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Big Brother

Big Brother is a reality television franchise created by John de Mol. The premise of the show is that a group of people live together in a large house, isolated from the outside world.

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Why are Big Brother giving these housemates party's like everyday, this is not a holiday camp for the housemate you know BB
Big Brother cannot tolerate threats of actual violence in the Big Brother house. This will be covered in tonight's show 9pm, Chan…
On this day in 1967 Big Brother and the Holding Company perform at Monterey Pop and Janis Joplin becomes a sensation
June 10, 1966 Janis Joplin makes her singing debut with Big Brother and the Holding Company at San Francisco's Aval…
Actually watching Big Brother the first time in years, last time i watched was ch4 with Davina McCall…
Today a team from on attitudes toward the ethics of research using social media
When the brother decides to represent, big ups gazi. . 👊
New summer plans with binge watch season 10 of big brother 😎
Wow guys proud to say I'm a big brother for the SECOND time. Me and blue couldn't be happier 💜💜💜
could listen to you talking about big brother all day!!! Catching up on bbots!! ❤😜😚
Why is the race card being used so much in big brother this year,if your being a knob your being a knob no one cares abo…
Incase you didn't know I'm a Taurus and I will never back down! SAVE BIG BROTHER CANADA!
TBoss pours encomium on self as she shares stunning new photos: Big Brother Naija
Happy Birthday to my big brother, . I attribute the ease in my life to him giving me…
Things look really bad for right now... but that's exactly what they told THAT KEVIN MARTIN!.
Nice to see the tradition of the white housemates crying 'aggressive' to any outspoken black person has continued on Big…
Tobirama knew his big brother allowed him to win the match—since he was actually capable to catch his…
My brother couldn't be on earth to celebrate his birthday, but you know big sis held it down for…
Today's episode of Big Brother is an example of how white people use the word "aggressive" incorrectly. Yes, it's a rac…
My clumsy big brother can't be a fujoshi!
i was listening to cjamm and my brother wakes up super fast and says "are u listening to big Sean" ...bicth?
I really hate how "undiverse" the big brother house is, it's so disgusting & It makes me so angry how they're singled out & treated.
4 of 5 stars to Big Brother's in Love! by Francine Pascal
My brother came into my room to say hi and first thing he did was point to his pecs and say "are they gonna be as big as mine"
Our big brother is on the radio tonight. got some awesome tunes apparently!
Today na Big Brother Naija assist my growth and am still progressing until we get there. Stay true to ur hustle...die put...
Ethics of social media research: from Big Brother to rainbow unicorns - The Mental Elf via BrainSights
When you remember Big Brother is starting soon
Only two more weeks until Big Brother is back 💃🏼
The siblings of Singapore's premier fear 'big brother' as part of a dispute over founder Lee Kuan Yew's legacy
Early call to my big brother for a welfare check. So important to look after each other.
Sorry but who the *** is gunna watch big brother when Love Island is on
Marnie's in Big Brother with no phone x
I've come to think of it as a dear friend, perhaps more than that, always looking our for us, like a big brother... Oh wait!
Salute to my Brother LT. Hutton for bringing Story to the Big Screen 👊🏾💯💯
. "Of course~. I would never /dream/ of hurting my big brother's feelings after all he did for me and my sisters~. I'm sorry--
Can we talk how Alec still keeps his hand between Clary and Seb even after he backed away? Portectiv - Big - Brother -…
I mean your big brother. Strawberry head.
"That letter does not exist"? Is that the verdict from Big Brother's Ministry of Truth?
Heard my is smashing big brother ❤️ can't wait to catch up on it all. Show them who's boss Marnsworth 💕
Wanna say a big Happy Birthday to one of the hardest working and most grounded people I know my brother 👊🏽 have a good one bro
When your big brother forgets to get that laptop battery.
Big brother is already watching, AI is in its infancy but growing exponentially, then it becomes self aware
My big brother, and teacher as well, I remain loyal sir.
Alec being a protective big brother🙌🏻
She's gonna have such a good big brother 😭
"Yo sis, any boy tries anything, he has to get past your big brother first!" .my man arch will make sure of that 😅❤️…
A pair of panda inspired baby shoes & matching big brother badge!
