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Bible Belt

Bible Belt is an informal term for a region in the southeastern and south-central United States in which socially conservative evangelical Protestantism is a significant part of the culture and Christian church attendance across the denominations is generally higher than the nation's average.

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Good ole' bible belt! Family values! Here are the 10 most corrupt states in America
The Bible Belt: Where being overweight is blamed on genetics but being *** is a "lifestyle choice".
Josh Hill-NYTimes Comment-"but particularly in Bible Belt, ppl continue to use religion in its traditional role as a tool of social control"
Please excuse my drunk and obnoxious husband...I told him to shut it a few times! Lol!. .
I actually saw a political ad that said, "He's Al-Qaeda's best friend. So vote for me." Gotta love primary season in Michigan's Bible Belt.
im in total agreement awsum Sarah do it .. the bible belt has a lot to answer for make them answer
Police investigate alleged brothel on Townline Road. Yes, in the Bible Belt.
Wether someone calls the toys r us T. Rex a dinosaurs or a dragon is how I know if they're from the Bible Belt or the rest of earth.
down here, its rather common but I do live in the Bible Belt after all
Then I'll present 5 billion more than that for soccer. Nobody civilized outside of the bible belt agrees with you.
This is why I teach math. If I taught science, they'd fire me after one day in the bible belt.
If you weren't raised in the bible belt or one of the 13 colonies then your not from the south.
just adding to that lineup. huna14, Imperial end of days, bomb! Mexico cake,bible belt, luchador en fuego, gon be NUTS
aye. But it’s4/5 countries in one. The South has it’s characteristics. Then then the Bible Belt. Then east and west coast
or maybe it IS the Bible Belt, because teaching kid sex ed is equated to teaching kids to have sex, so no sex ed
Mexican Cake vs. Bible Belt: So my friend and I decided to do a side-by-side tasting of Westbrook Mexican Cake...
Growing up in the bible belt, raised by a family of screw-ups and racist/sexist republicans and somehow I turned out *** and pretty cool.
Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.
Oklahoma 3.4 mag earthquake >24 minutes ago. Bible belt, tornadoes and earthquakes, you have an ironic god.
One day I will visit the bible belt, purely to mock! Lol
Part 2 of Teaching in the Bible Belt with me and on
Well, to most "hip" planners, the family unit is no longer. :-/ I see that in huge cities, but not in Bible Belt or West MI.
Half of the east coast won't legalize weed because of the Bible Belt...
ISO Westy Blonde, 8, 12 FT Bomb!, Bible Belt, Mocha Abduction: Let me know if I am way off here and I can adju...
I wish the Bible Belt kinda screws us there a whole region of our country are drooling ***
throw a belt and the Bible at her lol
but now we're off through Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois and Kansas. THE BIBLE BELT YEAH
"I thought only pansies wore neckties" . What on earth were the eighties and what on EARPH is the Bible Belt? .
Teen pregnancies most prevalent in Bible belt redneck. Your flock are obsessed with sex.
I live in Southeast Arkansas, in the US, "bible belt".
Aw yes, the Bible Belt is a swell place where *** people aren't real.
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I feel like a girl with her hair in a high bump it with a huge badazzley cross belt and a pink and zebra bible
the Bible Belt is the bunch of states across the us that believe that he bible is the only book they need
what's the Bible Belt we are 10 years behind everything here in nm
Recipe: Looking to brew up something similar to Prairie's "Bible Belt", "Bomb!" or "Even More Jesus…
I live in the bible belt. I could find the people to make that hapoen. XD
*** Marriage Legal in Indiana! Someone just loosened their bible belt two notches.
You haven't been studying statistics have you? Most teen pregnancies occur in the Bible Belt.
agreed, but I ddnt wanna *** anybody off in this bible belt of a state. Marriage = PF
*puts up pic of cake that says "hail satan" - gets 8 unfollows from Bible Belt folk* HA so surprising
also take into account we live in the Bible Belt. The most shallow region because we don't indulge in diverse cultures openly.
We live in the Bible Belt! It's Jesus Christ, George Straight and sweet tea!
I love when Bible belt Christians talk about overcoming adversity. Just kidding of course. It's ridiculously obnoxious.
Main reason I hate living in a bible belt. It pisses me off too much lol
Oh look what's out...part 2 of Teaching in the Bible Belt...Finally...
How is the south the bible belt when the whether clearly points to the absence of any benevolent supreme being.
It is impossible to find a non-christian private school in the bible belt... secular fail
Today, you have to watch out though. Duke Blue Devils offends some people in N.C., cause its a bible belt school.
The Dallas Project on Indiegogo! A documentary about strippers in the Bible Belt. via k...
Branching out and pouring myself into life outside of the Bible Belt was probably one of my best decisions this summer
This would never happen in the Bible Belt, but it's pretty funny to watch… especially when the two older women...
Long as the keg don't float and the ice don't melt, we'll loosen up a notch in the bible belt.
That is weird. I've spent years in states where the bible belt is pulled as tight as a noose but alcohol was easily accessible
Yep, it drew teens from all of the surrounding states. But Bible Belt finally won out.
The dum dums commenting from Amsterdam and Bible Belt are entertaining.
Colorado Springs is the bible belt of the west.
We took back roads home from Greenville today, afraid the 5-10 mile backup we saw on 95 south would not have cleared. Seen along the way: evidence that this IS the Bible Belt. Church after church after church. Lots of Free Will Baptist and United Methodist. . Healthy tobacco fields. . Corn that is way more than knee high by the 4th of July. . Ramshackle farmhouses and trailers and much newer "mansions" that make you wonder where they earn their money in the middle of nowhere. (Maybe those tobacco fields!) . Fields that prove we are in the SANDhills. . A single luxurious black field of topsoil. . Goats, cows, horses, mules.
And this is the challenge and dilemma for us. Where do we find competent moral men with unassailable integrity ? Once found , how may we pursuade them to enter into the repulsive realm of politics ? For such men, what other than a sense of duty would induce them to do battle daily with the majority who are involved for less than honorable motives ? Dr. Ron Paul was such a man and we may remember the ridicule he endured during his bid for the Presidency. Even a crowded debate auditorium in the "Bible Belt" resounded with "boos" after he had the audacity to suggest that our foreign policy should be influenced by the "Golden Rule". In my opinion, this indicates something is gone wrong in the Churchand by extension our whole society. As the Pastors are ultimately responsible for the flock we should consider their training ground for an answer to the question, "What has changed ?" Dr. Paul stood virtually alone in Congress, a man whose voting record conformed to his oath of office. Fortunately, and perhaps pro ...
"Let it rock, let it roll, let the Bible Belt go and save my soul." Will always be some of my favorite lyrics.
Oh yeah, life goes on, Long after the thrill of livin' is gone. Gonna let it rock, Let it roll. Let the Bible Belt come and save my soul.
karma: when that hypocrite you used to know gets his mission call to the bible belt. LOL.
Those are mostly military rifles. We're vastly different from you. Don't compare us to crazy bible-belt rednecks.
