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Bible Belt

Bible Belt is an informal term for a region in the southeastern and south-central United States in which socially conservative evangelical Protestantism is a significant part of the culture and Christian church attendance across the denominations is generally higher than the nation's average.

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The comments actually surprised me considering this was from the local news here in the bible belt.
Ironically, the states in the Bible Belt also happen to be the dumbest😂.
Waco: Bible Belt country with a drinking problem. However it's always so welcoming and fun.
We are in the bible belt and Dave has turned into a bible thumping fool.
My teacher was complaining about how we will be one of the last states to legalize marijuana because we're in the middle of the Bible Belt
Mineola, The buckle of the Bible belt. Full of rich traditions like getting on trains, browsing antiques, going to wal-mart and taking pictures at a really historical gazeebo. Its got 1 theatre and enough churches that its starting to get wierd. You might know it from random Sasquatch documentaries or that place with the lake that everyone does Meth at. The people are nice but only kinda and the schools aren't great but there are really nice fields to watch them not win sports on, and don't forget our festival of beans! If you and your family are planning a trip to nowhere then escape to mineola, where something perverted is in the news way to often.
where? In the bible belt? Where they still teach abstinence based sex ed?
Anglican Christians are indeed alive and well, and you can find them at St. Thomas Anglican Church, Mountain Home, AR. A good article about about a church that is often misunderstood here in the "Bible belt".
Religion classes in the Bible Belt are painful.
Whiskey Attitude Recently one Congressman from a Bible Belt congressional district was asked about his attitude toward whiskey. The politician responded, "If you mean the demon drink that poisons the mind, pollutes the body, desecrates family life, and inflames sinners, then I'm against it." He continued, "But if you mean the elixir of Christmas cheer, the shield against winter chill, the taxable potion that puts needed funds into public coffers to comfort little crippled children, then I'm for it. This is my position and I will not compromise."
Hey there, I have a fairly unique book coming out Feb. 25 about a few hot-button issues of late--but taken from an extremely personal stance. Teaching the Cat to Sit (Gallery), is my story of growing up *** and Catholic in the Texas Bible Belt interwoven with a 2009 incident where our parish priest decided to expel our four-year old (and all other student with *** parents) from Sacred Heart of Jesus School. I'd love for your group to know about the book and weigh in from all sides. I think it opens up dialogue about family, religion, and the modern family.
I've spent my whole life growing up in the Bible Belt. I grew up in the home of a pastor and listening to sermons from countless teachers and Christians. The Bible Belt gets its name because there ...
"Natural Liberty in the Bible Belt: An Explanation of Conservative Voting Patterns in Souther… via
I really hate living in the bible belt. So much blind devotion to absolute ignorance.
The Zealot -Mary Lou12:26 PM1 Reply Christ IS the right way if you want go to heaven. If you want to go to *** keep doing what your doing. I didn't write. Those ancient ones you serve are FALLEN ANGELS. They are smart, cunning and they possess knowledge far beyond what we can understand. They were there during creation and rejoiced when they saw the work that was done and they hate Christ and his followers because they are permanently kicked out of heaven because God said you must be of service to man and Satan and his followers said No we are superior and we should be worshipped. Read the story of Watchers in the book of Enoch. They are not going to want you to hear the truth they will want u to continue to believe their lies. As many souls as they can take to *** with them is their mandate. I don't care if you hate me and say whatever, my Lord said, the world hated me so their definitely going to hate his followers. Its ok. I don't expect anything more from people who worship fallen angels ( ...
I've always observed unhealthy patterns in southern food culture and these are my thoughts:.
Worm segment? LOL love it when the geriatrics of the bible belt attempt to share their bigoted views. Your nescience is hilarious!
Jeremiah 6-16 : Thus saith the Lord, stand in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk there in, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk there in... In this day of technology the modern world has become so wise. Not allowing God His rightful place. They want to declare that our God is worn out and outdated. The church in many cases has become A puppet of the world. God said I will build my Church and the gates of *** shall not prevail against it!! There was A time even in my life when folks were very concerned about what God had to say, and they were ready to lay their lives down for the cause of Christ. Many of the mainline denominations in our time are tettering on the wall of undefined vows. People in our culture, ( in the bible belt) no longer look to God and his word for direction in their life. Public opinion polls, political persuasions, are the norm today. People, we have A terrible tragedy on our hands as a nation. Homose ...
at the creation museum somewhere in the Bible Belt probably Kentucky ... They are live streaming it though
Is there not a government run shelter open on Sunday? I get that we are in the bible belt and everything but when do they think people are going to come look at these dogs?
Here in Oklahomastan- The so called Bible Belt, where hate and intolerance is still winning.
Curtis take a look at this country Christie doesn't have a chance take a look at the bible belt they don't think but they vote
Nah just since y'all are in the bible belt so y'all probably get the "no sex ever" talk
Have you heard of dry the river? Try the acoustic version of Bible belt, demons, and new ceremony they are all so pretty!
Odds are if you're outraged over the Coca-Cola ad, you are a religious soda consumer who needs a bigger Bible belt.
I know its false talked with sister and pepsi does that they would loose many customers, im in the Bible Belt
sounds like just another day in the Bible Belt to me...
I honestly think it's because there aren't that many fundamentalists in L.A. That commercial didn't air in the Bible Belt.
I saw a truck this morning advertising drive thru prayer service, my initial thought, dayum Americans has gotten so lazy they don't even want to walk into a church from the car and this is the south the fuggin bible belt. And folks wonder why the obesity rate is so high. This is why.^^^
Well has never been more right. I never want to live in a McNeighborhood, at least in the bible belt, ever ever.
Hi! There's a new post on my blog! "The Bible Belt Belly" Rather apropriate after the amount of Pizza last night...
Hey go vote for these guys!! Being a metal band in the Bible Belt is quite a feat lol
Oh yes we are awaiting another 10-15cm of snow again tonight into tomorrow morning. You have the bible belt we have the snow belt.
we are in the heart of the Bible Belt, I'll be very very surprised if marijuana is legalized.
I think Milton Keynes may be like the American Bible Belt, the taxi driver is listening to a station that assures that if I call now with my credit card details, all is forgiven and I get a first class ticket to paradise, what to do???
met them. Especially throughout the "Bible Belt" where people never meet a stranger.
So I'm reading this book that is in "Barney Fife's " words of what his character would say and I really love this concept.. The Bible Belt The first lesson a young'un learns in Mayberry is that he's gonna be raised according to the Bible Belt. That rule was explained to me real early---Mother Fife had a Bible in her left hand and a belt in the right one. You pretty much got to choose, but it was real clear that if you didn't choose the path of the Bible, you got the belt. Even though the book is "fiction", I believe that all families should use this concept.
No one knows except a select few that i am a *** i’ve been dating my gf for almost 6 years and no one knows. I feel so trapped when im around family and friends, especially since they can talk about their girlfriends and boyfriends openly because they’re straight and thats acceptable in today’s society. I can’t come out because im still living at home and i live in the bible belt so i’d be ostracized because im in love. Im so afraid of my mom finding out because she’s the only family i have left that cares. Im afraid of her being disappointed in me and kicking me out. But no matter what happens I love my girlfriend and i have the most amazing friends. I know i’ll be alright in the aftermath of whatever i choose to do and no matter what I was born to survive.
Im going to Idaho! both excited but I was hoping for the bible belt :D
Sometimes I think people flaunt bacon so much though because it is like in your face Bible belt though it is not even about the bacon. A pig is a filthy animal though forreal and back in the day also to this day they carry killa stuff in them . It was to protect people and is still true there was an outbreak the other day in pigs there will be another also
While I was lving at the monastery, we had many visitors who come to just "be" to allow the spirituality that is in all of us... to come to us in a way that we can understand. This one fellow who began his search in a simple way... after he retired from his regular job, he went off to get a Masters in Theology in the "Bible Belt" ... He asked me to show him a measuring cup ... I got one from the retreat house kitchen. He stated the meaning of the following bible vierse if taken literal ... was... If I forgave someone for taking a cup of milk... I would be forgiven of my having taken a cup of milk from someone else... // However from having trained with exorcists/deliverance folks ... the single biggest "hindrance" to the healing of most folks lives .. is their "demon of UNforgiveness..." When we realize we are ALL interconnected... and that the Lord's prayer says ..."Forgive those who trespass against you... " makes it clear to me ... forgive ... pray... live... forgive... live... pray ... read ... ...
Born in Sweden's bible belt and raised with evening prayers, Martin became a vegetarian atheist before finding Buddhism. The most common misconception? That he'
The only reason we are the Bible Belt is because we are uneducated about love for diversity and inclusiveness. I am angry about this! I am ready to change it. Who is on my side that is willing to fight?
For my Calloway parents, please remember it is Sunday in the Bible Belt and there are a lot of people busy praying for Denver right now. School cancellation may be delayed later than the normal 10 minutes before the buses run. Wait for it ...
