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Big Brother

Big Brother is a reality television franchise created by John de Mol. The premise of the show is that a group of people live together in a large house, isolated from the outside world.

Celebrity Big Brother Melissa Reid Brandon Block Janis Joplin Kim Woodburn South Africa Rachel Reilly Chloe Ferry Nikki Grahame Chloe Khan

And if a Big Brother is crazy enough to think they can keep growing their military arsenal beyond the agreed level or, even worse, start a ~
Me too. Can't wait, I'm beyond excited. Big Brother is my favorite show.
Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company perform onstage at the Fillmore East circa 1968 in New York City ht…
While some worry about identity cards 1984 Big Brother young people want to be able to get drunk. Different priorit…
Jason David Frank should go on Big Brother! And Austin St. John, would be great drama.
Anything cat-related should be illegal after his Big Brother shenanigans with Rula Lenska. My eyes still burn to this day!
monthly reminder that i'm still in love with Paul from last season's Big Brother.
Who is Rylan Clark-Neal? This Morning stand-in presenter and host of Big Brother's Bit on the Side - The…
Big Brother babe sends a warning about hair extensions
Following Kemen and Tboss’ saga in the Big Brother house in South Africa, many celebrities including comedian... Brother looms in South Africa. Listening to the Minister I am chilled by the paranoia.
(TW) There was a Big Brother in South Africa that I vaguely remember where a man tried to rape a sleeping woman
(TW) this is the second time that I can remember where a Big Brother show in Africa has filmed a man raping/sexually assaulting a woman
Big Brother is now trending in South Africa, ranking 23.
When is Big Brother coming to South Africa again I wanna go
The Peru Two could be heading into Big Brother...
According to reports Michaella McCollum & Melissa Reid are in talks to enter the Big Brother house.Do you wanna see…
The Peru Two could be joining the new series of Big Brother
Michaella McCollum 'in advanced talks' to star on Big Brother with fellow drug mule Melissa Reid... A source...
Drug mule Michaella McCollum who smuggled cocaine worth €1.75million is in talks to star on Big Brother
Peru Two drug smugglers in 'advanced talks' for Big Brother pairs series - Daily Star
Big Brother: 'Peru Two' Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid in 'advanced talks' to join show
I like him but big beards have been ruined for me since my brother grew one
"My big brother Juvie told me not to ever let a *** screw me; Told me if I ever did, he would do me" |
=Emma Nyra looks super gorgeous in white at the Big Brother Nigeria eviction show (Photos)
wow going to miss you big time good luck brother Charles
Ok will subscribing to Dickin anyway increase my odds of getting on Big Brother? 😂
Housemates enjoy a good laugh at each others' expense.
No FOMO if you missed any of the action today in the BBNaija House check link for more videos:.
Bisola and Bally epic return into the Big Brother house with IK Osakioduwa
Big brother: what is 2 + 2?. Uriel: yo big brofah, u know what man, 2+2 yea? Yooo, it's 4 man. I wasn't sure yea, Epp me big br…
If Pinoy Big Brother house allows electronic devices and housemates have phones rn. 💕.
Her cheeks turned a faint shade of red as she smiled over at him. "I'm just in a good mood, big brother. That's all."
Benevolent has punched up his message with a fourth dictum
Big Brother is watching you. 'forms new agency and pledges to publish list of crimes by immigrants'
'California's Big Brother of the Year' hails from Paso Robles
thank you Jon! Thank you for being my big brother. I appreciate you
BROTHER!! that is papi big slime epic daddy hot slime tombee yes no hott lols bleebin klippis instagrambler gorpin grabbis
Deep conversations with my big brother really get to me . 😿
Me: I love J Cole. He's such a romantic. Brother: isn't that the *** so big it's like a foot is in your mouth *** . OK THAN…
I'll always love u Nasty u like a big brother to me!
I honestly hate Big Brother so much I can't wait until it's back
He should step down, but also move into the Big Brother house.
