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Bev Perdue

Beverly Eaves Bev Perdue (born January 14, 1947) is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party currently serving as the 73rd Governor of the U.S.

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Incorrect information in story. Bev Perdue was the Democratic governor of NC at the time. There have onl…
How do you train people for jobs that don't yet exist? 3D food printer? Avatar manager? Governor Bev Perdue
Adaptability to change is an important mission of education: former NC Governor Bev Perdue, founder
What does it take to be a blue governor in a purple state? & Gov. Bev Perdue will share at
We always made Mike Easley and Bev Perdue pay for their trips to NY. Oh, and Europe. Right?
At the end of the day, things don't get better unless you continue to inves...
he bamboozled us all...And Bev Perdue was atrocious as governor
Education has fundamentally changed my life. It's perhaps the mission of my...
.talking about dirty fountains and litter around capitol, says that symbolized state government under Bev Perdue
Oh that's awful, Bev Perdue was Governor and let the democrats do this?
Linda, Linda, Bev Perdue was the Governor of North Carolina up until January 2013.
I don't think Bev Perdue was a blue dog. Real problem is the gerrymandering. Rs have supermaj in both houses.
I voted for you today You made our state proud and pulled us out of a deep hole which Bev Perdue sunk us in. Thank you!
From education to broadband, from building roads and bridges to supporting ...
I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years ...
Thrilled to have SEF's Tomeka Hart and former NC Gov Bev Perdue join DQC's distinguished Board of Directors!
"Education innovators can improve student learning, help teacher effectiveness". Read more from Bev Perdue:
President Obama is also standing up for women in North Carolina and across ...
Decisions just look different with women at the table. We still have a long way ...
Bev Perdue was a partisan hack. With a GOP statehouse and governor NC is now healthy fiscally for 1st time in years.
Do you realize you just tagged a parody account for Bev Perdue?
Bev Perdue: First female governor of North Carolina, Democrat, Kappa Kappa Gamma Beta Chi alum, that is my kind of woman!!
NC Bev Perdue assessment is about finding out what students know in real time so teachers can adjust instruction
Former NC Gov. Bev Perdue: Parents and teachers had buy-in, input on from ground up.
Bev Perdue will not be trains of the future, but N.C.
Reading local stories about POTUS's proposal and none seem to mention that Bev Perdue proposed the same thing.
I swear Bev Perdue is at Neptunes right now
From the N&O: "CNBC last week ranked North Carolina as the fifth-best state in the nation for business behind Georgia, Texas, Utah and Nebraska. It used 51 metrics developed by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Council on Competitiveness. “North Carolina is getting back to work,” said state Republican Chairman Claude Pope. “Thanks to the leadership of Governor Pat McCrory, Speaker Thom Tillis, and President Pro Temp Phil Berger, our state has become one of the best in the nation for business. We are creating jobs, leading the way in innovation, and building one of the best states to live and work. Republicans in North Carolina are delivering results with conservative principles and commonsense solutions. It is a good lesson for Washington on how to get the rest of America back on track.” This would be somewhat more impressive if CNBC had not ranked North Carolina fourth in the country in its 2012 survey when Democrat Bev Perdue was governor. Or No. 3 in its 2011 survey, also under ...
Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. named NNPA interim president and CEO: Bev Perdue; a former president of the NAACP (199...
Why don't news media's like WNCT, WRAL, WTVD and WITN ask why didn't Bev Perdue live up to the standards of what was supposed to be a governor ? Oh, that's right, she had no standards other than to raise taxes, lie and make a mockery of that office like Obama is the Presidency !! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it !
Catastrophic = Bev Perdue. Thank you 4 your principled leadership.
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Chavis to lead black publishers: Bev Perdue; a former president of the NAACP (1993-94) and in 1995 served as d...
Bev Perdue wasn't the best governor but at least she didn't throw us away like McCrory and his henchmen are doing.
The most powerful thing we own is our - Bev Perdue
And return to policies of Bev Perdue!
Flashback: tax experts who want to re-instate Bev Perdue's economic failures.
If Rev Barber's economic demands are financial sound, why didn't they work for Bev Perdue?
Bev Perdue voted least popular Governor in the nation.
So thankful NC has reverted to RED! Turning back the clock will give us Bev Perdue & all her failures.
NC misses the Bev Perdue days. Art Pope, have forgotten the least of us. Servants of the 1%.
And you thought Bev Perdue was unpoplar? Keep up the good work
Yet his numbers are still better than Bev Perdue's at the same point during her term.
*politician .the reason this happened is cuz Bev Perdue was so horrible
To say that he is worse than Bev Perdue already is a big statement...Cuz she suckeed..
39% rating for Governor McCrory. Also known as 2% higher than Bev Perdue when she decided she couldn't possibly win.
For Bev Perdue to spend hundreds of millions on roads,they suck in NC.Way to spend money on nothing. Now she's interning at Harvard
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Pat McCrory really should do stand up. He can join Bev Perdue and do a two donkey show. I'd buy that for a dollar.
I am still a conservative but in my book he is no better than Bev Perdue
Should Bev Perdue have given Democratic Party more of her leftover campaign funds? Click the new poll on home page.
Ex Gov. Bev Perdue's Committee notes that it gave $266,163 to state Dems last year, seeking to quell critics of $1.2 mil she kept.
