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Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar is a chain of hypermarket in India. As of June 2, 2012 there are 214 stores across 90 cities and towns in India covering around 16 million sq.ft.

Kishore Biyani Future Group Shoppers Stop

. looks chic in in stills from new film A Most Violent Year
Thank you for the speedy delivery of my Big Bazaar voucher. Received it within 24 hrs 😄
fbb - fashion at Big Bazaar Catch a glimpse of Collection. Showcasing at your nearest Fashion at Big...
CBS11 saying the jig is up for Big T Bazaar
Event so big venue had to change! SUR, 2901 First Avenue South 98134
2014 !! Showcasing at nearest at Big stores!
Come visit the pets for adoption at Big Vanilla's Holiday Bazaar tonight. Vigo and Fawn (dogs) are excited to...
Two sleeps only! Get your $ ready for big spending at the Bounds Green School bazaar, say 6th Dec 12-3pm
Holiday Gift Bazaar Vendor Highlight: Neighbor Crate Big Ideas will be joining us on Sat 12/13 and Sun 12/14!...
Come and visit the big Charity Christmas Bazaar in Ax Guildhall on Sat 6th - starts 1030 Axminster'…
2014 Big Vanilla Christmas Bazaar! Tons of local venders...come by if you in the Pasadena area!…
Go crazy for GOSF14 with Big Bazaar! Together with our preferred partner +Aditya Birla Money MyUniverse,…
I will buy refrigerator,ac ,ledtv,and washing machine if i get a chance of winning free 14 minutes in big bazaar crazyy
Thank a lot Big bazaar Hope to win and meet in Delhi Goood night Hopes Alive
Our Big Christmas Bazaar & Kyle Farmer's Market is coming on Saturday the 13th! We still have a few booths...
have a look on beanbag bazaar. Poi dog beanbag. We have M/L so it's big enough.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
we see for business. A big bazaar mostly by far you've done by — any motivation for anotha day block days My classmates got
In 14th minute(last Minute) i ll shop what ever i will See.. As big bazaar has all usable things :)
I would buy a handycam, so I could capture best moments of my life forever.Including those in big bazaar
Editor has some BIG NEWS in the new Now 6 times a year + their own monthly Banting Bazaar!
. Those 14 minutes will definitely be the best 14 mins of my life when I wl shop in big bazaar for free..
I will buy every second item in big bazaar, since I will not get second opportunity
Interesting collection of Curtains, bedsheets available at Big Bazaar is makes me buy impulsively. I did it yesterday at BB.
I will buy denims,footwear,T-Shirts and I must admit Big Bazaar has a good variety of all these things and many more
i would shop 1 product for EVERY member of family bcos BIG BAZAAR is where all our shopping dreams come true
I would like to stuff my kitchen & bedroom with all the good stuff from big bazaar.Oh and toiletries as well
big bazaar is like a Santa of Christmas who has slots of surprises in his bag
big bazaar is like a big sea of each and everything which human being need so I luv big bazaar its discounts
i would shop 1 exclusive wish product for EVERY member of my family bcos BIG BAZAAR is OUR BIG Family Store
when I enter in big bazaar for shopping I just finish all my money..nd still have a big list for shopping..
I will buy washing machine, Bed & TV at Big Bazaar becoz they r available at good price and make mom happy.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
. . I am in Big Bazaar. I don't have to think. I will just run and shop in 14 mins :)
I love to buy microwave oven.Lenovo laptop.that's it...I trust that the..product at big bazaar r of superior quality...
My self at zirakpur big bazaar feeling lovely
A BIG THANK YOU // Bazaar's not over just yet but we just want to tell all of you who came by how…
Glam night at Vogue Fashion Night Out with wearing Big Park and me in Seoul Chic Bazaar…
Big Bazaar, Liverpool: I stumbled across this extraordinary building, which is listed and very big. Now a rabb...
By all accounts today's UMW bazaar was a rousing success!. A big thank you to everyone who made items, helped...
Monterey Centre Bazaar big success, lots of plp. Interest in issues, housing big on their agenda.
Big turnout at the Association's Bazaar in 10/12/14
Owning a high end sports bike and wearing a tight Big Bazaar Tshirt is similar to having an iPhone-6 with Jumme Ki Raat as a ringtone..
Big day today: End of season for Hester, Bedford+Bowery Bazaar, open bar from BK Brewery, Museum of Love and Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem.
Big bazaars can mean more foot traffic but for buyers, it can be a nightmare!
Big Bazaar Ranked as the No 1 Retailer by Brand Equity for the year 2014 to be followed by R Fresh and Spencers
That is like all over bbc and harpers bazaar...this is big news
Tomorrow is the big day!! the U.C.W. Bazaar is here. Come for a coffee and snack or lunch. Come and see if you...