Edward Barber admits feelings for Maymay Entrata via
Who is Chloe Khan? Celebrity Big Brother star, Playboy model and guest on Celebrity Sex Pod -……
Who is Marco Pierre White Jr? Celebrity Big Brother star and tattooed son of celebrity TV chef who had sex on TV
Bianca Gascoigne's new man Rogan O'Connor takes a swipe at Big Brother's Jamie O'Hara saying he 'doesn…
The 45th President is no Big Brother: to understand Trump, read 'Brave New World', not '1984'
32. Big Brother or the Shadow Government: It is also called the “Deep State” by Peter Dale Scott, a professor...
Rachel Reilly on Skype: "Let's do a US/Canada version of Big Brother, it would be AMAZING!" . Foreshadowing? .
I'd be more interested in Hipster Chef Canada. Works more like Big Brother. could host
Big Brother is FOR REAL if you're coming into the US and have sexual references on your devices/social media
From my understanding, Endemol Shine is the company behind the Big Brother shows including the USA and Canada versi…
I hear Eric Bristow has applied for Big Brother in a while since the last one.
All the latest OFFICIAL deets for right here:
TPP's big brother, TiSA, is still in secret negotiations & would severely limit local controls & rights & more.
Who do u think will win big brother?
A Great big brother can't deport confused siblings.
Big brother is the shadiest of all. See the end
": Dare to bare! strips down to fishnet stockings and skimpy daisy dukes for concert.…
You told your friend to buy Explora but he didn't listen, now he wants to watch what happened in big brother last…
"War is peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength." | Don't forget Big Brother is watching you.
yes she was overreacting.. To my own view she is trying to get big brother's attention... She is too confident
Pewds is like a big brother to me in a weird way. I've never supported anything for as long as I've watched his videos.
I know I've said this many times, but really, it's okay to call me Big Brother as much as you want! *482th time he's said…
Everything is just fine now. Your big brother will protect you.
Celebrity Big Brother star set for Football League contract.
*** late for Two Minutes Hate again. Big Brother will not be pleased.
Come into my room now, big brother. I brought a guy home and I want to be double teamed
BIG BROTHER NAIJA!!!. The winner of this notorious Big Brother Naija is expected to walk away with N25milion and a...
BIG BROTHER, & fans,. TONIGHT, see me battle of 8/7c ONLY on
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST BIG BROTHER ON EARTH. I love you!!! Hope today treats you right!
The kind of patience Big Brother has with Uriel is all i need to go through life 😂😂😂
question is are they playing the Big Brother game and tasks well. they all have their private lives outside... it…
Big Brother Canada 5 premieres 4 weeks from tonight on March 15th!
When the big brother aka ps2 meets the little brother aka ps3.
The winner of Big Brother Naija will receive N25million and a car. The best graduating physics student gets N5000 and a h…
Happy Bank Day🎉 brother, I hope heaven treating you good, wish I would of never let you move out my crib, but life…
the plan is to set up 1984 superstates with Bannon as Oceania Big Brother and Putin for Eurasia ~ after PUTIN takes europ…
Chillin in the sunshine. Watching her big brother play.
We the viewers can vote after the task for the best performance here
My Big brother is 4 years cancer free! Love you dawg! Keep ballin and I'll see you at the top
Iswr tin tall tony on big brother nigeria looks like diego costa
omg already!! Is pierce excited to be s big brother? 😄
With her Super Bowl-winning QB guiding her, Russell Wilson’s sister, Anna, is pushing to fulfill her WNBA dreams https:…
Standing up to Big Brother: Thenmozhi Soundararajan on Surveillance and State Control
Big Brother is watching you: Jim Rogers prophesizes death of cash & total govt control of spending
Falz visits the Big Brother house, new Head of House saves TBoss from nominations + more…
The day I walk in Big Brother's House as a BBAFRICA contestant out Loud &wishful thinking
Gifty was suppose 2 leave d house with cocoice but Big Brother knew dat if gifty leaves dey will lose d male viewers
You guys came to Big Brother's house and were forming clique like dons but now the table has turned you all wan to die 😛
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Is Trudeau setting the scene to tax houses gains? Check out this year's personal tax return. Big Brother's hungry. https:/…
The look on Big Brother male housemates face as Ese entered the house
Most surveillance these days doesn’t come from Big Brother, but from ourselves.
So because there's hardship in Nigeria, people shouldn't talk about big brother? Like it will stop the hardship. . Una go dey alright.
