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Bharat Shah

Bharat Shah is a diamond merchant and notable Hindi film financer. He is most noted for producing the film Devdas starring Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai.

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Start your day with this cool picture of the king of style Shah Rukh Khan.
Shah Rukh Khan spotted at Bandra polling booth to cast his vote today. (1)
Shah Rukh Khan with a cute little fan on the sets of Paheli.
BHARAT KI SHAAN SHAH RUKH KHAN voted for better future.. i hope he didn't vote for current government 😂😂 lol😂😂😂
How Amit Bhai Shah has had a deep impact on electoral stratagem of the Sangh-BJP ecosystem only on
Very demeaning tag bng used by Congies against ppl of Gujarat. Congies don't target Modi-Shah but calling ppl of Gujarat 'Ga…
Wouldn't say 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' at the behest of Amit Shah: Tharoor at http…
Stone pelting is non-violent. Bharat Tere Tukde Honge is FoE. BUT. Slapping is Hindu terrorism. Trolling is nuclear attack.
thanks bro..can you still send me that book by Bharat Shah?
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Years ago, I'd seen an interview where they called Preity Zinta "more man than any man" for her stand on the Bharat Shah episode.
Must Watch 👌👌 ! Amit Shah Tells Definition of 'Acchhe Din' - Best of Aap Ki Adalat with Rajat Sharma
Why BJP has a clear lead in UP polls 2017
If u observe, has minute details of UP politics. Creditable bcoz Shah is only 3 y…
With in Rajat Sharma for 1st time getting good battering from the man in the dock.Shah has razor s…
And, will make UP safe for women as promised by Modi & Shah!
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media did raise Bansal family issue...until Amit shah got added. After that...complete silence 😷🤒🤢
Strange perverted logic of BJP President,Amit Shah. No 'jobs' for India's youth so they are building 'toilets'.
If I am reading body lang of Amit Shah and Modi correctly, Mar11 may be d last day for Amit Shah as party president. v…
Nominations for has started, Nominate your innovation now. Sunil Shah Bharat Patel Bhavin...
Which Bollywood Actor do you think has the most beautiful smile? (1/4). Shah Rukh Khan / Salman Khan / Hrithik Roshan / Ak…
Bomber entered from Golden gate of shrine this Gold plated gate of Lal Shehbaz shrine was donated by King of Iran Raza Sha…
One of the direct descendants of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal emperor, Sultana Begum lives in a Kolkata...
Sigma have funded PhD project at University of Bath on future model of pharmacy 2025 - Bharat Shah
Forgot to name check. That's CEO Bharat Shah, of course
Bharat Shah closing calls for pharmacist to be included on every
University of Bath has begun a PhD project looking at a future model of pharmacy 2025, funded by Sigma, says Bharat…
Bharat Shah closes will pcy be imprisoned by old habits or will it buck trend and do something different
Food for thoughts- Am I being imprisoned by my own habits???-Bharat Shah
Bharat Shah wants to see a pharmacist on each CCG - (wonder what the GPs make of that.)
MD, Bharat Shah, closing address for - it’s been a packed three days!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Bharat Shah: We want to showcase pharmacists' stories next year.
Bharat Shah concluding Rio conference: The survival of independents depends on them getting together with one voice.
Shah Rukh Khan (snapped with chef Andy & Rhong Tiam team at his villa in palm.
Lookalikes of PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah to campaign for BJP candidates via
Bharat cant be Mother for those who own, adore and iconise whether or
But basically it was the property of Mughals, Nadir Shah looted the Kohinoor, so its property of Bharat Mata.
Nitish wants a Sangh Mukt Bharat. From 1925, there are infinite Nitishs who dreamt the same. Sadly, In 2025, he'll witness RS…
Tribute to Bharat Ratna Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, former President of India on his death anniversary. https:…
Finally the most interesting part of Bharat Shah interview is out
: Nitish Kumar appeals to opposition to unite against BJP, calls for BJP/RSS mukt Bharat BJP leader Shah…
- do you know from where to buy Bharat Shah's book?
