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Big Iron

Big Iron is a country ballad by Marty Robbins, originally released as an album track on Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs in September 1959, then as a single in February 1960.

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Hey Matt, big fan of Iron Man and as a Transformers fan, I'm very much excited to see the expansion of the Transformers universe.
Posted up with the big homie at Iron Addicts Gym
A Little Trouble in Big China, or Thoughts on The Man with the Iron Fists.
the boy ready for his trip to Bolton come on boys boys big 3 pts up the iron
I'm a big fan of new iron man. Great writing. New young avengers are made for mcu
Annie loves the feeling of a huge *** sliding into her *** and she'll do anything to get a big *** wedged in !. htt…
Iron did have a vicious left in his prime laid out some big men cold
like i need to properly iron out the species, pantheon, Big Organisations, the way magic works, Big Plot Points
The sexy beautie is waiting for you iron solid *** Join Now!
Debbie Reynolds was the blonde big hair personification of iron skirt in a taffeta skirt
Cruz must have an iron chin, dude took some big shots that round.
No. Big iron curtain by govt. But anyday they r better than u.
"Non-iron" shirts are as big a fraud as "one-coat" paint. Where is ACCC on these crucial issues?!
It's weird to me that there's no Kanye West/Beyonce equivalent. Iron Man should be a big ego celebrity showman in the MU.
Pumping iron . *** did you see her big NATURAL Titties ? Perfect Belly as wel…
Sports 2016. The big stories from the grid iron, hardwood plus the K. The list isn't complete without the Chiefs…
I almost died on the iron rattler because of a big fat man next to me. this is me💔
Crunch had their chances. Taormina and Erne both off the iron. Oh well. Back at it in a big division matchup against St. John's tomorrow.
Another fun stream at Sara. Got a 3rd Sara light unfortunately. Nearly 300 KC now. with another big host! Much appreciated friend
Obama sold out our country, oops forgot you didn't noticed behind your iron gates and b…
best believe my hair nuh done flat iron. Why me like bone straight hair again?. Why me eva a figet seh me head big?
Bought a new flat iron. 😇😇 now I have a blue baby one, and a red big one.😍
oh come on, she won for Iron Lady! Mary Poppins Returns is looking to be one of the big films of 2018 so I bet that one won't.
I feel like a big chunk of the left started stumping for Soviet Russia and no one ever told them about the fall of the Iron Curtain
Farmhouse Vintage Antique balance scale Russian big iron
The Thing and Doctor Doom pick up their ongoing feud in “Infamous Iron Man”! Read: .
I liked a video from Big Sister Challenge: Sims 4 | Part 20 | Spa Scoundrel
Earlier this year at Iron City He was here with Big KRIT
Who will be the next big metal for millennials? — No idea I'll have to look into that
The U.S. cannot compete w/ nations offering free college unless we do too. But big corps would rather hire educated…
Big n' Sexy Customer Service replaced my flat iron with no issue! Great company! PM customer service was rude! Unacceptable!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Happy birthday to this stud! Keep doing big things! And remember, never miss the iron giant that is right in front…
today's news is big & worldwide repercussions are forthcoming. I just left U.K. this morning and it's their front page.
MVP will be Minkah, always shoes up in big games
I Got my big family , and all of my very good friends . That's why iam lucky in this life . . . And despite...
Never really noticed how big the Iron Giants actually are until this pic lol
Civil war 2 was nothing but captain marvel vs iron man with their big egos
I'm not a big cap fan tbh. I love Tony Stark and Hulk. My top five would be . Iron Man. Avengers ***
Now playing: Big Iron by Marty Robbins listen at . - Buy it
Big Iron- Marty Robbins . Uncle Russell told Uncles Neville & Michael not to play this sort of thing in public
I gave up on these big box office superhero Movies back in iron Man 2
Iron Spider Suit would look SO Sexy on the big screen.
"Writer is a big fan of Iron Man so she supports Team Iron Man and I am the guy who uses the suit that Tony created for me."
