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Big Bird

Big Bird is a protagonist of the children's television show Sesame Street.

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There’s an episode of Sesame Street where Big Bird has an existential crisis because he doesn’t have a real name and names…
I heard and I got booked to fight you and Big Bird on Sunday. It'll be fun to help kick your ***
'Tim Westwood looks sort of like what I imagine Big Bird would look like if you shaved him' For real.
If Sesame Street was real, Oscar The Grouch would've killed and ate Big Bird for food by now since it's just a giant food animal.
Stringer trying to make nice between Big Bird and Cuomo. Fuggedaboutit! Cuomo not getting in sand box with CRIMINAL!
this song still gives me CHILLS, yall • "Big Bird" by Andrew Jackson Jihad
Donald Trump is a worse president than. George Bush . Pee wee herman. Pokeroo. Snuffleupagus. Big Bird. Anyone who's guest starred on love boat
"The best artist Waylon Jennings ever collaborated with is Big Bird. Sorry Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Kris Kristofferson."
I'm going to watch "I am Big Bird" such a great Documentary about the great Caroll Spinney the man behind Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch
I voted for Jimmy Carter and Big Bird over Reagan and Clifford the Big Red Dog. John Anderson and Grover had no chance.
You know things have reached bottom when Chicago is laughing at our subways. Way to go Big Bird!.
I love how this video only slightly exaggerates how weird this movie was. A Sesame Street car chase/heist film w factions chasing Big Bird
Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' starring Big Bird and the Sesame Street gang
; Big Bird on Speed. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Audio book complete, unabridged David Harrel
I'll never understand why Big Bird hangs out with Oscar. He doesn't deserve that negativity in his life.
Big Bird: you mean when someone gets hurt, you don't feel sad for them? . Muppet Paul Ryan: That's right, Big Bird. I feel…
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Paul Ryan looks like a muppet they introduce to explain sociopathy to Big Bird
Can someone please check on Sesame st to check that Big Bird is safe?
[finale of Sesame St]. *Big Bird tearful farewell. KFC truck pulls up. Honks.
eee my bird takes my kid and I refuse to go in, I just wait in the cafe, not sitting in…
A painting I did of Bird Person's big day at Blood Ridge. High res: . .
Saw the big bird funko pop today and immediately thought of goro and started laughing
Your drowning here son give it up mate, totally deluded just like Corbyn and his (big) bird...😂
What do you call the big black bird in the background?
ya man a bird him and your killer bro was shooting at each other and your man eyes was closed so he shot himself on the big toe and fell LOL
Andy Bird test the confines of West Hancock's shot put pit. They have to bring out the big boy tape to measure this.
How is working to bring special content to children: TY Elmo & Big Bird!
Didnt realise Beryl was a bird at first
Way to forget your boss got a promotion! Big OOPS. Sorry, . You are a full bird COLONEL
We are proud to bring education to refugee children alongside Find out more below.
In the Talons of the Big Bird done in 7 Z presses
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Watching the news for the first time in forever, & all I'm hearing is the word gains. 'Big gains for the conservatives' go on t bird 💪
Why is there a bird with big *** sat next to Jeff Stelling, just eye candy?
And keeps blaming: the Russians..Comey..Wikileaks..the Redskins..GOP..Big Bird..
Big Bird just strollin down Soldiers Field Road...rippin butts on the way to Dunks.
Big bird with big feet seen on the AllSkyCam.
Hot boy turk x big bird 😂😭😭😭 cuttin yall women up y'all wisdom teeth ***
Aww, I leave town tomorrow for a week! But should you need help with the big bird on Sunday, i'm your girl!
Here's what Biagini told before the season about starting for the Full interview here:…
I'm extra careful trolling I just saw a big black bird flew past my window. . Is that a sign?? 😱😱
Sesame Workshop Is Creating Programming For Refugees a sweet story and a good reminder of the power of empathy
Congrats sir on Tubelight. I'm a big fan of your work! All the best sir for ! Love…
Salman Khan is making excellent choices of scripts n writer-directors..adds to that list.He is all set to surpris…
with The Big Brother🙏 The coolest body swagger you will ever see in front of a camera!
There are 65 million refugees today. More than half are children.
Elmo and Big Bird could soon bring smiles and education to millions of refugee children forced from their homes
A plane. It's a big metal object that flies through the sky carrying hu…
Yesterday with My Kiefer Ravena I Love to suck him so much...I just met Big Bird..🐤🐥🐣.
attn RE: White House request for Easter character, send Big Bird just like this. .
