Beverly Hills & Bel Air

Beverly Hills is an affluent city located in Los Angeles County, California, United States. Bel Air is an affluent residential community in the hills of the Westside of the city of Los Angeles, California. 5.0/5

Beverly Hills Bel Air Santa Monica Rodeo Drive Los Angeles Venice Beach Holmby Hills Sunset Blvd Santa Monica Pier Hollywood Blvd Pacific Palisades Universal Studios Hollywood Sign Fresh Prince Dodger Stadium Chinese Theater Jennifer Aniston Michael Jackson

Maps took me a new way thru Beverly Hills/Bel Air last night and my jaw still on the floor mat. Unreal homes
No fund raisers in Compton, Willow brook, Lennox, South Central? Always in white boy Beverly Hills, Bel Air.
Money can't buy taste. Of course, they're including Bel Air, Holmby Hills and Beverly Hills in "Los Angeles"...
I absolutely love seeing the houses in the Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, Bel Air, and Brentwood communities.
the bus tour could be cool. Especially in Beverly Hills/bel air/Hollywood. Don't count on public transport in LA.
Today was too good..Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills Celeb homes, Bel Air, Rodeo Drive 💁👏
Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, Woodside, Malibu...mention any of these names and they immediately conjour images of Hollywood, celebrity, and the rich & famous. No other tool is more useful for glimpsing into the lifestyles of the financially well-off than Google Earth! From this aerial vantage point, anyone can look down onto the extravagant estates and marvel at the sheer size and ostentation of what these people call home. Two of the most astonishing estates would have to be The Manor in Holmby Hills (formerly owned by Candy & Aaron Spelling) and the sprawling Japanese-inspired estate of Oracle boss Larry Ellison. And of course there's a shot of the Playboy Mansion...just because...well, because... ;-)
Well, now that the Clippers have been sold, who's going to buy the Bel Air and Beverly HIlls Hotel?
Welcome to Seniors Helping Seniors West Los Angeles in-home services where we match seniors who need help with seniors who want to help. It's a unique relationship built between people who understand the ups and downs of life. We work with you to find a senior who can help meet your personal needs, schedule, and personality. We can help out just a little or a lot. Call us and we'll schedule a time to come and meet with you in person and find out more about you. We want to know who you are, so we can make the best match possible to meet your needs! If you live in Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood Hills, Century City, Westwood, Culver City and West L.A., we are here for you.
The view over Bel Air and Beverly Hills from Lani and Ronnies back patio. it's a beautiful day in LA! For breakfast I went out and picked the lemon for my tea
Rob Lowe says there is prejudice against good looking people. For one thing, you are forced to live in segregated communities like Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Newport Beach.
Yesterday was a busy day. We started off by going to the grand opening for Arise & Restore Thrift Store (great cause here folks!) then we went to The Grove in L.A. with Max and Patricia Beaty, walked around had lunch at Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill then on to The Petersen Automotive Museum and finished it off with soft drinks at Johnny Rockets at The Petersen. After that we crossed the street and went to the La Brea Tar Pits. From here we drove through Beverly Hills and Bel Air checking out the houses en route to Santa Monica Beach. There we watched the sunset and walked along the Third Street Promenade. Topped it off with pizza from Stefano's Pizzeria. Came home and worked on a couple of laptops to get ready for this morning. Whew! What a fun packed day! Thank you Mary, Max and Patricia! = )
City of Dreams Exploring Los Angeles, the place where many movies are made, you feel like you’re in a dream. Santa Monica Pier is the ending point of fabled Route 66, while just south is bohemian Venice Beach, lined by tall, swaying palms. Go slightly inland from the boardwalk to glimpse the canals that earned the area its name. Head north to the golden beach and stunning scenery of Malibu and see why movie stars over the decades have settled here. Also popular with the rich and famous are Bel Air and Beverly Hills, home to exclusive Rodeo Drive. And the reason for all this glitz and glamour? Hollywood, of course! Sitting high on a hill, the iconic sign is visible for miles around, while below the gold stars on Hollywood Boulevard immortalize celebrities of past and present. Be there on premiere night to see them grace the Red Carpet of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Over the hill is Universal Studios, offering behind-the-scenes tours as well as rides. Next door are the Warner Brothers Studios, and Param ...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DOME Consulting LLC, announces it's client, International Transformational Speaker and Galactic Shaman, Aros Crystos, of Bel Air, to speak on “The Human Dolphin Connection” at The Source Spiritual Center in Venice, Wednesday night June 19th! BEL AIR, CA (June 4, 2013) Meeting Aros Crystos, a transformational speaker and coach, Galactic Shaman, author, and couture fashion designer, is truly a life-changing experience. He will be sharing his message of love and spiritual transformation at The Source Spiritual Wellness Center for Body, Mind and Soul, 305 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA, on Wednesday, June 19 from 7:00-10:00 p.m. A native of Sweden, at 65, Aros Crystos was nominated as one of the Sexiest Men in Hollywood Over 60. His voice has provided decades of dolphin advocacy, wisdom teachings, vocal performances, writings, novels, CDs, and a uniquely stunning line of couture. Aros wows everyone he encounters from Hollywood Soirees and Red Carpets to Beverly Hills bistros and the Venic . ...
