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Big Al

Big Ali (earlier Breakingz) is an American singer-songwriter, DJ, and rapper born in Queens, New York and based in Paris, France since 2001. He is signed to Up Music, a Warner Music label, and has released his debut album Louder in May 2009 on the record label.

Alan Brazil Al Jefferson Al Capone Neil Patrick Harris Jeremy Lamb Cody Zeller Kidd Kraddick Lee Corso Jeremy Lin Frank Kaminsky Kemba Walker

RAT ROD. Hand lettering on Big Al's rod. We are going for something reminiscent of the Musters.
Happy 17th Birthday, Big Al! I wish I could join you on the field…
Alex Auld was okay. Budaj had his moments. Tokarski had his 5 seconds of fame, as did Condon. Big Al looks solid
Time to vote for Big Al and Al Unser Jr.
Mike Ashley had ruined the club, not even Big Al could fix this mess
Big Al was the best god *** ref in all of Lorain county. Fight my opinion.
Watch Kellie & Big Al on Dish Nation livesteam today at & Make sure to tune in tonight at 1am on Fox29!
Tonight Justin Hamilton Features at the Marion Hotel with Host David Edwards aka Big Al plus Brandon J Mannarino,...
LARRY LEGEND:. Turned George Hill and a 20 pick into Jeff Teague and Thaddeus Young, then went and grabbed Big Al for 3…
LMAO-One day Dmac will find out. Big Al must know, but he ain't talking lol
Lindo Lake County Park on Big Al takes a moment to text friends about all the birds he encountered today.
I liked a video San *** Zay by Big Al and the Brothers of the Blues
Times been good to Richard, not Big Al and Quinn has gotten more bitter & biased the older he gets.
Tennis balls, Patrick Ewing, 1-on-1 with Big Al: Bismack Biymobo's work in Charlotte set stage for Toronto breakout:
Big Al's brings entertainment to the County More opportunity for these retailers Booth S353S
Big Al and Charlie from Q 94.5 give me life every morning 😛😌
Bike Night at Big Al's Sports Gtill, 34926 W. Jefferson, Rockwood, 6:30 to whenever. See you there.
Big Al: I LOVE Ace Ventura: Pet Detective!! Yes indeed, there is a chance!
Did Jon Barry just proclaim Al Jefferson as a premiere low-post defender in the NBA? Doesn't he know Big Al doesn't even play defense...
Top day for Big Al with Kings Legacy winning && Sharp Suit winning for & _rodney
Is there a better college name ever than Albertus Magnus? Latin for Big Al?
Today: Big Al & the Heavyweights at Clematis By Night in Downtown West Palm Beach.
.without Al Jefferson today at It's Big Al's first DNP since Feb 10 Tip-off at 3:30p ET
come down for a tour after training camp. Big Al's and the Drillfield to Lane Stadium. Cant leave w/o Carol Lee's Donuts either
I love Marvin Williams, Big Al, and Nic too. Not to mention Cody.
Big Al, I am proud that your team battled to the end, just like my heroes @ San Mames! Keeping working hard & heads up!
- Big Al looking fierce at the Mcvicker farm!!
Prediction: Hornets renounce rights to Big Al, re-sign Batum, Marvin, Lin and Lee, early extend Cody.
Dual live shows today! Big Al in Tahlequah at Stuteville Ford from 11-2 and Patrick Macek and Pat Jones at Aqua...
Morning guys, What a strange way to start your interview "are you okey dokey?" Big Al @ 0934 on Weds 9/3
Ballad of Big Al, walking with dinosaurs BBC pal dvd
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
hold on, you talking about Al HORFORD or Jefferson? Big Al is Al Jefferson. No one calls Horford "Big Al"
Hornets dont have MKG due to injury and Al Jefferson is not the same Big Al he was two years ago. Where are they?
Al Jefferson made a point to point out his pivot foot next time in the post. I also love you, Big Al.
That Okafor/Al Jefferson comp is too real. Big Al was a black hole once he got the ball too.
The best designs for small living room spaces with BIG personalities
To the horror of any good Republican, "Big Gov't" AL legislators imposing state's will upon the local B'ham gov't.
