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I was only 16 well 17 back than when you asked me Brandon !!! I am so sorry for not answering that very question about my feelings for you in a surten way back than !!! YES I AM !!! And YES you were very very right !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
So many woman LOVE The Crow while they actually are not feeling how Brandon would be feeling while getting himself in trouble !!! Thats not LOVING YOU Brandon Bruce Lee !!! Thats abusing you for their very own benefit !!! So where will they be if you are getting in trouble for them ??? Sure that also is why we as woman have some protecting role in all of it to for not letting that that happen if we can avoid it !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
No Brandon Bruce Lee is not a real bad *** at all !!! He is the BEST ever happening to me !!! He letterly lives his life for me !!! I am the woman who should hold him back !!! That sure is a womans job to do for the man she LOVES !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! Bud sure he should be able to defend himself if really needed !!! And I sure will be there for telling him enough is enough and so on to !!! YES I LOVE YOU Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Well they sure shouldnt abuse me for being bate only for hurting us if so !!! I know !!! Very right I LOVE YOU far to much for that to !!! Bud very right we very well should be able to !!! So no I am not giving up on us !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
I know what has to be aranged for that after living a long and happy life first if you dont mind mister MASTER !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! So will you PLEASE get you cute *** over here !!! YES YOU !!! I know you can Brandon so come on !!! I so you you can come out now !!! LOL !!!
I was looking at Kung Fu the movie !!! That movie you made ( together with the crew ofcourse ) !!! You made it round and about the same time we met eachother Brandon !!! I understand the your caracter in that movie !!! Very nice how your dad in that movie looks quit a bit like you and my dad !!! While he is not even a Loo !!! Well it sure is true I see many simular looks !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
WEll I am home again while before you really are you will step in a very very filthy elivator which they say they clean almost every day which is a total lie !!! Because all steans of all mothts are still there and it is getting whurse every day !!! Well I complain a few times a week bud nothing helps !!! So for the second time I willha ve an offinial talk about it !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! Now sure I will make a video about it !!! Well did any one ever see that movie called The Lift ?!? While to many sick people live here under another project !!! I t sure is scary !!! I sure always buy 2 plastic bags becouse I know I will have to get in one of this elivaters before I can really get my food safe at home !!! Bud sure you better watsh out not toughing anything !!! Well you do have to press the buttens ofcourse so I wash my hands and teeth every time I get back !!!
Well Brandon I sure have some things to do sweetheart !!! I LOVE YOU !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Well dont get your hopes up just jet Brandon bud I actually have an idea !!! YES I need you to be alright sweetheart !!! And dont worry I will not give up on you ever any way !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
The thing about the truth is that it doesnt care about good ore bad ore believe !!! The truth is only rachional even if it seems like it cares !!! Really even if it does care its just hoping to be able to tell you something else which it can not !!! The truth only analizes that what is !!! Even if its able to change things than that is the truth noting else !!! It just points it out it can if thats the truth !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! YES I LOVE YOU !!!
Brandon is not violent !!! Saying ore doing something shouldnt be mixed up you know !!! Brandon is not dead !!! Its just that no one ever dared to digg deeper into the real cituation to find out that he is not !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Well sure lets not forget meen and sadistic people getting violent are even whorse !!! Very right that sure is how it workes !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
There is just something I just wrote to a Christan who is quit ok you know so I wrote on always forgiven ??? Nice people can find their pease inside while violent people will never reach that level !!! What they want to find inside they can only pull in by outside travel !!! YES its me writing !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
I do not care if he hase a bigger everything its just that he sure tells me I am from another planet !!! And talkes to me like I do not need anything like any other human being !!! YES I am a human being to !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
My dad really did run after you Brandon !!! I know !!! I never understud why he reacted like that really !!! Like how can you be so outraged about someone who just made me the most lucky girl in the whole wide wourld really ??? Till ofcourse I started realizing how he was actually all about my freedom !!! awhy ??? Well just because he is all about his !!! Bud not me !!! I still think it was a WONDERFULL idea you had Brandon !!! And I never did ore will ever change my mind about that !!! I LOVE YOU Brandon !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! Sure people do not know what the BLIEP I am talking about !!! So I know you are not on this blog now !!! I see what people think which hase nothing to do with us really !!!
Why are you not here physically Brandon ??? I miss you so !!! I want to LIVE with you !!! YES together !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
I already do have my own way of wanting to be doinng this !!! And I already started sorting things out a bit !!! YES this is going to be very nice !!! with pictures and ilustrations and pieses of film !!! YES I already have an idea of how it can look and how I think it will be posible for doing so !!! Well ofcourse Brandon's advice could be usefull to bud I can not wait for doing so !!! YES you inspire me Brandon YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
The people of this building well the reseptionists and the woman that workes for housing here told me I was the only one ever complaining about him doing anything like that !!! That sure is a bit weard after skipping only me in the first place !!! Could it even be he hade to wait for furder instructions on what to do to me before comming to my address ??? YES its me asking YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! He even wasnt that much in a hurry while not having to go to more adresses working for this building in some privat matter !!! Sure he mid have hade an apointment for reporting the people that hired him which seems to be housing of the people of this building !!! While me being about the only one not using any drugs ore alcohol in this building / the total nabourhood !!! And need that camera mostly for reporting about what is done to us by people like housing and bad organizations !!!
