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Big Boi

Antwan André Patton (born February 1, 1975), better known by his stage name Big Boi, is an American rapper, song-writer, record producer and actor, best known for being a member of American hip hop duo OutKast alongside André 3000. His work in the duo has produced six studio albums.

Killer Mike Janelle Monae Deitrick Haddon Soulja Boy Kate Bush

Tomorrow has new stuff from Ride, Big Boi, Steve Earle & Matthew Sweet. PURPLE RAIN deluxe next week.
This is ear candy - Danger Mouse, Run the Jewels, and Big Boi team on new track "Chase Me" via
Big Boi says a Lee Daniels-directed OutKast movie could be coming soon
Georgia Tech students who studied Outkast and Trap Music got an unexpected visit from Big Boi. |
gotta disagree on several of those Ross, Big Boi, Gipp, and Juvie, I can't see fam, more famous but not better
Simply saying the narrative of being too fragile is to simplistic. More to do with big hits than weak bone. h…
if you want to sign big man, Dontari Poe!
Right now on - "Banana Clipper feat. Big Boi by Run The Jewels
I need to know where people rank rappers like 50 cent, Common, Big Boi, Lupe Fiasco, & Jadakiss on their all time list.
I liked a video Big Boi and The Purple Ribbon All-Stars - I'm on it (Kryptonite)
Wanna be big boi gotta handle big boi problems
Why did I JUST NOW realize that Big Boi is a better rapper than Andre? 🤔
Everyone is enjoying your monologues so much that it's hard to... More for Gemini
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Big boi birthday wishes to Mr Connor Linden who writes and sings and strums in this band of ours xoxox
Atlanta but I'm Gambino, big Chris from work is Paper boi and is Darius
Big well done to my boi for passing his driving test 🚗💨
Big boi bike, big ting 650 rolling around the road to quickly
Oh look at my boi!He's being a big boi now on his computer.They grow up so fast,it brings a tear to my eye.Everybod…
You don't want anyone to see your vulnerabilities because you ... More for Leo
😂 man you gotta ask Big Boi about that one
Nah did y'all really listen to Big Boi's verse on Int'l Players Anthem? I don't think y'all did.
We are playing All N My Grill by Missy Elliot (f. Big Boi)
Just flipped over my calendar. Happy new year guys. What did i miss?
Same person in the job foreman on DVD by night. The Cleveland browns have a big 10-4. *That Boi
Big s/o to my boi Evader putting it down for the T' s in the north side in a BIG WAY. Respect.
Mom: Hope U can cook ,my son has a big appetite. . Her: I know right he be eating my.
no shh you're not gross and Matt will make you big boi GET GOOD MUSCLES YES?
Wish I had big titties but my chest flatter than my boi plank on ed edd n eddy
It was that *** Eva that sent the anonymous tip on Jaheel. She wants the group to be managed by Big Boi.
So what's the big craze about this Holla at cha boi.
that eve is a snake. She is a user. She wants out the way to get with big boi
yea Big breath boi breath u makin it hotout there now breath
When I get as big as my character I wanna fight you boi 😂
S/O Crack, and Big Reese for being the best seniors a team could ask for.
Im a big boi, 3 stacks for some toys
let alone dating. but when i was concerned boi did i get dubb'd big time ALL the time & ppl would always tell me don't worry
Outkast is an American hip hop duo formed in 1991, composed ofrappers André "André 3000" Benjamin and Antwan "Big Boi *** Patton
ESPN's Cari Champion asked about Big Boi's wife's dog without knowing that she passed away
Dammit. Why is Big Boi in this movie? Can get 1/2 of Outkast,Ja Rule, Wendy Williams & Charlie Murphy for this gig but no Maas?
Hey is there a way to find older episodes of Juan Epstein? I'm trying to hear the full Big Boi episode from a few years ago
it's always intrigued me how people just vaulted Andre over Big Boi as if Big was being carried
wait, did Lil' Wayne perform the same night that Big Boi did? We went the day Big Boi performed.
