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Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar (born 5 December 1990 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India) is an Indian first-class cricketer who plays for Uttar Pradesh in domestic cricket.

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Don't you think that investing in Bhuvneshwar Kumar as an all-rounder would be a better idea than Stuart Binny?
Exactly, and I'm sure Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, shami, Bhuvneshwar Kumar will also do the same ;:)
Piggy's scored more runs in the series than any English batsman. Kohli was outscored by Bhuvneshwar Kumar & Ravindra Jadeja. THE DIFFERENCE
I too felt that Bhuvneshwar Kumar was a better choice.
Can't Bhuvneshwar Kumar score the same amount of runs as Stuart Binny? Gah! Binny is a sitting duck when he bats and is a trundler!
Bhuvneshwar Kumar sent out Sachin Tendulkar for a DUCK only once in his Ranji Career.
i think bhuvneshwar kumar is way batter than Stuart Binny in both Department.. should have played him instead of binny
is Stuart Binny better batsman than bhuvneshwar kumar ???
why bhuvneshwar Kumar is not good choice for tommarow game?
Harbhajan may not play 2nd Test as Binny has been called in. My 3rd seamer would be Bhuvneshwar: Gavaskar to NDTV
Know your stars: A romantic at heart and a fan of
Bhuvneshwar Kumar: "the eyes are the windows of the ... -
Bhuvneshwar kumar bowling at 125 kph won't work out.
If India wants to play five bowlers in the second Test, Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the man to go to...I'd play him ahead of Binny/Umesh. Agree?
Live! India have left out Sandeep Sharma, Manish Pandey and Mohit Sharma.Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Dhawal...
Virat Kohli Doesn't even follow back his teammates like Suresh Raina, Bhuvneshwar Kumar -_-
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You struggle with swingers like Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Dale Steyn. Please improve on it! But you're an excellent all rounder! :)
I still can't figure out why Mohit Sharma was played ahead of Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the World Cup. Would've reduced Aus to 290.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar too has caught the
Bhuvneshwar Kumar too has caught the fever!
. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Because He is One of the Best Bowlers in IPL.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the bowler who does the job for his team every time he his asked to bowl
Bhuvneshwar Kumar Yorkers at the end of the innings can neutralize best batting attack of any team
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the bowler who strikes when no one else can does it for the team
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the bowler who gets his team out his situation when things go beyond control
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the best bowler in situations when his team needs a wicket to bounce back
Bhuvneshwar Kumar has got every trick to Fox the batsman in his balls into a shot to get him caught
When no bowlers can Bhuvneshwar Kumar can win it for his Team
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a great asset to the bowling can take the game away from you with his bowling
Bhuvneshwar Kumar uses extra bounce from the pitch to trouble the batsman with his short balls
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is very good with his slower balls in trapping the batsman for playing a big shot
Bhuvneshwar Kumar can make a batsman in trouble by his swing ability in both the directions
may not be he quickest but he is the toughest to score from 👉 Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the best stats & bowling figures for in this Season
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the most reliable & economical bowler for
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the bowler that bowls a good line & fixes the batsman to play shots
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a bowler who bowls to his strengths & keep it simple by bowling Yorkers
Bhuvneshwar Kumar iacthe bowler who makes his weakness his strengths & makes the opposition tense
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the bowler who knows his limitations & potentials & bowls to his strength
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the bowler who believe in himself & his ability to get wickets
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a very smart & technical power always stick to the basics & doesn't experiments
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is king of swing he can swing the bowl in both directions
Bhuvneshwar Kumar the king of Yorkers in my
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the bowler which change the match he is my game changer opening bowler
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is bowler which can turn the match in his Team favour by taking quick wickets
Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the most impressive economical figures in this ipl compared to Nehra
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a smart & clever bowler whether he bowls at the start in the middle or in end
My is Bhuvneshwar Kumar becoz he bowls the great finishers spells to halt the scores
Bhuvneshwar Kumar does his job as a bowler but with the bat he can also play a handy knock at times
Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a simple line with variety & variations which gets batsman out
When Bhuvneshwar Kumar plays in the team opposition can't make plans for his bowling
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is best bowler which can simply suprises the batsman with his pace variations
