that *** Lucci
U really agree j cole and big Krit are two of the most boring rappers?
If you are a hip hop fan and you don't listen to Big Krit then IDFWU
04 - 04 - Big Krit - Just Touched Down. Check out what else I’m listening to now on
Rainy day schedule consist of dinner movie snacks weed more snacks food liquor more food and of course music wiz/curren$y/big krit/bone thug
I will be opening for Big Krit on June 3rd at Kenwood's auditorium. I am trying to sell as many…
I don't know how I got to Ed Sheeran from Big Krit but it happened.
2 most boring rappers: J cole and Big Krit.
Big krit is the most underrated rapper in the game
People still sleepin on big krit or nah
Soul Food by Big Krit gives me the chills
Truth. is coming back with a new album & I'll be appearing on the record alongside & : http…
When you wanna be Big KRIT but your facial hair ain't come in yet
| BLOG : [MIXTAPE] Check out Scotty's new mixtape with Dj Greg Street featuring B.o.B,...
Only rappers I be wanting to listen to is Big Krit, Logic, & Future for the most part now.
"weed nap" is so good. cap & spitta really should give us a full album. I hope 2009 has a pen & pixel album cover & big krit production.
I dont care if I'm in the worst mood ever. I can put on some big krit and be straight
I'm talking about this Big KRIT song though lol
Officially purchased the first for my upcoming !!.
King Remember In Time >> Big KRIT . Till this day this mixtape still 🔥🔥🔥
Yo check that Yelawolf and Big Krit albums out bruh. Of course J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar too lol
The best vocal and production quality HipHop albums I've ever heard and studied are Big Krit Cadillactica and Big...
rapper I just started listening too has a few tracks with big Krit
Garret lucky we cool tho. Tried rich homie with big krit
same with rich homie tho.. Only song mainstream from him is some type of way. Big krit signed and still can't keep up with quan
Big krit must not be harder cause he ain't what the people want, and to me personally he overrated
my first response was about to be Cole lol. Travi$ Scott. Rich homie has Krit in sales. big krit way harder though
I absolutely HAVE to do a track with Big KRIT
*** I can't wait to see Earl Sweatshirt & Big Krit
Bigger Picture is probably my favorite song by Big Krit
That Mortal Kombat themed artwork for Logic ft Big Krit is pretty tight
Cole, Dom, Kendrick, Casey Veggies, Chance, Big Krit, Sauce Twins, Mac Miller, the list can go on but music keep me going appreciat yall.
He is, people don't want to hear this tho “Big Krit is better than J Cole. Fight me”
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Big Krit for homecoming 👀👀 - Savannah State Univ .. Savannah Ga it's going down
JT reminds me of my baby daddy Big Krit 😍
Hip hop Debate: Who's the better lyricist? Drake, J-Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big Krit, Kevin Gates, & why?
6-9pm every Tuesday. Hosted by Sicc & Taylor . Look at us by Sean C ft Dom Kennedy, Big Krit & Smoke Dza
“I think Big Krit “Is there a rapper from Mississippi ? Lol”” David Banner
My homie been tryna get me to listen to Big Krit for a while, I listened to the first verse of that boobie miles song. Tr…
Joey Bada$$, Bishop Nehru, *** Jenkins, Lil Herb, Big Krit, etc is going crazy right now 💯💯
Perfect morning songs that always wake me up Good morning- Kanye West, Big Krit- Wake up, Beautiful Day- Jamie Grace Nappy Roots- Good Day
Dom Kennedy, J.cole, Kevin Gates, & Big Krit are the artist I've been playing the most in 2014.