Big Bird would not ever have existed without PBS and the Children's Televi…
Elmo, Big Bird, Grover and all your favorite Sesame Street Live friends will be in Wichita Falls TOMORROW!...
Elmo works for HBO. He's still gainfully employed along with his pals, Abby, Big Bird, Grover, & Cookie Monster.
If only Trump were as tough on racism, KKK, Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis and corrupt Russians as he is on Big Bird.
"Big Bird learns that his new friend does things a bit differently, and that's OK" . At The Quad, everyone does...
This guy could give Foghorn Leghorn and Big Bird a run for their money! He is huge!
Happy Birthday, Big Bird!! Thank you for making me a better adult! 🌻💛
Happy Birthday Big Bird from central Nebraska where a lot of Eagles roost.
Julia's smarter than Big Bird, she's the one teaching him. He acts like he's a cognitive 5-year-old despite being on air 50 yrs
Pretty soon they'll have Oscar & Big Bird lining up for their mandatory vaccinations while singing patriotic songs…
Happy Birthday, Big Bird! And thanks to Caroll Spinney for bringing the big guy to life all those years!. Do...
Marking this in my calendar. Happy Birthday, Big Bird! I'm privileged to have grown up with your friendship.
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At this rate Sesame Street's next few episodes will be "Trump Deports Elmo," "Big Bird's Big Sex Change," and "W is for W…
More tax payers money down the drain. Proven Fact waste of money. I vote keep Big Bird screw this
Sesame Street is introducing an autistic character. Big Bird takes her to Vegas so she can learn about numbers by c…
I think lindsberty had something to do with the big bird tbf
And I think it's Big Bird's Birthday, if you're into Yellow Birds
May be Big Bird's last. I hear Steve Bannon is itching to put him down
can we talk about how rude Elmo was when he interrupted Big Bird
This is one big bird that will not be appearing on Sesame Street.
Big Bird PBS can earn their own money the bird is worth millions & it can be seen on HBO PBS gives absolutely nothing👎
fate debated as Congress is poised to cut its throat:
Big Bird has an awesome new neighbour!.
Conservative is tainted for good ... Corrupt, people killing, FOR THEIR PROFIT ONLY, Big Bird ditching, voucher educating dog
It was Big Bird who tapped Trump. And Trump is imposing sanctions against PBS, Sesame Street, and Big Bird.
"Hi Julia, I'm Big Bird, nice to meet you. Oh. Julia?"
I'd have a serious problem meeting Big Bird in real life. This is unnatural af.
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"It's really meaningful to see her there, singing with Elmo, Big Bird and all the other characters. It's great."
Big Bird learns that his new friend has different abilities and that's OK. newest Muppet has autism https:/…
visited the Sesame Street set in NYC during the filming Julia’s debut when Big Bird meets the show's first Muppet…
"Gasp, leave it to private parties to fund Big Bird & Elmo!?" a reminder the "uh, we'll seek private funding for Pa…
I heard Big Bird moved to HBO anyway.
If liberals are so upset abt losing Big Bird & Ernie, get George Soros to divert some of his $$ to Sesame Street.
Important to remember, though, that Big Bird has a sweet new deal with HBO. Sesame Street better protected than most public TV content.
I see so many Big Bird memes re: this budget proposal but didn't Sesame Street move to HBO like a year ago???
Fun reminders:. Big Bird works for Time Warner now. Also, kids weren't watching it much. https:…
and what happened to bird set free I know it wouldn't be a big hit but still what happened to it
I just walked into Chick Fil A in a bright yellow big bird onesie & wondered why everyone was staring at me, that's my spring break for ya.
John can't help saying 'little'. Everything's small. Be small for the creepy big bird hovering at the edge of the woods.
Brought in big outside items (trash cans, wheelbarrow, etc). Filled bird feeder. Fueled snowblower. Ran it. Bought beer.
I didn't do much today tbh, sat in a big metal bird with a screaming toddler behind me.
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Just one week to go! You can still pledge to our appeal for this critically endangered native bird…
Kong's gonna fight Godzilla in the next film. But I'm more excited about him fighting monsters like Big Bird and Bear in the Big Blue House.
