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Big Ang

Season 1 starts filming in a few weeks and should air by July or August

Mob Wives Kylie Jenner Renee Graziano David Bowie Mimi Imfurst

Big first day of Superweek with our athletes. Can't wait to see what these guys do on Sundays!
Ang ganda pa ng chances kasi the 2 other Disney films of the producer involved with the game (Big Her…
Finally! How they're gonna cram it in an hour or two will be a big question to me :D
Big announcement of the year: Di tuloy ang EXAM 😣
Not a big fan of either film, but I still think Ang Lee is a great director, Brokeback Mountain is probably my favo…
Kasi ang totoo. He is like all the other *** in this world. A big selfish liar that does not have the balls to personally tell you
Why do I want to say something about liking big butts & not being able to lie?
After 2 yrs, you should've learned by now na mas nag-iingay ang mga bashers when something big is up for the 2. .
Winter by Marissa Meyer. Finishing it up before my big trip.
With big crowds and high-quality football, Colombia's Liga Aguila Femenina is setting an inspiring example πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄πŸ’ͺπŸ™Œ. ➑️
One time I brought my bearded dragon on a date if that makes you feel better
WE LOVE ELNELLA Kya pla Ang sabi mo you will never give i understand there's a big Lion on your way..fight…
Kasi nga you have a big heart IHO that's you always have blessing. And lagi mo pang na share ang…
So happy I have big ang in my life πŸ’•
Naku sigurado yan.It's going to be a big friendly competition ang saya nyan excit…
When will I be able to watch Bloody Crayons? i'm so naiintriga na ang galing mo daw πŸ‘ big clap for you 😊
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The Daily Inquirer sellout to Ramon Ang ensures full control of Big Business over local traditional mass media. Big Business is everywhere.
this was when the crowd started to scream 'One Big Fight!' πŸ’™ So honored to be a part of this crowd!!! (Ang gulo ng vid but…
Angela Raiola aka 'Big Ang' : June 30, 1960 - February 18, 2016. An angel to never be forgotten. Forever in our hearts…
Never settle for anything less than what you deserve gid, bisan pa love nimo ang tao, kung dili ka gina treat right. A BIG NO NO jod πŸ™…πŸ»
Malalim ang rivalry ni Ogie Alcasid at Billy Crawford sa Little Big Shots! You can trace it all the way from Manilyn Reynes era. Charot!
BC proves that Jane Oineza has a big fandom. No matter what happened they are still there. Never ending support ang mg…
Big Ang died so Kylie Jenner could live
homegirl went for Angelina Jolie. And ended up with Big Ang.
We're here for a good time, not a long time. - Big Ang, Mob Wives.
Hello SM Sta Rosa! We would like to say a Big Thank You for joining us today!! Ang saya-saya! Great crowd!
oh that's awful πŸ˜” I know you can't see it now but you will get through it, I know you will *big hugs* here if there's anything I..
oh no πŸ˜• so sorry to hear that *big hugs* is it still the same things that are on your mind as yesterday? Xx
lmfao. I miss her. Big ang home?? I needa get outta the house. Im finna go somewhere
Great day for FH Girls Cross Country, as the Rangers capture the AA title @ today's Big Valley Invitational!
I'm sad 😦😒Rita was evicted from big brother's house.. Plastic nalang ang mga natira.
Yeah she really is. In our heart siya ang big winner.
Yang ang feels niya is Palarong Atenista but on a really big scope. Diff schools instead of divs. Grabeee UST was packed kanina.
Thank you so much China & the United States for ratifying the Big step!
I still can't believe big ang died :(
Can you believe it? There are just 17 DAYS until the big event! I hope our & are ready! h…
Kailan ko ba maririnic ang "I'm sorry Heaven but you have just been evicted from the Big brother House." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Peace πŸ™ˆβœŒ
I'm not big on updating my phone/apps so my phone is still on version 9.2.1 asking to be updated to 9.3.5 *kanye shrugs*
Ang happy ko talaga for you paps! You found a one big happy family soon w/ ur own na
(I don't know where that extraneous 'gets' at the end of that last sentence came from. Stupid too big for its boots smartphone.)