My friend who has his big brother from the same litter is watching him while I'm here and sent…
BREAKING Shock as former Taoiseach Enda Kenny enters the Big Brother household.
Geordie Shore series finale now on then head over to to see Marnie enter the Big Brother house on Bit…
It's starting! We know Monday’s are always the hardest… At least you have your daily dose of Big Brother. 🎉
It doesn't really help that I watch programmes like Big Brother, Ex on the Beach and now also started watching Love Island😂
Trying to keep up with Love Island, Big Brother and start the new series of OITNB is honestly taking over my life😩😩
Get ready for another sexy, funny, crazy, weird summer of Big Brother. 🌴 premieres June 28th on
Schapelle Corby has labelled media reports on Sunday morning claiming she has struck a deal with…
Schapelle Corby is going on Big Brother. Because convicted bogan drug smugglers are celebs nowaday. Media trying2distra…
Big congrats to Tim Huck and the whole crew at The Vault on their one year anniversary! Happy Birthday brother!
What has the Michigan ER nurse been up to since she won $500,000? Catch up with https…
Because morals are taught in the home. Moron. Not big brother.
KP R U IN THERE? Idk if u can hear me in ur big brother box, but i miss ya & wish I could visit. I hope u dream swee…
Hamilton Collection
Vote for who you think is the worst-best Big Brother US winner. (On a live podcast, one big list will be revealed.
People out here watching rubbish like Love Island and Big Brother but BBC News are running the best reality show going right now
As Egypt's surveillance state grows, big brother wants to track your Uber (or Careem). With
Feel sorry for Imran. . Never mind the Big Brother House, imagine living with Sukhvinder on a regular basis? 😳😂 📺
If is on Big Brother this coming season, then I'll watch religiously
Little brother was supposed to compete while big brother rebuilds and of course it's the complete opposite
Its how My dead & Angels knew to tell you of him. Why I am under such protection with you. Thank you big brother.
Peep how the brother got in and climbed out to show him what to do. That's elite big brothering right there.
D wade look like the supportive big brother that sell drugs but don't miss a basketball game 😂
Rylan Clark-Neal is bringing Stephanie Davis back to Big Brother!.
It was Big Brother after dark on Showtime. Was the first year they did that
Love Island and Big Brother are back.being social is out of the questions for a few months
Stephanie Davis, Trisha Goddard and Sinitta are joining the Big Brother's Bit on the Side team
Facts do not help Big Brother nor Emmanuel Goldstein to create a secure surveillance state in war and poverty
Why is it that the US lets Canada watch our Big Brother but you block us from yours? I say block ours!
Here's how to become a Big Brother or Big Sister in You can make a differenc…
Kathy Griffin, Big Brother, NYRE. CNN HAS enough problems with it's false advertising of "most…
Celebrity/ Big Brother has been long-listed for a TV Choice award for Best Reality Show. Vote here:
Podcast with pokerstars pro fresh off his win in the Big Brother house
What do you choose to watch. Big Brother or Love Island.
The Grateful Dead family pose alongside Janis Joplin, members of Big Brother and the Holding Company, and various... h…
That is sooo cute 😍🦄 you will love the new Big Brother house!
Love Island and Big Brother go head to head as launch dates revealed - Metro
Emma & Rylan glam up for the United Kingdom of Big Brother!
I hope I get lessons at home when I get bigger, I'm not good at making friends &..& Big Brother can…
Get ready for a culture clash as Big Brother launch date 'revealed' via
Big Brother's new series promises 'culture clash of modern Britain'
what business of yours is it?! What were you doing there Alain? Running errands for Big Brother perhaps?
Think had plenty of outrages on Big Brother 🙈😂😁 Bear.. Kim.. lol
2012-2014 I think.was up for 2 yrs. 4 o 5 were up round yard. Big Brother effect.
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Fret not, Big Brother is actively trying to circumvent the judicial branch's authority.
I heard a lot of 1984 references this past election... Spoiler: Winston Smith eventually learned to love Big Brother...
23- The Circle. Imagine they made a film of 1984, and in the end Winston Smith beat Big Brother by bei…
Big Brother teams up with TMZ: How celebrity culture is hastening privacy’s digital demise
Big Brother won. The wall was too high or *** "Lawsuit being prepped over Worth County High School Searc…
04-25 RTE 'in talks with makers of Big Brother to air reality show'
Other clues: Brian Belo wins Big Brother, Fabio Capello becomes England manager and Kauto Star lands the Gold Cup. What year is it?
