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Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar is a chain of hypermarket in India. As of June 2, 2012 there are 214 stores across 90 cities and towns in India covering around 16 million sq.ft.

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Jorhat City is the 2nd major city of Assam. Various Shopping Malls have come up at Jorhat. They are:- 1. Big Bazaar Mall, kb road. 2. Sohum Shoppe Mall, tarazan road. 3. Vishal Mega mart, lahoti area. 4. Maxmart mall, Rajamaidan road. 5. Ragga, kb road 6. ABS Mall with multiplex (under construction near pwd point road). 7. Metro mall ( under construction near doss & co, kb road). 8. City Centre ( upcoming project ) FUN CITY AQUALAND. Opening shortly Fun City Aqua park in Jorhat is going to make a mark as the 1st aqua park in Upper Assam and central Assam region of India.
Awesome free show tomorrow at with PUP, Hunters, Big Ups:
Animal lovers: where and when to see the African migrations
Custom Bridal Henna for your big day, yes please! What pattern do you want to include?
I want the big room with the balcony overlooking the women's bazaar, please papa? You know which one ;3
This Saturday, is selling their new record at our show. Bring a sharpie, they might sign it
This new Big bazaar's add is So dumb!
Bottle Bazaar: Personalise your wedding with beautiful wine with labels designed especially for your big day
The Big Bazaar modern *** gaya India did not go well with me,Jeans in a temple& saying see ya to punditji how does that signify being modern?
Check out Big Bazaar's new TVC that explores changing facets of
Big Bazaar TVC 2 captures different facets of changing India, as
Such a lovely gesture! A big thank you to My Gym and the wonderful parents who are putting up a charity bazaar...
I already picked out the perfect gift from big bazaar.
That's what on-line dating is: a big bazaar. Like in Marrakesh. :P
Due to unforeseen circumstances The Big Cheese cannot make Hunters Creek Bazaar. Anyone interested please let me know. Thanks.
*** be claiming they shopping at the mall but they be making detours to Big T Bazaar!
Sometimes I go to the clothing section in Big Bazaar to gape at the people there with absolute reverence.
Big Bazaar's ad tops all the kurkure ads also in silliness
Rs 7 for this stupid bag height of rip offs.Kishore Biyani looting india thru big bazaar
Hire one of Boston's best photographers for your big day
What is the difference between a Big Bazaar pamphlet & the Cong manifesto?In the former,the promise of free goods come with 'CondtionsApply'
Seen above big Bazaar, a departmental store in Pune. Interesting!!
10 April is my last day in Big Bazaar Udaipur
Hello Kids - Sterlings is situated in Banashanakari 3rd stage, Very close to Big Bazaar, Banglaore
Ultimate Discount offer from Ahoy . Get 50/- Off on every purchase of 750gms. for more info visit
You know you're a gujju if you met your wife at Big Bazaar Sabse Sasta Din.
Revamp in Big Bazaar headlines HT. My limited intellect unable to comprehend why this group is constantly in the restructuring mode.
walking away to mall for a small jeans pant... catch u guys later. — traveling to Bhangarh from Big Bazaar,...
V have Big Bazaar,D-MART,Reliance Mart,Reliance Fresh and many Indian Supermarkets WTH do v Need FDI ?
The internet can be a scary place sometimes, it has its own black market!
For the Big Day kinda Wed Bazaar. Off to meerut
Allow us to help you skip the line! RSVP here for our show with at on 4.12 and get in fast
Art coordinator job, Harper's Bazaar, London: Harper's Bazaar is looking to
What are your plans for this weekend? Join us today at. Bangalore: Ring Road (Near Big Bazaar) and Sahakar Nagar (Near Easy Day Supermarket)
Big Bazaar signed up new brand ambassadors Sakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor..
INDIAN ENTREPRENEURS Kishore Biyani Kishore Biyani is the Group CEO of Future Group and Managing Director of Pantaloon Retail.He is the man who triggered the concept of retail supermarkets in India like Big Bazaar, Pantaloon, Mega Mart and Bangalore Central. He was also the most successful Private Equity investor in 2013.
If there is anything that Future Group is known for, it is the path-breaking ideas and innovations that have changed the rules of the game. And now, we are rewriting rules once again to change the way people shop and sell. The revolutionary retail model Big Bazaar Direct that was launched with an aspiration of taking Big Bazaar to more consumers in India and also enable and empower millions of Indian entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams, is going strong and scaling up rapidly by doing mass scale national roll-outs after its pilot in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Delhi team has done 24 franchisee launches in just a single day!! Mumbai team is targeting a similar number. Highest sales for a franchisee during a launch in a single day were achieved in Mumbai!!Other cities such as Hyderabad, Vizag, Gujarat, Bhilwara, Pune, Jaipur etc are all doing similar mass scale launches. Big Bazaar Direct’s Sales & Category team are also training these franchisees through multiple training sessions held across the ...
Future Group aims for 50,000 direct franchisees by this year: The Kishore Biyani-promoted Future Group, which runs India’s largest retail chain in both value and lifestyle formats, is aiming to have 50,000 Big Bazaar direct franchisees by the end of this yea...
Kishore Biyani is best known for bringing in the great Indian retail revolution. What’s more, he has consistently gone against conventional wisdom and charted his own course to make Pantaloon Retail one of the fastest growing retail chains in not just India but even the world. The company recently launched a campaign celebrating ten years of Big Bazaar, part of Pantaloon Retail. The touching campaign not only celebrated the success that the retail chain has seen over the years but also tried to connect with its customer base by saying sorry and thank you in the same breath. How has the decade-long journey been of Big Bazaar? The Big Bazaar journey has been fabulous for us. I think it feels good that we did 150 stores in these ten years. It has been the most interesting stretch for us so far. In terms of growth, we are the fastest growing chain. Probably we are the first hypermarket chain in the world that set up 100 stores in just seven years of its existence. In that sense, it feels great. In fact, we ...
Kishore Biyani is looking to marry the reach of neighbourhood store with weight of Big Bazaar to home deliver goods and discounts. If it goes right, it can be right. If it goes wrong, it can hurt Future Group. Will Big Bazaar's big bet hurt 'Future Group'?
Mumbai: For two years now, Kishore Biyani, a man often described as India’s Sam Walton, has been fighting fires. He has given up almost 2 million sq. ft of retail space, renovated half the Big Bazaar hypermarkets he runs, sold off businesses, and restructured operations. Now, Biyani, managing director of India’s largest listed retail company Future Retail Ltd, and a man once given to hyperbole, usually related to his own expansion plans, is finally ready to talk growth. “We have done everything that was required to be done and are now at ease,” said Biyani, describing his journey as similar to the enlightenment of Ashoka, the king who ruled India some 250 years before the birth of Christ, and who gave up his militant ways after seeing the carnage wrought in the battle of Kalinga. In Biyani’s case, the carnage had to do with debt accumulated as a result of reckless expansion. photo Part of Biyani’s enlightenment had to do with sell-offs. He sold his Pantaloons business to Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd ...