Skipping CMJ and heading straight to Brooklyn Night Bazaar on November 1 for a big show w the So So Glos!
Big Big Saturday Nov 1 at brooklyn night bazaar!...
Looking for vendors for our First Annual Christmas Bazaar at Bucks T4 in Big Sky! . We are raising money for...
Big thank you to everyone who supported FoBox! 3-2 loves you 😙 and congratulations to everyone for the successful bazaar 💗💙❤️
a big thank you to all those who supported and bought from !! & congrats III-9 for a successful bazaar YAY 💙
How Amazon India deals with Fake Products But why is it any different from say, Big Bazaar? Does Big Bazaar open 1/5
come to Dallas so I can buy you Rudy's chicken and take you shopping at Big T bazaar;)
Looking forward to November in a big way! Back into training, buying car, and doing my first bazaar. As well as best holiday of the year! :)
Khaki is back in a big way this season, here are the pieces to invest in now:
These exciting offers are available at a Big Bazaar store near you! So make the most of them during The 12 Months...
By tawaubest "Countdown to the first online bazaar in tawau! We have big names joining us.…
Big bazaar or Food hall at Pheonix Mills.
God bless our big event. Mandiri Pasar Indonesia bersama Bazaar Fashion… [pic] —
looks or appears nice from distance, is not nice once you near it. When will Biyani & Big Bazaar learn to stop thinking SMALL!
My interview with the urban Magazine went great! Big things to come. Big things to come! 😏
.sir, my sources tell me that BJP leaders are planning to BUY groceries during Monthly Bachat Bazaar @ B…
In continuation to my previous Big Bazaar post . Finally!! Yes, I managed to get proof :) This is a video I took on Wednesday in Big Bazaar. The lady is pricking holes in Wagh Bakri Tea packs, which are nitrogen packed (I think that's what this system of packaging is called), to retain the freshness, flavour and fragrance of the tea leaves. The puffed packs are wobbly, and she is doing this to make stacking easy :o When we buy these packs, we come home happily, having full faith in the product. But are we getting our money's worth? Is this what we are paying for?? Am posting this to create awareness. Please check the packs well before buying various products. Can someone please tag Fatima Master?
{BE AWARE OF FALSE PREACHERS, PASTORS, EVANGELISTS, PROPHETS} In the same way Peter says, "There will be false teachers among you." Notice the words "among you." Peter is writing to the church and says, "There will be false prophets among you." So he is not talking about New Age people on television. He is talking about people in the local church, members of a local congregation. Jesus, Paul, Peter, and John all repeatedly warned such men would rise up—even among Christian churches—and lead many astray. They warned that not only would there be many False Prophets and teachers, there would be many followers of them as well. Many have been incorrectly taught that false teachers don't exist, that practically everyone is saved, that essentially any doctrine is acceptable if sincerely believed, and that basically any level of morality is satisfactory. These doctrines are popular for obvious reasons. They are easy to understand, easy to like, and easy to follow. But Jesus contrasted the "easy path—which H ...
“The science behind procrastination (and how to stop doing it) Is BiG HAIR Back?!
we've decided to go to big bazaar tomorrow...B there @ 4.30
TODAY we will be at BIG CITY BEATS BAZAAR w/ Creator &
TODAY! Ron Allen DJing at 6PM alongside Basic Soul Unit and many more! l2PM - 10PM BIG CITY BEAT BAZAAR : : :...
Happy Saturday! What is great with you this AM? 😀. Betty and Bob brought back blue balloons from the big bazaar. 😀
What's the big bazaar ad trying to imply - are they the only sellers of water purifiers? no. Do they have the widest range? no. (1/2)
last week at epic fest bazaar with the BIG guy eruption23 😄👊😊
Get ready for our big comeback with no other than the hippest bazaar in the metro! . Experience "La…
Jam Packed Weekend! 0829 at tonight & Big City Beat Bazaar with tomorrow!
please add Big bazaar coupon to your cart
this has been the most bazaar Big Brother ever!
Chachi look like the type of *** that if he had a girl with his uglyass he would take her to go shop at BIG T BAZAAR.
I haven't been to Big T Bazaar or any bazaar in a really long time.
Don't get the big hype about za za bazaar a think it's rank 😷
or will they expand it to physical stores like Big Bazaar, Dmart, etc.
The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) has big plans for the 51st Annual Islamic Society of...
Part of enjoying a good meal is in the way it is presented. And the Melamine Dining Sets available at Big Bazaar...