I wonder what Big Bird and Larry Bird talk about at family reunions
Big Bird still can't get into the club even though he's over 50 years old
gotta get on the next big thing to come out of BotW; my money is on cute bird knight
With the bird flu death toll rising in health officials are racing to get ahead of the next “big one" .
Nothing better than getting your best buddy out in the field bird hunting. Another Big League outing for the 2 RJ's. Now some…
ya man a bird your killer bro pulled out a 357 magnum and told him CALL ME A COWBOY *** THIS BIG GUN WILL BLOW A MANHOLE I…
I am wondering, how many astronauts have looked back at our home, the Earth, and just flipped it a big ol' bird?
Big bird alert! 🚨 Weather in Miami has allowed this rare Air France to grace our runway this evening.
You got that right Ron! A faded orange oufit & a demanding cellmate ina small cage for the Big Bird!
Speechless right now first and foremost rocking with Big Tex and Bird always a…
Bird will soon start to sing and it will bring down the establishment big time,The WhiteHats are doing a good job, h…
Old grey owl has big brain for a bird
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But don't think that's big enough 4 a welcome sign! i'm wanting 2 go with makin' a bird house with birds poppin out with a few flowers!
Force Dems to defend Big Pharma lobby that keeps American consumers paying multiples more than counterparts in OECD coun…
That's not fair to Big Bird That's better!!
I hope third period isn't just one big metaphorical game of flappy bird.
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I'm posing that the actor who plays Big Bird spies on me via my stereo. I said it so it should now be noted as
this is my baby whos giving me a reason to live his names The Big Bird
De-icing the 67. First time on the big bird, heading out to YYC campus.
So long, Big Bird? Public radio and TV stations face new threat of budget cuts. via
big frickin bird-- was he partying with those deer the other nite? You live in a rocking wild neighborhood there
When you're trying to tell your mate about the fit bird to your right.
Was Big Bird a freak of nature or a throwback to the dinosaurs like Snuffilupagus ?
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“I dream of a big bird, bigger than me, that I can ride it & fly away.” The trauma of children, animated.
No choice 2nite but 2 go grab bags of bird seed & pple food lol, another big snow coming. Been so depressed, hard 2move.Up!😊
I rather see Big Bird Brock back there. our lips ... AHCA is bird cage liner ... go back to the drawing board; big waste of tax…
. My first car Big Bird didn't end up in a junkyard in South Sacramento.
.I mean, not like we need national drug control policy, right? Oh. Wait. (also, Big Bird is kind of important too)
NO WAY the most corrupt man in NV. How about Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Groucho Marx, Lewis and Clark, Big Bird anybody but him!
Pls RT. NEW BLOG! What I've read and recommend. Feat. and Big Bird. .
No warning bells in Big Bird's head when he's gonna say something stupid. Homer Simpson has more self awareness.
Fmr NYPD detective and special ops man, Bo Dietl, on his mayoral bid: "I've gotta take 'Big Bird' out, de Blas…
"Tell me, what colour is this?" Seacrest asks Viola Davis, wearing a dress no less ambiguously yellow than Big Bird. . "Yello…
ⒸⒸ↪ AUSTRALIA'S new 'Big Bird' is about to be unleashed on Pakistan. -
Jim is like Big Bird. He's tall and yellow and very nice. But would I put him in charge? No. Big Bird doesn't make the tough…
Big Bird singing Pearl Jam to get Scarlet to shut up
When we first showed the twins their little brains exploded seeing Fozzie Bear coexist on screen with Big Bird.
All purpose parts banner
Donald Trump is choosing his cabinet. Here’s the latest shortlist. Big Bird. Foghorn Leghorn. Batman. Yoda
Sean, they don't make up false news, just don't report anything. Sesame st and Big Bird has more substan…
Last chance to see Big Bird and Elmo is Sunday at 2pm here at the planetarium! Join us for One World, One Sky:...
We've had some great Bedtime Stories this week: Dr Ranj, Big Bird and Simon Pegg 💜. Catch them all on
You and your children will feel safe in the feathers of !! He promotes child safety so vote Big Bird! - VS9
Big Bird was the biggest star, I mean, children's favorite for a num...
He kind of looks like Gordon from Sesame Street ... if Trump had just hit Big Bird with his car and was claiming he…
Thank u guys so much! 'Big Bird' is in the Bigroom chart! . Download/Stream ► https:/…
remember that time Mitt Romney brought Big Bird into this? Make Sesame Street Great Again.