Big Brother star Josie Gibson looks incredible in sexy new photoshoot after shedding an impressive seven stone…
Big Brother's Josie Gibson strips for sexy shoot after shedding seven stone.
Using TV ads to trigger more ads from Siri, Alexa, and other "personal assistants," Big Mac becomes Big Brother:
Words can't express how much respect & love I have for my big brother New Jersey Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly!!...
v underrated track w Ye and Little Brother prod by 9th Wonder
Happy Birthday to my big Brother Herman @ New Orleans, Louisiana
tfw when everything is alright because the struggle is finished, you won the victory over yourself and you love Big Brothe…
Happy Birthday to the big little brother I never had I live to annoy you so I'm happy you put up with me. have a good day 🙃💕
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If you want Efe to be the winner of the Big Brother Naija See Gobe show ..
That moment your big brother asks to borrow your tie so he can anchor tbe newscast.
Ex-Big Brother star Alex Lee is completely unrecognisable after ditching her Barbie look
Music Video: Efe - Everything. Winner drop his rap music video he did before going into big brother house
This was almost Bigger than Big Brother Africa if not Bigger.. we put in so much money in the bank..we shld be the…
He was in big brother season 4 I think.
As if the whole thing isn't bad enough have to deal with these big brother rejects after every game
1 year without you big brother I miss u so much
Long time fan Hootie. Don't take the big yellow boot off the Ca…
From getting crowned a ambassador to BIG WIN, here are all the photos!
Wow that was a time when Big Brother was a great TV programme!
Well... When you came here, you already had a big brother named Sean. Now, you have Raine. And in th…
Dre and Will are called out by Big Brother "Dre, William" and Will says he's too tired to speak english
You're going to be a GREAT big brother!
shao is literally introducing his boyfriend to his big brother I'm not crying ur crying
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Tboss and big brother how market? If u wan2giv her d money just say it so we don't waste our money voting cos dis is clear…
See what Mount Zion Faith Ministries has to say about Big Brother Naija
My brother really loves he is a big fan
flash is such a big brother to shao??? I'm love
She was runner-up, the Alligator Queen of Entertainment that bewitched Nigeria with her talent, Bisola.
"Can I kiss you tomorrow" . "No". "Smh my big brother took my phone and said that he always playing"
brother, you're conflating many issues, go and read about Libya, Yemen, Syria wars, and then come back to me.
For the next presidential election, all contestants should be kept in the big brother house.
R.I.P. to our big homie Proof. 11 years since we lost our brother.
Big Brother Naija: Efe to be received as Ambassador for Entertainment in Plateau state via
I hope after today we will ride for our friends and family the way we rode for strangers on Big Brother Naija.
I know he's happy to have his big brother over but sometimes it all gets too much. Just let me sleep, lil bro.
Big birthday s/o to my brother for life more Blessings and Grace bro 🙏🏻💯 Woof…
Justin sounds like Brian from Big Brother. Also, if you slow his voice down I bet he sounds horrendously drunk.
Welcome to the surveillance states of America; Big Brother requires your passwords now.
Little Giant Ladders
I miss Gary already! The Odyssey isn't the same without him. Icymi here is our chat with
I'm so clumsy sometimes, hehe… I'm lucky I have my big brother with me~
"Poetic Justice". When my second big brother was STILL my big brother. .
ekomi proud of my big brother for this song,. De coeur avec…
'Governor Greets Efe'. Delta State Gov, Okowa, hails the winner of Big Brother Nigeria, Efe, as a proud ambassador of the State.
Janet Jackson did Big Brother for FIVE years and got $500M.