Perdue committee notes that it gave to Dems last year: Gov. Bev Perdue's committee noted that it gave $266,163...
it is weird seeing McCrory voters calling Bev Perdue a bad governor
Pat McCrory can basically eat a *** There weren't any Moral Monday's when Bev Perdue was in office.
- that is State Superintendent Dr. June Atkinson, not Bev Perdue.
Have you ever bought a lottery ticket and prayed to God for the winnings? This is midnight confessions...
Perdue sets post governor plans, mum on Raleigh GOP: Former Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue has finished has recent...
Six months after leaving office, Former Gov. Bev Perdue sounds relieved to be removed...
Bev Perdue does not approve of this.
Always an honor to have lunch with my dear friend, former NC Gov Bev Perdue .
Kinda surprised not to see Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on list. Coupla years ago, Bev Perdue (D-NC) likely would've been included.
Well overall NC is not bad, now that we got rid of Bev Perdue.
Kay Hagan is like the Bev Perdue of Senators
Thank you to Bev Perdue for making the month of may ALS Awearness month STATE WIDE!!
pollen wasn't this bad when Bev Perdue was gov.
June Atkinson and Bev Perdue happily signed off on CCS in I found ONE report about it in N&O. Nothing else.
He is right Bev Perdue was horrible. Easily before her was even worse.
Had Bev Perdue here in N C and GOP scapegoated her from the getgo. Now we are totally red. New Gov is a true tyrrant
Check out this e-mail from DNC Committee Woman, Montica A. Talmadge about one of her heroes, Bev Perdue.
Dreamed I was having lunch with and former Governor Bev Perdue. Brian was a PE teacher and we had to show her how PE works at ECU.
Did u know that Fire on the Dock chef Pat Greene of Elijah's cooked for NC Gov Bev Perdue's inauguration?
meeting ex Governor Bev Perdue has now been the highlight of my year
In the out-on-the-steps posting, the NC Gov who vetoed was Bev Perdue, not Kay Hagan (US Senator, never been governor)
Very proud of newly- elected pro-life, fiscal conservative governer Pat McCrory, who was on Fox & Friends this morning. Despite only being in in office for six weeks, he is already pressuring the President and is coming under a strategic attack by local liberal groups. Can't tell you how good it is to be free from the pro-abortion, irresponsible spending reign of Gov. Bev Perdue. North & South Carolinians, listen to the response he received from Pres. Obama in reaction to efforts to cut our ridiculously rising gas prices.
I mean, Bev Perdue wasn't a stellar governor, but at least her transparent goal wasn't to line her own and her friends' pockets.
Pat McCrory. The republicans rode Bev Perdue so hard these last couple years she was like F this y'all can have at it.
Perdue heads to Harvard: Former Gov. Bev Perdue will soon head to Boston to teach at Harvard University. Harvard...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Bev Perdue to serve as resident fellow at Harvard:
So Bev Perdue is going to be teaching on politics at Harvard? What is her primary qualification? Cautionary tale?
Politico: Former Gov. Bev Perdue will be spring fellow @ Harvard's Institute of Politics. Check out tomorrow's for full story.
Former NC Governor Bev Perdue will be a fellow at Harvard's Institute of Politics this spring
Bev Perdue (former NC Gov) suggested the same thing. Next election, she was OUSTED.
Keith Crisco was Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Commerce under former Governor Bev Perdue.
Bev Perdue's parting stink bomb for Team McCrory
The stiff was deader than Bev Perdue's political career and colder than Mike Glennon in a big game
RALEIGH — Speakers at the Jan. 9 rally called on Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and Republican members of the General Assembly to return $73.5 million in what they called federal “bribe” money Democratic Former Gov. Bev Perdue accepted to set up a state health insurance exchange under the federal Affor...
Fort Dobbs clears hurdle to building structure: One of former North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue’s last acts has put...
In today's "Former Gov. Bev Perdue speaks on leadership"
anyone that knows the Real Bev Perdue knows this account is Not her!
None of my classes get cancelled and then at 3pm after everyone is basically done with classes, Bev Perdue issues a state of emergency.
Couldn't make it to campus to hear Bev Perdue speak? Watch the stream: or follow
Hanging out with Gov Bev Perdue this afternoon!
Gov. Bev Perdue may have left office, but she's not slowing down. What an inspiration!
Thanks to Bev Perdue, Susan King, Karen Gil, Averi Harper and Jessica Kennedy for a great 1st Women in Media
Kudos to Averi Harper for posing fun and interesting questions to Bev Perdue!
"Citizens united was wrong for this country." -Bev Perdue
Bev Perdue says the world is different than it used to be, "but change is a good thing"
"Proposals are easy, getting people to enact them & make things happen is the hard part." -Bev Perdue
Will Former Governor, Bev Perdue possibly be considered as the next UNC Chancellor?
"I'd love to see Bev Perdue 'Jump Around.'"
Bev Perdue is very personable with the forum hosts...
Bev Perdue believes in transparency and collegiality and that women in power bring these strengths to the table
Seen at inauguration: Bev Perdue dressed in Dem blue blowing kiss to Pat McCrory, wearing a GOP red tie.