Christian Church in Hindu majority BhAratVarsh is the 2nd largest land owner after BhArat Sarkaar!
Nation has chosen PM Narendra Modi with majority, we need to support him: Shah Rukh Khan.
. Shah sir isha allah one day i shall be blessed to share screen space with you
... Shah sir, this is an edit sent to me by a fan of mine, . Love you Shah sir ..! htt…
Azlan Shah Cup 2016: India enters the final in style -
Infact, some say the Taj is more than 1200 years old. How could Shah Jehan build it then?
Nobody but Shah Rukh could have done this.
Fan following ensures houseful Friday for Shah Rukh Khan
ndtv fan interview made me laugh like they were like let's not talk about intolerance and everyone laughs, shah: BHARAT MATA KI JAI 😂
I agree with that the day people start asking basic questions "bharat mata gang" wl run away!
Best tribute we can give to Dr. Ambedkar is to transform our villages, which is the sole means to http…
'Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday' began with a collective determination to take this initiative to every village & make it a gra…
It seems clear that Amit Shah has no idea who Ambedkar is. Maybe he thinks Ambedkar was the proponent of Bharat Mata Ki Jai
Will pay my respects to Dr. Ambedkar at Mhow in MP & address a public meeting as a part of the 'Gramoday Se Bharat Uday A…
Bharat Shah was caught red handed and now he is enjoying please pls pls help
Your Bharat Shah is Guilty and ENJOYING WITH CLIENTS MONEY please help in getting him to answer via or CBI
Another puts nation before life so that we can have the freedom to say, "Bharat ki barbadi tak, jung chalegi"
Art 1(1): India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States. Today is125th birth anniversary of Father of Indian Const…
Did Nidhi Razdan of NDTV refuse to call " Bharat ki Barbaadi "as Anti National Shameful
On d eve of of Ji appeal all to celebrate tomm &salute d g…
Decide yourself which has greater importance in your life: Bharat Mata or Shah Rukh Khan. if you think u r a patriot.
did you watch NDTV program and Shah Rukh making fun of Bharat Mata Ki Jai? This jokers must be inside a cage
I am yet to become a star he says ahead of awaited ...
Government to launch Gram Uday to Bharat Uday Abhiyan from 14th to 24th April, 2016. via NMApp
OMG: Controversy once again, Shah Rukh Khan makes fun of the 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' slogan!
With Rahul at helm of Congress, BJP's Mr Amit Shah will succeed in Bharat Mukt Congress
such a electrifying atmosphere in malysia sultan azlan shah hockey INDvsPAk chants of bharat mata ki jai audible to every one and viewer
First Rama was commanded to spend 14 years in exile..& now JNU suspended Kanhaiya for 2 semesters..Both events had smthin…
Yes .He said LG would go crawling if Amit Shah's peon called him .Do dogs crawl? I dont think so.
lots to learn from him. So humble and Noble person. A true Inspiration. Bharat Ki shaan SHAH RUKH KHAN
Finally decoded the Tahir Shah mystery . He is just a real life version of Bharat Bhushan from Bheja fry.
Saadhus and Baba's comments would be in the same line as this 'FOS' escape route by Amit Shah..
What did the Bengali BJP supporter say when he met Amit Shah? "Bharat Mota ki Jai"
Unexpected courage of millions in 2014 gave wings to Bharat, Will Bengal harness this enormous power of democracy? http…
Modi-Shah have a tough call to take on Vanzara via
If Bharat ki barbadi/tukde not condemnable . I will consider my 👞 on their face 😡
Bharat Scams now modiji &amit shah will tell something about the scam?
Muslim or Christian Can never be loyal to India BC they believe in expansion. Only in Hinduism we have concept of Bharat …
Video by JNU Security Staff in which slogans like 'Bharat Ko Ragda-De Ragda' clearly audible. Fringe frenzy in JNU. http…
It is quite clear from LS that Congress has made a conscious choice to support all those who raised slogan for "bharat ki b…
People who said "Bharat tere tukre honge", is that freedom of speech or an act of sedition?: Amit Shah
Touched by Hey Ram fans celebrating 16yrs. Remember all who made it possible. Especially Shah Rukh Khan and Bharat Shah.
