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Bicentennial Man

The Bicentennial Man is a novelette in the Robot series by Isaac Asimov. It was awarded the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award for best science fiction novelette of 1976.

Robin Williams James Horner Good Will Hunting Isaac Asimov Patch Adams Robin William Dead Poets Society Good Morning Vietnam Celine Dion Sam Neill

Someone at was cosplaying as Bicentennial Man outside the convention center for hours. Kinda creepy to be *** €¦
Bicentennial Man. That's a deep burn right there.
definitely up there with Bicentennial Man and the Ang Lee Hulk for worst big budget film of all time.
Watching The Bicentennial Man now. So it's Robin Williams as a robot...nuff said.
Saw Justin McElroy and a guy dressed as robot Robin Williams from BICENTENNIAL MAN in quick succession. Comic Con!
AI and Bicentennial Man exist in the same universe
Bicentennial Man VS Jack. Leslie Zevo appears at the end and says "I'm assembling a toybox..."
Is that the 1 where he's a doctor & believes laughter is better than medicine? If so, great film.πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ Tr…
I'd take Jack over Bicentennial Man, that's how bad it was in my opinion.
A much better robot/human relationship than Bicentennial Man. That w…
Aladdin or Bicentennial Man. Aladdin is a classic though.
My favorite Robin Williams Role is the Movie Bicentennial Man i also love Flubber And J…
What dreams may come, Aladdin, Bicentennial Man, & Good Will Hunting. HBD to one of the greats ❀️.
Robin Williams was a guy who constantly made me laugh in his movies. Jumanji, Flubber, Bicentennial Man, Popeye and…
his movies were so pure for this crule world. Flubber, Jomanji, Robinhood, world's best dad and Bicentennial Man.
Bicentennial Fan - new stand up about love for the film Bicentennial Man. 26-27 Aug at
I have to vote for Bicentennial Man. I loved his performance in that movie.
Just introduced the 10yo to Bicentennial Man. Glad to say he loved it!
The bicentennial man is an incredible heart wrenching film ive never cried so hard watching a film in my life if yo…
Bicentennial Man rings a bell doesn't it?
Oh, but Bicentennial Man. He did alright. Well, until he died. 😐
Big peepee man fights bicentennial man starring Robin Williams
So happy to see Patch Adams released on Bluray. Still hoping to see Bicentennial Man, Flubber and Jack released on Bluray :)
It's one of the worst things I've ever seen. And I saw Bicentennial Man in theaters.
With all the inroads we are making into AI, I have an urgent need to re-watch "Bicentennial Man". Still my all time favorite.
Watching bicentennial man because I miss Robin Williams... 😒
Bicentennial Man remains one of Robin Williams’ most criminally underrated performances and NO YOU’RE CRYING ABOUT…
Want to feel old? This is what Bicentennial Man looks like today.
Love to watch Bicentennial Man & cry. The potato takes are intense pls help my tl is dying.
Watching Bicentennial Man with babe and still can't believe that Robin Williams is gone. The man was my childhood!
Bicentennial Man. This weekend marks the 200th episode of Nrand new episode. Should be on Saturday Night. 930ish
lol bicentennial man came out in 1999 and had functional humanoid robot slaves in a 2005 future. Literally 6 years. So optimistic and stupid
Who let it read The Bicentennial Man anyway?
Wow this Paul Blart/Bicentennial Man crossover is gonna be dark
Pretty sure Pence is the Bicentennial Man, he gives me the creeps...
They should let Will Smith remake Bicentennial Man too
The Bicentennial Man. Woah. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌPerfect way to end a day of writing ❀
lol @ straight girls who go so OTT with their highlight they end up looking like the bicentennial man
I'd rather cry over one bicentennial man than 5 - 7 :(((
I guess because blow up dolls never wanted rights? 😱 This is so Bicentennial Man err Woman? This will…
β€” ; Bicentennial Man. IMDb: 6.8/10. ❝Will every human being that I care for just... leave?❞
Bicentennial Man: There are more scenes of fancy parties and quiet fireside chats than any movie about a robot should ever have.
