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Big Brother

Big Brother is a reality television franchise created by John de Mol. The premise of the show is that a group of people live together in a large house, isolated from the outside world.

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Happy Birthday to my baby brother Jayden, 4 years has gone by little man I'm so blessed to be your big bro Jay, Jay…
Does all news need to go through you for verification first? What is this, 1984? Are you Big Brother?
My brother is at hotel in Cincinnati where they're having a big Furies meet up 💀💀💀
If you've got a big brother, you should get him to beat the brakes off your tormentor.
It’s my monthly gift to my brother, sister in law, and nephew
My little big brother Noah took his shirt off and tried to flex on me. But he forgot to put his…
Got a brother taken from me to early... rest up Big JG 🙏🏼✊🏽
Fritz will do literally ANYTHING in his power to be next to his big brother...also, his thighs!!!
Watch the vid of his brother - says Stephen was a professional gambler, & had m…
Shout out to the MCoC fam and everyone that came out today! Great to finally meet you all! Looking forward to the next…
You can still get your TeamCody Big Brother T's as well at
Follow my sexy big brother :P my poor mum has two *** sons
Lets her go and hops away. "Da, da, da, da! Gonna tell my big brother all about his new lover!" ***
On the fence re vaccinations. Seen some bad things happen b/c of…
Always proud of you my little big brother 🖤🔸
Big week for brothers surprised their brother is a monster.
Hey! This is my first time watching Survivor because I loved listening to you guys during Big Brot…
my big brother 💙 We will be singing at the fair this Sunday at 4pm ! Hope to see you there!
Sam should just have Jason 1 and Jason 2 living in penthouses across from each other as brother husbands Big Love style…
My boy just SHAVED OFF HIS EYEBROW because his big brother told him…
He trying to drop hints😭, it’s a big *** war that’s going to break out. Im soo scared for my brother 😩☹️
This guy was at my bar swearing that I looked like some girl off this show called Big I looked her up.
Big Brother is watching and up our ***
Stay strong my brother Antonio, we spreading mad love up here in the tri state Area, Jersey strong, The big Apple and mpre
"It's not hard! Oh, big, brother?. Big.. big brother?". ..Looks at a dark hallway and just pouts loudly.
Gus and Daisy are so cute! Gus is going to be a great big brother!
Chris Hogan. I love this guy, man. He’s tough just like the Hulk. You might as well call him Hulk Hogan. Wow. That’s wild,…
Blake Gray via Instagram: “Happy Birthday you’re like another big brother to me. Can’t believe you’re 1…
THE SON EP . From my big brother loading 80%. Keep anticipating the bomb.
Lmfao the truth will set you free big brother 🙌
My brother came in and said that my money making computer and tablet both displayed “big red images” saying that it’s overheated and needs …
"You can always rely on your big brother to allow a venting ear."
Love Snuffy like he is my own Big Brother ❤️
I’m so proud of my big brother keep up the hard work!
I do indeed. The jabbering brother first said they lived with Big Daddy on the run. Now he's changed his story. https:/…
As a quasi big brother to you I generally take all the credit for your NFL career. You are welcome.
Free my Big Brother 💰 I'm still out here Balling for you Kz⛵️
Sameer justifying himself,arguing with Naina but Arjun being the big brother defends his sister
I added a video to a playlist Big Brother - A Night With Frankie
I need some advice brother!! I have A-Rogers and the guy I’m playing has Jordy and Cobb. Do I start Big Ben instead? Thanks man
Dear big brother, I love you and miss you so much. Im always thinking of you. I hope wherever you are, its better than this *** on earth.
1x06 Skin - I tell them I'm on a road trip with my big brother - Sam and Dean Winchester; Supernatural
Amen Big Brother who doesn't know me YET
so, are you doing Big Brother celebrity? I feel like you should! You’ll be an amazing player!
When my ex tries to be like a big brother or something to me saying "oh if a guy hurts you, I'll kill them" like okay kys then 🤗🤔
My big brother loved his - he's watching this one with Jesus with a huge smile on his face.
Hey big weekend coming up for u & your brothers. Islanders for u, brother Dallas in the ALDS, and brother Luke vs the Lions.
