Beverly Hills & Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills is an affluent city located in Los Angeles County, California, United States. Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills, California is a shopping district known for designer label and haute couture fashion. 5.0/5

Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Los Angeles Beverly Drive Santa Monica Santa Monica Pier Bel Air Sunset Blvd Wilshire Boulevard Rodeo Dr Venice Beach Beverly Wilshire Wilshire Blvd Universal Studios Sunset Strip Dodger Stadium West Hollywood Sunset Boulevard

to shoot on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills when I was 21
Rodeo Road (not to be confused with Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills) runs from the eastern border of Culver City to Ar…
Further from home is of course, Santa Monica: Third Street Promenade & Pier. And then Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.
Vandals smash windows at store along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills
Dont you know it. My first job was in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive by Wilshire. Swenson's Ice Cream. Talk about rich people, wow.
.Beverly Hills police looking for man who drove his Mercedes-Benz into boutiques on Rodeo Drive. SURVEILLANCE…
Why not bring the slums of Africa to Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills? The Hollywood crowd can put their money where their mouths are.
Earlier we were riding through Beverly Hills and ended up on Rodeo Drive and I started crying 😩.
Jaimie Alexander Barbara Buis first visit to her Rodeo Drive boutique in Beverly Hills
Maitland Ward - Genlux Rodeo Drive Watches and Jewelry Festival in Beverly Hills - September 2015
I will be disappointed if you don't go shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. 💍👠🕶
Celebrating May Day on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills along with those who close the shutters on…
I just want to be in Beverly Hills rn in the sun, driving down Rodeo Drive in a new Mercedes Benz
vintagesalt: Shoppers on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills by Anthony... . vintagesalt:. Shoppers …
posh offices in Beverly Hills, CA on Rodeo Drive, Wilshire Blvd and Ocean Drive in Santa Monica. Get privilege.
-- I'm on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and haven't seen anyone near that shade of tan
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I say bring all immigrants in. One condition: put them in Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, Park Avenue and Rodeo Drive.
BAI LING celebrates her 49th birthday on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
Actress turns 49 on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Celebrates in her very way.
Today, my wallet feels heavier. Hence, why I’m in Beverly Hills, on Rodeo Drive. by
to a shoot I did in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive w/ the amazing Trey!
YES! Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is only a 5 minute drive from *** West Hollywood.
I love off days! Shopped at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and checked out…
Seen in Dinner on a Friday Evening at the 208 Rodeo Restaurant on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
1st day: I arrive checked in the Hilton Hotel and signed up for a tour. We went to Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Farmers Market… (1)
The shopfront of Gucci on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills is really cool.
A few interesting shops are located at this corner of Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.
LIVE on Walk with me down Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills 🇺🇸 💰
YES! is only 8 minutes from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is our next door neighbor.
Time for the CHANEL party on Rodeo Drive. @ CHANEL BOUTIQUE - Beverly Hills
or when I'm in NY I pull up to Madison Ave. Or in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. 🐎
COLOURSPLASH! hair color product is now available in Beverly Hills at the exclusive JOSEPHMARTIN SALON on the famous Rodeo Drive.
6 hours until LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and endless beach parties and shopping on Rodeo Drive
Sad to say goodbye to Disneyland today gad a great couple of days there headed back to Fresno via Los Angeles Sam drove through Beverly Hills down Rodeo Drive went oast Chinese Theatre where they have the Oscars drove diwn Sunset Bolevaird Chelsea and Pailey werent well so we didnt stop but was good to see it
Me wishing I could shop on Rodeo Dr every day @ Rodeo Drive - Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills tranquility shattered by bank robbery gunfire on Rodeo Drive: FILE - In this July 2, ...
Frida Giannini kicked off Gucci's West Coast weekend with a toast to celebrate our recently remodeled store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Lapo Elkann, Charlotte Casiraghi, Camilla Belle and artist Kris Knight among others turned out for the evening. Cin cin!
Gucci has a new look!. The Beverly Hills Global Flagship on Rodeo Drive is now open. @ Gucci
Last night's event at Tods on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills
Tickets are now available for the 2014 Bow Wow Beverly Hills Halloween event. "Night of the Living Dog!" will take place on The Via Rodeo at 2 Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills Sunday, October 26, 2014, from 6:30-10:30pm. Have a ball with the UnDead and enjoy our fabulous silent auction, adorable doggie…
Rodeo Drive, pretending to be somebody. Hills
took over Beverly Hills this weekend, starting out with a star-studded Gala and Auction on Saturday evening and closing the weekend with 1,000 Ferraris on Rodeo Drive.
(Sempre sull'articolo) (Always on the article) (Siempre en el artículo) "Beverly Hills, October 12 After the gala on Saturday at the Beverly Hills City Hall, the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of Ferrari in America culminated with the historic parade on Rodeo Drive of the 60 most iconic cars from Maranello. The "Race Through The Decades: 1954-2014" ("race through the decades: 1954-2014) marked a record: 1000 Ferrari on the streets of Beverly Hills, making this one of the largest gathering in the history of the Prancing Horse. Among the "stars" in the show, the Ferrari 308 GTS (that of "Magnum, PI"), the Testarossa (used in "Miami Vice"), and the Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 belonged to Steve Mcqueen. The history of the Prancing Horse on the track was represented by a large group of winning cars at Daytona and Le Mans. As well as elegance and technology were side by side, from LaFerrari to 375 MM recently won the "Best In Show" at Pebble Beach, an extraordinary 250 GTO last born between the cars of Maranell ...
bein in Beverly Hills by Rodeo Drive is actually just depressing lol. these cars tho 😅
Giorgia Marin and actor William Baldwin in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills last July! Don't they look stunning?
The Ferrari F60 America has broken cover at Ferrari USA's 60th anniversary celebration on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.
I took these pictures of Joan Rivers when we were on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Her handlers tried to stop me but.anyway. RIP Mrs. Rivers.
Spinning the A Decade of Glamour Party in Beverly Hills today! @ Rodeo Drive
catch me in the YSL store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. bussing Juggs
Crusin down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills after the club @ Rodeo Drive
The standard of living in this city is crazy. I thought I knew what luxury was until I went to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive 😍😍
That is Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, a regular stop for us on a private Los Angeles tour...
Dress up your dog day in Beverly Hills. @ Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive and the inhabitants of Beverly Hills makes me want to throw up
Theist expensive stores in LA on Rodeo Drive. I was photographing my bike Barrymore in front of Tiffany's when a group of foreign visitors started to photograph my bike as well. They must have thought there was strange photo shoot going on. I miss read the map for the Shindler House. It was not for Oscar Shindler by R Shindler who studied with Frank Lloyd Wright. A small modern home designed in the twenties. I biked through the ally ways of Beverly Hills. Rich people have large trash bins.
Always great time in Beverly Hills, but we do miss being on set of Wipeout! @ Rodeo Drive
-- According to the natives here, it's the equivalent of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.. And I rarely see 👀 Black People 🌚. 😂
This is a nice, concise little article about the history of Beverly Hills-
Me, too . I am so proud of my son, Joe. He starts his new job with Louis Vuitton tomorrow. He will be working on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. He has come a long way.
Feeling rather depressed like i belong on benefit street after mooching through the shops on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills today dont know why i did it to myself. Posh is not the word!!! i fitted in a right treat as u can imagine. Fake double F boobs (at least) and trout mouth lips galore i couldnt stop staring! although the journey wasnt a total waste .treated myself to a rather sophisticated 11 POUND New York cheese cake in one of the little cafes. It was FIT!!!