🎉Huge congratulations to on winning Celebrity Big Brother and welcome Coleen back to Loose Women. 🎉👏🏼😘
I'm more amazed that this skanky old trollop can read and write, let alone have her own column in this high class...
jaxonbieber via instagram : Wanna be like my big brother some day
Interviewer: Any questions?. Me: Do only children have to worry about big brother watching?
Lmao, you have turned me to big brother advocate.
big brother to gifty "good evening uriel". rotfl Uriel can frustrate human being
senior pictures for boys | have been fun to shoot. Sis came along on her big brother’s senior ...
You want a big brother like me ... 💯
Big brother u took 2 away for d 1st eviction, please take 3 this time, Gifty, Cocoice & Debbie..we won't be angry
Aww! Jaxon Bieber put this video of Justin playing ice hockey on Instagram with the caption "Wana be like my big brother…
My new website is online..and it looks great! A big thank you to my super talented brother
The most amazing reaction you'll ever see! Hayden finding out he's going to be a big brother!!!
All my SGIT fam, our girl is up for eviction in the Big Brother Naija house, please…
big brother entertainment... We need it
To all fans and critics of exciting Big Brother Naija housemate Miyonse
Big brother you mentioned those that might be evicted come this Sunday, but i can't find the name of Tboss on it why??
Who do you want to leave the Big Brother house on Sunday?
Just follw us The worst thing right now is watching big brother with my mother... who is this one, who is that one😩
For everyone else, there is Big Brother or a load of reruns until the new season starts in a few weeks. 5000 channels and…
Foremost, I am proud of my big brother for joining the military. Though we do not speak or…
Tomorrow's settings on rinse fm with my brother , the big man himself and 🏆
is it bad I really didn't like him in big brother ?
Big brother sir, pls it's something like i want to help Cocoice pack her things.
Bisola, Bassey, Cocoice, Debbie Rise & Gifty nominated for possiible evcition from the Big…
Rufus Hound QUIT Celebrity Juice after a "horrible" row with star Kim Woodburn!.
Happy birthday You are a superhero in your own right. I'm lucky to have you as big brother, confid... http…
When someone asks Thin Tall Tony's wife why she can't take him back again after Big brother. . TTT's Wife:
Stevenson I got mad respect for the man. Real brother since 2014. God bless big bro
via instagram: "Wana be like my big brother some day."
Day 11- Speech Time, Tensions & Backstabbing: Did you watch Day 11 of the Big Brother reality TV show? If…
behlul_official: How to win Celebrity Big Brother starter pack
How to win Celebrity Big Brother starter pack
Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Day 30 - It’s Day 30 on Celebrity Big Brother – nearly there! – and Big Brother is...
Rylan Clark-Neal confirms he WILL return to Big Brother's BOTS despite landing new ITV gam…
Big Brother called them the Ministries of Love & Truth, but neither were.
The only good thing about Big Brother ending this week is that I won't have to continue to cringe watching Emma Willis
not joking I feel to cry everytime I watch Big Brother because I feel so sorry for jedward 😭😭
Jamie O'Hara has been evicted from the Big Brother house, just in time for a Deadline Day move to Ex On The Beach... https:/…
Is the Big Brother house located in some community Flats? Which one is "reduce the noise"? We are Nigerians, people get sick in quiet places
I'm not taking maternity leave from 'Big Brother.' I e-mailed my bos...
go Big Brother with it. Someone call Julie Chen
Hamilton Collection
Ryouma. • *whispers* lobster man. • I love you big brother!!. • an hot blooded man with a kind heart... His last momen…
*** with the big brother vibes. Kill Roger Kill him
Calling a total Stranger your Big Brother for 25million naira. Who even does that?
Big brother has to do something About This We Bored 😐
Efe is real, real *** meyonce..remember na something carry come big brother uriel too. Bisola too talk
i'm also pretty sure that's not an extract from 1984.Big Brother never makes an appearance iirc
More propaganda from C2C Big Brother George sNoory.Dont know why stoops so low
When/How did turn into Our country is being asset stripped and sold.Trump is not our Big Brother,not even same species!
