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Bible Belt

Bible Belt is an informal term for a region in the southeastern and south-central United States in which socially conservative evangelical Protestantism is a significant part of the culture and Christian church attendance across the denominations is generally higher than the nation's average.

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Living in the Bible Belt doesn't make you a Christian, just like being born in a garage makes you a car
trump claiming the bible is his favourite book in Alabama, the Bible Belt, isn't predictable?
Trump's Drudge Report siren day marred by Donald's bad mouth in the Bible Belt via
I say god *** too much to live in the Bible Belt
honestly growing up in the Bible Belt was always pretty horrific for me. But now I've learned people who judge my religion are irrelevant
Please come to the Canadian bible belt. We need backup.
8) Living in the Bible Belt is a little scary sometimes. Wealthy, loud, religious people are unnerving and they're everywhere :/
excellent news!! The States are going batty denying separation of church and state right now in bible belt
Banning Old Glory in the Bible Belt?! This is ludicrous! PC garbage has gone too far.
Only in Bible Belt: pump tubes water bars & pamphlets specifically geared to cyclists
We took a road-trip to the bible belt of America. Just trying to fit in now.
Armed with only a belt and a bible, sequoia rolls around town, disciplining and turning ur bad as satan spawns into Angels💪🏾
.just because you're from the Bible Belt doesn't mean you're going to gods country. POS.
I hear you fellas are coming to charlotte, nc. Now joe can whip himself with a bible belt! Yee haw!
Really? People tell me that about stuff all the time!! But I live in the effin' Bible Belt!
I didn't report it. In the bible belt it's always the woman's fault.
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A bible salesman just came 2 my the bible belt. That's like that chick selling seashells by the seashore.
When i feel blessed to be in the bible belt 😭😭🙏
YES! It was kind of shocking since we are the buckle of the bible belt!
I just think Texas and that whole Bible Belt section is so, like, corporate. And I don't agree with organized religion in that respect.
But why is the bible belt, the most racist region in America ?
Bible-Belt people need to be saved from their salvation and come to Jesus.
Leave it to people in the Bible Belt to still have the mindset of someone living 250 years ago.
Just guessing...Bible belt, fundamentalist white males who get a chubby just thinking about a collar bone.
IKR? And Bill Clinton was impeached by the Bible Belt? ;-)
Just returned from our atheist booth at a festival in the Canadian bible belt: fossils are man-made and moon landings are fake
So, basically what the Bible Belt has become.
Sunday night = stout night x Bible Belt 13 percents of complex flavour and boozyness
I want an alcoholic beverage, but it's Sunday and I live in the Bible Belt. 😩😩😩
I am thankful for the opportunity to preach for Pastor Hyatt and the people of Bible Belt Baptist Church in Chesnee today.
the raging amount of hormones and the power of the Bible Belt must've summoned a floating arm 😂😂 I didn't notice that
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I don't know much about Holy Bibles, but I grew up in the Bible Belt.
Reading your blog and ... Loving it ! Will loosen the bible belt a few notches LOL. :-)|)
WAKE UP CALL: Barack Hussein Obama is Flooding the Bible Belt with Tens of Thousands of...
I am a minority in the Bible Belt. All but the prayer leader loves me anyway. She will probably never speak to me 😂😂
Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt by Bang Tango from the album: Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt
The loss of the Bible Belt may be bad news for America. But it can be good news for the church.- Russell Moore
I should add, I live in Texas, in the middle of a collision between wealthy Republicans and the usual Bible Belt
Best part about living in the Bible Belt: if you want to get somewhere on a Sunday before lunch, the roads are EMPTY
Welcome to living in small town Bible Belt ladies and gentlemen
This is crazy Oklahoma is like in the Bible Belt, so we can remove the 10 commandments Satie but allow a satanic statue. Freaking WOW!!!
In the Heartland, the slice of rural America known as Little Dixie, the Bible Belt and flyover country, Missouri Rec…
Agree, fundies always vote, makes things worse for Blue in the Bible Belt.