/ the BIG skirt in 1938 ~ Norman Parkinson for Harper's Bazaar /
BIG CITY BEAT BAZAAR: THIS WEEKEND: For More info on the Beat Bazaar we are putting on this weekend, please cl...
I must say that having Big Bazaar there is always very useful to my family and we love your mall
Yesterday I went in Big Bazaar - Phoenix Mall. At counter when cashier billed my goods so he said as your amount is more than 3500 so we have one offer for you... I said what offer ? He said you can take 2.5 litre bottle of pepsi in just 10 Rs. I replied u can keep this bottle for u as we Muslim are just ignoring these Israel products now a days... Then I realised that impact of boycott that the 80 Rs. Pepsi bottels they are offering in 10-10 rupees to clear their stock.. Fowarded as recvd... We can bring them to knees if we sincerly be united in this boycott...
Happy to share that I have been selected for Acting in Big Bazaar Direct's advertisements for multiple products through auditions. The first shoot happened this week:D Feeling grateful for everyone's support!! Need ur best wishes :)
Parent’s Day is around the corner. With the Big Bazaar Profit Club membership you gift your parents, you have to pay only Rs. 10 and your parents can shop worth Rs. 12000 over a year! Know more -
We have opening for a Company like Big Bazaar in Dubai:-. 1. South Indian Cook - 4 Positions - Salary - AED 1400...
Congratulations on the achievement. I think we should have advisory in a packet at big bazaar.
Is big data really helping retail brands in improving sales? Watch Brand Bazaar this Sat & Sun at 9pm.
Disappointing meal at the Bazaar for DineLA. Magic Mojito was a big winner tho - mojito over candy floss - yum
it's the big bottle lah. Who want to buy byk2 small bottle. Nak bikin keling kat bazaar ke? 😂😂
Experience the joy of saving money with a Big Bazaar Profit Club. Shop worth Rs. 12,000 over 1 year! Know more –
Big Eid Bazaar happening in Mississauga!. Get your families out and have a great time with your family and friends!
I have no idea. bazaar?. I spend eid at home with the fam. I know people go out but our family is so big we spend it at home
Beginning the countdown - just 2 weeks 'til the BIG BANG BAZAAR in Maitland FL -...
Celebrate Parent's Day with Big Bazaar Profit Club. Upload a picture of you with your parents & stand a chance to...
Met aida and aunty sisy dekat bazaar cheras and we all go way like a big hug pls ya ok ya ya ya ya
I wrote on a Rs 10 note and purchased groceries worth Rs 1000 from Big Bazaar with that note
What do you do with goods and skilled people?Every super market,MORE,FOOD WORLD BIG BAZAAR ETC ARE flooded with goods?what do u eat?
Shop for INR 5000 and above, and get 5 Kg Kohinoor Charminar Basmati Rice for INR 100. Centre Square...
Are you a Big Bazaar Profit Club member? & more every month! Check out more awesome offers here -
Check this out! There's an Amazon Local deal you can jump on for the BIG BANG Bazaar, August 9th! I will be there...
Everyone in the bazaar remembered my family from last year, it was like one big happy reunion
Big Bazaar faking talktime offer on bills. Sim card T24 not activated even after 3 days and customer care just assures and do nothing!
Put your knowledge about Big Bazaar to the test. Answer in the comment section below!
Big write up in this month's Harpers Bazaar for this week's Fitness Fest workout - !
A Big Bazaar Profit Club Membership is a sure shot way to gift your parents happiness this Parents' Day. Now,...
Gift them a big bazaar profit club card
. 8.Visiting the Big Bazaar store for all the new collection, offers and more ;)
. 8. Makng them smile by gifting them the big bazaar card! . They deserve this privilege, don't they? :)
I will present them a Gift Card from Big Bazaar
A.8) By taking them shopping to Big Bazaar for 12 months regularly
A8: By giving them the membership card of Big bazaar and help 'em reduce their daily expense
. 8. By gifting them the Big bazaar card. need to say more? :).
3. Gift them a big bazaar card now : … …
A4: Took me to Big Bazaar on my B'day and let me buy what I wanted as b'day gift !!
It always feels good to get that extra bit. And with Big Bazaar's Profit Club Membership you will get exactly that. http…
Just done a Rs.1000 shopping at Thanks to Big Bazaar Profit Club
Use Big Bazaar Profit Club Card to Card for your friends and family at
Presenting Big Bazaar Profit Club, a unique prepaid loyalty program that will help you more on your shopping! http…
They where out of stock. Got it from Big Bazaar.
Ans 3 - Gift Card from Big Bazaar is an Amazing idea. Here's the link Thank you
. 3. No occasion is required to gift them a big bazaar profit club card! Visit .
