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Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop is a 1984 American comedy-action film directed by Martin Brest and starring Eddie Murphy, Lisa Eilbacher, John Ashton, Judge Reinhold, and Ronny Cox.

Eddie Murphy Axel Foley Beverly Hills Cop 2 Bronson Pinchot Judge Reinhold Jonathan Banks Lethal Weapon Glenn Frey Neutron Dance Damon Wayans Trading Places Die Hard Beverly Hills Cop 4 Kevin Hart Fast Times Ridgemont High Pluto Nash

I'm roughly one-third of the way editing my Forever Cinematic Review of 1984's Beverly Hills Cop. Hoping to get it done sooner than later.
Beverly Hills Cop came out in 1984 & made Eddie Murphy, a comedian, a big time star. And yes,…
No rain in the streetcar I'm on, but there is a guy who says he is going to fart out the theme song from Beverly Hills Cop...
Eddie what is the news on Beverly Hills Cop 4
Beverly Hills Cop(84,87,94) I'm not a fan of the third movie but this movie cost 80 million…
Craig’s pick was the Beverly Hills Cop classic “The Heat is On”! We have a sax player now, just saying.
I'm going to quit work and become a Detroit cop that goes to Beverly Hills to avenge a friend's murder.
This day 1984 Glenn Frey releases The Heat Is On. Used in opening titles for 1984 movie Beverly Hills Cop https:/…
When you can't sleep and the only thing for it is a cup of tea in bed and watching the 80s classic Beverly Hills cop
Pleas do Beverly Hills Cop 4 and 5 with tag get's son has a cop work with Billy Rosewood and Axle Foyle.
When the Heat Is On I usually just assume I'm watching Beverly Hills Cop.
Beverly Hills Cop. Watched it the other night and it still holds up.
Beverly Hills Cop - "Axel Arrives at the Beverly Hills Hotel" - (HD) - E... nuff said
This genre isn't limited to foreign people discovering USA. Beverly Hills Cop is a great…
First episode of GLOW is fantastic and then they go out on a song from BEVERLY HILLS COP and that's cheating now I love it more
Beverly hills cop, go ahead and take those bananas
No Beverly hills cop without Murphy and I heard a sequel is on its way already
good year 1987 predator, running man, Lethal Weapon, lost boys, full metal jacket, Beverly hills cop, the untouchables
Beverly Hills Cop II for a fun ride or Shawshank Redemption for deep thought.
I can't believe it took me this long to watch Beverly Hills Cop with Lucy. Greatest movie night ever.
People me,who have indulged in their life probably miss one of the best things like classic movies &tvseries. Not seen Beverly Hills Cop yet
Found the 7" release of 'Be There' by The Pointer Sisters from Beverly Hills Cop 2 at my local…
Beverly Hills Cop 43th best selling movie of all time, inflation adjusted. ($593 million dollars). a
beverly hills cop III brought me here :)
Liked on YouTube: Meter Maid calls 3 cop cars on me for feeding red meters in Beverly Hills..
the end of a which had me watching Beverly Hills Cop II & III, Weekend at Bernie's & Creed (i cried)…
Beverly Hills Cop was the 2nd highest grossing movie of 1984
We grow up watching Kindergarten Cop and Beverly Hills Cop- we learn to love and humanize cops in ways we don't w/…
Banana in the tail pipe was a key move in Beverly Hills Cop. A timely reference I know.
Watched Midnight Run and Beverly Hills Cop a lot in my youth. Probably the reason I…
Such a fantastic director! Till today I can still recite most of Beverly Hills Cop & Midnight Run by…
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Every now and then I play the Beverly Hills Cop theme to get motivated at work. Never fails me.
Those would be Beverly Hills Cop and Trading Places. Don't think any standup comic today yet can say that.
Techno Trash is live now on til noon with Phoenix, Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack and all the to…
Or regrettably remind you kind people of the score of films that tried to turns various black comedians into the next Beverly Hills Cop
Well that's this evening's viewing sorted. Not seen Beverly Hills Cop for a while
Harold Faltermeyer did a great job on the anthem. Also loved the Beverly Hills Cop theme song he did.
During their prime, when Guns & Roses was out of control, they should have done a rock cover of the Beverly Hills Cop theme called "Axl AF."