Messi always acting like the big brother. Suarez always laughing and playing like Agbaya. That's why he can't pass…
I wrote a piece on why Trump isn't Big Brother & 1984 doesn't speak to our current moment. If you're an ed and are intrigued,…
Weirdest thing about working on Big Brother is that I know when evictions are but can't remember what actual day of the week it is today
Big Brother UK Style - Jeremy Hunt has been caught getting the NHS to spy on patients for the government
Nigerians furious that is filmed in
Trump admin announced today US withdrawal from but its big brother marches on with no comment so far from
Kim Woodburn left in tears during shopping task.
When you start praying and believing God for big things,there's no going back.go all the way or don't go at all
Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Ferry undergoes a post-eviction makeover as she plumps up her pout with lip fille…
Kim from big brother, definitely a psychopath and needs to leave ASAP
Big bother over Nigerian Big Brother filmed in South Africa - Times LIVE
Yeah they are I must have saw the advert when I was watching Celebrity Big Brother :)
Happy birthday to the best big brother in the world!!! Love you more than you know! Have a fab…
Big Brother Naija: 5 things that happened on day 3 of reality show
Asuma has no reason to hit his big brother Kazuma who flirts with Kae!💔I'm down to 2 episodes left to…
This pregnancy announcement featuring a dog "reading" about how to be a big brother is too pure . http…
They had alternate facts in WWII too. LOL. Big Brother!
Nigerians furious that Big Brother Naija is filmed in SA.
Big brother please go back to the changing room, I love what am seeing there, I Gifty is really hot... Team
NTAs: CBB’s Marnie Simpson wears NO UNDERWEAR as she suffers major wardrobe malfunction
Crucial questions to ask Lai Mohammed and the NBC rather than griping about MNET shooting BBN in South Africa.
you don see tboss own? That one na hottie though..this is why big brother can be sweet..feed our eyes! D babe got my vote though
That awkward moment when EVERYONE was in formation and Efe was just having fun and doing his own thing.😂
My overbearing big brother can't be a secret agent!
Celebrity Big Brother has apparently banned stars from THIS reality show - Heat
If I was in Big Brother Naija. I would address Uriel & Bisola as Aunts and address Kemen as Big Bros. Na small girl I be .
Someone suggested that Big Brother should give a special task to co-host the
*geordie voice*. Day 3 in the Big Brother Whitehouse
I have a tumblr mutual who's into drum corps AND big brother I think I have found a new friend
Why is the FG probing big brother but not the accidental bombing of IDP camp
Isn't it amazing what you can accomplish in 60 min if you're focused? Which team won the fashion task?
📷 Little Red Riding had a doofy big brother. 😂 Thank you, for the hoodie!!
This is Big Brother TTT, you are the boss : Teddy
Yemi Alade slams FG for investigating why Big Brother Naija is shot in South Africa
Blog update! New baby on the way. Read, share, enjoy!.
Essentially. On the other hand, maybe Shia was attacked by a Nazi. Thanks Big Brother Trump for 'alternative truth'.
Kim arguing with Big Brother the slag
Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry 'was allowed to leave the Big Brother house for work commitments' BEFORE…
My wife is the host of 'Big Brother.' Her name is Julie Chen, and ...
Why are you blocking Big Brother in YouTube? Destroy the show and try to prevent people from seeing how good it was.
Big Brother's holding your attention every moment you're awake. With everyone's imagination atrophied, no one will ever be a…
Kid kicking *** and big brother doing what big brothers do best.
Rest In Peace big brother. You're deeply missed and today was hard but hope ur enjoying heaven with Dad
Remember Big Brother is just a microcosm of society. Don't be surprised by the number of houseguest who prove to be ignorant ***
Happy birthday to the little big brother. Hope you enjoy your lunch box later 😈😤💯
wat do you guys think of the NEW Crystal Gems btw I'm only 13. And I'm big bOi in the chat
Yes it was.. Now waiting on the return of big brother
Happy birthday to my big brother hope you had a smooth day love you bro ✊🏽🎊🎉
Sena mouthpiece Saamna headline - "We are the big brother... will give 60 seats to BJP in BMC!!"
sorry, but bound to happen. Cant escape digital, either now or a few years from now. It will be BIG BROTHER re…
A big thank you Belarus for standing & assisting the most vulnerable families: start of a great ini…
My big brother my heart ❤️ my other half. I always got you no matter the situation.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
omg the acting is atrocious! Hey let's get the big brother winner to lead this conspiracy. I hate you for making me watch this😛
good game tonight brother. Keep doing big things, you still can't see me and Chris on the basketball court though.
they took my big brother slime I'm thinking like why???
