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Big Bad John

Big Bad John is a country song originally performed by Jimmy Dean and composed by Dean and Roy Acuff.

Jimmy Dean

Big bad John , that drawl would knock the snowflakes on their backside .
"...but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team" - John C. Maxwell
If you're having a bad day just know the one time I don't volunteer at a work event shows up 🙃
I've seen that, not bad.but Josh Allen is far more athletic than even prime Big Ben. When I see Josh Allen, I ***
That was me brother Sylvest, a row a 40 medals on his chest BIG CHEST, he killed fifty bad men in the West He Knows No Rest
you have checked JRMs HoC voting record have you ?
I doubt T May will last much longer. . Nice news headlines.
Ive been ditching my bestfriend cause i tgought he was a bad influence but his a big part in my development of maturity
I added a video to a playlist BIG BAD JOHN ~ Jimmy Dean (1961)
Probably all of those things - this country is full of raving lunatics
Whose dumb idea is it to create a new 'interim' customs union?, the supposed Brexit Secretar…
They have yet to invent a remote controlled vehicle heavy enough to kill 14 people at 70mph - it'll come!
You love the bones of her really Jez!
...and eat bacon or pork sarnies in front of Muslims every chance you get, *** them off…
Jacob Rees-Mogg MUST replace this nutter in No.10 ASAP, the pro-EU Tories were so keen to *** the people off by ch…
To think something like that could happen here, shocking! - not as big a crime centre as Weston Super Nightmare was though
Hamilton Collection
I believe it could be percieved as an offence,the only cure is to fly it more often.
800 years ago Government were the people's servants and if people weren't satisfied they could reject…
Good job I made my last move in 2008 then, eh?, my next move may be to heaven in six mon…
You could buy a 4-bedder in the Philippines for 50k I bet, everything seems t…
Anyone who can buy a house for less than £50K can afford to work for…
Exactly, the minimum wage in the UK is £7.50 an hour, I bet most of those 'ch…
And countries who don't have free floating currencies should be taxe…
Britain needs to rebuild it's manufacturing base & that can be done by way of…
While there exists an endless supply of cheap labour in FOM, it's an employers…
This is why inflation and job mobility is important for employee and employers!
If companies can't retain staff they will eventually pay higher to r…
I think a minimum wage is slavery... it tells companies this is an a…
Do you then think it acceptable that ordinary workers should be on minimum pay…
Commonsense;. The number of hospitals, schools, services need to be provided, before w…
I do not oppose immigration but would like to see it based on skills & manageable lev…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
It would be interesting to see UK net immigration since 1974 on a graph
Net immigration 9.5 million since 2001. That's the official figure, the actual number may be more
The final stage in the Islamization of Europe.
I think HMRC/border force know about some. They know who's trying to smug…
We don't need another bloody election, just get rid of May and put the Mogg in - problem solved
Should have read "Islamic cult is at odds with civilised cultures"
That's what I've said many times, if the remoaners love the EU so much go and live there, we won't bawl our heads off!
Dierdre died on the prog some months ago
Lefties might be saying it but I doubt if really so of foreign visitors.
9.5 million in one year alone?, that's almost the difference between what the Britis…
That going back a bit - 10 years? - at least, she's been dead for quite a while
Distribution of wealth has never been greater. Poverty in UK doubled since 1974. Net…
"Keeping Up appearances", yes, the name Bucket would suit her down to the gorund!
Yeah, I think the death penalty for murder still exists in America - either by lethal injection or…
I think Tony Blair abolished the death penalty for treason, the death penalty for murder was abolis…
That's why their luggage needs to be searched if they come (back) from a…
But even then it's not like it's tattooed on their forehead & it'…
I thought that's what the burkas were for!
Great to see the USS John S McCain aka "Big Bad John" conducting freedom of navigation operation in South China Sea http…
Whenever Lester comes up to bat, I'm almost half expecting the walk up song to be "Big Bad John"
Playing Big Bad John by Jimmy Dean from the album The Best of Jimmy Dean - iTunes:
he was hurt bad. I thought Big John was going to call it for a second.
If May can't engineer a Labour-'forced' Commons vote which undoes she'll do a Norway - with UK STILL ruled by EU.
You show that big bad Goodell, John Cena!
Has to be the most misguided appointment since the Big Bad Wolf was made chief of the hen house.
Agree, but he didn't really have a free hand in what he could do- it was a watered down Cameron that kept him out of trouble
Osborne is that annoying employee who you don't really like, but keep around bc of their useful business connectuons.
