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Big Boss

is a fictional character from Konami's Metal Gear series. He is first introduced in the original Metal Gear as the commanding officer of protagonist Solid Snake, only to be revealed as the leader of the enemy forces as well, a role he would resume in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

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Big Boss contestant ROHAN MEHRA injured on the set of SASURAL SIMAR KA || News Makers: via
Govt may collapse or stay through manipulation. That doesn't matter. But, Big Boss is exposed & losing every support on the ground
I need El Cartel: The Big Boss & Talento de Barrio to be available 😪I love those albums but only available on youtube smh 😤
Maybe not Solid Snake, but Big Boss. . Big Boss can bone Kaz in Peace Walker with the Love Box.
S.S. Rajamouli proves he's a master storyteller, the Big Boss... is sure to vanquish previous BO records and…
The Fyre Festival looks like something Big Boss would have to infiltrate
Now Stephen Keshi has died (RIP) I propose that we transfer his 'Big Boss' nickname to Eric Bailly
WOW! Someone has managed to record one of my Migraines! Big Boss by Doctor P ♫
Hello, Big Boss! I'm Actress Moon Chae Won, 86 line, verif me as Ent Agent? Thank you!
I wonder whether Big Boss' true mission in TPP was originally meant to parallel Kojima's work on Silent Hills.
Touchdown with "the Big Boss" and waiting for his driver.. Welcome… (at Garuda Indonesia Business Class Lounge) —
Karl Urban isn't playing Big Boss because he's too young. Hugh Jackman isn't Solidus too to sidestep questions like
Given that Kyle Reese was the original visual inspiration for Solid Snake I would love to see old, modern-day Michael Biehn play Big Boss.
to Stephen Keshi. The 'Big Boss' was 1 of only 2 people to win the as player🏆and Coach🏆. https:/…
Anyone else think Mark Hamil is turning into Big Boss?
tfw Sean Connery will never play Big Boss in a Metal Gear 2 movie
Stephen "Big Boss" Keshi, would have been 55 today. It has been 7 months since we buried him. I miss you a lot, my friend. 😢
HBD Big Boss | 10 things you didn't know about Stephen Keshi
should've really voiced Big Boss in MGSV. You can hear "Kiefer Sutherland" the actor. When Hayter does it, you can hear Snake.
When you think of Big Boss as Fyodor, Solid Snake as Alyosha, Liquid Snake as Ivan and Solidus as Dmitri it all makes sense.
I like Big Boss. . 3rd season se I've been watching when Amitabh was host .. Iss saal ka sabse bada flop show hai big boss 😂😂
We gave India Zindagi channel and Coke Studio and they gave us Big Boss.. Munasib.
"Drink moderately." S-Leone was 1 of the few Afr countries w standard beer size of 33cl, Heineken launched Big Boss
Take a refreshing break with Big Boss, Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience is only £14.99 (40% off)! . ►…
Me @ Big Boss: don't even breath the same air as this beautiful man ever again
"Big Boss" politics is a thing of the past, says Robin McAlpine - and Scotland deserves better. .
A great business meeting over lunch with the Big Boss! A visionary man and always inspiring. I…
Me: I AM GOING TO CHANGE MY FUTURE DAD!. Dad: Your Mom is watching Big Boss. Dare to change the channel and I will be the…
Sudhanshu Pandey replaces Siyaasat ... This Ex-Big Boss couple, Kishwer & Suyyash, will make you pack your bags right ..
Zuri.. my 4 year old boss lady. "Your stomach is big.. are you carrying a baby..?"
I want to see the kissing scene of Big Boss Hoya and Beauty Sungjong.
Update your maps at Navteq
Can Indian channels open again, really wanna watch Big Boss 10.
We have a big Boss going on in TN, no one is allowed to leave a certain hospital.
Maestralette (ENGIE boss) to Council and Parliament rep: "There is a big gap between where we are and where we need to be."
The 5 stats that will convince your boss. -
If anything I have learnt from Big Boss, Donald Trump ji will win the polls.