New England and the Pacific Northwest are least religious parts of the U.S., while the South remains the Bible Belt
In Central FL (old south legacy, Bible Belt residue) only 20% go to church w any regularity. Who did they interview?
Don't unbuckle the Bible Belt without protection --> Chlamydia outbreak at Texas high school with no sex ed policy
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Latest - Frustrated Bible Belt Christians now want to ban 'sinful' yoga pants!
Charlotte is so disrespectful. Bars r done! No liquor!!! The bible belt is real yall!! Going home
In the Bible Belt Acceptance is Hard-Won, by Anne Hull won Outstanding Newspaper Article GLAAD Award in 2005
im so ti)red frkm work today and tomorrow I work All Day Long & it's the day b4 Easter in the bible belt aka *** on Earth for retail goodby
Sadly, weed is illegal in my state... Stupid bible belt.
Those people in your "Bible Belt" are how the world see's your USA. A war on the poor. Keep the people oppressed baby.
Ah! Yeah, that's a bible belt euphemism if i ever heard one.
I live in the Bible Belt, talking to door knockers could take up a good part of my day. : )
also why is divorce the highest in the bible belt? Also teen pregnancy. Perhaps the church should refocus it's argument!
I'm not a fan of organized religion. Shocker, I know, me being a rwnj and all, and in the buckle of the Bible Belt.
I'm in the Bible Belt so if 2 people are sharing a bed they sure as *** better not be touching!
Just took over managing a restaurant in the bible belt. THIS...this should be fun!!
Yoga doesn’t bend rules on religious freedom: U.S. court [but Bible Belt bends then breaks them every day]
The "Bible Belt" sounds like a kinky religious version of "50 Shades of Grey"
sounds like a refreshing Catholic drink for "the Billy bible belt" tour
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I have NEVER been trick or treating... and im 21 years old. welcome to tha bible belt buckle of TN
"My new belt has The Ten Commandments written on," I beam. "If this is a Bible Belt joke I'll hurt you," she smiles sweetly. "B…
I crave places like this. Just solidifies that I'm meant to be out here. Bye bye Bible Belt.
Americans and middle eastern folks by far are the warmest, nicest people I've ever came in contact with.. By far!!! & I'm in the Bible Belt
If we were to actually do what the bible tells us to, almost all of the people protesting against lgbt rights are going to *** too😂
this park opened June last year. So they trying different stuff. Plus we in the Bible Belt. More churches per capita than McDonalds.
Indiana is in the "Bible Belt" and Arkansas is not. That is the big difference. The Sodomites population are...
Plenty more where he came from in the bible belt.
Haven't been on all day.. Soon as I do... What do I see... Another form of racism etc. within the "Bible Belt" in this "Great" country.
Pssht okay Ken you are like the biggest nerd there is from the Bible Belt.
Yea TX is full of Bible Belt hypocrites. That's why I'm moving to CO.
You're in Bible Belt where they don't tolerate us that much.
It's good Friday in the Bible Belt and I just got the dirtiest looks walking into BurgerFi😁
Part of working at a walmart in the bible belt is getting invited to church like every day
On Good Friday in the Bible Belt, maybe not ,,,
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ESPECIALLY in the south on the bible belt
I keep forgetting that Atlanta is in the bible belt..everything was closed or it closed early today.
hey hillbilly... You ever notice that the Bible Belt gets ravaged by Tornadoes. It's god way of telling u you're an ***
Being a Jew in the bible belt is the hardest thing I've experienced. This is the 3rd store I've been to & I still don't have matzos 😅
pre order now for the "Bible Belt" dlc. loads of secret weapons and perks.
A person in the bible belt say, is more likely to be religious and more likely to be conservative
You know you live in the Bible Belt when you drive past a church that's reenacting the Crucifixion...
Interesting that Good Friday a state holiday and a day off for public schools in CT, while it's school day in Bible Belt state like Georgia.
The Frankfurt school and their radical MArxist ideas I can explain easily to students from the a Bible Belt
I expected this kind of behavior from middle America...Kansas, or like, the Bible Belt...I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed, Indiana.