According to Election Commission 74% of BJP MPs have Criminal cases against them including Amit Shah & Godkari
Bang on right! PM cannot deliver Congress Mukt Bharat because BJP is full of Congress well wishers
Everything is possible in mera Bharat Mahaan. All U need is money to buy Judge,Jury and ED. Losing hope in this Desh
No need to go for Congress Mukt Bharat. I think the aim should be Dynasty Mukt Congress. Party may recover its roots, dig…
Article- Triviality of Shah Rukh, Aamir's 'intolerance' sermons published on Bharat Niti Portal on 8th ... -
Varun Gandhi is a Winable Candidate policy. Otherwise Shah would not choose him
Bharat Shah on practising Art of exclusion and why we shouldn't use valuation as first filter.   10% Off
Bhai and Badshaah together! Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan shoot a promo for
An active AAP worker arrested for the murder of two BJP leaders. Bharat jald badlega,
Amit Shah pulled up the MPs for not opening round the clock offices in their respective areas and poor accountability in public-related work
Varun Gandhi, the youngest general secretary in Rajnath Singh’s team, has been cooling his heels ever since Amit Shah took over.
BJP party president Amit Shah has met MP Varun Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi. The meeting took place for nearly half an hour.
I agree... I was just kidding.. Rajiv had absolutely nothing to showcase except shah banu and posthumous Bharat ratna.
Shah commission was appointed by Govt. National Herald is court case. Congress needs to factor in difference while claimin…
Sir, some says it's fake news, he didn't gave a single penny
PM Modi in 2016 needs a 1981 Thatcher moment: My piece on why PM must re-emerge tough, throw out enemies within BJP ht…
Of BHARAT Shah pays rich tributes to Ambedkar on his death anniversary.
Whitewash of BJP in UP is imminent ,for a course correction Amit Shah should be given a Farewell.Sanjay Joshi should be brought in.
Swachh Bharat partnership with India one of the best: Bill Gates. Read and Share …
one criminal of demolition was given State funeral. the other rewarded with Governorship. anothe…
I thank the media for playing a crucial role in spreading the message of Swachh Bharat: PM. Watch and Share
Bharat Ka Sabse Bada Donor : Shah Rukh Khan ... . This is for those illiterates who are spreading fake messages on...
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Mera Bharat Mahaan. Greed rules. J.Shah cant live w/out seeing some die after looting their wealth
I scramble the words 'NARENDRA MODI' & got 'RARE DIAMOND' as the result. Bharat Shah, Japan
Why is Test match cricket so slow, wonders young sons.
No one asks SRK why he chickened out of the Bharat Shah case when Preity Zinta testified.Bravado comes from actions,not words
The sissy SRK turned hostile in Bharat Shah case while Preity Zinta stood by her statement. SRK is a sickular maroon.
Harshad Mehta , Bharat Shah , Jignesh Shah are some legendary and Trustworthy Gujjus ! Height of Stereotyping !!!
IIT graduate wages battle to make neighbourhoods clean with Swachh Bharat app: Mahek Mahendra Shah, 29, is an ...
Delhi Beyond Cricket:. Feroz Shah Kotla Ground get its name from this Fort of Feroz Shah Tughlaq, right behind Stadium ht…
Talks will produce 10 simplified PMR codes "in next few months": . Neil Trainis. Bharat Shah, the man...
Good come back and Gr8 finish by Bharat -> Azlan Shah Cup: India beat Korea in shoot-out, claim bronze via
Hectict day: visited integrated Dairy farm of Dr.Bharat Patel &DairyExpo in Anand Dist.,Sewadal Academy Roza
Many congratulations to our Indian Hockey Team on winning the Bronze medal by beating South Korea at Sultan Azlan Shah …
dear mr swami, nothing from nodi or atul shah, we have to fight des sec RAMSETU, RAM TEMPLE, BY US.