Happy Birthday BIG BOSS 🤗 (with Velly, Feby, and 2 others at Green Lake City) [pic] —
Don't be afraid of the Big White Wolf. even our old boss knew we were both
Big Boss has Swami Om as a Hindu mahatma participant,Mahatmas in our dharm r not like this than why this humiliation
For a successful there is no failure, only new knowledge for future opportunities
I'll save 109hrs of myh lyf. By not watching
if and big if Del was to go I would like Tommy Wright as next boss with Robson as assistant.
Ahab makes a better big boss than big boss himself.
I love venom snake so much. He means the world to me. He is the big boss we deserve and need.
Deepika's appearance in the Big Boss House for XXX Xander Cage Return, styling by my partner in crime, Shaleena
XPE boss attending WBO conference in Puerto Rico. . Big up to the big guy. Wbo president re elected unopposed
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That's how shameful our politics have become. Do anything for votes and play the big boss afterwards
Why, is big boss even a topic of discussion.
Happpy fricken birthday boss! The big 21! Hope your day is amazing you deserve it! 🎈🎉🍻🍾
Transas boss calls for regulatory compliance for Big Data connectivity
There's a boss fight where you can grab a feather that gives you wings - so you can jump over a big cliff.
Dear Narendra Modi, Antara Biswas is up for elimination on Big Boss 10. What kind of intolerance is this?
Nothing do to with Salman being Big Boss host which has a rival drinks company as sponsor. Nothing to do with facts basica…
...Dear Kapil, as we heard that Sunil Grover will the part of Big Boss, so who gonaa play the most famous role of Mashoor Gulati
I miss Big Boss and Prince Zuko very much rn for absolutely no reason
My piece on the "Big Boss", Stephen Okechukwu Keshi, is out, in the October issue of Get a copy!
Now Navjot Singh Sidhu can stay in Big Boss house for as long as he wants. No BJP to stop him from doing as he wills
"It's been a long time." - Capt. Big Boss . I told yah, they're alive 😂 Capt. Big Boss and Sergeant Major Seo 😍
Let me step in to remind you both Solid Snake and Big Boss are alive at the end of 4 and cyborgs are everywhere 3 yrs later
Delhi HC makes it clear LG is the Big Boss of Delhi ! AAP decides to go to Supreme Court, but any court will uphold th…
Please vote for for Dr. Kang (Song Hye Kyo) please please. It will mean a lot to our Big Boss! ☺ ||
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idris elba was pretty much Big Boss trying to make a world where soldiers could thrive, respect. outer heaven in outer space
Coach Stephen Keshi 'The Big Boss' to be laid to rest, a month after his death
WHAT IF David Hayter voiced Big Boss in the ending cutscene. (made by a friend)
Kiefer Sutherland as Big Boss and David Hayter as Snake makes far more sense to me than Hayter doing both.
Zero and "Big Boss" break each other. After all Snake (David Hayter) never wanted to be Big Boss, but follow the
Even more important, back 10 years. Why after this important distinction, why not Big Boss - David Hayter...
Stephen Keshi (the Big Boss) is the only Nigerian coach to have won the Africa Cup of Nations
BJP minister Ramdas Athawale dropped from Big Boss his supporters ransacked Colour office now Modi True colour
It took Clemens Westerhof 5 years to win the nations cup for us but took 2 years. Gaskiya, Big Boss your death pain me.
May the Big Boss' soul rest in peace he had led his country to green pastures, both as player & coach
A true Nigerian Legend!. to the former Head Coach of the Super Eagles, 'Big Boss' Stephen Keshi (1962-2016).
West wrong with Keshi criticism Nigeria legend Taribo West has slammed the Big Boss for his failures with the
Kazusune could mean Solid Snake and Kaz too... This is why Big Boss is BB
I play Peace Walker and decide it's not my type. Big Boss is sexy tho.
Peace Walker wasn't much better and Big Boss was still relatively young then ._.
Big Boss slamming cans of Pepsi Max to meet the sponsorship quota
Big Boss on Friday. Fists of fury Saturday and now about to watch Way Of The Dragon. Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris in the Rome Colisseum.
Big Boss and the Rest of the MGS3 Snake Eater Cast are at the Movies 💪
Carl Johnson went nuclear long before Big Boss.