"Life moves so fast. You gotta document the good times, man." ~Big Boi // Yo~on .. . training…
main reason I HATE seeing 3000 on top 5 lists smh... Big Boi was doing half the work
Here's a collection of every Andre 3000, Big Boi & Outkast verse, video, and performance!
André 3000 taught Big Boi how to roll his first joint in high school Rick Ross, Big Boi, Matthew McConaughey and I would all be the best of friends in an alternate universe.
Tightrope (feat. Big Boi) by Janelle Monae from the album The Archandroid
Sinners (Saved by Grace) Remix by Deitrick Haddon ft. Big Boi on
Now listening to Dirty South by Goodie Mob feat.Big Boi
My favorite Big Boi verse is actually the one he had on "And I Love You" x Rich Boy feat Pastor Troy. Cuz it was SO unexpected.
Music Midtown lineup graphics have Big Boi third line down, but Twenty One Pilots is a headliner? In ATL? What is this pasty nonsense?
Cee-Lo lowkey washed Big Boi on Follow the Light.
Big Boi, pls. Florida Evans aint real and she sucked. The woman in the thong looks like one of your video extras. Wyd?
30pts 7rebs 6asts 5stls. Don't believe the "not an all around player" lies. "Stop spreading them rumors, we ain't Club Nouveau".(c)Big Boi
I'm so proud to have played for you Mister Ranieri! You taught me so much!! True gentleman! Big congrats!
Who's hittin up that overwatch 2nite other than my big boy
REPOST: skinny boi making the big time becoming a ambassador for…
Thank you for sharing!. We appreciate you and are big fans of the site and magazine!
"He's got a big drink problem, could embarrass the program, meet me up in that tree later and I'll tell you more." https:…
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Can't wait for you to meet your big brother! I LOVE YOU BABY BOI!.
Big up to my Paps Benny Boi..87today! Xx
Dat Boi memes are the next big thing
Gunna blow tmmr bois better ware your big boi pants
getting bashed around by big boi Morgan!
That Boi Yayo Be Having Them Super Big Pants 😭😂. He think he still in Chicago
My big bro and my homies graduate this weekend. It's definitely lit boi
Drake can sample Outkast and *** will see 3 Stacks and Big Boi in the credits thinking they wrote his bars 😭😂
Alright stream today. We got a bunch of stuff done today, So I'm glad about that. More Gungeon tomorrow and hopefully get that 100% done.
The Muppets show take respons on Outkast "ms Jackson". starrin Kermit the Frog as Big Boi and Gonzo as Andre 3000.
Watch The Muppets Take on OutKast With a Cover of "Ms. Jackson": The video stars Kermit the Frog as Big Boi a...
BOTH SHOWS THIS SUMMER NYC. it's on we'll see if big boi likes u better or Kanye likes me better
Hear Big Grams' Playlist of Songs They Vibe To - Big Grams, the unlikely alliance of Outkast's Big Boi and indi...
21. Bun Bs verse is immaculate on Int'l Players Anthem it's just overshadowed by Pimp C, 3k, and Big Boi
Country Music HotSpot of the Day with Laid Back – feat. Big Boi, Maggie Rose & Mannie…
That's why them artist got mainstream features... T pain, snoop, e40, big boi... The list is long...
Brooke Baldwin is personal friends with Big Boi
Hey listen of XXI Century. Now playing Big Boi - Pharrell - Sleepy Brown - Margarita on.
💯Bout to pull out my Robin belt 📰. "charge" it ta de game. U know I wine boi. Dis 💯Big Face V.I.P .
I just wanna know why did ole boi walk away when big boy stood up 😂😂😂😂
ZAYN is actually pretty dope, glad he left One Direction to persue the big boi lifestyle.
Well big boi and Andre albums where great. By him self ehhh
and Mike jones ,slim thug, big boi..