Wow big surprise, not: et al losing track of rpt finds
introduced parents to at Christmas Big Al played this:
sir I m big fan f u.pls take interview of modi ji one day & ask abt al contro.since BJP got power,,100%sure he will not com
Big Al with 8 points now. Terrific play, setup by Lin
With big sadness I,ve received news I was fired like Al Nassr coach.I leave the team in the top even top score
The biggest buffoon in the GOP is trying to help the second biggest. :/
Latin American countries must reconcile the benefits of mining with the cost to local people http…
Depression isn't complaining, it's not voluntary, it's not something you just have an attitude fix about. It's a real t…
Big donors flock to Rubio after Bush drops out - Al Jazeera America. Is there any republican without Koch funding?
Hamilton Collection
CGA 1 Fury 0 final. Big Al Stathakis with the goal. Singewald with 20 saves for the shutout. Rematch at 5:40 (CT) tonight.
Jeremy Lin with terrific penetration to feed Big Al with a layup. Jefferson is 4-of-4.
When you where your good shoes to work... 😑😑😑 @ Big Al's Mufflers and Brakes - 10001 Jefferson…
Check me out on the Kidd Kraddick show as I show Big Al how the SHRED Power Cleanse works!
Still going to be able to make a run in a wide open East. Lee replaces MKG and Big Al is back.
Off Steiny Mo's report: what about D-Lee's expiring/Cody Zeller/C's 1st pick to Hou, Dwight to Hornets, Big Al to Boston. …
Big Al was one half of the master blasters with one Kevin Nash
Check one more time to see if someone dropped Big Al.
it's all in Big Al's hands, like the goalscoring version of Ledley King or something
Former CU / Broomfield Legacy grad, Broncos TE Nick Kasa is on with Big Al and now. Says he bought 8 tickets for
Sounds great! Way back, Big Al's hot dog cart in Wellfleet on Route 6 had The Mutt: PB & bacon bits. Was my go to
think Big Al will still hate and be salty about Mack? About time y'all give him credit and props.
Could you please share this with Big Al? His outstanding analysis of Khalil Mack always makes me smile!.
What is Big Al going to say about Mack being named all pro at 2 positions??? He is gonna flip out!!!
Also tell Big Al that Mack got exactly 1 more sack after Broncos game so he is elite!
Thank you Ryan, Wanda, and Big Al! Livvy is flowing to school this morning. This has made her year! Delicious muffins for everyone!
Hornets are down single digits at half at Golden State, minus MKG, Big Al and Nic Batum. I'd take that 10 out of 10 times.
"Residual income means never having to 'start over.'". —Tom "Big Al' Schreiter, https:/…
Former kkk leader David duke is a big fan of
Arrive Oahu tomorrow afternoon. Pearl Harbor, et al. on Wed., to the Big Island on Christmas Eve for the rest!
This recipe is so delicious, it's as good as the one served in big hotels and restaurants! Um Ali, Egyptian bread...
.and pull off a major bank robbery in "Big Racks."
2016 January Edition of HBM: In the age of Customer Journey Management and Big Data & Clayton M. Christensen et al.
is it bad that I yearn for Big Red's personnel moves?
Happy born day to BIG AL . brotha. @ Dallas, Texas
The Growth Plan and Big Move are clear visions. They just need alignment, $ and enforcement (per Crombie et al)
Badr Al Deen Al Khatib, a Mujahid in Liwa Al Haq, he was later martyred succumbing to his big wounds.
Tonight big game i cant wait come on gooners we will need all your support
A batch of Pollo al Mojo de Ajo in the slow cooker. Simple and amazing tastes on a cold day.
How Obama’s Amnesty Led to Terrorist Tashfeen Malik’s Entry by
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Big thanks to Sana Al-Yemen & Will Knox for writing the beautiful words of _sy.
Samford basketball topples Big Ten opponent with 69-58 win at Nebraska
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: was able to bring some BIG news to and
Dallas Bound💙First tour of AT&T stadium then Big Al's Bar in Hopes to see you !! Then Dallas Cowboy game
Big Al is getting turnt after Alabama won its first set against Auburn in Foster Auditorium.