Anonymous:. Trump is far from perfect, but he's a big middle finger that we can give to the establishment right now, and that'…
from day 1 drita was my favourite she is the most real her and big Ang gid rest her soul. Keep being you x
Do you think this is our Big 3?󾍀. We don't want them to be shifted to other team, sana makita na ng management ang...
OMG now they're talking about their plans for the future to have a happy ang big family. I'm very happy for you both. A&M.
Tapos na ang departmental exam. But I can still feel big time stress this coming week 😭😭😭
Kuya conductor ang bait niyo po (γ€’οΈΏγ€’)πŸ‘ a big thumbs up in this hard job yet they are smiling
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Aaaw Matti likes his big bear ang cute!
Simula na ang labanan. Go lady eagles! One big fight! Do or die game.
This girl @ the wieners circle called my mom big ang, I can't breathe
Listen to the music of the moment, people dance and sing, we're just one big family.
Even when I'm in doubt, he still affects me big time. Even when I'm not sure of his feelings, naghuhuramentado pa rin talaga ang sistema ko.
Before this day ends, what if sila ang last 2 standing sa Big night, sino ang magiging Big Winner mo?
A big push to make this incompetent putz look human.She's known for 40 yrs her hubs was a pervert and a rapist. πŸ˜’
Ikaw ang big winner namin HEAVEN. YouCanDoItHeaven
Calling it now, I'm a big fan of Gopico moving to the wing! Very Russia ang mga playing style ni ate, with floor-D pa! Woo…
Balikan ang the big day and fall in love all over again. Handog ng ABS-CBN Mobile and IWantTV https:…
Informal education rin ba ang matutong manakit ng pakiramdam. Break up without reason makes me feel dumb to fall in love with you. BIG WORD!
Vinny's mom is actually just Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, channeling the spirit of Big Ang.
Locarno is a big deal just so you know, Lav Diaz's Mula Sa Kung Ano ang Noon is the only Filipino movie recipient of that award.
Kainin ang feelsss day 2. After that big *** chicken from the launch with…
Finished Season 5! Wew ang daming big moments!!. ..but I have to admit there were really parts of this season that lost me for quite a bit
My big heart shaped lips is always be the only part of my lips ang paborito.
Ang paboritong cake ninyong Chocolate Mousse. SHOP NOW at | with US!
Big lie! How many times did ur coastguard harassed our fishermen? Stop misleading people!
Give a little, make a big difference!
To all SOLID MARLO MORTEL supporters, we have a BIG SURPRISE for 'ya! Wait for further updates! Get ready babies! Exciting ang prizes! πŸŽ€πŸŽ΅πŸ™ŒπŸ’™
In fairness ang cute ni D30 with his barong n big tummyπŸ˜…
I love eating and having big thighs and a big booty and feeling all curvy, I love loving my body πŸ˜‹
unless he's a BIG FAN of Ang Lee's first short film, his first movie, Pushing Hands, didn't come out till 92...
tru...always runaway with a boy in a very big truck today, if I go missing πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘‹πŸ½
Yes they did. It's so amazing to see them together on the big screen. Super level up! Ang galing ng JoChard!
A big happy birthday to ! gosh how time flies from that one time you had and I watching titanic on replay! πŸ˜‰
Your problem may look big, but don’t talk about how big your problem is, talk about how big your God is.
Wondering if same Ad Agency ang gumawa ng McDo at Smart TVC! Same BIG IDEA! And might insipred by our dear Pres. Du30!
Africa's basically one really big country, right?
Ito na ang big day nila,imagine you and me now showing
Mad editing skills and big love for Maine and RJ 😁 Hat's of to ang galing πŸ‘
LOVED the end of Will miss all the ladies , , and RIP big Ang. xx
GOOD MORNING πŸ˜†. start your day with a big or huge smile like thisπŸ‘‰ πŸ˜€πŸ˜†πŸ˜† para iwas ang bad vibes❀❀
~ ang symbol ng marriage. 'TIL DEath do us part.