Once again theatre steals from Eddie Murphy. See also: Three Kingdoms and Beverly Hills Cop
If you watch Beverly Hills Cop, Bronson Pinchot is an undeniable comic force.
Bronson Pinchot (Perfect Strangers, Beverly Hills Cop) is joining our pals at for improv April 28-29!
The Heat Is On, Neutron Dance, Axel F, Nasty Girl... had forgotten how much I loved the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop...
Yeah and who remembers Bronson Pinchot in Beverly Hills Cop? Epic
Trading Places, 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America. I mean thats the 27 Yankees of movie lineups.
Who knew a future Oscar winner was in it? And the great Steven Berkoff, fresh off Beverly Hills Cop.
hey we just figured out that Atlas Shrugged and Beverly Hills Cop are co-universe. Dagny and Sgt. Taggart.
senior policy advisor or really creepy villain from Beverly Hills Cop? You decide.
02-13 RIP Gil Hill, Detroit cop and boss in Beverly Hills Cop
Sly Stallone was originally up for the lead in Beverly Hills Cop. Thank god that didn't happen. Would have been a disaster.
I miss the Beverly Hills Cop and 48 hours Eddie Murphy...
This Saturday at come see from the movie Groundhog Day, Beverly Hills Cop and Willow htt…
they need to make Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cop. I miss Judge Reinhold.
Trading Places & Coming To America are my all time favorite Eddie Murphy movies that aren't Beverly Hills Cop or Nutty Professor
'Beverly Hills Cop' opened up a whole world. I got the televisio...
"Beverly Hills Cop" star Judge Reinhold arrested for disorderly conduct at airport
arrested? But he is was smart and sensable one on Beverly Hills Cop. .
Martin Brest directed Beverly Hills Cop & Midnight Run, which are good, but he hasn't done anything since Gigli, which is sad! Makes u think
Mike Pence was not the villain in Beverly Hills Cop and you can't prove he was.
Fox is showing some new show called Rosewood which I can only assume is a Beverly Hills Cop spinoff starring Judge Reinhold.
fun fact: Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone turned down the role of Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop.…
Oct5,1952 composer of the "Axel F" 1985 US theme for Beverly Hills Cop & Top Gun Anthem…
Would you slap me if I said his name like Bronson Pinchot from Beverly Hills Cop?. "Sur-jay"
Probably be a Beverly Hills Cop remake with Kellan Lutz or something.
Lol forever a classic bro, I'd take that over Beverly Hills Cop
Oh man Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul) is one of the bad guys in Beverly Hills Cop!
yea I wanted to slip Vampire in Brooklyn and Beverly Hills Cop in there but didn't wanna get to gross lol
Bill Murray the greatest of all time . True not But he is classic . What would you rather watch Beverly Hills Cop or Caddyshack
It's a lot of police movies on Netflix right now 🤔. Lethal Weapon 1-4, Bad Boys series, SWAT, Beverly Hills Cop series.
Carter & I are having a good time watching Beverly Hills Cop
"What if music was only the theme song from Beverly Hills Cop?" wonders
They should remake Beverly Hills Cop with a white guy.
Kirsty seems a little young to be watching Beverly Hills Cop.
Exercising my right to watch any movie I want...Double Jeopardy and now Beverly Hills Cop, tomorrow who knows...
the signs as comedies // leo: Beverly Hills Cop, Animal House, Ghostbusters
The opening of Beverly Hills Cop is a pretty amazing look at Detroit
Beverly Hills Clarinet! Warming up with the Axel Foley Theme from Beverly Hills Cop!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Had one of these Bad Boys back in the day, along with Beverly Hills Cop ringtone 🙈😂
Beverly Hills Cop, Lethal Weapon, Bill Hicks, Sam Kinison. is 80s AF right now!
119. Beverly Hills Cop - Jonathan Banks was great in this prequel. Really a truly fantastic film 👍🏼
Beverly Hills Cop (1984). One of the best theme songs, plus it has 2 things I like going for it. Its a Cop+80s movie.
Eddie Murphy did 2 movies as a sidekick while on SNL...left in headline Beverly Hills Cop
I'm done. Watched the first 2 Beverly Hills Cop movies today while packing.
Why do I think of a mix of Beverly Hills Cop, and Beverly Hills Ninja, when seeing this?