Early lifeEijaz studied in the Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour High School located in Chembur a suburb in Mumbai and later pursued Civil Engineering from the prestigious Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Airoli. Acting happened to him by chance when Balaji discovered him. Before that he used to handle the family business which deals with shock absorbers. Now since acting takes up all of Eijaz's time, his father and brother handle the business. CareerEijaz appeared in some music videos like Leena O Leena, Patang Wali Dor, *** Gaya *** Gaya, Kuch To Kaho, Nachche Sari Raat, Kehdu Tumhein, Hum to Mohabbat Karega and an AIDS Awareness Video. He did Suncrest, Asli Atta, Visa Electron, Pride, Pure Ghee, Breeze, Chloromint, TVS Victor, Big Bazaar, Wrigley's, Tata Indicom, BSNL advertisements also. He is seen in most of the K-series soap in quite significant roles and is considered to be Ekta Kapoor's blue-eyed boy. Eijaz won awards like Aap Jaisa Koi 2005 Evergreen Hero, ITA 2005 Bright Onscreen TV Couple of the ...
Best combo of 15th August is with Mahendra Kapoor & Manoj Kumar .. worst combo is with Big Bazaar.
QP2:14-I think the mixer and the jug are going to the Big bazaar's purana lao, naya le jaao scheme, hai na hai na
I like big bazaar i enjoy shopping there !
He He..Wrong calculation, that is a Big Bazaar shop in Tirupur. Dressing section
Big Bazaar's Mahabachat offer - Last 3 days left. Hurry!. To know more about Big Bazaar, Dehradun -
Think shopping is meant only for women? Visit Big Bazaar’s We bet you won't be able to resist our incredible offers too!
There was a line outside big bazaar y'day ! About 70 ppl waiting to go shop ! , ,.
It was a hard day .. Not cause of my work at big bazaar .. But sad sales cause if first day of week..
Enjoy a movie night at home! With Big Bazaar's you can get amazing discounts on a brand new HD LED TV.
Yes all fine-just back home from Big Bazaar-picked up some stuff at real bargain prices-10th to 15th-personal care,grocery etc
Hi Chanchal, Hope you enjoyed shopping at Big Bazaar :)
. So u mean Big Bazaar of Biyani wud hv never bribed anyone, but IKEA & Walmart Will.
Win the Big Bazaar Gift Voucher for as little as Re.1, & shop worth Rs. 500! 30 minutes left for the to end!
big bazaar should come out with ---> "Lingerie line based on Fifty shades of Grey ?"
Going to Big Bazaar. ..n. .needed some change so going to see that Horror movie . ."Conjuring " too .
Forces free to respond to situation on LoC: Andony - ye Big Bazaar ka sale hai kya?? where's the direction from the government??
pl contact your nearest T24 kiosks inside Big Bazaar. Our executive will help
that smells badly! Yesterday at big bazaar I gotta witnessed that
My show for starts at 12:30... McDonalds and Big Bazaar is on the cards.
Big Bazaar is a big marketing fraud. 10% deals are great and good enough to lure to think that...chalo sab kuch yahi se hi le lete hai..
During their Independence Day sale, Big Bazaar has so many visitors that they should actually put them up for sale as well.
So leggings get security tagged in 'Big Bazaar' at India 😳
The audience in comedy shows is like the crowd they pulled from a Big Bazaar sale.
All those who visit big bazaar next five days seriously bakradotcom
waiting while she shops at the Big Bazaar sale.
Godrej Nature Basket yaar. Big bazaar means she will think you are cheap.
Take your date out to Big Bazaar so she knows you are serious about her.
Sunday evening shopping at Big Bazaar. A whole new definition of 'ridiculous'.
Dont buy extra things. You will need to "Bech Kabaad" at Big Bazaar! . Live fresh
In Big Bazaar, you can buy things for Grand Sasti.
Maha bachat of big bazaar is the best example of cheapness of indians
Go to Big Bazaar for grocery shopping
Big Bazaar is now Big Bizarre till 15th of August..!!
Saw a woman in Big Bazaar today who was crying and buying Whisper at the same time. She must be going through a tough p…
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
1st one after moving out of Future Group & Missing the Big Bazaar Mahabacchat buzz with the store folks. Keep rocking guys
Find your wallets empty by the end of the month? This month is here to ensure you save! Head to your closest Big Bazaar outlet!
The homemaker in me is so excited about this Hypercity and Big Bazaar sale!
Big bazaar maha bachat starts today. I am going to buy few shirts and jeans. Go on, judge me.
First day of work in big bazaar.. Great learnings.. And awesome experience . . More five days to go..
Easy Day is cheaper then All the Big Offers of Big Bazaar put together!! Pleasant Surprise. Pocket Smiles :) :)
Why are there so many people in blore and why are they all in big bazaar
one jeans unleashed for 7 days so 5*7=35 you have 35+18=53 so 3 jeans will suffice. Big Bazaar sabse bada sale go fast kahi khatam..
Today, Z-Square becomes so crowded that Big Bazaar allowed only families for shopping. Shocking.
Back home after an extensive shopping trip @ Central Mall. Visited Big Bazaar, Reliance Trends..
in last 2 yrs its becoming clear its Big Bazaar only NaMoand RSS r not for Sale
to Detect Hidden Camera in Trial Room? In front of the trial room take your mobile and make sure that mobile can make calls. Then enter into the trail room, take your mobile and make a call. If u can't make a call.! There is a hidden camera. This is due to the interference of fiber optic cable during the signal transfer. Please forward this to your friends to educate this issue to the public.To prevent our innocent ladies from HIDDEN CAMERA. Pinhole Cameras in Changing Rooms of Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop? A few days ago, I received this text message: Please don't use Trial room of BIG BAZAAR there are pinhole cameras to make MMS of young girls. So, please forward to all girls. Also forward to all boys who have sisters and girlfriends. Don't be shy in forwarding this message. Because its about protecting the integrity of all girls & ladies. HOW TO DETECT A 2-WAY MIRROR? When we visit toilets, bathrooms, hotel rooms, changing rooms, etc., How many of you know for sure that the seemingly ordinary mirror hangi ...
The Grand day for the GRAND HOUSIE is tomorrow. 2:30 at Amanora's Big Bazaar.
1) Which university in India will introduce a chapter on the contribution of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar to the Constitution? Answer: Karnataka State Open University 2) Which education and learning division announced its partnership with Big Bazaar to market their learning products in their stores across India? Answer: HCL Infosystems Limited 3) Name the Nehru fellowship recipient Archaeologist who died recently. Answer: Ranganatha Rao 4) Which are the three new high courts constitute in India? Answer: Meghalaya, Manipur & Tripura 5) Which is the highest gallantry award in India? Answer: Param Vir Chakra 6) On which date the United Nation celebrated the first ever “International day of Happiness”? Answer: 20th march 1. Which team won the Vijay Hazare trophy 2013? Answer. Delhi 2. Name the Venezuelan President who died recently? Answer. Hugo Chavez 3. Who won the Celebrity Cricket League 2013? Answer. Karnataka Bulldozers 4. Who won the WGC Cadillac Championship 2013? _Download from Powered By ...