On Wednesday, January 9th, the NC General Assembly will convene its 2013 session. To coincide with legislators' return to Raleigh, Campaign for Liberty members and other conservative grassroots activists will gather at Halifax Mall to send a loud and clear message to our state leaders: HONOR YOUR OATHS, AND NULLIFY NOW. Last November, Bev Perdue accepted $73.5 million in federal bribe money to implement an ObamaCare Exchange in North Carolina. So far, Governor Pat McCrory and legislative leaders have ducked and weaved and refused to say whether they will return that money and refuse to cooperate with ObamaCare implementation. This Wednesday, we're going to Raleigh to tell them that anything less than full refusal to help Obama take over NC's healthcare system is unacceptable! Join us as we hear from speakers such as radio host Bill Lumaye, Founders' Truth creator Dr. Greg Brannon, NC State Rep. Larry Pittman, former NC State Rep. Glen Bradley, and Congressman Walter Jones. They will discuss the meaning .. ...
State employees on here, Pat McCrory begins working as our governor today. Whether you voted for him or not, let's all pray he helps the economy of NC (5th highest unemployment in the nation) and doesn't kick us, the state employees, to the curb as Bev Perdue did!
BE AWARE OF WHAT IS COMING UNLESS WE STOP THEM FIRST... THE BEST DEFENSE IS.OFFENSE!!  AN OUNCE OF KNOWLEDGE... THAT HELPS US PREVENT THIS POSSIBLE AMERICAN GENOCIDE... IS BETTER THAN ALL THE COUNTER ATTACKS AND COMPLAINTS AFTER IT HAPPENS. It is one thing for FEMA to come into a devastated area to provide help and relief, but it is something else altogether to re-locate people for “extended” periods of time.  And why would people be "re-located" for extended periods of time ??/ Read up on Communist and Fascist History!!Click here to read about the camps and the plans !! is a list of camps. Be Aware !!!  have heard of the Council of Governments, but have you heard of the Council of Governors? And guess who is one of the 10 governors…Bev Perdue! Carolina Journal wrote a great story recently about the various Council of Governments that were legislated into existence by the NCGA many years ago. These “councils” represent an additional layer of beurocracy between NC citizen’s and their li .. ...
Pro Tip: Do not get into a game of "never have I ever" with Bev Perdue and Art Pope.
. She did it - Gov. Bev Perdue (D-NC) pardoned the Wilmington 10 yesterday. Hope she gets props this weekend.
Kudos to NC Gov Bev Perdue 4 pardoning Wilmington 10 after all these let's compensate them for injustice & prosecutor misconduct
Gov. Perdue issues pardon of innocence for Wilmington 10: Outgoing Governor Bev Perdue signed a Pardon of Innoce...
Gov. Perdue pardons Wilmington 10: Outgoing Gov. Bev Perdue has issued pardons to the Wilmington 10, a group wro...
i know you are glad to be rid of Bev Perdue!
Wow! NC Gov. Bev Perdue pardoned the Wilmington 10 today - FINALLY! Good way to end the year...
does Governor Bev Perdue own that chicken company
Gov. Perdue issues Pardons of Innocence for Wilmington 10: Governor Bev Perdue has pardoned the Wilmington 10. The...
North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue issues and signs a “pardon of innocence” for the
Bev Perdue finally did something right.
Not all that are convicted are guilty! "RALEIGH -- Gov. Bev Perdue issued pardons for the Wilmington 10, a group wrongly convicted in a Civil Rights-era case, Monday afternoon. Perdue issued a pardon of innocence Monday for the nine black men and one white woman sentenced to a combined almost 300 years in prison for the 1971 firebombing of a Wilmington grocery store. The bombing came after police shot a black teenager. Perdue's pardon means the state no longer thinks the Wilmington 10 committed the crime. The case's three key witnesses later recanted their testimonies. Amnesty International and other groups took up the issue, portraying the Wilmington 10 as political prisoners. "In evaluating these petitions for clemency, it is important to separate fact from rumor and innuendo," said Perdue in an afternoon release. "I have decided to grant these pardons because the more facts I have learned about the Wilmington Ten, the more appalled I have become about the manner in which their convictions were obtained ...
Thanks Govenor Bev Perdue: The Govenor pardoned the Wilimington 10 who were falsely accused and the Prosecutor Profiled them racially driven: Bev Perdue gave justice back to the innocent today!!
to Bev Perdue ! She pardoned my uncle.. I guess this new year does mean new beginnings !
Bev Perdue ends the year (and her administration) by doing right, pardoning Wilmington 10:
PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton Today Rev's giving a "thumbs up" to North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue for...
Governor Bev Perdue grants pardons of innocence to the Wilmington Ten. Members say this day has been a long time coming.
North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue signs pardons of innocence for the Wilmington 10.
N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue pardons Wilmington 10, citing racial bias in prosecution of 1972 case. Article on our website,
I'm so happy to see Governor Bev Perdue has pardoned the Wilmington 10. What a great end to a wonderful year!
Governor appoints an appeals court judge and three special superior court judges: Gov. Bev Perdue on Monday...
Gov. Bev Perdue comes through with the hoped-for pardons of innocence for the Wilmington Ten.
Gov. Bev Perdue signed a Pardon of Innocence for the Wilmington 10. She said: "The process in which this case was tried was fundamentally flawed. Therefore, as governor, I am issuing these pardons of innocence to right this longstanding wrong."