Blk History Month will continue to be everyday in my home. Even though we live below the Mason Dixon line.Bible Belt?
How is it that 2 Bible Belt(ish) states - West Va and Mississippi - are the only ones without religious exemptions for vaccination?
Uh, not in Flyover Country or the Bible Belt, pal. Can we survive two more years...assuming he leaves then?
"Many counties in the Bible Belt state began issuing the licenses to same-sex couples”
Not all Americans are poop. It is mostly the society and ppl from Bible Belt.
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FROM: Greg Gutfeld - . " So Marilyn Manson sees self as brave for mocking Bible Belt, knowing they...
You know you're no longer in the Bible Belt when you can't find a Southern Baptist church at all in your area.
Sad but true. Reformed Baptist church hard to find in Bible Belt sometimes. Lots of belt & no Bible.
am i too late?!. Extraordinary machine by Fiona Apple. Melophobia by cage the elephant. Bible Belt by Diane Birch
besides obvious comics, who else could sell out the Sunday night before College's National Championship game in the Bible Belt?
1913 Penguin Poets 439 Paradise Lost / John Milton truly majestic ,tragic that it still informs religious "thought" in the Bible Belt
It's not only Texas that thinks that way, it's the whole Southern half of the States. Hence me stating "Bible Belt".
But yeah, my friends and I went to a small town in the middle of the Bible Belt, and we decided to hold hands in protest.
believe me, I know. I live in the middle of Bible Belt country. :v
Me describing Texas, Buckle of the Bible Belt, to the church: “If God had a big Rodeo belt buckle you would the cowboy riding the bronco.”
Not looking good for Charlie Crist. Of course, the Bible Belt will vote for the Republican, even if he is a crook. So, to me, we will be stuck with Governor Skeletor for four more years.
I wonder how many of the cities are in the "Bible Belt" & are being led by a "Christian".
And darling when the icecaps melt and the devils in the bible belt
You know you are in the bible belt when there are more people reading the bible than studying for mid terms in a coffee shop.
they crapped emselves over the bible belt, pro gun, pro hunting brigade. cos those ARE good family values. they sell toys
I live in the Bible Belt but I have never met people more hypocritical than the ones here.
New York Times reports on Amendment 1 vote in 'abortion capital of the Bible Belt' - Humphrey on the Hill
I would expect this from the bible belt, but Canada?
More attacks by on women's rights now in Tennessee
I'm stranded in the Bible Belt so it's hard to get this kinda music from stores. Nearest hot topic & bestbuy are 1 hr away-
VOTE YES ON 1: "requires no special counseling and no waiting period."
Front page of today's discusses Tennessee's vote on abortion restrictions and Amendment No. 1
The rusted belt buckle of the Bible Belt finally buckled in Alabama.
.on the Tennessee vote that could affect abortion access for women living there and in nearby states:
The New York Times wrote a piece on the Vote Yes games in Tennessee, brought up Charlie Brown, but failed to...
Dont want an abortion? Dont have one. Simple. NYTimes: Abortion Capital of Bible Belt? Tennessee Vote Tests That Idea.
A Jewel in the Buckle of the Bible Belt: Bob Jones University Museum
This museum is a jewel in the buckle of the Bible Belt...: The American South is full of obscure oddities, une...
ONCE SCOTLAND AND WALES WERE GRANTED THEIR ASSEMBLIES, ONLY THE DIMMEST OF WITS COULD CONTINUE TO PRETEND THAT 'BRITAIN' AND 'ENGLAND' WERE ONE AND THE SAME THING. _The isles: a history_, Norman Davies. For Americans of English, Irish, Scots, Welsh decent, Norman Davies' history will, as it did for me, fascinate and help clarify your roots or at least some of your roots -:). It is not reading for light-weights. The book is over a thousand pages long and literally weighs a ton -:) I can't help thinking as well of our own country and the continuing divisions say between the Northeast, the South, Southwest, Bible Belt, etc., etc., etc. Also of the people from the former British colonies living in the UK and now citizens. When _The isles_ was written, 1999, Norman Davies was the Supernumerary Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford; Fellow of the British Academy and Professor Emeritus of the University of London. Publisher: Oxford University Press.