Shameful, Police and a registered nurse have got caught up in this hysteria. The RN says he saw a child glide walk backward up a wall to the ceiling - the Police say the house is evil filled and they photographed ghosts and demons spoke on their interview recording equipment. Police investigation to paranormal is continuing (great use of tax funds) - only in the bible belt. Child protection are less gullible tg. Case for ya'll at CYFs Janet Tregurtha, lol
I'm really blessed that I was able to move out of the "Bible Belt," during my lifetime and adapt my own rebilous thoughts and create my own morals. :-)
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Phil Fletcher quote: "Which Bible Belt, Church Going woman from Conway, AR did that Seductions commercial?" That is meant to be funny. Don't get all tripped out.
The Red Hot Chilli Pipers have got 4 times more nipples on show than Janet Jackson and I bet there's not so much as a peep. Sexist bible belt.
I'm sure the good folks living in the bible belt are enjoying the halftime show!
Having a business that's often labeled "New Age" in the buckle of the Bible Belt has proven to have its fair share of difficulties over the last four years. As a result, early in my practice I drafted a series of articles (most of which I never published) defending alternative medicine from a Christian perspective. I came across one of these drafts recently and was struck by what a great ending I had written... Just wanted to share: "In the end, no matter how intensely we pursue health, we're all going to die. Even if we take great care of our body, our mind, and our spirit, we may be involved in a tragic accident. The very best case scenario is that our bodies wear out, in which case we still die. For this reason, we shouldn't allow the pursuit of health to become an idol or the end-all goal to life. Many alternative practitioners preach that if we would just eat this way, take this supplement, exercise and meditate this often, apply this oil, sleep this much, schedule a session of this treatment, and dr ...
What the F!!k? Got a morning pickup here in Podunk AL. So OK we bust *** to get here tonight in time to watch the game and relax for a while. Wrong! After riding around trying to find anything resembling a bar we finally found Applebees Neighborhood Bar and Grill. Oh but wait we're in the middle of the Bible belt so they're not allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays. So here we sit in a very quiet slow (because everyone is either at church or at home getting drunk) bar that doesn't serve alcohol to watch the Super Bowl. ***
If you have ties to Denver this does NOT apply to you…for example, Dee McLeod Raff this would not be you. Here is what I know about tonights game. There are a lot of Tennessee people pulling for Denver. Two years ago they couldn't have told you where Denver was but then something happened. Denver gave up the Jesus of football (Tim Tebow) for an old many who would have a couple more seasons left in him. Funny how everyone was all pissy because they just knew some team in some big bad place called Denver must have fired Tebow because he loves Jesus but all was quickly forgiven here in the Bible belt because they hired Tennessee's favorite old QB. For the short term it may have been a good decision. You will play in the Superbowl tonight but who knows if you hadn't cut a rookie who took you to the play offs in his first season you might have been the old time 49ers. Having said all of that, GO SEA HAWKS. (because it just goes against my nature to be a band wagon anything.)
Note to self: Do not wear the red sequin shoes with the big red bows to church while living in the Bible belt. Might as well have had a great big letter A on my forehead!
Mmmaybe I'm just grumpy right now. Scratch that: I KNOW I'm edgy today. I wrote a version of this post earlier today--before it was announced that Philip Seymour Hoffman died-- but I deleted it because I didn't want to reveal my true thoughts, especially living in the Bible Belt as I do. Now, with the Internet crackling with news of another needless death, I'm saying it. Drug addiction is tragic. It is *tragic* when people die as a result of their demons. It is horrifying and painful for the family members to have gone through trying to save the person and feeling helpless in the face of it. It's a horrible way to go. Tragic. Tragic, too, are things like car crashes in which people die because they are not wearing seat belts, or when children die because their parents did not buckle them up or restrain them in infant car seats. I suppose they believe that such a horrific event will not happen to them, or, as I read earlier this week, they think the government has no business telling them they have to be . ...
We're not in the bible belt any more, it's the girdle of the Goddess !!!
1. Your dog rather rub up against the wall than have you pet it. 2. All the numbers in your little black book start with "1-900." 3. Due to excessive hazing and ridicule, you decided to drop out of the Origami Club. 4. You were almost involved in a threesome, but your left hand fell asleep. 5. Fantasizing out loud before falling asleep is your idea of "pillow talk." 6. Your personal ad reads: "Seeking Anybody." 7. Next to your name in the phone directory, the phone number is replaced with the phrase "Who cares?" 8. You look forward to the dinner time calls from telemarketers. 9. The last time you were invited to a party, you were grooving to the lyric, "Put your right foot in, take your right foot out." 10. You spent last summer following around the 2000 Bible Belt Trekkie Convention Tour.
Was gonna start a petition to legalize skateboarding in waxahachie. Because I got searched and talked down on for only riding on a sidewalk. But I've decided I'm done with Texas. I'm going to transfer my career to another state next year if possible. Don't with it. Thank you waxahachie municipal building and your lovely officers that treated me like trash. I'm not a punk skater. I just use it to avoid being stuck inside. Or resorting to drugs like most kids in hachie. F this town, let the Bible Belt have it. I'll move somewhere that doesn't discriminate on everyone.
You know how I've been banging on about the Iona Institute and their companions? RTE has paid them 80.000€ in damages this week because Rory O'Neill/Panti suggested that they might be homophobic. They pulled the slander card and are now enjoying a nice extra few bob with thanks to our TV licenses... My letter of complaint to the RTE got a reply but it only stated that "The Saturday Night Show in question is the subject of a legal complaint and we regret that for that reason we are unable to comment any further on the programme, or matters relating to it. For this reason RTÉ is not in a position to respond substantively to your mail". That address by the way is complaintsif you feel compelled to add another complaint to the list. I do think that opposing LGBT rights should be called homophobic but apparently you can't call a right-wing extreme catholic (funded by the US bible belt, hello) that. Not anymore. (to them a valid marriage only has one purpose: a man and a woman making many many babies). Wil . ...
Just got back from church here in the Bible Belt
Genuine Faith...great message today at blueprint! In the Bible belt there is no shortage of people speaking on God's behalf. Matthew 7:21-24, those who do "powerful things" yet really don't know Christ, they are really workers of lawlessness. 1 john...3 tests of genuine faith...
Christians in Bible Belt areas are wanting to put religious shrines on court house lawns. In keeping with non discrimination of religious principles, all denominations will be able to install their iconic statues. I'm thinking that the courthouses will become sites of urban blight with all those signs of Divinity. What will athiests be putting to the lawn, a blank slate?
It's hard to come by real true friends I'm happy to say I have some up hear in the Bible Belt.mountain life!
Dam you bible belt and your no alcohol before 12 rule on Sundays! I WANT A MARGARITA!
Brunch in Georgia (law) = no alcohol until 12:30p. How is one supposed to pregame the Super Bowl in the Bible Belt??
Ok people... I congratulate all the winners and competitors in general who were in Chicago etc. I have read posts about Super Bowl and award ceremonies and I am thrilled. What I haven't read about is the one month that we get out of the year to celebrate us. No one else has posted about this. I remember growing up in NY and the schools would make us see films and do reports and yes I have done my fair share of Martin Luther King Jr reports. Lol. Even though much of the information learned was false, a genuine effort was made to give it. All.the plays and work done In that month was admirable. I moved here to the south and nothing! No projects or anything unless it comes from me. Schools are not teaching it and not even in this bible belt we live in is anything being taught. Never mind the parents who don't have knowledge of self to teach their own. This is disturbing to me. We all need to stand up. Teach and enforce these teachings. Teach the real black history as it actually occurred. The beauty and th . ...
I live in the Bible Belt folks you know the weather is bad when all church services are cancelled for the day. Stay home where its warm and dont get out unles its an emergency
Stupid bible belt. "It's too early for for alcohol sales." Today is Super Bowl Sunday. There should be an exception for today
Pretty serious to cancel sunday morning church in the bible belt! Stay safe if u gotta get out.
So, I've been in some pretty deep prayer sessions with God recently about were my family and I should attend church. There are so many churches in the "Bible Belt" Lord which one is right for us? Please don't take this the wrong way. But I've realized in my personal study of the bible and quite time with my Lord, that most of the people he used greatly seem to have some things in common. They were ALL sinners in their on unique way. They were once considered nobodies until God made them somebodies. They all struggled at some point with their faith. I realized while reading from Psalms this morning, that the bible says nothing about any of them attending or being a member of a church. Then in my spirit I heard the Lord say, " I have never said anyone has to "go" to church. All I ever wanted, which was the purpose of sending my Son to you, was for My people to "GO" and be the church. Everywhere and in everything that I guide them to. No church is perfect because it is operated by man more than by My spirit. ...
I read a story this morning that goes along with our Sunday School lesson today that was written by Polly House of Nashville, TN, editor of LifeWay's Facts and Trends magazine, that blessed me so much I thought maybe you'd enjoy it, too. It's about a mission trip to Kenya that she and 15 others participated in. She said she learned three things during that trip to Kenya: (1) Never take a glass of tea for granted. (2) You just might have to yell at a monkey. (3) God is bigger and more amazing than I ever imagined. Their host was a 71-yr.-old pastor named Samson who started more than 2,500 churches in East Africa. His church, First Baptist Church of Ruiru in Nairobi, is attended by more than 2,000 in multiple Sunday worship services. He has been called a "modern day Paul." Their particular destination was Kericho which was another seven hours from Nairobi. The area they passed through on their way was the Great Rift Valley, a 3,700 mile long crack in the earth's crust, stretching from Syria to Moza ...
