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Beyond Scared Straight

Scared Straight! is a 1978 documentary directed by Arnold Shapiro. Narrated by Peter Falk, the subject of the documentary is a group of juvenile delinquents and their three-hour session with actual convicts.

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In most cases, the kids on "Beyond Scared Straight" are there for fighting and stealing. This *** shot a missile at a moving car. Why son?
What episode is that with that man moving his head on Beyond Scared Straight
Its this asian girl on beyond scared straight and my brother said she there cuz she got a "B" on her report card πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This is a crazy episode of beyond scared straight 😳😳
I wanna be a cop on Beyond Scared Straight JUST so I can Catch one of the kid tears.
β€œBeyond scared straight not chillin no more πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ he was waiting for him at the doe
β€œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ *** β€œBeyond scared straight not chillin no more πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ "I can fight with nails" πŸ˜‚
Is it bad that 'Beyond Scared Straight' makes me laugh?
lol *** yeah! The only scary thing I can watch is Beyond Scared Straight cause I'm not the one being scared and it's funny
Beyond Scared Straight: Teen Stays Away from Gangs After Jail Tour (S7, E6): the follow up
So since I got home from work all ive been watching is beyond scared straight lol
Reality shows are annoying now , I only watch criminal minds , scandal , law & order & beyond scared straight
β€œBeyond scared straight not chillin no more πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ wait wait πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I wasn't ready
Watching Beyond Scared Straight. "I'll take your m-f'in shoes then take your virginity" - inmate
If they want them lil *** to take beyond scared straight serious. Fleece Johnson need to be in every episode
β€œBeyond scared straight not chillin no more πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ ayo im crying rs😭😭
What if a inmate really did fight one of the kids on beyond scared straight and the kid win πŸ˜•πŸ˜‚
I want to see the episode of Beyond Scared Straight with that woman so bad. πŸ˜‚
The fact that I'm watching Beyond Scared Straight & it's making me cry lmao
dawg, there lowkey be some fine inmates on Beyond Scared Straight
Beyond scared straight literally made me want to be a better person
β€œBeyond scared straight not chillin no more πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
I sound like a creepy stalker when in reality all I did was search beyond scared straight πŸ˜‚
Beyond scared straight not chillin no more πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
Beyond Scared Straight, The First 48 or Pawn Stars?! Idk what to watch 😩
Y am I watching beyond scared straight rn.. lololol it's funny af though
Beyond scared straight GEKS. The loudest inmates be the ones with the shortest sentences
They need to have the Nj beyond scared straight episode on Netflix
Scared beyond straight have me deadπŸ˜†
The inmates be so turnt on Beyond Scared Straight.
Beyond Scared Straight be getting real on you
The kids on beyond scared straight really make me mad
why couldnt they put ALL seasons of Beyond Scared Straight on netflix?
is that a real show or did you mean beyond scared straight ?? Lol
If I was the parents on beyond scared straight when they ask do I want my child to stay or go the *** would stay
Beyond scared straight is one of the most dumbest shows I've watched. I don't even know why I'm watching it rn
I won't last more than 3 in beyond scared straight
They finally have beyond scared straight on Netflix
Let me do this work before I start Watching beyond scared Straight , cuss I can't focus doing both πŸ˜’πŸ“šβœ
If the show Beyond Scared Straight has taught me anything it's that "WHY YOU CRYIN" is the funniest thing you can yell at a ch…
I know I'm about to watch beyond scared straight
Watching beyond scared straight while folding clothes and I know so many people I wish would have had this when they were younger.
β€œUp watching Beyond Scared Straight with my baby πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜Œβ€ baby? πŸ‘€
Shawty went on Beyond Scared Straight with no underwear on. She bout it
So beyond scared straight is on Netflix πŸ‘Œ this paper is about to fly by
I've been watching beyond scared straight. It made me cry a few times.
Beyond Scared Straight is actually a pretty good show 😁
Netflix: Hey Desiree, if you really like Orange Is The New Black, you're gonna love Beyond Scared Straight . Desiree: Thank you Netflix.
These "kids" on Beyond Scared Straight act so hard and so tough, then they get in the jail and are crying. Sit your little *** down, 11-12 year olds stealing guns, and doing drugs, wow. I'm done.
Ever wonder how Steve Urkel grew up to be so successful? Because he was on Beyond Scared Straight on A&E when he was little!
Beyond Scared Straight is the best TV program in America
There are no shortage of memorable moments in Beyond Scared Straight. From Kool-Aid encounters to chest hair threats, check out the best of the best moments ...