Our juniors finish the season with a 16-1 record and win the league for the second straight year ! Let's finish the b…
Good morning aldubnation eto n ang big day sugod n s mobie theater..
Tomorrow on why Scotland's position in the EU is a big problem for Theresa May
Ugh, just found out I have to put my big dog down. I'm a mess...😭😭😭
Someone also have an urgent 'thanks but no thanks' word with Big Ang
Big shout out and a warm thank you to all the Filipinos who took the time to watch and support us. Iba talaga ang puso ng…
Celebrity Big Brother 2016 tipped to include Lil Kim, Big Narstie and Azealia Banks:
me too, she was a good egg, fierce friend, and a wonderful wife, Mom, and grandma! REST IN PARADISE BIG ANG !!!
David Bowie, Big Ang, Victoria Wood, Chyna and Prince all died this year and my eyes are sore this morning. . End 2016's reign of terror.
I've been indirectly absorbing RONY smfh. I used to enjoy having Mob Wives on in the background RIP Big Ang
I get so sad watching Big Ang on Mob Wives πŸ˜­πŸ˜‡
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I liked a video Renee Graziano from "Mob Wives" on Big Ang, El Chapo, And More (Full Interview) |
I liked a video from Big Ang died of Stage 4 Lung & Brain cancer! RIP Mob Wives star.
Girls with big boobs always appear fat even though their not.Nasaan ang hustisya???!!
I told you. You can't always do wing attacks kapag Europeans ang kalaban. They're big and strong.
*** . Ang hirap huminga.. Heyyy big boy.. No worries,, im ready... Just wait for me in heaven.. Love u...
I UNDERESTIMATED your heroine sorry sorry PANO NAGING advantageous ang big boobs pakiexplain po
β€œWag nating paikutin ang mundo natin sa isa't-isa lang. The world is big, Trisha. And if we're really meant to be, we will…
"You know how to kiss. You're making me break some rules again.". "Hindi ko alam na big deal sayo ang mag break ng rules, Elijah."
She shaped like Big Ang, God rest her soul lmao
Today was a good day. My panta were see through at work today and they didn't feel like giving me a heads up. No big.
Henry asked me if I got lips injected but then a few days later I was like *** I look like big Ang
Ang pretty mo beb sa mg photos mo for your big day! strong & grown up woman ka na talaga. Happy for u!! Keep it up!!
oh gosh now you really look like Big Ang!
*** don't slow down on that hookah y'all gonna be sounding like big Ang in 10 years πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Watching old episodes of Mob Wives and seeing Big Ang is so weird πŸ˜•
I can't believe I forgot to take a picture with my little brother for prom !!
Late upload.. Enjoy ang mag daddy:) .doing your BIG business with your love once is a great blessings from...
I think big ang does lol check yo likes
I dont care about David Bowie and Prince. 2016 took Big Ang away from me. I will never heal from that
Watching Mob Wives breaks my heart bc I miss Big Ang 😞
you and big Ang were my favorite. ..She honestly light up the room with happiness and Party xo
I can't believe it's been that long ready... Big Ang will always be missed by many Big Ang
Kaya rin naman naging big hit ang BCWMH. Sometimes people just need this kind of happy family life story. 😊
Love this big Ang filter. I'm covered in pineapple juice cause idk how to eat.
Re watching the whole series from start to finish- Sure do miss Big Ang!
1 last thing Rest in peace. Big Ang! Love you Renee & Karen & rest of the Mob Wives! Since I couldn't put it all n 1 msg.
Big Ang will forever be missed and loved!! She touched the hearts of all who knew her on and off Mob Wives!
Witnessed a wedding proposal and a birthday surprise at the Big Ben today and I must say, ang solid..
Fury sounds like Big Ang in the intro for this week. I love it.