Today was too good..Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills Celeb homes, Bel Air, Rodeo Drive 💁👏
So yea. I guess we are in Beverly Hills! @ Rodeo Drive
Today I walked down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with my dress tucked into my pants. The most classic Claz moment there ever has been.
Beverly Hills, that's where I wanna be. @ Via Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills
A bridle path once ran down the center of Rodeo Drive and Sunset Blvd in Beverly Hills.
Out and about in Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and Hollywood including Mariah Carey's house, where Michael Jackson died and Melissa Mccarthy across the road at the premier of her new movie!
A couple days ago, walking around Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with the homie Rigo!
Hey guys: don't town LA was magnificent. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills was everything it's portrayed to be. WOW!. Now walking Hollywood Boulevard on the walk of fame. Here's a few stars I thought you might appreciate. '
Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills runs just opposite of Rodeo Drive.
Albert Oehlen new paintings, Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills. @ Rodeo Drive
Admiring the model used by House of Bijan on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills CA. Brainstorming!! :-)
Luxe Rodeo Drive and Guittard Chocolate's Donald Wressell create and serve a 15,000-slice cake for the Beverly Hills Centennial on Rodeo Drive.
I brought Ellen around on my client visits tonight and we found this. In Beverly Hills, right off Rodeo Drive. Corinne pointed it out last week but we were going too fast to stop. So good and fresh, m.
Last day in LA - went to the Farmer's Market and then to Rodeo Drive where we saw a Ferrari before we shopped at Tiffany's (notice Jamie's little blue bag!). Debated getting an Ice Cream from the Ice Cream truck on Rodeo Drive (LOL - So out of place!) and saw a Corvette licensed "CYA LOL", a Louis Vuitton car and an electric car powering up. Took a picture of the Beverly Hills sign before we saw my former sis-in-law Jamie; it was great to catch up! Met a dog named Coconut at Costco who looked like Ken & Tina's Coconut! Walked the beach for one more sunset before Keith and Jamie (Keith's roommate) made dinner for us. Great way to end our Victoria Day Holiday Adventure!! See everyone at home soon :) XOX
As the Honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills I welcome you to the Affair in the Gardens annual Art Show located down Santa Monica Boulevard and Rodeo Drive this Saturday. Sunday we will be attending the 66th annual Israeli Independence Day Festival at Rancho Park in West Los Angeles. An entire day of entertainment and many celebrities in attendance. Expected are 15,000 friends. We will meet at 11 a.m. Later that night we will meet again at the W Hotel in Hollywood for Jazz Night. I look forward to seeing all our friends and making some new memories. I love you ♥ David Harrison Levi
Book cover depicts the Mac 'n Cheese dish from Wolfgang Puck's CUT at the Beverly Wilshire. All photos are courtesy of the publisher. I have not written about the Beverly Hills 100th Anniversary Party held recently on Rodeo Drive... until now. I'm...
Iliana Fischer Shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on March 7, 2011 Photos via
Hello, this is a Roberto Cavalli beautiful purse, it was purchased on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills for $1,595. It's gray and made from leather, it's a hand and over the shoulder bag. It's absolutely beautiful, but its never been used and rather not have it just sitting in the closet. If you love Roberto Cavalli you will love this purse!! So if anyone is interested and would like to give me an offer PM me thank you! Located in CC
We are gonna be at the Beverly Hills block party on Rodeo Drive tomorrow at 3:30.. looks like it will be a lot of fun. :D
Beverly Hills CVB: 60% sales on Rodeo Drive from Chinese shoppers
Beverly Hills hosts block party on Rodeo Drive this weekend in honor of its centennial. Expect fireworks, Guitard cake and surprise performances.
Day 4 Spring Break - LA - Starts on on Venice Beach Pier, then a 5 mile bike ride with the boys to Santa Monica Pier, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Walk of Fame, Dodger Stadium, Staples Center, Beach Body (Logan), and the most memorable, a picture with a $2.4 Million Car, Bugatti on Rodeo Drive.
Romanoff’s – the quintessential restaurant in Make-Believe-Ville Only in a town built on the wispy foundations of ballyhoo, baloney and bull could a man like Michael Romanoff open a restaurant like Romanoff’s and actually get away with it for over twenty years. Romanoff's Restaurant, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills In December of 1940, Prince Michael Romanoff opened his restaurant on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The problem was that his name wasn’t Michael Romanoff, he wasn’t a prince, and he wasn’t from Russia. Evidently, though, that wasn’t much of a problem. When he landed in Brooklyn from Lithuania around the turn of the century, the ten-year-old’s name was Hershel Geguzin. Somewhere along the way–specific details are so tedious, don’t you find?—he became a pants presser. (Really…? A ‘pants presser’…? Was that an actual occupation? I thought that was just something you–or your valet–did in the morning before you went to work.) By the time he moved to Cincinnati, he’d ch ...
Also, try to stop by Beverly Hills and walk down Rodeo Drive for the experience - it's so over the top expensive and ridiculous
The cast of Young Frankenstein join Mel Brooks at The Daisy on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, 1974. — with Madeline Kahn, Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks, Teri Garr, Kenneth Mars and Marty Feldman.
Pictures taken at the start (first two) and at finish line of the LA Marathon today - in blazing, summer-like weather - around 80 degrees and feeling like 95! But the course is picturesque - the kind of touristy route that I have taken people on when they visit Los Angeles. Starting at Dodger Stadium, winding down through Chinatown, Old Los Angeles (where the city started), then downtown LA past the City Hall and other landmarks - then turning on to the world famous Sunset Blvd and going all the way until Hollywood and Highland (past the Dolby Theater where the Oscars happen) - then on to Santa Monica Blvd - through Beverly Hills, including the picturesque Rodeo Drive - and then going down to the finish at the renowned Santa Monica Beach! Loved the experience - did pretty poorly in terms of time compared to my previous marathon - mainly due to the heat - and some poor choice of diet the previous evening (note to self - avoid pani-puri, bhel puri and spicy stuff like that on the night before :-)) - but the ...
Wow, what a full day. We left the hotel at 9am and headed out for our Los Angeles/Hollywood tour. We visited the Staples Centre, went to a Mexican market, went to Farmers Market, spent time in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd, went to Amoeba Records, Hollywood Bowl, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and ended the day at the Griffith Observatory. We also met Kristy Swanson (original Buffy) and Lloyd Eisler (Olympic figure skater and personal friend's of Mr. Garrison)
Today we have the blog equivalent of a double header for you – two famous Brits, two pairs of fabulous designer shoes, one post! Here’s UK fashionista Alexa Chung, shopping alongside fellow famous Brit (and popular UK singer/songwriter) Rita Ora on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Remarkably, a third ...