Honestly, team composition wise, Iron Man has the big hitters. Only thing I'm worried about on Cap's team is Antman TBH he's lethal
Ohh!! Tony sir your great man because your iron man 👍👍👍but im ur big fan 💪
In the next two months, we'll be getting Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man on the big screen.
. I take it you don't like the Big Bang Theory.
That was a big problem with AoU for me. Cap fighting Iron Man would have been metaphor enough for Gov Vs The Little Guy.
Man I've never been a big fan of iron man. ❤️
Mmhmm, I'm just wary of anything the media touts as "the next big nerd show!"
Ow u sure. Iron get big mind oo just like Wayne. Wait almost like Wayne
it was SO funny when Iron Man & co had to go through TSA screening during the Big Airport Fight
great part of when iron man & pals show up at the wrong airport for the Big Fight & have to call cap and reschedule
Well that's the thing, though. If he's gonna be a cameo why put such a big thing onto him. Iron Man's already a man down so...
Agreed. I love them all but I've always been a big Iron Man fan. And I mean, Spidey. ;)
Spider-Man, Iron man and Captain America sharing the big screen brings joy to my soul
We haven't seen all of Spidey's costume imo. Marvel stick will comic books. In the comics Iron Man pimps out Spidey's costume big time.
nahhh I, want to see the iron spiderman suit since plays such a big role in the Civil War
& follow for a chance to win an Captain America & Iron Man Pop! 2-pack!
Muscled Iron Hotties and Fit GFs! (2): Hot athletic GFs and fitness babes with big…
I am not big on spideys suit tho, it kind of looks like iron man made him a suit or something.
I know the big thing is Cap vs Iron Man, but I'll be busy over here because I'm not ready for Wanda vs Vision. :(
right on. Never been that big of an Iron Man fan anyway.
Apple's next big event is the day before its battle with the FBI cc:
yeah plus I'm a big iron-man fan so I'm definitely watching it
Or "You've Got Mail" where CAP is Meg Ryan's indie bookstore and IRON MAN is Tom Hanks' lovable big box CEO.
The big finales of the Iron Mans is where Marvel has relied on hiding the CGI in darkness.
Like I just had it put together that the Asian faction in the beginning of Daredevil is a big hint to Iron Fist and the more mysital side of
Really? Interesting. I think if any of the big time characters get killed off it will be Iron Man.
Everyone who votes Iron Man has supreme autism
Without Iron Man, the Avengers would be one big happy family without someone who always wants to ruin everything.
You are no fool afterall. Spidey is on Bummer. Ojoro. T'challa and Spidey with Iron man. Big ojoro.
Iron Man has all the big hitters, but I agree with Cap and his standards. I'm all day!
His middle name is Iron Man. The chap deserves his shot! Big love whatever :)
THE IRON Sheik no matter how the letters falls, just know all will view good I am the big fan.inge fan
I love Saina ji Solute your Power you are really Indian Iron Leady Power ..I am your Big fannn so plz reply me my ths WISH plzz wait
Vale downgraded at Stifel, which sees iron ore price spike as unsustainable $VALE. The big bubble! 🔥FCX, X,
2nd Period after the demo. Big thanks to Steve Moffitt from
Good to get out and play some holes to big greens at ... 7 iron with a little fade.…
I can't tell you how proud I'm gonna be, watching you out there, addressing the whole inquisition– with this big old love bite on your neck.
I love food but I don't eat a lot 😢 I have one BIG meal a day. I've had iron deficiency anemia since I don't know when but I'm not changing😩
... I'm not sure? It is probably just a big misunderstanding and I'll be let go soon.
I’m sorry, but he’s my friend. See the official Big Game spot. .
. Help spread the word, special addition iron in honor of Big Ang coming soon!
that big throne with swords is the Iron Throne. I don't know any character names either, but that I know :P
Iron Man driver Lee O'Donnell catches big air during bonus time at XI
Big fan of Vallejo Gunmetal Grey as the base layer over Vallejo Black Grey for any sort of iron or steel armor. Used a 'loaded' dry brush.