Lmfao I'll for sure make the first game. Big Kev not playing tonight so i gotta go or they'll be short! Two big games 2night👌😁
Good stream. Got my *** kicked in The Gungeon today. I was having troubles today, Hopefully soon I can bring that item to the altar.
Happy birthday big boi. Hope you're havin a good day 🎊😉
Rumor has it the tennis shirts have a frocket . Totally worth $16 am I right??
Yesterday when Sent this chair to heaven💀🙏. Lmao Boi ain't let go that chickn tho😂😭.
Boston’s finest!. Ty Law, Bill Russell and Bobby Orr toasted David Ortiz at Big Papi's final home opener at Fenway.
Listen to West Savannah by Outkast on Big Boi floated on this ***
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
there is Big Boi Traffic but im coming in my fuku im ready to get stared at i love to die
You too can start small with BOI & grow BIG! Visit our stand today to explore a partnership that works.
I would love to be read to by big boi. or anyone with a soothing voice/country accent
Boi, happiness is a BIG chunk of Hazelnuss cake 😋🍰🍴 if somebody try scaring you off calories,eat them too... they ain't wort…
surprise me big boi. Get me a good *** one
I could go for a big *** steak of pancakes with some cinnamon syrup
That's what I'm talking about boi . Finally riding with the big dawgs 🙌🏼
I needed it to send to a boy bc he called me a "short texter" so i was like ok ill send u a big paragraph boi
Big Boi's on my left, Andre's on my right . Tight light hallways, smoked out always
How you put 3k w/o big boi! Lol *** nawl. They gotta be together. How you forget about UGK thou 🤔
Thinking of making another domo arigato or thick *** boi type account im bored of large xl and big *** sweg
I said A-Town‼️ but yeah bro you right I tripped bad BIG BOI/ 3 Stacks
Wasn't trynna get no big time features but Kodak black been bumpin out ma speakers hella lately that Boi cold
Big Boi is so underrated but Andre's verses are just that great
A little behind the scenes action right now. Soulja Boy at sound check. Our very own DJ Big Boi is there now.
Stop by and see our man DJ Big Boi! He's at Rent N Roll on 15th Street. He has your way in to see Soulja Boy live...
Pimp C, TI, Andre, Big Boi, Krit, Bun B, Ceelo, Lil Wayne, Cole ...south ran hip hop for a while and still running it.
your my idol tbh when I make it big ima say it's all because of Ben
I want to give a big bday s/o to my cuzzo Kj Swann.I love u baby boi!!! Turn up and enjoy ur day!
Also, in other Big Boi news he has a new brand of dog shampoo I will be purchasing called Big Boi and Bobbi.
So earlier today I got a job interview for kfc, well now I just got a job offer from five guys. Ya boi is doing it big.
Big Daddy Brown tested positive to using clenbuterol
yeah the wordplay is ridiculously sick lol... I just think Big Boi ruins it at the end
Gotta call from ma Big bro Free ma Boi man !
big boi big fun big love to my biggest boi Georgey boiii x
When they try and make you man, . you have to become a God for them to Understand . ~Big Funk
ah a lot of people in school don't like her and I saw her ex yesterday at the movies boi glo'd up big time!
It's Gospel season folks!! Go check out my new video Sinner's featuring Big Boi from Outkast now…
Hey fam! Check out the new video Sinners featuring Big Boi from Outkast! Go to
Big Boi's gone from sock collabs & dog shampoo to a new cartoon called 'Hotlanta Waxxx'
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
*** boi nice Avi, wonder who took that 🤔
like 11. Lmao shorty really said u the next Peter Gunz. Big shoes to fill boi
‘real’ as in the big one, you’re mincing words here. This was never meant to be a big, huge event was the point.
dawg.. I still can't get over the fact that Big Boi ruined such a good song.
It’s not their “main” event of the year, which is typically in September where you’ll see the big new products.