Mahalia jackson -The Mother of Gospel is one of my biggest influences and so is T.I and Big Krit
My *** Big Krit music have me wanting to light a jernt , then put it out and say a prayer, then buy a Chevy and pimp…
My top best rappers of this time are Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Big Krit, Bishop Nehru (no order) until I get in the game
Big Krit, Kid Cudi, Malcolm X, Nathan Morris from Boyz II Men, Vince Staples. i've been compared to all of them 😐
J Cole,Kendrick Lamar,and Big Krit will save hip hop
Kanye west need to get Big Krit on the new slaves remix.Krit be in the booth with the shackles on
Jay electronica spoke so much truth in the Dj kay slay interview East coast niggaz been bashin The south niggaz still sleep on Big Krit hard
Big Krit is the best music to listen to when you just wanna chill man
Kendrick Lamar takes a jab at Drake in his BET Cypher, while Big KRIT revealed the title of his new album
Just got off the with my producer "Kid Classic" credits stuey rock,mase, yng chop ,big krit ,Kelvin gates, many more we bout get it poppin again
"I did it 4 the people that believe in me Never shine on my family cause that could breed envy"
"Be just and justify your actions Breathe deep & walk up right Lead and never follow"
"My Grandma died knowing that I tried for it Many nights alone, yeah I cry for it"
Someone please go with me to see Big
"This for them fans everywhere for meThank God that they were there for me"
"Seventeen hit the road made a drive for itPeddle CD's out the trunk break my pride for it"
"Fight the power raise my fist in the sky for it"
"Love the people, be of the people Humble yourself and pray History remembers Kings"
"Cause being poor waAnnotatesn't easy and we survived that"
"Too many times I left home and had to drive backCause deals fell through instead of beats, they'd rather buy a sack"
Big krit, asap and brown best verses in my opinion
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At Club Strokers last night wiit playin my new hit single wit Big Krit…
Taliban kweli, Macklemore, Big Krit ... Together on tour... Nice I need to be there!
Big KRIT’s verse on 1 Train is highly overlooked
Boobie miles- Big Krit. This guy without a doubt in my top five fav rappers hands down
Everybody has a different set of Rappers they Like . As far as "TRAP Rappers". Young Jeezy/Rick Ross Got it. As far as "Underground" goes... I STILL think Big Krit hasn't gotten the recognition he deserves. Neither has Currensy. Those two got some of the best beats I've ever heard in my life.
I'm not lol that a song Children of the world - Big Krit go listen to it
smh .. why havent I been listenin to Big KRIT?
Big Krit is either my favorite rapper or 2nd favorite
Be justly, justify your actions breathe deep and walk upright lead and never follow love the people be other people humble yourself and pray- Big Krit
I swear people are sleeping on one of my favorite rappers Big KRIT. One of the best since Outkast in my opinion.
Kendrick, Big Krit, and Andre 3000 need to make song together...produced by J.Cole
I dont understand how Big Krit hasn't blown up yet. Even his mixtapes are cd quality material. I haven't heard one song that's trash from him. And he writes and produces all his songs.
Listening to dat boi big krit my sub
Jamin big krit its only right on are way to the sip
Listen to music by Big Krit on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized radio.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
whats that *** song with Kendrick Lamar nd Big Krit ??
Them:So you listen to Drake ? Me:nah not really. Them: Why not you hating. Me:Nah it's just not my style I don't listen to Taylor Swift either I ain't no problem wit her. Me:Do you listen to Big Krit ? Them: Who. smh
Big Krit comin to The Ville in novemeber!!! Im more than stoked!
"I always knew that there was something, that God gave me as a gift, the power to make words fit. I look to the sky and dream flying just as high, but as time goes by there's always something, that knocks me off my track. I got to get back, cause time is short." -big krit
Lord I been trying all these years and I ain't never had a thing to say / Did it by myself now my soul here to motivate me / My fam was cool but when times got hard / It was like F this rap ish go get yourself a job / I thank god that when the run ins with the law / While I was riding with my folk and there was dope in the car / Mama forgive me I was in it for a minute / But I was tired of em talking bout my shoes and my fitted / My homie got killed and I shed a couple tears / Trying forget that he gone just remember that he here / Remember that he clear and where he at he good / Yea my *** dead but at least he out the hood / I'd leave if I could that's what I plan to do / These *** talk a lot remind me of high school / But I thank you for the hating / Appreciate the rumors if you think that you're a winner then I'm glad to be a loser / Lord more money more problems that's just how it is / I lost another homeboy that's just how it is / He told me lil cuz don't trip off these *** / I said F that I' ...
The Black Keys, Kendrick and Big KRIT on 2k14 soundtrack. Dope. Macklemore, Coldplay and Robin Thicke. Gross
I pray that you find your way, and all things old, become new. - The Vent, Big KRIT
"Cadillactica" got to be the dopest name for an album ever. Big KRIT is too awesome.
- During the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards, we caught up with Big Krit, Tristan Wilds, and Sage the Gemini, who all spoke on their current a...
This what rap is to me all 4 coners Big Krit da 5th!!!