The EU is falling apart just like the Iron Curtain and for the same reasons.A dictatorship,too big,discontent
*sings my soul out to big girls don't cry while I iron my clothes*
Tfw u misinterpret the plot of the song Big Iron for the first fifty times u listen to it
Listening to Michael Martin Murphey - "Big Iron". Trying to figure out how the *** he fit a mainframe on his hip.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
.& themselves, & are on TONIGHT with a BIG surprise...
Because my brain automatically pictures a big biker dude at home with craft scissors and an iron, ironing on patches.
(2/2) Hinterlands with few people not so much. Big Ag & death of iron ore have a lot to do with that. Maybe Walter Prescott Webb was right.
spot on about the 9 conf games for Pac & Big 12. Bama played Charleston Southern in week 11 "bye" before Iron Bowl
Iron Maiden! Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Started off big for my first concert
Big Anj would hit it with a 4 iron ;)
what? Most of our early shoops were related to 1984. Big sister is watching. Gg is thoughtcrime.
She's too little to handle big iron!
Eish, mna need to get bck on talking terms with the big guy, got a lot of stuff to iron out.
Beauty!! cranks heat on with iron inside 15ft on 15 after big Swede went bush and had to pitch out.
Disney Big Brother from Mcstuffins Iron on Transfer Decal by Tshirtdownloads via via
Someone's been watching Final Score from Norn Iron. Of course, not a vowel to be seen in today's really big clash - NYJ
Big E was right tho the hips don't lie
"You two are very impudent little engines.". "And you're a big blue barrel, Gordon!". "Then you must be tin cans!". "Then yo…
neighbor had big iron burglary-proof, told them to sod off. Robbers promptly bring out hammer/mallet.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Not our photo, we just like Harleys ..ENJOY! When brothers meet up 😈 …
just be warned I got lots of big brothers in Iron
I'm sitting here rewatching all the iron man movies with a big *** bowl of popcorn and cereal
like me, i am also a big man fan, which side would u choose?? So pick a side; choose a team.
Congratulations to our two men at Iron Buzz. won the Best Big Black & Grey…
The Public School x Air Jordan 12 drops on December 17th for $300
Just got a big urge to watch iron man 3 lol
Blimey, just how big were the people that would use an iron that size?
Always fun to watch the big iron run! framelapse
Two big games going on for USC right now, one in the pool the other in the grid iron. Let's go Trojans.
I first saw Derrick Henry in person when he was a HS recruit visiting Knoxville, and I laughed out loud at how big he was…
SomeArmyGuy with a big iron on his hip:
Sinister spider 'bot: And now back to the Iron Builder arena...Between us and the other big LEGO blogs, I woul...
like, before I heard "big iron" in nv, I don't know you could've convinced me to listen to "gunfighter ballads & trail songs"
>Marty Robbins' "Big Iron" comes up on my brother's iPod in his car. >Brother skips the track. Queerboat.
"Ruin what? The Big Bad Iron Man begging for candy and scaring little kids? I thought better of you!"
Aziani Iron Photo of the Day! Musclebabe Rhonda Lee showing off her really big ***
Pumping iron in my garage, with my bros, shirts off, listening to George Michael's "Carless Whispers," doing a little va…
Speakin of big mad Anybody checked on John since the iron bowl? 😂😂
can I join the big hitting club now...6 iron off the tee at six hills today
I love the Iron Bowl and the post season but I'd love them to get a big lead. Less stress!!!
i want the FO4 GECK to come out so someone can just port Radio New Vegas in. I miss you, Wayne Newton and Big Iron
"Do you have Big Iron by either Smokey Robinson or John Michael Montgomery?" He meant Marty Robbins or Michael Martin Murphey but so close!
Join us tonight for vintage country classics from Big Iron at Carmichael's Concert in the Park! 6:30-8:30pm.
that Marty Robbins record ain't the only thing with two 'Big Iron' s. aiichiwawa holy moly
Marty Robbins - Big Iron. Listen it now to Concept Radio!.