bhuvneshwar Kumar is the best bowler in the slog overs to gets the pressure on the batting team
Batsman often get in trouble when they face Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is 1 of the best wicket takers in this IPL can be a purple cap holder in the next
Bhuvneshwar Kumar can upset any batsman with his steady line & length
Bhuvneshwar Kumar performance gets better & better with every match makes him my
With his beautiful line & length Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the cheapest bowlers in this Season of IPL
With his Jabdarst performance Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a power packed performer & my
With best fitness in Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the most energetic bowler who can bowl long spells
Batsman can't read Bhuvneshwar Kumar slower balls usually hits them to the fielders on the boundary
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a smart bowler who allows batsman to hit him but batsman can't read his bowls
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the bowler of tight line & length bowls like Glenn McGrath
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is best economical bowling options that Indian Team in all formats of the game
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is not only a clever bowler but also a smarter bowler too with his variations
Bhuvneshwar Kumar when introduced into the attack picks wickets at crucial moments of the match
Bhuvneshwar Kumar may not be the best bowler but he is the best performer as always consistent
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a clever bowler which makes the batsman guessing about his balls
Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls 1 bouncer in his over to keep the batsman on back foot
Bhuvneshwar Kumar pitch map shows he bowls on good Length at the start & full In the end
Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls lot of dot balls which makes pressure on batsman to play shots & get out
Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls playing with full spirit & devotion to make his team win
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a bowler which encashes every single opportunity to perform in a match
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a clever bowler with smart tactics to dismiss a batsman
Bhuvneshwar Kumar becoz he is a quick learner & great bowler who can wickets at crucial times
Bhuvneshwar Kumar becoz with every match he is growing as a bowler
Inclusion of Bhuvneshwar Kumar gives the bowling strength & support which gets wickets
Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls with a positive approach & he performs best for his team
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the bowler that can read a batsman intentions & bowls accordingly
Bhuvneshwar Kumar becoz he performs best at his ability to makes his team win
Bhuvneshwar Kumar becoz he steals the moment & the match by taking wickets at regular intervals
Bhuvneshwar Kumar becoz batsman can't even hit him for a boundary in the power play
My is Bhuvneshwar Kumar becoz he uses his Yorkers & slower balls to his advantage
Bhuvneshwar Kumar can make a in form batsman struggle with his good consistent line & length
Bhuvneshwar Kumar has all the balls to get a set batsman dissmissed very easily
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is best bowler which can break a partnership with his incredible bowling
My is Bhuvneshwar Kumar becoz he works everyday hard to improve his bowling
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is my bowler becoz mostly his performance speak for himself
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the best bowler in defending modest total becoz he doesn't give away free runs
My is Bhuvneshwar Kumar becoz he is unpredictable when he bowls on the last overs
With his speed Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a successful bowler with a great economy
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a bowler of line & length bowls average but has variations
Bhuvneshwar Kumar slower ball from the back of the hand is a lethal ball 2 Fox the batsman in a shot
Bhuvneshwar Kumar picks up wickets in quick succession becoz batsman couldn't pick his balls
Bhuvneshwar Kumar becoz he bowls with positive attitude & perfect line
Bhuvneshwar Kumar Makes it difficult for the batsman to get bat to ball becoz he swings both ways
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a bowler of good technique & resilience
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the bowler which can make he batsman play a wrong shot by his slower balls
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the best bowler in defending low scores by his tight bowling & Yorkers
My bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a simple line but his change of pace does the trick for him
Bhuvneshwar Kumar lethal line makes the batsman play all his balls with soft Hands
Big names key in high-stakes contest. The new-ball contest that pits Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Trent Boult/Dale Steyn...
While there have been many laments about the death of the yorker, bowlers like Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mitchell Starc are getting it back into
Q12-Tell us the jersey number of Bhuvneshwar Kumar.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is on 17 wickets, 3rd in the race.
About time we should name Bhuvneshwar Kumar the King of 19th over
Once again Bhuvneshwar Kumar has won another game...could not have left more than 26 in the last over. Best Indian …
Kolkata 45/0 (5 ov), Uthappa 20(13), Gambhir 24(17). Bhuvneshwar Kumar concedes 10 runs in his second over. Gambhir has hit 4 fours so far.