"Bicentennial Man" Is on. I've never seen it. In honor of Robin Williams, it's a Chris Columbus film with James Horner soundtrack,..
has Bicentennial Man, The Birdcage, Dead Poets Society, One Hour Photo and Shrink, though Spacey is the big star in that one.
Bicentennial Man was ahead of its time.
Bicentennial Man is such an underrated movie. It gets me every time.
Bicentennial Man got me in my feelings
I'd like to thank bicentennial man, my rabbi, my twin Peter "skeeter" Willoughby, and cheese on sourdough for letting me practice the art of
Listen to me very carefully. DO NOT WATCH BICENTENNIAL MAN. That is all. Thank you.
I wanted to know so much more but I didn't have time. She told me to watch Bicentennial Man
I just saw that Bicentennial Man is described as a cult classic on Wikipedia and, I'm not gonna lie, I feel very, very right now.
Movie Bicentennial man is underrated & negative reviews got it wrong. When someday androids are common, we'll see it was ahead of it's time.
Bicentennial Man makes me cry every time.
I am an old man and I can remember the bicentennial
I LOVE ... but I hear the same romantic piano music in Bicentennial Man, Titanic, Deep Impact and The Amazing Spider-Man!
I like how everyone's going horror. scifi ftw!. sunshine. equilibrium. the abyss. bicentennial man. the thing (doubles as horror)
robot and Frank , 2001 a space odyssey , and bicentennial man
In Bicentennial Man Andrew is already wearing clothes and THEN he asks for freedom. Dude didn't even read Chamber of Secrets...
I saw Bicentennial Man where Sam Neill bought something to this effect. But it also did chores around his house. Maybe that's next.
I just watched Bicentennial man, it emotionally whooped my *** lol great movie, they thought they'd opened him in 2005, not even close.
Hi,. You seem to be interested in "Bicentennial Man". Maybe you also like . Have a nice day!
Bicentennial Man had far too formative a role in my life
Watching Bicentennial Man for the first time in fifteen years.
Bicentennial Man is arguably one of the greatest Robin Williams movies, yet no one ever talks about it..
Kosciusko man's Indiana bicentennial stamp released this week
Kosciusko man's Indiana bicentennial stamp released this week - South Bend Tribune
I forgot how good of a movie Bicentennial Man is 😭😭😭😭
I want protag n etienne to get married n adopt umi. moti too but in a kind of bicentennial man (except it's a watch) kinda way
Just had the urge to reread Asimov's Bicentennial Man.
As above so below. Bicentennial man
Thoughts on bicentennial man and IRobot? thought these were both watchable at least
Interesting article. . Reminds me of Robin William movie Bicentennial Man. ++
Bicentennial Man used to make me cry when I was little
Also, Bicentennial Man is 1 of 2 movies that has ever made me sob, just FYI if you're planning on watching it. But still, watch it.
.gets Q&A-ed ahead of his NI dates this weekend.
If you haven't seen Bicentennial Man before, I strongly suggest that you do
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Watching bicentennial man waiting for doc appointment
I forget how much I love the movie Bicentennial Man.
Most underrated Robin Williams movie ever is Bicentennial Man. Very highly recommend watching
Oh man did I turn on Bicentennial Man at a rough time
Now Anna Newby discusses gender and transhumanism in 'The Bicentennial Man: Man, Machine and More'
Why am I cuing watching bicentennial man
The Bicentennial Man did not do well at the box office
Bicentennial man is just a robot version of Mrs. Doubtfire
Yo bicentennial man is just an allegory for the ship of Theseus wha
watching Bicentennial Man hurts more than what I imagine having my arm torn off feels like
Five great AI movies are on HBOnow:. 1. A.I. Artificial Intelligence. 2. Her. 3. Bicentennial Man. 4. Transcendence
Bicentennial Man is on HBO Go. It is to me a short film as the subject matter should have taken six to eight hours to cover properly.
Huh... I dint know that bicentennial man was based off a short story by Issac asmov.