This clip is a big clue to why Iron Man and the Hulk are fighting in Avengers: Age of Ultron
daeeng"This Game of Thrones fan has an Iron Throne toilet
China growth worries dent shares: The share market has fallen as iron ore price worries hit the big miners on the…
And then wen the power finaly came back on ours was dim couldn't even get the iron to work this *** big time
I refuse to watch any new Avengers 2 trailers & clips. Don't wanna see a big reveal like the Hulk *cough* catching Iron Man *cough*
Growing concerns about tumbling iron ore prices are hitting the big miners and weighing on the
Marvel Cinematic Universe, one big happy family. 😄. Iron…
It is about Iron Man being pro-Big Brother and Cap being against it. Also Spider-Man appears. It's on PS Vita, iOS, & console.
It is probably going to be kept in a big iron bucket ...ore something.
BIG BOOKIE x IRON MIKE x RNO: me and bro killed that joint 🔥🔥🔥
I liked a video from Robert Downey Jr. Talks Iron Man - Avengers: Age of Ultron Premiere
S&P cuts price forecast with producers now under review:
my face still has a big scar on it from where I burned it with a curling iron
[GMA News - Biz] S&P puts big mining firms on credit watch as iron ore price plunges
As I was in the "big smoke" this arvo I popped into Milly's Kitchen in Ponsonby. I caressed their cast iron gem irons. But $58. No.😭
Your reaction to the high iron and 87 big show attributes 😩😩😩😩
Standard & Poor's threatens to slash credit ratings for big iron ore miners
I only heard a couple references to thor & iron man and ben urick wrote a big piece he had framed about the invasion..might be more
S&P puts big miners on ratings watch: Standard and Poor's has warned eight high-profile iron ore producers fro...
Come with me if you want to take the iron throne!
This Iron man is so cool and so big😳✌️
Intel's "SSD 750 is as fast or faster than some big iron flash storage solutions that sell for thousands of dollars": http:…
Don"t ask Big Angie to iron your clothes while the voice is on or you should expect the double middle finger
I iron most thing on high steam. It's a big pain. lol
This crowd is stupid. Big Show sold out years ago with that iron clad contract that only applied when he was a heel.
Big Show's still got that IRON CLAD contract though.
I added a video to a playlist Big Iron- Marty Robbins
Love the look of the big iron window frames...What a dream
Google’s new campus concept looks great. But it’s actually the opposite of innovation:
Big Lot of 49 AVENGERS comics from up Captain America, Iron Man, Thor Movie
Hit the iron with the homies at skool I'm getting my muscle and strength bacc I'm trynna be big af by the summer 💯💪
So this is a real thing huh? Not some big Marvel practical joke? Thor...Iron Man...Wolverine...and Ant Man? Meh.
no sorry. It's kinda a secret. It will be in my big ep. That should be out soon
Getting a nice early night before the big'un tomo... Still set the alarm for stupid o'clock. Gonna supervise Iron Man training
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
My big question of the day are those who forecasted $120+ iron ore at Australian treasury and the RBA still employed?
OK, time for some "Big Iron". There was enough B-17 footage from the Planes of Fame Air Show 2014 to make this extra video. The B-17's in this video are the Lyon Air Museum's B-17G "Fuddy Duddy II", and The CAF's B-17G "Sentimental Journey". The Planes Air Show 2014 DVD is now available in the gift shop and online. Planes of Fame Air Museum Where Warbirds Fly
I added a video to a playlist Marty Robbins - Big Iron
With results day being tomorrow it's time to iron my big boy pants
Loving The Matter of Time at Guggenheim Bilbao. Nothing to do with time, but the big bits of iron making a maze are cool
Breakfast in the Big Top office thanks to Paul! Iron Man is after some...
Hi ! I am Stela. I am you big fan. I love your film (IRON MAN), please follow me!