If Jesus lived in the Bible belt today, he would be branded a Liberal and run out of town.
the Stonecutters: The Dutch apparently feel no shame in hitting below the belt when it is the sticks. If
In a small town deep in the Bible Belt, four teen girls prepare to perform an exorcism on a classmate. Sofia shouldn't have gotten involved, but when the most popular girls in school invite you to join their group, you do what they tell you. Too bad their idea of an exorcism is more like torture than salvation. But Sofia can't go against the others...unless she wants to be next. Watch the trailer and get your copy of THE MERCILESS today:
gas stations are literally just liquor stores here. Jesus knows what's up in this Bible Belt
grl. I live in Texas. Our bible belt is on so tight, I'm surprised we can buy liquor at all. No liquor on Sundays here either.
Hello CSRA TALENT! Please read. We are looking for actor & actresses to help make this film a success! All shapes, sizes, and shades welcome to audition! Ha. We are really excited about this project. If you're interested in auditioning, email me at gurnetwork700You can also look up our previous work on YouTube: Gurnetwork. Thank you for your time and effort. In addition to extras, we are currently casting for a main role of "Duke". Read below to learn more. Enjoy! Nephew The Movie Based in the Bible Belt South, Nephew is a story about a young man's fight to gain redemption in a town of stiff necked people. The city of Foster and its people are conservative and as traditional as can be imagined. They have a time and place for everything; they vote unanimously for one party, and they have had the same Mayor for 12 years. This is how life has been in Foster and this is how it will always be. In the big city of Moré, not too far from Foster we find our main character, Travis Booker, a budding politician eage ...
Batch 1. Green "wax". Have 2 more for trade if anyone in ATX is interested. (Bible Belt)
The Bible Belt is in fact a fine place to live if you happen to be a white, male, conservative, Baptist, heterosexual, NASCAR-loving bigot.
You know you live in rural America (in the South, in the Bible Belt, in Texas) when it's 2014 and you have to explain to someone what LGBT means.Le sigh!
Let me guess You're a close minded Bible Belt lady who prays for everyone else's soul and is offended by everything
I wish I could go to one. There wouldn't be one in my small Bible Belt town :((
If you think only Islamists lust after little girls you're mistaken. The South's Bible Belt has more.
Highest number of hate groups in CA, 77, follow ed by FL, 58, and TX, 57. Next GA. In FL, six KKK groups and 6 Neo-nazi groups, about a dozen have religion based names-Islam, Jesus, Catholic et al. Greatest c oncentration of hate groups in the bible belt states.
One would think finding a new home church in the Bible belt would be easy. Not so much. I think I'll visit Longview Heights Baptist Church tomorrow and check it out.
I wish the "Bible Belt" part of America could just go poof, because it's the reason why we have so many *** here.
Love it! Similiar to bomb with tons of coffee flavor! I don't think the chillies com... (Bible Belt)
Nice flavor and finish. Slight coffee note with an oak finish - Drinking a Bible Belt by -
The Bible Belt: friendly smiles and Christian steeples, with names like "bobby Sue Jenkins," and "Belinda Peoples."
How interesting the Bible Belt leads the way.
And you’ll never hear Triple Six cause we live in the midst of the Bible belt.
well you don't have to bring someone with these antichristian values into the Bible Belt of MS.
Bible Belt not great place to grow up with sci leanings. Had to keep mouth shut a lot.
Deep in the heart of the Bible Belt, part 2: spotted at restaurant, the envelope contains silverware.
I think its both more sweet and has more peppers heat than the similar "Bible Belt" I had recently
getta get the voters in the Bible Belt I guess
Tulsa, often called the buckle of the Bible Belt, is where my *** uncle shot himself on a roadside not far from Anita Bryant's home town.
I am SURROUNDED by Christianity on a daily basis, here in the Bible Belt, Ugh. They're SUFFOCATING me with nonsense.
There were probably 12 others holding similar signs at the intersection near my home. I hate living in the Bible Belt. ...
Take a look at the Bible Belt, now this is a lot of hate.
And you'll never hear triple 6 cause we live in the mist of the Bible Belt.
Hey let me know when you hit the bible belt area!
KY is beautiful but not much happens past 10pm & I'm outspoken Nastiasiwannabe living in center of Bible Belt. 😏
I need to get out of the Bible Belt stat
seriously XACTLY why we stopped going 2 church 1ce we were stuck in the "Bible belt!" SO UN-Christ-ian
Guys check psych hospitals in the bible belt for patients with a name that starts with a who were admitted for david byrne related reasons
Some sociological behaviors that are faux pas in America are completely acceptable in Europe. With that in mind I've made the following list of things I should refrain from whilst I'm stateside: 1) NO BEER WITH LUNCH: This, I think may be the most benign, but it's amazing how many professionals you see at the pub at noonish having a pint. It comes free with a meal for God's sake 2) DON'T SAY "CAN I HAVE A *** : When wanting a cigarette in the US, it's best to say words like cig, square, or smoke and not an anti *** slur 3) REMEMBER VULGARITY IS NOT SO COMMONPLACE ESPECIALLY IN THE BIBLE BELT: It's a fact: Europeans use the F word more frequently than in the States. I don't care what religion they are, everyone says it. And if you don't think it's influential, ask my mom who thinks I've just come on shore leave, esp if I'm agitated. Also, the British throw the C word around more liberally than we do. I get called a "cheeky c**t" at least twice a week. 4) NO SLAPPING RANDOM FEMALES ON THE BACKSIDE: I think ...
other than that, a *** village sounds really cool! Here in the bible belt, we only have one *** bar for a safe place
I've never been to a high school graduation that delivers a biblical message at the ceremony. I really do live in the bible belt...???
thats bc Upstate NY doesn't know how to spell redneck. Come live in the bible belt baby.
Sorry, If I was the only one that noticed it here, IN THE BIBLE BELT!
Just Put a Blessing on my Home , Its been awhile Since I was able to Muster up the Courage to do it Myself. Me and the family are strictly working on our spititual well-beings as well as our surroundings and Our Home. Living here in the Bible Belt is a pretty crazy place to live and Me and my family really don't fall into the different Sects here of Baptists and so forth .. there are over 600 Churches alone here in My Small County... most of them are scams and just want Money. Sad Realization Truly. But aside from that there are many great people here in the South. Southern Hospitality can be a Beautiful thing alone in its Esscence. Me and Heather are putting together our P.T. Schedule and Running Regiment. The Kids .well there Kids ;) Good Ones at that ... now I just need to find work ASAP .. I don't care what it is just need to work ... My First Wife has Literally Drained my Account and I now have not one penny in the Bank so I'm a little stressed ... trying to not let that break me down or win ...
Maybe we need a Protestant Bible College in Morecambe to rival the Lancaster University and MPs like Ian Paisley to make it a bible belt.
Gospel singing and the strange intrusion of bible-belt culture in America:
An oasis of liberal religion in the heart of the Bible Belt.
Ordered a couple Prairie Bible Belts at brunch this morning. It came out in this huge pint glass! Breakfast of champions!
Life's Questions - My Biggest Challenge at Stanford University : "By Heather Williams I am a Stanford student, everyone reminds me. Stanford -- the Harvard of the West, the Disneyland of the North -- producing hundreds of world leaders every June. Here at Stanford, we are passionate about making the world a better place, bringing all our strengths to bear in making it perfect. "You can make a difference!" "The power lies within!" These are the mottoes that we hear and by which we live our everyday lives. The dominant world view at my university does not really allow for moral or personal weakness. To need salvation is to admit defeat. When I entered Stanford, the world lay at my feet then, waiting to be revolutionized. I attended political meetings, took classes on racism and social justice, and immersed myself at the community service center. I believed in the power within me to make a significant difference in the world. I tutored underprivileged elementary school kids; I ran the day camp at a homeless ...