Bicentennial man with Robin Williams is such good movie it made me cry
Think we'll watch 'Bicentennial Man''s been quite awhile.
Bicentennial Man. Brings back the childhood memories:)
'Bicentennial Man'(1999)-Jump Out the Window about how I talked/face expressions for yr so+ after older bro assault
A long time ago, well seems like it, I met and married this man I call my husband today. Bicentennial Man is one...
Bicentennial Man is the best movie I have ever seen
I just googled bicentennial man and started crying
Hannah is scream laughing in bed about Bicentennial Man how do I handle this
Bicentennial Man was on the hotel TV last night and I can't stop thinking about that movie help me help me help
wait I misread this as "terrible movies that make you cry" (Pursuit of Happyness, Bicentennial Man)
So why is my 2 year old brother watching Bicentennial Man πŸ˜’
Bicentennial presents in preparation for man: KemQJfFfF
I feel like Bicentennial Man doesn't get enough credit.
Bicentennial Man is not the best movie, sure, but *** it all if it makes me cry like no one's business. Williams' performance is so great.
Bicentennial Man. Almost forgot about this movie.
I've forgotten how much I love Bicentennial Man. Such a great movie.
Why did I decide to watch Bicentennial Man?
Bicentennial Man, a classic Robin Williams film that reminds us that being human, in all of our imperfection, is what makes us who we are.
The bicentennial man is such a timeless movie 😒😒😒😒
I forgot how amazing Bicentennial Man is...seriously. 😭
Bicentennial Man (1999) ❀ Robin Williams performance in this. Such an underrated film. Dad & I cried like babies at the cinema
It was a bad choice to watch bicentennial man. Robin 😒
I'm watching bicentennial man and the fellowship of the ring came out in 2001 😎
Ugh, Bicentennial Man is the most amazing movie ever β™‘
Robin Williams was so great ! Watching Bicentennial Man and feeling very conflicted ,enjoying it but sad at same time :(
Remember that movie "Bicentennial Man" with Robin Williams? I think I saw it years ago but I was primarily playing Legos. I think I cried.
Bicentennial Man is on tv. Time to cry a lot 😭
Watching bicentennial man this was one of my favorite movies as a kid.
Watching Bicentennial Man. I haven't watched it in years. It's making me tear up all over again.
Bicentennial Man is one of my all time favorites! πŸ’•βœŠπŸΌ
Bicentennial Man will always be one of my fave childhood movies πŸ™ŒπŸ½
Watching Bicentennial Man--maybe one of Robin William’s best films. Anyone else love this movie?
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Watching Bicentennial Man brings me back to my childhood. *** Robin Williams was a G.
The bicentennial man before he has Robin Williams face is basically a cyber man in disguise.
bicentennial man Is such a good movie
Bicentennial man one of my favorite movies of all time 😩
It seems as tho Bicentennial Man is a movie about robot Robin Williams befriending the raptor scientist from Jurassic Park 3 (?)
Do you think I'll ever find someone ? ( to watch bicentennial man with)
Bicentennial Man is on. All the feels
Bicentennial man is the best movie ever πŸ’•
Bicentennial man about to start! I guess I'll be depressed tonight...πŸ˜”
They're showing Bicentennial Man.again. Let me get the tissues
Im really crying to bicentennial man 😒
I love Bicentennial Man... I bet it's one of Vice's favorite movies...
looks like a less human Bicentennial Man
Lol Bicentennial Man was definitely worse. At least I can watch Batman and Robin all the way through
so bad its bad.three way tie between that, Judge Dredd the original and Bicentennial Man
Wow! Reminds me of the Robin William's movie Bicentennial Man
Having a bad day? Listen to James Horner's Bicentennial Man and that should relax you quick.
Similar example: you really appreciate Brent Spiner's playing Data once you've seen Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man.