I sure need to know how you are doing Brandon !!! YES I have to do this !!! The public doesnt know you are actually ALIVE and that phone call really sounded scary like some one gat hurt with some JKD ore Kung Fu video playing at the back ground !!! Which they mide thought they could fool me with !!! Bud the sound of someone getting hurt was far more clear than the video !!! So YES I need a resque team !!! Bud no one will ever believe me if not taking action !!! And with all the so called coincedences without any one ever resurging it as only the public that doesnt have that much information leading any where sure I am the one resurging it as well as posible BUD the video's are not really going into detailes !!! There never was any real investigation !!! The settled the matter out of court !!! YES its me !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Well just something I just so on YouTube !!! Best Magic Trick's 2016 just fun you know on Funny Vines !!! And sure you can see the cut's bud YES LOL !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
So sorry you sure are so very right about that camera thing !!! Sure you gat me this time !!! LOL !!! YES its me Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! LOL !!!
PLEASE people I am here for Brandon Bruce Lee !!! I am not an actrice and I sure need Brandon to be alright very right ALIVE in his very own vessel for real !!! I do not need any made up figure only looking like him while not being him !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Well this lawyers are not exactly doing their job here any way !!! They want to get payed more !!! Bud sure I wil even find better ways any way to !!! The stinking coruption sure *** its way even up to government to !!! Bud YES I dare to bet we will find them *** Nazies even in Geneva !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Dont they know what they are doing to us ?!? I cant just sit here and watch tim passing us by !!! I need to find you FAST !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! I sure do LOVE ONLY YOU sweety !!!
Well you do not have to send me on that fairy tale eather !!! I know we have a family member who is in a like hard rock ore death metal band while his name is Seth !!! With all the gitarists that come and go !!! So what ?!? I know people sure do call their children Damian so Demon like well how shell we call our new born ?!? Man can he be load in the middle of the night !!! LOL !!! Ore what have you ?!? Well lets call him Damian !!! Well sure this guy really did do the job when he was born I bet !!! Even whorse than his nabour called Damian you know what ? : lets call him Seth !!! LOL !!! Well YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! Very right thats my name I sure am called Bianca !!!
Now how can it even seem like mamma Linda and dear Shannon do not know you are ALIVE Brandon ??? Sure you left the movie industry !!! Now does that even mean you had to go your very own way for finding me ??? Well sure if they guess you just mid have done so that they would not settle things like you being dead in court !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Well come on get on first thoughts about if you still are not !!! It sure is on the internet PLEASE Brandon !!! YEAH sure sometimes it seems a bit like you found it bud people sure do know you and sure can just act like being you !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Well things to do bud YES I sure will write later !!! I LOVE YOU Brandon !!! I sure do have some nice little ideas now !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
I will be checking out more of all media Brandon Bruce Lee !!! Well even if I am right about where you just mide be , I sure will have back up while making this back up even bigger when ever needed !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Google is more like becoming some computer virus to me !!! They give me warnings while other people use total famous songs with the same lisence as I have while I cant even chooze from the free and cc lists without getting warnings !!! I know I can use them bud if I do I am very vonerable to getteing errors !!! So YES I sure am aware of being discriminated !!! I mostly do not even take the total songs !!! Bud still getting warnings !!! Well this is making me a DJ picking just bits and pieses for like they do !!! If they give me errors for that I will give every anonimous video a message about what they do to me UNDERSTAND !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Meaning well means not ever want any one to hurt Brandon Bruce Lee ore me !!! You better get that !!! Well I am just going to eat something !!! Why on this time ??? Because I am HUNGRY !!! LOL !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
So what did the fish tell you Diana ?!! LOL !!! Very right I want to know !!! Well YES I sure do have a reason for asking !!! LOL !!! Well Brandon why dont you tell me ?!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
I so what I had to see on YouTube !!! I will not say more here !!! Bud as I gues you already know my GOD hase no religion !!! I believe in us Brandon Bruce Lee !!! YES in the ONE true LOVE you sure are to me !!! I so to many people going down by believe in so called GOD's which make people fight eachother hurting eachother like its a holy thing to be doing !!! That can not be right !!! They do not know right from wrong Brandon !!! And that sure is not the reason why pappa Bruce Lee gave people their lessens !!! That has nothing to do with becoming martial artists !!! Quit simple because becoming a martial artist doesnt mean becoming a monster !!! Thats the person him ore her self being bad if so !!! YES I am YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Well thats better !!! Because now Show Down in Little Tokio is to see right after my new video !!! Well YES I just watshed your movie Brandon !!! Can you PLEASE read here ?!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! YES YOU Brandon YES and do write me somthing back OK will you PLEASE !!! YES I LOVE YOU !!!
You online animation gamers sure make nice line ups right ?!! Well just go for a YouTube award while I do not need Brandon Bruce Lee as animation bud in REAL LIFE IN HIS VERY OWN VESSEL !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Well Brandon Bruce Lee this The Crow commic book is about a little girl not older than 7-9 years !!! Building a castle being a ?!? Her friend being a crow !!! Very right I am bit by bit reading it !!! Well it sure is that same cat !!! The man doing his job sure hase emotions to suffering by doing his job !!! The commic book discribes imotions of all parties very clear !!! Very intresting reading and the drawings are very fitting for the story to take chape !!! YES very catshy for getting readers atention !!! And right film makers will find points to get into filming to !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Well I thought this would be a nice day for getting myself The Crow Curare commicbook !!! Well I sure think there is an older one to right !!! Sure I will studie it a bit !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Which country is actually so in debht for not giving the public their human rights that I can just give them a good reason to let me buy it for 1 Euro ??? Just kidding you know !!! Bud sure things can happen !!! LOL !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! Sorry Denmark !!! LOL !!! Ofcourse Iwill stay at the border with me plan !!!
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