I said this elsewhere, but: This is my first year ever in which I actually have a stake in who wins the superbowl and I actually care who wins. Because after the superbowl happens, we can be DONE with it. Unless the seahawks win, and then the whole of Puget Sound is going to be UNBEARABLE for MONTHS. I will never stop being horrified by professional football: the unforgiveable civic infrastructure waste, the creepy play-fascist tribalism, the weird devotion and personal identification with a team (that is privately owned and can and does swap cities at any time, composed of people from other cities or countries who will also be traded in and out pretty much every year), the terrible human cost (permanent brain damage, bodies destroyed by the time people hit their thirties) and the terrible pyramid of ruined bodies and minds from all the college players who wasted their youth and the only bodies and lives they'll ever get in the nearly always failed hope of getting onto one of those teams. It has all alway ...
Do Republicans ever learn. I can't believe the contentless response to the SOTU. They managed to find another woman with the same image as Sarah Palin to deliver her "pull at your heartstrings" personal story. She said they have a different vision but never told us what it was. What's their position on tax reform, immigration reform, educational inequity, minimum wage, climate change etc .etc .etc. It was embarrassing to any thinking person but I bet they gobbled it up in the Bible Belt.
VA Challenging Same Sex Marriage Ban going to be on live. I have a few friends that are same sex couples and are married but in other states and VA doesn't recognize them. Utah and Oklahoma also have this Ban. 17 states actually recognize same sex marriages. I hope VA gets a clue and removes the Ban because it is unconstitutional. Being in the Bible Belt we will see what happens. I think that if a couple is committed to each other it shouldn't matter what sex they are and they should be able to be married and have all the rights that other heterosexual couples have. The Commonwealth of VA and the VA Commonwealth Attorney agrees it is unconstitutional based on law. Fingers Crossed.
Freestyle over Yelawolf's Bible Belt. Freestyle release off Johnny D's upcoming mixtape.
If you could get 666 more followers, a lot of Bible Belt Glenn Beck fans would be really freaked out.
My kids love Sometimes I feel bad for their Bible Belt teachers, dealing with the snappy comebacks. Mine get real history.
anyway, thanks for your time I'm sure something productive will results outta of our bible belt rebellion.
Particularly here in the Bible Belt. Male friend had no prob at age 22, I had to wait until age 30. Patriarchy at it's finest.
it's the southern thing. The Bible Belt is all about ring by spring. And it's annoying!
Today's Topic: "The Tale of the Allergist's Wife." Charles Busch's yarn on Upper West Side futility. Linda Lavin, Tony Roberts, and Michele Lee star. Whether you're affluent NYC or Midwestern Bible Belt, angst is all around us. This play had a solid footing and a middle-aged appeal. Who managed to hear the tale first hand?
This is what religion in schools leads to. A bit extreme but it's the bible belt. Single public system!!
The Bible Belt is alive and we'll These Are the 10 Most and Least 'Bible-Minded' Cit... via
My mom's library books. Or an illustration of what the bible belt/south is all about
I'm in the Bible belt , liquor stores close @ 7 o'clock . ***
curse the name of Jesus any where along the Bible Belt and that's a sin worthy of a public flogging. Jesus and George W Bush
The trick would be how they determine who to poll. Like me, I'm a closeted bible belt atheist in real life.
ah, the bible belt. Where religion just can't be an internal moral compass like 95% of the rest of the country.
Superintendent Sara Ebarb "this is the Bible belt and he should change his faith or transfer to another district."
I was standing in the cue at the check resister at whole foods recently as I was there with a friend, and so the young hippie type women checking me out starts asking me personal questions like do I like it better living here or in the UK? I told her," I liked living in the Bible belt". She looked at me curiously and asked if I was being factious? I told her Jesus said, My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. (John 10:27). So I am hearing that you have shoulder pain. She said straightway, not just my shoulders, but my back aches as well. I said," the Lord Jesus thinks your awesome and he wants you back. You left him a long time ago". She said, "I went to church when I was a child but I don't believe that stuff anymore." I said," allow me to put my hand on your shoulder and Jesus will heal you now". There were now people behind me waiting their turn to check out and watching this unfold. So I lay my hand on her shoulder and I trusted and I believed and she had this look in her eyes tha ...
he's a talk show host, nothing more. Fishing for old folks and scared white people in the Bible Belt. Pitiful.
'What martini have I NOT have?' - fitting in perfectly with the Bible Belt
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here in the Bible Belt we like to pick and choose the verses that allow us to do what we want. Marta is just following protocol!
It’s about time. So is he moving to Tulsa or Dallas to live in the Bible Belt?
oh my! The bible belt wouldn't be ready for it 😏
I'm surprised that CA does that. I can see bible belt states doing it tho
That last part was a challenge. Hello, bible belt with 1 car and 2 jobs and no public transport.
While growing up in the Bible belt gives many of us a great foundation it can also give us "religious boundaries/guidelines". I know I have struggled with getting past the performance role that I feel I was taught. As I have worked through this stronghold realizing that being a Christian is not about religion I have felt a lot of freedom but there are days that I still struggle. I am constantly growing in this area making my walk with Christ become more real on a daily basis.
A company is named "In god we trust painting". . Confirmed I'm in the Bible Belt.
As long as the keg don't float and the ice don't melt we'll loosen up a notch on the Bible Belt
NPR shared the following link and had this to say about it: Does your idea of America's Bible Belt match up with a new study of where the most "Bible-Minded" U.S. cities are? cities in the Northeast and West were ranked "Least Bible-Minded."
I'm so ashamed to live in a country that has a "Bible Belt."
I do enjoy smart Southern ladies. Keep doing good work in the Bible belt.
It really is sad how uneducated the "Bible Belt" is on today's policies
I live in the Bible Belt and I'm christian. But at least I'm not close minded.
It's funny how the Bible Belt has the highest amount of divorce rates
India neck and neck with Bible Belt and Islamic republic Deven Green it's going down to the wire! Where's china??? Ohhh that's right google sold u out to the cimmoiez! A little French Polish Austrian Italian ww2 complex much? Need I mention japan!
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Kilpatrick transferred to prison in Okla. January 22, 2014 By Tresa Baldas Detroit Free Press Staff Writer Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, whose downfall was triggered by lies, sex and greed, has been ordered to pay for his crimes in the center of America’s Bible Belt: Oklahoma. Kilpatrick was transferred Tuesday to a medium-security prison in El Reno, Okla., where he will serve his 28-year prison sentence for 24 public corruption-related crimes he was convicted of last March. The 43-year-old ex-mayor, who left Michigan Jan. 14 and was temporarily held in Oklahoma City, had requested he be sentenced to a facility near his family in Texas. Prison officials would not say why Kilpatrick’s request was denied, but noted there are several reasons why such requests are turned down, including overcrowding at the location of their choice or a security issue. Kilpatrick is now about 400 miles away from his wife, Carlita, and three sons. But given his lengthy sentence, prison officials note, there’s ple ...
We are changing this!! West Coast: Next Bible Belt, whoohoo!
SPARE PARTS LIVE AT SPILLWAY!! 9-1 Let it rock, Let it roll, Let the Bible Belt come and save our souls!!!
Shreveport came in in the country in the buckle of the Bible Belt based on the number of adults who regularly read the Bible !!! Woohoo Tulsa? have told you that !! Smh
Why is the Bible Belt region of America the most racist part? Don't find that suspicious?
The East Coast, is the bible belt really where it is at, is the blue skies of the Carolina's where it is at? I know not, but certainly the difference between parts of the East Coast and the West Coast is night and day. One thing for sure is, that the people are so much more friendlier, how can that be with this awful weather patterns. Not as many sunny days, no beaches, no mountains near by. Another thing that certainly jumps out of me, there are so many people having bible discussions in public, reading the bible, and talking about JESUS! Is there a real move of God hear on the East Coast, is there a silent revival taking place. Well, I just don't know, have it become popular hear to be a Christian, what is going on? Seemingly a perfect place to find a wife, and start a ministry, lets just see what God has in store here, for a little while longer. East Coast, your weather, I can do without, but there is such a sweet, sweet Spirit in this place.
Here in the Bible Belt, and other places as well, we often hear we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. I would like you to consider for a moment that it may not be very much. See, you can not FULLY love anything if you are not capable of FULLY loving yourself. If you fully love yourself, you are not constantly beating yourself up over your past. What had happened before doesn't matter anymore. Take the lesson, be thankful for it and move on. LOVE YOURSELF! You should be able to love yourself whether you are single or married, rich or poor, fit or fat. Once you accept yourself, EXACTLY the way you are, a miracle happens. -You WANT to take care of your body. (The body changes.) -You WANT better relationships with your spouse and children. (They both improve.) -You WANT your life to really mean something. (You fight for what you believe in.) -You WANT a deeper connection with God. (Oh my, you get one!) -You WANT to help others improve their lives just as you have. (You love your neighbors as you ...
As far as I know out of the many local churches in Washington County , GA (in the so called Bible belt) there are no local churches that take a public stand for the KJV of the Bible, as being the only version of the Bible that from the pulpit to the pew that is encourage to be used as the only acceptable version for English speaking people. Therefore, I am looking for those who are interested in such. Please contact me at FB messaging; BruceJHalleror 348-3421
Thank you Jesus for this wonderful snow You have blessed us with. I see alot of people complaining about it. Saying we see this all the time back home. "Your" home! Not our home. Our home is in Louisiana we dont see snow so please let us snow deprived southern Bible belt Christians enjoy it. Everyone have a blessed day.