. 2. Mom n dad used to make me sit in the Big Bazaar carts while shopping! I didn't weigh much back then :P
Participate in contest by . Win - Big Bazaar Profit Club card worth Rs 12000
Join n ply to win Big bazaar voucher
Jump into by-> to win Free Shopping worth 12000 at Big Bazaar for a year :D .
To all the graduates of my constituency - we are hereby setting up a platform to obtain job from various MNCs. Kindly share this info between your friends and relatives and lets join our hands in facilitating employment. Venue - E-Library, Jayanagar 5th Block, 11th Main Road, Opposite to Chandra Gupta Maurya Grounds ( Shalini Grounds ) Time - 10am to 4pm Date - 14.6.2014 ( This Saturday ) List of companies hiring * IBM * Dominos * Future Group/Big Bazaar * Paanimart * Reliance Life/Capital And few more. Kindly participate and have a bright future ahead. Regards, B N Vijayakumar Jayanagar
Just bought a set of Workshops and 3 Bazaar of Baghdad. So.. yeah. 1 card away from finishing my big stuff collection.
That was a big goal for Gene Hackman, the Brazilian coach. He was knifed in a bazaar in Calcutta 30 years ago.
Handmade rings in the Big They are so fashionable.
Big bazaar joins the moment. Child labor free zone
now i can get in Harpers Bazaar off ONE "is DVS REALLY holding that big an umbrella???" huffpo buzzbomb
Nicolene Peens Seager shared the following link and had this to say about it: I was walking around in a Big Bazaar store shopping, when I saw a Cashier talking to a boy couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old.. The Cashier said, 'I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll. Then the little boy turned to the cashier and asked: are you sure I don't have enough money?'' The cashier counte...
Get 60 rupees of on a pack of 2 French Factor deodorants. . Products available at a Big Bazaar near you
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
How to Detect Hidden Camera in Trial Room? In front of the trial room take your mobile and make sure that mobile can make calls. Then enter into the trail room, take your mobile and make a call. If u can't make a call.! ...There is a hidden camera. This is due to the interference of fiber optic cable during the signal transfer. Please forward this to your friends to educate this issue to the public.To prevent our innocent ladies from HIDDEN CAMERA. Pinhole Cameras in Changing Rooms of Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop? A few days ago, I received this text message: Please don't use Trial room of BIG BAZAAR there are pinhole cameras to make MMS of young girls. So, please forward to all girls. Also forward to all boys who have sisters and girlfriends. Don't be shy in forwarding this message. Because its about protecting the integrity of all girls & ladies. HOW TO DETECT A 2-WAY MIRROR? When we visit toilets, bathrooms, hotel rooms, changing rooms, etc., How many of you know for sure that the seemingly ordinary mirro ...
Looking for Operations Manager and Store Manager from large formats, multi brand outlets Big Bazaar Pantaloons...
Good Morning. News 12.6.2014 1. The Government is considering a plan to gradually increase prices of cooking gas and urea, thereby bringing down the subsidy burden on the exchequer, without allowing the inflationary spiral to build up 2. Bajaj Finserv sacks some senior officials who were cutting deals to mask loan defaults 3. Kishore Biyani's Future Retail plans to raise Rs 2,000 crore by issuing shares and warrants to promoters and investors, as the operator of the Big Bazaar chain of supermarkets seeks funds to pare debt and drive growth 4. Diesel deregulation could be announced in budget 5. Employees earning upto Rs 15,000 a month will soon come under the Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) net, with the Narendra Modi government approving a hike in the threshold for mandatory PF savings from Rs 6,500 a month to Rs 15,000
duh if I give you tak halal ones, I dosa lul. Mana tau one day you gg bazaar I also gg then I can buy like one big bag and ya bye
Veg chow with tomato and chilli sauce at home. chow - tasty treat from big bazaar
Via Dolorosa. Biggest disappointment of the trip. It's just one big bazaar, full of muslim shops. It's loud, narrow and very busy. But you can find some funny shirts for sale.
We're BIG fans of the beautiful midnight blue dress that Rose Byrne wore to the party last night
Next will be Amma Big Bazaar , all undr one roof fr free & aftr eating all , pple wl sleep on Amma duroflx matters!
A recent pick from fbb - fashion at Big Bazaar from their collection. Super affordable and perfect...
Shopping in big bazaar almost kills...
How to find true love? — Go to Big Bazaar and then go to that 50% sale counter, you'll find it there in some or ...
