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Big Blue Nation

The Big Blue Nation is the fan base of University of Kentucky (UK) athletics programs, particularly the men's basketball team.

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Were there any Ashley Judd sightings today in Memphis? A Big Blue Nation turns its lonely eyes to her.
EXCLUSIVE: Derek Willis thanks Big Blue Nation for being there for him
that's what Luke May said to all of big blue nation ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป
you owe the entire Big Blue Nation an apology after hiring refs like that for one of the biggest games of the tournament. Pathetic!
Still big blue nation till I die. Nothing more heartbreaking ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ’™
UK alum and charter member of the Big Blue Nation but best story and is Frank Martin and USC
You have represented big blue nation so well. 1st class! Thank you. Keep doing the core things you are doing! Much love
BIG BLUE NATION!. 2-seed Kentucky defeats 3-seed UCLA to advance to the Elite 8 and remain unbeaten (6-0) in Sweet 16 gamโ€ฆ
So much heart. So proud to be part of big blue nation
Sad as *** but the Big Blue Nation will come roaring back next year
Woke up thinking about the Big Blue Nation..Lets Do This Kentucky..๐Ÿ€. .
Has big blue nation chased Calipari out of town yet?
Not often that the Big Blue Nation gets to see clutch players stay until their senior year. Thanks &
Gosh Big Blue Nation is just so lovable
. Yes the last minutes had me on my ft screaming... hard 2 c it end but what a session THANKS from BIG BLUE NATION
Big Blue Nation is something I will always be proud to be a part of. Kentucky basketball is about heart and soul! ๐Ÿ’™
Breast Cancer Awareness
There is no finer day of the season than when UK gets knocked out! I will drink the tears of the Big Blue Nation liโ€ฆ
EXCLUSIVE: Derek Willis sat down with me to craft a letter to Kentucky fans about what you've meant to him.
Congrats to Coach Cal & the 2016-17 Wildcats. Disappointing loss but Big Blue Nation will be forever proud of this Elite team.
Great game Isaac! Big Blue Nation is proud of you. Really hope you return next year.
with the rain and run off from Big Blue Tears from Big Blue Nation the river will be up tonight. Be careful!
Luckily Big Blue Nation can get back from Memphis quickly since they all live in mobile homes.
Looks like Big Blue Nation is taking this well.
Big Blue Nation, can we please give a big round of applause to Dominique Hawkins and his performance today?
Big blue nation til I die! ๐Ÿ˜’ But I have so much more respect for and his staff for rockin' yeezys to the game ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
So is Kansas the real big blue nation?
Big Blue Nation is feeling blue tonight because of the crimson and blue. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
Kentucky can't pull their weight in the Big 12/SEC Challenge. Vols go above and beyond tho. Where ya at Big Blue Nation?
BIG BLUE NATION will always love you!
I'm a little biased, but it was a great game! I don't think Big Blue Nation would agree with me. ๐Ÿ˜€
Good night big blue nation. Rock Chalk Jayhawk
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Love the Cats!Love em!But Big Blue Nation posts the stupidest crap. UK is barely a top 10 team in reality. Best teaโ€ฆ
Big Blue Nation files out early on their beloved Wildcats. Nice.
hopefully that game convinces the big blue nation that calipari is a bum, and that i should be coaching the UK wildcats
No, Jay, you will NEVER be a citizen of Big Blue Nation
Nothing warms my heart more than hearing all the whiny Big Blue Nation fans complaining about a non-starter call.
Big blue nation running out of rupp only down by 6 smh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Looks like the is going to lose 2 straight for the first time since? . Big Blue Blowhard Nation
Big blue nation is about to explode (not in a good way)
Don't listen to those ignorant fake fans. The real big blue nation loves you no matter what.
My oh my Get it in gear big blue nation you are better than this ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™
Michael Buffer started off the UK v. KU game with a classic intro. No big deal.except that it's a big deal. Hashtag Big Blue Nation
Kentucky fans set record for loudest indoor crowd roar: Big Blue Nation brought it today, setting a record for theโ€ฆ
"You think that *** was big? You know what's ACTUALLY big? The sacrifice our troops make every single day for this great natโ€ฆ
KSR: Big Blue Nation is now a world record holder
Big blue nation is the only right way to watch college basketball ๐Ÿ€
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There's no place like home...there's no place like home...and I sure don't mean Kansas!!! Go CATS!!! BIG BLUE NATIOโ€ฆ
because it was a 2 point game. It they lost by 25-30, Big Blue Nation would be throwing a fit
Gotta love this Final Four preview UK vs KU. Go get em Big Blue Nation Wildcats.
๐Ÿค” think I'm going with Coach Cal and big blue nation
I'm Big Blue Nation all the way in basketball. Got Bowie & Joe B. Hall's autographs, worked @ UKMC, been to many Rupp games.
