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Big E Langston

Ettore Ewen (born March 1, 1986) is an American professional wrestler, currently signed to WWE under the name Big E Langston.

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Big E Langston - The New Day and tag team champions.
the thrust again...should we start calling him Val E Langston or Big E Venis?
I know a dude that look like big e Langston
I added a video to a playlist A frantic AJ Lee and her friend Big E Langston leave SmackDown in a
Say good morning and embrace the New Day! Your girl look like Big E Langston
Woahhh his attempt to press Big E Langston is something.
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Cue crotch vs crotch stipulation match between Bubba Ray and Big E Langston
Oh. *he concentrates then becomes Big E Langston and says in Langston's voice* How do I look?
Big E Langston taking a whine on Raw. showing the the Caribbean flavor! 😋😂
WWE wrestler Dean Ambrose in trouble with Big E Langston over WWE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT.
Big E. Langston and these body rolls, fam.
The weight gets lifted higher with in Elite 26!
will is not Big E Langston, but otherwise is great.
I sear Big E Langston just searched me at Vision.
I liked a video from WWE 13 Big E Langston Moveset
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you didn't include Neville. and referred to Cesaro as Antonio Cesaro, big E as Big E Langston. lol
Not gonna happen but.KAMALA! I kid, I want to see Wade Barrett or Big E Langston.
I liked a video from Big E Langston titantron 2014 - Three Ain't Enough
My wrestler name is going to be Antonio Langston. That's why they had to drop that from Big E and Cesaro
when is the big e Langston spear trophy glitch going to be fixed?
"No one's been able to penetrate Big E Langston!"
Big E Langston from WWE just walked in the way I'm not being thirsty and getting a selfie.
Big E Langston, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods of The New Day. THREE of the BEST ENTERTAINING trio in WWE, by far! Awesomeness!
he has the same finisher as Big E Langston
Dog. Kofi, Xavier Woods, & Big E Langston are making Vince McMahon's terrible idea one of the greatest things on TV right now.
Peak NXT was when it was all Bolieving and Big E Langston being numerically dissatisfied.
Big E nearly got tossed in my lap and I almost saw his Langston
I don't normally admit to enjoying New Day but Big E Langston's title celebration was hilarious!
His jiggling is almost hypnotic. . I swear Big E Langston's hips could easily be voted as MVP of…
and they were over with the hostile New York crowd.. But please tell big e he's not ravishing big e Langston
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I may be watching Teen Titans Go instead of Summerslam & the only thing making me regret this decision is looking at gifs of Big E Langston.
Brilliant fatal 4 way... that dance by Big E Langston and company though!!
Internet make a gif of that big e langston celebration
Now that was an awesome 4 way tag match. But did anyone see Big E Langston victory dance lol!
Hurry...someone make a gif of dancing after winning the
Big E Langston grossed me out with that dance ha-ha
Big E. Langston never disappoints nice move.
Big E Langston has blaintly skipped leg day
when Big E Langston does the Big Wiggle, it's a very big wiggle
Big E Langston reminds me of Diggle/David. I don't know why. But hubby said he semi agrees. I may be drunk.
Dog me and used to hop on gchat and talk about great NXT was the morning after each show. "I like this Big E Langston" guy
On this day in August 23, 2013~ Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston .
If my works out correctly... Tye Dillenger must be twice as good as Big E Langston.
I ran into Big E Langston yesterday during my lunch break.
Listen to Big E Langston 1st WWE Theme Song - I Need Five by Mario Caesar on
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This woman I work with looks just like Big E Langston.
Big E Langston, randomly in the office right now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Ok is it me, or was Big E Langston walking like he had something up his *** 😂
Big E Langston is one of the most physically intimidating people of all time
I remember once upon a time ago, we would lift and discuss BIG E LANGSTON.
honorable mention for Strong man list: Big E Langston
question on 2014 Rumble participants! My three are Alexander Rusev, Big E Langston and Erick Rowan...
Chris Hero and JT Dunn defeat Kofi Kingston and Big E Langston in 23:52 after JT pinned Big E with a German Suplex.
Big E Langston is like the love child of Ahmed Johnson and Bobby Lashley it seems like, lol
Big E Langston is probably the best entertainer in the world right now.
I miss him too, but look into the eyes of Big E Langston. I've always feared that one day he'll burn right through my soul.