The BEST Thing in the world happen today and im not lying to you when i say the Rock The Bell Tour and Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes wanted me! ME to come on tour with them and travel with freeway, Dizzy Wright, rich homie, Tech nine, and many known rappers and local rappers from different states! Man its a risky move too cause i have school the whole month! DuDe GOD is good and he keeps answering my prays my Favorite rapper BIG Krit is on that tour and i just have to meet the Dude his a legend already to dope bruh!
Big krit be having the best life quotes
Ferg in November, Big Krit and Talib Qweli in December. Can't complain
Know my fav mc know starting with 5. Big krit he is the future yall 4. Rick ross 3 drake his new album is dope go get it 2 t.i. word play is crazy and his album is always crazy 1 jadakiss yall already know that kid is trouble
Yo... forget Kendrick, Phonte and Big Krit. Maybe even Talib and Yasiin. I wanna be cool confidants, comrades and compatriots with K'naan! :D He's been on my radar a long time, but I'm giving him closer attention these days. I don't have to marry emcees anymore. Being best homies is sweeter and longer-lasting. I still crush a lot though... ;)
J.Cole and Big KRIT need to STOP producing their own tracks!!!
It's the return of forever *** (big krit voice) Texas tomorrow had the greatest week this year so far
Title of big krit on xm is just last week but he is saying jet lat week...that's not the title
Check out the teams latest mixtape featuring new music from Jay-z, Dom Kennedy, Jcole, Big KRIT, Kid Cudi and more
Big Krit - Children of the World > any track you've listened to this year
We need more people like Big Krit in hip-hop, he's humble, grateful, respectful, resourceful and has some great manners during interviews.
Red Eye by Big KRIT is how I be feeling about.metaphorically of course
Do they have eazy e, dr Dre, or at least some big Krit on kidz bop, I need something for when my Godson rides with me instead of silence
I can't understand Big KRIT when he talks regular. He's too country.
Just cooked this Big KRIT TYPE BEAT - "Never" check it out >>>>.
Big Krit beats always have the soul vibe
Some Big Krit seems nice right about now ..
They Ready ftJ Cole Big KRIT and Kendrick Lamar is a Jam, why had i not listned to this before
Kendrick is a genius, J.Cole got these *** worried, Big Krit is a southern killer & Wale is a visionary
This dude Joey Badass need to quit spittin on sings before big krit. How many L's he gon take.
The Vent by Big Krit, is just a beautiful song .
I'm usually homeboys with the same *** I'm rhymin ... — And that goes for jermaine cole, big Krit, wale, push...
Big krit is my jam right now. He's just on a whole other level.
Big Krit will forever be true to the underground. A true artist
Big krit albums still ain't played out ova here
I really enjoy listening to Big KRIT… More than I thought I would…
Big Krit and Big Boi over Little Sean. Tbh tbh tbh tbh tbh tbh.
Finally listened to Insomnia x Big KRIT after always talking about Insomnia x Sammie. I like it but not more than Sammie.
😂😂😂 lol yeah you seem like a Big Krit kinda person!!
😂😂😂but i listened to some big Krit songs... He goes in
I feel as though that one of the only rappers who puts their 100% into their music & doesn't care about fame is Big Krit
*** still be sleeping on Big Krit lyrics? Cmon is 2013
But really why Big Krit and Tracy Morgan the same person?
I think Kendrick Lamar is a highly talented artist but I also think Big Krit is a highly underrated artist. There's something wrong about the balance in the game here to me.
then it's Andre, Ghostface, Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, and then Big Krit. Dre isn't even in my top 10.
