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Big Ed

Edward Lee Knight (1971–2001), best known by his stage name Big Ed (or Big Ed the Assassin), was an American rapper who was signed to Master P's No Limit Records in the late 1990s.

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Black Lake Cemetery. A new day for all but the dead. Sorry folks. In the recorded history of mans organized attempts to civilize this planet and, more specifically, their communities, men have always formed groups, clubs or societies, often cloaked in secrecy, to protect and preserve certain elements within their social structure. Twin Peaks is no different. Sheriff Truman, Hawk, Big Ed, James Hurley and others, unknown to me, have taken up that mantle. They call themselves, ‘The Bookhouse Boys.’ Defenders in what appears to be an age-old fight against a kind of darkness in the woods surrounding this town. This is clearly a place that inspires dreaming about darkness and light. And who knows what dreams are real? Deputy Hawk spoke tonight of a soul that wanders, a dream soul, a Blackfoot legend. With her burial today, I hope Laura’s spirit finds more peace wherever it is now than it did in its brief time on this earth.
No Surprise is it .. Remember they forced Brown on the country , now Big Ed
“Your play performed in kitchen of a theatre industry big-wig, help from ?
good read Ed. Was in Rio watching on the big screen, locals were in shock. Most headed home at half time!
MCE BSB fans! If you haven't booked tix yet, if you call 0843 453 9000 from 2:15-2:45 today is tak…
Hi Graham, drop me a DM with your postcode and I'll look into this!
Does Ed Miliband have any big, sincere ideas about how to change Britain? negative campaign suggests no:
I seriously needs to stop buying concerts tickets.. I have went to 3 big concerts this year and I am looking forward to ed sheeran!
from Pedrosa as he signs another 2 year deal with Honda...
Whats supposed to b Fun night of co ed indoor turned into a big *** brawl (while I was on 😳) then a few hours in the ER now finally in bed 😴
hi again i am a really big fan and it would mean so much to me if we could chat a little more. From Ed
Rootin for Ed Reed. He's made our hometown VERY PROUD. Big things can happen from small towns. Geaux Ravens!
So when do u unfollow the big account you've been rt'ing for years but they never rt'ed you or even gave u a star. Wak…
They make UFC fighters wear them during walkouts. They are the big red ones. I kinda like 'em
Outlook writes on Ambani takeover of TV18 Group: . Well, you can't silence all. Only when fat pay …
room available in the ramada portrush big ed Ryan not going.
Trombare GIF animate sesso. Sexy ed Erotiche Hot big *** in blue panties -
From one Ed to another X - Great album. Big fan of the bars on "The Man"
they have somewhat of a say as to how things go. Ed is big and his tickets are only $60, some $30. But I agree 😬
Big Ed IS the man with the number one plan.
We will be showing the final on the big screen and will have a great deal with pulled pork burger and a for just £10
Lol.. Big Ed and Joe Heezy found my drive by video hilarious!
Let's take a ride on the big green Jaley, he can go slow, or he can faster
▪ Ed Miliband attacked over business plan for rail and banks: Labour's proposals to break up big ba...
Carb'ed up ready for my big workout,mistake i made last year was doing light weight/high reps. No
You know what to do with that big fat butt... Jaley, Jaley, Jaley.
What is the next big thing that will blow people’s mi... — One Direction, 5SOS, Little Mix, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lov...
Brazil tries to come to grips with big WCup loss | via
Remember when I was an Ed sheeran account and I was one of those 'big accounts' and my friends didn't think I was annoying YEHA me too
*** now my baby face rollie ain't big enough I need the big face rollie huh oh ok coo...
“Not big on soccer, but saw Germany beat Brazil 7-1. Kinda glad underdog one.” Brazil was actually the underdog bruh
My family class or what big love too them both I love u baby I love u my amazing son
and Sardha case already with CBI and ED...Nalini PC is the big beneficiary according to Sudipt…
If I could drive a big *** navigator at work , then I can definitely pass the drivers ed tests 👌💯
Instead of canceling event, relying on Title only bouts, UFC should've put big name fighters on it. UFC 153, 147, 143, 141 no…
Since I was on 1thek's channel I casually clicked big's new video and literally lol-ed within 10 seconds.
S&ED started in 2006. Since then bilateral trade surplus halved and yuan up +30%. Looks like a big win for the U.S.
Crappy op-ed piece about medical pot from an industry shill. More later. big pot no better than big pharma
Had this amazing moment performing with the house band at Big Ed's World Famous Blues Jam/New York Blues...
Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mother Edwardine Reid or for those who know her, 'Big Ed'. We are so lucky to have you here with us and I look forward to many more occasions with you at the head of the family table. Love you mom always! See you this evening! Also happy Mother's day to my daughter Anne. You are the strongest person that I know and you are a wonderful mother to my beautiful grand daughters Summer and Autumn. Thinking if Mary Kennedy today and wishing you a good day too Mary! Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers in the world.
Here is our Big Ed subwoofer, designed by Steve Schell, with drawings done by his brother Ed. We are still using this in our test room. Actually had the stamina to take it to two shows. It was cranking full tilt boogey when I shot this picture. My wife and daughter left the house soon after, it was making them sick. We are currently using two sealed subwoofers with 21 inch drivers designed by Bill Woods of Acoustic Horn, and built by ESO.
Good Afternoon Everyone. Today we're serving Blonde Braised BBQ Pork in Big Ed's Ciabatta with cheese and Cole Slaw. If you're looking for something a little lighter we also have a Cobb Salad topped with crispy chicken tenders. Come on down!
to my FB fans that are not from my hometown, please bare with me. Yesterday something happened as Providence College won the Big East Tournament, something that to most of the basketball world has gone unnoticed, but to those of us from Providence... As Coach Cooley and his players each raised the Big East Trophy, spoke to the media, took pictures and basked in the glory of a Big East Championship. Those of us that grew up with Eddie (Big Ed, Easy Ed, Ed) were beaming with a great sense of pride. To see one of our own. Someone from our village, our hamlet, our little town, not just at the big dance, but leading the charge of a group of young men to the big dance. Whether you are from the South Side, the West End, Chad, the Vill, Manton, East Side, Fox Point, where ever you are from in Providence and whatever your struggle. Look to Eddie and know that he is you and you can look to his success as a motivator for your own. If you don't know Eddie's story, you just need to ask someone from Providence. ...
Big Ed: "Doc Emrick could call the play-by-play for a 6th grade girls soccer game and make it exciting." Fact.
...well, yeah. After all, Big Ed is evil and cruel...
I watch MSNBC daily & do it to see Rachel & Chris Hayes. I also watch on week-ends to see MHP. I do NOT watch Sharpton, Big Ed or Lawrence. Now having said that there is in fact a person that MSNBC should snap up, a man that could spend 1 hour a day talking about “fact’s & science, his name, Neil deGrasse Tyson.