I watch Beverly Hills Cop for 2 reasons. . Listen to the theme music. Laugh at Eddie Murphy's laugh
Pretty Delirious about this. Hopefully he won't be too Raw. . Probably known for 48 Hours or so. Beverly Hills Cop
After almost passing out at work, I am now very awake with the Beverly Hills Cop theme stuck in my head. In other news, Congrats to the UK?
If NBA rules said can only trade for person w/equal name, Serge would've been swapped for Bronson Pinchot's character in "Beverly Hills Cop"
Is it just me or does Milo look like Bronson Pinchot? (Serge in"Beverly Hills Cop")
no way bruh Beverly hills cop,48hrs still copied to this day
Movies brainwashed me when as a child. Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Beverly Hills cop and Tango & Cash made me believe cops were good guys.
Pulling the old Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop today with the cooler by the pool in the…
I never really care about my age and less about getting old...but I am the same age now as Taggart was in Beverly Hills Cop 👴🏼
You notice modern films don't have scores that become popular music on their own? (Superman, Indiana Jones, Beverly Hills Cop, Star Wars)
should remake the Beverly Hills Cop Movies. I bet it happens. Just remember I said it first ;)
Rumour has it that Eddie Murphy's 'Beverly Hills Cop 4' is actually happening!
Ahhh I forgot the plot to Beverly Hills Cop 2
It now seems as though Beverly Hills Cop 4 is getting closer to happening.
I don't care what they change in the reboot of Beverly Hills Cop as long as they keep the original score.
Check out what I found. Men Celebrity Looks Beverly Hills Cop Axel Foley Detroit Lions Vintage Sports via
Long awaited 4th is back soon with star
Now I'm not going to be able to think about "The Heat Is On" without referencing both Congress and Beverly Hills Cop.
The No.1 album on June 22,1985 was Soundtrack from Beverly Hills Cop
for some reason this randomly made me want to watch Beverly Hills cop
Little known fact: Foley artists are so called bc sound editing was perfected in 1984's 'Beverly Hills Cop' feat. the chara…
So it turns out Beverly Hills Cop has all the information needed to smuggle drugs into the US
The Beverly Hills Cop movies will never get old
//Don't get me wrong, Zack shouldn't be my favorite character in Beverly Hills Cop but oh well.
What happens when Shenmue, Miami Vice, and Beverly Hills Cop have a love child? This game!
another great one. Those two and Beverly Hills Cop are my 3 faves.
"Beverly Hills Cop" would of been unsuccesful without your songs, Patti, you were the star of the film. :)
Back to June 1985 tomorrow and yet another massive hit from the 'Beverly Hills Cop' soundtrack is in the charts 👌
disappointed I can't change my 4 Sole Beverly hills cop photos to the group wasn't available when I bought them :(
ok. I read there come a new Beverly Hills Cop. make more . Movies. You are a Comedian Cult Man ...Machine Gun Talk😊
Hi. I ask me when come a new Pluto Nash or Beverly Hills Cop . Come please a new Best Comedian Action ...🎬
Man, they don't make movies like the Lethal Weapon series or Beverly Hills Cop series anymore...
I added a video to a playlist Beverly Hills Cop Main Theme
so you're gonna stick your banana in her tailpipe? Oh wait! That was Beverly Hills Cop. Sorry
Sidebar: Beverly Hills Cop, Lord of the Ring and Fast n Furious gotta be top 3 sagas all time
they spoiled the Beverly Hills Cop films with 3 it was terrible like a kids film! I hope this redeems it!
Meanwhile I'm blasting the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack so I can't decide who is more awesome really.
More hot news: Paramount is reviving its Beverly Hills Cop franchise, with Sir Noel Malcolm, of All Souls, taking over from Eddie Murphy
To this day i could still seriously listen to Axel F from Beverly Hills Cop over and over and over like it's nobodies business
Barry Sonnenfeld directed a pilot for a Beverly Hills Cop show that DIDN'T get picked up! Even had Eddie Murphy in it!
RIP Gil Hill, Detroit cop and Eddie Murphy's boss in Beverly Hills Cop
when he sat at the green light then gunned it when it turned red, like in Beverly Hills Cop. I got stuck in cross traffic!
My parents couldn't find a babysitter, so I went to see Beverly Hills Cop with them. I was 7. It was the berries.