Descendants of the Sun 15 left us hanging! Eh buhay si Big Boss, tuloy ang forever!! PDnim *** extend. We don't want this to be over! HUHU
I feel like PW and V are both intended to try to redeem Big Boss, not by excusing his actions but by turning him into a rube
From Solid Snake to Big Boss, save up to 75% on Metal Gear titles at PlayStation Store
I miss the convert(or not so covert, as the case may be) adventures of Richard 'Big Boss' Stanton and Marty 'Solid Snake' Davis
Am I the only person who actually liked Keifer Sutherland as Big Boss? The character should have had a different VA since MGS3!
He basically did the same to Big Boss, so
Once again may I reiterate my idea for a Metal Gear retcon, namely that Big Boss be renamed Big Man
man Solid Snake is so much cooler than Big Boss. He didn't used to be, but then they turned Big Boss into Anakin Skywalker
Admit it. Peace Walker was the downfall of Big Boss and Ground Zeroes is the last chapter of Peace Walker.
That pic is based on the beginning scene from Ground Zeroes, which had the real Big Boss, not Venom.
Veena Malik taking bath in swimming pool in Big Boss by - via
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Tbh I thought Kiefer Sutherland was the perfect voice actor for Big Boss. I love David Hayter and all, but Sutherland nailed BB in MGSV.
has a hit on every recruit so far with 1 exception, DT Garret Rand, now time for the big ones Juarez, Boss, Asiasi
Metal Gear Franchise: Big Boss vs Solid Snake - Who do you prefer?
Later tonight Dante makes his return to the big boss Jin.
I added a video to a playlist Kirby Remix - Big Boss Bash [Boss Medley]
my boss used to really put them back too. He'd show up with a big can in the morning & send me for a 4 pack when I got lunch.
The Tag Team of the day is, the Big Boss Man & Akeem the African Dream, the Twin Towers, with Slick.
Now, if your boss is a sadist, then you have a big problem. In that case, fire your boss and get a new job.
I didnt think it was possible to get your tongue that far up the big boss's *** but she can add that her skills on her cv
Sort your face to head ratio out before you try act the big boss man dave no one thinks your hard
Part1 some thinks along toward forex savings account big boss ermine referendum big businessman: aWLxhGwm
The Elites we know about are RSC Kevin Nash, Walgreens Exclusive HBK and WWE Network Spotlight Series w/ HHH and Big Boss Man.
Check out these 6 steps to becoming a data innovator at your organization!
Today's featured item is our 65 cent jumbo wings with your choice of Big Boss Sauces . (Original BBQ, Bold BBQ,...
I'm big boss and you're also big boss
I might go to at THE VIC in Swindon, United Kingdom - Apr 23
OMMGG new picture of SRK & Kajol during shooting for Big Boss 😍😍😍
Top 10 of Big Bang's most boss performances
one of them, and a couple of Germans and a pug called Hugo the big boss
Congratulations to for signing with Doane College today. You'll do big things. Proud of you boss🏈
Oga at the top. Shot caller. Big boss. Master law manipulator.
My boss buys me a big *** beer everyday after work it's so lit
The big boss came in from Mumbai to see us. To give us a new contract. Man was shocked with what he found
Had an interesting day at work with the big boss telling us he's resigned.
big boss I will be fan till I turn to a gost
In Every game is 'big' for us - Mellon - Shrewsbury Town boss Micky Mellon says that Sunday's visi...
Ruling classes consultant: as much as in transit to alter into a foresight erminites conceive big boss: LKhSGBrgq
The report to Big Boss tapes are confusing
Congrats to my brother an teammate signing with from pee wee to high school, he's big time now https…
Commander Red sorta looks like a tiny Big Boss anyways, so it could've worked.
My boss always doing it big... I pray for more wisdom and grace ijn.. Keep winning boss
Happy Bday to our most exclusive client The Big Boss Part1 vía IG
Real life Big Boss arm to be shown off at Texas bodyhacking conference this month
All I'll say is that Sapna Bhavnani is a big drama queen/attention seeker. And this is from my interaction with her during her Big Boss days
PAIV what are your top 5 underrated Wrestlers of all time. Mine is Regal, Shelton, Wade Barrett,British bulldog, Big Boss man
I just watch a match where beat the Earthquake on WCW Nitro and Big Boss man came in an shaved the Earthquakes hair. lol
I just pray that he will be happy up there with the Big Boss or The Man Above and watching over my family, RIP Great Grandpa i love you 👼💖👼💖
Mr. Big Boss secures Pearl Rose to an anchor to further her high heel training.