Deep Impact is a 1998 American science fiction disaster film[3] directed by Mimi Leder, written by Bruce Joel Rubin and Michael Tolkin, and starring Robert Duvall, TΓ©a Leoni, Elijah Wood, Vanessa Redgrave, Maximilian Schell, Leelee Sobieski, and Morgan Freeman. Steven Spielberg served as an executive producer of this film. It was released by Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks in the United States on May 8, 1998. The film depicts the attempts to prepare for and destroy a 7-mile-wide comet set to collide with the Earth and cause a mass extinction. Deep Impact was released during the same summer as a similarly themed rival, Armageddon, which fared better at the box office, while astronomers described Deep Impact as being more scientifically accurate.[4][5] Deep Impact grossed over $349 million worldwide on an $80 million production budget. This is the final film of cinematographer Dietrich Lohmann. Contents On May 10, 1998, teenage amateur astronomer Leo Beiderman[6] (Elijah Wood) discovers an unusual object ...
"In order to follow the heart, one must do the wrong thing." -Bicentennial Man
You can go to heaven & come back alive. You can go back anytime you want with the one you ~ Bicentennial Man
Bicentennial man has the best ending πŸ‘Œ
β€œA man uses an American flag to assault civil rights activist, 1976 check out the year
did you know the movie bicentennial man? If not I recommend you to watch it!!! It is a great movieπŸ˜πŸ‘
Bicentennial Man u watched it kanina? πŸ’”
Watched Bicentennial Man for the first time just now. A somewhat archaic depiction of the future that holds true to it's essence.
I've watched that Bicentennial Man but I didn't get it πŸ˜…
Everything changes, they always, do. - Andrew, Bicentennial Man
Bicentennial Man managed to make me cry. Such a great movie.
Bicentennial Man was a great moviee
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Bicentennial Man never ceases to make me cry every time πŸ˜’πŸ‘Œ
my ❀️ just died watching the end of Bicentennial Man 😭😭
Bicentennial Man still brings me to tears. 😭
The feels in Bicentennial Man is real ! :'(
Bicentennial man πŸŽ₯ oh Robin Williams i missed you so much 😭
It's cruel you can cry and I cannot. There is a terrible pain i cannot express. -Bicentennial man
As you grow up, the more you fall in love with the Bicentennial Man.
1 of fav Robin William movie, so loveee it.. ❀️ β˜… Bicentennial Man β€”
Bicentennial Man... Robin Williams you beautiful human-being, I only realized now what we have lost...
Having listed my 10 favorite Robin Williams movies yesterday, here are a few more that deserve Honorable Mention: Moscow on the Hudson. Flubber. Awakenings. The World According to Garp. Jack. A Night at the Museum 1 & 2. Lee Daniel's The Butler (he played President Eisenhower). Bicentennial Man. Man of the People. Good Will Hunting.
So after today, Vietnam veterans lost a spokesman. Aladdin's genie has no voice. A poet's maestro is no more. A family lost their dad and babysitter, and a birdcage sits empty. Mindy has no Mork, The Fisher King has found a sort of rest, and something is wrong in the World According to Garp. and somewhere, on the side of the road, an R.V. sits empty. Ferngully is a bit quieter tonight, as is the Penguin camp in Antarctica. A Robot is wandering around tonight, wondering why he's speechless. And Osric will miss his stage cue in Hamlet. The President won't be Man of the Year this year. And the musuem guard will notice that Teddy Roosevelt has quit coming around at night. And the August Rush of music won't sound quite the same. And somewhere, a doctor is missing from his hospital. a psych patient has truly had his Awakening, and Will is Hunting for help with his math. and we're in trouble, because it's his turn in Jumanji. and Popeye's spinach sits uneaten. and the Bicentennial Man will still hold the record. ...
What a terrible shame. You were one of my all time favourite actors. Funny, versatile and very intelligent! Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji, Bicentennial Man. A true legend! RIP Robin Williams. πŸ‘Ό
I intend on watching Dead Poets Society, Flubber, Hook, Bicentennial Man, Patch Adams, and Mrs.Doubtfire this week.