Then mocked them both in Beverly Hills Cop
In 2013, the actor playing this villain was arrested 4 hitting a woman w/ his car -
hmmm Shaun just mixed up Miami Vice and Beverly Hills Cop OR DID HE?
So Lethal Weapon is gunna be a tv series? what's next? beverly hills cop? back to the future? fast and furious? police academy (.again)?
He isn't named off of Reggie Hammond of Beverly Hills cop???
That movie used to play on a loop in India when I was a kid. Along with HOME ALONE, VOLCANO, and BEVERLY HILLS COP.
Seriously, how is the Beverly Hills Cop theme not on my running playlist???
yeah Dickman it's all about Beverly Hills Cop 2
This all has to be handed in for Thursday, 4pm deadline. To quote Beverly Hills Cop... The heat is on!
I get it now, you were dressed up. Can we see a pic of the Beverly Hills cop? 👮
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I wanna see a crossover called Beverly Hills 90210 Cop where Eddie Murphy busts Dylan and Brenda for coke, then snorts it in his squad car.
if you go buddy cop in space maybe they go Beverly Hills Cop for the GL Corps movie.
How dare they use the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack against me!
Beverly Hills cop, back to the future, the goonies, 16 candles, big, and Dirty dancing 😉
I dunno why but I've been humming the Beverly Hills Cop theme since Wade tied the game
Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Star Morgan Stewart's Two-Piece Wedding Dress Was an Accident: Find Out all of the Detai…
No. It's a Patti Labelle song. I guess they don't show you Beverly Hills Cop movies in the tundra.
HEB is playing the Beverly Hills Cop theme song
If it's not set to the Beverly Hills Cop theme tune then it's over before it started for me.
Beverly Hills Cop 1, 2, and 3 because u know,
Listening to the Beverly Hills Cop II vinyl soundtrack that I found at Goodwill in Davenport this afternoon.
Also, I can't believe I just watched Beverly Hills Cop for the first time last night. What have I been doing?!
This is the worst idea since that proposed Beverly Hills Cop/Crocodile Dundee film. At least that pitch never got past the studio boardroom.
always wanted to go to "wonder world" from Beverly Hills cop 3. . Bro they used Great America, right in Santa Clara. How neat
Yeah it *** I even tried looking them up via the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack..Nada
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It is called "Micki & Maude." Dudley Moore beat both Bill Murray in "Ghostbusters" and Eddie Murphy in "Beverly Hills Cop" to win his award.
I don't know whether or not I want to watch Beverly Hills Cop or play GTA: Vice City and I'm usually really good at these kind of decisions
Five minutes into Beverly Hills Cop, we've already been treated to "The Heat is On" and "Neutron Dance." This movie is a tonic for the soul.
I just wish the result of my every human interaction was like Eddie Murphy asking Damon Wayans for a banana in Beverly Hills Cop.
Film of the Day: Beverly Hills Cop (1984). When his friend is murdered a smart-mouthed Detroit detective follows...
Top 5 Best Soundtracks of all time. 1. Top Gun. 2. O Brother Where Art Thou. 3. Guardians of the Galaxy. 4. Rocky IV. 5. Beverly Hills Cop
Mike from is in Beverly Hills Cop. Yes, I'm watching a film from 1984. The best year for movies ever.
That thing when you change the channel to what you think is Beverly Hills Cop and it turns out to be Beverly Hills Chihuah…
He was a henchman in Beverly Hills Cop, right? He was frickin’ intimidating in that.
.sorry didn't want to say Murphy and bring back memories of Beverly Hills Cop reboot. How many seasons did that go?
beverly hills cop 3 was worse than Back to the future 3
. Ok my 2 comedy/action would be Beverly Hills Cop and 48 hours. Showing Murphy some love
What if and were prequels to Beverly Hills Cop? Spoiler: Eddie Murphy kills Mike.
Beverly Hills Cop 3 Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) journeys back to Beverly Hills for...
Next time u get pulled over by a cop tell em like paco on blood in blood out, "u do this to people in Beverly hills" lol
started watching Beverly Hills cop again as one of my faves from childhood and Jesus I thought I recognised this lad
I don't pay for HBO because I don't like being limited to 68 airings of Beverly Hills Cop 3 in one month.
I watched Beverly Hills Cop II the other night. Nearly 30 years old and I saw it when it was released. That's depressing.