I’m playing this last season in high school for my big brother you will beat cancer bro I know you will 🤞🏾
It's a big brother big sister type program for new PDs. Hoping to expand it to PDs with junior faculty as well!
Today my 2 year old brother comes on crying and asked me "are they're really people jacking it to big ol anime tiddies? "Yes" I say sadly
Big brother needs pulling into line
Big Brother & The Holding Company making love to Belle & Sebastian in a Christian metal style, produced by Bob Ezrin
We must all defend the 1st Amendment as powerfully as the NRA defends the 2nd. The snooping on social media accounts is Big Brother
Living in Halls is weird, it's like a hybrid of Big Brother, Love island and Kitchen Nightmares
It's not like any previous season of Big Brother contained a cast full of Rhodes Scholars. (2/2)
Paul played the best game in Big Brother history. He was behind every eviction. Was never on the block. Played it perfect…
Literally me when Josh actually won Big Brother
Cody couldn't give a crap about Big Brother. Disrespectful across the board. Take a seat America, you suck!
Get ready 4 the with our final morning update about Paul's entire game & WHY he will or won't win:. htt…
if you want Paul to win Big Brother 19
NO. The jury forgot how to play big brother. A disgrace to America they are.
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Wow disappointed in the ending of big brother 🙃 not my favorite season
I just watched Josh’s reaction to winning big brother and honestly, I’m so happy for him. I actually teared up
Congratulations Josh you are the winner of Big Brother 19!
The wrong person won Big Brother. Not even close. And America chose the wrong favorite houseguest too. Way to go USA/j…
Paul definitely should have won. Greatest player to ever be on Big Brother imo.
Will to Paul: You lost Big Brother again & you lost Candy Crush, which CBS show are you going to lose next? https:/…
It's a sad day for big brother. Worst season, worst cast and defiantly worst jury.
My mom was also bragging about dante making it big up at texas, also proud of my brother 💕
When Josh wins big brother over Paul just because two of the power couples were butt hurt that they weren't good enough
Can't believe Paul went on and actually PLAYED Big Brother!! How dare him.🙄Lots of sore losers on the jury tonight!😡
My brother Matthew is a big Ghostbusters fan. He'd probably be OK with it.
So excited to see who's gonna be on Celebrity Big Brother!! I vote 🗳
paul literally ORCHESTRATED the ENTIRE season if you are stupid enough to vote for josh u don't deserve 2 b on big brot…
*unsuscribes from CBS until winter comes so I can watch Celebrity Big Brother*
This has been the worst season of big brother ever goodnight
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Don't get me wrong I think josh is a great guy just think Paul won more and played the game right it's big brother
Big Brother USA is currently airing its finale - kudos to everyone who's struggled though such a woeful season
I'm done watching Big Brother. That jury was full of immature morons. How the *** could those *** not recognize Paul…
Here's the thing: If a jury is bitter towards you, you failed at a major aspect of Big Brother and you deserve to lose.
I need to hear ‘s thoughts on the big brother finale
Will- I'm here with Kevin. He is the best dressed man in the history of Big Brother
. Actuality of these questions:. "Paul, why were you playing the game of Big Brother in the Big Brother…
Paul is one of the best players I’ve ever seen on big brother. I cannot believe he was robbed of winning twice 😡
Big Brother is dead to me. Paul was the clear winner and the jurors voted with their dislike for someone instead of the gam…
Josh: I'll be the happiest 23 year old in the world if I win big brother. Me, a 23 year old, without 500k and in thousan…
I muted so much stuff to do with big brother when the season started. GLORIOUS I tell you🙌
I can't imagine how you tolerate the masses, the large population of Big Brother marks who spew nonsensic…
If Paul not in the Celebrity Big Brother season then I will never watch BB again
I think Matt and Raven are my two least favorite houseguests in Big Brother history. I don't even have something snarky to…
It's just poetic justice that Cody's vote essentially evicted Paul from the Big Brother house. The way Cody drew it up Wee…
Bitter juries are the WORST!!!It's Big Brother, you should expect to get played if they are playing the game at all.
Worst big brother ever I'm sorry Paul I got screwed of 500,000
Worst Big Brother in history. The jury voted based off of pettiness. Paul single-handedly played the best game out of EVERY…
I'm counting this as a Black Man winning Big Brother. Don't @ me.