Kentucky wins 49-13 and are now bowl eligible!!! I am proud of our Kentucky Wildcat Football team!!! Big Blue Nation is truly proud!
I know who I want leading my nation. I'm voting for Boom and Benny. . Big Blue Nation!!! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ’™
Big Blue Nation . Double Tap for the Wildcats!? . Who's ready for...
Drake on campus at the University of Texas, wearing his Big Blue Nation shirt ...
It's between us and Big Blue Nation.. Harry Giles been recruiting him hard
Tyler Ulis' last message to you, the Big Blue Nation: .
we will miss you, but you will always be a part of Big Blue Nation! Good luck in the NBA!
Congrats to our 2016 baseball captains: & They will make Big Blue Nation proud
Good luck in everything you do Skal. You will forever be a part of Big Blue Nation. Come back to visit! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’™
Big Blue ranked in Top 50 in the nation!
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McCallie Baseball I ranked no. 43 in the nation this week by MaxPreps!! Go Big Blue!!
I'm talking it was a total sea of Big Blue Nation humanity the whole way! Even the grave diggers in the cemetary were waving shovels in air!
[SB Nation: Big Blue View] 2016 NFL Draft: ESPN's Todd McShay on the Giants' top options
Wish nothing but good luck to and ! They've made the Big Blue Nation proud!
Skal Labissiere has declared for the upcoming NBA Draft and will hire an agent. Big Blue Nation wishes you good luck Skal!
Our boys are on a roll! Can't wait for tomorrow night...let's be loud and proud Big Blue Nation!
[SB Nation: Big Blue View] Five things I think I think about the New York Giants
Congratulations on your Championship from the Big Blue Nation! Wildcats win again!!
Brackets officially busted.. Congrats to Villanova.. but i chose Kansas!... and yes.. still a member of BIG BLUE NATION.
We as the BIG BLUE NATION will be getting the title next season ๐Ÿ”ตโšช๏ธ
A UK fan (me) moves back to the 610 and the local Wildcats win a chip. Coincidence I think not. You can thank Big Blue Nation
I'm not watching the national championship game.. It ain't Big blue nation so I really don't care
Big blue nation ๐Ÿ˜‚ but I think the Tar Heels have this one ๐Ÿ†
Guys the world is just one big nation weโ€™re all the same.
I'm going to be rooting hard for Villanova here in Louisville, Kentucky. Villanova is a friend of the Big Blue Nation tonight. Beat UNC!
counterpoint: writer linked to my stupid Kentucky thing that put EVERYONE in an uncomfortable position:
It's a Big Blue Nation ! Check out our shirts in gray, black, white, blue and more colors!โ€ฆ
Let the world know that the world belongs to the Big Blue Nation This is a
Prediction for NL MVP this season: good luck Justin Turner and Big Blue Nation from the other Big Blue Nation...Kentucky!!
lol nah I think he was suppose to play for big blue nation
NBA Kingdom: Kentucky Wildcats University of Kentucky, also known as Big Blue Nation, hasโ€ฆ
5 reasons Kentucky's loss was a historic surprise and a shocker for Big Blue Nation. Chris Chase, FOX, and the NCAA bite me. Coach Cal- HOF.
Big Blue Nation, Kentucky, University of Kentucky: Urge the University of Kentucky to discard it's ne... via
Issac you do not owe Big Blue Nation or your teammates an apology for what happened last night you played your heart out and I love you!
This is my wall in my room. It is covered in Kentucky Wildcat stuff. Big Blue Nation ๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ’™
Hold your head high Isaac. You did nothing wrong. The Big Blue Nation stands with you. God Bless!
Urge the University of Kentucky to discard it's new logo: via
[SB Nation: Big Blue View] 2016 NFL free agency: LB Bruce Irvin worth big investment by New York Gian
Lot of griping from Big Blue Nation about the referees last night. Could have sworn I heard you all were above that.
[SB Nation: Big Blue View] NFL Draft wasn't always the spectacle that it is today
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Isaac, you have the support of a nation, The BIg Blue Nation! No one will ever fault u 4 genuine emotion.
you look good in UK blue. Welcome to the Big Blue Nation!
Nothing but love from the Big Blue Nation. Great game.
We appreciate your play tonight the entire game.Big Blue Nation is with you. Way to rebound, love to see more of that
Big Blue Nation, the Kentucky Wildcats and Coach Cal are true autism warriors.
stand tall young man. You were one of the key performers tonight. Chin up, stand proud, Big Blue Nation is proud.
Big Blue Nation is a Big Blue Family. ๐Ÿ’™ You played a great game! Do it again against Alabama!
Can't believe the Cats lost! I'm still a member of the Big Blue Nation! I hope there is a Texas A&M rematch in the future! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ€
I must apologize to and the Big Blue Nation I have the worst luck in sports and I cursed them today by rooting for them.