Happy instagramers! . Never a dull moment with these guys, big Boi Adam always clowning…
Spot me as the chauffeur in this Exclusive Big Boi / Deitrick Haddon ‘Sinners’ music video premiere https:…
Team: I need a GIF of Big Boi dancing edited into the piano dancing scene from Charlie Brown Christmas stat
Big Boi, Biz Markie and nostalgia take over SXSW
museum comes after we replace Jackson, Lee and Davis with Andre and Big Boi on the side of Stone Mountain
There arent even that many hours in a week...
Music wise him and Big Boi where goat
Dude gets all brave big boi after he watches Lizard Lick Towing reruns
Outkast. Living embodiments of the dirty south. Andre's smooth voice and Big Boi's quotables make iconic tracks.
the big game ADMU vs DLSU yeah boi...
Electronic Device Insurance
Big up all uk artists popping off.God bless .
it was pretty boring to watch imo and I don't usually say those things, very mediocre.
Deftones play '7 Words' at The Big Day Out at Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia on the 25th of January 2003.
Wait, the black guy curse on The Walking Dead is over. Theres 3 on the show.
Boi-1da is doing incredibly well.. Produced a large chunk of the biggest songs by Drake.. He did justice to 'Work'. Big Ups!
You mad cause i don't want to be number 5 in the lineup with all your other girls .boi
Big Boi getting ready for the Flex Off show
Tell Big Jimmy you and I have illegal screens for days to allow Steph to get his shot off!
Big shoutout to the 2x champ keep it up boi, keep on grinding🔥💯
My friends looked at me with 6 heads when I said Big Boi is within the same ballpark as Andre 3K.
Stank is the full realization of Dre and Big Boi as a group. Full of (productive) tension. The final bend before the break.
. Daddy Phat Sacks is the truth! Andre3000 got all the attention but Big Boi was every bit his equal 💯
Ever. Story goes he & Big Boi got drunk one night & Antwan pushed him to freestyle in the booth. That's the verse.
i still can't believe home dude got on tv saying Big Boi was the bosh to 3stack's lebron. i still wanna fight him lol
I didn't like Speakerboxx/TLB at all, TBH. Very disjointed... But a great launching pad for Big Boi's solo career.
Nah nah nah. Idlewild is kinda good (the Big Boi parts are heat).
Big shout out to my Boi on hitting a PR and winning the BigSky conference w/ 24.7 ft. Been working hard since I can remember!
Both Speaker and Love Below are great. And yeah!! Big Boi did not get enough love. "Ghetto music?…
Blasphemy... Dre and Big Boi were basically kids when they made ATLiens. Album was ahead of its time.
Sad more people don't listen to Speaker. Big Boi's lyricism on that joint is underrated.
A new favorite: DJ Unk feat. Andre 3000,Big Boi & Jim Jones - Walk It Out by Evelyrich on
Win free tickets to: Mac DeMarco, Delicate Steve, Savages, UMO, Big Boi and more!
You think Big Boi or Buns verse on IPA can compete with Andre Benjamin's you can go to ***
Look at that eyebrow, he knew we weren't ready
Money really does rule, man. Censorship happenes so that a larger demographic has access to the game which = BIG BUCKS BOI
how am I just now hearing this Big Boi x Phantogram EP?! pure golddd
Why is Big Boi an elderly Caucasian man?
"I'm very disappointed in you this evening" *Big Boi voice*
If it helps, my son is a big Rooster Teeth fan. I know them because of the BNL Odds Are video. 😏
This is the African Pangolin (still alive today). Its front claws are too big to walk on. It looks like a dinosaur! https:/…
Congrats I know has been rooting you on!
Happy birthday big wishing you well boi X
Big news my boi is going back to the complex on Feb 10th come support your local he is reppin for utah
The first Red Rocks show of 2016 is just a few days away.. Half Color Adventure Club Phantogram Big Boi
If only our stadium was big enough we could have the super bowl here !