Dont sell ur suffer story to me abeg, I'm not big brother! U won't be the first &no b only u dey suffer! I actually hate people seekin pity
Big Brother that you people were calling devil's house is now God's reward
Happy National Siblings Day to myself! I'm so glad you're lucky enough to have me as a big brother,
When the eldest brother needs another big brother & big sister. . Thank you for always have time…
Big Brother Naija: 10 things to know about winner, Efe -
"Oga has ended , should we fund Big Brother Lagos to distract people for another 3 months "
Recall that ace comedian AY, who visited the Big Brother Naija house early last month…
Let's throw in a lil series for . . "When big brother looks like big…
I miss big brother Choi... No Bisola to crack jokes,no Efe,no fake Tboss,frosh Marvis,no guitar Debie..TV is boring...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
"This pple brought me from 100 - big brother win by Efe- to 0. Check am na. You check e naya na." . Arsenal Fan Tv…
Big Brother Naija: Efe speaks first time after winning reality show via
- I supported EFE in Big Brother because he reminds me of my journey - AY Comedian
My brother posted about me on national sibling day. Blessed to have a big brother 👮🏻💙
Claims his 'entire life's orientation' for Plateau state | Lalong to receive Efe, winner of Big Brother Naija
Speaking of sibling I have big brother, already married and has one cute son. I still can't believe it either.
Tbt pinoy big brother with mayward autograph. EDWARD ForBenchFix
Big Brother Nigeria summed up in one picture.
"Dude, you are one amazing actor!" Bisola finally learnt the truth & addressed the elephant in the room:
referred to me as the big brother type, and I've never wanted to give a noogie so bad
Big Brother contestant I'd barf at all.
Don't get too excited... another rumour 👎🏻🙄 Reality couple set for Big Brother this summer – find out who
'Big Brother' Watches Everyone in America: Obama Signs 'Ministry of Truth' into Law via
With our ISPs tracking our browsing habits, I'll be in such trouble with Big Brother over my fascination with air crash investigation shows.
Cool thing happen yesterday... I coached my big brother in his last spring game pretty cool experience and he was wearin…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Tribute in disguise 😁. Matter of respect for their big brother.
Better be here for prom my big brother! ❤. Lots to be celebrated that whole week😂🤤
Do finally got my baby home. Looks like big brother is taking an interest. :3
Pretend like say you die make you see people wey go happy. ”I yimu for you.” http…
Happy Birthday big brother much love 🎉
Free him for murdering my big brother? I think not.
Happy Birthday brother, love you. Have a good one, you deserve it big dog ! 💖
Today is a big brother is releasing his first shoe..completely designed by company backing..all sesh..b…
Big Brother Naija Pls Tboss is nothing somebody Pls let her go home she a problem to all housemates
I won't to see the Big Brother Naija Voting list who is leading
Happy Birthday to the best big brother in the world, thx for always watching out for me.🎈🐐
It was actually an emotional moment for Big Brother Naija housemates, after their family…
The Housemates lost it when they heard new single this morning. Watch the get down
Nigeria at large, Africans and the world watching, get ready for the big brother housemates melt down. We won't hear word tod…
I'll never hold that big a grudge against Killian, but I'll be hoarse from screaming at his inbred brother.
She's got the fame bug. She'll end up in the 'Big Brother' house.
Isn't boarding house, kinda like big brother.. Except, you aren't being watched 247
Big brother fans when they saw Wendy and her fine self
A big Birthday shoutout to our ! From supporting us at events to your hospitality and brother……
Happy Birthday.To my big brother from another hope you have a great one.
5. - Been there for me always. My big brother and my best friend forever. Amazing person.
My big brother is getting married in exactly one week & I'm such a proud little sister.
Your big brother can stay of the radar for now
5/Soon we will see cars that self disable & self report extreme driving. Big brother, yes, but we could stop all 100+ MPH driving!
Efe my God I can't stop crying for Efe omg this is too much love Efe, thank you big brother
Now EBU threatening Ukraine w ban for not letting Yulia in. God, this is like a Big Brother episode.
as Trump as big brother..seems the narrative is all wrong. The bureaucracy is all that maters ..nor the…
Little girl greets her big brother with hugs every day after school. Thats the cuties thing i've ever seen! & I'm cryin…
Big brother abeg give Marvis sister the 25m
Big Brother is watching! RSVP of 1984 April 4th protesting Trump nationwide! 🎞 Deets:…
domain names
You were on point today big brother. That was the ultimate task.
Seein what my big brother has come from to what he's doing now! Congrats bro! Hard work pays off!!
BIG NEWS!! The search for TENOR is OVER! Ernie Haase has a twin brother named LaBernie Haase, and he has agreed...