It's raining offers this at the Big Bazaar. When are you checking in?
actually 1st half. 2nd half was spent in big bazaar. :D
Big Book of the sure to be the most sought-after house gift,
Its a brand named by our own "big bazaar/pantaloon " :P .. Kishore Biyani said in his book about this western brand fantasies
Buy Miche Bag Online!
1) Woo him with some branded goodies from Fashion at Big Bazaar
our ancestors fought for food, land & pride for this country to see that this generation fights for the discount provided by Big Bazaar
Thanks to TOI Bangalore edition for letting me know SurfExcel washing powder has 2rs off at the nearest Big Bazaar.
didn't you buy all your shoes from big T bazaar?
Thought they had changed the name to Big Bazaar. But found out later that ISKCON still exists.
fbb - fashion at Big Bazaar Femina Miss Indias having fun! . These are some small moments that add value to...
Harper's Bazaar Gingerbatch is a big weakness of mine...DAMMIT, LIZZIE.
See our dreamy JP Lisette featured in this styled shoot by My Vintage Flower and My Big Day Photos. Ladies -...
Had a chance to visit Hypermarket by Velavan in localised version of Big Bazaar solely for the burgeoning middle class
. Hey big fan ineed u to come to East GrandRapidsMI to come to the bizarre bazaar try to find me i 5,3 11 years old and wear glasses
Bought my table and I'll be building my inventory for the next Big Bang Bazaar! Mark your calendars! I'll be...
a) Thats an assumption. Many superstores like easy day and big bazaar already exist. Have they affected yet?
Oooh they already set up the bazaar for ramadhan and this time round it's big 👍👍
Since it turned into a very big school bazaar I REAL good 😞
Big Bazaar wednesday bazaar shopping for grocery shopping at really low rates
UPC's ladies wing hosts Big Bazaar at Smaisma
Thankfully, the big bazaar statesmen on whom the CONgress is banking on will not be around
Thanks mainly to the then opposition our august Parliament used to be like a big bazaar!
Fuuuh this yr bazaar geylang so big
Finished reading "It Happened in India" on the trip. The story of Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Future Group +. Kishore Biyani's autobiography.
- A simple line can win you a voucher -
Guy at the billing counter at big bazaar - sir do you want carry bag?. Me- off course . U thnk i carry this monthly grocery on my head?
Reebok Absolute Trail Lp Sandals. Get this Deal and such best deals, offer, freebies and offer in big bazaar. Stay Connected with Big Bazaar Online.
that you can test drive the 4-wheel trolley bags at the Big Bazaar stores? We have created a runway...
2nd Day at the bazaar with our happy and lovely clients! A big boho thanks for…
Got some cool things to hand out about Big Bang Bazaar in August.
I was watching election results on many screens at big bazaar tvm when i heard a comment from a guy standing nearby - keralites are not interested in fanatism that's why bjp could not win a seat here. i felt pity on that pathetic guy who does not know that nationalist - right wing parties like bjp are not new to the world. moreover he has no problem with communal parties like muslim league and kerala congress which stands for their narrow interests. Atleast keralites could have reacted well to the current political scenario by sending a couple of bjp mps to speak for us in the parliament.
The color, font type and size reminds me of Big Bazaar. Bad color choice by ibibo or too strong presence of BB?
first I went to get my n my bro's shirts..den we went to big bazaar for shopping..frm der lunch..again frm der
Let your bedroom radiate with spring summer colours, Get these contemporary bed sheets from Big Bazaar.
we are leading freebies, offers in big bazaar and online shopping website company. We have great deal like iDeals Tea/Coffee Cups (Set of 6) only at big bazaar
Symphony Kaizan Jr Air Cooler with very limited offers in big bazaar, Air Cooler, Home Water Cooler
Even the Big Bazaar sale products of reputed brands r of substandard quality purposely made to sell at lower prices...!!!
Big Bazaar ads are the most genuinely non wannabe cool indian ads in recent times. Well done to the creative team.
DAY 1 at the bazaar! A big boho thanks to all of you pretty ladies who shopped on our…
Anywhere I can purchase Modi Kurta and Modi Jacket ? Big Bazaar or Shoppers Stop have it ?
If you really wanted to take action, go to any Big bazaar, say in Phoenix mall right away, do the audit and see the differences
Most of the Bangalore IT people feel that Big Bazaar makes lot of money due to this, they feel who has time to check
though we liked Big bazaar items, we needed to stop due to the differences. Still wishes you all the best
Went shopping today at Trendsetter's bazaar (Even keds is on a big…
I almost read it as Lanchau Bazaar. One letter makes big difference.