QBs with more Fantasy pts than Fitzpatrick today: Derek Anderson, Blaine Gabbert, Pete Rose, Big Bird, Jon Hein, Oprah, a…
Big Bird singing at Jim Henson's funeral. Scotch in the dark.
. Hillary has sunk to the lowest possible use of media...what's next Captain Kangaroo, Big Bird?
Big Bird rapping DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith's "Summertime" is a daymaker:
First they came for Big Bird, then My Little Pony, and now Dora the Explorer. Why do Republicans fixate on children's programm…
Listening to talk about Big Bird on the other day.
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"TCU's pitcher looks like Big Bird off Sesame Street"
Poland have got Seasame Street's Big Bird in goal
LOL! At first I thought it was "Sesame Street!" I was looking for Big Bird, Oscar, Grover, and the Cookie Monster!
You're wearing a Sesame Street shirt because of Big Bird and Cookie Monster hats😂👏🏻
The the time my parents took me to Sesame Street Live and I got scared of Big Bird
Michael Keaton to play Vulture in the next Spider-Man. What's next, Big Bird in the live action Sesame Street?
Yo. Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird & Grover are also bringing it on HBO these days.
n 2007 The Milky Bar Kid and Big Bird had the education revolution. Is Billy the Kid going to do better?
Big Bird flying down Bradshaw Boulevard at High Point in 1998. Larry Ward, the lesser known…
woke up in such a great mood. still smiling so big after that finale. PLUS look at this post i love it https:…
Moose! AKA Giraffe AKA big bird AKA creepy uncle and Ken doll's MIA
I can't. I bought 4 new Pops on Wednesday, but I didn't get this one, I'm re-evaluating my whole life. I got Big Bird though!
He wanted to hit the bird, but it was too big ^^ Do you remember? ^^ 🌻
the next big thing is one where someone chews the food and spits it I your mouth. I'm thinking about calling it "Mama Bird."
Kinda want it to rian, because I got a big piece of bird crap on my windshield and it needs to go bye bye featured in NBC s Science of Love
The man who played Big Bird did a reddit Ama and his first answer is so sad i have tears in my eyes via htt…
Splits the fairway on the par 5... 220 left for the approach. Maybe now we see the big bird?? We can hope!!
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Big bird Patrick Taylor flying round the track with a 1:54 in the 800 E race
Just Big Bird taking a Nice Ride down Washington; nothing out of the…
you're still an L, buuut Happy Birthday ! 🏀💕 you're doing big things out there 💯
I played that Xanadu album day & night on my big bird record player til my brothers elbow got physical with my face.
yeah okay you big bird I'd like to shoot your knee cap with a nerf gun
I wish Big Bird would help all Muslims be kinder!
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Thank you for showing us your way. Feeling big gratitude today for this paragraph. From Bird by Bird.
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Chase squeezed her arm and she scruffed the big black bird perched on the white branch of a gum tree.
Last day at the big bird for the summer.. 1-9 lego
Imagine if players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and others had the technology and knowledge we have t…
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Happy belated Bird day once again hehehe 😲😎😘 thanks for turning one big round 😅😂 meet up for…
aka Big Bird catching some z's in public again
Way too big for a bird of prey. I'm not sure any native birds have eggs that big!
Oh no 😥 this is the big downside to bird box cams. The fact the clutch was so small suggests it may have been their first
This Week In Webclips - License to chill, sit-down tubes in Namibia, and the return of the Big Red Bird Board
The Big Bird safely landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Welcome to Malaysia
The true story of Salem Sportswear, the company that changed the game one T-shirt at a time https…
In HS they called me Big Bird lol 5'11 w/o heels 🤗
Nobody is big bird from the sharp satirical disgust of Malcolm In The Middle.
Bankster big bird outed in Panama papers!
I'm with you ! Birds woke me up this morning so jumped on motorcycle to get coffee and big bird turd on the gas tank..SMH
we agree ~ Mr. Big Bird really needs to stop talking -
Mr. Big Bird yes pls but build it on the Canadian boarder ~ you *** loser! Canadians will appreciate it more
"I was hungry.. But you're too big to eat whole.." The naga sighed as he curled closer to the fluffy bird slightly.
Ooooh Mr Big Bird it'll be okay is just doing their job - keep digging cnn you'll find lots of treasure is that vault
domain names
Joining our "Big Day" big bird count today? 15 common garden birds you might encounter: https:/…
the Sunflower bird feeders are finally in! These won't last long! Big hit at the trade show! And we all know...