Let the Bible belt come and save my soul 🎶🎶🎶
I was abandoned at birth, dropped off in the bible belt & raised by a pack of wild deacons.
in the Bible Belt? Join the filmmakers of for an online screening & live chat 6/24 -
I end up arguing with Christians more, because I live in the Bible Belt... lucky me...
The Bible Belt has changed! It's Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. That's it! Missouri is like the Bible Oasis. You get a spiritual drink, and you go about your life.
I had to post this on FB and yes I live in the Bible Belt ROFLOL
Stand therefore [hold your ground], having tightened the belt of truth around your loins and having put on the breas…
Similar to the article below authored by a member of the Institute of Peace and Wilson Center think tank, we should seriously start our local think tank and write articles about how ethnically different is the US and how it should be divided along Latin lines, the Bible Belt and the Liberal North East. How about that?!
You look at my current main profile pic and you will see me making a kitty cat who is in heat purr. This is because cats are not counted as US citezens and are actually counted as property. I have 2 cats for my only 2 local friends and zero local friends who are human. Why? Cats don't play games and force their religeon down your throat and try to call the cops on you for not living the way they tell you to. So if you were in my heels and thinking of who to go to. A cat that purrs in your lap because petting her pleases her or a human that tells you "God hates disabled peopls" who would you go for? If you want me out of the bible belt then you pay for me to go. Cat food is way more affordable then a cheap apartment in San Fransisco.
So, according to a stupid quizz, I should oive in Dubai. Disneyland with more superstition than the Bible Belt? Yeah, right!
The Saints of God has truly been bless!!! True Faith Missionary Baptist Church did a Revival that Truly was lead by the "Holy Spirit"! Words could never express how Grateful,Thankful, and Blessed the body of Believers in Christ were filled with a New anointing!!! Many have spoken with their own dialogues,tones and flattery words and that is about all it is their Own lingo. The One and True Living God tells us to "Test the Spirit by the Spirit and His sheep knows His voice and another they will not follow!!! Well, as sad as it may appear to the Ones that are deceiving God's people 'you have been exposed for Who and Whom you really Are!!! and Your day is here; YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN YOUR "Pink Slip"!!! God is not mocked, foolish nor naive to the disguises that you parade around in! (Sheep in Wolf clothing)! Thank you "My Heavenly Father" for bringing me to this place in you!!! What a Time, Place, Season, Revival and reviving experience... Bless God in the name of Jesus!!! Bible Belt !!!
Don't be afraid to fight like *** beat the devil with the Bible Belt.
Well folks, I'd thought i'd seen everything - but after tonight i'd have to say I was completely wrong. A short preface - - I live in Washington, NC, right in the beginning of the Southern bible belt.  There are numerous churches here - Baptist is seemingly the predominant church of choice here.  Every Sunday this town/area shuts down for church with everyone dressed in their Sunday best.  So it's quite normal to hear someone proclaim to Jesus out loud, even not on a Sunday.  Now, this is not what I normally heard in Western MD (or almost anywhere in MD for that matter) where I grew up. So at first it was a shock to hear/see some of this.  But hey, i've grown to understand it and believe it or not, appreciate it and the people that feel comfortable to profess their faith so openly. Fast forward to tonight, June 13th - Friday the 13th.  Before I leave work, my husband calls me and states in a message that it's raining VERY hard and to be careful coming home.  I work about 25 minutes to the West of ...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
My father was very religious. Well, kinda. He kept hitting me with his Bible Belt.
Nothing says thank you Jesus like using the bible belt for auto erotic asphyxiation ...
How many anti-theist FB posts does it take to balance out a state church with 150 state priests preaching a constitution protected state religion in 300 of the most glamorous state buildings all the time in a nation of 300 thousand on an island. Not counting three 24/7 evangelist Christian TV and radio stations supported by the US Bible Belt and broadcasting in the local language? It is probably hopeless, but still it seems a moral duty not to give up.
Tonight Bible Belt Sinners will be playing the Webster Groves Gazebo series at 7 pm with Cool Hand Luke to follow at 9 pm. Come on out and bring a blanket or a chair. Free
Let’s face it – we love big, flavorful stouts. As luck would have it, our friend Jeppe at Evil Twin Brewing feels the same way. We decided to brew a beer together that took elements from our favorite stouts we each produce to come together as one beer. Bible Belt takes elements we love from Prairie…
I am shocked that Nebraska is not part of the Bible belt. Its close but still. I grew up in a town full of church going Christians. I remember Bible Camp during the summer.
I think we all kind of knew this, but did you know that the Bible belt has the worst IQ averages and reading levels in the country?
I am rethinking about 'Sola Scriptura' and 'Sola Fide' ! I live in Bible Belt, makes me wonder why, there are more Baptist Churches in this area than the population?
Life on the Bible Belt: four rows of books on Christianity. Half of one shelf on Eastern Religions. Guess amazon will be getting my money.
Way down in the Deep South, in an area known as the 'Bible Belt,' there lived a Baptist minister with a very large congregation. One morning, after a particularly moving sermon, he announced, "Friends I have been hearing very nasty rumors!" The crowd fell into an expectant silence. The Minister continued, "One of you, here among us, has been reporting that I am a member of the dreaded 'Klu Klux Klan.' This, of course, is not true! I am asking that the guilty party confess and apologize now - right here - before my flock of loyal followers." A young woman quickly stood up blushing and trembling and pled, "Preacher, please, I don't know how this all came to be. I just mentioned to one of my close friends that you were a wizard under the sheets."
In what way?!? The majority of Americans are Christian. Try being an atheist in the Bible Belt. Not everyone...
This should break in the US. Bible Belt all over it...
I had to bring Moses to the bible belt. He got action...
Exciting news frm the Bible Belt--Arkansas is the first Southern state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples!
If i pray longer, it'll totally make me look like a better christian. 🙏🙏 Welcome to the bible belt
At this rate the entire Bible Belt will beat ohio to marriage equality. Congrats Arkansas!
Barack Hussein Obama is flooding the Bible Belt and other Christian communities with Somali Muslim immigrants. I wonder how many of them have taken part in the Sharia ritual of stoning adulterers t...
If one of the most bible belt states can do it then we are on the right track.
Advertisement inside a bar in Childress TX. The first bar to go "Wet" in 100 years. This is located in the "bible belt" of Texas.
would be interesting to see Sam on a bible belt team.
It amazes me that there are over 2,000 members in this open Agnostic group. I live in a small town. Less than 7,000 people. Here, almost everyone knows everything. I do not hide what I feel but those who think like me often stay in the shadows. I have found but just a hand full of others, like castaways on a desert island. But when I find them it's like finding gold. We are on the top edge of the bible belt. Right in the hills of West Virginia. There are literally hundreds of denominations here in the hills, ranging from ones with snakes to those who came from another planet. They all say they are the only way. Yet they can't even comprehend what "we" are. How is it where you live ?