~~In a world of Dead Poets, he taught us to aspire to our own personal greatness, re-emphasizing it as he took Good Will Hunting. Demonstrating how to celebrate and retain childhood, he provided the Hook to validating our youthful hope that no one is ever too old for Toys. His Mork voice whispers on the currents; the world is an amazing place, if seen through fresh eyes every time we blink. Don't let a little Flubber lead to Insomnia, but Happy Feet never hurt anyone. Each day is a gift, he nodded while encased in Mrs. Doubtfire's wisdom, so always say Good Morning Vietnam, or wherever you are at the moment of daybreak. ~~No bottle could contain his Genie like spirit, not even that lamp of Aladdin, as he showed us that laughter and love are what make the world go 'round, demonstrating as Patch Adams what true care for one another is, compassion. He was our Bicentennial Man, Jack of all trades, exhibiting Model Behavior on Being Human as we all fly around this Birdcage of life. Now, The Time Keeper, ...
I grew up watching amazing, touching films like "Hook," "Dead Poets Society," "Aladdin," "Bicentennial Man" "Good Will Hunting" and "Mrs. Doutbfire." One night, Marc and I went to a free comedy club not expecting much and We saw Robin Williams who gave a surprise show. It was one of the highlights of my adult life...I was screaming the whole time and I couldn't even laugh at his jokes because I was so excited. Thank you, Robin Williams, for making my life happier by showing up that night and for making all those beautiful films.
I've been trying to decide which of Robin Williams's roles was my favorite, but there are so many! Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet's Society, Patch Adams, Hook, Awakenings, Bicentennial Man,...the list goes on and on... What was your favorite?
"Laughter is essential for a good friendship." Andrew Martin (Robin Williams) -Bicentennial Man.
Bicentennial Man (Asimov). Ada filmnya sih. But the book gives you more time to think about what it means to be human :)
I heard that Bicentennial Man is your favorite Michael Crichton adaptation. Care to explain why?
ill be Robin Williams Bicentennial Man any day
Track 17 from the Bicentennial Man original soundtrack composed by James Horner. Vocals by Celine Dion.
I am weighing in with: Ghost, Bicentennial Man, Big Fish, . . . there are more; . . .
Bicentennial man is really an A1 movie
I feel like the bicentennial man. I broke two nails so they put fake ones on those two to even them out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Everytime i listen to Dolly i always remember the bicentennial man :')
Everyone needs to watch Bicentennial Man. It's just brilliant.
but I'm quite intrigue by Asimov's book, The Bicentennial Man. The probability is interesting...
Forgotten how beautiful the soundtrack is to Bicentennial Man, gotta love James Horner!
Just watched Bicentennial Man for the first time, love Asimov's stories, so ahead of his time.
aye aye ma'am. Will get to I, robot soon. And have Bicentennial Man on download list, want to see the movie again.
Just got done putting in some work at Bicentennial Park. I'm tired man. Love it tho.
I honestly don't see why so many people hate Bicentennial Man. That movie needs more respect.
Haven't seen Sneakers in years, great movie. Love Horner's scores for Bicentennial Man and Commando :)
I always love watching bicentennial man. It's possibly the closest I'll ever come to a decent Asimov film.
Then You Look At Me (from Bicentennial Man) - Celine Dion One of my favourite movies and songs, means a lot to me :)
true, but then there's always transhumanism to help them out aka I robot or bicentennial man
I forget, wasn't that what BICENTENNIAL MAN was about?
I don't care what anyone thinks, I still love Bicentennial Man.
Oh my gosh the little girl with the curly brown hair from Bicentennial Man and those Pepsi commercials is Jesse Eisenberg's sister WHAT
Would you marry a robot? β€” no. bicentennial man doesn't make any sense
What's the movie that made you cry? β€” bicentennial man with Robin Williams
Favorite movies to fall asleep to: Shawshank Redemption...The Hobbit...Bicentennial Man...all have GREAT music numbers
Bicentennial man was a very good movie
Bicentennial Man. what borders AI and actual intelligence. The curse of immortality. What defines us as humans.
"Well - he's not really a - I mean, a relationship between us would be impossible." -Little Miss, Bicentennial Man.