Gov. Bev Perdue is reflecting on her term and exploring the legacy she hopes to leave behind. Thursday, the governor spoke about starting her term during the recession and making it a priority to improve education and create more jobs.
ENFIELD — Santa Claus came early to Halifax County this year as Gov. Bev Perdue announced this morning more good...
SC Governor Nikki Haley and NC Gov. Bev Perdue are asking all South and North Carolinians to observe a moment of silence this Friday 12/21 at 9:30 a.m. in honor and memory of the victims of last week’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.
By Staff FLASH: The Business Journal is reporting that Gov. Bev Perdue will be in Forsyth county Wednesday and indications are that the visit will be to Herbalife LTD. to announce the creati...
Gov. Bev Perdue has joined President Obama by ordering U.S. and North Carolina flags lowered on state facilities in tribute to victims of the tragic mass shooting in Connecticut. The flags will be lowered through sunset on Tuesday, Dec. 18. Citizens are urged to follow this order as well.
TODAY'S POLL: Do you view outgoing Gov. Bev Perdue more or less favorably now than you did when she took office in 2008?
Gov. Bev Perdue today announced that Midway Aircraft Instrument Corporation, a company that performs maintenance and repairs on aircraft systems components, will locate a new facility in Union County. The company plans to create 36 jobs and invest $2.3 million over the next three years in Monroe. The project was made possible in part by a $12,500 grant from the One North Carolina Fund. “My first priority is creating jobs,” said Gov. Perdue. “North Carolina has a skilled, trained workforce and strong business climate that continues to attract the leading aerospace and aviation companies.” Midway Aircraft Instrument Corporation, headquartered in Little Ferry, New Jersey, overhauls, repairs and performs scheduled maintenance on a wide range of aircraft equipment. The company was incorporated in 1954 and bought by Dassault Procurement Services and Dassault Falcon Jet in 1988. The majority of Midway’s sales are on equipment installed on Dassault Falcon Jet models of business aircraft. Salaries will . ...
The NC Republican Party passed two important resolutions at today's state GOP executive committee meeting: 1- "Resolution Supporting the Return of Federal Monies Intended for the Establishment of a State/Federal Healthcare Exchange in North Carolina" An anti-Obamacare-based resolution, calling upon Governor-elect Pat McCrory & NC republican leadership to return the federal "bribe money" that was received under the direction of Bev Perdue for acting in accordance with the Affordable Care Act and opting into a state-federal exchange program. The money received must be returned to the federal government before North Carolina is able to take measures to nullify the affordable care act. 2- "Resolution Opposing the 2012 RNC Rules Changes" A resolution denouncing power-grab RNC rule changes made in Tampa, and stating that NC GOP Leadership will send a certified letter to NC's RNC representatives stating North Carolina's position of opposition. The resolution calls for a vote to return to 2008 RNC rules (to take ...
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saffotn.JPG Wilmington 10 members are hoping that a petition with thousands of signatures will help Gov. Bev Perdue grant them pardons. But the group also has something else up their sleeves. Full story...
Grab a bite at a local food truck; watch as Gov. Bev Perdue and First Gentleman Bob Eaves light the Union Square Christmas tree; and check out the Capitol's holiday decorations!
Timmons-Goodson is the first African-American woman to sit on the court. Her decision to resign is expected to allow Gov. Bev Perdue to fill her slot before leaving office.
Gov. Bev Perdue is expected to present a plan as soon as next week to convert the Dorothea Dix Hospital campus in Raleigh into a major urban park. A decision is likely to come before the Democrat-dominated Council of State at its next meeting, tentatively scheduled for Dec. 4.
Even Maine gets it! Please write to the NC General Assembly and Speaker Thom Tillis and Governor-elect Pat McCrory and Lt. Governer-elect Dan Forest and tell them to reverse Bev Perdue's agreement to setup a state run Health Care Exchange. We can defeat this heinous legislation if we can break the financial back of the plan. NULLIFY DEFUND whatever it takes to KILL THIS.
Gov. Bev Perdue will have to make some decisions on how North Carolina will put the new federal healthcare law in place, but it will be up to Pat McCrory to carry them out.
Maybe, just maybe, this is the turning point. Of note, Governor-elect Maggie Hassan will be the only female Democratic governor in 2013 as Washington's Christine Gregoire and North Carolina's Bev Perdue are both stepping down after 2012. Thanks New Hampshire!
Now that Pat McCrory is governor of NC, I wonder if he will fix all the stuff Bev Perdue screwed up.
if Bev Perdue had said she wasn't running again for governor earlier, it would have been a possible chance Walter Dalton could of won -_-
I think we all knew Pat McRory was gonna win. I would've voted for him. Bev Perdue is a big screw up.
Ask John McCain how much that hurts. MT One thing that makes it very hard for Dalton in NC-Gov...Bev Perdue approval is 31/54
More NC Jobs in Gaston County: Gov. Bev Perdue has announced that Nussbaum Lifts, a manufacturer of automotive s...
Romney's absence of character is evidenced by the fact that he has only called the Republican governors of states affected. He has made no calls to Bev Perdue (NC), Martin O'Malley (MD), Jack Markell (DE), Andrew Cuomo (NY), Dan Malloy (CT), or Deval Patrick (MA). Romney is clearly unsuited to be President.