Lift heavy, weights with in Elite 26!
I liked a video from The Best of Big E Langston
I liked a video Big E Langston and Damien Sandow Backstage
I could clean my floors with big e Langston back in royal rumble 2014
I liked a video WWE SummerSlam 2013 Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn Vs Big E Langston and AJ Lee
has come a long way from . Derrick Bateman Vs Big E Langston
revealing itself to be none other than Big E Langston of the New Day, who then slaps your *** as hard as he possibly can.
Isaac Brock is just a white Big E. Langston
Carry the weight of that heavy gold with in Elite 32!
Carry that golden weight with in Elite 32!
The strength of is unreal in Elite 26!
I first heard about Big E Langston when one of my former co-workers was rocking his Bad Brains design shirt. Can't find it now.
I added a video to a playlist Big E Langston encounters Nikolai Volkoff, Ted DiBiase and IRS: Raw,
That ref is terrible... was screwed! and Big E Langston should've been allowed to stay...New Day Still Rocks .
I hate they got my boys Kofi and Big E Langston acting happy go lucky smh
Nobody seems to know what Big E. Langston is eating.
In a real match i would love to see Big E Langston vs Bobby Lashley
Remember when Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston were as tight as a butthole back in 2013? Nope, me niether.
Big E Langston is my favorite wrestler.
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Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston?😂 why not Lesnar vs Big E Langston? sounds better and more realistic to me
Big E Langston had big dreams when he was younger ...
One of the dudes in this doc looks like Big E Langston and it's a thing.
just out the bath, spied Violet's talcum powder... Threw a load over my hands and did Big E Langston's old entrance.
When Xavier Woods first came into WWE he was billed as 5'9. Now he's 5'11?! No way he's as tall as Big E Langston! Lol Stop the madness
Big E Langston was doing your cooking dance on Raw tonight and didn't give you credit, curse him
Did Big e Langston just do the cooking dance ?
I liked a video Daniel Bryan and Big E Langston show off their pool skills: 2013 Tribute to The
I can't believe I met Big E Langston at Marshalls today.
So I just saw Big E Langston at LA
Give reasons for to carry the gold in Elite 32!
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when i used to watch NXT, Big E Langston was my GUY and not even Rollins lol tells you how big of a deal Langston was for me.
*** you look smack like Big E Langston.
An in my best Big E Langston impression I'll say. "Of course you can buddy boy! (Or girl)"
"FIVE?!". "Like three won't be enough?". LMFAO! I miss that theme. I miss regular Big E Langston.
Big E Langston, and Kofi Kingston, vs Tyson Kidd and Cesaro the rematch for the WWE Tag Team Championship titles
New Day i love me some BIG E LANGSTON
Big E says that Vince McMahon made the call to drop Langston from his name
Big E Langston with the huge goal for the Capitals!
Anybody not hyped for V Here's Big E Langston from the WWE to get you in the mood:
I don't think this was a match, I think it was an elaborate set up so that this guy couldn't turn down a match against Big E Langston
Uhaa Nation or Big E Langston. Who becomes the WWE Champion first?
Maybach V is just Big E Langston wearing a Jushin Liger mask and nothing else.
Two superstars WWE are wasting right now. and Big E Langston.
Big S/O to Winfield Baseball for a heck of a season! You guys showed what Winfield is really about! .
Big E Langston has the biggest boobs and bum in WWE - and that includes the women,too! Eww.Is acne from steroids,m8?
there's a few I don't have yet like Stone Cold with snake arms or Roman god Big E Langston
Game got Big E Langston on payroll for this Young Thug beef it's lit
The Shield, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins came on top against Shad and Big E Langston in a elimination tag team match at
All three members of the New Day suck on the mic. And why does Big E Langston sound like a retarded priest?
Heh, I have noticed about Big E Langston's "promos". He sounds like a preacher of some sort to even motivate themselves. *** :P
Apparently I have to lie to the WWE Fan Council about who I follow from the WWE on social media. . There's no Big E Langston option.
Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston & Big E Langston was a good match till it got ruined
my god, he swung Big E Langston after doing gun arms and a flying uppercut off the 2nd turnbuckle. *weeps*
another man who suffers from just like Antonio Cesario, Big E Langston, and Alexander Rusev
Big E Langston now changed into Big E Alexander Rusev now changed into Rusev Cody Rhodes now changed into Stardust.Why is this so??
