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Big E Langston

Ettore Ewen (born March 1, 1986) is an American professional wrestler, currently signed to WWE under the name Big E Langston.

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Big E Langston makes his entrance and hits the Big Ending on Drew McIntyre in WWE 2K14. Available for download December 3, 2013!
I hope he loses his title *** turn out boring like big e Langston
Just going back a bit.Undertaker may have lost...But at least Big E Langston didn't win.
and Big E. Langston have the same haircut. IDEA! Hair v. Hair match at XXXI.
Taker & Big E Langston got the same haircut.
Brock Lesnar used to be the BIGGEST dude in the WWE. till Big E Langston learned to scare the *** outta me.
The just stole all of Bray Wyatt's momentum. He's done. Who will Bray fight next... Big E Langston?
30 30 man battle royal. *** 30 men all at one time I'm ring. Im choosing sheamus. Big Show. Big E Langston. Cesaro. Ziggler.
Big E Langston is is Fandango. Big Show presses R-Truth out of the ring. Del Rio eliminates Tyson Kidd.
- - winner is big e Langston - last 3 left are Big Show, shamus, and great khali
How can Fandango eliminate my brethren Big E Langston? I am vexed
Big E Langston is a big man to get eliminated the way he did
FAM this big E Langston looks like them Ghanian uncles.
Big e Langston is hench for no reason
So Big E Langston almost killed that guy
Big E Langston has been eliminated (cont)
I'm rooting for Big E Langston to win this trophy, who's everyone else got?!
I'm taking either or Big E. Langston to win.
my money's on Big E. Langston. the dude's pecs could single handedly eliminate everyone
Now is the Battle Royal, I'll go with Big E Langston to win
Big E Langston has got the biggest chest in New Orleans for his age
My pick.. For the battle royal. Big E Langston
Battle Royal starting now...I'm at a loss on this one. I guess I'm going to go with Big E. Langston or Barrett...
Let's be honest unless Cesaro beats Big E Langston for the IC title he is in the same place he was in two years ago
should have been defeating Big E Langston for the Intercontinental belt instead of in this tag match
Big E Langston in particular. Im always afraid his knees are just gonna snap whenever he moves because hes so top heavy.
I pick the winner of the Andre the giant battle royal is BIG E Langston
Big E Langston to win the Battle Royal.Big generic muscly guy,been a fair share,not many are black though,therefore Big E is RyBlack
My Wrestlemania Predictions 1)Divas Invitational I honestly have no idea how this match is going to work. At first I thought it would be like the Cruiserweight Invitational from Mania XX. Then Vickie says they will all be in the ring? Idk lol. What I do know is that heel divas are at a premium on the main roster so I see AJ pulling out a win here Winner: AJ Lee 2)The Shield vs Kane & New Age Outlaws This match is focused entirely on The Shield and their future plans for the summer. If they win, I see a face run for the team intact leading towards Summerslam. If they lose then the implosion will happen immediately. I think they lose and The rift will begin the next night on Raw Winner: Kane & New Age Outlaws 3)Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal So many midcard guys in this match. I have no idea who to pick. One thing I know is that Big Show will dominate throughout the match being the only Giant in the match itself. I see this as a great opportunity to elevate someones name due to the prestige of it inv ...
I've just made a clone of big E langston in dans toilet
Dolph and Big E Langston get squashed easily by Team *** No. For some reason, people still wanted Dolph to cash in that *** case.
I could see either Big Show or Big E. Langston winning the battle royal.
Standing in line for an autograph session with the IC champion Big E Langston.
Bright and early to meet Big E Langston and get prepped for Mania!! (@ Mercedes-Benz Superdome -
Well its that time again its time for my wrestlemania predictions. First off I would like to say congratulations on the wwe hall of fame class of 2014 they are the ultimate warrior, Jake the snake Roberts, Lita, Paul bearer, Carlos calone, Mr.t, and razor ramone. For the first time ever at wrestlemania there is going to be a 30 man over the top Andre the giant memorial battle royal my picks for this one are the Big Show, Mark Henry, sheamus, and big e Langston. Aj will put her wwe divas championship on the line against 13 other divas my picks for this match are the Bella twins and the funkadactals. The usos will put the tag team titles on the line against los matadors, the Real Americans , and ryback and Curtis axle my pick the usos. The shield takes on Kane and the the new age outlaws my pick the shield. The undertaker puts his 21 and 0 streak on the line against Brock Lesnar my pick the undertaker. John Cena takes on Bray Wyatt my pick John Cena. Daniel Bryan takes on triple h the winner will be put in ...
OMG just less than 12 hours till Wrestlemania 30!! Ah 7 hours left till i get out of work!! And see my Dolph Ziggler (Gian Carlos) and my Big E langston (Cristian Torres) !
Big E Langston is now just Big E. Antonio Cesaro is now just Cesaro. And now Tensai is known as just “Jason...
Randy is still the champ! Daniel got fired!! It couldn't get better! But then brock def. Underthaker and Alberto Del Rio def. Big E langston
t jr lookin like big e Langston disguised as Clark Kent
These are my new figures for stop motion big e Langston & Roman Reigns
does big e langston get a new name every week is it big d bankston or big E-rection i like big E-rection
up next round 2 of John Cena Vs Big E Langston and it is a last man standing match
Big E Langston talks about his history with and his mentors who helped shaped his career
From Yesterday of course they didnt have big e langston so i had to inporvise
This is the hand that high fived Shamus the Celtic Warrior, Big E Langston, The Big Show and Daniel Bryant "Yes, Yes, Yes"!!!