Blowing back watching Beyond Scared Straight . *prepares to die laughing*
man I can't watch Beyond Scared Straight with my step dad, he gonna call the girl fat
Watching the Hampton Roads Regional Jail episode of Beyond Scared Straight.. I'm tearing tf up, this inmate's story sad asab
Had the chance to meet Ofic. Shan Collins from Beyond Scared Straight at the St. Clair County JailπŸš“
Tonight: All-New episodes of White Collar and Covert Affairs starting at 9/8c on USA. Plus, all-new episodes of Beyond Scared Straight on A&E at 9/8c. And, all-new Elementary at 10/9c on CBS. What will you be watching? -Ryan
It's a dude on Beyond Scared Straight dressed up like a woman looking like Jon Jones. LOL
By Paul J. Coyne, Executive Producer, Beyond Scared Straight Β  Greetings Cellmates! Β  Here we are, already at the end of another life-changing season of β€œBeyond Scared Straight.” And yes, we will be back with more new episodes for our 8th season! I hope you and your friends and family have been moved by the changes that these at-risk teens have gone through. Of course, that one day in jail is only the beginning, and the teens will need the support of their families as they move forward, but I always have hope that they will stay on the right path. Β  This Thursday night at 10pm (9pm Central) we return to Fulton County, Georgia and meet one of the most brazen and reckless siblings we have ever encountered. Adjanie, 15, stole a credit card, bought herself a plane ticket, and ran away to Miami for three weeks. Her brother Jefferson, 16, has choked his mother and burglarized homes. The inmates and deputies focus on these two teenagers and the results are completely unexpected. Β  As always at the end of ...
From Everybody Hates Chris, to Beyond Scared Straight. It's not the same person but still lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
U kno ur county is ratchet when it's featured on Beyond Scared Straight twice featured in NBC s Science of Love
Beyond Scared Straight; A fine lifetime movie network program.
We need a beyond scared straight here in odessa or midland area i would be da first to sign my kid kiddo up
That Donoven dude from beyond scared straight just don't know 😩😩😍😍 lmao what is his @ name!?
can't find them :-( but it was Beyond Scared Straight Season 6 Episode many funny moments
I love watchin beyond scared straight
Beyond scared straight done scared me they got punks on here now
Beyond Scared Straight is serious NOW! One episode the prisoner pulled out a shank and put it to the kids face...the next episode the officer smacking spit outta some lil boys mouth...
Alternative lifestyle inmates on Beyond Scared Straight funny as hel
How do you show your face in school after being on Beyond Scared Straight?
Been so many IG & Vine vids of that episode of Beyond Scared Straight...w/ all the Prison wrist-flippers, NEED 2 watch the entire thing
Beyond scared straight is stupid af πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Beyond Scared Straight was lowkey racist af.. 😫
Beyond Scared Straight does not play with these kids πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Beyond Scared Straight doesn't Show Troubled Kids...It shows how *** Poor Parents are nowadays.I wish my Kid would! How you can't control your kid (s) thou? Parents don't demand RESPECT today anyways..They think bad behavior iscute so they Vine it.Sad But tru :-(
Beyond scared Straight must Be gone off
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
My auntie talking bout she gone send me to beyond scared straight βœ‹πŸ˜’ what she think I am ? A GOOFY 😑😑
Watching MAURY and these lil wenches are disrespectful af smh idc how old yuh are yuh should never disrespect your parent(s) no matter what cus can't nobody do yuh better than they can do yuh (mah TUNECHI voice) lol nah but fr they don't need to be on MAURY they shoulda went to BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT
I'm so scared to hit Greene street for my bday like beyond scared...I won't walk outta there able to see straight.…
This girl on Beyond Scared Straight went to school 7 days out of the entire school year. 😳
no new episodes of Beyond Scared Straight or Scandal tonight this makes me so sad
beyond scared straight seriously makes me more emotional than anything & I don't get it
Cdfu that beyond scared straight commercial thou
It's hard to watch beyond scared straight sometimes b/c I'm always trying to hold byke laughter
Watched beyond scared straight in health class. πŸ‘Š
Hottest street intervention tv show movie series the kidnapping "the aaron wright story" by Blaise Von ent videographer Rena Naltsas ft your boy $.$han getting my cameo on to scare kids off these chicago streets watch "Beyond Scared Straight: The Kidnapping" on YouTube
yay!! Watching beyond scared straight in class
Ohhh they got the dude for beyond scared straight on there 😬
These *** men on Beyond Scared Straight is so funny where he get them red bails from in jailπŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜­
Beyond Scared Straight doesn't show Troubled Kids.. It shows how *** Poor parents are nowadays. I Wish my Kids would!