I don't wanna horn toot but if you listened to our game preview we said this would be a breakout game for Big Al.
Some of my forecast this week hit the bulls-eye. As for Big Al ... well, listen here and find out ...
Big Al thinks he's an expert when it comes to predicting the week-end football. Then he met me .. Listen
I saw Furtakers and was shocked at how inhumane the 1st Gator hunt by Big Al was. A bow, trident and handgun? Usually a big fan.
John, Karl, Jerry, Jeff, Big Dawg, BRuss, AK, Deron, Memo, Big Al, Paul, Korver, Gordon, Derrick, Rudy. We are so lucky to have the Jazz.
Big Al will be at Southern Ale House on Halloween Day and the 'DOXIE' Doggie Race will be at 2:30 and the doggie...
Big Al, Dougie McBuckets, Frank the Tank, and the Barrage of Taj
Charlotte leads LAC 56-51 at half. Big Al has 12 points and Jeremy Lin has 10. Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lamb are struggling at 1-14 shooting.
Here's my predictions for this week-end ... though Big Al tends to disagree ... what does he know?
Look hear! How I tell Big Al exactly how the football is going to shake out this week-end on
OK folks ... Big Al and I have sorted what's happening in the world of football ... ...
OK folks - get stuck into thisPrem Lge talk with MOI and Big Al has brawn - I have brains
Jeff is good,Paul Milsap is better Big Al is the best...considering their contributions on both ends
At media day, Big Al told us Tim Duncan inspired him to lose weight and extend his career
...the following weekend I'm in the home of with North Shields & Wallsend Boys Club. I'm sure Big Al will be too.
Big Al went down the waterslide at Beach Bash tonight. Family Weekend is off to a great start!
Thanks to Coach Avery Johnson, Coach Dana Duckworth, the U of A Cheerleaders and of course, Big Al, for coming...
Me and Big Al talking North London Derbies and all things football😉👍.
Neil Patrick Harris was Big Al at Alabama's season opener against Wisconsin
Am I the only one that didn't know Neil Patrick Harris (aka Barney Stinson) was Big Al at the Alabama vs. Wisconsin game this year?!
Neil Patrick Harris rolls with the Crimson Tide; watch him suit up as Big Al on his new NBC variety show
Big Al has YOUR Carlos Mencia tickets at 9:15am on
Lee Corso puts on Big Al for his first College GameDay pick of the year
Bama it is! The incomparable Lee Corso made his and Big Al got the nod over Bucky.
I would love to show you my at Lot 52 N Big Al's Run
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Ms. Terry, Big Al & Thomas Plott think its a womderful day for Fighting Cystic Fibrosis at the Yeah Yeah Yeah...
Reminded me of the Pi Delta Pi sorority in "Revenge of the Nerds." Only ugly thing in the Alpha Phi video was mascot, Big Al.
Hornets can be very interesting if Frank Kaminsky or Cody Zeller breaks out as a top PF. PG Kemba, SG Batum, SF MKG, C Big Al just needs PF.
come on, Big Al. You know you the real MVP.
Stacy Jones has a show on 08/08/2015 at 08:00 PM @ Big Al's Ranch in Snohomish, WA...
The only shop near my hotel just sells jelly and ice cream. Its a trifle bizarre. (Yes I know its spelled wrong, but pedants can sod off)
We're in an age of austerity and I only just found out Chris Leslie was Shadow Chancellor today. Good work being a vocal…
File linked to child abuse surfaced the day after Leon Brittan died .
big price comes with big expectations. Here's hoping he can live up to them with Matias and not be another De Bilde.
Doyen Sports have confirmed to me that the fee paid by Sheffield Wednesday to Nacional for Lucas Joao was €4m (£2.8m).…
Is China making the same mistakes as Japan did before the second world war?
John Stones to Chelsea: Roberto Martinez insists Everton are big enough
oh I thought it was Raspberry as you are a big fan of Prince
a club with a racist captain and racist fans - a club who is running on illegal money - you're having a laugh Big Al
The big risks of Mexican photojournalist found dead, likely tortured
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
He might be rich, but he could go broke trying to campaign against all these other candidates being backed by big...
Coral Daily Download - After overcoming big hurdle against Chelsea,
I really love Big Al, like foreal forrreal..