Had a great night at JPJ enjoying wrestling with Josh, he had such a great time, shaking hands with the superstars: The Wyatt's, The Shield, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett, The Big Show, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, Damien Sandow, Fandango, The Real Americans, Cody Rhodes, Golddust, R-truth, Sheamus and Ryback. And some lovely Divas, it's a shame John Cena didn't show up, but still an awesome show!
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Wed WWE Main Event as Main Event starts off Big E Langston comes out & then it's announced that Christian suffered a concussion on Raw Monday night during the Fatal 4 way to see who would be the Numcontender for the IC title then that there would be a triple threat to see who would face Big E for the title . Alberto Del Rio v Sheamus v Dolph Ziggler.. Dolph Ziggler wins & will face Big E . Renee Young interviews both Big E & Dolph Ziggler .. Dolph says he did it he's going to Wrestlemania 30 & he's going to win the IC title & going to win the André the Giant Battle Royal . Says he taught Big E almost everything he knows & they know each other well but not everything & he's the showoff . Big E responds by saying look I was there at ringside when you won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship . I may not be a show off but I am the IC champion & alls I got say is good luck ... Natalya ,Eva Marie ,,Cameron ,Naomi ,Emma v Tamina ,,Layla, Aksana ,Summer Rae Alicia Fox ... Tamina ,Layla ,Summer ,Aksana,Alicia . ...
Christian wins the match and Big E Langston wanted Christian to shake his hand, but he didn't. John Cena and Luke...
hi, im a hugh wwe fan, since the bret hart days. I had a suggestion, Big E Langston should us the pearl river plunge, it fits him
when you hear "five" and automatically think of Big E Langston.
in my universe mode Stone Cold Steve Austin returned and beat Zack Ryder and Triple h returned and beat the united states champion R-Truth, earning him a shot at the us title in a inferno match next weeks card: Triple h vs R-Truth U.S. Title match (inferno match) Big E Langston vs Kane Rey Mysterio vs Roman Reigns (rivalry match) WWE Champion John Cena vs Jeff Hardy (rivalry match) Brodus Clay & Tensai (Tons of Funk) vs Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper (The Wyatt Family) Contenders match to the unified tag team title Stone Cold Steve Austin vs David Otunga who do you got?
Possible Matches for The Shield at WrestleMania 30 (POTENTIAL SPOILERS) - reports that two matches are currently being discussed for The Shield members at WrestleMania 30. The first is a triple threat match between Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. The other rumored match ideas are Dean Ambrose vs. Big E Langston in a title unification match and Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Credit: via
I liked a video from BIG E LANGSTON WWE Elite 26 Action Figure Review
- Big E Langston WWE Series 36 Mattel First time in the line
Is Big E Langston almost as strong as Mark Henry, I mean they both broke records
the next match is for the World heavy weight championship big e langston vs barrett vs axel vs sheamus are you ready?
Can anyone explain to me why Big E Langston is being billed as Big E all of the sudden? The full name rolls of the tongue better, and I have no idea why they'd make such a small change to his character's name. Seems silly.
TONIGHT! Come on down to UCB! It's about to pop off at 11pm! Cagematch fire is about to set the theatre ablaze! You already missed Dolph Ziggler cohosting last week! Don't miss me go full Big E Langston this week!
Big E Langston, and the Shield as midfielders
I'd rather get suffocated by Big E Langston than sit through this next class
WWE Basic Assortment now in store. First in line figures of Big E Langston and Fandango, also including Christian, Jack Swagger, Kaitlyn and Cm Punk.
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I wanna get some shirts . A Randy Orton , Christian , Antonio Cesaro & a Big E Langston one!!!
Zeb is the only person in the world who cares about this 3MB/Big E Langston match.
Just booked myself an interview slot with superstar Big E Langston tomorrow afternoon
John Cena and Cesaro stand out, Big E needs his Langston back and more things learnt from WWE Raw by
i think Big E Langston vs Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania XXX would be amazing
Big E Langston looked great in that handicap match on Raw. For a big guy he's got quite a good move set.
Who have the best ripped body.. John Cena, The Rock, Batista, Brock Lesnar, Ryback & Big E Langston Go take a look at the images first.. Then, leave a comment
VIDEO: Big E Langston discusses Zeb Colter in an exclusive video ahead of
It seams pretty pointless changing his name from Big E Langston to just Big E
I'm not sure why WWE feels like they need to shorten names. Antonio Cesaro and Big E Langston were fine. But I...
Im pretty sure I have a bigger chest than big e Langston
Big E Langston is a future champion
CHAPTER 1.5 The Return of the MEGA FACTIONS to the WWE Wyatts ended up coming to heavy blows with the unlikely grouping of Mark Henry, Titus O'Neil & Big E Langston (See chapter 1) After all 3 Wyatts are knocked out of the ring, they retreat into the crowd clearly startled at the offensive power of the trio remaining together in the ring, unified. At the following WWE NXT Taping, Bo Dallas is approached by The Wyatt's demanding him to join or suffer the consequence's. (Think NWO by force) Now Bray, Luke & Harper bolstered to a 4 man team with the successful recruitment of Bo Dallas, begin all out assault on any, and all of the WWE Roster. With a ' Move, or Get out the Way' Attitude Wyatts move forward looking to recruit fresh blood.