Look at these new attractions we can book! Spanish Grand Prix - Barcelona 9 -11 May 2014 SPECIAL OFFER! FREE Formula 1 guide and lanyard. Adult from £48 Child from £24 Wollman Ice Skating Rink Central Park If you are looking for a magical moment in New York City, you are sure to find it when you take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a leisurely ice skate in Central Park. Adult from £16 Barry Manilow at The Ageas Bowl Barry Manilow at The Ageas Bowl Enjoy a fantastic evening of music with the legendary Barry Manilow. Adult from £57 LA City Tour & Hollywood This tour will take you throughout America's most exciting city. Some of the world famous sites/locations included are: Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Farmer's Market, Hollywood, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Walk of Fame, Century City, Avenue of the Stars and Sunset Strip! Adult from £29 Child from £19
Are you ready for the of Beverly Hills? Get a sneak peek at E!'s new show here:
First Look! See & Take on Rodeo Drive In The Premiere of of Beverly Hills:
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OK! 1st Look: & In The Series Premiere of of Beverly Hills: via
Experience the elegance of the Beverly Wilshire, located mere steps from Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills.
What an amazing and much needed day off. It started with Breakfast at Paradise Pier Hotel with the wonderful Waterson family Cindy Waterson and Trenton Waterson and then seeing an old and very missed DCP friend Alejandro Einaudi. Alejandro and I explored Santa Monica Pier, got directions from Kyra Sedgwick, saw Griffith Observatory, went to Beverly Hills drove down Rodeo Drive, met with Adam Gourley and his awesome roomie for pizza at 800 degrees in LA, and then Yogurtland in Anacrime with Mariana Pazzini which lead to tumblr and the meeting of her cat thor! PHEW what a great way to spend one of the last days of 2013! THANKS EVERYBODY and most importantly ALEJANDRO!
Welcoming the Michigan State University - SPARTANS & the Stanford Football Teams to Rodeo Drive & Beverly Hills! Come by the our store and see Rodeo Drive's oldest family business since 1958. Looking for Rose's? Let us show you our crystal collection of Rose's from Daum from France.
Cut through an alley off Rodeo Drive yesterday, walking from Barney Greengrass to the Avedon show at Gagosian, and stumbled upon this gritty rough-and-tumble Beverly Hills street art.
And tomorrow night join me, Mr. Kringle and Company on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills as we light the Christmas tree.
Universal Studios. Then we went to Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive
Don't forget this weekend in Beverly Hills! November 24th from 5pm Beverly Hills welcomes you to see a shimmering display of 150,000 lights. Strung throughout Rodeo Drive and the surrounding area, guests will admire the artistry and style to kick off the holiday season. Special appearances by Mr. Kringle and his merry entourage, chain saw artists carving 6,000 pounds of ice to create dazzling life-size holiday decor, and 50 piece marching band performing holiday tunes.
According to WWD, Ermenegildo Zegna is showing its commitment to the North American market by unveiling its spring couture collection at its new Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, store tonight that will also serve as the public introduction of creative director Stefano Pilati. A cocktail party in-store will be followed by a dinner at the JF Chen design gallery that will be hosted by chief executive officer Gildo Zegna and Pilati for celebrities including Sharon Stone, Gerard Butler, Edward Norton, Jeremy Renner, Gavin Rossdale, Joe Manganiello, Brett Dalton, Gabriel Mann, Barry Sloane, Nathan Keyes and models Erin Wasson and Anouck Lepere.
A great day walking around Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive.
My brother just met in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. She's on my favorite show called revenge.
Taking in Beverly Hills today. Rodeo Drive- the perfect pre and post lunch detour.
Just another perfect day on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills! @ Rodeo Drive
Fabulous girl trip to LA, we saw a lot in a day... TMZ-Rodeo Drive, Sunset Blvd and Beverly Hills, saw all the cool places where the stars hang but we only saw ELLEN. Oh and Nicky Minaj... Yummy dinner at Villa Blanca and walked by the cutest candy store, the candy boxes were paper animals. Home a sweet home now to see my sweet hubby.
Had to pick up the linen for the wedding at La Tavola in Beverly Hills. It's only 5 miles down Santa Monica Blvd to Rodeo Drive but LA's 4 million population were on the road with me. Took me 45 minutes to get there but only 15 minutes to get back. PS Linen is heavy!
Sites around LA, Be erly hills and Hollywood. The Dolby Theater is where American Idol finales are held. The stores are shops on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Spent a few hrs there. Wish we had more time to spend there but we are headed to Vegas to make lots of money so I can retire ! 󾌬󾌬󾌬󾌬
Day 4: Drove up PCH, saw Laguna Beach and Long Beach, went to Joe's Crab Shack in Long Beach and had some killer seafood, hurricanes, and a drink called a tie dye swirl, cruised through Beverly Hills, and window shopped on Rodeo Drive. Took FOREVER to get home because the freeway was shut down and LA traffic is the worst. I mean unbelievable. But it was really fun and I got to see Morgan dress as a "Jedi pirate" with a bib and walk around making pirate noises at the locals. :) I'm satisfied. Time for sleep. Tomorrow: Six Flags. 17 roller coasters.
Starting off day 1 in California right.Santa Monica Blvd and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with my amazing girlfriend
Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive. I'm in love! Heaven on earth.
Be part of an incredible cycling event in Beverly Hills Nov 3. Mass start on Rodeo Drive. Save 40% here:
Needed a relaxing day in Beverly Hills and Hollywood away from the Us Open @ Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills
Tour of Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and Hollywood Hills in a limo
Was driving along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, minding my biz, saw Rihanna and was abt to pick her up when mum woke me up to clean my room
Touring Beverly Hills today and happened to see looking fine on Rodeo Drive!!!
Had A Fabulous Getaway! On Friday we went to Universal Studios & Raider Image then Saturday we went to Santa Monica Beach in the morning after that went to see Hollywood Sign the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and Sunset Strip We went to the Disney's Soda Fountain & Studio Store Etc. all this we enjoyed with Kathy McPherson & Jason McPherson but sadly they could not stay the whole trip so they came back Sunday morning so we decided to surprise our kids with a stay at Disneyland Resort It Was Absolutely Fabulous followed spent Sunday at Disneyland and enjoyed the pool and slides at night and Monday at California Adventure Park a much needed vacation for us been awhile since we were stress free and Jaxx 1st visit was Awesome. Happy To Be Back In Arizona R.I.P. to the 19 fire fighters who died 󾆯 ❤ 󾟲 󾍛They are forever heroes ❤
yeah, don't bother with it 😝. The only parts of LA I liked was Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive.
Rest time.. After a very hot sightseeing tour around Hollywood Blvd.. Beverly Hills ...Rodeo Drive and ending up at Citadel factory outlet... Bound to Grand Canyon Arizona Tom
Billboard in Beverly Hills that says SEX AND EGO DEATH and publishing of the book
Went to downtown LA, walked on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, saw the Hollywood Sign, went to Beverly Hills, drove through Rodeo Drive
Driving on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and 'Beverly hills' by weezer comes on the radio. Probably coolest moment of my life.