Hint of early swing for Bhuvneshwar Kumar. 6/0 (1 over) v
Bhuvneshwar Kumar at his best when he swings the ball. Lovely to watch.
The Best Indian Talent In making.. Bhuvneshwar Kumar.. . Our Sultan of Swing❤ . if you loved his bowling last night
McClenaghan and Bhuvneshwar Kumar.. 2 bowlers who were not good enough to get into their WC 11.. Now winning matches for their teams..
Even Yorker with the Military Medium Pace is Worth as Gold Proves Bhuvneshwar Kumar...
Bhuvneshwar Kumar and sandeep Kumar hope to see them bowling together one day in Indian team both at the start and at the death 👍
Examples are Praveen Kumar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and many more who are struggling now.
Our has got his mojo back & said he's in fine rhythm now. :D. Read here:
Otherwise, even say Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowling at 80 mph won't be afraid to pitch it up.
GF: what can you do for me? . Bhuvneshwar kumar: anything. . Gf: can u bring me those stars? . *jumps and brings*. & they lived happily forever.
Trent Boult and Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled brilliantly says David Warner aftr his team won the game
Everyone is caught in the wrong job. For eg, Bhuvneshwar kumar & Ashish Nehra in cricket instead of high jump and timber-cutting.
INTERVIEW: Bhuvneshwar Kumar speaks on death bowling success and playing alongside Pravee...
Indian Premier League: David Warner All Praise for Trent Boult and Bhuvneshwar Kumar: Trent Boult and Bhuvneshwar Kumar finished with...
Bhuvneshwar Kumar debut ball in Odi to Mohammed Hafeez.. Wow what swing.
16/28 playing in the World Cup. One is also left to imagine that how many matches Umesh Yadav would have got if Bhuvneshwar Kumar had been
18/33 skipper, has managed the bowling really well, given Bhuvneshwar Kumar's lack of form. He has encouraged Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami
Team 6/6 vision stands out in WC of surprises : Cricket, News
Here you go! You’ve got yourself the brilliant Bhuvneshwar Kumar!
Wonderful! Aren’t you proud to have drawn Bhuvneshwar Kumar?
Well done! You must be happy to draw the awesome Bhuvneshwar Kumar!
Super! You now have the fantastic Bhuvneshwar Kumar in your kitty.
You’ve drawn a star! Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a top addition to your collection!
It was good to see back in action. Check out this article and get to know a bit more about him.
My answer to I am in love with Bhuvneshwar Kumar (bowler of the Indian cricket team). What should I do?
BOTH debutants Rohit Sharma and BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR gave an excellent performance.
BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR His good performance definitely lead India to a convincing victoryn
BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR he stuck to basics of bowling with good speedn
BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR has given time an edge by his performance when INDIA bowling was being considered weak.
Rohit Sharma for rocking performance he has got his golden touch back. BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR for disciplined bowling
Rohit Sharma FOR his batting performance ang BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR for his bowling performance.
Both Rohit Sharma and BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR are my pick for today.
BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR he made the full use of opportunity given to him can be an asset in future games.
BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR He with mesh yadav created the pressure on the batsmen.
BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR His contribution to the bowling today restricted u.a.e and team won a big match.
BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR he bowled with a lot of confidence his bowling fig 6 overs 15 runs 2 wickets tell it all.
BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR He bowled fast and accurate.
BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR he grabbed the opportunity well took wickets .
BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR it was indeed a very good performance
BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR he played his first World Cup match today .
At another end, Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled today.
So,Okay Rohit has found a bit of touch and Bhuvneshwar Kumar looked good in the mid 130's
Who will you pick in the next game, Bhuvneshwar Kumar or Shami ?
India thrashes hapless UAE by 9 wickets -
: UAE draw first blood, Mohammad Naveed removes Shikhar Dhawan .
Scoring 151 all Australian & NZ players got to bat. Same was the case with UAE scoring 102. Wil Bhuvneshwar Kumar bat 2day?
all out for 102 in 31.3 overs, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Umesh Yadav take 3 wickets each.
Cricket - India v United Arab Emirates highlights: 1st over - Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts the proceed...
Cricket World Cup 2015, Live Cricket Score: UAE opt to bat, India Bring in Bhuvneshwar Kumar for ...: Such is ...
Modi wave helping Bhuvneshwar Kumar to get swing. .