Modi is doing the best job. Amit Shah is doing the worst Job . also true for UP .
Swachh Bharat ke liye ab tak jo nominated hai, did you send pics / videos ? Send it here . cleanindiawithsk
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This is how Bharat Shah scores for Cops. . See LIVE pics:
Bharat Shah, ED at ASK Group shares his outlook on equities,markets & more with & |
On watch Bharat Shah, ED at ASK Group in conversation with & |
Bharat Shah: Money from equity has gone into fixed income, real estate; no substitute for a high quality long term
Bharat Shah, ASK Group: Sharp drop in share of in Indian households from 80s.
Bharat Shah, ASK Group: Equities are serious options for value creation for long term.
on Bharat Shah of ASK Group: Capex Cycle will accelerate; unsure of the time frame.
Bharat Shah, ASK Group: Economy will take its own time to give a suitable outcome. Confident that economic outcomes will be right.
Bharat Shah, ASK Group: Improvement in eco will be reflected in bottom line of biz; volatility is another name for the markets.
Bharat Shah, ASK Group: Corp profits will be on accelerated path over the next 5-10 years.
on Bharat Shah of ASK Group: Economy coming out of the slow growth pattern.
from Shah Bano to getting Indian soldiers killed in Sri Lanka..Rajiv Gandhi should be the first *** whose Bharat Ratna is taken back
Shah Rukh Khan's Abram is the cutest poster boy for Swachh Bharat Abhyan
My family won't join politics.can u c in pictre.this Delhi dialogue campaign. daughter
insightful piece by on how a Congress Mukt Bharat is actually not a good idea for the BJP fortunes.
Amitabh getting Padma Vibhusan, 2 yrs after Sachin gets Bharat Ratna, are my values ok?
Naseeruddin Shah Right in Saying Pakistan isn't India's Enemy. . My article on
Guess who is the newest member to join Swachh Bharat: Shah Rukh Khan’s son AbRam via
Picture: Swachh Bharat campaign finds a fan in son!
Make sure to RSVP for our annual Shah Speaker Series!
Pic of the day: Is 's son AbRam the youngest Clean India volunteer?
aims were simple and driven only by straightforward ethics, by Saraswati Nandini Majumdar |
Shah Rukh Khan's youngest son looks all set to join Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
Why a ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’ would be bad for BJP: BJP president Amit Shah kicked off his party’s recent natio...
Shah Rukh Khan's son AbRam 'participates' in 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan'. Click her...
Kings XI Punjab co-owners Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia at the 2008 IPL auction in Mumbai.Culled from India TodayIn 2003, as larger-than-life reel heroes cowered, actor Preity Zinta, a mere 28 years old, testified against gangster Chhota Shakeel in the Bharat Shah case of Bollywood's nexus with the Mu
Dear Friends,Following 2 news items reported recently by media put our heads in shame! After all which way our higher education is going on? NEWS Over 1,000 unutilised drafts worth 3.5 Cr found in Univ cashier’s cupboard Around 1,000 drafts worth lakhs of rupees have been allegedly found unutilized in the accounts section of the Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) head office. Earlier in May this year, the varsity was rocked over the alleged financial fraud worth Rs 3.56 crore. These drafts were received with the applications from candidates who applied for the teaching posts at the university and have remained non-deposited for two years. The financial mismanagement surfaced after MSU Vice Chancellor, Prof Yogesh Singh appointed a probe committee. The committee probing Rs 3.56 crore financial fraud, opened the cupboard of the suspended cashier *** clerk S I Makrani and discovered the unutilised drafts. Makrani and in-charge chief accounts officer (CAO), Bharat Shah were suspended by the university and ...