And statistically, my home state falls smack-dab in the Bible Belt. But half of my people were Jewish.
Why do people tell on themselves on the first 48? Because that female Detective from Memphis uses God in her "We know you're guilty" sales speech, to play a religious mother or grandmother.Works best below the Bible Belt.
The difference between the North and the South - at last, clearly explained. The North has Bloomingdale's , the South has Dollar General . The North has coffee houses, the South has Waffle Houses . The North has dating services, the South has family reunions. The North has switchblade knives; the South has Lee Press-on Nails. The North has double last names; the South has double first names. The North has Indy car races; The South has stock car races . North has Cream of Wheat , the South has grits. The North has green salads, the South has collard greens . The North has lobsters, the South has crawfish . The North has the rust belt; the South has the Bible Belt . FOR NORTHERNERS MOVING SOUTH . . . In the South : If you run your car into a ditch, don't panic. Four men in a four-wheel drive pickup truck with a tow chain will be along shortly. Don't try to help them, just stay out of their way. This is what they live for. Don't be surprised to find movie rentals and bait in the same store... Do not buy food ...
had Mad Newt Gingrich *** in her the Bible Belt Can Keep her now
I KNOW. I hate this place, I'm stuck in the Bible Belt of people who fear change and kids who grow up twisted 😒
Difference between playing in New York and playing in the *** Bible Belt.
Bible belt news: Special-needs girl allegedly raped after school uses her as ‘Bait' In Sexual Harassment Sting.
I wish I was. They're big in the Bible Belt.
I moved out of the Bible Belt for a reason! This is ridiculous!!!
Got it, at first was uncertain, I live in Bible belt State educ. highest rank 48th! ever! no time for zealots
Hey there from the bible belt! A former Pentecostal afraid you is now an agnostic laughing with you on the daily.
The northern end of the bible belt is getting more racist.
Man, I thought I would like this. Tastes like a campfire. Slight spice on the tip o... (Bible Belt)
yea man .. I rarely talk about it tho .. Kinda hard living in the Bible Belt
my friend sent me this explanation of how Nara by alt-j is actually abt a *** in the homophobic bible belt
bruhhh. they hate mine. I live in the Bible Belt so
we saw this show sat night .it was great! Not too graphic, but you are in the Bible belt! ;)
Some trolls decided to hold a black mass in the middle of the bible belt in my hometown wow.
totally agree with this being in the bible belt. Personally, I think the song's about a man, but I'd love to hear why she's...
Website... Um... Stop.. I live in the bible belt. If I wanted to be informed about jesus I would walk out side...
Bet there will be a pic on the lad bible tomorrow of a girl sat in the back of a car whilst FIFA is in the front with a seat belt on 😳
I feel so out of the loop in the bible belt I don't even believe in ghosts and everyone seems to have a spiritual moment everyday. Chill.
Asheville is the rhinestone buckle on the bible belt.
In a survey of fundamentalists from the Middle East to the Bible Belt, it was found that they all shared an equal hatred of feminist ideas.
Gonna let it rock, let it roll. Let the Bible Belt come and save my soul. 🎶
Think It must be. Bible Belt wackos and all that.
People like you are a disgrace you must be from the gun loving god fearing racist Bible Belt stupid people
If this country gets any fatter we’re going to have to put another notch in the Bible Belt
Agreed. We also had a lot of Bible Belt Baptist's who didn't go vote for the man because he was a Mormon.
e.g. "Bible Belt" by Dry the River is pretty and sad
bible belt for you. Happened to me all the time.
just the Bible Belt, I'm pretty sure.
A29 interested in like minded brothers/churches doing gospel work in small towns in Bible Belt? Curious about partnership.
Great blog post topic: Teaching evolution in the 'Bible Belt' ...
Oh yeah I forgot because we live in the Bible Belt
This was left in my postbox today. It's like something you'd expect to get in the US Bible Belt.
Yes.Confederate Bible Belt actually held a white cop accountable4 assaulting blk male but maybe cuz he's still alive
In da bible belt. Blue stocking and white sandals.