Not Judd Nelson, I'm talking about the dude from Fast Times at Ridgemont High & Beverly Hills Cop, Judge Reinhold. It's all the same dude.
Hey check out the 1:41 mark of the opening credits for Beverly Hills Cop :)
Jerry Bruckheimer is working on a sequel to two of his classics, Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop!.
Shout out to whoever came up with the ad featuring cats coming out of a packet of biscuits to the Beverly Hills cop theme
back to the future, ferris buller, Beverly hills cop, grease and dirty dancing
on a related note, I caught “Beverly Hills Cop” on cable the other night, and the villain’s number two was a young Jonathan Banks
Time to switch off the brain and watch Beverly Hills cop 3 - Drinking a Pale Ale @ Lounge Room Couch -
I absolutely love Jonathan Banks I've been a fan since Beverly Hills Cop and Armed & Dangerous he is a solid actor!!
I Love Nacho & Mike together🙋🏻. I think in a different world y'all would be great friends/partners. Think "Beverly Hills Cop"👍😀
this was before Detroit Beverly Hills cop?
Just watched Jonathan Banks in Beverly Hills Cop last night!
. Wow never knew that I always remember him from 48hrs and Beverly Hills Cop .
Jonathan Banks, anyone realized or asked about your role in Beverly Hills Cop? You're amazing in BB and Saul
Beverly Hills Cop was on last nite. Had to watch just for JB!
been following you since BEVERLY HILLS are an amazing actor,. one of myfavs!! Phil.
Beverly Hills Cop. Mike from breaking bad is the bad dudes bodyguard
can't find the Beverly Hills Cop soundtracks in full on any of these blasted streaming services :(
Canadian TV didn't censor Beverly Hills Cop this weekend on public TV. They treat there citizens like adults. I wish America did that!
It's finally warm outside but in our office, the heat is on. And I don't mean that in a cool, 80s, Beverly Hills Cop way.
Trivia tonight at McGrath’s in Pawling. 420 is the theme. The hint is “Beverly Hills Cop 3- Cast"
Also Mike, from Breaking Bad and Better Caul Saul, was Steven Berkoff's evil enforcer in Beverly Hills Cop.
Just dawned on me. As they're doing a Beverly Hills Cop reunion at they've surely got to get Jonathan Banks over...
Oooo Bronson Pinchot from Beverly Hills Cop at now. A certain Mr Murphy next, perchance?
Sad news. Gill Hill, aka Beverly Hills Cop's Inspector Todd, has died:
*** just found out Inspector Todd passed away on Feb. 29th from the Beverly Hills Cop movies, he ran 4 mayor of Det
Sheriff Andy conditioned us to trust the local Sheriff. CHIPS taught us cops are cool. Beverly Hills Cop taught...
Always loved the fact that Serge Ibaka has the same name as Bronson Pinchot's art dealer in 'Beverly Hills Cop.'
Meet Black Singles 300x250
RIP Vanity. Beverly Hills Cop and Axel Foley wouldn't haven't been as memorable.
*** getting cleaned up like Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop
Legend of the Drunken Master, Beverly Hills Cop, Akira, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Nothing like what youve been watching lol.
It's too cold out so come watch Beverly Hills Cop with us. Prizes and high fives are here
Glenn Frey - the heat is on video.. ahhh fantastica .."Beverly Hills Cop" O.S.T... via
Uh..that is a 80s was the theme to Beverly Hills Cop and done by the late Glenn Frey
Great segment. Visual: Oil fields in LA background for Beverly Hills Cop. Its by Baldwin Hills - Black Beverly Hills.
Coming up: Glenn Frey - The Heat Is On, from the soundtrack of Beverly Hills Cop. Listen now:
One of the best. He had so many great tunes. Glenn Frey - The Heat Is On (1984) Beverly Hills Cop - Soundtrack
I had an Eddie Murphy moment as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop when the guy in all black leather walked past. 😂 😂
Just rewatched Beverly Hills Cop. I'd love to know what Axel Foley's kids are up to these days
just re-watched "Beverly Hills Cop." Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley never fails to disappoint.
I see Beverly Hills Cop and I always want a jacket like Axel Foley.
Beverly Hills Cop? Back when Eddy Murphy was still funny!
Woke up at 6am and I just finished all 3 Beverly Hills Cop movies.. Idk what I wanna watch next?