One day, I would drink Boost, wear Siyaram clothes bought from Big Bazaar, Read Dainik Bhaskar&watch match on Videocon TV while sitting under Orient PSPO fan and talk on my Maxx Mobile using Aircel. Step out wearing Reebok Shoes&Sonata watch after applying Brylcreem on my hair and ride a TVS bike. Only for you, MS Dhoni. T20 World Cup, 50-Over World Cup, Rank in Test&ODIS&Now, the Champions Trophy! The best captain India ever had. Take a bow, MS. Take a bow!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
fbb - fashion at Big Bazaar shared the following link and had this to say about it: Have you ever heard people say that curvy women shouldn't wear jeans? Ignore it, it's just a myth! Pair your skinny jeans with a loose top and high heels for a sleek silhouette. Drop by the nearest FBB store to get your slim fit denims before they're all gone! Image:
Standing in a queue in Big Bazaar wondering why the guy in front of me is buying provisions for the Indian Army.
Most of these people that's saying they go to Olympic. I never seen my WHOLE time going to Olympic . Maybe the school too big.
Had an amazing time shooting the cover of Harper's Bazaar, check out our video to go along with the article:
Even a big bazaar Sale wud say is cheaper...
Big Bazaar never fails to surprise me. Found nice, basic grey workout t-shirts for 120 bucks each. How awesome is that??
Big Bazaar conducts cleanliness drive at Swaroop Sagar
Guy on PA system at Big Bazaar just asked for someone from the Narco Dept. *gulp* On my way to make purchase there
Now sunglasses, natural acetate and leather...all in the Big and tall Harper's Bazaar
The stalls at seemed like a big hit. People everywhere!
So if you are in FL, here is more incentive to go to the Big Bang Bazaar! They will be in the free swag bags for the first 100 people :)
In every big city there seems to be a. @ China Bazaar
Say no to laddism! Olivia Grant on how sexism still exists in youth culture today.
Unhappy with big bazaar...very uninformed sales people. Retail technology needs to pick up in indis
after big bazaar. :) but she isnt working currently. :D
well anyway next week there is this bazaar thing and I hear its gonna be big!
Anyway Girl Next Week You gotta be Ungrounded Kay? Cause there is this big bazaar going on!
PSU Annual Bazaar Reminder.. it will be FUN it will be BIG it will be SOON !! Lets see you all there :)
Jacob channeling Boards of Canada's boc maxima cover.
Reliance, Bharati Airtel, Bharathi Walmart, Big Bazaar, Nilgiris. yeah we have them too...
iNeed big cardboard boxes for my magazine archives. Vogue, Bazaar, W, & Elle dating back to 2005. No way I'm letting them go.
girll you never heard of Big T Bazaar?? Its like the most hoodest flee market in south dallas..rims done food n
I just ousted Ankita M. as the mayor of Big Bazaar on
in chennai if you visit there is a SHop called as Games in Express avenue :D .Gamers inte Big Bazaar aanu :D
Bring your old newspaper, clothes, utensils, luggage, shoes etc to any Big Bazaar store and grab your favorite stuff!
Big news! I have permission to go to OCSI campus at Bazaar day. I am excited to meet my friends for long time.
We are on BIG SALE here at Brandesign Bazaar, Jalan Kia Peng, KL. Come and get it!
We doing big pimpin', we spending cheese
More fantastic raffle prizes for the big draw at Brathay hall charity Easter bazaar on 30th march!! In addition...
Confessiononce stole a toy-gun from Big Bazaar. I opened the sealed box, took out the gun and hid it in my underwear so that I don't get caught between those anti-theft sensors at the exit. I must admit that it wasn't about the toy-gun but the whole idea of stealing something from a shop sounded totally cool. I was excited and thrilled about this and next time I stole a serial-key for a game from Planet M. Trust me guys, it so much fun. Admin, you recall that Faizal pic you have with a gun on FB, that's the same gun :D
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Devdutt Pattanaik isn’t your typical business management guru. He’s a medical doctor by training, not an MBA. And rather than spewing Harvard Business School case studies, his approach to management issues is decidedly unconventional. When we caught up with him in Mumbai, we were interested in understanding his very unusual job description. When he’s not lecturing, consulting, or writing based on his unique perspective on management issues, he serves as ‘Chief Belief Officer’ for Future Group. The company, headed by entrepreneur Kishore Biyani, is one ofIndia’s biggest and most important business conglomerates. Among other things the ubiquitous Big Bazaar, a chain of department stores all over India, anchors their retail business.   So what’s a Chief Belief Officer? Is he supposed to impart or validate the beliefs of the company’s employees? Far from it. As Devdutt describes it, his mission is to get people to question their beliefs from the ground up and then use the insight they gain to ...
found it strange because i have been to big bazaar in aurangabad n had no issues... Shocked n surprised see this
thanks for being so prompt.The matter is I walk into this big bazaar at Koti:ac's are off, there is just 1 counter for billing
A visit to Cox's Bazar brings home the fact that Bangladesh, much like its flashier neighbors Thailand and Vietnam, is enjoying rapid economic growth. And though millions of Bangladeshis live in abject poverty, others have the cash to pay for some relaxation at this up-and-coming beachside destinati...
Big Bazaar has its presence in T Nagar, near Pondy Bazaar
Get special offer's on this Valentine's Day for your loved one's.with lowest Gold rate of the season only @ Big Bazaar Navaras Amanora, Kothrud & Pimpri
Had to buy something by no choice walked into big bazaar n trust me thy are checking my patience. God save them from my yells
Meena Bazaar is a big mall run solely by women for women
Sanjayy Kumar posts : Today again had Paneer Pakoda at Malik (behind Regal Building). One of the best paneer pakodas in Delhi. Big Size, totally hygienic preparation, great value for money for Rs.15/-. Have been eating this for last 35 years when I was a child.(My father's office was in CP). But be sure to eat it only if it is hot and only with green chutney and not with Tomato Sauce. His Tea is also great !
Big Bazaar started T 24 scheme.Slowly it loses its charm because of non availability of funds for crediting into customer's account
Pasar Imlek will be held until tomorrow ;) It's a real BIG bazaar!
The Pirates EO & Shopping Box Proudly Present : The Big Box Bazaar; "A Paradise of Shopaholic" Get discount voucher for all brand only 10k!
This is to inform you that my aunt, Mrs Lourdes Dcruz (Ludy) w/o Frank D'cruz and mother of Prashant D'cruz& Ayesha D'cruz, passed away this morning. Body is kept at their solapur bazar residence, funeral leaves residence for Sepulchre Cemetry, Hadapsar today , 7th Feb at 10.30am.
doing laundry is the worst part about life. .sorting it into big blue ikea bags takes all I have got... walking 6 blocks to the store pre laundromat *** pulling out my debit card so I can get cash back at food bazaar because I do not have cash in pocket takes so much time.then I have to put the bill into a machine that gives me quarters so I can fight to put the quarters into the washing machine and not use it all on little gansta stickers or sparkly heart stickers.then I will struggle with the fact that I have to use the evil dryer machines. one day. maybe. I will have a back yard that I can line dry on. til then I am in Bushwick. luckily Crystal did laundry last time. I can do this. No one cared that I wore the same shirt for 4 days.I can do this. but I don't wanna.
