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Big Ed

Edward Lee Knight (1971–2001), best known by his stage name Big Ed (or Big Ed the Assassin), was an American rapper who was signed to Master P's No Limit Records in the late 1990s.

Twin Peaks Oak Ridge

Off to Meet up with Scott Staton, we are heading down to Red Lion for Big Ed's World Famous Blues Jam at the Red...
Crossing my fingers that this Sunday's Twin Peaks brings us some Big Ed.
Predictions for Part 7: Big Ed sends a fax. Dougie learns about the laundry. Sky Ferreira plays "Laura Horne."
Manager and Senior at Oliver Springs High School, Dalena Shackleford, has worked at Big Ed's since she was 16.
Re-watching Twin Peaks the highlights never stop. In 20 seconds we just got Audrey Horne knotting a cherry stem and Big Ed's fake stache.
Our Big Mac index shows that the Russian rouble is one of the cheapest currencies
Trump: "“The spotlight has finally been put on the low-life leakers! They will be caught!,”"
getting two more seasons...But, are you Bazinga'ed out?
Big corporations don't keep older workers. They are RIF'ed to make room for younger employees. My experience.
Gotta agree with the general tenor here - love ya, Chris, but she f'ed up, BIG…
ed for being an internet celebrity, Get paid for sharing Big Brands Via social media, One Click to Join Via BitCoin…
Last yr Minnesota was 0-13 in Big Ten play, this year, 7-6 w/win over Indiana last night. 1 difference- former Cita…
OPINION: Investigation into any ties to Russia must include his tax returns.
If you openly know your boyfriend cheat(ed) on you & you stay with him then you're the worst type of stupid & I will ope…
If you're a big Ed Sheeran fan (like me) you'll love this one. UNI naman next time, Galiiing! 🙌🏻
A big week in genome editing and prospect for "designer babies" as noted by coverage…
I'm very curious about how big a problem this is on my campus.
3/ Raises philosophical question: Were the big pre-existing measures (Film Credits and SR&ED) “new cuts” in years they were included?
I liked a video Ed Edd n Eddy Big Picture Show - the final ending to the show
Big thanks to Officer Howe for hanging out in Adventure Ed!
Then you became leader and ran for parliament, and the little lie became a big issue you couldn't defend.
Here's 500wds I wrote for 'Big Conversation' about the future of higher ed:
I can't stand them... can't believe they still exist. 😝 But then I'm not a big Ed fan, so they probably can't ruin his song 4 me.
Strike reaching new heights! The big question is now whether these cab aggregators will increase the price or not!
A big thank you to Ed from who visited last week. Read his review >…
The acclaimed producer of Stormzy's debut album believes the grime star will be as big as Ed Sheeran…
Spec Ed Tt engaging in the 3 big questions and poster activity.
"Where were these unholy patriots when Obama was destroying the country. They must be took ed out…" — Silverback
Agreed, I think very few look for the big picture. Much of the most interesting reporting is coming from the independents.
First Ed then Selena next Lorde I'm excited but I'm waiting for the big one Taylor I'm waiting
Change: education set for big disruption 11 trends to watch in 2017
A Message to boycotters. What is your goal really? Unintended Consequences Matter!
Daniel Tarullo’s resignation is an obvious signal that a big shift in financial regulation is indeed imminent
All your faves in one big room. The 2017 Music Awards are going to be LIT!
Sorry but a big NO 2 TJ. Until & unless u get another endorser. Anyone but will do just fine 4 me & my fam.
If doesn't get ed for he'll be as big as a house in 4 years.
NOC is a big meddling tool where politicians can make you dance before you upset their apple cart in the ed sector https:/…
Brigs or Flying Biscuit would be the first choices. Big Ed's & Another Broken Egg are also good.
Lamar Jackson just woke up from a nap in a cold sweat. Must've been getting chased by Big Ed and Steven Taylor again.