Nope…..the “OMG the Panthers have an openly *** player in the middle of the bible belt” reaction
A study on family breakup as it effects children on the cusp of adulthood revealed that more children experience family breakup before adulthood in the South, well-known for its religious "Bible belt," according to the Family Research Council.
Photo: thylionheart: For When the Devil’s in the Bible Belt: for when I’m panicky and need to chill out.
I'm starting to think, or know that, God moved me to Seattle for a purpose. I wonder what a bible belt boy raised by God and lost then found again is going to do up here. Thank you Lord for always watching over me. Thank you for my youth and blessing me with my grandparents and parents, particularly my grandpa Cook, Dilbert Cook. For his wonderful example of a Christian. It's funny, I've always said he is the only man I look up to. And now between either Mars Hill or Sagemont, they are preaching the way of he lived his life, just as i renew my run to God. Thank you God for giving me such a strong example to try to live up to. No matter where we went, either eating or getting gas people would stop to say hi. I now understand it wasn't him, it was God in him they seeked. Lord please grace me with even half the presence you blessed him with. Feeling very grateful to Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit this morning for everything that has transpired in my life. May we all be blessed enough to allow God to work th ...
Did you even think for a single moment how I must've felt? Or is what you said just another feel good notch on your Bible belt?
darn didn't see this sooner...Bible Belt gone right?!
finished Being United Methodist in the Bible Belt by F. Belton Joyner Jr. and gave it 4 stars
Maybe it was in 1980 but you’d only find it in regional newspapers of the Bible Belt?
Dust bowl, Bible Belt, got more churches than trees. 🎵🎵
"The issue is prejudice. Atheists are one of the most maligned groups in the United States, especially in the Bible Belt where the first question someone asks upon meeting you is, “So where do you go to church?” According to polls, being atheist is less acceptable in America than being *** Muslim or Jewish. Heck, even Haley and Shealy can accept a Jewish director of Social Services, but apparently not an atheist one. Last fall, a group of atheists in Spartanburg, South Carolina, were excluded from volunteering at a soup kitchen. Its executive director said she’d resign from her job before she would let atheists volunteer, which she said would be a “disservice to this community,” adding that the Christian organization that runs the soup kitchen “stands on the principles of God.” Apparently, allowing others to help the less fortunate goes against her Christian principles. So what did the Upstate Atheists do? They raised over $2000 to give care packages to homeless people across the street fro ...
I am disgusted by Arkansas. How could this happen? We are suppose to be the Bible Belt and I guess where not. I don't care if I offend anybody people on here because in the bible you only with opposite sex not same sex!! Ugh!!
Žia u are an African American girl living in the Deep South of the United States' Bible Belt
Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.
"Too many of our Young People do not remember the 60s Civil Rights movement. In the BIBLE BELT of America Black people were denied basic rights of Citizenship. The right to Vote was suppressed and the White Southern Christian Majority went to great lengths to keep Blacks from voting. Today in many states VOTER SUPPRESSION efforts are again aimed at Restricting Voting Rights. Somehow I think God is aghast at Republican HypoChristians." Ray
Have you seen tornado alley and the bible belt are in the same area
you're in Atlanta? A lil Slice of liberal heaven... Right here in the Bible Belt. Miracles do exist.
I live in the bible belt of America. I'm deeply passionate about this.
That approach would go down well in the Bible Belt!
Amidst broader hypocrisy of Bible Belt, good people of Louisville KY stand up for justice, fairness, brotherhood.
Now they were bringing even infants to him that he might touch them. And when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them. But Jesus called them to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” (Luke 18:15-17 ESV) None of the Gospel accounts of this event specify who "they" are, but I can just imagine mothers scurrying around with their children, infants in arm, standing in line so their little ones could be blessed by the Master. As we celebrate Mother's Day this weekend I am so thankful my mom did all she could to ensure that my life was blessed by the touch of the Master's hand! Living in the Bible Belt where there's a church within spitting distance of most homes I took my childhood for granted. I've come to realize just how truly blessed I am to raised in a home where faith is an important part of our daily lives. Having raised two boys myself ...
Mutt Girl Trapped in Southern Utah: The Mentality of the Bible Belt in the Mormon Church by Zithlaly Betancourt Diaz
Arkansas Is No longer The buckle Of the Bible Belt States Smh this is sad ...
Playing Bingo and Bible Trivia at a prom? Only in the Bible Belt.
The Northeast part of USA was the original Bible Belt.
Joseph and I were working on this idea. The $5 footlong double down. How can we simul-pitch this to Subway and KFC and humans? Think there's a good market in the Bible Belt?
This pic was taken in Raleigh this weekend. Islam pushing their "Religion of Peace" in the Bible Belt. Disturbing
Prairie Brewing Bible Belt Stout. Aged on coffee, vanilla, chiles, and cacao nibs. @ new texian south
You're right. But if you looked at "the most uneducated people in the US" on a graph, you can't tell me it's not the bible belt
I just joined this group of fellow godless heathens, and I wanted to ask what everyone's "comedic sensibilities" are. Are there any limitations on, say, language, or in what manner one pokes a bit of fun at religion? I live in the proverbial buckle of the bible belt, and I would be banished from society for posting anything that the xtians consider blasphemy. Just curious, as I don't want to offend.
Come check out the Zach Seth Band! Zach is rockin an acoustic solo tonight! Come drink some great beer, we may even have some Prairie Artisan Ales Wine Barrel Noir in stock, along with Bible Belt!
Is that in addition to the Bible Belt on the menu?
The final stake may have been driven through the heart of one of the religious right's favorite media darlings. 'Duck Dynasty' stars had to cancel an event in the Bible Belt due to low ticket sales.
We're stuck with him. Maybe he can move to some wacky Bible Belt place. They'll take him.
confused about the stares and then i realize i have blue hair and live in the Bible Belt
Wanna talk about prayer in school? How it is so good for the well being of the children? Schools, unless they are private, have to maintain the separation of church and state. And I am beyond thankful for that. Down here in the bible belt, people can't believe that some people don't believe in Christ. If you don't believe in God down here, many are forced to hide their faith "in the closet" so to speak. They don't feel comfortable practicing their faith in the open because of the intolerance of others. For those of us "out of the broom closet", or non-Christians, we don't want to have to sit in class and listen to prayers to a God that I don't believe in. I don't want to be called a devil worshiper (a christian, btw) or be told that I am going to *** Many of us left the church because of that stuff. If I had children, I don't want them to be indoctrinated with a religion other than my own, at a building that should, by right, have nothing to do with religion. Teachers need to worry about makin ...
Glad I was able to get this via a mule Wouldn't trade for it. - Drinking a Bible Belt at -
Michael Sam can play anywhere in the south. The Bible Belt will run him off. He better go to San Fran
And forty years later, here in the Bible belt, those interracial marriages are still frowned upon. Will it be any different for same sex marriages? Maybe one day judgemental people will grant the same freedoms to others that they expect to receive themselves.
Another notch falls off of the Bible Belt.
You won't remember anything you felt, when he rips you all apart with his Bible Belt.