I have had another one of my visions, I went back in time and I was kissing Big Ed whilst closing my eyes, when I opened my eyes I was kissing David Cameron :-\
Support Efforts To Rein In For-Profit Colleges on 19 December 2013 By Jeff Bryant The good news coming from the U.S. Department of Education recently is the effort to put tougher restrictions on for-profit scam colleges that rip off students, families and the taxpayers. The bad news is that not all Democrats are behind this effort and pushing for the tighter restrictions. Think Progress last week passed along a report from The Wall Street Journal that Big Ed has drafted a rewrite of regulations to rein in “for-profit schools whose students end up deep in debt or default on their student loans at exceptionally high rates.” The colleges that would be most heavily affected include the University of Phoenix (owned by Apollo Education Group), Kaplan Higher Education, Devry Inc., The Art Institute (owned by Education Management Corporation), and Corinthian Colleges, among others. The guidelines provide the teeth for what is referred to in wonk-speak as a “gainful employment” plan. The new regulations co ...
"It's no pasta fagioli." Big Ed after trying sushi for the first time in his life.
Eating dinner with 10 former Bears players? What did me and Big Ed walk in to tonight?
18 friends went to fellowship tonight & eat pizza at Big Ed's in Oak Ridge, TN. For dessert we stopped at Golden Girls
Happy bday Ed Delahanty, HOFer. 2nd player with 4 HR in one game. Phils are only team to do it 3 times: Big Ed, Klein, Schmidt.
GREAT COMEBACKS by Pastor Rick Sams.   I love great comebacks. I try to avoid clichés with my comebacks. When someone asks: “How are you?” I often reply: “Better than I deserve,” financial guru, Dave Ramsey’s, classic comeback. When someone asks something I don’t want to answer, I turn it around with: “Why do you ask?”   If gossip is brought into earshot I interrupt with: “I’ve found there’s always two sides to every story.”   Big Ed, a guy with whom I used to play basketball, clearly the best guy on the court, would shoot these words back when someone fouled too hard or slipped in a swear word: “Is that necessary?” That comeback fits many situations.   When someone interrupts my day some way, but apologizes because they know I’m busy, I will assure them: “But I’m not too busy for you.”   The sporting world is renowned for great comebacks. We have “Captain Comeback,” Dallas quarterback Roger Staubach, who commandeered the Cowboys to many fourth quarter wins. N ...
Why isn’t Big Ed saying anything about the unjustifiable rises; come on be honest
Big Ed from n dropped in 2 say hi at Brisbane Fitness expo. Big unit, wonder how much muscle he has? DEXA knows
Parting it up with Zac Brown and Big Ed at the David Nail concert
Today in Baseball History -- Oct. 5 -- from Mary Landers ... 1888 -- At Swampoodle Grounds in Washington, D.C., James Francis Galvin of the Pittsburgh Alleghenys becomes baseball's first pitcher to record his 300th victory when he defeats the hometown Senators, 5-1. The 31-year old 'Pud', a workhorse who will win 20 games 10 of the 14 seasons he plays in the big leagues, will end his career with 361 victories. 1908 -- Defeating Detroit, 6-1, Ed Walsh wins his 40th game of the season. Big Ed's win total remains a White Sox single-season record. 'Big Ed', a right-hander from Meriden, CT, will finish his 14-year Hall of Fame career with a 195-126 record and sets the all-time ERA mark with an earned run average 1.82. 1912 -- During the Highlanders’ last game to be played at Hilltop Park, Homer Thompson appears in his first and last game in the majors. Although the New York backstop doesn’t come to bat, his debut is memorable as he catches his younger brother Tommy, making the siblings the first brothers t ...
Information on Early Bird Special Future Shows, By Early Bird Special Banjo Dude, Vern Lindsey Friday, Sept 27th, 11am-2pm @ "The Mayor's Picnic" for Seniors over 50 at No Charge. Free Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and sides with drinks. Senior booths are set up with Vendors like Walgreen's, Medicare info, free gifts, and more. Mayor Tim Burchett will be there as your Host. And of course, great music from Early Bird Special throughout the event. Located off Sutherland Ave behind the Young-Williams Animal Center at 3201 Division Street. Tents are set up on the fenced in Football Field. Lots of Food, Music and Fun. Saturday, Sept 28th 4-4:45 @ "A Taste of Oak Ridge" Jackson Square, Oak Ridge (in front of Oak Ridge Playhouse, just down the street from Big Ed's) Early Bird Special starts the music at 4pm. Music from other great groups continues into the night. The music is Free, but if you want to eat at all the food vendors, it's $20. Saturday, Sept 28th, 6p-9p @ the "Mad Hatter Garden Party" at Willow Ridge Garden . ...
yeah... the Big Ed and its beautiful view of the freeway > Dodgers Stadium. Right. And the rat infestation? Uhm...
About time quit running Hardball twice a night and made room for Big Ed. Give Joy Reid a show too!
If anybody doing something, pick Big Ed up!
Little Giant Ladders
Big Ed is two fisting yogurts like a boss
you may need to hire big Ed as your pro mixologist type
Just played golf with two legends. Sherbear and Big Ed are some crazy kids @ Cobb's Glen
Big Ed took the apartment off the market. Looks like we found our place in Boston!
MICHIGAN SLAMMERS: we have a game at 1145. We are C3 playing MCBC. Get there at 1045
Laughing and not sharing is better big ed
“With this big ed and all she wah talk bout is good_money @ its not workin
Icemen go 1-1 today, finishing up at Big Ed's pizza. Love Knoxville!
It was another fantastic ride and dine to the Crystal Coast. Big Ed, Ed Perternel, Ed Doc Sorzano and Maureen had...
Do you really care that the Republicans are mad at you Big Ed? I doubt it
Please sign up to this, even if you can't go. RT
Get 'em Big Ed...A failure of Capitalism as practiced by the is why Detroit is bankrupt
Can't wait to hear big Ed give the RepubliKKKans the business!
ol big ed, Brian Clough, the greatest manager never to lead England because, well to put it bluntly, because his...
try and get as many STD's as I got big Ed
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Derek Mason, winner of the Ride to Work competition decided to auction the signed MCE BSB T-shirt off for...
Finding big bass at Lake of the Ozarks: Ed Franko, the fishing guide better known as Big Ed, paused to reflect...
Bazza's back! Barry Burrell has been testing with Quattro Plant and looks like he could well be taking Danny B's...
Big Ed the people have too stop being brainwashed that the government is broke the GOP has been using this lie cause. It works
no ride out today for me apart from part shopping, nearly finished Ducati TT2 project
Big Ed, Mike, I've left a copy of Year Book 2 for you in the 25 Mile.