Today in 1908, "Big Ed" Reulbach became the only major league baseball player to pitch and win both games of a doubleheader with shutouts.
thanks for reaching out west and touching an old friend at 6. Always a kick for Big Ed. See you later E.
My exclusive rankings for what should be on the $20 bill:. 1) Big Ed's Pizza logo. 2) Mark Messier holding Stanley Cup in 1994. 3) Hasselhoff
Early heatwave to have big impact on US eastern seaboard – scientist. Ed Schultz.
"Relevance is a big contributor to rigor." Visit
Big thanks to My lovely books all arrived and now have full set of signed 1st ed. books by 😀🐰
Sir Ed once told me "what ever you do make like an adventure" you guys look as tho you are one big adventure may come see u
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Cheers pal. Finally, is actually Remi Garde? . "Av you zeen ma *** It iz ZEEZ big"
Big Data and analytics can change education in three positive ways
you were still little when I last saw you. now you're big and fluffy gshsvshsjsb
Ben f'ed up big time he killed a mother and baby Bailey wanted him fired but instead he got a 6 month suspension -
"For every dollar spent in Australia 3.4 cents become underlying profit of the banks." - Dave Richardson op ed:.
Robb: Banks are still too big to fail via
KFC is big business in China. Are customers turning to less greaseladen options?
Hopefully the Mirror article is correct. Get Mourinho in and back him with big money. Ibra, Mahrez, Kane and Stones please Ed. Cheers.
How a new breed of sarcastic online influencers in China could impact fashion
Djibouti is a tiny desert state with big ambitions
Two major Mayor Ed Murray promises still on the hunt for funding | Crosscut
Very true, can't deny that. QB is a big part though and at least we're not Andrew 0-5 Luck or Ben 3-5 Roethlisberger.
She wasn't a failure. Instead took Joy Reid, Big Ed, Melissa Harris, & more to go tell *** in a hand basket.
He's saying dinner and a movie. I could go for Big Ed's, but you're the local.
Great op-ed by Nathan Proctor: GE and the Rise—and Perils—of Too Big To Tax via   10% Off
Dan was a worthy finalist, and gracious in defeat. Expect to hear big things from in the future
HC Rex Ryan: Ed knows the system inside and out, so that's a big help. It's also what he's going to add to our players.
Ed Burke said: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [wo]men to do nothing." True in big or small ways.
NYT Brooks Op-Ed: The Anxieties of Impotence collective action > inaction, big talk
Great moments in tactics:. 1) Hannibal's pincer move at Cannae. 2) Varus ambushed at Teutoburg. 3) removing a pitcher so …
Just played: One more heartache - Rob Paparozzi and the Ed Palermo big band
Here's the awesome, creepy, totally affecting cover for Fr ed of Neil Smith's BANG CRUNCH/BIG BANG
not so much. Study finds teachers have big impact on reading & math scores
Girls: "I'm big boned.". Me: "So you mean to tell me that your skeleton look like this?"
The bankruptcy of a big resort buffets the Bahamas
Visit to see how your can raise awareness and funds for
Or limousine parking for your casino? Big diff between ED for public projects, & using it for private benefit.
LINK: | | animate Sexy ed Erotiche Brunette plays with ...
The World In 2016 predicts a big shift in medicine—what is it?
Big Qs: What's the state of learning & ed? What is active learning? shift to active learning? Strategies to implement?
Dear - can you please suggest a recipe for our upcoming Bake Sale?
Dear Big Brand Competitor. We heard from a contact of ours that their expensively fee'ed PA left after 1 week of a 12 mth contract 1/2.
big difference in using ED to facilitate public works vs. private projects. Trump Disingenuous!
Jan 22 1916 The Anglo-Indian force expects big battle with Turks at Kut-El-Amara
EconBizFin: Can podcasts finally hit the big time as a business?
China is willing to spend big bucks on its semiconductor industry
Gotta give UCLA and David Grace credit...watching Maka Ellis is smart...kid blows up he is goin to The Strip!! Big Ed on Sunset!!