Am I the only one that misses the Langston part of 's name? I would have dropped the Big E instead
You are the man Curtis. In my eyes, future WHC,WWE,US, and a 2 time IC champion.P.S. you're better than Big e Langston.
Roman Reigns, Antonio Cesaro, Big E Langston, Bray Wyatt, Dolph Ziggler... is in good hands if they utilise their talent properly.
Are they dropping Antonio off Cesaro? And Langston off Big E?
no one can handle langston's big e's...! ;-D
Mark Henry and Big E Langston vs. The New Age Outlaws for the tag team championships.
"If WWE wants to shorten Big E Langston’s name more, they should start calling him Bige. “Wow. So five. Much need.”
Pretty sure they took the "Antonio" from Cesaro and the "Langston" from Big E to rework an NXT guy as "Antonio Langston."
Sin Cara out, "The Real American" Jack Swagger in!!! Jack Swagger defeated Rey Mysterio following the Patriot Lock, after the contest, WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston made his presence and showed what will be on the line inside the Elimination Chamber match!
Updates on name changes,superstar contracts,stock: - Reportedly the recent name changes for Big E Langston and...
So no more Antonio in Cesaro's name ? And no more Langston in Big E's name? Lol awks
I want Vince McMahon to buy Liverpool, get Big E Langston in goal! Save shots for fun with his chest
Alvarez gushes over the lamest stuff being great - Alicia Fox, Big E Langston, RJ Brewer, Bro Mans etc
Only superstars who retained titles: The American Wolves and Big E Langston. Every other title got changed!
Big E Langston Pins Mark Henry in only 4 minutes afer a Big Ending!
Cesaro received a standing ovation backstage at RAW last night after his match with John Cena. I like him, big e Langston, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, eric rowan in wwe future.
John Cena and Randy Orton strikers, shield in defense. ahah big e Langston in goal
Intercontinental Champion, Big E Langston, no backstage do RAW, ontem:
who needs rps when you big e Langston and Batista
So Cesaro dropped his first name now Big E Langston dropped his last name. Everyone be dropping there names! LOL.
Another impressive star on with Big E Langston. He looks like the real deal. Muscles in places where most people d…
Who will win at Elimination Chamber for the IC Championship ?. Big E Langston or Jack Swagger. CJ Shady
Big E Langston looks like a buff Carlton
Antonio Cesaro is now Cesaro. Big E Langston is now Big E. Hunico is now Sin Cara and now Kane is Hunico? Am I the only…
If WWE pushes The Shield, Big E Langston, Antonio Cesaro, & the Wyatts, along with Daniel Bryan to the very top, this might be a good year.
That was a really bad match with big e Langston and mahal/macentyre
This is how you make money Vince. Give the title to Brock Lesnar. Make lesnar drop the title to Daniel Bryan after wrestlemania Cm Punk comes back and has a war feud with Dbry. Roman Reigns feuds with lesnar Batista feuds with BIG E Langston. There.
Even Michael Cole is confused why they got rid of Big E's last name. Nearly called him 'Langston' a couple of times.
Zeb Colter verbally dissecting Big E Langston as he takes on Drew and Jinder in a handicap bout.
I liked the Langston on Big E but he still that *** !!
Big e langston should smash swaggar.we the oh shut ya mouth with your bike handle mustache
Antonio Cesaro and Big E Langston are now just called Cesaro and Big E. Good on WWE, really concentrating on making important changes... :-/ - JH
Big E Langston defeats in a Handicap Match against 3MB (Drew McIntrye & Jinder Mahal) and he's ready for fight against Swagger this Sunday... Who will wins this Sunday?
Sorry big E Langston I like you as a competitor, but what you just said doesn't make any sense. Unless you're going to crap in Swaggers mouth!
Bobby lashley and big e langston are they brothers!?
Jack Swagger should beat big E Langston with no problems this Sunday
2-2 - Jinder Mahal + Drew McIntyre vs big e Langston in 2 on 1 handicap - jinder + drew
And now its 3MB vs Big E langston 2 on 1 handicap Match
The Rhode Bros and RyBaxel fight in the chamber kickoff this Sunday! Cody and Goldy talk about the mini WWE Set! But it gets awkward with butterflies and a hamper trying to fly..Bad News Barrett destroys the set and they rebuild. THE DOMESTICATED DOG FACES THE REAL AMERICAN BROTHER! Apparently Swagger is the number one contender to the IC Strap! JBL CHANT OUT OF NOWHERE! Followed by the chants of the false idol Cm Punk! SwaggerBomb connects but only gets two! Whipping him into the corner with authority! Zeb tells Swagger to focus and he does but eats a dropkick for his troubles! Kofi with an amazing kick to the skull! Huge single axe handle! CHAIN WRESTLING!! KOFI WITH THE COVER AND ONLY TWO! Swagger tries to toss him over the top but Kofi has the hard head gimmick and uses it to block the maneuver, SOS CONNECTS BUT SWAGGER FALLS ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! THAT WAS ALMOST A FROGSPLASH INTO A CROSSBODY! PATRIOT LOCK IS IN AND GOODNIGHT KOFI! HERE COMES MY BOY! BIG E LANGSTON! Big E is in action next on Raw but we ...