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Yummy baked ham warming in oven, fresh green beans from the garden, potato salad in the fridge, green bean casserole, pecan pie. About to take my brother Steve and sister-in-law Karen Prescott from Los Angeles County on a tour of Franklin County. I'm sure they will be thrilled. When they took me, we went to Hollywood and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
Good morning UK. What a great day yesterday!!! Shopping at The Grove, made 2 little purchases on Rodeo Drive, dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Beverly Hills, then seeing Beyonce in concert. BBQ with the fam today ❤
Back in Beverly Hills. Meeting at my office. Walked down Rodeo Drive while waiting on my partners. In the office now, one street over. ;-)
What an amazing Father's Day, had my hair done, massage, manicure, pedicure ... went to Concourse' de' Elegance Father's Day Car Show - on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills ... lunch at the Cheesecake Factory ... headed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ... :( No Visitors sorry ... tried oh well ... Kim & Kanye ... Playboy Jazz Festival Hollywood Bowl backstage ... many friends including the talented Buddy Sampson in attendance ... still out at the W Hotel Hollywood for jazz in the living room & saw my friends, the always beautiful Millie Weaver & Minna Valance and going for a midnight snack with Gaston Mantero what a day ... thank you ... hope your Father's Day was as fun & exciting as mine! I Love You! David Harrison Levi
Driving to Santa Monica tomorrow. Going to take the long way and drive thru Beverly Hills to check out Rodeo Drive. I think is going to be fun
City of Dreams Exploring Los Angeles, the place where many movies are made, you feel like you’re in a dream. Santa Monica Pier is the ending point of fabled Route 66, while just south is bohemian Venice Beach, lined by tall, swaying palms. Go slightly inland from the boardwalk to glimpse the canals that earned the area its name. Head north to the golden beach and stunning scenery of Malibu and see why movie stars over the decades have settled here. Also popular with the rich and famous are Bel Air and Beverly Hills, home to exclusive Rodeo Drive. And the reason for all this glitz and glamour? Hollywood, of course! Sitting high on a hill, the iconic sign is visible for miles around, while below the gold stars on Hollywood Boulevard immortalize celebrities of past and present. Be there on premiere night to see them grace the Red Carpet of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Over the hill is Universal Studios, offering behind-the-scenes tours as well as rides. Next door are the Warner Brothers Studios, and Param ...
State & Jackson diagonal crosswalk, 1st in Chicago. Used in many places..including the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills!
Frankly speaking, shopping in Beverly Hills/ Rodeo Drive is more comfortable than shopping in NYC. Less gross streets, no weird smells and more relaxing.
Amir Atefi Three months ago, I moved to Los Angeles due to a dramatic shift in my career. My new office in Century City overlooks just about all of Beverly Hills, where nearly 30% of the population...
Seen Hookers and drug searches in Compton, a Bugatti on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, plus the Hollywood Sign all in one day, thank you for driving me all over LA today my love!
I miss Cali 💔😢 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Hollywood, etc. hopefully this summer I'll be going to Florida 😄🏄
Beverly Hills, when you hear the name you think of movie stars, shiny Bentleys, little chihuahuas wearing rhinestone collars, and of course glamorous boutiques. However there is more to Beverly Hills than just the glitz and glamour. Beverly Hills is...
Experience the pride that comes from working at the finest luxury hotel in Los Angeles! The Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel is currently recruiting for a sidebar Bartender. To qualify, y as well as, have excellent customer service skills, excellent Food & Beverage knowledge, and the ability to work well as a team player. The Beverly Wilshire is located in the heart of Beverly Hills and only steps away from the renowned Rodeo Drive. This historic hotel blends tradition and trend to create an environment that is both glamorous and see-and-be-seen. Ranked by Fortune Magazine as one of the "100 Best Companies To Work For", Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts offers a competitive pay scale; full medical, dental, and vision benefits; and complimentary room nights. Location: Beverly Hills
Spectacular drive down Sepulveda Blvd, past some fire damage in the hills around Bel Air, over to Beverly Hills, up Rodeo Drive (past Bijan's Bugatte) the up through Laurel Canyon. (Which was a great movie) The twisting and steep roads of the BLVD and Canyon roads were perfect for my sports car!
Went for a 4 hour walk today into Beverly Hills. Walked along Rodeo Drive, past the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and back up Beverly Drive where there was an art expo in the park. I walked over to Roxbury drive to see Lucy and Jack Bennys homes up close..i think her's is empty, then back down to Santa Sonica Blvd and home. My knees really don't like me right now.
Only on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills will you see a guy carrying a man purse 😉
Rodeo Drive ... Shopping and hanging with BFF Edith. Final stop Crustaceans( fav Beverly Hills hangout) for libation. Lol
I love Cobb Salads and we can all thank the great Joan Crawford for its invention. One day Joan was famished around midnight and sent the chauffeur out into the darkness of Brentwood to get her something to eat. Anything. The driver motored down the hill to the Brown Derby branch located at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive [now demolished] in Beverly Hills. Because of the late hour, he found Brown Derby owner, Bob Cobb, along with a few workers, cleaning up the deserted kitchen and getting ready to close. The driver rushed in and stated that Miss Crawford needed something to eat. NOW. Right now. Bob Cobb replied that the kitchen cooking staff had all gone home, but he would look into the refrigerator to see what was there. He found some pieces of chicken, some tomatoes, an avocado, some lettuce and a crumbling piece of blue cheese. He whipped out a sharp knife, finely chopped everything together, tossed it all with a vinaigrette, added a few twists of freshly ground black pepper, and ...
Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, The Grove, Farmer's Market, In N Out and Venice. Pretty good first day.
I could seriously spend forever in Rodeo Drive at Beverly Hills. it's a shoppers paradise.
Spending the day on Venice Beach and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills 🌴🏊👙👛
The heart of Beverly Hills! - Review of Rodeo Drive ... - TripAdvisor: Rodeo Drive: The heart of Beverly Hills...
Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills has made me feel unbelievably poor
Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive calling my name. 😏
I need to start bankin!! So I can shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills!! 😍💰
OMG what a day.we went too, Venice Beach -Blackpool on speed - where marajania is legal if you have a medical card saying you suffer from a headache !! It is where muscle beach peeps mix with the down and outs, a really side to this city. Moving on down to Santa Monica Beach, same beach but a world of difference, where the pretty peeps go (and us of course). Taking in the sights of Sunset Strip, the Chinese Theatre, the walk of fame, Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, Spanish quarter of LA where the first language is Spanish (purchase made for BB whilst Wolf in toilet ha ha) Visiting some of the rich and famous homes, inc the Osbornes home featured in the TV series, Christine Aguilera, Michael Jacksons rented home where he died (and many more) Then mixing with the rich and famous (didn't see anyone) down Rodeo Drive, we went into the Beverly Wiltshire hotel (to use the loo) god we rock. Visiting where River Phoenix, John Belushi was FUN honest ha ha
It its not just Sofitel that has brought a French flair to Beverly Hills. Our concierge selection for all things fashion during award-season has been the luxury house of Yves Saint Laurent. Not only does the label have a shop on nearby Rodeo Drive (minutes from Sofitel), but French-born creative director Hedi Slimane has moved the label's design studio from Paris to his adoptive city of Los Angeles. Did you notice a wink to California in Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent show from Paris Fashion Week last night? Sofitel's love for the brand runs deep with drawings by Yves Saint Laurent on the walls of Hotel Scribe Paris managed by Sofitel and we even featured images of the brand and its founder throughout Sofitel LA in 2009 as part of an homage to fashion. Magnifique! Explore the French side of LA.
Manila is not Hollywood and Taft Avenue is not Rodeo Drive and definitely Loyola Heights will never be Beverly Hills. Know where u're from.
Had Amazing and Memorable Day - All that was Visualized and Imagined is a reality. Home of the Oscars, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Sunset Strip, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue...Lot more to go - at The Entertainment Capital of the World !
Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills, California, is a shopping district known for designer label and haute couture fashion.
Back from a fantastic weekend with Terry, Michele, Tyler & Macey in CA. Even got to Hollywood and saw set-up outside the Dolby Theatre the day before the Oscars...and of course hung with the beautiful people on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Felt a bit like Jed Clampett. Great time, great is good.