Bhuvneshwar makes a World Cup comeback, and has already picked a wicket!
Live! UAE: 18-2 (8 overs)The strikes by Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Umesh Yadav have ensured India an expec...
Bhuvneshwar Kumar recovered his recent form on this match who threw a good bouncer with wicket.
Comeback man Bhuvneshwar Kumar will open the attack for India. Here we go! LIVE:
Amjad Ali dismissed for four by Bhuvneshwar Kumar against India in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Currently, UAE ...
Happy Birthday to Bhuvneshwar Kumar and He is the first bowler to dismiss Sachin Tendulkar for first ball duck in a Dome…
Bhuvneshwar Kumar : The man Who took his debut wickets as bowled in all 3 formats.To know more about bhuvi join
Howver, Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja & Bhuvneshwar Kumar managed to pass the fitness test and will be available for the World Cup.
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Ishant Sharma flunks fitness test, to return home; Bhuvneshwar Kumar under watch - The…
OMG! Bhuvneshwar Kumar Got Hat-Trick in his first. over against australia in today\'s warm-up match.To. know more...
Ishant Sharma and Bhuvneshwar Kumar can be ruled out of the World Cup. They will test their fitness tomorrow in...
Two changes for India as Ishant Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja come in for Umesh Yadav and Bhuvneshwar Kumar.
The only interesting thing bout the upcoming Cricket WC is seeing Bhuvneshwar Kumar ❤😍❤
what about the inclusion of injured Jadeja, Ishant, Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the Indian team? Plz ask & let the people know.
Deutsche Bank co-CEO Anshu Jain said while India will have to count on Virat Kohli 'unhealthily', Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ishant Sharma...
2 moves only god knows. 1. What Bhuvneshwar Kumar doing inside the Indian team. 2. What Alex hales doing outside England team
World Cup SPECIAL: Can Bhuvi create magic?: In the fifth part of this special series, we talk about Bhuvneshwar Kumar
I would say, India will go as favorite in World Cup 2015. Reason: Batsmen: 1. Virat Kohli : He is best batsman in world. Only AB is at par with him. 2. Ajinkya Rahane : He is young, talented and versatile. He has proved himself enough on foreign soil. 3. MS Dhoni : He is one of the best finisher of world. 4. Suresh Raina: He is not versatile. He might have struggled against short ball. But he is hard working and have great temperament. He can be lethal on his day. Bowlers: 1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar : He is emerging to be one of the best Indian bowler in recent times. 2. Mohammed Shami: He is young. He is energetic. He is learning every day and improving his death bowling. Recently he was able to bowl 4-5 yorker in an over. 3. Ravichandran Ashwin : I agree, he is not very effective outside subcontinent. But he is still better spinner than most country have. Other Players: Shikhar Dhawan , Rohit Sharma , Ambati Rayudu, Umesh Yadav, Ravindra Jadeja Other countries to watch for: South Africa has best combination o ...
Despite India managing to salvage a draw on the final day of the 4th Test at Sydney, Australia regained the Border-Gavaskar Trophy after winning the Test series 2-0. India lost wickets at regularly intervals, but Ajinkya Rahane and Bhuvneshwar Kumar batted out the last hour to calm Indian nerves.
Ajinkya Rahane Guides India To a Comfortable Draw with the Help of Bhuvneshwar Kumar. . …
India secure a draw, Australia take series 2-0 January 10, 2015 By Nasheman News Bureau Leave a Comment Sydney: India managed to cling on to a draw in the fourth and final Test courtesy some brave batting by Ajinkya Rahane and Bhuvneshwar Kumar as Australia won the series 2-0 at the Sydney Cricket G…
Ajinkya Rahane and Bhuvneshwar Kumar held off a late Australia charge to secure a draw for India on the final day...
SCG Test: In Record Chase, India Escape With Narrow Draw: Ajinkya Rahane and Bhuvneshwar Kumar dug in and played out a tense final ph...