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Beautiful movie about how it means to be human. Pagi pagi udah nangis aja depan tv β˜… Bicentennial Man β€”
"I'm asking you to listen to your heart and follow it.." ~still one of my favorite movies..… β˜… Bicentennial Man β€”
Mom I want Bicentennial man in da house . Mby ?
Forgot how great of a movie th 'Bicentennial Man' was! 😻😻😻
I'm watching bicentennial man and then I start crying.
Watching bicentennial man and cracking up at how the master is teaching the robot reproduction. LOL.
It's been an honor serving you, sir β˜… Bicentennial Man β€”
It is "him" who wished for losing his eternality :' β˜… Bicentennial Man β€”
Not even safe then! Watched Bicentennial Man yesterday (read book and seen film a dozen times). Told off!
best song on the album Bicentennial Man
The family lawyer in Bicentennial Man is named Mr. Feingold. They nailed it.
I wonder if anyone's actually seen. Bicentennial Man.
Parishville man wants sidewalk work completed before bicentennial
Watching Bicentennial Man (ft. Robin Williams) - the opening title sequence is so good!
The Chicago tribune has threatened to release pictures of me crying at the end of "Bicentennial Man"
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Only a few years ago "transhumanism" was practically unheard of, even while the entertainment industry was spitting out a long list of transhuman themed movies; Avatar , Splice , Bicentennial Man , the Terminator and X-Men and Matrix series, Gattaca , Blade Runner , I- Robot , Surrogates , to name just a few. -
"Bicentennial Man" is such a touching and sad story just reading the synopsis makes me begin to tear up. The movie is based off the novella of the same name by Isaac Asimov, if you didn't know.
Just finished watching Robo Cop in the theater and I've gotta say that I'm a little let down. While there was some good story. I believe they put way too much of it. It seemedlike in the entire movie there was only about ten minute of him actually being awesome. I mean he's a super hero, do more superheroing. At leas it was better than the last Iron man movie where the suit was busted the whole time and stark just whined. At least Murphy took the crap that was happening like a champ. But still if I wanted a story about robot men that didn't shoot people. I'd watch Bicentennial Man. They did it better. Pretty much I'm just saying a few more scenes with him shooting the crap out of things like only cyborg can do (and maybe stabbing somone in the face with a data spike in the fist) could have put this movie at the top.
Reminds of the end of Robin Williams' Bicentennial Man ;_;
I love that my daughter and I have a harry potter weekend every few months and watch several of the movies =) we have done this for years. Also whenever one or both of us are sick we watch bicentennial man together. Good memories =)
The Family Man is one of my all time favorite movies. My first favorite will always be Bicentennial Man!!! Hands down. Larissa Korryn Briggs
This guy has no business being in shorts in this wind who are you THE BICENTENNIAL MAN?!?!?!
My laptop does not want me to watch bicentennial man
Watching bicentennial man,not seen this in yearsπŸ’š
Bicentennial Man gets me every time :'')
It's too long and bit too preachy but Bicentennial Man doesn't deserve Wasn't Bicentennial Man Awful cereal
It seems wrong, but I am going to watch Bicentennial Man without Daniel
Who remembers "The Bicentennial Man"? Robin Williams is a robot that gets turned into a human. No way I'm the only one who's seen it, right?
So Robocop was totally not a bad movie AT ALL. I was very surprised at how much I liked it. I'm gonna say it was kind of like the new Evil Dead. In the sense that it was a reimagining if you will. It wasn't trying to be the old movie. It did however have its callbacks to the original. I really liked the whole human/machine aspect they focused on, reminded me of parts of Bicentennial Man.
So i'm supposed to make a reaction paper on "Bicentennial Man" and I didn't even understand it (???) (this is why you shouldn't skip classes
random question, have you watched the movie Bicentennial Man?
Everyone it's just simple... Pronunciation! Bicentennial man! Years can't explain... : (
And now I need to read bicentennial man to purge that taste from my mouth.
Oh. And that movie from earlier was Bicentennial Man, lol.
Bicentennial Man movie 1999 trailer staring Robin Williams and Sam Neill based on the well-known novella, The Bicentennial Man by Isaac Asimov published in 1...