Working out at 2:30am in Beverly Hills. @ Rodeo Drive
Came across this adorable dog while shopping in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive 🐶🐶🐶
The 2013 LA Marathon is right around the corner and another large Marathon turnout is expected.It will feature dozens of bands, cheerleaders and other entertainment that will keep your energy up throughout the race. This year we will run the Stadium to the Sea course for the fourth time. We begin at Dodger Stadium and head through Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. Runners finish with a final stretch alongside the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Throughout the course runners will take in signature sites including El Pueblo de Los Angeles (the city’s birthplace), Los Angeles City Hall, the Capitol Records Building, the Dolby Theater (home of the Oscars), the Sunset Strip, historic Route 66, Rodeo Drive and the Santa Monica Pier.
NIEZWYKŁE HOTELOWE GRATISY!!! Rolls-Royce Phantom: Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills, Calif. For high-class travelers staying at the Beverly Wilshire, only the best will do. That's why the hotel offers complimentary use of its luxury house car, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, on a first-come, first-serve basis--with chauffeur service included. Just make your request to the doorman, who will see you into the timeless car and on your way to the destination of your choice. Perhaps an afternoon shopping the legendary boutiques along Rodeo Drive? You might catch a glimpse of a celebrity, or better yet, be mistaken for one yourself.
Lunch in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. Ahi tuna sandwich with a glass of prosecco!
To launch that new store, Riaz has been touring retail spots on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and eyeing locations...
Wednesday till this morning! Went to Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and Disneyland! It was so much fun!
Get your at on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or online at -
Had an awesome day today went to Hollywood, Walk of fame, Dolby Theatre, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Pier, Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach just to name a few !!
Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, The Walk of Fame, Hollywood Sign The best breakfast by the beach in Santa Monica, Drive thru the city and the UCLA campus to Bel Air. Shopping on Rodeo Drive, take a peek in the Rem Koolhaas designed Prada store, admire the jewelry the stars wear at the Oscar’s at Harry Winston. Walk thru the Beverly Wilshire Hotel where Pretty Woman was filmed. Followed by a tour to Hollywood, viewing interesting homes and hotels, the LA-Ink tattoo shop and so much more… Downtown, Chinatown, the LAPD Breakfast or coffee at a restaurant where ex-gang members get a second chance. A walking tour of Frank Gehry’s Disney Hall, the LA library and Broadway’s Theater row. A tour of Chinatown and the place where LA began. Drive down Sunset Blvd. to Silver Lake the Soho of LA to visit some boutiques and galleries and drive the steepest street in North America. Visit the LAPD training academy where the cops do target practice. View of the city and Dodger Stadium. Scenic Coastal Drive, Malibu and ...
this really good job at the city of Beverly Hills. It's right next to Rodeo Drive ! It pays good too with insurance
Heading to LA tomorrow morning for 2 days/staying in Beverly Hills and we are so excited! Can't wait to do all the cheezy tourist stuff. Oh, and the Grammys are Sunday-this could turn out to be quite an adventure :-)
Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, LA Ink, Chinese Theater, Kodak Theater, & Walk of Fame all in one day 👍 ... Then, night shift!
Kevin, House of Cards is terrific. I knew Jack in the 70's in Beverly Hills, he used to stroll Rodeo Drive daily. RedR
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Now I can put Beverly Hills on my 'do not visit' in January list! It's cold here!
Check out this video of a Bugatti Veyron parked on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
1st day in Hollywood: no biggie. Rodeo Drive, Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills. Numerous celeb mansions. See Steve Martin doing his dishes. Get on live primetime news. Attend worldwide premier for Safe Haven. Get waved at by Josh duhamel and Fergie, see Colbie Caillat, Garth Brooks, Christina Perri, Julianne Hough. Oh and converse shoes for 25 bucks. Yeah LA, you do alright :D
It’s too cold here in Minnesota. So, Trav and I are flying to LA for a week of fun in sunny Southern California. Here is our itinerary: • Friday: Friends will be picking us up at LAX, and then off to a new restaurant: Mexican Celebration! We will be spending the weekend with friends in a condo on the Pacific Ocean. • Saturday: Getty Villa in Malibu • Sunday: Marilyn Monroe’s grave and an off the beaten path tour of LA by friends who live in the LA area. Arriving for the week at Doug’s stunning new construction condo in Pasadena • Monday: VIP Tour of Universal Studios which will include access to the VIP Lounge and lunch at the Universal Studios Executive (white-cloth) Dining Room. We have reservations for dinner at Takamisushi in their penthouse restaurant (on Wilshire Boulevard) overlooking LA at sunset. • Tuesday: Santa Monica Pier for a morning walk and breakfast. We have lunch reservations at IL Forno in Beverly Hills. We will be shopping (as in looking) on Rodeo Drive. Wax Museum and ...
Nation’s ’1 Percent’ Turn to Pawn Shops for Quick Cash A pawn shop next to the likes of Hermes, Tiffany’s and Chanel on Rodeo Drive would have, just a few years ago, been an unheard of sight. But the classic pawn shop, where you sell or get a loan for your jewelry to pay back later, is making waves in the most unlikely of places, tony Beverly Hills. The recession has proven that even the richest of the rich fall on hard economic times and, now, when they need fast cash, more and more of the nation’s “1 percent” are electing to trade in their jewels. Yossi Dina is the owner of South Beverly Wilshire Jewelry and Loan, an exclusive pawn shop that caters to the rich. Clients stream into his Beverly Hills store offering valuable merchandise in exchange for cash, fast. One such client is Vanessa Kalcheim, a Beverly Hills hairdresser going through a divorce. She brought in a Harry Winston diamond necklace with a $600,000 retail price tag for Dina to appraise. “Nobody will give me a loan,” Kal . ...
Custom Painted Bugatti Veyron 16.4 awaiting its prey on the infamous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills!...
really nice brand of dresses. They have a store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills! A bunch of celebs wear it.
One of my goals in life is to walk down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
As of a certain point in time within this past weekend, I occupied space within the city limits of Beverly Hills. Rodeo Drive, to be exact. Needless to say, I felt an extreme sense of belonging, as if I fit right in.
As I'm watching The Bachelor, I'm absolutely appalled at the message that's being portrayed to the viewing audience, most likely teenage girls are watching. A fairy tale, for those of you not watching he sent her diamond earrings, then went on a shopping spree in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. Then took her to Neil Lane for a gorgeous necklace. Am I jealous? Absolutely not! This is not how a real relationship grows. Material items will not grow a love between a woman and a man. How ridiculous. Then after all this money is spent, he drops her like she's hot and sends her home. And just like that fairytale crushed! I know I've found a once in a lifetime love and it sure didn't take thousands of dollars in diamonds and a national television show for me to find it. My fairy tale consists of two beautiful children, who I sang and danced for while they were eating dinner..made a complete fool out of myself but the smile on their faces and the sound of their laughter was by far the high point of my day. The other ...
TB: Leslie is super excited for her date with Sean. She slept with the earrings under her pillow. She has never gotten jewelry from a boyfriend. Sean arrives in a convertible. He is excited to see where the date goes. He takes her to shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Pretty Woman is one of her favorite movies. They have the store to themselves to try on whatever she likes. She finds the dress of her dreams. She now needs the shoes and purse to accessorize it. They are dressed up to head out for the evening.
A drive down Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and Sunset Boulevard... a Bentley to my left, a Rolls-Royce on my right.