Good Ole Bible Belt: submitted by colinwehrle [link] [comment]
Rising # of Kentucky churches converted into mosques. Pastor says "religious makeup of Bible Belt rapidly changing"
yes, except not in the South, because the Bible Belt insists I keep on my pants. : )
In the heart of the Bible Belt, I had the most interesting magical conversation I’ve had in a while.
consequences of the bible belt Countries recognising Palestine as a state (green)
Bible belt in Europe: countries financing churces ". … via
So.the Peabody Hotel will be hosting the National 2015 Atheists convention in Memphis and the "Bible Belt" feels some type of way. This has been on the news since yesterday. As a Christian why do you care??? I can assure you that not one business will turn patrons away. While you're worried about Atheists having a convention Easter weekend you may want to locate the 9,000 school children that have yet to enroll in school, crime and employment is at an all time high. Christians are the most hypercritical religion! There will be money coming to our city. It's nothing personal, just business.geesh!!!
Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work…
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The people here in the bible belt think I'm joking when I tell them the religious right are overwhelming our...
do you guys have Evil twin bible belt in?
"Atheist convention flocks to the Peabody Hotel" . Aw NAW dawg! Not in the Bible Belt!!. 😆😆😆😆
Christians wish their gospel was as spicy, islam as devine and judaism as ko... (Bible Belt)
One stop at a Waffle House in bowling green Kentucky let me know how bad the meth problem is in the Bible Belt.
Israel plays a huge part in the Christian faith. We live in a country with a "Bible Belt." Yet the UN sees through Israel's game.
Thanks St Martha! On your feast I just agreed to set up a 24/7 Eucharistic Adoration Chapel in the Bible Belt thats in decline after 21 yrs
Change Coming to the Bible Belt!. Eureka Springs, Arkansas to host first mass *** wedding reception in the Bible belt
Detective Rust Cohle sums up the Bible Belt: "Just observation & deduction. I see a propensity for obesity. Poverty. A yen for fairy tales."
I a so ashamed at the way my society treats people who are down and out. Especially in the so called Bible Belt.
jach horner,has horns,and he's all thumbs, quit tripping, on your wires,burning know, the Bible Belt,knock you out
Being an atheist in the bible belt can be risky.
Oklahoma has always been called "The Bible Belt" Never would have imagined this here and the more immoral I see it becoming, I see God pounding the gavel if we don't wake up... I've been praying for revival but I'm wondering if judgement is coming just like for Sodom and Gommorah and the peoples in Noah's day...
The Bible Belt looks good from this perspective.
Meaning: You found your dream apartment in chicago, or that you gave up and returned to you're middle american bible belt life?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Almost see a connection to the so called "Bible Belt" hm
they pander to the so called religious right. It is about 170 electoral votes the bible belt
Being an atheist in the Bible Belt can be...
born & raised in the Bible Belt & experienced life on so many levels closed minds havent...
Interesting. So... Bible belt policies...RT The hardest places to live in the U.S.
Living in the Bible Belt is just a tad unfortunate..
Everytime I think it's hard living in the bible belt, I remember
I know several folks in the industry w very successful kids, I also know Bible Belt Christian children who r not
Good ole' bible belt! Family values! Here are the 10 most corrupt states in America
The Bible Belt: Where being overweight is blamed on genetics but being *** is a "lifestyle choice".
Josh Hill-NYTimes Comment-"but particularly in Bible Belt, ppl continue to use religion in its traditional role as a tool of social control"
Please excuse my drunk and obnoxious husband...I told him to shut it a few times! Lol!. .
I actually saw a political ad that said, "He's Al-Qaeda's best friend. So vote for me." Gotta love primary season in Michigan's Bible Belt.
im in total agreement awsum Sarah do it .. the bible belt has a lot to answer for make them answer
Police investigate alleged brothel on Townline Road. Yes, in the Bible Belt.