Im watching awakenings. I think this and bicentennial man are the only movie with Robin Williams that I like.
I think personality is much more important than intelligence - Bicentennial Man
Finally time to relax. Watching bicentennial man.. Holy blast from the past!
Bicentennial Man is real good movie ~
The bicentennial man is such a cute and interesting movie πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š
Anyways, bicentennial man is a great movie I think lol i enjoyed it
i knew i should not have started watching bicentennial man at this time of night, i need to go to bed. but one is hooked in this modern day pinocchio tale. A beautiful film
If you have Netflix put Bicentennial Man on, it is so cute
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Bicentennial man..a worth watching movie of all times..
He was great in Bicentennial Man too. One of my favorite movies.
On page 19 of The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories, by Isaac Asimov
β€œWatching bicentennial man with my dad! And Dad had a GREAT time!
Watching bicentennial man with my dad!
it would be like the opposite of Bicentennial Man.Now if the experience make K immortal somehow,thats another thing
Going to a sci-fi party, as Bicentennial Man prolly
Why do I always feel like a mix between the 2 movies A.I. and Bicentennial man? Feel like an overseer, like a transport for next life/world
e-sig asked: is Ultra Car going to go all Bicentennial Man when she comes to terms with the mortality of...
Meet Tory: Ever since he was a child, TORY BELLECI knew he would work in the film industry. At age 11, his uncle gave him a Super 8 movie camera and he began making movies. Tory went on to San Francisco State University film school and graduated magna *** laude. In 1994 he started working with Jamie Hyneman, first as a stage manager, then quickly moving up the ranks. In a few years' time, Tory started work at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), building models for films including Star Wars: Episode 1 -The Phantom Menace and Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones. Some of his models include the pod racers and Federation battleships. Tory worked for ILM for eight years as a model builder, sculptor and painter. His special-effects work can also be seen in Starship Troopers, Sphere, Galaxy Quest, Bicentennial Man, Terminator 3, The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and Van Helsing. Tory also has written and directed his own short films, including the 1999 short SAND TROOPER, which played at the Slamdance Film Fest ...
The clips leave em lying steel (still) bicentennial man.niggaz ain't even catch that bar. Sheesh!
The Bicentennial Man is undeniable proof that Robin Williams plays himself in every movie he's in
In the original "Bicentennial Man" story by Isaac Asimov, the robot manufacturer was named "U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men". Around 1971, a new modem-manufacturing company took the name "U.S. Robotics", partly to honor Asimov. Unfortunately, since ...
Chilling out watchin bicentennial man Haven't seen this in ages lol
This is a movie non-review. Went to watch Her yesterday. The movie is built around a romance between a person and an operating system. It has got very rave reviews and was nominated in a number of categories. Not sure what was it that made me simultaneously uncomfortable, and also terribly bored. Was it the fact that the movie was too heavy on feelings and too light on other events and aspects ? Was it that being reasonably well aware of how operating systems and machine learning works, this just seemed too ludicrous (not so likely because I've liked other movies where software develops human qualities and feelings eg. Bicentennial Man, or those where software takes over the world etc.). Was it just that I was a bit sleepy as I walked into the movie theatre and the movie only made me much more sleepy ? I shall never know. I walked out of the movie during the break, not to return back. And I don't think I will go back and watch the rest of the movie even when it comes on TV. Somehow I don't regret it. The ...
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"Terrible wars have been fought where millions have died for one idea: Freedom. And it seems that something that means so much to so many people…would be worth having." - Andrew Martin, Bicentennial Man 1995
I added a video to a playlist Bicentennial Man
I liked a video from Bicentennial Man
Quote from Isaac Asimovs Bicentennial Man on freedom, complete with kindle typo
Just re-watched Titanic and cried even more than the first time. I'm such a sap. And the James HornerCeline Dion combination *really* brought the tears, just like their collab for Bicentennial Man. So now that's loving two Celine Dion performances I have to admit to. But, as The Duke said, "If it sounds good, it IS good."