Steve Crane's original restaurant; after the success of the Luau, he eventually went on to open the popular Kon-Tiki chain of Polynesian restaurants. Steve Crane's Luau was one of the Hollywood/Beverly Hills resta...
We went on a Hollywood homes tour today as well, was very interesting ... Saw the magnificent homes in Beverly Hills... Apparently Katy Perry is a party animal lol, we got pics outside her home while a guy was delivering chips n drinks for her, saw Orlando bloom and Miranda's home , Tom cruise , Al Pacino , Larry King. We stopped right outside the balcony where Michael Jackson passed away inside the room.. We saw the Greystone mansion that was in the batman and Spider-Man movies... We drove down the street used in the movie 'nightmare on Elm street'... Then went up into the hills to get pics of the Hollywood Sign .. We went window shopping down Rodeo Drive, my god !!! I have a pic of a $90,000 ring and a $2,000,000.00 car outside a boutique that u can only shop in by appointment lol.. The mobile phone pic I have is yellow and white hold encrusted in diamonds ... I want one !
go shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills
I miss shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.. You NEVER had to "dress up" to be treated like you were special
 Beverly Hills is synonymous with luxury, from world famous Rodeo Drive to five star restaur...
Thought you might like "Bike Light." Vintage Indian on display on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
Had a great trip into Beverly Hills yeterday to visit my daughter, Sarita. Phil and I walked around Rodeo Drive (didn't buy anything surprise suprise), had a coffee at Starbucks and then went to Sara's apt. We had a great Thai dinner on Robertson and Pico and then came home. No traffic either except a bit on the way up there.
1260 North Weatherly Drive By GE My wife’s cousins grew up in Beverly Hills- on Rodeo Drive, as a matter of fact. Gene Kelly lived across the street; the boys were friends with Carl Reiner’s son Lucas, who lived a few houses down. Not to go overly ballistic on the tennis thing again, but all three Schwartz kids ended up being pretty fair players. Jon Schwartz, a film producer whose latest project, “Like Crazy,” won some impressive award at this year’s Sundance Festival, hits regularly with John Mcenroe. Stravinsky ended his life as a resident of LA- terribly shunned, he was, on his 80th birthday by the city- and I had thought about googling the address and checking out his home on earlier visits. I did it last month. Snake around Sunset Boulevard slowly; it’s easy to miss North Weatherly, a narrow street that twists steeply up a winding hill. Climb up just a little way and there it is, a beautiful ranch home nestled above the hurly burly of LA. Wow, S. wrote “Agon” here! I left Jerri ...
Happy Birthday to my lovely wife. I think she had a great day. Eva Anderson (daughter of my best friend from the Panama Canal Zone, Kenny) and Evan picked us up and we went to an awesome bakery for some great goddies. Then on to the observatory (can't remember the name) for our first look at the Hollywood Sign plus great sights of LA -- all the way to Catalina! Then to Eva and Evan special secret place to get up close to the Hollywood Sign -- fabulous! Then we headed to West Hollywood, Bel Aire and Beverly Hills to see some of the stars houses. In the process of seeing Desi and Lucy's, Madonna, Peter Falk, Jay Leno and others, we saw some big awesome houses. Then, we went down Rodeo Drive where Cathie window shopped! Our last stop was the Santa Monica Pier where I snapped a photo right at sunset. The four of us finished the day having a fanatastic Italian dinner -- the waiter brought Cathie tiramisu with a candle and we all sang Happy Birthday. Great day!!!
goldRush Rally - They have their Starting Grids and we have ours, closing down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Bugatti North America leading us out. Now that's a Luxury Lifestyle Automotive Rally.
Day 3-Another great day in Hollywood! Had a relaxing day today with Jess most of the day, took a drive over toward Universal City to see the house of Billy Ray Cyrus-wow! also saw Demi Lovato's house. Then we went back to Beverly Hills to Rodeo Drive for some window shopping!! That place is Fabulous!!! We had fun walking all over the place. Then up Wilshire Blvd to see Beverly Hilton Hotel and Justin Beibers condo nearby! It was night and everything was lit up and beautiful! After that it was off to dance rehearsal at Millimium with Darrien Henning. Had a great practice and a great day!! :)
Beverly Hills is an affluent city in Los Angeles County, California, United States, surrounded by the City of Los Angeles. It is home to the shopping district Rodeo Drive.
Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. Plus walk of fame 1
Film NewsAnne Hathaway and husband 'happiest couple'Film NewsAnne and Adam did some Christmas shopping in December on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The newlyweds visited high-end Valentino and Bulgari shops while they were out, ...
By: Songirl Sez, Special for Diversity News Magazine On Sunday, November 14, 2010, The Pain Foundation presented a screening of the film, ‘Unseen Hands’ directed by Don Johns at the Charles Aidikoff Screening Room on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Tickets ranged from $40-$60, with the event running f...
I think I just saw Vince Herbert out in Beverly Hills around Rodeo Drive.
A video montage of It's So LA's first Film Finance Awards event at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills!
The Rodeo Drive Committee and the City of Beverly Hills inducted legendary Italian jeweler Bulgari into the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style® on December 5, 2012 on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Bulgari Vice Chairman and third generation family member Nicola Bulgari accepted the award. The on-going award...
Want to be on a cruising on Segway on Rodeo Drive with a thick creamy vanilla milkshake on a beautiful day in Beverly hills
There are more than 100 world-renowned designer and couture boutiques in Beverly Hills including those on famous Rodeo Drive.
Driving home from the theatre on Rodeo Drive in the rain. @ Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
Amazing day on Rodeo Drive, driving around Beverly Hills, then a massage at shangri-la hotel!
“drive Sunset Blvd in Beverly Hills! And Rodeo Drive!” thanks! Feel free to join us Canadians for family time lol
A different perspective of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. @ Rodeo Drive
About the Building We are located in the center of Beverly Hills, only 4 blocks from the famous Rodeo Drive and walking distance from restaurants, shops & cafes. The Alon Elm offers 29 spacious contemporary completely renovated apartment homes with stunning views. Apartments with large balconies, crown moldings, hardwood floor and washer & dryer in each unit. Upscale spacious designer kitchen that features granite counters, and stainless steel appliances. Alon Elm luxury building allows you to get the most out of California stylish living.
THIS IS HAPPENING NOW: I am blogging about the gorgeous window displays in Beverly Hills this Holiday season. Stay tuned tomorrow to see how Rodeo Drive, Dior, Chanel and Tiffany have dolled up for the Christmas season.
Welcome to Los Angeles! As the center of business on the West Coast, and entertainment capitol of the world, Los Angeles is a thriving, vibrant city. It offers a brilliant mix of cultures, the arts and entertainment industries, excellent climate and round the clock excitement. The “City of Angels” has it all – the very best in dining, culture, attractions and entertainment, combined with warm weather, natural beauty, excitement and diversity. From the sophisticated Downtown center to trendy Hollywood; Sunny Beach Cities such as Malibu to the glamour of Beverly Hills and the thrill of major Movie Studios, you will find an unparalleled range of experiences. Enjoy an exclusive brunch on Rodeo Drive, or take a behind-the-scenes tour of a studio. Include a visit to the phenomenal Getty Center or enjoy a private cooking demo at one of L.A.’s hottest restaurants. Host an evening party at a hip nightclub, at a historic Beverly Hills mansion, or in a studio back lot. Los Angeles offers everything to ma ...