Wal Mart with overnight big rig parking in MILLBROOK, AL was just found at on 03rd Aug 4am
typical British weather turnaround today. 😂☀️
but Mitro and Austin could be like Big Al and Les
were you getting ready to show your dance moves? Get him on ... Can move for a big man!
Sorry Ibe you're not the next big thing, Joao Teixeira is!, lets just hope he gets a chance out of this season.
I'm so confused. I heard the lightening crack and I heard a big *** boom like this was an Al Kida attack. I can't.
Whenever I hear "The Captain"by Cliffy Byro, I'll always think of Big Al and the trophy. 😊
I've blocked him so can't see what big al has said 😂
And all the world's scientists are wrong because Al Gore lives in a big house.
Open Interviews for Bartenders & Servers at Big Al's Progress Ridge (Beaverton): Big Al's at Pr...
Marnin! Al said he'd be in today if his big weekend doesn't kill him. So join & Danny Murphy from 6! …
[CBS Sports] - Will Nets learn from mistakes of big money era?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
“Do Nigerians really drink as much champagne as the French? Monday's big question, well done everyone.
"I don't know but I'm a big fan and admirer of her work, and the are so cool." -
. Big victory. forces took control of the entire southern region. after fierce battles in the past 24 hours ...
Al Gore: ‘Our democracy has been hijacked by Big Money’
Thank you Princess Reema rbalsaud u'vebeen always an inspiration and a big supporter 🙏🏼❤️
Robin Hood Origin Story Wants Kingsman Or X-Men Stars For Lead Role: Origin stories are big in...
Jeweler shares a rare story about how plastic Jesus pieces became cool:
Mon: Al Green, Call Me (Come Back Home). Not a big hit from him but he's always pounding home runs anyway.
"I made some big strides...Everything is kind of trending in the correct direction now" …
We're big enough for everyone to follow. . ht…
What's with this big deal about getting the Olsen twins for Full House. Michelle was like 5. Just get another actress
I love fireball. And I love ice cream. But that makes me want to throw up.
Malik Ishaq was working with ISIS but police claimed they killed Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists v…
Lmaooo I just realized how much I relate to the Big Al on my Oliver Ask Blog
Discover your very own Atlantic City Idol at Big Al's Club & Karaoke, every Wednesday at 9PM on Robert's Rooftop ...
Order Miche Bag Online!
ALL _ AGES _ SUNDAY - WAMMER JAMMER BBQ JAM at Big Al's House of Blues with the Marshall Lawrence Band . 4 pm to 8 pm or longer
Only three guys on the team are good😂 Kemba, Big Al, and Jeremy Lamb.
What's really going on inside football right now? Find out with Big Al and me right here on
Big Al and Kemba look like steals now. When does MKG resign with us Somewhere Tyrus Thomas is thinking these guys are overpaid
would you rather play behind Big Al at center or be the starting PF?
It's Kidd Kraddick in the Morning!. Can men and women be workout friends? Big Al's ex is getting married! How...
Now that I've calmed down, Kaminsky could fit well next to Big Al. Jefferson needs room in the paint and Frank can space the floor
But the Hornets got Big Al &. If you're taking Frank Kaminsky over Al Jefferson there's a problem
Kaminsky is a GREAT fit next to Al Jefferson. spaces the floor to give Big Al room to work..
As it stands, our starting roster looks like: Kemba, Jeremy Lamb, Nicolas Batum, Spencer Hawes, Big Al. Roster shake up!
I like frank, but he is a terrible defender and we can't have him and Big Al as our main interior defenders.
THE Should Trade Hawes, Jefferson, and 2016 First Round Pick to the For their 4th overall pick Melo would love Big Al
Happy Father's Day to Big Al! Great to spend the week with him in Glen Arbor
Big Al from 106.1 kiss FM and Steve helms have invited me out to his place on Sunday to do an acoustic set.
in Chicago make sure and get an Italian Beef sando from Big Al's on Taylor St. Then hit Tavern On Rush for drinks.
"I love romantic comedies" Easily one of my favorite Big Al quotes, referring to The Bounty Hunter
WEFT Radio: Be sure to check out Big Al's Community Chat, Wednesday, June 10 from 8pm-9pm. B...