He is quickly turning into the Big Ed of the NBA.
Big business and big philanthropy: how can we make aid work in the 21st century?.
The biggest potential, and biggest challenge, to Big Data in higher ed - via
Saturday morning's looking good! Tinea's sorting you out with big tunes from Sam Feldt, Sigala and Ed Sheeran...Keep it here!
My uncle Big Ed need to have a booth down there. 👏🏾
A major announcement in the beer industry comes at a sobering time for brewers
Some big tunes on the Weeknd's new album. Ed Sheeran is killin it right now too. Sam Smith and Disclosure should always make music together
Man you killed it on Swaye this morning hope you got that beat you spit on that was tight. Big up you IDK ed the listeners.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
E Shermer seems to be onto something big w/ her new work on 'indentured students & mass higher ed'
Pete drank due to blinding headaches, Big Ed was a drunk
bright lights big city is a f-ed up movie...but I always end up watching it.
Chris Martin joins for a live performance of "Yellow" during Ed's X tour gig in Boston. vid: http…
not to make too much of a win but this shutout is kinda a big deal tonight against Houston
Any woman with a purse that big's bound to have somethin' in it that I don't wanna know about. -- Brian Buckner
a big thank you to my bf for taking me to Ed Sheeran tonight & surviving through 5 hours of acoustic music, i love you
The developed world's population is ageing—what will that mean?
Big fan of ; depressing to see her plug for Syrian refugees. They should go back.
A big thank you to all my friends on Snapchat: I have watched a snippet of the Ed Sheeran concert from almost every angle possible.
Most eye-opening thing re: news of big data breach in BC education is huge amount of student info being amassed + stored.…
Gee Ed Fast did not tell Abbotsford voters Trans-Pacific Partnership could include big dairy concession
Big day for my buddy playing his biggest US stadium ever! Wish I could be there to see you kill it
We all know what Glenn Burke would pick
An influx of Russian oligarchs in Israel is having an effect on locals
So Ed's big surprise guest was Chris Martin. Meh.
Heading into today's games there was a scenario Houston/Cleveland/LA/Cleveland could tie, not Baltimore tho
Seabs all A'ed up and ready to go! Much deserved letter for the big man.
you better watch it before I *** in your room and *** all over you. Daddy has a big load for you
Free markets and big business can help cut poverty. Here's how.
Walk-Up music for your careers gentleman? GO! .
I'm not a big eye-fone person, but after playing with one of the new ones today, I could be tempted to switch.
...You got paid Bob.a third what those of us in the PL made that season 😂😂😂😂
Hey, at least I was still getting paid, Ed. Plus, a NL pennant still counts for something.
...Too bad every year couldn't have been as great as '90
I had a big time this week teaching continuing ed at Heber campus. Loved the students and seeing their progress!
.Few things better than the last week of season with games that matter for the playoffs.
There's a reason the Bridegrooms won in 1890; we were in the real league
Ah... The year I won the last pennant of my career with the Bridegrooms with you guys in the PL.
LIFE TIP:. Wake up. Look in the mirror. Tell yourself you look the way an Ed Sheeran song sounds. Smile big at the haters. P…
Thanks to Ntumba Mukendi for hanging with me at Big Ed's World Famous Blues Jam.and Edward Sullivan...
In Twin Peaks - Big Ed is here, but no Agent Cooper - hurry Dale! 🌲🍒☕️ 😩
RIP Big Ed. May peace be with you and May the Lord have mercy on your soul. I was where you were and hopefully...
He's like if Clay Aiken and David Caruso had a son. If not, then I think I don't know what Big Ed looks like.
B.Wright's contract just set the market for Big Ed. $6mil/yr
Seriously no Ed Warinner on this list? Big Ed ready 2B a HC. Venables never will B. Baxter strong ties in state;)
The heat is killer but it was a gorgeous sunset at the big Dam Bridge.
Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you've got a big heart and aren't afraid to let ot…
Big news on teacher prep front from and
hey Ed i wanted to make a difference to like did please read & spread it about
So many people can use "big" words correctly, but do they really understand what they're saying on a larger scale.
Overfishing(ed) in Caribbean waters is WAY too big a deal to ignore this (petition, video, etc.) Dig deep J'can media...o, right. Well.
Some of the world's big firms are determined to make commercial quantum computing a reality
The Song they go to the pet shop, high, and sit there like it a big aquarium. 😂
Yep. Can we get back to the big picture.
I love Cote. She and The big gulp girl were awesome. Such a great cast.
A waste of good fireworks doing it so early. You had to July 4th to get it right.
Starting to become a really big fan of Ed Sheeran tbh
.and were the big winners at Canada's Video Awards:
Great to see one of our old customers back up and running after losing their shop in the quakes. Big Ed's Fish &...
That was a big takeaway for me. Equitable science ed has to go beyond classrm.
.says two big issues are rent regs and ed tax credit; says Assembly is being "non realistic" in focusing only on rent.
The "Ed Sullivan: A REALLY Big Show" celebrates the legendary variety program that ran on CBS-TV from 1948 to...
NC Senate guts driver’s ed. to give more money to big, profitable coproations .
😩😍💯 heyyy big D *in Ms Pryne voice* me you and Patrick was Ed edd and eddy forreal man. I miss the old you. The old us. The old days
Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd were the big winners at Canada's Video Awards:
Community Health Plan inks big lease in downtown Seattle high-rise.
When Big Data Meets the Blackboard Analytics in Higher Ed will be huge! Student privacy is still a concern.
How teachers use teamwork + collected on a day-to-day basis to support their students [Vid…
really? I asked a question cuz I don't follow politics much cuz of the lies and bs.
Your question sure tricked me, LOL.
Pretty big coming from a man F5'ed out of his shoe. :)
Now that Ed is so big he abandoned graham...
actually a republican I live in Oklahoma. Really dude we all hate Obama in this state
If you have to ask then your one of those entitlement getting liberal democrats.
Continuous healthcare: and the future of
Hello Ed I'm a big fan of yours I listen to your music every day!! It would mean the world to me if you follow me
country & Ed sheeran make me want to be in love but like big Sean & edm make me wanna run around like a sex crazed anima…
Wld take it with a big pinch of salt, as it is coming from Simon Danczuk, who uses every opp to have a go at Ed
Do you ever just listen to + by ed sheeran on vinyl and feel like you're floating through the room on a big balloon bc same
Today would have been my Dad's 80th birthday. 17 years gone and still miss him every day. Happy birthday Big Ed. RIP.
Up at 6 tomorrow so should be in ma ed but surely me and Ryan is making a fry up and watching Big Bang
A big thank you to Ed. This looks amazing!
always been a big fan of him, I have my eyes set on much cheaper guys, CJ Watson Wes Johnson Ed Davis, those types
News flash: My kids mum will NOT have pictures of her bending over to make her *** look big in the mirror. She will have *** for me!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Which SA business is a big backer of disadvantaged firms? has the details!.
Tell senators to keep NC moving forward, rewrite the 'Big Dollar Budget.'
Agree we must think outside the box, but we are the only state in LAST place in ed. Kids are priority over big biz.
Massive congrats ,big solo win tonight in Durham . Made an impossible circuit look easy. KH 2nd too!
If you think you're 'big' by making fun of people with ED and mental illnesses, think again, low life ***
Ed Sheeran did Breakfast Club?! Yay lol I love the X album. That's possibly a pretty big crossover move.
MT TN school tries a big idea: Put a great teacher in charge of multiple classrooms
Campaign "The Big Lift" aims to close in Silicon Valley. Many kids not reading by 3rd grade
Q: how does HTH progressive Ed model play in British Columbia? BC has move away from 17 standards to 3 "Big Ideas." Exciting!