Beauty Talk: The Giorgio Armani Beauty luncheon, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, was certainly ...
The famous Bugatti Veyron Supersport of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The world's fastest production car valued at over $2million!
What a great day!!! Sneaking way for a few hours to take my Executive Admin on a tour tomorrow! I told her that the executive car will pick us up from the hotel tomorrow, and drive us around ( i.e. Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive etc).SHOPPING!!! She said "you're such a great boss; I'm so glad your not stuffy to work for". Awe! If you take care of your people, they will take care of you!
This was an AMAZING experience! You see the Los Angeles area from a different perspective which is truly awesome! It was an aha moment- like you see the world in a different light and that anything is possible! All the major sights from the Hollywood Sign, The Walk of Fame, Sunset Strip, and Beverly Hills where movies were shot and where celebrities live was all covered on this tour. Scott was a great tour guide for our private limo tour and even walked us on Rodeo Drive. We saw all the shops, a 1.7 million dollar car and ate also Carvel Ice Cream on Rodeo Drive! Thank you Scott you are awsome! Julie S.
I was kind of in your neck of the woods tonight at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills :)
you'd probably like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills!
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S/O my newest follower 1 of the nicest hotels in Beverly Hills located in the Golden Triangle and a short walk to Rodeo Drive
I was thinking the same thing but I was kinda thinking Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive though!!
"Things my kids need to know about their MOM" 21. One of my dream trips is to LA. I want to see everything Beverly Hills and Hollywood glam! I want to see the stars and stand in front of the Chinese Theater and shop in Rodeo Drive.
The time after a Christmas party when I fell out of a car onto Rodeo DrIVE in Beverly Hills. I survived obviously! LOL
Only on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills do you see a $1.5 million dollar car parked on the street. @ Rodeo Drive
1 more sleep until I fly to LA - first 2 nights staying in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and then 2 nights Newport Beach!!! Can't wait!!
Just got home from,Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills,Holywood blvd. Grifith Park...
Done the most AMAZING thing of my life today and toured LA... Seen the Hollywood Sign, David and Victoria's House, Ringo Starr, Bruno Mars plus many more! Seen Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills :-)) now time for a lovely steak dinner and a few wines..!!! I LOVE LA x
I checked into Rodeo Drive (Rodeo Dr., btw Wilshire and Santa Monica, Beverly Hills) on
Walked the "Rodeo Drive" of Rome - gotta say this one is longer than the Beverly Hills one. Went shopping and bought a Murano glass bracelet!
Drive to Beverly Hills, walked around Rodeo Drive, then drove to Santa Monica, took the PCH through Malibu and came home. Fun afternoon
Thanksgiving on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with Steve, Patty Diego, Ted, Todd, and my dad
Out and about in Los Angeles! Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood :)
We're headed to Beverly Hills tomorrow. Lookin forward to the clearance racks on Rodeo Drive. I have been googling the Walmart in Beverly Hills but can't find it. I guess we will just ask around when we get in that direction. Got to stop at the Beverly Hills hardware store to pick up a good deer skinnin knife. I had to leave mine with airport security. After that I heard they have a really good bait store on Melrose. Thinking about takin the kids fishin on Rickie Lake. We're keepin our eyes open for stars. Maybe tomorrow we'll see Cy from a duck Dynasty.
I heard a rumor that the Conservative Overpaid Coalition of Commentators Organization (CoO-CoO), consisting of Rush, Hannity, Coulter, and Palin is fighting back on Black Friday, and want to start a new tradition - Caucasian Tuesday, when the rich white folks get special discounts when shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, or Fifth Avenue in NYC.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Staying in olding family hotel in Hollywood behind Chinese Theatre, did hop-on-hop-ff bus last night, we stayed put tho, just to get bearings. It was sooo cold on bus! Today is Thanksgiving so not everything is open, it seems to be bigger than Christmas day. Went through Rodeo Drive abd Beverly Hills and oh my goodness, the stores!! Will post tomorrow evening
I am on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with Claudette and Daniel. She is in heaven. I just might ask the guy standing next to me if he has any "Grey Poupon"!
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Don’t make me sing!: Kim had a Ferrari?!) and was driving it on Rodeo Drive wh...
How come Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is pronounced ROW DAY O?
Map of the of Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive Area, Beverly Hills, CA ...: Use the column on the right to find restaurant...
"444 Rodeo Drive" The lovely entrance to Ralph Lauren in Beverly Hills. Home to several of "The Ladies of Rodeo Drive"
Things I forgot until returning to LA: when you're walking in Beverly Hills & think, "Hm. This looks suspiciously like Rodeo Drive"? It is.
Horrified to notice that Beverly Hills is no longer lining Rodeo Drive with Swarovski chandeliers for the holidays.
My catering evert was done for an art opening on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Where there was real Rembrandt paintings going for 10million... if only I had a getaway van. ;)
Casually stumbling upon Rodeo Drive that's all lit up for Christmas, no biggie. What happens when you're driving around Beverly Hills..!
Disneyland, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, Hard Tail:) and back home all in two days! We had a blast but a little sleepy.z.time to just chill and enjoy the rest of the vacation pool side.
Hi Lili, Lili Bosse HOW EXCITING,...ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! Is Monday, November 19th the official tree lighting celebration along Rodeo Drive? I am so happy to see our iconic Christmas tree returned to the veranda of the Four Seasons Regent Beverly Wilshire and Santa and his reindeer over the intersection of Beverly Drive and Wilshire Blvd. Recent past years have had a noticeable absence of our traditional Christmas decorations and many citizens have felt an aching loss of the holiday spirit we all grew up with in our beautiful City of Beverly Hills. A heartfelt THANK YOU to you and others responsible for bringing back our traditional Beverly Hills Christmas decorations.
We are headed to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and all other destinations. We ate I Brentwood last night. We are having a great time!
Beverly Hills police are asking the public’s help in identifying a group of seven people who are believed connected to a package found on Rodeo Drive Sunday that was at first believed to contain an explosive.
Night in Beverly Hills at the Beverly Hilton.Rodeo Drive is so little!
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I went to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills before I came to set and it always pisses me off going there. All those rich people. Then I think, "that's cool, I mean if you want them to throw that Fendi handbag in your casket with you, go right ahead and spend that much $$." But then I look up and see an Audi R8 GT billboard and I think, " that's cool, you can just bury me in the car! I'll take that!"
Peter Sagan... Last year's TOC on Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills. I thinks he is faster than Cav and a better all around rider.
A bomb squad has been called to Beverly Hills following the discovery of a “suspicious package” with a note.
Beverly Hills ...Rodeo Drive.playground of the rich and famous
I will be conducting a exclusive interview with ALI SOLTANI the Founder & President of RITMO MUNDO watches off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
Back in town after 17 days, still on my grind. Catch me on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Have a great weekend everyone.
Had a great day today.. We went to Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, Shopping and had dinner at the Medieval times theatre restaurant :D Finally back in my bed then tomorrow we are off to San Diego baby!.. :)
Just finished my merchandising gig with Gucci on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills! I feel a little fancy. I say a little cause I am still working some of the paint out of my hair! Ha!
