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Bible Belt

Bible Belt is an informal term for a region in the southeastern and south-central United States in which socially conservative evangelical Protestantism is a significant part of the culture and Christian church attendance across the denominations is generally higher than the nation's average.

Barack Hussein Obama Silicon Valley

looks deep fried, which would fast track legalization in the Bible Belt.
I have a theory. I think he is trying to bring the bible belt into the dems. Sounds crazy I kn…
Not to mention that island is the 50th state of the USA. Go back to the Bible Belt you crawled out of
Amazing Bible Belt red states lacking concepts like mercy and compassion. Pillars of Christianity I was raised with.
If i ever need people for a parody of life under the Bible belt, I'll know who to ask!
Fake news kind of he's being a realist if we're going to get Dems elected in Bible Belt states
Something totally grown ups do.why are we letting the kids run the…
So much for going to space. Research Van Allen belt!! People stop being foolish and research! Bible tells us firmam…
No Muslim I know would be killed for leaving their faith. They would not be ostracized any more than a…
Bad choices were made... should of just went home. - Drinking a Bible Belt at -
Especially if you live in the bible belt area.
I've learned this past year there's more liberals in the bible belt than I thought.
Sure. But not all the way out. There are lots of uncloseted atheists in the Bible Belt.
Born&spent most of my life in the Bible Belt. Feminism & Christianity are intertwined.…
Also, as reminds us, huge % of executions occur in Bible Belt. We don't think this is what Jesus ha…
The is an expensive, error-prone classist relic of our racist history, almost exclusive to the Bible/Death Belt
I would rather be an effeminate, flamboyant *** man in the Bible Belt than a cisgender, het…
Ahh here comes the Coastal *** New York Intelligentsia to mock me, the Real American From the Bible Belt. Quelle surprise.
You are in no position to judge those of us under the buckle of the Bible Belt. Just saying "I'm no…
How the Bible Belt lost God and found Trump via
When you have a chance to go to the Cup final and you play in the Bible Belt.
I am a Christian, living in the belt. Your words are so true, but I ca…
You saying this doesn't apply to the bible belt USA?
East Coast does not have to hate for anybody else of a different skin color l…
Who the *** cares? She's a Grifter that earns a living preying on the ignorant occupants of Bible Bel…
If ya'll thought the bible belt was uneducated before then buckle the fck up 😂😂
right, the people who put him there in the first place though? Not a coincidence Trump did better in Bible Belt than Cruz
RNC might hold on to some piddly districts in bible belt.But entire LIBERAL STATES like California…
The bible doesn't state that the stars…
Boomers ask, 'How Far Is It from the Bible Belt to Silicon Valley?'
Not rating this one...not fair...followed a BA Bible Belt, which is like Eddi... (Hopburst)
I'm from the belly of the Bible Belt that mfckin preacher daughters son where they can't find no woman no man no cousin without a gun
At McDonalds in Nashville and Christian music is playing... Yep we're in the Bible Belt...
And the school did nothing. Then there is the case of Drew Breton in Mobile Alabama, the heart of the Bible Belt. Four good Christian
Not suprised.. They're subservient in the Bible Belt. "Best be gettin to fixin to votin for Trump, Betty Lou!"
So glad I was born and raised in the South and the Bible Belt of America.
Austin City Council race heating up? Can't stand Zimmerman, but out here in the Bible Belt this ad could backfire🤔
It could be that they are doing more good for churches than "a Bible Belt religion." Certainly true of the church I serve.
and Bible Belt "Christians". James Dobson and Pat Robertson called on "Christian" kids to bully and beat up
The hangups stem from growing up in a closed minded family/society. If you lived here in the "Bible Belt" you would understand!
I was raised Baptist,was a religious studies minor,almost joined the Catholic Church AND we live on the Bible Belt
TN is called the BUCKLE of the Bible Belt. We're below the Mason Dixon...we brought u Jack Daniels, 36 Mafia & country music...y'all dumb
We in the west, Bible Belt, engage with people who love "The Law" as well but nowhere near the extent of Jews
living in the Bible Belt of TX, my first "cassette" was Shout At The Devil, I got grounded for a month...but I kept the cassette😂
Post-Trump, we can create a new nation without the Bible Belt/South. They serve no purpose.
a few of the disadvantages jump out from the words 'Bible Belt'
the Bible Belt has its advantages and disadvantages. But thank you :-)
liquor stores are closed in Tennessee on Sunday's :') bible belt probs
I live in the Bible Belt... So of course I'm conservative
Today on Ruston Market Treasures: custom-made cakes for the Bible Belt.