Jameis Winston needs to be sent to beyond scared straight.
Thursday for me means thrilling episodes of "Beyond Scared Straight"!
They really be breaking down on beyond scared straight lol
Nessa girl, I always wondered what the *** happened to the stunt queens and the drag queens when they went to prison. Well chile, I have to wonder NO MORE! To peep into the life of a sissy gone bad, the production crew of Beyond Scared Straight came down to Miss Atlanta to give the world a ...
Watching Beyond Scared Straight Fulton County Jail from last week and I'm dying because all I can think about is Orange Is The New Black episode
Cute guys on beyond scared straight (:
Does anybody else watch beyond scared straight or
I just saw this on Beyond Scared Straight. This was too funny to me
Beyond Scared Straight profiles the new approach to keeping today's teens from becoming tomorrow's prisoners. The power of the original Scared Straight! program has inspired dozens of inmate-run intervention programs in men's and women's prisons across the country. These youthful offender programs p…
my baby so bad its like I don't even know if I can control her if she keeps this up by her second birthday she will be on "Beyond scared straight"
"My name is Tony, aka Pebbles I just got 14 years PRISON TIME!" - Beyond Scared Straight this episode is FUNNY AS *** and my cousin be heading to beyond scared straight b a oooh I'm sooo scared.SIKE yall thought
Wow I remember when the kids on beyond scared straight averaged like 16 years old. Now it's 13.just sad...
Watch the Beyond Scared Straight - S1 E6 - Hagerstown full episode from Season 6 Episode 6. Two brothers and their sister are on a rampage of violence and c...
Watch the Beyond Scared Straight - S1 E7 - Jessup Women's Prison video clip from Season 6 Episode 7. In this scene from the episode Dougherty County, GA: S...
Would you put your kids on Beyond Scared Straight?
I wanna be on beyond scared straight. Swear ta god ill wild tf out on them inmates.
Watching beyond scared straight and this lil 12 year old boy say he beat his mama a$$. Now this is a two parent household so i'm trying to figure out for 1 why this boy and still breathing and what the *** did the father do b/c there is no way in *** i'm going to let my child whoop me and still live
5 likes? a- are you single? nope. b- bestfriend? Cecilia Anne c- crush? Christian Rollins d- drink you had last? Sprite. e- easiest people to talk to? Cecilia and Aaron. f- favorite music group? The Beatles. g- good at? art and photography. h- hair color? right now, a light red/brown. i- inlove with? the internet. j- jealous of? no one. k- known the longest? me. cx l- last show you saw? Beyond Scared Straight. m- middle name? Roquel. n- number you like best? 6. o- one wish? to have unlimited wishes. p- person last talked to? my sister. q- questions always asked? "how old are you?" r- reasons to smile? my family and my boyfriend. s- song last listened to and favorite song? i will follow you into the dark. and i will follow you into the dark. cx t- time you got up? 6:23 a.m. u- upset? nah. v- violent? eh. i can be. w- worst fear? losing people that are really close to me. x- ex you never stopped loving? none. y- your favorite food? tamales. β™‘ z- zodiac sign? virgo.
I'm tired of my son he's about to be on beyond scared straight
Why these kids on Beyond Scared Straight so ugly.
Watching the show Beyond Scared Straight makes me thank GOD that I have such a great relationship with my daughter that she listened to and respected me. Love You Ashley
I wanna be on beyond scared straight .
I think if my mom ever put me on Beyond Scared Straight I'd be even more mad at that *** that wouldn't make me no better. Lmao, that's just how I am..
Half this pod full of crackhead. "not me girl". I didn't say you ~ Beyond scared straight. Chile that thang hat me tickled hunty
This little white boy on Beyond Scared Straight, Seth is hardcore. Im sure he'll be on the news for shooting up his High School in a few yrs
Cops / Jail / Americas Most Wanted / Beyond Scared Straight to get my daily dose of adrenaline... lmao
Lawd Jesus.just getting a chance to watch Beyond Scared Straight (chester).omg...tears flowing. Sending prayers to all those mothers...I been there and know exactly what they going thru. LORD help our young men.