Hello all! I wanted to let you know that some big changes are happening here! My hours, I will now be reduced to working less because I finally got a "real" job. In order to spend my time between family, work and home responsibilities I will not be able to take as many orders as before. (Good news is I am off during the summer! ;) ) I will be participating in the Mildenhall May Fair/Bazaar for those who are local and in order to prepare for that event I will be taking my last orders in April, opening back up in June for all orders. As of right now, unless I have already e-mailed/spoken with you about your interest in ordering, all new orders will be completed in April. Thank you all for your continued patronage & support!
A big thanks to my workmates and customers for being understanding in this most bazaar and untriumphant week . The Universe has seen fit to send a little chaos our way but we shall face it head on and say," give me your best shot , I can take it " .
Special Chabbis movie is conceptualised from a real-life daring heist on a prominent Jeweller in Mumbai, India on 19-March-1987. An unknown man posing as CBI officer Mon Singh, recruited 26 men posing as income tax officers, masterminded & executed a daylight income tax raid on the Opera House branch of a jeweller “Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri” and disappeared with a big haul of jewellery. The incident shocked jewellers across Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai and the police were unable to apprehend any suspect. Folklore is that the unknown con-man was Natwarlal, who sold iconic national monuments like “Taj Mahal, Red Fort & Rashtrapati Bhavan” to unsuspecting investors. Natwarlal a master of disguises, used many aliases and novel ideas to cheat a number of industrialists. Till the very end no one was able to catch him and remains a mystery even in his death.
Great day at the African Bazaar hosted at UB today. Aside from recruiting some potential Big Sisters, guess how exciting it is to run into former Little Sisters just finishing their undergraduate programs?! See??.it works!
Beautiful day outside Gezz, makes me wanna put on my Gucci shades.soon as I buy me a pair!
I was given the letter 'b' describe me in one word starting with b and I'll give you a letter!
log kahte he pyar me nind ud jati he. A khuda koi humse bhi pyar kare kambakht nind bahut ati he . gd night freinds
Hi Whiskey fanatics! I am busy planning, planning. If you could pick a theme for a party up in the park that would be open to the public in July, what theme would you pick? We have heard Mardi Gras, Country, Toga, 80's...those seem fun but have been done a bazillion times. So let's get creative...what would be fun for you? Thanks! -Kim
A Big Thank You to Christina for opening her lovely home for our meeting. We started our meeting with a thanks to all involved in the success of the 2012 Christmas Bazaar. Every helping hand, donation and smile made it our best Bazaar to date. A special acknowledgment must be made to the founder of the Bazaar. Ruth, you really know how to throw a party! The business meeting progressed smoothly beginning with a review of 2012. The budget for the first half of 2013 was agreed upon. Thanks to those members that shared their views in the discussion. We hope you will join us for our February 21st meeting. Victoria Torley has offered to host us at her lovely home. If you would like to be on the meeting agenda, please contact Rene or Sarah as soon as possible, it doesn't take long to fill 30 minutes.
So this wild Big Bazaar run has cost me quite a lot in parking monies
*** .. I've forced myself into Big Bazaar and now stuck behind confused aunties. Why do I do this to myself?
Lunch today with the boss and a few others at the Norwegian ambassador the the UAE house. bazaar and out of my comfort zone.
Legs are paining... These days iam surrounded with lots of work.. Walked 4 kms in search of big bazaar..Phew!
And so will the government. Our jails will get overcrowded with offenders of petty crimes, and it will increase the stress on our already building economy. We must realize India is only 60 years old. We are one of the most recent governments of the world, and even then we are better than half the world in terms of corruption. Why must you crib? You do realize that EVERY democracy has corruption?
Trek to Mt. Everest & Volunteer in Nepal - US$ 1,799 This program combines four weeks of volunteer work on popular community projects and a two-week trek to the base camp of Mount Everest. Volunteers may be assisting on community projects such as teaching various subjects at a local school, working at an orphanage or getting involved at a community youth centre. No matter what you do, the placements are challenging, worthwhile, great fun and allow you to meet some inspirational people in a beautiful area. This volunteer trip not only allows you to work on programs assisting disadvantaged communities or endangered ecosystems, but it also offers great opportunities to travel in the local area in your free time -- white water rafting, Kathmandu sightseeing, not to mention partying with fellow volunteers! At the end of 4 weeks of volunteering, you will return to Kathmandu to be briefed on the trek to Everest Base Camp. The 12-day return trek will take you through some of the most spectacular scenery on the pl ...
please come to the Big Bazaar at ITPL - the BB food stalls outside the outlet dump all the garbage right there. unbearable.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
In de stad net bij de big bazaar geweest
how far would you go for your dark fantasy? Kiraane ki dukaan? Ya big bazaar?
Shopping Bazaar, come and enjoy Will exhibit Great Collection of European Clothes with BIG Sale Please invite your friends
1 Araby by James Joyce North Richmond Street, being blind, was a quiet street except at the hour when the Christian Brothers' School set the boys free. An uninhabited house of two storeys stood at the blind end, detached from its neighbours in a square ground. The other houses of the street, conscious of decent lives within them, gazed at one another with brown imperturbable faces. The former tenant of our house, a priest, had died in the back drawing-room. Air, musty from having been long enclosed, hung in all the rooms, and the waste room behind the kitchen was littered with old useless papers. Among these I found a few paper-covered books, the pages of which were curled and damp: The Abbot, by Walter Scott, The Devout Communicant, and The Memoirs of Vidocq. I liked the last best because its leaves were yellow. The wild garden behind the house contained a central apple-tree and a few straggling bushes, under one of which I found the late tenant's rusty bicycle-pump. He had been a very charitable priest; ...
Hello everyone - update on flood run - what a day , I fell over yesterday and hurt my ankle so this slowed things down a little today but and however Rod was at Daisy's place and the team were at Bassett Barks and Jeff and Cathy were on the road doing pick ups - and we have a team on the road starting at 5am to do pick ups tomorrow - we have a wonderful Daisy's place customer that has lent his trailer to us to assist in the giving - Greg and his wife from Mapelton have said - take our trailer and for this we really thank you- we had so many people today give all brand new items - this has happened each and everyday - including second hand that is just like new - we have Mammoth self storage at Forest Glen that have donated so many sheds to the floods that they cannot take anymore - how great is that - we at Bassett Barks are completely full - Armesto Transport has donated the use of a trailer system that is water proof so loading starts this Friday morning - what a journey - we even had Julianne from ...
Its February and we're in love! ...We've been playing with big flavors, pastrami spices on slow cooked pork shoulder, and fantastic juicy cauliflower steamed in a sweet aromatic banana leaf! We're bringing da' food to da' people this month with a new art walk in Berkeley:
Please DO NOT DRINK DRIVE & OBEY TRAFFIC RULES (Please read the real story its happen in Bangalore recently. I was walking around in a Big Bazaar store making shopping, when I saw a Cashier talking to a boy couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old.. The Cashier said, 'I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll. Then the little boy turned to me and asked: ''Uncle, are you sure I don't have enough money?'' I counted his cash and replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy the doll, my dear.'' The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand. Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to. 'It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much . I wanted to Gift her for her BIRTHDAY. I have to give the doll to my mommy so that she can give it to my sister when she goes there.' His eyes were so sad while saying this. 'My Sister has gone to be with God.. Daddy says that Mommy is going to see God very soon too, so I thought that sh ...