I should think George Osborn'll go too, Leadsom should get the job as she's got experience in that field
Theresa May: The people in Europe will find out just what a difficult woman I can be - I hope so Theresa!, like invoke Art50
Well true but he was still in the top job, Clegg was Deputy PM
In 1215 King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta with a sword pointing at him, might need that to invoke Article 50!
Two PM candidates were 'bullied' out of the running, Boris johnson and Andrea Leadsom, would've prefered either of those
Paige's relationships; Another one bites the dust, and another one down and another one down, another one bites the dust...
Talking of convictions, most MPs should have them for fraud
. Now this is conviction. Uve vote
UKIP isn't meant to have a whip outside its manifesto.
The same reason the come to Britain, to be annoying
And so she should be, not nearly 600 establishment TRAITORS
Well he still thinks as a Tory even though he's UKIP, Nigel's got treated worse
The Cameron years were six, the Thatcher years were eleven, wonder how long May will last, eight months I hope if she doesn't activate Art50
Don't think you'd want to kiss Dave's *** Lizzy!
Big Bad John a.k.a. - Good luck at The Open. NOTHING would give me greater joy than to see you come home with the Claret Jug
There was a song called Ten Guitars, I've got Billy Connolly covering it
Loads of guitars, he can afford them having been in the music business for half a century and more
What was their last album with Bill on bass, Steel Wheels (1989)?, 24 years after Satisfaction single
Electronic Device Insurance
What would've been an absolutely brilliant single; "Thief In The Night"/"How Could I Stop" by Keith Richards in 1997
Tumbling Dice was good too but doesn't really measure up to those two.
Probably my other all time favourite Stones single was "It's Only Rock N Roll" or "Under Cover Of The Night"
Was that a single?, it was on the Beggars' Banquet album
Theresa May is just a female David Cameron
Yes, trying to screw us over on the finer details that are not well known or in the public eye. SIGN IT NOW.
Just finishing the chorus for you, lol - I still think "Have You Seen Your Mother Baby?" was their best single
Theresa May has got about 8 1/2 months to activate Article 50 after which we'll be reliant on >14 EU memberstates to support us
'Cause you see in London Town there's just no place for.street fighting men
We've had BBC live in Parliament for decades, now they're going live in mosques?
Demand a refund - problem solved, if they won't give you one stage a sit-in till they do
. I wonder why im single. The world is full of nut jobs and far to many females.
London is stranger than Manila now and I've only been to Manila for a total of 25 days over visits to the Philippines
Obviously they copy us whites because we have 'the best ideas'!
$150 for a pair of shoes?, so glad I don't live in Australia!
I've seen no evidence to the contrary. Divisive, manipulative parasites.
"They'd 'probably' be the dumbest in the world"?
Paul Eddington might've been a better PM than 'Dodgy Dave', wonder if Penelope Keith would do a better job than Theresa May!
If Islam is love I would dread to think what hate is!
well the deadline for invoking Article 50 is 31st March then we need >14 EU states to support our exit
Thought burkas were usually black - red ones eh?, May is not going to be in any hurry to advocate departure from EU
How about "KEEP CALM AND BRING NIGEL BACK"?, failing that, Paul Nuttall, Diane James or Patrick O'Flynn should get top job
Just get run over by a bus and collect DLA/PIP and ESA Dave, it'll be a big climbdown from the six-figure wage as PM though
Wouldn't have to try too hard would they
From one idiotic PM to another, if it had been a public vote May wouldn't have stood a chance
If I had a dog and it bit a Muslim on the *** I'd get it checked out for food poisoning at the vet!
Why is this Gov and its police forces so *** weak and frightened of PC?, if migrants don't like things British - GET LOST
I learned what SMH meant yonks ago in chat rooms, also, PMSL, LOL, LMAO, ROFL, GTFO, IMO, TBH - going back to 2005
Theresa May is not going to be a good PM, she favours Sharia Law and Muzrats by the sound of it and will hold out with
Enjoy Jimmy Dean - Big Bad John plus more 1950 thru 2000s Classic Hits on
Latte delivery from wife brightens up my morning! How can you not be happy with a coffee drink called the "Big Bad John"! ☕️
I'm listening to Big Bad John by Jimmy Dean on
Sometimes I get him confused with the sausage king, Jimmy Dean. Singer of Big Bad John.