.Proud of you big fella. You did yourself and Big Blue Nation proud all night. Keep your head up.
nothing for Isaac humphries to hang his head about. played a heck of a game tonight. big blue nation should be proud
Big Blue Nation still stands behind you!
Kentucky didn't win -- but Big Blue Nation still has to be feeling pretty good. Should have knocked off Texas...
Big Blue Nation till the the day I die tho!!
you had a great game. Those refs were playing favorites. Big blue nation loves you. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™
Big Blue Nation is salty๐Ÿ˜‚ 20-7 record for the Kentucky Wildcats. Another loss against an unranked team as well๐Ÿ˜‚
. Love your playing style. Keep it up. We are The Big Blue Nation..
Thanks for the follow, welcome to my BIG BLUE NATION family!
Go to and click any of the big blue social buttons to add your social https:/โ€ฆ
Hoping wins an important game against the big blue nation!
Ready to join other Big Blue Nation members being LOUD AND PROUD at TAMU
it'll all be good in the big picture. But as a nation w/ the world's eyes on us, we sure act a fool.
The Big Blue Nation is already out in force in College Station. I'm joining them today!.
One thing Big Blue Nation probably doesn't is my first high school game as a freshman was against & ๐Ÿ™„โ€ฆ
Big Blue Nation is just like the Eagles and Hotel California," You can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave"!! ๐Ÿ˜ฟ
Big Blue Nation what are your thoughts?. Paul Trackman. Tim UA Mills. Christopher Higgins. Robert Wade Porter Jr.
Dear Patrick Towels,. Could you please take Dorian Baker with you?. Thanks,. Big Blue Nation
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ y'all boys piped ain't it? I hate it when y'all gotta face Big Blue Nation ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ you know I gotta vouch for them boys
Note to Colonel fans, the side opposite of press box is way bigger. No way press box side will hold Big Blue Nation!
Big Blue Nation back at it tonight.
Happy happy morning for my little sister congrats baby girl and welcome to the big blue nation ๐Ÿ˜ผ๐Ÿ’™
[SB Nation: Big Blue View] - College Football Viewing Guide: Games, players to watch in Week 11
Western Illinois has just gained respect from all of Big Blue Nation.
I know it's a little late, but good start to the season for Big Blue Nation
Time of the year for some basketball BIG BLUE NATION Kentucky born Kentucky proud ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€GO BIG BLUE and the go WILD ๐Ÿ˜พ๐Ÿ˜พ๐Ÿ˜พ
Matt, if the weekend goes as we hope, will we see a flood of haircuts and chest pieces across big blue nation?
been a Kentucky fan since 2003 tbh so its Big Blue Nation
Kentucky!! Big Blue Nation! 1-0! Yes and Jamal Murray is going to be special, he is special excuse me.
Congratulations Jamal Murray on quickly becoming a fan favorite among the Big Blue Nation!!
Wiltjer is the only player I like there. big blue nation lol
Panther Nation wishes Big Bad Blue good luck tonight! We will be cheering you on!
Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, children of all ages, Big Blue Nation proudly brings to you the greatest tradition in college athletics...
my favorite time of the year starts in 10 minutes and I'm in Lexington around all of big blue nation I'm so happy ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ’™
Wife told me I look like a fanatic wearing Kentucky gear 24/7. Don't she know There is a whole nation of us?? A Big Blue Nation!
It's game day for the Big Blue Nation ๐Ÿ’™
The march to another runner up finish starts tonight. . Go Big Blue Nation.
As the season begins tonight, we take a look back at last year.
Come join the best of Ohio for Big Blue Nation!
NYG [SB Nation: Big Blue View] - Giants vs. Patriots 2015, Week 10: Five things to watch on Sunday
[SB Nation: Big Blue View] - Giants news, 11/13: Vereen says moving the chains vs. Patriots will be key
It's game day Big Blue Nation takes on Albany tonight! ๐Ÿ˜‚
welcome to the BIG BLUE NATION family
A little late but I would like to welcome to BIG BLUE NATION!!! Dude can flat out ball!!!
Campus beautiful in the Big blue nation
ATTN. BLUE JAY NATION - Need all students to come to WHS @ 6:50 AM on Fri. Nov. 13 for a Pep Rally w/ FOX 2 News! Bring yโ€ฆ
De'Aaron Fox welcome to the BIG BLUE NATION!!! Big time 5-star Point Guard!!!
Big Blue Nation! Let's unite again this week for our football team and send them positive energy!
"Hibbett Sports is a proud supporter of Big Blue Nation."
Big Blue Nation needs someone as bad, as good, as for real as you big dawg! Seeblue!
What' s up Jamal, great performance am games, stay humble and Big Blue Nation is waiting. Go finish off last year, get title!
What a great kid. I know he's going to do many more great things with his life.
This Saturday the Big Blue Nation is taking over STADIUM. See you there to cheer on UK!