Wrestler Spotlight: Big E Big E, formally known as Big E Langston, one of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE today. Former NXT Champion and WWE Intercontinental Champion. Now he is apart of the trio, New Day. Maybe around a year or two ago, we saw Big E debut on the main roster as the heavy for Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. Quick flashback to 12/2012, CM Punk was WWE Champ, Kofi Kingston was Intercontinental Champ, Cesaro was the US Champ, Team *** No (Daniel Bryan & Kane) held the Tag Team titles, Eve Torres was Divas Champ, and Big E held the NXT Title. [ 399 more words. ]
Big E Langston is a lucky man,would kill me to have you play with my chest
You know that gold looks good on in Elite 32!
Big E Langston before he found whatever The New Day calls God.
NXT Diva Bayley hugs Big E langston: . Aww that is so sweet
Big E Langston series 32 wwe Mattel elite wrestling Figure mania gear New Day
And I will make my own competing Hercules movie with Big E. Langston.
Tyson Kidd just beat me (big e langston) LOL he reversed the big ending, hit me with a dropkicked and slapped the sharpshooter
GAMEDAY! travels south to take on is this big e langston?
Big Ending! That gets three, and Big E Langston retains.
Next match: Curtis Axel vs. Big E Langston (c) for the Intercontinental Title!
Solid Match with Big e Langston and Adam Rose on
Big E Langston whooped Adam Rose's Guess that means it's a "New Day" for Adam Rose. To bad for him it's a BAD one!
Xavier Woods, Big E Langston and Kofi Kingston could've been a Nation Of Domination 2.0 sad how it turned out
Why did WWE decide not 2 give Big E Langston his 5 count gimmick he had it on cause of that he was the most over guy?
is Langston Galloway the reason Big E is just called Big E now, they were debuting a new guy called Langston
If they are putting Big E Langston on Harden, he should cook him
Kofi Kingston Xavier Woods Big E Langston Jack Swaggert>>RT Who are the jobbers in wrasslin today?
WWE & TNA only ?. If so i'd go . Bobby Roode for Cesaro. Austin Aries for Dolph Ziggler. Samoa Joe for Big E Langston
big E Langston 's is bigger tho bc I swear when I saw them live Big E's butt was like bigger than my head omg
...Jesus Christ. Well, I guess at least TWO wrestlers would be fine with that: King Kong Bundy and Big E Langston! barum-tss
Show off that strength with in Elite 26!
remember when Big E Langston was relevant, now he is part of a joke tag team three some
They changed the gimmick to Leo Kruger, and has not work; they changed the gimmick to Big E Langston and has not work...
Remember when current top-babyface Dolph Ziggler was paired with current priest-or-something Big E Langston?
I love that John Cena talks like he's Big E Langston.
The Series 44 delivers a massive blow to his way smaller opponent:
Big E. Langston to Kofi Kingston and Xaviar Woods - Seriously stop making me dance!
Xavier Woods & Big E Langston vs Goldust and Stardust - fans still chant for
I liked a video from Big E Langston x Kielbasa OTP
The massive keeps his roots in the forefront in Series 36!
Doing a little research, and of the 11 black wrestlers on the main WWE roster, only one (Big E Langston) has won a championship in 2014.
Props to Big E for returning to action so soon after getting his Langston removed. -EC
The New Day will elevate Big E Langston. He's clearly the standout of the group.
Big E Langston looks like a jacked Carlton Banks.
I don't know about you but Big E Langston's gear makes me slightly uncomfortable
Nice to hear the crowd have respect for former NXT champion Big E Langston.
Thank you, for the chant. Related: remember when Big E Langston was a really big deal? Seems like FIVE lifetimes ago.
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Don't Give up Big E Langston you can beet gold fagg comment
Goldust grounding Big E here with the Headlock. Langston trying to rally as Kofi plays cheerleader.. Elbow Smash! SPINEBUSTER! .
I'd have Xavier Woods & Big E Langston be the Tag Champs if any of the 2 become Tag Champs.