Ed gets on my nerves. I'll never forget him telling DEMS NOT 2 vote in '10 bcuz "POTUS wouldn't help the unemployed". Big LIAR!!
I am not a big fan of Ed Sheeran but THIS song is sick
Jueves de slam por que no con – ♫Wynona's Big Brown Beaver by from con LiveLyrics®
Congrats to for big bipartisan approval in Senate of SB 482 to curb Rx drug abuse epidemic.
This was before the current Mayor. Plus it's a county jail. County though is also controlled by democrats.
A jail that was designed without cell doors in the plans. How could someone miss that?
This is a very big problem and does need to be addressed soon in South Carolina
big up with ur show I listen to u everyday until I fall asleep bt ed sheraan photograph can't get enough with that song hey
Malusi making South Africa a world-leader in ridiculous travel requirements
"Malusi is not reacting to globalisation with innovation, but rather to migrants with fear." …
Webinar: A Framework for Implementing NoSQL, Hadoop - Go Small before going Big (Data)
Drove the picture car home from set last night. Couldn't not capture it. Big thank you to Club Ed +
Redwood City startup Banjo uses big data as a "crystal ball"
we are stronger together. The big world is a dangerous place.. Also we need the money..SNP are not managing the budget well
We're big fans of Carlos McCray, he's doing such meaningful work in the Higher Ed space.
Can the wonder material graphene finally make it big by boosting the electric-car industry? http:/…
That great feeling when you PR'ed on the big 3 lifts this week 🙏🏼
I'm a big fan bro. Just play until your contract is up. Ble$$ed
he was away with me weren't he, big john would've had it sorted. Ooh goddd! Ed's poem?!?! X
😭😢😭 it's the worst subject ever I swear, f'ed up my mind big time
I just hope they keep their claws away from each other. Stick to fighting the democrats. Best one win.
Allen Iverson says a Big 3 of him, Shaq and Jordan could go 82-0 with anyone in the backcourt.
er wel 2morah clyds wil get big & waler fool on yer ed. Can I hav jobb?.
Lee Smolin, you big book needs a 2nd Ed. Use these Twits and THEN you'll be ABLE to BLESS the young sci folks. Fizzic$ is G-N-O-R-W -QED...
Someone should make a beat sampling the Ed, Edd, n Eddy theme song and throw Big Sean on the it 🙇🏻💡
Hey you and should try Big Ed's Pizza in Oak Ridge while y'all are in town! You'd love it! 🍕🍕
I'll be eating a Big Jack at Ed's while eats an old Chicago goat. 2-1 series win
Former guest and penned an op-ed in on retractions being healthy for science
I miss Ed Miliband. I hope he's okay out there in the big wide world.
Fun thing about Walsh is he was listed as 6'1'' 193 and he was "Big Ed" and I think he was intimidating back then?
Steve Wright. Sitting in Broughty Ferry Dundee boiling in sun on deck with cold lager. Great show mate. Big Ed
Biggest pancake I ever had! (@ Big Ed's City Market Restaurant in Raleigh, NC)
It is with very heavy hearts that we must share the news of Ed Sabol’s passing. “Big Ed,” the founder…
datascigeek: Hot off the press: Texas Colleges Flock to Big Ed's 'Cradle to Career' Presidential Summit \m/
ay let Big Ed know I said happy birthday.
1945—My grandfather 'Big Ed' Johnson (left) in the Navy, passing through and breaking hearts...
We are tracking some big time wave action with this morning. Neairing 40 ft.