[SB Nation: Big Blue View] - 2015 NFL Draft: All the resources you need right at your fingertips
What's Kentucky going to do when Coach Calipari takes that NBA job? It will be a national day of mourning for big blue nation. Watch & see!
Karl-Anthony Towns' open letter to the Big Blue Nation
Willie Cauley-Stein wrote a letter to Kentucky fans, aka Big Blue Nation, and it's just the sweetest thing!
This is one special Cat that will be missed! .
Karl-Anthony Towns writes heartfelt letter to Kentucky via
"Karl-Anthony Towns writes heartfelt letter to Big Blue Nation Love his heart THANK U KAT
Karl-Anthony Towns writes heartfelt letter to Kentucky
Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Bria Goss Edition: News and commentary from around the Big Blue Nation.โ€ฆ
Big Blue Nation, Big Blue Family. Best four years of my life. I won't be here for the next one... But it's coming soon! FOREVER A WILDCAT
Big Blue Nation, you have a lot to be proud of. I know it is Heartbreak Hotel, but when you analyze it, this was a fantastic yโ€ฆ
No no no undefeated season for the Big Blue Nation! Sorry wildcat fans but the rest of the world is celebrating!!!
Back to your trailer parks Big Blue Nation!
Good morning Big Blue Nation!! Invariably, it's a great day to be a Wildcat! Wake up kiddos!
a little Wildcat born in the heart of Big Blue Nation!
"Big Blue Nation is a real nation. And they're kind of obnoxious." --
Big Blue Nation begins arriving in Louisville today as UK has its practice session. Welcome! Come early to avoid traffic congestion
Still not putting on a UK shirt until I'm ready to leave lol I refuse to be trapped in big blue nation ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
I bet $450 on Kentucky to win the championship which now definitely makes me apart of Big Blue Nation.
you know Kentucky has been playing some quality ball recently might jump on the Big Blue Nation
The Sixth Man on Netflix is awesome! Ya gotta love the BIG BLUE NATION!
here's my annual offer to you to drop Illinois as your college sports team and join Big Blue Nation.
got to be the big blue nation acct. I think that's the name. Grr
I am so proud of you for being a strong woman. Thank you YOU ARE AWESOME! Go UK AND BIG BLUE NATION!!!
Kentucky gonna smash Hampton Thursday baby big blue nation๐Ÿ’™.
โค๏ธthis squad! Been my fav since HS UCA Cheer Camp. Congrats to Big Blue Nation on the win!
filled her out!! I'm big blue nation all the way, unless ole miss pulls a Cinderella of course!
There's not a fan base more deserving of this historic run than the Big Blue Nation. Enjoy it, :
Since every team I cheer for loses I decides to take Big Blue Nation all the way!
NYG [SB Nation: Big Blue View] - Henry Hynoski: Giants' offense 'just scratched the surface' last season
"Big Blue Nation" when football season rolls around.
I really hope Yum is packed tomorrow for this practice. I love big blue nation.
We think we know who the leader of Big Blue Nation is now. Ashley Judd proved to be a huge fan of Kentucky Wildcats Basketball yet again
only if I didn't have to work. Man I loved to go. Go Big Blue Nation!
Big Blue Nation, Let's give it up for Tyler Ulis, one of the best point guards in the COUNTRY, Keep it up
My shirt for today. Happy St.Patty's day Big Blue Nation!
Bigger circlejerk?. Big blue nation about how awesome Ashley Judd is?. Or. Texans about how awesome Whattaburger is?
My full bracket. Go ahead, Big Blue Nation -- have at it:
Wanna try and beat me in the Bracket Challenge? Not happening. C'mon, Big Blue Nation. Let's see what you got -
Happy St. Patrick's Day Big Blue Nation. While the rest of the country is green with envy of our basketball...
If you *** off Big Blue Nation, you will have ALL of them coming at you. Just ask
For the Big Blue Nation crowd: Verne Lundquist, Jim Spanarkel, and Allie LaForce will have the first two Kentucky games.
Every time MT Big Blue Nation has taken over Nashville.
All purpose parts banner
Kentucky getting ready to play in SEC semis, and Big Blue Nation has taken over Nashville.
humility, not a word to use around Big Blue Nation. It's go UK or go to *** very consistent, even if on wrong side of the score.
Good afternoon Big Blue Nation. For those of you are concerned about Big Blue Madness not airing on Local TV or the SEC Network, I have to say it's pretty weak! A lot of fans are angered for those who can't make it to Rupp Arena This Friday. This is a Conspiracy!!
Big Blue Nation did it's part to get on our dish & cable networks--now do yours and
Sonia... 5'6". Brown hair. Brown eyes. 110-115 pounds... Can you think of anything else to add for the Big Blue Nation?
Going to work on a cold Sunday morning is always much easier the day after the BIG BLUE NATION upsets the ole ball coach! Oh and Tennessee losing didn't hurt anything either!