I read something yesterday that said the Bible Belt has the highest divorce rates while Atheists have the lowest. Why do you that is?
'Talkin' about unbuckling that old Bible Belt and headin' out for some Desert Town'.i need warm
31st Birthday "Diane Birch" (born January 24, 1983) ... American singer, songwriter, and musician. Her debut album “Bible Belt” was released in 2009 to positive reviews by critics.
"And darling when the ice caps melt, when the devil's in the bible belt, don't cower in your bed."
I'm so glad I live in the US. But more importantly glad I live in NY where logic and humanity prevail vs a red state that cares nothing for the poor or marginalized or those needing education. Out education standards are very high as compared to many Bible Belt states. It's hard to pull the wool over a New Yorker's eyes. Let's make sure it continued.
Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! We have done everything we can to punish smokers. Made their health insurance higher. Limited where and when they can smoke. Raised the price of tobacco and put the American tobacco farmer out of business. I'm not nor will I ever be a smoker, but it doesn't make much sense to me that we go through all this trouble to protect society of the evils of smoking. Then, we jump head first in the shallow end of common sense and set out to legalize marijuana! I thought living in the south, the Bible Belt, I was relatively safe from everything but meth, then my own state entertains the debate. At least I don't live in Virginia! If that new attorney general has his way they'll need to rethink that state motto. If we don't turn this bus to *** around our children and grandchildren will pay the price. If God allows this madness to continue that long. These ...
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I know where this is its about 5 min from me ! Sad very sad ! It's not like MC the Bible Belt there isn't a church every 1/2 mile !
The Illuminati In Essai sur la secte des Illumines, 1789, Mason de Luchet wrote: There are a certain number of people who have arrived at the highest degree of imposture. They have conceived the project of reigning over opinions, and of conquering, not kingdoms, nor provinces, but the human mind. This project is gigantic, and has something of madness in it, which causes neither alarm nor uneasiness; but when we descend to details, when we regard what passes before our eyes of the hidden principles, when we perceive a sudden revolution in favour of ignorance and incapacity, we must look for the cause of it; and if we find that a revealed and known system explains all the phenomena which succeed each other with terrifying rapidity, how can we not believe it? The Illuminati are, for many, the “Men in Black,” the silent masters in the background who plot our futures. To others they are a fable, a boys club, created by frustrated Freemasons in the 18th century. There is, as ever, truth in all, but we must ...
All too often our generation is ridiculed for our liberal utilization of the word "love" by people who claim that it is a sacred emotion, one not to be shared with "just anybody". Our society, the "Bible Belt" society, teaches us to hold our love back for those of which we deem deserving of our time and effort. Throughout my own Biblical studies, however, I have always been under the impression that Jesus loved those of which He had never met, those of which had only heard of His Name. He literally died for the sake of those hundreds of years in the future. He died because of the love that He felt, a love that took the sins of the hurting and replaced then with peace. His death was a physical proclamation of His refusal to allow the future of mankind to fall under Enemy control. Should our duty not be to love relentlessly, with a love that at least makes an effort to reflect the Love of the man that absorbed the darkness from our own hearts? In everything that we do, we are to reflect Christ. Are we to re ...
I would chase them down in the parking lot and scream JESUS MAY LOVE YOU BUT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS YOUR AN *** .I have done it before I live in the bible belt. Worked many a shifts in the buffett feeding trofts I call Baptist Happy Hour lol
Resist the Devil and it will Flee Watch & Pray... for the time is near... never take things lightly The SATAN on PROWL: A satanic group unveiled designs on Jan 20th for a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan it wants to put at the Oklahoma state Capitol, where a Ten Commandments monument was placed in 2012. The push by the Satanic Temple has rankled elected leaders in this conservative state known as the buckle of the Bible Belt, who say such a proposal would never be approved by the commission. Lap of Satan: The New York-based Satanic Temple formally submitted its application to a panel that oversees the Capitol grounds, including an artist's rendering that depicts Satan as Baphomet, a goat-headed figure with horns, wings and a long beard that's often used as a symbol of the occult. In the rendering, Satan is sitting in a pentagram-adorned throne with smiling children next to him. 'The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and co ...
Really? I took a nap - headache is FINALLY better & now I am WIDE AWAKE! All I can say is thank you Lord for Nick @ Nite! Can't read when I've had such a bad migraine my eyes really hurt. Let's see what else? It is 10 degrees F here. OH here's a biggie - the Service Dog from Nathan's Class also died this week. His sweet teacher called us because Nathan had been so upset over Bo this week that she called guidance to help her tell Nathan - we asked her to wait til Monday & to expect him to discuss the dog's resting place in a Spiritual way, Nathan talks about Bo in Heaven every day. When I really stop & think, no matter how people call us TN Hillbilly's I am glad to live in the Bible Belt where my child can express his belief's without a teacher getting frightened.
American Bible Society’s study of America’s most Bible-minded cities found that, while the Bible Belt continues to perform strongly, East Coast cities continue to bring up the rear.
Glad I left the Bible Belt state -- religion to me was homophobia and misogyny and eternal burning hellfire!!
ANOTHER BOOK REVIEW You have always been 100% hardcore in what you do and this book is no different. I salute you comrade for having the audacity to pen a urban classic, in the Bible belt south and dare people to read it. I love you to life, your Big Brother, Pastor Ali AKA PastorintheHood Ali
Thought for the evening: The Bible Belt is often cloaked in a veil of legalism. Many think that God simply cares about their external actions. Many think to be a Christian is to be but a moral, good person. If I put on the church mask and make everyone believe I’ve got it all together, that is all God cares about. So they put on their nice suits and their fake Christian smile and act out this role of a faithful Christian. Yes, God does care that we do the right thing, but he also cares about our motives. This is what Jesus was getting at in the Sermon on the Mount. God does not want us to commit adultery, but Jesus says that even the lust of the heart is just as sinful as the act of adultery. God also cares about our motivations behind our actions. Yet, many in the bible belt are religious shells, externally doing the right thing without their hearts transformed and renewed by grace.
My mate really makes me smile :) He doesn't even try, nor does he have to. I hate that he is having such a hard time with bigotry and judgmental Christians in the Bible Belt Mississippi, but on the rare occasion that he talks to me and he is happy and smiling and sounds like there isn't a care in the world, those are the days that make me smile the most.
tom lafin Its been bothering me since just before obama's re-election, when his communist senior advisor from Iran, Valerie Jarrett said those who support us [obama] will be rewarded, and those who don't, there will be *** to pay. Now, let me tell you, when the yellow rose of Texas meets the rebel, and it spreads all the way from the south is going to rise again, through all the rednecks, all the way north to yankeeland, from the far northeast through the bible belt and midwest, coast to coast, all the way to Alaska, ...Valerie. there's gonna be *** to pay so much you're going to wish you never said that threat to America the beautiful. In ww2 the Japanese Emperor said he didn't want to invade the USA, because there'd be a gun behind every bush. Well, we know why the obama admistration buys bullets and guns and tanks. Its not about invasion of our soil. Its about imploding us from within. We know who this administration works for, that it is not we, the people, that were the government. It prepares for .. ...
I have something to say. I am ashamed that I came from the bible belt. I am ashamed that it even exists. I am not responsible for the people down there in the deep south, however it is high time that people stand up and take notice that something must be done about the ignorance of the red states.
So much ignorance and hate in the world not enough love. I read people's statuses and they speak their mind because they are allowed to freedom of speech last time I checked we may have been born in a conservative region but that's why we continue to do right keep our minds on the straight and narrow. I accept that we live in a region known as the bible belt but of course I don't plan on being here forever I want to see the beauty of the world and the people in it. I want to meet people I know nothing about and understand how things work outside of the south whether it be in the metropolitan's of the world like California and New York or even the Midwest. We choose to believe what we want because it's our choice you may think we are simple minded *** but we are quite the opposite we live for a purpose each and everyone one of us where it's large or small to either serve God or something else. We are by design flawed individuals make mistakes daily but always try to do our best. I am Christian I believe .. ...
sure is nice when your sixth grade teacher calls you stupid for not believing in god, and says if you are in the bible belt you better expect Christianity, and if you didn't want to singled out you should either change your religion or move to a school district with more "asians". Keep being reasonable, accepting, not-racist people, America.
Apparently, Birmingham must be the "buckle" on the "bible belt"!
I love living in the Bible Belt and not having to worry about getting shot or something for talking about god and being able to have a conversation about my religion with almost everyone I see. The south is good about a few things.
Yep I live in the Bible Belt right between Chattanooga and Knoxville
I searched "bible belt" in Google images, and the second recommendation was "ignorance". coincidence?