Big honor, wrong photographer. Same name but not me... It's him:
A big day for Iron Views today - we're moving to new offices. They're somewhere in this pic - can you guess where?
kettlebells best use of a big ball of iron! Don't you agree
"ensure that Java and the JVM remains the leading platform of choice for developers from small devices to big iron"
A "big" reveal. I'm guessing probably the CAS Demo and the premium subscription thing, lol
On Friday I hope to persuade UKIP members from my home city of Cambridge to adopt me as their parliamentary candidate http:/…
actually i dont think anyone is a joke. Unless they're a clown of course, big squeaky feet. The real joke is.
okay but seriously if the "big announcement" is CAS demo available to everyone, then I'm burning every sims game I own
but I do love the Le Creuset. Form and function. If anything get one of their big cast iron casseroles
I love anime girls in big kilts and iron boots. More heart containers plz x_x
It's going now as slow as a slow thing wearing iron boots in the very big strong magnet factory on a Sunday morning 😒
Concrete that Lion turf, .45 my iron work. I'ma real *** that's afta birth, astronaut an that's after Earth.
The guy who sings big iron looks like Nicholas cage
Big thanks to all who have commented on the new design - still some things to iron out so plse let us know if u spot anything not right
All when life tough like piece ah iron di prize weh me eye on , obstacle coulda big like a giant conquer that like ah iron
I ran into the big iron gates at the entrance of the Panther Stadium.
Is Big Bad ever going to get that GOTG Marvel Legends wave in? I want to finish my Groot and don't want to pay full price for Iron Man.
big curling iron. Make the curls tight and then let them set for 10 minutes. Spray with hairspray then brush out.
"You cant get paid in an Earth this big ya worthless kid, *** dont deserve to live" -uncle
A big welcome to my newest iron babies, hope y'all feel right at home
Amen Stone Cold!!! Cast Iron Cage with no big gap in it for the ●●●● shark to put it's head threw
Farewell to the scorching and powerful Lauren Bacall, whom I first fell for in "The Big Sleep."
I burnt my face with the curling iron 😩 it burn like *** & its big 😔 im finna cry
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Watching generation iron for the first time
Once I start making the big bucks I'm never going to touch an iron again...
Big congrats to on finding a location for her gym (Black Iron) in NYC. The cave crew couldn't be happier for you!!
Tried out the brand new Big Bertha V Series driver today!! Amazing club!
Find out how science is helping a young Nova Scotia quadriplegic get back on her feet:
Dell slaps Intel Haswell brawn in monster Precision workstations: Screw mobile, bring on the big iron. Dell has upda…
nothing big but I haven't been fishing off a boat yet only off my dock
lmao nooo, I'm not a big fan of iron man 😅😂
I have a big iron deficiency actually hah.
The I be happy for you tough Canadian like the Dino Bravo. God bless you work hard you be Iron Sheik cl…
Need that heat for your next album ? Get at us.. Always new beats on deck . Iron - JBG & BIG C
"Big Iron" with a twist. (WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY COREY CLARKE) with Anthony Edwards and Rita Roul on guitars... Dedicated to Gary Edwards -
Ringo by Lorne Green. Big Bad John by Jimmy Dean. and. Big Iron by Marty Robbins. Three of the best songs ever. That'll never change
This Day in Country Music History, April 7 1999 Shania Twain's "Come On Over" album is recognized for shipments of 10 million copies, making her the first country female to have two albums reach that mark 1990 Willie Nelson hosts Farm Aid IV in Indianapolis. Elton John dedicates "Candle In The Wind" to AIDS patient Ryan White, who dies that night. Also on hand: Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, Dwight Yoakam, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Kris Kristofferson, Jackson Browne, John Mellencamp and Neil Young 1959 Marty Robbins records "El Paso" and "Big Iron" in the same recording session at the Bradley Film & Recording Studio in Nashville while cutting the entire "Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs" album in a single day 1956 Carl Perkins takes the classic "Blue Suede Shoes" to on the Billboard country singles chart 1951 Restless Heart drummer John Dittrich is born in Batavia, New York. He provides harmonies on a string of 1980s hits and sings lead on "When She Cries" in 1992. 1935 Bobby Bare is born near Ironton, Ohi ...