Went to Chor Bazaar yesterday & it seems that you bought all the film prints! Couldn't find but 1 big reel with Sir Bachchan! ;)
OK everybody!!! Here is the big announcement. Halloween Artist Bazaar now has its very own shopping cart!...
It is amazing how they can distract you from the big issues happening now, with some bazaar debate that doesn't event make sense. Lol
My father doesn't get new ads of Big Bazaar, Havells and Vodafone. Too subtle advertising or just lame execution of ideas?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Big bazaar ads are as crappy as their products
OMG ! 😅 did I just read big bazaar is ZARA for bongs ?? 😛😲😅
arrey sahi me yaar. They are obsessed with Big bazaar,citi mart and bazaar kolkata
Big Bazaar Ballygunge is on a Yo Yo Honey Singh spree
If you think Jagan will win big, put all your money in satta bazaar and you multi crore pathi tomorrow. LOL
He bought that outfit at Big T Bazaar.
Shop with your favorite celebrities only at Summer Fab Bazaar. Tiendesitas. May 17-18. We are on BIG BIG SALE!
try Big Bazaar of 9th block Jayanagar. It will beat Total, Madiwala hands down
I demand seperate line for girls in big bazaar unless they stop sliding in between.
17th of may you can get free BP check up at all stores of Spencers, Reliance and Big Bazaar @ Hyderabad :)
Four or Six TIckets to the Big Bang Bazaar on Saturday, August 9 (Up to 67% Off) $7.00
Just walk INNA PoS with no shirt. Any girl nuh waa yu tell her her hole big like Grand Bazaar.
Being in q in big bazaar is like crawling in mud
An advertisement of Big Bazaar insults Hindu Dharma. Hence it is duty of all Hindus to protest lawfully against it. Also Hindus should boycott Big Bazaar until they stop this advertisement and
DayOut wid .y gang of girls at big bazaar.
Big Bazaar - Dealay in at Billing Counter and Your employees guiding customer to Complaint Register: Dear Sir,...
Jorhat City is the 2nd major city of Assam. Various Shopping Malls have come up at Jorhat. They are:- 1. Big Bazaar Mall, kb road. 2. Sohum Shoppe Mall, tarazan road. 3. Vishal Mega mart, lahoti area. 4. Maxmart mall, Rajamaidan road. 5. Ragga, kb road 6. ABS Mall with multiplex (under construction near pwd point road). 7. Metro mall ( under construction near doss & co, kb road). 8. City Centre ( upcoming project ) FUN CITY AQUALAND. Opening shortly Fun City Aqua park in Jorhat is going to make a mark as the 1st aqua park in Upper Assam and central Assam region of India.
Awesome free show tomorrow at with PUP, Hunters, Big Ups:
Animal lovers: where and when to see the African migrations
Custom Bridal Henna for your big day, yes please! What pattern do you want to include?
I want the big room with the balcony overlooking the women's bazaar, please papa? You know which one ;3
This Saturday, is selling their new record at our show. Bring a sharpie, they might sign it
This new Big bazaar's add is So dumb!
Bottle Bazaar: Personalise your wedding with beautiful wine with labels designed especially for your big day
The Big Bazaar modern *** gaya India did not go well with me,Jeans in a temple& saying see ya to punditji how does that signify being modern?
Check out Big Bazaar's new TVC that explores changing facets of
Big Bazaar TVC 2 captures different facets of changing India, as
Such a lovely gesture! A big thank you to My Gym and the wonderful parents who are putting up a charity bazaar...
I already picked out the perfect gift from big bazaar.
That's what on-line dating is: a big bazaar. Like in Marrakesh. :P
Due to unforeseen circumstances The Big Cheese cannot make Hunters Creek Bazaar. Anyone interested please let me know. Thanks.
*** be claiming they shopping at the mall but they be making detours to Big T Bazaar!
Sometimes I go to the clothing section in Big Bazaar to gape at the people there with absolute reverence.
Big Bazaar's ad tops all the kurkure ads also in silliness
Rs 7 for this stupid bag height of rip offs.Kishore Biyani looting india thru big bazaar
Hire one of Boston's best photographers for your big day
What is the difference between a Big Bazaar pamphlet & the Cong manifesto?In the former,the promise of free goods come with 'CondtionsApply'
Seen above big Bazaar, a departmental store in Pune. Interesting!!
10 April is my last day in Big Bazaar Udaipur
Hello Kids - Sterlings is situated in Banashanakari 3rd stage, Very close to Big Bazaar, Banglaore
Ultimate Discount offer from Ahoy . Get 50/- Off on every purchase of 750gms. for more info visit
You know you're a gujju if you met your wife at Big Bazaar Sabse Sasta Din.