Never thought I would see this in the middle of the bible belt. Next week the City of Houston led by openly *** mayor Annise Parker will vote on an ordinance introduced by Ms Parker called the "non discrimination ordinance". This bill was introduced on the basis on a gender neutral bathroom case but the language has of course, expanded to all business that refuse service based on someones sexual preference thereby subjecting businesses, civic organization, non profit 501C3 charitable groups, and religious institutions to abide by this law or face stiff penalties, loss of tax exempt status, loss of ministrial privileges, or even eventually imprisonment. This intrusion into our religious liberty has brought little opposition from anybody inside the Kingdom of God outside of a few dissenting voices among the masses. In case you did not know the goverment is supposed to represent all the people not just a select few. They take an oath to be faithful and fair to all their people through due process. From the a ...
LOL at Arkansas having the *** marry and we can't. Have you been to Arkansas? So basically a Bible Belt state does and Ohio still doesn't. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE
Want to treat like it’s some great Democratic conspiratorial cover up? Say Howdy to Republican prosecutor.
Not easy finding an Atheist girl in the Bible belt.. . =(
I wonder how much this happens outside the Bible Belt. Hah
Its very hard in the Bible belt to be outspoken atheists.
Need water, wine n milk. Being in the Bible belt w Blue laws in SC, the ABC store closes at 7pm!!!
You would think that Central PA is the Bible Belt. Billboards with 'evolution' crossed out, saying that god created the Earth
I'm just a Jew living in the Bible Belt
personally I think the Torah Belt makes more sense than the Bible Belt.
I hope Detroit wins the TYT contest.Outside the Bible Belt,no place needs & more to lift spirits yesterday
it would be great if you could get even more Jesus or Bible Belt
I can't believe it are thair going pass same sex marrige in the south or Arkansas the bible belt it get closer and people being open minded I'm knocking know one for what they believe but everbody deserves to be love thair is worse thing out thair!
I don,t want to offend anyone that is not my intention but I never thought I would live long enough to see *** marriage legal in Arkansas I thought e were in the bible belt featured in NBC s Science of Love
Marijuana advocates say the Bible Belt state could reap an economic boom.
You know you're in the Bible Belt when you see crosses along the road every so often.
just realized I'm the most anti-bible person I know and I was wearing a Philippians 4:13 TSHIRT all day..oh boy
From Whg originally. Hate the bigotry--here in the buckle of Bible Belt
Brought a new belt today turns out it was a Bible Belt, kept my trousers up but was very constricting
I was going to really start, but it would be a novel by the time I got done. And I wouldn't care what people said. I think it's sad that our state will not legalize medical marijuana because of the Bible belt and everyone being set in their ways saying that the Christian community would not approve. But they legalize *** marriage and I'll just tell ya the Christian community is more upset about *** marriage than they would be if the marijuana was legalized. The problem is that the president has probably never read the Bible but if he would he would know that its Biblical that man was made for women and women for men so that we could reprocreat AKA reproduce. But what do I know I never was good at studying, but that's what I get from the message God is trying to give us. But we've also got to understand we can't hate the people just the situation or Satan ways however you want to look at it. Like I said earlier I wasn't going to say much but I can go on and on but to sum it all up it's WRONG..WRONG..WRONG. ...
Proof positive that times are changing I live in god's country/Midwest/bible belt so pretty *** conservative country and highly Republican (Sheer joy of being blue living in a red state) The town that I live in has a population of around 800 or so and very rural and a long history of being very Republican I was waiting in line at the local gas station and the man at the cash register was just being a total *** Totally stressed out and freaking out as running late as the cashier was not moving as fast as he would like her to move. I was just chillaxing as I knew it would only end up in a fight if I told the guy my impression of him Was already stoked about the Republicans as there was only 2 pieces of mail this morning and both of them were from Republicans running for office. (The postman should have wiped his *** with the literature as that is my plans for it - lol) Anyways, after the guy left, I said "is it just me or is it pretty obvious that the guy was a Republican" the guy in front of me roared a .. ...
I have to say it about Michigan, you've disappointed me. I no longer want to live here because of everything that's going on in Tennessee. Michigan you've lost a citizen and I was born here. Your government stinks too and I don't see anything to keep me here. As soon as I can get the money me and my Mother are out. Tennessee a Bible belt State, Friendly people, and lots of activities to do. Baptist churches everywhere. Great music, Good southern home cookin. I'm Tennessee bound. Anybody who lives in Michigan should do what I'm doing and find a better more supportive productive state to live in. I'm bored and tired of the weather here it's pathetic. I am never coming back. I love my church family here but I can't stay Tennessee is calling me.
"I heard the Father say today that He's going to make His Son, Jesus, so famous through us and pour out His Spirit so powerfully and famously on us, that the South Eastern USA will never again be referred to as the "Bible Belt", but "Land of the Holy Spirt"! Get ready!" -Duncan Smith
I'm realizing here in the Bible Belt that life in Christ is routine and on course. We must rise up as leaders and mighty men an woman of God being the David's and Noah's. We must have VISION!!! Vision that God has given us!!! We must all find our purpose in this Army of God!!! God has plans for us but we don't allow him to use us. We We're created in his image. We have royal blood in us. We are more then Conquers!!! Seek him with a whole heart and you will find him!!!
This year is the 10th anniversary of the Old Orchard Gazebo Music and Movie Series. Below is the schedule of events with some description of both the bands and films. Remember, this wonderful 6 week series is sponsored by local merchants, not big corporate entities in the neighborhood. Not to name names, but we'll just call them McDougles, Starnuts and Subday. Please, when you come out, support the business' that work hard for their community and bring you these fun events. Friday, June 13 Music: Bible Belt Sinners Led by Miss Molly Simms, the Sinners find inspiration in Johnny Cash and musical fuel in high-octane rock & roll, from Elvis to the Clash, and back again. Cuff your Levi's and pop your collar; grab your partner and get ready to dance! Movie: Cool Hand Luke – Rated PG A man refuses to conform to life in a rural prison. Starring Paul Newman, George Kennedy, and Strother Martin - Friday, June 20 Music: Ransom Note Ransom Note makes its mark with a big sound that blends classic soul with majest . ...
Just read 46% of the people in Charleston, SC, Don't believe, in global climate and that it can be influenced by people..The infamous Bible belt God is in control..hello
I was shocked to see which states carry the highest percentage cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphillis - 10. North Carolina, 9. New York, 8. Texas, 7. Illinois, 6., Arkansas, 5. South Carolina, 4. Alabama, 3. Georgia, 2. Mississippi, 1. Louisiana - but then again I shouldn't be surprised the the "Bible Belt" states have the most alarming. (I'm surprised that Illinois and South Carolina made the top ten over California and Florida.)
Good Morning everyone. I so happy to have another day of life and opportunities to share God's love with as many people as I can. You know when I say "share God's love" people, I think, especially here in the Bible Belt, have the notion of someone carrying a Bible and going around beating people over the head with it. But I have a little different slant on that. I believe it's more than preaching at people. I believe that sharing God's love is about loving people more than I love me and putting their interests ahead of mine. Will I be taken advantage of? I'd like to say no, but people have taken advantage of my acts of compassion, mercy, grace and love. By their actions, people have called me foolish, gullible, I suspect I've even been grouped in with *** but that's okay. What I give, what I do, what I say to the people I try to reach out to, I do so in the name of Jesus. So the way I look at it, people who criticize me are really criticizing Jesus and those who take advantage of my kindness are ...