I look forward to big brother every summer and I'm sad this season is over idk what im gonna do with my life lol
It's not a made up term. Watch dan in big brother 10 like I said. It's called a jury for a reason.
With Jesus joy, we all welcomed Pastor George Ashiru - A Father, Mentor and Big Brother!
The sole reason my sisters and I started watching Big Brother in high school 😍😍
Happy Anniversary to my Big Brother's Kevin Anderson & Roderick Coleman. I am because you are!❤
Josh out here giving Gob Bluth a run for his money. . This was honestly one of my favorite moments in Big Brother h…
I just wanted to say Happy Birthday! to my Big Brother. Brown this is the clip from Bruce Lee's movie...
NEWS LINCS Big Brother hunk to bare-all at village hall near Sleaford
Talking about her big brother so the mom says "& what were you trying to accomplish by punching her?"
Happy Dance we get another Big Brother in Jan/Feb! Just please give us live feeds. Still miss having a BBOTT2.
Frankie was in the UK version of celb big brother. Please God no!!
Shout out to for accepting me to the trap life.. Never knew this guy so well but he showed how big a brothe…
Soo much tougher for foreign journalists in china to work now than five years ago - new insights from
Grodner knowing she ruined but is giving us Celebrity Big Brother to get all the fans back and it's working. https:/…
Watch vets team up in this hilarious parody
When you're about to be free from Big Brother for a year and they announce Celebrity Big Brother is happening
you would be great on Big Brother. I vote for that!
.is rumored to be a houseguest on the first season of Celebrity Big Brother!
Just yesterday my brother grabbed the last apple pie outta the box and he threw the empty box back in the pantry. I was big mad.
Julie announces Celebrity Big Brother is coming this Winter. (hmm, is that why Shane Dawson was visiting?)
A moment of silence, please, for Whistle-Nut, the clown bucked off of
In my interview with and all is revealed including their dream cast. htt…
Omg is for sure going on celeb Big Brother. Never watched the show & prob still wont but happy 4 her since shes such a fan
For the 9th million time I am not a celebrity and anyone that has ever appeared on big brother USA is not a celebrity either…
I'm catching up on Big Brother & I'm trying to understand why they haven't gotten rid of Paul yet!
Celebrity Big Brother: Julie Chen shares more on the winter edition
When u have the best big brother ever
I am My big brother Romano doesn't like this time for instance: running away from all the words Remember when Austria plays
You will have try get past my big brother first..he is very very overprotective & better than FBI vetti…
Thanks! Equifax is a giant big brother rip off that deserves to be taken down.…
Can we all agree that we don't want to see Frankie on Celebrity Big Brother? Please
Celebrity Big Brother? Let's go!!! Also please bring in Kanye thanks.
The one thing I loved about Big Brother was it was only on in the summer. They just made an announcement for a celebrity winter one😡😡
My big brother told me that while i was seeing this cartoons on the TV he was seeing it like this. Naruto
Put Nicole on another season of Big Brother and she will find another boyfriend
Is totalitarian "Big Brother" freedom of the press? What if fake news that decries accurate news as fake news dominates…
??? This has nothing to do with BB19... it's about "Big Brother" in general...
Me: I hate bbus. Julie: Celebrity Big Brother premiere this winter! . Me:.
was on Big Brother a few years back. Made a proper c**t of himself. Laughing stock. I wo…
Brace yourself. The first-ever celebrity edition of is coming this winter:
Celebrity Big Brother will have live feeds! There will be multiple episodes per week. Details:
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Just found out about celeb big brother in winter and I'm so excited!
I can't wait to see pictures with his big brother!♡
Nicole from Big Brother is the new Taylor Swift 😳🔍
I'm not caught up on big brother and it's killing me not knowing who got eliminated last night
-- a tie what's on Klaus' door} Well Eddy room is better {He grins now more devilish at his big brother than before}
My favorite part of the day is sitting down on the couch with my best friends and watching Game of Thrones & Big Broth…
No there's going to be a. Big brother celebrity this winter
Yes I know I lifted him up.. people don't have to correct . I was just being a good big brother bcuz he wanted to dunk https:/…
You're on a role! Also, are you going to be on Celebrity Big Brother??