So my brother is going on holiday this weekend so he went to buy new golf shoes, the big mongo bought women's train…
Efe to Marvis: When u go home, ur father go ask you where is your big brother husband?. Efe: Ur daddy must've killed me in hi…
"1984" to be re-released as anti-Trump film, w/ Trump as Big Brother. I read the book & don't remember Big Brother being th…
Check out families of the Big Brother Naija Housemates as they visited the house today. . . . It was really an emot……
Big day for my brother. Congratulations Alex ❤
Biggie couldn't have picked a better Housemate for his April Fools prank! The Housemates were shaken.
is the handsome, dorky tall white big brother I've always wanted.
Big shout out to our family Damien Escobar. We love your sound brother. @ Magnolia BBQ and Fish
Big Brother doesn't like your privacy. Akin to 1984, but sadly Amber Rudd really does want access to all your convo…
I saw you play in the Big Brother's High School All star classic against the late Rob Williams ( U of H ) in Houston 1979.
Thanks Julian! Liberals are evil! Evidentially they never watched James Bond! Every weapon works! Big Brother is👀
Rip to my big brother swear I miss you !
It's been a long journey leading up to this moment but all their preparation is finally paying off. Bisola took...
is seriously the best big brother I ever had. So blessed!
Yesterday was one of the most gruelling days yet for the Housemates. Check out everything they got up to:
Only your Votes will keep your Housemates in the House . Voting ends Saturday at 8pm WAT. Here's how to Vote.
When your mom catches you and your big brother fighting and steps in:
1 time my big brother and I were strolling through the city & a guy silently sped up behind us in a motorized wheelchair, almost killing us💀
Update: Natakot nga si Big Brother. . You're still my Big Winner KISSES!
Dallas called out Dillon and then later called out Emily today, sealing his fate. Details here:
Seriously, our Chan more older than Kyla's brother 😱 it's not Kyla's brother look older but he is big than Chan 😄😜
especially because his trauma was probably big enough from his brother dying in the Bali attacks :( such a hero
I was thinking Abt having me a big *** house party at my brother sht & inaa back yard Inviting Hella Mtfss just Turnt All Night .
please help my brother his life in big trouble somebody kidnap in Serbia country and ask him send the mon…
Plus Dr. my amazing big brother who is bit a phone call away. Thank you for being available yesterday and always. 💋
Happy Birthday to my big brother I never got to meet. I love you. You're with me always. . Chad Howey 1970-1976
THIS IS BIG BROTHER... * you have been Evicted from the Big Brother house 🏡
Can't thank my brother for coming to support me tonight. All love big dog.
that's lowkey the season that put this type of big brother on the map! You should check it out.
If this gets 50 likes I'll just drop out of school and apply to be on Big Brother because let's be honest I couldn't afford it before either
Congratulations TO Big Brother Jay Bhaiya for 100k biggest Milestone. Wish you many more
Here's an interesting, informative article on Big Brother spying on us. I already knew most of these things.
My big brother never tells me but he hates me so
17. Halfway there - Big Time Rush. Fun fact my older brother was tight with Carlos Pena's cousin.
Come party with ThinTallTony at No Chill this weekend. Sponsored by
Beware Big Brother in the family room?
Is it weird I still keep in touch with my brother's ex? She was literally my big sis when they dated in high school 😂
Hey.. I just want to greet you an Advance Happy Birthday... my big brother is older by two days just to let you know...
)Watch moment got evicted from Big Brother Naija house (VIDEO)
Happy Birthday to my brother More greatness ahead, big bro! 👑
Megan McKenna breaks down in TEARS on Celebrity Big Brother
Happy Birthday to my Big Brother in the Lord and childhood friend Suff Bishop Pastor Robert…
And if a Big Brother is crazy enough to think they can keep growing their military arsenal beyond the agreed level or, even worse, start a ~
Me too. Can't wait, I'm beyond excited. Big Brother is my favorite show.
Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company perform onstage at the Fillmore East circa 1968 in New York City ht…
While some worry about identity cards 1984 Big Brother young people want to be able to get drunk. Different priorit…
Jason David Frank should go on Big Brother! And Austin St. John, would be great drama.
Anything cat-related should be illegal after his Big Brother shenanigans with Rula Lenska. My eyes still burn to this day!
monthly reminder that i'm still in love with Paul from last season's Big Brother.