Ahh I see, can the bird detect that Ryan? Never realised how big their eggs were xx
Elmo, Kermit, Big love puppets! Make their next birthday party really special with
Life handed Chuck Norris lemons. Instead of making lemonade, he swallowed them whole and gave birth to Big Bird shortly thereafter.
is it me or does Big Bird sound like Michael Jackson?
...but a friend bought me Big Bird and Snuffy, so now I have to get the rest of the Sesame St Pops. (got Cookie Monster Saturday)
3:05am What's Happening at the Psychiatrist Club? by Big Bird and the Steam Shovel from Psychedelic States: Colorado in the 60s
I love the episode of Full House when Jesse finds out that Becky's pregnant and Michelle keeps yelling "Big Bird" 😂😂
*** Sterling's living room is Big Bird took a giant dump on it.
Hitler also had thousands of fans & supporters, as well as Kim K, Charlie Manson, & Big Bird
“Big Bird walks into a bar and asks for a shot of Famous Grouse. The barman says, “How you gonna pay, & Big Bird says, “Put it on my bill.”
Doesn't look like Sam JNR? Big Bird did you kill him as well.
Mr. Rogers & Big Bird have the same birthday, they should make this a holiday.
The episode of Sesame Street where Big Bird throws the Old Testament at Bert and Ernie and asks them to read the part about h…
Joel Garner aka "Big Joel" or "Big Bird", former WI cricketer, and member of the highly regarded late 70s /'80s West Indies cricket teams.
Irfan one my fav bowlers. Gladiators 0-1(0.3overs) Makes even 'Big Bird' Joel Garner look my size!
"I figured out my calling in life, I'm gonna be Big Bird; from Sesame Street." . -Easton
switch favorite toys more than their diapers get changed. Buy her *** Big Bird or Teddy Ruxpin and avoid all
Mittwit Romney wanted to defund PBS in 2012; it appears that Big Bird of Sesame Street beat Big Turd of Wall Street!
Anyone else think this fruit salad looks like Big Bird?
We have all your Remember 70's Batman,Raggedy Ann,Big Bird,Oscar the Grouch!
In honor of Hillary dressed up as Big Bird and Bernie is wearing the suit of that guy that orders food from waiter Grover
Hillary going for the Big Bird meets Galactic Empire look I see
Tonight's democratic debate is on PBS. It will be moderated by Charlie Rose and Big Bird.
Larry Robinson was nicknamed "Big Bird" for a reason. A fantastic defenceman. One of the best I've ever seen
Gary McCord is a bigger muppet than Big Bird. All credit to inferior commentary teams.
Sid Owen looks like a homeless Big Bird.
The guy who plays Big Bird told a crowd not to laugh at a little boy trying to ask him a question in Portuguese
Big Bird is relocating to HBO? Cost of children's programming is way too expensive so Sesame Street will be in a new place.
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im afraid of all the loved ones that i've made leave... ♫ Big Bird by Andrew Jackson Jihad
In 1969, the first episode of Sesame Street premiered on TV. This is one of Jim Henson's designs of Big Bird.
Think West Indies had the best attack,Andy Roberts,Holding,Marshall,Big Bird
goodnight 🌙 I love Laurie (and her hot friend), Big Bird, Bailey, Alexa, Alex, Karla, both Sam's, Sara, Zellie, Kay, Rey, and Koolaid
Big Sam looking down the slope at Big Ron slumped at bottom. Seems all the 'Bigs' are dodgy. Never trusted Big Bird either
Oompa Loompas, Big Bird, Willy Wonka and mascot all wanted a piece of ME!!!
-- standing up like an angry Big Bird. "Just make it quick." She huff…
On a documentary fix on Netflix at the moment. Big Bird, Keith Richards and now Paul Williams.
One of SI covers that really stuck w/ me over the years. Others are Fidrych/Big Bird, Miracle on Ice, Ralph Sampson's 1st one.
🌠Join us for our last Saturday of 2015! Tomorrow we will show Big Bird's Adventure at Noon and Season of Light at 1:30 pm! 🌃
Watching an excellent documentary on Carroll Spinney (AKA Big Bird) on Sesame Street. Fascinating stuff!
You hear the one about Romney wanting to ban Big Bird?
also 30 years ago - Snuffy became real to more than Big Bird on Sesame Street. Coincidence? I think not.