Ajinkya Rahane and Bhuvneshwar Kumar frustrated to secure a draw for
Am I the only one who is short of choices for a left arm pacer (apart from Zak and Nehra) in India??? Jaidev Unadkat, Samad Fallah and Chama Milind are the only options coming to my mind. India definitely need a good bowling attack the next time we go abroad. Apart from Bhuvneshwar Kumar, I would prefer a brand new bowling attack... Dhawal Kulkarni, Ishwar Pandey, Shradhul Thakur, Sandeep Sharma could be tried. Vinay Kumar might be a very good option
Bhuvneshwar Kumar & R Ashwin are much better batsman than Suresh Raina in Tests... How long before Ishant Sharma supercedes him?
you are right there maybe if Bhuvneshwar kumar brings some stability and consistency to attack who can exploit early swing
Bhuvneshwar Kumar named India's international cricketer of the year by BCCI,,,
so according to a top sports agency Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a proper batsman, not a tail-ender. Sounds cool
When is Bhuvneshwar Kumar expected to play? I am still sure his presence would make lot of difference.
Indian top order batsmen are scoring runs because they know India is playing without their main batsman Bhuvneshwar Ku…
Bhuvneshwar Kumar's official Fb account congratulated Ishant Sharma 'for getting promoted as the vice-captain of Indian Test cricket team
ohhh. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is really nice tho...
Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Congrats Ishant Sharma for getting promoted as the Vice Captain of Indian Test cricket team!...
Who has been chosen for Polly Umrigar Award for the 2013-14 season? . [A]Bhuvneshwar Kumar . [B]Virat Kohli . [C]St...
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is being missed. Both with the ball and the bat.
This is assuming Bhuvneshwar Kumar is unavailable.
2 years ago, today Bhuvneshwar Kumar made his ODI debut - bowling OUT Hafeez in his first ever delivery!
That ball by harris to dismiss dhawan just reminded how badly we have missed bhuvneshwar kumar this series.
Wonder how different this test would be with Bhuvneshwar Kumar playing?
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is likely to come back in the team after he has returned after recovering from a injury.
Are India going to play Bhuvneshwar Kumar tomorrow? Who's going to play on place of Rohit Sharma? Lokesh Rahul or Suresh Raina?
Coming to seam bowling allrounders Bhuvneshwar Kumar tops the list.
do you think India is missing Bhuvneshwar Kumar. He was the standout in Eng.?. Batsman need to learn from M Vijay i guess.
Only if bhuvneshwar kumar was not injured..we could have same hope..
Hope bhuvneshwar Kumar gets fit for next test
Does anyone know as to why Bhuvneshwar Kumar isn't playing the test ?
need just 128 runs in 48 Overs to go Day 4 to win the Gabba Test. Did miss Bhuvneshwar Kumar here
Australia need just 128 runs to win the Gabba Test. Did India miss Bhuvneshwar Kumar here?
Look at our Bhuvneshwar Kumar ,he doesn't look like a fast bowler ,though he is a fine bowler. Most of the time he is injured.
with bhuvneshwar Kumar at no. 9 don't you think Indian lower order looks bit trust worthy sir?
I want to say that Bhuvneshwar kumar is the best player for taking wickets because yadav and Aaron have only pace not swing but bhuvi have
India desperately need replacement of Varun Aaron as Bhuvneshwar Kumar...good as both bowler and batsman!
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Hope Bhuvneshwar Kumar returns soon.Ishant and Aaron out for the next test. Bhuvi and Shami in
Is the bowling attack missing the accuracy of Is he the reason that the have...
need Bhuvneshwar Kumar back in the team
Need Bhuvneshwar Kumar back in the team in place of Ishant Sharma. Kumar much more consistent and much more skillful,
Bhuvneshwar Kumar did his job for India with those Economical Spells and Early Wickets :)
Q2. Bhuvneshwar Kumar for his allround performance both with bat and ball.
A2) Bhuvneshwar Kumar was the highlight for me with his amazing bowling during the series.
2. Bhuvneshwar Kumar got the match to our favor with his Performance, Player of the Series
obviously Bhuvneshwar Kumar. he was neat n clean in his bowling & helped India with his good batting.
We completely agree, that is how India found their young pacer, Bhuvneshwar Kumar.
Too many medium pacers can back fire...we already have bhuvneshwar I don't see pk making a comeback soon
bhuvneshwar Kumar does the same with more pace around 125-130 kph consistently
No Ishant Sharma or Bhuvneshwar Kumar today, they are replaced by Unadkat and Shami. Good change?