I like how pouya takes his dog with him everywhere. it's good socialize big boi and he makes a good example of not all pits are the same.
Another laser from Brady... helluva throw to the big fella
Ya boi on the big screen once again
Wanna give a birthday S/O to my boi the big 2-0 is here so you already know tom is gunna be a rough one
Happy Birthday big boi, have a good one g 👌🏾🎈🎉
big boi is good too tho lol but andré 3000 is definitely around the top
Remember when Stipe Miocic ducked wouldn't it be funny if Big Ben fights for the title against Josh Barnett?
Hillary "dabbed." Bernie dad-danced. Hillary got Katy Perry. Bernie got Killer Mike, lil b, and big boi. Millenials like him more. Thats all
Missing on this car ride back to Salisbury. Good luck with your job though, ya boi is doing big things!
Cuz said I ain't heard nothing from Outkast in so long I'm like Big Boi still making music
Not till big John come at you and say "come here BOI and grab ya ankles mhm" in that southern accent
The first big 2016 event of the year, starts next week at Are you ready?
Photos: Inside the new co-working space everyone wants to work out of: What’s the big deal about this hub ever...
Djokovic and Federer take big-time rivalry into Australian Open semi showdown: Lucky Australia. That can be th...
Big happy gday to my young boi Yall who don't know him remember the name, it'll be real big one day😎🙏🏽 have a good one bro
Should we expect Eason to start the opener for UGA? More importantly, is Andre 3000 or Big Boi a better qb croot?
Married, But Hate s*x? Here Is What To Do….: Marriage comes with many great expectations — one of the big ones...
I love 3Stacks but Big Boi shoulda whooped his ***
You can tell that a power shift is in the air now that messeng... More for Gemini
Be with someone who makes you as happy as Big Boi makes this puppy
...what's gonna happen to Big Boi :(?
nah bruh imma you need to bring that *** back to CL boi fym. Them big boys gone eat that *** up alive
I love me some Danny Brown and Big Boi, although I would prefer Andre 3000
Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Big Boi, Fabolous, Ne-Yo, Snoop Dogg, Ray J and Fat Joe are the only guests to appear on the LA / NY seasons of
"Killer Mike, Big Boi and T.I. petition Supreme Court for student disciplined over song
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What does have in common with Big Boi and Killer Mike? All have asked SCOTUS to hear the case of Taylor Bell:
Scared about ,well if I don't have that $161k I may get Murkd in his AllUniverse of Creative Lyrics how he did Big Boi n Big Sean Huge favor
When I took my braids out my hair looked like Big Boi on the Stankonia cover.
This documentary also has Big Boi talking about how much he loves Kate Bush. it's really good
Ruin's Gravity Spikes could really use a buff; it's just too easy to get killed in the middle of use and waste it
Photos: Big Girls Hit The Beach Unclad!!!: It is very surprising that mature ladies will expose their bodies s...
Big Boi - Lookin’ for Ya Feat. Andre 3000 and Sleepy Brown on @
When the team watches Steph Curry highlights before the game
Big Narstie - Uncle Pain (All Episodes) Get ready for brand new episodes coming soon!!
On sad days like today, it’s important to remember that at least Big Boi from Outkast likes the way you move ba da da.
Gm pls the voting is still on pls vote for our acts & via link in my …
bro who tf are u 😂 calm down boi you don't know me and I ain't Trynna beef on my bday. Mario says ur his boi so I'm good.
Yo Boi, Big up to you & Solo. Anytime that the album will be available at Musica?
Now this is not the way I planned on kicking off my bday week. I knew I wasn't feeling like myself but I had no...
Purple Ribbon All Stars ft. Big boi - Kryptonite is my soul
that scary *** dood won't ever come into our store! He scary & he know it, big for nothing *** lol
Happy Bday to mi bro Fat Tony I miss da *** out of u big boi.