Swagger defeats Kingston with the Patriot Lock... Who will wins this sunday for the Intercontinental Championship? Swagger? or Big E Langston?'s no longer Big E's Big E. No longer Jack Swagger...just Swagger. No long Antonio Cesaro...just Cesaro? ...Didn't know having a first and/or last name was just a character killer.
I do not like big E Langston can't stand that bum
Jack Swagger Defeats Kofi Kingston. Big E Langston comes out and while he comes in the ring - Jack Swagger leaves the ring. -Jesse
I just wanna know why they call this *** big e langston
Kingston is made to tap to The Patriot Lock! Here comes Big E Langston! He's got a match next! He stares down contender Swagger!
Reason for Recent WWE Superstar Name Changes Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the reason Antonio Cesaro and Big E Langston had their ring names shorted to "Cesaro" and "Big E" respectively was because somebody within WWE felt Antonio's name at least sounded like the name of a guy who wasn't tough. Ultimately it was Vince McMahon's decision to make the changes.
Big E Langston & Antonio Cesaro's names changed by Vince McMahon. The Rock to return for WM 31
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Doesn't the face of this guy look like big E Langston!?
- WWE has launched a weekly podcast on PodcastOne in the vein of Steve Austin & Chris Jericho, titled 30 Years Of WrestleMania. Hosted by Renee Young, the first episode features Shawn Michaels as a guest. Click here to listen. - Big E Langston spoke with ahead of this week’s Monday Nig...
Hey guys and girls Vince McMahon has chosen to change the names of big E Langston and Antonio Cesaro at this point of time I do not know what the names have been changed to but as soon as I find out I will make another status for all of you telling you the names Thank you for reading this and liking our page and feel free to message us if you like ~doctor of thuganomics
Sorry i Havent posted something in a long time...i have been working on other pages that im making that will be out soon Here are some thing i have not posted: 1. Randy Ortan has defeated John Cena in a rough match up,Randy Ortan is Chanpion of Champions 2.Big E Langston is the New Intercontinental Champion 3.Royal Rumble was Upon the WWE and the WWE universe 4.After the 30 men that went in the Royal Rumble,Cm Punk had to be the first one cuz Kane made an announcement that he is entering becuse he had beated J.A Billy Gunn in a 1 on 1 match up.Returning Batista had onw the Royal Rumble and is now the Healiner to WRESTLEMANIA 30! 5.Durning the PPV Royal Rumble,John Cena had a rematch with the WWE World Heavy-Wieght Champion for the Championship,again Randy Ortan has Won and Still Champion of Champions 6.Royal Rumble start-up match was for the WWE Tag Team Chmpionship between Cody Rhodes+Goldust v.s The New Age Outlaws,after a entertaining match the Outlaws had defeated Cody Rodes+Goldust and are the new WW ...
Which match will be the hardest? 1)the Wyatt Family vs the shield 2)Orton vs bryan vs cena vs Christian vs sheamus vs Cesaro wwe world heavyweight championship match 3)big e Langston vs Jack Swagger Intercontinental Championship match 4)Batista vs Alberto delrio
So last night at the WWE live show, Big E Langston gave us a thumbs up, and Antonio Cesaro and Christian waved at us. All because of the signs we made. It was pretty great.
Q5:Big e langston won is first title vs who?
Mattel must really want my money in a bad way. Here are the figures they have put up for pre-order with a May release. Cm Punk Ringside Exclusive with the ECW Championship. Demolition Crush. (Elite) Bray Wyatt (Elite and Basic) Heath Slater (Basic) AJ Lee/Big E Langston 2 Pack. The Uso's 2 Pack. Luke Harper/Eric Rowan 2 Pack.
Ok so I know its a bit late especially seeing as Smackdown is on tonight, but here is my WWE Main Event recap. To note there was a dark match between newcomer Alexander Rusev, who we have been seeing promos on, and Dolph Ziggler. We all know how i feel about Ziggler so I'm not gonna go there and just gonna say they could've gotten someone else. I am interested in what Rusev does once he hits TV time and I have a good idea of what they could do that I'll hit on later. Fist Televised match was the wyatts vs Los Matadors and Sin Cara. Nothing too special here just the wyatts beating up the other team pretty much. I really hate Los Matadors and i think hey need to drop this gimmick. Next was Natalya vs Aksana. The crowd didnt seem to receptive of Natalya which is weird because i think she is probably the best diva WWE has and they need to push her. Natalya won with the sharpshooter. Main Event was Big E Langston vs. Drew McIntyre. Big E beat up Drew, won the match, and Jinder started running his mouth on the ...
Spoilers SPOILERS! * SPOILERS! * SPOILERS! * SPOILERS! * * Dark match: Alexander Rusev defeat Dolph Ziggler. * The Shield kicks off SmackDown before defeating Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Christian in the opener. * Vickie Guerrero informs Zeb Colter it will be Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger vs. Mark Henry vs. Kofi Kingston to determine a contender for the Intercontinental Title. * Jack Swagger defeated Rey, Henry and Kofi in a Fatal 4 Way to become the new contender to Big E Langston's Intercontinental Title. * Eva Marie defeated Alicia Fox. * Goldust, Cody Rhodes and The Usos defeated The New Age Outlaws, Ryback and Curtis Axel. * Darren Young comes out to a new theme song and defeats Damien Sandow. After the match, Titus O'Neil attacks Young but Young counters and rips the suit off Titus. * The Miz defeated Fandango after Santino Marella and Emma came out to distract him. * Cesaro defeated Randy Orton in the Main Event.