"Bible Belt" kicking off Honky Tonk Saloon And Dance Hall - If you're not listening, you should be
Okay here are my thoughts on the situation at Negreet High School. The child should not have been discriminated in any way. I'm thinking to myself how would I feel if my child came home from school one day and told me that his/her teacher told them that God was not real... I don't believe I would take it lightly either. I think question on the test probably should not have been on there... I don't believe it's in the Core Curriculum, in the defense of the child and the parents. On the same note, this is the Bible Belt (what's wrong with that?) and we shouldn't have to change. Our nation is what? ... One Nation Under God.. enough said there. But as Christians we should not have acted out towards this child or anyone for that matter. Constitutionally, each citizen is granted Freedom of Religion. The portrait that hangs above the entrance of our school was painted by a student and should remain where it is. Any student led organizations should remain and continue to be held as normal. Now think to yourself. ...
"I hate the ignorant backward bible belt." "Southern and proud." wat.
"When the outraged parents confronted Sabine Parish Superintendent Sara Ebarb about the incidents, she allegedly told them “this is the Bible belt” and that they “shouldn’t be offended” to “see God here.” Ebarb advised that C.C. should either change his faith or be transferred to another District school where “there are more Asians.”
Well another day at the nuke ... I got partnered up with middle age rip roarin pipefitter from West Virginia. I ask god how to start a conversation about Christ." so West Virginia. That's the bible belt right?So are u a Christian"" then?” BOOM-that did it"well,I went to church as a kid,but I just recently invited Christ into my heart,about a few weeks ago."WOW sure seems like u got me right where u want me!"(+:
Asked: "Isn't planting a church in the Bible Belt like opening one competing burger joint against another?" Answered: "Not if you believe that everybody in town needs to eat a real good, grade-A burger to live (as opposed to a fake, fast-food burgers that will kill them) and that there aren't enough joints serving them. I hope the joints serving good burgers serve more than ever and that more good burger joints would be opening all the time! Competition melts into collaboration whenever the need is greater than the supply and life is at stake!"
One of the most difficult weeks of ministry I've ever had But also one of the most significant! Here in the buckle of the Bible Belt of South Africa
Hay South Carolina is the Bible Belt there is a lot of black magic ie witch craft going on mind reading etc
The New York Times A federal judge in Oklahoma ruled Tuesday that the state’s constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage violated the federal Constitution, the latest in a string of legal victories for *** rights and one that occurred in the heart of the Bible Belt:
Just found out. Grandville is called the Bible Belt. Never knew that.
Cheers! Drinking methadone in the Bible Belt: Abbotsford ends its ill-advised ban on harm reduction programs
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Once again discriminates against his constituents in order to appease the bigoted bible belt. SHAME ON HIM!
The delicious irony as walking fish march into the Bible Belt part of the USA. Laugh.. I nearly shat
so much Christianity and so little difference in economics, government and justice? In Haiti BUT Bible Belt too?
Strolling to the coffee shop. Soft Texas sunlight. Diane Birch's Bible Belt on the tunes. Thinking of Kinda perfect.
"in metlabs in child trafficking in divorce in teen pregnancies, but we're still the buckle of the Bible Belt. We're going good"
. If I had been born in the Bible Belt, I would have said just the same thing; it happens that I'm
Willl you spank me with your Bible belt
I guess islam effects me more on a social/political level. If I lived in the bible belt it would prob be more a focus for me
yes I know!Im currently living 2hrs North of Dallas in the bible belt Im around all the church goers or whitetrash Tweekers
The Bible Belt... "a church on every corner" and sometimes it's hard to find a Christian that reminds you of...
I know we live in the Bible Belt BUT even Jesus drank wine
I'm way too deep into the Bible Belt. They are playing gospel at Wendy's.
Or the fact that Plan B is available- the Bible Belt finally becoming realistic and stocking the shelves with Plan B.
I'm up in the northeast corner, on the border of TX and OK... even more "bible belt" up here than Roswell.
- We are called to unbuckle the bible belt and drop those religious pants.
"Nashville has gone the way of the world, showing nearly no church services or pre-dinner graces or church potlucks."
Pride&Prejudice as class war in the Bible Belt. Heroine as Darcy: she's rich, secular, elite-educated and a lawyer. He's not.
Middle of the Bible Belt blaring "all deez". Because it's never to early to listen to trap music okay?
Check out my Belt Of Truth!! I made it inspired from the bible Ephesians 6:14. " 14 Stand firm then,…
From the "Bible belt," to SoCal, every region, state, county, and city has a unique set of values and ideals. Good luck.
I honestly hate that I live in the Bible Belt. These people are the first ones to use Jesus to "justify" their judgmental ***
bless bible study bc all the girls are in one room meaning I got the showers to myself aka belt my soul
After living in Bama for a few months, I'd say the South isn't so much a Bible belt as it is a biscuit belt.
"...satan statue...This is a bible belt state.”. This is also America, where the govt. can't discriminate based on religion
I want to be a guy that looks like he walked out of the Bible, not out of the Bible Belt.
True that! Liaqat is trying to form his own 'Bible belt' here.
Hrm, I see. I live in the South. The Bible Belt. With the whole "Homosexuals are going to *** thing. My bisexual friend --
I see a ton of notches on your bible belt. Is that for every person you have judged?
Ah home. Flew from Sin City to the Buckle of the Bible Belt today. You can even smell the difference in the air (no smoking!)
The butthole of the Bible Belt where pabst is a real beer
The Bible Belt is no longer the Bible Belt, it's the Pharisee belt.
wow. Maybe you should move out if the Bible Belt :/
well, I am from Georgia (Bible Belt) where the AVERAGE Christian is a creationist. :/
It would be amusing if minor league team in bible-belt made Prophet Muhammad their mascot just for the PR
So I live on the edge of the Bible Belt. The mayor here is *** DO YOU KNOW HOW BIG THAT IS. :D
I hate Florida almost as much as I hate the Bible Belt.
Leaving the hilly belt buckle of the Bible belt. Mountain Home, AK has 72 churches in a city of 12k. Can't wait...
well we don't have any free birds down here in ole Deep South Bible Belt Texas *spits in patoon* so no
That sounds pretty naughty coming from the Bible Belt.
Let it rock, let it roll... Let the Bible belt come and save my soul. changes come around real soon make us women and men
freedom to believe may mean something different for u but try 2 live in USA bible belt.
Is it considered blasphemy to have a drink on Sunday morning in the Bible Belt?. It is?. Better make it two White Russ…
Oh yeah, baby, we're back in the Bible Belt, decisions, decisions, Andy Stanley or Kay Arthur, love these kind of decisions ;)
thats two dead rappers in a weak man..both southern guys in the Bible Belt losing
You're not trapped in the Bible Belt are you? Thought you were all up in the big bad scary city.
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dumb question, I've heard of it but where is the Bible Belt?
country over here but in the Bible Belt lol
I am an Athiest living in the Bible Belt with nearly all of my friends & family being fundies. Their beliefs entertain me.
My friend posted on FB that her 18 month old was saying "Jesus" repeatedly & looking at her kid Bible. Save me from this Bible Belt!
The “Duck Dynasty” mess: Not all fundamentalists live in the Bible belt « Hot Air Headlines via
I would rather shoot myself than live in the Bible Belt I know perfectly *** well my *** ain't welcome there
political transformation they desired. This is how the South came to be known as the "Bible Belt."
I respect your faith. Please don't "bible thump" me to death. I know. I live in the Bible Belt. I know.
Crazy *** in the Bible Belt ...what else is new.
I'm in the Bible Belt of the USA. It's terrible.
“There are some words being said in Dallas right now that aren’t in scripture” They're going to beat'em w/ the "Bible Belt"!
"Don't have sex until you're married! Don't get married until you have a career!" - the destructive fallacy of America's Bible Belt
And if anyone wants to know why I needed that little rant, read this (don't)
yea I agree 100% tighten up bible belt push in the name of Jesus pray until something happens church thump your bible if you believe in the name of Jesus amen
Supports Gary's grand plan for 30 teams all in the Bible Belt.
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I want this shirt because I love Alabama football but i'm not an uptight Bible Belt hick
You know you're back in the Bible Belt when every city hall has a nativity scene out front.
A measles outbreak is taking place in the Dutch "Bible Belt," a region in the Netherlands occupied by conservative Protestant Christians that choose not to vaccinate their children.
"Imma have my bible and my seat belt on in the backseat" 😂
Brooker's matches its usual high standards. Stanhope's piece on his bible belt tornado fundraiser was particularly hilarious
for it being the Bible Belt, you'd think they'd be more biblically literate.
In some black households especially southern "Bible belt" states.. the sex talk is quite taboo...
They don't sell alcohol on Sundays in Lauderdale county... Welcome to the Bible Belt. Love it or hate it. Take it or leave it.
Listening to straight couples fight makes me want to film it and send it to the Bible Belt. But that would cost too much.
'Duck Dynasty' mess revealed that not all fundamentalists live in the Bible Belt AMEN!
Everything closes at 6 on Sunday. I hate the bible belt.
Driving through central Washington, very rural, but these farmers voted for same sex marriage. What wrong with the Bible Belt farmers?
He is. LOL The misogyny is horrible. The voter Id law. Attacks on abortion. Think bible belt.
The South, aka the Bible Belt. Woo hoo. Winter vacation and southern accents yelling at you
Loosening up a few notches on the bible belt tonight. 😜
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...I was going to make a joke about the bible belt, but the movie is over the top with symbolism enough as-is.
Bible Belt (acoustic version) can sure make someone become solemn.