Everything from my hair color to my skin color was wrong at senior prom βš°πŸ˜©πŸ’€
Simple efforts create big happiness.
tingin mo ano ang big reason para magdecide ka na iwan … β€” God made another one of me to love you better than i ev…
PNoy is leaving one of the greatest, if not the greatest, legacies. Big shoes to fill for Duterte. Si PNoy na ang benchm…
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!!!. As you know, Big Ang was an avid philanthropist. In her memory and…
Thank you, . I love you.Thank you. Everytime may big event na nangyayari sa life ko, ikaw ang naririnig ko. I just love you.
Big shout out to without these guys we couldn't do what we do. Thankyou for your time and unders…
The next big thing sa music industry ang the juans
Saw this ang mo dude, body too big to lie on the chest press bench
Big Ang ft Siobhan - It's over now. Now Playing on Massive Antems. Non stop dance anthems. Listen:
Nice ang the love affair if sa big screen jd mag watch. No cuts😊😁
I have chika. I have my own Trillanes. Lol. Lahat ng deets, big deal sa kanya. Plus ang daming false statements...
Wish you still had that big cheesy smile
I really miss Big Ang I can't believe she's gone man
Look what made..beautiful this is of Angela aka Big Ang. This is for her family, friends and her fans. h…
Me and Molly's kid would just look like big ang
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shake the quake for goodness sake I'm about to make a big mistake
note to self, buy the big box of Froot Loops next time
LMFAOO 😭 looking like the size of my big toe
For me she's such a big star. grabe ang taas ng boses..
I just saw a policeman jn full uniform buying a big tub of ice cream and cones ang cute lang :))) ice cream party sila!!
Hi! Incoming shs student. I know di dapat big deal to p… β€” In San Beda, social class does not matter. Ang Bedista …
5 things I want in life:. 1. A dog. 2. Another dog . 3. A big house for my dogs. 4. Parks to walk my dogs. 5. A partner who loves…
Ang is 40? I saw that the birthday was a couple days ago. didn't know it was one of those big ones. Yummy cake?
Boogie, PG13, And D'Ang. That will be our Big 3 next season. And fact, we will be trading that too 3 pick
Time to go after the big ones too. Godhra: True Story by Nicole Elfi:.
Irritated as f*** at the camera crew for zooming in on character flaws. They should be on big picture, not perf…
Back to the mall with big ang for a second time
I just sang I Got Rhythm in a Big Ang voice. My life is officially complete
So, nobody over here would be vexed, with all due respect. . She ain't Big Ang.
loved the store! A day well spent! Big fans of had to stop by and see Big Ang tooπŸ’œπŸ‘ΌπŸΌ
COME ON HENRY!!! GET THOSE LEGS MOVING BIG DAY tomorrow your video is on repeat Whoop! Whoop!πŸ˜† ~ Ang
The best thing about being single is sleeping around. You can sleep all over that big lonely bed of yours. Left, right…
" It'd be really fun to kick you down the stairs" The Angelo Bairactaris
miss her so much just watched the catch up las vagas trip 😒😒 big ang is a legend GBNF
Kylie on her way to being Big Ang frfrπŸ‘€
Frank broke his nose and dislocated his shoulder, and didn't miss a play...Rugby definitely isn't for ***
HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY ANG!! couldn't ask for a better big brother. I love you ❀️
Big Ang: I love each and every one of the girls in a SPECIAL way😌
Before I am a diehard kaso sobrang bias ang news programs nila and its a big turn off.
This week releases some very BIG news regarding Ang's birthday and her favorite cause! Wanna celebrate with us…
Grabe kitang kita ang transition ni Chris Pratt sa Parks and Rec from a fattie to a big guy πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
Right now Amazon is recommending for me: Big Ang's book, Leah Remini's Scientology book, and Larry Sanders. Amazon might as well marry me
Jhene Aiko splits with husband after making 'Twenty88' with Big Sean.
Kylie don't look like Big Ang to y'all?