Revamp in Big Bazaar headlines HT. My limited intellect unable to comprehend why this group is constantly in the restructuring mode.
walking away to mall for a small jeans pant... catch u guys later. — traveling to Bhangarh from Big Bazaar,...
V have Big Bazaar,D-MART,Reliance Mart,Reliance Fresh and many Indian Supermarkets WTH do v Need FDI ?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The internet can be a scary place sometimes, it has its own black market!
For the Big Day kinda Wed Bazaar. Off to meerut
Allow us to help you skip the line! RSVP here for our show with at on 4.12 and get in fast
Art coordinator job, Harper's Bazaar, London: Harper's Bazaar is looking to
What are your plans for this weekend? Join us today at. Bangalore: Ring Road (Near Big Bazaar) and Sahakar Nagar (Near Easy Day Supermarket)
Big Bazaar signed up new brand ambassadors Sakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor..
INDIAN ENTREPRENEURS Kishore Biyani Kishore Biyani is the Group CEO of Future Group and Managing Director of Pantaloon Retail.He is the man who triggered the concept of retail supermarkets in India like Big Bazaar, Pantaloon, Mega Mart and Bangalore Central. He was also the most successful Private Equity investor in 2013.
If there is anything that Future Group is known for, it is the path-breaking ideas and innovations that have changed the rules of the game. And now, we are rewriting rules once again to change the way people shop and sell. The revolutionary retail model Big Bazaar Direct that was launched with an aspiration of taking Big Bazaar to more consumers in India and also enable and empower millions of Indian entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams, is going strong and scaling up rapidly by doing mass scale national roll-outs after its pilot in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Delhi team has done 24 franchisee launches in just a single day!! Mumbai team is targeting a similar number. Highest sales for a franchisee during a launch in a single day were achieved in Mumbai!!Other cities such as Hyderabad, Vizag, Gujarat, Bhilwara, Pune, Jaipur etc are all doing similar mass scale launches. Big Bazaar Direct’s Sales & Category team are also training these franchisees through multiple training sessions held across the ...
Future Group aims for 50,000 direct franchisees by this year: The Kishore Biyani-promoted Future Group, which runs India’s largest retail chain in both value and lifestyle formats, is aiming to have 50,000 Big Bazaar direct franchisees by the end of this yea...
Kishore Biyani is best known for bringing in the great Indian retail revolution. What’s more, he has consistently gone against conventional wisdom and charted his own course to make Pantaloon Retail one of the fastest growing retail chains in not just India but even the world. The company recently launched a campaign celebrating ten years of Big Bazaar, part of Pantaloon Retail. The touching campaign not only celebrated the success that the retail chain has seen over the years but also tried to connect with its customer base by saying sorry and thank you in the same breath. How has the decade-long journey been of Big Bazaar? The Big Bazaar journey has been fabulous for us. I think it feels good that we did 150 stores in these ten years. It has been the most interesting stretch for us so far. In terms of growth, we are the fastest growing chain. Probably we are the first hypermarket chain in the world that set up 100 stores in just seven years of its existence. In that sense, it feels great. In fact, we ...
Kishore Biyani is looking to marry the reach of neighbourhood store with weight of Big Bazaar to home deliver goods and discounts. If it goes right, it can be right. If it goes wrong, it can hurt Future Group. Will Big Bazaar's big bet hurt 'Future Group'?
Mumbai: For two years now, Kishore Biyani, a man often described as India’s Sam Walton, has been fighting fires. He has given up almost 2 million sq. ft of retail space, renovated half the Big Bazaar hypermarkets he runs, sold off businesses, and restructured operations. Now, Biyani, managing director of India’s largest listed retail company Future Retail Ltd, and a man once given to hyperbole, usually related to his own expansion plans, is finally ready to talk growth. “We have done everything that was required to be done and are now at ease,” said Biyani, describing his journey as similar to the enlightenment of Ashoka, the king who ruled India some 250 years before the birth of Christ, and who gave up his militant ways after seeing the carnage wrought in the battle of Kalinga. In Biyani’s case, the carnage had to do with debt accumulated as a result of reckless expansion. photo Part of Biyani’s enlightenment had to do with sell-offs. He sold his Pantaloons business to Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd ...