How do you take three interesting guys like Kofi Kingston, Big E Langston, and Xavier Woods, and make them boring as ***
Xavier Woods, big e Langston and Kofi Kingston were saying a poem lol
I want to go to a raiders game so I can meet Big E Langston aka
WWE: The only place where Big E Langston will EVER be compared to Greg Louganis.
ha Big E didn't know he wasn't the legal man. This is why you're on the pre-show, Langston. :(
Dear Big E Langston and Xavier Woods just go to TNA or ROW BC this is a waste of your time.
is it true they cut the Langston from Big E's name to make it possible for him to change to Big E Spears in future?
Afilador x Big E Langston is not at all canon, it's a crack ship.
I think WWE is short changing your skills...There seems to be a trend with guys like Mark Henry, Big E Langston, Titus, and Woods
Big E Langston is now Big E, Antonio Cesaro is now Cesaro. Oh, but now Prince Devitt is Finn Balor. The most whatless name ever.
Please get this off my TV...I'd rather have Big E Langston back.
The bunny is move over then big e Langston
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what does the E stand for in your name? Big Eric Langston I?
Big e langston has a huge buldge , I'm watching AJ segments
- Wwe wwf Mattel jakks big e langston basic
Not true. They changed Big E Langston to just Big E... For some reason
Triple threat for tag team championship between Goldust/Stardust, the Usos and Big E. Langston/Kofi Kingston.
won the match and new intercontinental champion Big E Langston . 18/11/13
BTW, Big E Langston is awesome and is going to be a fantastic star, Recognize,
Is the strength of ever going to be matched in Elite 32?
I'm going to have WWE SuperStar Big E. Langston on the show today! He'll be on at 12:30p in the
I remember Big E Langston. He was pretty great a while back
For the first time ever Big E Langston really impressed me. Nice Match!
Big E is putting on a pretty good match with Seth. Langston has more moves than Reigns.
we need to change name to BIg Boob E Langston
Uh oh Michael Cole just called Big E LANGSTON on on punishment time for the announcer
The brutal power of is clear in Series 44!
Since he dropped "Langston", Big E's gone from 3 shirts at a time to 5.
Well I won't be buying as last time I spent my money on I paid £16 for Big E Langston and Fandango
you mean big e Langston there hunter
look at the last 4 men who held that title dolph miz Barrett and big e Langston
The dream match of all dream matches the real deal bobby lashley vs big E langston.let it begin.
Check out The Kick Out Show on YouTube for segments like Pastor Big E Langston and Gears of Shield.
Why did Sin Cara step into the ring? This is Rusev! The man whose beaten Jack Swagger 2x and Big E Langston 3x!
And big show comes in, cleans house, and eliminates big e Langston!!!
I wish they'd gone further with the Mark Henry and Big E Langston team. Was a way more interesting team than Henry/Show
Okay, I'll confess. A wise man once taught me all you get for cutting your hair is.. squashed by Big E Langston.
Big E Langston has more impact, though.
Rose (go heel), Kofi, Big E Langston, Tyson Kidd (more defined, aggressive heel), Wyatt (just more defined/clearer).
Shake the ground with carrying the gold in Elite 32!
I think you're looking at a future WWE Champion in Big E Langston,
If you don't see that Big E Langston is a great performer and a very good wrestler, you need help, The man is a based god,
I'm gonna hire big e Langston to murder everyone who stole my un kinda.
Talk about indecisive. Almost as quickly as a newly formed faction featuring Big E Langston, Xavier Woods and...
Big E. Langston is literally dripping with baby oil. It's all coming back to me.
The future lies on the muscles of in Series 44!
Where is the new nation of Domination? and Big E Langston !
his name is Big E Langston. Google him.
Check out my interview with Superstar
My wife knows how to get my goat, like not putting dirty dishes in the sink, or calling Big E Langston "Carl Winslow".
So whatever happen to that whole Kofi Kingston, Big E Langston and Xavier Woods faction?
Remember when Seth Rollins gave Big E Langston a curb stomp (at that time called the "black out") on MLK Jr day?
John Cena's workout regimen is just as explosive as Brock Lesnar's or even Big E Langston's. It's in him to beat Brock's ***
Attack the day & go for the gold with a champion in Elite 32!
I hope adds Titus O'Neil and Mark Henry to this new group of Xavier Woods, Big E Langston, & Kofi Kingston.