The same conservatives whose obstructionism is treason and whose Bible-belt pandering has dumbed down the entire country⁉️
This author nails it. I've pastored in and ministered to this "gospel innoculated" culture for over 26 years
Ministry challenges in the Bible Belt, immigration, MacArthur on integrity and more on The Early Bird Gets The Link .
The Bible Belt: Four Challenges to Ministry in the Land of the Over-Churched and Under-Reached via
it's the only way in Bible Belt AIDS America.
You'd be surprised, a lot of Trump's success in the Bible Belt was that he surprisingly took the evangelical vote when people expect
at least i don't live in the Bible belt
"Bible belt." And people think New York City is "ungodly." Got it.
I am from far below the Bible Belt and I know many who do.
Doesnt like NE FL, Bible belt politics getting pounded by
It's like traveling is, itself, was born in the Bible Belt of the Netherlands.
Yeah It's a big country just like US where northern states are pretty liberal while in the south there is the Bible belt
I don't know how you do it. I live in the Bible belt, and if I tell anyone I'm an atheist I am worse than a murderer. Props
It seems the line between genuine follower of Christ and the Bible-belt religious practitioner will soon become easily reco…
Thanks to for sharing the Bible Belt
writing 666 isn't something you may want to write in the gun toting Bible Belt
a bible belt christian with access to guns is just as dangerous ad an I.S. terrorist.
Hiking in rural Wisconsin today, I saw more "Americana" clothing than I've seen since living in the Bible Belt. (I also saw a confed flag.)
I don't know much about Holy Bibles. But I grew up in the Bible Belt
12 a nasty child it roared back Google America bible belt this same bible belt spilled blood of blacks like water and justified it with bibl
I was not built to live in the Bible Belt, that's for *** sure.
If you live in the Bible belt you will have been asked this question by our God loving protestant brothers and...
yes, would love to but doesn't sound like a northeast tour. Religious stuff usually stays below Bible Belt 😊
. . . but revert to when God smites the Bible Belt and 12 churches with tornados.
For a Christian, the hardest part of picking out your wardrobe has to be deciding if your belt is supposed to match your shoes or your Bible
Yes and the live in the bible belt...? Cool
Electronic Device Insurance
In West Texas, they are known as The West Texas Bible-Belt *** and have been for over 100 years
"not JUST the Bible Belt... The BUCKLE of the Bible Belt". Re: weird gambling & liquor laws in the Excited States 😕😕😕😕
I hate living in the Bible Belt sometimes 😐
I live in the bible belt so I have to deal with alot of entitled *** 24/7 Cuz I'm aparentally the town "punk"
flashbacks to when Jim Baker had his bible belt down around his ankles with Jessica Hahn
Interview tonight with Unbuckling the Bible Belt w/&
Tonight we have a comedy/music punk rock revival tour with Loosen the Bible Belt. $12/7pm doors/8pm show!
He's a nazi, this time we can't blame the Bible Belt. I'm so afraid of nazis.
figured it must, certainly never heard of any around here, but I live in the bible belt, dominated by baptists...
Yes it is. Anything is possible in the "Bible Belt" amongst all those redneck fruit cakes.
Every woman I know is voting for Trump. I'm in the heart of the Bible Belt and its Trump country by far
Why do Christian couples look like siblings and other questions from the Bible Belt: my autobiography
I love living in the Bible Belt since if I were still living in NYC I'd be waiting for them to re-erect the Temple of Baal in Times Square.
1 out 51 people is Georgia is HIV infected. The South(the "Bible Belt) is the HIV infection capital of America.
I'm in such an inclusive, accepting bubble here in college - stepping outside of that, and heading back to the Bible Belt is terrifying
I would say 1832 would be my guess. In the bible belt that is.
the Bible Belt really makes me question humanity
The Bible Belt allows for only listening which is fine until it leads to looking this up
This is awesome, folks. Welcome to the bible belt's version of Sharia Law.
Day: made. My short piece will be included in Bible Belt Almanac!
he's from Alberta... It's Canada backwards Bible belt province.
If i live in one of "The Bible Belt States" my sins should be forgiven by God who is the only force who can judge me..and..
because if you're *** in the Bible Belt and seeking therapy to deal with that special trauma, it matters.