Spectacular drive down Sepulveda Blvd, past some fire damage in the hills around Bel Air, over to Beverly Hills, up Rodeo Drive (past Bijan's Bugatte) the up through Laurel Canyon. (Which was a great movie) The twisting and steep roads of the BLVD and Canyon roads were perfect for my sports car!
Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, The Walk of Fame, Hollywood Sign The best breakfast by the beach in Santa Monica, Drive thru the city and the UCLA campus to Bel Air. Shopping on Rodeo Drive, take a peek in the Rem Koolhaas designed Prada store, admire the jewelry the stars wear at the Oscar’s at Harry Winston. Walk thru the Beverly Wilshire Hotel where Pretty Woman was filmed. Followed by a tour to Hollywood, viewing interesting homes and hotels, the LA-Ink tattoo shop and so much more… Downtown, Chinatown, the LAPD Breakfast or coffee at a restaurant where ex-gang members get a second chance. A walking tour of Frank Gehry’s Disney Hall, the LA library and Broadway’s Theater row. A tour of Chinatown and the place where LA began. Drive down Sunset Blvd. to Silver Lake the Soho of LA to visit some boutiques and galleries and drive the steepest street in North America. Visit the LAPD training academy where the cops do target practice. View of the city and Dodger Stadium. Scenic Coastal Drive, Malibu and ...
Had a great time in California (Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Malibu) with my daughter Mandi. Spending a few days in Vancouver then flying home. Miss my family and my boys Brick and Brooklin (aka Prince Harry). Thanks to my sister Heather and brother-in-law Henry for dog-sitting at my house and to my Mom for visiting the boys :)
A full day in the sun exploring LA, California. Visited Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles. Walked up Hollywood Blvd and saw all the stars and the Hollywood Sign. Awesome day, Santa Monica Venice Beach and Universal Studios tomorrow. Photos will follow I PROMISE
Have some Beautiful Estates in Beverly Hills and Bel Air fir for a beautiful Queen
I have some Amazing Estates in Beverly Hills and Bel Air for your Highness.
SALES: Some people are buying. Ryan Seacrest bought Ellen DeGenere’s Beverly Hills home for $36.5 million and sold his Hollywood Hills home for $11 million. DeGeneres and her spouse Portia De Rosa bought an 8,500 square foot home in Beverly Hills for $17.4 million for $2,047 a square foot. Jennifer Aniston paid $20.97 million for a Bel Air home of 8,500 square feet which is also about $2,467 a square foot. Plus, you can buy Leonardo Di Caprio three house compound in Malibu for $23 million and Harrison Ford sold his house for $8.195 million. Total: In 2012, 296 homes in LA County sold for more than 5 million. Compare that to148 in 2009. No comments, just facts. Want another good fact? No decorations, No comment on what it means. The Dow Jones was 9000 on 12/31/08 and 13,105 on 12/31/12. Some IRA’s must be a little larger.
THANK YOU AMERICA & thank you St. Louis for honouring my Poetry performance beyond my imagination. From Disneyland to Hollywood & its Walk of Fame, the opulence of Beverly Hills, Bel Air and the pacifying Pacific Ocean, Pepperdine & UCLA in Los Angels, California. From the spiritually spell-bounding Grand Canyon to the magnificence of Phoenix in Arizona. From the ambience of St. Louis enriched by an enthralling Zoo, blooming Botanical Garden, Museums, etc. & a wealth of history in Missouri to Chicago, Illinois and Indianapolis in Indiana. 5 sweet states! Tomorrow I begin a 15,000km, 2 day journey back home. Thank you Ronnie, Dr. Akura, Ruth, family, friends, fans & amazing churches. You provided for me 100%. I love you to dots. Prayers for journey mercies to a beloved motherland. Bless you.