This is the match I want to see one day: Bobby Lashley vs Big E Langston
With my two boys, WWE live. First match Big E Langston defeats Ryback and Fantango to defend his Intercontinental Championship title.
The WWE needs to let Dean Ambrose defend his U.S.A Title because thats not fair, also Big E Langston needs to defend his Intercontinental Championship. -Shane
I had another WWE dream...I was to face Big E Langston for the Intercontinental Championship. Got into the ring and I woke up...Is this a sign?
Today's video is an online Triple Threat Elimination Match featuring The Rock, Big E Langston, Jack Swagger and special guest referee Santino Marella! If you...
RAW SUPERSTARS ONLY You face Big E Langston for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. You win the title. He puts his hand out. Do you shake it (face choice), leave the ring (tweener choice), or do you attack him (heel choice)?
In-ring segment Randy Orton, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon * I do feel sorry for Randy Orton, he was trying to cut a good promo but the crowd hijacked him with overwhelming Cm Punk chants. Having Orton face all five members for week in and week out is a good idea. Match The Shield defeats Big E Langston, Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio by pinfall, after the match the Wyatt Family cut a promo on the Tron. * A great opening contest, the match went on for a great period of time, the crowd was loving it (especially Roman Reigns) and all six men had a decent amount of time in the ring. With the Shield still showing signs of disbanding and with their match against the Wyatt Family coming up, sadly I feel the Shield coming up short. On-stage segment Bad News Barrett and Jerry Lawler * I hope this doesn't mean we're going to see a match between Barrett and Lawler. Match Christian defeats Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter and Antonio Cesaro by pinfall * Even though I thought the match had Swagger dominate Christian for ...
Online matches are back and this is just the start! Big E Langston vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania! If you enjoy this video leave a thumbs up and a comment and a...
Useless fact of the day...Big E Langston was a member of the Iowa Hawkeyes football team from 2004-2006. KB
Live RAW Updates! s Randy Best for Business? Randy Orton starts off the show tonight, complaining about the upcoming Elimination Chamber match and his status on the roster. He ends up receiving a threat from one of authority- Stephanie McMahon. She announced that Randy will be facing a series of opponents in one on one matches, and if he is beaten, the authority may have to rethink his status as number on guy. The Shield def. Big E Langston, Kofi Kingston, and Rey Mysterio Big E and Dean Ambrose start of the match-up briefly before Rollins and Kingston are tagged in. Rollins takes control of Kingston and backs him up into the Shield’s corner. A tag is made to Roman Reigns who delivers some punches to break down a much smaller Kingston. He tags in Seth Rollins again who keeps the control of the match in the Shield’s hands. More quick tags are made from Ambrose back to Rollins again, still with Kofi caught in the ring. Seth goes to deliver a devastating knee to Kingston but misses and smashes his knee i ...
Shield vs Rey/Kofi/Big E Langston. Expecting a Shield win for me, whose winning this one? Also, how we feel after that opening dominated by Cm Punk chants!
WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston will defend inside the Elimination Chamber match, so far, he will be joined by Damien Sandow, Kofi Kingston & Ryback who won their Elimination Chamber Qualifying matches tonight on RAW!
Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston, Natalya, and others share their excitement over the announcement of the groundbreaking WWE Network.
The following is the updated list of names confirmed for the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble match. As announced on this week's Monday Night Raw, Cm Punk will be the entrant in this year’s Royal Rumble match. Cm Punk, Batista, Alberto Del Rio, Big E Langston, The Miz, Xavier Woods, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Rey Mysterio, Fandango, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso and Damien Sandow. As things stand, 20 names are confirmed for this year’s Royal Rumble match. Reposted from Wrestlemaniacs.
Big E Langston and The Brotherhood Featured in Slams of the Week (Video), Tommy Dreamer Back in TNA
Part two-Big E Langston vs Fandango (w/ Summer Rae) Fandango knees Langston but Langston hits a backbreaker, then Fandango rolls outside to recover before he runs in and uppercuts Langston. He hits the ropes but Langston shoulder tackles him, then he tackles him in the corner and sets up for a second. Fandango knees him and throws him outside, then he pulls Langston into the ringpost and slams him on the floor. Fandango brings him back in and attacks his shoulder, but Langston throws him across the ring and tackles him before hitting a Big Ending for the win. Winner – Fandango The Shield joins Renee Young backstage for their thoughts on the Royal Rumble, and she wants to know how they will remain together in the match. Ambrose says they are fine but the other 27 men should be worried, then Renee asks what happens if they have to throw each other out of the match. Ambrose starts to say that won't happen but Rollins says he wouldn't hesitate to eliminate him, then they argue about who is better. Reigns sa ...
he was just a joke tbh. He's like a much fatter version of big e langston :p
please bring back Evan Bourne at Royal Rumble PPV, It will be good give him a US Title run and fued with Dean Ambrose or Big E Langston
Do you want to see Dean Ambrose vs Big E Langston for both Championships?
I heard big e Langston lifted the new years ball with his bare hands.
Big E Langston rolled out of the way leaving Brock Lesnar to Shooting Star straight through a table. Big Ending and 1-2-3.
next week on the show, will come on the show to talk all about the Royal Rumble. Prop bets, prospective winners, BIG E LANGSTON!