Dean Moore out on a ride out, who's out today?
“looks nothing like Adam Decon lool , Adam has that fat head like.” Lol I got a big'ed too
Me and Big Ed chillin' for a week, Go Raiders
YES! You're right! I had forgotten Big Ed's part in all of it! ...
it was big Ed who loved Mona... Even if Mona could be sour at times!
hi do you know when the official testing is for Oulton???
Loool when girls call a guy big ed that's hella flirty..."chillin with this big ed" hm 👀👀👀...
what are the nicknames u get called?? — Lazy, sleepyhead, big'ed, Dante loool
Hope my big'ed landed safely in MALIA!!
yeah okay, you do look like him aha :P
"I couldn't lol" lol alright big ed did you buy that addictive thing
you know what, it might of been BIG ED page which is the MCE Insurance sponsor.
Big bday shout out to my big Ed love you lots babe happy birthday @ Euro
Next Mayor may have a shot at Bill Bratton - Big Ed had problems in Lowell -
On bigger scale,no one in local news media has yet to question Mumbles and Big Ed on terrible security planning around the Marathon
Ezra Klein has good info, but I can't deal w lisp etc. What's w/ trading in Big Ed & Lawrence for all young wonks? Variety, hello.
Big Ed with "Eddie Munster" from .. He was so excited he met one of his favorite…
WOW! Just spent the last 2 1/2 hours at the grand opening of Karcher Artspace Lofts, just one block from where I live. Apparently the building was formerly a hotel, but had fallen into disrepair and was an eyesore. It is now a building in which artists reside and can create and display their art. The public was invited to view individual apts. and observe art from quite a few genres. In addition, a delicious luncheon was provided by "Big Ed's" a local joint specializing in BBQ. Also a fantastic band performed. Lead singer is a cross between Macy Gray, Etta James, and Mahalia Jackson. What a great way to spend (part of) the afternoon.
We always keep proper nutrition in mind when we're diving, here's John Jones enjoying his "Big Ed" Burger for his...
I have had an awesome birthday week!!! Tuesday night with my girl to an amazing concert. Big Ed's pizza with the family on Wednesday. All day Thursday with my kiddos, lunch with the BFF, and supper with my daddy! Friday movie day with the family, Wild Wings with the girls!! Thankful for everyone that made this week awesome
Happy Fathers day to my pops and my Big HOMIE Big Ed and All my Friends and Family.I'm Blessed to have Such good friends that are fatheres.All my friends Take care of there children to the fullest.Pops I love you.Thanks for all my life skills in surviving in this world.You tolt me well and I hope your proud.To my brother I'm proud of you bro.Keep handling your Bussiness.
Big Ed is really ripping into WI's WALKER right now. It is unconscionable what is happening in Wisconsin with Walker at the helm. Come on Wisconsin...wake up !!!
The Forced Ultrasound is even worse than thought...listening to Big Ed and Lena Taylor on...and says in the bill the person doing the Ultrasound doesn't have to have any training or be a ultrasound tech or even a medical personnel just the only requirement is that they not be a sex offender...WOW.. *** Double *** were they doing that allows raping of a woman by an unnessecary and many times dangerous procedure by anyone no matter if they have medical training or not. And doesn't need to be covered by insurance even though it is a legal mandate...The entire GOPTP need to leave the WI Capital and be locked out and go find a deserted island to have their CULT and leave the good people of WI alone to have life, liberty, and pursue our happiness without them taking it all away.
Don't forget a meeting at Big Ed's for our class reunion planning on Wednesday night at 7 p.m.
Big Ed a question Will Scott Walker, Chris Christie, John Boehner or Darrell Issa ever agree to sit down with you for a talk
Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale, Brooklyn Lager, Magic Hat Bock & Pale Ale all on tap at Big Ed's BBQ in Old Bridge
For all my friends and family, Glenn, River Gene, Butcher, Big Ed, Hawke Eye, Hazee, AME, Mom (Barbara) Grandpa, Grandma Misty River, Miss you all, yoou are not fforgotten! XOXOXOXOXO
So in other words, Joy Reid should have gotten Big Ed's time slot?
Mike Papantonio is sitting in for Big Ed today! [screaming & cheering- quiet quiet! class!]
at least Big Ed doesn't mention how good his hair was back then
Big Ed to be replaced by? Rumors put Ezra Klein in Ed's chair, Griffin announces it will be Chris Hayes, and now, Alex Wagner!
Nice job by The Sniders snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...sell the team Big Ed.
Big Ed's is what's for lunch! With David Frye and the 4 small Frye's!
Anyone else interested in staking a bareknuckle boxing match between "Big Ed" Whitacre and "Maximum Bob" Lutz?
Big Ed kind of echoed Cenk Uygur in saying that it's time for the people to start putting on the pressure,...
The account is the story that just won’t leave Michael Gove alone. More on the Big Ed blog
Increase school sports funding or risk failing to capitalise on Olympic legacy, Gove told. Big Ed blog:
I always wondered why the population of Twin Peaks seemed way too big for a town with like 5 cops, a diner, and Big Ed's Gas Farm: "The population of Twin Peaks was originally only supposed to be 5,120. However, there was a backlash against rural-themed shows at the time, as networks were fearful that the burgeoning urban and suburban population of America would not be able to sympathize with shows set in small farming or industrial towns, so ABC requested that the sign read 51,201. In a "Visitor's Guide to Twin Peaks" tie-in book authorized by creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, a note tells readers that the population was indeed 5,120, but that the sign had a "typo."
[Anyway, this was during high school and he played that morning – Class B – at like ten o’clock. I think I missed Jalen and them playing, ‘cause we had to go pick up Chris from his game. And I was in charge of getting everything set up for the party and things like that. I bought the flowers, I went and bought the cap that he was wearing when he made his announcement – the Michigan one. And we decided to have it at the Nineteen Forty Chop House. So we went down and set up a party for x amount of people but way more people showed up. It was like he invited the whole city! Everybody was so proud of Chris but only one person was proud enough to pay for the party: me. Big Ed! It was supposed to cost sixteen hundred but I paid between seventeen and eighteen because of the extra people. Oh, let’s see… My wife went, the pastor went, his whole team went, people from Country Day… Everybody he could have known, he invited them! His auntie – the lawyer they’re indicting now – she went. And his ...