Guess yall aint heard of 'cole summer' but now you screaming his name since you seen him on BET awards when he been claiming The Carolinas one of the few that put on 4 South and North Carolina...Just look yall aint listen to K-Dot aka Kendrick Lamar until 'Swimming Pool' guess you never heard of 'compton state of mind and 'B***h I'm in the club' Just like Tity Boi aka 2chain been out since DTP..guess you never heard Of Nipsey Hussle, Immortal Technique, Low Key, Kaanan, Big Paybacc, Big Krit, Trae Da Truth, Lil Boss, P.Rico, Joey Badazz, Stalley, Freddie Gibbs, 211, PNC, Slauson Boyz, Bad Lucc, G-Nut, Lil Sodi, C Hecc, B-Fly, Glasses Malone, Travis Scott, Lil Durk, Lil Mouse, King Samson, Dirt, Chi Da Prince, Roccett,Dead Prez, Damain Marley, Stephen Marley, Tru Life and etc expand your ears behind what is on tv and radio air waves
We up here having a conversation abt music and entertainment. Why do music with substance not get as far as clown music? How do artist like Trinidad James career blow out of nowhere when Big Krit been killing with real music and that's nothing against James. Why all the TV shows that are more appealing have to have drama amd fighting like that's what life is abt. Like Bad Girls Club and Love and Hip Hop. Why is it that sex sell? If u haven't noticed it think abt it. Just the change in time. I'm still keeping Wale, Big Krit, Kendrick Lamar and ect. In my deck though lol
Big K.R.I.T. - King Part 2 [Intro: Big Krit and Big Sant] History remembers kings! God bless you all! I don't mean to burden you. It's just, umm, I had a conversation with a wise man. He asked me a question like, "How could you be in the position to say so much, but say so little," so this is me saying a lot [Verse 1] I was raised from the Bible Belt, I tighten that, I'm Titan's back Same game they claim that they killing, I'm breathing life in that Take heed, the people you lead when you reciting that You will die for what you believe, so where's your rifle at? Never was entertained or influenced by all the drama Hard to bury your partna, but harder to console her mama That only want the best for her child Save a place for his soul Lord, he ain't been to church in a while Said that Jesus can't save him and ain't no church in the wild His anger fueled his ambition, I swear he forgot how to smile "Hustle hard, hustle hard," that's what he said While counting up this bread that he fell for, now he dead And ...
Big Krit put on a good show, but nothing cant top out Sade's final world tour. (" i'd cry if she says yes I D CARE!!")
I have to see Big Krit, Flatbrush, Wu Tang, Danny Brown, Bone Thugs, Too $hort and Dilated Peoples. RTB is goona be dope!
New Music Lineup for tonight! 2 Pistols, B.O.B., 2 Chainz, Big Krit, Rich Gang, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Future, Trey Songz, Dorrough, Juicy J, French Montana, Ludacris, T-Pain, K Stylis, T.I., Cash Out, Chief Keef, Ciara, Sean Kingston, Youn Swift, Akon, Young Scooter, Loverance, Kat Dahlia & Travis Porter! Oh and you know we are gonna do it for the old school tonight! RIP Chris Kelly! 2 Decades of Jump and still strong! We will never let your music die!
Big Krit always songs sounds like he bout to break out n gospel hymnsRT Impromptu survey. Big Krit or Pink. Embrace debate.
lol recent studies show that "Big Krit" has the ability to put ppl who are higher then space shuttles to sleep in seconds. 😂
Who is ready for this Sunday! Big Krit , JMSN , Stalley , Phil Ade and many more
something rather cool in DC this sunday. I might go. Big Krit tittsworth spinster tracy phil ade and some other groovy peeps.
I need all my g's and doggs to listen to Big Krit's Banana Clip Theory, lemme know ur thoughts on it
Big Krit is the Kuntry Kendrick Lamar. I'm goin to sleep.
OOMF brought up a good point the other day about Big Krit's 1 train verse ... couple shots at TI in there?
Someone pleassseee slide Brian some Big Krit and Kendrick Lamar. It'll bless his entire soul
This topic is for my Hip-Hop heads with advanced Degrees. IMO in the last year and a half Hip-Hop seems to have turned a corner. There have been some classic albums put out by MC's in their early 20's. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Big Krit, Tito Lopez, Lupe Fiasco, have put out some quality product. Every region is represented except one. Where the *** is NYC at? The area hasn't produced a credible MC in years! Why?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Put GOD first and free yo soul, cuz even Olympic winners sometimes lose they Gold" - Big Krit
I was choppin it up with my homie Haze and he said he ain't really feelin' the new guys in hip hop. He said he miss thr hip hop that use to scare white ppl lol. And the thang iz he's white but he just love that pure raw hardcore hip hop that attacks political, social, and racial issues. I couldn't knock him but i couldn't fully agree either becuz i luv guys like J. Cole, Asap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Wale, Joey Bad A$$, Meek Mill, Big Krit, ect. I think hip hop is in a way better state than it was about 7 years ago when every song was a trend or dance. But i do miss the glory days of hip hop in the late 80's to the early 2000's they need to bring back shows like yo mtv raps, rap city, and the box datz when hip hop was at it's finest!!!