Today we are in the mood to share some BIG love to all of the BIG ANG fans! Spread a kiss from Ang! RT
Today's Big Ang Big Pic... One of her favorite brands, Ang always believed life was better with…
It's these white ppl in here talkn bout Big Ang & I'm 2 seconds away from cussn them out 😀
BeyoncΓ© making everyone wanna break up with their boyfriend πŸ‘‹πŸ»
If you're a man you need to watch Lemonade and learn to check yourself.
ang Rh Blood Group System kay mura tag galearn ug new language, with all this ' and big and small letters. its getting interesting
Before you speak against me, make sure you know me well.. Yan ang hirap sa mga judgmental, out of one scene they make it big
Watching back season 6 ep 1 of Mob Wives, making me dead sad seeing big angπŸ˜”
I decided not to watch their movie even I am a big fan of JLC. mas Love ko ang Jadine kaya This time ang ppanuorin ko
But still our prayers & unity bonus pa ang magandang storyline & under direk nuel, we are already claiming the big success of This Time. πŸ˜„
Im too young for a boyfie, and too young for big πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Ang yummy ni kuya biceps
Catching up on Mob Wives S4 and I'm just going to have to pretend Big Ang is still alive πŸ’”πŸ˜©
Detroit *** You live in Cleveland bro. Your city *** so much that even LeBron wanted to leave
grabe sila, why did they have to move it? Anong rason? They are such a big company, at kapamilya dn ang jadine :(
African stars pay tribute to Papa Wemba: African stars remember Papa Wemba, the big man with the "ang... via BBCI
i just dont wanna talk. thats it. BAKIT BA ANG BIG DEAL PUTHA
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Fact, mahirap sabayan ang cheer ng BBB.. pero we have that. "GO ATENEO, ONE BIG FIGHT" chant.. Can we shout and cheer thi…
It's literally heartbreaking watching Big Ang on Mob Wives πŸ’”
u can't blame big accounts bashing EB..look what happen to KS?they expect ALDUB moments..Dpt matutongag basa ang
Jusko eh sa beauty pageant lang pala bawal ang bikinis so what's the big fuss all about? It's your mayor who started it, not us.
Kinda want my lips doing but knowing me and my luck I'd end up looking like big ang from Mob Wives πŸ˜‚
Ang bibigat ng issues ng pilipinas. It's going to be a big pressure for the next President. Big load. Tough, tough job.
I guess this person didnt listen to MarRoxas when he said binangga ko ang big pharmaceuticals.
"Using Big Data Analytics to find good Japanese food in Singapore" on
aww yup. True. I miss big ang. So sad she is gone. πŸ˜” 😒
with Big Ang prior to her passing. R.I.P. Big Ang!! You are…
Well Ramsey Bolton is still as crazy as always
sad you guys are making up lies about drita, go to Big Ang's sister page, she backs up drita, karen is crazy!!
your always & Forever number one . BIDA ANG JOCHARD. Big hug for both you.
If i had a big brother what would his name be
Legit wish i had a big brother so he could take mee places but that probably wouldn't happen so nvm
Idk how but I think frank knowing all the words to NWA songs makes him actually seem more white
Thomara shippers are philosophical, big dreamers, easily emotionally moved, deep persons, loyal, faithful and . pabori…
yikes. This is all so not cool and so not Big Ang. 😒
Feast your eyes on this astonishingly pink title card by I've seen the episode: action, drama & big laughs htt…
Descendants of the Sun 15 left us hanging! Eh buhay si Big Boss, tuloy ang forever!! PDnim *** extend. We don't want this to be over! HUHU
Watch giggle as announces Big Brother lineup rumours by mistake:
BREAKING: Rams Trade For First Overall Pick: Big news at the top of the NFL draft this morning, as the Los Ang...
Can't believe that it is finally over. I'll gonna miss them big time 😭
Finally watched the 'last" episode of Mob Wives, and totally bawled like a baby when they showed Big Ang and her...