RALEIGH –In anticipation of a severe winter storm coupled with strong winds from Hurricane Sandy in the North Carolina mountains, Gov. Bev Perdue today declared a State of Emergency for 24 western counties.
A tropical storm warning has just been issued for Beaufort, Carteret, Craven, Dare, Hyde, Onslow and Pamlico counties. Yay... and... Gov. Bev Perdue declared a State of Emergency effective Saturday for 33 eastern North Carolina counties in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy's presence off the coast of the state tomorrow. Yes, Yes we are included in that =/
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Bev Perdue, Warning: The threat of suspended elections is real, American history that, ‘Re-Election by Suspended Election Revolution, Marxist, Pelosi, Reid
Welcome all my new followers, where aliens do exist and i had sexual intercourse with Bev Perdue ^_^
Bev Perdue just came on TV in Baldinos & the lady beside me says "I'm gonna miss her." I think she's serious. That scares me. :-/
North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue Thursday issued an executive order authorizing the expansion of the NC Pre-K ...
Having worked in the Dem admin of Jim Hunt, NOTHING will surprise me. Gov Bev Perdue is a 'Southern Pelosi.' Hang'em high!
“Until every at-risk child who wants to be in N.C. Pre-K is enrolled, the state hasn’t done enough.” - Bev Perdue
Bev Perdue touched me you guys , and she wants to ball up and take her home with her.
My thoughts on Binders for Women Binders for Women Women what are you going to do in the 10th District? Are you going to defend yourself or will you let the men in positions make the decisions for you? It is a crying shame if we as women elect Romney as our leader when the man has already stated he will strike down the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act which states that women can receive equal pay for equal work. In January, 2009, Obama signed the bill into law. It was the first act he signed as president, and it fulfilled his campaign pledge to women. This law will in essence give women the right to pursue their compensation claims in the courts. Governor Romney has also stated he would defund Planned Parenthood. Romney has said time and again that he is a pro-life candidate and he will be a pro-life president. The actions he will take immediately are to remove funding for Planned Parenthood. It will not be part of his budget. Defunding Planned Parenthood caused women’s services to drop by 93 percent in a T ...
Divers mark end of Blackbeard expedition: Gov. Bev Perdue announced Friday that the N.C. Maritime Museum in...
Clampitt, Queen are seeking state House seat By Quintin Ellison A former state senator and a retired professional firefighter with diametrically opposed philosophical views are vying for the N.C. House District 119 seat left vacant by Rep. Phil Haire’s decision not to run for re-election. Voters, in this race, will find clear distinctions between the two candidates. Democrat Joe Sam Queen, a three-term senator from Waynesville, and Republican Mike Clampitt, a Bryson City resident, differ on practically every issue possible, including education, voter ID and the environment. District 119 encompasses Jackson and Swain counties and part of Haywood. When it comes to education, Clampitt adheres to the Republican line that the GOP-led General Assembly has helped students and not hurt them. This is in contrast to Democrats, who say education cuts in state budgets the past two years have harmed public schools and resulted in significant teacher layoffs. “Sixty percent of the current budget is funding for scho ...
Ceremony to mark end of Queen Anne's Revenge expedition: BEAUFORT, N.C. – Governor Bev Perdue will be in the eas...
I really wish things could have worked out better for Gov. Bev Perdue.
is it me or does Bev Perdue have the "Joker" smile
Really, Walter Dalton, you blame our hard times on the policies coming out of Raleigh? Wait a minute you and Bev Perdue are the policies coming out of Raleigh.
Governor Bev Perdue signed an executive order Thursday that paved the way for enrolling th
Perdue to rule on clemency for Danahey: Gov. Bev Perdue said Thursday that she plans to make a decision on Janet...
Bev Perdue signed for the expansion of the statewide Pre K program! Good stuff!
Photoset: revolution-poweron: NC Governor Bev Perdue visited the set of Revolution and spoke with Tracy,...
Bev Perdue might have had a chance to win but she isn't running and it will take a miracle for Dalton to win.
North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue (D) took the undesirable title of nation's least popular governor this week, according to a poll from Public Policy Polling. A survey from the Democratic-leaning pollster finds Perdue's approval rating plummeting since her announcement earlier this year that she wouldn...
Gov. Perdue directs $20 million to state preschool program: Gov. Bev Perdue will put an additional $20 million i...
here's an excerpt from a story on the survey from SUNY on the female representation in a governor's administration. Perdue ranked 14%, Romney ranked 47% A look at nine governors in the Democratic Governors Association’s leadership ranks shows the average percentage of women in cabinet positions is 24 percent. If one takes the lowest number the Globe can produce for Romney—27.6 percent—even it outstrips the average of these governors. Despite eight years elapsing during which any number of women’s groups, governors, and binders could work together to improve representation, Gov. Bev Perdue of North Carolina’s cabinet sits at 9 percent representation. Perdue, also Vice Chair for the DGA, comes in lowest on the list, with a woman filling only one of 11 cabinet positions. Her Council of State Agencies includes several women, but Perdue’s office clarified they are not part of the cabinet.
Gov. Bev Perdue is moving again into disputed territory with the Republican-led Legislatur
star Billy Burke tells NC Gov. Bev Perdue he loves during her visit to the show's set on Thur.
Praise God! Hope NC turns all the way red..go Mitt & McCrory! Good riddance > Bev Perdue!