I was looking back through pics on my phone this weekend to see how small Callie was when Eden first brought her home. I found the first pic I ever took of her sitting on Eden's bed & remembered that that same night was when I had to walk upstairs at 130 am to tell Eden & Bree that Big Ed had passed. Up until then telling them that Ricky Allen had passed away was the worst thing we'd ever had to do but that night was the worst night by far. To hear your children scream & sob is a sound no mother can bear. It was a sound of their hearts breaking not physically but spiritually which is much worse. My children have been lucky to build extended family closer than our real family. We don't have much to be honest. Everyone was alive when Eden was born & my mom, & Darrell's mom & dad were dead by the time she was 4& Bree was 2 1/2. My mom was sick for 2 of those years. Eden has the Sowers who love her as their own & we have The Dunkums who's entire family loves us as their own. Gina has nearly fought for my chil ...
Big Ed ask??? Why did Lisa Lampanelli accept the award for Adele?
there seem to be two kinds of liberal broadcasters, those who are taken in by Obama, wanting to see his goodness that covers up all their doubts like Chris, Rachel, Big Ed, Larry and all others.The other base is strongly led by the Young Turks who want to believe in Obama but can't.because of all of the failed promises and the so-called "compromises"--more like surrendering that he has been willing to do in order to maintain the status quo and put the burden on the backs of the middle class. Not many who question the motives of both sides, and that's disappointing not only to me, but democracy.and we'll see how that plays out!.
Big Ed comes home tomorrow. Its been so long. I am blessed and so ready to finally have him back home. I love you so much Big Ed. You are my knight in shining armour.
It's a good thing I love my dog. Cade worked an hour and a half on an overdue school project, and got to go out for the afternoon once he was done. I came out to a crime scene. Eddie had partially eaten it and had shreddded the rest. Glen had to put the page that was left bck together like a puzzle and tape it together. Until now, I thought "the dog ate my homework" was a joke. Big Ed was not only unashamed, he acted as if he deserved a treat for doing something special.
Okay, trying to get a Rebel Lunch Friday together for this Friday. Tiffany Bentley Daugherty and I want Big Ed's, so come join us at 12:30! Yay!
Hey guys, Keith Allen did not draft Bobby Clarke, nor did Big Ed. Bud Poile was GM when they drafted Clarke. Gotta be accurate.
There Is A Miracle In The Desert! GOP Az Governor Jan Brewer Is Loving ObamaCare and she will accept it in their state. *Big Ed
And now.The Raleigh Oscar Speech... ...I wanna thank Kyle Wallace and Cameron Lee Wallace for having Athena & I to a wonderful party this weekend. Your hospitality and home-away-from-home warmth was loving and welcome. Amazing food and laughs. A big thank you to Joy Kall Ginocchio and Bob Ginocchio for putting up with our late night arrivals and copious snoring in the spare room. It was great being back at your house and sharing the dining room table again. ... A sonic shout out and horn throw to Luke Sweeney, Tucker Mabry, Seth Wells, Matt Bowers, Justin Jetton, and Elizabeth Jetton! An incredible, zany, uproarious comical reunion that was well overdue. You are all true friends and the time was short but unbelievably sweet. All of you come to Atlanta NOW! Ian Wallace and Martha Mabry Wallace - the Bonnie & Clyde of NC! Thank you so much for a great Saturday! Microscopes, Big Ed's, whale bones, Goodberrys, NC State riots, comedy marathons, Mo Joe's, and an unforgettable celebration. Congratulations Brothe ...
Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson wades into the phonics debate. From our new TES Big Ed news blog
I swear Big Ed and the Ging stomp around in circles with lead boots on when they aren't blasting their terrible music for all to hear
My New Years Resolution is to find out why Big Ed has had a headache for the past 7 years! It seems like the VA does not want to do any tests so tomorrow when we go the VA tomorrow I am giving the social worker 3 months to figure out a plan with the drs to start intensive tests weather it be a spinal tap, hyper barrack treatments, a catheter in his brain to his heart something to STOP These unbearable migraines ! I have worked wonders with the DA and the congressman before and I am on a mission again!!! This is terrible seeing my husband deteriorate in front of my eyes. It hurts me day after day to see him hurt, not want to live etc. Serena WILL GET SOMETHIG DONE THIS YEAR!love u baby
don't forget about the early members of TRU, like King George and Big Ed (RIP)
A Cowboy's Night Before Christmas 'Twas just before Santy came, the story is told. Cattle weren't stirrin', fact they's bunched against the cold. The tack was hung near the chuckwagon with care. Why, we didn't know Santy was close anywhere. Cowboys on the ground were wishin' for their beds While nightmares of wild steers ran through their heads. 'Tween now and the next gather, we needed a nap. Cookie had just finished, and tied down the flap. When out past the cavvy, there rose such a fuss, I sprang to my feet, leavin' the bedroll a muss, And grabbin' my shotgun and my ragged ol' hat I run t'ward the racket thinkin' "...what'n thunder's that?" When thoughts of amazement through my head courses, It was a buckboard teamed up with draft horses, A driver in red buckskins, so spry and dainty, I know'd in an instant, it must be ol' Santy. Quicker than jackrabbits, them horses they came, And, he's shoutin' commands to each one by name... "Get a step, Joe!. One more, Prince!. On, Big Ed! Pick it up, Sam! Tighten ...
it would be such a big achievement if i'll be able to sing Ed's You Need Me, I Dont Need You without fail!
the big ed sheeran on my iTunes, you are privileged.
I don't think people understand how much i fangirled at justin saying i'm a big fan of you to ed, omg
Kelly E Stephenson Hi everyone im needing some tips for toilet training my son who has ADHD I have two other children who are toilet trained one older and one younger. I dont want to rush him but he wants to wear his jocks his excited to start and has sort of but ignores the signs to go ( his so busy and gets distracted) its hard to get him to to sit on the potty and he gets frustrated because he dosnt want to sit wait , cant sit still and continues to have accidents which I know its part of potty training but its different with a ADHD child :( ive tryed all the usual toilet training tips but his a very busy boy... And gets upset and angrey easyly. Can anyone help this that has a child with ADD or ADHD? I just want to help him and so he can be a big boy like his big brother and wear his very own spiderman jocks ( he says)
Imagine all your life was a big lie what would you do?
I remember listening to this Vid before ED Sheeran was big. Must've listened to it for an hour on repeat.
Yeah Gibbs is a reasonably good player, I think he needs that one big year. I don't mind him, Thanks Ed
Stevie! I'm watching the Christmas epic of that has Lily Tomlin and Ed Asner. Thinking of you, ya big pseudo Jew!!
Big Ed's fantasy championship gloating is gonna reach a high point today now that he will be surrounded by 8 people that he beat
LMAO this big'ed . Enough said lmao.
It's panto season - who would star in your Holby ED panto? Would you prefer Lind-erella or Big Mac and the Beanstalk?
MERRY CHRISTMAS ED! (even though you're not one of my followers and we're not close but still, big fan, so yeah)
Happy bornday to my beautiful babes, bestie, muffin top, big'ed, button of an amazing sister love you lots ♥♥☺
New episode! SoT 85: Priscilla The Yutyrannus - Ed, Shayne, Upulie, *** and Lucas take a look back at the big stori...