So there is a girl in mine and Kylie's gym class who doesn't know Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, MGK, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Tyga, New Boyz, Big Krit, Kiko Bang, 50 cent, JuycyJ, MackleMore, Waka Flaka, B.O.B, Eminem, Chief Keef, Ludachris, Bruno Mars and more.. But she does know Snoop Dogg. ***
i think that I could seriously make some beats for Big Krit
a cypher type setting like that song. That still doesnt qualify any of them except krit and Kendrick though.
"Load I ant your best son, I ant been to church in awhile! But on that liquor I confess some" *Big Krit*
Watch Music Clip Jet Life Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Wiz Khalifa of Curren$y in video on Jukebox !
Ah listening to Big KRIT riding around Denver !! Bout to get silly ;)
I'm listening to Children Of The World by Big Krit on Pandora
If you dont like Big KRIT, you are just stupid.
So I heard big Krit "wake up" for the first time today.. And yea.
S/o to playing my joint They Ready by J.Cole Big KRIT & Kendrick Lamar
Who tf is big krit never heard of him
I will never get tired of Rotation or Temptation by Big KRIT.
No offence to asap yelawolf kendrick but Joey bada$$ action Bronson Danny brown and big krit killed it on 1train
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So u let her dowwwn now a real. Man has brought her happiness AW
Who's the REAL King of the South to you? Scarface, Andre 3K, UGK (Bun B, Pimp C), T.I ... or ?
Big KRIT is one the most underrated artists in hip-hop.
honorable mention:ski beatz, clark kent, harry fraud, ant, benzilla, big krit, sledgren, cardo + more I'm too high to remember at the moment
Big KRIT need to drop a mixtape soon
Good time at Mitchell & Ness got to kick it with some cool people! Big KRIT DJ Omega and @ Power Hour Muzik
Just got home to Louisville. Was bumpin' my Outkast/UGK/Big Krit/Killer Mike playlist all of the way. Looking...
Krit and Big Boi killed their last projects.
i love listening to Big Krit he that ***
It's probably best I didn't have any money to be up in Mitchell & Ness with Big KRIT. I woulda walked out with the store messin wit him.
yeah but Big Krit did it alone! Cole came up with the help of Hova but imo Big Krit is a little more G
BIG KRIT went the hardest then Joey Badass
Big KRIT is the man, he truly deserves to be on top. The dude makes his own beats and writes his own lyrics. Respect!
If you don't listen to Big KRIT but you do listen to Future. Your input doesn't matter
Big krit need to drop another mixtape or album been a minute..
I'm listening to No Wheaties by Big Krit on Pandora
Big KRIT is my type all the way around lol. He could get it 👌👍
this guy kind of sounds like Big KRIT. Kind of.
"I can't keep worrying bout the things in my life I can't change, dear lord give me the strength to fight the evil in this game.." - Big Krit
And Nic kno I'm bout to cook his big KRIT lookin *** lol u fried me on the low lls
Bruh, on "1 Train" they had some nasty verses.. Big Krit's was nice though. Then Yelawolf had some nasty lines.
Is there anybody else that thinks Big Krit will be the next Big Selling Artist besides me?!?!
Can anyone name some recent commercial Hip Hop songs that have no references to substance abuse (alcohol, weed, mollies)?
What is it with rappers now a days? When you say "Yo your music *** homie do something different." they respond "You just hating cause I'm getting this money!" you pause and respond "No *** you really are garbage..." The reason they say rap is easy is cause these *** ain't even trying to be different or innovative... Let alone being real with they *** selfs... "Give the people what they want and they will buy it. Show the world your just like them and they will love you." *Little known fact on average a music artist in the hip-hop industry makes between 40-80k a year unless he or she has side hustles (i.e. real-estate, clothing, under-cutting for shows, movies, TV.)98% of them can't even buy themselves out of their own contracts. I just watched this interview with a rapper named Meek Mills (Who's signed to another *** who's signed to another *** who's signed to a 3rd party label, that's under a bigger label, that's under a distributer, that's under a corporation.)first time I heard his music ...
Big Krit music speak to your heart man especially if you southern
will do, gonna get Big krit and smoke dza's stuff while im there aha. Naa yelawolf annoys dafuq outa me!
What are your guys' thoughts on signing over tracks to a pop/rap stars for radio releases? I'm just curious.
What's the best concert you've ever been to and what made it so special/memorable?
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