VIDEO: clashed with this past Friday night on Jan. 10, 2014:
VIDEO: interviewed on the App during on Jan. 10:
do you think Big E Langston has what it takes to win the big one?
I added a video to a playlist Big E Langston Old Full Theme and Titantron 2013 with Download Link &
So far, these are the superstars scheduled for the Royal Rumble:. Batista. Alberto Del Rio. Big E Langston. The Miz...
I do wanna get a six pack and some Big E. Langston *** one day though
and win the WWE Undisputed championship? imagine the headlines. Big E Langston WWE Undisputed & Intercontinental Champion :)
Dont get why you Main Evented as a "body guy". much better bodies atm, eg big e langston
My attending just said I look like Don Corneilius from Soul Train...last week called me Big E Langston from dude is nuts
I wish I had a jailbroken PS3 right now. .
King Kong Bundy vs Big E. Langston for use of the letter 5 or the word five.
Big E Langston says "Just 39 days left until the Network goes live!" by wwe
I keep looking for Big E Langston merch but I can't seem to find any on the site.
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I walk around telling everyone it's Big E Langston day and of course nobody knows what that means
Big E Langston b. Fandango. The Bella Twins served as the ring announcers for the match
Ayo Big E Langston idk if Bow wow ready for your workout plan
He's a guy on the mic and a pretty average in-ring worker. Roman Reigns and Big E Langston are in for big pushes, too.
I liked a video backstage segment with John Cena Big E Langston and Cm Punk Raw 23 12 13
Is it just me or does Big E Langston kind of look like a jacked up "Alpha Male" Monty Brown?
I luv wwe but the most wwe superstar that I luv is CodyRhodes,John Cena and Big E Langston and divas is the Bella twins,Natalya,Naomi nd aj
Ship me big e langston that the only toy i. Need shawn and the Wyatt Family
true but rumor has it theyve signed Dr. Dre and Big E Langston
If Big E Langston is ever WWE Champion, he has to hold the title for 261 days, because that is 3/5ths of Cm Punk's WWE Title reign.
Nice win by John Cena,Big E langston and Mark Henry great win guys
Big E langston is the future of wwe
Big E Langston should be my gyming partner .
On a side note. I truly believe it will be Big E Langston Vs Jericho at for the IC Title.
Big E. Langston loves him some white women, but we knew that already lol
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Who will be more successful in 2014;. Roman Reigns, Big E Langston or Bray Wyatt
Big e langston is not a real man John Cena is more of a man then big e langston
Big E langston body much better than yours!!!
VIDEO: Check out the entrance video for
:Ryback vs Big E Langston would be interesting to say the least.
Big E Langston and The Miz are now officially in this year's Royal Rumble match.
Did Big E Langston ever been in Wrestlemaina 29 in a tag team match
They need to give Big E Langston a push
big E langston Squares up to Randy Orton! gunna be an epic smackdown! ~missWWE~
Dolph Ziggler and Booker T were joking around backstage making and poking fun at Big E Langston, Bobby Lashley, and Vickie Guerrero and Booker feeling bad for Ziggler saying he would be down to team up with him on thunder and whip some Vickie Guerrero cougar town *** saying now can you dig that sucka. Ziggler and Booker continue talking and laughing carrying on.
Can anyone design a Big E Langston cover for free?
Big E Langston wows the crowds at the legendary Muscle Beach as he prepares for SummerSlam with an epic workout.
*Spoilers* Full Smackdown Taping Results For This Week WWE taped this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Below are full results: WWE Smackdown (Airing On SyFy) * The Usos vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan ended in a double countout. After the match, Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan joined the rest of the Wyatt Family in the ring and attacked The Usos. * Backstage, Randy Orton says he will address Triple H & Stephanie McMahon on Raw. * The Big Show is this week’s guest on Miz TV. Show talks about what happened on Raw with Brock Lesnar before Paul Heyman interrupts. Show challenges Lesnar to a match at Royal Rumble, which Heyman accepts on behalf of Lesnar. * Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara & Los Matdores b. The Real Americans, Ryback & Curtis Axel * Randy Orton b. Big E Langston * Backstage, Daniel Bryan & Bray Wyatt cut a promo on their upcoming match with The Usos on Raw. * Xavier Woods w/ The Funkadactyls b. Fandango w/ Summer Rae * The Shield b. Cm Punk & The New ...
This week on FNS it will be Randy Orton vs Big E Langston! Now Mean Gene Okerlund is here! He announces the New Age Outlaws! Baltimore, you *** right it's me it's the D O double G and the B A D A double crooked letter the New Age Outlaws! And if you're not down with that we got two words for you! SUCK IT!! Road Dogg intros Cm Punk! Here we go! Main Event time!
Where does Big E langston be when Mark Henry be gettin his *** kicked
Big E Langston is one of the most powerful big men in the WWE today.