Early lifeEijaz studied in the Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour High School located in Chembur a suburb in Mumbai and later pursued Civil Engineering from the prestigious Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Airoli. Acting happened to him by chance when Balaji discovered him. Before that he used to handle the family business which deals with shock absorbers. Now since acting takes up all of Eijaz's time, his father and brother handle the business. CareerEijaz appeared in some music videos like Leena O Leena, Patang Wali Dor, *** Gaya *** Gaya, Kuch To Kaho, Nachche Sari Raat, Kehdu Tumhein, Hum to Mohabbat Karega and an AIDS Awareness Video. He did Suncrest, Asli Atta, Visa Electron, Pride, Pure Ghee, Breeze, Chloromint, TVS Victor, Big Bazaar, Wrigley's, Tata Indicom, BSNL advertisements also. He is seen in most of the K-series soap in quite significant roles and is considered to be Ekta Kapoor's blue-eyed boy. Eijaz won awards like Aap Jaisa Koi 2005 Evergreen Hero, ITA 2005 Bright Onscreen TV Couple of the ...
Best combo of 15th August is with Mahendra Kapoor & Manoj Kumar .. worst combo is with Big Bazaar.
QP2:14-I think the mixer and the jug are going to the Big bazaar's purana lao, naya le jaao scheme, hai na hai na
I like big bazaar i enjoy shopping there !
He He..Wrong calculation, that is a Big Bazaar shop in Tirupur. Dressing section
Big Bazaar's Mahabachat offer - Last 3 days left. Hurry!. To know more about Big Bazaar, Dehradun -
Think shopping is meant only for women? Visit Big Bazaar’s We bet you won't be able to resist our incredible offers too!
There was a line outside big bazaar y'day ! About 70 ppl waiting to go shop ! , ,.
It was a hard day .. Not cause of my work at big bazaar .. But sad sales cause if first day of week..
Enjoy a movie night at home! With Big Bazaar's you can get amazing discounts on a brand new HD LED TV.
Yes all fine-just back home from Big Bazaar-picked up some stuff at real bargain prices-10th to 15th-personal care,grocery etc
Hi Chanchal, Hope you enjoyed shopping at Big Bazaar :)
. So u mean Big Bazaar of Biyani wud hv never bribed anyone, but IKEA & Walmart Will.
Win the Big Bazaar Gift Voucher for as little as Re.1, & shop worth Rs. 500! 30 minutes left for the to end!
big bazaar should come out with ---> "Lingerie line based on Fifty shades of Grey ?"
Going to Big Bazaar. ..n. .needed some change so going to see that Horror movie . ."Conjuring " too .
Forces free to respond to situation on LoC: Andony - ye Big Bazaar ka sale hai kya?? where's the direction from the government??
pl contact your nearest T24 kiosks inside Big Bazaar. Our executive will help
that smells badly! Yesterday at big bazaar I gotta witnessed that
My show for starts at 12:30... McDonalds and Big Bazaar is on the cards.
Big Bazaar is a big marketing fraud. 10% deals are great and good enough to lure to think that...chalo sab kuch yahi se hi le lete hai..
During their Independence Day sale, Big Bazaar has so many visitors that they should actually put them up for sale as well.
So leggings get security tagged in 'Big Bazaar' at India 😳
The audience in comedy shows is like the crowd they pulled from a Big Bazaar sale.
All those who visit big bazaar next five days seriously bakradotcom
waiting while she shops at the Big Bazaar sale.
Godrej Nature Basket yaar. Big bazaar means she will think you are cheap.
Take your date out to Big Bazaar so she knows you are serious about her.
Sunday evening shopping at Big Bazaar. A whole new definition of 'ridiculous'.
Dont buy extra things. You will need to "Bech Kabaad" at Big Bazaar! . Live fresh
In Big Bazaar, you can buy things for Grand Sasti.
Maha bachat of big bazaar is the best example of cheapness of indians
Go to Big Bazaar for grocery shopping
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Big Bazaar is now Big Bizarre till 15th of August..!!
Saw a woman in Big Bazaar today who was crying and buying Whisper at the same time. She must be going through a tough p…
1st one after moving out of Future Group & Missing the Big Bazaar Mahabacchat buzz with the store folks. Keep rocking guys
Find your wallets empty by the end of the month? This month is here to ensure you save! Head to your closest Big Bazaar outlet!
The homemaker in me is so excited about this Hypercity and Big Bazaar sale!
Big bazaar maha bachat starts today. I am going to buy few shirts and jeans. Go on, judge me.
First day of work in big bazaar.. Great learnings.. And awesome experience . . More five days to go..
Easy Day is cheaper then All the Big Offers of Big Bazaar put together!! Pleasant Surprise. Pocket Smiles :) :)
Why are there so many people in blore and why are they all in big bazaar
one jeans unleashed for 7 days so 5*7=35 you have 35+18=53 so 3 jeans will suffice. Big Bazaar sabse bada sale go fast kahi khatam..
Today, Z-Square becomes so crowded that Big Bazaar allowed only families for shopping. Shocking.
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