Madhu Kishwar, that senior citizen, and Big Boss? :) I seem well out of what's current in India, sitting here in the UAE :)
Big Boss: Alabama is the final stage in Clemson's quest via
So what is Skull Face's true identity? Is it one of the eight clones of Big Boss that got away?
Just like the Nick Fury and Big Boss being at Outer Heaven and Nick Fury parts ways, making SHIELD... Punisher being an Ex-Diamond Dog.
Happywala B'day I Wish u get a caring partner! Plz tell Mandana our Country treats every1 Atithi Devo Bhavo on Big Boss n in our life 2💖tc x
I've been trying to guess who inspired latest Big Boss'. design and morphing Kiefer Sutherland, Bruce Willis and M…
Kaz calls Big Boss a monster in mg1
He stops for a second, and looks dead-pan, before laughing. "I think you've got it wrong. I'm no, 'Big Boss...'"
Wait. The guy who voiced Joseph Joestar in the Japanese OVA voiced Big Boss?. NOW I'VE SEEN EVERYTHING
It would have been the perfect time for the Diamond Dogs to come in and save Big Boss again, exactly like Peace Walker
First MGS for me was Snake Eater. You just come to love David Hayter as Big Boss.
imagine a remake of MG1/2 in that engine. Finally getting to see Solid Snake take on Big Boss with non 8-bit graphics.
I don't get why they don't have the option to have Big Boss without the horn, scars and prosthetic arm if we have MGS3 costumes
in Big Boss house please do visit..
I love the fact that Robin Atkin Downs voices all of the faceless actual Big Boss fanboys in Portable Ops and also kaz in Peace Walker
well, Big Boss and Way of the Dragon. Fist of Fury is an all-out brawler and Game of Death barely counts.
I totally want Huccha Venkat to win Big Boss 3 Kannada. Full on non-stop entertainer. God bless him.
Tried making Big Boss in Snake Eater debriefing style. Not perfect, but hey.
... David Hayter's voice coming from Big Boss just didn't seem right to me anymore. Got so used to MGSV and hearing a different voice...
Big Boss of my own story. The hero who descended into a demon
Konami has filed a trademark for "Big Boss" pachinko, indicating the new machine will feature the Metal Gear Solid…
So Master Chief is actually Big Boss? MGSV really goes places.
wohho! It will be best seaon of Big Boss if Salman Khan , Megastar Amitabh Bachchan would host. .
Okay, Big Boss is awesome as always, but Solid Snake is the better Hero. Just look at him in MGS4. He doesn't stop.
Shovel knight and Solid Snake with Big Boss alt costume
Salma Agha likely to take part in Big Boss season 9
Majical Cloudz is to David Byrne what Solid Snake is to Big Boss.
Yea Keifer Sutherland is a better Big Boss. He's the closest thing to Richard Doyle. David Hayter sounds abit off in PW.
Big Boss ain't half bad at bowling:
Big Boss is cool, but he's no Johnny Sasaki.
We want Digvijay Singh in Big Boss house and Rahul Gandhi in Kapil Sharma's house or whatever left of it.
Mia Khalifa in Big Boss is a Wrong decision. . She should have been opted for the serial . "Bade" acche Lagte hai" . T…
Executive secretary, Julie Smith, is hogtied by Mr. Big Boss.
Big Boss fends off Mario as keeps the top spot on the UK games chart.
. If Kojima is supposed to think I'm gonna believe Ishmael is Big Boss, why the *** does he have the same voice and no beard? 😤
& I want players to be in on that choice, weight it down role with along with Big Boss what sort of a man he is now. So important I think.
MGS6's plot twist will reveal that Big Boss' full name is actulaly John Fulton.
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The HB thing. Happy birthday Big Boss you are 4 years old
Big Boss says about as much as Ivan Drago, it's really off putting how little he has to say. Really strange.
Solid Snake's life experience couldn't hold a candle to Big Boss'.
So would Portable Ops get more love if instead of Roy Campbell, that's how Big Boss met Miller?
I wonder if, in addition to Russian, Big Boss lost his understanding of the Feline language. maybe he'll have to extract a Cat Interpreter
Radhe Maa Trust: She will not join Big Boss. She is pure and pious. Imam Siddiqui: Time Out, guys.