I want and to be on Celebrity Big Brother US and ill have it no other way.
"[My fans] appreciate what I say and do, but at the same time they remember that I'm human..." –
Me: I'm done with Big Brother. Julie: This winter is Celebrity Big Brother. Me:.
Big Brother winner Isabelle wearing her Silver Star coloured contact lenses from get yours now at
I hope Hilary Duff is on the Celebrity Big Brother
voted to evict from the Big Brother house, but he's safe!
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People will vote to keep someone in Big Brother or X Factor but won't vote in something that will impact their future...
In the NYMetro area Big Brother will air at 9pm EST on channel WLNY channel 10 / 510 on Verizon Fios.
"JUST Book Me On BOOKr" -- Big Brother news: Amelia Lily and Sam Thompson stumble home on date night | BOOKr .. --…
Amelia Lily and Sam Thompson stumble home from post Big Brother date night - Daily Star… UK New Entertainment
That's odd. I wonder why the Big Brother would pardon you? Must be an internal situation…
Thank you for all the amazing content over the years... Sending love all the way to the UK! Your…
You realize that the actors and actresses you admired are all clowns full of hate and supporters of Big Brother.
Got to be butter in the pastry. My brother came home from the US and made us a blueberry pie. It's…
CBS slammed over 'Big Brother' rape joke.
There was another fight, and some plotting was done for next week, yesterday. Catch up on the action here:
Congratulations you made with your rapey comments towards 's wife.
Remember that line in 1984 where it turned out we all opted in to Big Brother as part of a contract we didn't read…
Happy Birthday to my little big brother
Please note these comments were delivered on 700 Club, whose guests are delusional s that were passed o…
Worst season of big brother Matt is a joke Alex ought to be ashamed of herself and Paul is a disgusting human being
God is greatest my big brother coming home soon we heading straight to MIA
Hey,. Brian. Brother in law big Into it so I thought I'd give it a go. Next time you are up the…
I'll be issuing penalty votes to anybody who doesn't check out this week's rankings with https:/…
God bless you HPD and god bless my big brother Michael Monte of the great…
Seriously behind on Big Brother.. But Jason's reaction to his wife being pregnant was seriously the best thing ever.
🇺🇸Surprise Sister!!! Welcome home Big Brother from 2 years of active duty!! So proud!! THANK YOU For your Service!! 🎆
Now that Survivor 35 is here it's time for Big Brother to truffle shuffle off my timeline!
Asks my 5 year old brother what he's getting me for my birthday next week and he says a big box of.. nail varnish, thought that counts Hun x
Matt is a disgrace to the big brother game. If you can't follow the rules kick him out!
Cameras everywhere were supposed to lead to evil Big Brother. Instead, they hold govt accountable. WE wield the cameras. 1/
Yo , my little brother is amazing at Big buck hunter lmao
Happy Birthday to the BEST big brother a girl could have Wishing you the best of birthdays!!! 🎉🎉🎉
Unless of course it's Raven's mom, Stacy, who has incessantly tried to doxx/call CPS on Big Brother fans who don't…
Then why is he on big brother if he can't think for himself? No excuses
Yeay~ Finally, happy to have you here. What should I say 'big brother' in chinesse?
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"1984" happened because of the powerful media = the eternal Big Brother
He's been through the ringer on your show but tell Randy Orton's brother that a guy from *downunda*…
Being a big brother the last 5 yrs has made me a better person. Thanks for helping so many kids & running w. u…
Tnku for supporting brother's tnks alot .make it big trend
It's time for Big Brother to hire a new EP. Anything BB15 and over should never be the benchmark for future contestants.
Survivor has such a good cast this season and as usual Big Brother... can't relate
Big Brother wished Beautiful bday message. Hope the relationship…
She's lucky to have a big brother like you.
Beau was trying to be good big brother and telling him it's fine, it's just a bus, it'll be okay, but M…
200+ US Big Brother players & many of us have been Have-Nots. My longest was 2wks straight slop. Mat…
The real bonus is that my big brother plays the strings on the album!