I've never seen Big Bird sing at Jim Henson's memorial before. Oh god... 󾌺
"Four easy steps to a perfect turkey every time!" — Beverly Mucha
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Top four steps when talking turkey to prepare a big bird for Thanksgiving: During the Thanksgiving holiday more…
My boss won both of us a 16 pound turkey. What am I supposed to do with a bird that big?
Zef (Weavile), big bird (tornadus-t) and Hard Body (Reuniclus) were the other mons that I was debating over but we gotta go with the Captain
Never been to Sesame Street but I flip a Big Bird. And I know “stealers” and they not from Pittsburgh
After her sister died found comfort sewing on her machine. Here's her story
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I have no idea, but if Lynn says it's BIG, it's BIG.
Fell in love with some big bird from New York
I just realized Sesame Street used to b the hoodest show ever big bird =pimp Elmo= blood Cookie Monster = crip rover= local crack head
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5000+ species of bird in one year - updates from ebirding the World Big Year
Excited to be at for screening/discussion of "Raising of America". Best part: can't get lost when Big Bird feet lead right to door!
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"I hope that when I die & go to heaven I get greeted by a big *** bird as majestic as the one in Foothill's show. Congrats…
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Next door neighbour just warned me about big rats on her garden,Nothing to do with the 2ton of wild bird seed all over her yard then
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Big Bird has a bright future ahead as an intern at 'Funny or Die'
Big Bird did it, he lives over on Sesame Street go arrest him
as Cisco is a man of science and geekery, what is that in the back right? Too big to be a bird...
Dinosaurs may have had feathers. This means only one thing. Big Bird is a T-Rex
I wanna know what kinda dirty bird designed EVERY hotel bathroom ever. No one needs THAT big a mirror in that EXACT placement. And yet...
LIVE on Ireland, big, wet, bird feeding ;-)
. I just love that look like a baby bird waiting to be feed a big juicy worm by its in this case a daddy bird. Awesome Lisa xo
even on the train home...this big bird over Stalybridge.
I feel like a tiny bird with a big song! -- Jerry Van Amerongen
Nothing can describe what I saw today! A big thank you to and Fans today! . You are Legend! 🙌 Thank you❤️. 🇫🇷&…
Bro J bird come home today big blessing 🐾💯💪🏾
delta is the best airline & everyone knows... U can stick to your united flights big bird
My bird of the day. A big influx of Redwings lately.
This kid isn't afraid of the big moments. Can score, he's athletic, can pull up or drive. Give Bird credit. https…
Clearly I'm debating big bird. Who thinks Miami is a lavish trip. Go head with your life changing money 😂😂😂😂
I always wanted to just like my own gravy with a big bird and mashed.
Honestly not a big fan of bird nest... 🙁
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There's a woman competing on American Ninja Warrior dressed as Big Bird.
Can you imagine if Big Bird had actually made it into space?
Stop what you're doing and listen to "Big Bird" by Andrew Jackson Jihad it's so worth it I promise
I have to bring Ry to sesame place again this month, this whole weekend she kept telling me "I'm so excited to see Elmo and Big Bird"
Oh, I walked in on Geraldo Rivera delivering a sheep. Oh, Big Bird.
Big Bird en route the the rogan josh
you might want to interview Sonia Manzano, Sesame Street. She said kids lack grit. from your mouth to Big Bird's ears
"I am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story" can and will make you emotional.
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Big Bird changes his name to Byg Byrd, after singing a duet with Byrds founder Roger McGuinn.
Big Bird actor Caroll Spinney told a heartbreaking story about a fan in his Reddit AMA via
OMG this man got me emotional. Love Sesame Street, esp. Big Bird, so much admiration for Caroll Spinney.
Caroll Spinney was a puppeteer of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. Walter Jones played as Zach, the black ranger.
Did you know that 'Big Bird' could have died in the 1986 Challenger Space Shuttle flight? Caroll Spinney was original suppose to go?
From -Sara Jo West and I met Big Bird himself, Caroll Spinney (and his wife, Debra).
Caroll Spinney did a performance of "Being Green" as Big Bird in tribute for Jim Henson.
What would you ask Big Bird? Send your questions for my interview with Caroll Spinney
You have created a mess for the GOP. You have brought the USA DJT, Big Bird. Mc Cain brought Sarah Palin and you gave Politics PBS.
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