Big Boi foreva Eva the goat for that
I never said Big Boi was better, his flow to me is slightly better when rapping, but 3k got better vocals & lyrics
Guy doesn't even have a solo album (love below was conjoint le Big Boi so meh)
His flow though, you said Big Boi's was better and I toootally disagree. He can fit his more places but it does ride like 3k.
A lot of people prefer Andre over Big Boi, that doesn't even constitute as a unpopular opinion
People just get so uppety about differing opinions. Ex: I prefer Andre flow over Big Boi. Don't mean I need to block/unfollow
Trying to create something with broken pieces takes a lot of work and determination
Meet Big Boi, a tiger-striped Bengal domestic mix in search of a home with plenty of toys:
I have watched ATL many times but this is the first time I have noticed how terrible Big Boi's facial hair is.
in the state boi. doing big things for us at PV
TI, Big Boi, one of the dudes who was in Mockingjay
Happy bday big boi Danny !! Hope you've had a beaut day full of salt snorting. Big luv 🎉❤️
yup. He is dope tho. I always liked big boi more tho.
If Zion PB is repping den its big. . Rar
Smh Mista Wayne about to have a conference with your parents when he see this big boi
Kendrick ain't no top 10, confused about Wayne too.. Maybe his influence on the game but *** nah. Big boi > Andre
Let's not let this be a boring weekend
Happy Birthday Day to my big brother man ! Blessed to see 23 foreal boi !…
thanks big bro and I'm not your son boi
Happy Birthday to my boi ! ❤️ I'm glad I got to know u during lax and we bout to do big things !
Freshman PG Aaliyah Lowman set to do big things For the Varsity of West Springfield HS this season
boi you sound crazy my two teams MSU bout to win big ten and ucla gonna be pac 12 champs
The Best verses discussed here by myself and
S/O to my boi Tristan Carter man doing big things in Pittsburgh
In a recent interview, Big Boi revealed that Outkast turned down performing at the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show
is pretty awesome ..Big Boi the dancing machine
Official decree to replace Nique as color commentator with Big Boi
I love me some Sweet James Jones but Big Boi went hard
Morris Brown by Big Boi always gonna remind me of my first crush
Think about it. Big Boi got Phantogram. Travis got Toro Y Moi. Danny got Purity. No one got Grimes
Jamie, I've been thinking about it and I'm quite upset that the Phantogram/Big Boi collaboration isn't called PhanBoi.
I added a video to a playlist Janelle Monae-Tightrope (Feat.Big Boi)
projects from Disclosure, Anderson .Paak, Big Boi & Phantogram, & Casey Veggies all in one day
Big Boi could release the best album in his life and stans will still say, "But Andre's a Gemini. Wait till his project comes out."
Sharing the stage with TIP,Bun, Big Boi and Run The Jewels is one energy that never dies!
Collaborations of Dana Dane, Will Smith, Big Boi and Kendrick Lamar?. BoneThugs and Stetsasonic?. Dela Soul, Kane, Common, and Jean Grae?
top ATL acts: 1) Mastodon 2) Silento 3) That one Real Housewife 4) the guy that busks around little 5 points 5) Big Boi
If you ever feel like you aren't good enough, at least you aren't Big Boi
Make a business for yourself, boy, set some goals, Make a fat diamond out of dusty coals. - Big Boi
Big Boi has to take that L man. He would get a memorial in the city though.
My favorite producers ever in no particular order Rick Rubin Swizz Beats Harry fraud Havoc Alchemist DJ Premier and Big Boi from Outkast
All In My Grill (featuring Big Boi of OutKast and Nicole Wray) by Missy Elliott from Da Real World
Outkast's Big Boi starts working on albums on Martin Luther King Day.
I'd love to hear a collaborative album by Killer Mike, Big Boi and E-40. Produced by EL-P and Boots
If Killer Mike and Big Boi can be cool with furries, so can you.
Ima get on Trell mixtape and make him think I'm Andre3K. See how he feels about Big Boi then.