Gulaab Gang Theatrical trailer Watch online, presented by Bharat Shah, this film produced by Anubhav Sinha and directed by Soumik Sen, starring Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla in never-seen-before avatars are main leads. Releasing 7th Mar 2014. :: Enjoy unlimited entertainment and stay connected with…
'Grand Masti' mints Rs.66.48 crore in first week!!! Adult comedy "Grand Masti" has generated Rs.66.48 at the box office within the first week of its release. Directed by Indra Kumar, the bold movie, which released Sep 13, opened with Rs.12.51 crore. It stars Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and Aftab Shivdasani along with six actresses. The film went on to clock Rs.13.21 crore and Rs.14.46 crore on Saturday and Saturday, respectively, via single screens as well as multiplexes. The week remained strong with Monday collection at Rs.7.5 crore, Tuesday Rs.7.25 crore, Wednesday Rs.6.30 crore and Thursday Rs.5.25 crore -- taking the tally to Rs.66.48 crore. "Grand Masti" is co-produced by Ashok Thakeria and Indra Kumar, presented by Bharat Shah and distributed by Eros International Worldwide.
BOI: Anil Agarwal has joined Bharat Shah and acquired the rights for Delhi/UP territory of !
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
well its a win case (assuming Bharat Shah has bought the film); so no case study then
yup & I think thanx to Bharat Shah they are trying for a really wide release
Preity Zinta Personal life Preity Zinta used to visit her native town Shimla when not busy in shooting. In 2006, she moved into her own home in Mumbai. She does not identify with any particular religion. In an interview with The Times of India, she comments, "I believe in good deeds, in karma, I don't believe in going to temples. For me, religion is very personal. It's all about having faith ... We have heard and read that all religions are equal. Now I am increasingly believing in this." She narrowly escaped death twice in late 2004: first after an explosion at a Temptation concert in Colombo, Sri Lanka; and second during the Indian Ocean earthquake. Preity Zinta has been the subject of several controversies. In 2003, as a witness in the Bharat Shah case, she testified against the Indian mafia. Bharat Shah, the financer of one of her movies, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, was arrested in 2000 for having connections with Chhota Shakeel, a Mumbai underworld boss. Unlike several of her colleagues, Preity Zinta ...
"*Zila Ghaziabad*" is a 2013 Bollywood political action thriller film directed byAnand Kumar . It is presented by Bharat Shah & Mohammed Fasih The film features Sanjay Dutt , Arshad Warsi , Vivek Oberoi , Minissha Lamba and Ravi Kishan in lead roles amongst others. It was released on February 22, 2013.[3] [4] HidePremise The story is based on the true story of the gang war between two powerful rival groups of Gurjars , which took place in the 80s and 90s in Ghaziabad . One led by Satbir Gurjar (Vivek Oberoi ) and the other led by Mahender Fauji Bainsla (Arshad Warsi ), with a police officer Pritam Singh (Sanjay Dutt ) in between all of this.[5] . In real Life Mahendra Fauji was an Ex army man who faught in the Indo - Pak wars of 1971 and 1964.Both Satbir and Mahendra Fauji belong to the village Mewla Bhatti near Loni in Distt Ghaziabad. The village belongs to Bainsla Clan of the Gurjars . The Ghaziabad region surrounded near by Meerut ,Baghpat , Greater Noida , Bulandsahar , this part of Western Uttar Par ...
For SME's who have issues related to HR or need Recruitment advice - we have our Expert - Ms. Parul Bharat Shah -...
Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced daily... Failure is nothing more than a few small errors repeated daily !!! bharat shah mob 93222 11540
Bharat Shah shared the following link:
Cautious on market as macro challenges persist: ASK Investment
Nisargopachar Kendra (Nature Cure Centre), Gotri, is located in the western part of Vadodara, the cultural city of Gujarat. The Centre is spread across three acres of land, amidst lush green foliage, adorned by aromatic plants and herbs and the pleasant call of a multitude of birds. The serene surro...
Dear Friends, Off late i have been witnessing Spam on my wall which i dont post nor like. Kindly ignore such post and Likes. Bharat Shah
Ponty Chadha's last appointment with Bollywood - New York Daily News: RediffPonty Chadha's last appointment with...