"We're always talking about the Bible Belt. I think we just have the Belt, we have lost the Bible." Dr. Elias Medeiros
I live in Atlanta (the heart of the Bible Belt) and they aren't going to fire me or give me grief. They must be huge ***
Former Christian, living in the bible belt, family is still religious.
One of the nice things about Bible Belt life is that things organized around the assumption that you go to church also work if …
I'm getting really tired of living in the Bible Belt.
I love this .someone finally hit the nail on the head. I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I'm not going to sue somebody for singing a *** *** *** song in December. I don't agree with Darwin, but I didn't go out and hire a lawyer when my high school teacher taught his theory of evolution. Life, liberty or your pursuit of happiness will not be endangered because someone says a 30-second prayer before a football game. So, what's the big deal? It's not like somebody is up there reading the entire book of Acts. They're just talking to a God they believe in and asking him to grant safety to the players on the field and the fans going home from the game. "But it's a Christian prayer," some will argue. Yes, and this is the United States of America, a country founded on Christian principles. And we are in the Bible Belt. According to our very own phone book, Christian churches outnumber all others better than 200-to-1. So what would you expect--somebody chanting Hare Krishna? If I went to a football game in Jerusa ...
Personally we should charge Jesus with a crime of sending forth his minions who have done all this evil in this world - Inquisition in Spain and Goa - Crusades - Ethnic cleansing of American Indians - SIavery - Lynchings - The Anti Chinese league of the Americas - Jim Crowe - The HoIocaust. Read the antisemitic rantings of Martin Luther the founder of the Protestant movement that was the impetus for the Holocaust. - Separate churches for blacks and whites in the bible belt. - BIood Iibel. Read in Wikipedia about this.. OMG! What eviI! - The whole world got to see the chrisitian caste system at work during Katrina disaster - What about Rwanda.. and the genocide there. Many Church pastors and priests have been arrested for their participation in the horrors. - *** being targeted to be kiIIed in African countries on the instigation of the American Southern Baptist evangelicals. Search Y0u Tube with "P00 P00 Pastor". I am not kidding the eviI they spread around this world. - Doctrine of Discovery We live in . ...
Still can't get used to living in the Bible Belt buckle, NO BEER SALES TILL NOON? do they know that football is on today
THE REAL WAR ON CHRISTMAS A sermon at Ketchikan Presbyterian Church by George R.Pasley Isaiah 63:7-9; Matthew 2:1-18 Maybe you’ve heard- some people say there’s a war on Christmas. I think they’re right about that, but wrong about just exactly what that war really is. You see, Christians didn’t even have any sort of observation of Jesus’ birth for probably 400 years. And then for more than a millennium,lots and lots of Christians didn’t celebrate it with any sort of festivities.And even in the glorious days of my childhood, I was well aware that lots of folk didn’t view Christmas with any sort of religious significance at all. And I’m willing to bet that today, even in the so-called Bible Belt, most folk don’t even go to church ON Christmas. So if they want to say Happy Holidays, why not? I’ll take their cheer any way they are capable of giving it. But there is a war on Christmas, and it began with King Herod. It is indeed a ghastly, violent story. King Herod was threatened by the pres ...
I have come to the conclusion that especially here in the " bible belt" , way to many people have open mouths but closed minds. Don't want to be judged and yet they place judgements. Criticize people and their lifestyle or situations even though they have never been there themselves. . read people's fb pages and can't even man up and confront what they don't like with the persons that post it. they go make complaints elsewhere and try to make people look bad.for those who read this, judge not yest ye be judged by your own standards. And if I post something that you don't like or are offended by. .talk to me about it or kindly remove yourself from my news feed and friends list. I hope you are reading this. .take head.2014, no holds barred. look both ways before you cross me.
please be warned this isnt intended for the young ones there is violence and adult natured scenes in this story - if your easily offened you might want to not read this - if you continue and are offended please remember you have been warned other wise i hope you enjoy this work of adult fiction. Living in a small town in the middle of the Bible belt made for a boring life – there were only 5 places on the boardwalk and even the super Walmart closed at 10. The roller rink stayed open until midnight but who wants to go roller skating? There wasn’t anything on television, she knew if she didn’t do something to keep her occupied something bad would happen – something bad always happened on nights like this. She took some more pills, maybe she could sleep for a change. She woke up to the warmth of the sun, she felt great like she had slept for a long time. She felt great but something was off, she looked around – she was outside in what looked like a big open field surrounded by trees all the way aro ...
APOSTLES, BISHOPS, PASTORS AND FIRST LADIES: I heard the Lord say, "Apostles, Bishops and Pastors: if you have a fellowship in the BIBLE BELT, which the Lord entrusted in your care, you had better take inventory on who you have licensed to minister and called to lead in the congregation because it is clean up time. First Ladies: PRAY GOD REVEALS TO YOUR HUSBAND WHO SHOULD NOT BE MINISTERING, MAKING INTERCESSION OR SERVING IN THE CONGREGATION OR AS ARMOUR BEARERS OVER YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND!! No longer will IGNORANCE BE EXCUSABLE FOR MISREPRESENTING GOD because those who are yet on their way and have been hurt in the world have been called to the church to meet the Lord, and not the people or ways of man that are in direct opposition with the will of God. Make haste and do not delay in keeping the statutes of the LORD!!"
The bible belt will show u whats up Carolina Say NO!
Just arrived at the farm in the dutch bible belt! Celebrating a peaceful transition from 2013 to 2014 with friends and family! I wish every one a blast of a party and a creative and successful 2014! Peace out!
Two *** in a hybrid through the entire southern bible belt. Along the way, looking for material of militaristic absurdities. Bonus points for any Terminal Lance swag. *cue Lord of the Rings soundtrack*
This just in: Still, no one outside the Bible Belt gives 2 hoots about Phil Robertson.
I live in the Bible Belt, so I see offensive signs and billboards nearly every day, but few any more offensive than the one I am seeing in Columbus, Ga, right now from the right-wing Christian-based group 'Right From the Start'. The billboard reads, on one side...PRE-MARITAL SEX, with the 'x' in the word 'sex' formed by the likenesses of two 'band-aids' criss-crossed to form an 'x'. The other side of the billboard reads--'There is no bandage to hide an emotional scar'. Then--predictably, underneath, in big letters , 'CHOOSE ABSTINENCE'. The fear-mongering required to force young minds (or older minds) into believing one choice is 'right' and another 'wrong'--that is where the emotional scars come from. The male-dominated Bible-based tradition of marriage we adhere to makes us a judgmental and backward-thinking culture, plus it causes so much suffering in so many--suffering that is often unspoken, but for many lifelong. Women and men often live out long, painful lives stuck in marriages that suck the ...
A little something I wrote for communication class, that seems like a good thing to post post-Christmas. I live in the bible belt with a very traditional family, but due to a level of poverty and my time in the military I have had the pleasure of experiencing a much larger sample of the world. I have my reasons for standing where I stand, just as others have reasons for their faith. Granted, I have a little bit of a different way for explaining it. This Disbelief This may come off a little too passionate, but, this is coming from a singular faction, its, highlighting a problem then painstakingly graphing it, the designs of the message are hardly elaborate, so cook this all the way through and then bite at it after it. Let me tell you a story about my second trip to Iraq, We were armored head to toe, but there's always a crack, My good friend was hit in the throat in a sniper attack, He didn't die then, he made it all the way back, The medics prepped him with tubes and an oxygen mask, And we all watched as ...
That moment you realize you are back in the bible belt and there are no events going on the first night of kwanzaa… lame. I mean its Thursday… something should be going on… even if its not kwanza related right?
Spent a good chunk of the drive through the Bible Belt reading the wiki-histories of all the various brands of Soft Drinks with Special K... Also, the only true benefit to the KFC/Taco Bell Combo is the ability to put KFC Slaw on a Gordita, creating the most American thing ever.
If you ever drive the through the bible belt of our country. All ya hear is country and Jesus, country and Jesus, country and Jesus... Next thing I know I'm picturing Jesus line dancing... Lol
In the Bible Belt, it’s common to see bumper stickers that claim One Man + One Woman = Marriage, church billboards that command one to “Get right with Jesus,” letters to the editor comparing *** marriage to marrying one’s dog, and nightly news about homophobic attacks from...
So I am in the Bible Belt of the US...a church every 20 feet. O:) Seriously, we went to the Candlelight Service last night. It was very beautiful, and so simple. I felt loved and cared for. Then back to the house for homemade Potato or Tomato soup, Sausage rolls, warm sandwiches made with Hawaiian rolls, and plenty of side dishes. Bible reading, then presents. I received a Cajun food kit...pralines, cornbread mix, jelly, a recipe book and beautiful bowl, kitchen towel, etc...I was speechless at the warmth and love shown me by these people...all who only met me 10 days ago! Today they are hurrying up Christmas dinner so I can eat with them before my flight out at noon. I am so very blessed to be in their home. I may still hear myself saying y'all and yes, ma'am for a bit after getting home, but that's ok. I will never forget the warmth of the south...even in December!