Essential music series. - Big Iron, Mike Ness - swiftness of the ranger's still talked about today.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
So epic!! Listening to Big Iron by Marty Robbins via
Story of Original Big Iron by Marty Robbins A Texas Ranger, Walks out into the Street, To take an outlaw who had killed many men before Him, The Ranger is due to meet His death, But surprisingly, The Outlaw met His match, When He came up against the Texas Ranger Translated Story of Big Iron my Marty Robbins A Keeper of God's Laws, Walks into a Spiritual War, To take on the devil, who had defeated many Christians before who had dared to go against Him. The keeper of God's Laws is due to fail, Because all that dared to go up against the devil prior, Failed, But Surprisingly, The Gates of *** do not prevail, and the Devil meets His match
Big Iron on his hip by Marty Robbins
two people just stepped into my office asking if I was really listening to Big Iron by Marty Robbins...welcome to Texas
I got over 300 pounds big iron for sell hit me if your interested
Alright I'll do 20. Just listened to the original of Big Iron. Cash's IS MUCH BETTER
Way down this road, in a gym far away, A young man was once heard to say, "I've repped high and I've repped low, No matter what I do, my legs won't grow" He tried leg extensions, leg curls, and leg presses too Trying to cheat, these sissy workouts he'd do. From the corner of the gym where the BIG men train, Through a cloud of chalk and the midst of pain Where the big iron rides high and threatens lives, Where the noise is made with big forty-fives, A deep voice bellowed as he wrapped his knees, A very big man with legs like trees. Laughing as he snatched another plate from the stack Chalking his hands and monstrous back, said, "Boy, stop lying and don't say you've forgotten, The trouble with you is you ain't been SQUATTIN'." — DALE CLARK, 1983
With a big iron on his hip. A BIG IRON ON HIS HIP
"He's making big iron." Dennis Eckersley has his own vocabulary. Someone needs to do the Eck Dictionary.
Fired up the Big Iron Beast for a semi dry run last night. Seasoned it up earlier today and now taking a crack at a few racks of ribs and a whole chicken. May take a few tries to get the hang of the firebox.
So that's why I haven't worn this shirt in ages... *notices big iron-mark on front*. *puts back in drawer*
1) Line-numbered languages like BASIC and various old big-iron crap. The conceptual difficulty with these for the C-like programmer is that
A Hopper Bin & Daay Power Sweep that we had on display at the Big Iron Show in Fargo, ND.
Also going to play Fallout New Vegas some more & wander round with a big iron on my own hip!
ICYMI: website is back with a big set of news!
I had a denim jacket with studs on 1 shoulder and a big Iron Maiden Trooper patch on the back. Thought I was the dogs danglies
big iron big iron. I can send you the second disc with the dlc on it if you want
I liked a video big iron classic 2010 truck pull
I'M A STRETCH GOAL! *dance of the stretch goal* ...y'all are going to need to fund this, ok?
Site's back! Here's the full rundown of goodness coming in January:
I haven't sat around a fire in a while, tonight's gonna be relaxing, then up at 530 for work setting the big iron ;)
20 men had tried before and 20 men had made a slip. 21 would be the Ranger with a big iron on his hip
Tradesmen Jobs Repair hinges on a big iron gate.We have 2 very big iron gates outside the back..
not yet mate I didn't want to be on the ps3 all day everyday before I get on the big iron bird
the key tonight will be ball control and Dontari Poe. Another two sacks for the big iron man! GO CHIEFS!!
Register for the Syncsort Sept 25 webcast on Bridging the Gap Between Big Iron and Initiatives
i knw ur love for hard nd big iron...:P
I'm putting a mainframe on the floor of a client's tech conference. My goal: demystify Big Iron & demo Linux music server on it
Lemme stop messing wit before he kick me wit that big iron boot of his lmfao 👢
Released in Aug 1992 – this is the first single from the album Big Iron Horses. It peaked at Billboard Hot 100 on the same year
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Wicked hot. Legs jello mush. Felt like a big iron kettle trying to dance ballet.