Big e langston vs Curtis Axel Big e is better than him he is so strong
sorry for the lack of coverage here is a giant summary: The Usos and Rey Mysterio vs. The Wyatt Family (with bryan) Winners: The Usos And Rey Rey Mysterio - WWE Universe Michael Cole confirms Batista as being an entrant in the Royal Rumble when we return from break. I like how WWE has the simple wood table for the announcers. We go to a clip of Damien Sandow defeating Khali from last week where Khali had his shoulders up during the pin. We see Brad Maddox saying there will be a rematch between Khali and Sandow, with either Bob Backlund, Arn Anderson or Sgt. Slaughter as ref. If you know what's good for you, you'll vote for Double A. Kane walks in and has an exchange with Maddox about possibly taking Maddox out for good if Maddox talks to Triple H and Stephanie about him again. Big E Langston runs into a few legends as he is walking backstage. Bray Wyatt's dad tells him to pay his taxes as we head to a break. Ryback is out at ringside. In the ring is Big E Langston He is facing Curtis Axel ~Hogan
Big E Langston and Nikki Bella comment on their nights at Smackdown in this week’s episode of Backstage Fallout Smackdown. You can watch at this link or embedded in the video below:
S4s? Share Big E Langston fans and get shared back .go 1st
Hello welcome to our page, we are a PG-13 Big E Langston fan page but the group is not limited to that, we post Results,reviews and more!
Big E Langston defeated Kofi Kingston for the IC title. T or F?
So I was flying back home from Charlotte to Newport News, and guess who was flying with me! Damien Sandow. Along with Roman Reign, Big E Langston, Wade Barrett, Bray Wyatt, and Cm Punk! They were all flying to Newport News to start their WWE Live Event in Hampton Coliseum. This is the greatest day in my life. :D
s4s? Big E Langston fans .1st 2 only and go first and say done
Big E Langston vs Curtis Axel And the winner of the match Big E Langston - kikram
Ooh big e Langston WWE smack down he could be my baby daddy
Big E Langston hits The Big Ending on Curtis Axel and picks up the win.
Big e langston vs fundando on raw for intercontenental championship match it is still going on
What are WWE Superstars and Divas planning for their New Year's Resolutions in 2014? Find out in this exclusive video playlist featuring Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, Nikki Bella and many more!
Big E Langston successfully defended his IC title tonight on RAW against Fandango. -SR
Big E Langston retains as expected. (vs Fandango) Quite good match... -Nitin
Thank goodness Big E Langston won and Fan Dork Oh lost lol
Big E Langston retains over Fandango in one *** of a match!
Did anyone know Big E Langston tore his ACL in college?
Big E Langston beats Fandango to retain the Intercontinental Title (TB)
and still your Intercontinental Championship Big E langston
Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston vs Fandango for the Intercontinental Title
Big E Langston he looks nasty but he is a beast tho fanDango booo ! Lol
Tonight we will see Big E Langston defend the Intercontinental Championship against Fandango. Who is your current Intercontinental Champion in WWE 2K14?
Big E Langston supposedly issued a challenge to Lesnar on SmackDown.
Find out where Big E Langston and Dean Ambrose weigh in on the unification debate!
Bautista is coming back big e langston is awesome
John Cena Mark Henry big e langston got it.
Ambrose v Big E Langston to happen now on
The Great Khali teams with Natalya to face Big E Langston & AJ Lee in a Mixed Tag Team Match.
Big E Langston is picking up Cody Rhodes's mission of making the Intercontinental Title mean something. -DefCON1
anyone want to go out with BIG E LANGSTON
Big E Langston or Roman Reigns? Who will be the bigger star in 2014? Vote at
Big E Langston is Kofi Kingston from the future.
Mark Henry, Big E Langston, and The Primetime Players should form The New Nation of Domination.
Results Smackdown December 20, 2013! The show opens with the heavy weight of the WWE champion: Randy Orton! He put his name in history by becoming the first WWE heavyweight champion. But he added that the leadership of the WWE did nothing else to celebrate this historic event to make him fight a useless troll in the person of Daniel Bryan. John Cena makes his arrival, it is followed by Daniel Bryan. The latter takes the floor and said that Randy Orton is afraid to confront it and that it is for this that he no longer wants to face it. Bryan said it will have to wait that John Cena regains the belt for a rematch in the rules. Orton said that they are stupid and that none of this will happen. The Shield and Cm Punk come mingle with the debate. Vickie Guerrero comes and announces the main match of the evening: The Shield against Punk, Cena and Bryan! First match: Big E Langston winner of Jack Swagger Second match: Brie Bella winner of Tamina Snuka At the end of the match, Brie Bella will attack AJ who was at ...
WWF Revolt: Episode # 12 Air Date: 12/21/13 A) Hurlburt is shown with Wade Barrett. Hurlburt makes Bryant & Shantelle vs Hurlburt & Lee for later tonight. Hurlburt claims he doesn’t need Phillips or Dynasty. He also doesn’t need some one to hold his full potential back either. That special someones name is Shantelle. Hurlburt claims he has been watching Wade Barrett of late and has been impressed by him. He has potential and that is why Hurlburt would be proud to work with Barrett. Shantelle comes out and claims she was on her way to apologize last week but Hurlburt kept walking. I thought I would give you another chance but I was wrong. I am glad I was wrong because Bryant unlike you is someone we can trust & has fought his way to the top. 1) Roman Reigns (W) Big E Langston. (Singles). 2) Real Americans: Antonio Ceasro & Jack Swagger (L) Brotherhood: Cody Rhodes & Goldust. (Tag). 3) Tyler Ted Hurlburt & Brooke Tessmacher (With Wade Barrett) (L) Brent Bryant & Shantelle. (Mixed Tag). (Tessmacher & Hu ...