The Bible Belt tryin to get rid of all LGBT
How the *** is the Bible Belt more liberal with it's voting laws than the Northeast?
well that's easy. Just make content the Bible Belt would consider part of the *** Agenda.
no, I'll be deep in the Bible Belt... it's a dry county.
Stunted social progress in the Bible Belt? No way.
The Bible Belt filled with religious dumbasses.
MB Bible Belt would elect a pig if it was painted blue. Pigs can't run so Candice Bergen continues to embarrass us.
Again, the Bible Belt is very annoying.
What nerve considering they are part of the Bible Belt.
Scott Brown is wrong, Koontz is not known in the Bible Belt; outside beltway to insiders is a radius of 50 miles: wake up Brown
thanks. Proud to be a Texan Democrat but not many of us in the Bible Belt. So I do not discuss my political beliefs
Which is what every poor, bible belt Republican believes they'll be someday
This is when "religion" and politics conflict in the heart of the "Bible Belt". No excuse for any abuse.
Read this journey of a family as they face autism together: .
I said whoa what's this when lost the Bible belt-instinctively knew that meant big trouble-wish he'd had you advising
...ha ha I live in the bible belt sir. holisitc sex =marriage .merica
and don't forget Trump also won the bible belt which was suppose to win.
Gonna let it rock let it roll let the bible belt come and save my soul ☀️
I've now been judged by a faux Bible Belt phony but that's ok Noell
that's why they do hide behind being bible belt and do all their dirty work more of them than DEMS
Here in Memphis(Bible Belt), we need to understand going to church, and going through a Bible program does not save us, Jesus does.
I'd be more happy if it's Tech beating the *** out of the Bible Belt Baptist Baylor Bears at the gates of heaven.
I added a video to a playlist Alabama vs Tennessee in a battle for the Bible Belt
I just finished day 2 of the Plan Buckling The Belt Of Truth. Check it out here:.
Completely true. Here in the San Joaquin Valley where I live, it's very much Bible Belt conservative.
.. Just so you know, telling people they should gouge their eyes out is just as hateful as homophobic hate from the bible belt
Jesus, watching a CHS talk you would think she was doing a talk about secularism in the bible belt in the 50's.
American Bones is now in the Bible Belt. Giant crosses, sermons on the radio, and green pastures
ahem well this is what happens with bible belt thumpers etc get sucked into BS etc .. meh anyway
try living on the Bible Belt in Texas as an atheist for a year🙄🙄
Is being called a goober an endearing term if coming from a straight laced bible belt type? Asking for a friend.
You know you're in the Bible Belt when...
. Hate preachers in the bible belt are basing their hate on exactly what is written in the bible. They are just as Xtian as you
The Bible Belt states are such pains in the ***
When you are so creepy and unlikable the Bible Belt rejected you, the smart choice is to double down:
Odd that the Bible Belt is so often ravaged by tornadoes. It's like the prayers for protection are producing higher win…
Stand, therefore, with truth like a belt around your waist, righteousness like armor on your chest,. Ephes….
If CAN'T WIN in the Bible belt or the Northeast against HOW can be think he'd beat DELUSIONAL
taking about players staying out of trouble. Vegas ain't exactly the Bible Belt
is back in Indiana, the Bible belt, and he is bringing back that phony televangelist slang again, panderer. Some see through the bull.
What Lady Mary and the Proverbs 31 Woman Have That I Don’t: I grew up in the Bible belt. I hear...
not only won the 13 original colony states..He won the bible belt.
I would like 2 point out that the most sexist, bigoted, and racist states are in the Bible Belt. Christianity at its best.
This only tells me that you don't live in the bible belt.
Here's my latest: Muslims used to love living in Tennessee, as in much of the Bible Belt. Then it turned on them.
For decades, even after 9/11, Muslims felt at home in Tennessee, the “buckle of the Bible Belt.” No longer:
that's CRAZY. So, a sex trafficking ring in the Catholic Church is ok to air in the buckle of the Bible Belt..
You forget you're in the Bible Belt, Kara Jo. CN is just doing what it must to keep its funding w/ Southern Baptists.
I just think Texas and that whole Bible Belt section is so, like, corporate...
The entire area from Bible Belt and southward is just an inbred, Confederate flag waving, ignorant embarrassment to the rest of the U.S.