Operation Zero Tolerance Update. It is February 6th and still not one whale slain. We have chased the whaling fleet for 1800 miles westward and they have not had time to stop and kill whales. Only the Steve Irwin has a tail that being the Yushin Maru The other harpoon boats and the Shonan Maru are scattered hundreds of miles apart looking for the Bob Barker and the Sam Simon. Helicopter flights and drones are our eyes in the sky. The Japanese whaling fleet is being internationally exposed for stealing tsunami funds and fleecing Japanese taxpayers with this ruthless antiquated industry that now continues to exist only as a glorified welfare project. We have never been stronger than we are this year and we will be more effective this year than any year previous. The campaign is going very well.
Question.. On my way back from Dubai, I opted to spend the day in Istanbul, anyone been there and have an idea of what I can do? I'm thinking the Grand Bazaar, a Turkish steam and was going to broaden my horizons and visit a Mosque.. I think eating disgusting amounts of Baclava is also a must? :p
Aurangzeb: Piety Versus Impropriety Aurangzeb has been variously described as a bigot and rigid moralist by most scholars of the Mughal period. The moot question here is was he so much of a bigot and moralist that he completely escaped the Mughal passion for the royal revelry so passionately displayed by his forefathers. Did he eschew the two Ws (Wine and Women), one S (Song) and one O (Opium) that lent so much colour to the lives of his predecessors. On the surface at least the answer must be yes. Aurangzeb, definitely cast his courtiers into gloom when he banned the nine day bazaar (also referred to as the Meena Bazaar) introduced by his great grandfather Akbar to enliven the already decadent lives of his (Akbar’s courtiers). The bazaar was introduced to take the Nauroz (Persian New Year) celebrations to fresh heights of excited debauchery and debauched it was – Jahangir in his own memoirs has described the Nauroz celebrations of March 11 or 12, 1606 as follows: ``Singers and players of all bands a ...
May be that's why Big Bazaar & other stores offer high discounts on wedensday!!
Had such a fantastic time! Easily one of the best field trip we have had so far. Super job by the entire Big Bazaar team man!
I Want Well Being - Magnesium products are commencing at Nambour Village Square Market on Thurs 7th Feb, hope to see some of our fabulous customers from our other saturday markets at Kawana Waters Farmers Market and Bazaar Saturday Markets if you are out and about pop over and say hello, we will be on the CBA bank side of the road till 2pm. As always if you cant make it to the market and need product, please phone or email me iwantwellbeing& may be able to deliver to you if I am heading your way, or order online at Enjoy Cindy
In Big Bazaar. Kiddos are given Rs. 1000/team and I've asked them to buy food for a party of 10 people. Fun! Fun! :D
I know remembers the DISD fashion show on signing day. Cats be out there in they finest big t bazaar. 79$ suits lol
ya divya phoenix is amazing.its soo soo big than EA...Even variety of collections in big bazaar too...simply superb..
Unique Bazaar is having a BIG SALE everything must go 50% off on all clothing and 20% off every accessory... at the beginning of March we'll be getting new stuff from Andrea & Cklass shoes to your favorite perfumes and accessories. COME AND CHECK IT OUT!
Vincent Mario Bove you are suck a good guy man. robbie was lucky to have you in his life. you stand beside the people you care about and think of us like your family and will do anything for your family. we will get through this tragity together bro
Nostalgic moments... Washing all my bellydancing costumes, props & accessories. At least my day will be colourful to say the least :)
"I get my underwear at Big T Bazaar, don't judge me"
Olympic ain't nothing but a big *** daycare with overgrown 7 years. Hella childish *** young minded people. lls
😂😂 “You just some Neck so why you so big Headed ?”
The Vintage Bazaar is back again on February 15. It's the 2013 market season opener and from the looks of the line-up, it'll be a doozy at the DANK...
Westside and pantaloons are own by the same owner of big bazaar. He wanted to modern it up. Hence: west-side = like western culture.
Our awesome new packaging can be admired at Pet Bazaar in Cassleberry!
An event with & you plan & participate in the coolest things cc
FB friends with children in preschool I need your help! As some of you know I help run a preschool and basically I'm looking for some feedback on what other preschools do in the area. Would you all be lovely enough to answer the following questions ?? Really appreciated x What times is your preschool open? Do they charge for snacks/lunches if so how much? Does your preschool have a structured routine or is it more free play? Is your preschool run by a parent committee? What memorable fundraising ideas has your preschool done? Many thanks x
We can't wait to scope MT Carine Roitfeld's first editorial for is every big name in fashion
Get your tickets now for an Intimate Night of Big Star Tacos, Scofflaw Cocktails and All Things's The Vintage Bazaar :: Love Hangover...we'll be there boothin' it out, so be sure to come by!
And, field trip to Big Bazaar tomorrow!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
FRINGE-heads (Fringers?) --- this year at Dragon*Con appearing will be Walter, Astrid and the Observer (John, Jasika and Michael) Making sure that Zebbie Gillispie knows this.
Holy moly: Carine Roitfeld's first editorial for is basically a list of every big name in fashion
Got a sweet tooth and a big heart? Drop by DevSoc's Sweet Cause at Laissez-faire: the SOSS Week bazaar from February 6-8!!! Buy sweets or donate a toy/book for the Philippine Toy library (and get free sweets as well)!
Happy to see my fav kathi roll shop near Big Bazaar is now open again.
i just ate some food what did you just do? you know, because we are such good friends and all. i feel i have the right to know. thanks bookface :D
The Young Learners Issue – Annie By Annie Tsai – January 28,2013 Changing Lanes and Marching 0n (What I have learned from working with YLs) In my opinion, there are two kinds of people that work like mirrors and oftentimes they unknowingly help us learn more about ourselves. Our partner can do that: he or she reacts to our thoughts and actions and in a way reflect our image. Our students can also do that: they are the great reminders of ideas and concepts we’ve taken for granted as time goes by. They help you realize what you are good at and areas you need to work on. Be it adults or children, what we teachers can learn from our students is usually the key for better teaching and learning. I’m been undergoing a transitional phase in my career this semester after walking away from my comfort zone as an EFL teacher for 10 years and starting fresh as a homeroom teacher. It is no easy step. It’s a bazaar feeling to start learning to teach like a NQT after 10 years but the experience is truly amazing ...
News World news Bombs strapped to Down's syndrome women kill scores in Baghdad markets · Deadliest day in Iraq since start of US surge a year ago · Mobile phones used to set off devices, say military *teepee* The Guardian, Saturday 2 February 2008 Remote-controlled explosives were strapped to two women with Down's syndrome and detonated in coordinated attacks on two Friday morning markets in central Baghdad yesterday, killing at least 73 people and wounding nearly 150. The first targeted shoppers at a pet market in the al-Ghazl area, killing 46 people and injuring 100. About 20 minutes later, a second bomber struck at a smaller bird market in south-eastern Baghdad, killing 27 people and wounding at least 67. The toll made it one of the deadliest days since the US troop surge a year ago began to arrest the spread of violence. The chief Iraqi military spokesman in Baghdad, Brigadier General Qassim al-Moussawi, claimed the female bombers had Down's syndrome and that the explosives were detonated by remote ...