Roman Reigns vs Big E Langston. That's gonna be a PPV Main Event one day.
The Thomas & Mack Center in Viva Las Vegas are advertising on Sunday February 16th that the WWE Live event (It's just a house show) will feature “the special return of “The Animal” Batista” . There have been rumblings on Batista coming back. Big E Langston stated in an interview there had been discussions and now seemingly a house show event in Vegas is the next step. There's nothing to suggest there is anything more to this than just a simple house show appearance, however you would have thought Batista wouldn't just be appearing in a WWE ring one month before Wrestlemania for no reason would you? It's also unclear/unlikely he will wrestle but still, an appearance is an appearance.
WWE Smackdown Results –December 20 , 2013 No comments Orton made his way to the ring and cut a promo. Orton said that winning the championship awarded him nothing but a match with Daniel Bryan. Cena interrupted Orton. Cena said he's out here because he's gonna prevent Orton from looking like a fool. Cena said that since Orton is champion everyone is watching him and after him. Cena called Orton a giant pussbag. Cena said Orton took the easy way out by winning by DQ on Monday. Bryan made his way out to a huge pop. Bryan said that Orton is afraid of Bryan beating him. Bryan said that when Cena gets his rematch Cena will win and that Cena will grant Bryan a title shot. The Shield came out to attack then Punk ran out to even the odds. Vickie came out to massive boos to announce the Main Event which is Shield vs Punk, Bryan and Cena. 1. Big E Langston defeated Jack Swagger. Langston won with the Big Ending in a quick match. 2.Brie Bella defeated Tamina. AJ sat in on commentary. Brie rolled up Tamina for the ...
Roman Reigns is a big wuss running from Big E Langston the shield are still cowards
I smell Big E Langston vs Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship.
So close I want Roman Reigns fight Big E Langston that would awesome
Big E Langston needs to be spear by Roman Reigns for the save
Roman Reigns was not impressed, not a single bit, by the power of Big E Langston's nips
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Roman Reigns and Big E Langston stand face-to-face with Cm Punk entering the ring with a steel chair.
Roman Reigns vs Big E Langston. We need to see that match. Two young dominating rising wrestlers.
Roman Reigns and Big E Langston to fight. Or not.
I wanna see that match! Big E Langston vs Roman Reigns.. It would be epic
I would love to see Roman Reigns and Big E Langston in a one on one match !
Big E Langston and Roman Reigns having a stand off in the ring. It looks so brolic lol.
Our first match tonight is Jack Swagger vs the Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston. Zeb Colter has a deport Santa Claus sign.
We are done with a quick, Big Ending by Big E Langston. Zeb Coulter cries in sorrow. Things are looking great for Langston.
Zeb Coulter enters the arena with a signboard of, "Santa Claus Is An Immigrant", and we start off with a kickoff match of, Jack Swagger Vs Big E Langston.
Big E Langston and Seth Rollins both got called up during their NXT title reigns. Bo Dallas has not.
Watch: Daniel Bryan at Big E Langston show off their pool skills with U.S. Troops via
If Batista ever returned to WWE, why would he face the IC Champ Big E Langston? Big E would be a one minute enhancement bout for the legend
Big E Langston latest Interview, He talks about John Cena, NXT, his dream opponent & more
This is cool! Big E Langston is talking to Batista about returning to WWE.
okay, it's official. Big E Langston can't wrestle.
I did a thing about Big E Langston over here - Smarks Court Awards: WWE Breakout Star of the Year 2013 - go vote!
Mark Hendry and Big E Langston the world strongest team~
It's already a year since Big E Langston debuted. Such a talented wrestler, he's got great things ahead of him.
Big E Langston has been around a year. Time flies quick.
I actually like Big E Langston and Mark Henry as a team but I have a feeling it wont last long
Big E Langston and Mark Henry defeat The Real Americans when Big E hits Cesaro with the Big Ending really good match
Big E Langston will be the world heavyweight champion of the world just you watch
- WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston recently spokewith Chad Dukes of and...
Great match last night with Damien Sandow vs. Big E Langston
WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston recently spoke with Chad Dukes of and (cont)
Mark Henry and Big E Langston as a tag team really ain't fair bruh
The next match is an Elimination Chamber qualifying match between Big E Langston and Kane.
Mark Henry and Big E Langston make a great team those are your future tag champs
Big E Langston and Mark Henry on a team, fawk dat
Big E Langston is impressive. Crazy vert for that big of a guy. Need to watch more of this.
I don't think there has ever been a stronger tag team in wrestling history then Big E Langston and Mark Henry. Guys are crazy strong!!
Just tuned into RAW & Big E Langston is teamed with Mark Henry that's a *** of a tandem
The Miz(w)Kofi Kingston def.Tyson Kidd(w)Teddy Hart via pinfall Backstage segment Sheamus and Big E Langston and Los Masterdores and Primetime Players play with action figures and gets interupt by Brodus Clay and Tensai and get in Sheamus and Langston faces and in co...
WWE is focusing on the following points for tonight's RAW: *Is Daniel Bryan close to joining The Wyatt Family? *Who will be next to test Cody Rhodes and Goldust? *Is Roman Reigns The Shield's weak link? *Is Big E Langston starting a streak? *How long will it take before The Authority puts Randy Orton to the test? - MRM
Congrats to the Big man Big E Langston on retaining his against Damian Sandow
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