Cause the new crib so *** big I went missing. Shout to my brother for being iconic. Love you young!
Virgo: A disastrous adventure will lead your brother to embrace your fear in the big city
Big Brother Grateful to see another day wishing you have a 🙏 Wednesday
Big Happy Birthday to my brother have a good one my guy
Are copies of big brother still floating around
We will never have a good season of Big Brother until they stop casting fame *** likes it's a trash cable reality sho…
I'm such a Monica but i love Ross but i don't have a big brother so no I'm not shipping incest tbh 😂
*Julie Chen Voice* . "Houseguests, the votes are in. safe. has been evicted from the big brother fando…
Conor Devereux points after big brother Jack puts it on a plate for him! 0-2 to 0-0
Matt is a disgrace to every person who has ever dreamed of playing Big Brother and hasn't made it on
C4 says The Great British Bake Off is now their biggest show for 16-34s since Big Brother. Seems that £75million was worth it!
Big Brother 19 is worst season ever. Houseguests are boring and obscene. Whoever picked this group of misfits should be fired. Evict Jason!
I added a video to a playlist My Thoughts.Why Big Brother Is Frustrating me to No End
I transplanted a plant yesterday that my big brother transplanted too. How bout da
Lost my big brother to these streets. So it ain't a question why I gotta keep the heat.
Exactly, it's so odd. I don't get why they are they Bc it's obviously not to play Big Brother
I see Bell Fibe fixed the name of Big Brother on their guide ..
Chad Johnson admits he "forgot" about the cameras in the Big Brother house...
My quiet big brother can't be a robot!
recruit Gavin McCabe (gives big boost in win over Brother
MOGGMENTUM in full force as Celebrity Big Brother's Paul Danan pays homage to Brexiteer
Here's one for u as you are doubtless in Big Brother whirl of excitement - first person I bump into today, th…
He's like my big brother, I'm like his protégé
Yeah, we know. Big brother is always watching! 😊 Anyway who cares about them!
Big Amen to that brother. I'm with you on working hard. Most today have excuses.
It sounds like he just put the characters into the Big Brother simulator game
I can't wait for Adrian to grow up with him. Mase is gonna be such a good big brother. 💙🐾
My daughter has been picking her own clothes and watching her big brother get on the bus.
This isn't even about Paul or big brother. People will lose their homes or migh…
We Are Legends just hit 1 MILLION plays on Spotify in just 3 weeks! Wow! Love you big brother! 🌹
Sam Thompson still has feelings for his ex and regrets asking Amelia Lily out
Big Brother is the 5th reality show Jason has applied for over the years..
Just makes you wonder what big brother has planned doesn't it everything happens for a reason
We're GOBSMACKED by how different Celebrity Big Brother's Jemma Lucy used to look...
Watching your Big Brother season right now and I think I might be in love - You and…
Check it out y'all! My big brother Chuck D premiered MY remix of the 2ndIINone track "Summertime" during his show...
Paul: It's so funny to read the conspiracy forums about Big Brother. Just a bunch of nerds who think it's rigged
Sarah Harding sobs as she romps to victory on Celebrity Big Brother 2017
Who is Sam Thompson? Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemate, Made in Chelsea star and Louise’s little brother
In the Doklam stand off it has lost face in the eyes of all smaller entities such as Bhutan for its big brother attitude..
Big fan of yours, Chidi. You and your brother are awesome! Keep at it!
And you said everyones fake and disgusting on our Celebrity Big Brother. Glad you werent allowed back to the final last night!
- We started out together. and we still going strong. Big up my brother!!…
The sibling group chat is really just where we bully our big brother
I encourage everybody to watch 2nd season of Big Brother (skip 1st season diff. format). There's so…
my sister is your greatest fan ever. Every weekend we have to listen to your music by force. Big up brother🙌
So these are the books which my big brother used while doing his bar and I stole it because I love law books 📚…
Are you kidding? They'll list it on their resumes. "2017, Big Brother, Los Angeles, Helped Paul Abraham…
If you guys didn't know, I kinda have the best big brother
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Well said brother.. I am a big fan of Vijay Anna bu…
They're free! Celebrity Big Brother stars let loose as they head back to hotel after Sarah…
Actual words just said in my house:. " Did you just change Big Brother for Mrs. Doubtfire?!"