Big Bad John by R.G. Alexander. 2013. Amazon (self-pub). Trudy goes back to TX & John. Hawt.
Putin's a nice bloke compared to them
Wasn't that a song once, "The Only Way Is Out", this applies to Britain and the EU
Nah, women like you like to complicate things, conjure up a problem where there isn't one
I thought Shirley was supposed to be *** s mum, not his girlfriend
What's that?, ZZ?, "Gimme all your lovin' all your hugs and kisses too, gimme all your lovin' don't let up until we're through"
Britain needs to follow suit, *** to EU dictats - if they chuck us out it'll save having a referendum!
Oh yes, Sajid David is one of the Sunday Politics crew - I think
Wasn't its original capacity 800 passengers?
One candle for every ten years Ashley?
Racism is just a stick EU politicians use to beat member states who won't 'play ball' when they don't like the tsunami of migrants
So one of them could still end up dying, Robert or Andy
Screu?, lol, I don't think that's the German word for screw
You won't get Andy, Vic, he's either out for the count or dead - and Robert's just driven away and left him there
and I bet anything you like the assailant was not British
If we didn't have to pay the EU £55m+ per day we could give Africa more help and cut migration
big bad Brad what you thinking ...John Brown or Allen Hurns as a WR3
"Big banks aren't more efficient...have bad culture." --> Former Citigroup CEO: Big banks don't work via
Democracy is a swear word to the European Union, exactly the reason we need to get out, Cam's got the dictator mentality
The CANNOT be made more democratic because it exists to cancel out democracy.
The is about our children's future. Should you vote to stay in, your child's future will be very bleak & violent…
we need to take back OUR country and run it ourselves
Now I know why I thought Rotherham was in Kent. I was getting mixed up with Rochester which also starts with Ro!
this is why we need to go to war., Corbyn might not want to fire Trident missiles but he's not in charge, fire one at the EU
$RR - these lads need a Dan loeb. $sune has made a couple of big bid mistakes in Asia but not too bad an operator.
yeah like we've got any power when Dave himself is in on the conspiracy to kill democracy
Hey John D. of CA sez Internet "Fast Lanes" are just as bad as Big Government, not a free market
I mean weird in the bad way. Pikachu has to be the John Cena of Pokemon. . Big meme Pikachu
Dont need lossmaking 400kph trains running in straight line demolishing all in its path.
i agree, but we the PEOPLE must do SOMETHING about it ???
I thought that was happening now!, I've got more chance of getting pregnant than getting a job at 57
The completion of the T.P.P., which Bernie Sanders and others on the left regard as a sop to Wall Street, Big Pha...
.You shoul've realised, you know what I'll do.You're in suspension, you're a liar."
"Liar, lie lie lie, you liar, lie lie lie, you should've realised, you should've told the truth.
The Sex Pistols sang "God Save The Queen" on a boat on her Silver Jubilee,need to rerelease "Liar" for Cameron
. Soon there'll be no Police or Army to prevent anarchy or protect the public...
I´d give anything to be able to do something to show Cameron we have had enough
Love to see Dave take a lie detector test on Kyle's show, he'd get a tenfold full house of LIAR
That would make a good day out, I'm for it.
Could go to Brussels and burn every last one!
What English rugby needed was the old boys back like Chris Ashton, Billy Twelvetrees and Jonny Wilkinson, might've stood a chance!
Cameron wouldn't recognise the truth if it bit his *** it's an alien concept to LibLabCon
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
As long as someone wipes out ISIS who cares who it is?, USA and Russia were enemies for a long time
On this date in 1961, the No. 1 song in the U.S. was "Big Bad John" by It held the top for for five weeks, unti…
Leave it to Russia Oh-Bummer, they seem to be doing a good job
Dr. Richard Beeching will do cartwheels in his grave
HS2 will run at a huge loss from day one, better to put faster trains on the West Coast Main Line to Glasgow
Well I hope the daleks exterminate all the traitors who kept us in! - and the meteor directly hits Brussels
It's all gone barmy, before long all Brits will be homeless to house foreigners - but I ain't budging
Andy should've killed you Robert, you murdered his wife
I wish they'd convert or disappear,I don't care where,just out of UK, the west & take everything Islamic with them !
Whoops!, Ashley's stood on a hornet's nest
If we kicked all muslims out of the UK it'd certainly determine whose side people are on - they'd all *** off to Syria
Very true, us Brits will all be existing on JSA with no hope, might as well claim sickness, this is sickening
It's the root of our problems with muslims.