I'm not going to lie, this letter in writing to Bev Perdue is pretty intense
An exciting announcement by Gov. Bev Perdue today! Click "like" to support Order 128 to expand the NC Pre-K program!
Gov. Bev Perdue will hold a press conference at 10:30 a.m. Friday @ Maritime Museum in Beaufort on fundraising efforts for the QAR project.
My mom teaches in NC and bev perdue took her money retroactively rightaftaunaug
I liked Bev Perdue but she didn't run again SMH
Bev Perdue needs to lay off the plastic surgery. She looks horrible
Look at me y'all! I'm in a plane! RT: Pic of the Day: NC Gov Bev Perdue in the F-35 Lockheed simulator:
figuratively, yes RT: Watching NC Gubernatorial debate. Dalton is clearly the love child of Mike Easley and Bev Perdue.
A public memorial service to celebrate the life of University of North Carolina President Emeritus William C. Friday will begin at 10 a.m. Wednesday (Oct. 17) in Memorial Hall.
More NC Jobs: Gov. Bev Perdue has announced that Freshouse II, a distributor of fresh produce, will expand its o...
First Ever Earthquake Preparedness Day: Gov. Bev Perdue has proclaimed for tomorrow, October 18, as Earthquake P...
Gov. Bev Perdue at the Bill Friday Memorial service: "He fought for access for all qualified NC students...he...
Is Lt Governor Walter Dalton just stupid or is he trying to be a male Bev Perdue?
Okay, this is official, I think Tim Dalton scares me more than the presidential candidates; and how many more times is he going to throw Bev Perdue under the bus? I bet she makes his life difficult between now and year end.
Do we want another Bev Perdue in Raleigh?? NO... Vote Governor on Nov 6th!!
Received a mailer from "Real Jobs NC" - a PAC - saying "Bev Perdue and her right-hand man Walter Dalton. Instead of cutting waste, they cut public education by 1.4 billion." A remarkable piece of disinformation. Fact is, the Republican controlled NC legislature over-rode the current Democratic Gov. Perdue's veto to reduce educational spending to historic lows, and cut taxes on wealthiest NC residents at the same time. And this is now blamed on Perdue and Dalton, who is currently running for governor? Wow. Thank you SCOTUS and Citizens' United.
Walter Dalton. Lieutenant governor with Bev Perdue says policies in Raleigh put us in this hole? Is anybody falling for this?
The Bank of America 500 is Saturday night, which means you can bundle up, find your seat at the speedway, and watch the whole thing on the giant 200’ x 80’ HD video screen, just like you watch races at home (for free). Occasionally, you can catch a glimpse of the cars going around the track as you l...
Citizens of North Carolina, go ahead and put your lipstick on cause we are about to get screwed. Regardless of who wins the governors position, we are screwed. Sorry Pat McCrory and Walter Dalton but its true. Anyone who votes for Walter Dalton is insane. Do yall not remember that he is currently under Bev Perdue? The same Bev Perdue who used taxpayer money illegally to take personal vacations. Ok, my political rant is over *** I hate election years.
Thanks to Bev Perdue & Walter Dalton, NC has one of the nation’s worst business tax climates.
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Walter Dalton wants to fight for North Carolinians? So why doesn't he go to the Governors mansion and take on Bev Perdue!?
Lenovo plans to expand production and make personal computers in Guilford County, Gov. Bev Perdue's office announced Monday.
File this in the random-things-politicians-say file. Speaking to a Cary Rotary Club today, N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue suggested suspending Congressional elections for two years so that Congress can focus on economic recovery and not the next election.
Pat McCrory jabs Bev Perdue - Both candidates for governor have endorsed the Charlotte office opened in 2009 by Gov.
Vote Pat McCrory in Nov. Walter Dalton has been carrying Bev Perdue's water for 18 years. Walter is "not worthy".
Press release from Office of the Governor Gov. Bev Perdue today ordered that North Carolina flags be flown at half-staff from sunrise to sunset Wednesday, September 26, at the State Capital, State Highway Patrol offices and state facilities in Wake County in tribute to State Capitol Police Chief W.
N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue left the stage of the Democratic National Convention Tuesday to chants of “four more years” — but they weren’t for her.
The Pennslyvania-based operator of more than 400 convenience stores will open a $32 million distribution and food manufacturing facility in Burlington. The announcement was released from Gov. Bev Perdue's office Wednesday morning the day after the city of Burlington and Alamance County approved a combined more than $2 million in cash and infrastructure incentives.The facility is expected to bring 250 jobs to the area.Perdue in a prepared statement said the company would also receive incentives from the state.Sheetz Inc., founded in 1952, is a family-owned convenience store chain based in Altoona, Pa. The company operates locations across six states – Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina – and employs more than 14,500 employees.The Burlington facility on White Kennel Road, operating as Sheetz Distribution Services, will support the company’s growing retail base in Virginia and North Carolina. Sheetz specializes in “kicked-up convenience” stores offering baked ...
Speakers in the 6:00 hour are, Barbara Lee, Claudia Kennedy, Cory Booker, Bev Perdue, Ryan Case, Mary Kay Henry and Charles Gonzales.
[Under the Dome] Gov. Bev Perdue will speak Tuesday, Former Gov. Hunt on Wednesday
Charlie Rose's North Carolina heritage is showing this morning. He's going w/ the Bev Perdue pronunciation of "harricun."