Why I Don't Need Your Faith-Healing Beth HopkinsSep 04, 2012 When I was 19, I escaped a faith healing by the skin of my teeth. You might think that story is just a fluke. I wish you were right. But I have Cerebral Palsy, use a wheelchair, and was raised in the Buckle of the Bible Belt. I don't mean to brag, but I can spot a Faith Healer faster than you can say "TBN". Many hands have been laid on me over the years; many prayers have been offered on behalf of my imperfect body; many earnest glances have been cast my way. I have been spiritually waylaid in churches, dorms, popular restaurants, and busy city streets. To put it another way: many well- meaning, kind folks have spent a lot of their time making things very awkward for me. Not long ago, my friends and I were leaving our favorite coffeehouse when a trio from a well-known Christian ministry school here in Nashville approached me. It wasn't two minutes into the conversation before the apparent leader of the group asked me if he could pray for my heal ...
A true Christmas story. We were living in Mobile, sort of in the Bible belt, and we had some very lovely Christian neighbors who shared very strongly their religious beliefs. A few days before Christmas, the woman was over at our house and leaned down and very wide-eyed told Billy, who was four or five, that there was really only one person who knew if you were naughty or nice. Billy told her he'd like to poke her eyes out. Now, isn't that sweet . . .
Maples Bar, Uptown Tap, Fountain City Coffee. A *** of THE BIBLE BELT Around these times growing up... I would stand in the cold at Valley Rescue Mission with Mother Dear. She would hold my hand as we went to go get presents that GOD dropped off and stand in a long line. At the time all she could give us was food, clothes, a roof over our head, hope, strength, faith, knowledge, and humility... and the belief that no matter who you are and where you came from... God has your back and Jesus has your heart... The events in Columbus these past months of discrimination and bashing has my spirit at a all time low... I am dumbfounded how ignorant my close friends I grew up with have BECOME... But some have become great inspiration and I THANK THEM for understanding... If I were to pass today or in 50 years... I know G O D got me... so put it all on HIM.. Peace be with you...
I can't wait til the idea of the bible belt is just another part of history that is no longer acceptable because of love and hospitality that we claim to live in will become an actual thing and not just an illusion and dream that we sell to others in attempt to make ourselves look good when we're not. The bible belt must be destroyed and only then will progress begin to be made in this region of society.
*facepalm* People and station still upset that redneck bible belt show expresses the views that you would expect from a redneck bible belt show.when you were watching said show for said reason.really people?
We'll loosen up a notch on the Bible Belt
Are you telling me a straight Southern white man from the bible belt thinks that being homosexual is wrong??? That's shocking. I for sure thought he was open minded to any lifestyle. (I hope you can feel the sarcasm) If you don't like him or his opinions, don't watch the show. No need to call for his head. I am not religious. I am not homophobic or antigay. I say to each his own. Do what makes you happy. I will also say that his opinions on these matters are not stated on the show and it is actually one of the few shows with enough moral fiber for me to encourage my children to watch it. I have good kids with open minds and opinions of their own. They are not racist or homophobic because we actually talk to them and encourage them to have opinions of their own. All without ever attending church. (only on occasion to support a relative) Raise your kids how you want but I teach them to love people. Even people with opinions that are not the same as their own. If A&E disagrees someone else w ...
Just finished reading the entire article about Daffy Duck in GQ. I have to say, everything he said was framed in the context of "This guy may be backwards thinking, but he's still lovable." A lot was left out of his quotes that were published. Even he mentions that he might be controversial. The guy grew up in a place where there were very few people not like him: no African Americans, Arab Americans, and no (outed) of course his statements are misguided. He says that he's not going to judge anyone, but he feels like people (all) need to be less promiscuous. That's it. The whole point of the article is to show a very different way of life in can't do that in the Bible Belt without involving religion. Give the man a break. There's no hatred, just ignorance. He's not hurting anyone nor could I imagine him doing a hate crime.
I am getting such a laugh out of how many people are getting so upset about this "Quack" from "Duck Dynasty"! What did you expect when you go into the bayous of Louisana in the middle of the Bible Belt and pull out this back *** ward family that just luckly made it big with a duck-call!
Bible Belt Has Most Sinners, Research Suggests: How Sinful is Your State?A set of United States maps showing the counties that have the highest concentrations of sin, based on the "Seven Deadly Sins," has caused a stir since Memolition reposted it this month. In each of the maps the southeast, an ar...
Listen did you know that only 2/3 of all Christians are registered to vote . This Is a Sin people white community's need to tell there Pastors TO TELL every needs to vote Georgia is suppose to be the Bible Belt Yea whatever not even half the Christians are voting . Please ask every Christian you know if there are registered to vote and do they exercise the right . America needs to wake up . Just in the Anderson generation alone I can not count both hands how many of the younger generation is not registered . Please make it your business to ask your family members to vote or get signed up . PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE . LOL i
It's hard to be agnostic or pantheistic in the Bible Belt. Sigh. Here's the thing there is something, but I'm positive Christianity and Islam isn't it. This is all just a ride, an experience, god don't need to be quantified
Life can't always be so serious, some of you need to lighten up and laugh a little ;) Good night from the bible belt ~OP8 & OPM
The recent A & E / Phil Robertson situation has nudged me to share a thing or two.  2013 has been quite the year for the Pickard family, in more ways than one.  In fact, during a big part of the last several months we have actually had a bit of a behind-the-scenes-ring-side seat in seeing how television networks like A & E and others work.  Please humor me and allow a more in-depth explanation.   Toward the end of 2012 we received a call from a casting director in New York City asking if we would be interested in sending in an audition video for the television show “BBQ Pitmasters”.  Working against a 2 day deadline and through the help of Darin Cochran, Thomas Reed and many others, we were able to put together what we thought was a very respectable short clip highlighting why we thought Papa KayJoe’s BBQ should get a shot to compete on an episode of “Pitmasters”.  A few weeks later we received the news that we had not been chosen for the show.  Of course we were a tad bit disappointed bu ...
My dear texan livin, southern cooking goodness, bible belt youth group. You guys don't realize how much I miss y'all. I'm counting down the days until I finally arrive back at Christ For the Nations, and then to Revolution youth group, and Grace Vineyard Church. I miss you guys with all my heart, mind and soul. I can not wait to see what God is wanting to do with this youth group. We as a church family are more than just a group of kids who come and do worship, and a message together. We are doing life with each other. We are walking day by day with our brothers and sisters, encouraging them and loving on them. This coming year and semester I will do my best to be there for you guys. God is moving in Revolution. He's wanting to take it to heights it's never been before. You guys will be the next generation to go on and do greater things than I, Mark Johnson, Gabriel Zamora, Domonique Zamora, Mark Rummel, Mike N Melly Darby, Josiah Miller, April Agnew, Nathan George, and Jordana Wyman. We want to see amazi ...
Im the no. 1 contender for the Bible Belt.
A truth sadly ignored in most parts of the so-called bible belt I've been through, where the prevailing assumption seems to be he was some kind of WASP Rambo Christ waiting to smite the unholy from on high. Of course, these are the same people who, should Christ ever show up physically at their door, would immediately call the police to have that "rag-wearing, hippy Jew" arrested for vagrancy.
what up!? from the Bible belt yo... i dont smoke Jesus... He smokes me! VAP THAT!
My thoughts on this ridiculous topic that has taken over this Christmas holiday, As a mom of a transgender the absolute hate and bigotry we endure down here in the Bible Belt is unreal, it would shock some of you to hear the things said to our faces and behind our backs on a near daily basis , I love my son am proud to call him my SON regardless of what that birth certificate said 21 years ago, I grew that boy and brought His life into this world and if I the Mom can be ok and secure in his destiny then complete *** strangers and sadly even a few family and friends should care less, Cole N'Michelle Incarnato is an absolute amazing individual and should be treated that way by all because of his spirit and energy not because of his sexual preference or genitalia you know what mr. Millionaire Duck Dynasty man should hate if hate need be in his life, the child molesters and domestic violence and murders of this world , now that would be something worth preaching about. But even with that said I do believ ...
Join myself and "The Hallelujah Time Trio" in the morning at First Christian Fellowship in the heart of the Bible Belt in Greenville SC, featuring Vanessa Cox! 11:00 AM 110 Montana Ave. Pastor Bobby Inman
domain names
Who gives a duck about the fathers opinions on Duck Dynasty he lives in the redneck bible belt of this ducking country .What happened to ducking freedom of ducking of ducking speech. This is expected from a ducking redneck, He is making ducking money going on ducking tv , ducking defending himself. Laughing all way to the ducking bank. I don't agree with duck he said but he is a redneck yall lol. Put Papa Duck on tv we all need a ducking laugh .I like the ZZ Top family show their ducking hilarious . Free Duck Daddy he read from the bible thats what got in trouble .Suspend Obama for making pay more in premiums so others don't have too Thats my ducking thoughs lmao
Once we moved down here to the "Bible belt" I have had many close minded people judge me. And as much as it bothers me, it is their 1st amendment right to state their opinion just as that Duck Dynasty fellow(I have never watched the show). Its the way of society today, everyone is worried about how they will be perceived. Its the same as saying Merry Christmas. How many of you at your place of employment are only to say Happy Holidays? It is everyone's right to be able to voice their opinion/beliefs. I hope that what A&E did does not hurt those like myself. Any LGBT person you speak to only wants to be as equal as everyone else. In the end let the critics say what they will, how does that saying go. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words bounce off?
President of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Russell Moore, says "the Bible Belt is collapsing" and Christians have lost the culture war in America. However, the latest developments in the U.S. just "might be good for the church," he explained.