Hey if you like Big Red then you sure like this .hmm
Time to rein in the big data star chamber: my op ed on Dark Markets for data cc
If you are watch tonight, if you are then tune in to - both from around 6:…
Little Big Maths course, great way to track the progress of our pupils and highlight next step learning
Feel like robbing some big paper from lesson so I can make an 'I LOVE ED' poster
Next Wednesday: don't miss it: Ed Davey, secretary of state for energy and climate change – live chat
Big Bday shout to my road manager // Ed in 20 mins I'm tearing this club down!!!…
Have you taken a look at our stunning collection? Find out more here
Strong demand in the EU ‘Big 5’ markets drives September growth in European new car sales
Is the Four credit list legit? No big names? (Aside from Ed). What happened to the 1975, Good Charlotte, Ryan Tedder, Kodaline, McFLY? Uhm.
Before it all kicks off all the best to and this weekend good luck!! Enjoy it
Great vine from - the difference between Marquez' father's & Casey Stoner's reaction to a wobble from the WC ht…
Lnch tym oh rice ed big full . obvs
Ed Sheeran has been announced for free radio live... BIG
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
cheers boi! I know you'll enjoy this one too, Sam Smith / Ed Sheeran mashup, BIG tunes!
The & have caused the Big 6 energy firms to artificially hold prices high by anouncing a freeze & fearing being frozen low
Happy Birthday Big'ed 🙊 Hope you enjoy your day and God bless 🙌🎉🎉😘
no! See Obama got you thinking inside the box like a square… listen to track "Big Mac sauce on my filet o' fish" 🔥🔥🔥🔥
And a really big thank you to & for hosting the evening, and doing a brilliant job (2/2).
4 yrs. Heaps of positives, many unhappy students at the news. Moving to a cath ed school in need of some big time change!
Big shout out to Sam Luxa (coach), Ed Hammond (assistant coach) and Robbie Kyme (Manager) for the GB Under 17's squad for 2014/15 DTiD
wish I could have got tickets would have been AMAZING to see you share the stage with Ed! I did tell yous you would get big!
our research out soon - SW ED not the prob, LAs are. BIG MISTAKE t…
WOW! Ed concentrating on the big stuff then. Pathetic populist rubbish
Big super dummy Ed Schultz figured about as much.
BIG NEWS: The one and only ED SHEERAN this the second confirmed act for 2014:
Norman Tebbit still lives in a twisted Thatcherite dream where big companies help the poor and disadvantaged.
Show Cause Notice not issued by ED to Flipkart. ED not inquiring into "Big Billion Sale".
A big boob-ed gal showed"But at last So he wont go"Just to keep a man Nw, we av d original
Today it sunset on the final day we will have a champion...
A small sadness will spoil our marvelous mind, Like a small hole damages a big boat …So be happy and refresh your mind frequently ..
We got to live for big games like this!! Everybody come watch us put on a show tomorrow night 7:00 @ Ed White 🎥👀🏈
boss compares counterpart to Old Big 'Ed
Black Lake Cemetery. A new day for all but the dead. Sorry folks. In the recorded history of mans organized attempts to civilize this planet and, more specifically, their communities, men have always formed groups, clubs or societies, often cloaked in secrecy, to protect and preserve certain elements within their social structure. Twin Peaks is no different. Sheriff Truman, Hawk, Big Ed, James Hurley and others, unknown to me, have taken up that mantle. They call themselves, ‘The Bookhouse Boys.’ Defenders in what appears to be an age-old fight against a kind of darkness in the woods surrounding this town. This is clearly a place that inspires dreaming about darkness and light. And who knows what dreams are real? Deputy Hawk spoke tonight of a soul that wanders, a dream soul, a Blackfoot legend. With her burial today, I hope Laura’s spirit finds more peace wherever it is now than it did in its brief time on this earth.
No Surprise is it .. Remember they forced Brown on the country , now Big Ed
“Your play performed in kitchen of a theatre industry big-wig, help from ?
good read Ed. Was in Rio watching on the big screen, locals were in shock. Most headed home at half time!
MCE BSB fans! If you haven't booked tix yet, if you call 0843 453 9000 from 2:15-2:45 today is tak…
Hi Graham, drop me a DM with your postcode and I'll look into this!