Well, except randomly dropping names like they did with not-Antonio Cesaro, Big E not-Langston and not-Alexander Rusev
Check out my latest blog talking about Xavier Woods Big E Langston & Kofi Kingston the new NOD 2.0
I turned on my XBOX and the first thing i see is Big E Langston hoisting some lady on his shoulders
Why is Big E Langston on my Xbox home screen??
Might get the Big E Langston cut for school
Giant muscles all over the place with in Series 44, so don't test him:
I liked a video from Big E Langston Custom Entrance Video ᴴᴰ
I added a video to a playlist Big Splash - Big E Langston
Today I saw Big E Langston and could barely control my functions
How about this one? Like and comment for Roman Reigns and big e langston.
Are you gonna team up. With ,And big e langston?
I added a video to a playlist Body Block - Big E Langston
Really? Snitsky and Big Zeke? I like Big Zeke's look but he's no Big E Langston as far as cool big guys go.
Dolph Ziggler has lost his last five PPV matches. His last win was when he and Kaitlyn defeated Big E Langston and AJ Lee at SummerSlam '13.
and Big E are a blatant copy of and -but they won't put the strap on Langston
“this is the greatest vine of all time Big E Langston ?
frontman of the group, also, they will stop referring to Big E as Big E, they will call him Langston, that way the faction
Big E Kingston. Not a bad name for a team considering the former had "Langston" as his last name before.
Make your Elite 26 figure do the in the ring with ultimate skill:
Long lost relative of Big E Langston himself perhaps?
new name for this new stable???.. . Xavier Woods. Kofi Kingston . Big E Langston . Mark Henry . R-Truth
how does this compare to big e Langston
Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn backstage last night with Big E Langston. ~RWM
Yo Gotti and Big E Langston got hilarious hairlines lol
Brock Lesnar and Big E Langston performs the best belly to belly suplex today imo..
Actually can't believe how big Big E Langston is. He's like 1/2 inches taller than me, but almost double my weight, in muscle. Madness.
I like the fact that Xavier Woods Kofi Kingston & Big E Langston are finally turning heel
I m never ever going to build a chest like BIG-E Langston 😄😒😂
Xavier Woods, big E Langston and Kofi Kingston so far.
is from Providence, RI. & kicks off w/. The Chain Gang. VS. Big E Langston, Cesaro, Cody Rhodes
Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E Langston could be the next nation of domination
They bringing bck the nation of domination!!?? like my TL claim ima start tuning in more big e langston is my nigg hoping they do
Xavier Woods, Big E. Langston, & Kofi add David Otunga and you'll have Nation of Domination 2.0
Calling it now.they're going to try and make Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E Langston the NEW...
If this leads to Big E Langston wearing knee pads, the universe is all for it!
yes and and Big E Langston fight through WWE's racist system
Yes! and Big e langston should form a team!
Isn't Big E Langston of Jamaican/Caribbean descent? Yet Kofi Kingston, who is actually from Ghana uses a reggae-ish theme.
It looks like Malcolm X. Woods is in the heads of Kofi Kingston & Big E Langston. This can't end well.
interesting little trio forming with Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E. (Langston). Where will it go?
Dee Jay and Big E Langston turning heel? You can't get heat if you're bottom tier. Heel heat is for shotos and top tiers only!
RybAxel defeats the team of Kofi Kingston and Big E Langston !
I'm sorry, did I say Kofi? That's Dee Jay. And his partner, Big E Langston! Who received an award at
Big E Langston vs. Ryback - that's a train waiting to depart the station.huge dudes.
Talk about Battleground The Intercontinental Championship Belt who Would win it I Would go with Big E Langston or Fandango
Big E Langston had no words for Zeb Coulter's "cahoots with Lana" comments. Just a good old fashioned whoopin' for Jack Swagger.
Everytime I have my rock climbing chalk. I always wanna grab a handful and do What Big E Langston does in his entrance.
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Oh wow Big E. Langston is now just Big E. Not enough they tweaked his entrance song, they also change his name ??
tell him Ruben made it and is called "Big E Langston" now.
There is a bizarre precedent, when Big E Langston was NXT champion for months but never carried the belt with him on Raw. Ever.
The Shield try to ambush John Cena, but get thwarted by Big E Langston & Mark Henry.