. . Sarah Harding is crowned winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2017
. . Celebrity Big Brother FINAL: Sarah Harding and Amelia Lily in SHOCK result -
When the Head of the FBI is the cuprite who's going to challenge him? Big brother is a She!
Guys this is my big brother ,, if everyone could please keep him and the other sailors and their families in y'alls praye…
well done on winning Celebrity Big Brother 🎉
When we've been watching Big Brother for weeks just to find out Sarah Harding wins...
Alright, now this house might actually play Big Brother. Time to Flip on Each Other.
Sam from Big Brother seriously reminds me of Jake from the Tweenies 🤣
Big Brother is home. He is installed in the very item you just brought home from the Apple store.
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'Sarah did not just say fix up look sharp on Big Brother. Bye', another added.
.says he's the Big Dog in the family in the weight room. Think his dad and brother
The Winner:. The winner of Celebrity Big Brother: Pop Star Edition by a vote of 5-4 is...
"How about then I'll be your big brother and you can be my sister then Frost?"
"Gatlyn says you have to win big brother cause he's gonna be a big brother"
It is a childish arguement. They prefer to avoid competit…
Happy to hear Baby George is joining Big Brother William! Congrats to who's making the world better for all kiddos!
I'm really gonna miss these nights sitting on the couch watching Big Brother with my family
This is the worst Big Brother season ever. Survivor hurry up.
so you'd be like everyone else and be like sure, I will go up. # 1 rule in big broth…
Big Brother hasn't been a social experiment in YEARS. Its semi reality TV now.…
The tag is now supported by CBS Big Brother! . From our executive producer. ~
Just my thoughts on Raven from Big Brother.
Randi calls my big brother and says "you ready to beat *** and his instant response was *** did Teri do?" 😂😂
A sneak peak at the new Big Brother logo
Happy birthdaaay to guy who introduced me to raves my rave brother , big bro have a gud one mane!! 🎉😈🔥
For example, if the hosts fall asleep they could do a kid's big brother for ages 12-15.
My heart will be broken if Sandi doesn't win this years big brother, i genuinely want to be more like her
I got lost in Big Brother pages. Someone claims Josh has a secret. I can't find it. .
Brothers 💙💙 Vasili had to have a picture with his big brother 😍
"Season 19 of Big Brother USA is turning out to be extremely controversial…
This is just the beginning. Big Brother is watching our conversations right now.
Am loving Celebrity Big Brother like sarah and chad xx
I will become a born again virgin the day Paul leaves Big Brother
Mitsuki is small but very masculine!! It's so important that there's a small that's also manly and not a…
My cute big brother can't be this cute!
If you podcast about Survivor, will you have previous Big Brother and Survivor players as guests on the podcast?
oh man i saw something on YouTube a it was funny they are making fun of the cast of big brother season 19 with puppets it was so *** 😂😂
Grab the tissues. found an extra-special surprise in his HOH basket this week:
is the dumbest house to grace big brother history. Paul already had his shot last year and now they want to carry this man to the end?
I will be on big brother one day, I'm just putting it out into the universe, wig
Got the chance to speak with Marketing Director (and big brother) Tom Cruz regarding his work, and why he loves it!.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Gatlyn is so excited to be a big brother! . Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes 💕🤠🤡
Paul is annoying af. I'm bout to be done with this season of big brother.
Appreciate man! I see big things for you as well brother
My big brother in the federal hospital in Oklahoma said if it's 1000 inmates there 775 of them are either cho-mo's(child molesters) or
With a vote of 2-0, BB19 has been evicted from the Big Brother house
Catching up on big brother. I never realized how far I was behind.
bamtheartist1987 (get_repost). ・・・. Look what my brother did for his big little sister... 😍😍😍
Also BIG brother points to Morty this episode too x3
*** are afp polls? Do they influence who wins big brother?
.I think it's time to change your game & follow in the footsteps of UK Big Brother & allow the public to evict houseguests.
Proud mama moment when big brother wants to take little brother to his first day of 6th grade! I love them so big! https:…
Jemma Lucy on Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Who are her parents? Inside the Ex On The Beach relationship with mum,……
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