Wether someone calls the toys r us T. Rex a dinosaurs or a dragon is how I know if they're from the Bible Belt or the rest of earth.
down here, its rather common but I do live in the Bible Belt after all
Then I'll present 5 billion more than that for soccer. Nobody civilized outside of the bible belt agrees with you.
This is why I teach math. If I taught science, they'd fire me after one day in the bible belt.
If you weren't raised in the bible belt or one of the 13 colonies then your not from the south.
just adding to that lineup. huna14, Imperial end of days, bomb! Mexico cake,bible belt, luchador en fuego, gon be NUTS
aye. But it’s4/5 countries in one. The South has it’s characteristics. Then then the Bible Belt. Then east and west coast
or maybe it IS the Bible Belt, because teaching kid sex ed is equated to teaching kids to have sex, so no sex ed
Mexican Cake vs. Bible Belt: So my friend and I decided to do a side-by-side tasting of Westbrook Mexican Cake...
Growing up in the bible belt, raised by a family of screw-ups and racist/sexist republicans and somehow I turned out *** and pretty cool.
Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.
Oklahoma 3.4 mag earthquake >24 minutes ago. Bible belt, tornadoes and earthquakes, you have an ironic god.
One day I will visit the bible belt, purely to mock! Lol
Part 2 of Teaching in the Bible Belt with me and on
Well, to most "hip" planners, the family unit is no longer. :-/ I see that in huge cities, but not in Bible Belt or West MI.
Half of the east coast won't legalize weed because of the Bible Belt...
ISO Westy Blonde, 8, 12 FT Bomb!, Bible Belt, Mocha Abduction: Let me know if I am way off here and I can adju...
I wish the Bible Belt kinda screws us there a whole region of our country are drooling ***
throw a belt and the Bible at her lol
but now we're off through Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois and Kansas. THE BIBLE BELT YEAH
"I thought only pansies wore neckties" . What on earth were the eighties and what on EARPH is the Bible Belt? .
Teen pregnancies most prevalent in Bible belt redneck. Your flock are obsessed with sex.
I live in Southeast Arkansas, in the US, "bible belt".
Aw yes, the Bible Belt is a swell place where *** people aren't real.
I feel like a girl with her hair in a high bump it with a huge badazzley cross belt and a pink and zebra bible
the Bible Belt is the bunch of states across the us that believe that he bible is the only book they need
what's the Bible Belt we are 10 years behind everything here in nm
Recipe: Looking to brew up something similar to Prairie's "Bible Belt", "Bomb!" or "Even More Jesus…
I live in the bible belt. I could find the people to make that hapoen. XD
*** Marriage Legal in Indiana! Someone just loosened their bible belt two notches.
You haven't been studying statistics have you? Most teen pregnancies occur in the Bible Belt.
agreed, but I ddnt wanna *** anybody off in this bible belt of a state. Marriage = PF
*puts up pic of cake that says "hail satan" - gets 8 unfollows from Bible Belt folk* HA so surprising
also take into account we live in the Bible Belt. The most shallow region because we don't indulge in diverse cultures openly.
We live in the Bible Belt! It's Jesus Christ, George Straight and sweet tea!
I love when Bible belt Christians talk about overcoming adversity. Just kidding of course. It's ridiculously obnoxious.
Main reason I hate living in a bible belt. It pisses me off too much lol
Oh look what's out...part 2 of Teaching in the Bible Belt...Finally...
How is the south the bible belt when the whether clearly points to the absence of any benevolent supreme being.
It is impossible to find a non-christian private school in the bible belt... secular fail
Today, you have to watch out though. Duke Blue Devils offends some people in N.C., cause its a bible belt school.
The Dallas Project on Indiegogo! A documentary about strippers in the Bible Belt. via k...
Branching out and pouring myself into life outside of the Bible Belt was probably one of my best decisions this summer
This would never happen in the Bible Belt, but it's pretty funny to watch… especially when the two older women...
Long as the keg don't float and the ice don't melt, we'll loosen up a notch in the bible belt.
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That is weird. I've spent years in states where the bible belt is pulled as tight as a noose but alcohol was easily accessible
Yep, it drew teens from all of the surrounding states. But Bible Belt finally won out.