Netflix has all 3 Beverly Hills Cop movies!!! They finally have an entire trilogy at the same time
Judge Reinhold from Beverly Hills Cop and wife Amy Reinhold arrive at 19th Annual Hollywood Film Awards
Tfw you can't decide if you're listening to the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack ironically or not
Second thought when I woke up this morning: WHY did I watch all 3 Beverly Hills Cop movies in one day??
This man was 36 in Beverly Hills Cop. 36! I'm 36! Hopefully, I am ageing better.
Watching 1 of the greatest trilogies ever...Beverly Hills Cop. when's B.H.C.4 getting released, its time for Axel to ride again
Police these days grew up watching Beverly Hills Cop, Die Hard, and Lethal Weapon...Dafuq d'you think would happen...
UK Netflix did well this month. Added both Ip Man films, Bleach, Magi, all three Toy Story films, Up, noticed all 3 Beverly Hills Cop too
Oh boy did I shift gears. Neutron Dance - from "Beverly Hills Cop" by The Pointer Sisters ♫
Is the character played by Judge Reinhold in Beverly Hills Cop?
Eddie Murphy's Cosby defense just reminds me his homophobic leather pants Pluto Nash *** died after Beverly Hills Cop
Oh dear, just called up Beverly Hills Cop & pressed play. There's 'duh, duh, duh de de de duh duh de' on loop in my head for rest of evening
You may know him from Deliverance, Beverly Hills Cop, Total Recall or any number of the films he's appeared...
it would something like Vampire In Brooklyn, Golden Child, Beverly Hills Cop, Sean of The Dead meets "Homer Simpson" or "Bionic Man"..
1. ‘The Refusal of Work and the Politics of Beverly Hills Cop 2’.
domain names
Beverly Hills Cop for the Playtendo 2 came close. But Paul Blart is such a high standard. It's won so many Grammys. Hard to beat
Nadiya is basically Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop, but in a nijab and applied to souffle
This makes me laugh.I give him Eddie Murphy's laugh from Beverly Hills Cop...which may just be his laugh...but...
yo if Eddie Murphy keeps fronting on Beverly Hills Cop 4 we could just get Ben Carson and Donald Trump
He saw that handshake in Beverly Hills Cop 2, I betcha frickin' money!
Q: What was the name of Eddie Murphy's character in Beverly Hills Cop?
Trump's business man soeech sounds like Eddie Murphy at the beginning of Beverly Hills Cop.
I'm watching is that suppose to be Beverly hills cop
Does anyone else think Rand Paul looks like remarkably like Judge Reinhold in the Beverly Hills Cop movies?
Why is it when I hear Ben Carson that memories of Beverly Hills Cop comes to mind?
*** I miss Chris Farley, I need to figure out how I'm going to watch Beverly Hills Cop right now...
Anyone know why every street in Beverly Hills has a motorcycle cop on it?
Ive watched all the Beverly Hills Cop movies back to back. The first one was the best by far
And the music keeps getting worse. It's now the theme song from Beverly Hills Cop.
Did not realise Mike Ehrmentraut was in Beverly Hills Cop.
Now THIS is the greatest toy/box ever. Design reasonable! Plays the Beverly Hills Cop theme, for some reason.
found the Detroit side of me after watching Beverly Hills cop where can I got a Detroit jacket
Beverly Hills cop 1, 2, and 3 are on Netflix. I know what I'm doing this weekend...
that's how you traffic cocaine. Didn't you see Beverly Hills Cop?
Man, Tupac biopic, Clash of the Titans 3, Shazam!, Beverly Hills Cop remake? Ugh, poor Pacific Rim is chucked in with these.
Beverly Hills Cop 2 VHS and a spirit level.
Know how Beverly Hills Cop 2 had more buzz and made more money but wasn't as good as the original? That's how I feel about tonight's debate.
Love to & for playing the Beverly Hills Cop theme song for no *** reason on Can't do that on reg radio.
I'm having a Beverly Hills cop moment right now love it
So many greats! Is Beverly Hills Cop on your list, too?
Sunday Night Classic Films back with a bang this week at 7pm with Beverly Hills Cop!
No ones cooler than Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop.
Watching Beverly Hills Cop on Action movies from the 80s are the best.