Jesus died and was buried long ago. There is real evidence for that. You should talk to a doctor or psychologist who will explain to you the reality that the sexual orientation a person is born with can not be changed. It can be suppressed however by the "power of belief" working in the subconscious mind, and that is a reality for many young *** who are coerced by religious people and friends. Many *** especially in the Bible belt of the U.S. are so discriminated against, that they feel pressured to live a lifestyle with is not their true selves. Yes, they can even have wives and children while that inner truth is oppressed. Most often they end up in their 40's as suicides or returning to addictions that first got them in trouble. and no one understands why. Religiously indoctrinated people will even use their death as an example of "Satan" corrupting them again. Religion is unGodly. Religious people do not get genuine strength from an imaginary Allah, Shiva or Jesus in their minds. A human being's str .. ...
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Just wanted to say how happy I am to see Sullivan County mayor Steve Godsey get thrashed in the Republican primaries Tuesday. He said some pretty nasty and judgemental things about *** not long ago. I doubt the guy who beat him will be any better on those issues but the thoughts of him getting trounced makes me giddy! For some of my friends who may not know this is an extremely conservative area of the Bible Belt. Usually the winner of the GOP primary is unchallenged because no democrats run around here. 70% republican. Ick!
Moving to the bible belt for the conversation is like moving to Wyoming for the bagels , lox , and Challah bread .
One thing I like about living in the Bible belt is the news always has people Praising and thanking God :)
Good Morning Everyone... Now let me start by saying.. ATLANTA your grace has not been too good lately So this building of the Church of Bey is not pleasing to God especially when 285 is the largest Christian ring and bible belt in the world (look it up) ... the moment you step foot in that church to Idolize and praise her and not God.. Don't look for God's blessings anymore and look for more days like the "SNOW DAYS of 2014".
This is the NEW consumer trailer for Bible Belt Slasher Pt.II: The Holy Terror!
Morning Ya'll, Watching the Morning news and Finding out that Jake Rush from the 3rd district in Florida is a Republican that is running for office is NO big deal, The fact that he is a Vampire is AMAZIING. Let see how the Bible Belt deals with this, Ya'll have a GREAT Friday and eve better weekend
Hey everyone! Jill Morgan here! I would like to introduce your Sounds of the Week artist Kimberly Alana! The interesting thing about Kimberly is that she once hosted the Maxwellsounds events at Prince Smoke the Mic, The Acoustic Open Mic, and The Rudyard Rock the Mic. She is now moved on to become an amazing Singer Songwriter! Kimberly Alana has just released a single called "Bible Belt" which you can obtain now on iTunes which you can find here - The song was recorded at JETLAG RECORDINGS Studio where you to can get a great quality sound on your recordings. Ask Kim for specific details. If you have not been able to hear Kim perform catch her this Wednesday at The Prince Smoke the Mic event (link at the bottom). Interested in being The Sounds of the Week Artist, message our Sounds of the Week page and let us know a little about yourself and give us a link to your music. We will get your sounds out there to the world! Love the art in the background? Contact Maxwellsounds talented friend EDUS at her page or ...
Kelvin Benjamin welcome to the bible belt!!! I ain't mad at our pick
My heart goes out to anyone who is in so much psychic pain that he would assault some of god's most beautiful, talented, loving and kind human beings. If communities do indeed grow through pain, then I am excited for the growth spurt I anticipate in the Shoals due to the LGBT/Jack O Lantern Farms/ Shirey Ice Cream crisis of faith, love and understanding. These are the posts I made tonight and my partner and I stand by them and the entire Shoals community. : Six Degrees Shoals: It is NOT a complex is a simple choice. Either believe something that may or may not have been translated properly TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO or choose to love your fellow human beings. 6 minutes ago · Like · 1 Six Degrees Shoals: I do not and will not ever support a church or a religion that denigrates women or men in any way. The miracle I would love to see in this "bible-belt" community is FORGIVENESS & UNDERSTANDING. It is in far too short a supply and I have felt the buckle of that bible belt sting my own *** .. ...
I think there's little doubt why the nation's Bible Belt overlaps Tornado Alley. Oklahoma knows what it is to be smote.
The bible belts full of hypocrites and antagonites Who worship the book but never live by the sentences They point out the blemishes Of those with less benefits Then label them sinners when the hunger finally eats away the innocents Live right live wrong what's the difference My fates wrote all I can do is finish it
That would be epic. they wouldn't get a single vote in the bible belt though.
As of this minute, I vow to stop reading comments on local news stories. Everyone stands ready to cast the first stone; innocent until proven guilty does not exist; the number of citizens recommending death penalties for crime is staggering. I feel as though I've stumbled through a black hole from the Bible Belt and ended up in some medieval peasants' torch and pitchfork mob. Who *are* you people, and how can you claim to follow Christ?
The state of Alabama, the Heart of Dixie, the Bible belt, the Kingdom of the Good ole' Boys, the Nation's representation to the world that religious dogma is justification for domestic terrorism against Indians, Africans, Mexicans, Muslims, Jews, women, children, and unconsecrated sex, while the Nation's military fight's wars in other countries against 'evil' people that do exactly the same, yes, exactly the same. Maybe I have Alabama confused with the Theocratic Republic of Texas, or the "It ain't actually slavery no more. We pay um some money now," Caucasian Empire of Mississippi. It's easy to confuse them these days, with their long lay-away plans for justice, their state justified homicides and prisons overflowing with those that broke the religious moral codes. This is what one sees when they are wide awake and living among people sharing a mass fantasy of white, male dominant, consecrated supremacy. I am a white man, born and raised in Alabama in a Christian Church, a Wounded Warrior and decorated W ...
Oh - one other thing I learned I discovered while driving through the "Bible Belt" --- there seems to be an adult bookstore or intimate "toy" stores every mile or so! smh
You're in the Bible Belt when they pass an offering plate in a choral concert. Yas Gowd!
Benny Haun is the biggest of all the bible belt scam artist. He has personally made hundreds of millions for himself and the people he heeled died or were in on the scam.
Honestly, it's a Bible Belt judge mental small town part of the country that we live in. Really, who are anyone of us to judge someone that we only hear stories about. Seeing someone cry today that is so hurt because of things going on beyond her control, has got me really tore up and thinking about things. PEOPLE keep your mouths shut and focus on your own lives or problems and God will take care of it. I'm learning to get a back bone and tell it the way it is. Please don't PM me and ask me who I'm talking about because I'm respecting her privacy. Just think before you talk- including myself!
Like James from your favorite podcast Below The Bible Belt? Like listening to complex mythologies streamlined down to just the weird parts? Then it's entirely possible you'll like Hercules vs. the Podcast, where James and Mike Napier of Pulp Nightmare and Box Office Pulp fame tackle a mythological figure each episode, and try their best to make sense of the fan-fiction of ancient civilizations. Today's episode: The Hercman, two lions, and a surprising amount of centaur semen.