My point is,had MP's not let them in we'd have no problems with them.
Well muslims are not entirely blameless Katie
We all know who killed Freddy, the 'gloved hand' injected him
Even raving lunatics can work, we've got one as Prime Minister
Yeah that too, though the sick numbers are diminishing, you now have to be dead to be unfit to work
But the prat will still hold out for reforms, the message will never get into his concrete skull - BRITAIN NEEDS OUT
I won't go hunt'en with you Jake but I'll go chas'en women. Flip side of Big Bad John by Jimmy Dean. 😳😳😳😳. ❤❌❤ 🙅
Not in 82 they weren't. That was my point. The Harrier wasn't remotely up to it. Was retrenchment in capability
ah. sorry, I missed that out, apart from that the smaller an aircraft is the harder it is to hit
the Mossie did, not sure about Hunters or Typhoons, you didn't specify ship borne
we could've done with Harriers in WW2
did Hunters or Typhoons fly from ships?, I know the Mossie didn't
more ideal for ship-borne aircraft than Phantoms or Buccaneers, it was like a fast helicopter without the spinning blades
If we had Phantom F4's still, on proper carriers, wouldn't have lost any.
Erm, no, not even close. Small payload, tiny range, slow. Was a poor compromise, lost too many ships in 82
They could if they dropped hiroshima-type bombs on ISIS and Al Shabab
Just drop a large bomb in Parliament Square from an Avro Lancaster
I want a Big John's sandwich so bad
Bad news: it's the "Big C.". Oh my God! I have cancer, doctor?. No, I just calculated my GPA from med school. What's "can…
When you learn, teach, when you get, give. ― Maya Angelou
guess what is back on Friday at 7 John I trust you'll tune in
they're getting a bit ropey of late, at one time they'd have thrashed Blackburn
welcome back, Liverpool won 1-0 so they're in the F A. Cup semi final
my bad Paulie man -- you're also alive for the Pick 5 -- come on with that 7 in the 5th at the Big A
A Big hearty thanks to Seth A. Tucker for his Amazon review of The Big Bad II by John Hartness & Co Much appreciated.
Happy 62nd b'day to former Big Bad Bruin John Wensink. Known as a pugilist, Wensink put up 28 goals for B's in 78-79. ht…
.You don't want to know how the sausage is made. You don't want to know how "Big Bad John" was written.
don't feel bad. We all have our moments. It's what happens afterwards that counts the most.
We are subjects of the "Crown" Abuse of HM subjects by Labour has to be seen as TREASON
the labour party have abused the British people, quite literally, for far too long
if you are rude to me it's no big deal but, catch me on a bad day and I might snap
You want to stay in the EU go fly there!
who does Blair think he's kidding? The Tories have no intention of giving us Brits a referendum on the EU
first heard it covered by Joan Jett in 1990 on her "Hit List" album
Yep, Ray Davies, brilliant bloke!, Celluloid heroes was one of my lesser known favourites by him
i read somewhere David Watts was a concert promoter i agree great song written by a great songwriter
Cameron thinks we're all fruitcakes and will believe his false promises all over again - GET REAL!
That's tell the police that Mercedes is still alive and she was just trying to set Freddie up
That's brought Grace down off her high horse!, arrested for murder, she's now going to have to spill the beans to get off
I would luv to meet Esther mcvey and tell her what I thought but she wouldn't come to Scotland .
If getting sanctioned meant meeting that bird it wouldn't bee so bad - as long as she doesn't want money!
Because they know 'the female of the species is more deadly than the male' but they shouldn't kid themselves us men are mice
still 5 jobs in the dustbin, every little helps towards 100% unemployment in Britain due to machines
and like I said in the bank today 'there used to be 5 manned tills, now there's 4 machines that keep going wrong'
I was wrongly ruled fit to work in 2011 and I'll always maintain this plus I've got less chance of getting work at 57 than a 17y/o
We cannot condone violence. Please remain calm on sanctions until you starve to death.
Well, it looks like Shirley might score the 'free lager for a month' prize! featured in NBC s Science of Love
*** to Buster-"When you do find out who grassed up Dean let me know, they'll get free lager for a month"
They shouldn't be allowed back in Britain if they've left to join terrorists
seems you do have to register but it's ok, don't need to watch others getting it when I'm not!
I can go anywhere I like then, got a free pass on the buses but they get stuck in jams
Oh, in London, I just buy a day ticket when I go down there
He's shown his *** good to here Big Bad John put Humphries and co in their place reference the salute last week.