As a true member of the Big Blue Nation, I find myself hanging on to hope that Kentucky will win. Last night, that was put to the test. At the end of the game, the Wildcats pulled out a much needed victory. Players stepped up when they needed to. Nice "Pick Six" toward the end. Kentucky is rising to the top of the SEC. Can we compete with Ole Miss and Mississippi State? We shall see! Go 'Cats!
There's no feeling quite like winning an awesome ball game, and storming the field. Big Blue Nation? More like BEST Blue Nation
The beginning of a very good night for Big Blue Nation @ Commonwealthโ€ฆ
How about making your birthday a big day for Illini Nation? Slap a big orange and blue bow on that commitment and come win a NC.
Great day to be a Wildcat. BIG BLUE NATION WHAT UP?!?! need, we're all one Big Blue Happy Nation๐Ÿ˜ Maybe next time.
"Big blue nation is weak sauce Really? Or nah?
Thanks for the follow, we are BIG BLUE NATION family!
Well I get to check rush the field at an SEC game off my bucket list! BIG BLUE NATION BABY!
Hey Steve Spurrier, be afraid. Be very afraid. Big Blue Nation is coming after you tonight. Everything changes tonight
welcome to Big Blue Nation we are glad that your son is a Wildcat!
Really happy for you on the contract. Big Blue Nation are very proud of you!
LA is going to love take it from the Big Blue Nation he is definitely one of the good guys!!
KSR: Big Blue Nation popping up all over sports today
The NBA Draft: For the Big Blue Nation, It's Fantastic!: At the end of John Calipari's first season in Lexingt...
Wildcat Trivia Question : Out of all the current Wildcats in the NBA, only 3 have made the NBA All-Star Team. Rajon Rondo 4x, John Wall 1x, and Anthony Davis 1x. Now how many have won an NBA Title, and can you name them? (No Cheating) Wildcat Country - Big Blue Nation
I think it proves at the very least that John Calipari is substantially smarter than Rick Pitino when you see that he "gets it", the grass doesn't even look greener to him on the other side. He knows that as a coach there is no other job to be desired. He's at the peak of the College Basketball World. Oh yeah, then there's that 6-1 thing. Our rivals, when they throw it out there that he's going here or going there, it just means that they are completely out of ammo, and Kentucky owns the ammunition factory folks. Note to coach, I hope your surgery went well and the chronic pain will soon be a thing of the past for you. Chronic pain is in my life, and I understand completely what it's like. You've shown your character by fighting through the pain, now the Big Blue Nation will be so happy for you, to see you walking that coaches box pain free!! Best wishes and speedy recovery to you Coach. Good luck with that "new" hip. Congratulations.
"โ€œHarrison twins coming back to Big Blue Nation!!! I thought Jay was a Dukie!?
Felt decidedly out of place being surrounded by the "Big Blue Nation", a group of about 30 from University of Kentucky. My sister would not let me yell "Sparty Rules" or sing the MSU fight song. Ruin all my fun!
So the UK basketball players just went by on their way back from the airport and drove past Cardinal Hill. They saw all their fans (our patients, sick, some in wheelchairs, etc) on the sidewalk waving their signs they made in their hospital rooms, stopped the bus, got off and shook everyone's hand. What kind of amazing team does that? Big Blue Nation at it's finest. Win or lose, we have some quality gentlemen on our team! Now I'm just bummed out that I was inside the hospital working and missed it ๐Ÿ˜‘
The winds of disappointment blew through overnight at about a 30 mph clip as it was a great run (er up) for the Big Blue Nation! Great game and really nothing to be ashamed of!~ Starting the day at 45 and should finish as around 65 with little chance of rain. Tonight another great game as two unbeatens take the floor as the UConn girls and Notre Dame battle for the National Title. Is ut time to start worrying about the Reds yet? They lost to the Cards again yesterday 5-3. Obama stopping buy today, the lost oldie, and a vortex of confusion to figure out on this Tuesday morning . Join us and share at MIX 99.3 and Good Morning!!!
I'm not going to be a bad sport congratulations Connecticut Huskies for winning the national championship and still go big blue and Big Blue Nation
We are. Very. Blessed beyond words."It was a great run by Cats. Big Blue Nation should be proud."
1 hour! How far does the Big Blue Nation reach tonight? Tell us where (city, state, COUNTRY?) you're watching the national championship game!
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I have trucking for 13 years at first coast to coast!! Most everyone who knows me knows I'm a Kentucky fan!!! I wear Kentucky attire 75% of my time on the road I have a lot of Makers Mark as well important costumers I wear Hirschbach attire since I'm contracted to them and have been here for 12 out 13 years!! The point is no matter where I roll from state to state there is a Kentucky fan or they'll say Big Blue Nation!! It's sad that a competitive fans are not glad to see Kentucky in for all!! Last year we were out I was happy for Louisville to win !! The represent Kentucky the Bluegrass!! And for me there's no place as sweet as my Kentucky Home!!! I try to represent Kentucky each and everyday that I'm away!! I love my state!! I love my bourbon I love my basketball from Marion County Knights& UK!! And to hear on the radio today on xm a Louisville Fan slander Coach Cal and the Harrison twins is very unsportsmanlike !! I was raised it's not if you win or loose it's how you play !! These young men are ...