I'm seeing Tim Hawkins the night the new season of Beyond Scared Straight comes on. πŸ˜”
"😭😭" lmaooo Beyond Scared Straight. That episode had me dyinggg!!
when I walk through the orange hallway, I feel like the kids on beyond scared straight whn they walk through the jail
Lmao beyond scared straight is definitely a comedy show
; I was beyond scared straight lmaobvs
Just watched a clip of beyond scared straight where they had this kid combing some inmates chest hairs. I'm in tears. Lol
Ion miss a 100 days out of skool a 100 days out of xlasses deyy sending my *** to beyond scared straight ion xare
I wana be on beyond scared straight .
So i was watching Beyond Scared Straight and there was this fine *** inmate. Guess what tho after a few minutes i realized it was a girlπŸ˜±πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
seen a *** on Scared beyond straight that look like mo
Wow that's scary I watch the show almost every time it comes on. It even scared me and I'm very hard to scare. The thought of jail scares me so I tell everyone stay in school and learn from your mistakes.
If the teens dont change after the Beyond Scared Straight program. I have no idea what will.
Beyond Scared Straight Grab The Comb omg this is too funny
Beyond scared straight be so weak this lady was screamin at this boy to eat his food he said no but the way she was screaming is why it was
Beyond Scared Straight is where I'd send my kids for eating the food I distinctively claimed as mine. Because I'm selfish and I don't care.
Staying calm is the hardest thing to do when you're beyond scared straight!
They should put Justin Bieber on beyond scared straight
Okay, this prisoner on beyond scared straight is actually kind of hot...even though she's a murderer.
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I'm watching beyond scared straight and that's their answer for everything
Scared beyond straight is a good show. One dude acted like Zach b
short clip from 'Beyond Scared Straight' on A&E
Someone should've sent Justin Bieber to tht Beyond Scared Straight show
I had to, that episode of Beyond Scared Straight was SO funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Watch the video Β«β€˜Beyond Scared Straight Season 3 Episode 16’» uploaded by omitch on Dailymotion.
Annie is really crying over Beyond Scared Straight lol
These kids on beyond scared straight need to get punched and kicked. A lot
Beyond Scared Straight in the 90's pt. 3 this kid gotta be like 5 or 6 he bouta mush his face in. πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
Beyond scared straight in the 90's compared to now lol pt. 2
Justin Bieber needs to go on beyond scared straight
They should do a celebrity beyond scared straight featuring Justin Bieber
Law exam tomorow I'm watching beyond scared straight does that count?
I wanna be on beyond scared straight, regulate these jail *** 😀
beyond scared straight? I swear to you id be laughin in their faces like honestly what can they do
- Beyond scared straight is really my fxckin show frfr !
Sister: Major needs to go to Beyond Scared Straight Babies, Me: Yea he does. Major: (just laughs) lmbo bad self.
Yeoo them "Beyond Scared Straight" shows make me Wanna make Sure I never go 2 Jail πŸ’―
Beyond scared straight hilarious i can already imagine akron people on there lmao
They should do a celebrity Beyond Scared Straight and Justin Bieber should be the first one on
Watching beyond scared straight reality television show is pretty interesting to watch. I say this due to the fact that some teenagers think its a game until they actually become an inmate. Some are scared some are intimidated and unfortunately some of them aren't fazed by it. Well they will never know until they actually become a prisoner for an alleged crime filed against them as their freedom is taken away. Interesting!
Beyond Scared Straight is the worst of people.
I need to catch up on my Beyond Scared Straight too !
Someone shoulda put on beyond scared straight.
Beyond Scared Straight is the funniest show πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ like I really can't
Im addicted to beyond scared straight now
Watching beyond scared straight with Catie this show is scary !! Gratef
Man im glad I was never in a city where they would put you on that show beyond scared straight dem fools get in my face I have to treat them like they on the street in my eyes its not bout yo street cred dat big talk or what u did ..when we toe to toe its bout that end result
So for the past two hours ive been watchin Beyond Scared Straight and it hurts me to see that 85% of the prison population were African American. Yes, they were responsible for their actions but i advise everyone to check the show out. We need to change the way we are living and do better not only for each other but also for those who love us. We all have so much potential, lets not waste it.
i think what the world needs is a beyond scared straight for all the little 12,13 and 14 year olds that think its "cute or a the cool thing " to have a baby.. Hunny its not all fun and games and dress up... i don't regret my daughter one bit,but i have had to grow up SOO much in a short period of time.(not a bad thing i actually like being a Mature young adult). But rationally it may has well be your mother having the baby because at your age you are not going to be able to even begin providing for the young child you are selfishly bring in to the world . (again this is if they were actively trying, im not judging any of my younglives girls in anyway.) but i am so tired of getting messages from little girls asking me "how they can get pregnant faster" or "i am so excited to have my baby, i want to be just like you" NO you don't live your life... your just a kid!!