Bhuvneshwar Kumar sat out the 4th ODI. Should he return to the squad for the 5th ODI at Cuttack?
Let's have a quick discussion- Should Bhuvneshwar Kumar be brought back into the side, or should Dhoni continue with th…
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Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes back into the side and strikes! Was a good move by MSD to play Bhuvneshwar Kumar today?
And let's not even start about what Bhuvneshwar the great Kumar did. No he RTed it because he found it funny 😭
Bhuvneshwar Kumar's first ODI ball, which turned out to be a wicket VS Paksitan.
Important for Bhuvneshwar Kumar to get fit asap.Dont want a similar situation that happened to Praveen Kumar just before 2011 WC.
Dhawal Kulkarni will join the Indian team for the Test series against Australia as a replacement for injured Bhuvneshwar Kumar.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar will rejoin the Indian team for the Test series in Australia, as soon as he recovers and is declared fit.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the first bowlers in the history of Cricket to have the rare achievement of having his debut wickets in T20Is, ODIs and Tests which have all been bowled.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar proved to be a thorn in side last summer, here is is taking 6 wickets at the .
Watch Bhuvneshwar Kumar destroying the stumps in his T20I and ODI debuts against Pakistan
Check out this video of Bhuvi's best bowling in Test cricket. At Lord's too. Think India is missing him?
Watch - The Kings of debuts, Bhuvneshwar Kumar destroying the stumps in this T20I and ODI debut matches against...
Only bhuvneshwar Kumar is the one who works out on a batsman Artistically
Best pace attack India will have in near future: Ishant After Bhuvneshwar Kumar was ruled out of the first two T...
Now Indians have to hang on to the hope that Bhuvneshwar Kumar will come back from injury and rescue them. Some things never change.
Shami has been an excellent find, but will he continue to take wickets or will his form dip like Bhuvneshwa…
Bhuvneshwar Kumar hopes to meet expectations on his maiden Australia tour via
. How much will india miss the services of bhuvneshwar kumar?
Iam sure if bhuvneshwar Kumar was there warner would have got out in first hour itself
Indian bowling was,is and will always be ordinary. With or without the likes of bhuvneshwar kumar who are nothing but seasonal.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar not being fit is going to make a HUGE difference this test.
Skeptical of India's bowling in the absence of Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Really is the glue in an often erratic line-up.
Indians are also dealing with uncertainty surrounding medium-pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar even as Australia skipper Michael Clarke...
India will miss the services of Bhuvneshwar Kumar who is injured.
Reports: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to miss first test in Australia
Big Blow to India:. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Ruled Out from First Two tests against Australia due to Ankle Injury!
Ind vs Aus: Bhuvneshwar Kumar doubtful for the opener at Adelaide.
Virat Kohli set to lead India the first test with MS Dhoni still recovering. Bhuvneshwar Kumar also looks unlikely yo play.
India swing bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a major doubt for the first Test match against Australia, starting in...
Kumar ruled out of first two due to ankle injury
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to miss 1st 2 tests due to injury.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar may miss the first Test too as he is nursing an ankle injury
Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the swing bowler, has been ruled out due to injury.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar could be ruled out of the first two Tests against Australia Here's the latest:
Bhuvneshwar Kumar could miss the first, maybe even the second test due to a left ankle injury
Confirmed: In a huge blow to team India, after Bhuvneshwar Kumar. an injured "MS Dhoni" ruled out of Adelaide Test.
the 1st Test. MS Dhoni has been ruled out despite batting without any discomfort in the nets!. Bhuvneshwar Kumar...
Report: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to miss first test in Australia
Virat Kohli will captain India for the 1st Test as MS Dhoni isn't 100% match fit. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is also injured and in doubt.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar is set to be ruled out of India's first two Tests in Australia, due to a left ankle injury.
Pacer Bhuvaneshwar Kumar to miss first two Tests due to ankle injury - Daily News & Analysis
Bhuvneshwar Kumar could be a doubt for 1st Test due to left ankle pain. Team management is saying he is recovering and available.
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Reasons Why Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a stand-out Bowler. . Details -
Angelo Mathews is the Wesley Sneijder to the Leonal Messi that is Bhuvneshwar Kumar.