The shocking death of liquor baron and film distributor Ponty Chadha has come as a massive blow to the Hindi film industry. Chadha, who was killed in a freak shootout at his farmhouse near New Delhi [ Images ] on November 17, had produced hit films like Sunny Deol-starrer Gadar: Ek Prem Katha and Salman Khan-starrer Ready. The businessman from Uttar Pradesh [ Images ] had worked closely with several Bollywood filmmakers. At least six prominent filmmakers were in talks with Chadha over big-budget projects, which may now seek financial assistance elsewhere. If reports are to be believed, financier Bharat Shah was the last person to have spoken to Ponty Chadha regarding a film deal. Shah has major financial stakes in director Anand Kumar's Sanjay Dutt-Arshad Warsi-Vivek Oberoi starrer, Zilla Ghazibad. He was supposed to fly to New Delhi on the day the shootout happened to screen the film for Chadha. The late businessman had shown keen interest in distributing the film. Chaddha was shot dead barely a few hour ...
Ponty Chadha's last appointment with Bollywood - Times of India
Delighted to attend Diwali reception at 10 Downing Street tonight and to take Central resident Bharat Shah as my guest
Thackeray, Media, and Thackeray's Media: some excellent points from my friend Rohit Chopra.
With The blessings of Great Legendary Music Director Pyarelalji a successful progamme was possible 'TOTAL RECALL-2' at Navsari, on 21-07-2012 at TATA-HALL.Here is a young talented promising singer Vaibhav Vashista with Bharat Shah of Mahek, The singer who took the audience by storm
Kenya to open six more embassies in new economic diplomacy drive: Foreign Affairs minister Sam Ongeri (right) w...
You name and Meaning ! This Image was made for Bharat Shah by JoeBudApps
Mercy plastic surgeon, Bharat Shah MD, FACS Plastic Surgeon, has become the first in Missouri to offer patients a...
if at first you don't succeed try and try again Bharat Shah Vice President cc:
'Recent reforms have given mkt a hope and confidence'
Irongate opened - Shah Commission report shows how authorities, mine owners stripped Goa of iron
100&Bharat Shah of NPC is rushed to nearby hospital.. updates HERE: (/ GoalNepal)
NCELL cup: Group leaders NPC set up date with Sankata in the quarters (/ eKantipur)
Activists seek info about Modi's travel expenses: Activists Trupti Shah and Bharat Sinh Jhala claim Modi is with...
Bharat Shah will be presenting Indra Kumar and Ashok Thakeria's "GRAND MASTI" a sequel to thier hit movie
Mr. Bharat Shah, shares the tricks of the Investment market at FLAME Investment Labs with the Masters
Shah Rukh Khan to spread the message of literacy - Times of India
Bharat Shah files case against J.P.Dutta - news. Just a couple of days ago, we had informed you how diamond merchant and film financer Bharat Shah had lodged a complaint with the Association of Motion Pictures & Television Programme Producers (AMPTPP) against Ram Gopal Varma for...
Ram Gopal Varma and Bharat Shah's friendship comes to an end!
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Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan were amidst the Bollywood fraternity that attended the funeral of veteran Bollywood producer and director Prakash Mehra on May 18. Attired in white pathani suits and matching sandals the father son duo looked intense sharing the grief of the Mehra family. Mehra, 69, who was recovering after being hospitalized for pneumonia, breathed his last on May 17 following multiple organ failure. He is survived by his three sons, Sumeet, Amit and Puneet. The funeral ceremony, which took place at Oshiwara crematorium in Mumbai, was delayed till Monday, May 18 late noon while awaiting the arrival of Sumeet, Mehra’s oldest son, who lives in the US. Others who attended the funeral included filmmakers Yash Chopra, Ramesh Sippy, Madhur Bhandarkar, Sanjay Khan, Bharat Shah, Goldie Behl, Ashok Pandit. Also present were Bappi Lehari with his son Bappa Lehari and actor Ranjeet who acted in many Mehra movies as a villain. Mehra was responsible for giving Amitabh Bachchan, whom Mehra ca ...
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