A university took down a big iron ball after students were riding it like
The stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip
Home reared pork in cider and mustard cooking slowly in the Rayburn for dinner...yes I caved and turned my big iron friend back on! :-)
Every Big Iron geek needs a Hex Calculator. Here is a great free one for the iPhone/iPod/iPad CP HexCalc
I was going around the pool and picking up bottle caps at my work when "Big Iron" started playing on the PA. I'm in New Vegas.
I'm becoming such a big iron man lately...
Time to head back to the big iron island. See you in three weeks, dry land. I'll miss you.
Big iron on my hip jus waitin ta crease ah ***
he came riding from the southside with the BIG IRON on his HIP .
I dont think so zack but thats just my opinion. I liked the movie but im a big iron man fan
Rusted day care center with big iron bars
Are nonadaptive processes doomed for the big iron junk yard?
Open Carry is visibly displaying a weapon, basically 'Big Iron on 'is hip.' It's legal in several states.
Anyone lucky enough to get to check out the new Gleaner S8 yet? We got to see the S88 last week at Big Iron, it's...
Boil the kettle and wash in a big iron bath in the lounge?!
How the merger of big data and big iron will keep you flying high:
Big Iron Mike great to here you on.Howard.
Sat waiting for the big iron bird home ✈✈ 💔💔
Sometimes I think of myself as Tony Stark. Like same sarcasm just no big iron suit to get me out of whatever I want.
"Oh, he might have went on living but he made one fatal slip; when he tried to match the ranger with the big iron on his hip."
Big Iron, with shopping for me! Corb Lund and *** huntin' tales on the road, and lunch at the Longhorn Steakhouse. A good day.
For our listening pleasure, Mike Ness, covering "Big Iron" by Marty Robbins, better than the original, hmm...
Now Playing: "Big Iron" from "Songs from the Mojave Wasteland - Music as Heard in Fallout: New Vegas" (Marty Robbins)
Missing Colorado! Heard this Saturday night at Redrocks last week & it was perfect. Big Iron - Marty Robbins
Showing my age , I like me some Marty Robbins ( Big Iron )
Mike Halls and Dave Burks, Robert Rankin Walker is hosting a Country/Cowboy open mic nite tomorrow at Tesoro Winery Tasting Room in Old Town Temecula. I didn't get around to learning "Big Iron" and "El Paso", so I guess I'll do some Cash and Haggard. Mike if you come, bring the Quilter and Tele.
I'm so bored! I cook... meat loaf, white great northern bean with ham, green bean, mac/cheese, corn bread, that make you slap the one next to you, and bake some chocolated chips cookies, then the phone ring said: mommy I'm pulling up with a few of the Big Iron guys, yall Dinner is over, gone poof! My boys gotta love "em" they mine all mine. thanks God I don't mind cooking...
Sorry it has taken me a day or so to post about this, but my hard drive is trashed and I'm trying to get things going again. Debbie Stapp Wyatt, my wife, and I drove down to Bloomington to play a show with the band "Big Iron. Myself, Roy Lee Beck, Vicki Griffith, and Eric N Hardy, had a blast and put on a very good set for only 2 prsctices in two weeks here at the house. We even have a video on here somewhere, so check it out. The othe reason I am writing this post is this; I've been picking the banjo for 40 years now and I have had the privilege and honor to pick with some very great pickers, and work for a couple of so called "Big Names" in the business, but yesterday I saw a band yesterday that absolutely knocked my hat in the creek. I'd heard of them in the past year or so but had never got the privilege of seeing them. This band was "Blue Mafia" Dara Wray, Cody Looper, thanks you so much for the conversation and the show. Remember this band's name folks, they'are going all the way and they got the f ...
2.5 weeks until the big move and I'm already trying to decide whether a quesadilla maker or waffle iron is more important.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Goin to see Iron Man 3 tomorrow with the big bro
Iron man 3 was a big fat disappointment.