Merry Christmas to all you Friends of Pilen. Santa on wheels is bringing exiting presents next year: Pilen Supersport and some new select colors and parts to all models from Tange, Crane Bells, MKS, Nitto and Brooks saddles. We send a big rolling hug from all of us to all of you!
Can't believe I sat up until like half one watching Big Bang and listening to ed snore
Big Boss u can get me Pls Pls a Ajax Shirt Pls for X-Mas PLS sir ?
Enjoy these Christmas messages from the soldiers who are based in forward operating bases and check points around Helmand province...
true you back in aus big Ed??? Let us know what your up to.. get re diamond involved!
Big 2012 for 4 new policies: Agri Productivity, Higher Ed, E-Gov and Infrastructure. Congrats!
Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. 'Yes' is the answer.
Big happy birthday to my bez'ed see ya later girl
Good points of Jonghyun? Onew: He has good veins, the blood can flow well Taemin: big feet Minho: big head and big face LOL
Any particular reason? I'm not a big fan, but it's handy for having a massive selection to play over office speakers.
No matter how many time I watch LOTR I can't help but think that The Eye of Sauron looks like a big infected *** :/ Bleh.
I hate how Ed Sheeran is so big now ! 👎
Got next door's cats for hols. Miss Bootsy going bananas over big fat pigeon on roof. Must be equiv of G Greene 1st Ed in char shop for me.
Hi Ed! Merry Christmas form Czech fan:) You are so amazing! I love all your songs and you are big inspiration for me.
No mini skirts in Swaziland & booze in Botswana? Let's invite these people to Limpopo and have a big party! Plus Swati women are key.
My *** Ed funny as *** when we hoop and he run point lol he big but he the point forward lol
I need to have a big family since mines small, plus to help offset all the stupidity in the world. Lol
Well everyone , the Big Fat Fella is on his way. Hoping you all have a safe and happy Xmas break - hopefully a few of you have either a present from the Tudor's Xmas raffle that will put a smile on someones face , or perhaps a piece of ham or pork from the raffle to enjoy for lunch or tea. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our players , parents , fellow Committee [ past and present ] for all of your efforts throughout the year. We've had a bit of a mixed year but still managed to field 5 teams , and the Club would appear to be heading in a positve direction. I'd like to thank our exiting sponsors and welcome on board a few new ones - Ed James Excavations , Newspower Woodberry (Andrew) , Blomfield Collieries and we have a few other interested parties so it all promises to be a great 2013 season as we all lead in to the Club's 40th Anniverary. So don't hesitate to jump on board as we move forward ,Merry Xmas to you all. PresBat and the Committee
SHOUTOUT to my West LA big homie ED.
Chris is a big songwriter now and writes with Ed sheeran, Steve works with Amelia lilly, danny drums in Loserville,
listen to the Ed Sheeran pandora station or the beach or rain. There's an app called sleep big, it's like heaven babay
u too Hun!! Big virtual hugs to fuel our fight against the ED! Xoxo
Ed P.'s Review of Purple Place - El Dorado Hills (5/5) on Yelp: Went for the first time and i'm a big fan of the BBQ...
Tanti Cari auguri a tutti voi e alle vostre famiglie! Merry XMas to all of you and your families!LAPO
then we need to wait 5DOLLS's big comeback then then .. CO-ED SCHOOL oh yeahh i like it! I miss them so much !1
Frampton v Martinez already purchased big Ed
Speaking of, are dreads actually a big thing there? There's like 5 kids at ED that you'd swear were Chief Keef.
"And yeah like.. Imagine they get big big. A VERIFIED account dm'ed me asking me about them interacting so much with them"
Big Ed woke up from coma today and first Q out of his mouth was whether Miami covered money line. Second Q was whether fam he hit survived.
The Beatles "Ed Sullivan Show" Final Appearance (14th August 1965) Act Naturally. They're going to be a big star.
A big shout out to Matthew Stivers , Brandon Redmond, Mike Walker, Ed, Jeff Bauman, Kevin Egnatoski, and Jake Rogers for their assistance this weekend at River Bends. Hole 12 is starting to take shape. We actually saw a few good shots today from the tee pad. We have a long way to go out here so more help in the future would be awesome...
It's been awhile since I posted I tell you what.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
your dad busy January 24th? Ed sheeran will be in Detroit and he's a big fan of your dad's :)
{Repost} Hi ladies, we are new here to Australia\ Brisbane and im pregnant Now here seems like everything is soo different than back home and im all confused Im about 14 weeks but not sure as i havent seen a doc in a while We got medicare since all private insurances we looked at had a 12 month waiting period before maternity would be covered Since yesterday i was feeling some abdominal pain so we googled nearest public hospital and gave them a call yet got disappointed to hear that we first need to go see a gp and than only go see a gyne Now is there any gp not too far from auchenflower or cbd And also if possible one that doesnt charge a lot. Thanks loads [Wesley Hospital is local to Auchenflower, any feedback on the antenatal care there?, thanks, Rachelle] Because babies don't know that it is a public holiday!
It's time to get them prepaid dem metro back activated talk n code ova here we got big blow
Teacher Ed programs should teach teachers to advocate 4 Students needs says UBC Prof:
check this out let me know what you think bro. My boy trying to more fan base in different cities
A big botty-ed *** So you needa come home soon and work that thang papi.
Very true. However, you realize the original was one big metaphor for rape, right?
Big Ed went to gym up to six times per week. Dude did bench exclusively. His legs were already size of twigs so that adjust should be easy
Turns out Big Ed gonna pull thru. He's quad now, so he's torn up because doc just told him he can no longer bench.
The lyrics on Over Again by One Direction are too complex for the average mind. Ed Sheeran reached deep down to get these lyrics.
needs to make up big time with me to get her Ed Sheeran ticket back ;)
"My sack is so big, because I only come once a year!" - Santa
hey guys, it's ed from PSR here, first of all, a big shout out to ALL who has supported us to this very day, love you all dudes and dudettes! Secondly, we will be playing at the Hop Poles on New Years Eve so tell everyone that you can. Free to get in and enjoy a great night with a rocking band(Iam going to go mental on this night.) so please tell everyone you know and lets make it a great night for all of us! many thanks, with love, drummer boi Ed!
All I want for Christmas is _ Baby!!! ***let's do our own remix to Mariah Carey's song... fill in the blank... ready. GO!! Never know, Santa may read this! - Frankie V
Random, not sure anyone can help me. I'm looking for a Bible Story book I read as a kid, but don't know name of it. It was huge and thick. And the illustrations were all famous paintings. Anyone able to help me find a copy of it on Amazon or ebay?