Hey WWE fans i got a question for you especially Catherine Perry. Do you think WWE should create a SUMMIT POWERS TAG TEAM of Rusev and Big E Langston? I think that storyline could go far and they be most DOMINANT tag team now and possibly ever.
that's a got *** lie, I don't want to be skinny, if had a choice I'd be 6'2" 250lbs built like Big E Langston
nintendo won end of story . Big e Langston lost and Ezekiel Jackson has no career but its a fact
Me and wanted to play pool in mojo but skinny big E langston and Roman Reigns are hogging it
Monster match up next on . Big E Langston. VS. . John Cena. VS. . Ryback . VS. . Dolph Ziggler
& Big E Langston. This pic is just amazing ❤
Back on NXT they had Big E Langston beat up the entire Shield, and then.. he lost to Bo Dallas. Dude must do anal with Patterson.
I got some good news John Cena you should partner with the shield or Big E langston.Seth u are bull.
Just heard nominate Big E Langston as wwe champion as "Bob Blackland"
Anyone remember when he was called Alexander Rusev? and there was also Antonio Cesaro, and Big E Langston. now just Rusev, Cesaro and Big E
Big E Langston-Hughes could convince Booker T and Stevie Ray to reunite and have a Harlem Heat Renaissance.
If the WWE don't ever create a storyline wherein Mr. Hughes turns out to be Big E Langston's dad - then I don't know why we even bother!
Just got my picture taken with the WWE wrestler Big E Langston ☺️
It's summer day!!!at the beach!there are Big e langston ,summer rea and i paige!!!
Tomorrow on wwe raw it should be John Cena vs shamous for the us title in a i quit match and brock lensar vs big e langston in a no dq match
John Cena's reaction when Big E Langston benches 575lbs in his gym is only magnificent
Langston change to just Big E was big.
"If your goal isn't to be on top, then you don't deserve to be here". - Big E Langston
I like that according to the commentators, Rusev got the medal just for beating Big E Langston at the Payback Pay-Per-View.
Flex might need to retire and be the new Classy Freddie Blassie. Imagine Flex cutting a promo for Big E Langston.
Zack Ryder teams with Justin Gabriel against the duo of Damien Sandow & Big E Langston. More WWE -
My picks for the stars who are the core of the Next Generation of HoF'ers: Wade Barret Dolph Ziggler Daniel Bryan Bray Wyatt Big E Langston
Rusev has only feuded with Darren Young, Kofi, R-Truth, Xavier Woods, and now Big E Langston.
Our bartender looks like Big E Langston and is hilariou, and James Neal is here. Good time at rumfish.
WWE.COM: What is the most you have ever bench pressed? CESARO: Four hundred five pounds, but who cares how much you bench?! WWE.COM: How important is strength training to a WWE Superstar? CESARO: What’s important is your functional strength. You can’t be a WWE Superstar without doing strength training. Well, looking at some of the guys, you apparently can. But I highly recommend not doing it. If you want to be the best in the ring, you have to be in the greatest shape that you can. To me, it’s about being in better shape every single day. That’s how you should live your life. You should be better every single day. You should be better tomorrow than you were today. WWE.COM: Who is the most impressive bench presser you have witnessed in person? CESARO: Who cares?! (Editor’s note: When pressed for an answer, Cesaro revealed it’s Big E Langston.) WWE.COM: What’s the best way for a person to increase his max bench press? CESARO: Ask Big E Langston! I really like cesaro's answer
Ettore Ewen[1] (born March 1, 1986)[1] better known by his former ring nameBig E Langston and currently performing as Big E, is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is a one time Intercontinental Champion. He is also a national powerlifting champion who has set multiple national and s…
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Big E Langston won Denzil Haroune Reserve Player of the Year. Week after lost his Intercontinental Title to Bad News Barrett
Heel turn for Big E Langston in the future? No thanks. I hope not, I love him as the good guy!
Not sure. The previous Raw ended with Big E Langston debuting and joining Dolph and AJ Lee.
(Alexander) Rusev, Big E (Langston), (Antonio) Cesaro. . I don't really see the benefit.
Good god. Blake Griffins parents look like Big E Langston and Sheamus.
Big e Langston is your new champion
Look at Cody Rhodes or Big E Langston currently for examples of how fragile the WWE Universe's passion for someone is if you don't nurture.
Big e langston go get what it your's
It's so unfortunate WWE does not give enough mic time to Big E Langston.
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