Trump won every single county in Tennessee except for Williamson, where Rubio edged him out. crazy that Bible Belt states are pro Trump
across Bible Belt voted for the rich and powerful over the Jewish man preaching health care, education, & peace.
Little Giant Ladders
Just proves there is no Bible Belt, only an unbiblical nation.
Then if you combine the Bible Belt with the Rust Belt I guess you get the "Bust Belt" ... wait ... that's not helping ...
SC- Bible Belt remember Cruz said same sex marriage is up 2 the States not God. Actions speak louder than words not a true Christian 2 me
Infant with powers falls from the heavens into Bible Belt. Oddly, no-one thinks it's Jesus II
Looking at these NH polls JOHN FREAKING KASICH going to be all that's left if Trump savages Cruz in Bible Belt?
or heard of westboro baptist church. Or been to the Bible Belt.
Isn't the Bible Belt of America quite poor?
The Bible-belt in the southern states are so archaic, they’re so very insular too.
Oh Christian conservatives…. It's beginning to look a lot like fighting season at. Every mall you go…
"Onward, Christian soldiers: Research shows the majority of states where shoppers are most likely to experience...
to be fair, for me (a person who lives in it) the Bible Belt, is something that shows you live where a bunch of *** are who
Big surprise? Gee, what else is there in common? Bible Belt Leads Nation In Black Friday Violence
That's what I say!. You can't win with the bible belt. They're NUTS!
If all the PPs disappeared tomorrow there are still metric tons of places even in Bible Belt states for Women's health
U know who won last election in Bible Belt Iowa. NE States will be telling. Next Dec debate, too.
Doesn't this tell you everything you need to know about organized religion ?. Just wow :(
Th Mirror meets trans women from the US Bible Belt:
Only shock is that Colorado Springs hasn't banned PP. Are they no longer the Westernmost buckle in Bible Belt?
The South is by far the best as far as all that goes in my opinion. Plus we're known for being the "Bible belt" so😉
Yet another category in which the hellhole Bible Belt brings up the rear
You can't have *** shaped sex toys shipped to states in the Bible belt and I think that is crazy.
This is on my desk. Trying to get to it in early 2016.
Thx,very aware of M's& theirnasty beliefs not new. My comment called out guy who equated M law w Bible belt.
Let me continue my sermon on how many Christians are nit your bibles to the book of Matthew,...
Violence in the name of consumerism.
If he a Rich New Yorker can draw a crowd of 30 + thousand in the Bible Belt .. Yes h…
- agreed. But there are Bible Belt towns that prohibit sales of any alcohol today. His is that different?
- of course you don't! The Bible Belt is real and its was (till recently) very repressive!
- so the term "bible belt" is fictional term? Laws banning Alcohol in TN countries are failure?
- how is that any difference than the Bible Belt ?
Listening to a mix of Christian and Christmas songs on Christian radio in the bible belt
It makes a *** of a lot of sense that the god-fearing Republicans of the bible belt would have the most fights.
RIGHTEOUSNESS must prove to be the belt of his hips and FAITHFULNESS the belt of his loins. Isaiah 11:5
being in the "bible belt" doesn't help. The educational system is biased against girls and very poorly funded.
Why do baby boomers make me grump?. I worked in the produce department in Wal-Mart in the bible belt while being ***
this guy would probably be laughed at outside the Bible Belt. 😂
if there were less than 20 bible quotes hanging on the walls, did you even visit your Bible Belt family???¿¿?
The Bible Belt wins again... This time for the most Black Friday sale fights.
Bible Belt states lead the way for fights.
expected setlist. -I'll Say It. -Kathy Griffin Does the Bible Belt. ... Full==>
But you are Catholic. Most in the Bible Belt are protestant. Protestants do not hold Sirach in the same esteem, few have heard of it
Clearly, you haven't spent much time in the fly-over states. Nothing crazier than repressed Bible Belt ppl on vacation.
'series of hedonistic parties in 'Bible Belt'...
fun fact of the day: I've lived in the Bible Belt my entire life and I saw my first real life nun today standing outside of the art museum
Or at least their US counterparts. Not too many humans outside the Bible Belt or Brett Easton Ellis novels named Blaine.
Sweet Baby James could make it four! Have you heard of Diane Birch? Her album Bible Belt reminds me of Carole.