Hey do you wanna do the John Wall together??? We just Ball at Kentucky! Big Blue Nation is coming aliveโ€ฆ
"Clark, if you wanna pick the right team Monday, you better roll with Big Blue Nation" --- Charles Barkley
Words cannot express how happy I am right now. After such a rough season our young Wildcats have shocked the world and are going to play for our 9th National Championship. I love you boys and am so proud of Big Blue Nation for never giving up I take back everything I''ve said. About the Harrison twins. Oh C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS Bring Home
Welcome. You are a difference maker and Big Blue Nation embrace s you.
The Commonwealth Economy: How Big Blue Nation spends its green: Kentucky and Louisville descended on downtown ...
Welp, we going to the Final Four so that calls for a song!!! A Toby Keith song with a big blue spin on it!!! Share and like it Big Blue Nation! GO CATS!!!
Anastasia couldn't believe Kentucky pulled off the win today... I was relieved they did... See you next week in North Texas, Badgers... Big Blue Nation's headed back to the Final Four in dramatic fashion!
Just in case some of you guys didn't know already, though my newsfeed shows I have a lot of BBN friends, Kentucky defeated Michigan 75-72 on a go-ahead 3 pointer from Aaron Harrison with 2.6 seconds left. So, this is officially the start of a great day! Smile and feel proud Big Blue Nation, we are in the Final Four!
Big Blue Nation going on to North Texas and the Final Four. Let go Kentucky Wildcats!!!
North Texas bound, what a game! Proud to be part of the Big Blue Nation!
My original home state ~vs~ my home state of the last 12 years. Go Cats!!! I'm part of the Big Blue Nation now.
Big Blue Nation in full force!! Love this!! How can you not look at the score board and see Kentucky on there and not root for them? It's your home state! Let's go CATS!
As an unbiased fan of college basketball, why would an 18 year old kid not want to play for "Big Blue Nation"? It's a religion, not a game.
I can't see Kentucky losing to Michigan. Big Blue Nation in the Final Four. Harrison twins coming back to Texas.
Unreal. Kentucky basketball is like no other (that includes U of L). So stoked! Big Blue Nation!!
Duke and Christian Laettner 's shot in the post!! Big Blue Nation.. The heartland of Kentucky was ripped Out!
Dear Twitfriends, I am appointing each of you an honorary member of the Big Blue Nation. Your mission: help us cheer on the Cats today.
I just want to say go job wild cats down by 17 points n came back n got it to 1. we lost but good job ..Go Cats Go...Still proud of the Big Blue Nation...Florida 61 to UK 60...This is one for the team..
Kentucky vs. LSU tipping off now here in Atlanta. Big Blue Nation in the house -- and, of course, World Wide Wes.
Kentucky ink: 2014 title or bust Odds aren't great the Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team will win the national championship. But don't tell that to Tyler Austin Black. The 22-year-old machinist said he walked into Vice & Virtue, a tattoo parlor in Berea, Ky., on Thursday and got a tattoo on his right calf that proclaimed the team "Nati9nal Champions," with the nine signifying what would be the team's ninth title. A "2014" was tattooed above it. Courtesy of Tyler Austin Black Tyler Austin Black, a 22-year-old machinist, got this tattoo Thursday to signify what would be Kentucky's ninth NCAA championship. "I'm not delusional," Black said. "I know we've had a rough season. Big Blue Nation is down and the majority of people have no faith in us. But we have faith in ourselves." also spoke with the tattoo artist, who asked not to be named but verified the tattoo's authenticity. Kentucky started the year as the No. 1 team in the nation, but a 22-9 overall record with a 12-6 mark in SEC play has th ...
Big Blue Nation: Fan or Fanatic?: You donโ€™t know as much about the University of Kentucky Athletic Department ...
OK Big Blue Nation to be Honest we Should Not be in the Top 25 in either AP or USA Today! But we Still are by a Thread of a Needle!!. 25th in the AP Poll and 24 in the USA Today. Oscar Pistorius The South African Sprinter Known as Blade Runner Pleaded Not Guilty in his First Day in the Murder Trial. He was Accused Premeditated Murder of Killing His Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on February 14th, 2013. Oscar says He Shot His Girlfriend By Accident and he Thought that He Shot an Intruder in the House and thinking that was Reevea was the intruder when she was shot 4 times through the bathroom door at point blank range. if convicted Oscar will get Life in Prision. But do you Believe it was an Accident?
Big Blue Nation welcomes Charles Matthews to the Class of 2015! Welcome to the team!