Big Al accuse me of losing the plot on the weekly show. MOI !!! Seeker of Truth and Justice..
Crikey. Big Al close to a Kevin Keegan moment on tonight. Stop selling your best players... Well said.
Ha ha...see how I got it all right this week-end on the predictor while Big Al's on his Monaco yacht
Who gets it right when Big Al and I are talking football on Have a laugh and listen for yourself:
With a laugh and a shout here's what Big Al and I say is going to happen Sat/Sun with pals at
Stressful week-end for fans at all the crunch games. Here's the ,lowdown from Big Al and I on audioBoom pod
Did you know that Big Al from the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show was on years ago?! The video has been found:
Listen this week's audioBoom discover how I mince Big Al's brain on the play-off final
New show: Boppin' in the Big Easy with Big Al with Big Al - Just played: Pipeline - Bill Frisell - Guitar in the Space Age(OKeh Records)
Big Al and I give you our unique take on what's going to happen this footballing week-end with our pals at audioBoom
I've put Big Al straight on the KP controversy and sorted out the week-end's crucial football fixtures.
you just need to log off if you don't know what Big Al's is.
Big Al don't know it all. I put him right on our latest podcast. porridge:
Update your maps at Navteq
And let Big Al bully him into the SPAD Bill backing Jim Allister!
How will the big games work out this week-end? Big Al.. Alan Brazil and I think we've got it figured out
I call myself Porky - the super-punter..Looking forward to this week-ends crucial games with Big Al on
Can't believe you are parring Big Al off for Ellas tea party
Click this link and listen to Big Al's Top 5 Bloopers of the ACMs and you may hear a familiar voice!
I think you'll find moi - Porkmeister - tips Villa to win today. Big Al fancied Liverpool. Listen here:
This is Al!!!. 33lbs in 10weeks now that is saying something I have not been in the 340's in years! Big Al...
Good news on "Big Al" & mark j taking your questions live on video Friday, 4 EST,
More photos added to the story from Gator Country yesterday (includes Big Al, by the way).
Big Al keeps it simple and straight to the point. Well worth the read. And real…
What’s the best burger at JT Hannah’s? The Classic, Big Al's, Mexico City, Black Bear or the "Killin Me"?
THROWBACK THURSDAY: from the infamous "BANG YOURE DEAD" episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, directed by Big Al...
If it weren't for the Mario would be at least a four time Indy 500 Champ to join AJ, Big Al & Rick Mears.
Bobby Bell but not sure if involved in swap with Big Al - - and one more?
The wonderful Bobby Bell I think. makeweight in deal that brought Big Al to
makers mark and Larry king all in one day? There. Ya. Go. Big Al.
Lil Nate, Big Al, Schrempf, Mark Eaton, Z-Bo, Leo Barbosa, Clint Capela, Eric Moreland, and David Wingate just went up for Auction on
Love is this much happiness every day. 😍 Big Al 💖
Big Al's a good guy, great to work with. Um... yes.
It's bad when Tim Sherwood doesn't want a job a I'd imagine he's spoke with Big Al & realised Ashley is a cancer to our club.
I've listen to the radio in Yuma Arizona for 2 yrs and tonight was the first night I saw KellyRaspberry, J Si, Big Al, and Jenna
No, I wouldn't sign the petition to fire him from NBC. Look, Al Sharpton is a bigoted, hateful, lying, race-baiting, tax evading whack job with a big mouth and no common sense, but I'm in the business of free speech, not shutting people up. It's up to us to filter out the truth from the obnoxious crap that spews out of his mouth. Let the liberals obsess about petty crap like silencing the opposition by trying to get them fired. That's not us. Getting "Big Al" fired does nothing to advance our cause. Even if you WERE successful, NBC will just get someone else. It's a waste of time and effort. We're better than this.