Big Boss' cultivating his own private petting zoo is by far my favourite thing about MGS5 so far. Long-eared hedgehogs f…
Here's the full story of Metal Gear Solid's central character, Big Boss.
I'm trying to imagine David Hayter saying most of Big Boss' lines in this game. Something feels... off about it.
Having difficulty getting used to Kiefer Sutherland as Snake/Big Boss. I love Kiefer but David Hayter will always be Snake.
I have to say, I am used and actually really like Kiefer's VA as Big Boss. David Hayter = Solid Snake. Kiefer Sutherland = Big Boss
is it that they highed Keifer Sutherland because Big boss isnt actually Big Boss and that David Hayter comes back
As much as I love Kiefer Sutherland & Troy Baker as actors, can't help missing David Hayter & Josh Keaton as Big Boss & young Ocelot.
ha, no that's 'the boss'. Big boss was given the codename when he defeated the boss.
We want in big boss house biaccchhhess
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I'm confused, thought Big Boss was a woman, in MGS3
U should go to big Boss as a contestant and relaunch yourself 😜
Salman Khan to host Big Boss 9, promos will be out soon
Troy Baker (Ocelot), Kiefer Sutherland (Big Boss), ??? (Inklings) are all better choices than Burch.
i wish Big Boss was my dad. I bet Big Boss wouldn't eat my snacks
Big Boss: Posts anime Paz posters all over Mother Base. Solid Snake: Has weeby songs on his iPod. Liquid: Cosplays
nyc work GOD BLESS you big o...i love d video.
Roaring hedgehog works for big boss by day, manages sonic the hedgehog forum by night. dreams of the day the boss will practice cqc with him
Is going to mess around with these people at
CEO sir, all the best to you. Waiting to see you in big screen with the lead stars. Nalla varuveenga boss.
I'm probably going to play the first one with Solid Snake since he was in Smash and not Big Boss :P
Top German football exec Oliver Bierhoff is a big fan of US sports' draft system - and I think he's right
Big Boss never blocked anyone, he just gutted them, cremated them, and smeared their scorched remains across…
Metal Gear is great but I would've liked it more if Donald Sutherland was Big Boss.
Big bro iceprincezamani new record is now available on my site this…
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I just realised but in MGS4 Ocelot pretends to be Liquid and talks about Big Boss like he's his father. He's calling him daddy
What if I shot a video for the remix that I did of Big Boss? 😁
How Big Boss Chris would like to cycle to work Tee Hee :)
It's going to be really painful to see Big Boss turn into an actual demon with all this nice things he's been doing lately so far. :X
It's hilarious how Big Boss is a better father than Goku
Salman Khan to shoot ‘Bigg Boss 9’ promo in Karjat: ‘Big Boss’ fans are waiting for. the ninth...
The Big Interview: Claudio Ranieri lives up to Mr Nice Guy reputation
Who is BIG Shirley on Martin Show? . 1, Cole Girlfriend. 2, Tommy's Boss. 3, Waitress at the Bar. 4, Stan Girlfriend .
Impatiently waiting for big boss season 9
Just to clarify. I'm not going on big boss. It's a great show but I'm not the right person for this. *** no PS4, ill die!
One day I should do a legit Phantom Pain big boss cosplay. That would be badass as ***
The buzz on bee stealing and engineering inspired by insects. Plus Eclectic music from Shpongle and Big Boss Man. 10 a.m.
nd so that she'll feel too big to need a real man in her life? Everything has a limit, boss!
Take a closer look at Big Boss' bionic arm from the collector's edition.
its wat Sanjay jha says.y dont u try for Big Boss, u got a big chance
What if Wes Anderson made a Metal Gear movie? Well, this is what it would look like. Bill Murray as Big Boss please.
He's horny. Big Boss just needs some Big *** that's all.
Lunch before with the Big Boss owner Bob Nutting & Manny Sanguillen
Back at the Limerick Strand Hotel . This time for the Crescent Comprehensive Debs with our friends Big Boss...
and he looks amazing in TPP! Secretly the whole saga is the story of Ocelot saving the world from Big Boss.