So I watched an episode of beyond scared straight and when did this break down of discipline and parents being scared of their kids start. Aint no way I could've punch, threaten, and curse out my parents let alone break stuff in the house and my mom not do anything? What are these parents doing?
I love beyond scared straight little punk *** kids
Watching beyond scared straight. 12 year old black kid sent there by his mom. Just a little boy. Breaking my heart when he starts crying. This kid is defiantly shocked. Some reality shows make me so mad. He is only Zachary age.
If Justin Beiber was on an episode of Beyond Scared Straight TV Alley
Beyond Scared Straight. Now that's a program some wayward youths in this region need to get a taste of.
Are YOU ready for an all NEW episode of Beyond Scared Straight? We know we are! And, in anticipation for tomorrow, check out this promo! "Like" if you'll be tuning in TOMORROW at 10/9c.
Note to self. Do not watch Beyond Scared Straight on A&E right before going to bed or you will dream you are in prison.
Well since the snow ruined my plans for the day looks like me and Makalyn are going to watch beyond scared straight all day and make a snowman lmao.
Who likes and misses beyond scared straight
"Beyond Scared Straight" had me in tears today and now so does "Undercover Boss." Hormone changes. Let's see if "Shark Tank" makes me pull out more tissue.
I think I might have found a new favorite show Beyond Scared Straight is pure comedy lol
Watching Beyond Scared Straight and The First 48, and I realize that ugly people are responsible for 94% of crime in America!
How my mom said she gone put me on beyond scared straight -_- πŸ’”βœŠ
Urybody knows I love A&E's Beyond Scared Straight. After a few seasons of BSS, naughty teens have come to expect the standard threats of prison rape ("...
Josh recorded an episode of Beyond Scared Straight for me to watch, mainly because one of the Deputies was hilarious. He was like a drill sgt. on steroids, but in the end seeing how they got through to some of those kids was amazing.
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Lol so I was watching beyond scared straight all day and every episode I cried smh lol.. It was sad.. Shot!
Been watching Beyond Scared Straight on A&E. God I wish more children and more parents would put their children through something like this that have all these issues. It might actually save a few of them from just dropping into the crap.
Most teens these days braah! Each High School should have field trips to jail like Beyond Scared Straight! Wake up call is needed for the teens these days!
I want 2 c how many will agree with what ive got 2 say. i knw most of u have heard of that show- BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT. why dont we offer a program around here n the surrounding counties.? thnk of the kids it wud save frm prison or even death. therz trbld kids around here jus like where they film the program. i dont thnk they want l around here cuz coff co wud rather kp craming ppl in theyr jail. whenevr they evr do build that new prison-like jail, theyl b wanting 2 cram it full 2. thats all they want 2 do. the reason they havent started building it yet is cuz therz more money goin out than comin in, due 2 lawsuits. anyway, how many ppl agree that they nd a beyond scared straight prog around coff co or the surrounding co?
I think EVERY teenager who thinks their HARD or GROWN an can't nobody touch them. Should take their *** to Beyond Scared Straight so they can see how TOUGH they really are...
Watching 'Beyond Scared Straight' on Here's what I've learned. If, as a parent, you yell and threaten violence because nothing else works on your troubled teen, that's considered abuse. If you send your teen to a jail and outsource the yelling and threats for incarcerated felons to perform, it's a good move.
Watching beyond scared straight these kids got me crying ; I hate seeing ppl cry cuz I cry lol .. but I feel bad for them !
Beyond scared straight , ion think I would be able to deal w/ this ! lawdy .
Lol..check this out lil D.J 3yrs old is sitting here watching beyond scared straight,his face he's almost crying with those kids and asking plenty funny but good tho!!!
Watching Beyond Scared Straight. I think juvenile offenders should ALL have to go through this program.
Since my cats decided that I didn't need sleep before work today I decided to watch some tv. I turned to a show called "Beyond Scared Straight". I will admit I see nothing wrong woopin an *** but I have no idea how that show can even be put on tv. Granted they are not touching the kids but mental abuse is very damaging.