The dum dums commenting from Amsterdam and Bible Belt are entertaining.
Colorado Springs is the bible belt of the west.
We took back roads home from Greenville today, afraid the 5-10 mile backup we saw on 95 south would not have cleared. Seen along the way: evidence that this IS the Bible Belt. Church after church after church. Lots of Free Will Baptist and United Methodist. . Healthy tobacco fields. . Corn that is way more than knee high by the 4th of July. . Ramshackle farmhouses and trailers and much newer "mansions" that make you wonder where they earn their money in the middle of nowhere. (Maybe those tobacco fields!) . Fields that prove we are in the SANDhills. . A single luxurious black field of topsoil. . Goats, cows, horses, mules.
And this is the challenge and dilemma for us. Where do we find competent moral men with unassailable integrity ? Once found , how may we pursuade them to enter into the repulsive realm of politics ? For such men, what other than a sense of duty would induce them to do battle daily with the majority who are involved for less than honorable motives ? Dr. Ron Paul was such a man and we may remember the ridicule he endured during his bid for the Presidency. Even a crowded debate auditorium in the "Bible Belt" resounded with "boos" after he had the audacity to suggest that our foreign policy should be influenced by the "Golden Rule". In my opinion, this indicates something is gone wrong in the Churchand by extension our whole society. As the Pastors are ultimately responsible for the flock we should consider their training ground for an answer to the question, "What has changed ?" Dr. Paul stood virtually alone in Congress, a man whose voting record conformed to his oath of office. Fortunately, and perhaps pro ...
"Let it rock, let it roll, let the Bible Belt go and save my soul." Will always be some of my favorite lyrics.
karma: when that hypocrite you used to know gets his mission call to the bible belt. LOL.
Those are mostly military rifles. We're vastly different from you. Don't compare us to crazy bible-belt rednecks.
If Jesus lived in the Bible belt today, he would be branded a Liberal and run out of town.
the Stonecutters: The Dutch apparently feel no shame in hitting below the belt when it is the sticks. If
In a small town deep in the Bible Belt, four teen girls prepare to perform an exorcism on a classmate. Sofia shouldn't have gotten involved, but when the most popular girls in school invite you to join their group, you do what they tell you. Too bad their idea of an exorcism is more like torture than salvation. But Sofia can't go against the others...unless she wants to be next. Watch the trailer and get your copy of THE MERCILESS today:
gas stations are literally just liquor stores here. Jesus knows what's up in this Bible Belt
grl. I live in Texas. Our bible belt is on so tight, I'm surprised we can buy liquor at all. No liquor on Sundays here either.
Hello CSRA TALENT! Please read. We are looking for actor & actresses to help make this film a success! All shapes, sizes, and shades welcome to audition! Ha. We are really excited about this project. If you're interested in auditioning, email me at gurnetwork700You can also look up our previous work on YouTube: Gurnetwork. Thank you for your time and effort. In addition to extras, we are currently casting for a main role of "Duke". Read below to learn more. Enjoy! Nephew The Movie Based in the Bible Belt South, Nephew is a story about a young man's fight to gain redemption in a town of stiff necked people. The city of Foster and its people are conservative and as traditional as can be imagined. They have a time and place for everything; they vote unanimously for one party, and they have had the same Mayor for 12 years. This is how life has been in Foster and this is how it will always be. In the big city of Moré, not too far from Foster we find our main character, Travis Booker, a budding politician eage ...
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Batch 1. Green "wax". Have 2 more for trade if anyone in ATX is interested. (Bible Belt)
The Bible Belt is in fact a fine place to live if you happen to be a white, male, conservative, Baptist, heterosexual, NASCAR-loving bigot.
You know you live in rural America (in the South, in the Bible Belt, in Texas) when it's 2014 and you have to explain to someone what LGBT means.Le sigh!
Let me guess You're a close minded Bible Belt lady who prays for everyone else's soul and is offended by everything
I wish I could go to one. There wouldn't be one in my small Bible Belt town :((
If you think only Islamists lust after little girls you're mistaken. The South's Bible Belt has more.