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Okay, so today was a little slow, but a rather fun day! The Bears won!! WOOO HOO! We had Mark and Laura, Kari from The Lunch BOX, (great eating place, seriously..Billy Q approved) hmmm, Kevin, Eric and Rich, (die hard Packer Fans) Annette and Big Ed, John and his friend..(sorry forgot your name) and this lovely woman from The Polo Fields...she drove all the way for a pizza...(yes, we are that good) LOL feeling a little sure of ourself! Thank you friends for supporting us and we will continue to do what we love!
Same as before:) I want this to be the best it can! So comment any suggestions! Thanks:) Chapter Two: Broken Hearts Nathan's POV: “Kay! Kay! Help! KAYLA SYKES! HELP ME GOSH DANGIT!” I was running down the block. I left Kyle just lying there, knocked out. My nose was sputtering blood, but I cant stop it, I'm holding Emm, previously beaten by Kyle. I would like to say that I saved her, but I didn't. She defended herself enough, and Kyle was drunk. Throwing punches at someone was not exactly his game today. I was about a block from our house when Kay actually came out. “Just, like, help me with her. She's slipping.” The cold wet rain battering down on my head also dampened my hands and lubricated them, slippery. “Dear lord! What the..! Nathan! What the heck happened.” “Calm, Kay. I need you to be calm. Your calm, I'm calm. You break down, I get frustrated and break something, so please just help me. Now.” I say, taking Emma's feet gently and handing them to Kayla. I hold her head and chest th ...
What song are you learning now on your guitar? I'm working on Ed Sheeran's The A Team. I know.Kinda late, but better late than never! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!
Monsters are obviously fake, and there are many reasons to explain why. But I don't understand the idea behind zombies. How can something that has been dead for awhile run at full speed or want to eat when their organs have decayed? How can something still be so strong and scary if they( as in some of them) move so *** slow? It makes little sense to me. When it's zombies vs. humans, the humans act like they have never seen a zombie movie/show before and act like complete morons. Here is an idea: How about raiding the local Walmart or pawn shop that carries guns? Or how about actually using "weapons" that will deal damage? Better yet, get some common sense and learn to defend yourself. This topic may seem asinine to some of you, but I just saw the trailer(again) for "Zombie Movie." Sexy zombies? Check. Twilight, what have you done?!
People who have Fibromyalgia also suffer from Butt Hurt and believe in Santa Claus
I just had a defining moment. I don't usually wear dressy clothes. In fact, more often than not, you'll find me in my workout gear.. sweats, capris, a t-shirt.. usually two or three sizes too big. Rarely do I wear makeup or do my hair. That's just not the kind of girl I am. I am most comfy when I'm sweaty, out running the track, killing a kick *** workout, lifting weights, throwing some punches.. you get the general idea. VERY SELDOM will you ever catch me dressed up or "girlied" up. For such occasions as Christmas where church is involved, I will make myself presentable to the public. I do clean up rather well ;-) it's just not my thing is all. ANYways.. I've put on a bit of weight lately due to my injury. Not being able to run has tossed me into a food depression. I let old habits creep back in, I put garbage into my mouth, I haven't been the greatest at working out due to double broken foot bones. I've accepted this. I own it. My mom was out today and had asked what I was planning on wearing to church ...
If you could choose and compete against a celebrity chef, who would it be and why do you think you could beat them?
Yesterday was the 27th anniversary of my mom losing her one and only love, Ed Rezac. She marked the day as she has for the last 27 yrs.Mass and a visit to "see" him. And then, that night, she went out to watch one of her children play in a band and did what she does best.naturally, without trying, and totally unaware that she was doing it. She made the whole room fall in love with her! Friends who were just meeting Grace for the first time came up to me a told me what a great lady she is. I smiled and nodded like i have for the thousands of times that exact thing has happen to me. Grace danced and sang and met old friends and struck up new friendships. Big Ed would have loved watching her totally lose herself in that good time, especially on that day! Thank you all for sharing that a fun night with mom!
I really last minute photographed the Warrior Soul, Big Ed, Nasty Disaster show at Cherry Street tonight so keep an eye out for photos from tonight! Also still keep an eye out for some other new photos that will be posted soon!
Pap filling in for Big Ed today on The Ed Schultz Show, make sure you listen over at
what is this? Moron day? is there a 24 hour news cycle on fb? rachel the cow in a turkey coma? The whole MNSBC crew? UK reds who should know better? They have thanks giving in UK? why is happy thanksgiving actually worth punching your fingers on this stupid key board? wall mart folks are doing an important thing!!! *** I'd even listen to europeans just back from their syrian bombing training say how swell their pro palestinian rally was--and what did happen to rachel the cow and chris matthews and Big Ed? Jesus some atheist didn't even make fun of Jesus today ! No heavy metal music? Rap ? Twinkie Twinkie little star? hey Larry Hagman died from the great DALLAS!!
WCCC's HomeGrown 2012 winner: Big Ed's music video shot and edited by CSB.
This can't be true-NYT mentions MSNBC may put Ezra Klein in Big Ed's timeslot at
Having dinner and drinks out with the wife on her birthday in Amboy at the Long Branch and who walks through the door... Big Ed! Says he's living life and enjoying retirement.
Every time I'm in Oak Ridge I'm scared of radiation. Big Ed's will help curb my fear though!
Well another great season ended last night as Tee Time completed a sweep of the Wednesday Night league finishing 10-0, with a 13-2 win over a very good Carlisle's team. J-Lo provided the big blast, and contributions from all with the bats and gloves. Big thanks to Mama Cheese and her cakes, Jigsaw and Big Ed, Marky Mark, and everyone who came to support us this year!!
Budlight in the back seat. Big Ed behind the wheel. Uncle billy waiting to tailgate. Beautiful
Edward "Big Ed" Burns was an American 19th century confidence man and crime boss. He was born around 1842 in Buffalo, New York. In 1861 he began a bunco career in Chicago, Illinois. He joined his older brothers. Burns worked as a stonemason for some years. He also became a sailor on Lake Michigan, as second mate on a private yacht. His brother John Burns was first mate. About 1866 he strangled a man to death and was sentenced to nine years in Joliet, an Illinois prison. He returned to Chicago after being released in 1875 where he was seriously wounded by a bullet in the back by a man purported to be a friend. In April 1877 he was reported as the leader of a bunco gang on Chicago’s south side where he used his gang to influence votes for political candidates. In a fight, Burns was shot in the thigh. He was arrested as ring-leader of buncoing. He was arrested again for vagrancy. He fled Chicago and a $300 bond. Returning in six months, he was arrested on the previous vagrancy charge and for robbery. At t ...