Day 78 update: Rockhamptom to Sydney flew by as a blur of towns. Bundaberg, Town of 1770 and Angnes Water, Hervey (pronounced Harvey somehow...) Bay, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Nambucca Heads, Port Macquarie... you get the picture... Bundaberg - home of Bundy and where I sampled some very expesnive liqueurs and top shelf liquors. Only 1.7 standard drinks worth so don't fret over my driving! The Australia Zoo (north of Brissy) - this was actually really cool. Upon my arrival I made my way to the Crocoseum where I was able to watch Big Al, the croc, tear a pig limb from limb with its violent head shakes, scattering the innards into the crowd, commentated live and in person by the Irwin family (vid attached). Byron Bay - possibly the most chilled out environment in Australia... during the day, and also the most eastern point in this fine country. Mt Tamborine Glow Worm Caves - where I discovered that common sense isn't so common as proven by the middle aged South African couple on the short tour. Th ...
I can not wait to baptize Big Al tomorrow !! Jesus has saved my whole family in the last 3 year...
agree to a point. Am just very hard working. Big Al has a job as a taxi driver and goes to fat fighters ☺
In his last three games without Big Al, Bismack Biyombo posted a 5.8 usage rate. Derrick Rose should ask him for advice on how to chill on O
Wanna win Global Winter Wonderland tickets? Join V101 and Big Al this morning from 9-11am at the Grand Opening of...
Get ready for a show full of fun and surprises! It's Big Al's Birthday! And will be there too!
Big Al is a good midrange shooter and Cody Zeller.
After escaping the city, Big Al serendipitously arrives at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.
In a long distance relationship with Big Al's pizza but Howie's my side boo.
Thanks to Chip Jones for this story STORY NUMBER ONE Many years ago, Al Capone virtually owned Chicago . Capone wasn't famous for anything heroic. He was notorious for enmeshing the windy city in everything from bootlegged booze and prostitution to murder. Capone had a lawyer nicknamed "Easy Eddie." He was Capone's lawyer for a good reason. Eddie was very good! In fact, Eddie's skill at legal maneuvering kept Big Al out of jail for a long time. To show his appreciation, Capone paid him very well. Not only was the money big, but Eddie got special dividends, as well. For instance, he and his family occupied a fenced-in mansion with live-in help and all of the conveniences of the day. The estate was so large that it filled an entire Chicago City block. Eddie lived the high life of the Chicago mob and gave little consideration to the atrocity that went on around him. Eddie did have one soft spot, however. He had a son that he loved dearly. Eddie saw to it that his young son had clothes, cars, and a good educa ...
Farewell to my arch enemy who also goes by the name Big Al sometimes
Wouldn't it be funny if the University of Alabama replaced their mascot Big Al with Al Roker? (Just a joke people, don't send me messages.)
Thanks to everyone who came out to Big Al's Sports Bar and Grill and cheered on the 'Heels. We are still looking...
Afternoon all, this weekend we play Torrance Fc in Round 2 of the SYFA Central Cup at HOME, so we need another win like the last few weeks to keep this excellent cup run going. KO is at 10am and at this moment in time it's up on the SCHOOL pitch like last weekend. Unfortunately Torrance kit is Red/Black so we will have to wear the old White/Black kit - I provided some at training and will bring along the rest on Saturday. Please can the lads bring their Red/Black kit just in case the other team changes their minds. Again I can only pick 16 lads for the game so a couple will have to sit out unless I have some drop offs. Team for Sat: Cat, Cammy, Wall, Robbie, Gregor, Whippet, Captain Hammer, Giffnut, Josh Mantis, Prince Harry, Genius, Tank, Aidan "tintin" Mcnee, Samuel, Lewis, Fly. On standby in case anyone drops out: Big Al, Jinky, Matthew Crockett. Can all players be up at the pitch for 9.15am for team talk and warm up. Please can parents confirm that their child can play ASAP via FB or text please so I ...
Daniel is more Birkenhead market than a suitable partner for Big Al
Same here, Stewards inquiry - where are all these drinks going? Some sort of Black hole aka Big Al's mouth 1/2
Plumlee playing with smart confidence lately. Hook on one end, blocks Big Al on the other.