Noi the lovely lady at Mint Guesthouse in Chiang Mai lent me her motorbike for the day and my friend Ren and me rode out to Baan Tawai to check out all the wonderful Hilltribe handicrafts and cloth. The centre of Chiang Mai is an ancient mote and castle and the traffic swirls around it but eventually made it to my destination, the "source" which is where the night bazaar marketeers buy all their stock. Not a bad achievement...most westerners never find it.Tomorrow I have to decide whether to take the safe but boring minibus service or the back of a big motorbike, for the 4 hour ride to the Burmese border. And sometimes I just wish I could meditate better. None of the last 62 years would have happened if I d "just let go of the thought and come back to my breathing"!
Totally shattered, had a big 9 hours out in the sun today... Which caused me to pass out asleep for 2 hours when I got back to my room... Saw an a nice temple on top of a mountain and walked around the zoo for about 5 hours, and I didn't even see it all... Saw some amazing animals though!!! Now to reenergise and go get something to eat and maybe hit the night bazaar markets, to do some final market shopping!!! Fingers crossed it all fits in my bag, and that my bag is under weight capacity!
If you're as big a fan of Drew Barrymore as me then check this out
İSTANBUL İstanbul, which was known as a capital of the capital cities, and created a big peace of geographies with regaining to first Roma, and then Eastern Roman (Byzantium) Empire and continents, and was the capital city of Ottoman Empire, is going to a modern future with preserving magnificence of history with proud. Variety in İstanbul is really charming the visitors. It is serving infinite nuances with its museums, churches, palaces, mosques, bazaar places and natural beauties. When you lean against backside at the coast of the strait, you feel İstanbul as "center of the world" and understand why people select this extraordinary place centuries before with watching the reflection of the red at sun set from the houses at the coast.
Thank you for playing Rage of Bahamut. Due to a large amount of player feedback regarding the maximum capacity of Sylvan Potions, we will be raising the capacity from 20 sets to 21 sets.
Kajli Teej A SPECIAL MONSOON FEST Rajasthan's tradition can be captured at its festive best at the fairs and festivals which are dazzlingly theatrical and lively. The celebration of Kajli Teej in Bundi, the queen of Hadoti in Rajasthan is different from the many other Teej festivals celebrated elsewhere in the state and outside. Here it is a more than a week long celebration of gaiety and fun fair. Goddess Uma is worshipped by the seekers of conjugal bliss and love. The Teej Festival is celebrated throughout the rainy season in Rajasthan, with each region having its own take on celebrations. Such events are manifested by wearing colorful traditional costumes , new set of bangles ,decorations with the decorative mehendi and the like. It is dedicated to the eternal love of the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and it echoes of the time when women pray for a happy and long married life. As the rains drops fall on the parched land and the nostalgic aroma of the wet soil rises into the air, swings ar ...
Really looking forward to meeting up with my big sister and my little sister then having lunch in ZA ZA Bazaar! Soon be on my way into Bristol!
The next event of Craft Market & Bazaar is the Milford Village Square Market 09 February 9.30am-2pm. After this we are back in Orewa 9am-1pm, and also for the big Latino Festival and Market Day in Milford 9.30am-2pm with lots of entertainment and music! A lot of preparation has been done in the background to create successful events. See example of ad in the Channel Magazine February issue. See Craft Market & Bazaar Orewa & Milford photo album.
All the students are hereby to informed that those student went to big bazaar inderlok whose certificates will issue on tommorow at big bazaar at 3'o clock! Please all students must be there at given time..
Getting ready for our Big Valentines Day Bazaar...See u all on February 8-17Iloilo! Look for Kian & Kyle's Ensembles...Be very Excited! More goods coming up this week...♥
Does anyone know where I can find an iron bed?
We have women that look like *** hookers dancing at halftime for family entertainment during the super bowl and the focus of attention the next day goes towards and excited super bowl winner saying the F-word? Talk about perception management. They really do think their viewers are complete morons. Man I can't get over it still. Sorry but being away from television and taking a glimpse at the halftime show I couldn't believe people accept half naked chicks as family entertainment.
At all Big Bazaar outlets of Biyan during the day AC is low key. This is a novel Indian way to boost profits.
Oliver has asked: My wife is about to give birth to our second child and I'm going to stay home with daughter who is 3 while she is in hospital. I know this may sound bazaar, but I actually haven't spent a full day alone with my daughter as we have always been together as a family. I'm too embarrassed to ask my wife what activities we should do to pass time. I'd love to hear of some fun outdoor activities to do with her so we have a fun time together. Thanks
Dinner at The Bazaar with my wonderful lives joicoinsider and Damien Carney! Getting ready for the big…
Who has a Home Decor, or Kids Clothing Business that is interested for a Vendor Event in April? with Mops Bazaar
In need of help can anyone tell where I can find some vintage 501s or 505s jeans black ?
Sam, help! A relative of mine is trying to remember a store at Hillcrest that had incense burning, beads and plastic flowers etc. kind of like Pier One but things were not expensive and they did not have furniture there. Some name has come up like The Tiki Hut??? Were you working there prior to 1971 at Tally ***
Time for a girls day at the salon. Need some pampering n a little bit a hair dye. Ya it's time. Lol. Need that I'm a brand new chick feeling.. Lol
Big weekend for LNP! Had a great time meeting new people at the Valentine's bazaar on base on Friday. Made some fabulous new friends at a super fun family session on Saturday and got a quickie Mini Session in on Sunday with a handsome young man and two adorable guinea pigs. I had to reschedule a few things for everyone's health and safety, so I pray that everyone battling this darn flu bug and all of the yucky stuff that comes with the germs this season!
How bad is it to want to send a subscription to InStyle to someone ...anonymously of course!
Taken me this long to recover but thank god, I feel well rested now lol. Just wanted to say that this event couldnt have been possible without every1 playing their own unique individual part, so thank u very much to the whole team, including awaz, shamaila ( fashion show choreographer ) all the models for a visually stunning display on the catwalk, each and every exhibitor for some fantastic interactive stalls, all the companies exhibiting in the awaz bazaar for the fun variety provided, millan events for the epic food court, and all the public for coming along and making it what it was, shukar alhumdulilah very pleased and geatful. Would tag every1 in but 2 many people to include, so feel free to give yourselves a pat on the back lol. Thanks again :-)
I don't have many "bucket list" items left, but today I get to cross off a big one. Heading to the Taj Mahal!! I can't remember the last time I was this excited...
Gr.Why are people so mean? I know Whispers can't really talk I just relay on how she would see the world...It's a fun light hearted page that we are very proud of...People from PETA saw the picture of Haiden holding us and to them it looked like he was choking Sebastian...Really? Haiden wouldn't harm a fly he loves us with all his little heart...Then they complained about the picture of me eating ice cream and went on and on about the horrible things cows go through...Well I got news for them we eat what we like...Oh and the picture of me eating a cheeseburger...Yes I love cheese burgers...Those people are nuts...