You love to dream big and today your fantasies are over the to... More for Sagittarius
Fact I hate you. jk I hate frogs and insects and lizards😁😁 ang big spiderss😁
I am starting to like girls with big *** ang boobs.why?
It's despicable the amount of disrespect for big ang's family and her fans it's disgraceful
"If Justin Bieber can make that big of a come back, so can my grades" huli na ang lahat
Ang ganda ng mga eksena! The acting, the crying, the language and accent and ofcourse the unexpected big slap! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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But still,if he is BS or not big turn off sa kin ang gnung mga klaseng lalaki who can afford to joke around that way
Look how cute my cuddly baby with a big *** booty. 😜😜😜. OY LOUIS ANG LAKI NG PWET MO 😜😜😜
"my face is smiling so big and I can't make it stop"
LOL! Watch slip up on by revealing this Big Brother lineup secret: https:…
Why Ang Probinsyano maintains a big edge?. Relevant, balanced and educative!.
"OY LOUIS ANG LAKI NG PWET MO". I like big butts and I cannot lie πŸ‘πŸ‘
Another reason why Ang Probinsyano has a big edge... Everyone acts from the heart. . Passion is the name of the game!.
Si Dominic Ochoa ang bida sa Super D? wow.. last time he had a big break was during their wattamen days. ryt??.
Renee Graziano's new boyfriend will forever remind her of Big Ang …
Renee Graziano found new beau at Big Ang's wake
Our big team on National Geographic Indonesia HQ (Minus 5 Armies). Today, 11 years in Indonesia.
Nakaka-miss talaga ang sa big screen! Sing along to this lyric video of 'Till I Met You'! . WATCH HERE:
reporting to u live from nilbog this is Jesse crust big ang is dead
okay you guys can go discuss this on iMessage bye
lmfao guess who Ima delete their number?πŸ€”
I don't recall asking for your opinion ΒΏΒΏ
still not over the fact that BIG ANG DIED
Happy Easter Big Ang ! Miss see you on tv where im watch the old Mob Wives on the internet. Keep watching over you family
A goal is the best teacher you can have.Just make sure its big enough.Aims future ang big goal mo kya galingan mo lagi will sport u
Mob Wives stars Brittany Fogarty and Karen Gravano BANNED from Big Ang's memorial...
"Halaaa! Thank you Pen, big time! I'm blessed to have you in my life yay!" ANG SARAP SA FFELING NG GANTO πŸ˜‡πŸ‘Œ
I'm so beyond grateful with where I'm at
Thanks for watching! Keep a piece of close to your heart and support
Big shoutouts to Jesus today. Cuh took the case for humanity and we should appreciate it no matter our beliefs. Happy Nor…
Watch this video and see the real side of the star.
'Big Ang' Raiola, 'Mob Wives' star, dead at 55 Rest in peace big ang
Coz big deal dto ang easter sunday. Lots of present for me ☺️ Happy Easter Sunday Again! πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰
Lets start our monday with a big smile ang GOOD VIBES!:)
Watching and missing Big Ang so much. RIP
This cold got me sounding like big ang
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Big Ang was an amazing woman. Honestly may she rest in peace.
You know you're in Brooklyn when you're family members have big Ang memorial card from her funeral.
I can't believe how strong big ang was right to very end
love that Big Ang is in the picture. Happy Easter
mines does too. I look like I tried to get a Kylie Jenner inspired lip job b and it came out like big ang TBH 😭😩 ICE IT!
why doesn't anyone talk about LGBT icon big ang and how she passed away so sudden and unnoticed
Sheer Genius at work .. How good is he Virat Kohli... Take a Big Bow
Echoes statement about Karen talking about the men. ALL their men showed up on this show..except Lee!
PUPDATE PIC of our lil meatball princess Big Ang❀️ This beauty lived a life of neglect and was used for breeding...
Big ang is still my fave and this is always my mood
the Ultimate Warrior sounds a lot like Big Ang from Mob Wives
Someone get me a big alcoholic drink
talks about her friendship with the angel Big Ang πŸ‘ΌπŸΌβ€οΈ
I'm getting to the end of Mob Wives and it's so sad that big Ang passed away :( it's hard hearing her talk about her cancer
Kylie Jenner looks like Big Ang to me .