I'd forgotten that one!! These were Dad's kids liked Jimmy Dean's Big Bad John..Mom got the 45 for us :-)
Today in title changes for January 17th thanks to Brian Hoops: 1971 - Jack Brisco, the NWA Florida Television Champion, faced Tarzan Tyler, the NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion, in a two-out-of three falls match. The rules for the match stipulated that the Television Title was on the line in the first fall only, while the Heavyweight Title would go to the winner of the match. Tyler pinned Brisco in the first fall to win the Television Title. However, Brisco won the second and third falls to win the match, and claim the Heavyweight Title. 1972 - Mark Lewin defeated Bob Brown to win the Vancouver NWA Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title in Vancouver, British Columbia 1973 - Big Bad John and Tim Woods defeated Chris Markoff and Bobby Shane for the NWA Florida Tag Team Title in Miami, Florida. 1973 - Ed Francis defeated The Sheik in Honolulu, Hawaii to win the NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Title. 1974 - Lord Alfred Hayes and Roger Kirby defeated Jim Brunzell and Mike George to win the Central States NWA World Tag Team Ti ...
Burning River Radio 3.2: Big Bad John: Another week and another guest host as this time new contributor John H...
is the of And John is a total and a
loved the Hillman Avenger they did the sporty Avenger Tiger pretty rapid
A set up referendum the type that Cam would model his offering on
only because the home Office took their eye off the ball, needs a load of H.O. and police at every port and airport in UK
but wasn't there a ref in 75 and the IN crowd won?
True, the paedophile/child killer who signed our independence away
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Does that surprise you when the leader of the Tories was Edward Hearh
Results were'nt too different.Think once UKIP prove they have chance they will prob get similar % as Lab & Con. 3 way split
UKIP would probably help on supply & demand until a second GE prob winter 2015 when I think their vote will take off
I reckon it'll be a hung parliament next year only this time with no real solution, can't see LabCon merge,UKIP won't merge
Keeping in the background. Could have to stand in as leader if the main stays loose their seats. Hopefully bloodbath
Well, Clegg is a bit puny, wonder what Paddy Ashdown would think too
The Tories are just as bad, LibDems won't matter after GE2015, too few of them
When miners went on strike was the biggest UK stitch up from EC directives, 1951 coal & Steel Treaty of Paris!
Only party to get us out of the EU crap is UKIP but will they get enough votes to kick out
it's at least 30 years since Labour were the party of the workers when the miners went on strike
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers but UKIP won't be strangers for long
What size screen does an iPhone6 have?
I was under the impression Thatcher didn't trust the EEC/EU, she might have defected to UKIP if she was still alive
on purpose most likely or due to indifference, five years of a non-caring Govt. who are obsessed with staying in the EU
I thought he'd given up on women after that last one screwed him over, I think I would
hear hear!, pity we can't convince 60 million British people of this
Proves he doesn't listen to questions properly, gives the answer to a different question
Ever heard Jethro Tull's Christmas album?, it's the business
You'll be leaving the drugs and violence behind but you might get some sex
That *** wants to stay in the EU at all costs as does Minibrain and Wooden Leg
LOL, most likely hard as concrete!, toffee sweets are like that anyway, I have to suck them for ages to soften them down
It's not just me, is it?, LabLibCon won't get us out of the EU, if UKIP ain't any better - and I say IF - what hope is there?
Inducing change and promoting revolution is better than abandoning a deteriorating state and leaving it to rot, surely?
Time for me to visit my local for my regular 2pts of falling down water. Nite all.
My attitude?, would you stay on a ship you know is sinking?
my gf said if she worked over there she'd only get 3000 pesos (£43) A MONTH
2 be honest Im only in favor of death p for certain crimes.Better if they weren't here
Lol, no, like I said, I wouldn't run a business here, in the Philippines I could pay peanuts...
The Green Party? Brave enough to oppose the EU while being socially respectful...
Which year was Paul born?, I thought it was 1943 which would make him 71
are you the head of HMV and I've just fallen into the Christmas trifle?
I know I wouldn't dare set up in business in this country because I'd last five minutes
Yes i can understand your argument, what party are you favouring in GE2015? UKIP I suspect?
true I suppose but the big three certainly won't, they're all for staying in which means they'll be redundant after 2020
How could the queen get us out of the EU? She has no influence whatsoever?