Does Ed Miliband have any big, sincere ideas about how to change Britain? negative campaign suggests no:
I seriously needs to stop buying concerts tickets.. I have went to 3 big concerts this year and I am looking forward to ed sheeran!
from Pedrosa as he signs another 2 year deal with Honda...
Whats supposed to b Fun night of co ed indoor turned into a big *** brawl (while I was on 😳) then a few hours in the ER now finally in bed 😴
hi again i am a really big fan and it would mean so much to me if we could chat a little more. From Ed
Rootin for Ed Reed. He's made our hometown VERY PROUD. Big things can happen from small towns. Geaux Ravens!
So when do u unfollow the big account you've been rt'ing for years but they never rt'ed you or even gave u a star. Wak…
They make UFC fighters wear them during walkouts. They are the big red ones. I kinda like 'em
Outlook writes on Ambani takeover of TV18 Group: . Well, you can't silence all. Only when fat pay …
room available in the ramada portrush big ed Ryan not going.
Trombare GIF animate sesso. Sexy ed Erotiche Hot big *** in blue panties -
From one Ed to another X - Great album. Big fan of the bars on "The Man"
they have somewhat of a say as to how things go. Ed is big and his tickets are only $60, some $30. But I agree 😬
Big Ed IS the man with the number one plan.
We will be showing the final on the big screen and will have a great deal with pulled pork burger and a for just £10
Lol.. Big Ed and Joe Heezy found my drive by video hilarious!
Let's take a ride on the big green Jaley, he can go slow, or he can faster
▪ Ed Miliband attacked over business plan for rail and banks: Labour's proposals to break up big ba...
Carb'ed up ready for my big workout,mistake i made last year was doing light weight/high reps. No
You know what to do with that big fat butt... Jaley, Jaley, Jaley.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
What is the next big thing that will blow people’s mi... — One Direction, 5SOS, Little Mix, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lov...
Brazil tries to come to grips with big WCup loss | via
Remember when I was an Ed sheeran account and I was one of those 'big accounts' and my friends didn't think I was annoying YEHA me too
*** now my baby face rollie ain't big enough I need the big face rollie huh oh ok coo...
“Not big on soccer, but saw Germany beat Brazil 7-1. Kinda glad underdog one.” Brazil was actually the underdog bruh
My family class or what big love too them both I love u baby I love u my amazing son
and Sardha case already with CBI and ED...Nalini PC is the big beneficiary according to Sudipt…
If I could drive a big *** navigator at work , then I can definitely pass the drivers ed tests 👌💯
Instead of canceling event, relying on Title only bouts, UFC should've put big name fighters on it. UFC 153, 147, 143, 141 no…
Since I was on 1thek's channel I casually clicked big's new video and literally lol-ed within 10 seconds.
S&ED started in 2006. Since then bilateral trade surplus halved and yuan up +30%. Looks like a big win for the U.S.
Crappy op-ed piece about medical pot from an industry shill. More later. big pot no better than big pharma
Had this amazing moment performing with the house band at Big Ed's World Famous Blues Jam/New York Blues...
Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mother Edwardine Reid or for those who know her, 'Big Ed'. We are so lucky to have you here with us and I look forward to many more occasions with you at the head of the family table. Love you mom always! See you this evening! Also happy Mother's day to my daughter Anne. You are the strongest person that I know and you are a wonderful mother to my beautiful grand daughters Summer and Autumn. Thinking if Mary Kennedy today and wishing you a good day too Mary! Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers in the world.
Here is our Big Ed subwoofer, designed by Steve Schell, with drawings done by his brother Ed. We are still using this in our test room. Actually had the stamina to take it to two shows. It was cranking full tilt boogey when I shot this picture. My wife and daughter left the house soon after, it was making them sick. We are currently using two sealed subwoofers with 21 inch drivers designed by Bill Woods of Acoustic Horn, and built by ESO.