"I wanna look like a Christian who came right out of the Bible not the Bible Belt." . - Francis Chan
Met some people from Michigan's west side Bible Belt teaching at a Christian school in Tanzania today. I was only mildly surprised.
the university I attend. A baptist college in the heart of the Bible Belt. How people act here is mostly intolerable
People Just Don't GET IT. Could someone draw a picture for the middle class in the Bible Belt? Gawd, frustrating
Ted Cruz's dad: “I’ll tell you what, it is appalling that in...Houston, right in the middle of the Bible Belt, we have a homosexual mayor.”
Amazing video from former Pentecostal pastor - graduating from primitive beliefs in the Bible Belt.
Bible Belt atheist: When we learned about the former pastor Jerry DeWitt's struggles with being an “outed” atheist…
The is the largest state of the Union which roughly corresponds w/ the pork rinds & Bible Belt
Epidemic of perverted pastors in the bible belt.
shall we guess? My first guess is bible belt homophobe ... That or he hates poor Africans
Searching for God on Google . Interesting via "are 100s of 1000s of pointed questions" even in Bible Belt.
Tim Tebow playing for the Cowboys. It was preordained. Too good not to happen. Please Jerruh, bring the buckle to our bible belt.
"The Bible Belt" is on tap at in downtown Thanks for the…
w/o this hashtag, I wouldn't get 2 c the underbelly of the Bible Belt attempt to cyber bully me
That look you get from librarian when checking out a Christopher Hitchens book. Oh living in the Bible Belt...
I'm watching "L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin," which is about being a *** in the Bible Belt South. It was released in 2014.
Guy'z see ouroboros, see the tail end of the American Bible Belt enterprise. Now enters the pope of Rome, the rattler is firmly in his mouth
Any opinions on $6 dress? I think charity shop in US bible belt has supplied me v well. Clodder not easy being short
Mama was an angel, daddy was the brimstone. One foot in Heaven, one foot in *** I found religion 'tween the bible and the belt
Welcome to Oklahoma the buckle of the Bible Belt and the capital for meth.
If white Christians are just as dangerous as Muslims then wouldn't bombs be going off in the Bible Belt every day like in Yemen
GUAB ! not a "liberal thing" look around you past all those Bible belt fundamentalist rednecks
Exactly what I was saying bout the Bible Belt be hopping
The Bible Belt is like an iWatch only its a belt with random digital scripture quotes generated on the buckle. Holdin up your faith pants.
Are these people retarded? We are a Christian nation. No Qu'aran needed! Bible in bible belt thank you!
man the Bible Belt would be hopping
not racist, I just live in the Bible Belt and that is exactly how people around here talk.
Probably doesn't help that the entire bible belt is near average or colder than average...
"We had people camped out all night for the Little Miss Peanut pageant" "Really?" "Honey, I'm in the buckle of the Bible Belt"
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Darling when the ice caps melt. When the devil's in the Bible Belt. Don't cower in your bed
I wonder how accepting these thousands of will be of the LGBT community? Probably make the Bible Belt look like the Castro.
.has got to be the most cosmopolitan place in the south for its size. I've been around the bible belt. Trust me. It's worse.
move to Alabama if you want some, I know you love the Bible Belt so much 😂🍔🍳
Just because the Bible is clipped to our belt (cell phone) doesn't mean it's inscribed in our minds. --Robert Morgan
From 'Bible belt' to 'bibliobibuli' - 7 great words and phrases coined by H. L. Mencken:
The Bible Belt...where the only mandatory education is Sunday School.
coming out as *** is not the big deal in the progressive parts of USA it was. As Atheist now that is trouble in Bible belt!!
Either that or you have some sort of dysmorphia and you dream of being a red-state baby boomer in the bible belt.
Photoset: queenevea: bible-belt-atheist: I forgot to post this after the rally. Someone gave it to me and I...
The Belt is a terrific example of why the U.S. needs to avoid theocracy at all costs.
like forcing you to abide an idea under threat of death?I know Tenn is bible belt but u still hve speach/rights.
Obama is flooding Bible Belt with thousands of unscreened Muslim refugees
From the Bible Belt of California, the Central Valley, check out what this Bakersfield TV station interviewer does… http:…
REMINDER: Black men were burned alive in America's Bible Belt by white Christian death squads. ht…
domain names
Barack Hussein Obama is Flooding the Bible Belt with Tens of Thousands of Unscr via
[AISH Spirituality] My Resilient Jewish Soul: In a dysfunctional home in the Bible Belt, a young woman discovers...