John Wall winning the dunk contest is the only thing that's gonna cheer up Big Blue Nation up. Don't let us down
Anthony Davis, Terrence Jones and Darius Miller are all on the floor right now. Big Blue Nation!
Watching The Wildcats with Mom & Dad seems like old times. We always used to Watch them , but I haven't watched a lot in the past few years well actually not very much at all since Tubby Smith was coach. Still like UK but am still a Rick Pitino fan and he has done great with Louisville. Still in our house most are UK fans and that is fine with me as me I'm Card alittle more now , but Dad is A Member of the Big Blue Nation always has been and always will be he is the reason I have the love of Basketball we always watched College,NBA,High School as long as it was Basketball. Still remember back in the 80's and early 90's Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz Karl Malone is in my opinion the best NBA Player.
It is hilarious to me that three UK fans posted about Chane Behanan- talking crap and whatnot before I had ever even heard the story. That's Big Blue Nation, faithfully pointing out the mote in Louisville's eye. :-)
10 years ago today the Big Blue Nation lost one of its finest, "BigRonW" as he was known on the KSR message boards, Ron Whisman.
Thank God for the Lady Cats. The night was not a complete waste. They looked amazing and imagine that with out one major super star. So proud of them Lady Cats. The men on the other hand not so good. They looked just like they have for the past two years. Just another group of Freshmen who are lost without a leader and with a coach who stands on the side line with that DUH look or the kid that just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. As most of you know who follow me or read my post you know that I am True Blue tot he core but have not been nor will I ever be a Coach Cal fan. I hate his one and done philosophy and in my opinion it is very bad for Big Blue Nation and is def bad for college basketball. Is it all within the legal limits of the rules... probably yes but sometimes it's just not right. A group of superstars that cannot play half court defense and look as if there playing on the playgrounds of New York rather the confines of college basketball. Let me dunk it, let me clank the three just ...
Hamilton Collection
OK Big Blue Nation. Here's the thing.UK Ladycats play Duke at Rupp Arena on Sunday Dec 22 at 3 pm. We have quite the team this year. Let's pack the house for these girls. Go Big Blue!!
Big Blue Nation & Blue Moon Nation together at Wildcat Wearhouse. Go cats and congrats on tonight's win over Cleveland State 68-61
Lexington Herald - Fan hurt in Rupp Arena fall grateful for support from UK team, Big Blue Nation
Big Blue Nation follow 2016 recruit Harry Giles He 'll be at Big Blue Madness tomorrow night.
Going to see my boys Anthony Davis, and Darius Miller play against the Magic tonight. Got to represent Big Blue Nation.
Madness Campout Sets New Mark; Control Cards Limited - Never underestimate the power of the Big Blue Nation. Last ...
Congratulations to the newly inducted members of UK Athletics Hall of Fame! Thanks for sharing your talents and leadership with Big Blue Nation!
Good afternoon Big Blue Nation welcome to Stone Cold Willow's College Football in the Bluegrass! Tonight we go under the lights of Commonwealth Stadium as UK begins their SEC Opener vs the Florida Gators a team we have not Beaten in 26 years. Florida won their SEC Opener beating Tennessee 31-17 when starting quarterback Jeff Driskel injured his right leg and out for season. UK has a problem with QB as well but no injury to report Maxwell Smith gets the start but once again Jalen withlow will get some action. The wildcats coming off of a bye week after losing to UL 27-13 2 weeks ago. Kickoff at 7pm And televised on ESPNU. So have fun tailgating and lets End the Streak!
who knew Bloomberg News and Big Blue Nation had the same hashtag
Thatta boy, Liggins. You Kentucky Wildcat, you! Big Blue Nation is so proud of you!
Kyle Wiltjer's letter to the Big Blue Nation about transferring to Gonzaga.
Unfortunately Kyle Wiltjer has made his decision. He has already left The Wildcat Coal Lodge, and will in fact be headed to Gonzaga. Big Blue Nation wishes him nothing but the best.
Big Blue Nation, let's wish Coach Stoops a happy birthday today. Mark, hope you get to play a lot of Yahtzee at 46.
I dont know if anyone else knows, but there is a giants marathon on NFL Network. I watched 86 and 91 already, figured id share the love. Big Blue Nation, coming to your stadium to stomp your *** 2013!
Disappointed I didn't get to drive the pace car tonight because of the weather but still had a blast. After getting behind the wheel for the test drive, I really, really want to drive the pace car one day. The blew me away today. Our fans were everywhere. Nothing like the Big Blue Nation. Want to thank Papa John and everyone at the Kentucky Speedway for having me. Hope the race goes great tomorrow.
So the New Orleans Pelicans may have a new head coach in John Calipari...Anthony Davis with Nerlens Noel with Darius Miller...Big Blue Nation!