We have a big Play it Forward week scheduled! We are donating guitars and lessons to 5 different organizations. We may donate as many as 40 guitars, this week alone! :) A special thanks to Museum of Cultural Arts Houston (MOCAH) and Austin Bazaar for making it all possible! ☮ ♥ & ♫ :)
Everytime I look at Rush Limbaugh, it reminds me of the movie "Porky's" when fat Porky told Meat and the boys: "Here comes your night to remember," as he dumped them out into the river. That's Rush all day long!
Sweet stand needs desserts for Friday's Bazaar! Any goodies are greatly appreciated!!!
“The Pink Elephant in the Ring”. As Steven Tyler once said, “I might of gotten the monkeys off my back, but the circus is still in town.” All the same, the acrobats are cuttin’ holes in the roofs and breakin’ into the ATM.s ; while the clowns are smashing n’ grabbing everything in sight. Of course, the jugglers, are still tossin’out little green cookies and passin’off vitamins, to eventually feed their’ jugular. And that ring-master, has all the big animals doin’ tricks for kicks. Yet the price of admission always remains the same : an arm n’a leg for the youngsters, and a heart n’ soul for adults. Just hand yer ticket to the old midget at the door, and the sweet little leopard girl with the cotton-candy will show’ U to yer seat. Later, be sure to stroll thru the bazaar, for lots o fun n games, and maybe something kinky to eat from afar. Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth, whereas the fat-lady sings before it even begins!
Does anybody have an extra balloon or two kickin around? Don't need a whole package worth and can't find anywhere to buy singles...
I can't wait for lael to find out what he eating for dinner.
Putting the finishing touches on a new Karakoram track as well as doing drums for some new Mind Bazaar material! New s.t.a.r.r.f.l.i., DATprod and Squaredriver songs in the works, and also, be on the look-out for Soup Hands' first ever E.P. entitled "No Touching" to be released in the first quarter of this year! Big things happening in 2013!
This is Daisy. For those of you who don't know, I'm doing an animal management diploma. Today, we were doing our practical for dog grooming and here was our little terror. There is a before photo and an after photo of her in a friends arms and a shot of Daisy looking very sad during the process. She was a brilliant dog to work on and I hope to work with her again in the future, sadly though she was knotted like crazy so we did have to shave her quite bare...
Nigeria: Big Government Bazaar as Over 200 hangers-on accompany President Jonathan to AU summit
BANDIT or STRAND IT? The Police knock on your door at 3am saying they saw someone they're chasing, enter your home seconds ago. You allow them to enter and search your home. They find nothing and no one. Bazaar enough, the next morning, you find a grocery bag with $75,000 inside your dishwasher. Whatcha gonna do homie, BANDIT or STRAND IT?
Went to Phoenix MarketCity (Chennai) last saturday.. Thanks to it .. time taken from vijayanagar bus stand to phoenix mall is 30mins... :(
Fruits were the headlining act at Big Bazaar which is celebrating a month long US Fruit Festival in 75 stores across.
"Event Charmers" 1st big godown of 1 acre in hyd...jus registered today.very happy.wish dad was around to bless me...missing you dad...your blessings are always vid me.
Excited for dinner with tonight! She's been busy shooting for the big boys like Harper Bazaar, check it:
Hi Guys ! Once again Yasa Pet Shop will have a Bazaar on Feb.8 - 18 ,2013 at Plazuela De Iloilo ..Many new arrivals of Dog Accessories - Grab the new style of LV and Gucci Dog bag , lovely house dog , top , branded shirt, shorts, casual dress ,tuxedo ,gown .. Let your baby dogs taste fresh imported cookies , chicken pop , sausage and many dog treats ! Brand new and second hand dog bed, cage and crate will be available ! SILK CREATION PRODUCTS and HERBAL SOAP for Dog are available too ! In celebrating the Chinese New Year on Feb .10 ,2013 we have some SALE ITEMS and giving big discount to our valued customers !We will be giving YASA PET SHOP VIP CARD on the day of Chinese New Year too .. So don't miss to visit our bazaar kiosk on Chinese New Year Day ! KUNG HEI FAT CHOI " Happy Chinese New Year Dear Friends and Customers !
:) fair enough. An entire big bazaar building now stands empty on Mysore Road. Was wondering where they'd keep that much stuff.
because stupid Big bazaar thought giving it a Korean name would improve sales
Big congratulations to Harper's Bazaar for the biggest Photoshop fail ever.
The best part of wearing a tshirt from Big Bazaar is that you can form a sports team anywhere with the other 10 people who are wearing it.
They say "love" is more important than money! I tried giving the Big Bazaar guy a smile instead of money, he wouldn't agree.
Today I remember My Life in Hyderabad (2006 to 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011) I leave Hyderabad on 26th January 2012 at 2.30pm,. Remaining 5 days it will be successfully 1 year. In this One Year I Miss Lot….. Pani Puri in Ameerpet Circule. Mirchi Bajji near Kalanikethen foot fort fly over. Very busy in evening time. Coffe with Baristha in Banjarahills Road No 1... Lemon Cold Ice Tee in Somajiguda Cafe Coffe Day. KFC in Himayath Nagar. Ameerpet Big Bazaar. Late Night Ice cream and mid night waking enjoyment with me and Sumith in ameerpet mitiwanam... Evening Dosa, edli. In ameerpet steam theater near Spencer. Dinner in Hotel Diwakar near ameerpet circul. ( I confuse that hotel name That is Diwakar or Dwaraka)... Buffet lunch and strawberry coconut drink in Baseera international near clock tower.. Week end dinner in Hotel Manoher ITC from Begumepet... Nuckless road... Jala vihar. Tank bund... Etc... These all are still now remember to me... Satyanandam Atla hostel lo vadini andhram ata pattinchadam,. so funny ...
INDIAN RETAIL UPDATE : * Big Bazaar, one of the India’s largest hypermarket chain and a part of the Future Group, is gearing up for its January 26 big shopping event. The retailer has not quite ‘recovered’ from the slack December period, when sales refuse to pick up and festival fatigue takes place. Only in this case, Big Bazaar decided it was the best time to get people to spend. End December, Big Bazaar decided on a pan-India contest aiming to woo home makeovers. In an event dubbed as ‘India’s Most Stylish Homes’, television stars Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar were the judges, with free home makeovers gifted to the winning participant. It was held from December 22, 2012, to January 1, 2013 at all Big Bazaar stores across the country. Anyone who shopped at Big Bazaar was eligible to participate by sending pictures of their stylish home interiors. Sadashiv Nayak, CEO, Big Bazaar, said, “We wanted to create an annual property for the end of year and new year to buck this market trend.” Adver ...
Greetings from Future Group. Is there any issue that you have faced in Big Bazaar.1/2
Unspoken Things Are Always Beautiful “ Are you sure that was her ??” asked Vinu “ I just had a glance..But yeah, am positive” I said “ Then why you waiting for. Let’s go and find her.” “What am I supposed to do when I meet her ??” “ Stop wasting time asking these silly questions..Am going..You coming or what ??” My silly friend didn't know the seriousness of what he was gabbling.. He just didn’t have a clue of what pressure I was undergoing..My hands were bit shaky and I really didn’t know how I should greet her..More than that I wasn’t sure how this crazy friend of mine is going to recognize her as he haven’t seen a photograph of her.. But he knew one thing, I really cared and loved her a lot..He have asked me about her so many times in the past.. Big Bazaar is really big, and its not that easy to find a person very easily, its like searching for a needle in the hay stack..But deep inside I did want to meet her so badly..It’s been more than 5 years now since I met her..I s ...