Scott Shultz and videographer Josh Hill have buck down on film in Indiana huntin with Big Al !.
zamora, you think that's a fair trade? Big Al for Luol Deng & Nerlens Noel who btw has 4 blocks last game
I will be bringing Hooters to Big Al's Restaurant tomorrow night from 5-7. We will be doing a charity drive for breast cancer research, taking pictures, selling calendars, and raffle tickets for the Alabama vs. Mississippi State game. All proceeds will go directly to charity! Everyone come out and support us.BIG OR SMALL SAVE THEM ALL!
Jack u accused Big Al of being Lewis Robinson then shortly after this was made
I'm sure Christ wud be much harsher on Big Al like he was on the Pharisee's. Bearing false witness was also something He hated
The administration of Barack Hussein Banarama How have we been surrounded with such *** as Susan Rice and the right " Rev. " Big Al Sharpton (also known for the Tawala Brawley case a few years ago.) Another Banamarma embarrassment to the American voters. Big Al has been chosen by Banaramadama to help pick out an equally unqualified replacement for Eric Holder. Holder was slightly less qualified than JFK's brother, Bobby. Bobby had a law degree (bought for by his corrupt Dad) but he never practiced. Holder practiced but he has no better grasp of what the Constitution or our laws are all about. Equal for all! Sideline issues designed to take stupid voters off of the ball: 1. Forget Ebola. The flu and, most likely, measles kill hundreds of thousands each year. Tobacco each kills more people in the US than we lost on the Vietnam wall in DC. 2. Forget Isis and Isil. They are mere pissants. Most are not even from the middle east. Most are from the UK. Europe and the US. Look it up. We can't take th ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
VALOR DID THIS. She humiliated me in the fish aisle of Petsmart in front of a yellow lab named "Big Al."
Marnin! It's in with Brian Moore this morning as Big Al recovers from a tough weekend in Scotland...
Photos from the very fun Riverside Fall Festival featuring Big Al are posted on our FB page!
Ute-On-Ute action as recovers the Alex Smith fumble. Also has a sack on Big Al.
Team Hardwork SOG CAMP. made with flipagram. ♫ Music: Big Al - On the Floor. Kyle and Dave…
Hey, Big Al and crystal footballs are just a few reasons why a fan of http:/…
because sometimes you just need a selfie with Big Al {Dakota} @ Bryant–Denny Stadium
Big Al's med career binder is gonna come in handy
Exciting things are happening in the Big Spring Park area of Huntsville. What would YOU like to see in that area?
No references? If you choose not to decide. You still have made a choice
Al Jeffersons 1986 Chevy Donk complete with custom maroon, white vinyl top &“Big Al” stitched on the seats! 😍👌
Lava from Kilauea Volcano threatens to cut off community on Hawaii's Big Island - CNN
Yeah well Big Al also says dogs can't look up!
Godanes death is a big blow to Al shabab🙌
Al Qaeda, Detroit, Obamacare, GDP, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Benghazi. But people voted on imaginary binders and Big Bird
Maryland's new turtle is absolutely horrifying and will give you nightmares. I love it. h…
Look at the ferocious new Terrapin in Maryland Football’s new game day intro (Watch):
hey everybody in the Triangle area come out to the Poyner Place Mall in North Raleigh for some good old bluegrass picking from Big Al Hall and possum Creek. 6to9 next to Shane's Rib Shack
The CROSSFIT SPORT CLASS has been released to the members! Starting Oct 14th they will be held M-F@ 5:30am, 6:30am, and 5:30pm. This class is by sign up only and limited to 8 athletes per class. Be sure to secure your spot and take your game to the next level! Sign ups have begun. Big congrats to Beth, Jena, Meagan, Jen P, Renee, Madison, BonBon, Brett, Taylor, Ryan, Garrett, and Big Al for taking the first step to becoming a beast and signing up!!! Who will be next?!?!?
One game at a time boys. Looking forward to another big season
Celebrating love. Let's do this... At danzie and mohdseyadi big day.
Haish. Al fitnahtul minal hoib. Please stop make a fake story. Fitnah is a big sin okay. haihh
Nap time with big Al and the ponies.
S.O.S for Marine,BIG AL is behind bars for serving his country...
US confirms al-Shabab leader killed. Having watcher the region a fair bit over the years this is a big big deal.
please support Big Al and take 2 min 2 sign encourage your followers to
Buying a lottery ticket this weekend? Give Big Al a chance in the lottery that is the justice system just si…
The stars were out last night for last night! was singing "Friends In Low Places"!