Sorry Brian, I didn't see your question on Friday. We ended up watching Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams.
Bottomless cup of tea, and Bicentennial Man... odd way to round out the night but *shrugs* it works :)
painting and decorating birdhouses and watching Bicentennial Man
Dating a computer operating system. Reminds me a bit of Bicentennial Man.
The movie Bicentennial Man has to be the saddest movie ever!
bicentennial man is such a good film πŸ‘Œ I want a robot like that
. See movie: Bicentennial man. A robot wants human feelings
Ok Google | bicentennial man is our future...the ultimate helper!
fact, every time I visit my family's house I find a tv listing of Bicentennial Man and set it to DVR
I'll admit that 'Bicentennial Man' made me cry though
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im thinking about Robin Williams as Bicentennial Man and now im too afraid to sleep tonight
Based on a 1976 novel by Isaac Asimov, "The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories", this film follows the 'life' and times of the lead character, an android (Ro...
Bicentennial Man is a criminally underrated film.
Bicentennial man, laundry, and studying.
I started watching The Bicentennial Man and can't turn it off! D:
Lunch and the film Bicentennial Man. I forgot how good this film was. Robin Williams was amazing and James Horner's score brought it all together.
The time I recommended the movie Bicentennial Man to
Just finished bicentennial man for the first time, the ending has me so emotional ;(
Bicentennial man is such a sad film omg
Went to see the new Robocop last night. I really liked the bits where the little boy tried to adapt to his father being a machine. I wish the whole film was just that and that they cut out all the action parts. It's an ok film but it's no Bicentennial Man.
Bicentennial Man. Love this film. Not a blockbuster but a good solid feel good film. Robin Williams is great in it, not like his other comedy works at all. Always worth a watch in my mind. :-D
I can totally relate to Andrew Martin; you know...Bicentennial Man? That fall out of the window for him; a near-fatal car crash for me.
Bicentennial man always makes me cry :'(
So, there are (at least) 10 movies I will drop everything to watch - commercials and all if they come on (and trust me, it was tough not to add Grandma's boy to the top 10) - Just wondering if any of my friends share a love for any of these movies (and please don't try to pschoanalyze The Green Mile The Matrix It's a Wonderful Life Pitch Perfect Jennifer's Body The Godfather (1 & 2) Bicentennial Man Snakes on a Plane To Kill a Mockingbird Animal house
This is a twin towers commemorative collectors medal that is 1 oz. silver, with state quarter. The quarter was minted in Denver and is a New York Bicentennial Man 1778 and the date of the quarters mint is 2001. Message me with your offers Highest offer gets it within 14 days
If anyone knows or is selling the movie Bicentennial Man with Robbin Williams let me know!!! Please & Thank U
Where can I watch "bicentennial man" I've been looking for it forever, haven't seen it since I was 6 and is still in my top 10
Robin Williams' character in the movie, "Bicentennial Man" - an android - and his creator's son had became friends as the android become more human-like over...
Watching Bicentennial Man in bed with coffee!!!
Ladies and gentlemen, the words I am about to say are a matter of opinion and I am never, will NEVER regret saying it. Robin Williams is one of the best actors on the entire planet. He can easily make thousands laugh with his crazy humor, but can also turn around and make those same people cry in some of the most heartfelt movie scenes you will ever see. My favorite movies of his? What Dreams May Come, Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, Jack, and Bicentennial Man.
Why is it I'm always crying at Robin Williams films..? Jack, Patch Adams and bicentennial man.. Never fails to get me bubbling..
Robin Williams is an android in bicentennial Man
I’m watching Bicentennial Man β€œNow On Sky OnDemand” Check-in to Bicentennial Man on
Bicentennial Man is such a good film!!
I'm turning into a sap I swear. I just watched Bicentennial man and towards the end when Andrew dies I started to cry. I swear I'm not usually like this but my god lately I've been such a sap!
Bicentennial Man is such an underrated movie.
Ollivia's dvd night choice of bicentennial man. . Tissues please! !!! Xx x
sometimes you just have to watch movies from your childhood... Bicentennial Man so good!
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