WHEN ARE WE GOING TO LEARN??? "And God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. (Genesis 1:26 In Psalm 8: "Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hand; thou has put all things under his feet." OKAY, God created us to have dominion over everything. He gave EVERYTHING to man to do what we wanted with it. And what did man do with it? Gave it away to Satan! Man believed the liar. And now -- with all the trouble we are still suffering because we didn't listen to God, we want to build a STATUE to honor Satan, and have him over our children. WHEN DO YOU THINK WE ARE GOING TO LEARN??? Really??? DO WE REALLY WANT TO TAKE THIS FURTHER. Oklahoma is in the Bible belt -- Did the belt break, and are we all sagging. Haven't we been down this road enough? Evil is still evil -- Satan is still going ...
Does anyone remember when Susan Woody (on the morning show with Greg Budell now) did the morning show with Bear O'Bryant? They were hilarious! My son would call every morning and ask to speak to Miss Susan. He would ask her to play Bible Belt and T-R-O-U-B-L-E by Travis Tritt. She would usually do it 3 out of the 5 days of the week.
Where exactly is the buckle of the Bible Belt?
Putting together Psychic and Spirit communication workshop, in the bible belt (Jackson Mississippi) is difficult, I hope to have it ready by next month. Blessed Be.
A few days ago, I came out to my mom as an agnostic. I thought it would be better if she learned it from me than from my book, which just came out, which I just sent her a copy of, which she has by now read. Her response so far? Silence. I'm not about to claim “admitting” agnosticism to your parents is as fraught as “admitting” homosexuality. But when your mom is from the Deep South, the Bible Belt, Alabama to be exact, the rejection and condemnation precipitated by your revelation can be extreme. (I realize the word “admit” has the wrong connotation. Sometimes words fail me. Or maybe I fail them.)
The same thing was going on in Holland a few months ago: some kids in our Bible belt (where vaccination is not perse the norm) got the measles and this was used by the MSM and the Government to shame the parents of these kids and peddle their poisonous concoctions. As is well known, the measles (and indeed all other infections) had long stopped being major killers before vaccinations started, because of better hygiene. Meanwhile, I'm not on the 'autism is caused by vaccinations' bandwagon. There are a number of reasons. In the first place, there is no such thing as 'autism'. There are a bunch of 'symptoms' and if you have some of these, you are labelled. Secondly, autism is seen in boys far more than in girls. Third, many of said 'symptoms' are basically male characteristics. For instance, a lower sensitivity to social customs. Also, often they are said to be fairly intelligent. I think 'autism' is (much like ADD/ADHD) often simply a matter of over-diagnosing, which is so common these days. But I think th ...
BREAKING: Plenty of Prairie Bible Belt on the shelves in Bowling Green, KY.
I might have done something wrong in my life I might be the black sheep of my family but my family and my true friends know I will do anything for them. And if you know me and you don't like me that is fine but if you don't know me don't talk behind my back or start rumors or just plain out lie about me there are some of the people in the bible belt of Bedford County that like to start s*** and spread rumors they need to look at the own backyard causes a lot of black sheep in their own families
Come to Liquids Nightclub tonight at 11p where I'm hosting the gayest luau this side of the Bible Belt. We're planning some pretty ridiculous numbers, so don't miss it. If you show up early I'll have a special surprise for those who use this password 'gullible'. Just make sure you've showered before entering the building. I don't want your musty *** in a bikini trying to take a selfie with me...ya nasty.
It’s gunna be a wild weekend, been on the phone with all my friends. There’s a little spot in the river bend where the sun sits high. Long as the keg don’t float and the ice don’t melt, we’ll loosen up a notch on the Bible belt.
well, i thing the chosen ones from north louisiana's "Bible Belt" may have been pushing for King James' version...holy war!
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How can you be for nuking the Middle East, but not the Bible Belt?.
So yesterday, here in the Bible Belt, I heard a message, once again, about eschatological speculation - in particular, Premillenialism. I see the whole thing as a market consisting of supply and demand. Suppliers include Hal Lindsey, Tim La Haye, and many, many others. Their motives are obvious. Suppliers sell because buyers buy. I wonder about buyers' motives. What's behind the demand? If I wrote a book answering the question, would you read it?
WHY I CREATED THIS: I realized that even Sunday School teachers in the Bible Belt did not realize that JESUS IS GOD:
Freedom From Religion comes to the Bible Belt in Raleigh May 2-3 - Freedom From Religion Foundation via
Jason Sciple, who lives in Kingwood, Texas in the Bible Belt, says in David G. McAfee’s book Mom, Dad, I’m an...
Just an observation or two as I see news of the tornadoes that hit in the South and Midwest. First, if fundamentalist Christians think God comments on human events through weather (and a lot of them think that), what is God saying about the culture of the Bible Belt? Second, all this should make those residents more willing to believe that climate change is real, which should turn the GOP away from the no-nothings, but that isn't happening.
North Vs. South The North has sun-dried toe-mah-toes The South has 'mater samiches The North has coffeehouses The South has Waffle Houses The North has dating services The South has family reunions The North has switchblade knives The South has Lee Press-on Nails The North has double last names The South has double first names The North has an ambulance The South has an amalance The North has the Mafia The South has NASCAR The North has Indy car races The South has Swamp Buggy races The North has Cream of Wheat or Oatmeal The South has grits The North has green salads The South has collard greens and chitlins The North has lobsters The South has crawdads The North has Distilleries, Breweries, and liquor stores The South has stills, shine, and them ridgerunners The North has the rust belt The South has the Bible Belt
Who are the takers? If you don't believe in big government and keep trying to dismantle it, is it ethical to ask for "handouts" from that government in the meanwhile? Aren't these states also a big chunk of the Bible Belt? The people who elect them and the politicians from these states are hypocrites.
Dr, Warner; "Nashville" Buckle on the Bible Belt? Their pants are around their knees." Islam moving in.
Met a new family at church. Just moved from the Bible Belt (GA) to Oakland (well, Richmond, same diff). Praying for them.
Progress. I guess. "'Remember, South Carolina is the Bible Belt ... [and] churches are the central focus of the...
The Regional Medical Center (The Med) is one. Why are you hating on the Bible Belt?
Now in stock - fresh from their triumphant CD release show at the Duck Room last night, we have the Bible Belt...
The southern states/ Bible Belt in America are cray cray ✋🇺🇸🚫
Talented singer/songwriters Diane Birch and Andrew Belle will be in our theatre tomorrow night at 8pm! Prior to signing with S-Curve Records, Diane honed her skills as a performer on the road supporting the album "Bible Belt," sharing the stage with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Betty Wright and appearing on The Today Show, Letterman, Leno, Conan, Kimmel, and Ellen along the way. Andrew has spent the past three years traveling and performing with friends such as Katie Herzig, Greg Laswell, Ben Rector, Madi Diaz, The Milk Carton Kids, and is thrilled to be a part of the critically acclaimed national touring group Ten Out of Tenn.
Why Has Lent Become Cool with Evangelicals?--Not the Thing that Comes from Your Dryer Born in the Bible Belt and raised in an evangelical church, I didn’t know what Lent was until after I graduated from college. That was nearly ten years ago, and since that time I’ve seen an explosion of evangelical observation of Lent. I’ve seen that surge in the church where I pastor, without any promotion from me. I’ve seen the same on social media, going hardly more than two minutes without bumping into a post by a friend describing what they are doing, reading, or giving up for Lent. Of course, my congregation and my circle of friends is a limited sample. But I don’t think we need a national survey to see that among evangelicals Lent is more widely observed than ever before. As the great theologian Bob Dylan once said, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” But you might need a weatherman to know if this sudden gust of wind is a genuine move of the Spirit, or if it’s just th ...