White Unemployment 5.3% -- Black Unemployment 11.4% How about this stat big al sharpten nothing to say empty suit
Now I don't knowYthd buddiya actress dnt realise thy r buddhi is a big punch on al buddhi
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I think we can now put to rest the old canard that the Germans have no sense of humour.
Big AL says Obama is scared if he stops radical Muslims he might not get his 40 virgins
Al and Jesse are mad rich. Don't get it twisted. Both live in big mansions. Harjo and Blackhorse are making $ off this
hi m big fan of u frm 16 yr old now I am 23.u must answer for this.whn u gonna rlz your nxt mvie.v ar al dieing and begging u.rply
Big Al interrupting durring his presentation. Typical! ;)
"I’m a big fan of Regulation of money supply needs to be depoliticized." - Al Gore
The new Air Jordans drop tomorrow. It's still a big deal, 29 years on:
I leave the door unlocked at public restrooms, make eye contact, and in my biggest Big *** Al voice say, "Sorry Seats Taken"
Get a $6 combo a Big Al's Burgers and Dogs with this online coupon!...
Big Al and My Side of the Story - Acting Edition: The Story of the Mimosa
Rivers Edge Ranch annual barbecue ... With Pastor Gary Hornsby, Big Al and dozens who were baptized today and gave their Christian testomony. Thanks also to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's homeless task force. Also thanks to Thrivent Financial's West San Bernardino County Chapter for their generous funding of this event.
Big Al is wearing my scrub cap I wore when I had Posterior Fossa Decompression Surgery. I came home w/15 staples.
a Big Al shout out by two legends like you!!! Thank-you. and our thoughts are with Mike Soles
Big Al was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore on Feb. 14, 2014!
Roy Keane and big Alan Shearer will be in my ultimate team in FIFA 15. Big Al will have at least 95 heading and Roy well he'…
Little Giant Ladders
tut tut Robin Williams -annoying Alan Brazil by killing himself. . Why dont people think about Big Al when they do these things?
Tony Blair should be rotting in jail for the deaths of all our brave service men not Big Al !
No sir, I don't want to meet your son "Big Al" outside of the dollar general.
Varejao will be older, not nearly as effective or durable. Won't land Dwight. Big Al, Marc Gasol = 2015 FAs...
Big Al talked with LaLa Anthony, Gabrielle Union and Regina Hall. of "Think Like A Man Too" about 90's music, how to find love, and credit scores. I almost g...
S/o to Big Al for jammin to Elvis with me on the way home
We will shock the league this year! Kemba Walker, Lance Stephenson, MKG, Cody Zeller, and Big Al! As our five! That's legit! ...
Big Al always makes the best out of a rainy situation. Photo by Aaron Goodwin, Tulsa Zoo.
Per a drunk college bet that would one day tangle w/sharks, Big Al from Broken Arrow, OK owes me $8 & a rolling rock
Moutain Man is to Duck Dynasty as Big Al is to The Country Bears.
Monty Python's Flying Circus included Big Al as one of a menagerie of animals getting shot in a safari and thrown into a cocktail shaker
Thanks again to Big Al and Pals for this super 5 star review!
went to Big Al's last year. Amazing.
Big Al will be doing color commentary for one preseason game (at SF), team announced. John Lynch will do the rest.
Folks, please send your healing thoughts and prayers to our friend Alan Lancaster Aka " Big Al " for his speedy recovery.
Last week, local Staten Island businesses scrambled to feed thousands of firemen as we attended the funeral for Lt Ambelas. The Cavemen enjoyed pizza from Big Al's Chicago Style Pizza on Hylan Blvd. Their Vodka pie with fresh mozz was amazing! If your ever in Staten Island, please check them out!
agree on Big Al...believe Carter signed with MEM. Couple out there...Haslem, Marion, Barbosa and Al Harrington. Slim pickens.
If Hayward makes players so much better why did 'Sap, Junkyard Dog and Big Al do better without him?
MICHAEL JACKSON: Fifth Anniversary of Memorable Memorial | Big Al in the Morning on V101
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