No big deal. Just spent the day on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. with Lisa Patrick
FINAL PART. THANKS TO THOSE WHO READ THIS ROMNEY EPIC. GO VOTE!! It was time for another road show, but the days of soliciting prospects for scarce cash in obscure locales were mostly over. This time Romney and his partners headed to Beverly Hills, California. Arriving at the intersection of Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, they headed to the office of Michael Milken, the canny and controversial junk-bond king, at his company, Drexel Burnham Lambert. Romney knew Milken was able to find buyers for the high-yield, high-risk bonds that were crucial to the success of many leveraged-buyout deals. At the time of Romney’s visit, it was widely known that Drexel and Milken were under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. But Drexel was still the big player in the junk-bond business, and Romney needed the financing. Romney sold at just the right time Shares plunged in value the next year amid declining sales at the stores. The department-store company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protec ...
Couple of days away. Went up to LA yesterday and had lunch with one of Mums friends. Then went shoe shopping at this great store in Hollywood. $600 later and parked up in a Motel in Beverly Hills for the night. Cruised around Rodeo Drive etc, lucky the shoe shop wasn't there or the Visa would be even more buggered than it is already. Today went and had a cruise through some of the Ritzy areas, Bel Air etc and then drove up to Venice Beach for lunch. Had a good look around there, that place is crazy. Some pretty hard case sights in there. Back home in San Clemente now. Getting sorted to shoot a skit with Steph on Friday. Seems like time is starting to press and still way too much to see. Refer above comment on Visa and Reality Bites.
Took a walk down Beverly Street in Beverly Hills. Beautiful weather. The hotel is one street over from Rodeo Drive. I'm not much of a shopper, but I will have to take a walk over there at some point just to say I did it.
Has had an awesome day in Beverly Hills, Bel Air & Rodeo Drive followed by a trip to Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach & downtown LA! Just checked in for our early morning flight to Honolulu, so sad it's our last night in LA but excited to get to Waikiki Beach and the hot tub in our bedroom. LA you have worn me out, but i have loved every minute!!! :-D
Woo Hoo second day in LA and off to Santa Monica Pier and the walk of fame. Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive tomorrow. *** I love it here :-D
California cheapskates may soon have a place to shop on the famously ritzy, high-end shopping stretch of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
On Rodeo Drive there weren't riots. Beverly Hills' monotonous life goes on. In Washington D.C. the Great White Father did not seem worried.
Discount chain 99 Cents Only Stores, which has thrived in the economic downturn, is scouting real estate in Beverly Hills to open its flagship store.
Had an awesome time in LA. Spent most of our time on Hollywood Blvd, then we went all the way up Rodeo Drive, and then ended up driving up Mulholland and around Beverly Hills and Bel Air then got kinda lost just driving around the hills of LA. Great times.
Sign of the times: Dollar Stores eyeballing a retail space on Rodeo Drive (down and Out in Beverly Hills).
Beverly Hills has a reputation as having most upscale shopping in Southern California, which puts it high in the running for some of the best shopping in the world. But high dollar...
Yes, you read the headline correctly. A 99 Cents Only store is being prepped for Beverly Hills. Who Knew?!
Hey everyone...tune into 89.3 KPCC for the Larry Mantle Show at 11:45 am to hear me and the CEO of 99 Cent Stores discuss their recent announcement that they would like to open a store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Should be a lively discussion!
99 Cents Only to open branch in Rodeo Drive! Discount chain says its branch near Beverly Hills is its biggest earner; reason to go Rodeo Dr.
Bugatti Veyron in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. Filmed from us in March 2011
Socializing at my new hang out place ... Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills!
Hmmm.. I'm in the mood too shop at Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills CA..
Photo by C-Monster via the LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr In what will no doubt be taken as an affront to all that is obscenely overpriced, the 99 Cent Only store is looking into opening up shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The Huffington Post reports that
.is searching for retail space on Rodeo Drive! Excited for us to come to Beverly Hills?
Today was eye-opening. how the heck ppl in Beverly Hills make THAT much money to afford houses that wrap around 2 blocks is beyond me! Walked down Rodeo Drive, saw the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (from Pretty Woman), saw the 'Bodyguard' Mansion, Steph's house from 'Pretty in Pink', the Greystone Manor which was used in a TON of movies and is absolutely MASSIVE and even went past the Playboy Mansion. We ate at the restaurant Janice Joplin had her last meal at before she died and drove around the city so I could find my halloween costume! Sad tomorrow is our last full day in LA before we head to San Diego. But, we are doing it right. Spending time at the beach again before heading to the Lakers game tomorrow nite!
October 4th, 20127pm to 9:30pmTwo Rodeo, Beverly Hills - Rodeo DriveFILE UNDER: One of LA's Most Amazing Venues, a fun and social tasting for charity. Meet some of Napa Valley’s finest vintners pouring their best, while exploring the one of a kind luxury boutiques of Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills...
Had a great conversation with former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Neel Kashkari today. Enjoyed an insightful debate between Tucker Carlson and Paul Begalia and spent the rest of my time shaking my head in disbelief at the Beverly Hills locals. I don't feel like a fish out of water on Rodeo Drive. I feel like a whale in the middle of a desert! These people are WHACKED!!!
A luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, California. In the heart of Beverly Hills – steps from renowned Rodeo Drive shops – this historic hotel buzzes with vitality from dramatic renovations, blending tradition and trend. See-and-be-seen dining and glamorous events are balanced by quiet, personal comfort i...
Surprises every day.offering opportunities. 99 Cents store looking for space on Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills
Am in Beverly Hills, at the Montage for a meeting with IBM. I am expecting a contact from the County to be here as well. Pretty snootie place, a block over from Rodeo Drive.
Back from Los Angeles...what a great three weeks. Attended a book launch, private Art Showing, food and wine trip to Santa Barbara, met schoolfriend and moved into flat with Di at Santa Monica, near the famous Pier. Stayed with friends and family and checked out Rodeo Drive and the gates and high fences of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills.their houses are well shielded. Back to my open plan house!!
Pouring the ultra-rare Somerston Stornaway Red and Priest Ranch Sauvignon Blanc at at Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
Hollywood star walk of fame, Beverly Hills movies star homes, lunch on Rodeo Drive and a walk on the Santa Monica Pier. Fantastic day but happy to be back at the hotel. We did some miles today. Our cab ride home took over an hour!!
Had another good day..the air is differently different on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.. Bel Air..I don't think I would like living in such a gated community..I could be they know their neighbors? peace and love Eve
Rodeo Drive, Malibu, Beverly Hills, what a night
Day in Seoul, Incheon airport - a wonderful first class lounge with food, open bar, showers, massages! And all the designer stores of Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills right here at my beck and call! Then it's the 10.5 hour flight back to Honolulu and the hop over to Kona, on the Big Island. It willl be good to be home after a month, and we get to live Monday all over over again! Too bad it is not my birthday!
Cool chrome statue on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills
I am in Beverly Hills and actually just drove Rodeo Drive. I love my life.
Marshall Street and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills are neck and neck in the race for the most girls clutching Starbucks, wearing aviators, and scowling.
I had a great lunch yesterday with my daughter in Beverly Hills. We went down Rodeo Drive and I didn't see a horse, bull, or a single cowboy. Must be a different kind of "Rodeo".
Wolfgang Puck's or Mr Chow of Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive? Both excellent!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Nick and I are in Los Angeles. We went sight seeing, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Wilshire Boulevard. We are staying around the corner from where the Emmy's will be held tonight.
I want to be able to drive West to Beverly Hills and shop at Rodeo Drive as if it's an everyday thing.
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