Good Afternoon Everyone. Today we're serving Blonde Braised BBQ Pork in Big Ed's Ciabatta with cheese and Cole Slaw. If you're looking for something a little lighter we also have a Cobb Salad topped with crispy chicken tenders. Come on down!
to my FB fans that are not from my hometown, please bare with me. Yesterday something happened as Providence College won the Big East Tournament, something that to most of the basketball world has gone unnoticed, but to those of us from Providence... As Coach Cooley and his players each raised the Big East Trophy, spoke to the media, took pictures and basked in the glory of a Big East Championship. Those of us that grew up with Eddie (Big Ed, Easy Ed, Ed) were beaming with a great sense of pride. To see one of our own. Someone from our village, our hamlet, our little town, not just at the big dance, but leading the charge of a group of young men to the big dance. Whether you are from the South Side, the West End, Chad, the Vill, Manton, East Side, Fox Point, where ever you are from in Providence and whatever your struggle. Look to Eddie and know that he is you and you can look to his success as a motivator for your own. If you don't know Eddie's story, you just need to ask someone from Providence. ...
Big Ed: "Doc Emrick could call the play-by-play for a 6th grade girls soccer game and make it exciting." Fact.
...well, yeah. After all, Big Ed is evil and cruel...
I watch MSNBC daily & do it to see Rachel & Chris Hayes. I also watch on week-ends to see MHP. I do NOT watch Sharpton, Big Ed or Lawrence. Now having said that there is in fact a person that MSNBC should snap up, a man that could spend 1 hour a day talking about “fact’s & science, his name, Neil deGrasse Tyson.
I have had another one of my visions, I went back in time and I was kissing Big Ed whilst closing my eyes, when I opened my eyes I was kissing David Cameron :-\
Support Efforts To Rein In For-Profit Colleges on 19 December 2013 By Jeff Bryant The good news coming from the U.S. Department of Education recently is the effort to put tougher restrictions on for-profit scam colleges that rip off students, families and the taxpayers. The bad news is that not all Democrats are behind this effort and pushing for the tighter restrictions. Think Progress last week passed along a report from The Wall Street Journal that Big Ed has drafted a rewrite of regulations to rein in “for-profit schools whose students end up deep in debt or default on their student loans at exceptionally high rates.” The colleges that would be most heavily affected include the University of Phoenix (owned by Apollo Education Group), Kaplan Higher Education, Devry Inc., The Art Institute (owned by Education Management Corporation), and Corinthian Colleges, among others. The guidelines provide the teeth for what is referred to in wonk-speak as a “gainful employment” plan. The new regulations co ...
"It's no pasta fagioli." Big Ed after trying sushi for the first time in his life.
Eating dinner with 10 former Bears players? What did me and Big Ed walk in to tonight?
18 friends went to fellowship tonight & eat pizza at Big Ed's in Oak Ridge, TN. For dessert we stopped at Golden Girls
Happy bday Ed Delahanty, HOFer. 2nd player with 4 HR in one game. Phils are only team to do it 3 times: Big Ed, Klein, Schmidt.
GREAT COMEBACKS by Pastor Rick Sams.   I love great comebacks. I try to avoid clichés with my comebacks. When someone asks: “How are you?” I often reply: “Better than I deserve,” financial guru, Dave Ramsey’s, classic comeback. When someone asks something I don’t want to answer, I turn it around with: “Why do you ask?”   If gossip is brought into earshot I interrupt with: “I’ve found there’s always two sides to every story.”   Big Ed, a guy with whom I used to play basketball, clearly the best guy on the court, would shoot these words back when someone fouled too hard or slipped in a swear word: “Is that necessary?” That comeback fits many situations.   When someone interrupts my day some way, but apologizes because they know I’m busy, I will assure them: “But I’m not too busy for you.”   The sporting world is renowned for great comebacks. We have “Captain Comeback,” Dallas quarterback Roger Staubach, who commandeered the Cowboys to many fourth quarter wins. N ...
Why isn’t Big Ed saying anything about the unjustifiable rises; come on be honest
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