Beyond scared straight. This is crazy. Kids these days need to get that look or the pointing of the finger I got from my mother. They would not want to even do or think of doing anything wrong.
One of yu new favorite shows is officially Beyond Scared Straight, about kids that think they are such bad *** doing drugs and skipping school and having anger issues. I seriously think they need to do this to more kids that act that way. Then maybe we wouldn't have as many people doing drugs and we wouldn't have to pay as much to house the pathetic people that decide to waste their lives away by doing such things, simply because they can't look at life for just how beautiful it truly is.. Instead they chose to see life surrounded by a bunch of brick walls.
watching channel 118! Beyond Scared Straight---if your kids are not listening and out of control
Beyond Scared Straight is about as real as it gets with them layin hands on you.
"Beyond Scared Straight" is the funniest show ever! The fear in those kids eyes when the inmates yell at them is just priceless!
Beyond scared straight is the best show lol. Bratty *** kids getting a dose of reality
So I'm sitting here watching Beyond Scared Straight on A&E. I'm glad they trying straighten these little kids up
Lol if Riley is a wild child when she gets about 12 u better believe she's goin on that show beyond scared straight lol
BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT marathon on A&E today. I wish there was a program like this for kids who give up trying in school. I have a head full of ideas. Where's my producer friends?
Why does Beyond Scared Straight always make me cry? πŸ˜” They're so misguided.. Ugh I can't wait 'til I get my degree.
Watching beyond scared straight love this show
I home watching beyond scared straight laughing hard as *** at these kids who think they was hard as *** AM I WRONG FOR LAUGHING AT THEM?
These mfs on beyond scared straight is crazy Af πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¨πŸ˜‚ yu ain't gone see my *** there at all . Lol ,
We need a beyond scared straight in macon for all these bad lil kids.
Im sittin here watcing beyond scared straight thinkin some ppl on here need to be on this show to get a reality check
I love the show beyond scared straight. Watching punk *** kids cry makes me so happy.
Beyond scared straight marathon now this is good television. Tasha where you at.
Beyond scared straight= beyond best show ever. gotta love watching them ghetto kids get put in their place!
The best part of "Beyond Scared Straight" is the kids that actually change. I like to see kids see what a joke they are and give themselves a chance in life!
Lmfao just imagine if a *** *** go on beyond scared straight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
According to the beyond scared straight show the definition of a mistake is when you knock up a fat chick...
So watching Beyond Scared Straight, they need to go to Pineville Ball area and get them.nvm half of em already been in jail and haven't learned anything.
I freakin love beyond scared straight. You better believe my kids will not be like that, and if they are, I'll be sending them to do the same program.
Watching Beyond Scared Straight always reminds me of Augustine Ortiz lol
Beyond Scared straight some of the bad *** kid in Beaumont tx need to go there and let's see how hard that really is
I really don't know how these kids on Beyond Scared Straight can still continue to do the things that brought them in there. I'm scared just watching!
Literally crying over this 13 yr old boy on beyond scared straight..
Sitting watching BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT,I wish we had a orogram like that here. I've got 2 canedates: ANASTASIA & KACEY bad ***
That show Beyond Scared Straight is funny as *** !
I'm watching beyond scared straight n the officer jus asked a kid y he beat up people n he said it was a mistake n the officer told him a mistake is knocking up a fat chick not standing in jail. Rotflmao.never heard that one before.lmao
Sitting here watching beyond scared straight and i must sat i am very greatful my son and daughter are very great well manner smart kids...they have some kids they same age as my son going to prison to be taught a lesson on how to act...just sad!
When I'm watching beyond scared straight and all i hear is the prison guard scream .WHO.DFKM
Beyond scared straight is my show...shows how soft yall r when yall get in that pen
Wow on Beyond Scared Straight cop said a accident is when u knock up a fat chick wow really dude really
So the lil boy on Beyond Scared Straight fought his mom and broke her ribs! Im sorry, but they would have had to bring the coroner van to that 911 call!
They ought to throw Justin beiber into the beyond scared straight program lol
So today consists of laying up in my bed under 3 blankets watching beyond scared straight. Being sick at the start of the weekend is the worst... Someone bring me food!
Watching beyond scared straight. I really wish they would let these inmates show them the hands on experience of prison. WHY DO KIDS ALWAYS STAND THERE WITH THIER MOUTHS HANGING OPEN...close it up you look very...stagnant..drives me nuts
Watching Beyond Scared Straight, good program...Think lots of kids these days need this kind of wake up call..