REMINDER!! Assembly Delegate election for the 50th Assembly District is this Sunday! If you live in Assembly District 50 (West Hollywood, Much of Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu, Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Carthay Square, Hancock Park, Miracle Mile, Pacific Palisades, Topanga) please vote for me! Just one more step in this part of my life, so please come out and support! It would mean the world to me. The Election starts at 1:30pm! You can get a ballot any time between 1:30 and 3:30. Its easy. Come in, get your ballot, vote for me, and you can leave! Here are the details: Date: Sunday, January 13, 1:30 - 3:30 Location: McKinley Elementary School Address: 2401 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 THANKS EVERYONE!
Text from my Mom about her visit to LA: "We are gonna do our Beverly Hills walks and beach walks and Bel Air drives, and hiking in the mountains and celebrity spying, and cemeteries, and see Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe and Griffith park and Hollywood Sign and Mulhulland Drive and the Americana and The Grove .so what we doing the second day?" I better get some rest now ;) I can't wait! One week!! :))
The North Shore is like the Bel Air if Cali and South Barrington area is like the Beverly Hills w/o the Stars but Fortune Execs
Lots of moving up to Beverly Hills and Bel Air - must be holiday card season in LA.
Couple of days away. Went up to LA yesterday and had lunch with one of Mums friends. Then went shoe shopping at this great store in Hollywood. $600 later and parked up in a Motel in Beverly Hills for the night. Cruised around Rodeo Drive etc, lucky the shoe shop wasn't there or the Visa would be even more buggered than it is already. Today went and had a cruise through some of the Ritzy areas, Bel Air etc and then drove up to Venice Beach for lunch. Had a good look around there, that place is crazy. Some pretty hard case sights in there. Back home in San Clemente now. Getting sorted to shoot a skit with Steph on Friday. Seems like time is starting to press and still way too much to see. Refer above comment on Visa and Reality Bites.
Has had an awesome day in Beverly Hills, Bel Air & Rodeo Drive followed by a trip to Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach & downtown LA! Just checked in for our early morning flight to Honolulu, so sad it's our last night in LA but excited to get to Waikiki Beach and the hot tub in our bedroom. LA you have worn me out, but i have loved every minute!!! :-D
Today was brilliant :) Guess who i met? Actually, he spoke to me - Gerard Butler!! One of my favourite actors. He was at the Grove in Hollywood, Los Angeles. It was his new movie premiere of Chasing Mavericks. We also went to Bel Air, such a nice suburb - but only rich ones there. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills was ok, i couldnt remember it and it wasn't that good :) Miss you friends.
Well I lost my last post.ok here I go again.ok went to Venice Beach today.ate in Santa Monica.we drove thru Beverly Hills and past Bel Air...we did some curvey streets to get to c the Hollywood Sign.but I had a blast.
Had an awesome time in LA. Spent most of our time on Hollywood Blvd, then we went all the way up Rodeo Drive, and then ended up driving up Mulholland and around Beverly Hills and Bel Air then got kinda lost just driving around the hills of LA. Great times.
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Been to Warner Bros studio today, seen where loads of movies, talk shows and sitcoms are filmed, very good. Had a tour of stars homes in Hollywood and Beverly Hills and then took a drive into Bel Air (didn't see any princes) but saw where Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson died : (
Had another good day..the air is differently different on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.. Bel Air..I don't think I would like living in such a gated community..I could be they know their neighbors? peace and love Eve
Had a great day. Went to LA, Hollywood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Dodger Stadium, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, USC, UCLA, Staple Center. Peg and I are wore out. Will post some pictures later.
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Need a recommendation for a great direct mailing company who covers Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, etc. Has anyone had great experiences with any company in particular? Would prefer not to go through these online companies where you can't talk to anyone.
"people with money in LA don't move to Hollywood, Beverly Hills or Bel Air anymore, that's old school and ghetto. We all live in Calabasas now!"
The Olympic Collection Banquet and Conference Center 11301 W. Olympic Blvd Suite 204 Los Angeles, CA 310 575-4585 Apply Now! weekends with a pay of $12-$14 per hour plus gratuity. The shift will take place at Olympic Collection Banquet and Conference Center in West Los Angeles and on-site locations throughout Beverly Hills and Bel Air. The Olympic Collection Custom Gourmet Catering maintains the highest in grooming and appearance standards. In addition to being well groomed, you must have a positive attitude and reliable transportation. Employee meals are provided with your shift.