Why don't people look at the real problem focus on it. Ganon ba ka big deal ang grammar? πŸ˜’
Nakaka-miss ang big dog. I want one again 😭
Get me away from this plastic surgery show This one woman looks like a Black version of Big Ang. Wow...
really miss the spirit of the big girl (Ang).. The world needed more of that girl..
those 1,000 legger centipedes are my worst fear... And don't get me started on spiders πŸ•·
I thought about that when I watched snapchat story 😫😭
Big shout out to for all her hard work and getting into grad school! Beyond happy and proud of you!!! ❀️😘
When Kanye describes himself as God and a creative genius but repeats the same lyrics three times in a row and it takes up half a song...
Did you catch it? Kerr cracks a big smile right at opposing coach (and former mentor) Gregg Popovich. He even...
Are cookies just pretty much sugar omelettes?
When u stopped being someone's friend and then later u realise u made the right decision 😁
"She's the second street version of Big Ang" "she was smoking cigs & callin me Doll at 4yrs old" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
happy birthday Stevie, your sister is hot
and quote this with "PURPHOES SQUAD . for 50 ffs legit to kasi ang boring :-( wait lang kayo
Craving for big n tasty pero bawal ang meat today ☹️
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I added a video to a playlist Coffee, Big Ang, and John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson! - Mar 9, 2016
. Help spread the word, special addition iron in honor of Big Ang coming soon!
Wait what is that Mimi Imfurst on Larger Than Life : Big Ang??
You'd think that you'd honor Big Ang with recaps, testimonials and great moments. Instead you have Mimi Imfurst (as usual) making drinks. NO
isn't going to be the same without Big Ang. Love her & drita πŸ™ŒπŸ»
I pray Harper Lee working on new book in heaven with Big Ang!
"Big Ang is laid to rest after her funeral service in New York. Ciao Bella
Angela (Big Ang) Raiola, 'Mob Wives' star, fighting for her life, ...
Watching the latest ep of and it feels strange knowing big Ang has passed already πŸ˜“ god rest her soul πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
. When God made Big Ang, he broke the mold..! Thanks for the "Good Times". πŸ’—πŸ’”πŸ’— htt…
Watching last weeks episode of Mob Wives and every time I see Big Ang I get sad πŸ˜ͺ
WE'RE AND BANNED FROM BIG ANG'S FUNERAL? Listen at 12:25 to find out the 411!!
In the sanctuary, the sacred mingled with the irreverent. Msgr. David L. Cassato, who cel…
I think it's sad that it took Big Ang's death for people to think about quitting smoking. As if they didn't know what would happen.
RIP Big Ang you'll always b an inspiration xx
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(Reuters) - Angela Raiola, who was known as the character "Big Ang" on the "Mob Wives" reality television show, died early Thursday at a
It's so hard watching Mob Wives from Wednesday. 😒 when Big Ang discovered she had lung cancer. Especially the moment sh…
I cried on Wednesday when big ang told about the cancer
I love DRITA and BIG ANG together whenever I see Mob Wives she will be truly missed
I have 0 respect for someone that can say "your problems aren't as big as others".
know you wanna roll wit a good girl. do it big do it all for a good girl ONE TIME.
Big Ang’s Sister Reflects on Her Final Days in Funeral Speech: On Monday morning, Big Ang’s life was celebrate...
Fact: Nobody's funeral flowers will EVER be as good as Big Ang's
sorry. I misspoke. You LOOK like a combination of Bea Arthur and Big Ang. You sound normal.
I'm happy you attended the service for Big Ang
BIG ANG..will always be in your hearts.
VH1 will remember the late "Mob Wives" star Angela "Big Ang" Raiola by airing the full season of her spin-off...
I watch the Mob Wives all the time it's one of my favorite shows. It's sooo sad that big Ang died :(
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