You know who else is a big believer in outsourcing core govt functions to private sector?. Betsy DeVos's brother, Blackwat…
The best of Kim Woodburn so far on Celebrity Big Brother 😂 . Part 1
My youngest brother wants a Big Mac with nothing on it 😐 *** that means
Celebrity Big Brother's nominations twist is successfully tearing the house apart, mainly thanks to Speidi
Watch out when you go to sleep. Someone may be
Every time somebody tells my brother to do something for his son I cry like *** my big brother is a father ... I'm crying as I type this
Got to spend some time with my big brother! Love you! ❤ @ Twin Peaks…
Big brother is watching and history is being rewritten right before our eyes. Don't give them that.
Literally no point in watching big brother now👎🏼 BORING without Chloe fs, what is wrong with you people??🙄😨
—big brother up the wall, right? Gabriel had paid no attention to the disapproving look Lucifer was shooting him. "Is it a—
Advantages of being able to go to the same school - big brother always looks out. It is not uncommon to find famili…
"State the name of your chosen housemateS." Almost as if Big Brother knew who his choice was, pluralized. Inneresting.…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Rep. Louie Gohmert statement H.R. 4919 government is not supposed to be our ‘big brother.’
Watching and it's interesting. Also funny to see Derek from big brother 😂
Happy first birthday to Freddie Reign Tomlinson! 👶🏻 Will he be a big brother soon? Find out!--> ht…
"He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother."
I remember Big Brother used to always listen to the music that comes from the forest...
Just focus on the one with the big forehead, not his little brother ☝🏻
Big news today from REALiTEE Golf! The first venue is on its way. Congratulations to David Shultz, one of the...
Let's not forget that was the next president big brother chose.
Big Brother didn't have to deal with the Internet. And that changes a lot.
Patch's is like a long lost big brother.
I know he will be alright with the power of God and his big brother
It's Big Brother trying to get them out for some reason, Austin, James, Chloe, Jasmine 2 out of 2 of them were voting 1/2
is ther an eviction tonight ? Big Brother's Kim Woodburn faces boot as Calum Best puts her up for eviction
If Kim Woodburn were to write the warning for the start of Big Brother..
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hannah looks like/reminds me of Rachel Reilly from Big Brother
Coleen Nolan's sister Linda says Big Brother will 'make or break' her marriage - The Sun
Big Brother 😂 apart from Nikki Grahame who was a complete legend 💃🏼
Say hello to your Big Brother. That hat I'm wearing wasn't tin-foil, you *** This day was called out long ago a…
Proof positive Big Brother is really watching. Check out what in-store video cameras can do these days. New technol…
Congratulations to my Big Brother (both biologically and via Kappa Alpha Psi) Police Lt. Don Ross on his retirement from the MPD!!
Meet Vincent Szutenbach. Gomez. Big Brother. Piano Prodigy. We have performances at 2 & 7 today!!
When you see some1 who was on the Apprentice for a few weeks walk into "Celebrity" Big Brother.
3/6. I have featured on many reality TV shows including Celebrity Big Brother, love island, the US version of apprentice.
Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan is currently enjoying a girls getaway in Ukraine. 
1/14/1967 A "Human Be-In," with Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, and Big Brother and the Holding Company San Fran…
19. When Nikki Grahame had her tantrums on Big Brother
Still don't understand why James Cosmo went on Big Brother. From Acting with Mel Gibson and Kit Harrington to sitting with Coleen Nolan
Big Brother export Josie Gibson has tummy tuck at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital on Celebrity Botched Up…
Isn't this too much like Big Brother prognostications in George Orwell's "1984" so how long before they are compuls…
"We are Big Brother incarnate—but trust us, because our motives are purely financial.". https…
Stuart Hall (not the bad one mind), Big Brother, Blair Witch, Web 2.0, Arctic Monkeys.
Canadian government turns Ormellian. Big Brother will be watching you. PC run amok.
Lisa Appleton returns to Big Brother in OUTRAGEOUS outfit
Big Brother ain't got nothing on Big Mamma Mamma knows EVERYTHING!