Draft Night As long as John Calipari is coaching at UK the night of the NBA Draft will remain interesting for Big Blue Nation. Tonight will be no exception with two former Cats set to be drafted. Nerlens Noel will almost certainly go first or second although there are a few draft sites that think he could slide down a little further. There have been some rumors that teams are concerned by some "bad guys" that are around Noel. A few national media sites have been the ones pushing that story but it is very possible that the rumor was started by teams that hope Noel will fall down to them in the draft. Having had the chance to interview Noel face to face on several occasions I can honestly say that he comes off as a very humble and all around good kid. Because of that it is easy for me to dismiss any concerns about his character. Due to the fact that this is one of the thinner drafts in recent memory I think it makes Noel almost a must pick at He has the ability to be a tremendous defensive player in t ...
In some news that was totally unforseen, Kyle Wiltjer announced Monday that he will no longer be with Kentucky. Here is a letter written to the Big Blue Nation, courtesy ofย Big Blue Nation,I would like to take this moment to tha
Kyle Wiltjer sees what you see. He sees an incoming class of infinite possibilities and his immediate future in University of Kentucky basketball as a secondary, supporting role. Facing the likelihood of a diminished place in Big Blue Nation, the junior forward has issued a statement advertising his...
Good luck to Kyle Wiltjer with his decision to transfer. You'll always have a spot in the hearts of Big Blue Nation! Good luck 33
Wiltjer considers leaving UK basketball team: Kyle Wiltjer posted a letter addressed to the Big Blue Nation, e...
The following is a letter from Kyle Wiltjer to the Big Blue Nation.
Canadian Kyle Wiltjer transferring from Kentucky, writes to Big Blue Nation
Wiltjer's 'letter to the Big Blue Nation,' posted on UK's official athletics website, thanked the Wildcats' coaching staff, his teammates and the fans for the memories, including a 2012 national championship.
Big Blue Nation, join me in wishing Derek Willis a happy birthday. Derek turns 18 today. Happy birthday, Derek!
Big Blue Nation, now that Dominique spilled the beans, do you want to know what the Wildcat Code is all about?
Former Wildcat great Pat Riley, is the GM for the Miami Heat, but who is Big Blue Nation rooting for, the Spurs or the Heat?
Calipari is Ready to Whomp Early last season Cal made some comments about the Cats inability to be a team that "whomps" on people. He prophetically stated that he did not think that they would ever become a team that whomped on teams. In hindsight he was very correct and in fact they were a team that got whomped on from time to time. That season is now happily in the rear view mirror for Cal and the Big Blue Nation. So now as Cal looks at the road ahead he gave some glimpses into how things will be different for the Cats in the coming season. The largest difference is obviously the amount of talent that Cal has piled up for the coming season and the depth it will provide. When asked about that depth Cal said โ€œWell, weโ€™re not deep at every position, but weโ€™ve got a lot of good players, and just figuring out whoโ€™s who. But what I like is thereโ€™s going to be competition. Some guys are going to play. Some guys are not going to play. Who? No oneโ€™s been promised anything. Thatโ€™s just how it i ...
The Calipari Foundation will be donating $10,000 to the American Red Cross for the victims and families affected by this horrendous tornado in Oklahoma. I'm sure the Big Blue Nation will continue to step up and help too like they always do. Text โ€œREDCROSSโ€ to 90999 for a $10 donation to help the tornado victims in Oklahoma.
University of Kentucky Wildcats Center: Dakari Johnson message to player Andrew Wiggins. โ€œAndrew, I think you should come to Kentucky because it will challenge you to be a better player competing against the best players every day in practice. And hey, there are no better fans in the world than the Big Blue Nation!
I hope all the mothers of our current players, former players and every mother in the Big Blue Nation is having a great day on this special Motherโ€™s Day.
Got a little bogged down yesterday and didn't get a chance to wish Jarrod Polson a happy birthday. It's also Jon Hood's birthday today. Big Blue Nation, let's wish both of them a happy one. Between graduation and the birthday, it's been a big week for them. To Jarrod and Jon, Mrs. Cal will have your birthday brownies for you when you get back in town.
Dominique Hawkins said his message to Andrew Wiggins is "We need you down in Big Blue Nation to get No. 9"
A look ahead at some of our top recruits for 2014 here in Big Blue Nation.
Come wear the Orange and Blue. Something big is about to happen in Cham-bana! It can start with you! nation
"Flight at 6:45am Im very excited The big blue nation is excited 4 Big Mel!
Another top recruiting class for UK & Big Blue Nation...must be rough for Coach Cal to work with all that talent...
if you'll always be a part of the Big Blue Nation.
Congrats to the designer if the shirt. Typical Big Blue Nation mentality representation.
The "Day" is upon us. Saturday is the spring game Big Blue Nation
Bear in the big blue moon, out of the box, recess, dragon ball z, rockos modern life, Ah! Real monsters.
I cannot figure out why my mail keeps saying Big Blue Nation Wonder if my mailman know what's going on?
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