Its Mean Ch Nisar Ali Khan is Big Boss of Pakistan & we r all under his RULES???
wouldn't it still be Big Boss but you'd fight a giant mecha Princess Peach at the end?
I wonder why chose an oil rig instead of an aircraft carrier as Big Boss' base of operation in MGSV
Office Lessons from Big Boss 7 Bigg Boss is more than a reality show �
Clowning around with the Big Boss and my hero, Mr. Woody Fraser and some extreme thrill seekers! So…
One of my favourites from Sri Aurobindo, the Big Boss...
watching MGS V E3 2015 Trailer Analysis. "Big Boss is watching" is a reference to George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four"...
Big Boss you good?"Good morning boys and girls, gentlemen and gentlewomen."
no it's Akio as Big Boss as Grey Fox as Decoy Octopus as Chico as Quiet. LITTLE GRAY CONFIRMED
Tonight get Mps early.Happy Hour 6-9pm Music by Dj Confusion Hosted by Big Boss
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"I made an album dedicated to Big Boss's teeth". Wat.
Happy Fathers to the Big Boss man! 🙌. Happy fathers day to my personal Trainer, personal comedian,…
Big Boss was a man who was the best at what he did. He was used unfairly as a tool of war. He fought it and became (c)
He shoots right handed anyway, and he's Big Boss...Why does the man who surpassed The Boss need to explain himself.
Come roll with the Big Boss cuz your man *** backwards like Kriss Kross
He used to be Big Boss as a PLAYER Not now. Especially since he lost the magic wand. Now it's 'Man Must Wack'
man people are saying that maybe Skullface isnt even real - but like Big Boss going insane
I prefer Kiefer Sutherland as Big Boss. YES I KNOW HE'S NOT Solid Snake. Sutherland captures the "broken man" tone better.
Even though three separate Phantom Pain previewers have now said that you change Big Boss' face at the start of the game? ;-)
Salman Khan introducing me on Big Boss felt special ☺ ♥
Kurt Russel is old enough to play a really good Big Boss or Solidus Snake.
Kojima please do a Fox Engine remake of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake with Kiefer Sutherland as Big Boss and...
I added a video to a playlist Bruce Lee: The Big Boss - Final Fight
And if that's "lol" then where's my Big Boss, Marcus Fenix or Kratos "Soft Touch Big Balls™" edition with push-together *** Kojima?
One thing is certain...the theme of next Big Boss will be "JAIL"
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
THE BIG BOSS:. Original set of front of house Bruce lee Big Boss lobby cards. very very collectable. up for grabs...
What sort of stupid maniac would draw Big Boss' head in a jar outfitted with mini Metal Gear REX legs?. ME
Big Boss contestant Pooja Mishra accuse Sonakshi, Poonam and 2 others for molestation in recession blu hotel udaipur
Y'know, after watching Arrow & seeing Manu Bennett in an eyepatch, i say he would make a *** good Big Boss / Snake in a Metal Gear film...
God, Big Boss looks hot in the Fox Engine!
I'm with -- Gray Fox could be Venom Snake. If I'm wrong? Well it's way more entertaining then it just being Big Boss.
Awwn! You miss the show? Did you meet Nia Sharma after Big Boss ? :/
you said you enjoy writing Big Boss more than Solid. Do you think Big Boss is more important than solid in the MGS legacy?
>tfw nobody understands the idea of memes passing on Big Boss trained Gray Fox so he exhibit's Boss' memes not other way round
If there is ever to be a live action Metal Gear film, David Hayter should be Snake and Michael Hogan should be Big Boss. Just saying.
No offense, But Salman Khan is doing Big Boss ten times better than SRK did KBC, so at least on small screen he wins!
joining Navjot Singh Sidhu,in Big Boss does not look decent.
Ima boss like big Meech pockets fat like Rick Ross
good luck big bro. Show em who's boss
Tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty. You're listening to the boy from the big bad city. This is jam hot
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boss RSS running more than 1000 social organization. Media never show this. Traders like is big…
Urabn tonight Big up you self Radio Boss
Only a real boss can do time and come home and still get the same love on the block shout to my big bro
Big day of birthdays in land... Happy 20th bday to and happy 60th bday to the boss, Flip Saunders!
Big shout out to the boss man himself on his birthday wish I could celly with you, better be crushing it out there kid!