✹Thank you for only including northern Florida in the Bible Belt. Miami isn't The South. That is north of here.
This Day in Country Music History, March 13 2003 The state of Texas observes Lee Ann Womack Day 2001 Charley Pride receives a Hall of Fame medallion at the first official function at the new Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville. Robyn Young also accepts one for his late father, Faron Young 1999 The Dixie Chicks take "You Were Mine" to the top of the Billboard country chart 1999 Trisha Yearwood joins the Grand Ole Opry. The same night, singer/songwriter John Prine makes his Opry debut 1991 "My Cousin Vinny," starring Joe Pesci and Ralph MacChio, makes its theater debut, with Travis Tritt performing "Bible Belt" 1967 Decca releases Patsy Cline's "Greatest Hits" 1965 The Statler Brothers record "Flowers On The Wall" at a session originally slated for Johnny Cash, who failed to appear, at the Columbia Recording Studios in Nashville 1930 Lula Grace Johnson is born in West Plains, Missouri. She becomes Jan Howard with her marriage to songwriter Harlan Howard. She nabs several solo hits in the 1960s, ...
It’s Not Just the Bible Belt: A Jewish girls’ school in England is, so far, getting away with eliminating...
needs to get a clue. was born & raised a in Illinois. HRC has conservative Bible Belt roots.
Shame on you Wal-Mart, Tyson's, etc. Bible Belt indeed! Toxins, exploitation, unethical treatment of animals, etc. Thank God there still are some ethical Christians in America.
DEAD MISSISSIPPI MAN BEGINS BREATHING IN EMBALMING ROOM- MIRACLE HAPPENS SOMETIME... Dead Mississippi man begins breathing in embalming room, coroner says By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN updated 2:04 PM EST, Fri February 28, 2014 Watch this video Man awakens in body bag STORY HIGHLIGHTS Mississippi man declared dead Wednesday, returns to life Thursday, coroner says "We noticed his legs beginning to move ... He also began to do a little breathing" Family overjoyed that the longtime farmer known as "Snowball" is still with them Coroner says only explanation is that man's defibrillator kick-started his heart (CNN) -- Even in the Bible Belt, coroners don't use the word "miracle" lightly. But Holmes County, Mississippi, Coroner Dexter Howard has no qualms using the word for the resurrection, as it were, of Walter Williams, who was declared dead Wednesday night. Howard received the call from Williams' hospice nurse, who told Howard that the 87-year-old had passed away. A family member called as well, saying the sa ...
Lawrence, Kansas. Dallas, Texas. Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee... It's not the Bible Belt, it's the Morrissey Belt!
"The 'Bible Belt' in the U.S. Is also the Lynching Belt." -Bob Avakian, BAsics.
Conservative Christianity Hurts Marriage? Not Exactly . By Eric Metaxas, Christian Post Contributor February 12, 2014|8:56 am According to a study about to be published in the American Journal of Sociology, being conservative Protestant, i.e., an evangelical, is not helpful when it comes to staying married. In fact, the authors conclude, "divorce is higher among religiously conservative Protestants-and even drives up divorce rates for other people living around them." Say what? The study, entitled "Red States, Blue States, and Divorce: Understanding Regional Variation in Divorce Rates," examined data on divorce for every county in the United States. What Jennifer Glass of the University of Texas and Philip Levchak of the University of Iowa found was that a "a key factor predicting divorce rates is the concentration of conservative Protestants in a county." For instance, Bible Belt states like Alabama and Arkansas rank second and third in divorce rates, while Massachusetts and New Jersey, so-called "Blue" ...
Discovered by Prince in 2006, Diane Birch wowed critics with her 2009 debut "Bible Belt." Her new album "Speak a Little Louder" validates the claim that she is one of the top singer-songwriters around. Birch stopped by "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to perform "It Plays On" off her new CD. Singer Songwriter Diane Birch dropped by Studio Q for two songs and an interview. This is 'Ariel' from her debut album 'Bible Belt'.
Remember, tomorrow is the big day! Diane Birch will be calling in at 3:00! Make sure to tune in, and check out her hit song Fools from her debut album "Bible Belt".
Recently one Congressman from a Bible Belt congressional district was asked about his attitude toward whiskey. The politician responded, "If you mean the demon drink that poisons the mind, pollutes the body, desecrates family life, and inflames sinners, then I'm against it." He continued, "But if you mean the elixir of Christmas cheer, the shield against winter chill, the taxable potion that puts needed funds into public coffers to comfort little crippled children, then I'm for it. "This is my position and I will not compromise."
Sad that anonymous gossip accounts exist in the Bible Belt where the majority claim Jesus as their Lord.
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The only natural disasters Africa has ever experienced are Europeans. No floods, tornadoes, earthquakes...just barbarians...meanwhile in the bible belt of America...
Like, this is really the Bible Belt.
"Am I the only one that walks around in panties & bra when home alone?"*Breaks Out Holy Water, Bible, Baby Oil & Belt * 😂😂😂
Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee have an obesity rate of over 30% Maybe they'll change their name from the Bible Belt to the Loosened Belt
the God of the universe is infallible and so is his word, and I was proudly born in the Bible Belt.
Sorry to everyone north of the bible belt. Looks like yall are getting more snow. Meanwhile in Fl we are wearing flops and sunscreen
Man if that law passes down here especially in the so called Bible Belt
I was watching the news today and I saw that the Seahawks won. I am happy for them since it is the first time they have ever even made it to the Super Bowl, but then I am partial to the Broncos as well. But check this out. The news showed the controversial Coca-Cola commercial, and it looks like some people got pretty upset. If you think about the history of our great country dating back to the Pilgrims and even to Columbus and his encounters with Native Americans, you might actually give Coca-Cola a lot of credit for having gotten it right this time. After Columbus' arrival, brutal though it was, Spaniards took over the lower 1/3 of the United States in what is now known as the Bible Belt to include territory in states we now call Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and a few others - they spoke Spanish to say the least. Remember, we bought Florida from the Spanish. Yes, I realize we paid the wrong people for Florida, but what is done is done. Those Latinos decided ...
Living in a small town in the middle of the bible belt youbjust just straight up say it ever. And for your job youre a believer.
well at least California is more open-minded about things in general than midwest/bible belt
Good luck. Living in Oklahoma's bible belt is like living in the Spanish Inquisition for the lgbt community
Of course Nikki has a stick up her *** ..she if from the Bible Belt.
I'm from the Bible Belt of the south, but I could never live with a bible thumping family..
the Bible Belt is composed of drunk rednecks and tornados
you defiantly will coming from Cali and going to the Bible Belt lol
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The philosophical discussion of Bible Belt Christianity is dope. Also the noir exploration of coastal Louisiana. Love.
Not surprised to find the Bible belt cities at the top. Although SF was surprisingly high!
Gee just look at those Bible belt state...first in hate, fear and ignorance.
Halftime during Book of Mormon in Atlanta, I think the jokes are better in the Bible Belt.
Is it just me, or does this graph of the "Bible Belt" on Wikipedia look like an advertisement for Orajel or some product to get rid of inflammation.
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