Dhoni 15 fours and one six. Other than him- 3 boundries- one by bhuvneshwar kumar, one by A
Bhuvneshwar Kumar. But hope he will bowl a bit more faster. Speed+swing = Unplayable
. Ans. 10. Virat Kohali & bhuvneshwar kumar. beucase both r match winner and now In form & full of ability.
Virat Kohli retains 2nd position in the latest ICC batsmen rankings, Bhuvneshwar Kumar climbs to 7th
Ga quiz for upcoming Exams 1. Who will head the CBI probe in the 2G spectrum scam after the Supreme Court directed the agency Chief Ranjit Sinha to recuse from the investigation? Ans- R K Dutta 2. ING Vysya Bank will merge with.? Ans- Kotak Mahindra Bank 3. Who will be the Chief Guest at 66th India’s Republic Day celebrations 2015? Ans- US President Barack Obama 4. Which is the capital of Myanmar? Ans-Nay pyi Taw 5. Which is the capital of Fiji? Ans- Suva 6. Who has won Sumitra Charat Ram Award 2014 for Lifetime Achievement? Ans- Pandit Jasraj 7. G-20 summit was held at.? Ans- Brisbane, Australia 8. When was World Pneumonia Day observed across world? Ans - 12 November 9. Who has been appointed as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia? Ans- Bollywood Actor Farhan Akhtar 10. Who was the winner of the ICC People's Choice award ? Ans- India seamer Bhuvneshwar Kumar
respected sir. bhuvneshwar kumar is really a Gurjar of mavi gotra...
ICC ODI Rankings:. Bhuvneshwar Kumar moves up to 7th position. Virat Kohli retains his position at No. 2. Team...
Virat Kohli remains no 2 ODI batsman, Bhuvneshwar Kumar moves up to seventh - The Economic Times... (
: remains No. 2 ODI batsman, moves up to seventh.
maintained 2nd position in latest ICC batsmen rankings while medium Bhuvneshwar Kumar moved to be 7th in bowlers' standings.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishath Sharma, Mohamed Shami, Varun Aaron and Umesh Yadaav are the bowlers in the 19 members squad which will fly to Aus.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar claims the first wicket of tour. Cricket Australia 7/1 in 3 overs at Adelaide.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar was the wicket taker in the morning... Off his fifth ball of the day.
“I don’t want to be the next Kapil Dev” – Bhuvneshwar Kumar on comparisons with the Indian great
Daily GK Update - 15th Nov 2014 1. G20 leaders summit begins in Brisbane i. The 2014 G-20 Australia summit is the ninth meeting of the G-20 heads of government. ii. G20 leaders summit begins in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia, from 15 and 16 November 2014. iii. The hosting venue is Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre at South Brisbane. iv. The Leaders' Summit is the most important event in the G20 year. The summit provides a valuable opportunity for leaders to discuss a wide range of global economic issues and to use their collective power to improve people’s lives. v. The summit is informed by the policy discussions held throughout the year. At the end of the summit, leaders release a communiqué which outlines the G20 policy discussions and commitments. 2. Financial inclusion: All households in Kerala, Goa get bank accounts i. Giving a boost to the Centre's financial inclusion agenda, Kerala and Goa have become first states in the country with every household having at least on ...
India's Pace Attack Problems Thing of the Past, Feels Sanjay Bangar: With Umesh Yadav coming back into rhythm and Bhuvneshwar Kumar a...
Reasons Why Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a Standout Bowler. Get all in details. Details -
Mitchel Jhonson gets ICC cricketer of the year award. Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets LG ICC people choice award. Aron...
The only Indian in the list LG People’s Choice – Bhuvneshwar Kumar (India)
India didn have Bhuvneshwar kumar & shami. Frontline seamers. Still lanka are 53 fr 4 in a flat deck.
Does anyone else see a bit of Shaun *** in Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Bhuvneshwar Kumar moves to 6th spot in latest ICC ODI Rankings
A8) I think Bhuvneshwar Kumar will be the shine for India in the upcoming Test series!
winner: Bhuvneshwar Kumar - Who won the hearts of Cricket Lovers!
Bhuvneshwar Kumar credits love and support of his fans Award.
So bigger the population better chance of winning eh?
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