My movies hit list. Scarface . New jack city. Boyz in the hood. Menace ll Society . Beverly hills cop l ll lll. Goodfellas. Original Gangsters
On the one hand, I have to go to bed. On the other hand, Beverly Hills Cop is on NetFlix
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Playing on his WSB computer to the Beverly Hills Cop theme.
Great article by Mike Florio. And LOVE the Beverly Hills Cop reference, Stephanie! 😂
Beverly Hills Cop is also on Netflix now. It's pretty fun.
Beverly Hills Cop is such a sick movie, everyone needs to watch it at least once
Beverly Hills Cop is on Netflix. It has not aged terribly well. What a soundtrack, though. Also, Mike Ehrmantraut is in it. Who knew?
playing Nasty Girl ok I see you reminding me of Beverly Hills Cop
"Beverly Hills Cop" is one of my favorite Eddie Murphy movies
I've been watching Beverly Hills Cop all day
Just twigged Beverly Hills Cop trilogy is on Nextflix. Result 👌
Beverly Hills Cop on don't mind if I do one of my all time favourite film series
//One of the Beverly Hills Cop movies is on but I couldn't see which one it was... I HOPE IT WASN'T THE FIRST ONE IM MISSING...
*** next door has good enough wifi...they over there watching Beverly Hills Cop lmao
If aliens came down & watched "Beverly Hills Cop," they would probably wonder why there was racial problems 30 years later.
Beverly Hills Cop is on tv. Which means I get to listen to the same song on repeat for hours.
Today's theme is "Axel F," but really, EVERY day should start with the Beverly Hills Cop franchise.
I should be watching Beverly Hills Cop right now Brittany Fitzgerald
Shaft is like ... Pootie Tang, Beverly Hills Cop, Bad Boys and Undercover Brother in one movie.
Box Office Mojo has Beverly Hills Cop as and Ghostbusters box office in 1984. But when you adjust for inflation the titles swap places
The great Harold Faltermeyer! He also did Running Man, Beverly Hills Cop, even arranged Midnight Express for Moroder
Forgot that Joe Don Baker was in Fletch. Also forgot how much the score of the movie owed to Beverly Hills Cop.
Has any actor exceeded the swag attained by Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop?
Berman is my favorite Judge since Reinhold in Beverly Hills Cop
Beverly Hills Cop 4 Is Not Dead Yet: It's been more than 20 years since we've seen Detroit det...
Just got a call from my landlord asking to please stop slapping my butt in rhythm to the Beverly Hills Cop theme song
*** talk about Richard Pryor,Dave Chapelle and Kevin Hart,but still sleep on Eddie Murphy in the 80's.Beverly Hills Cop,Delirious,Raw?!
My go-to films when I'm bored; Back to the future, Jurassic park, Indiana Jones,Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills Cop, Gremlins, Grease
1. Sly Stallone's fired when he asked to write the script aftr took issue w/ the comedic element in Beverly Hills Cop
Got 5 minutes into A Million Ways to Die in the West before switching over & watching the brilliant Beverly Hills Cop...
I read a piece of trivia that said David Cronenberg was considered to direct 'Beverly Hills Cop.' What a weird thought.
I just realized it was Damon Wayans who gave Axel Foley bananas to put in the tailpipes in Beverly Hills Cop.
Hanging with the French today, watching Beverly Hills Cop in
I don't know--I REALLY liked him as Axel Foley with that inhaling laugh. One more Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie? Please?
Beverly Hills Cop was nominated for Best Original Screenplay in 1985, but it lost out to Robert Benton's Places In The Heart.
I bet you anything they 'revoot' Beverly Hills Cop with Kevin Hart and Chris Pratt.
Barney Miller theme and Axl F from Beverly Hills Cop. Game over.
Heads up, folks! Next week, we're screening the Beverly Hills Cop trilogy over 3 nights, from Wednesday to Friday.
hmmm. bill & ted. total recall. the running man. The man with one red shoe. Beverly Hills Cop (all 3)
Beverly Hills Cop is an Eddie Murphy movie. BHC2 is a Tony Scott movie featuring Eddie Murphy. BHC 3 is barely a movie.
Imagine a laugh like Eddie Murphys from Beverly Hills Cop mixed with a chimpanzee...thats the sound of this dudes laugh
Billy Rosewood from Beverly Hills Cop said there's 5 pounds of undigested red meat in your bowels by age 50. So there's 3 lbs.
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