Barclays boss says he wants big card EVERY QUARTER.
Not sure about Prime Minister but Rahul Gandhi is definitely the perfect candidate to come on Big Boss.
p.s. I'm a big fan and always BE A BOSS!
Boss just put out a big *** bonus im bout to get this money real quick
Nai boss is slping on his job, a big city without water, big up to SONKO niko nyuma yako
Since George passed the Yankees have been very disappointing. The Boss would've never let this big time prospect get to Boston!
Who's excited for the Mary I Ball tomorrow??
Big boss is now making some enquiries
it is a sad day to hear Boss man Jr is now changing his name to melvin. Really big downfall there
I think v all agree dat arnab goswami is dat real *** here. His is like d big boss version of journalism.loud and pointless
A big Happy Birthday to my baby bro and my gorgeous friend Tiona White ! [ ]
Forgot to mention Big Sam will be England boss by the time of Euro 2016
News is that Yograj Singh has been invited for the next season of Big Boss. He has earned it :)
Apparently David Hayter will be in Phantom Pain. What does this mean, is there more than one Big Boss? *** it Kojima.
Simon Belmont, Monster Hunter, Ryu, Big Boss...I guess if you had to use a western char Rayman is better than Gex or Awesome Opossum
Just realized after watching Rambo marathon, that John Rambo and Big Boss are the same person
Am I watching Award show or mix of Big Boss and Comedy Night with Kapil.. is Sea without Water !
wait, is she Big Boss and we're like... Liquid and Solid Snake?
Please tell me you have some elaborate Solid Snake / Big Boss thing going on. I cannot wait.
Yes, that's right. It's been said the game is supposed to chronicle Big Boss' fall from grace. His loss of humanity.
Be ready for acting classes in Big Boss with team
Imran Khan is doing same cheap tactics, which Veena Malik did in "Big Boss" to get more votes.
Ajaz Khan disqualified from Bigg Boss Halla Bol! The Big Boss house has been infamous for being the... http:…
Sonali got the third highest votes last week. This week also she is leading .Stop rigging votes Big Boss
Kasparov the King: Sony and almost all US Presidents have one "Big Boss" according to Bobby Fischer and Michael Jackson.
Hamilton Collection
and Kabir Khan will be a Big Boss inmate.
Put him in Big Boss house with Rakhi Sawant.
But I just love the idea Big Boss meets Liquid first, out of his two kids. Hope there's more to it than a cameo.
they will invite nirmal baba,rampal,Asaram bapu on Big Boss?
When Kim Kardashian enters the Big Boss house. on
Kim Kardashian on Big Boss - Season 8!! Maybe, they'll call the special episode
Kim Kardashian going to enter Big Boss's house! I think, i will need to watch that episode separately! :P
Emmanuel Emenike Vs Ikechukwu Uche: Who Should Start For Nigeria ? As the Super Eagles plan to battle the Congolese in a must win match tomorrow, who would be the better option upfront in attack for SE? The Villarreal forward has returned to the Super Eagles squad, but should he usurp the off-colour Fenerbahce man and start against Congo? Stephen Keshi has returned to the dug-out, but he may not be Nigeria's only comeback king for the double-header against the Republic of Congo and South Africa. After 25 games in the wilderness, Ikechukwu Uche has been named in the Super Eagles squad. The Villarreal hitman hasn't featured for the continental champions since the victorious Cup of Nations triumph over Burkina Faso in early 2013. The West Africans are desperate, however, and with star striker Emmanuel Emenike misfiring, Keshi might be tempted to recall Uche to the starting XI for the upcoming fixtures. Should the Big Boss return the veteran poacher (uche) to the first team, or should Emenike be allowed to co ...
Update Via Bollywood Life : Akshay Kumar Sir & have already been approached for Next Season of Big Boss but both haven’t given any confirmation yet.
with you there on Big Boss ..there was only one star..the pole star among all stars ...You Sophie..first and last
Really hope Pritam becomes captain, I feel like Big Boss is against them, gave Upen a chance to nominate the whole group.
I been checking TRP's of Colors shows, Udaan,Ashiqui,Sasural Simar Ka,Big Boss,Balika Vadhu,all way higher that what rangraisya ever got,sad
Roadies is the dumbest thing about Indian television after Big Boss.
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