My boi fresh off work said big guy you drinking or what!! Keep ya ratio tight!!!
Big s/ wuz good to see u babi boi.cnt wait till graduation. .
Lets see what teachers are gone tomorrow lmao
So much going on tomorrow. 4/20, senior skip day, oh yeah, big birthday shoutout to my boi Hitler, he's turning 126 tomorrow 🎊🎉👏👍
God a fresh drumpad, ya boi is making beats fo the big leagues now
2mar is the Big day i could get use to jackson ... ju city lol
LMAO! Just googled it. U shuda hear him too, well confident -- big melee!! Ah boi.
Hello guys! Locked in requesting for "Already Home" by A Great Big World thanks in advance and pa too :)
boi if you don't getcho potato peel head *** on big tree trunk neck having *** Fym!
🏀// big bro wyo. I still be blew when I think about that game.
I don't have any pictures with you to post but happy birthday boi You're a pretty swell kid
idk if I can handle extreme big Sean
Buy Miche Bag Online!
yooo papi what's good with that follow back! Stream tonight! Big boi subbage!
It's the young Outkast, Big Boi in the pants, and *** touch more than 3stacks...
man Big Boi then called himself that since 94. It's been weird
ATL Big Boi "Marcus" All Scenes [HD] HAPPY "38th"…: this what I was talking bout case you didn't know
Have you heard ---> Gimme Sum Space Prod by Big Boi Beatz
I've heard the same thing about Big Boi
When you see a pic of a girl you know in person and all of a sudden her *** look big when it ain't
Kahlessi basically Big Boi in ATL with this fake version of TI’s brother
This girls breasts are actually too big for her own good 😂😂 her back must ache constantly boi 😂
You should check this out--> It Aint Nothing Prod by Big Boi Beatz
Pretty ironic wearing that crime pays shirt big boi.
that "in the south" is tuff ..I got 3K at tho. Big Boi, Ross/Killer Mike, TIP, and Scarface. No order
People sharing the video of Kanye giving his Nickelodeon/Teen Choice award to Big Boi as a testament to his honor...stop--it's irresponsible
I share a b'day with Clark Gable, Boris Yeltsin, Lisa Marie Presley, Big Boi from Outkast, Harry Styles and the best one Batigoal.
Me & Big Rich crushing some Big Boi verses in the lounge the sweater…
North Team Wins 2014 Jackie Burke Cup. Behind the near-flawless play for Brandon Smith.Way to go Big Boi!
You don't ever need a reason to listen to but you should today. At least B.O.B. and Ms. it for Andre and Big Boi
MEET BRANDON GILLIARD Renown Bass Player Producer Brandon Gilliard is a world touring bass player who lays down a solid foundation of funk on every stage he plays. He has recorded or shared the stage with artists such as Janelle Monae, KIMBRA, Big Boi of OutKast, David Crowder, Erykah Badu, Avery*Sunshine, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribbett, Maceo Parker, P. Diddy, Bob Carlisle, Jennifer Holliday, Ann Nesby, Archie Bell, Vicky Beeching, Daysahead, Juanita Bynum, Angie Stone, Bebe Winans, INOJ, Chinua Hawk, Roman GianArthur and a plethora of others. He has also performed with world class ensembles such as the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, The Chicago Symphony and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Brandon Gilliard began playing alongside his father in church as a small child. As a teenager he performed in his high school marching band as the drum major and the school’s first electric bassist. He continued his education as a Music Major at Anderson University and graduated in 2005 with a B. .. ...
Power 106 yeah Big Boi the best Hip Hop and R&B in LA hustle that's all I know (Being Me) is the…
Great documentary. Steve Coogan, Brett Anderson, Big Boi from Outkast and me are huge fans. I'm in good company.
Big Boi jamming to Kate Bush is all of us jamming to Kate Bush
Watch the Kate Bush documentary Running Up That Hill featuring St. Vincent, Bat for Lashes, Big Boi, more
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