Jus started using studio one big up for the recommendation plus my satson channel works & doesnt work on my logic nice :)
“If you have a heart you will text me while I sit in my drivers Ed class doing nothing for an hour.”
My little is flying to Cairns today. Such a big place for such a teeny-tiny person. Stay safe. x
Third Ed. is different from Fourth Ed., i know. But the difference is quite big! What if I read the Third and the questions r from fourth?
Following on 's announcement today, call for papers for "Big Data" is open! (I'm on the ed. board.)
Welling United, as long as you're willing to take a pay cut, would happily take you on board big boy.
Journo blog: Why small news should be big news for local newspapers – mock it at your peril
Big 12 to study what NCAA might look like if Ed O'Bannon law
Its too cold for angels like u to fly, my b ed z waiting for u...*Big smile*
Bbm-ed Azmi. Big brotha never fail to make me laugh :D
Big time bro getting RT'ed by Cool art story as well.
Countin down the hrs till the yacht party w/being dj'ed by the lil bro Tay James who's mega big ...
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Cator: new tools, agile/rapid prototyping methods have big impact on how ed materials are created. User data informs ongoing changes.
Anyone wanna give me a ride to school?
Cator: there are plenty of high quality online ed materials out there. The big problem right now is access.
Ed take another look at Missouri. Senator Mccaskill's numbers going up. Gov Nixon up by 19 points. Unions making a big push
With at her new jewellery launch. is gonna be wel jel when he sees this!
Big problem w/ ed-there is a 1 size-fits-all answer would be like going to store that only sold 1 size-fits-all shoes.
Hi Ed, thank you for following. I love your work - especially Mr Big.
thank you Alyssa Cornwell for turning me into an Ed Sheeran fan like , just now ... big time ! lol
"I love when girls wear leggings with crazy designs on them" except when the big girls think they cheetahs
Sooo channel 4 n gok wan in store today filming, well made sure my big ed got on cam😋🎥
I liked a video from How Big Is Infinity? - Dennis Wildfogel
You might be...scratch that. You ARE a tool if you wear Ed Hardy anything.
As I just looked and the big project that determines our grade for my special ed class is due the day we get back from
Im photographing the georgous Nigella Lawson next week - ed with big smile on face !! :-)
Everyone started saying it so we had to move on. Once cornballs feel they can use the lingo it's pointless. Like voxer or big guy
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Sandy nah stop me from roll up one big Ed . Burrito cuz I'm hungry
In the next 3 years, higher ed is projected to grow 47% in the U.S. via
Why is MSNBC the only network focused on White vs Black, Mathews, Big Head Ed and O'Donnell are the racist !
"And I learned it from the best, always dress in something fresh, looking for a little dime, big butt and nice chest."
he's fine it's nothing big to worry about. Your at gmu right?
how's Murf? Was big Ed Barlow in touch with you about coming over to Ireland again?
We want to reduce dropout rates, engage students. High quality career & tech ed programs are a big part of the solution.
Happy Mole Day! Celebrate 10/23 by watching this video 6.02 x 10^23 times:
So the big surprise was Obama almost got a divorce? Who wants a president that fights thru hard times to finish wut he starts.
Big Brands Need To Understand Word Of Mouth - Ed Keller, co-author of The Face-to-Face Book, knows that 80 to 90% of...
Labour's big problem is the public sector pensions; we cannot sustain them yet Labour refuse to rectify problem
I don't wanna go this work... drivers ED is so boring!
Learn what it takes to make it in the big leagues from Season 3 Contestant on SyFy’s “Face Off”
Feels like you don't have any bone :s but big thanks to mr. Ed Rubenstein, you are the real yoga master. Sir !
Gm FB feeling a little Blue today, but hey I know they watching over me, mz u viejo another yr with out u, smh, R.I.P. Da on comfort I got is dat I will see u soon, n u playing dominoes with papi n Big Ed, smoking a cigar n talking n watching us from above.. S/O to my fallen Angels R.I.P. N happy Birthday to one of my fallen gone but not forgotten, look at us ur kids standing strong S/O EL ORFANATO DE RAFY, LONG LIVE THE CHIEF! HBD viejo!s
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Update on Big Ed, I called and was able to talk to him today. He is out of ICU and was placed in a room. He sounded ok but I can hear the weakness in his voice. So please continue to pray for my friend and Big Brother. Love ya Bro
They betting on Black & Latino voters not voting.make sure u vote.and by no means let ursrelf be weary.motivate urself & Big ED say lets get to work.VOTE!!!
Waiting for that good ol ribeye steak at Big Ed's!!
My sister is just mean I tell ya jus mean (in my Big Ed voice)!
Our Mission is to obtain Valuable customers by providing good customer service at a great price
Good times at the dog park with big Ed :)
I just left Big Ed Dunkums funeral and it made me feel bad because I didn't get by to visit him as I had planned before he passed. This has happened more than once over the years. Our lives have become so busy we forget the little things in life. From now on I will be stopping by whether someone's healthy or ill. Big Ed nicknamed me "heavy hitter", now all the guys that know call me that! He was a happy go lucky guy who loved his big family!! May he rest in peace.
This is my second funeral in 2 weeks for a parent of my good friends, both passed from cancer...RIP Big Ed Dunkum..
In addition to horses and bayonets, we also no longer see very many buggy whip manufacturers.but a centralized economy always tries to keep that dying constituency alive by bailing them out. Next? Public School teachers. As we transition from the Government Monopoly on Education dominated by The Union mob to a much more effective, less-costly Internet-based education model over the next 10-15 years, Big Ed Labor will fight tooth and nail for public welfare, but will wither away in the end as a better model emerges.
Live Variety Showcase For All Occasions We Specialize in the oldies from the 50's to the 80's Doo *** Disco,Motown, Soul
Best line of the speech, Obama: "You can't just airbrush history". Romney's best lines: "I agree with the President". Funniest was watching MSNBC afterwards. The repo guy said Romney's transformation to Obama on foreign policy was effective and looked presidential. Sharpton said all Romney did was jab and then clinch, when attacked, saying "I agree with the President". Rachel Maddow said we will see if "soulless shapeshifting" is effective. Big Ed said the Right was probably confused at who they were seeing in Romney's chair. Funny stuff. Favorite line of the speech, from Bob Scheefer "We all like teachers, Mr. Romney". All I can say is this is a guy, Romney, who started out in life selling Mormon magazine subscriptions to French housewives in Paris. What did you expect? He has no position, political or moral. He has no natural habitat or color. He is a chameleon.
Update on Big Ed, they are on their way home, Missy said the Dr's are leaning towards a mini stroke and he has to have a brain scan. Please keep him and his family in your prayers!
Update on Big Ed,he was taken off life support. He is now breathing on his own and talking. Please continue to pray because he has to fight for a full recovery. God is so good.