Only The Queen could get us out of the EU by the look of it and she's ancient
I can't trust a disgusting irresponsible party creating division in communities and idealising an abhorrent Britain.
Very unlikely UKIP will win GE2015 and it's a safe bet who will which means no EU referendum any time soon - if ever
the one behind the counter says "No but I've got Dangle Balls on a 9 inch
I'm anti-EU because I'm a libertarian liberal, but i have no respect for a party like UKIP and their scaremongering nonsense
The queen is 88, bit old to be a Prime minister!
Kerry Smith deserved to be dropped, he should run for one of the other three
LabLibCon are a bunch of wastes of space who'll never get us out of the EU, we need you in No.10 Nige
Is that the economic plan to bleed Britain dry and make the EU trillionaires?
Certainly sometimes I think Fifa are anti-England but in this year's and 2010's WC we 'played' in our sleep, 5 goals in total
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Well guess why, Opel is German, the one with the lightning flash through a ring, right?, Mercedes badge was a 3-pointed star
Okies just on my way out to pay a visit to family laters for now dude
The E type probably had that appeal with the long bonnet thing going on
I drove an Opel Manta that I borrowed but it was nothing like the rush from driving a Capri they did try their best
They were nice and low to the ground I loved the dashboards like the cockpit of a plane lol just felt great to drive
There was a Ford GT40 in those days too
dunno if it's super anything, it's TOXIC
Keep UKIP out? - and 'Great' Britain in the EU, no ta!
Leaving the EU is the ONLY option or Britain will be no more, the EU will eat us up and spit the bones
will privatise the and deport the ppl who saved his life If you read and watched the video you would understand.
What makes you think just because you don't win Labour will, UKIP are a big threat to you now
Jimmy Dean performing his number one hit 'Big Bad John' live.
Dennis Skinner is Labour, it was the Tories who lost Mark to UKIP so what's his problem?
Yeah, had it on but i'm gonna watch some TV now, may put BBC6 on again at 9
The chickens will be ROASTED on May 7th!
Kyle looks like he's onto something, he should tell Mark now he's a cop
So Labour won Heywood then, at least UKIP got 2 out of 3 - ain't bad according to Meatloaf
Yeah, the vacuum cleaner rule seriously ***
If he can't take the punches he shouldn't be in the ring!
Well I had an Apple phone but I couldn't get on with it so I sent it to my girlfriend when I bought an Android
I wouldn't start a business in this country because of the business rate, I wouldn't last 5 minutes!
I sometimes think business would be better off done outside Britain, in Bury St Edmunds, shops stand empty a lot of the time
The only thing that'll sink is Labour and the Tories next May
Definitely, get rid of the ones we've got and let no more in, this is such a small island and is getting overcrowded
They're lucky Dave's so soft as to give them the 1.7bil, the EU are SCAMMERS - don't give them any more
The Argentines just cannot accept the fact that they lost the Falklands conflict 32 years ago
White House Donald Trump Steve Bannon President Trump Kennedy Center Honors Taylor Swift Islamic State Tal Afar Robert E. Lee Sonny Landham Princess Diana Manchester United Alex Jones Big Ben Theresa May First Lady Heather Heyer Hong Kong Los Angeles James Murdoch Premier League West Indies Logan Lucky North Korea Pacific Ocean Middle East Roman Polanski South Korea Serena Williams Weekend Update Bruce Forsyth Lois Smith Crown Heights Manuel Miranda El Salvador National Weather Service Mutual Fund Daniel Craig Kanye West Twin Peaks West Wing Floyd Mayweather Amanda Knox Sonny Burgess South Africa Adam Driver Robin Thicke Julian Assange Long Island World Cup Fashion Police Ivanka Trump Paul Allen Law Enforcement First Lady Melania Trump Aaron Judge Las Vegas Chris Froome Al Gore Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tina Fey Manchester City Love Island Red Devils Mike Glennon Solar Eclipse President Donald Trump Border Patrol Stephen Bannon Carl Icahn Star Wars Frank Serpico Fifth Harmony World War Two Daily News Sarah Harding Deal Breaker Stephen Colbert Jese Rodriguez Aroldis Chapman Oxford University Mark Zuckerberg Air France Mitch Trubisky Trump White House Arsene Wenger Wan Kenobi Stephen Hawking Steven Gerrard White Sox Terence Crawford Liu Xia Romelu Lukaku Cook County Gene Wilder Champions League South Sudanese Sam Carter Salvador Dali Royal Academy

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