And we are off! Another adventure starts here. Bible belt here we come - hallelujah!
So *** Barrel a chain founded in the bible belt pulled "select Duck commander merchandise." from their stores.Well i guess *** Barrel just earned themselves an indefinite suspension from my money along with A & E.
One day I'll get out of the Bible Belt.
Welcome to the Bible Belt. Where everyone believes that being obese is genetic, but being *** is a lifestyle choice.
A new study finds out how living in the bible belt forces you to cope:
I've got a great idea. Let's give a Church of Christ preacher who lives in the heart of the Bible Belt, backwoods Louisiana a reality show and then act surprised when he quotes the Bible concerning homosexuality. Seriously?! - the great thing about this country is this awesome thing called Freedom of Speech. You don't have to like what someone says. You don't have to agree with them. You have the freedom to argue with them. As long as no one is advocating violence, freedom of speech wins. Every time. - Political correctness (and respect in general) doesn't mean that everyone has to have the same opinion. It means that everyone can have their own opinion and still respect one another. People, please learn the difference. - if you don't agree with someone, then don't support their beliefs. I don't like 99.9% of the stuff that comes out of Kim Kardashin or Kanye West's mouths, so I don't watch their shows, buy the albums, etc. It's one the great things about living in this country - as a consum ...
Phil Robertson has often been referred to as a conservative Christian. With that being said, then it should not be a shocker to anyone that a deeply devout Christian from a Bible Belt State would feel that homosexuality is against the teachings of the Bible. Even if you removed Christianity from the equation, would anyone really be shocked to learn that a 67-year-old bearded hunter and father of four boys would be opposed to homosexuality? That's his right. The LGBT and NAACP lie in wait for someone to disagree with them so they can incite hatred. Your group seldom serves any purpose. Phil Robertson, who has done no harm to anyone, is now being persecuted by a minority of people after exercising his right to free speech that took place in the privacy of his home and on his own property
A word of advice A&E, don't encourage and pay The Duck Dynasty cast millions of dollars to act like rednecks then be shocked when they do. The DD guy is not a fan of *** people, an older, southern guy from the bible belt, "gasp", who would have thought? Then A&E decides to suspend him for his personal opinion & Freedom of Speech, because THAT won't spark any controversy... this is like watching a 2 sided head on train wreck.
People can say whatever they want about living in the Bible Belt, but I will NEVER take for granted having co workers that I can pray with. Oh, and that get to know me so well that they buy me cheese for Christmas :)
Duck Dynasty's core audience is the Bible Belt and middle America. Are we really surprised on his views on homosexuality? It's just not shocking to me. These are his opinions and he is entitled to have them. This is America. What is interesting though is how circumstantial black folks can be sometimes. I've seen many posts about free speech and 'don't ask questions if you don't like the answer'. So here's my thing, when some white person says they think blacks are lazy or disruptive, isn't that their opinion? Isn't that 'freedom of speech'. Prejudice against one group is prejudice against all. I still don't understand how a race who has endured such hardship in America, can rationalize the oppression of another group of people. That's my soapbox moment of the day. Talk amongst yourselves.
Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. The word "abomination" in the above verse means "stomach turning" in "the Hebrew." In "the Greek" it means "nauseating." In "the Aramaic," it means "gag-a-maggot." In "the Bible Belt" it means "Puke City." Or, as Ray Lewis concludes in his funny Youtube video song, "Down to the Farm," "It ain't normal. I don't care what they say; it just ain't normal!" Romans 1:27-28 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. 28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Don't get mad at me...I didn't write the Bible. God did.
† He’s Not Like That † And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible for you. Mark 14:36 ESV Growing up in the Bible Belt as a child, my image of God was an angry gray-haired, lightning bolt wielding, meanie that was waiting on me to mess up. In a stark contrast, my biological dad was the greatest. He would have given his life for his children at any moment. You would have been better off wrestling a bear cub from a grizzly than to touch one of us. As I grew older and came to actually know God, instead of knowing about Him, I learned that He was even better than my Dad! God does care about you, and He is not looking at your mistakes. He is always looking for a way to bring the lost child home. In Aramaic “Abba” is the English word we use for “Daddy”. Jesus called God the Father, “Daddy”. This is an intimate, personal connection. Jesus could have used a dozen other names, but He chose this one. Know today that the Lord God Almighty sees you as His child. When you have needs, ask Him, ...
Dear *** "Rights" Activists... Just stop.What you think is "standing up" to hate, ignorance, and intolerance, is actually doing the opposite. So, a Bible Belt baby-boomer expressed a view that he was taught based on his religious principles. No expression of hatred, no expression of discrimination or isolation. But somehow, the answer is to call for not just the individual to be REASONABLY AND PROPORTIONATELY held accountable, the answer is to to completely disrupt an enterprise that employs, hundreds directly and impacts the livelihood of thousands of others, indirectly? Now, he does have a constitutionally protected right to express himself, as do we all. Just as he had a right to the private ordering of his affairs when he contracted with A&E to do the Program. (I am SURE some lawyer included a clause that allows for A&E to jettison the individual in just such cases as has presented itself presently). So, no Mr. Robertson is not suffering some catastrophic violation of his First Amendment rights. But . ...
Ok this whole Duck Dynasty thing has reached a level of stupidity that is ridculous. Being down here in the Bible Belt the comments are laughable and well it's just sad. In a nutshell this guy signed a contract. When he did that he agreed to certain standards and practices that the network has. Maybe the words were to big for him, or maybe the paycheck was to tempting but in signing that contract he became an employee of that network. The network in no way violated his freedom of speech. If anything he violated their contract. He willing put a price tag on his beliefs.period. And in answering the questions in the interview he violated that contract and now has to face the consequences. I love all the uneducated comments in the local news about how he is being persecuted for his beliefs, or Christians are always being persecuted for their beliefs. Stop making everything a religious issue. This is a very simple legal issue, and a monetary one, and nothing more. Off the soap box, time to look for ...
I haven't said a word about Phil or Duck Dynasty until now. 1. Everyone is free to voice their opinion. 2. A&E is free to fire or hire anyone they want. 3. The person that interviewed Phil knew what the answer would be. Come on... Phil is a known Evangelical Christian from the American South aka Bible Belt. I believe the point of the question was to attract attention to the magazine to SELL copies of their January issue. 4. There are bigger fish to fry. If other problems like mental illness, homelessness, American kids that will struggle to eat over Christmas break, or even our lonely elderly people that have no one during the holidays received half of the attention that this interview has received, things would be better for so many people. 5. This is all you will hear from me on this subject.
From the Baptist Pulpit, deep in the Bible belt of Mississippi, the pastor spoke of how modern christian religion and culture resembles that of the Pharisee's culture and Jewish religion at the time of Christ. Surprised and pleased. And so it starts.
About Duck Dynasty FUTURE "Good Read". IN 2013, “TOLERANCE” IS A ONE-WAY STREET By: Charlie Steve Davis I well remember growing up in the 1970s and 1980s in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Tennessee is in the heart of the BIBLE BELT. Mom made sure that she rounded up all five of us kids for church. We went to church about every time the church house doors were open. Television really was not that much of an integral part of our lives. Yet, there were a few classic shows we enjoyed together as a family. Good Times, Sanford & Son, Andy Griffith, Little House on the Prairie, and perhaps my all-time favorite – “The Walton’s”. Why “The Walton’s” you may ask? Perhaps the same reason that millions of people gravitated to “Duck Dynasty”. You see, here were two families with similar lives living in two distinctly different times. The Walton’s was set in Virginia during the days of the Great Depression and World War II era. The main idea of the program was life on Walton’s Mountain and what livi ...
I grew up Pentecostal in the Bible Belt in what many would consider an extremely fundamentalist environment. (Shocker, I know!) I could write a book on my faith and religious experience, much of which does actually bleed through in Dirty Beautiful Words, but I will save that discussion for another date and time. According to Christianity and the Bible though, we’re all imperfect, regardless of sexuality or lifestyle. With this simple fact in mind, I can’t understand why anyone would feel the need to state their opinion on the way other people live and how it’s sinful or wrong, when in reality, we’re all ‘sinners’ according to the Christian faith. I believe in God and I love the overall compassion behind the teachings of Christ, but I think it’s pointless to point fingers at anyone. At the end of the day, we all fall short, we all stumble, and we all struggle to live a life without flaw. "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you ...
I agree with Anden Christman. Move me out of the Bible Belt ASAP. so many people are so butthurt because they believe they are the only ones who should be allowed to be "right". Well, honey, I'm sorry to say it; but no matter how thin you cook a pancake there will still be two sides. People want to be allowed to have their opinion but don't want to let anyone have theirs. A&Es prerogative is that they want certain views expressed by them. That is okay. They have the RIGHT to that just as some hillbilly has the RIGHT to say what he wants. YOU PEOPLE don't understand that it is not an attack on the duck man, they are trying to deal with a conflict of interest. For example, you cannot work for Waffle House and tell everyone IHOP is better. You will be fired.
Lol, its a proud member of the lgbt community, what the *** do you expect? He's an old red neck raised in the Bible it appropriate? No, but, to each their own. We all want acceptance and or freedom of speech, but we cannot expect tolerance from everyone
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