Watchin an episode of Beyond Scared Straight for the forst time.. They're doing the right thing with that show. Much respect.
So I'm watching Beyond Scared Straight, wondering why no one tries to turn the convicts against the cops. Maybe it's just the side of me that loves chaos, but why not? "I'm not the one who put you behind those bars. I didn't chase you down, possibly taze you or beat you, and lock you up like an animal. That's all they see us as. I mean, they talk to me like a dog, how are you any different? All they see in us are big, stupid dogs to push around. Look, I'm not like them, cunning or relying on weapons, I'm just a big guy like you. Look at how scrawny they are. Surely a strong powerhouse like yourself can take 'em. Wanna have some fun?" Not that I'd do it myself, but there are some sick people and I'm wondering why nobody ever has.
Wow. I'm watching Beyond Scared Straight, and these two cousins walked in the cells and ran into their own uncle/stepdad behind bars. They haven't seen him in years. Talk about reality slapping them in the face.
When someone behind bars on Beyond Scared Straight looks exactly like an ex. Lol
Beyond scared straight. .I'm scared and they ain't even in my face. I'm so not hard. .
The best show that's on tv is Beyond Scared Straight. If u hv out of control teenage kids its a must c. This program will give them an insight on the path they may end up on. My son and I watch this reality show than hv a question n answer session. A great way 2 bond with ur child 2 show them u care 4 them. Wake up parents lets take our village back
Beyond scared straight is the stupidest show I've ever seen
Watching beyond scared straight makes me wish I was thrown into this program in High School...maybe if I had someone yellin in my face I wouldn't have screwed up like I did...guess you just have to learn from your mistakes
So watching Beyond Scared Straight has made me realize that Quand being forgetful, oblivious and not having much common sense, is alright with me!!
I'm watching Beyond Scared Straight... I don't understand how little ungrateful brats can act that way. Every excuse is, "I'm angry." I don't care. We're all angry about something. It doesn't give you the right to act like you ain't got no sense. Punk ***
So watched beyond scared straight and they put this young man in a "special" chair. If anyone been locked up you know what iam talking about. Brought back memories when I got hog tied in CO when I was 14 or 15 cause I wouldnt take my tounge ring out. I was in a cell and they told me to take out my ring, I said you can take it out if you can get it without me biting you bleepin fingers off first. So, 5 dudes with chains and ties came into my cell, slammed me against the wall, tied my hands and feet back while one held my head down and 2 helf my jaw open and another cut out my tounge ring with a pair of plyers. Wow gone along way for those days. about a year or 2 after is when I felt the power of the Holy Spirit for the first time and never been the same since.
So im watching beyond scared straight and all the kids smoke pot *** is wrong with smoking some pot the stealing fighting assault i can understand but pot it sites no harm its not a *** drug
Beyond scared straight on tv filmed in Oneida county jail
Just started watching Beyond Scared Straight,I think all High Schools should have this kind of program.
Maken lunch and watchn beyond scared straight wit angel.. She only 4 but she gone learn today.. Letting here realize at an early age they gotta place fa them bad *** kids.. She really into ta this.. (dnt judge me)
I'm about to put Landon in the Beyond Scared Straight program
I swear every jail in Virginia be on beyond scared straight!!!
I wanna go on beyond scared straight!
Let's teach erin some manners and put her on Beyond Scared Straight
Dude like drugs Wars & Gangland & Beyond Scared Straight are my faves
Y'all remember that man on beyond scared straight
yall look like straight goons lol finna have Eugen beyond scared straight
Imagine if me and Christian went on Beyond Scared Straight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I swear beyond scared straight scares the f*** out of me bruh
Idek why I like The First 48 so much. It's kind of addicting. And Beyond Scared Straight too.
Oh man the streets is like the WWE, MMA, Beyond Scared Straight all rolled into one.
Moe im watching beyond scared straight on my laptop and i seen this girl i know walking through pioneer city lmaooo
I lol at these kids on Beyond Scared Straight who are like 8-12 and smoke weed. Like seriously?
There needs to be a Beyond Scared Straight: Celebrities Edition specifically for .
Out of all the beyond scared straight episodes I think the 1 where he made that boy comb his chest hair was the funniest πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Yes, I found that Beyond Scared Straight episode with that man πŸ˜‚
Can we send Justin Bieber on the show Beyond Scared Straight?
I feel like a proud older brother right now. This is like a success story on Beyond Scared Straight
πŸ˜‚ This *** beyond scared straight really be like .