Schletter, Inc., one of the largest designers and manufacturers of solar mounting systems, will establish a production and distribution facility in Shelby, creating 305 jobs by the end of 2016, Gov. Bev Perdue announced on Monday.
Leigh Rose wrote: Breaking news! Terry O’Neill, President of NOW, the National Organization for Women will be a speaker at our reception!! She joins Gov. Bev Perdue, Sec. Elaine Marshall, and Feminist Majority President, Ellie Smeal at our NWPC Welcome Reception, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 2pm-4pm at RiRa Irish Pub and Restaurant preceding the Democratic National Convention! For more information and to register p...
Am I the only North Carolinian who thinks that diving judge sounds like a cross between Nancy Grace and Bev Perdue?
Bill requiring CPR training to graduate high school Bev Perdue is planning to sign a bill that requires North Carolinians to complete a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training course in order to graduate from high school, starting with the graduating class of 2015.
Charlotte Observer: N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue campaign spending continued months after decision not to run again
oh my.North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue (D) allows HB 819, a bill that imposes a four-year moratorium on the...
Tax free shopping on for students in need: Bev Perdue hurried through the aisles of Walmart in New Bern on Frida...
Governor Bev Perdue has signed into law legislation aimed at helping m...
Perdue campaign spent $80,000 in legal fees: Gov. Bev Perdue ended her re-election bid in January but the Democr...
maybe I am missing something, but how many people would buy a book by Bev Perdue?
.Too bad you don't have a copy of Bev Perdue's forthcoming book "Over It" to read...
Suspended elections or how I learnd to blamed my staff and love the BoBerry biscuit by Bev Perdue
How to Shag dance drunk on Jack Daniels: the Bev Perdue story
Perdue's life after January unclear, but a book is possible: Now that Gov. Bev Perdue is a few months from leavi...
Yep. Gonna call it: "Me and BoBerry McGee: The Bev Perdue story" RT: Book possible in Perdue's future:
Governor Bev Perdue Considers Writing Book After Term Ends: Gov. Beverly Perdue says she's listening to ideas an...
"If your science gives you a result you don't like, pass a law saying the result is illegal. Problem solved," Gov. Bev Perdue
The only governors with worse poll numbers than Malloy are Bev Perdue of NC, Neil Abercrombie of HI, Pat Quinn of IL and Tom Corbett of PA
Perdue doesn't veto sea-level bill: RALEIGH (AP) — Gov. Bev Perdue has decided not to veto a bill that places a ...
Is it me or does bev Perdue look like the joker? It's her mouth
Army Policy on Home Based Business in Military Housing | Militarycom: Governor Bev Perdue has signed into law le...
Sea-level bill will become law: Gov. Bev Perdue said she would let the controversial bill become law without her...
A mistake. That's what a vote overriding Gov. Bev Perdue's veto of the controversial fracking bill came down to in the N.C. General...
North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue is not sure if she'll speak at DNC in Charlotte
Gov. not sure if she'll speak at Come on Bev, you've got what they need, speak for heavens sake.
Will NC Gov. Bev Perdue speak at Even she doesn't know!
Not that surprising I guess, considering Bev Perdue has the highest disapproval rating of any governor in the nation:
Look up NC Bev Perdue about suspending elections. She said it in a speech in passing, but something to be aware of
there is a parody account of Bev Perdue, I can die a full filled life now.
My photo of Gov. Bev Perdue and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today at Duke Hospital:
Gov. Bev Perdue released a statement on the opening of the 2012 Olympics on Friday. More t
Perdue won't veto city water bill: ASHEVILLE -- Gov. Bev Perdue said this afternoon she will allow a House bill that...
Jon Scott just reported that authorities in Maryland are going to announce in about an hour the arrest of a man who they say is mentally disturbed. A man that was dismissed from his job made some threats and as a result, the suspect was arrested last night. Authorities have committed him to a 72-hou...
I have to learn CPR to graduate HIGH school? I'm in High school not Doctors or med school. Come on Bev Perdue.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
gave $ to Dem Bev Perdue for Gov of NC and $ to a MI senator who agreed w Obama 90% of the time.
.talking about hypocrisy of on Dem donations, RE: Tommy's contributions to Dems Bev Perdue & Carl Levin
It's OFFICIAL NC Gov. Bev Perdue signed bill making CPR training required for high school graduation and AEDs in all NC high schools by 2015
Governor Bev Perdue signs two bills into law Thursday. Both are aimed at saving lives dur
Governor Bev Perdue said all NC high school students are required to learn CPR.
And we're live! .reports on Gov. Bev Perdue signs life-saving bills into law:
Bev Perdue (aka the governor) asking me if I have a boyfriend and her reaction when I told her no >>>>>>> 😊😄👍
North Carolina – NetApp To Hire 460 Workers: Governor Bev Perdue announced this week that thanks in part to stat...
City asks Perdue to block water bill: ASHEVILLE -- Ashevillle City Council wants help from Gov. Bev Perdue in its...
Republicans ended their historic session on Monday with a triple play of veto overrides, rejecting Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue on natural...
Perdue signs bill to speed up job certification for military, spouses: Bev Perdue on Tuesday signed House Bill 7...