Iron man 3 was great! But it was even better with a big ole chaw in!
i met you at sonisphere 2011 UK!! was epic! your a legend but big question, metallica or iron maiden?
I'm seriously rocking a big *** puff ball right now who wanna flat iron my hair!
Panic, Panic, Panic in the Cardinell Household.major wardrobe malfunction in Deanna's Prom Dress.the girl has way too much furniture in the 2nd floor (if you know what I mean), things are popping out the windows. So 1 hour of tape, fasteners, pins.and then finally Dad to the rescue with the common household stapler did the trick. Things are stable, we've recommended no dancing, no movement at all to keep the melons in the wagon. But, just found out after the Prom, Deanna and Friends are going bowling in their Prom Dresses.I told her to take a T-shirt just in case, because she'll definitely be over the legal stress limits of the common staple. Now, talk about embarrassing, it's me working on Deanna's bra with her still in it.what an OMG moment! I'll never be the same.damaged for life. This stuff is NOT in the parenting booklet, especially in the Dad section.I will be recommending major rewrite. Now we have to get ready for pictures, but she does look beautiful, and a little less stressed. Next time ...
Posted some snapshots from this mornings Iron Men's Breakfast. Yes - we ate well!
you guys decide the movie.. Great gatsby, iron man or pain & gain (thats like all thats out lol)
Even though I'm not a big fan of super hero movies, Iron Man 3 was really good!
Wow, Star Trek Into Darkness was awesome! Loved it, Iron Man 3 and this comes close in epicness big time!
Melo with 35. And the big assist to JR
Just watched Iron Man 3 with the family. Good movie. Lots of big action and still managed to give Stark some weaknesses to overcome.
Arrow Uchiha-Sapphire The setting was that of a quite different one, it was a sort of isolated valley, with a wide blue waterfall and a slim grey boulder lake. Outside of it was a broad forest of green, yellows, and oranges.While on the side of the water fall was that of what reminded some of the Valley of the end, only this one was strictly waterfall with maybe a rocky platform or two. The sun was out, high and bright as the distinct rays heated up the some what temperature influenced area. It was a natural 40 Degrees, so with the sun being out, it made it warmer, a feeling of maybe 50 - 55 Degrees. Other than that, the water made it a cool breeze, so the sun wouldn't help much. Though the animals migrated, trees began to die (except evergreen), and conditions became harder to live with, it wasn't too bad for anyone really. The environment in detail was a 2,000 x 2,000 x 500 (Length, width, height) feet, with the waterfall making 70% of the measurements, with the water flow an easy 20 mph ...
Have a big crick in my neck from weeding the yard all day and then going to see Iron Man 3 in the 4th row from the front.
Teen girl just left Iron Man 3 saying "I don't know it was too complicated for me." Don't get me wrong I liked it but complicated it wasn't.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Flash iron on/ anyone trying on/ the blocks I'm supplying on! Yep big sis I stay hype when it comes to THE THIEF'S THEME!
Going to see Iron Man with my big booty *** ! 😄
A review of Iron Man 3 and a breakdown of it. Warning: Spoiler Alert!
my sis stand on the toilet with this big iron stick in her hand had the next and I had a knife watching t.v Kml..but I did alot
Powerball jackpot is a record $600 million tonight. One lady told me she would build her own Dollywood. What would you do if you won the big jackpot?
Mycotoxins, found in moldy bread, cheese, pasta or nuts, are toxic to dogs and cats and can require aggressive veterinary treatment. Call your vet for poison help.
Back from a serious day trip to Big Rhubarb Festival. Lunch at the Iron Horse Inn and back home. Long but nice.
Love iron man so much, crushing big time 💣
This is the full "Whitewater" song, live from one of the Kyuss generator parties in the desert. Rare footage. I have more but this is probably the best (the ...
Took Lew to go see iron man and dat dude ended up snoring all In da theater smh
I had to sit next to some big fat bearded ginger next while watching Iron man III
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