Big Brother, Amazing Race, Bachelor reality stars to visit Genesee County: Reality TV stars will soon be making……
Tonight's Big Brother sponsored by Pink Casino and your local clap clinic
Big Brother whens the Chuckle Brothers going in ,we need better celebs me thinks
Hope this fella is in "Celebrity" Big Brother and this is his luxury item.
Behind the Scenes With Janis Joplin and Big Brother, Rehearsing for the Summer of Love
Apparently Brandon Block is going into Big Brother...that's actually a reason to watch it
So excited to see my big hermano Brandon Block going into the Celebrity Big Brother house tomorrow. Best start to...
So Brandon Block is on Big Brother - now this will make great British TV!!!
Nineties DJ Brandon Block 'signs up' for Big Brother: All Stars -
Nani: “Cristiano and I have spent half our lives together! He’s a bit like a big brother to me.” https:/…
Hi to 's younger brother! I'm a big fan of yours lol. Galing galing!!!
I neva had a big brother until I met dis man.He believed in me even wen believing in myself was…
Here's everything you need to know about All Stars And New Stars series
I remember I telling my big brother LET ME SEE U RUN IT UP
While GOI is naive in its thoughts, Federal state of 'SIKKIM' laughs at big brother by having 11 official languages…
I love coley, he is the big brother I always wanted😩💕
Today my son would have been a big brother today I was hoping for. Good day today I failed today I lost tomorrow is not today .
I'm working on my first big brother long game!
What is it with the Knesset and America? Akin to kicking someone in the balls and then running to get your big brother. Sick.
if you need a big brother I'm right here hehe
Naw you did the right thing my brother.
Danny was so excited to see Avery. He's gonna be a great big brother
Been a long time coming!!!. Big up my brother for bringing the 🔥🔥. LISTEN .
hey johnny big fan! Me and my 7 year old brother wanna be like you when we grow up :)
I'm drunk with my big brother right now and everything is okay.
well, tip a brother to a good burger then. Been a guessing game on the Coast since Big Chief went.
yoU stiLL Look sicK pLease rest Gege. pLease. i'm just worried abOut you. i hope you get weLL soon big brOther. :'(
This just happened. Big brother to little brother for the dunk - and one vs Tri-Village
Your a great big brother. awww. Merry Christmas KG! X3
I'm happy to know that in a way, I am ALYS' big brother ^^ Feels weird~
Aye today my big brother birthday turn up ! Happy 25th birthday! I love you bruddah
What would be Christmas without my big brother?
The only Christmas present my mom ask for and that was for my brother to come home❤️
wish I could spend Christmas with my big brother
I just remember my last year Christmas which turned to a horror night. Cause my big brother told us some horror stories. whahha
happy birthday my big brother I love you and i am always with you hope 2017 will be a happy year for you and your family ❤
i want to say a big shot to my brother Femi &Yemisi Adenekan and my mummy wishing them merry Christmas and prosperous news year
The countdown to Celebrity Big Brother All Stars/New Stars is ON! 10 DAYS to go until it kicks off!
I high-key wish Devin Shepherd was on every season of Big Brother
Satsuki, what do you want from here? Your big brother will buy it for you~
Am I the only one who's always wanted to go on Big Brother or I'm a celeb?😋🤔
I told my brother go big or go home.
Happy muney day toOne of the realist *** I been rokkin wit since uh lil *** my mf blood brother 💉💯I love y…
Another star has been announced for
Who is the most entertaining Big Brother HG of all time?
John Partridge: 'I battled anxiety after leaving the Big Brother house': via
Hate January? Celebrity Big Brother is about to change all that.
5 Dark Things About the Tavistock Institute Amerika, Big Brother, big pharma, british royalty,...
Janis Joplin sings "Piece of My Heart" and "Call And Chain" in one of her first post-Big Brother gigs in in 1969. https:/…
Just a few weeks ago she was gushing about her budding romance with former Big Brother housemate Ash Harrison. But……
It was a surreal version of Big Brother. He was on with Vanilla Ice, Tammy Faye Bakker, Erik Estrada, and a couple others.
I am so humbled by ALL the Big Brother support to help me bring awareness for Type 1 Diabetes ! November is Diabetes awarenes…
Winston Smith: Does Big Brother exist?. O'Brien: Of course he exists. Winston Smith: Does he exist like you or me?. O'Brien: You do not exist
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