Which is ironic because the article is glorifying the fact that we live in the Bible Belt and how our high school completely disregards
it's so weird going to a school in the Bible belt bc in Bio they have to give a disclaimer about evolutionary theories and the big bang
Jihadists are going to have a harder time in the bible belt areas too. They despise Islamists.
I think it's funny that the showed Alabama as the most adulterous, yet we are in the Bible Belt, people! Wake up 👀
girl, I live in the North GA Bible belt. I'll never escape Left Behind.
They're trying to find out why Alabama is the highest. This lady pretty much said we live in the Bible Belt so we gon do it on the low low.
Living in the Bible Belt doesn't make you a Christian, just like being born in a garage makes you a car
trump claiming the bible is his favourite book in Alabama, the Bible Belt, isn't predictable?
Trump's Drudge Report siren day marred by Donald's bad mouth in the Bible Belt via
I say god *** too much to live in the Bible Belt
honestly growing up in the Bible Belt was always pretty horrific for me. But now I've learned people who judge my religion are irrelevant
Please come to the Canadian bible belt. We need backup.
8) Living in the Bible Belt is a little scary sometimes. Wealthy, loud, religious people are unnerving and they're everywhere :/
excellent news!! The States are going batty denying separation of church and state right now in bible belt
Banning Old Glory in the Bible Belt?! This is ludicrous! PC garbage has gone too far.
Only in Bible Belt: pump tubes water bars & pamphlets specifically geared to cyclists
We took a road-trip to the bible belt of America. Just trying to fit in now.
Armed with only a belt and a bible, sequoia rolls around town, disciplining and turning ur bad as satan spawns into Angels💪🏾
.just because you're from the Bible Belt doesn't mean you're going to gods country. POS.
I hear you fellas are coming to charlotte, nc. Now joe can whip himself with a bible belt! Yee haw!
Really? People tell me that about stuff all the time!! But I live in the effin' Bible Belt!
I didn't report it. In the bible belt it's always the woman's fault.
A bible salesman just came 2 my the bible belt. That's like that chick selling seashells by the seashore.
When i feel blessed to be in the bible belt 😭😭🙏
YES! It was kind of shocking since we are the buckle of the bible belt!
But why is the bible belt, the most racist region in America ?
Bible-Belt people need to be saved from their salvation and come to Jesus.
Leave it to people in the Bible Belt to still have the mindset of someone living 250 years ago.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Just guessing...Bible belt, fundamentalist white males who get a chubby just thinking about a collar bone.
IKR? And Bill Clinton was impeached by the Bible Belt? ;-)
Just returned from our atheist booth at a festival in the Canadian bible belt: fossils are man-made and moon landings are fake
So, basically what the Bible Belt has become.
Sunday night = stout night x Bible Belt 13 percents of complex flavour and boozyness
I want an alcoholic beverage, but it's Sunday and I live in the Bible Belt. 😩😩😩
I am thankful for the opportunity to preach for Pastor Hyatt and the people of Bible Belt Baptist Church in Chesnee today.
the raging amount of hormones and the power of the Bible Belt must've summoned a floating arm 😂😂 I didn't notice that
Reading your blog and ... Loving it ! Will loosen the bible belt a few notches LOL. :-)|)
I am a minority in the Bible Belt. All but the prayer leader loves me anyway. She will probably never speak to me 😂😂
Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt by Bang Tango from the album: Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt
The loss of the Bible Belt may be bad news for America. But it can be good news for the church.- Russell Moore
I should add, I live in Texas, in the middle of a collision between wealthy Republicans and the usual Bible Belt
Best part about living in the Bible Belt: if you want to get somewhere on a Sunday before lunch, the roads are EMPTY
Welcome to living in small town Bible Belt ladies and gentlemen
This is crazy Oklahoma is like in the Bible Belt, so we can remove the 10 commandments Satie but allow a satanic statue. Freaking WOW!!!
In the Heartland, the slice of rural America known as Little Dixie, the Bible Belt and flyover country, Missouri Rec…
Agree, fundies always vote, makes things worse for Blue in the Bible Belt.
New England and the Pacific Northwest are least religious parts of the U.S., while the South remains the Bible Belt
In Central FL (old south legacy, Bible Belt residue) only 20% go to church w any regularity. Who did they interview?
Don't unbuckle the Bible Belt without protection --> Chlamydia outbreak at Texas high school with no sex ed policy
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