Please keep Ed Martinez better known as Big Ed in your prayers, will keep you updated!
Big Ed's Firehouse in New Hampton Iowa was complelty off the chain! I am pleased and proud to have popped their comedy cherry at their first-ever Comedy Showcase!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
No work today, so I posted some MORE classic Big ED photo's!! Much thanks AGAIN to Lisa Wubbenhorst and Gina for 90% of them!!!
Just wanted to take a minute out of these last few crazy days to thank my father-in-law, Big Ed Dunkum, for allowing me to share in the most private and most intimate moments of his life. Many of you know he passed away early Saturday morning after a three year battle with cancer. I have had the honor of caring for him every day and almost every night for the last three months and being a part of his transition. There is no experience or gift that could measure up to the bond I will always share with him. Yesterday, I thought my heart was broken, this morning I realize it is simply overfilled. Thank you Big Ed.I'll be back quick, fast and in a you much.
Had couple of Schaeffer's w/Big Ed Last nite. Miss him, wish he was here 2 help his son. Hopefuly our conversation will allow him to get a sign 2 his son and point him in the right direction instead of this trail of destruction.
On my way to ohio with my uncle big ed leaving around 9:00 from his house be back Tuesday evening going to work on his cabin
What a fun weekend with friends and family. Congrats to J.B. and Rocky on the big Wins. Congrats to the Junior racers as well. Thanks to VMP for hosting a great event and I would like to congratulate Team Richmond Dragway on the team victory. God bless the Dunkum family on the loss of Big Ed. He will b missed.
Red Lobster Endless Shrimp was Awesome!!! Thanks for the invite Big Ed and
Big ed got his first Mr. Potato head :)
What a beautiful autumn day yesterday in Wrentham.75 degrees, foliage, colorful leaves falling as we zoomed around in the 1958 Porsche and a great birthday celebration for Big Ed! Did I mention I rode in my 1st Porsche?
Big Ed telling the truth to the lies
I am so honor to be part of God's plan for today's generation. I am very proud of all our young people that came out today to minister even if the Israelite muslims were across the way. For we are not ashamed of the Gospel because it is the power of God unto salvation! Kudos to big Ed, Brian, Fernando, John, Carmelo, Steffy and Anthony for coming out slong with our brothers from the church of God in college Avenue.
Playing a show in Waukegan, IL at 7:00 PM today at Big Ed's BBQ & Grill
Perfect day! Big Ed's for lunch and Delicious Orchards for pie!! W
Who got big ed number I need a tire asap
Big Ed wants football food today. He is ready for football at Vanderbilt. Go Vols.
B Hop...Factory Jay...Alex...n Big Ed hit the courts going head to head 2v2...shout out all CT...n shout out 300
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
See Music Videos that you CAN'T See on You Tube! even some X RATED music videos! +Live Chat and Embed video codes. Master P moved No Li...
My man Big Ed. He's for real. For the working middleclass.
Well it's opening day of deer season but it's just not the same anymore. I think back of the memories of what once was and know it will never be the same. For my buddy Mike mybe I will see Speedy Jr this year. For Big Ed I will let them walk. Thanks for the memories my old friends. 831
Sitting in a New York bar, a Scotsman says, "As good as this bar is, I still prefer the pubs back home. In Dundee , there's a wee place called The Pillars. The landlord Big Ed, goes out of his way for the locals. When you buy four drinks, he'll buy the fifth." "Well, Angus," said an Englishman, "At my local pub in London, the Red Lion, the barman will buy you your third drink after you buy the first two." "Ahhh, dat's nothin'," said an Irishman, "Back home in me favorite pub, the moment you set foot in the place, they'll buy you a drink, then another, all the drinks you like, actually. Then, when you've had enough drinks, they'll take you upstairs and see that you gets laid, all on the house!" The Englishman and Scotsman were suspicious of his claims, but the Irishman swore every word was true. "Did this actually happen to you?" they said. "Not meself, personally, no, admitted the Irishman, "but it did happen to me sister quite a few times".
Man still fighting this loss of a friend feeling you respected, cared for and smiled at everytime u seen him. Two waving at him not even 72hrs. ago/ riding his bike on railroad st. and now is not with us. I would've never expected this. LIFE IS TOO SHORT BE HAPPY AND LIVE IT TO THE FULL'EST R.I.P BIG ED. Sincerely proud of you and will dearly miss u. :-(
Bikin Big Ed tomorrow morning if anyone is interested, meeting at Wades house at 1030 AM.
So no social media tomorrow... I'll spam you now. CGQ. Big Ed's. 7-11pm. Tomorrow (Saturday)
Big Ed is in recovery and Teresa said that Billy Belcher was up there all morning while he was in surgery. A big Thanks from me Billy. Chereta was there also. Just want Teresa to know that families always pull together and help out.
About to upload some Gina Martini. ERA Big ED pix..some of these are classic!!!
Doing an assestment tonight with big ed to figure out where my winds at and see if i would be able to get in shape in time for the November fights in Lima Ohio at the UAW hall might be starting up my training camp
Harry, big Ed, and hristy; didn`t realize you all are in the top 3 percent. Congratulations!
John Grisham Islamic State Hong Kong Joan Rivers World Series Star Wars West Africa Modern Family Misty Upham Los Angeles Nina Pham David Cameron Al Pacino Travis Ishikawa Premier League Hunter Biden San Francisco Navy Reserve White House Lord Freud Middle East China Doll Amber Vinson Arsene Wenger Jennifer Lawrence San Francisco Giants Ched Evans Neil Patrick Harris Internet Explorer 8 Joe Biden Oscar Pistorius Manchester United Harry Potter Pep Guardiola Vladimir Putin Foo Fighters Taylor Swift David Mamet Charlie Crist Angelina Jolie Stephen Colbert Apple Pay Rick Scott Atmospheric Administration Glenn Close Swan Lake Angeles Unified School District Edward Snowden Jude Law West African Iggy Azalea Everything You Need Stirling Prize Wrigley Field Daily News Mutual Fund City Hall De Blasio Love You Guys North Korea Disease Control John Oliver Greater Syria Justice Department North West Happy Birthday Naomi Watts Kansas City Paul Rudd Bill Clinton Oscar Wilde Pope Francis Sistine Chapel Sierra Leone Michael Jackson Las Vegas Kansas City Royals World Cup Nigel Farage Lady Gaga Long Island Indian Ocean Crystal Lake Blake Griffin Brad Pitt Michael Gove Nicholas Hoult Heineken Cup Twin Peaks Bill Murray Roy Keane State Department La Bamba Blenheim Palace John Deasy Malala Yousafzai Conservative Party Jane Horrocks Florida State Noah Webster

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