I want deadly women, lock down, or either beyond scared straight to come on.
How are you a *** but you been on Beyond Scared Straight?
I haven't seen Beyond Scared Straight in a long time
This how beyond scared straight really be like.. 😭😭
Watching beyond scared straight in class
Watching beyond scared straight and one of the kids is actually cute πŸ˜‚
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Nah my daughter getting home schooled and locked up word to beyond scared straight β€œStrict Parents Make Hardhead Kids.”
yessi the show called beyond scared straight right? Hehe ok goodnight love u
These kids on Beyond Scared Straight literally make me angry watching them... lol.
Dis *** on Jacksonville beyond scared straight caught all this time smh ion know what I'd do
This how beyond scared straight really be like..
afraid I have some bad news. If you are trying to look hard and tough on the tv show 'beyond scared straight,' you cannot show yourself sitting on your bed with a spongebob comforter
In this scene from the episode Floyd County, GA: Snitches Get Stitches, Toby, a teen previously on Beyond Scared Straight, is now in prison. Toby talks about...
Beyond Scared Straight is a reality show where troubled teens go to jail to be deterred by prisoners from going down a bad path. This episode features Shabon...
Okay, so I'm working on my art, in the kitchen there's some crazy jazz on the radio and another guilty pleasure: Beyond Scared Straight. I don't know whether or not to be proud of my multitasking abilities, or to be afraid of ADD.
Yeah, where is the real smart programming? I hate most reality TV except for The Mole, Whodunit, and my guilty pleasure Dance Moms. I like the First 48 and Beyond Scared Straight, that's the programming we should have. Something smart or is about real life not some insipid crap you can buy a dime a dozen. I stopped watching TLC because, it's no longer The Learning Channel, it's The Lazy Channel with Honey Boo Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras, and that crap. I'm sorry this is hurting America to be lazy and fat and give false hope that you don't have to achieve nothing because someone will give you a TV show for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
I cringe watching extreme cheapskates, I can't believe what I'm seeing. I've seen shows like my strange addiction, beyond scared straight, but this show just makes me angry.
Oklahoma City, OK Coverlet OOC6. LR3E QFA0H8FL. Maybe the best offer: oklahoma city thunder short sleeve t-shirt Beyond scared straight season 3 [hd] Oklahoma city: what the investigation missed--and why it still matters Oklahoma city, ok coverle. More: Review Oklahoma City, OK Coverlet, H3420SL8, Images S9H3B0, B7669.
Never seen so many fights in one day. All of Grandstreet needs 1 day on beyond scared straight. LMAO.
*** wanna end they life early , 380 shells hit his *** in the 3rd day , mama at yo funeral wit da beyond scared straight face . All my *** say stomp ! Like we in church or sum10 . Checkmate .
I think it need to be some 30+ yr old dudes who need to be on the show "Beyond Scared Straight"! They'll change just like these 13 yr
Also check out: Our favorite over-rehabilitated convicts Taser and L.P. are back in another outrageous "Beyond Scared Straight" p...
Since we're born sinners and all, I think God put High School on this earth as a "Beyond Scared Straight" Program so we can get an exclusive glimpse of what *** is like when we don't do right in life.. Idk, that's my logic, and my point of view..
Beyond Scared Straight is the funniest show yo he really told that boy to comb his chest hair XD
Kirby was like "Beyond Scared Straight " nah survival of the fittest !! People avoided that school at all cost.
What if they had a Beyond Scared Straight episode at the jail Gucci Mane at lol
What's your favorite show? β€” Glee, Long Island Medium, or Beyond Scared Straight
This little boy on Beyond Scared Straight is crazy af
The kids on Beyond Scared Straight are so dumb.
Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord. Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged. Colossians 3:20, 21 (NIV) Β  I have had the opportunity to watch several episodes of the new A & E Program called Beyond Scared Straight. In this program different county jails and state facilities have set up intervention programs that are intended to correct the behavior of juveniles who have gone astray. At several portions of these shows I was brought to tears literally, because I saw the hurt, pain, and confusion of each one of these youth. At the end of each show it shows what effects the show had on each individual one month later. Unfortunately, not all of the youth change, but several do. Now, let's fast forward to our churches, communities, and neighborhoods. When we look around at our youth what do we see? My youngest son is now in prison with a life sentence, and I know that somewhere down the line I played a role in where he is at. I believ ...
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I never seen a triple O.G. Get checked by a white boy, club bouncer.only in pike co! Beyond scared straight *** niggaz!
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