Fifty years ago, on July 24, 1961, Wilber's Barbecue opened in Goldsboro. The restaurant's famous pulled pork has brought in many politicians over the years. Gov. Bev Perdue was expected to attend Tuesday's 50th anniversary celebration.
North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue sent us a signed copy of her card in the Barack Obama Cards Presidential Hero...
Wow. runs for on Bev Perdue's policies, yet says: “I think we are losing our competitive edge"
Hold up! Why is it that the NC DMV does not have a picture of Obama above Bev Perdue... No shade to her but
Governor Bev Perdue signed a bill to make an easier path for some military spouses to find jobs.
Governor Bev Perdue signed a bill Tuesday making it easier for military spouses to get job
Better Know A Delegate: has more followers than any NC Delegate - even more than Bev Perdue.
Instead of running away from Bev Perdue’s failed policies, has decided to double down on them:
With all of mud slinging, let's not forget he donated to Democrat Gov. Bev Perdue and Democrat Sen. Carl Levin
"Gov. Bev Perdue speaks at a press conference at EUE/Screen Gems Studio on a film industry workforce initiative in Wilmington, N.C. Wednesday, May 2, 2012. The Governor is proposing $1 million to be in her budget to develop and provide short-term workforce training courses for workers seeking employment on production crews in the film industry." Tell me where to sign up?
What an interesting day I have had. I found out that my daughters gallbladder surgery went well and shook hands with Gov. bev Perdue. What a day.
Governor Bev Perdue has named a NC City of Innovation. Photo by John S. Cox.
Your lucky correspondent gets to go to Wilber's BBQ for its 50th anniversary, butting in line in front of Gov. Bev Perdue.
Tomorrow I will have the privilege of watching our Governor Bev Perdue sign HB799 easing restrictions for military spouses & veterans who transfer their licenses to the VERY MILITARY FRIENDLY STATE of North Carolina. We owe a huge thanks to Rep. Grier Martin who fought to make this a reality! Thank you to Joining Forces for starting this conversation and getting more than 20 states onboard.
Gov. Bev Perdue is expected to make an economic development announcement in Research Triangle Park today at 1:25 p.m.
If you ever need a small "pick-me-up", just listen to the way North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue says "hurricane".
We are so glad to see some of Capital Raleigh's finest standing around us in here, looking serious.Ms. Cop, ain't playing (Thank God !!! ). I didn't get a chance to say "Hello" to Governor Bev. Perdue today. NOW MOVIETIME !!!
Gov. Bev Perdue had me in tears as she spoke of how wonderful and like a brother my dad was to her. Her tears and emotion were so sincere
I love Bev Perdue to death but i really think it's time for her to sit down though because she way over her time
Outgoing NC Governor Bev Perdue would have had a more productive term in office if only the Charlotte Panthers had awarded her with a football helmet.
North Carolina The Legislature did not set up a health care exchange before adjourning this year and Gov. Bev Perdue, a Democrat, is reviewing options, says Chris Mackey, Perdue's deputy communications director. The Republicans in the North Carolina have political blindness that reeks of being the most stupid people in North Carolina. In not setting up the insurance exchanges they are denying North Carolina of millions in federal funding to set up and run these exchanges and they are denying over 1.8 million people who do not have insurance of having a facility that will allow them to shop for the cheapest plan and get on board with having health insurance which makes it less expensive for the taxpayer to cover them at the emergency room. The Federal Government will take this task over and complete it for North Carolina and maybe the state if it proves it can operate it will have a post operative chance to take it back from the Federal Government. This is so short sighted because it is going to happen ...
What would you think if the Democratic controlled legislature increased the number of political jobs at Bev Perdue's disposal from 420 to 1000? (meaning the number of state jobs she could fill with her political allies?)
The state's Republican-controlled state legislature voted earlier this month to override Gov. Bev Perdue's veto of a state budget that eliminates all funding for Planned Parenthood affiliates.
I didn't vote for either Bev Perdue or in 2008. Went Libertarian for the 1st time instead. But McCrory won me over this year.
as much as I like him, LePage ranks only after Bev Perdue on my Dead Govs Walking list.
A Tale of Two Carolinas: champions pro-growth reforms in SC while NC's Bev Perdue yearns to tax-and-spend:
Ferry toll increases delayed another year: Gov. Bev Perdue on Tuesday signed into law a bill that will ...
State Rep. Becky Carney, a Charlotte Democrat, hit the wrong button late Monday night when voting on Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto of a bill establishing the framework for a controversial natural gas drilling process known as fracking. And now it is law.
are Florence Henderson and Bev Perdue related gross!
Governor Bev Perdue shouldn't be that busy. She isn't running for this year.
Okay on the 13th of this month it will be a month since I have wrote to Governor Bev Perdue. Still haven't heard back from her. *Shrugs
Clean water advocates react to the recent override of Gov. Bev Perdue's veto of pro-fracking legislation. Details in Wednesday's papers.
This is the Gov. of NC FB page, please comment on my Cindi's situation under my name on the right side of the page:
Frank: Bev Perdue didn't have sway or clout as a lame duck to negotiate with GOP leadership.
Fortunately, Gov. Bev Perdue is a 50 point net negative with NC voters.
Republican lawmakers voted to end all state contracts with private providers of family planning services, overriding Gov. Bev Perdue's veto of de-funding the group for the second time.
Is it just me or does bev perdue look like the joker
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