Large accommodations for 12 for rent in Beverly Hills, California, Mansion in Bell Air for rent vacation rental home in Bell Air. This Home is perfect for southern California wedding, Luxury wedding accommodations in Bel Air. Mansion for rent in Los Angeles county. Entertainer`s mansion estate
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong had some fun in the sun at her Bel Air estate on July 22, 2012. It's been a rough year for the reality star who buried her late husband on Aug …
Working with buyers and sellers of luxury homes and estates in Bel Air - Holmby Hills, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Cheviot Hills, Rancho Park, Westwood , Century City
Drove a millionaires Range Rover to the car wash in Bel Air and got to hang out at two mansions in Beverly Hills and Bel Air! Love my job even though it's killing my body.
Hey Girls, Hey Boys... Listen to the famous sound of Neu Paka... Because this is real Neu Paka... Because this is Christian Jesus Cross Street (In Bohemian language - Krizova cesta) in richest part of Neu Paka... With historical charring crosses... with historical drawings of Jesus every few metres... and it's part of very special district... They call this district Orechovka 902 10 (No idea why people living in districts called Orechovka (Walnut place) think they live in Beverly Hills or Bel Air... but this thinking comes through all Bohemian Paradise) ... that's the way it is... that's what map shows... this is where is Mr. Lacoste Mirecek right now. Christian Jesus Cross Street 1174, Neu Paka, Bohemian Paradise, European Union... Surrounded by richest people in the Babylon... So... How did he came to this place? It's just another family villa... This one belongs to grandmothers. As you already know... Crocodiles family have plenty of best houses all around... With no use... 4 houses way too much exceed ...
lol yeahhh. Try to visit Beverly Hills & Bel Air they're beautiful!!! & the City Walk in LA near Universal Studios!
How is it possible that it took me an HOUR to get from Beverly Hills to Bel Air at 3am?!
I'm drawing a blank on where this could be. What street is that with all the multi-story buildings? (Ken: is this Beechwood Canyon-ish or Beverly Hills/Bel Air? or somewhere else? Or is she looking at the Valley?)
I just came back from the new Target store in Westwood. With Santa Monica and the coast to the West, Pacific Palisades to the N/W, Bel Air to the North, Beverly Hills to the East and West L.A. to the South, it was strange seeing all the " Beautiful People" shopping at Target. I fit right in! :)
Today was AWESOME we spent it siteseeing in LA. We visited Beverly Hills, the homes of the Bel Air stars, Hollywood and we cruised down Sunset Blvd. We ate at Tommy's and we ended it in the Garment District shopping.
Conrad Hilton seems is the latest caught up in a Hilton family scandal. Not Paris or Nicky this time, but the young scion of a famous Bel Air and Beverly Hills family is under arrest. It has been re
You Know You Were a Kid of the 90s If... 1.You loved slap bracelets and were devastated when they were banned. 2.You remember when Will Smith was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and you knew every single word to the opening rap. 3.You thought it was utterly hilarious to end your sentences with "NOT!" (And it was...not!) 4.You used to tell your mom to "talk to the hand." Just before you got grounded. 5.You smelled like Teen Spirit. 6.You collected all the Beanie Babies. 7.You know all the moves to the Macarena. 8.You dressed up as a Power Ranger or Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween. 9.You know the zip code to Beverly Hills. 10.You still think of Mark Wahlberg as Marky Mark. 11.You and your friends used to debate which Spice Girl you all were. 12.You wanted to sit on the orange Nickelodeon couch. 12.You lived for the TGIF lineup: Boy Meets World, Step by Step and Full House. 13.You loved the movie Clueless and had no idea it was based on Jane Austin. 14.You were shocked when Tupac and Biggie died and just wante ...
Casting call from Jeffrey R. Gund: "FIRST TIME PARENTS WHO ARE AFFLUENT CASTING NEW DOCU-SERIES FOR A MAJOR CABLE NETWORK! We are searching for couples in the greater Los Angeles area including Beverly Hills, Malibu, Bel Air, Brentwood, and the Palisades who are FIRST TIME PARENTS with newborns up to 12 months old for a new docu-series for a major cable network! From the Executive Producer of Cheerleader Nation and Welcome to Sweetie Pies comes a new television series about first-time parents, and their different kinds of parenting! This new and informative series will show us just what it takes to be a first time parent. Whether you've had a solid plan from the minute your baby was born, or you are flying by the seat of your pants - we want to hear your story! We are not just looking for diverse parenting styles, but diverse parents such as *** couples, single parents, stay at home Dads, as well as traditional families. All new parents welcome to apply. Parents must be ages 21-50. TO SUBMIT: Be sure t ...