Who is Rylan Clark-Neal? This Morning stand-in presenter and host of Big Brother's Bit on the Side - The…
Big Brother babe sends a warning about hair extensions
Following Kemen and Tboss’ saga in the Big Brother house in South Africa, many celebrities including comedian... Brother looms in South Africa. Listening to the Minister I am chilled by the paranoia.
(TW) There was a Big Brother in South Africa that I vaguely remember where a man tried to rape a sleeping woman
(TW) this is the second time that I can remember where a Big Brother show in Africa has filmed a man raping/sexually assaulting a woman
Big Brother is now trending in South Africa, ranking 23.
When is Big Brother coming to South Africa again I wanna go
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
The Peru Two could be heading into Big Brother...
According to reports Michaella McCollum & Melissa Reid are in talks to enter the Big Brother house.Do you wanna see…
The Peru Two could be joining the new series of Big Brother
Michaella McCollum 'in advanced talks' to star on Big Brother with fellow drug mule Melissa Reid... A source...
Drug mule Michaella McCollum who smuggled cocaine worth €1.75million is in talks to star on Big Brother
Peru Two drug smugglers in 'advanced talks' for Big Brother pairs series - Daily Star
Big Brother: 'Peru Two' Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid in 'advanced talks' to join show
I like him but big beards have been ruined for me since my brother grew one
"My big brother Juvie told me not to ever let a *** screw me; Told me if I ever did, he would do me" |
=Emma Nyra looks super gorgeous in white at the Big Brother Nigeria eviction show (Photos)
wow going to miss you big time good luck brother Charles
Ok will subscribing to Dickin anyway increase my odds of getting on Big Brother? 😂
Housemates enjoy a good laugh at each others' expense.
No FOMO if you missed any of the action today in the BBNaija House check link for more videos:.
Bisola and Bally epic return into the Big Brother house with IK Osakioduwa
Big brother: what is 2 + 2?. Uriel: yo big brofah, u know what man, 2+2 yea? Yooo, it's 4 man. I wasn't sure yea, Epp me big br…
If Pinoy Big Brother house allows electronic devices and housemates have phones rn. 💕.
Her cheeks turned a faint shade of red as she smiled over at him. "I'm just in a good mood, big brother. That's all."
Benevolent has punched up his message with a fourth dictum
Big Brother is watching you. 'forms new agency and pledges to publish list of crimes by immigrants'
'California's Big Brother of the Year' hails from Paso Robles
thank you Jon! Thank you for being my big brother. I appreciate you
BROTHER!! that is papi big slime epic daddy hot slime tombee yes no hott lols bleebin klippis instagrambler gorpin grabbis
Deep conversations with my big brother really get to me . 😿
Me: I love J Cole. He's such a romantic. Brother: isn't that the *** so big it's like a foot is in your mouth *** . OK THAN…
I'll always love u Nasty u like a big brother to me!
I honestly hate Big Brother so much I can't wait until it's back
He should step down, but also move into the Big Brother house.
Edward Barber admits feelings for Maymay Entrata via
Who is Chloe Khan? Celebrity Big Brother star, Playboy model and guest on Celebrity Sex Pod -……
Who is Marco Pierre White Jr? Celebrity Big Brother star and tattooed son of celebrity TV chef who had sex on TV
Bianca Gascoigne's new man Rogan O'Connor takes a swipe at Big Brother's Jamie O'Hara saying he 'doesn…
The 45th President is no Big Brother: to understand Trump, read 'Brave New World', not '1984'
32. Big Brother or the Shadow Government: It is also called the “Deep State” by Peter Dale Scott, a professor...
Rachel Reilly on Skype: "Let's do a US/Canada version of Big Brother, it would be AMAZING!" . Foreshadowing? .
I'd be more interested in Hipster Chef Canada. Works more like Big Brother. could host
Big Brother is FOR REAL if you're coming into the US and have sexual references on your devices/social media
From my understanding, Endemol Shine is the company behind the Big Brother shows including the USA and Canada versi…
I hear Eric Bristow has applied for Big Brother in a while since the last one.
All the latest OFFICIAL deets for right here:
TPP's big brother, TiSA, is still in secret negotiations & would severely limit local controls & rights & more.
Who do u think will win big brother?
A Great big brother can't deport confused siblings.
Big brother is the shadiest of all. See the end
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