Mangiamo is not a fine restaurant. The casual attitude of the staff is more in keeping with a Big Bazaar attendant. We were loudly and brusquely asked to seat ourselves outdoors after admitting we had no reservations. After much deliberation we ordered the tenderloin steak and the beef lasagne, only to be told that there was no beef (no apology, no checking with the kitchen - this obviously happens a lot) and, without a break, told us we should eat chicken. After a 20-second stern gaze at the waiter, he finally figured there was something wrong and began making incoherent noises. Conversation: "Why is there no beef if it is mentioned on the menu?" "Ahh, urgh, no beef" "Why would you not put up a sign or warn me before I decide on a beef dish that there is no beef today?" "Urgh... Sir... there is chicken..." "What do you put in your lasagne if not beef?" "Ahh...we have chicken lasagne" "There is no such thing as chicken lasagne. It is a sad imitation made for people who cannot handle beef." Silence. "When ...
Baggit is the new Big Bazaar. Two women standing next to each other on carrying Baggit bags.
People who bring Sodexho coupons to pay for 7 grand worth of Diwali shopping in Big Bazaar should be shot
Walmart offers to buy Kingfisher Airlines, to sell it in its stores Published on October 3, 2012 by Pagal Patrakar New Delhi. Government’s approval for FDI in Retail and Aviation sectors has finally helped Kingfisher Airlines. However, it’s the FDI in Retail that might help the struggling airline rather than FDI in the Aviation sector. International retail giant Walmart has offered to buy out all the aircrafts of Kingfisher Airlines and sell it in the “home décor” sections of their upcoming stores in India. Walmart has even offered to make Vijay Mallya the head sales boy in the section where miniature airplanes will be sold “We believe this will be a good investment,” said a senior manager at Big Bazaar, who is hopeful of being hired as Walmart India’s chief, “People loved the ballpoint pens and earphones offered by Kingfisher, and I’m sure they will love other parts too.”
Best of luck to all d students who r participating in d fashion show of Big Bazaar.we are proud of u :-)))
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Me feeling like Auntyji in Big Bazaar. Shall I buy this or that? It's all on discount! XD sale
It is not abt Reliance, Big Bazaar etc at par with Walmart... commercially the power sits in mumbai vs bentonville and that's a key diff
Similar protests were visible in 90s, when Govt. had decided to open doors for Indian Multinational Companies in Retail Markets. Arguments were - Supply chain is from Farmers to stockists to Mandis to Whole Salers to Retailers to Consumers, these Indian MNCs will directly deal with the farmers and all the subsequent margins will be passed on to consumers. This argument convinced me fairly and I began to support the move but I was wrong. Today, whenever we visit these MNC Shops (Big Bazaar, More, EasyDay, Value Bazaar, Reliance Fresh etc.) we hardly get anything cheaper to our kirana shops except well lit, airconditioned and spacious galleries with trollies for shopping. + Rs. 30 Parking charges. Similarly, FDI in retail is not going to deburden consumers in terms of high prices except chances of coming up of some more shopping malls and high rise buildings. Do you agree?
Wanna get ready for Companies like Axis Bank, HDFC Securities, Big Bazaar, ShareKhan, Pantaloons, Yes Bank, ICICI...
The Grand Finale of Ms. Kitchen Smart contest organised by FOODFOOD will be held at Big Bazaar in Kandivli east on...
The Grand Finale of Big Bazaar contest will be held on Sunday, August 5 at Big Bazaar in Kandivli (east) at 4pm
Grand Finale! Today is the Grand Finale of Big Bazaar and Dainik Jagran Ms. Kitchen Smart Contest that I am...
300 years ago British East India Company entered Indian market with a contemporary FDI.* That was a terrible mistake by that time’s decentralized India. Obviously, entry of Walmart, Carrefour, Tesco, IKEA, etc cannot have that level of Imperialistic interest over Indian Geography. But, indeed their target is the market share over the diversified Indian demography. Introduction of FDI in multi brand retail is an opportunity for people to expect something more from the buying experiences, new jobs and a direct impact to achieve a better livelihood. A threat for our neighborhood Kirana shop and established players like D-Mart, Big Bazaar, etc. Once all hurdles are cleared**; this is will be interesting to see how the transition phase will be going along. The time before materialization of first selling operations by foreign retailers will be the most strategic phase. Today, Indian Retail Sector is a turbulent ship. Players with wrong strategies or weak fundamentals were perished severely in past. Subhiksha ...
Future Group's Kishore Biyani not to sell stake in Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar chains - The Economic Times
Just over three weeks earlier, Biyani shook hands in Kolkata with a younger, richer and equally ambitious Kumar Mangalam Birla, sealing the sale of what will be a controlling stake in his flagship Pantaloons retail stores business to Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. Most of us see a shimmering heat mirage in the distance; Biyani sees thousands of shoppers trooping into yet another Big Bazaar and hears the clanging of the cash registers. Hasn't he just sold the crown jewels in the retail empire he built from scratch? "I still believe in that dream," Biyani says. Is he sad he had to do it? "People feel that if someone is selling there has to be some act of desperation... I don't think so. I think alliances, mergers, partnerships are a way forward and that should not be seen as (an) exit."
Mitsubishi surprises Biyani, wants stake in flagship Big Bazaar Business Standard Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation has sprung a surprise on Kishore Biyani by asking for a piece of Big Bazaar, Future Group's flagship retail business. Sources familiar with the development said that the Japanese giant had made it a pre-condition to invest in Future Group's food sourcing and back-end infrastructure. The two sides discussed the issue in the US last week and the Japanese company even suggested a convertible structure that would allow an equity exposure in Big Bazaar, as and when foreign direct investment was allowed in multi-brand retailing. Currently, both Big Bazaar hypermarkets and Food Bazaar supermarkets are within Future Value Retail, Pantaloon's wholly owned arm. Big Bazaar is a Rs 8,000-crore high-growth business and Biyani wants to grow it further into a Rs 20,000-crore giant, before exploring strategic monetising options. Sources say Biyani is more keen on a strategic retailer like Walmart for his crown ...
'Robin Uthappa' sounds like the name of a guy whose parents took the first name from a hollywood movie and surname from a Big Bazaar sale.
Delhi, you built metro & you built Ambiance but I say its a failure if you couldn't build one hypercity! Can't live with pathetic Big Bazaar
A lazy yellow beetle pulled out modestly from between two magnificent 7 serieses. On second thought the German cars would seem out of place in a Big Bazaar parking lot but they were too busy haulingtheir incredible bargains in just too hapless trolleys. That she sauntered out lazily seemed further excuse tonot reproach them for what was to happen in the next thirty seconds as the blazing sun bounced off her curvy windshield, adding drama to the setting in which that irreversible event would play in his head for the rest of his life...
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