BH Money Manager Pleads Guilty to Ponzi Scheme John Farahi is accused of swindling $7 million from his victims. A former Beverly Hills money manager who used his Persian-language radio show to attract investors pleaded guilty today to federal charges stemming from a Ponzi scheme that swindled victims out of at least $7 million. John Farahi, 54, of Bel Air Estates pleaded guilty to four felony counts—mail fraud, loan fraud, selling unregistered securities and conspiracy to obstruct justice—while collaborating with his corporate attorney to hide the fraud, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. Farahi, who ran Beverly Hills-based New Point Financial Services Inc., largely targeted moneyed members of the Iranian-Jewish community, promising conservative investments in corporate bonds backed by the Troubled Asset Relief Program. In a plea agreement filed in federal court in Los Angeles, Farahi acknowledged that the scheme caused losses of more than $7 million, while prosecutors reserved the right to argu ...
Our 2nd video of our trip to LA. Here we stopped by Santa Monica, before Marjean Holden took us around/thru Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Bel Air, in a Mustang!! It was so cool :)
Just days after buying in Bel Air, Dr. Frasier Crane has listed his Beverly Hills mansion for $18 million. See photos of Kelsey Grammer's home at
  Bloomberg is reporting that bidding wars are breaking out this spring for multi-million-dollar homes in the high-end, Westside communities of Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Pacific Palisades: Sales of Beverly Hills homes priced at $2 milli ...
Today I asked Beth Williams to sing the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air and this is what I got... "In western Michigan, born and raised. Sit at the throne as the Prince of Beverly Hills."
Took the 405 to our store today and it was just beautiful! Sunset Blvd through Bel Air and Beverly Hills to the huge HBO True Blood billboard on the 9000 building. I'm also surrounded by amazing people in my life right now. Life is good.
Explored Los Angeles today : interestingly odd place : feels like a city without a "soul" - had a driver take us all over from the beach areas :some REALLY interesting - Venice Beach : right off left field!- a story to be told on it's own!!!, thru Santa Monica - nice area, Marina Del Rey - a copy of the canals in Europe and beautiful homes, around through Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air - amazing homes here; our driver showed us Frank Sinatra's properties:now sub-divided into three (still massive Properties) along with other "rich/famous" identity properties : not all movie celebs. and some Australians included! Tried to go to the baseball here however the taxi fare to/from the field was going to cost us (pre-arranged) $250.00 then had to add on ticket and food costs - guess what - gave that a BIG miss and watched it on TV. Tomorrow trying the "trolley bus" to Manhattan Beach for an explore prior to the LONG-LONG flight home! YEAH!
By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter Everyone say “Omg!” Yoga fanatic Jennifer Aniston is reportedly upping her good vibes and moving into a zen-inspired rental home in Beverly Hills while her $21 million Bel Air mansion is being renovated. The Wanderlust star
Driving Tour of Sunset Boulevard from Bel Air to Holmby Hills to Beverly Hills & Homes For Sale.
Famed British hair stylist Vidal Sassoon died of apparent natural causes at age 84, at his home in Bel Air. Last year, he admitted he'd been diagnosed in 2009 with blood cancer, or leukemia, but had kept the news private till 2011. He was treated for the disease in Beverly Hills and the Cromwell *** ..
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We just completed an amazing tour, with some very demanding clients. A bike ride for 16 from West Hollywood through Beverly Hills and Bel Air and on to Santa Monica, Venice and Marina Del Rey where they boarded a 65 foot yacht and set sail up to Malibu with a full catered lunch and more booze than I have ever seen in my life. good day!
Had so much fun yesterday. Went to Hollywood, crused sunset, went to the dome n crused Beverly Hills n Bel Air went to Dodgers stadium.
Go to Bel Air, Beverly Hills,Calabassas, Santa Barbara with the Bikini you wearing in your AVI and your dreams will come true.
So after an all-you-can-eat prime rib, lobster, crab, and shrimp dinner; we drove down Sunset Blvd and ended up in Beverly Hills and then Bel Air. Did I mention that we also took a drive on Hollywood Blvd and drove by the Kodak Theater and Grauman's Chinese Theater? It's been a busy day!
Showing homes at the each today, Beverly Hills and Bel Air this morning and now on th @ Ginger Rogers Beach
Im going by a masion in Beverly Hills or Bel Air
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