Highest number of hate groups in CA, 77, follow ed by FL, 58, and TX, 57. Next GA. In FL, six KKK groups and 6 Neo-nazi groups, about a dozen have religion based names-Islam, Jesus, Catholic et al. Greatest c oncentration of hate groups in the bible belt states.
One would think finding a new home church in the Bible belt would be easy. Not so much. I think I'll visit Longview Heights Baptist Church tomorrow and check it out.
I wish the "Bible Belt" part of America could just go poof, because it's the reason why we have so many *** here.
Love it! Similiar to bomb with tons of coffee flavor! I don't think the chillies com... (Bible Belt)
Nice flavor and finish. Slight coffee note with an oak finish - Drinking a Bible Belt by -
The Bible Belt: friendly smiles and Christian steeples, with names like "bobby Sue Jenkins," and "Belinda Peoples."
How interesting the Bible Belt leads the way.
And you’ll never hear Triple Six cause we live in the midst of the Bible belt.
well you don't have to bring someone with these antichristian values into the Bible Belt of MS.
Bible Belt not great place to grow up with sci leanings. Had to keep mouth shut a lot.
Deep in the heart of the Bible Belt, part 2: spotted at restaurant, the envelope contains silverware.
I think its both more sweet and has more peppers heat than the similar "Bible Belt" I had recently
getta get the voters in the Bible Belt I guess
Tulsa, often called the buckle of the Bible Belt, is where my *** uncle shot himself on a roadside not far from Anita Bryant's home town.
I am SURROUNDED by Christianity on a daily basis, here in the Bible Belt, Ugh. They're SUFFOCATING me with nonsense.
There were probably 12 others holding similar signs at the intersection near my home. I hate living in the Bible Belt. ...
Take a look at the Bible Belt, now this is a lot of hate.
And you'll never hear triple 6 cause we live in the mist of the Bible Belt.
Hey let me know when you hit the bible belt area!
KY is beautiful but not much happens past 10pm & I'm outspoken Nastiasiwannabe living in center of Bible Belt. 😏
I need to get out of the Bible Belt stat
seriously XACTLY why we stopped going 2 church 1ce we were stuck in the "Bible belt!" SO UN-Christ-ian
Guys check psych hospitals in the bible belt for patients with a name that starts with a who were admitted for david byrne related reasons
Some sociological behaviors that are faux pas in America are completely acceptable in Europe. With that in mind I've made the following list of things I should refrain from whilst I'm stateside: 1) NO BEER WITH LUNCH: This, I think may be the most benign, but it's amazing how many professionals you see at the pub at noonish having a pint. It comes free with a meal for God's sake 2) DON'T SAY "CAN I HAVE A *** : When wanting a cigarette in the US, it's best to say words like cig, square, or smoke and not an anti *** slur 3) REMEMBER VULGARITY IS NOT SO COMMONPLACE ESPECIALLY IN THE BIBLE BELT: It's a fact: Europeans use the F word more frequently than in the States. I don't care what religion they are, everyone says it. And if you don't think it's influential, ask my mom who thinks I've just come on shore leave, esp if I'm agitated. Also, the British throw the C word around more liberally than we do. I get called a "cheeky c**t" at least twice a week. 4) NO SLAPPING RANDOM FEMALES ON THE BACKSIDE: I think ...
other than that, a *** village sounds really cool! Here in the bible belt, we only have one *** bar for a safe place
I've never been to a high school graduation that delivers a biblical message at the ceremony. I really do live in the bible belt...???
thats bc Upstate NY doesn't know how to spell redneck. Come live in the bible belt baby.
Sorry, If I was the only one that noticed it here, IN THE BIBLE BELT!
Maybe we need a Protestant Bible College in Morecambe to rival the Lancaster University and MPs like Ian Paisley to make it a bible belt.
Gospel singing and the strange intrusion of bible-belt culture in America:
An oasis of liberal religion in the heart of the Bible Belt.
Ordered a couple Prairie Bible Belts at brunch this morning. It came out in this huge pint glass! Breakfast of champions!
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